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Hi ladies!! I'll be leaving for for Fort jackson next month and have a question about my hair. My hair is Naturally light in color (ash blonde) but I've been getting highlights. As my highlights grow out I do get a pretty "noticable" root line. Do I need to color my hair before I go? Thanks so much!
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2020.10.24 14:11 dearlybeloved998 My childhood friend asked me if I am into witchcraft without me mentioning anything

What the title says. I am in my third year of middle school, and almost no one from the private kindergarten and primary school that I went to came to my public middle school except than one girl who looks a lot like Billie Eilish and has blonde hair and blue eyes. We were at a field trip with a hop and me, a friend of mine and a couple of her friends were chilling and drinking Monster. At some point in time while everyone else was ignoring me she suddenly asks me, "are you into witchcraft by any means?".
Is it that obvious? I asked her if she is also a witch and she said no but "she has a friend who is into that stuff". How could she tell? How did she learn that I'm into it? That was kinda weird. I told her, my friend and her friends that I just catsed or apparently attempted to cast my first spell and they were supportive.
So that was the story. It was a bit weird.
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2020.10.24 14:10 likeeyedid I live in a town near Hameln. Lately, we've been hearing the pipes again

Our town has been kept intact so well you might think you are walking through a fairytale if you see the old part of town. It's a small town called Rintel that nobody knows. When people come to visit this region they usually go to famous Hameln instead. The place of the ratcatcher, or piper.
Rintel is less well known but just as historical. My family and I live in one of the homes that hold the tales of our past. For generations, it has been the task of our family to keep it in check, and now apparently it was my parent's turn. It's one of the nicest homes on the street and my mum keeps saying how lucky we are to have the chance to live here. Especially as we had to move away from our hometown after dad lost his job. Mum worked in IT and could easily change locations but I knew it was still tough for them. They tried to hide the worst parts from us but I know we lost our house. We were lucky to have the opportunity to come to Rintel and have a home that was just waiting for us. Although the circumstances under which we received it were dark as they always are with inheritance.
My grandparents were both gone for years now. My aunt was the only living member besides my dad and his brother. And now she had passed away, all by herself without any children or a partner. She kept much to herself.
That's what Rintel is like. Every silver lining is accompanied by a much darker shade.
As to dad’s brother, he doesn’t talk about him much. I’ve never even met him. Mum once told us the story so we would leave dad alone. Even after all this time it still depresses him. Apparently uncle Eric had left town at the age of 16. He had always been a free spirit. One that couldn't be caged in by the conservative views of my grandparents. He took the first chance to run and not look back. Dad still has some letters he wrote to him after he left but they aren’t many. And stopped decades ago, before we were even born.
Even if this town and especially the house must remind him of a terrible time, dad always seemed happy when we visited my aunt here. I guess this will always be his home in a way and now it was about to become ours too. Though I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. It was an old place, sure it looked pretty but I was used to living in a vibrant place with many friends. Now I had to start over at a place that hadn’t changed in decades or centuries even. One of the few places in Germany that wasn’t entirely destroyed during the war but was stuck with the horrible history of the time. A time in which nationalists felt welcome here. Something that hopefully will never happen again. Though when people think of this place usually another story comes to their mind. The story of the piper.
The region around Hameln is one that depicts both tradition and despair. An amount of despair that will taint the ground here for eternity but nobody that comes here as a tourist would ever know how deep-rooted it is. The town makes sure to depict an image of comfort. They have tours, theater plays, and puppet shows telling the infamous tale of the rat catcher that made 130 children disappear. A cow they would never stop milking. Even though nobody even knows if the fable is true. Most people who live here are sure it is nothing but a myth. The most accepted theory is that those children left on their own terms all this time ago, to find a place where life would be more fulfilling. Being too ashamed to accept the truth, the elders made up a story of a rat catcher who played a song that made the children follow him to death.
I know all about it because Lena, my younger sister, is entirely obsessed with the piper. She loves fairy tales and especially the Grimm ones. The original tales that were bloody and dark, not the Disney productions. My parents had eventually given up on trying to make her read more fluffy tales and accepted that she was simply bold for her age and that there is nothing wrong with that.
I like that she is a badass. I know brothers and sisters tend to fight but I love my little sister to bits, even if I'd never say it to her face. She was only twelve but pretty cool for her age. She accepted moving away even better than I did as long as she had her books.
Well, at least at first.
The longer we stayed here, the more changes I began to see in my sister. She was far more reserved. Usually, she had such a big imagination and would tell me about all the stories she had in her mind. She would make friends fast and play outside all the time. Now she stayed in her room mostly, just looking out the window.
One night when my parents were asleep I walked to the bathroom and heard rattling from inside her room.
"Lena, are you reading under your sheets again?" I whispered through the door. She didn't answer and so I slowly opened the door, expecting to see her on her bed with a flashlight. The entire room was covered in darkness, however. I was about to turn around, figuring she only moved a bit in her sleep.
"Do you hear it?"
I suddenly heard her whisper but it wasn't coming from her bed.
I turned on the lights and saw my little sister hunched under her window.
"What the hell are you doing?" I asked.
Lena got up, with an expression of anger in her eyes.
"Now you made it stop. Thanks, Leon."
"Made what stop?" I laughed but she didn't answer. She simply went back to bed and didn't say another word. I sighed and went back to my room. The following day I asked her what she was doing by the window last night but she had no idea what I was talking about.
School, as it normally does, sucked. It was even worse considering I had basically no friends as the new kid. I hadn't met many people here yet. There was one girl at school that talked to me at times but only because she didn't seem to have many friends either. When we had to do group assignments we were stuck with each other a couple of times. Her name was Tina or Tess, I'm honestly not sure. She had dark hair that always hid half her face and most of the time that we weren't in class she had earphones in. It was quite obvious that she wanted to be left alone. She was the type to draw all day and not talk but she was nice enough to me when we worked together. So it was kind of a bummer when she stopped coming to school. On the plus side, however, I was partnered up with another kid called Luke. We hadn't chatted before, nobody in the class talked to me much but as soon as we realized that we both sucked in this class, we started bonding. Luke was the kind of guy that seemed incredibly shy and quiet at first but would turn overconfident as soon as you found a common interest. With his tan skin and light blonde hair he almost made you think that we didn't live in a place that was all gloomy and dark.
At the end of class, he even invited me over to play with his new switch.
"Kiera is coming too. She says she knows you," he said while we were walking towards his home after school.
"You were talking about me?" I joked.
"Uhm, yeah? You're the new kid, everyone is already discussing what's wrong with you."
"Right, makes sense. Is Kiera your girlfriend?"
"No way. Just a friend. We went to elementary school together but anyway, she lives opposite your house. That's how she knows you."
I thought about whether I'd met her but could only think of the neighbor next door. A nice old man that has lived there ever since I remembered. He was even at aunt Carol's funeral.
"Oh wait. I have seen her but that was years ago when we visited my aunt."
There was a girl my age living here back then. I remember Lena and I were playing with her and her little brother.
"To be honest I thought she was a little annoying then," I laughed.
"Oh, she still is."
Kiera turned out to be a lot less annoying than I remembered and certainly prettier too but I tried to act as normal as I could. So far I had no friends besides my little sister and now I was about to gain two in a day. I was feeling comfortable and Rintel suddenly didn't seem so bad anymore. Though that was before I heard the latest news of the town. A girl had gone missing. The one girl that I actually knew.
"Apparently her parents came home late from work and only found a note," Kiera said with wide eyes.
"What kind of note?" I asked.
"I don't know what it said but must have been a goodbye note. They thought she ran away. Didn't want people to know at first."
"Why the hell not?" Luke asked.
Kiera shrugged.
"Apparently she was a problem child. I mean, bullshit if you ask me but they said she ran away more often but always came back. At least that's what my mum says."
I couldn't sleep much that night. In general, it had been a really good day. We spent the rest of the afternoon playing games and I ended up walking home with Kiera before dinner. She was really talkative and told me how her family has been living on this street forever, just like mine. We got along really well and I felt bummed that she went to a different school. But now I've had a new friend who lived nearby and one in school. Things were better but I couldn't get the disappearance of Tina out of my head. She had kind of been my first friend here if you could call it that. Of course, we didn't know the entire story but it sounded awful to me that she had just disappeared and nobody even cared so far.
As I was lying there in bed, all quiet, I thought I started hearing something. At first, I thought it was Lena again but this was coming from the outside. It sounded like music. A distant melody. I got out of bed and looked outside but there was no one out there. The only light was shining from the street lamps. I sighed and was about to go back to bed when I heard a rattling from just outside my room again. I tiptoed to Lena's room but she was sleeping peacefully but the rattling got louder.
"Why are you not in bed?" I suddenly heard my dad's voice behind me.
"I heard something," I whispered.
Dad looked concerned.
"Me too. I thought it was you. Stay here, I'm gonna check."
He turned on the lights and went down the stairs. I contemplated staying where I was but before I knew what I was doing I was following my father downstairs. We checked the rooms but there didn't seem to be anyone in the house until we opened the door to the basement and saw what was the cause for all the noise.
Hiding in the darkness but now that the light was on they were jumping in all directions.
The following day my parents called an exterminator that our neighbor recommended and while the rat problem was being taken care of I couldn't seem to shake the feeling that something more than strange was happening in this town so close to Hameln.
A strange melody at night, rats and a missing girl.
Tina wasn't the first to go and she wouldn't be the last. She was however the only one that was seen again. They found her today. Hanging from a tree deep inside the woods.
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2020.10.24 14:07 TrehikoST Milf blond pics

Hey Davie! I made an art of you with BLONDE HAIR, hope you`ll like it! Also can I ask u to do one little thing? The point is one of my friends (and he is a guitarist btw) betrayed me and I still feel myself very sad after what happened… but I think if u say «DIMON SUKA» right now aloud and I ... submitted by TrehikoST to Davie504 [link] [comments]

2020.10.24 14:01 konachan_10 Milf blond pics

aqua_eyes aqua_hair bicolored_eyes black_hair blonde_hair blue_eyes group hat lunasa_prismriver murasa_minamitsu nagae_iku purple_hair red_eyes school_uniform short_hair tatara_kogasa touhou umbrella yellow_eyes submitted by konachan_10 to konachan [link] [comments]

2020.10.24 13:58 konachan_10 alice_margatroid blonde_hair blue_eyes dress mage ribbons short_hair touhou

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2020.10.24 13:55 International-Ebb740 Milf blond pics

So I tried this once before when I was dead tired where I lay down and close my eyes but instead of falling into that urge to sleep or kind of let my body relax I like “pulled up” to try and seperate from my body and it almost immediately worked and when I turned around I saw my body underneath me... Like in incredible detail and it was insanely vivid like it looked just like me. I eventually popped back in because I was so freaked out and it was very jarring. That was a couple weeks ago, I decided to try it again because I accidentally woke up at 3am and was insanely tired again so I thought it was the perfect time to try. This time when I did it I decided I wasn’t going to look at myself so I wouldn’t freak out so I sat up in bed and it was really weird because it felt like I was just in my house (like the temperature and everything and my room was exactly as it was, not like in dreams) but I was moving wierdly and I like “”clipped”” through my door almost. Then when trying to go down the stairs to the rest of my house I accidentally clipped through the floor but realized underneath my stairs was another like... version of my stairs. It was really wierd so I clipped down a few times and it still felt super real. I then looked in the mirror at the end of my hallway and I was super weirded out because I could see myself in the reflection but my eyes squinted like unnaturally and I couldn’t get them to open any more and I cant stress how not like a dream this felt. I also was wearing the exact thing I’d gone to bed in and it completely freaked me out because I’ve never seen my reflection in a “dream” I guess. Like I have add so my dreams lose focus so quickly and environments constantly change and I have no recollection but it was so concrete and vivid. Then I went through my dark house which normally freaks me out beyond all belief but the exact lights were left on that are normally and I didn’t feel scared. Then I saw my dog but he was a different color. He’s this really big kangal who’s normally blonde with like a black snout and ears but he didn’t have any black on him and he didn’t seem alarmed seeing me at all. Like he acknowledged me and just laid back down. Then I went into the office room which is right by my kitchen and I saw my cat. It’s normal for her to be in there but right now she’s in my room asleep and my door is cracked so she could leave but the door hasen’t opened any more then a sliver so I know she didn’t leave when I checked when I was awake. Then she talked to me (she kind of sounded like amazon alexa which was funny) and asked if I was enjoying myself. This freaked me out so much that I immediately flew back up to my room but when I got back in my body I started dreaming. I only went through the floor once (as if the wierd dimensional thing never happened) and when I got back in my body I started dreaming normally but it was lucid. I just woke up from that lucid dream now and I’m assuming that part wasn’t AP because I was in mario kart (LOL.) 1) What happened and was that just a vivid dream? 2) If it wasn’t a dream why was my cat talking to me that was really scary 😭 and why was my dog blonde and my eyes squinty😭😭
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2020.10.24 13:53 konachan_10 alice_margatroid blonde_hair blue_eyes book doll dress hat long_hair mage magic patchouli_knowledge purple_eyes purple_hair shanghai_doll short_hair sword touhou weapon

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2020.10.24 13:36 klo_ew Calories in this starbucks drink?

Venti iced Blonde Vanilla Latte -4shots of expresso -5 pumps of sugar free vanilla syrup -almond milk
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