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23F & Sterilized (thank you r/childfree!!!) PERSONAL. Wow okay Reddit so I’m (23/F) a long time lurker of this thread but first time poster and I cannot believe I’m about to write what I am. Earlier this year I told my mom this was the year, at my yearly appt, that I wanted to get my sterilization ball rolling with my gynecologist ... (X-post from r/childfree) I (23F American) believe that I want sterilization, due to not wanting children and the medications that I need not being compatible with pregnancy. However, I want more time to think about it BUT I’m afraid that if I wait, I won’t have the option. This sub is for anyone, especially childfree people, who wants to **reach out and share knowledge with both childfree and non-childfree Redditors**. We hope to traverse a large variety of subreddits to share information/resources related to surgical sterilization and, when relevant, the childfree lifestyle (only when someone has asked ... This sub is for anyone, especially childfree people, who wants to **reach out and share knowledge with both childfree and non-childfree Redditors**. We hope to traverse a large variety of subreddits to share information/resources related to surgical sterilization and, when relevant, the childfree lifestyle (only when someone has asked ... My Journey to Sterilization - 23F bilateral salpingectomy; Bilateral Salpingectomy - 24, obese, in recovery ... surgery and recovery shared daily identified by the “fix” flair on r/childfree ... hosting, maintenance, and other costs! Please give whatever you can. Your identity will always be kept confidential. Thank you so much for your ... Anecdotally, on r/childfree, ~80% of users who have been sterilized since the start of 2016 have had salpingectomies, with the majority getting 100% coverage for their salpingectomies. This is the best-case scenario: the patient gets the ACOG-recommended procedure at no cost (free to the patient).

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Wow okay Reddit so I’m (23/F) a long time lurker of this thread but first time poster and I cannot believe I’m about to write what I am. Earlier this year I told my mom this was the year, at my yearly appt, that I wanted to get my sterilization ball rolling with my gynecologist.
I am childfree and have vehemently been so since I knew what birth and babies entailed (maybe the age of 5? I’m an only child so my parents always explained things at more of an adult level) and knew for sure I was tokophobic, although i didn’t know the terminology until a couple of years ago, when I hit puberty and gained the ability to become pregnant.
I started Depo Provera at age 14 to stop what were horror-movie level periods with no explanations. I have no cysts, polyps, endo, etc-ultrasound ruled that all out. With nowhere else to turn to help me with my horrific bleeding and pain my gyno placed me on the shot, and for me it served its intended purpose. I haven’t had a period since I was 14. Zero. But I always had this nagging feeling it wasn’t good for me-although my biyearly praxis scans were always perfect and I never “gained” weight from depo something always felt off. I quit my birth control for about 12ish months between 2018-2019 and my life changed. BIG TIME. I immediately toned up (i work in theme park entertainment so have a very physical job to begin with-I need to be able to build muscle and maintain it), my muscles grew, and most importantly my mental health and sex drive sky rocketed. When I went back onto the shot in January of 2020 I immediately noticed all the negative things depo caused for my physical and mental health-I mean I never knew a difference until I’d quit it because I’d been on it since puberty. I was done.
During my yearly appointment this summer I brought up wanting a consultation for the surgery to my PA who always sees me at that office (it’s a small office with only one surgeon so while he was the man who delivered me I’d never seen him for gynecological treatment) and was made an appointment with only a few questions asked of me-to which I was able to answer quickly and confidently with medical facts thanks largely in part to my research done within this community.
During my consultation I was told to bring a letter (something he asks of all patients seeking sterilization no matter age or child bearing status) basically outlining my reasons and my informed consent about the risks and such. My doctor was respectful, kind, and not patronizing in the slightest. He immediately said yes, happily informing me that I was the youngest childless patient he’s ever sterilized. He seemed so impressed with my research and extra letters I brought in.
There was a small hiccup in which I VERY BADLY wanted a Bisalp but he continually said no because of the irreversibility. I argued back, with ectopic pregnancy rates and lowered cancer risks-etc etc etc and he would not budge. It was a small disappointment-but I also understand that he was doing something he’d never done before for me and wanted to treat me the way he viewed best medically-giving me a solid chance of reversal if i ever wanted it (he knew I am positive I will not want it reversed). But with the ACA on the line currently in America and my parents’ compliant insurance covering my procedure I felt pressure and didn’t have time to go through another doctor and possible 1-2 year waiting period at a different office. I ultimately ended up with a tubal ligation via the band method, which my doctor informed me scars up nicer than the traditional cut and burn method.
I am on day two of recovery (surgery was 10/13) and couldn’t be happier-although my procedure didn’t go perfectly as planned and I still have parts of my tubes (reveling happily in the idea of the section of my tubes that is being choked to death by the bands inside of me though) I am sterile, and I NEVER have to be on birth control or have tokophobia induced panic attacks anymore. I want to thank this community so much for all of the info that was provided, so I was able to go to my personal doctor and make a strong and conviction filled case for myself in the case of my sterilization. It feels like I have the body I’ve dreamed of my entire life (natural hormones, all womanhood glory, yet sterile) and I still am getting teary when the reality sets in. I hope my story can provide some encouragement to women who are facing asking for sterilization from a doctor not on this list (my personal one in my office was not, but some within the same medical provider in other cities near me were) to have confidence to demand the bodily autonomy you deserve.
Thank you guys so much again for everything-even though I was silent while taking all of the help and research. As you can see it made all the difference ❤️
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Hi there,
I wanted to share my laparoscopy experience on here as, I don’t know about anyone else but, this Community was the greatest source of information to me while I was in the process of being diagnosed. As I’m sure everyone’s aware, most doctors aren’t fully aware of the symptoms and signs of endo, and as I result I came here for most of my information/guidance/sisterhood in discussing similar experiences. And so l hope reading this helps someone else in their journey <3
I had terrible period pains growing up, I used to need to take regular naps to get over the fatigue the pain had inflicted on me while I was a teenager. They were also incredibly heavy and I regularly leak as I find it difficult to wear tampons. Then, in September 2019, suddenly the pain isn’t just unbearable in my pelvis, but I find myself calling an ambulance to my place of work because I’m so sure I’m having a heart attack at age 25. Sharp shooting pains all across my right shoulder and part of my chest that can’t be made better with deep breathing (in fact it made it worse), wasn’t muscle as I could poke and massage all I liked and couldn’t feel it, and was CONSTANT. Paramedics ran all sorts of tests and said my heart was fine, this was more than likely a panic attack, gave me pain relief and went on their way. I lived with and cried about this pain every month, creating a pain log to try and link it to something, anything (certain foods, alcohol, smoking) until finally my partner noticed around 6 months later that it was every month and during the first two days of my period. It was my last straw when I was bed bound all day, not even being able to pass indigestion as the air passed through my chest caused me an immense amount of pain. And the girls I lived with suggested it might be endo.
I researched it all day that final straw day. Finding the most useful sources in this community. I found out about diaphragmatic endo which has specific links between endo and right shoulder pain. I wrote my first thread and found someone with similar pains. I had to cry out of pure validation that day! I had to have a phone consultation as by then it was the height of lockdown. And the doctor gave me the answer I was expecting: go back on the pill for 3 months and see how it goes. This was expected because every woman suffering with endo has told us a similar story: it is an upwards battle. I tried to explain that I don’t agree with the pill for me, I’d been without it for 3 years and enjoyed myself better without it. Also, I’m looking for treatment not pain management. But she wouldn’t have any of it. And said that this was always the first step.
I begrudgingly took it for 3 months, each period the same, painful and miserable experience. Biding my time to get a referral. This time I went through my employers private healthcare insurance. The phone consultation was a success and she agreed that it sounded like endo and referred me to a gynaecologist. My gynaecologist then set up an appointment to have an ultrasound. This wasn’t pleasant and involved an interior as well as exterior examination. I came back for my follow up and was swiftly told that it had picked nothing up. There was no sign of endo. She started to talk about the Madeira or the pill as an option and I just burst into tears. By now, every month without fail my moods were unpredictable and difficult to navigate. I was sensitive, snappy, crying, angry, each mood unpredicted by the last, and I had to be stroked by my partner each of those nights until I cried myself to sleep, exhausted from the pain and the moods. I explained this to my gyno who said that she was just about to talk to me about a Lapo. That I was diagnostic initially, but that they would treat it at the same time if they diagnosed it.
I was told to go away and think about it but within a day I had made my mind up and scheduled it. I’d had a friend of a friend go through a Lap and she had told me it was the best decision of her life. Unfortunately my first appointment was scheduled on the day as they had not received my covid test results in time for it. But I was rescheduled 2 weeks later.
So the Lap was yesterday and it was half successful. I had to wait 3 and a half hours for it in my hospital bed so didn’t have it until 12:30. Then I started getting really teary when I got to theatre as it all suddenly felt a lot scarier. They didn’t even make me count backwards like everyone had told me they’d do for your anaesthetic they just stuck a needle in my hand and said it was about to feel cold, then I got super dizzy and just passed out. Woke up an hour and a half later on a different bed in a different room, to someone shaking me awake and saying my name. And I was so groggy I kept drifting off but forgetting to breathe so they put me on oxygen for awhile and told me to keep my eyes open. Then they wheeled me off back to my room and my stomach is a bit painful and I look down and see I have three dressings on. They’ve also put this industrial sized period pad in my pants. Then they said as soon as I feel well enough to wee they’ll let me go but I was in literally no rush I felt so out of it!
I asked to see my consultant and she came in and said it was a success, and that my endo is “really very bad” so much so that she’s surprised the ultrasound didn’t pick anything up. Apparently everything was plastered to the back of my womb so she had to separate it all. She also said I have an endometriotic lump called a nodule towards the back of my body, pushing down on my rectum. And I said this must be why I’m in the worst pain of my life when I release my bowels when I’m on my period and she agreed. But she herself can’t operate on that because of its positioning and that in my follow up with her she’ll refer me on to that specialist for it to be removed. I couldn’t feel more relieved. Other than surgery, my worst fear was that i would wake up from the anaesthetic and someone would be there to tell me that they found no evidence of endo and that I was absolutely fine.
Then I ate something and tried to go for a wee but it really stung from having a catheter in and I was bleeding really heavily. Also I got back to bed so lightheaded and sweating and shaking. So I told a nurse and she got my consultant back on the phone for me to tell me it was all normal, it stings from the catheter, it bleeds from the womb lining she had separated, and the nausea and fainting feeling was due to surgery/anaesthetic. But the nurses seemed like they wanted me gone by about 7 so I got changed really slowly and my partner was waiting for me outside. Then he ordered an Uber and when it pulled up and I got up off the brick wall I was leaning on, I got that wave of nausea again and had to be sick in the street! I felt much better after that though. My partners looked after me really well since I’ve been home he’s literally not let me do anything myself, and I’ve been eating slowly but normally. I’m on lots of pain relief now as apparently it will get quite bad, and my friend with endo said that after her lap she didn’t feel like she needed them at first but then it became extremely painful without them.
But I’m just so happy I’ve been validated and someone’s finally told me I have endo and actually it’s really bad, so I’m not crazy and I’m not just someone who can’t handle their period I HAVE A CONDITION!!! And so I urge those who aren’t sure to do the opposite of what people normally say: google your damn symptoms, when it comes to suspicions of endo. It’s not well enough known about and isn’t nearly diagnosed as well as it should be, and push for it if it is disrupting your quality of life. The process is long, you will have to go through things you feel are unnecessary such as the pill, but also the ultrasound - apparently endo is hardly ever picked up in this stage and the results will leave you feeling deflated and frustrated. But push on. I had my surgery 13 months after experiencing my first shoulder pain. That’s 26 days at least of unbearable pain. But I’m hoping this has all been worth it.
Any aftercare tips / experiences are welcome as well as any further questions about my experience I will gladly share! 💖
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Section One: Assets and Debt General household background: My husband (T) and I got married last year and haven’t fully combined our finances. We have a joint savings and a joint credit card for shared expenses. We each have separate personal and business accounts. When we met, I made much less than him and six years later, I make much more but I came to our relationship with a ton of student loan debt and embarrassingly bad credit. He had zero debt and very strong credit. There have been times through the years when we each prop the other up financially. We have also both been with abusive, manipulative people in the past that made very irresponsible financial decisions, so we are probably slower to go fully combined than many other couples.
For the purposes of this MD, I am including T in some places because our habits do have an effect on the other, but he is responsible for his own accounts and I won't include his expenditures that affect his personal or business accounts. He maintains his own emergency savings and as of today, I am the only one saving for retirement. We will both contribute once we buy a house.
My pre-tax income: Approx. $288,000/year, but since I changed jobs this year and took time off between jobs, my income in 2020 will be more like $184,000 – I’m a fully independent 1099 contractor charging $160/hr for my consulting services and aim for a 12-month invoiced average of $24,000/mo.
T’s pre-tax income: Approx $36,000 this year– he works in the restaurant industry and was furloughed in March due to the pandemic. He’s gotten creative this year to keep himself busy and keep some money coming in.
SEP IRA: $12,280 - The bulk of this is rolled over from my last employer's 401K account. I have prioritized student loan debt repayment, house down payment and emergency savings for now. These are almost met so I will get aggressive with contributions here soon.
Emergency savings balance: $16,106 – contributing to this until I get to $30k; the balance was at $20k and then I depleted this down to $8.5k while I had no income for 3 months earlier this year
Joint HYSA: $63,064 – This is the account earmarked for a house down payment. We have contributed $48k to this between the two of us. T's parents gave us a $20k wedding gift and we used $5k to pay off the last of my >7% student loans and the other $15k is in here.
Checking account balance: $20,928 – All of my accounts are tied to this one and there’s more “slush money” in here than usual at the time of writing this. I maintain $3,000 in this account as my "spending money". This week I transferred my "income" from my business account, which is why it's so high. My auto-payments, savings, credit card payments, etc. all come out of here.
Investment account: $5,222 – Opened a Betterment account with high-risk asset allocation last year mostly as an experiment. I would like to contribute more once the house is purchased.
RSAs: I have 5,000 shares from one of the companies I consult with that I started working with when they were still incubating. These will fully vest in January next year. I do not include this in financial planning as it may amount to nothing.
Life Insurance: $200,000 - 20-year term policy (not counted in my Net Worth). I got this after college to protect my student loan co-signer. Even though I now owe far less in loans, I keep my mom as my primary beneficiary because she is likely to need financial assistance in retirement, and if I am alive I will help, but if something happens to me, she'll get this. That peace of mind, for me, is everything.
Business savings account: $39,900 – I think of this money like it doesn’t exist and don’t factor it into my Net Worth calculation. This is 35% of every invoice that I put aside for all of my estimated income and employment taxes. I’ll feel a lot better next year when I figure out what my tax burden is. If I don’t use all of this, I’ll be pleasantly surprised and I’ll put it directly into savings in some form.
Business checking account: $2,000 – This account exists as my central business account, to auto-pay my business credit card in full and to receive payments from customers.
Credit card debt: $0 - Paid in full weekly.
Student loan debt: $56,966 - Graduated with a life science degree and $130,000 in debt
Car: $3,000 approx. - 8 year old car, fully owned and bought with cash. KBB is actually more than this value but I don't plan to replace this car for a while, so I'm estimating what I think it could be worth when I sell it to upgrade.
Net worth: $65,634 (including the joint savings account)
Section Two: Income Main Job Monthly Take Home: $15,600 - Average expected transfer from business account to personal account after I take out taxes
Section Three: Expenses Rent: $1,100 - $2,200 total, split equally with T. We have a large two-bedroom in the Camberville area. This includes laundry, heat, hot water, and gas.
Emergency savings contribution: $2,000
HYSA contribution: $3,000
Student loan payment: $3,000 - Includes overpayment; minimum is $601
SEP IRA contribution: $1,000
Health insurance: $470
Dental insurance: $21
Car insurance: $94
Other car expenses (gas, oil changes): $25 - Average of last 6 mo, WAY down because I left my commuter job and I now work from home most of the time. I expect this to stay low for a while.
On-street parking pass: $40 - Annual
Rental insurance: $13
Life insurance: $11
Electric: $37 - My half; average of last 12 mo
WiFi/Cable + HBO: $60 - My equal half
Cell phone: $89 - My half; we combined separate carrier plans to a family plan last year and replaced T's awful phone and upgraded mine using a BOGO deal and that is included - interest free - in the monthly payment
Cat: $86 - Average of last 6 mo, doesn't fluctuate much. Annual vet visit is $85. No insurance. T has a dog he brought into the relationship and he covers all expenses for him.
Physical therapy: $137.50 - Bought in packages of 8 ($1,100) for a discount off single-visit prices. I have a monthly appointment.
Personal care: $152 - Average of last 6 mo
Groceries: $70 - Average of last 6 mo. My half.
Dining out/delivery: $151 - Average of last 6 mo. My half.
Donations and gifts: $200 - I pick different orgs for this. This month will be METAvivor to support breast cancer research.
Subscriptions: $199 - Netflix ($13), Hulu ($6), Spotify Premium ($10), iCloud storage ($3), PlayStation Network ($60/yr), Adobe Creative Suite ($11); VSCO ($20/yr); QuickBooks ($12.50), Rent the Runway ($139)
Money Diary: Sunday - $125.63
10:00am - Wake up, peek at my Apple Watch - basically just my alarm and sleep/fitness tracker at this point. Very happy I was able to sleep late. Text with some friends, check in on a cell phone game I play (Covet Fashion - anyone else?), and Reddit.
11:00am - Decide coffee is more important than cuddling with pets and reading at this point. Get up. Feed our cat. Make French press coffee with fresh roasted beans.
12:00pm - I tidy the house a little as a procrastination tactic to avoid working out. T comes in from walking our dog and has mail. In it is a letter from my bank explaining why I was denied a credit line increase. Cue me spiraling about how my old financial issues seem to follow me no matter how good I am today. I frequently feel behind my peers, and that line of thinking is a trap, I know. I’m extra emotional about this because I’ve also just received the news that lenders may not want to give us a mortgage because of self employment. I worry out loud that I'm holding us back. (This is the internal dialog of a probably PMSing person going into an emotional spinout.) T, as usual, shrugs it off and says we’re fine. We’ll figure it out. We always do. Gives me a pep talk that’s more pragmatic than my brain wants to be right now. I mope for a little longer and play Covet.
2:00pm - Decide I need to stop feeling bad for myself and do my PT and a workout. I’m supposed to do a 30-40 min routine a minimum of 5 days a week. I’ve also recently been cleared to get back into some cardio so I decide to add on a mixed cardio workout from YouTube.
3:30pm - Finish workout. Glad I did it because I do feel better. I take a moment to affirm my gratitude for having a pain-free day and easy movement. The money situation will be resolved and is less important than my health. Time for a shower though. Wow, is it hot and humid today!
4:00pm - Give myself an at-home facial. I had awful acne, sometimes cystic, for most of my life and I don’t take a single clear skin day for granted. Before COVID I went to an esthetician every other month for a facial ($120/visit+20% tip). I had actually bought a pack of 6 visits for $600 in February. Due to the pandemic, they closed soon after and I haven't used it. The salon has just recently reopened though so I keep considering going back. But for today, I use a pumpkin enzyme peel, a hydrating masque, and then finish with my normal skincare routine. We’re going out to eat tonight so I put on makeup for the first time in months and I spray my hair with dry shampoo followed by a curling mist and pin it up to help it not look slept on. Then I get dressed. I’m wearing a shirt rented from RTR that has an open back so I go braless, which feels very on-trend for COVID.
5:00pm - Feed our cat first dinner while D walks our dog, then I water and groom my house plants.
5:30pm - Sign into QuickBooks to check whether my last client paid their invoice from last month, and they did on Friday. I update the invoice and send them a receipt. But then I notice an issue with my QB subscription (I recently changed versions) and since it’s the end of the month, I need to clear this up ASAP. I add a reminder to my to do list to call them tomorrow.
6:00pm - Leave the house to drive to Providence for a dinner reservation with friends; T drives us in his car. Realize I forgot Lactaid. I’m running low at home anyway so we stop for gas (T pays with his money) and I run into the grocery store next door. Grab deodorant and my vitamins at the same time because I’m almost out of both of them too. - $31.63
7:00pm - Get to dinner and meet our friends. We drove an hour away for this meal because the restaurant is going out of business due to the pandemic. T knows the owner well and we visit at least a couple times a year. They scaled their menu way back to feed people safely outside and while it’s amazing, I’m reminded of how the restaurant industry is just getting absolutely pummeled. But this meal is an amazing send off. We pay the bill and add a generous tip for a total of $442 for 5 people. T puts it on the joint card, and $94 will be my portion. - $94
9:45pm - We zip across town to try to get in for a nightcap at an old haunt of T’s when he lived here. Order a round of drinks at the window. T’s friend pays for us to thank us for driving down.
10:30pm - We part ways with T’s friends and briefly stop by another of T’s friends’ houses. She just got engaged yesterday so we congratulate her and she gives us our own congratulations cake - we just celebrated our wedding anniversary. This friend is a talented pastry chef and made our wedding cake for us, and this little one she gave us tonight looks just as beautiful as that.
11:50pm - Finally home. Move my car to make room for T’s car (street cleaning tomorrow). Feed our cat second dinner while T walks our dog. Jump into sleep clothes, then do my night routine (floss, brush, mouthwash, makeup remover, face wash, toner, serums, moisturizer, eye cream) and dab on some acne spot treatment. I’ve had about 7 deep pimples show up since yesterday and I mentally calculate that yeah, this probably is PMS related. No wonder I was such an emotional mess this afternoon.
12:30pm - Finally in bed. Set my alarm. Read a little until my eyes are heavy. Put on my eye mask. Do two minutes of deep breathing. Asleep by 1am.
Monday - $66.20
7:15am - Alarm goes off and I immediately hit snooze. I slept so poorly. One of those nights where you feel like you’re always just drifting in and out of consciousness and never really sleeping.
7:30am - Alarm goes off again. Still too early but I keep my eyes open. Check my phone to glance at my calendar and the weather. Look at my client emails to see if there are any fires (none, phew). Check Covet to see what scores I got overnight. I leveled up! Fun surprise first thing in the morning.
7:45am - Get up and get my morning routine underway. Brush teeth, shower (not a hair washing day), face routine, put on mascara, get dressed, feed our cat, make coffee. I’m almost out of coffee beans. I have this set for auto re-order but I usually go through a bag every 10-11 days, and they only offer 7 or 14 day intervals. I keep a bag of Dunkin Donuts whole bean coffee on hand just in case.
8:30am - Get on my weekly meeting with my “boss”. Where I’m a consultant, she’s not my boss the same way if I were employed by her, but she runs the group for which I primarily consult. She is a true boss lady and I feel extremely lucky to work with her. We spend the first 15 mins of the meeting talking about mortgages - turns out she actually bought a house her first year being a consultant too. She is going to refer me. Then we talk about work. I’ve been managing a very challenging project in an area I (used to) know nothing about, but then again, no one else on the project did either. I’ve finally assembled a team of experts and we are making real progress. I have nothing but good news this morning, which is a change from the last few months. Nice way to start the work day.
9:30am - Switch gears and get on a weekly status meeting with another client. Everything is going smoothly here. We end early because there wasn’t much to go through. Jump back into work for the first client - project check-ins and deadline reminders, holding a vendor accountable for fixing an issue… the usual.
10:45am - Clock out. Pack up the top I wore last night and a jumpsuit to return to RTR. Say goodbye to T and leave the house to go to my gyno for a follow up appointment to check on my new IUD to make sure it has settled in properly. I find on-street parking and pay for 1 hour ($2.90) and the co-pay for my visit is $30. - $32.90
12:00pm - Still at the doc. IUD is all good but I said yes to getting a free flu shot while I’m here and they’re taking forever to bring it to me. Check my parking and it’s about to run out. Add another 14 mins just as the NP comes to apologize and say she’ll be back in 5 mins. I say it’s okay and she warms my heart when she says, “I appreciate that but it’s not okay, you shouldn’t have needed to wait!” I love my entire doctor’s office. They come in with the shot and send me on my way. I swing by a FedEx to drop off the RTR bag. - $0.50
12:30pm - I get home and as I’m pulling into the (freshly street cleaned) spot I usually park in on the street, I notice there are oil marks on the road. I mention it to T when I get in the apartment. My mechanic retired early in COVID so T agrees to take me to his mechanic to make an introduction after my last meeting this afternoon. I need a state inspection, and I think I need my suspension and brakes replaced. This is going to be expensive, but I’ve been putting off any repairs because I barely drive my car since COVID. T then reminds me we had talked about getting a new router because I drop Zoom meetings all.the.time, and he found one he likes while I was out. It’s $200. I decide I’d rather deal with dropped meetings for now especially in the face of a big mechanic bill. He’s fine with not spending the money too. I make us deli meat sandwiches with a side of potato chips.
1:00pm - Settle back into my home office with my lunch and clock in. A ton of emails from one client came in while I was out. I eat while I catch up on the various situations that popped up.
2:30pm - Take a short (forced) break. While on a call, my cat jumped onto the windowsill and I watched him purposefully knock my baby avocado tree off to make room for himself (he truly enshrines the “cats are jerks” stereotype). I clean up the mess, hope the plant is okay, and then pick up my dishes from my lunch. I start the dishwasher, grab a Polar Seltzer can and go back to my office. Time to work on some slides. I turn on my new Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify for motivation.
3:45pm - After back and forth with a vendor, we still can’t get an issue resolved. I probably need to go to my client’s office because I can’t troubleshoot remotely at this point. I interrupt T’s gaming to ask if I can use his car tomorrow. He has no plans. I add a block to my calendar, fill out a symptom self-assessment form and notify the client office coordinator of when I’ll be onsite. Back to the slide deck, then a strategic planning meeting with the leadership team.
4:45pm - That last meeting ran late. And I’m so tired. I feel like I’m running on empty. Slides still aren’t done either and need to be done. I mentally prioritize car, slides, and then QuickBooks call. I got a voicemail from a mortgage lender but that’ll have to wait. T is still gaming with a friend so I stay clocked in to do a little more slide work.
5:15pm - Go to the shop with two cars to drop mine off. Find out they’re closed (T thought they were open until 6). He goes to the grocery store and I go back home. Park in a different spot and check the road where I had been parked moments ago. Oh yes, that is some nice, fresh, wet oil. I quickly pop the hood to check my oil level. It’ll be fine for now.
6:00pm - T comes home and spent $40.61 total on pork chops, sliced deli meats, yu choy, instant coffee, potato chips, whole grain nut bread, mayo, and pickles. I’ll transfer half of that to him when we reconcile the credit card in October. T asks what I want for dinner and we agree to reconvene for dinner at 8pm. He goes back to gaming and I call QuickBooks while feeding our cat first dinner. - $20.30
7:10pm - The QuickBooks issue was entirely user error. OF COURSE. I log in and snag the promo price for QuickBooks Online. I’ll pay monthly for the first 3 (discounted) months and then upgrade to the annual pricing. Since I have my business bank accounts open, I confirm the deposit amounts for all of my invoice payments for the month. I transfer to the business savings for tax withholding and schedule a transfer to my personal checking account on Oct 1st for the remainder, which will be my after-tax income for October. - $12.50
7:40 - I do PT and no workout. Too tired. And I'm hungry and dinner smells awesome.
8:30 - T made rice with beef, enoki and button mushrooms, green and yellow onions, tofu, egg. I put way too much chili crisp on my bowl and it hurts so good. He has a beer and I have water. He beats me to cleaning up the dishes and suddenly reappears from the kitchen with a vanilla chocolate chip ice cream sandwich. Turns out he got it a month ago from his friend that owns an ice cream shop (he and his industry friends food swap A LOT) and his man forgot to tell me it was in the freezer! I take two Lactaid and eat 3/4 of it. Heaven. We catch up about the day, then try to find something new to watch since finishing Ratched. We settle on season 2 of Marcella but it doesn’t hold our attention. We put on Twitch, I play some Covet and then read the news while he games with friends.
11:15pm - I decide it’s finally time to move the sleeping dog off of me and I can not, in fact, live on the couch with him forever. The second I move, our cat realizes it is time for second dinner. I feed him, do my nighttime routine, and get into bed. Asleep before midnight.
Tuesday - $16.00
7:45am - Alarm. I was having a really strange dream and feel like I slept badly too, but my sleep tracker says 6h45m. Not the worst but not the best. Check Covet, LinkedIn, the weather. Notice a ton of work emails - luckily it’s nothing super urgent.
8:15am - Get up and do my morning routine. As predicted, I did not have enough fresh roast coffee so I make a house special blend with the fresh roasted and Dunkin Donuts beans.
9:00am - Clock in and hop on a few client meetings. Nothing particularly exciting.
11:00am - Pack up my laptop to visit my client’s office to troubleshoot an issue. Circle the building to see if I can find on-street parking - nothing. Park in the garage instead. Take a voluntary COVID test upon arrival.
12:10pm - Leave client site. They ordered BBQ lunch while I was there and told me to bring home enough food for both T and me. Pay for garage parking on the biz credit card and this will be fully reimbursed by my client when I submit my invoice for the month. At home, T and I feast on ribs, pulled pork and chicken, potato salad, mac and cheese, biscuits and cole slaw. - $16
1:00pm - Client meeting. Runs a bit over. Clock out when I’m done and go to the shop with T in two cars for attempt #2 at dropping my car off.
2:00pm - Back at home, less one car. Check Covet. My group has been super active today. Spend a few minutes catching up and strategizing with them. And then clock back in because my to-do list just keeps growing.
3:30pm - Mechanic calls and asks if I can come to the shop so he can show me some concerns. This sounds expensive. I have no meetings scheduled tomorrow, so I decide to deal with this car stuff today and get focused work done tomorrow. I put on my shoes and decide to go for a walk.
4:00pm - Mechanic still has my car on the lift and walks me through the problem areas. There’s nothing that’s a surprise to me and I appreciate that he takes the time to do this. He hits me with a $2900 estimate. This is only slightly higher than what I expected so after talking through which parts we can get OEM and which ones can be aftermarket, I agree to the work. I’ve owned this car for 70,000 miles (bought it at 30k miles) and this is the first time I’ve ever had to do major maintenance work outside of my regular oil, fluid, belt, brake and tire changes. On my walk home, I notice I’m not even feeling badly about this and my main emotion is genuine gratitude that I can afford this. It was less than a decade ago that a serious repair on a former car caused me to need to go without some utilities and food. I wish I could tell my younger self that it will get better because I was often in a very dark place because of (lack of) money.
4:30pm - Home. Grab a can of Polar seltzer water. Clock in as I notice my primary client’s email has blown up. I really want to just be done for the day but I decide to get to Inbox 0 so I can start my day tomorrow without small tasks hanging over my head.
5:30pm - Inbox 0 achieved. I could do more but the internet went out again and T is already on the phone with them. That’s the third or fourth time today. They are sending a service person out and I hear him making the appointment for tomorrow. I’m fine with clocking out. Our cat gets his first dinner.
5:45pm - Get an email I want to follow up with right away. Add 15 more minutes of billable time while T walks our dog. Then I read the latest drama watch MD and check on Covet. I’m going to fall behind in that if I don’t submit some looks tonight.
6:45pm - I got sucked into another R29 MD and the comments filled me with anxiety about posting my own. Decide I need to put my phone down.
7:00pm - T intercepts me to proofread his menu and social posts for a takeout pop-up. It sounds amazing and we work through some revisions together. I joke sometimes that working for him is my second job.
7:30pm - Talk to a friend about logistics for a camping/hiking trip this weekend. Then throw on workout clothes and do PT. Feel more sore and tired than usual so I decide not to do a cardio workout afterward, even though that was my intention.
8:30pm - T makes dinner for us: noodles with pork belly and pulled pork, yu choy and button mushrooms. Then T calls a friend to talk about a specialty order he needs to place while I play Covet. We watch an episode of Marcella after that and the Internet goes out again. He works on a prep list and I go back to Covet.
10:45pm - Feed our cat second dinner, do my nighttime routine and get into bed. I’m so tired. Read in bed and lights off by 11:30. Can’t fall asleep though because my back pain is really flaring up for some reason. Get up to take ibuprofen, and then I finally fall asleep at 12:30.
Wednesday - $14.75
7:45am - I’ve been awake for I’m not sure how long while attempting to keep sleeping but I’m giving up now. My back is in serious pain. I'm so tired that I indulge in lots of Reddit browsing and Covet playing.
9:30am - Finally get up after making the mistake of reading news coverage of the debates last night. My sleep tracker says I got a little over 4h of real sleep. These days are much rarer than they used to be, but sometimes my back really just acts up and I don’t always know why. Also it is extremely windy this morning and I realize we left the windows open... it must have poured last night because the couch is soaked. This is... not a good morning. Can I have a do-over?
10:45am - My teeth are brushed, cat is fed, couch is disassembled and drying, and I did the dishes from dinner last night, but I am dragging today. There are no work emails and I have cramps on top of the back pain. Maybe that’s why my back hurts more. Ugh, why? I realize that I have to go easy on myself today. I eat some Triscuits because my stomach is going to have to deal with coffee and painkillers this morning.
12:15pm - I feel human again after a shower. It is a hair wash day, which always feels nice, and the Ibuprofen has kicked in. T vacuumed while I was in the shower and tells me there’s a big crack causing an air leak and it’s in bad shape. Everyone tells me they swear by the Dyson Pet so we look it up: $600! I didn’t see that coming. We decide to try to make the vacuum work with duct tape for now until Back Friday sales. Make deli meat sandwiches for us, and eat while playing some Covet.
1:00pm - Time to do work! T also goes out to get some work done.
2:30pm - T is home. I got a letter from my health insurance company that 10% of May’s premium will be refunded to me in the form of a check as part of COVID-19 premium forgiveness. I’ll take it.
3:30pm - Clock out. Today feels like I’ve mostly been herding cats. But I checked off a ton of little things on my to-do list so that’s a win. Log into Trade Coffee and my next coffee is supposed to be roasted this week and shipped next week. I decide to order a bag of coffee beans for immediate shipping. - $14.75
3:45pm - Time to get myself paid (AKA last day of the month). Log into QuickBooks and get my invoices in order and ready to send tomorrow. Put on Spotify for motivation. I’m feeling peckish and grab a few pieces of chocolate butter almond toffee.
4:50pm - Carrier arrives to check our internet. Invoices are almost ready to go but I take a break because the internet will be going in and out. Chat with friends about logistics for this weekend - looks like it’s going to rain so we may scrap the camping plan and make a day trip out of the hike.
5:30pm - Get a call back from a mortgage lender that is willing to have a conversation with us. They are not nearly as concerned about our self employment as other lenders were. We spend an hour on the phone. I feel encouraged and hopeful that maybe this can actually happen. I have a message from another lender asking if we can set up time to talk too. T and I spend a little time looking at houses. I don’t want to get too excited yet, but we’re feeling a bit better.
7:00pm - Catch up on some local news and text a bit with my friend. She just adopted a kitten and is finding super cute stuff for her online.
7:30pm - Do PT. No workout tonight. Then take our dog for a walk. T makes dinner.
9:00pm - Eat dinner: rice stir fry with brisket, yu choy, mushrooms, and corn. Watch an episode of Marcella. It’s getting better but we make fun of the characters a bit.
10:00pm - Do my nighttime routine and feed our cat second dinner. I’m not messing around tonight and take a sleep aid. Get into bed, read a bit, and am asleep by 11.
Thursday - $3211.13
7:45am - Alarm, snooze.
8:00am - Alarm again. Keep my eyes open this time. I slept through the whole night, which is an amazing relief. And I have no back pain! Check on Covet and then work email. My COVID test was negative, yay! Text a friend to wish her happy birthday.
8:15am - Out of bed, and do the morning routine. No hair wash day.
9:00am - Client meeting. Nothing noteworthy.
10:15am - Clock out. Tidy the kitchen, then proofread my invoices for services provided in September (totaling $24,594) and hit send. T comes back from his walk with our dog and noticed he’s limping. We shelled out $1200 earlier this year for a limp that ended up going away on its own with no explanation, so we're a bit concerned. We still have some of the anti-inflammatories for him though, so we give him that. I will be getting pet insurance for our next pets.
11:00am - Back to work. Nothing noteworthy. I make deli meat sandwiches for T and me while he is on a Zoom with a property developer that is presenting an opportunity to open a restaurant in 2022.
2:00pm - Take a break from work; T wants to talk about the restaurant opportunity. There’s a lot I can advise him on in business, but the restaurant industry has a lot of specialty knowledge too. Owning his own place is the end goal for T, and we also talk about how this factors in with our other goals too. I am extremely supportive of him making his own decision about whether this is the right opportunity for him. He goes back to the dining table to contact some friends and advisors, and I go back into the office/second bedroom.
3:45pm - Dragging a little. It’s a fairly quiet day for all of my clients, which is great because I can tackle projects that need more free space to think and be creative, but on the other hand, I start to lose focus if it’s too quiet for too long. Get up to stretch my legs and get a Polar seltzer. Turn on Spotify. Open the office windows. And then jump back into work.
4:30pm - Mechanic called and my car is ready. He forgot to add the alignment to the quote, and then with the addition of tax, the total damage is $3105.13 (in short, four new brakes, new struts, new bushings, one new bearing, and a new oil pan because yay salty-rusty-fun winter roads). I immediately apply an overpayment from my savings to my credit card at home. - $3105.13
5:30pm - I have every intention of doing PT but while on the way to change into workout clothes, T stops to ask me a question relating to the restaurant opportunity. We end up talking through investment scenarios, hiring strategies, and more, and suddenly an hour has passed. Oops.
6:30pm - Wash my face and put on some makeup. T and I leave to meet a friend and her SO for her birthday dinner. I expected we’d be outside, but we’re not. I don’t love sitting inside in a restaurant during the pandemic, however, I am very grateful to spend time with friends. We drop a small fortune but the steaks are amazing. We split checks between couples to pay. The bill for T and me is $212, and I will pay half. - $106
11:00pm - Back home finally. I feed the cat and do my nighttime routine while T walks the dog. He is still in pain. I take him to bed with me and try to be his comfort buddy the way he does for me when I feel crappy. I read and am asleep by 12:30.
Friday - $3.50
7:45am - Alarm, snooze.
8:00am - Alarm and wake up. Check Covet, news, weather and email. My group chat with some close friends blows up and many memes are exchanged.
8:30am - Get up later than I should have. Do my morning routine at warp speed. Glad it’s not a hair wash day. I can’t be bothered with it, so I put it up in a sock bun.
9:00am - Zoom meeting with a client. One of them is a hiker and has a background photo from a trip he took last weekend in the area I’m going tomorrow. It’s gorgeous. I get really excited, which is the energy I need to make up for what’ll probably be a 4:30am wakeup tomorrow morning. My meeting ends 15 minutes early and I use this time to place an RTR order - I could’ve done this yesterday and received the delivery today but I completely forgot. I order a cute I’m-not-ready-for-summer-to-end cropped floral top and a structured plaid peplum top that’s more professional.
10:00am - Pack my bag and head to my client’s office for an issue that has been confounding me all week. Find on-street parking to save my client some money and put the max time (2h) on the business credit card. Set an alarm so I can move my car into the garage if I need to go over. - $3.50
12:45pm - Leave my client just as I get a notification about my parking expiring. The issue is still not resolved. I’m going to have to come back next week again. Run home for my next round of back-to-back meetings.
1:00pm - Make it to my desk and on the Zoom meeting exactly on time and earlier than the client I’m meeting with. Success! Go straight into two more meetings after that. Between meetings, I am super hungry and can’t resist eating a handful of potato chips and two sugar cookies that came with the take-home BBQ lunch earlier this week.
3:00pm - Come up for air. Make a sandwich so I can eat some real food. Read documentation while I’m eating so I stay clocked in. Around 4pm, I switch to updating my project trackers and send out some week end updates to stakeholders. I have one last task I need to do before Monday but I don’t have any more time so I leave about an hour of work for Sunday. The week was really light anyway due to some of my mental health time, and I’ve only logged 32h of billable work. With the projects that are going to ramp up this month, I will likely work overtime in the coming weeks so I am not worried about this week.
5:15pm - Clock out. Quickly change into exercise clothes and get my PT in.
6:15pm - Feed our cat first dinner and then go to my friend’s for dinner and hiking planning. T stays at home to do some work. My friend is cooking and using vegetables from her garden so I bring a bottle of wine we’ve had at home forever and a quarter of the cake from our other friend and she makes spaghetti squash, turkey tomato sauce, and roasted squash seeds. We eat while making sure we're all set for tomorrow.
9:30pm - Home, feed our cat second dinner. Walk through the plan for tomorrow with T and pack.
10:30pm - Nighttime routine. Take some ibuprofen proactively. Read until my eyes are heavy and I am asleep by 11:30pm.
Saturday - $41.03
4:30am - Alarm. Question my sanity. Do my morning routine with no hair wash. Make coffee and sandwiches to go. Do some stretches and get the pets set up to be on their own for a while.
6:00am - Arrive at my friend’s house. Eat some fresh baked bread, peanut butter, and banana with them. Pack up the car and hit the road.
8:00am - Stop at a convenience store to pick up snacks: mixed nuts, bananas, peanut butter crackers and protein bars. We also get two more liters of water. We are already hungry and decide to each get an egg and sausage sandwich too. The total is $20.66 and I’ll pay half of it. - $10.33
8:30am - Arrive at the trailhead and find free parking. Triple-check our equipment and supplies, and then hit the trail.
12:00pm - Reach the summit. We’re mostly fogged in and it’s cold and rainy. Add a few more layers and a rain jacket. Find a rock to post up on and eat our sandwiches, bananas, and mixed nuts. By the time we finish eating, the wind picked up but that caused the fog to clear out a bit. We were rewarded with gorgeous red, orange and yellow views of the valley. It’s getting really cold though, and we decide it’s time to head back by 12:45.
3:30pm - Arrive at the car. Eat a protein bar. On the trek back, we all openly fantasized about having ice cold beers. As soon as we get on the road and have service again, we find a brewery that’s on the way home.
5:00pm - After one brewery is full for outdoor seating, we find another one with a table outside. I have a beer flight and T has a beer, and we split pretzel rolls, a sausage, and a chicken salad. We put my friend and her spouse’s food on the same check; I put the whole thing on the joint card and offer to cover tip so we can compensate them for gas and driving. The total check is $87 and we leave an $18 tip; after my friend Venmo’s us for their half of the bill before tip, $61.40 is the remaining and I will transfer half to D. - $30.70
8:00pm - We safely make it back to our friends’ home and grab my car, and a quick 10 mins later, we arrive home. D walks our dog and I feed our cat. My coffee arrived today (just in time because I finished the DD coffee this morning too) and my RTR bag came, which is unusual - They usually don’t deliver on Saturdays but I’m not complaining! T showers and then I shower. It’s the best shower I’ve ever had. I really want to wash my hair but don’t want to wait for my hair to dry (and don’t want to sleep with it wet either!) so just put it up in a bun to hold it over until tomorrow.
9:00pm - D makes tea for us and I grab Ibuprofen and ice packs. My knee is in some serious pain but luckily I have a video meeting with my physical therapist on Monday. I was a little over-ambitious giving the green light to this trail... We watch an episode of Marcella.
10:00pm - I do my nighttime routine and go to bed. I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.
Week's expenses:
Food + Drink: $235.05
Fun / Entertainment: $41.03
Home + Health: $61.63
Clothes + Beauty: $0
Transport: $3,108.53
Business: $12.50
Reimbursable: $19.50

Outside of the car repairs, this week is fairly typical overall. Two expensive dining out meals in one week is rare for us since the pandemic, but we've been doing takeout at least once a week, and going out ended up replacing that. Otherwise, T is really quite good at cooking cheaply at home, and this is an area of significant savings since the pandemic. I also tend to curtail my internet shopping a lot, so the lack of unplanned purchases this week is also not unusual. I often wait a week or two after I've had a thought that I want something to make sure it's a need and not just a want. I probably go a bit overboard with this and sometimes put off needs because any purchase could make me feel anxious about spending money.
A goal of mine going into this was to confront my relationship with money, and I feel I've accomplished that this week. It's a work in progress. I admit I sometimes avoid looking at my account out of fear for what I'll find (which again, is really quite nonsensical). I never find bad news, but I think I get somewhat scared I'll let my spending get out of control, or that something terrible will happen and I'll be right back where I started. But reflecting on this... I think I'm doing pretty well with good financial habits and making progress on what has really been a rocky financial past. And that perhaps a lot of my fears are negative self-talk, or potentially even traumas from my past that I should probably discuss with a therapist. This is something I would like to focus on, and if anyone has felt similarly before, I am open to feedback!
Thanks for reading!
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2020.09.24 17:35 incutech Gyno near me insurance no

I have graves disease/hyperthyroidism and have had ovulation pain for years. Out of desperation (no health insurance) I began taking estrogen to ease my hot flashes which in turn eased my ovulation pain and PMDD. Ovulation still hurt but not nearly as much. My Endo asked me to stop estrogen and now has me on methimazole for thyroid toxicosis. We are planning a total thyroidectomy soon. Yesterday was the second time I've ovulated since going off estrogen. It hurt. And it hurt for hours, all day, all night and today I feel as if I'm recovering from a surgical procedure. My question: 1) Is there anyone else who has thyroid issues and suffers from painful ovulation? 2) Will this get better once my thyroid is removed?
Any time I bring this up with my gyno they find no reason for the pain. Maybe a small cyst or two and they always remind me ovulation only lasts a couple of hours. (Yeah right)
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2020.09.06 20:42 _foggybrain Near no insurance gyno me

I am a 22F. This is my first time ever having an STD. I got an STD after having unprotected sex with someone I liked who told me they were only having sex with me and had been recently tested. Turns out that both were lies and he was having sex with 3+ women other than me within the same month we had started having sex. Pissed me off, but whatever. I had been getting yeast, BV, and UTI infections multiple times each since I had sex with him. I’d get treated and then I’d have sex with him again and then I’d end up with more irregular bleeding,pain, odor or discharge. I had assumed at the time my PH balance was out of wack and he had told me he had been tested so I didn’t want to blame him at first. But I have the IUD so I never get my period so I knew something was wrong . After I found out i had chlamydia it made sense why I was feeling so out of wack. I was prescribed the two pills you take in the same day for the clap (can’t remember the name of the med rn) last Friday. It’s been a little over week now after taking it and I’m still sporadically bleeding and in pain. I actually even went to the gyno a few days ago because my kidneys and bladder hurt so bad I nearly passed out so I thought I had a UTI. Came back negative for a UTI and the pain went away the next day. Do I need to go back and ask to be prescribed the other chlamydia medicine that I would take for longer? I’m just really worried about still having symptoms (like brown/Carmel colored discharge, cramping, blood and odor. Ick). Not to mention I have been hanging out with someone new and I want to have sex with them but I’ve had to hold off on hanging out with them because I don’t want things to escalate and I end up giving them chlamydia too. I really don’t wish this upon anyone. It’s really taking a toll on my self esteem as well because I feel so disgusting. Has anyone had a similar experience and if so what did you do if you still had the clap after treatment? I still keep getting a weird feeling in my stomach but I know I’m not pregnant and it’s not an upset stomach so idk if that could have something to do with it or not
Edit/update 1 as of sept 18,2020: I’m going to keep trying to update this in case anyone else ends up with the same problem because I know for me it’s really been affecting me and I hope my experience can help someone else. (Also if you’re reading this and you still have chlamydia or issues after treatment, PLEASE keep going back to your doctor until you feel better. Do not stop advocating for yourself. Infections like this can cause serious damage to your reproductive organs and infertility if not treated properly.)
well, I’m still having problems. The past 2 weeks I was still having horrible cramping so bad I thought I would puke and it made it hard for me to even move. It was hard to pinpoint where exactly the pain was even coming from because if I pushed down on my abdomen right below my ribs, the pain shot down to my pelvis in my uterus/bladder (it’s really hard to tell where the pain is coming from). I went to the doctor twice in the past few weeks and got tested for BV, mycoplasma, yeast infection, UTI, and I got my blood drawn to get tested for STDs like HIV. All came back negative. I’ve felt a lot better the past few days (not sure why, I haven’t really done anything different) but I just went to the restroom and my discharge is a green brown and I’m starting to feel bloated again. I honestly thought it was finally going away because I didn’t have discharge or really much odor, but apparently not :( . The brown doesn’t really look like dried blood like how it would with a period so I think it’s from infection. I’m guessing I still have chlamydia and probably PID. When I got tested for a UTI the doctor said if I was still having problems that I could have an infection that I would have to see a uro-gynecologist for. They also are letting me come back on Sept. 30th (usually after STD treatment you come back for a test of cure 3 months later, but since I am still having problems and am in pain I was not willing to wait that long) to get the urine test for STDs and if it comes back positive that I still have chlamydia they’re going to put me on antibiotics for it and treat me for PID as well. My mom has no clue I have chlamydia so I’m guessing when she looks at our insurance info and sees how many times I’ve gone to the gyno just in the past two months she’s probably not going to be happy I didn’t tell her. But at this point I don’t care. I slept with someone and didn’t use protection and that is my fault. but I can’t just not go to the doctor and leave it untreated just because I’m embarrassed or afraid of getting in trouble with my parents. I’d rather disappoint them then end up with scarring on my reproductive organs or becoming infertile or worse
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2020.07.31 15:20 jokesonbottom Replacing my IUD was SO much better than getting my first one!

When I (26F) was 19, my estrogen based birth control pills nearly killed me. I got many blood clots in my lungs (called Pulmonary Embolisms) and one was very large and in a very dangerous place (called “massive”). I was in the hospital for weeks.
Afterwards, I had to switch to progesterone based birth control pills (also called the mini pill). Well the Mini Pill is even more time sensitive than the traditional Pill and I didn’t like that. So at 21 I asked my GYNO about other BC options that wouldn’t risk killing me. I did research and decided on an IUD (Mirena).
At the time I lived in the South and my Women’s Health office was much more interested in pregnancy and prenatal care than pregnancy prevention. They tried to talk me out of it, made harsh judgmental comments about why I wanted an IUD, and dragged their feet getting insurance approval.
When the day came for insertion, they were rude, swift, and not at all comforting. They didn’t tell me to take Advil or anything beforehand and didn’t tell me to have someone else drive me. Afterwards I felt extremely faint (nauseous, tunnel vision, light headed, weak knees) and they just rushed me out of the office. I barely made it home.
The experience was really traumatic, and for 5 years I dreaded the day I’d get my IUD removed and replaced. (Though worth noting that I love it—super effective, no user error, lighter periods, no side effects.)
Since then I moved to New England. Yesterday the day came to replace my IUD. The experience was SO SO SO much better. My doctor totally understood why an IUD was a good choice for me, was very sympathetic to my anxiety, informed me how to minimize pain, communicated what was happening each step of the process, stayed with me after to make sure I was feeling ok, provided me a pad for my panties, got me a drink, etc. She just totally took care of me.
I’m forever grateful to have this old, sh*tty memory replaced with a better one (as well as the IUD).
(For those curious, the moments of removal and re-insertion were comparably painful to the initial placement for me but the cramping afterwards was significantly less intense and shorter lasting.)
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2020.06.03 04:12 calidreaminla How to actually get on T???

Hey guys. Sorry in advance if these are stupid questions but I’m honestly confused. I’ve tried googling/searching docs in the area but I’m not sure I understand everything. Basically I want to start T and I was hoping y’all could corroborate/clarify/correct my understanding of the process? (Sry for many q’s/details)
So regarding therapy, you can have a therapist write you a letter saying you have gender dysphoria, yes? And this would be useful for insurance? Could this one letter be used repeatedly for hormones, top surgery, and so on and on?
If you don’t have a therapist write you a lettediagnosis you can still get T and stuff through places that offer informed consent. Is this always going to be an out of pocket cost? Or would some insurances still cover it?
To actually get T, I know you can go to planned parenthood or a doctor.
If you go to Planned Parenthood (sry if this is dumb) do they have MD’s there? Like would they monitor everything the same way your primary care doctor would? Do some insurances cover PP? Would I need to go through my whole medical history and stuff so the PP ppl can have it on file?
If I go to my primary care doctor, can they prescribe me hormones? How do I know they’re not transphobic? I looked up some “LGBTQ friendly doctor databases/websites” but my doctor isn’t on it. And he’s part of a medical group so it’s easy because I can see any doctor from the medical group. But they have nothing on their websites about trans care. I’m scared they’ll say no to me.
Also, is a primary care physician even the right doctor for this? Some websites say endocrinologists and gynecologists can oversee hrt but how do you know who to pick? I don’t think I have any gyno issues and I have like mildly low thyroid levels, so does that mean I should go to an endo? I’m sorry I’m really freaking out about this.
Last question, but I googled “transgender care/lgbt/hrt doctors near me” and a bunch of like specialized centers came up, like the “San Fran Center for Trans Health, etc”. So could I just go to one of these places and they would act as my primary care physicians then?
Basically I’m assuming you have a doctoplace that acts as your “home base” to oversee treatment, and I don’t know how to go about finding one. Ideally I’d love to stick with my primary care doctor but I’m scared they won’t treat me.
Thanks for reading this convoluted set of questions if you have <3
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2020.04.21 22:15 Monica_Alexis Gyno me no insurance near

So one day 3 weeks ago I felt a UTI coming on. I get UTI’s often so I know what they feel like and I had the familiar ‘constant urge to pee’ feeling. So I took some AZO for UTI’s like I normally do and it did absolutely nothing. Now this is very unusual for me because I’ve always taken AZO for UTI symptoms and it has always worked within 20/30 minutes. But this time it didn’t do anything. So I called my gyno and tried to get them to call in antibiotics for me but they told me I’d have to come in for an appointment. So I went in the next day for an appointment and they did a dipstick test in my urine and it showed that I did have an infection and I also had a slight fever. They prescribed me Bactrim and sent my urine out for a culture. I took Bactrim for 5 days and it did nothing for my symptoms of constantly having the urge to pee and a bloated abdomen. So I called the gyno office back and they prescribed Ciprofloxacin. They gave me 5 days worth. I noticed a very small difference in symptoms by day 5 but it was still not gone. I still had the constant urge to pee. At this point nothing is helping. I even got D-Mannose and cranberry pills because I was so desperate for that feeling to go away. They didn’t help either. So I called the gyno again and told them I still had symptoms. They told me my urine culture came back clear and that I’d have to come in again. I went back in and did another urine dipstick test. They said it showed no infection this time but that they did find blood in my urine. They prescribed me 3 more days of Ciprofloxacin and Uribel and said that at this point I need to see a Urologist. Throughout this entire time I didn’t have the usual burning sensation right after you finish peeing that UTI’s normally give. The only main symptom I had was the constant urge to pee. I did also have an achey feeling in my abdomen but that wasn’t bothering me as much as the constant urge to pee. I could barely sleep it was so bad. So the Uribel did help subside some of the constant urge to pee, but not fully, and by the last day of Cipro my symptoms were a little less but still not gone. At this point, it’s been 3 weeks since my first symptom of the constant urge to pee (which was really bad), and I’m still having a slight constant urge but nowhere near as bad as before. But I can definitely still feel it, it seems to come and go now. I’ve never had a UTI that didn’t respond to AZO or antibiotics and that didn’t have the burning sensation at the end of peeing. Is this just some weird UTI or kidney stones? What could still be causing these mild symptoms? I’m a 27 year old female, 5’2” and 160lbs. I don’t have any major health issues. I am planning to make an appointment with a urologist as soon as I find one that takes my insurance. Thank you for any advice!
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2020.04.20 06:30 ay_51 No insurance gyno near me

So when I first started TRT after finding out my total T was 33ng/dL. My nipples would burn soooo bad and obviously I knew it was due to estrogen. Anyhow my Endocrinologist kept pushing it off saying I’m 25 and on too many meds to begin with so he doesn’t want to script more. I was almost crying in his office for an AI. I couldn’t do anything without the burning and painful nipples ruining my regular everyday activities. The doc said my body will get used to it and just to keep a look out everyday after showers in the mirror for puffiness and other gyno side effects. After about 3 weeks of this it stopped and all was well thank God.
Before I go on I should let y’all know I’ve always have sensitive nipples. I know it sounds funny and like I’m trolling but if you’ve experienced what I’m talking about u know that this is in no way a fucking joke. Ever since I was a kid even before puberty, the sun, salt water, and pool water and sweat would always cause this issue. 90% of the time it was this bad only in the summers.
So moving on, I haven’t been able to inject for nearly 5 weeks due to personal issues. ( My insurance changed and they no longer covered the 2ml vials only 10ml and my pharmacist couldn’t get it for me so I paid out of pocket about 75$ a few times then just couldn’t afford it). My wife and I are a young married couple who have two small children and obviously I thought their priorities came before my testosterone, so as stated I went these last 5 weeks without my 175mgs a week of test cyp.
Finally got word that my pharmacist found a wholesaler for the 10ml depo testosterone and my copay is 10$. Great went and picked it up last Friday and went a little over board and injected 400mgs. I know it was stupid but I had 0 interest in sex with the woman I love and I wanted it back ASAP. Well it worked and we’ve been banging like rabbits since but just a couple days ago I felt the nipple burns again. I HAD TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT THEM!! I shit u not I started crying man, this feeling is sooo awful I’d do anything to make it better. I can’t find any AIs off the street. I don’t wanna walk up to the biggest guy in the gym and be like “hey man can I have some arimidex or something cause obviously you’re juiced to the gills” lol. So here I am stuck in this predicament again and have no one to blame but myself.
If there’s any techniques you guys are aware of that can help the pain/burn. Something I could buy OTC that can help sooth this please let me know.
Please be easy with the judging n name calling. I know it was my own fault and stupidity that got me here. I’m just looking for any advice or input or anything. Thank you guys!! Sorry for the long post!!
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2020.03.12 15:06 n0vapine No insurance gyno near me

I thought it was called chemical but apparently I had the wrong definition. Medical abortion is when you use pills, which I did.
Warning that I try to be as less graphic as possible whole still explaining the experience so if reading about intense and extremely heavy periods gross you out, you may want to avoid reading this.
I just wanted to let other women know the experience in case you ever have to go through it and what it was like for me.
I was about 5 weeks along with no detectable heartbeat. Pills are used usually before 12 weeks as it's easier for them to work in the 1st trimester. I had 12 pills of Misoprostol, 200mg each. I had to put 4 pills under my tongue and let them dissolve for 30 minutes then swallow what was left. I had to do this every 3 hours. I took the first 4 around 6pm. I started cramping about an hour later and increased in intensity until I could barely handle it. Right before I had to take the 2nd 4 pills, I was nearly delirious. The cramps were by far the worse cramps I've ever had in my entire life and it made me feel so so sorry for the women who have endometriosis or other similar health issues that leave them with these kinds of cramps monthly. I salute every single woman who's been doubled over in pain, unable to do anything but cry and wait it out. Yall are fucking heroes. I had a fever but was freezing at the same time (a common side affect). Light clothes I had on were heavy and constricting and I eventually had to take them off because being touched by anything was unbearable.
My husband, goddess bless him, was my rock. He had no idea what to do but stand by me and patiently wait for whatever I needed. I seen him cry and try to hide it and he ran to get whatever I asked for.
After the first dose but before the second, I wanted to go to the hospital, thinking maybe they would give me a D&C but as soon as I put my clothes on and started walking to the door, I was terrified they'd be able to stop it. Which some anti choice people claim is possible with another drug. And I'd need the second and third doses and no way could I hide taking them so I turned back around and went back to the bed.
I took 800mg of ibuprofen, the only thing I had but was recommended naproxen. I had husband heat up towels to lay across my stomach and minutes before the second dose, the cramps started to ease. Every 15 minutes, he would bring me another towel and take the one I had to heat it back up. He brought me Sprite and my phone even though I was in too much pain to even focus on anything. He said if it helped, I could hold his hand or punch him and I know he said it because he was 100% helpless to do anything but watch me go through this. I remember after the pain subsided and he brought me the 2nd set of pills, he said he would call his insurance and ask about getting a vasectomy. Bless him.
After I took the 2nd set of pills, I lay motionless. The pain had reduced to a throbbing poke instead of a fiery stab and I started to dose off to sleep. I remember asking him before I passed out if it was ok if I ruined a few towels I had laid on the bed and he told me to ruin as many as I needed too.
He woke me up and brought me the 3rd set of pills 6 hours after i had started the process. At that point, I had passed A LOT of clots. The pills are designed to make my uterus seize and shed the entire inside of it. But the worse part was over and it lasted roughly 30-45 minutes. Time was an illusion because it felt more like 30-45 hours and I'm a weakling when it comes to pain. I think the first set that made my uterus basically go into a seizure was the worse part of it all. The 2nd and 3rd set of pills help loosen what's left (this is just my best guess, I havent looked into the exact science of what each set does) so I had gotten through it all without leaving the house.
This morning I got up and I'll spare you most of the details but basically the entire inside of my uterus was on the towels I had kept down. I showered, threw away the excess (water does not break that shit up) and cleaned myself up.
I had a pretty standard process of what women go through taking Misoprostal. There aren't any complications (which include a fever of over 100 and nonstop bleeding) and I'm cramping lightly still as whatever is left (I assume) is passing now. I can bleed up to a month and pregnancy tests will still be positive up to 3 weeks from now.
I'm scheduled to see my gyno on the 17th. It was suppose to be to get a sonogram of the progress and to hear a heartbeat (I was 5 weeks when I confirmed the pregnancy so it was just a black dot) and I hope that there is nothing left. The process has an 85% success rate. That 15%.worries me greatly. After this mornings shower though, I'm 85% confident that the pills did what they were supposed to do.
I dont have to tell them I had a medical abortion. The pills are untraceable and legal. The only catch is I didnt get them from an actual doctor so I'm leery about bring truthful. It will look like I miscarried. My plan is to just say I bled a lot and think I miscarried. I may tweak the plan as I think it through. I'll be speaking to the amazing, wonderful woman who helped me get the pills as shes much more experienced and has been helping women for years access safe abortions.
Thank you if you read my post. I needed to vent a little and get this out.
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