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Tarantino shows the audience a substantial chunk of the episode as Rick shoots his scenes, but filming continues for an unnaturally long time, and Tarantino keeps the actual filmmaking apparatus ... I'm a die hard Tarantino fan! And the things i like about his movies are many. Some of them i discuss below. 1.) The music: Each movie has a soundtrack so well suited to that movie that you just can't help but love it. In inglorious basterds, the... Quentin Tarantino is undoubtedly one of the (if not the) most influential American film directors of the last quarter-century.His gritty, ultraviolent, fast-paced, and impeccably hip writing style ... While Sharon Tate isn’t one of the most important characters in the movie, Tarantino plays with blocking and composition to get the viewer to follow her everywhere. For example, he dresses her in yellow in the middle of a crowded party, and the camera deliberately draws your attention to the young woman. That plays against Tarantino in some miserable ways, especially with regards to Roman Polanski’s inclusion and the overwhelming praise the characters give him without any nod to what we know ... A retrospective run-through of Tarantino’s films so far, looking into how they play with audience expectations, especially around violence. Quentin Tarantino has his next several months mapped out. He plans to finish writing a book, do a play, work on a TV series and then figure out what his 10th movie will be, the writer-director told… (Tarantino loves to play a ‘switcheroo’ on the audience. E.g. the anti-climax of Kill Bill vol 2 following 1’s hyperviolence. His least interesting films are those that indulge in violence without also acting as a commentary on it; see: Django Unchained.) Tarantino repeats this even more blatantly in Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood. In ... In the audience, there was a man, who would later become a celebrated playwright himself. His name was Euripides, ... It was called the “Bacchae,” a kind of “meta-play” much like Tarantino’s, which can also be seen as a lament to the fate of Greek theater. The god Dionysus, from whose rituals tragedy had emerged, appears on stage ... Reservoir Dogs introduced the audience to Mr. White (Harvey Keitel), Mr. Orange (Tim Roth), Mr. Blonde (Michael Madsen), Mr. Pink (Steve Buscemi), Mr. Blue (Edward Bunker), and Mr. Brown (Tarantino), all part of a heist planned by Joe and Eddie Cabot. As mentioned above, the heist went wrong and it was every man for himself, as it turned out there was an undercover cop among them.

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Interested in what people here think of this: The core thesis is that Tarantino's movies (well, specifically Inglourious Basterds and Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood) aren't 'mindless violence' but are commentaries on violence as well, showing the audience will root for bloody violence, while simultaneously condemning the violent actions happening on screen.
The whole thing is here:
The only way I can put into words what Tarantino is doing in Inglourious Basterds is by describing my first time seeing it. Christmas Day 2009: my family’s ‘Christmas Day film’. I didn’t know who Quentin Tarantino was, but I remembered Basterds advertised as a standard Brad Pitt WW2 shoot-em-up (like Fury would be a few years later). Hyperactive teenage me found himself watching a near three hour long movie, made up mostly of dialogue, heavily subtitled, slow-burn pacing with minimal action scenes: I was agitatedly bored and complained to my family throughout. And then the climax came: theatre burning down, audience in chaos, the Basterds bursting in gunning everyone in sight, Nazis on fire, big explosion finale. My uncle turned to me and said, ‘That enough for you?’ Indeed. That’s what I’d been craving.
Which seems to be the exact response Tarantino is looking to illicit. It’s a sort of trick (or trap). Scenes before, Nazi command watched Nation’s Pride, the fictional Nazi propaganda film, Hitler laughing hysterically at every on-screen kill, and we’re right to think he’s deranged, he deserves what’s coming to him. But minutes later the whole thing is flipped. We’re shown our own propagandist wish fulfilment (the Basterds represent amped-up American bravado). The Jews get their bloody revenge, offing Hitler themselves, denying him his ‘coward’s way out’. But this doesn’t change the fact we’re sat watching, and getting a thrill off of, a scene showing a cinema-full of people being gunned and burned to death. Tarantino has said he swapped the costumes of some of the extras playing Germans stuck in the cinema into everyday modern American clothes. Anyone taking this scene too seriously, as a triumphant ‘win’, is cheering for their side being killed too.
Since the ’90s — specifically: since the six year hiatus that bridged Jackie Brown and Kill Bill — Tarantino has played up to his reputation as maker of violent films. Which makes it easy to forget that the ’90s movies weren’t that violent. Most of the violent stuff happens off-screen: in Reservoir Dogs Mr. Blonde’s killing spree is a non-scene the movie circles around; the camera pans away from him cutting off the cop’s ear. (You’ll see more blood in the average action movie.) Tarantino once said to an interviewer, ‘You don’t go to a Metallica concert and ask them to turn the music down.’ And he’s been very happy to turn the music, in this case the violence, up in his films. Here, have as much as you want!
Online I’ve seen the case made that Basterds’ ending is Tarantino subliminally telling his audience he hates them. Or that they’re as bad as the Nazis, caught up in a hedonic voyeurism by the violent perversions on screen. Both unlikely given Tarantino’s love of violent films. Tarantino’s choice of villains is crucial — Nazis, slave-owners, the Manson family. WW2 is the simplest Good vs Evil narrative of the secular world. No wonder it’s constantly used as background fodder for action movies. We laugh at Hitler’s face being mulched up by bullets — it’s a funny image, and it’s Hitler after all, it’s not like you feel bad for the guy — but we’re still laughing the same way he did a few scenes earlier: laughing at violence because we’re inside a (cultural) narrative that justifies this particular violence. The use of such recognisable, and unquestionable, villains is it means we hardly stop to think about the violence being enacted on them.
Basterds certainly isn’t a ‘message movie’ but there’s more than the details of the plot going on here. (I think) Tarantino’s point is it’s not wrong to enjoy violent movies, but it is wrong to support the violence, to think these movies are more than just entertainment. It’s when that line is crossed that something morphs from entertainment to propaganda, and the audience is complicit in it.
(Tarantino loves to play a ‘switcheroo’ on the audience. E.g. the anti-climax of Kill Bill vol 2 following 1’s hyperviolence. His least interesting films are those that indulge in violence without also acting as a commentary on it; see: Django Unchained.)
Tarantino repeats this even more blatantly in Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood. In scenes placed sporadically throughout the film, and mostly separate from the main Dalton-Booth storyline, we follow Sharon Tate (Margot Robbie), scenes showing her getting on with life and enjoying herself. On first viewing these scenes can’t help but stand as omens reminding us of what is coming.
Besides the last scene, and a brutal beating earlier at the Manson Family ranch, there isn’t much violence. It’s a buddy movie, a love letter to filmmaking and Old Hollywood, the most carefully paced Tarantino film since Jackie Brown.
When Hollywood’s premise was first revealed many fans guessed Tate would be the one to kill the Manson Family members who killed her in real life — continuing the trend of historical characters or groups getting their fictional revenge, like in Basterds and Django. But in the film the real timeline is diverted when members of the Family decide they will kill Dalton, and whoever else is in his house, instead, having come to the realisation that their generation is so fucked up and violent because of actors like Dalton glorifying violence on TV and making it look cool.
The final stretch of the film begins with a TV presenter saying (to no one in particular, and so to us), ‘And now, what you’ve been waiting for.’ Which is of course a violent finale. And Tarantino delivers. This last scene, with an acid-tripping Brad Pitt and (crucially) his pet pit bull, is among the best scenes of cinema violence ever. It’s pure unadulterated fun. Dalton finishes things off with a flamethrower from one of his movies, aligning fiction and reality. The movie was a WW2 flick where Dalton burns a room full of Nazis: the clip of it we see earlier brings Basterds to mind, making Dalton, the actor warned about being typecast in violent, villainous roles, a stand-in for Tarantino, for whom the violence of his movies has always overshadowed everything else. But it’s not Dalton who’s the villain for playing violent characters on screen, it’s the Mansons for taking them too damn seriously. In both Basterds and Hollywood the people who take the movies too seriously are killed violently. Fictional violence ‘defeating’ the real violence.
Afterwards, Dalton goes round to meet Sharon and her guests. The title comes on screen, a big What if? — Tarantino has given us another image of filmic wish fulfilment. It’s a twisted fantasy, sure, but certainly better than the reality. It’s a happy alternate reality where Tate gets to live and have her child and keep making movies. Of course it can’t help being bittersweet, because it underlines what unalterably happened. Some critics and viewers criticised the film for using Tate merely as a plot device; she has few lines of dialogue throughout, making her seem like little but a tease for the ending. But then Tarantino doesn’t even give her her bloody revenge. He has her go to parties, go to the cinema and watch her own movie with a cheering audience, dance round the house. Even if it’s just fantasy, we’re here for fantasy anyway so here’s a nice one. But Tarantino gives us the gorefest too — because he knows us, knows we’re all too bloodthirsty and jaded and ADD to accept a movie just about an innocent woman getting to enjoy her life; and he was right, most people ignore that part of the film entirely, or think it’s pointless or unneeded, filler on the way to the good stuff, and he puts the two side by side to prove it.
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By Roxana Hadadi
“Why go on? Why keep trying?”
Our world is not enough.
For centuries, we have longed for space—to immerse ourselves in its vast expanse, and to lay claim upon it. “It is a beautiful and delightful sight to behold the body of the Moon,” Galileo wrote in 1610. The partner to fascination is obsession, and so much of the cinematic exploration of space has been situated in the gap between those two poles of feeling. James Gray’s meditative, gorgeous “Ad Astra” is an exemplary entry in a long line of films (“2001: A Space Odyssey,” both versions of “Solaris,” “Contact,” “Sunshine,” “High Life”) which explore whether it is bravery or hubris that sends us outside of our own world. The way to make sense of something incomprehensible is to assign structure to it, to organize it, to control it. Hence the symbolic value we assign to extra-planetary service, and the tension that results between that rigidity and the immense mystery of what awaits us past our earthly border.
In James Gray’s “Ad Astra,” released just almost a year ago, Brad Pitt’s Major Roy McBride is perceived as the ideal American patriot. He spent three years in the Arctic Circle, a combat zone. He excelled during his career with the U.S. military’s Space Command (SpaceCom). His jawline could cut glass. And yet practically everything about Roy McBride is artificial, a facsimile of sincerity. He secretly sneers at colleagues who revere him. He is repulsed by the corporatization of discovery. His father, renowned astronaut H. Clifford McBride (Tommy Lee Jones), has been missing for most of his life, and Roy has lived in his shadow ever since. McBride left Earth as part of a U.S.-led project to prove the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life, and Roy grasps at his memory as a saving grace. His father stood for something, and so Roy must too. “I will not rely on anyone or anything. I will not be vulnerable to mistakes,” Roy promises, but how lonely an existence that must be. How impossible to maintain. In “Ad Astra,” Roy travels to the stars to find his father—but what he finds, more meaningfully, is the strength to let him go.
“Space I understand.”
An intertitle at the beginning of “Ad Astra,” the font blood-red against a black screen, announces “THE NEAR FUTURE, A TIME OF BOTH HOPE AND CONFLICT. HUMANITY LOOKS TO THE STARS FOR INTELLIGENT LIFE AND THE PROMISE OF PROGRESS.” There’s a thin line between our reality and that of “Ad Astra,” and it’s a purposeful muddling on Gray’s part. The progress in this world’s exploration of our solar system is significant, but not unattainable. We recognize the possibility presented in “Ad Astra,” and can imagine ourselves inside it. And so too is it easy to accept the handsome authority of Major Roy McBride (Pitt). At first, his pledge in fealty to SpaceCom seems admirable.
“I am ready to go. Ready to do my job to the best of my abilities. I am focused only on the essential to the exclusion of all else. I will make only pragmatic decisions. I will not allow myself to be distracted. I will not allow my mind to linger on that which is unimportant. I will not rely on anyone or anything. I will not be vulnerable to mistakes.”
But Gray cross cuts Roy’s professional vow with the evidence of its toll: his retreating wife, Eve (Liv Tyler), who with barely any dialogue communicates to us her feelings of abandonment. Although her outline is fuzzy, as if Roy never really saw her at all, the sound of her keys being left on the counter of the home they once shared is definitive. Hurt people hurt people, and Roy McBride is a hurt person. Traumatized by his father’s absence, he has compartmentalized away nearly all emotions—a flaw in his personal life, but a benefit for the demands of SpaceCom. He is infamous for his reliably low pulse rate, even during emergencies, and commended by his colleagues for his calmness. Regularly scheduled psychological evaluations, in which Roy spills his feelings into a portable transmitter and waits for approval from a faceless voice to continue with his work, determine his mental fitness. His admissions are always blandly expressive, and the okays to proceed are always immediate. The rigorous training required for his SpaceCom position, and how thoroughly he has set himself apart in nearly every way, has turned his elitism into a festering wound. His poster-boy image has a toxic-masculinity edge, and he knows it: “I see myself from the outside. Smile. Present a side. It’s a performance, with my eye on the exit. Always on the exit.” People are impressed by him, and he can’t stand them. “Just don’t touch me,” he thinks to himself when presented with a cheering room of colleagues. He grins, and the gesture doesn’t reach his eyes. “Take care, Major. Be careful,” someone warns before he steps out for a space walk, and his “Thanks for that” reply lacks any affect at all.
“I always wanted to become an astronaut for the future of mankind and all. At least, that’s what I told myself,” Roy admits, and the admission carries a jagged sarcasm, and a blunt candor. At first, Roy’s resentment of his career and its myriad obligations feels mundane, but juxtaposed with his presence among the stars, his disinterest takes on a sort of subversion. To experience the singularity of no longer being on Earth, but outside of it, and to still be unfulfilled—that displeasure undermines so much of what we expect from this genre, and what space cinema normally imposes on us about the specialness of these people. Imagine Tom Hanks in "Apollo 13," or Sandra Bullock in "Gravity": Would either of those heroes disparage the astronaut experience like this? Still, Roy goes through the motions, and he does them well. When a catastrophic power surge hits the International Space Antennae on which Roy is performing maintenance, electrocuting numerous people, setting off explosions in the upper towers, and thrusting the station into chaos, Roy springs effortlessly into action. He literally flips a switch to stop the chain reaction. When he tumbles backward from the antennae toward Earth, he has the presence of mind to maintain communication with colleagues on the ground, offering technical commentary the whole way down: “Control—McBride. I’m in a spin. Atmosphere’s too thin to stabilize. I’m trying to keep the tumble down, so I don’t black out. Control, do you read?” The fall seems to last forever, and we stay with Roy as he plummets steadily toward his death until he manages to flip over, deploy his parachute, and steer himself to the ground even as debris falls around him. When people run out to offer assistance, he doesn’t meet their eyes. “‘A self-destructive side,’ that’s what she used to say to me,” Roy says, alluding to Eve without saying her name. “I should feel something. I survived. I should feel something.” Roy’s unlikely escape is the stuff of immediate legend, and his actions save lives. But is either of those enough to make him a human being?
“We are world-eaters. If my dad could see this now, he’d tear it all down.”
The electrical storm that nearly killed Roy, SpaceCom explains to him in a classified briefing, is part of a series termed the Surge. The phenomena are destructive, wreaking havoc across the globe and leaving tens of thousands dead, and their origin is outer space. Esteemed SpaceCom astronaut H. Clifford McBride had a son he left on Earth, who grew up to be Roy. And H. Clifford McBride had a project he devoted more decades of his life to than he did his family, and that project was the Lima Project—the first manned expedition to the outer solar system, tasked with finding evidence of intelligent life outside of Earth. Into the great unknown the elder McBride traveled, certain he would return with secrets as yet undiscovered, and the younger McBride has been intermittently exalting him and cursing him for it ever since. Building himself in his shadow; struggling to live up to an impossible ideal of a man 29 years gone and 16 years disappeared. So when Roy learns that Clifford is still alive near Neptune, firing off surges of antimatter that are causing the Surge and might destroy the planet he left behind, it’s a revelation that upends everything he thought he knew about his father, and about himself. There is a lifetime of pain in Roy’s “My father’s alive, sir?”, more emotion exhibited in those four words than during his entire tumble from space to Earth. And yet when SpaceCom asks for Roy’s help in reaching Clifford, believing “a personal plea from you to your father might elicit a response” and asking him to travel to the Moon, then Mars, and finally to Neptune to try and communicate with Clifford, Roy’s skepticism is clear in his shifting eyes, in the slight pause before he agrees. “‘Are you with us?’” Roy growls mockingly, repeating SpaceCom’s request. “Like I have a choice.”
Clifford’s survival unsettles Roy, his father’s seemingly reckless use of the dangerous antimatter unnerves him, and the two reveals open up a schism between what Roy thought he knew about Clifford, who SpaceCom has immortalized for decades as a lost hero to discovery, and what Roy feels about the world around him. “My father was a pioneer,” Roy seethes in voiceover when SpaceCom dares to suggest that Clifford could be operating his own agenda. In contrast, Roy seems to wonder, are these people worth saving? An archived message from Clifford to Roy 27 years ago paints his father as a godly man, a loving husband and father, an optimist who is appreciative for the international attention in the Lima Project, an explorer convinced that he will be the person who finds intelligent life. “We know we will,” Clifford emphasizes, and Roy is visibly overwhelmed watching the clip, blinking back tears.
But Roy is reminded by his father’s former colleague, Col. Thomas Pruitt (Donald Sutherland), who will accompany Roy to the Moon, that he never really knew who Clifford. Roy was a child when Clifford left (flashbacks rendered in grainy film show a tousled-haired, cherubic-faced young boy, burying himself in a hug from his faceless mother while gazing up at the sky), and Clifford was an idol. With every new revelation that Clifford might not be who Roy thought, the son is forced to reassess his own life, too: his own priorities, his own pettiness. “A voyage of exploration can be used for something as simple as escape,” Pruitt cautions Roy, not knowing that this warning applies to the son as well. “It’s dangerous business, as we know. Best not to subject others to it,” Roy had said of why his career caused his separation from Eve, presenting himself as a man more committed to the SpaceCom cause than to his own family—perhaps closer to Clifford than he thought. And after Roy and Pruitt journey to the Moon, the former is disgusted by its commercialization: by the $125 cost for a blanket and pillow pack on the flight, by the slogan “Earth’s Moon: Where the world comes together,” by the DHL and Subway locations on the base. “All the hopes we ever had for space travel covered up by drink stands and T-shirt vendors. Just a recreation of what we’re running from on Earth,” Roy complains in a voice little bit like Tyler Durden’s. No place is safe from humanity’s corruptive influence, Roy believes. The only hope is the intelligent life that Clifford has certainly found through the Lima Project, which might present a way for humanity to start again. A chance for people to do it right.
In this divided state, Roy moves forward toward reunion. Perhaps paradoxically, the increased distance away from the Earth he seems to loathe makes real for him the facets of humanity he hadn’t previously considered. On the Moon, when his and Pruitt’s convoy is attacked by pirates and Roy has to commandeer a rover to drive them to safety, he notices a photo taped to the display by their now-murdered escort—a wife and child, hereafter missing their husband and father. Roy endured that too, and he knows the life-shattering pain this death, caused partially by his presence in this place, will cause. Once Pruitt is injured and Roy realizes he must continue the journey on his own, he feels a pang of sympathy for the man his father called a traitor (“Why does he still do it? Why can’t he just let go?”), and his look back to where Pruitt sits slumped is the only time we see Roy turn around rather than move deliberately forward. On Cepheus, the ship taking Roy to Mars, he disagrees with but ultimately admires the captain’s willingness to respond to a distress call, and then regrets the man’s death after he is attacked and killed during that deviation. As the rest of the crew prays over the captain’s body, he observes them quietly, their faith a fascination. “They seem at ease with themselves. What must that be like?” he muses. Roy has never known.
“Most of us spend our entire lives in hiding.”
After Pruitt’s injury, he shares with Roy a secret communication from SpaceCom that makes clear their intentions. They don’t trust the younger McBride, believe that Clifford purposefully endangered the Lima Project crew and “may have lost all control,” and are unsure whether Roy’s personal messages to Clifford will sway him. “What happened to my dad? What did he find out there? Did it break him? Or was he always broken?” Roy wonders, and his desperate desire for connection pushes him further away from the cold, calculated man he once was. After the Cepheus captain’s death, he is more truthful with his psychological evaluation than he’s ever been.
SpaceCom: “Are you ready for your psychological evaluation?”
Roy: “I am on my way to Mars. We answered a mayday call, and it ended in tragedy. We lost the captain.”
SpaceCom: “Your answer is being processed. Please continue.”
Roy: “Well, that’s it. I mean, we go to work, we do our jobs, and then it’s over. We’re here and then we’re gone.”
SpaceCom: “Please describe how the incident itself affected you.”
Roy: “The attack. It was full of rage. I understand that rage. I’ve seen that rage in my father, and I’ve seen that rage in me. Because I’m angry … that he took off. He left us. When I look at that anger, if I push it aside, I just put it away … all I see is hurt. I just see pain. I think it keeps me walled off, walled off from relationships and opening myself up and, you know, really caring for someone. And I don’t know how to get past that. I don’t know how to get around that. And it worries me. And I don’t wanna be that guy. I don’t wanna be my dad.”
During this admission of self-doubt and self-hate, Gray makes us simultaneously a witness and a voyeur. Switching the perspective between a head-on close-up of Pitt’s face and a profile shot from over Pitt’s shoulder, with starlight illuminating Pitt’s individual eyelashes and the oceanic green of his eyes, Gray gives us the clearest view of Roy’s individuality, and the grief he carries. Shockingly, Roy’s unprecedentedly unrefined evaluation is approved, and it sets in motion the trauma Roy will increasingly voice. In the brutalist Ersa Research Station on monochromatic, pockmarked Mars, after delivering first a bland SpaceCom-approved communique that is ignored by his father, after admitting to himself “I don’t know if I hope to find him or finally be free of him,” Roy deviates from the script.
“Dad, I’d like to see you again. I recall how we used to watch black and white movies together, and musicals were your favorite. I remember you tutoring me in math. You instilled in me a strong work ethic. ‘Work hard, play later,’ as you said. You should know I’ve chosen a career that you would approve of. I’ve dedicated my life to the exploration of space. And I thank you for that. So, I hope we can reconnect. Your loving son, Roy.”
The effort this message takes is clear, from the gaps Roy leaves between his sentences as he searches for the next one to the tears held back in his eyes, and SpaceCom’s repudiation is swift.
“Your personal connection has made you unsuited for continued service on this mission,” they inform him, punishing him for the honesty Roy dared to admit, barring him from continuing onto Neptune, and failing his next psychological evaluation. Trapped in a “comfort room,” Roy’s fractured mind is ironically underscored by the videos of birds, bees, ocean waves, chrysanthemums, and grass projected onto the walls. With Roy so far from Earth—and unsure of whether he even believes Earth is worth yearning for—what relief can these images provide?
For Helen Santos (Ruth Negga), though, the director of Ersa Research Station, those images of Earth’s nature are a reminder of her one visit to her parents’ home planet, and an exemplification of everything Mars cannot sustain. The atmosphere is inhospitable. Helen and the other research station staff live underground. Her longing for another life is genuine, her isolation in this place is palpable, and her connection to Roy is another shock to him. Her parents were crew members on the Lima Project, and H. Clifford McBride killed them. “We will not turn back. We will venture further into space. We will find alien intelligence. I am forever driven on this quest,” Roy watches his father assert in a video clip after admitting to turning off life support for his crew, both mutineers and otherwise. Everything Roy thought about Clifford was a SpaceCom cover-up, and every way in which he’s molded himself after his father’s legend has been the result of a lie. As Roy holds the transparent tablet, watching Clifford’s manifesto of discovery at all costs, Gray layers the faces of father and son on top of each other, making them nearly indistinguishable. Only Roy’s sob at realizing the depths of this deception disturbs the synchronizing effect.
“I am alone, something I always believed I preferred. But I confess. It’s wearing on me.”
With the additional knowledge provided by Helen in his possession, Roy is activated once more by the same humanist inclinations that have increasingly guided his recent actions. “I will deal with him. I will deal with my father,” he swears, and his certainty in that moment has an emotional edge missing from his past behavior—a sincerity he previously lacked. He accepts Helen’s help to stow away onto the Cepheus, now making its way toward Neptune to deploy a nuclear weapon against his father. In a stunning sequence, Gray moves us inside and outside of Roy’s field of vision: We follow him as he disappears into the pitch-black water of an underground lake, are alongside him in his helmet as he breaks through layers of rising bubbles, and then watch as glowing orbs of orange and yellow light align into the form of Roy’s body, moving toward us on Mars’s dusty surface. Through those natural elements, we see Roy reborn—a man formed not in the image of the father who left him, but in the water and sunlight that are vital for supporting life.
“You’ve alive. All this time. I must accept the fact that I never really knew you. Or am I you, being pulled down the same dark hole?” Roy considers, but every subsequent action, despite moving him physically closer to Clifford, separates our understanding of the two men. Roy tries to avoid violence in coming onboard the Cepheus, and although all three crew members are killed, he takes responsibility for his actions: “I boarded the Cepheus against mission directives. I did not do so with hostile intent. But because of my actions, I regret to inform you all crew members are now deceased. The flight recorder will tell the story. History will have to decide.” He makes clear that his primary goal is to “destroy the Lima Project in its entirety.” And during the 79-day journey from Mars to Neptune, he embarks on a sort of inward-gazing fever dream, a mélange of exhaustion, melancholia, and euphoria. He remembers his childhood, and the soothing comfort of his mother, and the wind turbines that dotted their land, and the productive energy they harnessed—so different from the Surge, and the possibility of planetary destruction. He watches a video from Eve, marveling at how openly she speaks of her love for him, and her frustration. He remembers the message he dictated to her before his trip, but then deleted (“I made a promise to always be truthful, but I wasn’t … I didn’t want you to go”), and berates himself for how he wronged her. He yearns for her forgiveness, and then rages that “Forgiveness is bullshit,” and then weeps. And through it all, Roy hears his father’s voice calling him, and haunting him. “When do we find all the intelligent life out there? And we know we will.” “I am free of your moral boundaries. I have total clarity.” “I know for certain I am doing God’s work.” Out there, in the unknown, did H. Clifford McBride become someone else? Or did he only abandon the artifice of who people wanted him to be? Those questions are impossible to answer, and yet Roy obsesses over them as he approaches Neptune: “All my life, I was terrified to confront him. I’m terrified even now. What do I expect? In the end, the son suffers the sins of the father.” But where there are sins, there can be absolution, too.
“Let me go, Roy.”
The reunion with his father, the one that Roy never expected to experience, is subdued, somber, and devastating. Clifford is not particularly surprised when Roy, whom he hasn’t seen for 29 years, appears onboard the Lima Project station. He had heard his son’s messages, after all, and understands the SpaceCom mission Roy has been given. He doesn’t ask whether Roy was affected by another Surge storm emanating from the Lima Project, although the navigation through Neptune’s rings nearly killed Roy. He doesn’t comment on the blood smeared on the station walls, or on the bodies—spinning in a macabre ballet in zero gravity—that Roy passes on his way to find his father.
The elder McBride is a man clinging to the edge of an idea, and nothing can dissuade him from it. “A captain always goes down with his ship,” Clifford says, and he will not return to Earth. Why return to a failed experiment? Clifford refuses to accept that no other intelligent life could exist in the universe. He will not abide by the suggestion that Earth, and Earth alone, is all we’ve got. “This is home,” he says of the Lima Project station, and his speech to Roy is an exercise in uncompromising zealousness:
“This is a one-way voyage, my son. You’re talking about Earth? There was never anything for me there. I never cared about you, your mother, or any of your small ideas. For 30 years, I’ve been breathing this air, eating this food, enduring these hardships and I never once thought about home. … I knew this would widow your mother and orphan you, but I found my destiny, so I abandoned my son. … I have infinite work to do.”
What else is there to really say? Roy’s “I know, Dad” captures so much: a lifetime of being made small, communicated in three words. But he refuses to compromise the tenderness he’s nurtured over this journey—the gentleness he’s waited years to offer his father. He helps Clifford put on his space suit. He not unkindly refuses Clifford’s insistence that Roy stay so they can work together. He presents the reality made plain from the Lima Project’s failure: “Now, we know we’re all we’ve got.” And when it comes time to embark back to the Cepheus together—when Clifford tries to yank Roy into space with him, and when Roy sees that his father will never acquiesce to leaving the great unknown behind, even as it has disappointed and defied him—he lets his father go.
A whole life spent in veneration and bitterness disappears in that moment. Roy watches Clifford float farther and farther away. As Roy spins, moving in and out of the illumination of Neptune’s rings, we see the sobs and screams being unleashed inside his helmet. Clifford was a hero, and then he was a ghost, and finally, he was just a man. Flesh and bone. Passion and fervor. And in the end, Roy notes, the creator and curator of a collection of research that was staggering and expansive, and never enough:
“He captured strange and distant worlds in greater detail than ever before. They were beautiful, magnificent, full of awe and wonder. But beneath their sublime surfaces, there was nothing. No love or hate. No light or dark. He could only see what was not there, and missed what was right in front of him.”
A striated planet, with layers of rock shaded milky cream and dusty burgundy. Another planet splattered in curves of jade and yellow, like dribbles of graffiti running down a wall. Another planet enveloped in a murky gas. Another planet icy blue, another planet volcanic red. All unique, and all the same: barren. A Freudian theorist would have a field day with a fatheson duo desperate to find life in deep space, who eventually realize that the fertility they crave was only made real in the planet they left behind. But Clifford’s surrender to the galaxy that refused him is, inadvertently but definitively, an act of kindness to his only child, perhaps the only one Roy ever received from his father. After Roy finally finds his authentic voice, the most healing opportunity he is offered is to listen, and to let his father go.
Once Clifford is enveloped by the stars he so loves, once Roy destroys the Lima Project and stops the Surge, once he uses his ingenuity and training to jettison himself through Neptune’s rings and back to the Cepheus, once Roy’s path back to Earth is programmed, the son breaks free of the orbit of the father. “I am looking forward to the day my solitude ends, and I’m home,” Roy affirms, and so the unknown of “Ad Astra” moves both away from the solar system Clifford spent his life exploring and that offers Earth no second chance, and away from the man Roy once was toward someone deciding to take a second chance on himself. The unknown now, the home that awaits Roy, is Earth, the planet he loathed in mimicry of his father. The loneliness of our existence finally makes real the preciousness of it.
When Earth appears outside of Roy McBride’s window, he smiles. “Look at it. The big blue marble. Never ceases to amaze me,” Pruitt had told Roy during their flight to the Moon, and that observation seems particularly poignant now. The green trees, the blue water, the wispy clouds: It is Roy’s privilege to see them again. People run to help him, the hatch door opens, and a hand extends inward. After a moment, Roy reaches back for it. In his final psychological evaluation, Roy’s adapted perception of our world persists: Commodified and flawed as Earth may be, it’s our only shot, and our responsibility is to embrace it and improve it. “I’m unsure of the future, but I’m not concerned. I will rely on those closest to me. And I will share their burdens, as they share mine. I will live and love.” As we listen to that proclamation, Roy drinks a cup of coffee in a café. He turns to the window. He sees Eve. And in that moment, he’s not H. Clifford McBride’s son. He is his own man, and his next journey awaits.
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2020.08.26 22:17 RTKGuy {The Flesh Reaper} (Sequel to The Meat Locusts) - Part Three

If I did dream the rest of that night, I don’t remember it. I was happy for that. I was less happy for how I woke up, though. A trio of voices echoed off the walls, their tones raising my anxiety level. My instincts remained alert, cultivated from days of living in fear of sudden death. I sat up and listened to the team arguing with one another as they stood next to Lazlo’s monitors.
“I’m telling you, Third Eye is working just fine,” said Lazlo defensively. “I inspected Voyeur Two just yesterday.”
“Then how the hell did it miss them?” Theo spoke this time, his voice laced with accusation.
“How should I know?” she shot back. “I’m the tech, not the Locust Whisperer.”
“This is not helpful, you two,” said Abbott, attempting to mediate the situation with a calm voice. “The why and how will have to come later. Theo, get on the turret. Lazlo, go prep Voyeur One for interception. I’ll stay here and keep an eye on the situation.”
Abbott turned my way as Theo stormed by me, the big man not even looking my way as he found a set of rungs to climb and proceeded into a narrow hole in the ceiling. Lazlo bolted from her chair and rushed outside, barely remembering to seal the door behind her. Abbott looked at me with a face that suggested that his reassurances about my safety had been premature.
“You might as well come and look, Hector,” he said quietly.
I got up and did so. Abbott pointed to the top-center monitor, the one showing a sketch-like video of the woods. I was vaguely familiar with thermal imaging, where heat sources showed up as white or greenish pictures, but this showed the outlines of images, such as the tops of swaying trees or rustling grass or barely-visible scurrying things on the ground. It took me a moment to clue in – this was the motion detection camera in action. Once I adapted to its format, I could make out a forest through the incomplete images.
Far easier to make out were the humanoid figures moving toward the bottom of the screen, the camera shifting along as they traversed the forest. I hadn’t laid eyes on the MLs since going into the basement, but they were seared into my brain so deeply that I’d recognize them from any distance away. They lopped in a massive group, their indistinct outlines masking their hideous intentions but not the energy of their movements, and my mind fell back to my terrified flight for survival. I felt hunted and helpless again, even though I knew I was in the company of experts, and I had to breathe carefully to keep the panic within me from rising.
“I don’t know how much you heard, but we didn’t see the pack coming,” explained Abbott, his voice remarkably calm considering the threat on the screen. “Normally Third Eye can see through their masking abilities, but somehow these ones got past the drone camera and… they’re about ten minutes away and heading right for us.”
I had lots of questions right then, but mostly I was attempting to look brave when what I wanted to do was find that closet Abbott had called the brig and willingly step into it. “Are they the same ones you’ve been tracking?”
Abbott nodded. “MLs may seem virtually identical, but they do have a few physical variations that can be tracked. The system can tell them apart, even if we can’t. It’s the same pack – except less of them.”
I gave a questioning look, and he elaborated. “They went into the copse with forty-four MLs. They came out with thirty-four. I’m never seen a pack lose members to anything other than combat. Those ten might still be in there, or they might have shaken us. Regardless, we have to kill the pack now. They’re in full hunt mode.”
“Can… can I stay here and watch?” I asked. My instincts still wanted me to hide away, but I wasn’t about to do it. What I really wanted was some more flash balls, but I’d settle for knowing what was going on.
Abbott nodded to me as he took the desk chair and began working with the keyboard, switching monitor displays to brand new programs. “Just don’t ask me questions right now. Theo, you in position?”
I couldn’t hear the response through Abbott’s earpiece, but I did hear Theo’s muffled voice echo down to us from the hole in the roof. Abbott then asked Lazlo the same question and seemed satisfied by her response. He brought up a new screen displaying data concerning Voyeur One. “Lazlo, once Voyeur One is up, get back here immediately. I need five minutes for Shock and Awe to come online.”
Hmm, Shock and Awe. I had a couple of ideas about what that meant come to mind, but I was going to obey the don’t-ask-questions rule for now. Then, almost as an afterthought, Abbott reached into a desk drawer and handed me an item shaped like a white teardrop about the size of a human tooth. I stared at it helplessly until Abbot realized my ignorance. “Stick it in your ear pointy-end first, then push the button on the top. It’s our radio. Normally I wouldn’t let you eavesdrop, but you’re in harm’s way and you might need the information.”
I’ve never been a fan of those little mini-radio devices. I also have a problem with sticking things in my ear. At the very least, it’s distracting. But I took the device and inserted it as instructed, wincing at the feel but otherwise not complaining. I could hear Lazlo’s voice echoing in my ear canal, her tone implying a measure of excitement or perhaps even fear.
“Voyeur One is ready, coming back in,” she said. A second later, I hear the piercing whine of a drone engine revving up. A minute later, she hurriedly came through the side door and latched it tight. Abbott let her have her desk back, standing behind her as she worked her tech magic. The smile on her face answered my earlier pondering – she was obviously getting a kick out of this moment.
One of the monitors switched to a static camera position, most likely from a camera attached to the Oasis itself. This one was night-vision, showing a green-tinged hillside that I wagered was the one I had trekked down hours ago. A number of blurry humanoid shapes were bounding down it, and my blood cooled a little more at the sight of each approaching creature.
“Do I have clearance?” asked Theo on the radio. The cold state of his voice gave me flashbacks to Madison and her matter-of-fact tone. She had kicked all kinds of ML ass before we had parted. I hoped Theo could do the same.
“Let Voyeur One do its thing, then open fire,” ordered Abbott.
“I don’t think this is the time for a field test,” Theo replied, now sounding a tad annoyed.
“That’s why we call them field tests, Theo,” said Abbott. “We can’t always pick the moment. Sometimes it picks us.”
The monitor showing Voyeur Two’s camera stopped tracking the main cluster of MLs and instead locked onto a flying object with four circular fan engines. I assumed that was Voyeur One. We watched as the drone made a dangerous dive toward the heart of the cluster, then veered up a second before plowing into the ground. An object fell from it, landing just ahead of the pack. They didn’t seem to notice or care about the drone or the object it had dropped, and they ran onward.
Then the picture blurred as a massive burst of heat, debris, and smoke filled the screen. The picture retracted as Voyeur Two repositioned to show a wider view of the carnage, and while I couldn’t personally determine how effective the explosive had been on the MLs, there was definitely a lot less movement than before. Smoke obscured much of the blast sight, and that made me nervous.
Lazlo laughed and let out a short whoop of victory. “Look at that,” she said. “We’ve just witnessed the future of ML warfare.”
“Don’t get ahead of yourself,” said Abbott, clearly not as sold as she was. “Theo, what do you see?”
A shot rang out from above, followed by two more in quick succession. Mercifully it wasn’t relayed through our earpieces or else I suspect the noise would have blown out my eardrum. When Theo finally spoke, I noted the edge in his voice this time. “I just picked off two of them. They’re still coming our way. You did some damage, Lazlo, but not as much as you think.”
He was right about that. When the smoke cleared enough to give us a better idea of the results, we could see a number of still forms on the ground, some in pieces. Others were moving, a few missing body parts, a few limping, but the pack was still advancing.
Lazlo’s smiled faded as she counted the casualties. “Damn it. I think we only got eight of them, and they’re not retreating. What the hell is motivating these guys?”
More shots sounded out, and we watched as a few more MLs bit the dust as they came on. They were spreading themselves out now, dodging behind trees and brush wherever available. Theo must have had sniper training because even with their speed and the cover of night to aid them he still made them pay for every inch of their advance. But it took less than a minute for the remaining MLs to reach the edge of our camp. Voyeur Two showed an overhead view of the Oasis as a dozen figures tightly encircled us.
“Theo, button up,” Abbott instructed. The shooting ceased and I heard metallic clanging, as if a door or hatch was being closed and latched. Theo came down the rungs shortly after, carrying a sniper rifle and looking like he’d been called away from his favorite pastime.
“Lazlo, power down the lights and get ready to use Shock and Awe,” said Abbott. He then looked directly at me. “You’re safe where you are, Hector, but I advise you not to touch the walls of the vehicle, just in case.”
I looked at him with confusion. “Is this vehicle electrified?”
“It’s about to be,” said Lazlo.
“I thought MLs were fireproof,” I observed.
“Electricity doesn’t burn them, but it still wrecks them,” said Theo. He moved to a weapons rack and traded his sniper rifle for an assault rifle. He also handed out two pump-action shotguns, one to Abbott and one to Lazlo. He looked at me as if debating whether to arm me as well, but a quick shake of my head disabused him of the notion. Now was definitely not the time to field test my gun skills.
Lazlo put her shotgun to the side and held her right hand over the Enter button on her keyboard. “We wait for the MLs to climb on us, then hit the juice. Twenty-thousand volts running through them for twenty seconds, and they’re usually in a very bad state afterwards.”
The MLs were quick to oblige, as I soon heard the pitter-patter of terrible feet on the roof of the vehicle. Then the overhead lights flickered off, leaving us with only the computer monitors as reliable light sources, and for a brief moment I was back in the cabin basement, a prisoner awaiting execution. I put a thumb to my mouth and bit my nail to stave off my desire to make noise, to talk away my fear as the footfalls increased in number. I wanted to have faith in my protectors, but true faith is something earned, not given.
Abbott finally gave the order by nodding to Lazlo, and she plunged a finger onto the Enter button. I held my breath, waiting for some kind of light show or sizzling sound, or even the rancid smell of burning wires. Some proof that Shock and Awe was underway. Indeed, I ended up experiencing all three signs, but they came from under the computer desk, from the compartment that Lazlo had emerged from when I first met her. Scattered light lit up the interior, accompanied by brutal fusing sounds. Theo and Lazlo swore as the compartment smoked up with acrid fumes, the unexpected light show dying out a few seconds later. The ceiling lights came back on as Theo went to grab a fire extinguisher hanging on a wall. Abbott stood there calmly and then walked to the weapons rack, opening up an unmarked drawer and rooting around inside. Lazlo kept swearing as she hammered away at her keyboard, and I decided not to ask any obvious questions at that point.
“God damn all of rodent kind to hell,” Lazlo colorfully cursed as she worked. “I knew those bastards were chewing on something. Why can’t they go after the food like normal pests?”
Theo knelt down and brought the extinguisher to bear on the compartment. Abbott finished his search and came over to me. I was amazed by his calmness, as if all this was more a minor inconvenience than a life-and-death struggle. Perhaps that was why he was in charge – the cool head when the crap hit the fan. He handed me a spherical object, and I almost laughed when I recognized it as a flash ball. It was a different model than the ones Madison used. It had a plastic clip attached to it, and I noticed Abbott’s other hand held a bandoleer with several more flash balls hanging off it. The Wrangler version of a grenade belt, apparently.
He managed to get Theo and Lazlo’s attention and then outlined the new plan, such as it was. They were going to do this the old-fashioned way – get up close and personal. Open the door, toss a flash ball, then rush out and blast every ML they could see. I was staying put – the flash ball in my hand was just a precaution. Theo seemed to approve of the plan, while Lazlo appeared sickened by it, remarking that there were reasons why they killed MLs from a distance. But she took up her shotgun and got into position just the same. I understood the reasoning – no help was coming, the Oasis couldn’t move in this state, and the MLs had the patience of a redwood – but the idea of opening that door felt like the kind of stupid move done in horror movies that got protagonists killed.
I could see the nervousness in Abbott’s face as he gave Theo the order to open the door. I had the feeling that this team was used to doing its death-dealing from safer positions. I saw Lazlo bite her lip as Theo threw the door wide. Beyond it, I saw a faint tinge of dawn in the sky above a shadowed world of forested hills. The command vehicle did have a few external lights activated, enough to illuminate the surroundings, and I saw the little nightmares in the flesh once again. Every single time I see them, I still marvel at the unreal degree of similarity between them -the same bald scalps, the same lipless mouths, the same ebony eyes that sucked in the light around them. I counted four within my line of sight, and they shrieked with desire upon seeing a path to their prey. Then they were shrieking a different tune as Theo’s flash ball went off, blinding them with a wave of blue. One little bastard was mere feet away from the door when Theo came out with calm, methodical ease and plugged it in the head. Abbott went next, his shotgun roaring at other targets that I couldn’t see from my vantage point. Lazlo said a quick prayer to the Virgin Mary as she ran out, disappearing from my sight as she covered the backs of her teammates.
The air was congested with screams and gunfire as the MLs came on, flashes of blue and burst of white throwing a strobe light effect over the battle. I glanced at the monitor depicting Voyeur Two’s overhead camera, showing that the MLs on the other side of the vehicle had joined the fray. They didn’t charge the team like the ones that had gone after Madison and me – these ones like to use protection, move from cover to cover. I heard Theo yell out in frustration as his shots missed more than they hit. These MLs appeared to understand their prey better than before. But they were still driven to attack, and one by one they fell to bullets and pellets.
I forced myself to look away from the monitor and back at the door. There was a cold comfort in watching the action from a drone’s perspective. It detached you from reality, even if reality was right in front of you. But a ML wasn’t going to burst through the monitor. If it came for me, it would be through that door.
My timing proved prescient, for a Meat Locust chose that moment to charge up the ramp, aiming right at me with maddening rage creasing its face. I had just enough time to panic-bolt out of my seat before a shotgun blast went off and the ML’s face disappeared in a puff of gray dust, the body collapsing just inside the door. Lazlo was on the ramp behind it, wearing a frantic face and panting from exertion. She looked at me and then pointed at the monitors.
“Tell me if it’s clear, Hector,” she asked. It took me a moment to obey as I still felt a tad freaked from the monster’s suicide-charge, but I finally looked and saw no more MLs in the area. Only their bodies remained.
“We’re clear,” I told her.
“Then grab the first-aid kit on the second rack to your right and get out here,” she ordered hurriedly. “Abbott’s hurt.”
One lesson I was beginning to learn from my continuing experiences in this crisis was that victories never felt like victories. No matter how many times I’ve escaped death, I never quite get clear of it. And someone always pays for my survival. This time around, it was Abbott. Not that I could’ve done much, but I still could’ve done something. The flash ball in my hand wouldn’t have done much more than the one already flashing outside. If I had known how to shoot adequately, I might have been of use. Instead, I was just like the drones the team deploys in the field – just another voyeur.
Abbott was now lying on a lower bunk with a sizeable bandage on his right leg, one that was close to soaked through. The way Theo told the story, two MLs had come in blindly charging Abbott, one going high and one going low. Abbott managed to blast the one aiming for his head. The low one got a nasty swipe at his leg before Theo took it down. The claws must have nicked his femoral artery, as he’d been bleeding badly but not spraying. I had gone out and helped apply pressure to the wound as he groaned in agony, and we got the bleeding under control. But his wound was long and deep. There was no way we could fix it in the field.
I sat next to him to keep an eye on his condition as Theo and Lazlo passionately argued over their course of action. He occasionally liked to smile my way as if to say, “These two, right?” Even in pain and in a precarious situation, he still kept his calm.
“We need to pack up and go now,” Theo demanded. “He needs surgery.”
“No argument from me,” Lazlo shot back, “but we can’t leave without the drone.”
Theo made an exasperated face and shook his head. “You and your tech. It is not worth Abbott dying over it, or anyone else.”
“You know that’s not it,” Lazlo countered. “If we leave here without knowing what’s going on, all this is going to be for nothing.”
I was really tired of having to play catch-up in the conversations, so I raised my hand to get their attention. “Okay, what drone are we talking about here?”
They looked at each other as if debating whether I was entitled to an answer, but it was Abbott who replied, his voice more strained than before. “While you were sleeping, Lazlo sent Voyeur Three into the copse that was hiding our pack. She decided we needed to know what they were doing, and I agreed.”
“How many drones do you guys have?” I asked, more of a rhetorical question than one expecting a response.
“We have four,” Lazlo replied. “Our Third Eye system was designed to have constant surveillance when we’re tracking a pack. So we have three drones programmed for overlapping coverage over a twenty-four hour cycle, and one for backup. I reprogrammed Voyeur Three to go in under manual control. It was transmitting fine for the first two minutes, but then it hit some weird signal interference. Almost five minutes in, the signal was lost. The drones are programmed to land if they break contact, and its internal hard drive can save up to twenty minutes of footage, so…”
“So it might have recorded something important,” interrupted Theo, “or it might be a wild goose chase. It’s not a reason to risk our lives any further.”
“I… disagree, Theo,” said Abbott. “We’re missing ten MLs, and they were doing something in that copse that they don’t want us to see. The pack’s attack on us wasn’t typical ML behavior. It was deliberate and coordinated and nigh-suicidal, as if they saw us as a serious threat and were willing to die coming at us than let us interfere with what they’re doing up here. We need to know what that is, and our best chance of knowing why is Voyeur Three.”
Theo sighed in frustration, then looked straight at Abbott and said, “By we, you mean me of course.”
“If you wouldn’t mind,” Abbott replied.
Theo laughed. “You sweet talker. But it’s not going to work this time. I can’t carry back a drone and defend myself at the same time.”
“Well, I can come,” offered Lazlo.
“No, you can’t,” Theo insisted. “You need to keep Third Eye running and watch over Abbott. We don’t leave Abbott alone, or I don’t go.”
I had a feeling that I knew what Theo was after, but he wasn’t about to come out and ask me. I knew he wouldn’t ask any more than the others would have asked. They were about saving lives, not endangering them. But my overdeveloped hero complex was already poking me to speak up. It was almost like destiny was determined to keep throwing these moments at me over and over until I got it right or finally died.
For the record, I don’t believe in destiny. I do believe that you can’t do nothing and then expect a happy ending.
“I can go,” I blurted out.
All three of them looked at me skeptically, but none of them outright denied me.
“I’m serious,” I said. “I can hike, and I can carry, and I know my way around flash balls.”
Theo nodded, a grim smile on his face. “I can’t guarantee your safety, Hector, but…”
“C’mon, you’re not serious,” said Lazlo. “By his own account, he’s never even fired a gun.”
Theo gave her a hard stare. “Which is why you’re staying here and why he can go. You can defend the camp, I can defend him. It’s either this or we bug out.” Lazlo looked like she wanted to protest further, but then changed her mind and merely shook her head quietly.
“You sure about this, Hector?” spoke Abbott as he sat up, wincing as his leg shifted on the bed. “It’s still dangerous out there.”
“Believe me, I’d rather not,” I replied. “But you guys need the help. Besides, I hate unsolved mysteries.”
I expected further protest from Lazlo. Instead, she gave me practical travel advice and tips on how to spot ML activity as we packed up the camp and prepped the Oasis for travel. Abbott wanted the vehicle ready to leave the moment Theo and I returned. We also decided to wait until daylight, which was only a couple of hours off. There were no real tactical advantages to daytime, since the MLs were no less dangerous in the sun than in the dark. But humans are creatures of the light, and our morale would improve with the sun in the sky.
They gave me a blue-tinted Kevlar vest for protection, the flash ball belt with eight balls attached, a backpack that held a digital camera and a sample kit for any potential “unknown anomalies” we might run across, and a pistol with a holster. Theo insisted on the pistol – even if I had never fired a gun, it might save my life. I almost felt like one of the team now. I certainly looked the part.
Lazlo reminded me that while Third Eye would be watching us the whole time, we’d be out of sight once we entered the copse. If I did everything Theo asked of me, I should be fine. She also told me not to screw this up and make them look bad for letting me do this. She smiled as she said it. I could think of worse people to be watching my every move than Lazlo.
Abbott gave me a farewell address from his bed, more a speech than advice: “We don’t normally trust civies for this kind of mission, Hector. But we will with you. Not because we’re desperate, but because I see an important quality in you. When you do this job long enough, you learn to spot it in people. You don’t go through what we do and go back to a safe life with a safe family in a safe community. You know better, and you’ll carry that knowledge the rest of your life. But there is still a place for you, if you want it.”
He never did tell me what he saw in me. I realize now that this was not just a desperate move – it was a test. Even now, I don’t know if what he thought he saw in me had been real. Every coach knows to give the team a pep talk before a game, even when you know somebody has to lose.
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