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2020.10.22 04:01 Only_Way_4993 Spycam cabin

I met (online) a girl [26] few months ago and since very beginning I was surprised how easy going and comfortable it was communicate with her. Very kind and sweet girl. She lives in a town not far from mine so most of communication is virtual. We would talk, chat for hours on and to my surprise she seemed like a really good match, now to think of it, it makes more sense looking at this whole situation from outside perspective. As we continued to get to know each other I noticed couple red flags, one of the most obvious was that she is actually married. She did mention without any hesitation that she is in a middle of divorce so that gave me a little piece of mind as my intention was not to date her right away. It is simply nice to get to know more people. At start I didn't pay much attention, I simply kept talking since it was very fun and we would have lot of things to discuss, though it seemed bit weird that she would not disclose this fact at the very start. But again, we both were merely having casual, sometimes flirty conversations. In addition, I didn't approach this as a courtship, I simply found the whole thing as me finding a nice person to hang out with. Later on she told me that she got 2 daughters one is 3 and the other is 6. Bummer. I still thought, well cool, I get it. I wont set my expectations too high. As the whole thing evolved we decided it would be nice to meet up. I mean why not, a little thrill that we both would enjoy. Eventually she found a time to sneak out for couple hours and came to my place. We both had decided we gonna keep it classy, no expectations just a friendly meeting. As soon as she arrived I realized how much I actually like her. No awkwardness, very smooth date. I did kiss her, a lot. We both had fun. As the time went on she started to reveal details about her husband being rather rough time to time. Sure, I mean what couple has it without arguments right? And girls do like it rough, both in bed and to have a man who is strong... Sent me couple pics of bruised ear... I really didn't want to make a big deal of it then, I took as her trying to stir up some drama to maybe see how I would react. I was not gonna play the prince on a white horse. Their relationship in a sense is not my business. Alright. As the time went on, sometimes she would text me that it is a rough evening and she doesn't feel so well, another argument and so on. We had second date, this time we decided to hang out in park enjoy nature and just chill out. At this point we both start to have somewhat emotional attachment. Yes I know this is very bad taste of me as I am fully aware I am engaging in an affair. Still I understand she is pursuing the divorce. Moving on few weeks I decide to inquire about her progress in divorcing this guy. Since now I have a reference point, which is the start of our little "relationship" I ask her how things been during this time. Turns out, well, not much. She is simply living in her daily routine and it kinda seems husband is not even aware she is planning a divorce. That made me think this whole thing through but still I am a bit torn because I am starting to develop stronger emotional connection. To add, she really insists that emotionally she no longer feels anything for him, they are completely distant. They don't even sleep together, have own separate rooms. Explains why it is so easy to have late night sweet talk conversations before sleep. Then one night when they have couple guests over she tells me he again had abusive episode. Would this her arm even with guests there, wouldn't stop after she tells him to. Kept going after they left and daughters would cry and scream for it all to stop... Told me she is scared to go to sleep. Then 2 hours later she texts me that husband would wake her up, drag her by the ear to the other room to clean up his vomit. He got really drunk that night. She also mentioned that she would engage in sexual intercourse even at times she didn't feel like simply to avoid psychotic episode. To my mind that is pretty much non-consensual sex. After hearing all this I just could not but explain her that it is her responsibility for herself and for kids to put an end to this. I reminded her of social services that deal with these sort of issues but she still not taking any action. I even offered her I would provide her with spycams so she can capture the abusive episodes and take that to the court. She still insists that she can not take kids away from him as that would be evil. She does not want to destroy his carrier that dude has been working for so long. Etc. I understand she might have Stockholm syndrome, and it may be hard financially to just move out on her own, divorce is complicated.
At this point I am not sure what to do. I feel like I am almost being a witness to crime and I should try help this girl. To the point where I even consider she might want anything to do with me but this whole time was simply looking for external help... I would be totally cool with not being together that is scenario. I simply want to find a way to help her solve this. So I am writing this to see if someone can guide me to specific steps what to do, who to contact. who to reach out to. How to put an end to this girls misery.
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2020.10.21 09:46 FreshySoup Spycam cabin

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2020.10.09 00:35 KarmaUnleashed Spycam cabin

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2020.10.06 22:57 eliassrm Future development idea

Hello to valorant Community, I've got ideas about the agents abilities combination. My idea is add or subtract of characters abilities and make the game more liable on other teammate performances, let me give you some examples:
Jett + Phoenix : cloudburst and hot hands => it makes flame cloud (just VFX)and Jett's cloud burst can be effect by viper toxin, too
Viper(opponent) poison cloud can be destroyed by phoenix blaze or hot hands( flammable toxic gas)
Sage's(opponent) slow orb can be destroyed by Sage's slow orb,
Sova owl drone and Cypher spycam can affect noise on each other in short distance activity, also on opponents drone/camera
Phoenix hot hands/ Brimstone incendiary can be destroyed by Sage's slow orb (hot and cold)
Let me know your ideas and hope their development team receive it and add it to game I think it would be amazing
And afterall I think thisbgives a Valorant a unique attributes that distinguish it from csgo and overwatch
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2020.10.04 13:07 Mayergaming Spycam cabin

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2020.10.03 04:06 hereiamtosavetheday_ As The Crow Lies: A Freaking Saga About A Saga

Oh lordy. I'm begging you... become a better writer, woman.
Youngest Sister came to visit Thursday, and she really needed to talk. Dad has gotten a stomach bypass, is home since 3 days, and is already cheating his diet and mixing sugar into his yoghurt. Mom keeps trying to force him to stay on the couch or in bed while the doctor said to move. Mom was scolding him about "all his life decisions". They have also argued pretty extensively about the court case, and quite a lot about the whole "OP cursed out Dad" thing (never happened, we have proof) and my statements about my childhood.
Other things that never happened: vanity surgery for trailer trash during a pandemic. Ten days ago, there wasn't word ONE about a 'stomach bypass.' Its never been mentioned. OP knows every. intimate. detail. of what goes on in that household, and has made it clear Daddy Dear has been rolling fine, physically moving a special needs child from house to car for visits to OP... purely out of spite, of course. And because this Clan is enmeshed at the subnuclear level, of course the hated parentals know every. intimate. detail. of what goes on in OP's household. She damn well makes sure of that.

I told my 2 older sisters last week during a WhatsApp conversation that my daughter had asked for earrings for her 3rd birthday. They didn't reply to it, making me think they don't agree. Which was confirmed today when my youngest sister immediately asked me if my daughter really asked for it or if it's something I want for her, and told me they all agree she's too young. They talked about it in person in Mom & Dad, so they know too.
Mom told the daycare worker she was harassing that my older sister 2 was spying on us for her. I haven't forgotten, so I've spent a lot of time this week making sure the house was spotless.
Yep, OP has no problem opening her house to The Little Spy Who Hates Her, because OP is the only person in the world who can tutor her sisters. She loves them NO MATTER WHAT! Thank the lord, there never be a moment in her life she isn't locked in mortal combat with the Clan she desperately wants to rule.
OP's special needs sister who can only do schoolwork with OP hovering at her shoulder has an amazing memory - she provides OP with word pictures and nuanced tidbits about blame shifting, domestic and medical abuse, complete with all the exact expressions and body movements any trained double-spy would tie to their quickest carrier pigeon... despite hiding in her bedroom during those long, loud hours.
I hate that the stress of this court case is making youngest sister's life more difficult. I have no idea what I could do to help her without harming my kids, husband and myself in the process. I really wish I could help her... At least talking about it seems to help a bit, and I know assistant keeps an eye out for her and protects her from the worst of it.
That would be the assistant who reports on OP's housework, conversation, diet and state of mind to Mom. The assistant who never texts to let OP know that her Dad will be at the door instead of the assistant. Yeah.
Both my daughter's and husband's birthday is tomorrow. I spent the entire day today cleaning and baking for us, the in-laws who are coming to celebrate and the neighbor who is kind enough to babysit my kids with her kids in the evening so husband and I can go out for a bit.
OP then goes into cookbook mode, so moving on-- COVID IS OVER! la la la -- no more bubbles, no more masks, no more distancing cuz Crowbird says!
Monday we'll go talk to our lawyer for what might be the last time, Tuesday my husband will be home with me and we'll go to a museum together, and Wednesday is our big day in court. Hopefully for the last time. Then we wait for the verdict... I'm switching between running up the walls, feeling like I can't breathe, having a weird compulsion to do some random chore around the house and not being able to sit still until it's done, killer headaches, shutting down and sleeping, not being able to sleep,... Husband has similar expressions of his fear and stress. I really, really hope this is the last time we have to deal with Team Fockit, because neither of us has anything left to give.
Who is the 'we' when hubby won't be home on Monday? eh. Despite Brussels' recent decision to kiss corona on the mouth, just about every museum has a waiting list and is restricting visitors; its a non-drop in sort of thing. This highly detail-oriented writer wouldn't forget that her OP had tickets - so no tickets are had. Much emo is expressed because something-something, and you better believe Hubs feels EXACTLY the same way! Let's face it, the first-person approach on Reddit just *screams* for multiple Mary Sue personas.
Something I thought was kind of funny. Youngest sister asked me if I would remove our cameras (front yard, front door, backyard) after the court date next week, because she feels uncomfortable with it. But she didn't tell assistant anything about the cameras making her uncomfortable, so that's a lie. Mom & Dad are clearly uncomfortable with them though, because those cameras have been very useful for us and very annoying to them. I told youngest sister that those cameras were theft prevention, and that they would stay up because thieves don't care about our court date, and I gladly showed her where our cameras are to reassure her. She said she would reassure Mom & Dad that those cameras aren't for them (she's such a bad liar, the sweetheart, she already forgot she was supposed to say it was her own unease).
Don't worry, this won't cause an issue between these two adorb sissies! ALL IS FORGIVEN, LITTLE FLYING MONKEY! You so funny! Also, your wunnerful big sis just lied her ass off to you. Must run in the family, huh? Isn't lying one of the big issues between OP and her parents? Yes, yes it is! So why is OP both *enabling* her mentally-deficient sister to tell falsehoods and lying to the child?
Clan, man. Don't go there. /cough/ mary sue /cough/
Honestly, this saga drips with ye olde South - there's not a whiff of Europe in the text, the language - oh man, the pure US of redneck A language - the surroundings. Its the US where multiple spycams are actually a thing. In the author's claimed Brussels? There are a lot more laws about that shit. And frankly, since OP has a camera on the door - why is she still being terrorsprised when she opens the door to find Dear Old Dad on the stoop? INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW!
I wish I could've been a fly on the wall when she told Mom that the cameras will stay up, and that I know they don't feel comfortable with the cameras but that the cameras are just there against thieves.
Youngest sister has also told me she would tell Mom about both my kids having earrings now (and they're rocking it! Daughter has unicorn earrings, son has little gold balls and is a pirate now), and that is something I know Mom will not like at all.
Did you know, the son wasn't even thinking about getting earrings last we heard... but OP *did* go off on a rant that HER boy would never be held back by Mommie's sexist claptrap! I guess the OP needed to USE HER OWN CHILDREN to poke Mommy & Daddy in the eye - prepping the Lying, Flying Monkey for Return-to-Sender wasn't quite enough.
So far, we've never been with the judge for more than 10 minutes at a time (she tries to keep Mom & Dad away from me as much as possible since the first time we went to court and she could clearly see my PTSD surfacing. I deeply appreciate her and our lawyer for doing everything they can to keep me safe and ok).
Let's have a golf clap and a hearty round of 'That's Not How It Works!' Judges don't give a shit about your emotional lability, kittens. Not one teeny-tiny little bit. Their schedule is not set based on your ability to hyperventilate.
So let's call this False News and hope no JustNo Network Sweet Summer Child wanders into a court expecting a cookie and to be hand-wrapped in a scented blankie by the judge. They would be sadly disappointed.
You can find this OP posting on for karma on JUSTNOMIL (which is tired of her shit) JUSTNOFAMILY, JustNoTruth, JustNoTalk, and on a partridge in a pear treeeee! Recently she began auditioning for a Modhat on JustNoTruth... oh dear.
That went terribly well when MrShine of Talk fame was semi-hatted by TruthMod, didn't it? Oh, the hair-pulling!
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2020.09.28 22:19 Educational_Interest SpyCam in shower - voyeur cam video!

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2020.09.26 07:37 eliassrm Future VFX and sub/decreas abilities

Hello to valorant Community, I'm a visionary guy who plays casually and from my point of view, I've got ideas about the future of Valorant. My idea is based on rock, paper, scissors scenario in Valorant or, in other terms, add or subtract of characters abilities and make the game more liable on other teammate performances, let me give you some examples: Jett + Phoenix : cloudburst and hot hands => it makes flame cloud and damage all inside them and Jett's cloud burst can be effect by viper toxin, too Viper(opponent) poison cloud can be destroyed by phoenix blaze or hot hands( flammable toxic gas) Sage's(opponent) slow orb can be destroyed by Sage's slow orb Sova owl drone and Cypher spycam can affect noise on each other in short distance activity, also on opponents drone/camera Phoenix hot hands/ Brimstone incendiary can be destroyed by Sage's slow orb (hot and cold)
Let me know your ideas and hope their development team receive it and add it to game I think it would be amazing
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2020.09.20 23:37 Indication-Tough3 Spycam cabin

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