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Hello all,
I’ve been active on this sub for a few weeks this spring/summer, I shared my experience on my way to recovery from : - porn - cyber sex (and so, online cheating)
I decided to try something because I couldn’t really control myself anymore. I felt so horny all the time, I masturbated between 2 to 4 times each day, sometimes paying for online services. I used to be so ashamed of myself, I destroyed devices, I destroyed a phone, but somehow I always craved my daily dose of naked women... and I managed to find porn. Every time.
I don’t really remember how it all started, everything was perfectly balanced and I ended up cumming « for » random online girls without telling my gf that I deeply love. I told her about it later and I believe this was the true first day of my recovery. She’s been supportive, but she lives far away from me (about a 800 miles)
I’ve been really struggling since the beginning of 2019, I spent the year making concession, limiting my porn consumption, trying not to pay to often on camsites or onlyfans.
In 2020 I deleted all those accounts, but still looked at mild stuff and reading erotic things. Someday I looked at myself in the mirror and I understood I had to change my whole approach, I had to get rid of my bad habits : smoking, drinking, pmo
Not easy, I started to stop smoking and drinking, I actually was on the right mindset so it was easy. But porn. Porn that was difficult. This is a tricky one.
I knew it wasn’t good for me, my couple. But I kept doing it all over again. For a while I managed to stay away from it (when I was the most active here). But this summer I almost went back to caming, I almost cheated myself and my gf again. But I didn’t and almost cried, overwhelmed by my feelings. I still got in touch with girls but only via reddit chat (no pic or video sharing just dirty talking). That does the trick but yet again, I used this as a substitute to porn. The « horny » feeling was still the same than in 2019, I automatically grabbed my phone and watch stuff or talked to girls from dedicated subreddits.
The truth is, I didn’t solve my problem doing this and I tortured myself by not allowing me to watch videos or webcams. And I kept doing it all over again...
Until two weeks ago. I was at my parents house for the week end ( that doesn’t happen often these days) and like always, I planned to masturbate Sunday morning (I always do). But Sunday morning, I downloaded reddit app, seeking mild stuff or a chat with a girl but I ended up on semenretention (I don’t even know how). I don’t believe in the « superpowers » or bs they tell there but I read interesting things. It helped me understand the last piece of the puzzle : I didn’t need to masturbate or to watch anything that Sunday, there was nothing good to expect, there is nothing fulfilling about masturbating in front of lit pixels. I mean I already knew that but It felt like I understood at that very moment, in my bedroom with my dong in my hand.
Si i wondered, what if ? What if you started to truly commit to the advices you give ? How come you are so smart and clever and you can’t even control yourself ? Why do you think your horniness is a demon you have to fight ? Maybe it is just something you can tame, you can live with, you can accept.
Just stop feeding the addiction, it’ll slowly be weaker. That was the advice I told to people here, but somehow I never really respected it for myself. The most important thing is : what do I think about that particular thing ? I grabbed my pants and started my day without masturbating. Actually, I didn’t masturbate for 3 or 4 days. It was the first time in YEARS that happened. And oh boi that made me proud of myself. But the next Thursday, I felt horny again, not horny like the previous days but horny like I was about to lose control. And home alone. But I looked at myself in the mirror and told loud and clear « oh no you don’t » and I didn’t. I masturbated thinking about nothing later that night before Going to bed. I slept like never before. I felt free.
It’s only been 2 weeks but I only masturbated 2 times (with my eyes clothed) and it felt awesome. Not dirty as it used to. Something definitely changed. And I accept that porn is over for me, I know that I won’t enjoy it anymore (I le stay careful obviously)
So here is a useful list of things I learnt the past two years for you :

  • if something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t, no matter what your friends say about it or how normal it is in our society. That applies to any drugs.
  • Porn isn’t your enemy. I repeat, porn isn’t your enemy. It is your use of it that it’s a problem. This is very important, don’t fight the society, solve your problem first
  • Mild stuff doesn’t help, it tortures you more than it relieves your stress because you crave porn and resist it
  • Being over horny is normal when you are fed porn or sexy images for years constantly. And it changes quickly when you stop. Brain is a beautiful thing.
  • There is a time to feel guilty and another to allow yourself to move on
  • Trust yourself. You think it is huge, but it is not. Embrace every moment where you are free and live something else. Each time you don’t watch porn, you are already free. It is not about stopping, it is about not giving addiction what it wants.
  • Don’t avoid thinking about porn, you can’t. But if you know what you think of it, you won’t come back. There is nothing to expect from porn. Did it help you all those years ? Did it solve your problems in your life ? Of course not, when you idealize porn, you are only lying to yourself. It the addiction. It tricks you into that way of thinking. So, what do you think of porn ? Is it great to see all those naked bodies ? Or is it something that’ll keep digging a hole in your life ? You know the answer. Accept it once and for all.
  • don’t change your habits too much. I know it sounds controversial, but that is a great way to understand that you can live the same everyday life without it. You don’t need that. Of course you can exercise or start a new activity but you don’t need to change every aspect of your life.
  • And you can keep and should keep your devices. Getting rid of phones or computer means you rely on something else than yourself. And what if you end up seeing something porn-ish ? Boom. That’s a relapse. I am not saying you should tease yourself, but I’m saying that retaking control is better than trying to avoid the problem. Some of your friends will show you porn stuff someday because they think it’s funny or no big deal (it happens right ?). And that day, you’ll be able to tell him what you think about that. You don’t want to run masturbate because you enjoyed what he showed you. Remember, there is nothing good to expect from porn and you don’t miss a damn thing by not watching a porn video or photo or whatever.
  • erotic stories, comics, hentai, audio and all that stuff, it is only torture. Stop torturing yourself and craving a stimulation. With no stimulation, you won’t get hard and therefore you are not really horny.
  • there is no such things as « just on me time » or « I’ll watch it only once a week ». That’s too much of a risk, and you know it. When you’ll commit to this, accept that you’ll have to be careful and stay free forever.
I am saying it again. Kill the positive image you have in your mind about porn. I used to stay away from it and still craved it. Then I believed I needed it and It would be endless. Break the cycle, it is bad you know it, you don’t watch it and it is no big deal.
You are not only a dick with legs. There are so much more about you than this, find your balance again. If you feel triggered, read the rules, go outside for 5 minutes and it’ll pass. Masturbate when you feel like it but take your time, do this with no open screens on front of you and don’t do this too often. Your body and mind will find their balance. There is no rule, we’re all different.
I’ll leave reddit for a while, I’m not running away or avoiding porn ;) but I feel tired of browsing mindlessly.
Believe in yourself, if you don’t, nobody will. Earn your confidence back, focus on other things.
Oh and, stop seeing women as the ultimate price. Here is a fact : one human out of two had bobs and vagene. Nothing exceptional. It is ok to focus on other things for a while. Don’t treat women like godesses, see them as human in the first place. Your brain will go back to normal soon. You remember ? When some girls were not attractive ? When you only looked at those you found interesting ? When some were just pretty ? When their faces meant more than their ass ? It will come back. And it will feel awesome.
I hope I gave useful insights.
FYI : I’ve been free of tobacco for 9 months now I still drink but never alone and I don’t think about it when I am I’ve been porn video free for two months, and free of any kind of sexual stimulation on a screen for 2 weeks.
I feel good and currently focusing on other things (work, gf, training...)
Sorry for potato English. Not my native language.
Bye and stay true to your commitment, it is definitely worth it. We change everyday and it is for the better.
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In January this year, I ended a long term relationship. I had been sexual curious about transgender women for some time, and so being newly single decided to go see an escort to explore. I had never paid for sex before nor slept with a transgender woman. After a quick internet search for transgender service providers in my area, I found a girl who looked absolutely stunning. I arranged a session, and it was amazing - and we had real chemistry during and afterwards. Despite this, I'm wasn't foolish enough to entirely believe she liked me, and I told myself "that's how she's supposed to make you feel, it isn't genuine chemistry from her side".
Anyway, I sent her a thank you when I got back home, and we had a small back and forth exchange (which I put down as her being polite). We continued to chat, and I went back to see her the following week. The second meet was even better, the chemistry was amazing, and the 'session' lasted more than twice as long as I'd actually paid for. We had a long chat after we'd showered, enjoyed a glass of wine, and had a nice time listening to music whilst getting to know each other for quite a while. At one point she suggested she was hungry and asked would I like to join her to eat out - I was ecstatic! We had a very flirty time at the restaurant, and as it was her last night in the city, we had a late-night walk and talk together. No kissing, holding hands, etc. just talking. Eventually, I walked her to her accommodation and gave her a brief kiss before our goodbyes. I honestly thought that would be the last time I'd ever see or hear from her ever again.
Although I tried to keep my emotions in check, I couldn't stop thinking about her - so a few days later I got in touch to express how I felt. To my disbelief, she got back in touch to say she enjoyed meeting me and would like to see me again. At this point, I wasn't sure if she meant on a personal or working basis. However, she explained she wanted to spend time with me before she started work. I was absolutely ecstatic to hear this. The following week I took a train to go and see her (about 1 hour away), and we had a lovely catch up, went for a walk and enjoyed lunch out together We went back to her accommodation, had a smoke and a nice, flirty chat for a while. This didn't result in any kissing or anything - but I could sense she wanted me. Later in the afternoon, she decided she wanted to leave to go to her next city a few days earlier than planned. I said I could accompany her to the train station, as I could make my way home from there. And, quite spontaneously, in the cab journey to the station, I suggested I could keep her company to her next destination if she wanted. To be honest, I just wanted to prolong my time with her and didn't mind not going home straight away. She seemed really glad for me to go with her - excited even. On the train journey, she slept for a while, and I genuinely think she felt comfortable to do so with me there looking over her. When we arrived she asked if I'd like to grab some food with her after she checked in to her new accommodation, and I agreed without hesitation! I had no idea where things were going, but all I wanted was to spend more time with this sexy lady. We dropped her bags off, quickly freshened up, and went to a restaurant. This time the meal wasn't so flirty or sensual, and she seemed distant and distracted. Looking back I out this down to her mental state of preparing for a new week of work in a new city - and that she needed headspace. In no way did I mind this, I cannot imaging the mental challenges that come with being an escort.
After the meal we went back to her accommodation and had a nice chat again, this time it was more flirty - this time she lay on the sofa where I lay beside her and started to grope her body (she enjoyed this as she got very hard). This didn't go any further as she explained she needed to start work that evening, so once she got her first client phone call it was time for me to leave. I said I really wanted to see her again soon, and she asked me to go visit her in her home city abroad.
Up until this point I wasn't entirely sure she ACTUALLY liked me, or if it was all a performance. But I was increasingly becoming convinced she liked me. She's absolutely beautiful, a body to die for, and is such an upbeat and charismatic person - despite the complications of the fact we live away from each other, and the challenges of her job, I could see myself entering a relationship with her.
A few weeks passed, and we kept in touch. Then the time came for me to visit her. I took a short 1-hour flight. I was nervous as hell at this point, but she welcomed me with open arms and a big smile. Once I arrived she was getting ready to go out, she had a friend was there too. He seemed a nice guy, and we had a quick chat while I waited for her to finish getting ready. It was obvious he was gay, and very good friends with her. I got the impression he was purposefully there to check what I was like... almost like a vetting process. Before heading out I quickly went to the bathroom, and I could hear her ask him something which I presumed was about me. I'm an English speaker only and they were speaking Portuguese (both Brazilian) but his response seemed excited and 'approving'. This really pleased me. I imagine female escorts have to be careful who they lets into her home and trust, so gaining approval from a friend reassured me things were going well.
We went out to a restaurant and had a really nice meal and a veeeery flirty time together. Afterwards, we went for a walk and had a smoke together - before she suggested we should go back to hers. Back at hers, we had more laughs together and she wanted to cuddle in bed in front of a film. Here is where things took a turn.... although we were both got naked in bed (and she suggested we watch some porn) we didn't have sex. We kissed, we touched each other, but nothing else. We eventually cuddled and went to sleep. When I woke in the morning she was already up having a shower. I had to fly home that evening, however, she had an appointment in the afternoon (which she had told me the previous day). We went for breakfast together, had a flirty chat again, and I walked with her to where we both departed (her to her appointment, me to the airport). Again, I expressed that I wanted to see her soon - and she said she did too. On the way home, and for several days afterwards, I was kicking myself for not taking it further in the bedroom. Aside from hoping to actually have sex, there was also a lot of complications involved too: Did she want to have sex with me? Was she using me simply for friendship? Did she actually like me, but didn't like to sleep with people when not working? There were so many questions and doubts ran through my mind.
We kept in touch, and I agreed to go over and see her again in a fortnight before she left to work abroad for a couple of months. We spoke pretty much every day, expressing how we felt for each other. I honestly felt like I was falling in love. I always kept it respectful, and didn't go into any sex chat, send photos, etc. as I expected her to be treated like that by countless guys - I wanted to treat her differently, with respect and warmth. This in itself caused several complications... was I becoming a 'friend' as opposed to being a lover? Did this lead her to see me as quite vanilla?
In the run-up to the last few days, I was due to go and see her, she stopped chatting. Complete radio silence. No messages, not accepting my calls, nothing. I was distraught. Then, out of the blue, about a week later on the weekend I was going to go over and see her - she sent me a message saying she was bored and apologised for not being in touch. I called her, and we had a brief chat - but she said she couldn't give me what I wanted, and that she had a big heart. I understood this as an 'ending'. I was devastated. Despite being heartbroken, I messaged her to thank her for her honesty, expressed how I felt she was such a special and beautiful person, and wished her all the best in life.
A week or so passed until I eventually sent her a message expressing that I missed her and wanted to talk. A couple of days after this she left me a voice message saying she missed me too. However, when I tried to contact her I was unable to - and believe she blocked my number. I was aware she was soon to travel abroad, so perhaps she was already gone. A few weeks later I searched online for her advert to confirm this. This was now early March, and of course, covid lockdowns where being implemented in many countries worldwide, including the country she was working. Several months passed and I thought about her all the time, was tempted to call her. It broke me that she would just stop communicating the way she did.
I got to the point where I became obsessed and in need of an 'answer'. I created a fake Instagram profile I followed her private account. This makes me sound like a mad man, but I have never thought of or obsessed over anyone like this before - and my actions were really out of character. From her insta I discovered that she was stuck in the country she was working. A month or so passed, and I finally made contact: I sent her a birthday message on her work phone and expressed that I still thought about her. This was my first attempt to contact her since we'd last spoken - which, although feeling quite obsessed, showed some sort of constraint on my part. Her response was simply along the lines of 'thanks, send a gift to paypal'. This was disappointing - but made me realise that she (a) probably didn't even remember me, and (b) only cared for money. Neither was surprising I guess.
At that point, I really worked towards accepting the fact she was gone - and trying to improve my mentality. Time passed, and I slowly got better. I obsessed about her less and less. BUT, she was still someone I thought about like no other - and always had a sort of foolish hope I'd see her again.
In late August, I noticed that she had returned home from being abroad since March[!]. I was due some time off work and felt like visiting a city or two. For whatever reason, despite having zero expectation, I messaged her on an old number of hers saying that I was planning on visiting the city she lived soon and wondered if she's like to meet up for a drink. To my shock, a couple of days later she contacted me. We had a long phone call and she said she although she thought about me whilst away, an agency had control of her phone calls etc. so couldn't get in touch (I also don't have any social media accounts, so there was no other way of communicating). This was actually a plausible reason/excuse, and if true, might explain why I received such a cold response when I messaged her on her birthday. She explained that I was the last guy she was 'involved' with since earlier in the year, and was really happy I messaged her. She said that after a few weeks of working, she was going to take some time off during Halloween and that she'd like me to go and spend time with her. We expressed our thoughts for each other, and that she'd like a situation going forward where I would visit her and she wanted to visit me. She alluded to this continuing until she quit her career as an escort. I genuinely got the impression that, so long as things went well, she would love to live together and form a relationship. This was something I could only dream of, but I would move in a heartbeat to be with her.
Things bring me to the motivation for me to post this (hopefully you are still reading)! We kept in touch every day from late September until last week, but once again she stopped. Total RADIO SILENCE. And, like last time, occurring the week before I was due to go over and see her. I am absolutely puzzled why this has happened again. If she was leading me on or had any ulterior motives - why do it for so long and then suddenly stop? I promised myself when we started chatting again that I wouldn't allow myself to expect too much or get carried away - in fear of being hurt again. But despite this, I'm absolutely devastated. Maybe she just needs space or is feeling down. Maybe she's just busy. I just don't know, but whatever it is, I feel really upset and affected by it. I'm unable to concentrate at work, I can't seem to sleep at night, I'm feeling demotivated and struggling to get out bed in the morning. I am constantly checking my phone in the hope of receiving a message from her, but of course, there is nothing.
I've sent her a couple of messages to ask if everything is okay and if she'd like to talk. But she hasn't responded. Perhaps I should just give her some space and hope she gets in touch again. I don't know.
I'm at such a loss as to what to do, or how to feel about anything. I think what makes it so much more difficult to accept her actions and try to move on is that she's not only beautiful but also transgender - something I won't be able to find where I live.
Any perspective, opinion, insight, or advice would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!!
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2020.10.21 11:38 xxasynixxx Sexy porn chat

Be warned this post will be talking about me being sexually assaulted as a minor by an older teen/adult. It is hard for me to talk about and I blocked it out for a long time. Please be kind in the comments. This is really long I do apologize.
Growing up I had very few friends, I had a small group of friends that lived in the same street as me, but we all went to separate schools. In school i found it difficult to make freinds because I was very badly bullied since the first day of primary onwards. So as you can imagine I was extremely lonely.
One day me (12f) and my small group of best friends (all female age 11 and 12) went to the nearby park to play basketball and we met another group of people who were already playing. K (11f), N (12m), D (14f) and Dick (16m). We decided to play a game of basketball with them as they seemed to be having fun and there was only one net. Throughout the game N was flirting with me and I found him very attractive, at the end of the game we all sat together on a field chatting away through the evening, and by home time me and N had swapped home phone numbers.
On the walk home my best freinds were warning me that they were getting some weird vibes from Dick, N's brother, but I was so excited to make some more freinds that I brushed off their warnings. He looked different because he had a skin condition that meant instead of 7 layers of skin he only had 3 which gave his face and body a melted look. Like a melted candle as he had very stretchy skin. He showed us a few tricks like pulling the skin from his neck over his mouth and from his eyebrows over his eyes which I thought was the coolest thing ever. I've always been drawn to people who are different, I found it fascinating. I thought my freinds where just being judgemental. I wish I had listened to them.
I started hanging out with N alone at first, going to the park, the woods, etc just little day dates, and after a few weeks we became boyfriend and girlfriend. This meant I spent a lot more time on the estate he lived on. I had to lie to my parents about where I was going as he lived on a really rough estate, there where lots of drugs, crimes, etc going on in that area, but my parents didn't tell me any of that, just that it was a dangerous area and I wasn't allowed there. But being a kid I went anyway. And going to his estate meant I spent more time with K, D and Dick.
We used to play all sorts of hide and seek style games: man hunt was a popular one, but then i introduced them to my favourite game, hide and seek in the dark. Where we would turn off all the lights in the house in the evening/night and you would have to find people in the dark. We played for weeks with no issues, then me and N would use it as an excuse to experiment without being caught. Whenever one of us was the finder we would aim to find eachother first and experiment sexually. I know it's terrible since we were both 12 but I had a high sex drive from a young age after discovering porn magazines at age 6. We didn't have sex just did hand stuff together, and showed off our genitals but we liked eachother and in our minds it was consensual.
So I started dressing in short skirts, or belly tops, trying to make myself more sexy for N. But unfortunately that attracted the attention of the D and Dick. I dont know if N told his friends and brother what we were doing during our games or if they just saw their chance. But one day we were sat in the bedroom in the winter, I was sat holding hands with N and D turned out the light, and suddenly I heard a lot of movement and suddenly there was a hand between my legs and a finger inside me. But N hadn't moved. He was still in the exact same place when the light went back on. I still don't know who did that to me that night. This happened again many many times over the next few years.
But I didn't want to lose my first real boyfriend over something someone else did, and he promised he would make sure it didn't happen again. I trusted him and thought he would protect me but I was wrong. We carried on playing our games and me and him would have fun in the dark. Noone else touched me for a while until one day we were playing hide and seek again and Dick was the seeker, he found me first, covered my mouth and put his filthy fingers inside me. I knew it was him from the smell alone. He barely ever bathed and his skin folds would create a smell that I can still imagine today when I think back.
I broke up with N and stopped going around for a while, but every day N, K, D and Dick would knock at my house or call me. And my best freinds had started making plans with other freinds and excluding me which made me feel alone. I had a few freinds in school by now but they lived too far away for my parents to let me visit. So I went back.
Nothing happened for a while and I started dating K as I'm bisexual, and as soon as this happened D started doing the same things to me that Dick had been. The thing about D though, she was severely autistic, she had the mind of a child, she still does to this day. And I don't blame her for what she did, because she was only copying what she thought was normal behaviour. I switched between being freinds or dating K or N many times, I cheated on other boyfriends I had in school with them. I told them everything, I gave my first blowjob at either 12 or 13 to a different guy (G) who was the same age as me, after spending a day playing video games with him. I thought it was normal.
I thought I was a freak and wouldn't make other freinds, I became hypersexual with K and N and other guys and girls my age, anyone who asked or showed interest in me. I never had sex but I gave oral and hand jobs and received the same. I used sexual acts to get myself into relationships but for some reason I would always wind up back hanging out with N, K, D and Dick. They where incessant they knocked at my house every day until I gave up and started hanging out with them again.
Dick became more brazen the longer things went on, he would pin me to a wall or in a corner in broad daylight and touch me anywhere he wanted, I would beg N and K to never leave me alone with him. I confided in them what he had been doing to me but there would always be 5-10 minutes where they weren't there. And every single time he would do something to me, pin me down and force me to kiss him, force his fingers inside me, bury his face in my underdeveloped chest, pinch my nipples, show me his penis, rub it on me anything he could do without being caught.
Until one day when I was 14 and Dick was 18 he invited another 18/19yo freind over, and I can't remember his name so I'll call him tom. Tom picked up on my uncomfortableness straight away and he could see the fear in my eyes whenever I was alone in the room with him and Dick. I thought he was there to join in. He could see me looking sick whenever Dick tried to flirt with me. He knew something was up. And then when N went to the toilet Dick made his move, I stood up to get a drink from the kitchen, and as I was leaning against the sink drinking my glass of water Dick ran into the room and scooped me up in the air. He lifted my skirt up showing his freind my underwear and I started punching and trying to kick him, shouting "put me down!" And he pulled my underwear to the side and shoved two fingers deep inside me while holding me up in the air with the opposite arm. I screamed bloody murder cause it hurt like hell.
The next bit is a blur but I was told afterwards that Tom had stood up, ran over, pulled me away and punched Dick in the face. I ran to the bathroom and found I was bleeding and just broke down crying. I don't remember anything after that, I just know I never went back. I don't even know how I got home.
I told a few people in the following years what happened, freinds of Dick who I knew, usually if they planned an event and he was there, I made sure someone knew so they could keep him away from me, one offered to kill him for me for £50 and I paid it without a second thought asking them to tie him to.a tree and set him on fire. He changed his mind though and gave me the money back, which I'm grateful for now as I wouldn't want to be imprisoned for murder.
I went to 6th form college at 16 and by the end of college at 18 I had blocked it all out completely. I was very hypersexual for a long time, I was a swinger for years, I've had sex with around 200-300 people. And I attempted suicide twice due to severe depression. I was in a physically abusive relationship a 19 and became an alcoholic. I'm sober now but I still struggle with depression and suicidal ideation.
It wasn't until 2.5 years ago that I remembered. I smoked weed and was talking to my (now ex) girlfriend and suddenly it all came spilling out of my mouth. We called the police and made a report but nothing was ever done about it. And I found out he did the same things to his little sister. But again that bastard is walking free with two daughters. The only witnesses were N, K, D and Tom. But N passed away, K wouldn't testify, D couldn't testify because of her mental age and I don't remember who Tom is.
I'm sorry for how long this got and if anyone got this far I thank you. I have multiple assault stories but by far the worst in my mind. And I will be posting the rest, mostly because I want to be able to tell my therapist about it and I'm worried I'll block it out again or forget things. Some of these details may be mixed up in my mind as it was such a long drawn out part of of my life xx
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2020.10.18 14:41 SShoreBHM Porn chat sexy

I have a pretty good marriage, and I'm not looking to change that. But for a variety of reasons, my wife simply has no libido. Our very rare moments together in the bedroom are more of an obligation at this point. To put it bluntly, I'm not ready to give up sex yet. I'm looking for an understanding woman who would be interested in exploring a friends with benefits situation with me, as I don't find one-time hookups terribly fulfilling.
"Understanding" means that you realize that I'm not able to sext with you during dinner time, or leave my house at 10PM on a Wednesday to get together. I will of course want to make plenty of time for us (both online and in person), but family comes first (as it should for you, if you're also attached).
About you: 21-50 (not set in stone), any body type or race. Knows what they like in the bedroom, but also not afraid to explore. Prefer the type of woman who pampers themselves a bit (regular manis/pedis, sexy panties just because, etc.). You don't lean hard either way as far as dominant/submissive. Enjoy receiving oral. Disease free, not obnoxious about political beliefs (I was raised to believe that politics and religion are rude conversation topics), not on any hard drugs. Preferably you're able to get away weekdays and the occasional weekend evening. Be willing to supplement our in life meetings with some chat, preferably kik.
About me: I'm a fat dude, but I am losing a good deal of weight as I work on it (down almost 50 lbs since quarantine). There are NSFW pics of my (old) body and average-ish dick to give you an idea of what I'm working with. I have brown hair that I keep short or shaved, and a short beard. I enjoy all things oral, including kissing. I've been told that I'm very affectionate in the bedroom. My wife is a "race to get off before my vibrator gets me off while you fuck me missionary only" type of woman, so I'm not exactly a porn star. I give an awesome massage, and a hell of a cook. I enjoy goofy shit like 80s movies and yacht rock. Animal lover. Disease free, normal, sane, non-smoker, always groomed down below, and respectful of boundaries.
Sorry for the novel, and hopefully it doesn't get downvoted into oblivion by the reddit morality police. Send me a chat/dm/kik, and let's take it from there!
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2020.10.15 16:00 Abject_Bus_3559 Sexy porn chat

basically the whole things started a few months ago when as my bf was showing me a pic and i saw that he had pics of girls in bikinis. He first told me that they were sent to him by a group chat but soon after admitted that he screenshotted them and jerked off. I was very mad at hurt at first, he told me he felt disgusting and guilty but eventually i forgave him. then today he was scrolling through ig and i saw that he had a picture of a stripper in his feed, i checked and saw that he still follows an account of sexy girls.
its important that i specify a few things:
- i never went looking through his phone and crossed his privacy.
- i understand if he follows some girl friends and they post bikini pics from time to time but the fact that he sees it so much on ig and that he explicitly follows accounts that post explicit pictures of girls i find disrespectful. i understand that he watches porn and i have no problem with it but when its ig its more public and its also a matter of respect for me. also i find it more disgusting that the pictures he jerked off to were girls that he knows.
- i told him that he he wants to follow girls like that on ig then he can't tall me anything about dressing provocatively and not wearing a bra in public but he insists its not the same.
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2020.10.07 16:33 shouldileavehim2468 Sexy porn chat

Oh boy, never thought I'd be here asking advice about something like this, but here we are. I'll try to keep it brief.
Met my current partner in college, we've been together for around six and a half years. We have a very strong connection and he makes me very happy much of the time. I was cheated on in my last relationship so was slow to trust, but after a few years of him seeming to be very loyal and trustworthy I trusted him.
Then a week ago, we both fell asleep on separate couches, and I awoke at around 1 am to his phone next to me on the charger. Only on a couple of occasions in over six years have I gone through his phone, because I trust him and also frankly didn’t know his passcode and didn’t want to bother to ask. Last night, on a whim I decided to check to reassure myself and was able to guess the passcode, and discovered he has been engaging in explicit sexual exchanges/conversations with multiple women on Snapchat after I go to sleep, one regularly since February 28, and with at least two different girls this week alone (that I know of). These are sex workers with Premium Snapchat accounts, so I’d be willing to excuse it as just looking at porn if it weren’t for the extensive message exchanges and focus on the same girl in particular (who he referred to as “his fave [kissy face]” in one Cashapp transaction, after calling her sexy, beautiful, amazing, saying he “missed her”, sending her extensive flirty emojis and messages, telling her he had to “sneak away” from me to look at her pictures and photograph himself to send back, telling her he was in bed next to me while I was asleep when she asked where he was, soliciting her to send nudes he would look at when “his gf was away [winky and kissy faces]” etc. He even told her "Missing you (kissy face)" in response to her asking what's up once. I have no idea how long these types of exchanges have been happening, but the earliest Cashapp transaction to a cam girl was from May 2019. Again, I’m completely open to him watching porn, as long as he is not actively seeking a relationship or personal exchange with anyone, but that is obviously not the case here. Meanwhile I have been trying to communicate with him about what he likes and wants to do in that regard for years, with little to no response, to the point I just assumed his sex drive was lower than mine. He very actively deceived me over an extended period of time, fantasizing about cheating and cheating in essentially every way excluding physically (as far as I am aware).
In one exchange she asked to see his "pretty cock" and he said he had to "sneak away", she asked where he was and he said "Next to my sleeping gf, is that bad". She then said "Betcha don't have one, she doesn't please you?" He said "She's sexy, but not like you" and she said "Can I see her? Lmao" and he proceeded to send her two pics of me, no face thank goodness but of me in underwear showing my ass, which I took for him of course. She then proceeded to agree that I'm sexy and say "But I'd rather be pleased by you" and describe how she wanted him to fuck her (while eating me out? I guess she thought he'd get off on that since he brought me up?). He swears he never sent her a dick pic or video chatted, but I'm not sure. After looking at his Cashapp history it seems he never sent her more than $20 at a time, around $50 total since February.
The night I caught him, "his fave" hadn't replied to his message for a second night in a row, and I also found a message to another Snapchat girl in reply to her story I guess, saying "I need a mommy (kissy face" and asking her to verify/see a menu. It didn't go further than that, but I have no idea how many others there have been that he's deleted.
If this were a one or a few time fluke, I would also be understanding. But it is apparent that pretty often when I am asleep or he can otherwise “sneak away” (his words) he engages in these kind of exchanges, particularly with the one girl he’s been consistently sexting and exchanging content with since February, though I have no idea how many others there have been. They are total strangers with "no face" and "no meetup" policies, but the extensive emojis, texts, flirting, soliciting videos and nudes, etc., is obviously a huge violation of my trust (especially since he brought me into it and indicated he was knowingly going behind my back).
Since confronting him, he has indicated he feels terrible, never wanted to hurt me, never knew it would risk the relationship, and has said he doesn't want to do that anymore and that it's distilled what he wants and that is me. He has been pulling out all the stops (flowers, cooking, cleaning, etc.) trying to make things right, and I've been going through his phone regularly and he seems to have stopped and blocked those accounts. I'm frankly not sure if I can or should trust him again, and am too embarrassed to tell more people we know (I've only told my best friend, who thinks I should leave him and I deserve better). He seems genuinely remorseful, but I just don't know, and even if he's acting on his best behavior, those impulses were clearly there a long time. The fact nothing was physical or with a girl we know makes it a little better, but I can't wrap my head around why he would pay for amateur nudes and sexting when there's so much free porn, and I tried to communicate about his wants and have a very high sex drive myself. I just need some outside perspective.
TL;DR Long-time partner has been soliciting nudes and sexting from strangers on Snapchat Premium after I fall asleep, showed one of them my intimate pictures when she asked. Should I end it or give him another chance?
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2020.10.07 15:56 HaulA7Octl Sexy porn chat

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2020.10.06 00:29 vent_throwRA Sexy porn chat

Imagine typing "tall, full brown hair, muscular, perfect dick" then have 500000 videos with that exact description pop up for your viewing... all focusing on the man and not his female partner. I repeat focusing on the man and not his female partner
Ever wondered why men on average watch more porn than women? Well there's more reasons than this one but I do know that mostly men make and produce the porn, so obviously all the porn men make is geared towards other men. I'm not talking about subreddits with home made videos. I'm talking about PORNHUB and other big names.
All the free "porn for women" websites are actually just vanilla sex still zoomed in on the females face in my experience. Also they have categories that are like "massage" or "romantic" which doesn't sound too exciting when men get categories like "big tits" or "perfect body". Show me the damn category called "tall dark and handsome" and maybe these places would do better with women.
I went into a sex shop a couple months ago and they had 20 different porn starts (females) faces all lined up next to their pocket pussies. Where were the men? If they actually made dildos shaped like the male pornstars I would have zero clue who they are honestly... and most of them look like middle aged smokers or roofers who never wear sunscreen for some reason.
I often wonder if boyfriends/husbands would be more uncomfortable with porn use such as some women are if there were thousands of beautiful naked men willing to do anything for the women viewing. Imagine if women chose to watch Chad McMuscles on the big screen instead of being jealous about their husband watching insert catchy female pornstar name? Would things be easier in these relationships? Would there be healthier relationships between these couples where only one currently uses porn... or would shit hit the fan?
Imagine if men played on their female clients for money and dragged them into watching their content further. Bribed them with sexy tricks and new scandalous pics, chatted with them all night. I mean I'm sure there's some heterosexual men who cam out there but are there pages and pages of handsome men just one click away on the internets top porn websites? Ever heard the stories of men spending thousands on camgirls? Their wifes now furious? What about the lonely men who just enjoy a chat and don't mind spending thousands? This sort of thing does NOT happen to women the way it does to men. Is it because "camboys" aren't a thing like "camgirls" are? I can't help but wonder.
Why can't you find the opposite of some thousands of videos featuring 5 unnatractive men banging one beautiful women?
Why aren't there countless videos with 5 women all licking down the abs of some hot college frat boy that's way out of their league?
I needed to rant about this because it's something I have thought about for ages. Ever since I discovered porn I thought "this content is garbage and completely geared towards men either gay or heterosexual."
I am fully aware of how porn is geared towards the wants and desires of men, despite the fact that women want/desire sex just as much.
I'm not saying great porn for heterosexual women doesn't exist - I'm saying it's extremely hard to come by.
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Funniest shit I have ever [email protected] GACHA SUCKS .̶̷̷̩̬̣̮̦̣̪̗̙̺̞̱͙̰͉͍͚ͤ̀͋͗̿ͭ̐ͯ͑̊͆͗̾̂͋͌ͮ͘͝ͅ.̧͉͖̙͎̠̬̻̤͖͍̤̼̯ͥ̎̍̓͑̋͌ͧ̋͊̿̕͘͢͢.̷̧̛̛͇̜̯̳̥͇̤̗͇͛̃̍ͮͥ̇̎ͥ̐ͫͧ͆̽̍̅̈͗́̅.̶̵̪͚̘̖̰͇̭͙̩̟̭̟ͤ̓ͯ̍ͪ̀̑̓̐̓͢.̶̶̛̳̺̳̩͍̥̿ͮ̈́̓̆ͨ̎́ͬ̓ͯ.ͣͪ̄̿̐ͬ́͑͝͏̪̫̺̹̗͉͓̠̳̯͓̻͖̳.̶̸̰̟͉̠̯̤͇͈̅ͨͯ̐́ͅ.̡̨̛͍̹̥̣͉̖̬̹̟͍̰̯͖̯̳̗͉̭̓̌͊ͬ͢͡.̶̢̹̠̩͕̋͛̍͒͛̂ͨ̐͑̌̚.̵̧̛̦̫͔͚̤͈̠̩͈͚̼̬͇͎̗̱ͦͫͯ͋ͬͦ̄͠.̖̗͔͙͒̀ͭ͋̈̐ͫ̃̀̽ͣ̆̓ͯͬͪ̽́̚͟͟͞.̵̛̛̹̗̻̯̺͔̥̩̿ͫͫ̉ͨ͘͡.̈́̈̉ͨ͌̽̄ͯͭ̿͌̌͂̓̇̈́ͦ͏̶̧̬̬͉̫̣̘̥̝̟̝̯̮̝͇̣̀͝.̸̣̦̱͙̦̯̱̬̲͓̘ͬ͗̏́̌͆̆̅ͩ̉̒͗ͭ͘.̔ͥͦ̓̉̐̏̔̒̐̂ͭ̔͢͏̸̖̞̝̗̩̜̮̩̰̕.̛͚̲̱̦̺̦͑̌̒͊̀͜͟.̨͉̳̟̭͇͍̖͎̆͑́̌̄ͣ̒́̀́͟͞.̶̲̦̘͎͖͈͍͕͇̦̹̰͇̠ͪ͋̋̓̊ͬ̽ͮͧ͂̾̐̀͋̂̎ͫ̔̚͝ͅ.̸̛̬̠̟͎͔͖̹̞̯̗̣̮̼̖͕̈̀̈́̊͡.̵̡̺̝̞̯̞̬͗ͩ̃́͌ͤ̃͞ͅ.ͮ̏ͦͩ͝҉̢̖̱̻̱̫ͅ.̵̢͙̮̓͒̒ͯ̓̍͐ͣͪ͛͑ͦ̇̚͠͡͞ͅ.̵̷̵͍͚̯̪̬͙̭̲̻͚̣̭̻͎͔͇͈̫̐ͥ̃͊͌̓͗̽ͣ̚͡.̶̷̵̧̳̯̖̺̟̖̝̭̙͙͎̝͈̤̥ͭͮͧ͌̓̉̂̈́͝.̪̮̖̹͈͇̩̟͕̟̖͐ͦ͐̅ͤͣ̇̓͢͝͡.̶̢͕͎͎͍̠͓̙͈̺̪͖̦͋̒̅̏͛͊̂̀͘͟.̶̡̡̮̠̥ͭ͋̆͗̐̊ͮͧ͒̄̾̉̑̄͠ͅ.͇̩̙͔ͬͣ̽̏ͤͩ̈ͩ̇͐ͩ͒̉̓́̚͘͘͠.̷̹̠̙̻̥̤͚̦̠̯͓̲̙͚͙̌̽͒͂͌ͣͣ͗ͦ̎ͫͬ̽ͭ̂͌̾̀̀͟͠.̴̵̛̯̹͕̝͖̮͔̤̓̐̿̃́͛̌ͫ͆̄̃͛ͨ̿̓́͜.̶̷̷̩̬̣̮̦̣̪̗̙̺̞̱͙̰͉͍͚ͤ̀͋͗̿ͭ̐ͯ͑̊͆͗̾̂͋͌ͮ͘͝ͅ.̧͉͖̙͎̠̬̻̤͖͍̤̼̯ͥ̎̍̓͑̋͌ͧ̋͊̿̕͘͢͢.̷̧̛̛͇̜̯̳̥͇̤̗͇͛̃̍ͮͥ̇̎ͥ̐ͫͧ͆̽̍̅̈͗́̅.̶̵̪͚̘̖̰͇̭͙̩̟̭̟ͤ̓ͯ̍ͪ̀̑̓̐̓͢.̶̶̛̳̺̳̩͍̥̿ͮ̈́̓̆ͨ̎́ͬ̓ͯ.ͣͪ̄̿̐ͬ́͑͝͏̪̫̺̹̗͉͓̠̳̯͓̻͖̳.̶̸̰̟͉̠̯̤͇͈̅ͨͯ̐́ͅ.̡̨̛͍̹̥̣͉̖̬̹̟͍̰̯͖̯̳̗͉̭̓̌͊ͬ͢͡.̶̢̹̠̩͕̋͛̍͒͛̂ͨ̐͑̌̚.̵̧̛̦̫͔͚̤͈̠̩͈͚̼̬͇͎̗̱ͦͫͯ͋ͬͦ̄͠.̖̗͔͙͒̀ͭ͋̈̐ͫ̃̀̽ͣ̆̓ͯͬͪ̽́̚͟͟͞.̵̛̛̹̗̻̯̺͔̥̩̿ͫͫ̉ͨ͘͡.̈́̈̉ͨ͌̽̄ͯͭ̿͌̌͂̓̇̈́ͦ͏̶̧̬̬͉̫̣̘̥̝̟̝̯̮̝͇̣̀͝.̸̣̦̱͙̦̯̱̬̲͓̘ͬ͗̏́̌͆̆̅ͩ̉̒͗ͭ͘.̔ͥͦ̓̉̐̏̔̒̐̂ͭ̔͢͏̸̖̞̝̗̩̜̮̩̰̕.̛͚̲̱̦̺̦͑̌̒͊̀͜͟.̨͉̳̟̭͇͍̖͎̆͑́̌̄ͣ̒́̀́͟͞.̶̲̦̘͎͖͈͍͕͇̦̹̰͇̠ͪ͋̋̓̊ͬ̽ͮͧ͂̾̐̀͋̂̎ͫ̔̚͝ͅ.̸̛̬̠̟͎͔͖̹̞̯̗̣̮̼̖͕̈̀̈́̊͡.̵̡̺̝̞̯̞̬͗ͩ̃́͌ͤ̃͞ͅ.ͮ̏ͦͩ͝҉̢̖̱̻̱̫ͅ.̵̢͙̮̓͒̒ͯ̓̍͐ͣͪ͛͑ͦ̇̚͠͡͞ͅ.̵̷̵͍͚̯̪̬͙̭̲̻͚̣̭̻͎͔͇͈̫̐ͥ̃͊͌̓͗̽ͣ̚͡.̶̷̵̧̳̯̖̺̟̖̝̭̙͙͎̝͈̤̥ͭͮͧ͌̓̉̂̈́͝.̪̮̖̹͈͇̩̟͕̟̖͐ͦ͐̅ͤͣ̇̓͢͝͡.̶̢͕͎͎͍̠͓̙͈̺̪͖̦͋̒̅̏͛͊̂̀͘͟.̶̡̡̮̠̥ͭ͋̆͗̐̊ͮͧ͒̄̾̉̑̄͠ͅ.͇̩̙͔ͬͣ̽̏ͤͩ̈ͩ̇͐ͩ͒̉̓́̚͘͘͠.̷̹̠̙̻̥̤͚̦̠̯͓̲̙͚͙̌̽͒͂͌ͣͣ͗ͦ̎ͫͬ̽ͭ̂͌̾̀̀͟͠.̴̵̛̯̹͕̝͖̮͔̤̓̐̿̃́͛̌ͫ͆̄̃͛ͨ̿̓́͜.̡̧̬͕̭͚͙̠̼͍̞̹͙̫̞͈̤̫̀̔ͩ̒́͘̕.̹͔͎̟̞̗̻̫̳̯̣̣̻̫̺͇͖̘̯̑̀̏̋͋ͫ̄̒̈̔͌̇̆͐̕͝.̷̸̺̝̖̘̻̭͆͂ͧͧ͒̀̀̾ͬ̒̐ͣͅ.̍̂͒̊͒̏ͮ͛ͧͫͣ͑ͦ͊̐ͥ̍͏̷̭̜̖͉̠̹͉̙͓͕̝.̶̨̛̮̞̰̩̆ͬ̾ͩ̊̓̅̀.̴̫̤̮̝̺͈̯̼̼̟͓̫̗͈̻͖̜̘̒ͪ̏̂̿ͤ̃́͡.̭̖̼͓͎̲̯̻͕͑ͭ̈́͋̄̚̕͢ͅ.̡̘̪̟͓̺̰̘̖̼̺̿̋̆ͬͧ͗͑͋́̒̾͆͌ͪ̀̕.̵̷̡̠̰͕̰̦͍̃ͮ͐̋ͭ͐ͭ̔ͭͦ̓̀͋ͫ̊̉̅͞ͅ.̸̢̛̪̣̰͚̖̫̜͉̭̅̾̽̏̑̂̒̏̍ͨ̈͌̎͋̋̇͊̚͜͞.̸̡̡̟͚͍̞̜̺̲̑̈́͗́̎̐͋̀̒ͯ̀̚͞.̶́̋ͤ͋̽ͪͮ͒̓̀̀ͩ̋̍͑ͣ̏̈̚͝҉̵̤͙̦͉͇̮̪͠.͔̲̩̱̳̥̹͇̤͍͚̗̮̟̩̲ͭ̐̄͋̃̈́͋́ͪͯ͒̋͠.̇̾ͫͮͭ̔̐̀ͮͪ͌̃ͦ̏͂͗͏̶̵̫͍͎̦̞͈̥̖̼̭͔͎̖̀͢.̴̟͖͖̞̣̺̠̝͓̃͊ͤ͐̀ͮ̆ͩ̈́͆̇̈͑̚͢͜͡.̛͂͐͌́͠҉̢̥̼̙̗̘̭͚̯̫.̎ͥ̒ͣ̍̒̉ͤ͝͏͖͓̹̳̗̙͖͎̲̼͈͞.̴͖̘̰͍ͣ̑̏̒̓̀ͬ̔ͪͭ̒̑̽̌̽͘.͊̈́̾͋ͦ̂͏̺̫̩͚̫́͠ͅ.̸̶̴̛͈̰͕̯͎̞͕̺͕̭̘̠͓͎͉̓͑̎͌̂̏̔̇͠.̧͙͎̤͍̜̹̠̩̪͕̪͙͊͊̈̎̽̍ͧͫ̓̋̓̀͗̓̀ͫ̌͞ͅ.̄̉́ͤͮ͌͌ͥ͐̀ͦ͗̐̽ͧ̚̕҉̠̲̖̪̝̹̮̹̟͉͎̥͓̘̪̩̮̕ͅ.̸͈̮̞̙̭͎̟͎͓͓̽͂ͮ̔ͧ̃.̍̓̉͐̈̍ͨ̽ͧ͛ͤ̑͌͐̄ͤͪ͝҉̵̬̮͈͚̱͜.̛̉̎ͮ̅͝͏̭̰̰͔͇.̵̩̪̦̟̹̞͕̲̟̤͙̹̠͈͓̳̞͔̈́́ͩ̀͟͞.̴̸̨̛̯̦͇͖̞͍̳̤͈̝͇͎͎̩̙̤͈̏̒̐ͯ̓͊̋ͩ̒ͯ͆ͨ̐ͯ͌͒̚͜ͅ.͌͌͌͆ͤͮͯ̾͏̴͜҉̜͈̲̻̭̱͔̤͈͍͙̱̤̫͟.̢̛̼̞̞̞̳̙ͥ͒̍̾̓ͭ͗̉̈́ͨͤ̏̌͟͞.͌̓̈ͬͯͧ̐ͣ͛́ͤ̃ͩ̇̊̀͠͏͏̭̜̬̤.ͮ͛ͯ̂ͫͧ̂́͊̂͋͂ͦ̄̕҉̷̶͍͎̦͉̣́.̘̟͍̼̜͍̮̝̇͂͗ͥ̇͊́͑̂͊ͨ͋ͣ̀̚͘̕.̡̧̯̯͔̣͔̲͈͔̟͖̻̫̮̗̘ͦ̅̓ͯ̿̊̾ͯ̇̒̆̍̈̓.̡̧̨͖̙̬̝͕́͒̓̉̽̽̐̓̎̓ͪ̈̓̎̄̏̄̓͊.̶̳̪̲͉̮̦̫̓ͧͨ̾̈́̈́ͯ͆ͪ͐̅̂́̌͛͑ͩ̚.̷̠̟̘͇̙͇̱̹̎̍̍̅ͥ̿̃̌̔̚.̨̡̏ͮͮͤͩ̈́̉ͣͯ̏̇̆ͯ̽̃͗̄͆ͫ͜͏̖̣̭̗̮̖͓̪͈͔̱̱ͅ.̧̢̜̣̮̼̦̱͈̑̈ͫ́͛ͣ̀̀̓̒̿́̚͢͝.̛͔̹̖̻͈̲͚̤͋ͣ̿͋͡.̴͛͒͗̈̎ͣ̇ͧ̽̒̄̂̃̈́͐̽̚͏͢͏̮͍̗̰̫̟̰̼͇͚̭̠̜̪̜̭̜.̧̙͓̤͎̦͖̥̦̤̜̲̣͙̠̱̗̱̤͒̍̌ͣ͊ͩ̾̃͒́ͤ̾̕͟͠.̷̴̜̗͉̺̥̘̙̒͛̃ͨ͜.̲̤̣̀ͬ̔̂ͧ̈́̚͜͡.̨ͣ̎͆̂ͩͬͬ̾ͮ̽̓͘͏̡͙̞̜͍͎͕̯̜̙̘̣̰̞̳̫̥͡.̶̛̮̭̤͎̰̗͕̮̗̥̦̱̖̩͖̹̼̮ͯͪͭ̇́͑̀.̴̜͓̪͕̬͓̫͚̩̝̰͓͒͒̓̍̀ͫ͗͊ͤ̾̏̎̉ͤ͠.̵ͩ͊̒ͨ̍̋̎̋̿ͯ̍̊̒ͥ͂̎̀̕͏͙͙͉̹̮̖̭̮̠̭̬̻͙͎̮̗̼̭.̶̧̳̗͚͈̜͕̜̄̎͊̉̽͆͛ͪ̾̆̓̾̾̃ͥ́̕͝.̒̌ͦͥ̅̊͛ͫ͏̨͖̰̳̖̜͎̀.̵̙͓͎̣͓̞͎͐̈̓̀̂̂̂̂̍̊̀ͭ̾ͣ̀̕.̿͛̌͛̅͆̀͆ͧ̚҉̶̢̖̳̥̦͍̹̖̫̻̜͟.̸̷̛͇͙̜͍̲̳̥̎̍͋̒ͬͨ̿͒̎̈́ͪ͠ͅ.̔ͣͤ́̋ͧ̋̀̈́̔̒̓̂̒ͪͨ͏̵̭͇̩̗̠͖͎̪̺̲͕̗͓̕͜͡ͅ.̴̴̬̼̙̏ͤ̌̏͗ͦ̄͒ͯ̓̍̈́̍̐̀ͫͧ͌̕͜ͅ.͉̝̲͇̟̱̘̗͖̽ͨ̓̃͋ͮ̓̒͌ͬ̔́̌ͤ͜ͅ.͙̝͎͓̠̦̜͔̬̠̣̊̊͐͑̍́̿̑ͮ́͞.̷̨͇̫̙̰̘̞͔͎̦͚ͫͣͦ̑ͤ̿̕̕.̧̬̹͓̠̙̙͕̏̀̒̒̄̓͊ͮ̇ͮ̓ͭ̑͝.̡̢̣̗̫͚̯̉̓ͮͦ̽͑̊ͣͧ̽ͣ̔̍̿̽̍̅̚.̸̘̥̩̱͖̙̞͚͙̖͙̗͓̄̿ͦͯ̚̕.̘͈̱͔̲̑̄̂̓͗͊̔̆ͨͧ̓̊ͫ̕͢͝.̢̡̠͕̠̟̩͖͖̺̦̬͓̭͚͓̳ͣ̃ͧ̑̍̎̈́̉̏̍͑̓̈́͐̎͋͛͢͡͠ͅͅ .̶̷̷̩̬̣̮̦̣̪̗̙̺̞̱͙̰͉͍͚ͤ̀͋͗̿ͭ̐ͯ͑̊͆͗̾̂͋͌ͮ͘͝ͅ.̧͉͖̙͎̠̬̻̤͖͍̤̼̯ͥ̎̍̓͑̋͌ͧ̋͊̿̕͘͢͢.̷̧̛̛͇̜̯̳̥͇̤̗͇͛̃̍ͮͥ̇̎ͥ̐ͫͧ͆̽̍̅̈͗́̅.̶̵̪͚̘̖̰͇̭͙̩̟̭̟ͤ̓ͯ̍ͪ̀̑̓̐̓͢.̶̶̛̳̺̳̩͍̥̿ͮ̈́̓̆ͨ̎́ͬ̓ͯ.ͣͪ̄̿̐ͬ́͑͝͏̪̫̺̹̗͉͓̠̳̯͓̻͖̳.̶̸̰̟͉̠̯̤͇͈̅ͨͯ̐́ͅ.̡̨̛͍̹̥̣͉̖̬̹̟͍̰̯͖̯̳̗͉̭̓̌͊ͬ͢͡.̶̢̹̠̩͕̋͛̍͒͛̂ͨ̐͑̌̚.̵̧̛̦̫͔͚̤͈̠̩͈͚̼̬͇͎̗̱ͦͫͯ͋ͬͦ̄͠.̖̗͔͙͒̀ͭ͋̈̐ͫ̃̀̽ͣ̆̓ͯͬͪ̽́̚͟͟͞.̵̛̛̹̗̻̯̺͔̥̩̿ͫͫ̉ͨ͘͡.̈́̈̉ͨ͌̽̄ͯͭ̿͌̌͂̓̇̈́ͦ͏̶̧̬̬͉̫̣̘̥̝̟̝̯̮̝͇̣̀͝.̸̣̦̱͙̦̯̱̬̲͓̘ͬ͗̏́̌͆̆̅ͩ̉̒͗ͭ͘.̔ͥͦ̓̉̐̏̔̒̐̂ͭ̔͢͏̸̖̞̝̗̩̜̮̩̰̕.̛͚̲̱̦̺̦͑̌̒͊̀͜͟.̨͉̳̟̭͇͍̖͎̆͑́̌̄ͣ̒́̀́͟͞.̶̲̦̘͎͖͈͍͕͇̦̹̰͇̠ͪ͋̋̓̊ͬ̽ͮͧ͂̾̐̀͋̂̎ͫ̔̚͝ͅ.̸̛̬̠̟͎͔͖̹̞̯̗̣̮̼̖͕̈̀̈́̊͡.̵̡̺̝̞̯̞̬͗ͩ̃́͌ͤ̃͞ͅ.ͮ̏ͦͩ͝҉̢̖̱̻̱̫ͅ.̵̢͙̮̓͒̒ͯ̓̍͐ͣͪ͛͑ͦ̇̚͠͡͞ͅ.̵̷̵͍͚̯̪̬͙̭̲̻͚̣̭̻͎͔͇͈̫̐ͥ̃͊͌̓͗̽ͣ̚͡.̶̷̵̧̳̯̖̺̟̖̝̭̙͙͎̝͈̤̥ͭͮͧ͌̓̉̂̈́͝.̪̮̖̹͈͇̩̟͕̟̖͐ͦ͐̅ͤͣ̇̓͢͝͡.̶̢͕͎͎͍̠͓̙͈̺̪͖̦͋̒̅̏͛͊̂̀͘͟.̶̡̡̮̠̥ͭ͋̆͗̐̊ͮͧ͒̄̾̉̑̄͠ͅ.͇̩̙͔ͬͣ̽̏ͤͩ̈ͩ̇͐ͩ͒̉̓́̚͘͘͠.̷̹̠̙̻̥̤͚̦̠̯͓̲̙͚͙̌̽͒͂͌ͣͣ͗ͦ̎ͫͬ̽ͭ̂͌̾̀̀͟͠.̴̵̛̯̹͕̝͖̮͔̤̓̐̿̃́͛̌ͫ͆̄̃͛ͨ̿̓́͜.̡̧̬͕̭͚͙̠̼͍̞̹͙̫̞͈̤̫̀̔ͩ̒́͘̕.̹͔͎̟̞̗̻̫̳̯̣̣̻̫̺͇͖̘̯̑̀̏̋͋ͫ̄̒̈̔͌̇̆͐̕͝.̷̸̺̝̖̘̻̭͆͂ͧͧ͒̀̀̾ͬ̒̐ͣͅ.̍̂͒̊͒̏ͮ͛ͧͫͣ͑ͦ͊̐ͥ̍͏̷̭̜̖͉̠̹͉̙͓͕̝.̶̨̛̮̞̰̩̆ͬ̾ͩ̊̓̅̀.̴̫̤̮̝̺͈̯̼̼̟͓̫̗͈̻͖̜̘̒ͪ̏̂̿ͤ̃́͡.̭̖̼͓͎̲̯̻͕͑ͭ̈́͋̄̚̕͢ͅ.̡̘̪̟͓̺̰̘̖̼̺̿̋̆ͬͧ͗͑͋́̒̾͆͌ͪ̀̕.̵̷̡̠̰͕̰̦͍̃ͮ͐̋ͭ͐ͭ̔ͭͦ̓̀͋ͫ̊̉̅͞ͅ.̸̢̛̪̣̰͚̖̫̜͉̭̅̾̽̏̑̂̒̏̍ͨ̈͌̎͋̋̇͊̚͜͞.̸̡̡̟͚͍̞̜̺̲̑̈́͗́̎̐͋̀̒ͯ̀̚͞.̶́̋ͤ͋̽ͪͮ͒̓̀̀ͩ̋̍͑ͣ̏̈̚͝҉̵̤͙̦͉͇̮̪͠.͔̲̩̱̳̥̹͇̤͍͚̗̮̟̩̲ͭ̐̄͋̃̈́͋́ͪͯ͒̋͠.̇̾ͫͮͭ̔̐̀ͮͪ͌̃ͦ̏͂͗͏̶̵̫͍͎̦̞͈̥̖̼̭͔͎̖̀͢.̴̟͖͖̞̣̺̠̝͓̃͊ͤ͐̀ͮ̆ͩ̈́͆̇̈͑̚͢͜͡.̛͂͐͌́͠҉̢̥̼̙̗̘̭͚̯̫.̎ͥ̒ͣ̍̒̉ͤ͝͏͖͓̹̳̗̙͖͎̲̼͈͞.̴͖̘̰͍ͣ̑̏̒̓̀ͬ̔ͪͭ̒̑̽̌̽͘.͊̈́̾͋ͦ̂͏̺̫̩͚̫́͠ͅ.̸̶̴̛͈̰͕̯͎̞͕̺͕̭̘̠͓͎͉̓͑̎͌̂̏̔̇͠.̧͙͎̤͍̜̹̠̩̪͕̪͙͊͊̈̎̽̍ͧͫ̓̋̓̀͗̓̀ͫ̌͞ͅ.̄̉́ͤͮ͌͌ͥ͐̀ͦ͗̐̽ͧ̚̕҉̠̲̖̪̝̹̮̹̟͉͎̥͓̘̪̩̮̕ͅ.̸͈̮̞̙̭͎̟͎͓͓̽͂ͮ̔ͧ̃.̍̓̉͐̈̍ͨ̽ͧ͛ͤ̑͌͐̄ͤͪ͝҉̵̬̮͈͚̱͜.̛̉̎ͮ̅͝͏̭̰̰͔͇.̵̩̪̦̟̹̞͕̲̟̤͙̹̠͈͓̳̞͔̈́́ͩ̀͟͞.̴̸̨̛̯̦͇͖̞͍̳̤͈̝͇͎͎̩̙̤͈̏̒̐ͯ̓͊̋ͩ̒ͯ͆ͨ̐ͯ͌͒̚͜ͅ.͌͌͌͆ͤͮͯ̾͏̴͜҉̜͈̲̻̭̱͔̤͈͍͙̱̤̫͟.̢̛̼̞̞̞̳̙ͥ͒̍̾̓ͭ͗̉̈́ͨͤ̏̌͟͞.͌̓̈ͬͯͧ̐ͣ͛́ͤ̃ͩ̇̊̀͠͏͏̭̜̬̤.ͮ͛ͯ̂ͫͧ̂́͊̂͋͂ͦ̄̕҉̷̶͍͎̦͉̣́.̘̟͍̼̜͍̮̝̇͂͗ͥ̇͊́͑̂͊ͨ͋ͣ̀̚͘̕.̡̧̯̯͔̣͔̲͈͔̟͖̻̫̮̗̘ͦ̅̓ͯ̿̊̾ͯ̇̒̆̍̈̓.̡̧̨͖̙̬̝͕́͒̓̉̽̽̐̓̎̓ͪ̈̓̎̄̏̄̓͊.̶̳̪̲͉̮̦̫̓ͧͨ̾̈́̈́ͯ͆ͪ͐̅̂́̌͛͑ͩ̚.̷̠̟̘͇̙͇̱̹̎̍̍̅ͥ̿̃̌̔̚.̨̡̏ͮͮͤͩ̈́̉ͣͯ̏̇̆ͯ̽̃͗̄͆ͫ͜͏̖̣̭̗̮̖͓̪͈͔̱̱ͅ.̧̢̜̣̮̼̦̱͈̑̈ͫ́͛ͣ̀̀̓̒̿́̚͢͝.̛͔̹̖̻͈̲͚̤͋ͣ̿͋͡.̴͛͒͗̈̎ͣ̇ͧ̽̒̄̂̃̈́͐̽̚͏͢͏̮͍̗̰̫̟̰̼͇͚̭̠̜̪̜̭̜.̧̙͓̤͎̦͖̥̦̤̜̲̣͙̠̱̗̱̤͒̍̌ͣ͊ͩ̾̃͒́ͤ̾̕͟͠.̷̴̜̗͉̺̥̘̙̒͛̃ͨ͜.̲̤̣̀ͬ̔̂ͧ̈́̚͜͡.̨ͣ̎͆̂ͩͬͬ̾ͮ̽̓͘͏̡͙̞̜͍͎͕̯̜̙̘̣̰̞̳̫̥͡.̶̛̮̭̤͎̰̗͕̮̗̥̦̱̖̩͖̹̼̮ͯͪͭ̇́͑̀.̴̜͓̪͕̬͓̫͚̩̝̰͓͒͒̓̍̀ͫ͗͊ͤ̾̏̎̉ͤ͠.̵ͩ͊̒ͨ̍̋̎̋̿ͯ̍̊̒ͥ͂̎̀̕͏͙͙͉̹̮̖̭̮̠̭̬̻͙͎̮̗̼̭.̶̧̳̗͚͈̜͕̜̄̎͊̉̽͆͛ͪ̾̆̓̾̾̃ͥ́̕͝.̒̌ͦͥ̅̊͛ͫ͏̨͖̰̳̖̜͎̀.̵̙͓͎̣͓̞͎͐̈̓̀̂̂̂̂̍̊̀ͭ̾ͣ̀̕.̿͛̌͛̅͆̀͆ͧ̚҉̶̢̖̳̥̦͍̹̖̫̻̜͟.̸̷̛͇͙̜͍̲̳̥̎̍͋̒ͬͨ̿͒̎̈́ͪ͠ͅ.̔ͣͤ́̋ͧ̋̀̈́̔̒̓̂̒ͪͨ͏̵̭͇̩̗̠͖͎̪̺̲͕̗͓̕͜͡ͅ.̴̴̬̼̙̏ͤ̌̏͗ͦ̄͒ͯ̓̍̈́̍̐̀ͫͧ͌̕͜ͅ.͉̝̲͇̟̱̘̗͖̽ͨ̓̃͋ͮ̓̒͌ͬ̔́̌ͤ͜ͅ.͙̝͎͓̠̦̜͔̬̠̣̊̊͐͑̍́̿̑ͮ́͞.̷̨͇̫̙̰̘̞͔͎̦͚ͫͣͦ̑ͤ̿̕̕.̧̬̹͓̠̙̙͕̏̀̒̒̄̓͊ͮ̇ͮ̓ͭ̑͝.̡̢̣̗̫͚̯̉̓ͮͦ̽͑̊ͣͧ̽ͣ̔̍̿̽̍̅̚.̸̘̥̩̱͖̙̞͚͙̖͙̗͓̄̿ͦͯ̚̕.̘͈̱͔̲̑̄̂̓͗͊̔̆ͨͧ̓̊ͫ̕͢͝.̢̡̠͕̠̟̩͖͖̺̦̬͓̭͚͓̳ͣ̃ͧ̑̍̎̈́̉̏̍͑̓̈́͐̎͋͛͢͡͠ͅͅ .̶̷̷̩̬̣̮̦̣̪̗̙̺̞̱͙̰͉͍͚ͤ̀͋͗̿ͭ̐ͯ͑̊͆͗̾̂͋͌ͮ͘͝ͅ.̧͉͖̙͎̠̬̻̤͖͍̤̼̯ͥ̎̍̓͑̋͌ͧ̋͊̿̕͘͢͢.̷̧̛̛͇̜̯̳̥͇̤̗͇͛̃̍ͮͥ̇̎ͥ̐ͫͧ͆̽̍̅̈͗́̅.̶̵̪͚̘̖̰͇̭͙̩̟̭̟ͤ̓ͯ̍ͪ̀̑̓̐̓͢.̶̶̛̳̺̳̩͍̥̿ͮ̈́̓̆ͨ̎́ͬ̓ͯ.ͣͪ̄̿̐ͬ́͑͝͏̪̫̺̹̗͉͓̠̳̯͓̻͖̳.̶̸̰̟͉̠̯̤͇͈̅ͨͯ̐́ͅ.̡̨̛͍̹̥̣͉̖̬̹̟͍̰̯͖̯̳̗͉̭̓̌͊ͬ͢͡.̶̢̹̠̩͕̋͛̍͒͛̂ͨ̐͑̌̚.̵̧̛̦̫͔͚̤͈̠̩͈͚̼̬͇͎̗̱ͦͫͯ͋ͬͦ̄͠.̖̗͔͙͒̀ͭ͋̈̐ͫ̃̀̽ͣ̆̓ͯͬͪ̽́̚͟͟͞.̵̛̛̹̗̻̯̺͔̥̩̿ͫͫ̉ͨ͘͡.̈́̈̉ͨ͌̽̄ͯͭ̿͌̌͂̓̇̈́ͦ͏̶̧̬̬͉̫̣̘̥̝̟̝̯̮̝͇̣̀͝.̸̣̦̱͙̦̯̱̬̲͓̘ͬ͗̏́̌͆̆̅ͩ̉̒͗ͭ͘.̔ͥͦ̓̉̐̏̔̒̐̂ͭ̔͢͏̸̖̞̝̗̩̜̮̩̰̕.̛͚̲̱̦̺̦͑̌̒͊̀͜͟.̨͉̳̟̭͇͍̖͎̆͑́̌̄ͣ̒́̀́͟͞.̶̲̦̘͎͖͈͍͕͇̦̹̰͇̠ͪ͋̋̓̊ͬ̽ͮͧ͂̾̐̀͋̂̎ͫ̔̚͝ͅ.̸̛̬̠̟͎͔͖̹̞̯̗̣̮̼̖͕̈̀̈́̊͡.̵̡̺̝̞̯̞̬͗ͩ̃́͌ͤ̃͞ͅ.ͮ̏ͦͩ͝҉̢̖̱̻̱̫ͅ.̵̢͙̮̓͒̒ͯ̓̍͐ͣͪ͛͑ͦ̇̚͠͡͞ͅ.̵̷̵͍͚̯̪̬͙̭̲̻͚̣̭̻͎͔͇͈̫̐ͥ̃͊͌̓͗̽ͣ̚͡.̶̷̵̧̳̯̖̺̟̖̝̭̙͙͎̝͈̤̥ͭͮͧ͌̓̉̂̈́͝.̪̮̖̹͈͇̩̟͕̟̖͐ͦ͐̅ͤͣ̇̓͢͝͡.̶̢͕͎͎͍̠͓̙͈̺̪͖̦͋̒̅̏͛͊̂̀͘͟.̶̡̡̮̠̥ͭ͋̆͗̐̊ͮͧ͒̄̾̉̑̄͠ͅ.͇̩̙͔ͬͣ̽̏ͤͩ̈ͩ̇͐ͩ͒̉̓́̚͘͘͠.̷̹̠̙̻̥̤͚̦̠̯͓̲̙͚͙̌̽͒͂͌ͣͣ͗ͦ̎ͫͬ̽ͭ̂͌̾̀̀͟͠.̴̵̛̯̹͕̝͖̮͔̤̓̐̿̃́͛̌ͫ͆̄̃͛ͨ̿̓́͜.̡̧̬͕̭͚͙̠̼͍̞̹͙̫̞͈̤̫̀̔ͩ̒́͘̕.̹͔͎̟̞̗̻̫̳̯̣̣̻̫̺͇͖̘̯̑̀̏̋͋ͫ̄̒̈̔͌̇̆͐̕͝.̷̸̺̝̖̘̻̭͆͂ͧͧ͒̀̀̾ͬ̒̐ͣͅ.̍̂͒̊͒̏ͮ͛ͧͫͣ͑ͦ͊̐ͥ̍͏̷̭̜̖͉̠̹͉̙͓͕̝.̶̨̛̮̞̰̩̆ͬ̾ͩ̊̓̅̀.̴̫̤̮̝̺͈̯̼̼̟͓̫̗͈̻͖̜̘̒ͪ̏̂̿ͤ̃́͡.̭̖̼͓͎̲̯̻͕͑ͭ̈́͋̄̚̕͢ͅ.̡̘̪̟͓̺̰̘̖̼̺̿̋̆ͬͧ͗͑͋́̒̾͆͌ͪ̀̕.̵̷̡̠̰͕̰̦͍̃ͮ͐̋ͭ͐ͭ̔ͭͦ̓̀͋ͫ̊̉̅͞ͅ.̸̢̛̪̣̰͚̖̫̜͉̭̅̾̽̏̑̂̒̏̍ͨ̈͌̎͋̋̇͊̚͜͞.̸̡̡̟͚͍̞̜̺̲̑̈́͗́̎̐͋̀̒ͯ̀̚͞.̶́̋ͤ͋̽ͪͮ͒̓̀̀ͩ̋̍͑ͣ̏̈̚͝҉̵̤͙̦͉͇̮̪͠.͔̲̩̱̳̥̹͇̤͍͚̗̮̟̩̲ͭ̐̄͋̃̈́͋́ͪͯ͒̋͠.̇̾ͫͮͭ̔̐̀ͮͪ͌̃ͦ̏͂͗͏̶̵̫͍͎̦̞͈̥̖̼̭͔͎̖̀͢.̴̟͖͖̞̣̺̠̝͓̃͊ͤ͐̀ͮ̆ͩ̈́͆̇̈͑̚͢͜͡.̛͂͐͌́͠҉̢̥̼̙̗̘̭͚̯̫.̎ͥ̒ͣ̍̒̉ͤ͝͏͖͓̹̳̗̙͖͎̲̼͈͞.̴͖̘̰͍ͣ̑̏̒̓̀ͬ̔ͪͭ̒̑̽̌̽͘.͊̈́̾͋ͦ̂͏̺̫̩͚̫́͠ͅ.̸̶̴̛͈̰͕̯͎̞͕̺͕̭̘̠͓͎͉̓͑̎͌̂̏̔̇͠.̧͙͎̤͍̜̹̠̩̪͕̪͙͊͊̈̎̽̍ͧͫ̓̋̓̀͗̓̀ͫ̌͞ͅ.̄̉́ͤͮ͌͌ͥ͐̀ͦ͗̐̽ͧ̚̕҉̠̲̖̪̝̹̮̹̟͉͎̥͓̘̪̩̮̕ͅ.̸͈̮̞̙̭͎̟͎͓͓̽͂ͮ̔ͧ̃.̍̓̉͐̈̍ͨ̽ͧ͛ͤ̑͌͐̄ͤͪ͝҉̵̬̮͈͚̱͜.̛̉̎ͮ̅͝͏̭̰̰͔͇.̵̩̪̦̟̹̞͕̲̟̤͙̹̠͈͓̳̞͔̈́́ͩ̀͟͞.̴̸̨̛̯̦͇͖̞͍̳̤͈̝͇͎͎̩̙̤͈̏̒̐ͯ̓͊̋ͩ̒ͯ͆ͨ̐ͯ͌͒̚͜ͅ.͌͌͌͆ͤͮͯ̾͏̴͜҉̜͈̲̻̭̱͔̤͈͍͙̱̤̫͟.̢̛̼̞̞̞̳̙ͥ͒̍̾̓ͭ͗̉̈́ͨͤ̏̌͟͞.͌̓̈ͬͯͧ̐ͣ͛́ͤ̃ͩ̇̊̀͠͏͏̭̜̬̤.ͮ͛ͯ̂ͫͧ̂́͊̂͋͂ͦ̄̕҉̷̶͍͎̦͉̣́.̘̟͍̼̜͍̮̝̇͂͗ͥ̇͊́͑̂͊ͨ͋ͣ̀̚͘̕.̡̧̯̯͔̣͔̲͈͔̟͖̻̫̮̗̘ͦ̅̓ͯ̿̊̾ͯ̇̒̆̍̈̓.̡̧̨͖̙̬̝͕́͒̓̉̽̽̐̓̎̓ͪ̈̓̎̄̏̄̓͊.̶̳̪̲͉̮̦̫̓ͧͨ̾̈́̈́ͯ͆ͪ͐̅̂́̌͛͑ͩ̚.̷̠̟̘͇̙͇̱̹̎̍̍̅ͥ̿̃̌̔̚.̨̡̏ͮͮͤͩ̈́̉ͣͯ̏̇̆ͯ̽̃͗̄͆ͫ͜͏̖̣̭̗̮̖͓̪͈͔̱̱ͅ.̧̢̜̣̮̼̦̱͈̑̈ͫ́͛ͣ̀̀̓̒̿́̚͢͝.̛͔̹̖̻͈̲͚̤͋ͣ̿͋͡.̴͛͒͗̈̎ͣ̇ͧ̽̒̄̂̃̈́͐̽̚͏͢͏̮͍̗̰̫̟̰̼͇͚̭̠̜̪̜̭̜.̧̙͓̤͎̦͖̥̦̤̜̲̣͙̠̱̗̱̤͒̍̌ͣ͊ͩ̾̃͒́ͤ̾̕͟͠.̷̴̜̗͉̺̥̘̙̒͛̃ͨ͜.̲̤̣̀ͬ̔̂ͧ̈́̚͜͡.̨ͣ̎͆̂ͩͬͬ̾ͮ̽̓͘͏̡͙̞̜͍͎͕̯̜̙̘̣̰̞̳̫̥͡.̶̛̮̭̤͎̰̗͕̮̗̥̦̱̖̩͖̹̼̮ͯͪͭ̇́͑̀.̴̜͓̪͕̬͓̫͚̩̝̰͓͒͒̓̍̀ͫ͗͊ͤ̾̏̎̉ͤ͠.̵ͩ͊̒ͨ̍̋̎̋̿ͯ̍̊̒ͥ͂̎̀̕͏͙͙͉̹̮̖̭̮̠̭̬̻͙͎̮̗̼̭.̶̧̳̗͚͈̜͕̜̄̎͊̉̽͆͛ͪ̾̆̓̾̾̃ͥ́̕͝.̒̌ͦͥ̅̊͛ͫ͏̨͖̰̳̖̜͎̀.̵̙͓͎̣͓̞͎͐̈̓̀̂̂̂̂̍̊̀ͭ̾ͣ̀̕.̿͛̌͛̅͆̀͆ͧ̚҉̶̢̖̳̥̦͍̹̖̫̻̜͟.̸̷̛͇͙̜͍̲̳̥̎̍͋̒ͬͨ̿͒̎̈́ͪ͠ͅ.̔ͣͤ́̋ͧ̋̀̈́̔̒̓̂̒ͪͨ͏̵̭͇̩̗̠͖͎̪̺̲͕̗͓̕͜͡ͅ.̴̴̬̼̙̏ͤ̌̏͗ͦ̄͒ͯ̓̍̈́̍̐̀ͫͧ͌̕͜ͅ.͉̝̲͇̟̱̘̗͖̽ͨ̓̃͋ͮ̓̒͌ͬ̔́̌ͤ͜ͅ.͙̝͎͓̠̦̜͔̬̠̣̊̊͐͑̍́̿̑ͮ́͞.̷̨͇̫̙̰̘̞͔͎̦͚ͫͣͦ̑ͤ̿̕̕.̧̬̹͓̠̙̙͕̏̀̒̒̄̓͊ͮ̇ͮ̓ͭ̑͝.̡̢̣̗̫͚̯̉̓ͮͦ̽͑̊ͣͧ̽ͣ̔̍̿̽̍̅̚.̸̘̥̩̱͖̙̞͚͙̖͙̗͓̄̿ͦͯ̚̕.̘͈̱͔̲̑̄̂̓͗͊̔̆ͨͧ̓̊ͫ̕͢͝.̢̡̠͕̠̟̩͖͖̺̦̬͓̭͚͓̳ͣ̃ͧ̑̍̎̈́̉̏̍͑̓̈́͐̎͋͛͢͡͠ͅͅ 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You sit on the toilet to repost content, but you begin to get karma uncontrollably. After ten reposts you start to worry. Your hand is sticky and it reeks of reposts. You desperately shove your phone into a wad of toilet paper, but that only makes your reddit karma hurt. The reposts accelerates. It’s been three minutes. You can’t stop reposting. Your bathroom floor is covered in a thin layer of reddit upvotes. You try to repost in the shower drain but the karma builds up too fast. You try the toilet. The repost is too reposted to be hidden.You lock the bathroom door to prevent the karma from escaping. The air grows hot and humid from the reposts. The reposts accelerates. You slip and fall in your own upvotes.The karma is now six inches deep, almost as long as your still-swollen repost finger. Sprawled on your back, you begin to reposts all over nextfuckinglevel. Globs of the sticky white and red uovotes begin to fall like raindrops, giving you upvotes with your own reposts. The reposts accelerates. You struggle to stop as the force of the reposting begins to propel you backwards as if you were on a bukkake themed slip-and-slide. Still on your knees, the karma is now at chin height. To avoid drowning in your karma you open the bathroom door. The deluge of reddit upvotes reminds you of the Great Molasses Flood of 1919, only with karma instead of molasses. The reposts accelerates. It’s been two hours. Your children and wife scream in terror as their bodies are engulfed by the red and white upvotes. Your youngest child goes under, with vicious redditors calling you out rising from the goop. You plead to God to end your reposting. The reposting accelerates. You squeeze your thumb to stop the reposting, but it begins to leak out of your index finger instead. You let go. The force of the reposting tears your phone open, leaving only a gaping hole in your phone that spews upvotes. Your body picks up speed as it slides backwards along the upvotes. You smash through the wall, hurtling into the sky at thirty miles an hour. From a bird’s eye view you see your house is completely made of gold awards. Your neighbor calls the cops. The karma accelerates. As you continue to ascend, you spot police cars racing towards your house. The cops pull out their guns and take aim, but stray loads of platinum hit them in the eyes, blinding them. The karma accelerates. You are now at an altitude of 1000 feet. The SWAT team arrives. Military helicopters circle you. Hundreds of bullets pierce your body at once, yet you stay conscious. Your reposts have now grown into a substitute brain. The karma accelerates. It has been two days. With your body now destroyed, the karma begins to spray in all directions. You break the sound barrier. The government deploys fighter jets to chase you down, but the impact of your silver awards sends one plane crashing to the ground. The government decides to let you leave the earth. You feel your online pixels start to burn up as you reach the edges of the atmosphere. You narrowly miss the ISS, giving it a new silver paint job as you fly past. Physicists struggle to calculate your erratic trajectory. The karma accelerates. The awards and karma begins to gravitate towards itself, forming a comet trail of awards and karma. Astronomers begin calling you the “R3p0st3r.” You are stuck in space forever, stripped of your body and senses, forced to endure an eternity of reposts. 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2020.10.02 23:48 SnowDropFairy_99 Chat porn sexy

Trying to unpack an INTENSE experience. I was naive, made big mistakes and ignored red flags and am ashamed of my complete lack of boundaries. Safe to say, I learned and grew a lot. But mostly, I wanted some alternative perspectives that I wasn't 'crazy' and that although I am to blame for not protecting myself and leaving sooner and that this was manipulative, predatory and not normal?

  • We match & start chatting. Looking back now there was grandiosity over the texts. Seems to be friendly, normal 'get to know you;' then gets very 'serious' as we test each others deal-breakers. Surprise, surprise, it's all the same.
  • He tells me he's been cheated on before, and that he doesn't want to play games or have a fling.
  • I tell him I want to start as friends and take it slow. He tells me that he wouldn't want something to end up as 'just friends' if it were good.
  • He sends a photo of himself asking if I like his 'new hat.' I compliment it and then he wants a photo of me; even though there are photos on my dating profile I think it's for verification purposes and comply. He tells me 'wow, you're so gorgeous.'
  • He keeps asking over and over for photos and I say, 'why?' He says 'because I want to look at you.' I don't send anything, he doesn't push the matter.
  • Keeps talking and talking and sending videos about art (which is his interest) and I'm kind of overwhelmed but I reply and feed his ego.
  • He keeps pressuring me to talk on the phone. I keep diverting. Eventually, I give in and video call on Tuesday. It goes alright.
  • He's flooded me with sooooo many compliments and flattery that I change my mind and say that even though I was cautious and wanted to be 'just friends' we can call if a 'date' if we want.
  • We go to an art gallery for the date. He tells me he likes the female form in art. This is the second time he's told me this.
  • Our first date lasts for nine hours. I told him earlier that I thought it was romantic if people 'ask' before they kiss someone. He asks to hold my hand. He doesn't ask to kiss me, just goes for it.
  • We go to the movies. Afterwards, he says 'so, are we dating?' I feel uncomfortable but then I say, 'Yeah, we're out on a date, aren't we.' But now, he thinks we are girlfriend and boyfriend and is texting me incessantly when I get home to ask if I told my parents because he told his parents and they're soooo happy for him. I don't say anything and just decide to keep going at my own pace.
  • He's been texting all day, flooding me with photos and I've felt obliged to match his sharing. I'm exhausted. I even tell him to stop because he's in a store shopping apparently and we can talk later. Doesn't matter, he tells me, he's home now so we can keep talking.
  • We video call and he mentions that he hung out with his ex recently. I say I'm totally not cool with that. He tells me that nah, he hasn't talked to her for a year and that it wasn't him that invited her that it was his friend and he doesn't even care if she went or not. I don't feel like I have a leg to stand on so I don't push.
  • We go on a walk. He talks about himself arrogantly the whole time. He tells me a freaky story about his past-housemates sexual fetishes and parties; he even makes sexual noises to illustrate one point. I get worried and say I'm not into that. He assures me that he's not either and that he shares my high values around sex that I've told him about; he talks about it like it's 'spiritual.'
  • I (yep, sooo stupid) go to his house to watch movies. He shows me his book collection. One book has illustrated sexy women. He reminds me about his enjoyment of the female form.
  • He tells me more about himself and I realise that he's bent the truth on his dating profile and that he isn't ambitious/motivated but rather going from casual job to casual job struggling to finish a degree.
  • I tell him at lunch that I'm worried about our compatibility. He throws out his meal, tells me that I mean so much to him which is why he's been so open with me, tells me that he has more relationship experience than me, invites me into his bedroom when I say I want to go back to the house then randomly dry humps me. I say no and go home.
  • He sends me some guilting texts and I go back, hug him because I've been 'rude' for judging his career and have dinner with him.
  • After dinner he wants me to meet his family (I revealed that this was a HUGE desire for me in the future to be a part of a big family). I say okay. I still feel like such a bad person from before and because he was guilting me constantly during dinner. Back at his house, he suggests we go back into the bedroom. Turns out his family aren't holme for hours. I feel so stress and confused and consumed with this need to fix my badness from before that I comply to a sexual encounter (heavy petting). I'm worried about what your family will think of me, I tell him. In response, he pulls a table across the door so they 'can't get in' and the only way in the encounter is forward. He only touches me, I'm not allowed to touch him.
  • I meet his family but only the sister talks to me. I go home. We text till late at night and he assures me that his family LOVES me. We even text about the sexual encounter. One of his replies to me detailed the sexual encounter very, very intensely it was disturbing; there was no cherishing, care and connection, that's for sure.
  • He video calls to tell me that he's so worried sick because he had a one night stand once and now he might have an STD but I shouldn't worry because he just got tested. He's sooo grateful that I'm understanding even though it worries me.
  • I got to his house to watch a movie. We watch 10 minutes of the movie and then sexual contact (heavy petting) is initiated.
  • We have tea together; I feel like I'm trying to 'force' myself to see him as the perfect partner and my soul mate and am telling myself different things/playing the part perfectly to support this reality because I feel rushed and in too deep to leave.
  • He tells me that his ex has been texting him but don't worry, he ignored it. He told me that they'd got back in contact and he'd thought that was okay because they had similar interests.
  • I go to his house to study. Instead, he makes me (he doesn't let me look away) watch a film with crude sex scenes. Another sexual encounter happens. He promises me lots of future things when I express doubt about 'whether we'd be together if we weren't doing this' and feel uncomfortable during the encounter.
  • During the encounter (heavy petting) we talk. He reveals that he masturbates to porn. I say I don't approve of porn. He says that he sees my point. He asks me what I think of sexual photos of your partner. I say no. He reveals that he masturbated to a photo of me once.
  • I find out that his ex-partner was five years older than him and this feels 'off' in my tummy. He's been telling me and telling me about how his ex-partner's mother hated him because he wasn't good enough for her son. But now instead of seeing him as a victim, I'm worried but he isn't being upfront with 'why' this was.
  • I'm an anxious wreck all day. I go to see him and express my concerns. He demands, 'are you even ready for this relationship.' I freeze up and can't answer.
  • I'm worried as well about an online overseas friend/girlfriend that he had/talked to on the phone to for ages. He was very ambiguous and changed his story about her a few times. It made me sick and grossed out.
  • That night I get some balls and text him that I don't want any more sexual contact. I want things slow, I want to get to know each other. That I'm overwhelmed from his constant love bombing. He engages in explicit coercion telling me sexual contact is 'important' that he's 'worried' and that if we stop we might never go back. That we won't have sex yet but we can do x, y, z. He cracks the shits and says he's not love bombing this is just how he displays his care for people he's passionate about, and totally plays the victim.
  • Apologies for his behaviour the other night.
  • I'm supposed to go to his family for dinner. I go. He wants to talk privately in the bedroom. I get manipulated and forced to promise I want to be with him/have a future with him. I've known him a week, I can't promise that and I tell him.
  • I've convinced myself that if he's not the problem, I am. It must be my anxiety playing up. I tell him about my anxiety.
  • Sulking, silent treatment ensues and he goes back to his family space. I'm so sick to my stomach and can't bear the pressure of his silence and the family environment. I tell him what he wants to hear and that it's just my anxiousness and he peps up.
  • No one barely talks to me at dinner. It's very weird. He assures me more that his family loves me when I ask what they think.
  • Somewhere along the line, he has started calling me 'babe-bear.'
  • Out of obligation, I feel I have to reciprocate so he meets my parents. He grooms them, completely. Totally manipulates and love-bombs my dad.
  • Tells me home much he hates sewing (which was his ex-partner's passion). Tells me that any other girlfriend, he'd want to wear makeup because he wasn't attracted to them but not me. I tell him that's out of line to say about his ex-partners and he pretended he didn't say it.
  • When I start to stress or talk about something that makes me uncomfortable, he forces me to kiss him.
  • He tells me that his sister was trying to play online games with his ex but he stopped her like I'm supposed to give him a medal.
  • Then he wants to go swimming in the afternoon (I work at the pool). He forces his family to come with us to the pool and force me into PDA at the pool.
  • I tell him I just would feel more comfortable as friends. Sulking, guilt-tripping, manipulation, anger and then putting me right in the middle of his family before leaving me there with them alone to sulk in his room.
  • I grovel and tell him it must be just my anxiety and that I can't break up with him because that is just what my anxiety wants so I should stay with him and not bend to my anxious feelings.
  • He sends me quote texts about how people in relationships 'stick by each other' and care for one another and keep together when it gets tough and I'm stupid enough to feel grateful that he can 'put up with me' and that I must be so lucky to have someone that cares this much.
  • That evening we go out together and I buy him ice cream and take him to a lookout. I have to pay him back for my bad behaviour. He sets a rule: I'm not allowed to be stressed, I just have to behave happy as I did on the first date.
  • Later that night, we're in his room watching a show and he reaches under my shirt and starts playing with my breast.
  • He's changed his mind about his career. He twisted the truth; he has no intention of fulfilling his degree job. He's giving false, empty promises about his career intentions. All words, no action, no solid plan.
  • I've convinced myself that I must stay in this relationship and I'm so dissociated that I can't even see myself in the mirror but thankfully my mum calls me out on my weird behaviour. I break up with him in a public place. When it's over, I get back in my car and he goes to his but he doesn't leave. He comes back and lingers by my car. I get out and say 'what's wrong'. He says he can't bear to leave and give up on me.
  • He tells me that he doesn't care about my anxiety. That we can work on it together because that's what people in relationships do. They tough out the rough times. (I should never have given an excuse like that or made myself vulnerable. I just always think I'm crazy and I'm to blame.)
  • I'm sorry I say, and leave.
Three Weeks Afterwards
  • He texts me to accuse me of 'playing with his heart' and for letting his family down; I'm still apologising so much to him and feel so, so much guilt.
  • He tries to invite me around for more movie days.
  • He texts me on his birthday and I know he's fishing for a happy birthday.
  • I angrily text him when I see on another dating site that he does smoke cannabis even though he says he didn't. He gaslights saying I don't even know why it says that, did you smell cannabis when you were in my house, therefore I don't smoke it?
  • A week after I end things with him he starts telling me about a new date he has. She annoys him though because she's 'always working and busy.' I tell him to text her instead of me, please. It's disrespectful for him to text me.
  • He treats me like a text buddy because I said we could be friends. But I meant friends as in 'friendly' if we see each other in the street.
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2020.10.01 09:34 SingleMalelover Sexy porn chat

I’m a 28 year old SM from South Asia who’s been meeting swinger couples for a few years now.
Obviously not everyone will be able to relate to what I say due to cultural differences, sex itself is a taboo topic in this part of the world .
English isn’t my first language , so pardon any grammatical errors .

  • Avoid using terms like ‘Bull’ , ‘Alpha ‘ ‘Dominant’ etc , Cuckolding lifestyle is different from swinging . Though Stag & Vixen could be similar to a few .( Read about it more online and get used to the terms ).
  • How and where can you meet them ? From where I’m from and back when I started it was mainly AFF, Craigslist,Various Chat rooms but off late it’s SLS, SDC, Kasidie, Fetlife, Feeld, 3fun etc especially in the US. I noticed for me , I met a few people though word of mouth and references. For me , there weren’t many options for Swinger clubs and even the House Parties were restricted to couples barring a few exemptions for singles sometimes. You’ll have to do your research and see what suits you best. Your chances of meeting some from the Paid version is far more than using the free ones. Beware a lot of these sites have scammers, pic seekers.
  • Considering how society can out you and jeopardize you incase people come to know you’re in this lifestyle , it’s sometimes better to avoid posting face pics.
  • Set up a profile and fill it all out as much as possible . Be as specific as possible and use correct grammar , i know its rich coming from me but english isn’t my first language . Respond to the couples profile and not just their pic. Write about your life experiences, hobbies , interests. Try to show yourself, express yourself. Try getting verified .
  • Atleast take 4-5 pics to share with a potential couple , again as maintaining secrecy is important , avoid taking pics in settings where family and friends can find out (home, family event etc ). I usually have one pic in a hotel room- Just me in a tight pair of boxer briefs , one in formals , one in a normal pair of t shirt and jeans . All my pics are clicked below my neck region and incase Someone needs further verification, I either do a video call or send a pic with their name and date written on a piece of paper .
  • Be lean and fit . Appearance is important . Try to maximise your physical abilities and don’t complain about things you can’t change ( height , dick size etc ). So focus on yoga , cardio and strength training along with a healthy diet . Not only will they help you aesthetically but also help with sexual performance. To improve your chances you need to be in the top 10 if not 1 %, fortunately a lot of it is in your control - your body , your style , your personality, your demeanour, your attitude. Sorry unfortunately or fortunately for many, there are no shortcuts here. I’m not saying you need to be perfect, just look like someone who takes care of himself.
  • Accept rejection with grace. Don’t get bitter. If you think everyone you come across will like you , you’re going to lead a frustrated life
  • If you deal with a lot of insecurities, this might not be for you
  • Refrain from discussing politics or religion right away.
  • First meet up at a common place for a cup of coffee or dinner . Keep the conversations light and chill . Don’t sexualise everything you say . Things like ‘ you guys look great together ‘ - to the wife ‘ you’re damn pretty , love the red dress ‘ are enough on the first meeting incase you meet them together . If you’re just meeting the guy, then too talk casually and nothing too much sexual . Talk about your hobbies , be a conversationalist, try having a sense of humour , don’t take yourself neither the date too seriously. It’s easier said than done as there can be times when even though they looked like they had a good time , they decided to not take it further . Chances are it had nothing to do with you . They don’t owe you anything. Don’t look at it always in terms of the male partner doing any favours, rather it’s equally her choice and her call and he ran it by her.
  • If you’re just seeking sex , you might as well try with a single lady elsewhere . Because MFM and MMF Is a different thrill. For some of us , it’s sexy af . The idea of having sex with a lady and her man . The idea of doing it three-way.
  • For this you need to be comfortable being naked around a man without social distancing. Hell chances are your male naked bodies could bang into each other while having sex . Ofcourse you’ll end up touching another man by mistake, you need to ask yourself if you can do it .
  • If the couple asks you about any past experiences which they mostly won’t but if they do , be as honest as possible. If you aren’t experienced , make it known . Also If you’ve not got much action before , check online which condom size fits perfect you well.
  • To help with improving sexual pleasures, avoid masturbation 7-10 days before meeting . Learn about edging and do it with a perfectly fit condom as masturbating without lotion over time leads to death grip thus you don’t get much pleasure through fiction while you wear a condom while fucking . Wear a condom and trying edging upto 20 mins . Include Kegels , breathing exercises, don’t overdo it . If you’re uncircumcised, pull the turtle neck down and wash it clean.
  • Again let me remind you , sex with swingers isn’t ‘easy’ . If you’re seeking that, might as try someplace else.
  • If it’s possible where you’re from , it’s always good to have frequent Std test . This lifestyle is risky but so is driving . So always take precautions and wear your seat belt while driving and also condoms while fucking .
  • Don’t get fixated on one couple . Keep talking to people here and there. Treat it like a dating situation . Chances are you won’t get to call the shots . Be ok with it.
  • Often some couples don’t want to communicate a lot and have a lot of texting back and forth. So keep it precise , you’ll often come across people who have different views on certain things so don’t assume it’s all the same
  • Incase you’re with a couple for some time and they prefer keeping it confidential, don’t talk much around . The thing with most young dudes is that they talk a lot with their friends.
  • Don’t ask too many personal questions, asking them their paternal grandma’s middle name, if they are planning to have another kid, their Social security number etc is not needed. Many have jobs that involve a lot of community exposure , teenage kids which makes them being extra secret. If you come across them in public with their family ,if they make eye contact , just smile don’t go up and talk. Keep it the way it was meant to be .
  • Don’t try to be the guy who likes what they like just for the sake of it. Be yourself, have a sense of self.
  • Once you start having regular conversations, make sure you don’t text them throughout the day. Think about how busy you are and now 10x the times they are busy. They have regular jobs , kids , some other stress you aren’t aware about , health issues in the family, deciding who to vote for etc etc . I’ve noticed once I have a good rapport with the guy , he tends to prefer talking when he is free and sends texts upfront . Don’t go overboard with the texting though, keep things direct and assertive.
  • Get to know them better once you realise he’s more receptive. Her likes, dislikes. What does he like ? What are the strict ‘No-No’s ? Any specific role she want you to play ? Even if you want talk positions with him where both of you are occupied ? Talk about her erotic zones , what drives her crazy etc. You’re not there to replace anyone, you’re just there to accompany them in their sexual rendezvous . Be friends with the guy, be genuine , don’t be clingy, needy , couples smell desperation from a mile.
  • If you plan to meet at a hotel , you personally need to decide who pays . The couples I’ve met mostly prefer splitting it but there have been times I’ve paid the full check for drinks ,food and stay. It’s too each their own here
  • Incase you do happen to plan a meeting with them , come prepared and don’t flake. Always keep it trimmed down there , you don’t need to clean shave just trim to the extent that when the person is giving you oral it doesn’t feel like he/she’s flossing . Have a shower . Smell nice , invest in a decent Perfume . Make sure you carry condoms that fit . Dress nice , don’t dress like you’re seeking a job on Wall Street , just put on something that looks nice and can easily be taken off.
  • Incase you’re meeting at your place, make sure the place is spick and span. Make sure your bathroom has everything it needs and it isn’t clogged. Keep extra towels , a few scented ones, maybe keep a few scented candles handy, Lube, drinking water, chances are you can get performance anxiety- so taking viagra or cialis isnt a bad idea, Don’t worry its pretty common in this lifestyle, just make sure you dont drink or take a big dose. Keep yourself hydrated
  • If you’re meeting at their place , maybe carry a bottle of wine or if it’s the second meeting some sexy lingerie or some cookies you baked . Or maybe if Christmas is around some decorations for the tree , maybe after a few meets some heels or a sexy bunny costume if halloween is around .Ofcourse you need to co-ordinate with the male partner for all this. Always be on time. Always.
  • Yes this lifestyle can be expensive but often the friendship , the bond , the sex is priceless
  • Be a gentleman, give her a hug or the double cheek kiss european style, give a firm hand shake to the guy as well or even hug . Compliment on the way she looks, chances are she’s put in decent amount of effort wearing that dress, getting her hair done, make up. Even though she has kept her lingerie laid out in the bedroom . They had to do some cleaning as well. So be mindful of it.
  • Don’t rush, meet and greet. Talk for some time. I’m not a big fan of alcohol as it affects my performance , have a decent conversation . Slight flirting and of course talking to the guy .
  • Be a gentleman, be respectful - Start slow, Caress , Kiss, be gentle to begin with. Have conversations with the male partner too . When things get heaty and she wants to say give you a bj- Don’t mouth fuck or anything , don’t do anything that isn’t discussed before. This isn’t porn . Rather be classy, place a towel under her knees, place her hair behind her ears. Moan if you feel like and express but don’t fake it. Learning about sex from porn is like learning to drive by watching Fast and the Furious. In my personal experience, incase a couple is freaky , they point out what they want to do after maybe the 2nd or 3rd meet. Everyone is different , some might totally love it the first meet. So prior discussion is important . Ask don’t assume .
  • If you're decent size or above average, don't jackhammer her straight away, its uncomfortable for many. Start slow and let it flow
  • There are very few good swinger threesome porn thats why I love amateur swinger videos .
  • Learn and practice proper technique for oral sex. Nina hartley’s video on eating pussy is excellent . Look it up.
  • Not every woman is the same. Just because there isn’t a water fountain down there after making out , doesn’t mean she isn’t having fun , Age and many other factors make a difference. Get down and eat the pussy real nice and long. Be appreciative of both partners.
  • Slow down and don’t forget her male partner.
  • Make sure you follow all the rules that were discussed before.
  • If everything goes well and you guys have a great time before leaving let them know it was amazing , give the guy a hug and the wife a sensual passionate kiss before opening the door to leave .
  • They may or may not get in touch , totally depends on them and let it be that way.
  • Do write a proper thank you text before going to sleep about how you felt and what a great experience you had .
Again I would like to point out , this is only my POV. I had a lot more to add but this seems a little too much lol.
Pardon my grammatical errors
And to the single males out there hope this helpful.
UPDATE as on 10/08/20 : Thank you everyone for your response . To the single guys sending me PMs for contact details of couples , I think you missed the very idea of this post . Appreciate the many PMs I got as well. Thank you.
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