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Good afternoon r4rseattle! I play with this hot couple that has been wanting me to bring another woman to join us and that's where I hope you come in. Now a little about us:
She is 28, very sexy, fit, bi and loves to play with women, disease and drama free, smokes weed and doesn't mind sharing ( I can't partake but am fine with), has big breasts, and a nice ass and super laid back and cool.
He is older (40s) but you wouldn't be able to tell since he takes great care of him self, very fit and muscular, disease and drama free as well, also smokes weed and doesn't mind sharing, laid back and just as cool.
Now for me I'm chris and I'm 25 years old but don't let my age fool you because i'm mature, respectful, and I know how to treat a woman. I'm Hispanic, very fit, no facial hair and have a 8 1/2 inches and 6 in girth cock and I know how to use it ;). I'm disease, drug (but 420 friendly), and drama free with great hygiene, a non smoker, can cum multiple times and have the stamina to match, laid back with a great sense of humor, and I use condoms.
I know there are a lot of fake people out there but rest assured because we can all voice verify our selves and have pictures to share. If we all vibe we would go to their place since they like to host in their home near Bellevue. So I hope to hear back from all you sexy females and let me know if you have any questions and I would be more than happy to answer!
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2020.10.25 22:10 new-throwaway-2020 Hot moms nude

There’s this waitress/cashier at a restaurant that I went to a month ago. She was nice, polite, chatty etc but that’s typical waitress stuff, however when she gave me the order I checked it obviously. Something was missing, so I let her know that someone in my family ordered it, but we checked the receipt and it wasn’t on there, so there was some miscommunication on the phone. She was nice about it and a few minutes later she gave me the last food item free of charge but I tipped her and we were both thankful. Just from that whole 1 interaction, being the first time I’d ever interacted with her, I was attracted.
Thing is, somehow my wallet fell out of my pocket there (thank God some kind soul gave it to one of the employees without taking anything). A few minutes later I realize this and go back in there and she’s the one that gave it to me. She said that someone brought it in and the bringer said someone dropped a wallet and the waitress was like “I know who it was.” I expressed my thanks and left. I should note that I wore a mask that whole time since I was only picking up food, not eating in there, and possibly a hat though I don’t remember the hat for sure.
Since then I wanted to go back but never had a good opportunity to, until last night when me and 2 friends ate in there. I noticed a couple times she looked my way even though she was not the waitress for my table unfortunately. Fortunately she’s also the cashier, so when I go to pay (no hat and not wearing my mask cuz I just ate and was about to go back to the table) I just say something I normally would, not expecting her to remember me but she responds with a typical comment then “you have your wallet this time?” While smiling and laughing a bit so that leads to a conversation for a bit. I go back to the table for a bit and then we leave. As I leave I say “I’ll see you next time. Have a good one” to which she reciprocated and throws in a joke about the wallet, something like “you got your wallet right?” Or “don’t forget your wallet” also with a smile.
Considering how busy it gets there at nights (I actually wanted to go in there the night before but saw how crowded it was and decided not to) and it had been a month I’m a bit surprised she remembered me, though I guess a missing wallet would stand out, but again that was a month ago and I had an entirely different outfit.
Whether it’s good or indifferent that she remembered me, I’m still gonna try with her. She’s attractive but not hot, which is good tbh.
What do y’all think?
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2020.10.25 22:07 sunnytrader80 Hot nude moms

Hey fellow gamers , thanks for checking my post.
Figured since I feel my collection is now complete or at a point where I don’t need to add new games unless I get rid of another as I just about acquired all of my "must haves", it would be a good time to show off my collection specially as I just organized it !
My collection -
Time in hobby:
~3 years
It all happened in the last week of February 2018 when my wife asked us to try CATAN seeing it on Amazon and one of our friends had it . There has not been any turning back since then !
Apart from playing games , researching about games has become an equal hobby
From watching game reviews, checking BGG multiple times a day and looking for deals for games on my wishlist is all so exciting
What would I change about my collection:
Literally nothing as I feel I have curated the collection to suit my taste. One key limitation (which kind of also shapes my collection) is that I do not have a gaming group and play with my wife 100 percent so games like Root or Blood Rage are not part of my collection.
All our friends are non gamers and rather prefer to drink and dance which is fun too !
I tried some meetups but again they either aren’t regular or have players more interested in playing just social / party games or are too far for me to join regularly.
Luckily, my wife is a big support and active gaming partner. While she is not in the hobby , she actively learns new games whenever I introduce them and is fiercely competitive
I rarely play solo as I prefer to spend any free time with wife and our 5 year old but take an exception a couple times a year (Tainted Grail looking at you)
Also one thing I had already starting doing within my first year itself was culling games which I didn’t think would hit the table again if they didn’t suit our taste .This has helped me release funds to buy more.
Also have only kickstarted just 4-5 games so far and haven't fallen into FOMO or the "I need this too" mode yet. Hopefully that stays the same
I also feel strongly that gateway games like Catan , Ticket to Ride, Kingdomino should be part of every gaming collection as they provide some of the best gaming moments (both joy and sheer frustration). Its cool to bash them nowadays but the number of people they continue to bring in the hobby is a testament to them being timeless classics and being relevant even now.
Favorite Games?
While I am open to trying all genres , my wife is a huge Euro fan ,fiercely competitive and doesn’t like co-ops (Tainted Grail and Spirit Island are my solo play games)
In no particular order, my Top 5:
Brass: Birmingham
Great Western Trail
Barrage (new hotness for me after 3-4 plays)
Viticulture Essential Edition
Wife Loves
Castles of Burgundy
Shelf of shame:
All these arrived in the last 10 days so not ashamed yet
Feast for Odin
Res Arcana
The Crew
Popular games that I didn’t enjoy as much :
Mansions of Madness
How regularly do you play?
I play every weekend with my wife playing 1-2 games
What is on your current wishlist?
All the 'must-haves' in my wishlist arrived in the last few days so nothing on my wishlist currently
Have a 1$ pledge on FrostHaven which I might not upgrade as don’t have enough time at this stage of our life to play
Might want to explore an 18xx title at some point. Suggestions welcome on which one to add if that is the only one i would be adding
Thanks for reading.
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2020.10.25 22:06 squidwardssuctioncup The Firehole River in Yellowstone National Park has many hot springs and geysers flowing into it. [OC] [1388 x 1041]

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2020.10.25 22:03 goooch9 Nude hot moms

Regular guy looking for a woman to serve. I go out and find a hot hung guy for you. I watch or join in a little to help out the situation. I do all the work for you to enjoy yourself with your approval. 6 foot 205 brown hair blue eyes looking to be hubby type in cuck situation and woman who knows what she wants. Hit me up so we can get to know one another.
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2020.10.25 22:01 Cannelin Nude moms hot

Just picked up a set of Bubblegum Fundaes from Fritzy’s! Get them while they’re hot!
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2020.10.25 22:00 unemployedgrad999 Hot nude moms

Hey there,
I'm moving to Dubai after Covid settles down. Just curious what your opinion is regarding the best neighbourhood to live in for someone who wants the following:

  1. To be surrounded by hot singles,
  2. Near bars and clubs.
  3. By the beach.
  4. View of the sea.
  5. Cinemas/nice restaurants.
  6. Don't drive. Easy access for Uber to get to me and not get confused.
  7. Cheap coworking/offices nearby for me to rent.
  8. Nice neighbourhood to chill in when I don't feel like working during the day.
. . Secondly,
What is the dating etiquette like? If I have a date, am I allowed to hug her when I first meet her, tease her during the date (touch shoulder, hands, wrist) and am I allowed to kiss her in public at the end of the date?
Any help would be much appreciated.
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2020.10.25 21:58 Metamancer Why have races/factions at all?

Just design 40+ units and let players pre-pick, say, 15 to make up their army before playing a game; essentially like creating a deck in a CCG. Players could have one or many of these pre-picked unit sets (let's call them "compositions"), up to one for each map in the current map pool. New players who aren't familiar with the units could play with either the Standard composition (a composition designed by FG at the beginning of each ladder season), or with the currently most popular composition in their league.
The most popular compositions would naturally shift throughout a season, occasionally stabilizing for a little while before a new comp that counters them arises. If the units are designed correctly, the metagame would never stay the same for very long.


  • A whole new level of strategy!
  • No biased balance whining!
  • So much more strategic variety! We'll never get bored with a meta! Probably!

  • Because it would make no sense to have e.g. Hydralisks team up with Siege Tanks lore-wise, all the units would probably have to be of the same 'race'. All the units would be Anime Cowboys, or something.
  • It would take a loooong time for even progamers to reach a skill level comparable to the one they've reached in WC3, BW, or SC2, because they'd have to learn how to play with a large variety of compositions against a large variety of compositions.

  • Blizzard RTS fans will burn with a rage so hot it will contribute to global warming. 😒
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2020.10.25 21:58 jrakn4 Nude hot moms

TLDR: I ask my computer to go to sleep... It goes Into a COMA instead ...
I have a: Ryzen 3900x.
Dark Rock Pro 4.
GeForce GTX 1660 Super (Asus TUF gaming)
Gigabyte Aorus B550 Pro AC
CoolerMaster TD 500 case
Corsairs 850 Gold PSU
Samsung 970 Evo 500GB NVMe. M.2 Boot drive
Crucial P1 1TB NVMe. M.2
Samsung 860 pro SATA
Samsung 860 Evo SATA
Seagate back up plus 2 TB (×2)
Windows 10
Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) - Ubuntu
I am having an Issue with the sleep function. I had it to sleep after the default amount of time. And when I was doing a tender in Premier on the first occasion I left to go wander around my house aimlessly. And when I came back I walked into my computer howling like northern Canadian wind storm power light on. Screen off and unresponsive to waking up or shutting down the computer other than a hard shut.
Second time was during benchmark test in PassMark I set "very long" physics test and left to grab a coffee and when I came back a few min later same thing. All fan running at 100% CPU fans and Exhaust fan and case fans and Graphics card fans.
The third time was when I put the computer to sleep. And then I went to work. 14 hours later I come back and same thing. Unresponsive, screen black (this time I turned on and off the monitor and the monitor reads " no signal detected". I do a hard shut. Reboot and BAM no problems All temps seem fine and everything is back to normal...
What's interesting is that the fans stop listening if the temperature sensors are correct right after Bootup, correct as in cool. A CPU temp below 30°C in a warm environment, and system 1 at 23°C which is probably the room temp. (I'm assuming that if they were very very hot and it's the reason for a crash... they would take time to cool down if they were overheating and should I should have seen them a bit warm after the hard shut and Bootup. Which is only a few tens of seconds)
I have the fans all set to different Temperature sensors. The CPU and Exhaust fans to the CPU temp and the Case fans to the VRM temp. And they all run at 100% in this demonstorously loud VERY deep sleep.
I haven't had time to sit and watch it do it yet. Mainly I don't know how much insight it will give me.
I ask my computer to go to sleep...
It goes Into a COMA instead ...
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