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Summary: Fighting immortals is a sweetheart job for someone obsessed with the afterlife. Dying on the job, however, is cutting it too close. However, Julian's curiosity with the great beyond pushes him a little too far, back to the land of the living and cursed with a newly damned soul, just like the immortals he's sworn to fight...
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As soon as Blake pushed the cart into the women’s restroom, Pooja whipped off her niqab, balling the fabric in a tight wad.
“You’re late,” she said, wrenching open the cart and pulling out her weapons.
“Yeah, uh…” He scrunched up his face, as if thinking hard. “Tara, or… Milly? She said—”
“Yes yes, I know.” Pooja set to work, affixing her various weapons to her concealed holsters.
“Wouldn’t be easier to hide that if you were wearing the burqa?” Blake asked.
“Niqab. And it would be unnecessary given the size of my guns. Only Lapinsky actually needs a large weapon.” She pulled her new disguise, airport security. “Besides, we want to consider optics.” To round out the look, she popped her earpiece in. Currently none of the other members had theirs in yet. They needed to ensure they had control of security before doing anything that might raise suspicions.
Pooja just shook her head. “Don’t worry about it. I need to get into security only zones anyway, so.” She gestured at her disguise before clipping her badge on and adjusting her hat. Then she looked back at Blake, contemplating what to do with him.
Xing had reported that she’d meet him here but she’d also been vague on the nature of her disruption. It was too risky to be specific but whatever was delaying her meant that Pooja couldn’t necessarily rely on her to keep Blake informed.
Pooja sighed. “Alright. Let me give you a quick rundown, in case she doesn’t show up. If this thing goes well, we get Von Marwitz separated from her entourage and take her out near an exit location. That’s going to be loud and cause immediate panic. We’ve got people, people who AngelThana thinks are your followers, disguised as airport personnel. They’ll deal with Von Marwitz but things might get hairy…” Dammit where was Xing? Pooja checked her watch. Blake, for all his well meaning, wasn’t a soldier and judging by the blank look on his face, a lot of this was news to him. He clearly hadn’t retained much of his prior briefings but this was eating her buffer.
Then the door burst open and Xing was there, panting. “Apologies,” she said. “Everything is sorted. We have eighty seven minutes to get into position.”
Pooja’s shoulders relaxed at her specialist’s arrival. “Thank god. Get him into position.” She put a hand on his shoulder, as that familiar, overwhelmed grew in his eyes. “Just remember, you’re here to keep civilians safe. She,” Pooja pointed at Xing, “will identify Von Marwitz’s guard but your job is to keep civilians away from the action.”
He nodded and raised a hand to his forehead in what he probably thought was a salute. “Copy that Colonel.”
“Good. I’m off.” With a salute of her own, she vacated the bathroom, face immediately taking on the dispassionate if intimidating expression of a security officer. First task: shut down the camera feed storage. She would have to manually link them to Sykes’ control, where his team could hack and loop them. Pooja had gotten her BS in electrical engineering, which made her among the best suited for this job, second only to Mati. But he needed to set up where he had a clear shot to Gate K01, where Lady von Marwitz would deplane. There was no time for the group’s only computer scientist to also infiltrate security.
Besides, Pooja had the tools she needed.
She slid through a secure door with a flash of her card and let out a well concealed sigh of relief. She pulled out her phone, alternating between the airport map, directing her to the surveillance room, and some burner apps meant to busy up her phone’s screen. Phone hypnosis was an excellent disguise. Most people were too polite to interrupt someone who seemed engrossed and as long as she avoided any collisions, she was fine.
Finally she found the entrance to the main surveillance center. She took a deep breath to steady herself and then tapped her badge, allowing her instant entry.
Inside sat two men, both droopy eyed and blank faced. One looked over and gave her a halfhearted nod before returning to dully surveil the feeds.
She cleared her throat, grateful for the three foreign language requirements necessary for Colonel. “I’m sorry? When are you two off?” Pooja asked in passable German, her voice lifting in surprise. “I thought…”
“No?” One of the two, an older man with a salt and pepper moustache rose to his feet, cracking his back, a puzzled look on his face. “We’re here til fourteen hundred. We have another—”
He paused to check his watch but Pooja was satisfied with his answer. No one would check on the room for three hours, which was entirely sufficient. The single, fluid motion she’d needed to unholster her stunjet, was so natural that the man didn’t realize she’d pulled out a weapon until she’d shot him with it.
“No, no please,” he said, holding his hands in the air, dart protruding from his neck already. His companion had barely turned around before he too got a round.
“You’ll be fine,” Pooja said. “Give it a few hours, you’ll be groggy but you’ll pull through.” She had to give it to Cortez, the stunjets were effective. Airpowered, strong enough for a dart to puncture skin, probably leave a bruise, but not enough to kill anyone.
Both guards slumped to the ground before either had another word to say and Pooja stashed their unconscious bodies to the side.
“Alright,” she said, fishing out the chip from her pocket, eyes darting across the screens. She took a few minutes to locate her agents. Nearly every team had reached terminal K by this point. The terminal was in a separate building from the other terminals and Sykes had pulled some technical witchcraft to book as many flights to other gates as possible. Only four flights would be arriving or departing in the next two hours. Currently one of those planes was ten minutes from boarding and there was a lot of movement around it. But once that area thinned, there would be plenty of space to maneuver. Blake, Xing, Jha, and Grace weren’t there yet but they were all on their way.
After confirming the positions of her soldiers, she tapped over to the observation deck, which was on the seventh floor of the main building. The space was entirely evacuated, again thanks to Sykes’.
“Alright Officer,” she said under her breath. “Let’s get your people in here.” She plugged the chip into the appropriate port on the computer and tapped her earpiece. “Sykes, you should be in.”
“Copy Laghardi. Standby for confirmation.”
“Standing by.”
Pooja watched the passengers in terminal K begin to flow into a line outside their gate while waiting for Sykes’ confirmation. Any of the remaining passengers in the terminal could be a follower of Von Marwitz. She wouldn’t land for another hour, so it was still too early for Pooja to tell which travelers were good candidates. One more flight would leave in twenty three minutes and another would land in half an hour. After the commotion from those settled down, she’d get a better eye on who stuck around.
“Alright Laghardi, they’re as good as blind,” Syke’s voice finally crackled through her headset.
“Copy that Sykes and well done. We’re all in position with barely a hitch.” She thumbed her phone to send a message to the rest of the squad that they were good to equip their earpieces. After a minute or two, she tested the connection.
“Each operative radio back with your alias name, in alphabetical order. Don’t go until the person before you has replied or has had at least ten seconds to do so.” Her eyes darted across the screen and jumped from agent to agent as they each tapped their earpieces and called in. All in order, all on time. Maybe this would go well after all.
“Laghardi to all,” she said, “this channel is open. You say something, we all hear it, so don’t clutter coms.” She probably could have sent a text just to Blake with this but it didn’t hurt to remind everyone. “Any questions?”
This was, of course, rhetorical, but Blake, of course, missed that.
“So they don’t have eyes on us? Like the cameras—” his voice cut and Pooja’s eyes found him and Xing on the map, where the specialist was scolding Blake for improper radio etiquette.
“Laghardi to Blake. To answer your question, yes they still see us. Any attempt at fully cutting the transmission would raise immediate hackles so we won’t do that until Lapinsky gets a lock on the target. We’re simply pre-wiping the feeds to ensure none of this is captured.” Nothing suspicious so far had happened but as the agents moved into position, their actions would grow suspicious in hindsight. Anything captured would be open game for investigators after the fact. Such as eighteen people ranging from security officers to passengers to janitors all wearing earpieces, all in the same nearly deserted terminal. Little things that no one would notice watching active feeds but would definitely light up on an investigation.
“Oh ok. Right. Copy that. Uh. Blake to Laghardi.”
She grinned. “You’re doing good, kid. Laghadri to Sykes, loop the observation deck cams for eight seconds, prepare for sniper relocation.”
The officer’s voice crackled back.“Sykes to Lapinsky, standby.”
“Lapinsky to Sykes, standing by for your mark.”
“On my mark… now.”
Pooja’s eyes remained glued to the feeds, knowing that Matti was, god willing, darting from the external hallway to the camera’s blindspot in the observation deck.
The eight seconds passed in half a heartbeat.
“Sykes to Lapinsky, feeds restored. Status?”
“Matti to Bart. I’m in.”
Pooja saw an outbreak of smiles, laughs, even little fistpumps from her agents on the screen. Whether or not they were fans of the renegade class, everyone was pleased to hear that their sniper was in position.
“Matti to all.” He sounded both calm and smug. “I’ve got a lovely shot of the windows right by gate K01. I can see some of your smiling faces and we are ready to rock this.”
“Alright Lapinsky, let’s keep coms clear.”
“Copy that Pooja.”
God he was cheeky. She rolled her eyes but knowing he was in the observation deck, setting up his darling rifle, and peering through his scope did made her feel better. He’d get the job done. Pooja turned back to the two unconscious guards. The stunjet should keep them out for at least four hours but ‘should’ was one of Pooja’s least favorite words, so she gagged them and ziptied their hands and feet together. Someone would find them once this was all done.
With that, she slipped out of the room and latched the door behind her. It was time to head to Terminal K.

The terminal was bustling with Fleur rebels, chatting animatedly, sulking over phone calls, mopping floors, and just generally making a nuisance of themselves. They hadn’t been hers for long, and god knows she missed her soldiers back at Iota, but a bond had formed here over the past few months that had really stood some harsh trials.
They were good soldiers.
“Sykes to all. Plane’s entered its landing pattern.” A few of the soldiers, the younger or less experienced ones jumped at this, just a subtle tell that no one would notice but made Pooja smile. Obtaining an immortal would put them in possession of two and with Julian and Von Marwitz with them, they could actually make some progress.
Pooja placed a hand over her mouth, blocking her lips from any who might try to read them. “Laghardi to all, keep coms clear besides my commands or Lapinsky and Sykses’ updates.”
Her eyes moved to the window, outside of which planes took off and landed and taxied around, calm and mundane. She was about to ruin a lot of holiday and business travel. The thought made her smile, if a little wryly. One of those planes in the sky held Von Marwitz. Lady Helga, they called her. Or the bitch, if they were pissed off at her, which they usually were.
“Sykes to all. Plane touching down. Estimated eight minutes to gate.”
Pooja leaned back against the wall opposite the gate. “Laghardi to all. Take note of the following agents. Female, caucasian, mid forties, approximately 5’ 4”, 140 pounds, blond hair, cropped below ears. Red shirt, jeans. No bag.” Pooja’s eyes flicked to her next suspect, a man who’d been sitting in Ternimal K for about three hours. “Man, east asian, twenties, 5’ 10”, 150 pounds, short dark hair. Suit.” Then her eyes fell on a young woman who’d just recently sprinted to the terminal despite no planes leaving for another hour. “Female. Early twenties. 5’ 8”. 130 pounds. Brown braid. Black leggings and green tank top. Roller bag.”
As she spoke, her agents fanned across the hall, still talking animatedly with each other, barely even taking in the place around them. Damn they were trained well for some privates. Of course, AngelThana did only take the best of the best and as an underground organization, covert missions were a bit more of the norm. Still, she was impressed.
Meanwhile, Blake and Xing were starting to mop near the gate, filling the air with enough unpleasant cleaning smells to ward off most civilians. When two middle aged women stayed up, Pooja gave their identities to her agents. Every single one of the suspects would have to act first before Pooja’s operatives could strike. There was no room for trigger happiness in this situation.
“Sykes to all. The bird has docked. Preparing for deplaning.”
“I’ve got my eyes on the jet,” Matti’s voice call from the observation deck. “Any idea where she’s sitting?”
“Boarding pass says 6C. Business.”
Pooja could almost hear the smirk in Sykes’ voice as much as she could see the eyeroll from Grace across the hall.
“So she’ll be among the first out? That’s dirty.” Matti didn’t sound happy and Pooja echoed his sentiments. First out meant all civilians and airplane staff would still be close by during the attack.
“I’ll handle that,” Pooja said, righting herself from where she’d been leaning against the wall. “Breakers, you’re on her.” The six Spring Breakers had been Julian’s alleged followers and they were the primary faces that she wanted any social media livestreaming to show. A glance at anyone allegedly dead or still loyal would blow the entire Fleur Insurgency open.
The Breakers moved to the gate, chatting loudly and checking their phones, expressing frustration that their apps were reflecting the wrong gate. The two middle aged women, whom Pooja had already called out as potential enemies, moved over to offer the six young adults with assistance. No doubt wanted them away from the gate.
“Careful Breakers. If they notice that you’re made up or at all disguised, they could radio Von Marwitz to stay on the plane.” The immortal may be packing explosives or ready to hijack the flight, try to force it back into the air. She’d done both already, on record.
The Breakers conceded and began heading away, not wanting to blow their cover, when radio from Sykes rang in.
“Deplaning has begun!”
“Scope’s on and trained. Waiting on a visual and then waiting on Pooja’s ok,” reported Lapinsky.
“Breakers, scatter and try to keep someone by the door. Xing, move in. Blake, hang back with Shanti and LaForge, you’re all on civilians.”
Xing muttered something to Blake and pointed at something by K01, before rolling her eyes and gesturing back at the two privates. Blake nodded, too nervously, and headed back over to them, talking about something hopefully janitorial related.
“Jha, with Xing, provide backup but keep your distance.” Pooja’s knuckles would have been white if she hadn’t kept such an effort to appear disinterested, surveying the room dully. By now, the Breakers had moved away from the position, but one, Bruni, had stopped to take a selfie, stalling the group for a few seconds.
“She’s here.” Matti’s voice was so calm over comms that Pooja almost didn’t realize the significance.
But then she looked and saw the woman, dressed in mostly red with a large black sunhat primarily blocking her visage and dark sunglasses.
“One hundred percent confirmed, Lapinsky?” Pooja asked. “You get it wrong, there’s no second tries.” Suddenly a million doubts flew through her head. This could have been a bait, the whole thing, just to draw them out, get them to shoot up a random airport for no reason. That could be a totally innocent woman.
“Positive.” There wasn’t room for doubt in Matti’s voice and Pooja knew that, three years on the job, he’d never taken out the wrong target.
She’d have to trust him.
“Xing, go.”
The agent, still decked in janitorial garb, plunged her mop into its basin, splashing water everywhere, including the woman’s dark red pants. She backed up a few steps and Xing launched forward, apologizing frantically. The woman looked annoyed, gestured down at her pants and Xing motioned her over to where the main cart was, right by the large window next to the gate.
“Laghardi to Schmidtt. Move into position.” He’d have to be landed and very close and very ready to intercept the whole group as soon as possible once the shooting started.
“Schmidt. Copy.”
Xing knelt at Von Marwitz’s feet, mopping up her shoes.
“Aim obtained. Am I clear to fire?”
There wasn’t time for hesitating. Another few seconds to potentially lose their mark wouldn’t confirm her one way or another.
“Fire when ready.”
The explosive blast from the sniper rifle erupted about a second after Pooja’s command. In that second lapse, something happened that Pooja hadn’t anticipated. Really, it was the first thing to go wrong so far but it was bad.
A civilian stepped between Von Marwitz and the shot, taking it and dropping.
Screams spread throughout the terminal.
“I took down a civie?” Matti’s alarmed voice pierced through the ringing in Pooja’s ears. No, he hadn’t. Not really. The civilian had been sitting on a chair between Von Marwitz and Matti. He’d jumped up with almost impeccable timing, launching up onto his seat, to intercept the bullet. Pooja had barely even registered him when talking with Matti but his movements were so uncannily timed, he had to have been intentionally grabbing it. He was a follower and their plan had officially gone to shit.
“No.” Her train of thought had taken the space of half a second. Half the terminal was on the floor, hands over heads, or scrambling for cover. At least she knew who the targets were now. “Just a follower. Reload and fire on my command. Breakers, in, eyes on people who haved ducked for cover. The rest of you, evac the area.”
Pandemonium broke out as half of Pooja’s people jumped into action, ushering away civilians while the other half immediately drew their weapons. Von Marwtiz’s agents followed suit, but their resulting gunfire was widespread, interested in causing death and chaos, apathetic as to where the bullets landed. Pooja’s people were smarter and more focused and within the first thirty seconds of combat, three of the twelve hostiles had been definitively killed, with another two incapacitated. Comparatively, only one of Pooja’s soldiers’ had been hit, Silva.
“Grace, turning over battle strats to you, I’m taking on the immortal,” Pooja radioed before sprinting to the fight between the Breakers and Von Marwitz’s agents. The immortal herself looked rather unconcerned by this whole thing. She lazily surveilled the room, eyes combing over everyone involved, all while her lips moved, almost distractedly. It was clear that she was giving orders but her attention seemed elsewhere.
Pooja’s hand hovered over her various holsters. Gun, stunjet… venojet.
“Matti, belay firing until you’re given the command.”
“Copy that.” He sounded confused, which Pooja understood, but there wasn’t time to give more info.
She’d been close enough to the wall to, thankfully, avoid most attention, but now it was time to move. Unholstering a weapon in each hand, she made her move towards the fighting, careful to keep an eye on any hostile that she could reasonably take out without endangering an ally who might be too close, or even more dangerous, behind the enemy. She couldn’t risk missing a shot and causing more harm than help but as she sprinted across the terminal, she was able to fire off two rounds into a retreating enemy. So at least that was one more down.
Amid the gunfire and her headset filled with Grace’s voice barking orders, the noise and chaos was unbelievable. It was both standard combat and also a strange level of insanity she’d never experienced. There were no superiors waiting with any kind of support, what they were doing was completely unsanctioned, they were entirely at the mercy of Sykes’ computer skills, Schmidt’s piloting, and their own meddle.
Finally Pooja reached firing range of the immortal, ducking behind the cover of a gate check desk. Von Marwitz knew that she was more protected than shielded by Pooja’s surrounding agents, as with combat being so close, a misaimed shot could wound or kill an ally. This wasn’t something their enemies cared about, being as fanatical as they were. An ally that respected neither their lives nor the lives of their allies were dangerous indeed.
Von Marwitz aimed a lazy smile at Pooja, an eyebrow raise, the kind of look that made her blood boil. So she reached out with her weapon, took aim, and fired.
The immortal’s eyebrows shot way up, and understandably so. As hard as Pooja tried, the swaying combat, the bodies darting in front of her, between the two, she simply couldn’t make her target the first few shots. The first ricocheted across the ground but the second struck deep into the side of one her own agents, who barely noticed the hit. The third hit one of Von Marwitz’s, the fourth missed, and the fifth hit another one of Pooja’s soldiers again.
The sixth landed its target. Von Marwitz tapped her arm, where the dart had made its landing and then looked up back at Pooja, that same belittling look on her face. Immortal’s processed toxins quickly; most incapacitating drugs didn’t work for very long on them. But then the woman’s eyebrow creased as she examined the room, taking in the other agents who’d been hit, with no apparent effects.
Pooja ducked for cover again and tapped her earset. “Now.”
This time the gunfire, so much louder than the other shots, was almost instantaneous.
And judging by the dead silence that followed it, Matti had hit his target this time.
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Many factors played a significant role behind this sudden traffic surge in the camming industry. Such as A) People were Homestuck B) Camming is safe C) People choose this medium to satisfy sexual hunger. D) People choose this platform to combat loneliness. E) Camming is relatively cheap F) A new kind of experience. We will understand each of these factors in detail.
6 Reasons Behind Traffic Surge in the Camming Industry During Quarantine A) People Were Homestuck The most common reason behind the sudden surge in the Asian cam girls traffic was people were Homestuck during the lockdown. Having sex like earlier was not possible. Meeting your partner or meeting a sex worker was off-limits.
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Many Asian cam girls claimed that lockdown was indeed a positive experience for them as they witnessed a 30-40% surge in the business during this period.
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At such a hard time, sexy Asian naked girls came as angels to help these sexually deprived souls. As there is zero contact between the customer and cam girl, camming was considered as the best alternative.
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In Event 201, the simulation of a global pandemic, Bill Gates and his foundation were instrumental in it's production and implementation.
The "Players"
Gates' Foundation given equal billing with John's Hopkins; bottom of page.
Also included in this 'simulation' were the World Economic Forum:
The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201, a high-level pandemic exercise on October 18, 2019, in New York, NY. The exercise illustrated areas where public/private partnerships will be necessary during the response to a severe pandemic in order to diminish large-scale economic and societal consequences.
The WEF has planned, and scheduled, the Great Reset - planned for early 2021.
If you cannot see the obvious plan here - the WEF involved in a simulated pandemic that JUST SO HAPPENS TO HAVE HAPPENED MERE MONTHS LATER then they just so happen to have a BIG RESET planned for 2021 - you quite literally are willfully ignorant.
The WEF recommending - 'Social Justice,' a UBI, a reset to a digital currency, implementation of 'greener' ways of living, centralization of all banking credit/production (NWO), "cooperative governance" etc.
Every major news story and item over the last year has been window dressing with the goal of moving the unthinking mass of human cattle in the perscribed direction.

  1. "Social Justice" - George Floyd - Career criminal, diabetic, heart disease, and with enough of a cocktail of drugs in his system to kill an adult Rhino. Murdered by the cops. Well, no ... autopsy, toxicology and now police body cams make that clear. Yet for months this non-event is used as the catalyst for riots, and for calls of social justice, and the destruction of the history in the West.
"From disorder, order." The death of this poor fellow is the catalyst for calls of 'social justice' to be defined later in more detail by the WEF.
  1. The UBI - In unprecedented events, governments are openly boosting UE benefits, making direct cash payments to households, and taking other means of direct transfers. This is to whet your appetite and habituate you for the coming (conditional) UBI.
  2. Banking/digital money/full control - Constant bullshit about a 'coin shortage' that causes people to reflexively hoard coins so the propaganda actually drives the shortage not the other way around. The use of paper money is discouraged because it is dirty and spreads disease, so many establishment no longer even allow payments in cash. Every bit of it planned to drive the cattle to digital
  3. Green initiatives - The threat of death from living among so many people, as well as the shutting down of literally everything that makes big-city life worthwhile (museums, sporting events, fine dining, culture, etc) is driving a mass exodus from the large cities into the countryside. Right now it's the richer part of society as they're more mobile and have more options. This will filter down in time to everyone as they no longer have jobs in the cities, and also conclude moving away from a high tax, highly congested urban life is prudent or even required due to no job/income. Plus, live through one riot where the cops stand there and do nothing, and your business/house burns to the ground and you'll conclude perhaps it might behoove you and your family to live someplace less urban.
Besides, a $1,000 /mo. UBI goes a lot further in rural America than in Manhattan.
  1. A direct payment system from the FED into your account, managed by an app on your phone.
  2. The de facto outlawing of cash as the only businesses still around, the mega-corporations, refuse to honor it. Wal-Mart is practically there, and have you ever paid cash to Amazon?
  3. A social credit system that Big Tech is already happily trying out in China with the blessing and management of the Red Chinese. Your FICO score will be tied into your FB postings, your arrest record, your zip code, where you travel (GPS indicates you go to a bar two times per week, and the gun range once per week...hmmm - this info is salable to many parties), and crazy shit you post on conspiracy.
If you are deemed 'undesirable' or 'untouchable' you will suffer employment blacklisting, loss of banking access, loss of travel rights and in time expect your internet speed and even GPU cycles per second to be decreased by remote action. Quite serious on this - and these controls / punishments will not even be observable to most people
Ever been shadow-banned? Had your accounts delisted on social media because bad-think? Already happening.
  1. Annual vaccinations recommended - You naturally don't have to, but if you want to enter a Federal Building, have a job, travel, rent a car, stay in a hotel, avoid being blacklisted by having a massive demerit on your social score - you will be required. Other than that, you're free to refuse, and starve to death.
You will have a 'digital passport' that you will carry with you on your phone or as a separate card with a chip in it that capable of being updated as needed with your latest immunizations.
Rapid forced change leads to disruption and revolution.
The key to controlling 4 billion is to gradually shape their behavior.
Want to go to public school? - Vaccinate kids. Required. One small step to adults that want to go to the pool or even hold a job; required.
Want 'free currency'? - Install this app, carry this device, we're going full digital in time.
Today temps are being taken at the door in many businesses and places of employment - soon, all will be doing so. Next comes a Gattaca style blood sample just to get in the door at work
Mandatory Vaccines - Accept, and naturally the first few years nothing bad will happen. See? Those refuseniks were crazy! Ha! Habituate the people. After your compliance is 90%, they will do as they wish with these injections. Younger generations already habituated to mandated vaccines will comply as they recall the Dread Virus C19, and the more resistant to required vaccination, well those population cohorts will simply die off in time. Vaccine compliance will naturally ratchet up over time. It is inevitable. It will be 'the new normal'
Finally, tag your cattle. Carrying a phone to do banking, prove you've all your mandated shots, be allowed to enter a store, to travel - it's such a hassle. And what if your phone gets stolen? Now what? Much easier to have your passports and authorizations built into your body, say a small chip in your hand that you can wave at a scanner, or in your forehead where the gate guard or airport DHS agent can scan most easily (just like they scan you now, today, for your body temperature; habituate the cattle)...after all, traveling the toll roads is so much easier (and cheaper) with a toll transponder, is it not?
In time, expect the unchipped to be charged more for refusing to be chipped, as a 'convenience' fee. Just like if you insist on paper bank statements, or mailing in checks, or even traveling the turnpike without a transponder. You will pay more than those that meekly accept digital transactions and tracking. Already established practice.
Naturally you can tie in more current and recent news threads to the endgame when you see the goal. Really could not be more obvious; look around at the narratives being pressed into your mind, and tie them in to The Plan. The spiderweb, the tapestry is right in front of you. Daily.
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