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2020.10.18 22:01 horribletypoo Indoor spy camera

I’ve had a number of paranormal experiences in my past. I’ll run through them quickly, but they’re not really the point of this post so I’m going to be brief.
My mom told me when I was little I used to have out of body experiences, and tell her I was floating around the house.
After my grandmother died, I heard her ghost jogging down the hallway to my room and back to hers, along with the door opening and closing (although I could see nothing). When I told my dad, he told me he also heard her ghost a couple days before crumpling paper in her bedroom (something she had done shortly before she died). When he opened the door to her room the sound stopped and there was nothing there.
I once had a radio turn on and subsequently found out it had no batteries in it.
I heard a “disembodied voice” yell at me to SHUT UP when I was banging around on the back of a piano. The way it sounded made my hair stand on end, like it was flanged.
These are just a few things to show that I’m not a stranger to weird phenomenon, but I’ve never been very focused on it. Fast forward to the beginning of this year when I had a very shocking out of body experience. It felt as if I was lifting up and out of my body. The feeling was so unnerving that I panicked, and it felt as if I “slingshotted” back into my body, and then I woke up with a start. I’ve had many episodes of sleep paralysis in the past, and this was completely different from any of them.
I started reading books about the afterlife and paranormal, and being a budding scientist at heart decided to try some experiments of my own. One night as I was in bed I verbally asked any spirits that might be there to make themselves known by making a loud noise. About an hour later there was a very loud BANG noise. It woke up the cat, who looked frightened but didn’t go investigate. I got out of bed and couldn’t find anything. I checked my security cameras and there was nothing outside (although it sounded indoors anyway). A search the next day turned up no cause for the sound that I could find. No branches on the roof. Shrug.
So, a few nights later I asked the spirits to make a more distinctive sound that I couldn’t mistake for anything else. I knocked on my headboard three times as way of demonstration. As I was falling asleep I had a hypnagogic “hallucination” in one ear (the one against the pillow) that said “dum dum dum” in a musical lilt.
Now my curiosity level was high. I started reading more about the paranormal and psi abilities, including remote viewing. I bought a tarot deck on the urging of my ex (who I am still friends with), and on the first reading I tried for myself I asked it to give me a card significant to my life and I drew The Fool. I thought that was funny and reshuffled, and drew it again. I shuffled more, and drew it again. At this point I was genuinely weirded out, so I made sure to shuffle the deck really well, cutting it to be sure I wasn’t doing anything stupid. I drew it again, at which point I kind of panicked and put the deck away. I still do tarot readings and find them to be surprisingly relevant to the things I ask, much more so than I would expect. I know that tarot kind of works that way, but some of the answers are so spot on that it’s almost funny.
I downloaded a psi app and tried it out, and on the first try got close to a perfect score on two out of the three tests. I have screenshots to prove it. I also tried a separate psi app developed by Russell Targ, and I found if I closed my eyes I could often get 10 out of 24 correct—statistically it should be 6 out of 24 on average. Again, I have screenshots.
After more reading I was convinced in the ability of everyone to do psi—as it turns out the evidence is pretty overwhelming—and after watching Third Eye Spies I persuaded my sister and my ex to try doing some remote viewing experiments with me. I got a pretty good hit on the first try, and my ex kind of hit it out of the park. My sister refused to try it at that point because our results scared her. Photos and screenshots as “proof,” because I’m doing science here.
Fast forward to a few days ago. I had an off dream about someone I used to work with a few years before. Not a person I was really anything more than friendly with at work, and not someone I ever really think about. In the dream I told him he looked good, and that he lost weight. He smiled and said yes, he was doing well because he’d had a divorce.
This person is someone my ex still works with (I have moved out of state). I mentioned the dream to her because I thought it was weird. She agreed, and said “wouldn’t it be funny if you were right.” Well, she spoke with him later that same day related to work, and he told her that he thought he was going to have a divorce! Neither one of us had a clue.
I would be willing to testify in court that all of these things are true as I described them. Most of them aren’t proof of anything other than the fact that weird coincidences can happen, but to me they feel like the universe is trying to tell me something. It feels like it’s emphatically pointing me in a direction, but to be honest I don’t know what that direction is.
I feel like this is partly happening because of 2020. It has given me the time and motivation to explore these things, when otherwise I likely wouldn’t have. At the same time, it feels like something has shifted, either in me or in the world around me. I know someone posted here about the veil of reality getting thinner, and I have to wonder.
I am happy to answer questions about any of this. Sorry I don’t have any super freaky stories, but this subreddit is about true stories and this is mine, such as it is. I hope you find it interesting, and that it spurs you to try your own experiments.
Edit: I’ve added the screenshots showing the results with the psi apps. With the first three, they were done with my eyes closed (I didn’t do much better than average with my eyes open). With the last three, they were on the first time I ever tried that app. No proof of psychic powers, but simply added to the collective pile of low probability weirdness.
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2020.09.24 00:10 prhay Rough upgrade to 115.2 but better now

I upgraded and all kinds of things went wrong. History was blank, logbook was blank, all kinds of DB errors, tried to delete IFTTT integration (kept coming back like heroes), Ecobee lost integration - couldn't delete that either - whew - bad.
So, I stepped up to an RPI 4b with 4GB ram, 64GB SSD & sated over. In about 2 hours everything was back and a while lot faster.
I'm kind of proud of a really important automation that works soooo well. When both my wife and my cellphones leave the geofence, Abode turns on the alarm, HA sees the state change and triggers iSPY Agent DVR to turn on alerts to two indoor cameras so that now, Agent DVR will use alerts to start recording motion. When we reenter the geofence, it all gets reversed so that the cameras don't record when we are at home. Thus, no more need for IFTTT.
Yeah baby!
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2020.09.01 03:35 lostbeyondhope5991 Indoor spy camera

My husband informed me today he has/or will be putting up more camera everywhere in our house and that he "owns" me. This comes in the midst of me trying to figure out an exit strategy because I found out he's been having an affair for years and has a secret boyfriend and likely girlfriends too. His boyfriend is currently pressuring him to leave me, and they plan to take our toddler. I am finally growing a backbone because I am sick of my husband's physical, verbal, sexual, and financial abuse (see previous post for that info) which has gotten worse in the wake of all the pressure he is under from work and possibly being outed, but how am I supposed to leave when he has cameras and alarms on everything, including apparently indoors???? Why would he go the trouble of buying and installing cameras and spying on me even more when he doesn't want to be here? I don't understand his constant abuse and invasion of my privacy when he clearly doesn't love me.
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2020.08.31 11:27 StargazerLily89 Spy indoor camera

My husband and I have been married almost 3 years. It feels like we’ve just been on a steady decline. Sometimes it feels like there’s nothing in the world I can get right. We have a child who is almost 1. My husband still feels like I have not stepped up to the plate with her, but also doesn’t believe that sometimes he hinders me. We are currently in marriage counseling and almost everyday he tells me I am broken and can’t be fixed.
Look, I am no angel here, but I spend most of my day trying to avoid a fight with him, and it feels like the fighting just never ends.
The other day in marriage therapy, I don’t know if I used the wrong word or not or maybe I just didn’t clarify it better, but I mentioned about how sometimes my husband feels more like an obstacle when it comes to me being a parent to our child. Maybe a lot of it is because I do not feel supported, I feel like everything that happens with her is constantly thrown in my face. Like for example, I am a working mom, and due to the pandemic, my husband is a stay at home dad (he’s out of work until lord only knows when because he’s in the restaurant industry and there is currently no word on when indoor dining will resume) so my husband will often gloat about the bond he has built with our child. While I am proud of him for being a SAHD, I often feel like it makes him mad that the roles aren’t the other way around.
My husband often likes to tell me that he doesn’t trust my judgment when it comes to our child, we had an incident when she was 2 months old where she fell off the couch and cracked her skull. The whole time at the hospital, my husband made me feel like such garbage... he was yelling at me non stop, making it almost impossible for me to comfort my child, yelling at me, getting mad at me for walking away when he kicked me out of the room while they put an IV in my baby’s arm. It was so bad, it raised concern with nurses who were very close to asking him to leave. Since we had to stay the night at the hospital, while I was walking the unit with the baby, one of the RNs basically told me that if the baby’s pediatrician didn’t vouch for my husband, they were going to have a social worker get involved. My daughter is almost 1 and my husband still throws it in my face that it’s my fault she cracked her skull. There is no logic of babies get hurt in my house if she gets hurt with anybody that’s not him. There’s no logic that babies get messy when eating because that’s how they explore. There is no logic of giving my daughter a variety of foods while she eats her jar food. In his mind it’s eat the whole jar of food first and then have other stuff, where as with me, it’s eat 40% here’s something else, eat 20% here’s something else, stop for a bit, finish ja yogurt/ cereal.
In the time that my husband has been home with our daughter, she has fallen off the couch (unscathed... spooked but not hurt) fell off our bed and cut her lip...(raced home from work and left a half hour early from work when that happened) fell in her crib and bit her tongue that it bled.
My husband has hit her hands and yelled at her when she touches things she’s not supposed to. (Only stopped this when his therapist told him that she’s too young to comprehend what he’s doing... but when I said it I was told I don’t support him) I can be very stern with her and get at better response from her.
When I say things about the baby, its dismissed, when I say the doctor, or someone other than me suggests it or says’s treated like I should have known this.
I have been called a babysitter, I am reminded about how he doesn’t need me, he tells me about how my daughter doesn’t trust me, and a slew of other things.
When I was home with her the first 4 months of her life, my battle with PPD was an uphill climb. Eventually I won, but I had a good amount of support from my husband. Except while I was home with her, things that I had put in place with her, I was often shamed for. If I handed her to my mom and aunt to get some things around the house done, I was passing off my responsibilities, but when I didn’t do that, and tried to do it on my own, I was yelled at for not asking for help. I would get the baby down at 8pm, numerous times I begged my husband not to wake her when he got home from work, just wait for her to wake for her first night time feeding and he would tell me not to tell him what to do with her. Now it’s nearly impossible to have her on a sleep schedule because she likes to wait up for me when I get home from work (11:15/11:30pm)
For a long time we had Nest cameras in the house, the intended purpose of them was for when someone other than family watched the baby. My husband began using them as a spy tool. Checking in on me and asking why things weren’t done around the house. It was at a point where I would hide in the bathroom with the shower on just so I could talk on the phone and not have him listen in. Eventually in a fit of rage, the cameras came down.
So when the marriage counselor asked if let’s say we split, would I be able to take care of my daughter, I replied yes because there wouldn’t be this obstacle in the way. I didn’t get a chance to explain that it’s the constant undermining, it’s the constant telling me I’m a bad mom, the constant telling me my daughter doesn’t trust me, the constant throwing it in my face that his multitasking is better than mine.
I didn’t get to mention that my husband likes to take his wedding ring off and throw it at me, or throw it in general. I didn’t get to mention that my husband likes to argue with me right when I’m trying to go to sleep or that he will talk to me with our backs to each other than get mad at me that I didn’t hear him.
Our daughter’s 1st birthday is coming up. His mother has been uninvited because they’re in an argument at the moment, both of them are angry at each other for expressing how they made each other feel. (I won’t even get into it) our daughter’s god mother doesn’t want to come because my husband went off on her about how he feels like she ignores him.
My husband is very it’s good for the goose not the gander.
While I am proud of the strides he’s making in Anger Management (a major being that he’s willing to go back on ADHD meds) I often can’t help but wonder if I’m truly the issue here or is this just narcissistic behaviors that are being amplified due to quarantine and not working.
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2020.08.17 06:56 mintystickers Indoor spy camera

I've been trying to find the name of this show for aeons but I haven't had any luck.
My dad used to watch it when it came on later at night, and it was live action. Maybe AMC or USA network, or whatever channel used to play CSI when it was still making new episodes. It was definitely sometime after 2005, and before 2016. The main character was a white male, maybe in his 40s. He was some sort of secret agent/spy/detective. I think he was trying to figure out some sort of murder case. There may have been some supernatural/horror elements because of the next scene I will describe, which is the one that terrified me when I was younger and I haven't been able to find any context on since.
The episode started with a cold open to the main character at an indoor shooting range. He was alone and practicing on one of those cardboard cutouts of a body with the target in the middle. When he finished his 'round', the machine in the ceiling of the shooting range kicked in and started bringing the cardboard cutout closer so he could see how accurate his shots were. But once it started getting closer, he noticed it was a dead man (I think it was someone he knew that had been killed) hanging on the machine's hook. The dead man's eyes were open and he was staring straight at the camera with a look of anger as the machine brought him closer to the main character. The main character tried to get it to stop but he wasn't able to. Right before the dead body collided with the main character, it cut to a shot of him waking up and realizing it was just a nightmare. Then the beginning titles/theme song for the television show started.
I ran off to bed before I could see any more and the memory of the dead man's face kept me up for days. I'd like to be able to find whatever this show was and rewatch the scene for some sort of closure.
My dad has no memory of what the show was called (turns out he only watched a few episodes before it was either cancelled or he lost interest) but it was new at the time and wasn't a rerun of a show from a previous year.
Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance :)
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2020.08.07 11:37 Konchew Indoor spy camera

The Queen's ○○ Days (1/2)

Lakshmi: ...Sigh...
As Lakshmi walks down the corridor of Neo Chaldea, she is noticed by Nemo.
Nemo: Hello. Are you doing fine?
Lakshmi: Ah, Captain Nemo. Feels like it has been a while since we last met.
Nemo: Is that so? ...That may be the case. Seems like you can't help moving around constantly like a tuna would either. ...So. You've been passing the time here for a while now. Is there something bothering you?
Lakshmi: .........No. There is nothing in particular.
Nemo: ...Really?
Lakshmi: T-that's how it is. Yeah. Really.
Nemo: (If that's the case, then why has she been sighing as she walked down the corridor────Good grief.)
Lakshmi: I've been carrying out my duties here full of energy. I've no worries. You are the one who's been spending his days busy with the responsibility and strong pressure that comes with being the captain tasked with looking after the ship. You shouldn't push yourself. Your work might be hard, but make sure to take a rest. If there is anything I can help with, just say so. No, it may be better to avoid leaving important thing to me in terms of crisis management. It should be something that's simple and won't affect a great number of people in case I mess up. Still, I recommend it to be work that is troublesome and must be forced on someone in the end. ────Well then, Captain Nemo. I'm happy we could exchange a few words. See you later.
Lakshmi departs which Nemo watches in silence.
Nemo: And that's what went down.
Guda: She's hiding something, isn't she
Captain Nemo: Right? That's why I gathered everyone in secret like this, including you. Now then...the Nemo Meeting shall commence!
Nemos: Yaah!!
Nemo Marine: There's something troubling a friend from the same country and same period as us, right--? Of course we'd help her out~!
Nemo Professor: Yes, I approve~. According to the analysis of the data you've shared with us, there is a 99.999% chance of something troubling her; there is no mistake of it.
Nemo Nurse: That is an alarming situation. We must resolve both the troubles of the mind and the body.
Nemo Bakery: Umm, first of all, as expected, should we divide into groups and inspect Bai-chan~?
Guda: (This is a Nemo Paradise...)
Nemo: ...That's true. Given her attitude, I doubt she'd naturally confess it herself. I feel sorry about it, but let's examine her movements in secret like a clownfish and gather some hints. If it's us, we should be able to do it.
Nemo Marine: Leave it to us~! We are everywhere, after all~!
Nemo Nurse: I'll use periodic medical examinations as an excuse to get closer to her. If I go with Asclepios-kun, she won't be on guard.
Nemo Bakery: She might let it slip if she's fed delicious bread! I'll go bake some~!
Nemo Engine: I can't lend you a hand from the engine room, but I'll keep a look out in case she drops by!
Nemo Professor: Nfufu~. We have this many of us. When gathered up piece by piece, we might be nothing but a scrap of thread, but if we are bound together, we'll become a splendid true mooring rope.
Guda: I should pay attention and keep a look out too.
Nemo: Yeah, it will be a great help if you lend a hand too. It's not like you have to look for secrets like a spy. It'll be enough if you can just make a guess.
Nemo Professor: Yes, she might be earnest and strong-willed, but she's no fool. If you grasp the gist of it and press her for the disclosure of information based on it, she might give up, thinking she won't be able to hide it anymore.
Nemo Marine: Alri~ght, let's do this~!
Nemo: Then, let us begin. The "Great Strategy of Investigating What Troubles Lakshmi" starts now! Hoise the anchor!
Everyone: OOOOOH!
And so the strategy commences. The Nemo Marines follow Lakshmi in secret wherever the latter goes; Nurse keeps a close eye on her whenever Asclepios gives her a checkup and Bakery stay close-by as Lakshmi eats in the cafeteria.
~ Inside the Environment Simulator ~
Guda: Hm? That's...?
We notice Professor and approach.
Nemo Professor: Aah, Master. Your timing is perfect. "Did something happen" is what your face is asking. Hide here and take a look at that.
Guda: That's Lakshmi-san...
Nemo Professor: Yes, that's right. And then let us check that thing further ahead. That one.
Like Professor instructed, we take a look and see...
Jeanne: ...Is that a garland?
Nursery Rhyme: That's right. We tried making one, but it wouldn't turn out well...
Bunyan: That's why we asked you to teach us if you knew how to make a good one.
Jeanne: Of course, I don't mind. Let's try making it together, shall we?
Nursery and Bunyan: Yay!
Some time later.
Nursery Rhyme: We did it!
Bunyan: Yay!
Jeanne: Yes, you make a really nice one, you two. By the way...where is the little me and...Jack who are always with you?
Nursery Rhyme: Those two have something to do from time to time so they aren't here.
Jeanne: I see. ────If you could, please teach those two how to make a garland too.
Bunyan: Of course! This time, we'll make it together with everyone!
Watching this scene from a distance is Lakshmibai.
Lakshmi: Hmm...
And watching her from a distance is us and Professor.
Professor: Did you see that? Did you hear that? That expression. And that sigh containing complex emotions with that "Hmm...". That must some kind of hint────wait, a shadow approaches our target...what is that?
Said shadow in question is none other than Gilles de Rais whose unexpected appearance surprises Lakshmi.
Gilles: Oo, ooh, Jean---ne! My beautiful holy maiden!
Lakshmi: Fwah!?
Gilles: I have heard it, I have been allowed to hear it. That despondent sigh pregnant with significance... Indeed, it is a special skill of mine to read and understand her thoughts from the smallest of her gestures. If that were not the case, I wouldn't be able to support her from "good morning" to "good night". She just needs to clear her throat once and I'll immediately buy her a cola from the vending machine! If she stumbles on a pebble underfoot, I'll pick up that pebble and put it through torture! That is I!
Lakshmi: No, like I said...
Gilles: Hohoho. You can not deceive my eyes and ears. Nonetheless, I have no idea what she was looking at since I was captivated by her every single action in this manner. Still, I know of the reason for her sigh, indeed. Precisely! She...was envious!?
Exposed so easily, Lakshmi starts to tremble in surprise, but quickly regains her composure. Or at least tries to.
Lakshmi: N-no, just what are you talking about? More importantly, listen to me. I feel like I've told this countless times already, but you have the wrong person. I am────
Gilles cuts her short.
Gilles: I understand. Speaking of which, you've acquired quite a tomboyish look for yourself, Jeanne. Yes, yes, this also has a healthy radiance to it. Coming into possession of a novel charm by coming here, as expected of MY! JEAAAAANNNNEEEE!
Lakshmi can't help but stare in exasperated silence. Suddenly, Artoria (the Saber version) appears behind the widely smiling Gilles.
Artoria: It might be coming from a passer-by like me, but this man's eyes are rotten. It's better if you don't pay attention to him. This is how you deal with it. I've been taught this by Irisviel.
Lakshmi: (A peace sign...?)
Artoria: Well then, I wish you good luck.
Artoria departs.
Gilles: Oh my? I thought I felt the presence of a new Jeanne... Well, it's fine. The supreme concept of Jeanne is omnipresent in this Chaldea. It is an extremely excellent thing. And so! Her brilliance is my brilliance. If there is anything causing you distress that you can not help but envy, ooh, please, please, command me! I'll use anything even if it is the lifeblood of a maiden!
Lakshmi: Eei, don't sidle up to me!
Fed up with Gilles' nonsense, Lakshmi beats him up. [This is where the Battle occurs.] But then, while doing so, she realizes something.
Lakshmi: Hah...I get it. The meaning of that peace sign from before...Like this!
Lakshmi charges forward and pokes Gilles in the eyes.
Gilles: Hou!? This is the eye poke of Jeanne when she admonishes my eyeballs! There is no doubt about it; a new Jeanne has appeared after a long time and that is you!
Smiling broadly, Gilles collapses.
Laskhmi: Geez...
Having taken care of the nuisance bothering her, Lakshmi departs.
Nemo Professor: Hohou. Feels like we've caught a glimpse of it. Since we've got the chance, let's get in contact with the children she was looking at so we can gather some proof. Miss Jeanne might have left already, but since I feel like the children are the important part, that won't be a problem.
And so, we approach Nursery and Bunyan.
Guda: Hello~
Nursery Rhyme: Ah, Master and glasses Nemo! What's wrong?
Bunyan: We're making flower crowns! Wanna make them together?
Nemo Professor: That is a very interesting endeavor, but let's leave it for another conference. I'm here to ask you a question today. Have you...played with Madam Lakshmi before?
Nursery Rhyme: That's the Indian big sister, right? Hmm...
Bunyan: We haven't played together.
Nursery Rhyme: She always has a scary look on her face so it is hard to call out to her──── No, even so, I invited her to play with us and to tea parties several times. Since she was close-by a lot of times. But she refused each time, saying she was busy or that she had something to do.
Nemo Professor: Umu... I see, thank you very much. That's plenty for what I wanted to know.
Nursery Rhyme: Is that so. I'm happy if we were of some help.
Nemo Professor: Now then, Master. Let's pursue her. This information alone will ensure she won't be able to feign ignorance. I'll call Captain and switch with him. Pressure is important when it comes to things like this.
Next, we find Lakshmi inside the library, reading books with a troubled look on her face. Murasaki makes note of this and wonders if she should call out to her. Then she notices us.
Murasaki Shikibu: My, Master and Nemo-sama. Welcome.
Guda: We have some business with that person over there who's reading with a frown on her face.
Nemo: Hello, Lahmsi Bai. What are you reading?
Our appearance catches Lakshmi by surprise.
Lakshmi: H-hmm? That's, um...this.
Guda: "Flawlessly! The excelling superior officer's way of communicating!"...
Nemo: ...Did you pick this book, librarian?
Murasaki Shikibu: No, is an anthology belonging to Lakshmi-sama herself.
Nemo: ...I see. As expected, it is according to our investigations.
Lakshmi: Wh-what is?
Nemo: You managed to fool us before, but you are troubled about communicating with others, aren't you?
Lakshmi: !!!
Lakshmi falls silent.
Guda: The gig is up, you know~
Lakshmi: ...So that's how it is. So that's why Master is here too. In that case, now that it has come to this, it would be disgraceful to deny it. Aah...that's right. Lately, I've been worrying about how to associate with others. Of course, I have talked with others on cordial terms and there are many people I get along with. But when it comes to those who fall outside these categories, especially Servants who resemble children, it slightly feels like there is a wall between us.
Nemo: A wall? How come?
Lakshmi: That's it. The problem is that I don't understand the reason why. I intend to do it normally, but it just won't go well. We are companions who face the same purpose. New comrades in arms and kindred souls. Despite that, for me to not be able to even communicate with them properly, I become worried if this won't lead to a great failure when it matters the most. If I don't do something about this...
Murasaki Shikibu: ────I apologize for butting into the conversation. "If I don't do something about this..." is what you said, right, Lakshmi-sama. That intense emotion is what creates the "wall" between you and the children... Don't you think that's the case?
Nemo: The Servants who take on the shape of children. Obviously, there are many of them who aren't actual kids, but still, like a fish capable of mimicry, children sense the tension in the surroundings and create a wall. The tenseness of your atmosphere, and the way ou stiffen your shoulders gives birth to a vicious cycle...perhaps.
Lakshmi: I-is that how it is? Even though I intended to approach them with a gentle atmosphere and a kind countenance... (squeezing her cheeks)
Guda: (She's squeezing her own cheeks to check on her mimetic muscles...)
Nemo: The way I see it, the problem is not with your strategy. I wonder if the root of the problem lies at a source you aren't aware of. That's right, for you make sure to take a breather?
Lakshmi: Taking a breather, huh. From time to time, I amuse myself by playing tabletop strategy games with Qin Liangyu-dono... I also train my swordsmanship on horseback in the Simulator. ........ Could it be that I was taking too many breathers?
Gudao: No, no, no.
Murasaki Shikibu: This is similar to the warrior personages... Should I say she is always steeling herself or...
Nemo: Yeah. Tension, concentration, and a sense of duty. These have been indelibly ingrained into her body. The problem might be that she took that way of being as natural too much. You can tell when a person has gotten too used to the battlefield just from their bearing, can't you? Like always wrapping yourself in an oppressive impression unconsciously... That might become a wall when it comes to communicating with others.
Lakshmi: I-I see. But...then what should I do?
Guda: As expected, there is no choice but for you to play around properly.
Nemo: That's right. Naturally, an activity that "lets your mind wander" will be important for you. And so, the hand to play here would be────
As if on cue, the Nemo Marines appear out of nowhere.
Nemo Marine 1: Here, he~re! Like we thought, it'll be fine if we teach her how to put it into practice!
Nemo Marine 2: Taking a breather is important on a long voyage! We are professionals when it comes to taking breathers!
Nemo Marine 3: If you play with all your might, your shoulders will lose their stiffness and your atmosphere will surely turn gentle~!
Lakshmi: T-truly? In that case, I am ready to request for your teachings. It's just, I'm a little worried. You know about it, right? The current me has received the blessings of the goddess of misfortune...
Nemo: I am aware. However, did you think we would care about such a thing after coming this far? I have thoroughly experienced it in India. I'm already used to it.
Lakshmi smiles.
Lakshmi: ...Understood. If you'd go that far, then I'll be in your care. I have resolved myself. To obtain smooth communication skills... With all my might────I will relax and enjoy myself by taking a breather!
Murasaki Shikibu: (Aah, that resolution has already! Completely stiffened...!)
Nemo: ...Having said that, we aren't professionals either. To make doubly sure, I have called for a pro at playing around.
Said pro turns out to be Ushiwakamaru (Summer version).
Ushiwakamaru: Hahaha! When it comes to matters of playing, leave them to this Summer Ushiwakamaru! From racing to tree-climbing, from hide-and-seek to red light green light...bring on anything. To think the training I did in the mountains would come in handy like this!
Nemo Marines Master Nyotengu~! Master Nyotangu~! [1] (They are having fun for some reason)
Ushiwakamaru: Oh my. My Master would go "What's with you getting called Master when your techniques are still immature!" and give me quite the thrashing if he heard so please cut me some slack with that.
Lakshmi: I'll be in your care, Ushiwakamaru-dono. I might be a novice, but I am fully intent on giving it my all.
Ushiwakamaru: Such an earnest approach for playing around, I see! ────Still, yes, just like I've been told, for some reason, it feels she's way too serious, no...?
Nemo: We're depending on you to do something about that. I heard you're a master of playing, no? We're expecting much from your abilities.
Guda: So, is it okay to play here?
Nemo: The simulator would be a bit dull for moving your body and playing around. Among sailors, it is important to reduce the lack of exercise on the deck during a boring voyage. The dock goes without saying. ...However, I can't endorse using the section belonging to the ship's engine for hide-and-seek. Nemo Engine's wrench will come flying at you. The one hurts more than my, the Captain's, attack.
Ushiwakamaru: Naturally, games need rules. Let us be careful. Now then, let's move our bodies and get to playing, shall we! Hmm, hmmmm. Since we have so many people gathered here... I know, let's play the high-level game of tag from the modern age that I was taught by My Lord before. If I remember correctly────it was called cops and robbers!
Guda: The dream-like combination of hide-and-seek and is a game that both the cops and robbers can enjoy.
Ushiwakamaru: Seems like you are confident in it. That's how it should be! My Lord, please explain the rules to everyone!
As Ushiwakamaru asked, we explain the rules to the others.
Nemo: I see. A contest of opposing teams.
Nemo Marine: It sounds fun!
Nemo Professor: I'll just become a hindrance to the teams. I'll act as the judge.
Ushiwakamaru: How is it, Lakshmi-dono? Are you ready to play?
Lakshmi: Heh, it's alright. I have perfectly understood everything.
Lakshmi: In short, this is something that imitates the never-ending battle between the authorities and the criminal forces. A game which juxtaposes the absolutism of judicial process with the pitfalls of practical applications of punishment, via demonstrating how simple oversight in guarding convicts could render all efforts moot, even after a sentence of incarceration have been put into action────right!
Lakshmi's impactful exclamation leaves everybody present dumbfounded.
All present: (...Seems like there are many difficulties in store...)
Ushi: We-well, let's begin for the time being! Let's have fun with all our might!
The Nemo Marines run around with big smiles on their faces with Ushi in hot pursuit.
Ushi: Ahaha! So you think you can compete with the mobility of a tengu! You'll end up getting caught, you know!
Ushi's chase is interrupted as an odd creature who goes woof despite claiming to be a cat appears before her.
Tamamo Cat: Stop right there! When you speak of playing, one must not forget the whimsical carefreeness of a cat! Eat the secret technique of Cat who suddenly became the main pillar of the team as a result of happening to pass by! Hidden Technique: Cat Clone!
Side-stepping rapidly, Cat multiplies, and the clones dash off in different directions.
Ushi: How mysterious! Well, I can do something similar as well. Since it has come to this, it won't end until we catch everyone. Lakshmi-dono, please provide support!
Lakshmi: Leave it to me. I circle around from the left and cut them off! (Having said so...this is way too chaotic. It can not be compared to any battlefield.) (As a commander, I was planning to make use of my experiences as suits the occasion, but just what should I do────?)
Cat appears behind the contemplating Lakshmi.
Cat: (Are you trying to read my movements? Having never even trained a cat, how pitiful of you.)
Lakshmi: (What!?)
Cat: (The ones who win the game are those who empty their minds...) (That's why, it isn't a game, but a blood-surging, flesh-pounding, brain-splattering contest...understand that...) (Cat is the truth of the universe. The truth are with the any long as you get cat food...)
Cat disappears.
Lakshmi: (Empty...empty...empty as in the empty space, in other words 0 and nil which is the beginning of everything in the universe, which means just what in the world────) (...In the first place, why did I hear Cat's voice in my head...) Fu...fufu...fufufufu! I don't really get it, but it's getting interesting!
Guda: (Did she overthink things and run around in circles?)
Cat: I expected her to go "Kya!", but it feels like it's heading in a different direction from that; oh well, as long as it's fun, that's all that matters woof!
Ushi: That's right, if it's fun, it's fine! Now then, here's your chance, Lakshmi-dono, move your body as your instincts command!
Namo: And so, seems like the time has come to seriously run away. Should I dash away speedily like a swordfish or should I conceal myself like a righteye flounder...
In the distance, an unexpected guest comes into sight.
Gilles: Oya? That is...
Gilles eyes chance upon Lakshmi.
Gilles: I see, I see. I understand. Seeing Jeanne returning to her childlike innocence and play around is also quite splendid. I shouldn't get in her way. However, far as I can see, there seems to be an imbalance in the number of forces, no? That can not be allowed. A passionate and lively charge is what Jeanne's battles are really made of. Let me provide some assistance here as the hidden Daddy-Long-Legs. Ooh, how refined...Certainly, I am the one who understands Jeanne the most! And so, let me flip through my book.
Due to Gilles well-intended, but definitely unneeded machinations, a monster appears before Lakshmi.
Lakshmi: What!?
Despite her surprise at the sudden appearance of the monster, Lakshmi cuts it down without hesitation.
Ushi: ────Splendid! What a skillful slash despite the starfish monster's unexpected entrance!
Cat: (However...the cut part is spinning around...? I got a premonition! Something is about to happen woof!)
The spinning monster bit hits the ceiling and...
Nemo ! It hit the ceiling and the impact has turned on the sprinklers! Also...!?
The starfish monster begins to multiply.
Nemo Marine 1: Waah! Look at that, how gross! Regular starfish are our friends, but that's just no good~.
Nemo Marine 2: It's somehow sucking up the moisture and multiplying vigorously~!
Nemo Professor: Dear me, this is a bit...unforunate, isn't it?
Those words have a bad effect on Lakshmi.
Lakshmi: So I've done it...once again...
Nemo: I know who's the main culprit behind this. It's that telescope-eyes Caster, isn't it. Sheesh...
The Marines run around in a panic as the sprinklers keep pouring water on everyone and the siren blares in the background. Eventually, we receive a transmission from Nemo Engine.
Nemo Engine: Hey, yer bein' damn loud! Wait, the heck's that gross thing!? If you let those slimy things enter the engine room, I won't forgive you!? S-stay on the dock and get rid of 'em there!
As Nemo ENgine ends the transmission the other sprinklers turn on too.
Nemo Professor: For some reason, the other sprinklers have turned on too in a chain reaction. And so, there is even more moisture... I know this, I know this. It's like the monster panic movie from the library.
Ushi: Well, even so, events like these happen a lot in Chaldea! Turning even this into a part of training, let this Ushiwaka draw her sword too!
Nemo: That's right. Getting rid of these creatures should be our first priority.
Lakshmi: Apologies...! I have brought you trouble!
And so we engage the starfish monsters and clean up the mess that Gilles cause. Afterwards...
Guda: Lakshmi-san, over there!
Lakshmi: There, huh! Once again, with my fingers like this...TOH!
Subjected to the Jeanne-family's true and tested sure-fire method of disarming him (getting poked in the eyes), Gilles collapses. Soon, MHXX arrives in full armor.
Heroine XX: I came running after I heard the report! The suspect is him, right!? The villain Caster controlling the creatures from the universe of mystery... I'll take him in for questioning while helping ourselves two portions of those famous interrogation room unagijuus! [2] Thank you for your assistance! Goodbye!
While MHXX grabs Gilles by the scruff of his robes and drags him away, our resident creepy Caster muses in wonder.
Gilles: (Ooh...? Is there a faint presence of Jeanne even in the depths of this silver armor? Oh, lovely holy maiden...!
After MHXX and Gilles leave, Lakshmi apologizes to us.
Lakshmi: Phew...apologies. As expected, what just happened was due to that. Because of my misfortune, something like this happened again────
Noticing something, Cat comes closer to the camera as if to cover up Ushiwakamaru who lands on the ground behind her.
Ushi: Ahaha! It is fine, no need to worry about it! Rather, it turned into a fine exercise! Unforeseen situations occurring is one of the true charms of playing. It's fine if we enjoy everything as our hearts dictate. Ah, there was still one here. Soi!
The sound of stabs echos in the background and blood splatters.
Cat: Since she is smiling while her whole body's drenched from the blood spurts of her victims, her image looks like that so we can't show it upfront woof! Instead, make do with Cat's cute and happy appearance! I ask for your understanding!
Nemo: Well, many things happened halfway through, but how was it?
Lakshmi: Yes. It feels like I have returned to my childlike innocence for the first time in a while. Moving your body without thinking about anything is enjoyable. I have reaffirmed that. It was time well-spent. ...However...
Nemo Professor: Yes, that's enough. Let's leave it at that for today. We still have something planned, after all. Let's have a taste of some indoor games next time~.
Translation note(s): [1] The Marines are saying 'Nyotengu' in hiragana here which would be "女天狗" with kanji. It means "female tengu". [2] Broiled eel and rice served in two separate stacked boxes, with eel in the top box and rice in the bottom box.
Note: I reached the character limit so I will have to post these in two parts. I am halfway through the last arrow so I'll be posting the last part later today.
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2020.07.31 21:13 Elias_Pedro Indoor spy camera

Author's Notes: Thanks for the warm reception for the last chapter. I'm glad that you folks liked it - so I will be posting the chapters here on Reddit from hereon out~! I think I'm getting used to the Reddit formatting, but there may be some derps here and there hehe.
As always, I'd be happy to hear your thoughts about the story or the series in general - so feel free to let me know what you think!
In any case, here's chapter 2!
Star~! Anchor, Interven-chan

Welcome to the GKTV-5 Newsroom, the premier (in my opinion) news agency of Brest Oblast. Follow me, M200 (or Potato), as my friends and I shed light on the mysteries of Brest Oblast and prove that the pen is mightier than the sword. With every new scoop, I learn a little more about myself and take one step closer to becoming a star anchor! (Part 3 of the Tasteless Series)
AO3 Link: [Chapter 1] - [Chapter 2 (New!)]
FFN Link: [Chapter 1] - [Chapter 2 (New!)]
Reddit Link: [Chapter 1]
GKTV-5 Equipment Storage Room
“I’ll do it, Alexi. Jim. I’ll help us get our bombshell exclusive for sure!”
As soon as I made my declaration to Jim, that slave driver boss of mine immediately put me and Alexi to work. With that same cold and calculating look he always had, he told us to clear out our schedules and get ready to roll out by the top of the hour. That bastard then shooed us out of his office so that he could ‘concentrate’!
Before I could give Jim a piece of my mind, his office door shut behind us - cutting off my angle of attack. I felt a vein popping on my brow and my core seemed to be heating up from the rage brewing in my mechanical heart.
You know I’m technically a T-Doll right, Jim? You know this door won’t protect you for long if I get really mad right, Jim!?
However, Alexi calmly patted me on the shoulder and gently shepherded me away with him to the equipment storage room down the hall.
“You want to get that bombshell exclusive for Jim, right?” Alexi reminded me as we made our way to the storage room door, “Well, we’d better make sure the Q&A at the conference goes smoothly.”
“All of the sudden, I’m regretting trying to act cool in front of Jim…” I groaned, drooping my shoulders in half-hearted protest.
“It’s too late to back out now, Potato. If you commit to something, you’ve got to see it through!” Alexi grinned cheekily, “Come on now - we need to get our equipment. This stuff ain’t going to load itself!”
“... Fine~!”
Alexi and I entered the storage room and we found ourselves in the large space where our station kept all our stuff. There was a small desk by the entrance where one of Nagant’s dummies was seated almost motionlessly.
Nagant’s dummy noticed me and Alexi and finally stirred from its lonesome hibernation. It took a moment to scan the both of us with its eyes.
Even though it looked exactly like Nagant, this dummy carried nearly none of our beloved babushka’s personality and was quite literally a desk jockey. It practically lived in the storeroom to keep watch over the equipment - and it never moved a muscle unless it absolutely had to.
The robotic dummy then blinked twice, completing its analysis. It then greeted me and Alexi with a mechanical monotone.
“Alexi Stoyaovich. Employee number 0004 confirmed. I.O.P. doll number 257. Employee number 1088 confirmed. State the purpose of your visit to the storage room. You have ten seconds to comply.”
Alexi came forward and calmly spoke,
“Dobry ranok, babushka. We’re going to fetch equipment for a field reporting assignment - under orders from Jim Salmons. He’s, uh… employee 115, I think.”
The dummy looked up to the tall, burly Alexi with a blank gaze and replied,
“Purpose noted, Mr. Stoyanovich. Please check out all equipment with me before you leave and affix your physical and digital signatures on the necessary documents. Remember that failure to comply with...”
After this point, Alexi and I just zoned out while the dummy gave its spiel - something about laws and regulations of the New Soviet Union and stuff. The moment that the dummy gave us our equipment trolleys and the checkout papers, Alexi and I got to work loading our equipment.
Longer wires and cords, backlighting instruments, boom microphones, ENG cameras, a spare generator, dollies - the works! Honestly, watching our trolleys pile up with equipment always got me excited. It sort of felt like a major operation is going to begin - and that feeling sorta held true.
I’ve been working at GKTV-5 for close to six months now. Every single time, I was standing behind our equipment, working in the shadows. That interview yesterday was the one exception - but I promised myself that it wasn’t going to be the last time.
Even though I royally screwed up - I still want to be in the spotlight, reporting the news as I see it.
Just like Jim.
Just like Genevive.
Spurred by my determination, I finished loading up my trolley and then helped Alexi load up his. We finished our paperwork, dropped them off at the dummy’s desk and then peaced out of the equipment room.
Alexi and I pushed our trolleys down the hall towards the elevators. There, we found Jim already waiting for us.
Jim was clad in his full business suit - the same one that he wore to work this morning. The only difference now was that he was wearing his favorite salmon pink tie and a peculiar pin on his lapel.
That pin depicted a silver crossbow superimposed on a sky-blue shield. It was the coat of arms of the City of Brest, I recognized. The veteran news anchor then turned to me and Alexi and quietly nodded in acknowledgement.
The elevator door opened before long - and the three of us stepped inside. Jim called for the basement garage floor, prompting the elevator to close its doors and then begin its slow descent.
On the way down, Jim was adjusting his tie while he looked up to the television screen showing the GKTV-5 morning news. Without even looking at me, my boss broke the silence and started to speak,
“M200. You haven’t been in this station long, but you aren’t shy about your big dreams about becoming a primetime news anchor for us.”
“I do want to be a news anchor, Jim. That’s true.” I answered firmly.
“I know - M200 - and that’s why I want you to understand the situation our station is in. GKTV-5 has a national license to broadcast in the Belarus SSR, but our reach is only regional. The Brest Oblast and surrounding territories is our turf. Beyond that, we’re nobodies - but we’re still expected to compete with the national channels. And don’t get me started on the channels from the Russian mainland.”
“That doesn’t sound fair…” I remarked with a frown.
“Fairness doesn’t matter as much as you think in this business, M200. No matter what the Politburo in Moscow says, money talks in the media - and money comes from ratings. We’re always at a disadvantage when it comes to ratings since hardly anyone outside our turf tunes into GKTV-5. That means our revenues are consistently dwarfed by the other national players - we also get less sponsors too.”
Jim then polished his Brest Oblast lapel pin with a handkerchief until it gave off a mild sparkle as he added,
“However - the one thing that we have that those national broadcasters don’t… is love for this place we call home. This is our home court. We actually give a damn about this place... while the rest of them are just sharks… no, vultures looking to make a quick ruble.”
Alexi leaned against the walls of the elevator and chimed in with an amused smile,
“If we get a story here - in Brest Oblast - we’re the authorities, Potato. We can punch well above our weight. Those national channel boys and girls often have no choice but to defer to us. It does wonders for our ratings too - but it’s nothing compared to knowing that we’re doing the right thing. That’s how Genevive built this company - and that’s why we’re still afloat after all these years.”
My mechanical heart throbbed as I listened to Jim and Alexi speak. Then, the television switched to a GKTV-5 commercial spot featuring Genevive herself. The star anchor of GKTV-5 smiled warmly at the camera and spoke the tagline of their channel.
We are GKTV-5. The arrow of truth of Brest Oblast.
When Genevive said this on the TV, I saw Jim’s expression change slightly from his usual uptight self. He stood up straight, wore a small smile and had a twinkle of confidence in his green eyes - matching the shine of his prominent lapel pin.
Then, for once, Jim gave me a sidelong glance, pointed to his lapel pin and said,
“I hope you meant every word that you told me a while ago, M200. We are the arrows of truth, so it is our duty to fly true.”
In that moment, Jim Salmons looked exactly like what he did in the advertisement I saw this morning.
It was sort of scary. But also kinda cool.
Before I could say a word, the elevator reached the basement and the doors parted open before us. There, we found Nagant - the real one - waiting for us with a bright smile on her lips. She gave us a respectful nod as she greeted,
“Dobry ranok, Mr. Salmons. Mr. Stoyanovich.”
Nagant then gave me a kindly wink,
Eh...? Did she really have to single me out?
Anyways, she then brought out a set of car keys and proudly announced,
“I’ve prepared our news van for this morning. I’ll be driving for the three of you - and I’ll be your security detail too, so be thankful~!”
Jim graciously returned the gesture and then turned to me and Alexi to say,
“We’re ready to roll, you two. Let’s get going before the vultures come.”
Commercial District Streets
Minutes later, the underground garage door of the GKTV-5 building opened and the news van drove out onto the main road. The van passed by the one-story convenience store bearing the GKTV-5 billboard ad where a curious figure dressed like a construction worker stood at the ledge.
Locks of the figure’s short golden hair flowed out from beneath her white hardhat and flew in the intensifying wind.
The figure then tucked a lock of her hair behind her ear, revealing the earpiece that she wore. She then pressed on her earpiece and reported in a whisper,
“Kartoshka is on the move, Master. What are your orders?”
Star~! Anchor, Interven-chan
Chapter 2 - Baked Potato
Outside of Brest City
M1 Highway (Belarus) - Westbound
Quirky Russian pop music was playing on the radio as Nagant drove our news van west. I sat on the passenger’s seat to her right and watched as the familiar skyline of Brest City grew smaller and smaller in the rearview mirror.
Our destination that morning was the old prison fortress that had been turned into a paramilitary base for Griffin & Kryuger a few years ago - a curious spot overlooking the Kazlovichy Border Crossing between Belarus and Poland.
At least - it was a paramilitary base until two days ago.
Warplanes from Minsk came and blew the living hell out of that old fortress, wiping the whole place out of the map. And yet - by some stroke of luck - there were no casualties. That, and the fact that the Polish Government didn’t complain too much, was nothing short of a miracle.
That god-forsaken ruin was where my trainwreck of an interview with the adjutant happened. Now, I was heading back for round two.
Sort of.
This time around, I wasn’t going to be the anchor - and I was relegated to support with Alexi.
Haaah… well, it’s better than nothing.
For a moment, I was tempted to slide down the windows to get some fresh air and to clear my thoughts a bit. Suddenly, a bright flash of lightning illuminated the storm clouds above the highway. Unlike a normal storm, however, the heavy clouds above us were ominously green.
Nagant furrowed her brow and barked to her passengers in the back,
“Okay, tovarichi. We’re going straight through the Collapse Radiation storm. You know the drill.”
Alexi nodded to Nagant through the rear-view mirror and brought out a pair of gas masks and a small bottle of potassium iodide anti-radiation pills. He then handed Jim his mask and gave him an iodide pill as well.
The two men took their pills with water and then donned their gas masks as the shadow of the Collapse Radiation storm clouds loomed over us. Neither of the two seemed frightened by the freak force of nature we were diving into - as if doing something like this was second nature to them.
As a doll, I never thought too much about the radiation storms that went through Yellow Zones like Brest from time to time. However, I felt like if I was a human being like Jim and Alexi, I would have been scared shitless.
I’ve seen radiation storms on TV and I already followed the municipal guidelines to stay indoors when they issue an alert - so this was the first time I was seeing a storm up close with my own two eyes.
Nagant seemed to sense my concern, so she poked me with her elbow and explained,
“Relax, Potato~! I’ve driven these boys - and Genevive too - through worse storms than this. Our van is also well-equipped to go out in radiation storms too! As long as we don’t take a wrong turn and go into a Red Zone~!”
“H-hey! Don’t joke about that…”
“Ahahaha~ I know, I know! What I’m saying is, I’ve got this under control, Potato. So, trust in Babushka and she will get you where you need to go~!”
“I trust you, Babushka… but I’m just surprised that humans would willingly go through storms like this. I mean, look at those clouds, man! Freaky as hell.”
Nagant chuckled at my response and calmly replied,
“The easy way out would have been to wait out this storm, Potato. This is true. It should dissipate in less than an hour after all. I was telling this to that boy - “Mr. Salmons” - when he called me to arrange this trip earlier, but…”
She then paused and contorted her face cartoonishly to look serious and grumbled in a whisper, mimicking Jim’s voice,
The other news agencies are thinking the same thing, Nagant-Revolver. The only way to beat the vultures is to get there before they do - and every minute counts! I’m not going to let a Collapse Radiation storm stand in my way!
Hah! Classic Jim.
Hearing Nagant’s impersonation made me laugh out loud, drawing a suspicious glare from Jim. I’m pretty sure the Russian pop music drowned out our conversation, but I was worried that I saw Jim’s green eyes trying to pierce my soul through the visor of his gasmask.
My hearty laugh grew uncomfortable as I turned away from Jim to face the road in an embarrassed retreat.
Not long after, we passed through the bulk of the radiation storm clouds and the heavens started to clear up. Majestic rays of sunlight soon started to peek through the clouds as we left the storm behind us.
Then, far in the distance, we saw the fenced-off city of tents sitting where the old prison fortress was. Mountains of rubble, remnants of the intense aerial bombing that took place there two nights ago, were still on site as we approached.
However, there was something new in that city of tents that caught my attention.
The flag of Griffon & Kryuger flying proudly on a new flagpole at the heart of it all.
This was our destination - the ‘new’ home of G&K Station 56586.
G&K Station 56586
Entrance - Decontamination Tunnel
As we got off of the M1 Highway and onto the old Prison Fortress road, we were greeted by a large decontamination tunnel that covered a segment of the road. It was like a long plastic arch attached to a myriad of hoses that sprayed decontaminating foam and other chemicals that I couldn’t hope to spell the names of, let alone pronounce.
Nagant drove the van through the tunnel slowly - letting the decontaminators wash away the traces of Collapse Radiation from our trusty van. It was only when we were halfway through the tunnel that Jim and Alexi put off their gas masks.
Jim then brought out a smartphone device and began giving us his orders,
“Alright everyone. Let’s go over the plan one more time. The news conference will be held at Ground Zero - right about where the Administrative Wing of the prison once was. It should start in approximately two hours - and the Q&A will start about half an hour after that.”
Alexi confidently folded his arms and reassured,
“Potato and I can get the equipment up in thirty minutes. The GKTV-5 microphone will be on the podium long before anyone else’s, Jim.”
Nagant then turned to Jim through the rearview mirror and added,
“I’ll be keeping watch over the van - and I’ll keep our satellite dish deployed too~!”
Jim’s eyes then turned to me - as if expecting me to say something next. However, I had nowhere near the level of confidence that Alexi and Nagant had. So, I decided to bite the bullet and dare to ask,
“That leaves me with an hour and a half of free time, Jim… d-does that mean I’m on standby? Ahehehe~”
Jim heaved a heavy sigh and, instead, reached behind his coat with his right hand.
Ah, crap. Was Jim gonna pull out a knife and cut me or something!?
I froze in my chair, fearful of what Jim was possibly planning to do to me. Then, he brought out something like a vaporizer pen and handed it to me.
Does this mean he wants me to chill out and vibe until the conference?
Can dolls even get high!?
Before I could ask, Jim placed the stick-shaped thing in my hand and explained,
“This is a miniature voice recorder. It’s something that Genevive gave us anchors for when we want to cover stories on the fly. We have these recorders so that we’re always ready to report breaking news as it happens.”
I looked at the miniature recorder in my hands and suddenly felt the curious weight that it had. Realizing this, I gasped,
“Genevive entrusted this to you… and now you’re entrusting it to me, Jim? Have you finally accepted me as your successor…!?”
Jim then pulled out another miniature recorder and flatly countered,
“That one’s just a spare, M200. This one’s what Genevive gave me.”
“H-hey! Don’t be a buzzkill, Jim!”
“I’m not being a buzzkill, M200. I’m entrusting you with the most crucial part of this operation.”
“The most… crucial part?”
Jim nodded firmly and explained,
“That’s right, M200. Once you’re done helping Alexi set up for the conference at Ground Zero, I want you to go around the base and look for stories that we can report on.”
“W-whoa, really?”
“Yes, really. I will do what I can to keep the Chihuahua occupied… and I’ll deal with the rest of the vultures too to keep their attention on me. Then, while they’re distracted - I want you to shed some light on what really happened here on this base. The Tasteless Incident. The Unsavory Incident. Anything you can find, M200. That will make our exclusive bombshell all the more powerful.”
A small smile broke out on my lips as I remarked,
“Is this what you meant when you said you were going to show me how a veteran deals with sharks on the high seas, Jim? Or are we talking about vultures and chihuahuas now?”
Jim snickered at my remark and doubled down,
“A veteran can deal with any animal that gets in their way, M200. This will be a little bit risky, so consider this a test. Can I count on you, M200?”
I held the miniature recorder close to my mechanical heart. I gave Jim a happy nod and declared,
“You sure can! Let’s go hunting!”
Ground Zero
Conference Area
As soon as we were given the OK by the security team, Alexi and I rushed to set up our equipment on the conference grounds. Aside from the small stage, the rows of folding chairs set up for the press and the armed G&K dolls patrolling the area, there was hardly a soul there.
Alexi and I quickly set up shop - claiming the prime real estate close to the stage. We deployed our equipment quickly - moving like clockwork as we got everything ready for the conference in relative peace. It was only half an hour later that the rest of the news crews from other channels started arriving.
At the same time, another familiar figure appeared with the vultures.
The intimidating chihuahua called Super Shorty.
The hat-wearing chihuahua was barking at the news crews as they trickled into the conference grounds - but that the same time, it was easy to tell that she was excited behind her angry mask.
It was really as if she was a chihuahua barking while wagging its teeny-tiny tail.
Hrghgh, you’d be so cute if you weren’t so damn mean!
In any case, this was Alexi’s cue to pat me on the back and whisper,
“It’s time to go, Potato. Jim and I will hold the fort here. Do us proud~!”
I answered Alexi with a confident smile and then ducked out of the conference grounds before the vultures or the chihuahua spotted me.
While everyone’s eyes were on the conference grounds, I did my best to act cool and blend in with the G&K dolls. I followed a patrol of two handgun dolls - not quite sure what their models were - and acted like I was a T-Doll myself. I don’t have a rifle etched to my neural cloud - but I guess didn’t need one to hide in plain sight.
I think.
I followed the two dolls a pace or two behind and closely watched them, wondering if I was able to properly blend in. The other dolls patrolling Ground Zero and the tent city built around it didn’t seem to notice me tagging along with their handgun-wielding friends. The other news crews, on the other hand, were too busy getting chewed out by Super Shorty to pay attention to me.
Heh. Perhaps I’m actually a really good spy.
Before I could inflate my ego any further, however, I unwittingly followed the handgun dolls into a tight alley between two of the many tents scattered around the base - far away from the eyes of the gathering media.
The two dolls then turned around on a dime and pointed their handguns at me!
I whipped my head back, looking behind me to find a way to escape from this situation. However, there was another doll already positioned there waiting for me - a pink-haired doll with bright pink eyes who pointed her machine gun at me.
Oh shit!
I instinctively reached for the micro voice recorder in my shirt pocket and pulled it out on impulse. This didn’t seem to sit well with the pink-haired doll at all as she growled,
“Drop your weapon and put your hands up!”
“Eh…? T-this isn’t…”
The pink-haired doll furrowed her brow and lashed,
“Do you realize that you’re trespassing on G&K territory? Identify yourself if you don’t want to get filled with lead!”
“I… I, uh…”
I’m so scared out of my wits that I can’t even speak!
In that tense moment, however, another clear voice joined the fray.
“Negev. Grizzly. Welrod. Stand down. We believe that she’s got a voice recorder in her hand - not a weapon.”
This ‘Negev’ doll snorted as she glared at me and pointed her machine gun away from me. The two handgun dolls behind me seemed to follow suit too.
Negev stepped aside in the alley, revealing the doll who gave the command to stand down.
It was a doll who was about my size, wearing a khaki-colored, sailor-type uniform with a navy blue skirt. She had long hazelnut hair that she wore in twintails with navy blue ribbons and golden brown eyes that seemed to shine brilliantly in the shadow of the alley.
On top of that, this curious doll was wearing something odd.
The distinct maroon beret of a G&K commander.
This odd doll wore a warm smile for me as she extended her hand to me and introduced herself, speaking in the royal ‘we’,
“We are M14 - the new subcommander of Station 56586. The dolls behind you are Welrod Mk. II and Grizzly Mk. V and this scary lady here beside me is Negev - our adjutant.”
“Scary…!?” Negev protested, “I’m a specialist! I was just doing my job.”
M14 chuckled at Negev’s remark and then turned to me again to ask,
“We assume that you are here with the media. What can we do for you, Miss…?”
I straightened up my slouched, fearful posture and then faced M14 squarely with the voice recorder firmly in hand. Then, I finally mustered up the courage to speak.
“M-my name is M200. I’m with GKTV-5… B-Brest Oblast. I-if you don’t m-mind… would you be willing to have an interview with me?”
The smile on M14’s lips grew wider as she happily answered,
“If you don’t mind speaking with us over an early lunch, then we would be happy to oblige~!”
To Be Continued
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2020.07.31 01:47 FrazzledGod Indoor spy camera
This is an actual government statement which includes lines such as:
Households may go to hospitality, for instance bars and pubs, but new guidance will make clear that two households should not go to hospitality together.
So you can go and mix with as many households as you like, mingle with a load of total strangers, as long as you don't meet anybody you know there - because, you know, viruses only infect people you know!
The spread is largely due to households meeting and not abiding to social distancing. So from midnight tonight, people from different households will not be allowed to meet each other indoors in these areas.
Where the hell is their evidence base for that? Could it not be due to pubs opening or people thinking masks will save them? Or any number of reasons which it is impossible to pinpoint as most data will be from weeks ago?
The regulations will give local authorities and police forces the powers to enforce these restrictions and more details on these will be set out when the regulations are published.
They are going to give police powers to stop people visiting each other's houses if they don't live there. How will they know, most people will be wearing face coverings which stops easy identification at a glance. Asking for ID, passports, as you walk along the street? Raids on houses and arrests made of people daring to visit someone?
They can't even police masks in shops or on transport, so how exactly will they stop people, drones, spy cameras? What?
Just in some areas, because there's like 16 cases of Covid per 100,000 people.
I'm frankly speechless at the arrogance and incompetence that seems to mingle together in one big mess, surely they are pretending to be this stupid?
They also said "It is with a heavy heart". Like any of these governments have any heart at all.
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2020.07.16 20:49 Shhhquietplease Indoor spy camera

I checked into a new space today. Superhost with hundreds of reviews, so you'd think he knows the rules, right? It was self check in, rules say leave your shoes at the door, sounds reasonable. But upon entering and climbing the stairs to my room, I discovered at least 2 undisclosed cameras. One of them in at the entrance , no problem, but video has been taken without my consent, the second one is worse. It's in a common area I will visit often, pointed at the bathroom and kitchen areas. It's a shared washroom upstairs and downstairs, so there's no way to avoid those cameras. I messaged the host with this and other concerns, there's something wrong with the room, but I think the hosts are off site.
The internet connection also keeps dropping, making me have to reconnect and log back in constantly. I haven't reported that yet, I want to see what he does first about the cameras.
Host just messaged me he wanted to call, I was busy and ignored it his call, as I want everything in writing so airbnb support can have a record of it. I know I can call them and get the reservation cancelled for the undisclosed cameras, but I need the room for the next few nights. Some hosts continue to decline booking requests for Covid 19, so I was lucky to find a host willing to accept. The host just messaged me again that he'll come visit tomorrow so there's no way to hide behind a screen, I have to face him.. What should I say when we meet? I don't want to get aggressive or accuse him of spying on me, I just want him to realize his error and fix it, by removing the cams, offer a discount and apology would go a long way.
I definitely want to unplug the camera that's in the space I will access most often, but I don't want to be accused of tampering with his property. Can I? As I wrote above I didn't consent to being filmed indoors. I also noticed a Nest thermostat, no problem but what's a speaker on the ceiling with a Nest logo? I did a network scan and the Nest device was found.
EDIT: I messaged the host with my concerns. One room issue, a rattling air conditioner that was driving me nuts last night ended up being something minor and is resolved.
The host visited the next morning. He knocked on my door and when he greeted me, at first he blamed me, saying I like to focus on the small details (I don't know if he read the reviews I left past hosts, but that was sometimes true). I maintained my position that I felt uncomfortable that each time I entered the kitchen area going to the bathroom with the camera there, and by the way, I noticed it wasn't disclosed in the listing's house rules. He deflected blame saying that his partner takes care of the listing, well I checked and that partner (co host) has had an account for longer than he has, but I can't prove that they neglected to disclose the cameras on purpose or not.
He also said that he rejected a booking request with a child this weekend because of me, he already saw me writing a bad review for noise. Noise is my #1 concern, but I told him I knew what I was getting into by renting 1 of 5 rooms with shared spaces, I was just there to work and for tourism in my free time. At first he agreed to remove the camera in the kitchen area and I agreed to let him keep the one by the front door, at least that way if someone tries to sneak in extra guests, he'll know about it and I'm OK with that.
I figure he's going to give me a bad review for being too picky/a big complainer, but at least I don't have to move out. I will give his partner time to update the listing and if things go bad here, just request a stay reduction...I'm sure he wants me gone asap anyway. I decided not to contact airbnb support for now.
EDIT 2: Host was still here and must've spoken to his partner...either way, he returned and went back on his promise to remove the kitchen/bathroom entrance area camera. He asked if I would be OK if he reinstalled it in the original position, as there would be a number of other guests this weekend, so he wants to keep an eye on things. I said no, I'm not comfortable, so he moved it to another location in the kitchen pointing at the stove. Now it's just partially filming the path to the bathroom. Again, if I didn't need the space and had somewhere else to live, I would've asked him to cancel my stay / contacted airbnb. Let's see how things go in the days ahead..
EDIT 3: I discovered a third undisclosed camera: infrared outside on the front porch. Understandable for security reasons given the multiple guests. I just so happened to see an animal on the porch last night, went over to say hello and spotted the camera. If the host doesn't update the listing's house rules soon, I'm thinking of reporting it.
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