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There are many natural ways to boost your libido. Here are 10 tips to easily incorporate into your sex life. Tips include eating more chocolate, limiting the amount of wine you drink, and getting ... The stereotype is that male libido is always in over-drive. The truth is, one out of five men have a low sex drive. Here are some solutions. Low testosterone. Testosterone is a hormone produced by the human body. It’s mainly produced in men by the testicles.Testosterone affects a man’s appearance and sexual development. It ... Low testosterone can keep your teen from developing fully during puberty. Know the signs that suggest he should be tested for low T. By Madeline R. Vann, MPH Medically Reviewed by Pat F. Bass III ... Having a low libido means we aren’t in the mood or just don’t have the passionate energy to get frisky. Here are 5 exercises that can boost your libido: 1. Kundalini breathing. Those who practice yoga may be more familiar with the term kundalini, which refers to the spiral of energy at the base of the spine in the root chakra. The ... Sex-Drive Killer: Having Kids. Being a parent is a full-time job and you need to carve out time without a child or baby around. Planning quiet time for intimacy and sexual desire may require some creative thinking, like having sex when the baby naps, or hiring a babysitter so mom and dad can have a play date. Low male libido can be caused by a physical condition, emotional problems, medication or all three – much the same as for women. (See How to increase libido in women .) So, there’s absolutely no need to feel guilty, ashamed or embarrassed about your low libido – it is what it is. If your levels are low, I find that one of the symptoms can be low sex drive. I suggest having your iron and ferritin levels tested to see where you add up. What to do: If your levels are low, you have to find out the cause. I suggest first working with your doctor to rule out any internal bleeds. "It's very common for men to come in with low T and one of their primary symptoms is fatigue," says Dr. Morgentaler. "And when we treat them, a lot of men will say that their energy has improved." Low self-esteem, low confidence, and poor body image can take a toll on your emotional health and well-being. If you feel that you’re unattractive , or undesirable, it’ll likely put a damper ...

2020.10.22 05:34 faithinstrangers92 Gyno x doctor

Pardon the pun
I figure it couldn't hurt to get my levels tested, but when I mentioned it to my friends they understandably laughed at me. Even my grandad who's a doctor said it was virtually impossible that I would have low test.
I had a beard when I was 15 and I'm 100kg with low body fat and no gyno or anything so if I have low testosterone it hasn't manifested itself physically.
But my libido has always been low, as has my motivation and general energy levels.
How common is it to have low test in a way that completely belies your physical characteristics?
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2020.10.22 00:59 throwawayninenine99 Feeling really stressed and sad after today’s doctor’s appointment😓

Went to have a PAP today since my doctor recommended it as I’m renewing my birth control. During the exam the first speculum (or whatever it’s called) hurt a lot so she tried a different one. She asked if I had pain during sex to which I said yeah, usually.
Then after the PAP she asked if I was starting my period because there was some bleeding. I said no but I’ve been spotting lately in between periods (sometimes for 5-8 days).
Then afterwards she told me she saw a white patch just below my cervix but didn’t want to inspect too much since I was in pain and bleeding already.
So now she’s sending me for blood work to test hormonal imbalances, an ultrasound, and to a gyno to look at the white patch.
I’ve never felt like I’ve had so much wrong with me after one doctor’s appt. Now I’m stressed thinking what if something is actually really wrong with me. I’ve just been super down all night and feeling like I have nobody to talk to about it😓
Thanks for listening kind strangers💓
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2020.10.22 00:55 Mama_Goye Gyno x doctor

Yes, this is very long! But I wanted to share my full experience because reading something like this would have been helpful to me before the surgery. Feel free to ask any questions. I would be happy to help. I had this procedure done at Maze Women's Health in Purchase, NY.

I (31) have been struggling with vaginismus for as long as I remember, and I think my experiences echo what a lot of women on this subreddit have gone through. When I was in high school, I tried inserting a tampon and didn’t understand why it didn’t work. In college, I began dating more, and my first sexual experience ended quite badly. My boyfriend at the time tried inserting his finger, causing excruciating pain. He broke up with me the next day. A string of boyfriends over the next 10 years varied in their compassion for my issue, but it was always a major problem in the relationship, and one of the reasons my only long-term boyfriend decided to end it.
The first gynecologist that I visited yelled at me and told me that I wasn’t trying hard enough. If it wasn’t so traumatizing, it would have been comically cliche. She immediately recommended surgery (I’m assuming an hymenectomy) and wanted to schedule me that day. I absolutely left. A few years later, I tried another gyno and they were much kinder. I had three people in the room trying to keep me calm as they attempted to examine me. At this point, I had done some research and was pretty sure that I had vaginismus. They couldn’t finish, even with the smallest speculum. I was screaming and crying in pain. They recommended that I purchase a dilator kit from I remember that it cost $200 at the time, but I bought it anyway. When it arrived, however, I ended up using it only a few times. The pain was unbearable, and I absolutely hated it. I was single and very busy with a new career, so I didn’t bother with it. Fast forward a few years to my current relationship with my now-fiance, I was getting desperate. I wasn’t sure if he’d want to marry me if we couldn’t have sex, and I knew we both wanted kids someday.
I want to preface my botox experience by saying that the most difficult part of this whole journey was dealing with finding the right office and trying to figure out insurance. I am fortunate that I have summers off because there were days that I was on the phone for hours and hours, going back and forth between different doctor’s offices, surgeons, insurance, etc. It was a nightmare. If you’re looking for a place that offers it, start early. I live in PA and called every gynecologist and women’s center I could find. Most that I called had never heard of vaginismus, let alone vaginal botox surgery. After speaking with my own gynecologist again, I agreed to meet with a urologist whom they thought might be able to help me. I got there and the nurse had never heard of vaginismus. The doctor seemed aware, especially when after he tried to examine me, I burst into tears. After describing the surgery to him, he said that he regularly performs botox surgery on the bladder, so he could do it. But I was the one who had to explain the vaginal botox to him, so it ultimately didn’t inspire confidence.
I did some more research online, and I decided that an office in New York (MAZE women’s health) was the closest place I could find. They also had stunning reviews, and I felt much more confident going somewhere experienced in this kind of condition. I reached out to them about a year ahead of time to learn more. I wanted to do this in the summer, so I waited until this year to actually have it done. I first spoke with insurance in September of last year, and it took until May of this year to actually get mostly clear answers from them. Long story short, most insurance doesn’t vaginal botox surgery. But they also couldn’t tell me for certain without pre-op letters, surgery codes, etc. My insurance kept losing information, would tell me to wait 30 days for a response, then the whole process started all over again. It was awful. In the end, they told me that insurance would cover 80% of what they deemed reasonable. Three months after the surgery, I’m still waiting on some kind of reimbursement.
In the spring, I scheduled my surgery for July. I did this as soon as they reopened their office due to COVID. They only do the botox surgery one Monday of each month, and July was the only month that I could do it. With my reservation, I needed to pay $200 for a zoom consultation. This was with a nurse and a sex therapist, making sure that this procedure was right for me. I had also filled out a lot of forms at this point. I kept in close communication with the nurse and office in the weeks leading up to the surgery. There was a long list of medications I could not take 2 weeks prior. A few weeks before, $2000 was due. Then just before the surgery, the remainder was due, totaling $6450. This was all out of pocket.
The office requires you to be in the area the day before the surgery, so we drove up Sunday afternoon and stayed at a nearby hotel. I needed to refrain from most medications and could not eat or drink at a certain point in the evening.
I had to arrive 1 hour prior to the surgery time. Once I checked in, I spoke in a room with a nurse to go over details of the procedure and sign forms. After that, I was led to another room where I undressed and put on a gown and thick socks. The doctor performing the surgery spoke with me to make sure I understood the procedure and to answer any questions. They were performing an hymenectomy at the same time, so I received more information about that. Finally, I was taken to the operating room. They laid me in a chair and gave me a sedative via an IV needle. I don’t remember falling asleep- it happened pretty quickly.
**Warning: a bit graphic**
When I woke up I remember thinking that I was already dressed because I could feel something around my ankles. When I came to more fully, I realized it was an adult diaper. They showed me the largest dilator (pink) in their kit, lubed it up, then slid it inside me. I didn’t feel it at all. Then they put the 3rd largest size (blue) in me and helped me to my feet then they let me go to the bathroom. I don’t think I’ve ever bled so much at once in my life. I was dropping clots and blood was streaming out of me. I was told bleeding was normal, but I wasn’t prepared for the sheer quantity. The giant diaper suddenly made sense. I waddled out of the bathroom and found a nurse waiting for me. They gave me a bag with the dilator kit (Pure Romance) and some information then led me to the waiting room for my fiance to take me back to the hotel.
I hadn’t eaten in 12 hours, so we drove around trying to find something to eat. The nurses told me to eat plain food like soup, but we couldn’t find any place nearby that had anything like that at all. The pandemic of course made finding food more difficult. My fiance parked to get Greek food for me. I wasn’t able to sit up straight in the car. I laid down and had intense discomfort in my abdomen. It felt like I was straining to hold a very full bladder. I later realized that I was bleeding heavily, and the blood, plugged up by the dilator, was filling up inside me. The second I got to the hotel room I ran to the toilet and once again, released a huge amount of blood and clots. I stayed on the toilet for a good 30-45 minutes just letting myself bleed. I was a mess so I got right in the shower. Once I was clean, I had to insert the blue dilator back in. I was instructed to leave it in for the first 24 hours if I could handle it. I left that bathroom looking like a crime scene. I am so lucky that my fiance cleaned up everything for me.
After eating lunch, I realized that I ate food that was too rich. I stood up and nearly passed out. But after lying down for about 30 minutes, I was fine.
I stayed in the hotel room resting the rest of the night. I took the dilator out every time I needed to use the bathroom. The bleeding was still pretty heavy but not nearly as bad as the first 2 times.
The next day, I had a follow-up appointment. I went back to the office to speak with the sex therapist about attempting intercourse and the nurse examined me. She wanted me to try inserting the 2nd biggest dilator (purple), but it was too painful, and I stuck with the blue instead. The nurse also talked more about the dilator kit and recommended additional products, including a larger dilator because unfortunately, my fiance is bigger than the biggest.
We drove right home. Sitting so long was unpleasant considering we had a 3.5-hour drive, but it was bearable. I felt mostly fine when I got home, just tired and sore.
The nurse instructed me to sleep with a dilator in me for at least every other night for at least 2 weeks. I also needed to dilate every day. I stuck to this pretty religiously. It was most difficult in the beginning. I soon realized that the bleeding was due to the cuts on my hymen. Every time I took the dilator in or out, it reopened the cuts and bled again. And it definitely felt like it. Even so, the pain was incomparable to any previous attempts at dilatation. Once it was in, it was fine. And any notable bleeding stopped after about a week. I stuck to blue for about a week, then transitioned to the next size. I kept blue in for about 30 minutes then immediately put purple in. I felt the stretching, tearing, and bleeding. The pain was bad, but again, manageable. After a week I began putting purple in on its own. Then I repeated those same steps when I transitioned to pink, the largest size. It took me longer to move on to pink by itself. Thankfully, by that point, I had healed and was no longer bleeding at all.
About a month after surgery, I had a zoom follow-up appointment with Maze, checking in on my progress and answering any questions I may have.
I was very nervous to graduate to penetration. I attempted to find larger silicone dilators but to no avail. I wasn’t interested in just buying a dildo, but I could have. I didn’t want to associate something phallic with so much pain. Instead, I decided to go straight to sex. This was about 2 months after surgery. I dilated for about 30 minutes with pink before we attempted. Because he’s a little larger than pink, it felt the same as when I moved up a dilator size- intense burning and painful stretching. But it went in! I couldn’t believe it actually went in!
And this is where I am now. I’ve had sex 3 times since. It does become a little less painful each time, but it’s still painful and uncomfortable. Maze reached out to me this week for a follow-up and told me that I will need to purchase a larger dilator or else sex will continue to be painful. Though there is a charge for speaking with the sex therapist again, I have free access to Maze’s online forum and portal to speak with the nurse.
TLDR; The botox vaginal surgery was expensive but worth it because it actually worked. I made more progress than I ever dreamed possible. I’m no longer a 30-something virgin. Woo!
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2020.10.21 22:10 reneerobert X gyno doctor

TW: MC mention
I’ve been diagnosed with PCOS for well over a decade, take metformin regularly, and I’m really trying to clean up my diet thanks to a nutritionist I’m seeing. In August, I had a MMC discovered when I was 9 weeks along and then had d&c at 10.5 weeks. My cycle has come back thankfully as of October 4th and we’re TTC again.
I went for my annual physical a couple of weeks ago and bloodwork showed my TSH was at 6.78. My pcp claims it doesn’t impact fertility, but after posting here in a different sub, I don’t know how much I believe her. My gynecologist ordered more bloodwork to check it again, but refuses to do any other testing for me that I and my nutritionist wanted for pcos. My gyno then referred me to an endocrinologist who is not seeing any patients until March 2021 (when I was due 💔). I feel so lost and not taken seriously by my doctors and I’m terrified of having another MC and just want answers about my health. I don’t know why this is so hard. I have an HMO plan so I can’t just see any specialist I want and Im not waiting until March to get answers.
If you’ve been in a similar situation, what did you do? If anyone in the insurance or medical field knows how I can get taken seriously, please let me know. This is so shitty to have these road blocks up by people who are supposed to help on top of having pcos, a MC and unknowns about TTC.
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2020.10.21 21:24 thebeckyster Doctor x gyno

Oh so many things....
A) I just got off the phone with my GP’s office. I had a phone appt back at the beginning of september where I talked about some of my concerns with my IUD, random pains I was getting, and the possibility if getting a referral for a bi-salp. It’s been over a month and I had to hound them to get the info for my ultrasound in november to check for cysts/other things (???). I’ve called back about whether my request to see my gyno for the sterilization chat appt has even been scheduled yet...still pending, so frustrating, like its been well over a month. BUT. On the recommendation of someone on here who got a bisalp recently, I contacted their doctor. She’s taking patients but needs a referral from GP. After struggling to get through to my GP for days (🤦‍♀️), she was happy to set that up!!!! So the ball is finally rolling hopefully!
B) I was freaking out a couple weeks ago because my period was very late, and erratic things were happening. I took like 3 pregnancy tests, all negative, but was still very stressed out. I had a bit of a breakdown with my partner, as the ‘what ifs’ really drove home that there is no way I ever want to be pregnant. He was very supportive and while I was nervous about it, I told him straight out that I wish I could be spayed (we’d just been talking about neutering our cat, so that’s kind of how I phrased it, lol). He was actually the one who said there were things like tubal ligation!
Anyways, just needed to share with someone, this community has been amazing!!
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2020.10.21 21:16 IsentropicUpglide Saw the specialist and it didn’t go the way I thought it would...

Perhaps it was my fault for getting too excited over finally seeing a specialist when I know time and time again how doctors treat us. This practice was recommended to me by an endo sister who is stage 4 with a frozen pelvis. Her doctor excised ALL of her endo and unfroze her pelvis!
I wrote up a note on my phone of literally everything I could think of. All my history, family history, recent experiences and how I’ve been managing over the years and all the symptoms I experience.
The nurse was super nice and helpful. The doctor was not the same doctor my friend saw, but she’s young and a woman so I had higher hopes I guess. After listening to my spiel, all she had to say was “We want to manage your pain, so let’s switch your BC. If that BC doesn’t work, we can try the depo shot or IUD.”
I kindly asked why when I’m at the tail end of a flare up and have listed so many symptoms. Plus I’m trying to save my fertility here. I’m 30. I don’t want to mess around with BC since it’s such a long process.
She said that she likes to target endo as minimally invasive as possible. Surgery is not her first avenue. And I get that. I get why she would want to take that route. But it makes sense for someone who isn’t as progressed. My symptoms have worsened over MONTHS, not years. Just this month has been unbearable. I do not want to take this route. I want the laparoscopy.
She told me to give this BC a try. To not have periods if I can help it for the next three months on this new pill and we will go from there. This really annoyed me because I told her my old gyno had me do the three month BC thing years ago and all it did was make me spot continuously. Pain wasn’t helped whatsoever. So then she told me to get an ultrasound, again much to my dismay. I had one abdominally and trans vaginal a couple years ago which showed nothing. But I guess that’s better than just being given a new script.
I explained and explained, but she didn’t hear me. Just “try this”.
I did complain of my recent flare ups, and so she did feel around my pelvis. Immediately she said “you’re inflamed and tense around your left hip. And you definitely feel full.” Okay so why are we dicking around then???
Anyone else have a similar experience? Any advice on how to convince her to give me the lap?
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2020.10.21 16:56 MeowMeowMeow5678 Gyno x doctor

When your pain has been ignored so much and for ao long you start to believe that you are that the one that is wrong. This is one of the reason that I am making so little progress in searching for answers.
Second reason is that beacuse of Covid I am not allowed to have anybody with my during appointment. Two years ago when I had my appendectomy I had terrible expirence with 97% of the doctors from that hospital, so now I just freeze when talking to doctors.
Third reason is that I realised in exactly what state our NHS is. There is not enough money to treat even life threatening conditions. I am not a priority in that sense. But besides that there just aren't many good doctors in the system. Most of the good doctors went abroad. The bad ones get their positions through government officials and because of that get no consequences when they fuck up. And the rest of the doctors can't say anything against these assholes because they will lose their jobs if they do.
My appendectomy was done by one of these assholes. He missdiagnoesed Mononucleosis with appendicitis and just refused to ever admit it.
So here I am, last my month I went to a new gyno. He secluded me a laparoscopy. It's November the 17th. I don't trust this doctor. He only mentioned endometriosis when he said that while they are there that he will check for it. He believes all my pain is caused by that appendectomy I had. I really dont believe so as all of my symptoms are connected to my period. But since my colon is twisted around some adhesions I want to have that resolved so I don't have to worry if my pain is actually colon obstruction.
I wanted to write this post as a testimony to metal and medical struggles that some woman go through. I know I will instantly regret my lack of action in searching for diagnosis when my next period comes, but objectivly I think this is probably the best I can achieve.
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2020.10.21 05:35 vegetakid24 Gyno x doctor

Hi All,
Looking for advice on deciding between which health insurance plan to use. I'm currently on Anthem PPO but looking to potentially switch to a HDHP w/HSA based on the dental treatments we need and I believe my wife will easily hit the deductible and would prefer to frequently visit doctors / specialty doctors.
Location is Austin, Texas if that matters for network coverage. Marginal tax rate is ~24% to help estimate tax savings.
Background: I'm recently married with no kids and not planning for anytime soon. I don't see the doctor that often, however my spouse does. She is from Europe and is used to frequently visiting doctors / specialist and receiving prescription medicine.
Future planned expenses:

Plan Info:
Anthem Blue Card PPO

Aetna/United/Anthem HDHP+HSA
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2020.10.21 05:31 vegetakid24 Gyno x doctor

Hi All,
Looking for advice on deciding between which health insurance plan to use. I'm currently on Anthem PPO but looking to potentially switch to a HDHP w/HSA based on the dental treatments we need and I believe my wife will easily hit the deductible and would prefer to frequently visit doctors / specialty doctors.
Location is Austin, Texas if that matters for network coverage. Marginal tax rate is ~24% to help estimate tax savings.
Background: I'm recently married with no kids and not planning for anytime soon. I don't see the doctor that often, however my spouse does. She is from Europe and is used to frequently visiting doctors / specialist and receiving prescription medicine.
Future planned expenses:

Plan Info:
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2020.10.20 19:19 Justdothesurgery Gyno doctor x

First off - I never would have followed through with the consult/surgery/telling loved ones... none of this would have happened without this community. This community made me realize 1.) I'm not in it alone and 2.) surgery is an option, it is worth it, and I can do it.
Like most people, I struggled with gynecomastia since puberty. Don't remember a time when I didn't think about it. I'm guessing it came on around 15 - in my early 30's now. It dictated the events I attended and chose not to attend (pool parties and beach), it dictated the clothes I would wear (busy patterns, multiple layers) and not wear (going outside in just a t-shirt, being shirtless anywhere), it was on my mind constantly. Thanks to everyone here, I decided to go through with the procedure. The straw that broke the camels back was going to the beach with my wife and kids and not being able to enjoy it. I had no problem avoiding social situations that made me uncomfortable, but something about not taking my kids swimming really was one step too far.
I found a highly respected surgeon that a few people on this sub had posted about. The biggest step for me was just to make the appointment - everything else fell into place once that was done. No longer could I put off sharing this with my wife and parents - I had a deadline! It was hard to tell them but I felt better as soon as the weight was off my shoulders; I wasn't in this alone and I had a plan to get it fixed. As soon as I had a date, losing weight became easy (down 20 lbs in the last 2 months). I could never keep with a healthy lifestyle because what was the point? No amount of time in the gym or meal prepping could fix this problem. I still have another 30lbs+ to go but that will come with time and a lifestyle change, not a fad diet. I could have waited until I reached my goal weight - but I wanted to get it done while still working from home due to COVID. Plus, I'm not doing this to be a model, I just wanted to feel somewhat normal. Also, please stop posting "Is this gyno" and waiting for the experts on this sub to tell you yes or no. Most of the time they are wrong, just go see a doctor. If it bothers you enough to post on this sub, it's worth the trip to the doctor.
Surgeon used the pull through technique so no nipple incision. He used ultrasonic (?) lipo where the breast tissue was essentially melted along with the fat and sucked out. Once all the tissue and fat was removed, he was able to remove the gland via the same incision area used for the lipo. Pictures are from 1 day pre-op and 3 day's post-op. Massive difference, even with swelling and post-op bloating. Recovery hasn't been terrible but it's been more painful than expected. However, it was WELL worth it and now sitting 1 week post op, feeling much better minus swelling and the annoying vest.
Happy to answer any and all questions
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