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2020.10.13 21:15 Suckstoyourassmar2 Nasty voyeur

Welcome to HorrorChatFiction.
If you’re not familiar, chat fiction is a newish (2015-ish) genre which allows readers to experience a story if you were eavesdropping on a private conversation on a smartphone or perusing a chat log.
Popular venues for commercial chat fiction include Hooked, Tap, and Yarn.
This sub is for OC chat fiction only - no links to the aforementioned sites.
Formatting is the Wild Wild West - transcripts, screenshots, and videos produced with chat fiction processing apps are all welcome.
Follow the sub’s rules. They’re easy. Don’t post anything illegal. Don’t be nasty to each other in the comments section. If you want to give constructive criticism - and the writer doesn’t respond or agree - you don’t really get to argue the point. Don’t tell a writer her story isn’t scary. Horror is a subjective thing.
Other than that, enjoy, have fun, and I look forward to reading your OC HorrorChatFiction!
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2020.10.13 15:21 MansA13Octl Nasty voyeur

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2020.10.10 10:55 Sparkletail Thoughts on Chris Watts

So I’ve been aware of the case since 2018, watched the documentary and have now hung around on here for a while. There’s something uncomfortable in the way I feel about Shannan, I don’t like it, and I’ve been trying to understand why this is. This seems to get debated a lot on both the Chris Watts and Shannon Watts subreddits so I’m going to put it on both to see if the views differ.
So I started off reading about this case doing the usual casual armchair psychology thing and thinking that Chris was a fairly obviously narcisstic/psychopathic monster who had wanted to dump his family, wasn’t too bright and had properly messed it up. I knew about the mlm, I know about the financial stresses and I knew about the affair. I thought that basically from his perspective the potential gain had outweighed the risk or loss and he’d gone for it.
I then watched the documentary and got a different picture. Shannan was super intense and it seemingly played out in all ways. She was passionate about her family, her friends and relationships but was also fairly pathological when it came to her social media presence. I think this was mostly linked with the mlm and how they basically say you have to be out there promoting your ‘lifestyle’ 24/7. It also seemed that there was always a lot of drama and stress in the family, whether it was illnesses, arguments, accidents, money, whatever. Don’t get me wrong, they were clearly at a point where their relationship was breaking down and those times are never stress free but to me a number of things which probably started small had snowballed.
In documentary I saw the video where she was having a go at him about forgetting the phone for the kids pictures and just thinking Jesus Christ, can you imagine what his life must have been like, posing every five minutes, faking the perfect happily family and all that drama and stress around having to capture every perfect moment without any time to ever actually enjoy or experience anything. It all seemed like one massive, uncomfortable performance and there was so much effort for ultimately none of it to seem or perhaps be real.
Then you saw her text messages and it seems she kinda knew what she was and wanted to change. She seemed pretty self aware and was obviously trying to save her relationship with the same passion she put into everything else. It’s really heartbreaking that she literally did not have a clue who she was really living with.
I saw the relationship between Chris and the video of Nicole. Man, if Shannan gave off a few red flags, Nicole was a Chinese military parade. She was fake and unnerving. It doesn’t surprise me at all that she started searching for him and shannan way before, that she morphed into his perfect girl by letting him be himself yet was somehow still being in complete control of the narrative.
Then their was watts family. Wow, just wow, no wonder his mother and shannan clashed. I think one definitely had better intentions than the other but you put two overly dramatic, dominant people in the same space and you are asking for this exact scenario, both fighting over and for Chris. Like I say, shannan does not give off the same bad vibes as the mother but I could absolutely see how they would clash.
So there’s Chris, likely having been overly dominated by women all his life. His mother pulling him one way, shannan another and Nicole in different one altogether. Then you think that he was using twice the dose of that thrive stimulant crap, never sleeping and you start to think did he have some sort of break and just snap? I was almost there, Chris as the henpecked, overly stressed husband having spent an entire lifetime dominated by messed up females finally loses it.
But then you see the videos of him after he’s killed them all. He’s perfectly calm, smiling, giving off totally bizarre vibes, he’s stomping his kids bodies through an 8 inch hole at 7 and making friendly chit chat with his coworkers at 8.30. He’s looking up lyrics for battery, he’s cancelling his kids day care and sending Nicole pictures of flowers.
And I’m back to stage one. I posted the other night saying that we all, including me, are basically voyeurs at best and ghouls at worst. I’ve reflected on that a bit and there’s always an understandable fascination with aberrant psychology and how people who severely lack empathy and the ability to feel guilt interact with the rest of us. How they might trick us and hide. So we pore over the videos and evidence looking for something, a sign that if it we were in that situation we would have noticed , because otherwise, monsters could be all around us.
Because of the amount of footage and evidence, it’s brought all sorts of people out the woodwork. Men who’ve been abused and are sick of female on male abuse being ignored; mysogynists who are taking advantage of this perception to vent their nasty little spleens; dominant women (or the people who love them) realising the their traits are seen as unpleasant and rushing to the defence and then everyone in between. No wonder the debate gets heated sometimes.
I think Chris was really unusual. His ability to hide his true feelings (or lack of them); his seeming passivity and friendly, smiling, calm demeanour are completely incompatible with the killer we expect to see. There might be glimpses of a socially awkward mess before the tanned face thrive phase but even then, nothing overwhelming.
I think we all feel at risk knowing that people like him exist, sometimes in arms length or closer, and finding out we will never really have a clue is disconcerting to say the least. Shannan was a unique person but her personality probably wasn’t incredibly unusual. There are lots of people like that in the world and very, very few of them get murdered by their husbands.
It’s been a strange few days picking through this one.
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2020.10.09 23:41 Sparkletail Voyeur nasty

So I’ve been aware of the case since 2018, watched the documentary and have now hung around on there for a while. There’s something uncomfortable in the way I feel about shannan and I’ve been trying to understand what it is. This seems to get debated a lot on both the Chris Watts and Shannon Watts subreddits so I’m going to put it on both to see if the views differ.
So I started off reading about this case doing the usual casual armchair psychology thing and thinking that Chris was a fairly obviously narcisstic/psychopathic monster who had wanted to dump his family, wasn’t too bright and had properly messed it up. I knew about the mlm, I know about the financial stresses and I knew about the affair. I thought that basically from his perspective the potential gain had outweighed the risk or loss and he’d gone for it.
I then watched the documentary and got a different picture. Shannan was super intense and it seemingly played out in all ways. She was passionate about her family, her friends and relationships but was also fairly pathological when it came to her social media presence. I think this was mostly linked with the mlm and how they basically say you have to be out there promoting your ‘lifestyle’ 24/7. It also seemed that there was always a lot of drama and stress in the family, whether it was illnesses, arguments, accidents, money, whatever. Don’t get me wrong, they were clearly at a point where their relationship was breaking down and those times are never stress free but to be a number of things which probably started small had snowballed.
In documentary I saw the video where she was having a go at him about forgetting the phone for the kids pictures and just thinking Jesus Christ, can you imagine what his life must have been like, posing every five minutes, faking the perfect happily family and all that drama and stress around having to capture every perfect moment without any time to ever actually enjoy or experience anything. It all seemed like one massive, uncomfortable performance and there was so much effort for ultimately none of it to seem or perhaps be real.
Then you saw her text messages and it seems she kinda knew what she was and wanted to change. She seemed pretty self aware and was obviously trying to save her relationship with the same passion she put into everything else. It’s really heartbreaking that she literally did not have a clue who she was really living with.
I saw the relationship between Chris and the video of Nicole. Man, if Shannan gave off a few red flags, Nicole was a Chinese military parade. She was fake and unnerving. It doesn’t surprise me at all that she started searching for him and shannan way before, that she morphed into his perfect girl by letting me be himself yet was somehow still completely in control of the narrative.
Then their was watts family. Wow, just wow, no wonder his mother and shannan clashed. I think one definitely had better intentions than the other but you put two overly dramatic, dominant women in the same space and you are asking for this exact scenario, both fighting over and for Chris. Like I say, shannan does not give off the same bad vibes as the mother but I could absolutely see how they would clash.
So there’s Chris, likely having been overly dominated by women all his life. His mother pulling him one way, shannan another and Nicole in different one altogether. Then you think that he was using twice the dose of that thrive stimulant crap, never sleeping and you start to think, did he have some sort of break and just snap. I was almost there, Chris as the henpecked, overly stressed husband snaps having spent an entire lifetime dominated by messed up females finally snaps.
But then you see the videos of him after he’s killed them all. He’s perfectly calm, smiling, giving off totally bizarre vibes, he’s stomping his kids bodies through an 8 inch hole at 7 and making friendly chit chat with his coworkers at 8.30. He’s looking up lyrics for battery, he’s cancelling his kids day care and sending Nicole pictures of flowers.
And I’m back to stage one. I posted the other night saying that we all, including me, are basically voyeurs at best and ghouls at worst. I’ve reflected on that a bit and there’s always a fascination with aberrant psychology and how people who severely lack empathy and guilt interact with the rest of us. How they might trick us and hide. So we pore over the videos and evidence looking for something, a sig that if it we were in that situation we would have noticed because otherwise, monsters could be all around us.
Because of the amount of footage and evidence, it’s brought all sorts of people out the woodwork. Men who’ve been abused and are sick of female on make abuse being ignored; mysogynists who are taking advantage of this perceptions to vent their nasty little ideas; dominant women (or the people who love them) realising the their traits are seen as unpleasant and rushing to the defence and everyone in between. No wonder the debate gets heated sometimes.
I think Chris was quite unusual. His ability to hide his true feelings (or lack of them); his seeming passivity and friendly, smiling, calm demeanour are completely incompatible with the killer we expect to see. There might be glimpses of a socially awkward mess before the tanned face thrive phase but even then, nothing overwhelming.
I think we all feel at risk knowing that people like him exist, sometimes in arms length or closer and we never really have a clue. Shannan was a unique person but her personality probably wasn’t incredibly unusual. There are lots of people like that in the world and very, very few of them get murdered by their husbands.
It’s been a strange few days picking through this one.
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2020.08.26 22:17 RTKGuy Nasty voyeur

If I did dream the rest of that night, I don’t remember it. I was happy for that. I was less happy for how I woke up, though. A trio of voices echoed off the walls, their tones raising my anxiety level. My instincts remained alert, cultivated from days of living in fear of sudden death. I sat up and listened to the team arguing with one another as they stood next to Lazlo’s monitors.
“I’m telling you, Third Eye is working just fine,” said Lazlo defensively. “I inspected Voyeur Two just yesterday.”
“Then how the hell did it miss them?” Theo spoke this time, his voice laced with accusation.
“How should I know?” she shot back. “I’m the tech, not the Locust Whisperer.”
“This is not helpful, you two,” said Abbott, attempting to mediate the situation with a calm voice. “The why and how will have to come later. Theo, get on the turret. Lazlo, go prep Voyeur One for interception. I’ll stay here and keep an eye on the situation.”
Abbott turned my way as Theo stormed by me, the big man not even looking my way as he found a set of rungs to climb and proceeded into a narrow hole in the ceiling. Lazlo bolted from her chair and rushed outside, barely remembering to seal the door behind her. Abbott looked at me with a face that suggested that his reassurances about my safety had been premature.
“You might as well come and look, Hector,” he said quietly.
I got up and did so. Abbott pointed to the top-center monitor, the one showing a sketch-like video of the woods. I was vaguely familiar with thermal imaging, where heat sources showed up as white or greenish pictures, but this showed the outlines of images, such as the tops of swaying trees or rustling grass or barely-visible scurrying things on the ground. It took me a moment to clue in – this was the motion detection camera in action. Once I adapted to its format, I could make out a forest through the incomplete images.
Far easier to make out were the humanoid figures moving toward the bottom of the screen, the camera shifting along as they traversed the forest. I hadn’t laid eyes on the MLs since going into the basement, but they were seared into my brain so deeply that I’d recognize them from any distance away. They lopped in a massive group, their indistinct outlines masking their hideous intentions but not the energy of their movements, and my mind fell back to my terrified flight for survival. I felt hunted and helpless again, even though I knew I was in the company of experts, and I had to breathe carefully to keep the panic within me from rising.
“I don’t know how much you heard, but we didn’t see the pack coming,” explained Abbott, his voice remarkably calm considering the threat on the screen. “Normally Third Eye can see through their masking abilities, but somehow these ones got past the drone camera and… they’re about ten minutes away and heading right for us.”
I had lots of questions right then, but mostly I was attempting to look brave when what I wanted to do was find that closet Abbott had called the brig and willingly step into it. “Are they the same ones you’ve been tracking?”
Abbott nodded. “MLs may seem virtually identical, but they do have a few physical variations that can be tracked. The system can tell them apart, even if we can’t. It’s the same pack – except less of them.”
I gave a questioning look, and he elaborated. “They went into the copse with forty-four MLs. They came out with thirty-four. I’m never seen a pack lose members to anything other than combat. Those ten might still be in there, or they might have shaken us. Regardless, we have to kill the pack now. They’re in full hunt mode.”
“Can… can I stay here and watch?” I asked. My instincts still wanted me to hide away, but I wasn’t about to do it. What I really wanted was some more flash balls, but I’d settle for knowing what was going on.
Abbott nodded to me as he took the desk chair and began working with the keyboard, switching monitor displays to brand new programs. “Just don’t ask me questions right now. Theo, you in position?”
I couldn’t hear the response through Abbott’s earpiece, but I did hear Theo’s muffled voice echo down to us from the hole in the roof. Abbott then asked Lazlo the same question and seemed satisfied by her response. He brought up a new screen displaying data concerning Voyeur One. “Lazlo, once Voyeur One is up, get back here immediately. I need five minutes for Shock and Awe to come online.”
Hmm, Shock and Awe. I had a couple of ideas about what that meant come to mind, but I was going to obey the don’t-ask-questions rule for now. Then, almost as an afterthought, Abbott reached into a desk drawer and handed me an item shaped like a white teardrop about the size of a human tooth. I stared at it helplessly until Abbot realized my ignorance. “Stick it in your ear pointy-end first, then push the button on the top. It’s our radio. Normally I wouldn’t let you eavesdrop, but you’re in harm’s way and you might need the information.”
I’ve never been a fan of those little mini-radio devices. I also have a problem with sticking things in my ear. At the very least, it’s distracting. But I took the device and inserted it as instructed, wincing at the feel but otherwise not complaining. I could hear Lazlo’s voice echoing in my ear canal, her tone implying a measure of excitement or perhaps even fear.
“Voyeur One is ready, coming back in,” she said. A second later, I hear the piercing whine of a drone engine revving up. A minute later, she hurriedly came through the side door and latched it tight. Abbott let her have her desk back, standing behind her as she worked her tech magic. The smile on her face answered my earlier pondering – she was obviously getting a kick out of this moment.
One of the monitors switched to a static camera position, most likely from a camera attached to the Oasis itself. This one was night-vision, showing a green-tinged hillside that I wagered was the one I had trekked down hours ago. A number of blurry humanoid shapes were bounding down it, and my blood cooled a little more at the sight of each approaching creature.
“Do I have clearance?” asked Theo on the radio. The cold state of his voice gave me flashbacks to Madison and her matter-of-fact tone. She had kicked all kinds of ML ass before we had parted. I hoped Theo could do the same.
“Let Voyeur One do its thing, then open fire,” ordered Abbott.
“I don’t think this is the time for a field test,” Theo replied, now sounding a tad annoyed.
“That’s why we call them field tests, Theo,” said Abbott. “We can’t always pick the moment. Sometimes it picks us.”
The monitor showing Voyeur Two’s camera stopped tracking the main cluster of MLs and instead locked onto a flying object with four circular fan engines. I assumed that was Voyeur One. We watched as the drone made a dangerous dive toward the heart of the cluster, then veered up a second before plowing into the ground. An object fell from it, landing just ahead of the pack. They didn’t seem to notice or care about the drone or the object it had dropped, and they ran onward.
Then the picture blurred as a massive burst of heat, debris, and smoke filled the screen. The picture retracted as Voyeur Two repositioned to show a wider view of the carnage, and while I couldn’t personally determine how effective the explosive had been on the MLs, there was definitely a lot less movement than before. Smoke obscured much of the blast sight, and that made me nervous.
Lazlo laughed and let out a short whoop of victory. “Look at that,” she said. “We’ve just witnessed the future of ML warfare.”
“Don’t get ahead of yourself,” said Abbott, clearly not as sold as she was. “Theo, what do you see?”
A shot rang out from above, followed by two more in quick succession. Mercifully it wasn’t relayed through our earpieces or else I suspect the noise would have blown out my eardrum. When Theo finally spoke, I noted the edge in his voice this time. “I just picked off two of them. They’re still coming our way. You did some damage, Lazlo, but not as much as you think.”
He was right about that. When the smoke cleared enough to give us a better idea of the results, we could see a number of still forms on the ground, some in pieces. Others were moving, a few missing body parts, a few limping, but the pack was still advancing.
Lazlo’s smiled faded as she counted the casualties. “Damn it. I think we only got eight of them, and they’re not retreating. What the hell is motivating these guys?”
More shots sounded out, and we watched as a few more MLs bit the dust as they came on. They were spreading themselves out now, dodging behind trees and brush wherever available. Theo must have had sniper training because even with their speed and the cover of night to aid them he still made them pay for every inch of their advance. But it took less than a minute for the remaining MLs to reach the edge of our camp. Voyeur Two showed an overhead view of the Oasis as a dozen figures tightly encircled us.
“Theo, button up,” Abbott instructed. The shooting ceased and I heard metallic clanging, as if a door or hatch was being closed and latched. Theo came down the rungs shortly after, carrying a sniper rifle and looking like he’d been called away from his favorite pastime.
“Lazlo, power down the lights and get ready to use Shock and Awe,” said Abbott. He then looked directly at me. “You’re safe where you are, Hector, but I advise you not to touch the walls of the vehicle, just in case.”
I looked at him with confusion. “Is this vehicle electrified?”
“It’s about to be,” said Lazlo.
“I thought MLs were fireproof,” I observed.
“Electricity doesn’t burn them, but it still wrecks them,” said Theo. He moved to a weapons rack and traded his sniper rifle for an assault rifle. He also handed out two pump-action shotguns, one to Abbott and one to Lazlo. He looked at me as if debating whether to arm me as well, but a quick shake of my head disabused him of the notion. Now was definitely not the time to field test my gun skills.
Lazlo put her shotgun to the side and held her right hand over the Enter button on her keyboard. “We wait for the MLs to climb on us, then hit the juice. Twenty-thousand volts running through them for twenty seconds, and they’re usually in a very bad state afterwards.”
The MLs were quick to oblige, as I soon heard the pitter-patter of terrible feet on the roof of the vehicle. Then the overhead lights flickered off, leaving us with only the computer monitors as reliable light sources, and for a brief moment I was back in the cabin basement, a prisoner awaiting execution. I put a thumb to my mouth and bit my nail to stave off my desire to make noise, to talk away my fear as the footfalls increased in number. I wanted to have faith in my protectors, but true faith is something earned, not given.
Abbott finally gave the order by nodding to Lazlo, and she plunged a finger onto the Enter button. I held my breath, waiting for some kind of light show or sizzling sound, or even the rancid smell of burning wires. Some proof that Shock and Awe was underway. Indeed, I ended up experiencing all three signs, but they came from under the computer desk, from the compartment that Lazlo had emerged from when I first met her. Scattered light lit up the interior, accompanied by brutal fusing sounds. Theo and Lazlo swore as the compartment smoked up with acrid fumes, the unexpected light show dying out a few seconds later. The ceiling lights came back on as Theo went to grab a fire extinguisher hanging on a wall. Abbott stood there calmly and then walked to the weapons rack, opening up an unmarked drawer and rooting around inside. Lazlo kept swearing as she hammered away at her keyboard, and I decided not to ask any obvious questions at that point.
“God damn all of rodent kind to hell,” Lazlo colorfully cursed as she worked. “I knew those bastards were chewing on something. Why can’t they go after the food like normal pests?”
Theo knelt down and brought the extinguisher to bear on the compartment. Abbott finished his search and came over to me. I was amazed by his calmness, as if all this was more a minor inconvenience than a life-and-death struggle. Perhaps that was why he was in charge – the cool head when the crap hit the fan. He handed me a spherical object, and I almost laughed when I recognized it as a flash ball. It was a different model than the ones Madison used. It had a plastic clip attached to it, and I noticed Abbott’s other hand held a bandoleer with several more flash balls hanging off it. The Wrangler version of a grenade belt, apparently.
He managed to get Theo and Lazlo’s attention and then outlined the new plan, such as it was. They were going to do this the old-fashioned way – get up close and personal. Open the door, toss a flash ball, then rush out and blast every ML they could see. I was staying put – the flash ball in my hand was just a precaution. Theo seemed to approve of the plan, while Lazlo appeared sickened by it, remarking that there were reasons why they killed MLs from a distance. But she took up her shotgun and got into position just the same. I understood the reasoning – no help was coming, the Oasis couldn’t move in this state, and the MLs had the patience of a redwood – but the idea of opening that door felt like the kind of stupid move done in horror movies that got protagonists killed.
I could see the nervousness in Abbott’s face as he gave Theo the order to open the door. I had the feeling that this team was used to doing its death-dealing from safer positions. I saw Lazlo bite her lip as Theo threw the door wide. Beyond it, I saw a faint tinge of dawn in the sky above a shadowed world of forested hills. The command vehicle did have a few external lights activated, enough to illuminate the surroundings, and I saw the little nightmares in the flesh once again. Every single time I see them, I still marvel at the unreal degree of similarity between them -the same bald scalps, the same lipless mouths, the same ebony eyes that sucked in the light around them. I counted four within my line of sight, and they shrieked with desire upon seeing a path to their prey. Then they were shrieking a different tune as Theo’s flash ball went off, blinding them with a wave of blue. One little bastard was mere feet away from the door when Theo came out with calm, methodical ease and plugged it in the head. Abbott went next, his shotgun roaring at other targets that I couldn’t see from my vantage point. Lazlo said a quick prayer to the Virgin Mary as she ran out, disappearing from my sight as she covered the backs of her teammates.
The air was congested with screams and gunfire as the MLs came on, flashes of blue and burst of white throwing a strobe light effect over the battle. I glanced at the monitor depicting Voyeur Two’s overhead camera, showing that the MLs on the other side of the vehicle had joined the fray. They didn’t charge the team like the ones that had gone after Madison and me – these ones like to use protection, move from cover to cover. I heard Theo yell out in frustration as his shots missed more than they hit. These MLs appeared to understand their prey better than before. But they were still driven to attack, and one by one they fell to bullets and pellets.
I forced myself to look away from the monitor and back at the door. There was a cold comfort in watching the action from a drone’s perspective. It detached you from reality, even if reality was right in front of you. But a ML wasn’t going to burst through the monitor. If it came for me, it would be through that door.
My timing proved prescient, for a Meat Locust chose that moment to charge up the ramp, aiming right at me with maddening rage creasing its face. I had just enough time to panic-bolt out of my seat before a shotgun blast went off and the ML’s face disappeared in a puff of gray dust, the body collapsing just inside the door. Lazlo was on the ramp behind it, wearing a frantic face and panting from exertion. She looked at me and then pointed at the monitors.
“Tell me if it’s clear, Hector,” she asked. It took me a moment to obey as I still felt a tad freaked from the monster’s suicide-charge, but I finally looked and saw no more MLs in the area. Only their bodies remained.
“We’re clear,” I told her.
“Then grab the first-aid kit on the second rack to your right and get out here,” she ordered hurriedly. “Abbott’s hurt.”
One lesson I was beginning to learn from my continuing experiences in this crisis was that victories never felt like victories. No matter how many times I’ve escaped death, I never quite get clear of it. And someone always pays for my survival. This time around, it was Abbott. Not that I could’ve done much, but I still could’ve done something. The flash ball in my hand wouldn’t have done much more than the one already flashing outside. If I had known how to shoot adequately, I might have been of use. Instead, I was just like the drones the team deploys in the field – just another voyeur.
Abbott was now lying on a lower bunk with a sizeable bandage on his right leg, one that was close to soaked through. The way Theo told the story, two MLs had come in blindly charging Abbott, one going high and one going low. Abbott managed to blast the one aiming for his head. The low one got a nasty swipe at his leg before Theo took it down. The claws must have nicked his femoral artery, as he’d been bleeding badly but not spraying. I had gone out and helped apply pressure to the wound as he groaned in agony, and we got the bleeding under control. But his wound was long and deep. There was no way we could fix it in the field.
I sat next to him to keep an eye on his condition as Theo and Lazlo passionately argued over their course of action. He occasionally liked to smile my way as if to say, “These two, right?” Even in pain and in a precarious situation, he still kept his calm.
“We need to pack up and go now,” Theo demanded. “He needs surgery.”
“No argument from me,” Lazlo shot back, “but we can’t leave without the drone.”
Theo made an exasperated face and shook his head. “You and your tech. It is not worth Abbott dying over it, or anyone else.”
“You know that’s not it,” Lazlo countered. “If we leave here without knowing what’s going on, all this is going to be for nothing.”
I was really tired of having to play catch-up in the conversations, so I raised my hand to get their attention. “Okay, what drone are we talking about here?”
They looked at each other as if debating whether I was entitled to an answer, but it was Abbott who replied, his voice more strained than before. “While you were sleeping, Lazlo sent Voyeur Three into the copse that was hiding our pack. She decided we needed to know what they were doing, and I agreed.”
“How many drones do you guys have?” I asked, more of a rhetorical question than one expecting a response.
“We have four,” Lazlo replied. “Our Third Eye system was designed to have constant surveillance when we’re tracking a pack. So we have three drones programmed for overlapping coverage over a twenty-four hour cycle, and one for backup. I reprogrammed Voyeur Three to go in under manual control. It was transmitting fine for the first two minutes, but then it hit some weird signal interference. Almost five minutes in, the signal was lost. The drones are programmed to land if they break contact, and its internal hard drive can save up to twenty minutes of footage, so…”
“So it might have recorded something important,” interrupted Theo, “or it might be a wild goose chase. It’s not a reason to risk our lives any further.”
“I… disagree, Theo,” said Abbott. “We’re missing ten MLs, and they were doing something in that copse that they don’t want us to see. The pack’s attack on us wasn’t typical ML behavior. It was deliberate and coordinated and nigh-suicidal, as if they saw us as a serious threat and were willing to die coming at us than let us interfere with what they’re doing up here. We need to know what that is, and our best chance of knowing why is Voyeur Three.”
Theo sighed in frustration, then looked straight at Abbott and said, “By we, you mean me of course.”
“If you wouldn’t mind,” Abbott replied.
Theo laughed. “You sweet talker. But it’s not going to work this time. I can’t carry back a drone and defend myself at the same time.”
“Well, I can come,” offered Lazlo.
“No, you can’t,” Theo insisted. “You need to keep Third Eye running and watch over Abbott. We don’t leave Abbott alone, or I don’t go.”
I had a feeling that I knew what Theo was after, but he wasn’t about to come out and ask me. I knew he wouldn’t ask any more than the others would have asked. They were about saving lives, not endangering them. But my overdeveloped hero complex was already poking me to speak up. It was almost like destiny was determined to keep throwing these moments at me over and over until I got it right or finally died.
For the record, I don’t believe in destiny. I do believe that you can’t do nothing and then expect a happy ending.
“I can go,” I blurted out.
All three of them looked at me skeptically, but none of them outright denied me.
“I’m serious,” I said. “I can hike, and I can carry, and I know my way around flash balls.”
Theo nodded, a grim smile on his face. “I can’t guarantee your safety, Hector, but…”
“C’mon, you’re not serious,” said Lazlo. “By his own account, he’s never even fired a gun.”
Theo gave her a hard stare. “Which is why you’re staying here and why he can go. You can defend the camp, I can defend him. It’s either this or we bug out.” Lazlo looked like she wanted to protest further, but then changed her mind and merely shook her head quietly.
“You sure about this, Hector?” spoke Abbott as he sat up, wincing as his leg shifted on the bed. “It’s still dangerous out there.”
“Believe me, I’d rather not,” I replied. “But you guys need the help. Besides, I hate unsolved mysteries.”
I expected further protest from Lazlo. Instead, she gave me practical travel advice and tips on how to spot ML activity as we packed up the camp and prepped the Oasis for travel. Abbott wanted the vehicle ready to leave the moment Theo and I returned. We also decided to wait until daylight, which was only a couple of hours off. There were no real tactical advantages to daytime, since the MLs were no less dangerous in the sun than in the dark. But humans are creatures of the light, and our morale would improve with the sun in the sky.
They gave me a blue-tinted Kevlar vest for protection, the flash ball belt with eight balls attached, a backpack that held a digital camera and a sample kit for any potential “unknown anomalies” we might run across, and a pistol with a holster. Theo insisted on the pistol – even if I had never fired a gun, it might save my life. I almost felt like one of the team now. I certainly looked the part.
Lazlo reminded me that while Third Eye would be watching us the whole time, we’d be out of sight once we entered the copse. If I did everything Theo asked of me, I should be fine. She also told me not to screw this up and make them look bad for letting me do this. She smiled as she said it. I could think of worse people to be watching my every move than Lazlo.
Abbott gave me a farewell address from his bed, more a speech than advice: “We don’t normally trust civies for this kind of mission, Hector. But we will with you. Not because we’re desperate, but because I see an important quality in you. When you do this job long enough, you learn to spot it in people. You don’t go through what we do and go back to a safe life with a safe family in a safe community. You know better, and you’ll carry that knowledge the rest of your life. But there is still a place for you, if you want it.”
He never did tell me what he saw in me. I realize now that this was not just a desperate move – it was a test. Even now, I don’t know if what he thought he saw in me had been real. Every coach knows to give the team a pep talk before a game, even when you know somebody has to lose.
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Apologies for the long delay. Life happened.
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Only an alien would think leaving a bunch of teen and tween girls loose on a spaceship with nothing to do was a good idea, thought Kay. Surveying the damage, she figured it could have been worse. She had already disabled the cargo airlock and was now sitting on a crate by the working personnel airlock practicing her spiel in Galactic Standard hoping Soimt would not freak out too much upon seeing the mess. Mentally cataloging the sounds of destruction echoing through the ship as various groups played or took things apart to see how they worked, she focused on conveying her message in Galactic Standard.
“It’s not as bad as it is. No. It’s not as bad as it looked. No! It’s not as bad as it looks. Yes! It’s not as bad as it looks, and we can destroy— No. It’s not as bad as it looks and we can fix most of it us-selves. No! It’s not as bad as it looks, and we—”
“Destroyed my ship!” yelled Soimt. The sound of the airlock opening had been masked by a falling shipping container.
Kay leapt to her feet and spun to face the airlock. Soimt flinched in anticipation of an attack. And the two other humans pushing him through the door alternated between laughing and gaping at the wreckage in the hold. Busted pipes from early attempts to find suitable gymnastics equipment had long since stopped spewing fire-suppressant foam, yet the foam seemed to be spreading still. It was all over the ship and everything in it.
Kate’s eyes went wide as she realized the problem. “Soimt! You idiot! Is that standard fire suppressant? It’s a hallucinogen and inhibition blocker for humans!” Ducking down, she aimed her shoulder for Kay’s hips and scooped her up in a fireman’s carry with the scout still practicing her speech in Galactic. “JT! Get him out! Now!”
Carrying the scout out to the relatively fresh air of the docking bay, Kay trusted JT to follow orders. Setting her charge down several meters from the open airlock, Kay said, “Deep breaths. Lots of deep breaths. Need you to focus, hon. How many? How long? How bad? Breathe. How many? Breathe. How long? Breathe. How bad?”
JT dumped a protesting Soimt on the deck next to the scout and silenced the stream of invectives with a simple smile. A wide smile that showed every tooth it possibly could. Soimt’s hindbrain kicked in and he sat mutely waiting to see if he was about to be eaten.
“How many, hon?” Kate repeated.
“Does that include you?”
“How long were they exposed to the foam?”
“I don’t know. Right after he left.”
“How bad is it in there?”
“I don’t know. Things broke. It was funny at first, then…”
Kate hugged her and said, “JT, watch for runners. We don’t know their mental state and can’t let them run loose on the station. Soimt! Get off your ass. There are five humans working the docks here. Find them. Bring them to me. If they argue, tell them I know their tabs to the credit and they’ll be cut off from the only good booze on the station if they don’t get their asses over here now.”
Soimt scrambled back away from JT, turned and fled.
“Well, babe. You said you were bored. We’ve got seventeen young girls stoned out of their minds, no protective gear, and a ship filled with foam that breaks down into some really nasty [excrement]. We don’t know if they’ll be dangerous drunks or good ones like our little friend here. What’s your take?”
“Can I go back to serving watered-down hooch?”
“Sure. After all of our young friends are safe and sound on the deck with us, but I think you’d regret it. Hon, what’s your name? I’m Kate.”
“No, hon, Kate. With a T. What’s your name?”
“Kay with a Y.”
JT quipped, “Oh, no. This won’t cause confusion.”
Kate sighed and said, “My given name is Katelyn. I want you to look at JT behind me here, and I swear if you tell me he so much as smirks, every meal he eats from here on in will have to be from paste tubes.”
Kay stared at JT and said, “He’s terrified of you.”
“Damned straight!” said JT. “She used to ride with PJs — pararescue and race into burning downed aircraft to pull people out while rounds were cooking off all around them.”
Katelyn smiled, “See, hon? Dreams can come true. How’s your head?”
“Call me Kayla. I still feel kind of foggy, but better. Deep breaths. Lots of deep breaths. Fifteen scouts and my brother on board still. I have to get them out!”
Katelyn rocked Kayla gently and said, “No. Hon, if you go in, you’re going to succumb right away again. That stuff is nasty. What model is the ship? Is it a standard layout?”
“I don’t know. First time in a space ship.”
“Okay, hon. I’m going to let you go, but I need you to stay here and stay calm, okay?”
JT interjected, “Two runners!”
Katelyn replied, “Fetch!”
“No!” shouted Kayla. “Jenn! Keiko! Get your butts over here! Now!”
JT’s attempt to adhere to both commands left him face down on the deck as his sudden start turned into a far more sudden stop.
The two girls approached, clearly sizing both adults up for a fight. “Release Kay now!”
Katelyn slowly unwrapped her arms from Kayla and said, “Please take some nice, deep breaths. You’ve been breathing poison on that ship for a while. You need to get it out of your systems. JT, don’t move.” She then sat down on the deck.
Looking to Kayla for their cues, one girl placed her shoe on JT’s neck while the other took a position behind Katelyn.
Smiling slightly and giving JT a barely perceptible shake of her head, Kayla said, “I think they’re okay. That foam messed with us. My head is starting to clear up. Don’t hurt them. I think we’ll need ‘em. Just breathe deeply and find something to focus on. Do you know where the others are and how they’re doing?”
“Jeff tried to hit on Jessica. It didn’t go well for him. He’s tied up in one of the passages. I think he might like it,” giggled Jenn. “Summer was still looking for a gym last I saw her.”
Keiko pondered this and said, “I heard some girls in the Engineering section.”
“Oh, [excrement],” muttered Katelyn.
Glancing back to Katelyn, Kayla asked, “How bad can it be?”
“Depends. But I need to know how to get to them fast.”
“Hey!” shouted a burly guy running up to the group. Jenn tensed and her foot pressed harder against JT’s neck as the newcomer continued, “Get the hell off—”
Katelyn yelled, “Shut up, Barry! Calm down. They got dosed with fire foam. Keep cool and don’t get too close!”
At the mention of the dreaded foam, Barry backed off in a hurry. “What do you need?”
“There are fourteen more on the ship,” Katelyn said, nodding toward the right airlock. “We need to get them off. Get them sober. Get them cleaned up.”
Barry shook his head slowly. “You can threaten all you want to about banning us at the bar, but we can’t go in there. It’s not just airborne. That foam gets into everything and as it hardens and breaks down. The fine powder it turns into contains chemicals that are absorbed through our pores. We’d be likely as not to go ape and hurt whoever’s still on there.”
Katelyn looked at the dried foam flaking off Kayla’s uniform and her own sleeves, then sighed. “I’ve been exposed, but not too bad yet. Can we cycle the air quickly?”
“Only if we do an exchange between this bay and the ship. That would get us all funked. We’d have to vent the bay right after then do a scrub,” replied Barry.
“Kayla, will the girls come out if we ask?”
“We can try.”
“Okay, Barry. Get the dock workers organized. Send someone to medical and get help finding anti-hallucinogens. Or a damned sedative. A lot of sedatives. Find some protective gear and rig up decon showers. Make sure there are clean clothes waiting. I swear, any asshat trying to sneak a peek won’t have eyes when I’m done.”
“I’ve got kids back home. They’ll be safe.”
“Okay,” Katelyn replied and started to stand up. She froze when JT grunted as more pressure was applied to his neck. “Kayla?”
Kayla nodded to Jenn and Keiko who backed off. “Okay, get up, and let’s see about getting everyone off safely.”
Rubbing his neck and rolling into a sitting position, JT snickered. Until he saw the look Katelyn gave him.
“Soimt!” barked Katelyn as she pulled her tablet out and pressed it against his chest none too gingerly. “I need a map. Pull up what you can from your files, the shipyard, or wherever the hell else you have to. Just remember: The longer I’m stumbling around in that toxic crap, the less sane I’ll be when I get out. You want me to know the layout. The whole layout. Now.”
Turning to JT, she continued, “Babe, when I get out, you take me down fast. If I’m rational, I’ll forgive you. If I’m not and you don’t disable me before I hurt people—”
“I’m not contaminated yet. No powder, barely a whiff in the hold. I’ll do the run,” JT said, hopping to his feet and moving toward Katelyn.
“Stop! You get any closer and you will be — it’ll be the Holturian trader incident all over again. You have [excrement] for tolerance. Besides, Jenn didn’t take the time to wash her sneakers before stepping on your neck, so you might just find some of the little shoe print ridges on your neck have foam in them. You have to decon right away. Anyway, I can do this, you can’t. I’m a former scout.”
“Hey, I did my 19D!” JT snarked.
“No, dear. I’m a former Girl Scout. Part of the pack. You did a little recon before you re-upped and re-specced. You’d go in trying to be slow, which gives the foam more time to work you over, and stealthy, which is predatory. The pack would tear you apart to protect each other. You and your muscle mass, threatening. Sweet little me, non-threatening,” she said, noting his disbelieving expression. “Has to be me. Kayla! Do they all know the official songs? Specifically, the marching cadences.”
“Most of them. Not many new girls came with us. The rest are covering back at Encampment.”
“Will they all know Funky Chicken?”
In unison, Kayla, Jenn, and Keiko all sang out, “What’s that you say?”
“I’ll take that as a ‘yes’ then.”
“Yes. It’s still a fave when we can’t bust out the unofficials and still used for a lot of large groups. Why not go with the Scout Marching Song? It’s the first one everyone learns.”
“The scouts go marching one-by-one, the little ones stops to shoot their guns,” rattled Katelyn. “I don’t want to put thoughts of violence in over a dozen drugged minds. That turns a ship into an urban battlefield. The best place for urban warfare is not in a ship, it’s in vacuum. Funky Chicken is fun and nonsensical. Soimt! Where’s my layout?” Taking her datapad back, Katelyn sighed and said, “Okay, here’s the plan…”
The earlier excitement of a handful of humans and grey marketeer were quickly forgotten by the rest of the people running around the cargo bay. This station was busy and nobody had time to sit back and watch the primitives running around. This might change when they achieved FTL and the first traders to reach the planet could legally rob them blind. For now, there was no profit in voyeurism and many ships were waiting to dock. After the one loud human marched into the ship [twenty minutes] ago, the humans were of no interest.
The Skytrs, however, were freaking out. With their large, arachnoid bodies, stumpy humanoid torsos, and strong arms, they often found employment in docks. Their natural leaping abilities were useful for moving light parcels to and from high shelving units quickly. They were getting steadily more anxious because the entire deck seemed to be pulsing once per [second] like someone was using it as a drum.
“— me see your Funky Chicken!
The Tuhkhans were the first to notice the strange noises coming from a small trader ship on the docking port green-eleven of the primary outer ring. Descended from herbivorous stock on a planet with lots of dense jungles, hearing had been key to survival. The addition of advanced reasoning skills did not eliminate all the threats on their home world, merely ensuring better use thereof. Many Tuhkhans became auditors or dock masters. Their sharp hearing often provided a boost to the local tax coffers when ill-advised comments were made, even at incredible distances, about illicit goods or unreported trades.
What's that you say?
I said:
A number of Tuhkhans paused mid-argument with various captains and quartermasters. All thoughts of lucrative tax opportunities went on hold as their hindbrains picked up electric guitars and waited expectantly.
Oooo, Ahhh - Ahhh - Ahhh, Oooo, Ahhh - Ahhh - Ahhh, Oooo, Ahhh - Ahhh - Ahhh, Oooo One more time now!
The rhythmic pounding of feet along with the chanted cadence plucked a nervous chord from the Tuhkhans ancestral memory buried deep in their genetics. These descendants of tens of thousands of generations of survivors knew only one lyric that went with that chord: RUN!
Oooo, Ahhh - Ahhh - Ahhh, Oooo, Ahhh - Ahhh - Ahhh, Oooo, Ahhh - Ahhh - Ahhh, Oooo Back in line now!
Puzzled crews and station stevedores watched in confusion as tablets clattered to the ground and every Tuhkhan disappeared seemingly chased by the Skytrs.
Left, Left, Left, Right, Left
As the chanting and coordinated footfalls grew rapidly louder, representatives of more species experienced their flight or flight moments with no genetic coding for fight. Some grabbed their crewmates and pulled them back to their ships which began emergency launch prep. Others ran or flew deeper into the station. The Sorc dock workers, finding the rhythm oddly comforting, started nodding to the rhythm of the pounding feet as that translated from the docked ship to the bay. Soon their own steps began to echo ever so slightly behind the beat enhancing everyone else’s panic.
Left, Left, Left, Right, Left
An exception to all the evolutionary rules was Captain Mindar, from a Dominion military cruiser. As a Timmintar, he stood half again as high as a human and looked rather like the product of a buffalo being savaged by a randy Irish wolfhound.
Mindar picked up the abandoned tablet at his feet and strode purposefully toward the human dock workers with his Quartermaster nervously in tow. He was unaccustomed to waiting. Even the most ornery Dock Master, no matter how annoyed they were with military ships jumping the queue to dock and not having to vacate in a timely manner, rarely felt comfortable arguing with that much pure muscle staring them down. This was part of his reasoning for assisting the Quartermaster
Let me see your Dracula!
Mindar was surprised when he approached the knot of dock workers who simply ignored him. Clearing his throat in a manner that implied just making room to swallow you whole, he was immediately met with … no response. Just the hiss of the jury-rigged field shower units.
Sorc, not the fastest thinkers, yet selectively quick on certain types of uptake, stopped nodding to the rhythm of the marching cadence and suddenly realized they almost certainly were needed in Purple section, the exact opposite edge of the docking ring Unfortunately, this is where their selective cognition failed them and they took off in random directions eager to have the brewing fight well behind them.
What’s that you say?
Mindar pushed the tablet into the side of one of the humans expecting his needs to be serviced immediately.
Momentarily distracted but not enough to look away from the open docking port, JT said, “You should get that throat looked at. Medical. Two rings in. One ring up. Tell them JT sent you. If you go now, they can help you get back to your ship quickly.”
Mindar pushed the tablet against the fleshy human again with greater emphasis, and grunted, “You’ll help me n—”
“You see, friend,” said JT, “If you don’t get the hell away from here and wait until it’s your turn, two things will happen.”
Mindar, unaccustomed to such treatment and well-aware that his Quartermaster would spread whatever happened here throughout the ship, blustered on, “Human! You will—”
Let me see your Dracula!
JT sighed, turned to face the Captain, and continued, “Buddy, you’re about as quick as molasses. If you don’t back off, I won’t be in position to prevent over a dozen drugged humans from tearing you and this [vigorous reproductive act] station apart. There’s a peculiar kind of [nonsensical reproductive act technology] at work here and you do not want to mess with it.”
Mindar froze. This future stain on the deck had just mouthed off to him. This could not happen. His frontal lobes tried to process the event and failed. Shaking with rage and frozen with confusion, he barely realized his Quartermaster, a young Timmintar fresh from the academy, was speaking.
What’s that you say?
“What’s the other thing that will happen?” asked the junior officer.
I said:
JT grinned, showing off every tooth he could, “Then, buddy, you won’t have to tell the medical staff I was the one who sent you two up there. They’ll know when you get dumped on the floor. Now back the [sexual act] off and wait by your ship. We’ll have someone come by once the situation has been defused.”
Oooo, Ahhh - Ahhh - Ahhh, Oooo, Ahhh - Ahhh - Ahhh, Oooo, Ahhh - Ahhh - Ahhh, Oooo One more time now!
Mindar dropped the tablet and launched himself at JT. JT stepped to the side allowing the Captain to faceplant into the support pillar he had been leaning against. Mindar’s upper skull plate rang against the metal support like a bell, and his left horn snapped off.
Oooo, Ahhh - Ahhh - Ahhh, Oooo, Ahhh - Ahhh - Ahhh, Oooo, Ahhh - Ahhh - Ahhh, Oooo Back in line now!
Glancing briefly at the Quartermaster, JT yelled, “Sit!” and watched the young one’s legs obediently collapse. Behind JT, so did Soimt’s.
A chorus of call-and-response lefts and rights peppered the background as the fight went on.
Focusing on the dazed Captain, JT muttered, “This is a bad idea. So far, I haven’t had to lay a hand on ya, and you’re already hurt. Come at me in this state and anything I do is self-defense. One of your horns is off. Go to Medical. Now. They can probably reattach it. The rest of you, watch the ship. Tell me when they come out. I’ve got this. Just another kind of drunk, and I’ve been a bouncer for [years].”
This last was directed at the rest of the humans. The girls went back to watching for their friends. The dock workers started betting on the fight.
The Captain chose poorly. Head still ringing and vision a bit wonky, he ducked his head and tried to gore the human with his remaining horn.
JT stepped aside, grabbed the horn, and said, “I guess you don’t want to keep this.” Jerking the horn up and down sharply, he snapped it off around its midpoint then dropped it as the Captain, balance thrown off, stumbled into the pillar again causing another dull chime to peal across the dock.
JT, realizing the Timmintar was likely no longer thinking, made one last effort to break through, “Captain, I don’t have time for this [excrement]. You are setting a bad example for your young officer. Calm down before I have to put you down.”
Mindar wobbled slightly then charged again. JT stepped to the side, grabbed his attacker’s arm as it passed, then flipped the massive creature up and over so it landed on its back. Diving down shoulder-first into Mindar’s midsection, he forced all the air out of the Captain’s lungs.
Let me see your Flight Attendant!
With the brawler trying to recover from this double assault, JT grabbed a leftover roll of duct tape (well, the closest they’d been able to make locally), and started taping the hairy legs together.
What’s that you say?
As JT flipped him over, Mindar, now on his stomach, lashed out groggily with his dominant arm. JT neatly jumped over it, landed, dropped the duct tape, and said, “Naughty, naughty.” grabbing the arm with both hands, JT popped it out of socket then repeated the process on the other arm to the bellows of the Captain.
Let me see your Flight Attendant!
Seeing the Quartermaster trying to get to his feet, JT yelled, “Sit!” but it didn’t work a second time.
“Get your hands off my Captain!”
What’s that you say?
“Kid, calm the [excrement] down. He attacked me. An unarmed civilian. I defended myself. He’s experienced and nearly twice your size. I took him down without getting bloodied. I could have killed him. I could have broken his arms, but I just dislocated them so he can’t keep attacking me and getting hurt. THINK! If I have to take you down too, then who is going to carry him to Medical? I bet he doesn’t want the crew to see him like this.”
I said:
The junior officer sank back down.
“Good,” JT said. Now, I’m just going to finish taping him up. We’ll put him on a cargo lifter and you can cart him to Medical. Then he can cool off for a bit. Nod if you understand.”
The Quartermaster nodded.
Oooo, Ahhh - Ahhh - Ahhh, Oooo, Ahhh - Ahhh - Ahhh, Oooo, Ahhh - Ahhh - Ahhh, Oooo One more time now!
“Alrighty. I won’t ask you to help tape him up, but we’re short on time. This is going to look rough, but he won’t be hurt any worse as long as he doesn’t fight.” That said, JT nodded to a couple of the dock workers who picked up the groggy officer and rotated him in a series of flips. After JT and his helpers went through two rolls of duct tape, they tossed Mindar on a cargo lift and gave the young officer directions to the Medical unit as they watched a string of scouts follow Katelyn out of the ship.
Oooo, Ahhh - Ahhh - Ahhh, Oooo, Ahhh - Ahhh - Ahhh, Oooo, Ahhh - Ahhh - Ahhh, Oooo Back in line now!
JT gestured toward the decon zone, and Katelyn used the next round of left-right cadence to lead the girls into the strong showers.
Let me see your wet dog!
What’s that you —“
The normal response broke down into “what”s and “huh”s as the girls realized they didn’t know that one.
Katelyn, approaching the end of the shower array, shook herself wildly like a dog trying to dry off and started laughing. As the girls mimicked her, more of the dreaded foam got washed off.
“Headcount!” she yelled.
JT shouted, “You got twelve out. With the three from before, that’s two unaccounted for.”
“[Excrement!],” Switching to English, Katelyn yelled, “Girls, get that gunk off you. In a minute, we’ll get some strong soap in here, get rid of the contaminated uniforms, and you can scrub that toxic [excrement] off! We’ll have fresh clothes for you and your friends who already went through will make certain nobody looks. Kayla! I’ll have them sound off, you tell me who’s missing! You!” Katelyn pointed at the first girl behind her, “Name!
The surprised girl belted out, “Missy!”
Going down the line, the girls sounded off in turn as Katelyn pointed.
When they were done, Katelyn told them to keep scrubbing and stepped out. Turning to Kayla, she asked, “Who did I miss?”
Kayla, biting her manicured nails, replied, “Jessica and my brother Jeff.”
Katelyn sighed, “Oh, for [reproductive act’s] sake. What’s with all the middle-of-the alphabet names? Was there a shortage of early and late consonants? Okay, I’ll go back in and see if I can find them. I picked these troops up doing a loop of the main corridors. Any idea where those two might have gotten to? Oh, no. That’s the boy and the girl he was hitting on, right? I didn’t see him trussed up in the main passages.”
Kayla nodded nervously.
Katelyn took a couple of deep breaths, started moving toward the ship double time, and was tackled from behind.
“What the bloody—”
JT, arms and legs pinning her as best he could, said, “You’re not thinking clearly. Your skin is wet. That foam remnant powder in there will go right through you. Either I go in, or we wait for a bit while you dry off.”
Allowing her weariness to creep into her voice, Katelyn asked, “JT, hon… You, who just tackled a wet woman and warned her she can’t go into the ship until she’s dry, think it’s safe for you now? The guy who hijacked a transport to go catch space fish when he was last exposed to this stuff?”
JT rolled off her and looked at his wet clothes. “So we wait?”
“Looks like… I’m going to go get a good shower. Make sure we’ve got plenty of towels and dry clothes ready.”
Jessica was confused. She wasn’t sure whose idea the barbeque was, where they’d gotten the meat, or where everybody else had gone. Ever since that pipe broke in the cargo hold, everything was just fuzzy.
Cargo hold, she thought. I’m on a space ship.
Looking around the room, she saw the meat on the spit staring at her with the fire pulsing below. Something wasn’t right, though.
“What was I just…” Shaking her head to clear it, she had a realization. “I forgot to get more wood for the fire!”
Bustling around the campsite, she picked up the strange sticks and carried them back to the fire. Tossing a couple more in, she watched the flame rise and fall.
“Weird,” she commented, “the animal looks worried. What is it? A wild pig? How did we catch that? Wait! Did we spit it without killing it?”
It made some strangled noises and she felt horrible. “I’m so sorry. I’d never be cruel to an animal! I don’t know how we forgot to kill you before putting you on the spit! Hang on! I’ll put you out of your misery!”
Searching for her backpack, she could hear the animal thrashing on the spit. But her pack wasn’t here in the campsite. She must have left it… in the cargo hold! “I’m on a ship! I’m on a spaceship! Backpack. Cargo hold. Backpack. Cargo hold.”
Barbeque forgotten, she wandered off in search of her backpack.
The Tuhkhans Quartermaster had returned once his Captain was safely sedated in the medical bay. While the orders he had received were quite explicit, he was fairly certain they were not legal. He cautiously approached the knot of humans in hopes of learning what was going on.
“I see her!” shouted Kayla. “Jess! Over here!”
The lost scout, wandering around the cargo bay searching for her pack, looked up at the sound of her name.
Jeff strained against the paracord and thought, Just a few hours ago, I might have admitted that the idea of being tied up by a girl — especially this one — excited me. Now? Hells no! How did things get so screwed up?
Pushing as much of the sock gag as he could into his cheek, he slipped his tongue under the rest and tried to pull his lips in a bit so he could lick the adhesive off the duct tape. That stuff is evil. Why does it seem like someone always has a damned roll?
All I did was hit on her, and she — okay, *maybe** I should have stopped when she said to. Calling me a pig is one thing, but trying to roast me alive is going a bit too far! Yes! *
Jeff could feel the tape giving way slightly. Just … a … bit ... more…
He curled his lips further between his teeth. Unfortunately, this pushed the sock further back in his mouth and triggered his gag reflex.
Jeff panicked briefly then struggled to suppress the gag reflex as a bit of stomach acid got into his mouth. Can’t let that happen! I’d choke! Ever so carefully, he slid the sock forward toward his teeth, safely away from the danger zone.
Ever since Jeff got knocked down and tied up, his life had consisted of one adrenaline-fueled moment after another. If he hadn’t taken a solid hit off his inhaler just before this all went wrong, he would likely have had an asthma attack and died by now.
That thought sobered him slightly. Now the idea of being unable to take another hit off the inhaler in his pocket ranked equally with the dangers of the “fire” below him.
When he saw the “fire” comprised of various things with flashing yellow and red lights being built under him, he would have laughed with relief had he been able. But that changed when he saw the teepee “fire” being built up under him with all sorts of slender, pointy tools. Each tool Jess had added to the fire made him more nervous.
Even if she didn’t like the attention, this was going too far! Why did they all go crazy at the same time? Why didn’t I? Did I? he thought.
If she came back and kept building her “fire,” the rickety spit would eventually fail and he would become a space pincushion. If she didn’t, he’d eventually have an asthma attack, struggle, and likely become a pincushion anyway.
Torn, Jeff thought he would at least like to see the girl he lusted after since his sister joined her troop before he died. If he could just get the gag out, maybe he could talk her down…
“My name is Haddin,” the returning Quartermaster said, trying to infuse as much confidence in this one thing he knew to be true at the moment. “What is going on here?”
A human female looked him up and down. “Are going to be a problem, too?” she asked.
NO!” he exclaimed. “What started all this? I … I have to fill out a report…”
Several of the nearby humans erupted into strange barking sounds interspersed with comments like “Paperwork! Militaries are all the same!” and “Accompanied Captain to port. Learned not to [engage in sexual intercourse] with humans. Accompanied Captain to med bay.” Each comment caused the barking sounds to get longer and louder.
Eyes widening in horror, Haddin stammered, “That was a sexual act? Your species— you engage in sexual acts that put people in med bay?? You—”
While the other humans kept barking even louder until they struggled to breathe (Mental note: Humans have a weakness if we can just disrupt their breathing…), the stone-faced female he initially addressed just inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly. She then said, “No, it’s a term with multiple meanings and was used as an invective in this case. And no we don’t…” she paused, eyes looking toward the ceiling as her head bobbed side-to-side. “Okay, we usually don’t engage in sexual activities that lead to trips to the med bay. There are exceptions, but it’s been a while.”
At this, one of the human males changed color! He went from a mottled white/pink to a solid red while the other males pointed at him and convulsed with their barking.
“But that’s an entirely different discussion for another time, if ever,” she continued. “My name is Katelyn. Seventeen humans on a vessel were exposed to fire suppressant. We were attempting to address the issue before things got out of control. Your narcissistic Captain interfered, and he became aggressive when told to wait. All actions taken by humans were for the protection of the station and all those aboard.”
Eyeing her suspiciously, Haddin asked, “Who cares about fire suppressant? We are always exposed during drills. It’s hardly a threat to the station.”
Katelyn asked, “Have you ever wondered what happened to the Void Suppressor? That Kelros Empire battleship that disappeared about nine cycles ago…?”
“They encountered a freak spatial anomaly near the event horizon of a black hole, their engines were damaged, and they were unable to escape. Everyone knows that.”
Scooping up one of the tablets dropped by fleeing dock workers, Katelyn pushed a video to it from her own tablet and said, “Yes, that’s what everyone knows.” Pressing the spare tablet into Haddin’s chest firmly, she looked him in the eyes and said, “Everyone knows a lie.”
The Quartermaster found he was unable to push back enough on her arm without breaking the tablet, so he held it while he took a step back before realizing that this was a sign of weakness in front of a fleshy little human. Raising the tablet to obscure his face as the thought struck him, he watched the queued video.
It was a bloodbath. What appeared to be three humans destroyed the entire crew of an Imperial battle cruiser. Those held over six hundred crew and usually at least five hundred troops. They simply slaughtered their way to the bridge, took over control, and vented the rest of the ship into space. He had heard tales of boarding actions against these vessels and even with double the troops, casualties were horrendous. There was no love lost for the Imperials, but still… Just three humans…
“This is fake!”
“No,” Katelyn smiled, not bothering to hide her teeth. “This is one thing that can happen when humans are exposed to fire suppressant. Needless to say, we don’t like the video getting out. And the Empire doesn't want anyone to know how easily their battleship was lost. It was far easier to send another ship to tow it to a black hole and sabotage the tug’s engines so they thought all witnesses would be gone.”
Grabbing the tablet back, she chucked it at JT and said “Slag it.” Turning back to Haddin, she continued, “You want to be really careful with that knowledge. If you ever encounter humans, you should make certain they are well cared for and not exposed to that suppressant [excrement]. And your command leaks info like a sieve, so I wouldn’t go telling everyone what really happened or you’ll learn how effective the Empire’s assassins are.”
“But I have to repor—”
“What you have to do is tell your superiors that when your Captain interfered with a bunch of humans attempting to care for their young who had been exposed to a toxic mess, the errors of his ways were explained to him. If you want to get creative, you can…” she trailed off.
“Can what?”
“Kid, I like you,” Katelyn suddenly grinned at the junior officer. “Do you think you can handle a human who is completely tied up? Bear in mind, if you injure him...”
Swallowing hard, Haddin replied, “I … I suppose so.” Thinking back to the video, he asked, “Completely tied up?”
“Yup. Can barely wiggle. If you go in that ship, retrieve our lost child, and return him safely to us, well… I think we can all agree on a version of the story where you and your Captain valiantly assisted us in protecting our young from a toxic spill and your brave Captain was hurt while the rescue operation was in progress. I think your superiors will like that version more, don’t you?”
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