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2020.06.03 12:53 DliciousT_DedlyPsn Exam sexy gyno

Technically happened yesterday
So as we all know, this quarantine has allowed for a bit of laziness in the self care department. I’ve let the wilds grow long and bushy with the intent to get my shit waxed once the salons open back up. Well, they finally have and I made my appointment. Unfortunately I had some lady problems and needed to go see my friendly neighborhood gyno.
The only appointment time I could get was right before my waxing but I’ve seen my doc for years and she’s super chill and obviously wouldn’t care. So here I am, walking into the appointment, full Chewbacca mode and the nurse comes in and says that there is a student shadowing my doc that day and asks if I’d be comfortable with him observing the appointment. The doctors office I go to is part of a college so it’s normal for a student to be present. Anywho, I said sure why not, since he’s got to learn and I’m the one who chose the doctor knowing they have students.
So I put on the gown not really sure what to expect when IN WALKS THIS BEAUTIFUL MAN and my heart sinks. Like I’m talking, tall, dark hair, Liam hemsworth worthy hotness. He’s very professional, and I give him my explanation of why I was there. He nods, takes notes and then leaves and I think “cool that wasn’t so bad”
Then lady doc comes in and explains that Mr. Sexy man was going to be participating in the exam. Ok no biggie that’s fine... so I lay down, cold jelly is applied and then something shifted in me. The level of hair on my body was so much worse than I thought in the glowing lights of the appointment room. I’m talkin, leg hair that curled, a forest between, armpit hair that was beyond the capability of braiding.
Exam progresses and I just start feeling more and more awkward as the seconds tick by. Looking back on it now, it shouldn’t have mattered but it did. Now, I have the tendency to try and make jokes when I’m uncomfortable so as this dude is between my legs, checkin out my lady bits as my doctor explains what he’s lookin at and the problem I’m having, I blurt out, “I don’t usually look like Chewbacca.” Awkward and painful laugh on my end, “I’ve got a waxing appointment right after this”
And I shit you not... my lady doctor went full mom lecture mode on me. “You never have to apologize for the hair on your body. We are doctors and it’s none of our business or care what you do with your body beyond what keeps you healthy”
Awkward eye contact and look of pitty from sexy student.
The rest of the appointment went on in awkward silence as I tried not to look that man in the eyes. Keep in mind, I’m a 26 year old woman and regardless of if it was a doctor, having a good lookin dude seeing the forest of my loins was super embarrassing made worse by my comment and the scolding from my doc.
Lesson learned though. If you go to a gyno appointment and agree to let a student in to observe, you have to be prepared and able to handle the awkwardness without making it worse.
TL;DR I went to the gyno without shaving my legs, armpits, or lady bits for the last four months and there was a super hot male student who was shadowing her. I awkwardly made a joke/apology about all the hair and my doctor scolded me.
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2020.04.10 18:21 Ybut Sexy gyno exam

38f im the LL lurking in db then found this forum
My husband mhl?37 and I are very happy. We love each other and we are not splitting up. He was aware of this all the entire time we dated and he knew it was coming and he was and still is really happy with staying with me. But I want advice or see if others have had this happen. If there might be a way to fix it? For me only not because of him he is truely accepting and so am I. Just found this from db and was happy to see a place where I could find other people that might be able to explain?
I dont enjoy sex at all outside what I think db calls new relationships energy. Ive been with six people in long and short relationships during my life. Sex is universally great for the first 16 or 18 months. Intercourse of all forms is explosive and so great. Then 6 months of slowing. Then full stop. Every time no matter how good it was or how attractive sexual my partner still was. Two of those had the most extreme sex chemistry. Still ended. One after three years the other one after almost five.
I do hormonal checks and medical evaluation every year, gyno exams and nothing is abbnormal. I had extremely long tests for RE reasons too. No issues in my body form or function. No mental conditions no medicines or anything.
The thing is that I know what the problem is and how to fix it but I'm not interested in the fix neither is my husband thank god. To be sexually aroused I need to be sexually pursued by a new partner.
That's it. That's what works. I don't want that. It has to be emotionally involved and physically new and being wanted by the new person. That's why roll play hassnt worked. Like my brain knows it's fake. It doesn't work for my husband to try and woo me or anything either. I want the life and family I have, we agreed on that too and its part of why we got married and why dont care about the sex part as much. Our family is so much more important and satisfying to us both.
Even if I wanted to fix it I dont see how someone can get sexual with new people and still be happy and monogamous. I don't really want other people! My sex drive does. I need someone unknown who is putting effort into getting me to sleep with them to be turned on. That's so hard to understand why I feel this way. Like it would mean having a new relationship every few years or cheating or open marriage or whatever and neither of us will ever really want any of that stuff. If the choice was no sex or that, no sex is worth it. I dont care about sex enough to do that stuff. We're always real open and honest about stuff no awkward and I did explain all of this on maybe our one month dating anniversary. So it's not hidden.
I still like to orgasm and my husband is very happy with doing masturbation next to each other. I don't have any negative feelings about sex or him or anything. I easily have multiple orgasms next to him. I dont know how graphic we can be? But I'm even ok with him using his fingers while I use a vibrator stuff like that. Not a fan of oral outside of the new phase so we don't do that. I'll still do bjs sometimes for him but I do not want him returning the same in kind. Sex at the start is fun passionful and then it just ends. We even tried going slower like hours of slow building and I just get bored. No trauma or abuse no physical pain during sex and I do let him have sex with me when he is really in the mood for it and it doesnt hurt or anything like that. It just doesnt feel good. I never want more of it. Its like how often do you do something neutral just to do it? He never takes it personally and knows if I say no it's not him ever. He doesn't ask excessively. He kind of knows based on my mood if I'm able to give to him in that way. No excuses are ever needed or anything.
I dont watch porn or read sexy books or anything. I have tried that stuff before. Nothing gets me turned on when I decided to masturbate its just pleasure and releasing it is not mental in any shape. Like orgasm is a body thing for me not a mind thing?
Does anyone know what this is or why it happens. It can't be just missing excitement or something like that because I tried a lot of sex adventure stuff in the past and in this relationship and it's just not the same thing. I have good boundaries and a partner who respects them and loves me for having them. I feel like that about him too, like he feels that way too. The fact that it has a built in experation date is all more reason why I would never leave. Even if I had a new person, I would still run out of energy with them too. It's not fulfilling for me. It's sexually exciting but not emotionally or mentally happy or full. My sex drive is incompatible able with my life. Any idea why or if you've had this and changed it? Again not saying I want to even really change but I was interested in knowing if people have or how.
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2019.01.31 20:57 normalvag_7 Sexy gyno exam

I was molested as a child. The memories are bits and pieces of blacked out questions of what really happened, but it happened several times, and I'll never forget his face. Therapy and a lovingly supportive significant other, who makes me feel safe and sexy, have helped a lot. I have a normal and happy sex life. But even with this support I had long accepted that my insides are innately... dirty. That most likely my sex parts are diseased, rotting away ever since my childhood trauma. That I most likely will not be able to have children, even though I want to.
I've held onto these beliefs so strongly that I avoided going to the gyno, to the extent that I've only been twice in my 28 years of life. Both experiences were awful. They were with women nurses and doctors who both happened to be in rushes. The pap smear was forceful and both ended up leaving me sore down there for days. They also brushed aside my concerns. I have short irregular periods where I get multiple clots every day I menstruate. My last exam was in 2016.
With the new turn of the year, I decided to face my fears. One of them being the gyno. So a few weeks ago I booked my appointment. As I was about to hang up, the receptionist told me the doctor's first name - Robert. A man. I paused. A strange man looking down there? Are you kidding me? No one other than my significant other has been down there... not since... that time. So I asked the receptionist to book me an appointment with a woman - but all the women were fully booked out for the next 3 months. I kept the appointment, and spoke to a few girlfriends on their experiences and was surprised to find out that some actually prefer male gynecologists - supposedly they're more gentile and professional. I figured well, let's do this, I want to face my fears then let's fucking do it. Let's try. And if I change my mind last minute then I'll call and cancel and set a new appointment. I kept the appointment with Dr. Robert.
Today was the day. I went into the doctor's office and was greeted by the warmest receptionist. I was taken in back by a friendly technician who not only listened to my concerns, but she wrote them down and let me know the doctor would most likely be interested in doing a bit more testing. Handed me the gown and let me change. By the time I changed, I felt much more at ease with my decision.
The doctor came in, and to my surprise my friend was right - very professional, no rushing, he took his time and listened. When I told him about my irregular short periods and clots, he offered to do a vaginal ultrasound to make sure there were no growths. The ultrasound... was normal. Everything inside looked perfect. Nothing was irregular shaped, there were no dark splotches all over my uterus like I had imagined, it was perfectly shaped. And my ovaries! I got to see them in the process of actively making eggs. I'm making eggs. I'm normal, healthy, and most likely fertile.
I'm normal inside.
I went home smiling, and then sobbing. For the first time in 28 years... I know that I'm not dirty inside.
What happened to me as a child was awful, but it in no way defines me. I can finally know that it has not broken me inside the way I thought it had.

TLDR: molested, thought I was dirty inside and couldn't possibly have healthy sex organs. Doctor did an internal vaginal ultrasound and showed me that it all looks healthy and normal. My insides are good to go. Then I ugly cried in the car, out of joy.

Just wanted to say I'm overwhelmed by the amount of encouragement and support I'm receiving from both men and women here. Ugh. I can't. Hope you all get your parts checked by doctors who respectfully listen to your concerns, and that you have happy sex.
Also wanted to add that I in actuality am not actively making eggs - they're already there as pointed out by u/kelserah hahah. Many thanks for the correction. I'm now just a little bit less proud of my ovaries.

~~edit 2~~
I received some gold for my perfectly normal vag and ovaries, in honor of the incredible people who treated me like a human-being.
My lady bits are worth gold. haha - thanks thatpaulbloke :) I think your bits are worth gold too.

Also... I'm really proud of the people who have read this, the people who have opened up... the people who have encouraged me and the people who are encouraged by this. I didn't realize how... not alone... I was in experiencing this.
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2019.01.06 02:34 sexqtaway112 Questions for the ladies of reddit who have issues with penetration

Obligatory throwaway account for obvious reasons, blah blah blah
I know I can't be the only one out there. I cannot tolerate, let alone enjoy, any type of penetrative sex. I do not have any medical condition that I am aware of that could cause this - I've been to the gyno, in fact to even tolerate that exam I have to heavily self medicate myself (insurance won't pay for sedation, I've tried.) I know that the majority of my issue stems from childhood abuse, no details will be given but a + b = c here very easily.
I know that great sex with myself and others is very possible without including penetration, but I can't help but feel that I'm missing out on something potentially wonderful. I desire it, I crave it, but I cannot accomplish it. I have a few toys of different sizes to try this with, including one literally just slightly wider than a sharpie marker. I've tried everything I can think of - copious amounts of lube, not attempting the insertion until I am already a few orgasms deep, tried it in altered states of mind (alcohol and weed, both together and separately)...I'm running out of ideas here.
In the last year with multiple attempts, I've gone from unable to tolerate anything at all, to getting the smallest toy in about an inch or two, with extreme physical and mental discomfort. Every time I try this, assuming I am aroused when I do (almost always the case, I figure I have better odds of success this way) I instantaneously lose all interest in anything sexy at all, and literally dry up.
I know I am not the only one who has this issue. Ladies who experience or have experienced this in the past - what are your suggestions? I'm desperate to overcome this issue, but feel completely at a loss and hopeless at this point. sigh
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2017.10.03 05:26 tinyhumanishere Sexy gyno exam

Hi all! Long post ahead, sorry. I have an anxiety disorder and depression, and I'm on medication for those + birth control pill.
I recently had my first real gyno appointment last week, to see about getting treatment started for what I and my doctor suspect is endometriosis. I had two previous gynecologists who refused to help me beyond birth control and refused to do exams because I'm not 21 yet (I'm 20.)
Anyway, this doctor is really great so far, she's running lot of tests and even tried to perform my FIRST pap smear.
Some background: I've always had pain inserting and removing tampons, it's "too tight" all the time even when I try to relax, and my boyfriend and I have had intercourse several times with a lot of difficulty inserting, and a lot of pain on my side (I thought that was normal for girls---you guys know what all this is like, but I digress).
Anyway, I was stoked about finally getting treated properly and getting a BONUS EXAM on top of that so I was VERY relaxed. She just had her finger at the entrance. I went from talking about school with the nurse to clawing into the table and screaming-- it was like the pain I felt during sex but way more intense, like an intense cramp through my vagina, a total tightening, etc. When she looked up at me after trying again (with almost the whole bottle of lube) and said "Well, it appears you also have vaginismus" I didn't know what it was. She explained what it is and suggested getting a dilator set and seeing a pelvic floor therapist. And for birth control, Nexplanon instead of an IUD-- can you imagine having an IUD with vaginismus? I can't. So, great!
Except I don't want to be intimate anymore now. The day after the examination, I came home and just felt disgusted with myself-- I hate my vagina, it looks gross, my body is "petite" and "pretty" according to friends but I just don't see it-- endometriosis and scoliosis already made me feel like a freak, but now vaginismus??? My self esteem has taken a hit. I don't (and never really have) felt sexy or attractive or anything.
My boyfriend of a year, however, has been very supportive. He says as long as he has someone to come home to and has a companion that sex of any kind is all secondary. If we can't ever have intercourse, that's fine, but I told him I'd still enjoy oral--- again, even though I just don't enjoy sex because of my body image issues. And I've told him all of this and he's still very supportive. He just wants to see me get better with the pain and esteem.
Sorry for the long post, I'm just really upset about all of this. I want to feel pretty and be confident and intimate but I just can't see it happening. If anyone has any advice or anything, maybe other subreddits I could try, etc.. that would be great.
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2015.07.20 16:08 gloweeracsi Exam gyno sexy

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2015.03.27 13:07 MADketo Sexy gyno exam

Hi ladies,
I'm 3 weeks into keto and my period decided to start 1 week early this past Tuesday. At first I thought an early period wouldn't be too bad since next week is spring break and that's when my period should have been.
but now?... jebus.. I am in so much pain right now. I've been on the Nuvaring for about 10 months; no issues, light flow. I've never really had cramps or menstrual symptoms, ever. I'm seriously sitting here at work holding my breath because the pain is so bad. It feels like someone is taking a jackhammer to my insides. Standing up from sitting in a chair? Horrible. I can't pee very well. It feels like my urethra is closed off (you know how after sexy time it's hard to pee?! Like that.). It hurts to sit on my rear, too. Pulling out a tampon? Yeah, bite-my-lip painful..
I had a gyno exam 3 weeks ago and it came back all normal so I know it's just menstrual related.. but daaaaayam...
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2013.05.08 17:43 moreofus Sexy gyno exam

Hi! I stumbled across the subreddit earlier in the week and have been scouring the posts ever since. So much great information! So, thank you in advance for the helpful stuff I've learned so far!
About five years ago I lost a fairly considerable amount of weight, so my breasts are pendulous and fairly deflated with very soft tissue. So soft that my new gyno mentioned how soft the tissue was during my breast exam. I didn’t especially enjoy that observation, but she seemed to find it easier to check for lumps, I guess.
Even after the weight loss and change in bra size, I stayed true to the brand I knew, Cacique. I have a few "sexy" bras from other brands but those are nothing I’d ever be able to comfortably wear for an everyday bra. Probably because they were far too small, as now, like many others, I’m now pretty sure I’ve been wearing the wrong size bra. Too big of a band, too small in the cup. I can pull the back out pretty far, even with it on the tightest hooks, but I’ve been wearing it on the loosest. I find my bra pretty uncomfortable and can’t wait to remove it, so I didn’t realize that it might be too big in the band, but the cups being too small are where the problem might actually lie.
Anyway, the bras that I’ve been wearing daily, in a 38D, are these:
My measurements:
Underbust/Normal: 33.5” Underbust/Supertight: 32” Standing Upright: 39.5” Bent Over: 45” Flat on Back: 41.5”
I’m 30, with no children and no surgical alterations. I have an hourglass shape and work a desk job. After reading here I believe that I am full on top.
Using the Sophisticated Pair calculator I’m getting varied results when I put my measurements, due to my difference in standing/hanging/laying.
I’m leaning towards trying a 34FF. Does that sound like a good first step? My plan is to order some bras to try tonight on Amazon, since I have prime shipping and they have free returns. So far I was looking at trying Panache Andorra Fullcup and perhaps the Cleo Marcie. Do you have any brand/style suggestions for my type of breasts? Anything to stay away from? Any help would be very appreciated! Thanks!
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2012.07.07 01:58 MelissaOfTroy Sexy gyno exam

Obviously it's POSSIBLE, but I'd say highly improbable. He says if your gynocologist is a hot guy, you might get aroused, and he seems to think male gynocologists get asked out by patients all the time. I said that if anything, having an attractive gyno would make the whole process more embarrassing. I suspect it goes back to what turns women on; we aren't necessarily aroused by someone simply because they are attractive. We are turned on by sexual situations, so if you see a pelvic exam as a sexy thing you might get aroused. What say you, Reddit? Any input from an actual gynocologist would be great too.
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2012.04.15 13:14 tabledresser Sexy gyno exam

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Date: 2012-04-15
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Link to my post
Questions Answers
How were you first diagnosed? What kind of symptoms did you have? I had regular periods for two years (13 and 14) and one month, I finally worked up the courage to buy tampons. My mother was a maxi pad kinda lady and I was always too embarrassed to buy my own products, so it was a pretty big deal for me to own this box of cotton plugs. That month, my period never came. I thought it was weird, but I learned in health class that sometimes teenagers can be irregular, so I didn't think anything of it.
Six months later, I was concerned about it. At the time, I didn't correlate the symptoms, but I was having temperature regulation issues (hot one minute, freezing the next), headaches, and irritability. I confessed my amenorrhea to my mom, who made an appointment with my pediatrician, who in turn referred me to a gyno.
So I was 15 and seeing a gyno. Everyone in the waiting room always looked at me, judging. I know they thought I was a prego teen (fuck them and their judgement). Gyno was not concerned initially; she told me the same thing I thought was the problem, that I just had irregular periods. But I still got a pretty comprehensive workup.
I got a karyotype to check for genetic stuff, tons of blood work, ultrasounds, and a progestin challenge. In the end, the confirmatory test of an elevated Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) proved that I was menopausal.
I found out on September 11, 2001. My mom was devastated about the diagnosis. I just ignored it and watched the news. There were bigger things happening.
I found out on September 11, 2001. WTF? that sounds like an awful day. I think some people had an awfuller day than I did. Some people still can't look back on that day without crying.
There actually is a New Girl episode about making sure to go to the doctor for seeing whether or not you have a medical problem. TIL. :)
This might sound weird or personal, but I'm curious... When you have sex with, let's say a long time boyfriend/husband, does he not use a condom? And do you let him just cum in you? I have only not used condoms (sorry about the bad grammar) with one person: my fiance. We haven't used condoms for a few years, but we were tested for STDs before we made the switch to no protection.
Sometimes in the...ahem...throes of passion...he cums in me. Generally, though, I don't really like the feeling of semen inside of me, so he'll usually finish on my stomach my mouth.
Do you swallow? I can't imagine how anyone could possibly give a shit about this.
I'm pretty sure this is an awesome answer. I'm pretty sure you're an awesome person. :)
Besides not being able to have a baby, in what way do you notice that your condition positively or negatively effects your life in comparison to your female peers? Positive ~not having to worry about birth control ~not having periods every month (I get them around twice a year with the hormones I'm on)
Negative ~I have to worry about heart disease and osteoporosis more than other women my age ~I get condescendingly sympathetic tones from some women once they find out I'm infertile ~Some women tell me that I'll "never understand what it's like" when discussing having children, raising children, or being pregnant.
The last part kinda pissed me off. you can still know what its like raising a child, with adoption. but dont let that "never understand whats its like" shit get to you, its bull. Yeah, that last part pisses me off too. But some women feel superior, and these same women are the ones that also scream at men for not understanding the pain of bearing children. I've learned to shrug it off and let them think they're better than me.
Couldn't you still get pregnant with donated eggs/IVF? Yup.
Well, to be fair, men won't understand the pain of childbearing, considering they will never experience it. There's a difference between "understanding" and "actually experiencing"
Edit: So, apparently men do know what childbearing feels like, and commenting on them feeling or not feeling a certain type of pain is a matter of intelligence. Ok then. To say that men don't understand is an insult to their intelligence.
Is IVF with donated eggs something you may want to do in the future? Fiance and I have been talking about it. We're still in discussion re: future spawn.
I'm in a similar position with the no children thing. I've got no Fallopian tubes but I've still got eggs so IVF is an option. I'm more interested in the actual trajectory of your menopause. How are your hormones after menopause? Is it the same symptoms as going through menopause later in life: hot flushes, hormonal hairs etc? I think I already talked about my symptoms before, but I'll recap :)
They were vague and obviously as a teen, I didn't correlate them to menopause. I had temperature fluctuations (both hot flashes and "cold flashes", that would happen within minutes of eachother. I would also get headaches, and I was irritable a lot.
I have normal female hair distribution. My body hair is actually finer and sparser than a lot of my friends'; some of them express jealousy that I don't have to shave my legs as often as they do.
I know guys from 16-26 are usually pretty lax with birth control measures. Did knowing you weren't going to get pregnant lead you to a more or less relaxed attitude towards condoms etc ? I was pretty selective when it came to having sex. Condoms were always worn with new partners. Some partners knew about my condition, some didn't. One person was so brash as to say that we didn't need condoms because "what were we trying to prevent?" I responded "Chlamydia" and then put my shirt back on. I don't have sex with dumbasses, thanks.
My fiance and I have not used condoms in years (we've been dating for 4 years). We were both tested for STD's and when we were both confirmed disease free, we stopped buying them.
Did you ever want to have kids? I never did, not even from being a child myself: I spend a lot of time "excusing" myself for not being normal. I never wanted to have kids until very recently. When I first started having sex, I actually considered myself lucky that I didn't have to worry about pregnancy.
"I already went through menopause I promise!" Sexiest thing a woman can say, right? ;-)
I actually envy you...I don't want kids and I hate having period. It always hurt so much and it makes me feel I'm disgusting. There are birth control methods that prevent monthly periods. If you're truly serious, talk to a doctor about it.
Do experience any side effects from this? Well, I don't have periods anymore, except for a couple times a year (because of my hormone replacement therapy). I'm at a higher risk for osteoporosis and heart disease (estrogen protects the heart and bones). I'm at a higher risk for breast cancer and DVTs.
I keep active though and take vitamin supplements and hormones.
I think there are more social side effects from this than anything. I'm not ashamed of my infertility, but the way that people act when I tell them, you would think that I'm a circus freak.
So, is the hormone replacement therapy just to help stave off some of these potential health issues? Yup, it "keeps me young", as it were. It also helps with sexual function too. Without estrogen, you get decreased libido, vaginal atrophy, vaginal dryness, breast atrophy/loss of elasticity...
I would like to stave off all of these things as long as possible.
My daughter has kelmans syndrome and has a lot of the same symptoms and has to take HRT as well as calcium etc. Only difference is she may be able to get pregnant with a lot of help from doctors. Would you be able to get pregnant with egg donation? Yes, egg donation is the only way I can get pregnant. I have no eggs.
I know the situation is sorta unfortunate but HEY no periods and you save tons on birth control! I think the savings kinda cancel out considering the amount of money I will have to spend if i want to adopt/use donor eggs.
If you get an egg donation and carry to term, will you be able to breast feed if you chose? Or will your menopause prevent the hormones needed to create the milk? Yup. The hormone(s) that stimulate milk production and release are not affected by my problem.
What are your feelings on other women's PMS? I had regular periods for two years before my diagnosis, and I would definitely get PMS. Bad cramps, couldn't button my jeans, thoughts that nobody had it worse than me... the whole nine yards. I sympathize with girls who have to put up with shitty periods once a month.
I'm also in the medical field and I've seen some pretty messed up stuff in regards to periods. In those times, I'm grateful that I dodged that bullet.
But, like everyone, there are times where I want to tell certain women to stop being whiny cunts. Sometimes their complaints aren't justified and they need to shut the hell up. I try to save these feelings for very special cases though.
Did you go through all of the menopausal symptoms during this period? Because I went through it as such a young age, my body was still growing while my ovaries were giving up. My symptoms were weird as a result.
My heat and cold tolerance was beserk; one minute, I'd be freezing and the next, I'd be sweating through my clothes (surprisingly I was never worked up for thyroid problems). I was irritable, but my family chalked that up to me being a teenager.
Technically, if I wasn't on hormone replacement therapy, I'd have other symptoms like vaginal atrophy and dryness, but that's been avoided. Gross story: my gyno said if he didn't know I had my condition, he never would have known based on how my vag looks.
vaginal atrophy and dryness. As a man, that sounds like the stuff nightmares are made of. I want to slit my wrists when I start to chafe for 20 mins. As a woman, it also sounds like nightmares. I guess that's why KY exists though?
Male gyno? My current one? Yes. Elderly male gyno. Fantastic doctor.
So do you still get hormonal since you're taking hormones? Like the irritability and mood swings. I get irritable as much as the next person, but as I'm on a constant dose of medication, there are no hormone level changes that would be the cause of such irritability.
What I'm trying to say is that I'm sometimes a raging bitch for the sake of being a raging bitch.
How did going through menopause so early effect your high school life? It didn't have much of an effect. I didn't tell anyone about my diagnosis until college, because back in high school, I was ashamed of it.
I also didn't lose my virginity until college, so there was no reason to tell anyone about it in high school.
I do remember glancing at the pregnant classmates at my school and feeling the slightest tinge of anger at how much they took their fertility for granted. I still get that tinge seldomly, especially when I was doing an OB/GYN rotation in an inner city hospital and there would be women with 9 pregnancies and custody of only the age of 23. But that's another topic.
Do you not have eggs or just Won't release them? That's kind of a complicated answer without getting too medical. Women have a crapton of immature cells that eventually become eggs, and every month, one of them matures and literally explodes out of the ovary. Menopause means that these immature cell thingies don't mature enough to explode out--the ovary stops responding to hormones and stops making its own hormones.
This is what happened to me. I probably have some immature gamete pre-egg like things, but my ovaries have zero response to the hormones that signal for their development. Exactly the same as a 60 year old post menopausal woman.
(I'm currently studying/procrastinating for my developmental biology exam so I understood all of that. Thanks for helping me study! :D) No problem, babe. Maybe we can study some anatomy later....
Has this affected your sex drive drastically? If so, in which way? My sex drive would be affected if I weren't on hormone replacement. Symptoms of menopause include decreased sex drive, vaginal dryness, etc. But since I'm on hormones, it counteracts those symptoms, and I have the same urge/response as any other girl my age.
The point is, my fiance has zero complaints ;-)
Do you still what kids? Like do you want to adopt? I was adamantly against having kids for most of my life. When I was diagnosed, I actually justified it by telling myself at least it was happening to me and not someone who felt a life long calling to be a mother.
Recently, I've been feeling a bit of a change. My fiance wants kids, and we've been discussing the options of adoption vs foster kids vs donor eggs. We'll probably end up being parents, one way or the other.
So you could still carry a child in your uterus? Yes, with an egg donation, and sperm that I imagine comes from a turkey baster.
Judging by what you said in a different comment about gamete maturation I wouldn't be entirely surprised if someone eventually comes up with a way to safely remove some immature cells, mature the gametes outside of the body, do IVF, and then implant them. I don't know about that. That's a molecular level theory, which is not my forte. Maybe there's a molecular biologist/geneticist/bioengineer around that can explain.
Wouldn't putting you on birth control be a more efficient way to give you estrogen? Maybe cheaper than hormone therapy? Not necessarily. The only difference between the meds I take and birth control is the dosage. I'm actually on a lower dose of estrogen than women who take it for birth control. I also take medroxyprogesterone for uterine protection.
My copay for my meds every month is 4 bucks. (in the US)
I'm not entirely sure how this works, and I may sound like an idiot, but isnt there a say for women to have eggs extracted and frozen like semen? If so, why didn't you just do this? Unless the prognosis is genetic or something, then I would understand. I guess if I could invent a time machine, I could extract them from my 14 year old self, but I don't have eggs at this point to extract. The times when eggs are extracted, drugs are used to induce ovulation and these eggs are then harvested. Ovulatory drugs would not work on me.
Think of it exactly like menopause, because that's what it is. The difference is, I was only fertile for 2 years. Usually women get 40 years.
So, there is absolutely no way for you to have kids with your genes? Is this a really unique condition, if not, is medical research going on in this area? It's not a genetic problem; it's a problem with my ovaries being unresponsive to the hormone that tells them to get their shit together and make some eggs.
It affects 1% of women under 40 and 0.1% of women under 30, according to wikipedia. I have seen 4 different gynos in my life from all of the moves I have made thus far, and all 4 were surprised to have a patient so young with premature ovarian failure.
The gyno I see now specializes in post menopausal health and he's very interested in people with my condition. He's a wealth of knowledge for preventive care and he says that treatment for it will probably change in the next 15-20 years (instead of oral medications, it will be a different method).
While this was a serious answer throughout, I couldn't help but imagine a cartoon brain telling cartoon ovaries to "get their shit together and make some eggs." I laughed obnoxiously. I'll leave now. Sometimes I'm too snarky for my own good :)
Is this something that you got kind of used to quickly or did it stick in your head for awhile and make you feel uncomfortable going to school? It was sort of a unique situation in that I found on Sept 11. The country was in shock for a few months, and I displaced all of my shock from my diagnosis onto the tragedy in NYC.
But there were times that I thought about my diagnosis, especially when I'd see a pregnant classmate in the halls. How she could be so flippant with her fertility while mine was stolen from me... It was irrational, but I was 16. I was a mess of irrationality back then.
Any idea how common this is? I never heard of it happening before this so I didn't even know it was possible. Wikipedia says 1% of women below 40 and 0.1% of women below 30.
You are the 0.1% You get an internet cookie for making me laugh.
Really rare wow. Was it ever an issue? Such as a BF hated the fact that you couldn't have kids? Never. Or if there was disdain, I was never made aware of it. I guess it was never an issue because most 18-25 year old men aren't thinking about children. I never dated anyone that I've had the "are we having kids" talk with... that is, until the guy that I'm currently engaged to.
If you don't mind my asking a personal question, but do you have a boyfriend/significant other, how did they react when you first informed them? I have a fiance. We were friends for a year before we dated. Sometime during that year, I shared this little factoid. I don't really remember the conversation. It has never affected our relationship, except for the part where we don't use condoms/worry about pregnancy. :)
I heard that early onset of menopause increases your risk of osteoporosis. I'm a tech who operates a bone densitometry machine and I ask patients about early menopause all the time. Has your doctor mentioned this to you? My dad, ironically enough, was doing osteoporosis research even before my diagnosis. I participated in medical studies since the age of 10 to help researchers understand bone growth through the lifespan. There are yearly scans of me starting at 10. It's interesting to see that during the time when I was symptomatic but before diagnosis, my spine density plummeted in relation to my peers. I was osteopenic. But now, right back on track!
But no, no docs have ever recommended it to me. I guess I'm just lucky that I had some extra free technology at my fingertips :)
I'm 16 right now and I haven't had a natural (brought on without some form of meds) period since November 2010. I got my FSH levels checked and all just to see because that came a huge concern of mine x.x. Everything came out normal, but my doctors can't figure out any reason why I don't have them :/. I guess my question is who originally thought it might be menopause? *edit: I accidentally a letter. Well, in my case, my FSH was elevated, so that solved the mystery. In your case, have they also done a karyotype, thyroid studies, and prolactin levels?
Why was your mom crying? I mean, of course, no one wants their child to suffer, but was she more upset about the diagnosis or was it more like, "I won't have grandbabies!" Has your mom been supportive through this? People cry during "sad" news. She was heartbroken for me. Even though at that time, I was numb to the diagnosis, she had envisioned a future for me that involved being a successful careerwoman and mom. She lost that vision that night.
My entire family has been supportive of my diagnosis. My mom and my aunts are very close, so of course the news spread like wildfire. Nobody in my family has ever been anything but cool with it.
Honestly... Do you ever feel bad? I feel bad the same way everyone feels bad. Sometimes I have a bad day. 99.9% of the time, it has nothing to do with my fertility status.
Because.. don't. And if you do let me know and I will message you a random fact that will brighten your day (As will every person that comments about this). Thank you for being a caring person though. You're my cuppycake gumdrop.
I will chime in with how wonderfully spoken you are and how charming your responses have been. I would bet you're an amazing person to be around. Best to you and your fiancé. Hormones kept me in the norm. Looking at me, you would never know I'm infertile.
Do you have a problem with hair growth in places its not suppose to be? Such as your face etc? If not, is it because you take hormones? I don't. That's a low estrogen/high testosterone problem. I have never been low on estrogen long enough for those kind of effects to happen.
Additionally, no post menopausal member of my family has problems with hair growth, so I guess in that respect, I'm lucky genetically.
Link to
So you feel superior that you don't feel superior like those other women? Do you feel superior that I don't feel superior to the women who feel superior?
When you found out you were going through menopause, did you save any eggs or try to get pregnant while you still had the chance, or did you decide to accept the fact you wouldn't be able to have kids when this was over? Was never on TV for this. I was however, on a locally produced Reading Rainbow-like segment when I was 9. Be jealous guys.
Were you on TV? I saw a tv story about a situation like this a number of years ago. Already went through menopause when I was diagnosed, so no eggs could be harvested. I was 13/14 when I was fertile, so I never tried to get pregnant (especially since I didn't give up the V card until college)
From what I've read of your comments on this post, you seem like a real down-to-earth and reasonable woman. I totally respect that, being a (I like to think) reasonable woman, myself. Considering your circumstances, what are your biggest fears for your future? Biggest fears: not graduating medical school (irrational fear), not paying back student debt, losing family/friends to freak accidents, planning a wedding, those bugs that basically become a liquid when you squish them...
Consequences of my infertility are pretty low on my worry list. I just take my pills everyday, and try to stay in shape by running and lifting. The monetary issues of procreation/adoption will become a worry when they become a worry, but right now, I don't let it consume my life.
Did you buy a wiener dog named shawntsy? I own no dogs, weiner or otherwise.
What age were you when you started having periods? 13.
Menopause isn't caused by running out of eggs. The eggs just stop maturing and leaving the ovaries. But that's interesting. I've never heard of someone so young entering menopause before. I know. It's just easier to say "ran out of eggs" than have to explain meiosis and the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal system ;-)
For proof you could have unprotected sex with every fertile redditor. you'd also get a new AMA out of it. As long as we screen out the ones under 18 and with venereal diseases, you got yourself a deal, sir (or ma'am!)
Guys, guys, we all can have a turn. Let's just form a nice single file line right behind me. Goodness, what a long line for sexy times with a girl who hasn't even posted a picture! But if you guys wanna, who am I to turn you down?
Turned 18 yesterday, IM SO IN! Me + you = us <3.
If you live in the pacific northwest, I'd like to sign up. Sincerely, LoneWolf-Alpha- East of the Mississippi, sorry.
I got super-sperm. I will give u a baby. Not really in the market right now for a baby, but thanks for the offer!
Best post-menopause tits I've seen. Horray for you and your fiance. Before I was on hormone replacement, I was sitting in B territory. My breasts were not receiving the estrogen they needed to reach their full potential. Six months after being on hormones, I grew to a 34DD, the size I am today. I don't like it much. Wish I was back wearing a B.
According to your picture you also have an enlarged left eye. I am a professional flaw spotter. AmA. How much does a professional flaw spotter make? Did you also notice my horribly yellow circular face too? If not, you're probably not good at your job. :)
Pics. proof. or doctors report. Link to
Best I got right now.
Sept 11, 2001. Rough day all around. My mom was crying all that evening because of my diagnosis. I just sat in my room and watched the news on TV, avoiding the rest of the family.
I think he's talking about his own novelty account. No worries. :) Oh! Well then! Everyone ignore my asshattery! Move along, nothing to see here.
My mom went through the same thing-not until her thirties though. Hopefully you aren't as bitter and angry at the world as her. Without knowing her, I'd probably say I'm not as bitter or angry.
I have had 99% of my reproductive life to deal with this diagnosis; it's more a part of who I am now than something I have to worry about.
But I will admit, I'm a sarcastic asshole. I'm just jovial about it.
Portland, Or. Seems to be a west coast thing.... I live in one of the Eastern Time Zone states. I guess it's a ubiquitous American phrase now...
Wow! That seems really awesome. No periods and no need for birth control. You pulled the jackpot lady! I think given my ambivalent attitude toward personal procreation, it could be construed from time to time as "awesome", but I think that there are many women out there who would be devastated for the rest of their lives if they could not pass on their own genetic material.
I wouldn't really call it a jackpot, per se, but maybe a "fortunately benign condition".
I was devastated when my husband and I couldn't have kids naturally. Less because I wanted to pass on my genes, and more because we wanted kids and having them would cost us thousands. On the upside, we never have to worry about unplanned pregnancies! Honestly, that's my main issue at this point in my life. It costs so much damn money to have kids in any other way except naturally.
But I will deal with those issues when the time comes.
That's pretty much what we did. In the end we spent about $6-7k to get pregnant (I'm 9 weeks today) and that's really nothing in the grand scheme of infertility+having kids. I count us lucky at this point, could've been worse. Congratulations! Hope your pregnancy is boring and predictable with zero complications :)
Hella NorCal. Grats on getting through that at 16. Could have done an MTV spin off.. I'm not from NorCal, actually... Eastern Time Zone FTW!
Would it happen to be your name is Pia? That's not my name. That's not my name.
This AMA is truly one for the ages. Do you have a shaved or hairy pussy? Thank you for sharing with the community. I keep up with current grooming trends.
What if the hormones you're on produce a strong wish for anal love? I know this story is stupid, but it's perfectly fappable! Seriously though, the hormones I'm on is the same shit as the stuff in birth control. It doesn't produce "strong wishes", but it does protect my bones!
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2011.10.13 12:00 ttrraasshhmmee Sexy gyno exam

So I'm having a little issue.. I recently broke up with my boyfriend. Since then, I've slept with two people. I didn't use protection either time (stupid, i know). It only happened with one of the partners once, with the other it has been a sort of ongoing friends with benefits type situation.
After a particularly sexy-times filled night with my friend with benefits, I passed out without peeing/cleaning up.
The next morning I lazed around my apartment and didn't shower till late afternoon. By then, I had started to realize I was feeling a yeast infection coming on. I've had one once before, and went to the gyno to have this confirmed.. so I knew the symptoms and they were exactly what was going on.
I am a college student, currently without a car. So I volunteered to use a co-workers car to buy coffees, on me, with the secret motivation of being able to run into CVS and buy some monistat.
I buy the one day pill and cream combo, which I think was around 15 bucks (close to 2 hours of work's pay), and treat myself as directed a few hours later.
I felt immediate relief.. and also relieved that this was indeed a yeast infection. A day later, I get my period. I've been using pads only, because I think a tampon would not only kill if i still have the infection, but also make it more severe.
So it's been like three days, I've been using only pads, and the yeast infection seems to have stuck around. It's relatively mild, but definitely still there.
Sooooo, I call university health services, which, if I can get an appointment, I will have to walk to in the rain already. The nurse tells me they have no gynecologists on duty, and give me the number for a gyno's office in a nearby city.
Well thanks, UHS, I totally want to WALK in the RAIN to the nearest city to get my yeasty, perioding vagina checked. That seems like a great alternative to studying for the midterm I have tonight.
I have a yeast infection and my period. I am a little miserable. University Health Services was unable to give me any advice, or even an appointment. I don't have a car to go anywhere else, and its raining and I have a midterm tonight. Poop.
I figured I should update you guys on what's going on. I went to the doctor yesterday. Throughout the day it got worse. The only way I can think to describe it was that everytime I moved or sat a certain way, it felt like a crab was pinching my left labia, hard. Also, it had become to really burn in the same area on my labia when I peed, like when the pee touched the spot and for about 30 second area the pain was almost unbearable. I took three advil to help dull that pain.
I made it to the doctor after a day filled with anxiety, and went through the usual routine of explaining my situation to the nurse before the doctor came in. She was sympathetic and reassured me that having a yeast infection alone sucks, but with your period at the same time is just miserable. She took my vitals and told me that the Doctor should be in relatively soon.
After about a 15 minute wait (which is not long comparatively to other times I've had to see a doctor at my University Health Services), the doctor comes in. She again asks me to relay the situation and then asks what meds I'm on, my drug use habits, and if I have any allergies to medications. I only lie a little bit, and receive a small lecture about how I am increasing my risk for blot clots and strokes by smoking while on the pill.
She then asks if I'm sexually active. I answer yes. She asks with males, females, or both? I answer male. She asks who my partners are. I lie. I say I have been with my boyfriend for about a year. In reality I broke up with my boyfriend a little over a month ago. Since then I have had sex with two people. One of them it was a drunken, one night thing. I'm pretty sure we did not use a condom. In the morning I admitted to him I didnt remember his name. He laughed it off and was very nice to me, giving me a ride home and even getting my number. He even texted me a few days later asking how my day was and whatnot. Best case scenario I guess.
The other person I have been hanging out with a lot. We have had sex multiple times, but we also hang out regularly without having sex. We also have no used condoms. I'm pretty sure we mutually really enjoy each others company. I have told him more than once that I'm not ready for a relationship. I have this problem where everytime I've gotten out of a long term relationship I jump right back into a new one real quick. I'm trying not to do that this time, as it seems to always end poorly. I told him I would like it if he asked me on a date, and I know I like him, but I'm not ready to be his girlfriend. He has been really understanding and respectful about this. However, our feelings for each other are definitely growing.
OKay, back to the doctor's office. So I lie to avoid telling her the above two paragraphs, because it's really not something I wanted to explain to a stranger while being seen for an issue with my genitals.
She asks me to remove my bottom half of clothing and lie on the table. I do, and the first thing she says is "ohhhh, that looks really irritated! You have what looks to me like a herpes sore here". My heart drops. She scrapes the sore (very painful) and performs the rest of the exam (less painful). Whilst doing so she's telling me about how a lot of young people these days get HSV1 on their genitals. She says its actually much more common than HSV2, which is generally considered the Genital type. She asks if I've ever had a sore like this on my genitals before and I answer truthfully, no. I tell her I've probably had five on my mouth over the course of my life. The first one was when I was 13, before I had even kissed a boy. She said that more often than not, a person contracts HSV1 from a kiss from mom or a grandparent, and then what with masturbation, oral sex, and simply using the bathroom, it can sometimes pop up down south.
She didn't act as if I should be concerned, but really my mind was numb. She had me pee in a cup to test for a UTI as well and then bring all the stuff down to the lab to wait for the results. She says she'll prepare a acyclovir script for me because she's almost positive that's what it is.
I go to the lab, wait for the results, and come back up. No Yeast, no UTI. It's a herpes sore. She hands my the script and I head over to the pharmacy. On the way out she tells me that it'll be about 2-3 weeks before the results come back about whether its HSV1 or 2.
I'm waiting in the Pharmacy for the perscription to be filled, and the doctor I saw walks up to me, hand me a folder paper wad and says, "I thought you might be interested in this article", smiles and walks away. I wait till I am home in my room to read the article. Its about a study performed on University Students who've experienced herpes sores on their genitals and the percentage of which it was HSV1 and HSV2. HSV1 was overwhelming more common.
I gathered my lady balls and told my friend who I've been sleeping with/hanging out with about the visit. I didn't really go into details about how I won't really know if it's HSV1 or HSV2 for a few weeks, but I did say the doctor said it's probably HSV1, which is the same as a mouth cold sore. He was really understanding about it. Hugged me, told me it was okay, told me it didn't change anything and that it took a lot of courage for me to tell him. I sat on his lap while we googled herpes info together. He even asked if he could sleep over in my bed last night (just to cuddle). Hes going to go to his doctor today to see what he can tell him about it, if he should be concerned/doing anything differently now that we know.
I really couldn't have hoped for a better response from him. I am not sure if I should tell anyone else. My ex(es)? The other guy I slept with recently? I am definitely not feeling confident enough to do it yet anyways. I feel like maybe I should wait for the results of the blood work and take it from there.
So, if you are concerned that somethings up down there GO TO THE DOCTOR! I have been tested for other STDs but I guess I should probably be tested again, now, just to be safe. It's better to know and be able to make informed, responsible choices than to possible be spreading something unpleasant unknowingly to others.
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