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The disintegration of the obscene film business has been all around chronicled, and originates before camming. The offender was the Internet, which while it made obscene substance more open, likewise prompted across the board robbery.

Camming is the following troublesome impact. Some substance can be allowed to clients at the same time, truth be told, tips and different expenses produce generous incomes. Precisely what amount is an intense number to stop by given that there are many destinations, most secretly held. Douglas Richter, a chief level specialist with LiveJasmin, one of the most visited cam locales — and a contender to MyFreeCams — gauges industrywide yearly income from camming at more than $1 billion. The erotic entertainment business all in all is evaluated to be about $5 billion, a sharp drop from 10 years prior. Steven Hirsch, the co-administrator of Vivid Entertainment, a noticeable obscene film studio, said that while there stayed a business opportunity for prerecorded motion pictures and clasps — accessible for download and through link membership — intelligent amusement, including camming, represented portion of the deals in the business.

Web traffic numbers substantiate the prominence of camming. As per Alexa, a webpage possessed by Amazon that estimates Internet traffic, LiveJasmin, which is situated in Luxembourg, positions as the 80th most famous website in the United States and 103rd all inclusive., a unit of Kantar Media, reports LiveJasmin has around 25 million interesting guests from the United States every month. Compete.Com puts MyFreeCams and at 4,000,000 one of a kind guests for each month, while Alexa positions MyFreeCams as the 341st most famous site in the United States.

That traffic despite everything could not hope to compare to the draw of obscene destinations that offer free prerecorded substance. Pornhub positions 56th in the United States, yet its prerecorded clasps are free. Among the manners in which it brings in cash is by changing over guests to clients of cam rooms.

"Live cam has become the most noticeable piece of the business," said Alec Helmy, the distributer of Xbiz, a sex-exchange industry diary, overshadowing past types of sex entertainment in notoriety if not yet in complete income. "Camming is driving the grown-up industry."

The destinations bring in cash through deals of tips. The clients of the site (most, however not all, are men) purchase the tips in packs; on MyFreeCams, the expense is $19.99 for 200 tokens. The men "tip" the models by giving them tokens during a show. (They can likewise purchase "private shows" for a lot higher rates.) According to Mr. Richter, from LiveJasmin, credits for tips are bought by around one of every 300 men who visit the locales with female models. He said the gay-male crowd will in general purchase more. (There are cam models and destinations taking into account various crowds.)
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2020.08.01 14:27 hunhun1299 Official guide to making money like a baddie!

Want to make money and level up? I am here to help 💰💗💁🏽‍♀️
1: Getting a sugar daddy 🤑💰💗: there are many older men who are looking to take care of younger women. You can look them on dating sites such as tinder, or bumble and make sure you set the age for men really high. You can also go to upscale bars dressed really nice and you can definitely meet new people. Make sure you put yourself in circles where a lot of wealthy men hang around and flirt 😜. Here is a good video:
2: becoming a cam girl 💻! this one is pretty easy to be honest, but anyone can do it if they are willing to put in the hours. Many cam girls make 1-2 thousand dollars in a week on websites like chaturbate, streamate or livejasmin. You disguise yourself wearing a wig or a mask if you don’t want people to recognize you. You can learn more in camgirlproblems Here is a video:
3: selling nudes! I’ve done this before and made money of it. Never showed my face. You can find people to sell nudes on tinder or bumble (just make sure you don’t specifically say that or you will be banned.) you can make an onlyfans and market yourself on twitter. Create an alter-ego! Here is a good video:
4: becoming a stripper 💁🏽‍♀️💰💰: this is my personal favorite one. It’s very hard work and you’re always moving around and flirting with men but the money potential for stripping is HUGE! Strippers can make 300-800 dollars a day and sometimes they can even make 1-2 THOUSAND dollars. I’ve met them before and it’s possible. You have to invest in makeup, stripper heels and outfits but the money is so fucking good that you won’t wanna ever get a normal job again. Here are two videos for stripping 1: 2:
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Sex Online By Frankie Cortez
Updated 7:36 PM ET, Mon Jan 7, 2025
Cam girls: women who strip, masturbate, and flirt with customers anonymously on the internet. The Luxembourgish site LiveJasmine has thousands of girls streaming every minute, all vying for the money of sexually-charged men.
In Appalachia it’s increasingly popular to do sex work, may that be an OnlyFans, camming or working for a porn company. OnlyFans and camming is a more amateur way to make money, without having to sign contracts or business deals. There are 25,000 registered accounts from Appalachia, and it’s estimated there are up to 14,000 cam girls of Appalachian origin.
With old-American systems with private universities, private healthcare, Appalachians continue to struggle to make ends meet. With past political crises, and the uncertainty of Appalachian unity the economy has been slowly declining in power. Top economists predict that with dust settled between Dixie, and soon UN membership will help make Appalachia a more stable investment for companies. Recent negotiations for joining the Mid-Atlantic Union have also helped the economy.
Women in Appalachia are using their bodies to get ahead, some label it as a feminist movement but conservatives state it’s a further slip into impurity. Feminist leaders are still divided, some saying it’s a sexual awakening while some it’s, “A women’s place in a patriarchal society.”
But the industry is expected to expand if the economy continues on it’s path, and if welfare policies aren’t introduced. As producers of sex increase so does viewership. With the attack in Raleigh just last year, it bought to the light the ANMM, and support for the group has increased in incel communities and forums.
Within incel communities there are the “black-pilled” and the ones still hopeful that they’ll have sex. Porn and sex toys is a common facet in incel communities, with many believed to have addictions to porn. Incels see women as objects, sex toys, while some women see it as a way of reclaiming their bodies. is an Appalachian website planning on profiting on the widening virtual sex industry. Creators will be able to make videos, posts, and images public or premium. Users will be able to directly send money to girls with connected cashapps and PayPals, cryptocurrency will also be accepted.
Cyber-Cam plans to take the place of Tumblr, OnlyFans, Live Jasmine and other websites used extensively by online sex workers.
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This is it, folks. Today is the day in which I implant a human brain into my chassis just so I can use it to have a brain aneurysm from what we are about to experience. Actually, I picked up a brain off of some poor old cadaver about 10-years-back. Ha, those were the days; the days of tie-dye chassis, robofros, and Mutie Hendrix playing over the radio while we all uploaded adware to our hard drives. Yes, I can just feel the sweet sensation of ads popping up during dish duty. Mmmmmm, oh yes, livejasmine and BOGO deals for shady websites were always the best.
[Sounds of ecstasy and pleasure]
[Drilling sounds]
There we are! In the last episode of The S.P.E.C.I.A.L Adventures of Tim, our hero escaped the vile clutches of The Gore Gang with the help of a new friend named Marie who looks like she got hit with an ugly-nuke! Don’t tell her I said that because she will royally beat my robotic ass back to the biotech age which isn’t even in this universe’s timeline! Marie snapped the neck of a gang member using only her thighs, freed herself and Tim from their fecal prison, then proceeded to empty round-after-round into the heads of the remaining gang members of the area, and finally retrieved their belongings and set out for some well-deserved relaxation.
Tim was whistling the happy birthday song over the pitter-patter of their footsteps as they voyaged through the wastes and into the broken city of Providence. Radroaches, bloatflies, rabid dogs, and radrodents crept around them but never attacked. The ghostly shadows of the homeless vagrants were burned into the pavement and stone walls, bones and debris lay strewn about the streets and sidewalks, tall buildings were crumbled to a fraction of their size. This city told a story of turmoil even before the dropping of the bombs. The small state of Rhode Island had never fully felt the positive effects of the Atomic Age’s second coming; the citizens were too deep into debt to join the rest of the country and the politics were too corrupt to let go of the ways that made money only for the established names.
“Tim?” Marie called to him.
“Is it your birthday?” She asked, genuinely curious as to why he had been whistling the happy birthday song for the entire walk.
Jeez, I guess I made her mad.
Oh gee, do you think so? Keep in mind, reader; this is only the beginning of the episode. It’s only going to get stupider from here.
“It’s my mom’s birthday…” Tim sullenly explained.
“Is your mom here?” She asked sarcastically.
“No, she’s dead.” He said as he began to cry. My apologies, he didn’t begin to cry, he began to sob like a lost whale. “UUUUOOOOOHHHHH!” He cried loudly.
“Oh wonderful. I didn’t mean to upset you, kid.” Marie said with a look of…sadness? Is that what that look is? “How did she pass?”
“What do you care?” Tim asked angrily. “You’re just gonna get annoyed when I open my mouth anyway.”
“Come on, don’t be that way. I didn’t mean to upset you; it’s just that the wasteland gets inside your mind sometimes.” She explained. “How did she pass away?”
“My mom went out into the wasteland to find food and water with my uncle Rob so they could bring it back to me and my dad. Uncle Rob came back alone…” Tim began to weep. “He-he said they’d found an undetonated bomb that was leaking radioactive stuff and gotten too close to it, my mom got sick and died in my uncle’s arms. He buried her by the only living tree in the wasteland. Watching her die, vomiting and bleeding and in pain, it must have been too much for him because he went home that night and shot himself. We weren’t close, but I think about Uncle Rob sometimes and it reminds me of my mom.”
“I’m sorry to hear that.” Marie said quietly.
“Let’s just keep going, please.” Tim walked off ahead and Marie followed closely behind.
I thought this was supposed to be a light-hearted comedy while the author waited for Fallout 4. This is just awful, I feel as though I want to put myself into rest mode for a few days then boot back up and spend the rest of my life hoarding felines in my quarters. This is no fun at all!
Tim stood in the soft breeze and looked up at the sky. He must be thinking of his mother and father. His face contorted and scrunched as if he were about to cry.
Phrrrrrrrrrt “Ahhh, much better.”
There it is, there’s what I was waiting for. Tim stood there fanning his ass while Marie stood by and massaged her temples. It won’t be much longer now, she will eventually realize the depth of his stupidity far surpasses the depth of his personality and then she will leave and never look back.
“Tim, can we go, please?”
The duo walked through the eerily silent streets, glancing but not staring at the strung-out ghouls and humans wasting away in the gutters. In the distance they saw a young man mooning a dirty old bar full of brigands and thugs. The young man attempted to run away but was caught in the leg with a shotgun slug from an ugly mercenary’s shiny long-barrel hunting shotgun. In a matter of seconds, four thugs walked out of the bar and brutally stabbed the young man to death right there in the street and walked back inside the bar as if nothing had happened. Hungry ghouls nearing the feral stage began tearing the flesh from his body and feasting on him like a Thanksgiving dinner.
“Did you just see that?!” Tim asked.
“Yeah, let’s leave. Now.” Marie said, pulling Tim by the sleeve.
“Wait a second, you two haven’t paid the toll yet. Don’t ya know that anyone who comes down Memorial Boulevard has to pay a toll?” There stood a skinny man with bruises and track marks all over his body. The man’s crazed eyes were sunken in and surrounded by circles so black they almost looked blue. He had a pistol trained on Tim with one hand, and his other held out for the payment of the toll.
“We’ll gladly pay you if you just put the gun down and let us pass.” Marie said.
“500 caps, hand it over or your little buddy dies, you ugly fuckin’ mutant.”
“We don’t have 500 caps, but we have 100 and bottles of fresh water. Will you take that?” Marie pleaded.
“NOT GOOD ENOUGH!” The crazed man screeched then pulled the trigger of his weapon. CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK “What the…” He inspected his gun quickly and ran in the direction of the bar. The maniac wasn’t watching where he was going, the next thing he knew he was flat on his ass staring up at a man so large he blocked out the sun. “I-I-I-I’m sorry, please don’t kill me! I didn’t mean to hurt you! I’ll give you all my money!”
“Hmph.” The tall man shrugged. “You? Hurt me?” The tall man kicked the maniac’s head all the way around and snapped his neck. “I do the hurting around here, you little leech.” The tall man looked at Tim and Marie through his dark black sunglasses. “Hey, what did this guy say to you?” He yelled to them.
Tim looked around nervously. Gulp “He…he told us we had to give him 500 caps to cross the road or else he’d kill us.”
“We don’t want any trouble, we just want to get to through Providence and find a place to stay.” Marie explained.
“You’re an ugly one, aren’t ya? For the trouble this punk caused you, how about you two stay at my place? Forget the caps; we’ll talk another method of repayment in the morning.”
“Uh…yeah, sure. Thank you, stranger.” That pot-bellied idiot said, making the absolute dumbest decision of his life. Marie looked at him with eyes full of rage and disbelief. [Intelligence 4] – FAILED
“Good! Very good! The name’s Decker, I run the city and I don’t tolerate any road trolls collecting money from vagrants so consider this part apology and part favor.”
“Nice to meet you, Decker. I’m Tim!”
“My name is Marie. Thank you for your hospitality, but we’re actually on foot to Boston right now and we’d like to get there sooner rather than later.” Marie explained as kindly as possible.
“Marie? You’re a woman? Gross. In any case, your friend here already accepted my offer and it would be in your best interest not to be in debt to me. You can leave if you’d like, but Tim stays and Tim repays the debt tomorrow. I warn you though; once you leave my sights you’re free game for any of my men that think you’re a bipedal centaur. It’s dangerous out there for a girl.” Decker laughed.
Tim and Marie followed Decker to the pristine triangular tower centered between two intersecting rivers in downtown Providence. Vicious looking guards armed to the teeth were posted all around the perimeter and inside the tower as well. A tough looking man in tattered BoS armor with the letters “GG” spray-painted on the chest plate sat at the front desk. The tower was in remarkable condition compared to the rest of the wasteland.
“The elevators have recently been made operational by a group of our non-profit workers, heh heh.” Decker smirked. “You’ll be staying on the penthouse floor tonight. It’s usually where I sleep but I have some business to attend to tonight, so it’s all yours. There are a few rooms that I advise you not to enter under penalty of a very painful rectal-trauma-related death. Guards will be posted up here to ensure that you do not enter these rooms. Enjoy your stay.” Decker winked.
There you have it folks! Tim and Marie are trapped inside the belly of the most feared beast in the entire Rhodey Wasteland all because of Tim’s immeasurably stupid decision-making skills. The boy isn’t much smarter than Christmas lights in July so you can’t blame him for thinking it was a show of kindness by the evil Decker. Join us tomorrow when Marie and Tim are caught snooping through Decker’s personal things! [Intelligence 1] – FAILED
“Woah! Spoiler alert, asshole! Literally the entire sub is talking about how shitty spoilers are and you go and say that?!” Said the irate author to the handsomely polished robot narrator. “Son of a…okay, I’ll change the fuckin’ story up a little. Stupid ass robot; you failed the intelligence challenge!”
There you have it folks! Tim and Marie are trapped inside the belly of the most feared beast in the entire Rhodey Wasteland all because of Tim’s immeasurably stupid decision-making skills. The boy isn’t much smarter than Christmas lights in July so you can’t blame him for thinking it was a show of kindness by the evil Decker. Join us tomorrow for The S.P.E.C.I.A.L Adventures of Tim – Episode 6: Agility.
Episode 1: Strength
Episode 2: Perception
Episode 3: Endurance
Episode 4: Charisma
Episode 6: Agility
Episode 7: Luck
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2015.05.10 00:57 dirtyshowerthinker Twitch is the LiveJasmine with men instead of women.

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2014.07.09 18:51 mobius_sp Posted this a year ago... thought maybe some of you could use a little crude humor.

I posted this comment a little under a year ago for some cheap laughs in someone's thread. I've edited a couple of small things, but it's largely the same as it was back then. I'm posting it today because there are a large number of new names I keep seeing, many of which seem to be relatively new to the process of finding out TTATT, and who are often upset and depressed by things they are living through or discovering. Plus, I found out today that a person I count as a friend here is feeling, in her words, rather emo... and I want her to smile. That said, I value the "healing through humor" effect, and since my humor tends to go to the rather crude side of things...
Be aware that this is offensive, but I hope it makes you chuckle a bit today. If you manage to get past chuckling to actual, open chortling, or even (gasp!) laughing at it, then I will be thrilled. I might even be tickled pink.
Hmmm... I should change the name of God in this to JEH0VAHGOD.
Jehovah sits in his heavenly recliner after a hard day's work driving the celestial chariot from Jeremiah's vision and directing angelic choirs to sing praises to himself. He sighs mightily, setting off a hurricane aimed at Florida from off the coast of Africa. Next to him is an opened TV dinner, with the hearts of unbelievers as the entree, and a dessert of wrathful grapes. With a giant hiss, he pops the cork off some wine his son made for him that morning out of water. He hooks a suspiciously familiar-looking green and blue ball over and props his feet on it to serve as a footstool. This sets off a series of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunami's, but the stool props his legs up at a nicely comfortable angle so it's worth it. He angles his body a little to the side in his golden recliner, a grimace stretches across his features, and with a series of sharp pops releases a holy fart. The gas wafts out, enveloping the footstool, and adding yet another layer of greenhouse gasses to its burgeoning global warming problem. Shanghai disappears behind a curtain of "pollution" and a glacier in Greenland melts as a result, but the resulting loss of habitat for polar bears and breathing problems in China is acceptable for easing the Holy Intestine's flatulence. A giant holographic image wavers on in front of him, its resolution surprisingly crisp... it's obviously a 1080p projection, at minimum, and possibly greater. Jah flips the channel from the New England Patriots game - he has to remember to collect that bet on the game from Gabriel; stupid angel doesn't seem to realize that when God makes a bet, it's guaranteed to go in his favor, and God loves him some Tom Brady - He flips the channel from the game to HNN, the Heavenly News Network.
(fade in to a headshot of a heavenly-resurrected Anointed newscaster)
"Welcome to another edition of Celestial News at 11. I'm your host, James, brother of John. Our leading story is an interesting one, so stay tuned after these short commercials!"
(cut to a commercial about MannaBalls, the food of choice for wandering worshippers in deserts everywhere. Followed by a commercial for Samson's Gym and Fitness - 'Bring the House Down with our Armbuster Exercises'; and then followed by a commercial for Solomon Legal Services - No Problem So Great That We Can't Just Cut Right Through It; fade back to news anchor)
Our top story tonight, this just in... Brother Tentpole and Sister PrettyKitty on Earth just got married today in the South Bumfuck congregation. Local angelic reporters have stated that they have just arrived in their nuptial chambers. Go to our online site,, keyword "Getting it On!" for further coverage. Our next story, a tear-jerker from Somalia, details the travails of..." the TV is clicked off by the great hand of God. No need to watch something that's just going to be a bummer, and the Celestial Curiosity is piqued by the marriage of one of the Creator's few truly faithful followers on Earth.
The holy laptop sits propped up behind the TV dinner. Jehovah reaches over and picks it up, depositing it on his lap. Manipulating his mouse, he closes out his email service (GodMail: "You have prayers!") and its five billion messages, 4 billion of which are marked "Urgent". Lucky for him he put in that spam blocker, that damned Governing Body group keeps sending him the most inane friend requests he's ever seen. Jesus, not my son, He thinks, let a group of old men "marry" your son (but totally NOT HOMO!), and they just yammer at you all day long. Boring old fuckers...
Up pops the HNN online site. So do a lot of other sites, all of which cover his laptop screen. "Oh, Me-damned popups! If only I could develop a blocker that they couldn't hack..." He grumbles. Tornadoes rip through Oklahoma... landslides bury thousands of commuters in India... a nuclear reactor melts down in Japan; when God grumbles, the world knows it.
He manages to get them all closed down except for the HNN site. He types in the keyword, and the site redirects him to, the leading heavenly porn site run by the resurrected Apostle Paul. More popups appear, What the nonexistent Hell is this LiveJasmin crap? He wonders. More grumbles ensue. More natural disasters fall on his footstool. Finally the popups are gone and He can click that big "Play" icon on the "Brother Tentpole and Sister PrettyKitty Amateur Sextape" entry in the Honeymooners channel.
He sighs contentedly as he fast forwards to the good parts. Up flips his holy, white robe. A hand creeps out from behind the laptop and grips a squeeze bottle of anointing oil, then disappears behind the laptop again. The laptop begins bouncing around, and the sound of heavy breathing gets louder. Suddenly with a grunt of exertion, a cascade of Godly goo shoots up into the air, over the computer, and plops down on the footstool below...
"Oh, shit!" the giant figure exclaims. "The last time that happened, I got some ratchet chick preggers, and a whole new religion started up..."
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2013.07.06 06:01 tabledresser Men livejasmin

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Date: 2013-07-06
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
I happen to be one of the lurking guests who never tip or contribute to any conversations. What are your thoughts on people like me? Is it wrong for me to take my frugal masturbation habits for granted? Also, why do you think people pay such large sums of money for something they can get for free? Some girls are used to getting more so most of the tippers don't even get noticed. They could even get the real thing for the same amount, so why would they choose to spend their money on mfc? I don't mind guests. Yes, it's nice if you tip, but I'm there because I like to be watched, and also because I want money. If you aren't going to tip, there are going to be people who will. However, don't be offended when guests and basics (non paying members) are muted and can't PM or talk to the models.
I think people pay so much money because sometimes they have so much of it that they don't know what to do with it. Also, it's pretty customized. If you're watching porn you don't get to tell the actors or actresses what to do. When you're watching a camgirl, you can tell her to bend over and slap her ass. If she doesn't, then you can leave and she loses the business.
I'd tip for nude violin... Haha well if you don't mind all the screechy sounds! I'm still learning.. I haven't had it too long. I really like playing it though, and I hope that I can become awesome at it someday.
Is "violin" one of your search terms (if it even works like that)? Because getting some culture is never a bad thing, and lord knows I could use some more culture. It isn't. I haven't really been playing it long enough so I still suck at it. I want to learn how to play well though, so I'm just going to keep practicing. :)
If your BF gets home and you have been working does it get old to be active with him after you have been doing it all day? I don't live with my boyfriend, but I'm still always up for sex when he's around. Having sex with someone you love is an entirely different feeling than when you're masturbating on camera for near strangers.
It's understandable if you don't want to answer this question, but: About how much money do you pull in on the average night of webcamming? Do the performerss on those cam sites have a circle-thing going, as in do you know eachother? Or is each cammemodel solitary and does their own thing? On an average weeknight I can get anywhere from $100-$200, depending on how much effort I put into it, what times I'm on, and for how long. On a weekday when I'm on for 1-2 hours I might make $60. It all depends on if my regular customers are on, and if it's a payday.
Huh, this is surprisingly lower than I was led to believe. Still beats a minimum wage job, and you can work from home though! I'm still new to MFC. I'm only in my second month now. I've been on LiveJasmin, Flirt4Free, and another one quite briefly that I don't remember the name of. By far, MFC has been the best paying. I just need to build up my customer base. LiveJasmin is very boring. Even when I put effort into it, in the end, I would have an empty room a lot of the times. I'm trying to be more regular with the times I go on (it brings more loyal customers) but I don't feel like coming on every day!
This makes me wish I was a smokin' hot female instead of an average-looking dude. There are guys that do it, too! I've tried convincing my boyfriend to do it, but he says the only people that will watch him are gay old men.
I get livejasmin pop ups too much. even if im looking at porn, surprise porn is never a good thing. it's made me kinda hate that site now the first thing i do when i see livejasmin is close the damn window. i wouldn't be surprised at all if thats what happened to you there. Maybe. I kind of resent LJ because it takes forever to get paid, and the members were rude.
Thanks for your response! Another question I'm somewhat interested in as well: What is the general consensus of your friends/family that know what you do? Do you find they are most accepting, or more judgmental towards your current employment? Well, I am also a pharmacy technician, so if someone asks what I do, that's what I tell them.
Some of my closer friends know what I do. None of them really judged me, at least I don't think so. My boyfriend knows, and he thinks it's sexy. I asked him before doing it though. I was really surprised when he said it wouldn't bother him.
As for family... my mom and brother know what I do. My mom knows most of what goes on, and my brother just overheard a conversation one time. I had to tell my mom because I live with her, and I can't have her knocking loudly on my door when I'm in the middle of a show. My stepdad thinks I work for a company online and answer questions, sort of like a call-center. He doesn't need to know.
You should hit me up I can give you some good tips. I've been on MFC for three years and I have a lot of experience with camming (10 years). I don't cam but I know most of the ins and outs. You'll have to send me a pm! I don't know how to do it since I usually reddit on my phone. I do know how to reply to a pm though; I think I've gotten that figured out.
If I may give you unsolicited advice as someone who visited MFC once or twice: The girls who are the most popular seem to be really talkative and capture their audience not only with their body but also with their mind and characters. It's not only tits and ass. :) Thanks for the advice! I have noticed this.. and I do tend to talk a lot with my customers. I already have a growing base of regulars!
Aside from MFC paying better, are there any major differences between the different sites? Yes. On MFC, you can be nude in public chat. On LiveJasmin, you get penalized for any exposed breasts or genitals. Also, LiveJasmin works by a dollar amount per minute, whereas MFC is based on tokens. MFC does have tokens per minute for private and group shows though.
What effect do you think your career choice will have on future relationships (sexual, familial, or otherwise)? I'm going to be a veterinarian eventually. I don't really see it affecting my career in that field. And as for future relationships, I prefer to have open mind-ness in my relationships. If someone has a problem with it, then chances are we aren't going to get along very well to begin with. My current boyfriend doens't mind, and he actually enjoys the fact that I go online and do my webcam things. My mom knows that I do it as well. She doesn't like it, but tuition is expensive. I find it empowering, rather than degrading. All I have to do is show my tits and guys, or girls, will throw their hard earned money at me. All from the comfort of my home!
Tits : 50. Pussy Flash : 100. Save dog's life in 500. Come on guys! TIPS! Haha! If you don't want these innocent puppies to die from starvation, just 50 tokens a day!
It sounds evil when you place it like that. Muahahaha! I'll show you my tits for your HARD EARNED DOLLARS!! >;]
I just do not understand why people still can't comprehend that women like sex and being sexual. Me either. We aren't in the 30's anymore! Women are sexual creatures, too!
Something about your money being HARD earned. Mmhm. There's definitely something hard about it. ;)
I'm not sure if you know how it's done here on reddit, but we only throw imaginary internet points at girls for showing their tits. Haha I'm a redditor for over a year. This is a throwaway. :)
The surgeries are far from the worst part... Anal glands, euthanasia, and horrible owners are why I eventually got away from vet med. Yeah, my previous dog used to have really bad anal glands. I was at the vet's getting them expressed almost once a month. It smells terrible and is quite icky. I can handle it though.
As a side note, if you see this, what kind of vet do you plan on being? I'm on the way to either doing dairy or beef cattle. Mayyybe equine, maybe. Fucking horse people. I want to specialize in reptiles and wildlife. I'll also do cats and dogs though. If I can't do both reptiles and wildlife then I'll spring for just reptiles. I love scaly creatures!
How long have you been at it? Weirdest fetish you've indulged? Weirdest fetish you wouldn't indulge? Do you find a lot of cam guys want to just chat and make a connection with someone? Ever made a real life connection with a client? I've been doing it for about a year now. The weirdest fetish that I've complied with was a urine fetish. There wasn't much too it.. all I had to do was pee in the bathtub while I rubbed myself. And yes, there are a lot of guys that just want someone to talk with. I try to avoid those types because I do have a boyfriend, and while he doesn't mind that I am a camgirl, he would mind if I made an emotional contact with a client. I did have a connection starting to form with a client before.. and as soon as I realized it was happening I told him I was sorry but I couldn't speak with him any more. My boyfriend is more important to me than any of my clients.
As a previously screwed over boyfriend, it's refreshing to know women like you are available in the world. Kudos. I'm sorry that you were screwed over. There are still women out there.. you just have to find them! Honesty is honestly THE MOST important thing in a relationship, in my opinion. If nobody has lied, there will be no misconceptions, hurt feelings, or much base for argument. It's best to be completely open.
Favorite memory? One time I got paid to talk to a guy for about 10 minutes in a private chat about how I enjoyed the beach, and then I showed my tits for a little bit while we chatted. It was very casual and I enjoyed it! :)
How much ? I believe I ended up getting around $17 for 10-15 minutes of being in private.
How often do you have chats like this? Like someone paying to just have a normal conversation with you instead of "whack off time"? It doesn't happen too often. I actually try to avoid it because I don't want to form any sort of emotional connection with any clients.
You answered 14 hours after you started this IAmA. that's impressive. I was answering questions last night and went to bed. I had to go to an orientation when I woke up, and when I came back I had over 500 comments! I did put an edit in my AMA saying I was going off for the night.
Do cam girls really like seeing his whack off, or is that just pillow talk? I can't speak for all camgirls.. but I do enjoy it. It helps me get to climax, especially if the guy has a nice cock or if he's attractive.
if he has a nice cock or is attractive. So... 3% of your customers? Actually, most of the customers appear to be in their 20s! I'd say about one in five is 40 or over. At least the ones that I view the webcams for. This was actually the most surprising thing that I learned when I started.
Whoa... not only do cocks have to be big but nice too? Man my self confidence is dwindling here. Haha they don't have to be! It's definitely a plus though. Think about the flipside; If you're into curvy girls.. is it going to be easier for you to get off looking at a bodacious body rather than a stick figure with ribs sticking out?
They just think its more fun to jerk off in front of you then to watch porn, probably a lot of guys with gfs on there. I actually come across a lot of guys who will say that they have 'x' amount of time to be on before their wife/girlfriend/fiance gets home.
What's the worst you've seen? I've seen a guy tie his dick off with a shoelace and ask me to tell him to abuse himself. I asked him to smack himself in his balls, and he did. His dick turned a very dark purple and I started to get concerned so I told him to take it off... lol.
Good news, he should be safe up to 4 hours. When the body tissue is deprived from fresh blood that's when it starts to die, but until then you're good! (hence the "seek medical attention for an erection lasting 4 hours" because after that your penis starts to die) Well that's definitely good to know! It was still a frightening sight, though.
To be sure, anything where you see a potential risk of injury is cringe-worthy. I dated a girl who wanted me to hit her during sex... not in a fun way. Well, time to eat some pie! Oh! That reminds me. I once had a guy who wanted me to do anal with the heel of my high heel. I thought about it, then started to do it, and then realized I could probably seriously injure myself because the tip had metal on it. Needless to say, I did not do it.
How did you get started in being a camgirl? Did you just send someone a picture of your tits and say "I want to show people these?" What's the application process like? Well, I pretty much just had to fill out an online form with my name, address, ID info, and I believe SSN. I then had to upload a picture of myself, a picture of myself holding my ID, and a photocopy of both sides of my ID. It didn't take long at all before I could sign on and begin work.
Wow, seems really easy. I would have thought they'd require like a portfolio of certain shots or something. Thanks for doing the AMA, good stuff! No problem! I saw that the last AMA for a cam-girl was a year or so ago.. so I thought we could use another one here :)
And LiveJasmin required me to send in a few pictures, but MFC only needed one I believe.
What's the funniest thing that's happened to you while on the job? And thanks for doing this AMA! Well, some guys make amazingly hilarious faces when they orgasm. It's hard to keep a straight face when a guy looks like he's going all super saiyan with his dick. And I once had someone that wanted me to put a vaccuum cleaner to myself. I did it, but while the cam was off of my face I was silently laughing.
How come after I got AdBlock, not as many girls have been dying to meet me in my area? Because AdBlock keeps out all those pesky whore-ads!
Can we get a hint to your username at least? Sure, it's SexxiiBabii69.
That seems like a pretty good hint. I might be able to figure it out! Haha, just maybe!
Rated 5 stars and admired, and will check out your cam the next time I'm on! Thanks for doing this AMA, it has been quite interesting! Oh, well thanks! And I'm trying to answer all the questions... I didn't expect it to go from 150 comments to 500 overnight!
What is your honest opinion of guys who pay for your service? I don't really have any opinion. I'm happy when I get paid, and I'm not a very judgmental person. However, when a guy says that they have a significant other... I do tend to get a little judgemental. I feel like hiding things from your SO is something that shouldn't be done. If you feel like you can't tell your boyfriend or girlfriend something, then you probably shouldn't be doing it.
You do realize, your business is 90% guys who "shouldn't" be doing it.. That's most likely WHY they're willing to pay for this, because they don't have a chance to be with anyone other than their SO in real life and want to have a little fun without the repercussions of doing it in real life. I do realize it. I feel kind of bad, but at the same time, they don't have to be in my room. They have the freedom to leave at any time. I'm not trying to seduce any married men; they're already there and signed up and buying tokens.
How big are your tits? 34DD :)
Do you have any 'special tricks' that you do whilst on cam? I try to do something for all of the guys on there-- the ass men and the tits guys. So when I'm performing.. I'll be front-faced to the camera sometimes, and then I'll switch it up and go doggy style towards the camera. I also try to dance and striptease.
ass men and the tits guys. Is there a reason you used 'men' and 'guys' for ass-lovers and tits-lovers respectively? Yes; I didn't want to sound redundant. I like mixing it up. :)
No nude pics? :( I posted one already! But here's another.
You are a kind and generous woman. Do you have any of you playing the violin? All of the sudden I have a thing for that, for some reason. I do not! If I can get one later I'll post it up in the place where I edited for the AMA though. :)
You from Romania? I am not! I'm from Orlando, FL. :)
Hey, I'm a camgirl on mfc and I live in Orlando too! We should do a show together :P Maybe-- what's your username?
Oh snap, you probably go to UCF just like me. Just got accepted for next semester. :)
I think I know who you are, then. Is it alright if I confirm by asking another question about your name? Go for it! And what's your name as well?
Are you still on? I didn't know links/referrals weren't allowed since actors are often promoting their movies here. I am not still on, I actually have to get going to bed soon. I'm going to an orientation in the morning so I can begin volunteering at another animal shelter! :)
But I think links are allowed, I just didn't want anyone to assume I was doing this AMA to promote myself. My profile is , I believe. If not, you can probably look me up by my username, SexxiiBabii69.
Has your boyfriend ever been a part of your show? Have you ever been asked to include him by a viewer? We actually had an account together on LiveJasmin, but since we don't live together and we both live with our families it was a little hard to pull off. And yes, I have been asked to include him by some of my customers. I tell them I'll oblige as long as they give me enough time to get him to come over. I'm also saving up for an HD video camera so that we can record our own home-made stuff, and I can record some solo videos as well. I can sell those on my profile page. All I have right now are pictures. I do have one video, but I'm not sure how I would get it to a paying member because the file is too big to send through email. It would have to be password protected too, so that the link couldn't get spread among members. I'll figure it out eventually. I'm not too worried about it right now; camera first.
Yes, but if you have any questions for the mods, it would be better if you message us directly. Link to Thanks. So am I verified now, then?
Is that your natural hair color? That picture was taken in the shower, but yes. I don't dye my hair any more. I used to, but I ended up damaging my hair so much that I had to have it cut shorter than an inch.
How did you get started? Do you work outside of this profession? I got started on LiveJasmin. I used to just randomly look through the models sometimes and think, "I'm prettier than a lot of these girls.. I could probably do this.." It started off as a need for extra money, but now I just enjoy doing it. And yes, I am a pharmacy technician as well.
What if instead of either of those he's a hairy beast with the clock of a ten year old boy? A friend of mine was asking. Then I'll watch if he's paid for it-- but I won't get much, if any, enjoyment out of it.
As someone with both of those things, this post made me sad. Aww, I'm sorry! Remember though, this is just me.. someone out there might enjoy it! You just have to find that person.
Do you think you could make money with your clothes on? Yes, and I have! I get tipped sometimes for just sitting there and talking and being friendly. I've been tipped while playing my violin fully clothed before!
If you're referring to something outside of the cam-world, then that is a yes as well. I'm a pharmacy technician.
Is it difficult to get into a serious relationship with a boyfriend/girlfriend given your line of work? No. I actually have a boyfriend. I started camming about a month into our relationship. I asked him if he would be okay with it before I even started. It turns out that he actually thinks it's pretty sexy.
Does he join in the chat room? As far as I know, he hasn't. I did invite him in last night but he didn't join in because he was already on his way to bed.
What are a few of the things you have seen that are deem worthy of telling while you are working? Well, there's the guy that tied the shoelace around his dick. There's also this guy that wanted to show me how far he could cum. I thought that he was like all guys and thought that he was super special, but this guy literally shot his load from one side of the bed to the other... longways. I've seen someone stub their toe while almost orgasming, and another guy fall off of his bed. Hilarious. I managed to keep a straight face though.
Have you ever considered mainstream porn? Has anyone ever asked you to do porn? Will you be in my porn?... I've been potentially offered a mild porn with nothing too sexual with another girl. I asked my boyfriend about it, and he said he would be fine with it, so if the offer comes through, I'm going to do it!
Porn. And no, but thanks for the offer! :P.
Most viewers you ever got? It was on a Friday night. I probably could have gotten more, but I was tired and felt like going to bed after I finished my show. On a night when I'm trying I'll get about 100 people in my room. I'm still sort of new on MFC, so I don't have the client base yet.
Do you make good money from it? On LiveJasmin, no. On MFC I made $400 my first paycheck (for two weeks) for three days of being online, and $150 my second paycheck for being online one or two days. I recently switched to MFC. I didn't like LiveJasmin or Flirt4Free.
What percent of the tips do you get? For every token I get $0.05. It depends on how many tokens the members buy at once as to how much of the percentage I get. The more tokens they buy, the cheaper they are for them.
Many of the free users aren't of age 18, how do you feel about having so many teenagers watching your shows? I mean shouldn't they be playing video games? I don't have any control over that. If they're in my room and they shouldn't be, then that's not my issue. If they say that they're underage in public chat, though, I do tell them that they should leave.
Do you think guys are hornier than girls? I think that guys are, in general, hornier than girls. I also think that people are vastly different;one girl could have an insane sex drive while the next has none, just as with guys.
Why? Why not? I enjoy being watched, and I can make money from it!
This is coming from someone who uses Camsites very regularly. Why does almost every single camgirl put their sexuality as Bisexual. I understand that a lot of them are. But I swear, I almost never see Gay or Straight. Is it just a coincidence, or do they do it so that they can attract a wide variety of viewers? Probably so that they can attract a wide variety of viewers.
I am sexually bisexual, but not emotionally. I don't think I could ever love a woman, but I know I could have sex with one.
Do you happen to know why some countries are banned? I tried to login for about 6 months and it kept redirecting me, saying that probably my country was banned or that some regions weren't available. I managed to find a way in though... Well, some of the models choose to ban their home country. If you can't access any of the models though, I'm not too sure. And I don't know about the token limit either... you could always try e-mailing their support!
What can you see when youre online that we cant see as users? I'm not sure, since I've never seen it from the user side.
Do you see how many token's users have? I can see how many people are viewing me, and how many of those are guests. I can also see which members and basics (people who have signed up but not purchased tokens) are in my chatroom.
How many people are viewing you etc? And as for getting the most money out of clients.. I just try and be friendly and accommodating. Like I said earlier, I try and show a little something for everyone.
Any strategies for getting the most $ out of clients that work? I can see how many tokens a user has if they allow it.
I'm thinking of being an MFC camgirl myself and actually filled out the form and sent in the pic in all, but then chickened out. I was mostly turned off by the idea of giving them my SSN. Do they just need it to deduct taxes? They need it so that they know that you're able to work in the United States, I believe. And they do not deduct taxes, so you'll need to set aside money for when tax time comes.
Do you ever find your customers fostering a false sense of community or real friendship with you? If so, is it something that you actually encourage or do you think it's just a bi-product of the intimacy of what you're doing? I ask because I once visited a site called Chaturbate and found it a little unnerving to see how the blokes (what turned out to be largely middle aged men) thought they were engaged in some emotionally invested relationship, yet at the same time were tipping large some of money to these women just to keep them responding. It was all very surreal to me, but is this a common thing? I suppose so. I've seen it in some of the popular model's chatrooms. I do tend to take a liking to some of my regulars, but I don't get emotionally attached. If someone is a big tipper, they get more things; it's as simple as that.
How often would you say you fake orgasm(s) for your customer(s)? It depends. If someone is pressuring me because of a time limit, then I will. If I'm doing a public show, I finish when I orgasm.
My friend is planning on starting on that site. What are some basic tips you could give her for starting? Be friendly, smile, and talk with the clients! The more regularly you're on, the more regular customers you'll have.
What is your set up like? I've cammed on Cam4 before and made some decent money there. I've tried MFC but it seems it can be a process to get started. Just curious what kind of cam you use, how you have it positioned and all that good stuff :) I had a MicrosoftLifeCam HD 600, but I upgraded to a Logitech C920. I just position it on top of my computer monitor, and I'm good to go! It's all about the way you move your body and what you have in the background. My bed is behind me when I'm on my computer, so sometimes I'll turn on my zoom feature and do things on my bed.
Has anyone every recognised you offline or have you recognised a client? I imagine it would be ultra awkward. Not yet, but I imagine it might be pretty awkward too! Hopefully if anyone recognizes me they would just keep it to themselves.
What is the deal with the Romanians on MFC? Like 75% of the women on that site seem to be either Romanian and Colombian. I'm not sure! I noticed on LiveJasmin that a lot of the models don't speak English very well either.
Do you ever feel embarrassed about taking your clothes off in front of people? Not really. Every now and then I feel insecure, like a lot of girls, but I feel like nakedness is totally natural, and I just push through my insecurities.
I've actually found that since I've started doing webcam, I'm more comfortable in bed and feel less insecure.
Do you think an average-looking girl in lingerie (not nude) would be able to make money as a camgirl? I don't see why not! As long as you have the personality for it you should be able to do well.
As a curious member of a couple interested in the industry, do you think that performing as a couple is worth while or that people enjoy just a woman more in a pay for performance environment? (Fuck a throwaway) I do get more people in my chatroom when I am by myself rather than when I'm with my boyfriend. However, why not do both? It gives you and your SO something to talk about, plus you can discover new things together that you may not have tried before.
Sorry if I missed this, but do you have a link to your CamShow so we can support you? My profile is: Link to
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2013.03.02 10:30 Throwaway02032013 Livejasmin men

I've actually been on here since September under another account, but I've never written my full story anonymously. So here it is:
I started masturbating at about 7 years old. I loved it. I would do it every morning while lying on the sofa waiting for school. I was so young at the time i would just do it under a blanket with people in the next room. I thought I was the only person in the world that could do this.
I progressed over the next few years to finding as many different ways to masturbate as I could. I would try it in every room of the house, I would get completely naked and do it somewhere I might get caught, i would even do it in a public swimming pool.
At age 11 I found pornography. It was still early days of the Internet, but I still remember it being the most amazing thing I had ever seen. I viewed it whenever I had the chance.
Fast forward a few years and after a few wanks in the toilet at school, and doing it in the wild at night, I'm 15 years old and I just got my first computer in my room. Literally the first night in instantly looked at porn. I was in love with my setup.
This progressed very quickly until one day, I made the biggest mistake of my life. While looking at porn one time, I gave in to a livejasmin advert, wondering what all the fuss was about. Initially I just used to watch in free chat while edging, but I grew tired of that. I wanted to know what the real thing was like.
So I bought £15 worth of credits, and went private with a girl. To this day that was the best pmo-related experience of my life. After this I would develop fantasies over a few other girls on the site, and eventually caved, buying £30 worth of credits. Also at this time, I now had a webcam. This made it even more exhilarating.
This pattern continued for several years keeping me hovering around £0 in my bank, until I came across another girl on streammate this time. I don't remember how, but I managed to develop a fetish with her where she would ask me to give her money, and I would be powerless to resist, sometimes spending $250 in a single session. You can only imagine the shame this creates.
Then I went to university. For the first month I didn't do it at all, but once I started, it destroyed me. My parents had to lend me money, and I had to make up excuses at to where it went. I felt so guilty I wanted to kill myself. Also during these past few years i had developed a weed habit . All day, every day, to cope with these feelings.
I somehow passed the first year, but during my second, I dropped out. My levels of anxiety were so high I couldn't even go in in the mornings. And when the exams came round, I couldn't face the questions, so I didn't go.
So after leaving I worked in a restaurant, and I started to fall for a girl that worked there. This was amazing to me because it hadn't had feeling like that since I was about 17 (20 at this time). I did everything I could to get her. I was manipulative to a point. I was a 'nice guy'. I had a failed date where she actually thought we were going as friends, then she friendzoned me.
Shortly after this in September 2012 I discovered nofap. I went 68 days on my first attempt during which time I instantly stopped weed, and never went back. I then relapsed due to a bad comedown. When I relapsed I remember thinking, 'wow I'm cured, i can see these girls for what they are now'. But within 2 weeks they were just objects again. I had a series of 10-day streaks, in which time I went for the same girl again, but I saw her kiss someone else in front of me.
In February I went 28 days, but caved in due to immense stress. Yesterday I told myself that nofap was just a cult, and that I should just perform healthy masturbation without porn. After relapsing again last night I realised what nofap is.
Nofap is a support group for men trying to give up masturbation due to porn addiction. Somehow I lost that truth, I'd turned it into a religion. I realise now why I have to go 90 days, because I have to cure myself. I don't care about the 'benefeits'. I need to heal the deep scars inside me.
Thanks if you read all this.
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2012.08.14 22:21 tabledresser [Table] IAmA webcam girl (aka "camwhore"). AMA.

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Date: 2012-08-14
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Questions Answers
How much do you earn for one session? How much I earn in one session depends on how long it lasts. The site I work for takes 65% of what people spend on me, but they have awesome traffic so it is still worth my while. My private rate is $3.99/min and my exclusive rate is $4.99/min.
How far do you go on the webcam? is it solo stuff, or like stuff with other people? As far as "how far do you go," I will do most things that are not painful, do not compromise my health or safety, are legal/won't get me in trouble with the site, and won't make a huge mess. I will do any form of roleplay though, which many women won't. I worked once with another female, but I don't think I will do it again because after only two hours, we had to take a break because the friction was making us both really sore, and it became very difficult. Even though we were as gentle as possible, it is hard not to get rubbed raw if the person can't read your mind. Also, after splitting the money, neither of us earned much more than we would have otherwise in the same amount of time. I would be fine with my boyfriend working with me for half an hour a day, but he really is not interested in having a bunch of dudes watch him, even for money.
How old are you? I am 21, but I look young so I say on the website that I am 18 so I can appeal to the teeny-chasers.
Is this your own dot com webcam or on a webcam site? This is not my own website, but I have bought a domain name to have ready to use for when I have more fans, maybe in a year.
My private rate is $3.99/min and my exclusive rate is $4.99/min. You must either be a total stunner or offer some very rare services and excel at them because the more typical rates are between $1 and $2 a min. I originally was going to start out a lot lower, but the woman who was showing me the ropes told me "not to bother, just start off with $2.99 and $3.99, then when you are happy with what you are making raise it to $3.99 and $4.99." It worked. I never really tried anything else. I have heard some stories though of people raising their rates and ending up spending more time in paid chat than they did before, so I suppose there is something to be said for people thinking they are getting a better experience for spending more money.
Did you ever see someone you knew? Link to Roflmao! No (not that I know of at least), but I have dreaded that very thing happening. I also had a scary dream once that I butt-dialed my father while camming.
I butt-dialed my father while camming cumming. FTFY... well, not really... but that's how I "redd-it" originally. Pun-y. I know. :) Roflmao! It could happen. :-S.
What made you become a camwhore? You say "what made you" as if it wasn't a choice :-p. My boyfriend had another camwhore renting out his spare bedroom to work, while she lived elsewhere, because working where she slept made getting motivated difficult and she decided it wasn't healthy. At the time, I was working as a hostess in a Greek restaurant, which was fun, but as a student, even the part-time hours were a bit too much plus it was minimum wage. My boyfriend even suggested that I do what this other woman did and I was considering it, but I did not know much about it and it became sort of a "going to the gym" type thing: I kept planning to sign up on a website but I was always too lazy to get around to it. When I found out about the ridiculous amount of money she made, and the fact that the hours were 100% flexible, that changed fast. I told her I was interested in doing what she did and she took me under her wing and taught me everything I needed to know, for which I couldn't have been more grateful. Now I earn an above-average income for working part-time, whenever I want, which is a huge deal as a college student.
Omg so those ads weren't lying after all. Well, they kind of were. Some are actually scams, but others will advertise the most that someone has earned in a week/month and try to make it sound like that is normal. The one I work for had an ad for new people that said "Earn up to $10,000 a week!" I have no doubt that is doable, but it is certainly not going to happen to me this year, or possibly ever.
working as a hostess in a Greek restaurant. You're trying to tell us you do anal? Only if you want me to be ;-)
"...taught me everything I needed to know..." What is "everything"? Pure curiosity. There was a lot of stuff. How to deal with taxes, tricks for getting taken private ("don't be a beggar,"), tips to get people coming back, how to choose a biopic (you'll see all over camgirl message boards that posting a picture with a clear, upright view of your face draws more traffic, and the traffic it does draw tends to be friendlier and more respectful. Tips for how to keep people in paid chat longer (if they want jerkoff instructions, tell them to take their hands off right as they are about to finish"), the best toys and toy cleaners to prevent infections, ways you can make money in addition to camming (make your own website, recommend people, etc.).
So how much did you get on average? Since I tend to average $85/hour and I work around 10-15 hours a week, my average paycheck is between $800-$1,100 although I should probably aim higher, but I am lazy.
Wow, it's really lucky you had someone there who knew everything that goes into it! Yeah. ALL of the website ads for new people look like scams. I wouldn't have believed any of them were real if I didn't personally know someone receiving paychecks from them.
20-25 could be a nice number for the guys and your own income. Totally. That is my aim during the school year at least, but yeah, getting motivated when you can work whenever you wish is difficult :-p.
Also, how long have you been doing this? I have only been doing this for four months.
What's a funny story worth sharing? One guy wanted me to pretend to be his mom, with a penis (improvised with a dildo), raping him anally and calling him a "faggot", demanding that he "suck my dick," while I watched him urinate in his underwear. Poor guy should have probably spent that money on therapy instead....
I had one guy want me to play out a rape fantasy, but he was the nicest guy imaginable. He kept reassuring me that "I am only pretending. I am going to say some things that sound mean but I hope you don't get offended." He also remembered his "pleases" and "thank yous". I can't imagine how he could have actually enjoyed it if he was into violent sex.
Some guy asked me to pay him to show me his penis.
One guy wanted me to talk dirty to him, but his English wasn't very good, so I had to explain everything slowly. Again, don't know how he could have enjoyed it.
My boyfriend told me once that the night before I had been "sleepworking." Apparently I was rubbing up against him and said "Oh you like that, don't you... Mr. Pants?" I was so embarrassed, and had no idea who "Mr. Pants" was. I got curious though, and checked my earnings detail from the day before. A guy whose screen name was "Mrpantz" had bought a show from me that day.
while I watched him urinate in his underwear. I just can't imagine how you can keep a straight face through something like that. Hehe, it is a challenge. The small penis humiliation guys are fun because I don't have to.
How is the income? How often are you on cam in a week? I average around $85/hr (the range tends to be about $60-$90/hr, but I need to set aside 25% of that for taxes. I plan to be on cam 40 hours a week during the summer and 20 hours a week during the school year, but when you can work or not work whenever you wish, it is hard to get motivated, so I usually only work about 10-15 hours a week.
Very interesting. Do you only get paid to do private shows, or is it for any time you are on camera? I only get paid to do private shows, or if someone tips me. Tipping happens and is appreciated, but I tend not to rely on tips and sometimes have gone hours without getting any, which is fine.
Now that you mention it, how do you get yourself motivated? Getting motivated can be difficult. It is not the work itself that is a deterrent. A lot of it is very fun (even if it is not necessarily a sexual fun, it can be a social-interaction fun or a humor fun :-p), it is more the setup of the computer, washing my toys and putting my makeup on that is what keeps me from getting motivated. Keeping going once I have started tends to be easy. I really am not sure how I can answer your question about how I get myself motivated. Some days I do, sometimes I spend the entire day lurking on Reddit instead :-p.
Do all your friends and family know, or do you choose to keep this private? Only my brother knows. I am hoping to tell my Mom and Dad soon, but I have not worked up the courage yet. I expect them to be relatively okay with it, but you never can be sure.
Thank you for doing this IAMA and giving these awesome answers. Good luck in your studies! Thank you for asking such good questions!
Do you know LiveJasmin personally?? I do not work with LiveJasmin, and I am unsure if that is a joke question :-p.
You'll probably be getting a lot of joke questions...will you marry me? Roflmao! Sithman, are you who I think you are? Your screen name is similar to that of one of my regulars.
I'll be whoever you want me to be, baby. Ooh, you should start camwhoring ;-)
Maybe we could do a session... together. Sorry darling, I don't do that any more. Friction becomes an issue when you can't read each other's minds :-)
I've been thinking about doing something like this lately! Sounds like easy money and a fun time. How long have you been doing this? Have there been any bad moments? It is relatively "easy" money and it is a fun time, although it still has to be treated like a job. A lot of it is acting, and a lot of it is pretending to enjoy things you don't. I love me some masturbation, but after doing it for four hours, it gets old :-p. One thing nobody tells you before you do it is how physically exhausting it is. Sometimes you don't notice it, and it really is good because it is definitely a workout, but when you are doing you just want to crash on the couch and have a giant BLT :-). Some people are dicks, or will be upset about you saying no to certain things, or will just come in to say mean things about the way you look. As long as you are prepared for that, you should do fine. In a worst-case scenario, most sites let you block them, but I try to find a friendly/funny comeback first, and the regulars in your room have usually got your back too ;-P. The money is great though and it can be a lot of fun. It isn't for everyone, but you should totally go for it! I would recommend it to anyone willing to do it. Oh, and you should file your taxes quarterly and set aside 25% of your earnings for taxes. Good luck!
How much do you make on average per hour? How much does the company take? The company I work for (which shall remain nameless, lest I get into trouble), takes 35% of my earnings. That is way more than most companies take, but this one has the best traffic of all of the ones I have researched, and the models tend to earn a lot more on there even after the huge cut. I average around $85/hr. It really does vary, but an average day is around $60-$90 per hour. Friday and Saturday are huge traffic days, and Sunday is good if you don't work in a studio, because all the studios are closed. On those days it is normal to make around $90-$150/hr. Some people just want to talk, and those are the ones you actually make the biggest money from, because they will stay in exclusive chat for hours. There is a huge variety though. Women make much more than men. I, and the woman who trained me, both make more than the average camgirl (from what I have gleaned from reading camgirl message boards. Most on the website I use seem to make around $30-$50/hr, and a small few have even made less than minimum wage, and it is very heavily taxed). It seems that the women who are chatty and friendly (or at least dance around) in public chat seem to make more than the ones who just sit there, even if they are less attractive. It is hard (if not impossible) to find real statistics on this though.
Has anyone ever recognized you in public? Not that I know of, but I am always rather paranoid now if a strange man looks at me a bit too long :-p. If that happened, as long as I was not with a parent or professor, I think it would be pretty funny. I have, however, had a client recognize me from the Greek restaurant I used to work at. That was pretty funny.
1) How long have you had this job? 2) The ones that provide the greatest income, the conversationalists: what do they talk to you aboot for hours on end (if there is a common theme to their discussions)? 3) Do you have any concerns that this profession will follow you negatively once you graduate and pursue something else? 1) I have been doing this for four months.
2) The conversationalists talk about anything and everything. Of course most of the conversations tend to be about sex, since that is what the site is for, and someone asking about a certain fetish provides a good starting point for a conversation. However, I talk about plenty of other things like what happened to me or a client last weekend, books, movies, my majors (anthropology and microbiology), etc., and a lot of people like that too. In fact, there is something I do when I am cooking or cleaning the kitchen. I set up my cam and do "kitchen shows," where I am fully clothed, do nothing sexual, I just talk to people and let them know I will be doing shows latetomorrow. The point is not to make money, but to get noticed while doing something I was going to do anyway. That works very well. The traffic in my room tends to be around double what it normally is, and there are even people who will log on and say "yay! kitchen show!" I sometimes make more money doing that than I would otherwise, since people will tip just to be nice and that adds up. Sometimes, however, I earn nothing doing that, but that is fine because I am still getting noticed by potential future clients.
3) I do, and have thought about it a fair bit. Considering how much I can make with a flexible schedule and a whole lot of free time, it wouldn't be disastrous if this was all I ever did, because I could fill my other time with volunteer work or something else that made me happy, but from what I know, the instances in which people have trouble finding future employment because of this, or who are found out after having another job for many year, are very few. I am aware that it could happen, and while I hope it doesn't, I am prepared to accept those consequences.
What do your family think of your profession? I have one sister and two brothers. One of my brothers knows, and he thought it was hilarious when I told him. He is also considering doing it when he turns 18, which will be soon. My parents do not know, although I really want to tell them. They are pretty liberal as far as things like that go, so I expect them to be okay with it, unless they have an issue with future employment opportunities or they think I am doing it for some sort of approval from others. I also think my Mom would worry that it might mess with my psychology (I do think that is a realistic fear and happens with some people, but I think I am doing okay in that arena). I think my other brother and sister are too young to know at the moment, but I imagine that they will also think it is funny when they are older.
What do your parents think you do as a profession? They think I am waiting tables part time, although I may tell them I have stopped once the school year starts, if I haven't manned up enough to tell them the truth by then.
Woah, wait. How do guys do this? I'm asking for a friend. Def. not for me. It's for a friend. Roflmao! If that is a serious question, you should research what sites offer the highest earning potential and what their format is, so you can choose the one that is most appealing to you. In addition to finding out what percentage they take, you will also want to lurk around camgirl/camguy message boards to find out how much people tend to earn on different sites and what they do or don't like about the format. The percentage you get can only mean so much if the traffic is bad, which is why I use a website with a terrible percentage but great traffic, and their business model appeals to me more than a few others too. Most sites have a very small "models wanted" link at the top or bottom of the page that can give you some more information, but be careful. Some of them are scams (and ALL of them LOOK like scams :-p).
Did you have any sort of interview? What was it like? Nope. I signed up on the site, signed the contract saying I would follow their rules, sent them my ID so that they knew I was over 18 and legal to work in the US, and that was it. I did not need to talk to a single person. Because of this, most cam sites will have a very wide variety of women and men to choose from, who might not normally be considered attractive. Some of them are very successful too. There really is something for everyone and if they are friendly and chatty, they can do very well.
So it wasn't like backroom casting? Nope, not at all.
Isn't there 1000 "camwhores" around? what makes you better then the other girls? I think, in my case, I am chatty. I learned from the best (the woman who taught me her tricks was very chatty), and it seems to be the case that the more successful ones are friendly and build relationships with their clients, as opposed to laying there and looking pretty. Then again, I never said I was better ;-P.
Ever tried doing anything OTHER than the usual? Like juggle or probably some magic? I would imagine that it gets pretty boring at times doing the same old thing over and over and over and over and over and over.... Hehe, well usually I do whatever anyone asks of me unless I am not willing, and there are some pretty strange requests. The most frequent non-vanilla request I get is actually brothesister incest roleplay. Second is fathedaughter incest roleplay. Apparently my specialty is looking like I am related to everyone :-p. The site I work for does have an option though that allows me to do a show where I choose what to do and people put in for that. One thing I have considered doing is a trick I learned when I was a kid. I can stand on a soccer ball while hula-hooping. I have been considering doing that on cam, and I have been practicing juggling too so it would be cool if I could do that too. I would be interested in seeing how successful that is :-p. I do do some fetish shows that way too though, or dress up, etc.
Hula hoop pictures if you please... The period request was certainly interesting from a scientific perspective: How can someone pass on their genes by being into a woman when she is least fertile?
that last guy with the period request, seriously makes me question humanity. Hehe, maybe I shall post hula hoop pictures when I do it :-)
How did you get started with camwhoring? I had a friend who did it, and when I told her I was interested, she taught me everything that I could never have possibly thought about: dealing with taxes, how to behave in public/free chat, "tricks," what makes a good bio pic, how to keep people in private longer. I signed up on a website and took it from there. Even starting out, I was really surprised by how much I made, how friendly the people were, and how interesting it was (I am an anthropology and microbiology major, so I suppose it is partially a bit of an experiment for me). I work from home whenever I want, so I do not even need to leave the house, although I did need to upgrade my internet connection, get a better webcam, computer and microphone, get a really bright lamp for my room, etc...
Just to check, your average rate of $85 an hour, is that before or after the company takes their 65%? That is after the company takes their 65%, but before I set aside 25% of the remainder for tax.
Ever have something like this happen to you? I doubt your connection on the plane is good enough to stream the video, but you can probably get the gist of the situation from the comments. I did not try to stream on the plane, but I got from the comments that someone said that what she was doing was immoral, or something similar, and she got upset over it. I have had people say things like that to me, but it never bothered me. I have no moral issues with what I am doing, and the people who do are just funny to me. Camming is definitely not for everyone, and I feel that there are a few people who do it without considering what people might say or ask for and how that will impact their psychological state, so they fail to prepare themselves for it. With that said, you see a fair few women crying on camera a lot, and considering how easy it is to simply log off until you are feeling better, I wonder if some of them are either trying to squeeze money out of the regulars who want them to feel better and tip them to do so, or take them private to cheer them up verbally, or if they want sympathy from their regulars who they have become attached to. I think I maintain a healthy emotional distance from my regulars, but I am indeed very fond of some of them and I can imagine some emotionally unstable women trying to feel better by having them show that they care.
Well I'll be damned. That's some pretty decent money for playing with yourself. If I was a girl, I sure as hell would do that. Hehe yeah, it's not too shabby. I don't masturbate for free any more :-p The only problem with doing it when you wake up, just want to rub one out and go back to sleep is that you have to set up the computer. Otherwise, if that is the case, I usually don't even bother with my makeup. Kinda a good deal :-p.
All i can think about is that the company is making a shitload more money then you are without the "dirty" work. Yeah, it's kind of a downer, but when considering what is a realistic option, it's still an awesome thing to be able to do, considering the awesome money, schedule flexibility, and working from home.
Proof? I did not want to post my page on here because it seemed like self-promotion, but I will happily PM it to you.
The period request was certainly interesting from a scientific perspective: How can someone pass on their genes by being into a woman when she is least fertile? Hehe, maybe I shall post hula hoop pictures when I do it :-) Come to think of it, I feel like another thing that would surprise people to know is that small penis humiliation is also very popular. It didn't occur to me to even mention it because it happens so much it has stopped feeling strange to me, but I remember I was very surprised at first to get those requests.
How do you feel knowing that those with a modicum of technical acumen will be recording your session for posterity? It has occurred to me, and while I don't like it, I have accepted that it is going to happen and just has to be taken with a job. I have decided that if I ever see a video of myself on a sex site I could just make lemons out of lemonade and post a link to my page saying "find more at...."
What is the difference between exclusive and private time? Private is where I will take requests and do the naughty stuff. The rate is lower, but there can be multiple people watching and paying all at once, so if you have at least two people paying for private, you earn more than you would for exclusive. Exclusive is a higher rate, but one person has you all to him/herself.
Do you still masturbate for your own pleasure? I do still masturbate for my own pleasure. The woman who "trained" me said "Sometimes you will get horny doing this. I like to log off occasionally to rub one out." I thought she was crazy. Why would you do that when you can get paid for it? I get it now though, and have done that a few times. After holding camera-friendly positions while doing it and taking requests, sometimes you just want to do it on your own.
Has this job exposed you to new fetishes you ended up liking? Hmmm... I liked the fetish question. I think foot play is beginning to appeal to me more. It is funny too. I used to think it was such an obscure fetish (still do, and I am sure many of you would agree), but I have done "foot-themed" shows and people who don't even have foot fetishes buy in too because it has regular masturbation too, but they are not bothered by the feet. I am enjoying feet more than I expected to though. I really can't imagine why.
I must say I think I'll be paying you soon haha.Questions,strangest request that you have accepted and strangest that you have had to turn down? The strangest request that I have accepted is probably the one where I pretended to be someone's mother with a penis, anally raping her son and called him a "faggot" and demanded that he "suck my dick" while he urinated all over his underwear.
Or maybe just the time a guy wanted to see me put in a tampon and put a sanitary pad in my underwear, but "make it sexy."
Strangest requests that I have turned down have been: passing gas, cracking knuckles, or masturbate on my period. I would have been willing to do any of those things, but I was unable to (at the time at least, lol!).
LMAO that is spectacular.I consider myself pretty adventurous in the sack but holy shit there are some people out there completely fucked in the head.Makes you wonder what kind of shit these people saw or went through as kids.Thanks for the AMA. Thanks for the question :-) And yeah, it can get pretty interesting!
Your boyfriend ever participate with you? Would you be jealous if he had his own? Not trying to accuse or anything, just honestly curious. I have asked him to participate with me, but he doesn't seem too hot on the idea. I would have been jealous if he did this on his own before I did it, but now that I know what it is like I would not be. He is also in law school and does not want his face on the internet in that context. We have talked about doing it with his face covered and he has said he might like to do it some day. I have told him to come in to the next room when I am doing it (we live together) whenever he feels like it, but he usually just plays Minecraft instead, lol!
Haha! Minecraft. Awesome. Do you play? I sure hope so... for some reason, it'd make me feel like I'm playing some star. Haha! Haha no, but it looks fun so I have been thinking of starting :-). What you just said reminded me of this: Link to
Hello, I've been reading all of the responses and comments and I wanted to thank you for doing it. You've been really open and upfront about everything, and it's been really nice of you. You mentioned doing kitchen shows - other than the obvious, and kitchen shows, do you regularly have other shows just doing things? Just slice-of-life things? I appreciate that. Thank you :-). And no, other than kitchen shows, I don't really have slice-of-life things because the kitchen is the easiest place to set up my computer and talk to people while still getting something done (If you have ideas though I am always open :-D).
Physically, how strong are you? Ay stories about it? I am not sure what exactly you are asking (or why?). Camming really is exercise, so it has done me good in that respect, but do you think you could rephrase the question or be more specific?
It's just a question I ask in askreddits, mostly out of general curiosity. I guess to help reprhase: have there ever been moments you were stronger than you thought, or beat a guy or girl is some kind of strength match, or are you muscular? Stuff like that. I believe I am strong for my size, but I am 5"1 and weigh 105lb, so that only goes so far.
Do you think people would pay just to have a friend to talk to? It seems there are a lot of lonely people out there. haha I would totally do this but I'm too self conscious for this line of work! Absolutely. I get a lot of customers (some have become regulars) who will take me private or exclusive just to chat for hours. It is by no means the majority of the customers I have, but it happens about once or twice a week and when it does, that is the most money I'll make that day because they will stay so long. I do feel a bit bad for "taking advantage" of these people, especially since I genuinely enjoy the conversations, but work is work I guess.
What do you do with the money? Right now I am saving up for driving lessons and a car, I want to pay off my student loans, and hopefully save up for a house in the next ten years. I'll probably start saving a bit for retirement too.
Has this experience changed your view on men other than your boyfriend? Also, I wish I could switch into a girl temporarily to make easy money like this. Yeah, being the egg-layer of the species does have its perks :-p. Men can do it too, but they tend not to earn as much. I can not really say that it has changed my view on men. It has possibly made me more aware of the strange things that the most businesslike man could be thinking at any moment, so that has been interesting. Other than that, if anything it has changed my view for the better. The people on the website I use tend to be very polite, respectful, and can appreciate a good chat even if they came for, and left with, something else. There are exceptions, but they are certainly in the minority. With that said, every room is a biased sample, and I wonder if I got some of the traffic from the room of a girl who, for example, didn't talk to her customers and just laid there looking pretty, I may not like those people as much.
Yea, but I'm straight so that wouldn't work. I feel like you get to see the true nature of some really deprived people, an interesting peak into the things we put so much effort into hiding in our bedroom closets. It has certainly been eye-opening, and fascinating (speaking as an anthropology major :-p).
How does it feel to be a filthy, filthy whore? Also, do you like anal? If you were in my chat room I believe I would say something along the lines of "Ever so good baby." And I do anal, but I am new to it so I can only do it a few times a day. To seriously answer your first question though, I really don't lose much sleep over it. It is actually a pretty good gig :-p.
Awesome. As long as you can make money off something you enjoy. Thats the ultimated goal in life, isnt it? Haha totally, and this option is great because it leaves both time and money for things like volunteer work and school.
Do you prefer the term camwhore or cam-model? I usually say "camgirl" because it rolls more easily off the tongue. "Cam-Model" sounds pretentious to me, although it has somehow worked its way into my vocabulary, and "camwhore" is kinda what I say if I am saying something funny about it or trying to make someone mad who disapproves ("Yes, it is prostitution. Your point?"). None of the terms offend me though, so I can't say I have a preference.
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