Mothers posing nude with their daughters

2020.09.20 23:46 lFearTheSporkl Mothers posing nude with their daughters

TW: Child Abuse/Neglect
So, this is possibly a long, slightly rambling post- made because I'm tired of the shit I see every day and for a change, none of these stories are the kids fault.
This is a midnight rant about shitty, terrible parents who don't deserve to have kids.
For the last ten years, I've worked retail (or as I also like to call it- relentless bliss) in the same place, with the same people and the same customers. For ten. Years. It's a relatively poor area. Very drug heavy in places with a lot of people reliant on support from the Government because job and education opportunities are either out of reach or simply not available.
Now, thankfully, I'm getting my ass out of there at long last. But I doubt much will change in my absence.
A good portion of the people I see every day are people I've literally watched grow up. I know their mothers, fathers- in some cases, their entire fucking broods because I'm unlucky like that.
And because I've worked there for so long, it's like I'm seeing a social experiment in action.
One woman (let's call her L), when she was younger I would serve her mother a bottle of vodka at eight in the morning and then again at eight that night- every day like clockwork. Sure enough, as of now, I serve L a bottle of vodka every lunch time after she's dropped her own child off at school.
Now, L is not a good mother. Constantly screaming at her child. Letting her roam the streets by herself (she's five and this is a rough ass area). The kid is always filthy, always sad. Sometimes she'll come into the shop and talk to us because she doesn't want to go home to a house that is almost certainly full of strangers partying all day long. Social services have been involved several times but the child remains in L's care.
L is not the worst case I see every day.
S has had three children taken away from her because she was literally sending nudes to men (who would request that the kids pose in the pictures with her and she would actually fucking comply). This woman- Jesus Christ- this asshole- literally distributed pictures of her own children to gross perverts.
That's not even the worst part. The worst part is, that she currently has two more kids in the house with her. A newborn (who she has no idea how to fucking hold, just fyi- that baby is going to have some serious neck issues when it's older) and a little girl who is about three. Two weeks ago, the little girl came into the store with a man I'd never seen before and he was off his tits. He couldn't have told you his own fucking name, let alone looked after a child.
So I called the kid over, said my usual hello's and asked her what she was doing today (the kid is a chatterbox and my coworkers and I have a great time trying to work out wtf she's actually saying). She had no idea who he was. Her mum had sent her to the shop with a strange man she didn't know for sweets- who couldn't even walk straight.
Needless to say, I walked her home without him (he wandered off to God knows where and honestly if he got hit by a bus I wouldn't care).
And we placed yet another 'anonymous' call to Social Services. I'm fairly sure we're just going to put them on speed dial at some point- we call them that much.
Then, there is T.
She drank throughout her entire pregnancy and her daughter was born with Alcohol Fetal Syndrome. This daughter now has her own daughter who was- you guessed it- born with Alcohol Fetal Syndrome. I mean, Jesus fucking Christ this is the prime example of a vicious circle if I ever saw one.
S hit his son so hard around the back of the head one day that I actually barred him from the store and my coworker (who knew him from school) had a full screaming match with him in the street outside. (Never let it be said that we aren't classy as fuck round these parts).
C has had every single one of her kids taken off of her because she's literally the definition of a trash human being. Didn't buy her kids school uniform or anything for lunch (school started the next day for fuck sake), then left him in the house by himself until three a.m. while she went out and partied instead. We overheard her the other day, saying how much she wanted another baby and I think my soul left my fucking empty husk of a body and went to a better place.
At least I hope it did.
These stories are just a few that I have too.
Now, for me, a CF person who has no desire for children ever (whether I was influenced by everything I've seen in my ten years here, who can say-) these are all pretty difficult, gross things to witness on a daily basis. I might not want them ever, but I certainly harbour no ill will towards children and some of the shit I've seen and heard would turn your stomach.
I like these kids- which is a big thing coming from me.
Before they slowly turn into their parents- a day I actually dread- my friends in the shop and I enjoy our interactions with them because they're always happy to see us. Maybe it's because we smile at them. Or when we talk to them, we're not screaming. Or we listen to what they have to say and even if it's not interesting, we pretend it is because God knows they get zero positive interaction at home.
I'm glad I'm leaving in a week because, honestly, I don't think I could watch what might happen in another ten years.
Thanks for coming to this weird, out of the blue rant that has been brewing in me all week.
(Sidenote: Please be aware that at the end of the day, we are just store workers. There's only so much we can do and honestly, calling Social is the main one. We do it a lot. More than anyone should have to and we always feel awful when we realise that nothing is being done and the neglect is continuing.)
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2020.09.09 10:59 GoodApollo506 With mothers their daughters posing nude

(For anyone who hasn’t ever read any of my shit on here, it’s a super long post)
So I just ended up getting sucked into a very long and drawn out convo with my High Tier Normie/Chadlite/Male Feminist best friend, and it was truly hilarious just how quickly the topic of said conversation shifted from “Happy 30th Birthday!” to “You’re a nasty, bitter, entitled misogynist who deserves to die alone.”
Perhaps it wasn’t that direct all things considered, but it never ceases to amaze me how we literally live on two entirely different planes of existence...
This guy has been my best (and only true) friend ever since around 2008 due to us broth being super into music, having identical political views (except for feminism) and generally hating main stream culture...He really is a great guy for putting up with my bullshit, but as smart as he is (and he truly is), he cannot understand life in my shoes...
So on 8/24, he shoots me a txt wishing me a happy birthday and we end up discussing Tool’s new album...This leads us into discussing some of their older material and in particular, the message of their song ‘Sober’....
“I am just a worthless liar...
I am just an imbecile...
I will only complicate you...
Trust in me and fall as well”
I say something stupid like:
“Whenever people ask me why I’m still single, I just refer them to this song lol”
He then goes off on how “Victimization is dangerous” and encourages me to create a fake dating profile of a woman so that I can see the “sheer amount of nasty, disgusting and entitled messages that men will send” so I can “see beyond my own deeply flawed narrative”
I explain that not only is he completely missing the point, but In my opinion, millennial women have virtually nothing to complain about in today’s Gynocentric society and most (if not all) actually enjoy being sexualized (as long as the right type of guy is doing the “sexualizing”)
I then explained to him how the daughter of my mother’s friend literally put herself through cosmetology school, bought herself a brand new car (cash) and paid off literally every single penny of her student debt (from the community college that she dropped out of) just by posing in lingerie on Instagram and nude on Chaturbate and Onlyfans....All a moderately decent looking woman needs to do is snap a few naked selfies and she’s basically a low key Instagram model/Patreon Millionaire...And since women are starting to dominate the workforce, they no longer need providers (until they do, but that’s another argument) so their only logical use for guys is based solely around physical attraction, which in turn renders guys like me obsolete...
He then goes off on how “Women don’t owe men their bodies or time or attention” (which I do agree with) and how “Women are starting to ‘own’ their bodies and sexuality” and how I could benefit from reading a book or two on feminism and “the struggles that women have had to face and overcome throughout history”
I then explain that it’s never been about entitlement and I don’t feel that women owe me anything, but it still pisses me off how I’m seen as some “entitled misogynist” for turning down a foul mouthed, chain smoking, 600lb single mother of 3 living off of Social security and other assorted Govt handouts...Also, I’d sooner use the pages of a book on feminism and “the struggles of women” as toilet paper than actually read it....I then suggest that some author should write about the struggles of an ugly guy...I would read that cover to cover because it’s my reality.
He then goes into another “Well what do you do to make yourself more attractive?” Rant
-Do you work out?
Yes, but a guy my size who works out just has “little man syndrome”
Do you try to be outgoing?
It’s next to impossible to be “outgoing” if nobody (male or female) really gives a fuck about what you have to say to begin with
“You’re fucking hilarious! (I’m really not)...Why don’t you try to make women laugh?
Funny people aren’t attractive, attractive people are “funny”....And I’m nobody’s court jester”
“Just be a kind and generous person”
Nah...I’ve been friendzoned and taken advantage of enough for 5 lifetimes thanks
He then wonders why it is that I feel women have it so easy...
I explain that the idea that women have ANYTHING at all to complain about in 2020 (Covid-19 aside) is laughable to me...
All a woman has to do is dress like a prostitute and shake her ass at all the right guys and she’ll ALWAYS get EVERYTHING she wants presented to her on a silver platter...
And if that doesn't work you can always find some ugly dude and manipulate him into being your personal slave and buying you everything...
And if that doesn't work accuse some guy of sexual harassment and collect a nice fat settlement...
He then uses his classic line of “Well it’s obvious that you know nothing about women” before going into his usual rant about how he’s only 5’8”, is losing his hair, is super skinny and has crooked teeth but has been with dozens of women...How do I explain that?
-Statistical outliers don’t disprove or discredit facts.
-5’7”-5’8” is generally the shortest a guy can be before he’s seen as a literal freak of nature.
-Ok, but he is one of the few guys out there who can actually pull off having a shaved head.
-Being super skinny makes guys look taller (He may be 5’8”, but looks at least 5’10”-6’ from a distance...I have the exact opposite problem in that I’m 5’6” but have a super stocky/boxy build so I could easily pass for like 5’2”)
-Most people’s teeth are fucked up in some way, shape or form so...
I also explain that most of his “success” with women stems from the fact that he has super low standards
(Since I’ve known him, he’s only been with 2 “attractive” women imo...One ended up cheating on and leaving him for her rich boss and the other was a mentally unstable head case/attention wh**e who tried to kill herself twice in their apartment.)
His only response was:
“Well I’m not into plastic, Barbie Doll bimbos”
Ok...Neither am I, but physical attraction is still very important to me and I refuse to settle for someone I’m not both physically and emotionally attracted to.
He then replies with:
“Lol...But you cant look like you do and expect to end up with an attractive woman...Why not give a girl whose overweight a chance? or a single mother? or a woman whose more on the masculine side (they tend to be more accepting of tiny guys) lol...You’re problem is that you’re entirely too shallow for your taste in women...Just remember that behind all the makeup, hair dye, silicone and weaves, women are still just people.
...So you’re saying I should just settle for someone I’m not attracted to
We really are from 2 different worlds lol
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2020.08.28 02:30 CarlB1961 Mothers posing nude with their daughters

I guess my story is pretty typical of many a failed young actress.
I came out to L.A. on a Greyhound bus when I was eighteen with stars in my eyes and a dream in my heart, convinced I was going to be the next Demi Moore or Sharon Stone (yeah, it was the early 90's).
Needless to say, things didn't work out that way.
I won't get into my life back home in Mississippi in too much detail. It sucked. My parents were strict, humorless, anti-intellectual working-class Southern Baptist fundamentalists of the fire-and-brimstone variety (is there any other kind?). They didn't want me to go out West. They wanted me and my sister (the lucky one who escaped to college and actually made something of herself) to become nuns and join a convent. Fuck that shit. I took off the day I turned eighteen and never looked back.
I got a job as a waitress at one of those retro 50's diners that were so popular on the West Coast back in the late 80's and early 90's, enrolled in some acting classes, and rented a crappy apartment not much bigger than a walk-in closet (all I could afford) in a pretty seedy part of town where all the liquor stores had steel bars on the windows and all the buildings had gang graffiti on them. The apartment building where I lived wasn't much better --- the kind of dump that always had used syringes littering the hallways from the junkies and you always watched your back coming and going in case someone followed you and tried to jump you. One of my neighbors got busted in a police raid. Turned out he'd been running a crack den in his apartment. It was a pretty scary place. I guess it's kind of miraculous I never got mugged. Or raped. Or killed.
I guess I was a pretty naïve kid. I was convinced I would just stroll into the big studios, show them what I was made of, they'd offer me a juicy contract and before I knew it I'd be up on the big screen playing Tom Cruise's leading lady.
Yeah, looking back, I was pretty stupid. But what else can you except from a dumb Southern girl with a tenth-grade education living in the Big City for the first time in her life?
I found out the hard way that unless you have representation, the studios won't give you the time of day, much less schedule you an appointment. Same with all the auditions and casting calls I went to.
I decided if I was ever going to stand a chance of getting any further than the reception area before security sent me away I needed to find an agent.
Easier said than done. Most of them turned me down flat because I didn't have a SAG card. Hell, I didn't even know what a SAG card was.
I finally met Bill, a down-on-his-luck, third-rate Hollywood agent who looked more like a sleazy used car salesman (baggy cheap suit, a tie that would have been considered loud in the 70's, the world's most obvious toupee).
I met him at his "agency" which was housed in a cheap office building downtown. Bill's office was dimly lit, sparsely furnished, and smelled of cigar smoke. I sat in front of his messy desk on a folding metal chair under the fly-specked light fixtures and pretty much begged him to give me a chance.
He agreed to represent me. Maybe it was because he only had two other clients and needed to pay his rent. Or maybe he really saw some promise in me. Or, more likely, it was the short skirt and low-cut blouse I was wearing. I'll confess, I was pretty good-looking when I was younger and quite stacked. And, I'm ashamed to admit, I did use that to my advantage.
I filled out some paperwork and Bill told me he'd be in touch if he landed any work for me.
A month later I got a call from Bill telling me a TV producer wanted to see me about a new show he was casting. I was thrilled.
I met the producer, Cliff, a tall, thin guy in his thirties with a ponytail, wearing a Eurotrash designer suit, at his office and he explained the premise of the show and the character he was looking to cast. Then he got down to business and told me that he had six other actresses in line for the role and he needed me to show him what made me stand out from "the rest of the herd," to display "what an exceptional talent" I could be.
I thought he wanted me to do a line reading.
Until he sat back in his chair, unzipped his fly and gave me a pointed look.
It was at that point that I learned about the sordid, sleazy underside of Hollywood. The "casting couch." (This was 1993, remember, twenty-five years before MeToo#.)
I'm not proud of what happened next, but I was young, poor, stupid and desperate.
I fell to my knees and got to work.
The first thing I did when I got home was run to the medicine cabinet for my bottle of mouthwash.
A week later Cliff called to tell me I had "won" the role. I was ecstatic, convinced I had finally "made it to the top," and that soon I was going to be a huge star.
Again, things didn't work out that way.
The show I was cast in was called Til Death Do Us Part. You might be vaguely familiar with it and distantly remember hearing about it on nostalgia forums and compilations of "The Worst Sitcoms Of All Time." Hell, you might even have been one of the two hundred people who actually watched it during its original run (joke).
Basically, it was a third-rate Married...with Children knockoff that aired on a second-rate start-up network for three years between 1994-97. The show followed the lives of a dysfunctional lower-middle-class family, the Glovers, an unhappily married couple constantly at each other's throats, and their three screwed-up kids. I played Emily Glover, the slutty, redheaded sexpot teenaged daughter. I was the "main draw" of the show, the fanservice, and the producers always made sure to dress me up in skimpy, revealing outfits to appeal to the "horny adolescent boy/sexually frustrated middle-aged man" demographic. I don't think anyone even noticed my acting skills, they were too busy objectifying me. Most of the "fan mail" I received was just obscene letters from dirty old men telling me what they'd like to do to me and lonely teenage losers gushing over my body, telling me how much they used me as masturbatory fodder. I threw it all away.
Not really much to be proud of, huh? My fifteen minutes of fame basically amounted to being a low-rent Kelly Bundy on a terrible cut-rate sitcom hardly anyone ever watched.
The sets were cheap, the budget was low, the humor was lowbrow and the pay wasn't great (but at least I was able to move into a better apartment). The critics savaged the show mercilessly. Frankly, it's amazing the series lasted as long as it did considering how dismal the ratings were.
When the show finally wrapped up in the spring of '97 after the third season, it ended on a cliffhanger. My character, Emily, is torn between two guys, the hotshot rich-kid star jock of the school who just wants her as his "trophy girlfriend," and a geeky reject who genuinely cares about her. The last episode ends with her conflicted, her decision finally made but not revealed to the audience. Naturally, since the series ended right there, there was never any resolution.
Til Death Do Us Part faded into obscurity pretty quickly after it was cancelled, having gone mostly unnoticed during its run to begin with. It was never even picked up to air as re-runs in syndication. It never even got a home video release, although you can still watch "bootleg" episodes of it on YouTube uploaded by people who recorded it during its original run.
After the show ended, I tried to move on to bigger and better things, without much success. I had been typecast as a "brainless bimbo" and no one would take me seriously. Bill was only able to score a few more roles for me, small parts in low-budget horror movies and a starring role in the pilot for another sitcom that never took off. A second-rate men's magazine did offer me $10,000 to pose nude for a pictorial, but I turned them down.
Bill's calls become more infrequent and eventually stopped altogether. And with that, my brief fling with "stardom" was at its end. I was officially washed up...not that I was ever really famous enough to qualify as "washed up" to start with.
By then it was 1999. I was twenty-five and had done some much-needed maturing. I had taken classes during the run of Til Death Do Us Part and finally gotten my high school diploma. I decided to put acting behind me and go on with my life and pursue more realistic goals.
I moved back home to Mississippi and got a job working as a receptionist for a trucking company. I met a truck driver named Reggie who eventually became my husband...then, after I discovered the hard way that he was an alcoholic with serious anger issues and impulse control problems, he became my ex-husband. We had a son somewhere in between, Anthony (born in 2003). I got full custody, plus child support. That, plus the meager royalties I was earning from my time on the show and my receptionist income, allowed me and Anthony to move into a pleasant two-story home in the suburbs.
The years passed. I raised Tony on my own, with a little help from my sister Rebecca. I think I did a pretty good job overall, and he turned out to be a pretty good kid. I dated a few times but none of them really made the cut to being boyfriend/future husband material and I was content to be a single mother. I had pretty much forgotten about my time in Hollywood and put my past as an actress in the rearview mirror. Most of the people I knew never watched the show and didn't even know I was in it. It had been over twenty years and I figured no one even remembered Til Death Do Us Part existed.
Until six months ago.
Someone had remembered the show. And me. Someone had always remembered the show and had never stopped thinking about me.
Six months ago I met my biggest fan...and it nearly cost me my life.
It was a typical chilly (or as chilly as winter gets in Mississippi, anyway -- mid-forties) February afternoon and I had just gotten home from work. The trucking company had been reducing my hours lately (this was at the start of the COVID outbreak in the U.S.) and I had gotten off early that day. I parked in the driveway, got out of my car, and headed for the front door. It was just past one o'clock and Anthony was still in school for another couple of hours and I was looking forward to some much-needed Me Time alone in the house before he got back. Don't get me wrong, I love my son to death, but he was almost seventeen now and being a single working parent to a teenager who's just gotten his driver's license and is just now discovering girls (and God knows what else) along with his own independence and streak of parental rebellion is no easy job; I needed a break.
I fumbled my keys out of my purse and unlocked the door, planning on enjoying a nice leisurely bath, a glass of wine and some TV before Tony get home around three.
I opened the door and entered my house, flipping on the light.
I noticed something wrong right away. My dog, Russ, a big six-year-old Doberman didn't come running to the door to greet me after work like he did most days.
"Russ?" I called out, setting down my purse and removing my jacket. "Where are you, boy?"
I wait for the sound of his claws clicking rapidly across the floor as he scrambled to answer his master's voice...but heard nothing.
I listened, feeling a little uneasy. I heard nothing. Nothing at all. The house was dead silent.
I moved through the living room, glancing into the kitchen as I passed it. No sign of him. I wondered if maybe he was asleep upstairs.
"Russ! Come here, boy!" I called up the stairs as I arrived at them.
I began to climb the stairs, slowly, feeling deeply unsettled, maybe even a little scared. Something was off. It wasn't just Russ's failure to respond; things in the house...didn't feel right. I can't really explain it any better than that. It was as if everything in the house had been moved around and then placed almost -- but not quite -- back in their original location. A sense that things were somehow imperceptibly wrong. But I couldn't put my finger on exactly how.
I reached the top of the stairs and looked down the hallway. There were five doors, two on either side and one at the end. Three of the doors went to bedrooms -- mine, Tony's and a spare bedroom we mostly used for storage. The fourth was the hall closet. The one at the end of the hallway was the bathroom.
The first four doors were all closed. The bathroom door was half open. And the light was on, I could see it spilling out onto the carpeted hall floor.
The light I distinctly remembered turning off after my shower earlier that morning.
I should have turned around and run back downstairs and outside right then and there, then called the police. I should have, but I didn't.
I think I was trying to rationalize things to myself, to convince myself that I was overreacting and that everything was fine. Maybe Anthony himself had gotten out of school early and gotten home before I had.
"Tony?" I called out, "are you in there?"
No answer.
I walked down the hallway, seemingly in slow motion (at least that's how it seems now), the only sounds the steady beating of my heart and my breathing.
I pushed open the bathroom door and looked inside.
The smell struck me first, before I even saw anything. I had actually caught a trace of it in the hallway but hadn't been able to identify it, but when I opened that door, it became overwhelming, hitting me in the face.
The sweet scent of fresh-cut flowers.
I looked around, taking it in, my eyes wide in disbelief. It took a moment for what my eyes were seeing to actually register in my brain.
Dozens and dozens of roses. Bouquets had been placed everywhere -- in the tub, in the sink, on the floor.
Then my eyes landed on the medicine cabinet mirror.
A message had been written on the glass, printed using a tube of my own lipstick. The red block letters read:
I stood there, transfixed in shock. Dimly, I realized what day it was. Friday, February fourteenth.
The name of the character I had played for three years in...
Abruptly, I snapped out of it, feeling a sudden surge of terrified adrenalin. Panicked, I turned to bolt down the hallway, downstairs and outside to safety...
And was just in time to see my bedroom door fly open and a tall figure clad entirely in black, a black stocking over its head obscuring its features, step out into the hallway, between me and the stairs.
I halted in my tracks, my blood seeming to freeze in my veins.
The black-clad figure was approaching me slowly, almost casually, closing the distance between us. It spoke. A man's voice.
"I've been waiting a long time, my love."
The man was only six feet away from me. Then four.
I suddenly bolt forward, dodging around him and making a beeline not for the stairs, but for my bedroom door which was closer.
I slammed my door and locked it, my heart racing. I fumbled for my phone...but then realized with a sinking feeling of horror it was in my purse. The purse I had left downstairs.
There was a sudden loud thud! at the door, causing me to jump. Another thud! The door quivered in its frame. The man was slamming against it. Thud!
I darted over to the landline phone on the nightstand next to my bed and grabbed the handset in a shaking hand. I dialed 911 frantically and raised it to my ear...hearing only dead silence.
The line was out.
Thud! Then a cracking sound. The door was starting to splinter. I didn't know how much longer it would hold.
I turned to the closet, suddenly remembering the .357 Magnum I kept in there for home defense. I threw it open and flailed around inside in a wild panic. I found the metal box and opened find it empty. My gun was gone.
SMASH! The bedroom door burst open.
I spun around just in time to see the intruder charging at me. He caught around the waist in a bearhug. I screamed and fought back wildly, clawing at him with my nails.
One of his arms released me and he swung his fist into the side of my head. There was a burst of enormous pain and stars filled my vision.
Then it all went black.
Part 2
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2020.08.23 09:44 OneSilverRaven Mothers daughters with posing their nude

Huniepop is the perfect storm bad visual novel and the example I point to when someone asks me to explain how to tell a good novel from a bad one at a glance. The experience of playing it is an exercise in frustration for an experienced visual novel reader and a terrible representative for an inexperienced reader. The rest of this review is me picking apart every aspect of the game in detail and arguing why it serves as such a great example despite the fact it does not qualify for the title of a “true” VN.
If you were to search for Huniepop on VNDB you would be met with this screen, displaying that the game had once been considered, but was removed at some point after its inclusion. Following the link posted in the notice, you come across this thread which seems to broadly favor the ultimate decision to remove it.1 Another link leads you to this screen, where the database firmly sets guidelines for what may be added to the collection and in no uncertain terms Huniepop fails to meet them. This review is not an argument that Huniepop be considered a visual novel nor is it meant to say anything about VNDB as I'm sure the majority of people reading this (myself included) respect the thorough nature of the site and its authority. What I do intend to do however is use Huniepop as an example in place of a more traditional novel2 because despite not qualifying for the genre it manages to embody every single pitfall a poorly presented novel could fall into.3
Before I explain however it's important to note that Huniepop is a well known game and mainstream in a way that more “traditional” visual novels are not. Meaning that whether or not we like it Huniepop is a representative of the visual novel genre to the mainstream world.
Poll a random gamer about their favorite visual novel and you're likely to get one of three responses. That they have never heard of the genre, that they don’t play dating games, or a minority that will list one of the few popular titles. Dangan Ronpa, Gyakuten Saiban, 999, and Doki Doki Literature Club! are the ones I hear most often.4 Now an astute observer familiar with these titles will immediately notice that they all share a feature with Huniepop and each other that I think is key to understanding their mass appeal, and that is that they all hybridize the visual novel style with another genre of game. Dangan Ronpa and 999 are puzzle solving mystery games with game play dotted between novel sections. Phoenix Wright is a different breed of puzzle game but follows the same format. Doki Doki is the closest to a “traditional” VN but mixes heavily with horror elements and meta game play so the point still stands. Clearly, mainstream audiences more readily adopt VN’s that provide some kind of game play element.5
Because of their popularity this relatively small pool of games is what we have to draw from when talking about how Visual Novels are perceived by people unfamiliar with them. Overwhelmingly to an outside observer this genre would look to be composed of sexualized (Doki Doki, Dangan Ronpa to an extent,) simple (Puzzle games don’t exactly require twitch reflexes, just patience and time,)6 anime art games with a disproportionate amount of romance themes.7 Not a bad description for Huniepop if it was necessary to give it one so short. I think it's a good idea to keep in mind that the western idea of what a VN is typically about was the mindset behind this game's creation. The author of the game has even openly voiced that he does not believe Huniepop should be considered a visual novel at all.8
That being said it’s hard to ignore the parallels. Strip away for a moment the lack of actual text (the NOVEL portion of this visual novel) and you’ll be hard pressed to point out a significant difference between this game and one of the earlier examples.9 Sure the gameplay is different but “puzzle” is a wide genre. The art styles vary but that is true between any two games and even the 999 trilogy went from 2D to 3D between titles and that didn’t disqualify them. Huniepop actually has a few ADVANTAGES over some of these games with a wide variety of outfits for the heroins and a huge amount of CGs dwarfing Doki Doki and 999’s numbers. If you wanted to be purely objective then yes, Huniepop is not a visual novel, but it shares a lot in common with the genre and those similarities are fascinating to look at when judging its quality.
I have always maintained that the most important single feature of a visual novel is the title screen. Writing, which one can argue is more important broadly, can have good and bad moments and be incredibly inconsistent with even the best novels in this genre having individual scenes far below par.10 I can’t recount how many times a good novel has had a protagonist that brought down multiple scenes they were in.11 Art is divided into multiple sub-groups so I think it's unfair to lump every visual aspect together. Backgrounds, sprites, CGs, chibis, if all of these are bad then a novel is unlikely to gain much of a readership but if one or two suffer for the others there is a good chance it can be overlooked. Doki Doki had very simple sprites and backgrounds but made up for it with strong animations and clever use of audience expectations to use their sprites creatively. 999 has downright HIDEOUSLY choppy art in its first installment and subpar character models in later games (as well as almost no CGs in the second game and none in the third)12 but used its assets sparingly and spread out its best looking moments to compensate. Point being, as long as the writing and art isn’t so bad you can hardly look at it and enough of it is of a quality to catch a reader you can get away with focusing on a few points over others when necessary.
Without a doubt though your title screen is one of those points that needs to be top of the priority list. A bland or uninteresting title screen is a red flag larger than the banner on the Kremlin during the October parade. Why? Because it's the first thing you see, it sets the tone for the entire rest of the novel. The old adage “You can’t judge a book by its cover” exists because it is ridiculously simple to take a single look at something and let that first impression color your view of the entire work. Perhaps the saying is correct, but it can't be helped that this first screen sets expectations and a catching or interesting title presentation can make or break a reader's interest in what follows.
Let’s look at an example from one of the greatest western VNs Katawa Shoujo and the subtle way it plays with your expectations.13 Upon booting up the game you see this image. Which is relatively plain. The three features are the central canvas like space, the isolated options in the lower corner, and the game’s symbol in the upper corner. The eye is drawn to the center of the screen where the negative space causes a reader to search for something to latch onto. The option text is simple and uninteresting so the only real object to engage with is the heart. If you had never heard of Katawa Shoujo before starting this game it's easy to see this heart at the edge of all this negative space and take away that symbol as the only feature. This actually primes you for the novel you are about to read because Hisao, the protagonist, is only moments away from a heart attack, which will become the major defining feature you as the reader will see him as until he is fleshed out over the course of the novel's entire length.
Katawa Shoujo then slowly introduces the reader to the idea that the heroines Hisao meets, who he first describes and views as extensions of their disabilities, are not defined by the features they possess but the people that they are. In line with this as you complete more chapters the title screen shows a branching group of pictures stemming from that first title card of act 1. These reminders of your story with each route fill the once negative space with a bouquet of deeper memories. The theme of Katawa Shoujo is ultimately that people are more than the surface level we can see and making judgements on one trait, one object, like the heart in the corner is ignoring that more lies below the surface then being “The blind girl” or “the girl with no arms” or “the guy with arrhythmia.”14
Doki Doki Literature Club also has a great example of a title screen because it hides the horror elements the game is eventually going to spring and the twist that this novel is going to be unconventional in plain sight for a careful observer. The first thing I noticed when first reading this novel and something that a new reader would probably never guess is that there is no “extras” option, which means there is no gallery. Now this isn’t exactly something to be worked up about, I can name dozens of novels that don’t immediately allow access to the game’s extras. But normally the option is left on the title screen grayed out (Katawa Shoujo, Muv-Luv Alternative, Aokana: Four Rythems Across the Blue) not absent entirely. Secondly, the game's name has a tell that will definitely go over the head of someone unversed in Japanese culture, but the O in each Doki are pushed together to form an 8. This is an unlucky number in Japan like 13 would be considered unlucky in America. If you notice that detail you can probably also figure out that Doki Doki, the Japanese sound word for a heartbeat, has a double meaning as both a fluttering heart and a nervous heartbeat. The inclusion of unlucky 8 points the reader’s interpretation to the negative connotation, the game is literally telling you on the first screen “be prepared for unfortunate nerve racking events.” Combine this with the lack of an extras option and you can deduce rather easily that this otherwise cutsie looking VN is going to pull some tricks on you.
Now obviously I don’t expect that everyone who picks up a given novel is going to over analyze the title screen like I do. I doubt most people notice they are making judgments about a novel that early in the experience. But from an author's perspective you have to assume that your reader IS going to be that picky about your game and so they put a lot of effort in to showcase the worth of this highly visual medium right from the start.
Huniepop opts to do a very common style of title called an ensemble shot where all the important characters are on screen in a group. Lots of novels do this from Muv-Luv to Kindred Spirits on the Roof, not uncommon at all, but just like how a careful observer will notice the detail in the Doki Doki logo an experienced novel reader will immediately see a problem in this particular picture. That being the sheer number of people on the screen. In total Huniepop has 9 characters present on the title shot and that is well over the average number for a romance focused game where typically there are only 3-5 routes.15 Now I used Kindred Spirits as an example of another ensemble shot which has an ungodly 16 characters16 but that is the exception rather then the rule as EVERY character in the game is included and Kindred Spirits follows a unique story telling style that doesn't fit cleanly into the normal progression of traditional VNs.
Almost always ensemble shots showcase only the heroines of a novel and cut out any that aren’t romance options. Suki to Suki to de Sankaku Ren'ai actually goes a step further and despite having two characters that are both options for menu voices (something else usually reserved for romanceable heroines only) and two ecchi scenes apiece included only the four main route heroines in their ensemble shot. Muv-Luv also follows this trend with three ensemble shots on its title screens featuring the six main heroins and neglecting the two characters that play critical roles in the story despite the fact they also have one ecchi scene apiece, which hilariously is half as much as five of the heroins and equal to the sixth but that's neither here nor there.17
Just by counting the number of people on screen a reader can infer one of two things is almost certainly true. Either this novel is going to be lengthy, as many as 30 hours minimum and up to 100+ hours if properly paced.18 Or the characters in this novel aren't going to be given nearly enough time to be fleshed out because the novel simply has too many people19 to properly explore them all. Given the remaining details of the title card, the spinning pink background behind the logo and the floating shapes that invoke the same feeling as looking at a box of store brand marshmallow cereal my money would be on the later.
For the sake of argument let's say you either didn’t notice or didn’t care about the pretty big warning sign I just pointed out and decided to start a new game. After selecting a save file and a gender the player is immediately thrown into the games potentially longest string of connected dialogues but for this section I’m only going to focus on the scenes you’re FORCED to do. The story opens with the reader’s character approached by a woman at a bar who berates you for several sentences about your inability to properly socialize while you demonstrate that you have just learned the English language and are having trouble remembering the difference between thank you and good morning.
Without warning you are forced to make several choices in a row that all effectively say the exact same thing and then the woman leaves. The next morning in your bedroom a lingerie model set to appear in Katy Perry's reshoot of California Girls wakes you up and you rightfully tell her that sleep is a gift bestowed by the gods and you are not going to be roused by what is clearly an illusion. Disregarding your valid skepticism the protagonist from the worlds sluttiest magical girl anime takes you on a date.
This brings us to the screen you will be staring at for roughly 70% of the time you play this game, but I’m actually going to skip over it just to finish the tutorial so table that for now. After your game play demonstration the Good Witch of the West’s rebellious daughter returns you to your room, gives you your menu screen and presents you with the only choice that has literally any bearing on your play through. Which place sounds like the best spot to pick up chicks? Now I, as a twenty something man, have attempted at least once to engage with a woman in all of these locations, but something tells me this games targeted demographic of horny high schoolers that strangely like doing puzzles they paid a ten spot for more than using google to find free videos have not. How many people actually chose the park on their first play through?
This brings us to the one and only thing that I can compliment about this game unapologeticly so prepare your angry comments. The introductory scenes for the various characters, while admittedly rushed and simplistic, are generally really good. Some are better than others, but the worst one of the bunch Kyanna still gives you the bare minimum to get a sense for their character and in a better novel that actually cared enough to flesh out these girls this would be a pretty good opening. I like the circular nature where meeting one girl leads to the next and essentially gives us two introductions to each character as we see them interact with one of the other flat pieces of cardboard we’re supposed to pretend are people.
Oh shoot didn’t quite have enough positivity to make it to the end of that paragraph did I?
Yeah these characters are all terrible and exist solely for player gratification. I can boil them down to one word each and I bet you’ll have no trouble guessing which one I’m referring to. In fact let's test that out shall we?
Asian, Tsundere, Shy, Cougar, MILF, Black, Nerd, schoolgirl, Neko, Alien, Slut, and dominatrix.
Think you got 'em all? Of course you did because as far as the game is concerned these single words are all these characters are. In a way this game is disturbingly meta because the protagonist treats these people in a way that seems almost clinically designed to mirror how you the player were always going to treat them.20 You ask superficial questions about them (Age, weight, height) and then answer those questions when prompted. No, actually, you have the OPTION to ask superficial questions about them because talking to the heroines is literally optional, there is a steam achievement for completing the game without ever doing it once. You have the OPTION to buy them things, from the insultingly basic preferred items that literally just cater to whatever fetish the character was made to fill to general food items and alcohol that force them to talk to you more and romance easier. And of course you have the OPTION, but are really forced to take them on dates.
But I’m still not ready to talk about the dates yet so let's switch topics.
Let's talk about the music. There are twenty three tracks in this game and all of them are forgettable garbage. One of those tracks is the opening theme and if you ever played this game with headphones you know EXACTLY what the opening notes of that song sound like because it was the last thing you heard before going deaf for three hours. For anyone who hasn’t had their hearing destroyed follow this link and you’ll see what I’m talking about, they set this theme about three times as loud as it should have been and what makes it worse is they put it over that off putting title screen to make this game as unappealing as possible! Of the twenty two remaining tracks two of those only play in your character's bedroom during and after the romance game. That leaves twenty tracks of music, not an bad amount. So when do those play? Well you might get a clue by looking at the titles, with such riveting names as Dagwood Park, University Campus, Fitness Club, and my personal favorite Hot Springs, because Onsen was apparently too complicated a word.
They all just pertain to the location they’re named after. No variety, no variation, and each time you return to the location they loop from the beginning so I hope you enjoy the first thirty seconds or so of these two and a half minute tracks because that's the part you’re going to hear.
You know what was one of my favorite parts of Katawa Shoujo? Something I always remembered even years after I read the story. The two rattles at the beginning of Kenji’s theme Out of the Loop. Kenji is insane by the literal definition, he has undiagnosed paranoia and is going to kill someone if not properly medicated21 but I was never upset to see him because this song loop always made me chuckle. The game is self aware enough to tell you Kenji is clearly wrong about everything he says by using his own theme to show the motif. He’s out of the loop, disconnected, thoughts rattle around his brain but nothing worth knowing. Now Kenji is actually one of the more interesting characters in Katawa Shoujo and much deeper then his introduction might lead you to believe but that's a topic for another day. What I wanted to illustrate is that music in a visual novel is one of the most important details you need to get right in order to have a good play experience for your reader.
Authors of films, TV shows and VNs don’t give characters their own themes because it's just tradition and saves time when you can copy paste someone's theme over every scene they’re in. They do it because music is an ingrained and easy to access part of human culture and can have a huge variety of effects when we hear it. Everyone knows what a “wild west” song sounds like. Everyone knows what jazz, and classical, and eastern music sounds like and if you don’t think you do you actually do but just can’t think of an example. I can play just five seconds of organ music and everyone who can hear it will immediately start thinking about vampires and cheesy cartoons about Gothic horror. When you are planning your musical accompaniment for a visual novel it is imperative you understand what you are trying to SAY with your choices and where they play. When I’m in the forest with the shy girl I should not be hearing the same music as when I’m in the forest with the obnoxious party girl. Going to a club with Cougar should not be the same as going with MILF because the atmosphere of the scene is completely different. I should not be thinking “I am at Lusty’s Nightclub with girl X.” I should be thinking “I am at a club with this girl who is _.” But when the music is always the same no matter what girl I bring it makes the place feel static and lifeless and the heroins uninteresting.
Another problem with Huniepop is the terrible UI which just bogs down the whole game. Granted, everything is straightforward and easy to understand, but the damn thing takes up three quarters of the screen! Now maybe you’re a speed reader and don’t care much for background art and fine details and if so i guess you can skip to the end of this section this complaint isn’t for you but for everyone else everything about this UI is chunky in the worst possible way. Of the six options on the screen at any given time the only two that REALLY need to be there are “talk” and “go on date” and the rest are just shortcuts to your menu. Now I'm not opposed to shortcuts, far from it, I love them, but that's what key binding is for. All you do by forcing these options on the screen is cater to the lowest common denominator of players and give the game a claustrophobic feel. It makes me wonder why you even bothered making the backgrounds at all if you were so ashamed of them you just had to shield as much as possible from view after the static sprite slides into place and we get half a second to look at the art. That is when the entire screen isn’t taken up by the glorified pachinko board which I’m still avoiding but I’ll get to it don't rush me next topic!
So if I’m being honest everything I've said so far is kind of superficial. So the title screen isn’t great and the intro was hilariously rushed with unfunny jokes and the music is lame and the UI is chunky. Big deal, why do I care enough to talk about it? Well the truth of the matter is that Huniepop commits a cardinal sin that I think more people need to be cognizant of, and when I first realized why this game had always felt kind of off in my mind, I knew I had to say something. It’s not revolutionary to say Huniepop is a bad VN, or even a bad game. But those arguments have come to overshadow a bigger issue, one that affects people in the real world every day. This game at its core is fundamentally dismissive of the fact that your character is taking advantage of these girls and ultimately abandons them.
Now I know what that sounds like, I can already hear people calling me out as an SJW and laughing at the fact that I even brought this up in the first place. Visual Novels aren't exactly known as pillars for social equality and far more often than not the mistreatment of women isn’t even a thought that enters the head of the author or reader. These novels are after all works of fiction, and contain scenarios that could (hopefully) never take place in real life. But I’m not talking about every visual novel. As far as i’m concerned art is something that should never be censored regardless of its subject matter with even and perhaps especially the most despicable and depraved acts being showcased. As vile and terrible as it may be to commit sexual and physical crimes in reality a book is nothing more than a book, and it is up to the individual reading it to process the morality of its contents.
I don’t care if the other lessons that can be learned from this game go completely ignored or if everything else I've said here gets forgotten. If you take one thing away from this now eight page and climbing review, take this sentence. If you never sat down and thought about what is going to happen after you put down Huniepop for the last time to the girls in the story, then Huniepops message to you was the disgusting idea that it was a fun game to deceive twelve people into sleeping with you through lies, manipulation, and sometimes debatable force. Let's break it down.
Aiko is a gambling addict who at least dislikes her job and giggles when you give her Japanese objects playfully calling you “so racist.” Admittedly she is probably the one least affected by your actions and I don’t have a bunch to say about her but you are definitely not a healthy choice for her to date or have sex with or whatever you want to call your relationship because you’re not solving any of the issues she’s dealing with, you just make her laugh and look cute.
Audrey is a drug addict who is failing her classes, abuses others, and at best has a tenuous circle of friends who all call her a bitch behind her back. When you take her virginity she tries to open up to you but falls back on her aggressive personality because she can’t force herself to be vulnerable like that. She’s self destructive, lonely, and on a life path to a terrible future.
Beli is a shy girl with body image issues and given the fact her two interactions when you meet her are with older women probably finds it difficult to relate to her peers. She’s easily pressured, a lightweight, and it is going to absolutely break her heart when you reveal to her you’re seeing other people. More than anyone else in this roster she thinks the two of you are going steady and it is simply deceitful to pretend that's what's happening and lie to her face.
Jessie is a single mom who turned to porn to support her daughter and earned her daughters ire instead of her love. She hooks up with random men, like you, because it’s what she knows how to do. She’s a chain smoker, and probably also an alcoholic. Now unlike Aiko where her gambling addiction is literally debilitating and Audrey who is a serious hard core drug user Jessie isn’t that bad. Any one of these vices isn’t enough to mention, but all together it shows she has incredibly self destructive behavior. Again, not as bad as Audrey, but if she truly wanted Tiffany to forgive her and rekindle their relationship don’t you think she would have stopped smoking and doing the porn shoots? I don’t think she’s still going because she wants to, but because she can’t stop herself.
Kyanna is a single mother who you drag out to clubs and outings, keeping her away from her child, and reintroduce to alcohol knowing she has a history of substance abuse at parties. Now unlike some of the other girls Kyanna is going to be just fine when you leave, she’s got herself together and a good stable life, but you are absolutely not a good influence on her and only going to cause problems for her and her child.
Lola… alright you got me Lola is probably going to do okay. But pretty much every single dialogue option you have with her is a straight up lie unless you’re asking for her measurements.
Nikki is an introvert who at first pushes you away but eventually warms up to you to the point she poses sexually on her bed just to get your attention. The pleading nature of that text makes me shiver as this girl who complains about her small chest to you THE NIGHT YOU’RE ABOUT TO HAVE SEX is trying her hardest to get you to like her. She wants you to see her sexually so badly she throws her caution aside and goes all out just to have you cheat on her with her abusive friend that drug her to a club against her will.
Tiffany is the saddest story for me because she is on the exact same path as her mother and doesn't even know it. She’s hypersexualized, choosing to wear a fetishistic schoolgirl outfit, sending you panty shots she pretends her friend took without her knowledge, calling you a perv as she sends you nudes, just all kinds of stuff she hates her mother for. As far as we know she has no contact with her father so she’s basically going solo through college and here you come, lying to her face when she asks you if you’re seeing other people. Too afraid to ask you to go steady, too lonely to dump you when you can’t be faithful. I can only imagine what she’ll say when she finds out who you’re cheating on her with…
Celeste is literally an outsider to your planet and I will never be convinced your relationship with her isn’t rape. Her species experiences heat, she doesn't know your mating rituals, and she's literally a prisoner on Earth. This is rape. Point blank, no arguments, you rape her, I don’t give a damn if she’s smiling.
Kyu is a nymphomaniac and is definitely going to lose her job at some point. She’s got the whole gambit honestly with body dysmorphia, drug addiction, porn addiction, an abrasive sarcastic personality brought on by attachment issues and to top it all off she knows she’s in a video game about dating girls for sex so that can’t possibly be fun. Hell I’d turn to drugs too at that point.
Momo is a child. She’s literally 6, younger if we convert that to cat years. She has the mind of a child, she talks like a child, she's a child. This is pedophilia. Not even Loli just straight up pedophilia.
Venus is the literal god of love and seducing her is a feat of unimaginable consequences. I literally can not even begin to fathom what it would do to the world but I can tell you one thing. The fact that she was not always the god of love means somone else had that position before her and I can’t think of a better way to lose your job then to be reported for having sex with a minor, which is absolutely what you are to her being 2% her age.
Do I think the author intended any of these things to be taken this seriously? No of course not, but I think that's kind of the point. I don’t think ANYONE is taking this seriously because this game is a bad clone of bejeweled. And to be honest I’m not that upset about it either, at least not in this specific game, but I think it's worth thinking about because how many other visual novels have you played where you didn’t bother to think about what came next for the characters? Games that took themselves far more seriously than this one? If you’re reading this and I've somehow struck a chord with you maybe you should consider thinking back on some of the stories you’ve read and asking yourself to analyze them a little deeper. Or not, because that's hard and no fun.
Alright fine let's get the damn bubble pop out of the way.
The main focus of Huniepop is on courting girls through seducing them with bejeweled. You play bejeweled to do this. It’s bejeweled.22
What am I supposed to say about it? This is a game 50 something moms play before they get their kids from tap recital. This game is literally one step up in complexity from PONG. Yeah I know there's Alpha mode23 and it gets harder and you have to use date gifts and alcohol and and and-
Yeah I don’t care.
I’ll admit the number of mechanics makes it more interesting then vanilla bejeweled because at least you have to kind of think around what each girl responds to and the passion mechanic is nice I guess but once you have everything unlocked it's really just a matter of picking one strategy that works and brute forcing your way forward. I appreciate that there isn’t a time limit because I like to play games planning several moves ahead, but that all goes out the window for the bedroom scenes which are awkward at best and distractedly off putting at worst.
You know what really gets me though? Why bother censoring this game. If little Timmy gets on dads steam account and buys a porn game for ten bucks little Timmy can learn to google the porn hub compilation of the sex scenes. It's different when the novel is otherwise child friendly like If my Heart Had Wings, still stupid but at least understandable, but we all know why people are playing this game and its not for bejeweled! So why bother? Why even go through the dance? They didn’t even patch out the scenes; you just have to rename the file and everything unlocks. Literally, look it up.
Anyway I guess that's all I have to say about it. For something that takes up so much of the game it certainly isn’t much to talk about.
It’s just fucking bejeweled.
So at this point i’m eleven pages exactly into this review and god knows how many footnotes but I wanted to quickly summarize my thoughts before putting this review to bed. Obviously a reader can not be expected to have access to all the information about a novel before reading it, and most of my criticisms about Huniepop require that someone have at least started the game to notice them. Usually by that point you’ve already invested your time and money into acquiring the novel and its quality is unimportant. But even if they have your money I hope that referencing the things Huniepop so catastrophically failed at lets you figure out you’ve got a bad experience coming in time for a refund or at least lets you get out before wasting too much time.
I know I said at the top of this review that Huniepop is not a visual novel and I still believe that. But I can’t say there is no possible version of this game that I wouldn’t consider making the grade. If the developers had focused less on mass appeal and made the story longer. If there had been more effort put into the presentation. If they had just given the girls one or two more sprites each and replaced the dialogue options with structured conversation there could have been a real hidden gem here. I want to leave on that note. Imagine what this game could have been if they had spent a few months altering things about the flaws I pointed out. Maybe this game would have made it on the exceptions list.
If you have 10 dollars you really hate looking at and want to set a bar for yourself at the low point of what a visual novel can be then give Huniepop a try. Everyone else, just stay in bed.

  1. This thread is actually genuinely hilarious because a user named Usagi goes on an absolute RANT about Huniepop not making the cut. I honestly recommend it to anyone in need of a laugh this is GOLD.
  2. Traditional as in standard formatting but also in general genre expectation.
  3. Or at least the ones I care about the most.
  4. Obviously this list isn't exclusive and my sample size is highly biased toward western gamers but you get what I mean.
  5. For the purpose of this review i'm going to ignore the fact that making choices is definitely a game play element because 99% of a traditional visual novel is non-interactive but VNs are absolutely still games I will not dispute that.
  6. Again this is a generalization if you're some kind of quick draw Sudoku solver don't fill the comment section with a rant about fast paced puzzle games you're hobby is valid calm down.
  7. This might be because the mainstream often confuses dating simulators with visual novels (which honestly I can't blame them for their is a LOT of crossover) but nonetheless it IS something the genre is known for and participates in.
  8. Originally I intended to provide a link to a tweet from the creator supporting this but it has since been deleted so unfortunately I can not. I pinky promise i'm right though so you have to trust me.
  9. Ya know, except that those novels are actually GOOD.
  10. Why Kindred Spirits needed to tell the story of Tsurogermine running from her teacher from TWO perspectives i'll never understand. I literally just saw it from Yuna's perspective and she has more information then you I don't need to know why you said GAH instead of AH.
  11. Takeru from Muv-Luv Extra anyone? Honestly couldn't stand that selfish prick till halfway through Unlimited and he didn't win me over till Alternative.
  12. If you want to get really technical the second game in the trilogy had a lot of CGs that just showed the posed character models but I hardly think that counts. Its not something worth arguing about but I personally don't count them.
  13. That isn't a controversial statement is it? I mean it doesn't exactly have a bunch of competition.
  14. If I ever feel brave enough I'll do a full review of that game to really delve into the themes but some great reference videos can be found on YouTube if you're curious.
  15. This is just in my experience and doesn't include "joke" or "bad end" routes. Numbers may vary but this is a good standard estimate.
  16. Kindred Spirits actually does a pretty good job of dividing those characters into groups and presenting them as units rather then individuals which helps to mitigate that number but still 16 is HUGE for a visual novel even harem games don't usually have that many.
  17. Yes, I am aware that Mikoto is not a valid romance option in Extra and saying that Muv-Luv has three title screens is kind of misleading but that isn't the point of this review and honestly not a huge deal.
  18. This estimation of time is taken from average novel lengths and my personal time to read them, it's only an estimation and not to be taken as a statement of fact.
  19. Especially when we count the unlockable characters.
  20. Namely, as disposable.
  21. Let me know if you got the reference, I'm curious.
  22. A game that can be found for FREE I might add.
  23. No joke their are half a dozen Steam guides on how to best beat Alpha mode and apparently it goes all the way up to lvl 100 which is INSANE! Who would play that much Huniepop that is like hours of work!
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2020.08.17 06:06 Zithero Mothers posing with daughters their nude

A photograph of a building built in the shape of a pentagon, named, unoriginally “The Pentagon” floats in front of me.
Streaks of red show through the hallways.
I lean back in my seat, looking at dates for each of the red smears.
“So you frequent the Pentagon in the United States a lot, do you Major?” I narrowed my eyes, leaning back, “are you above Vasquez or merely a ruse?”
Rachel soon draped her arms over my shoulders, giving me a soft and sweet kiss on my cheek. “You’re obsessed.”
I smiled, turning to her.
Rachel’s red hair was flawless and spilled over her sweet face as her ice-blue eyes locked onto mine.
My heartbeat rushed and I kissed her back as her mere presence ignited my passions.
“Wow…” Rachel beamed at me, “didn’t realize you could swoon.”
“Swoon?” I protested as I grinned at her.
“Yeah, swoon,” Rachel’s hand caressed my neck, “your heart-rate spiked, the surface temperature of your skin increased…”
My face fell, “Rachel-”
“That’s not new,” Rachel leaned against me, taking a deep breath, “just haven’t used it before.”
I heaved a sigh, “You know how scared I am of this technology that’s running around inside you.”
“I keep telling you,” Rachel said, moving around me, sliding into my lap, her arms around my neck, “The nanites gave up their AI to me. I am not in control of them or them of me,” she smiled to me, “we are one. Our aims are the same.”
I couldn’t help but frown, “what if those aims diverge?”
Rachel laughed, turning to the screen, “You programmed them for survival,” she turned to me, “I wanted to survive as much as the initial samples that entered me did. With our aims shared, there was no point in their own mind ever conflicting with me. It’s all me in here,” she poked my forehead playfully, “try and keep up, Love.”
“Still, Rachel,” I kissed her softly, “I worry.”
“Hmm,” Rachel looked to the screen, “Why are you spying on ‘The Pentagon’?”
“Major F, or whatever their name is, has been frequenting the place,” I informed.
“How do you know that?” Rachel asked, snuggling up to me in my lap.
“Xyphiel and I decided to track the Condensed Quantum Foam. It has a very distinct energy signature,” I frowned, “at first I was looking to see where they were storing it to consider if we could destroy whatever they were fueling… but they appear to be carrying it wherever they go.”
Rachel looked to the screen, confused, “What do they look like?”
I pulled up an image of Major F, his strange mask appearing on the screen. “Odd markings on the front-”
“Seven Eyes of God,” Rachel said, looking it over with an analytical eye.
“Oh?” I smiled.
Rachel now sat up, her head pressing against my shoulder as she pressed her rear into my lap, “mmm-hmm,” Rachel smiled.
“Any more information on that symbol or…?” I asked as Rachel pushed her hips against me harder, “do you have something else on your mind?”
“Well, the Seven Eyes of God are supposed to represent Righteousness, Judgement, Knowledge, Wisdom, Hope, Faith,” Rachel turned to me, her legs wrapping around my hips as she grinned at me, “and Love.”
I smiled, “so… just symbols then?” I asked, placing my hands on her hips, “nothing to give us hints to Major F’s identity…?”
Rachel smiled, grinning to me, “It means they have something to do with God, but I think you knew that,” she pulled down on my neck and I kissed her passionately.
I smiled at her, “So, does this mean you want another round with me, love?”
Rachel beamed up at me, her head on my forehead, “Actually…” she grinned at me, “unless you just want to have fun.”
“What do you mean?” I said, pulling away from her slightly, confused by her words.
Rachel removed my hands from her hips to place them on her waist, my hands resting on her toned stomach, “I mean… we’ve succeeded.”
My eyes went wide and I could feel an insurmountable smile spread over my face, “Rachel? Really?”
“Oh yes, implantation and everything,” Rachel winked at me.
I kissed her deeply, pulling her tight against me as she returned the kiss, her arms around my neck.
Rachel soon rested her head on my shoulder, sighing contently, “I mean… we don’t have to stop, you know, having fun.”
I smiled, “I don’t plan on it…” I pursed my lips, “...but now it’s even more important to bring Zepherina home.”
Rachel pulled away from me, “if I can somehow talk with her, I know she’ll come back.” Rachel frowned, “but everything is so radio silent on Vasquez or anything related to it.”
I moved my hand to Rachel’s stomach, smiling, “in the meantime… you two need to be kept safe.”
Rachel cuddled up to me, smiling up at me warmly, “Yes,” her hand caressed the top of my hand.
My heart felt so full as I roamed my hand over her stomach, “I’m not missing a single moment of her life. Every birthday, first moment, I’m not letting this one slip away.”
“I’m so sorry,” Rachel’s smile weakened, “If I had known, I’d have never left.”
I nodded, “I know my love.”
Rachel took a deep breath and now stretched out over my lap, displaying her body sensually before me, “thought of any names?”
I smiled down at her as she teased me relentlessly, “I can think of you saying my name, passionately, for some time in the near future, if you keep that up.”
“Oh no,” Rachel feigned shock and fear, her hands roaming over her delicious body, “anything but that.”
I picked her up in my arms and grinned wide to her, getting to my feet, “and that does it.”
We kissed deeply as I made my way to our quarters with Rachel in my arms, right up until the moment when I laid her on the bed.

After some time, Rachel and I laid nude beneath the covers of our shared bed.
I gazed up at the ceiling, a wide smile on my face still as Rachel, now exhausted, snuggled up to my side, sleeping soundly. “Zerlinda?” I mused, speaking softly out loud. “Nova?” I continued to muse before my smile grew more, “Raanana…?” The name bumped around in my head,“Raanana, come to mother…” I said softly, my eyes tearing up slightly.
I heaved a sigh, “Zepherina…” I closed my eyes, “I hope you forgive me for not being there… I would have done anything to be there.”
Rachel shifted slightly in her sleep, nuzzling closer to me.
As I stared at the ceiling, I heard the echo of a familiar voice from all those years ago ring in my ears.
May any happiness you ever have be tainted by greater sorrow. May the feat of victory always turn to ash in your mouth.
I shuddered and sat up, waking Rachel.
“Huh?” Rachel turned to me, “baby… come back to bed.”
I got to my feet, quickly dressing, “I need to check something.”
Rachel groaned, “is it going to take long?”
“Yes,” I turned to her, “just rest my love.”
“Where are you going?” Rachel complained.
I turned to her, pulling my shirt over my head, “it’s better you don’t know.”
Rachel rolled her eyes and rolled over in the bed, “making the decision for me?”
After I took a deep and exasperated breath, I grumbled, “Rachel… please not now damn it I-” I stopped, the pit of my stomach dropping.
If it was all in my head, I was self-sabotaging, wasn’t I? I turned and walked to the bed, lying next to her, “I need to see Esmeralda because I think…. The reason why we’ve had so much strife has been that the second I’m truly happy,” I took a deep breath, feeling ridiculous saying it out loud, “is because of some kind of hex from an angel from some time ago.”
Rachel turned to me, a perfect eyebrow raised on her flawless face, “A hex?”

I approached Esmerlda’s room, the door had an ominous air about it, some sort of curse she placed on the door that she felt would make it easier for me to find her.
Unlike her, of course, I knew this ship like the back of my hand.
I opened the door and to my shock, I spotted two demonesses.
Esmerelda was in her usual human-like shape. She had her horns out, as well as her hooved feet and tail, all beneath a dress skirt (which I truly hated). To my minor appreciation, however, she had gone as far as to wear the armored chest and arm guards I had suggested.
It was a start.
Of course, that could not be said for the woman who stood across from Esmeralda. Or rather: the Succubus who stood across from Esmeralda.
She had long blond hair, flawless hair, as to be expected. Poking out of said flawless hair was a pair of light brown horns, almost demure in their size compared to Esmeralda’s black ones. She had cloven hooves, much skinnier than Esmerelda’s, similar to Tasha’s hooves if I recall correctly. Blonde fur covered her legs up to her mid-thigh and a brown tail flicked back and forth nervously.
Her large brown wings were tightly folded behind her back.
Her figure was tight, voluptuous, and very attractive to be honest. I suppose that would be expected. She wore a purple leather corset and her brown claws were long, poking through a set of matching fingerless gloves.
“Esmerelda,” I chastised, narrowing my eyes, “have you learned how to asexually reproduce, or is there a reason why there’s a fresh succubus here?”
The girl gasped, “P-Please ma’am do not talk to her that way! You don’t know how powerful she is!”
Esmerelda fell to one knee before me, “Mistress, my apologies, I only just now brought Brittney here.”
The succubus, Brittney, turned to me slowly, a cold realization passing over her, “M-Mistress…? B-but you said you… served…”
I walked in, my wings likely more obvious without the door blocking them.
Brittney shrieked and fell to her knees, hard and pressed her forehead against the ground, “Forgive me!” she gasped, “I mean, don’t forgive, but have mercy-wait!” she clasped her hands together, tears streaming down her face. “I’m sorry!”
I turned to Esmerelda, “Esmerelda, explain.”
Esmerelda remained, dutifully, on bended knee, “My Mistress, I came across Brittney when I was seeking out a cursed book I had left behind. While I found it had claimed a victim, I also discovered that Brittney was summoned by a hapless boy.” she looked up to me, “the boy is dead and the cursed man is now my thrall.”
“Your thrall?” I lifted an eyebrow.
“You may speak boy and be courteous, this is my mistress, your new Empress,” Esmerelda explained.
A pale man with a faraway look in his eyes approached and bowed, “Hello My Empress.”
“Does it have a name?” I asked.
Esmerelda shrugged, “I had not cared to ask.”
I rolled my eyes, turning to Britney, “So what, another refugee from the pit?”
Brittney’s hands were still clasped before her and she continued to shake at the mere sight of me.
“Yes, my Mistress,” Esmerelda explained.
“Okay, both of you on your fee-er, hooves,” I ordered.
Esmerelda rose to her hooves and Brittney did the same, although her knees were knocking together fearfully.
I sighed heavily, “Girl put something less slutty on,” I looked at the girl’s exposed cleavage and sexual clothing, “If you are under Esmerelda’s charge, that makes you mine and if you are, indeed, mine, then you are a seductress no longer.”
Brittney swallowed hard, “B-but, I’m officially lord Belial’s…”
I grinned, “Oh, I know how to fix that, my dear.”
Esmerelda winced.
Brittney backed away from me, “I-I… w-what are you going to do to me? Are you going to hang me upside down from the ceiling? O-Or hang me an inch over the floor?”
“Are those standard things my father does?” I said with a sly grin, my eyebrow raised. Rage, ready my brand, please.
"Yes, mother," Rage answered in my mind.
Brittney just swallowed hard, “Y-Yes, I’ve heard the stories.”
“Oh, my dear, I promise you this will be over very quickly,” I opened my palm, a gauntlet with my burning Ω symbol appearing, the symbol was red hot, I could see steam rise off its surface.
“Wait!” Brittney backed away from me, her eyes wide.
“Esmerelda, hold her,” I ordered.
“No!” Brittney turned around and gasped as Esmerelda grabbed her arms.
“It’s over quickly,” Esmerelda grinned wide, the brand on her forehead glowing, “and then you’ll serve a new master.”
Brittney shook her head, “no! No, I don’t want it!”
“You’d prefer to be under Lord Belial’s command?” Esmerelda argued.
I grinned to her, “Yes, Brittney, is your current master really so benevolent?”
Brittney frowned, turning to the brand, her brow furrowed and she swallowed hard, looking to Esmerelda, “n-not the face… please…”
I kept my cocky grin as I approached Brittney, “I have only done it once… I don’t think it matters where the brand is.”
Brittney whimpered as I approached and her wings spread wide, revealing her back.
“This will do,” I thrust the brand into Brittney’s back.
A howl of pain filled the room as the brand scalded Brittney’s flesh.
Esmerelda held her tight, making sure she didn’t fall or move as I branded her.
“By my heritage as daughter of all Hades, I evoke my right, to take any minion of the servants of my father’s, as my own,” I could feel a power surge through me and as it did, my wings tingled as they did the last time with Esmerelda.
Just as last time, however, I felt like something had filled me to capacity as if the contents of my body were under pressure and I should not linger with this power surging through me.
“I do so without permission, without consent! I transfer this soul into my service,” I completed the spell, the brand’s heat now vanishing into Brittney. When I removed the brand, it was cool to the touch.
Brittney heaved in pain for a moment as I watched the wounds around the brand heal swiftly.
“All done, my dear,” I removed the gauntlet, “I told you it would be over quickly.”
Brittney turned to me, her once blue eyes were now violet, like mine. She looked up at me and fell to her knees, tears leaking down the sides of her face, “I… I’ll serve you forever.”
“Now, as I was saying, enough with the whore outfit, put on something dignified. As I stated, you are no longer a seductress, you’re now a warrior in my army,” I demanded.
Brittney gulped, “I’m… like… uh… how so?”
I lifted my eyebrow, glaring down at her.
Brittney gasped, “no, I mean.. Uh… what… do you-?”
“However you think a woman ought to go into battle,” I barked, “something that’s modest and actually serves to protect your body in a fight.”
“In a fight?” Brittney blushed and got to her hooves. She heaved a sigh and I watched as her outfit shifted drastically.
She now wore a heavy black leather shirt, with intricate silver embroidery on the shoulders and along the collar. It was tied there, cinching the collar closed over her bust. Even the cuffs had matching embroidery. Around her trim waist was a wide belt which separated the shirt from the long black leather pants which went down to her hooves, though over the back of the hooves, there was similar silver embroidery.
At her side, attached to her belt, was a whip.
I had to admit, she was wearing pants, which was a step up from Esmerelda, “Dare I ask why you consider that as something a woman would wear into battle?”
Brittney’s face blushed, “My… my idol when I was younger was Linda Sterling.”
Esmerelda and I gave her a quizzical look.
“Zorro’s Black Whip? George Lewis was her co-star!” Brittney rubbed her shoulder nervously, “it was the only series with a female hero who wasn’t a damsel in distress and uh… does no one watch Zorro these days?”
“I don’t know what a ‘Zorro’ is,” Esmerelda explained.
“Well I rather like it,” I pointed out, “it’s functional, at least.”
Brittney beamed to me, “thank you, mistress!”
Esmerelda turned to me, “My Empress, my apologies for bothering you with all of this.”
I laughed, “no bother at all. You will need to get started with training her,” my expression grew serious, “but I have another matter for you.”
“How may I aid you, Mistress?” Esmerelda asked.
“What do you know of curses?” I queried.
Esmerelda grinned, “I know a great deal.”
“Good,” I held out my hand, and asked, “am I cursed?”
Esmerelda’s brow furrowed as she looked me over, not taking my hand, but merely walking around me. She held her fingers up in the air and gave a shudder, “twice over.”
“Lovely,” I frowned, “can they be removed?”
“Beyond my power, My Mistress. One is because it was placed on you by someone far more powerful than I, and the other because it is a Hex from an angel,” Esmerelda explained.
“What luck,” I shook my head.
“That is the nature of the hex,” Esmerelda continued.
“Explain,” I demanded.
“Luck, as it were, is not on your side. The hex is such that any action you take has the better chance to err on misfortune,” Esmerelda rationalized.
I rolled my eyes, “I do not believe in luck, Esmerelda.”
Esmerelda nodded, “perhaps, but that is the nature of the hex.”
“And the curse?” I asked.
“I cannot even fathom it, it is ancient and powerful,” Esmerelda sighed, “far beyond my, or any demon’s ability, at least the ones I know of. Even the new one, Bella.”
“My father’s handiwork, most likely,” I rolled my eyes.
It was then I was interrupted by Xyphiel’s voice over the PA system.
“Ragna, we have a development, Major F is reaching out to us once more and we have a bead on his location,” Xyphiel barked.
“Esmerelda, Brittney, follow me,” I turned and made my way to the bridge.

Once there, I spotted Bella standing next to Xyphiel.
Syria, Rasper, and Alexis all sat at various consoles.
Esmerelda stood between me and Bella, while Brittney stopped, looking to Bella with wide eyes.
“W-What is a higher demon doing here?” Brittney asked.
Bella, though in her human form, grinned mischievously, her eyes flashing red, “What’s a lowly succubus doing here?”
Brittney seemed to hide behind me like a child would behind her mother’s skirt.
Xypheil grumbled, “he’s hailing us, but he is in the Pentagon, as per your tracking software.”
I gave a nod, “Esmerelda, can you corrupt the entire building?”
Bella turned to me, her eyebrow lifted in curiosity.
Esmerelda looked the area over, “I could, though it may take me some time.”
Bella gave a melodious laugh, “oh would it now, Esmerelda?”
Esmerelda shot Bella a withering gaze, “and you could do better you nasty behemoth?”
Bella’s wicked grin curled both ends of her lips up and her teeth shifted into a more jagged and interlocking series of fangs, “Oh I could, you glorified pubic louse.”
“To what end, sister?” Xyphiel asked.
“Major F does not travel via portals or teleportation,” I explained, “there must be some sort of holy magic or another form of travel they use.”
“A door,” Bella explained, “it opens wherever they want,” she turned to us, “I’ve seen an angel walk out of it before.”
I smiled, “Well there you have it, Xyphiel.”
Xyphiel turned to Bella, “can you prevent it from opening?”
Bella scoffed, “if Immunda could prevent it, for me it will be child’s play,” she beamed to the image on the screen, “the building is even the right shape,” she whispered as another melodic chortle escaped her lips.
Esmerelda pointed her finger forward, dragging it through the air from slightly above her head and down to her hooves, black smoke following behind it, “Then come along dear if you hurry maybe we can find you, someone, to devour along the way.”
Bella snickered as she approached the portal.
I glanced at Brittney, “perhaps you should help them.”
Brittany gasped, “y-yes Mistress!” Britney walked into the portal with Esmerelda following behind.
Another alert came, “incoming call,” Rage announced.
“You didn’t answer them right away?” I asked.
Xyphiel grinned, “I wanted to let them wait.”
“Well before you do,” I interrupted him, “you should know that the symbols on his mask are that of the Eyes of God.”
Xyphiel laughed wickedly, “Ah, a true man of god? Then he at his heart, a fool,” he grinned at the screen, “let us see if I cannot remedy his faith.” Xyphiel proceeded to press a button, finally answering the call, “Major F, good to see you.”
“The feeling is not mutual,” Major F began, their voice still modulating.
“Problem?” Xyphiel grinned.
“You are acting out of character,” they began, “I had expected you to attack another target by now.”
“I decided to deal with a pest problem first,” Xyphiel mused, “but luckily the pest has shown itself.”
“A pest?” Major F’s helmet tilted to the side inquisitive, “how amusing, I had thought you the same.”
Xyphiel looked at me, “Let me know when the demonesses are done,” he thought to me.
I nodded, closing my eyes, speaking to Esmerelda’s mind, “Esmerelda, inform me when you three complete your task.”
“Yes, Mistress,” Esmerelda responded promptly.
As I looked on at the screen, it appeared as if the eyes of God on Major F’s helm shifted in hue moment to moment.
Xyphiel narrowed his eyes, “Well, if this little exercise was merely to lob insults at me-”
“Why is it your children flock to me, Xyphiel?” Major F asked.
Xyphiel narrowed his eyes, “What was that?”
“Do you think I attract your children specifically or at random? I am rather curious about your theories on this,” Major F inquired.
Xyphiel placed his hands behind his back, “Tasha is a priestess and you serve God, which makes sense for her to be there.”
“And I requested Eva to come to me as well,” Major F began, “have you considered why that might be?”
“No,” Xyphiel glared at the screen, “I have not.”
“I am disappointed Xyphiel,” Major F began, “surely you have a hypothesis…? Have I outwitted you so well?”
Rasper couldn’t help but let out a weak laugh.
“Well, Major,” Xypheil growled, “I assume you’ve surrounded yourself with my children with the erroneous thought process that they would offer you some modicum of protection from my wrath.”
Major F’s head tilted the other way, listening.
“Mistress, it is done. The building is corrupted. And Bella has snuck inside looking for a ‘snack’,” she grumbled in my mind.
Excellent work,” I smiled, glancing at Xyphiel, nodding, “See if you yourself can’t find Vasquez or Major F.”
“It’s an interesting concept,” Major F turned the camera’s view, and I could now see a woman with brown hair and icy blue eyes sitting next to Tasha and a rather muscular dark-skinned man. “...or I could just enjoy turning your own children against you.”
“Is that Evangeline?!” I shouted, looking at the tan-skinned girl. I could see Xyphiel’s eyes and Rachel’s nose.
“Yes, Empress, it is,” Major F informed. “You’ll also be pleased to know that I have your daughter here as well.”
I narrowed my eyes, grinning, “I’m coming down there and I’m going to take Zepherina back!”
Major F gave an odd chuckle, “no, you won’t because I have worked diligently to turn her against you as well, Empress.” He clenched his fist in front of the camera, “If you show your face, she will kill you.”
“Doubtful,” I narrowed my eyes, “Rage, get me down there.”
“Disruption detected,” Rage pointed out.
I glared at the screen, “Right…”
“Xeilitch,” Major F taunted, “You have taught her so well, Empress, her technology has been invaluable.”
“You may find her technology is limited,” I informed, “but you’ve only delayed our arrival.”
“Xyphiel,” Major F began, “have you stagnated on your other goal?”
Xyphiel lifted an eyebrow, “what goal would that be?”
Major F paused for a moment, leaning towards the camera, “the one where you open the gateway to Hell, and in doing so, travel to Hell itself to kill Lucifer, freeing yourself from your immortality.”
Xyphiel grinned wide now, and I heaved a sigh of relief. Xyphiel now appeared to have finally cornered the Major.
“Ah, you finally tip your hand too far,” Xyphiel chuckled, “you know my true desire? That means you can only be from two systems I have visited previously, explaining your knowledge of my methods.”
“Oh?” Major F tilted his head, “Do continue.”
“Let me pose a question, Major,” Xyphiel grinned, “Why do you hate me so?”
“Retribution,” Major F began, the treble in their voice dipping.
“Be specific,” Xyphiel grinned, “I imagine many wish retribution on me.”
“You raped a woman before her father and the corpse of her fallen lover,” Major F admitted.
“Vestia?” Xyphiel began to laugh, first a low chuckle and then a downright maniacal laugh, “You’re here to avenge Vestia?” he grinned viciously. “Of all of them? Her? She lives, you fool!”
I glared at Xyphiel, “You told me you killed her, damn it Xyphiel!”
Xyphiel chuckled, “Sorry, sister. She was the only one.”
“What a marked improvement for you,” Major F jabbed.
I narrowed my eyes, “what if Timothy had seen it? Even heard of it?”
“He didn’t,” Xyphiel said confidently, “Trust me, the boy was oblivious of my true nature.”
“Oh,” Major F chimed in, “No, he was not.”
A chill ran down my spine and I turned to the screen, my heart nearly in my throat, “Excuse me?”
Major F shrugged, “What sort of vengeance could I possibly reap if I didn’t first shatter the boy’s faith in his parents first.”
Xyphiel’s breaths grew deeper and faster as his fists clenched, “What?”
I got to my feet, “You!?” I screamed, “You took Timothy!?”
“Yes!” Major F confirmed, “I took Timothy from you,” their head leaned back, their voice emotionless, “and before that, I showed him every rape, murder, and atrocity you committed!”
I gritted my teeth before I screamed, “You’re a dead man!”
“Rage!” Xyphiel roared so loud that Rasper, Alexis, Syria, and even I jumped, “Charge, target and fire!”
I turned to Xyphiel, “Our children are down there!”
“I’d rather they be dead than in his hands!” Xyphiel screamed, now in his full Niten form, glaring at Major F, “You… are… doomed!”
Major F chortled, “Am I? Dragon?”
Xyphiel roared, “Rage! 5% Charge, I want no time for him to escape!”
“Charging,” Rage announced.
“Damn it Xyphiel!” I shouted, knowing that I had the ability to stop Rage from actually firing, “My daughter is down there!”
“She was there when we fired on Jerusalem!” Xyphiel confessed, “the girl survived fine!”
“And what about Eva?” I protested, glaring at him, “Will you kill Timothy’s sister in an attempt to avenge her brother?!”
Xyphiel turned to me, sneering, “Zepherina will save her.”
“I appreciate the trust you have in her, but don’t you think it’s a risk we cannot take?” I shouted.
“Uh, Master, Mistress?” Rasper shouted.
“What?!” Xyphiel and I turned to Rasper.
Rasper pointed up and we saw the image of Major F, mockingly waving at us.
“Bon Voyage,” Major F chortled as we felt a shudder reverberate through the ship.
“What was that?” I asked.
Rage announced, “Charge of ion cannon at 40%, 80%,” a moment later, “160%”
“What?!” I shouted.
Rasper exclaimed, “Something entered the firing chamber and detonated!”
Major F’s image vanished from the screen as I watched in horror as the screen flashed red, showing numbers that were more than troubling.
“What’s the theoretical threshold of the magnetic fields?!” Xyphiel shouted.
“It’s 200%!” I shouted.
“360%” Rage’s screen flashed, “Please advise of action: All actions require user decision.”
Xyphiel shouted, “Do not fire the cannon!”
I turned to him, “Oh, Now you don’t want to fire it?!”
“Bella tells me the doorway to Hell is somewhere in that world!” he narrowed his eyes.
I turned to the screen, “Rage! Fire the cannon, backward!”
“Backwards?!” Xyphiel shouted, and in an instant, we all lurched forward.
Rasper tumbled over his console while Alexis laughed maniacally at the event.
The lights continued to flash and while the cannon’s charge now read “0%” there was a new warning. “Shield integrity: 80%”
“How did this happen?” Xyphiel shouted, “Rage is fully shielded, how could a foreign object enter the cannon chambers?!”
“The rear is unshielded while charging,” I growled, tapping a few items on the console in front of me. Our current trajectory had us barreling towards landfall somewhere on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States of America.
I tried to calculate a better trajectory as Rage announced, “shield integrity at 50%”
“Brilliant Ragna!” Xyphiel roared, “Now you have an interstellar vessel diving into the atmosphere that it was not designed to exist in!”
I glared at him, storming over to him, “If you weren’t such a hothead, then maybe we wouldn’t have had to have done this!”
Me?!” Xyphiel growled, “How is this my fault!”
I pointed at the screen, “He read you like a book! He knew you’d fire the cannon on him!”
“Then why did he have Eva, Tasha, and Zepherina with him!?” Xyphiel glared, “he thought they were insurance!”
“He knew you’d think that and fire anyway!” I shouted.
Xyphiel roared at me and pushed me backward.
I clenched my teeth and fist and then slammed my fist into his jaw, causing him to fall to one knee.
Rasper now shouted, “Can yah stop tearing each other apart before we are torn apart!”
Xyphiel and I turned to the screen.
“Shield integrity 25%, impact in 3 minutes and 30 seconds,” Rage announced.
I helped Xyphiel to his feet, “He planned on that too.”
Xyphiel nodded, “Rage, side thrusters, push up towards the Atlantic.”
I shouted next, “Divert shielding from the rear systems to the front.”
“Doing so will cause irreparable damage to the rear sections of the ship. It is not shielded for re-entry temperatures,” Rage informed.
“Move all of the Colonists out of the colony,” I frowned, “sadly… they’re about to lose their homes.”
“Confirmed, moving civilians,” Rage advised.
Everything shuddered again and the sound of flexing and stressing metal sent shivers through my body.
Xyphiel slowly shifted from his Niten form, now returning to his smaller humanoid shape, “I’m sorry Ragna,” he looked to the screen, “it was never my intention to cause damage to the ship.”
“Stop being sentimental and let's make sure we survive!” I shouted.
“Shield integrity at 65%, rear hull temperatures increasing,” Rage announced.
Syria got to her feet, “Rage, Fatima, where is she!”
An image of Fatima with many other colonists huddled together in a large room flashed on the screen.
Syria screamed, “Fatima!”
“Rage!” I shouted, “Make sure the Colonists are safe!”
“Impossible without risking more extensive damage to the ship,” Rage confirmed.
I took a deep breath, “Rage, focus on passenger survival,” a tear rolled down my cheek as my life’s work was now destined to burn in the atmosphere. “Life support and living quarters only.”
“Confirmed,” Rage announced as the ship shuttered again, “Impact in, 2 minutes.”
I checked the instruments, seeing that we now were speeding towards the ocean, at least. “Rage,” I shouted, “can the ion cannon fire in any capacity?”
“Cannon will function at minimal capacity,” Rage announced.
“Fire whatever you can in front of us,” I shouted.
“What?!” Xyphiel shouted in return.
“It will break the surface tension of the ocean water!” I shouted.
The lights shut down and we were now in darkness, feeling the ship shudder and shake.
Xyphiel turned to me, “now, we have no power for any of the instruments.”
I nodded, “then, whatever happens, happens.”
Kiss Me Goodnight, Sergeant Major,” Rasper began to sing. “Tuck me in my little wooden bed.
We all love you, Sergeant Major.”
The ship shuddered and I wondered if this was the moment Rage fired what he could of the cannon.
When we hear you bawling, "Show a leg!" Rasper continued, sitting down in his seat once more, “Don't forget tah wake me in the morning, an’ bring me 'round a nice hot cup o’ tea.”
More groans of the ship echoed through the bridge.
Kiss me goodnight, Sergeant-Major,” Rasper continued.
“Would you shut up!” Xyphiel screamed before everything lurched forward.
I recall flying forward and then backward, my back hitting against a console hard, as the sounds of the hull creaking and groaning as well as the sounds of what could possibly be considered thunder echoed from all around us.
With effort, I pushed myself to my feet, finding that now the bridge was tilted at a 90-degree angle. I was standing on the console I had previously been working on.
The hull groaned again and I felt my ears pop.
“Are…” Rasper groaned, “we dead?”
Syria crawled across the screen, groaning, “No.”
“Goddamit,” Rasper cursed.
The lights turned back on and I shielded my eyes as the dark red of the emergency lights was drowned out by the light of the normal functioning lights.
“I feel fish!” Alexis, for her part, pressed herself against the far wall, shouting happily, “Oooh we’re in the water!” as she nuzzled her face against the wall.
“Did the crash kill you, Xyphiel?” I asked.
“No,” Xyphiel growled.
“Good,” I looked around, feeling disoriented.
“Restoring artificial gravity systems. Priming medical bays,” Rage announced.
“Oh, fuck me,” Rasper groaned.
“Prepare for proper orientation in 20 seconds,” Rage announced.
Slowly the bridge seemed to shift from it’s 90-degree angle to 180 degrees once more. As it did so, I slowly guided myself to my seat.
“Rage, damage report!” Xyphiel barked.
“35% of the ship remains. Shields are holding back most of the water. We currently have maintained buoyancy, but due to a large amount of the ship damaged, we have taken on water and remain sunken somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic ocean,” Rage reported, “Multiple injuries of colonists, no casualties. Treating minor injuries at this time.”
I heaved a sigh, “Good job baby,” I patted the console, then closed my eyes, “Esmerelda, can you feel me?” I reached out with my mind.
Yes, my Mistress! I can!” Esmerelda explained.
I got to my feet, “Xyphiel,” I looked to everyone around me, “good news, you’re going to get to kill him.”
“What?” Xyphiel exclaimed.
“Rage,” I queried, “who do you require to maintain the ship while we launch a counter-attack?” I asked.
“I will work best with Serenity and Rachel, as communication is instantaneous. Both can aid me in recovery and protection of the colonists, as well as minute repairs that are needed throughout the ship,” he advised.
“Is Rachel okay?” I frowned worried that she might have been hurt.
“She is unharmed, she was sleeping at the time. Securing her in bed protected her in her delicate state,” Rage informed.
“Good,” I heaved a sigh, “Keep Rachel as your contact with humans, not the ship.”
Xyphiel turned to me, “and how are we going to attack? Major F has prevented teleportation.”
I grinned and once again reached out to Esmerelda, “Esmerelda, open a portal for me.”
“Yes, mistress,” and with that Esmerelda’s dark portal appeared before us.
“Not all types.” I grinned, “Come, Xyphiel: We have a ship to avenge, daughters to collect and Major F’s pained death to thoroughly enjoy.”
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2020.08.07 13:12 L0gothetes Mothers posing nude with their daughters

'You all are my flock' mother once told me. 'Then you are our human shepherd?' I had asked in return. 'No, I am a sheep, just like all you others, my little lambs. I am the last sheep the shepherd had taken into their flock, only there did I come to understand that a shepherd leads sheep for their wool, not for their lives. Only a sheep could truly comprehend how sheep are to be led.'
'Do you understand, my dearest lamb?'
Yet what if there was a sheep from another’s flock? Would this sheep be able to truly integrate with us sheep led without a shepherd? How strange it must feel, scary, to suddenly be without a shepherd. That lost little sheep, would you be able to keep to a flock led by another sheep?
I can’t help but think these things here in the depths of the Bowels, surrounded by darkness’ confines among one of the numerous long inactive refinery chambers whose contents within still remain untouched to this day. Long before I was ever first assembled these refinery chambers would have been used to break down unusable salvage into an energy source that self sustained nearly all the functions of this facility.
Now it’s just the filth ridden pits where Bounce drags me and or Jitter off to go looking through old useless junk… “Pure, Pure! Look, look, I found something!”
Sighing aloud I turned from whichever pile of rubbish and waste I had been staring into beginning to saunter over toward its direction when Bounce rushed out from around the corner of a near stack of trash. Its tread tracks drive its purple velvet medium sized metallic box shaped body forward, in the thin pincers of its two mechanized limbs it thrust up some kind of old magazine as from its round bright yellow lit eyes staring up at me upon its boxy head I saw its clear eager anticipation. “Look, look Pure!”
“What…? What is this?” I questioned unsure of what to make of the nearly nude woman posed revealingly on the cover.
“It’s a porno mag!” Bounce exclaimed with enthusiasm, the hydraulic brake between its tread track kicking the ground beneath it in excitement. “I found it.”
Bounce’s air of pride audible in its tone alone, but I’m really not too sure if anyone else would have been proud of this ‘accomplishment’. “Why are you giving this to me, Bounce?”
“Because! Don’t you see it? It's right on the cover!” Bounce attempted to explain but only managing to add to my confusion. “She has what you need!”
The picture of the woman in revealing lingerie, she posed in a manner which amplified attention to her bust of which one hand looks to be attempting to reveal it further. I still don’t know what I’m supposed to be seeing here though. “Do I really need to spell it out for you!? Gosh, you really are pure, aren’t you Pure?”
“You need big boobs, Pure!” Bounce insisted aloud, pointing her pincered limb toward my chest. “She’s got the stuff, but yours, they’re too small!”
Looking down toward my jumpsuit covered torso I put my hands upon my chest feeling that they are still there. Are mine too small, I thought mine were normal? And too small for what, why would they need to be any bigger?
“There’s different sizes, you see?” Bounce exclaimed to my nodding still listening despite my confusion. “She’s like a F, a E at the very least. But you’re like a B at most, you need to get them bigger, Pure!”
“I… I don’t understand…” I commented still unsure of what this is even about. Is there something wrong with me? “Why would I need them to be any bigger, Bounce? Any much larger would seem inconvenient and uncomfortable.”
“Well, to get the eyes on you of course! Get all of the guys’ attention!” Bounce proclaimed only adding to the perplexity. “So you can have the focus of our newest addition, your knight in shining armor, prince charming who’ll come and sweep you and your big breasts away to ride off into the sun set…”
“Who?” I questioned now truly confused. “What’re you even talking about, Bounce?”
“Guys like big boobs, Pure!” Bounce retorted again poking at the center of my chest. “With what you’ve got going for you’re never gonna woo the new guy over to you!”
Is this what this is about!? Why would I want to do that? I’ve only ever seen him once, and he wasn’t even active. “I think you’re putting more thought into this than there is, Bounce. Where did you even hear of a thing like this anyway?”
“A magazine like this.” Bounce answered to my understanding at last, it makes sense where the notion came from at least. “ You might not see it yet, Pure, but in time you’ll realize as I have that the two of you are made for one another.”
“We’re just both human services models of the opposite sex designs, there’s really nothing more to it.” I confirmed with a nod to myself. “At least, I don’t think there is. Why would there be when we’re both androids?”
“Because, Pure, you might not have the right stuff that attracts… But you do have the stuff that makes them stay…” Bounce implicated teasingly to my confusion, what else would a man physically want from a woman? “How about this, Pure, I’ll help you out here with a little trick I’ve come across called… Stuffing your bra...!”
“I don’t own a bra.” I responded to Bounce’s silence unsure how to respond after hearing that. “I think you’re just imagining things, Bounce, I don’t even know the guy…”
“A man and woman settle down together, Pure. That’s how they come to enjoy life, with a partner.” Bounce insisted to the roll of my eyes as I turned from it to continue searching elsewhere. “How else is he supposed to integrate with us, Pure!”
Bounce’s words stopping me in my place, I couldn’t think of an answer. Would an inorganic man be able to truly integrate with us kin led without an organic master? How strange it must feel, scary, to suddenly be without an organic master. This lost little derelict soul, will he beagle to keep to a community led by another AI?
I… I can’t think to idle and find the answer for myself after all is final… No, I won’t… As daughter of the Custodian I mustn’t. Those I care for are relying on me, I won’t do nothing, I won’t let them down! Even if it means getting a bigger bust!
So I did exactly that and went out in search of our newest denizen. Although I hadn’t seen him since he had first arrived inactive and offline from our unmanned scrapper and crew at the dockyards it wasn’t particularly difficult to find him.
Dressed in a worker’s jumpsuit of his own, his proportions similarly to my own were too perfect and symmetrical, his eyes brown like mine while his hair short was also dark brown like my own. Casually walking about our dockyard in the Mouth he would be approached by a couple or a few at a time as he strolled about, each talking to him for a brief short chat before departing again on their business.
I had endeavored to seek him out, I must, as daughter of the Custodian it is my partial responsibility to ensure all resident to the Derelict are taken care of! I won’t fail those who trust in me yet…! Even if I’ve never done something like this before…
Now...! All I gotta do is approach him, easy, everyone else around is doing the same so I can just waltz on up to him and put out my hand and say ‘you are in my care, so you need not worry about a thing’. Just like that and everything will be fine, he’ll be able to rely on me when he needs and then he’ll trust in me when things aren’t going right…
Mother would be proud! Hearing that I’m looking after the others, I’m sure she’d praise me and maybe even congratulate me for the assistance... Alright, just go and do it, take these little legs of mine and just walk up to him… Okay, one step at a time and soon enough I’ll be in front of him in no time at all… So I gotta just loosen up a bit, relax my body, and start on my way… Now!
With each attempt to convince myself to approach more time would pass until soon enough he stirred from my view peeking around my particular corner. Quickly moving forward to the next I watched as he began speaking with my unmanned scrapper salvaging team colleagues, Glee and Hoot, who with Clink had originally brought him here to the facility.
From the way they’re talking they seem to get on well enough, he’s clearly smiling, and not to mention but he has been approached by quite a number of others already. It seems like he’s getting along with the others pretty well already, does he really even need help integrating?
That’s right! I can just keep an eye on him for mother, make sure he has no problems at all, and I won’t ever need to summon the courage to… “What’re you doing, Pure?”
Its sudden voice startling me I turned to find Clink looking to me with pensive curiosity. From its waist up it is an old M01 android, their only similarity to the human form being its shape as M01’s have an entirely mechanical and simple appearance. Below Clink’s waist is a makeshift rotating discus construct carried on six thin mechanical legs with two short pincered forward arms, both its android and makeshift robotic half colored an ivory white. “Are you hiding from someone, Pure?”
“No! No, no, why would I ever be hiding from anyone…” I exclaimed glancing aside to avoid its stare which clearly doubted. “I would never… Would never even need to… To do such a silly thing. Yes, it’s silly, and I would certainly never do something so embarrassing as… As that…”
“Sure.” Clink replied nodding as it took a single step past me peering around the corner to my frantic hurry nudging it back out of potential sight again. “ I see.”
“No, no, no, you don’t see. You saw nothing…” I tried to excuse in desperation to Clink’s nod looking over my mess of a demeanor. “I’m not following him, I’m not. I’m just… Just looking out for the well being of the denizens of the Derelict, just as the daughter of the Custodian would be expected to do!”
“So in other words, you’re stalking him.” Clink responded to my frantic attempt to explain myself otherwise all frustratingly clearly to its amusement. “Why’re you following him, Pure?”
“It is exactly as I said, Clink, you know, if you were listening…!” I exclaimed annoyed by its enjoyment out of my embarrassment. “I’m… I am checking on him to make sure everything is okay.”
“And this is how you choose to do it?” Clink asked teasingly to my irritation. “You could, just a thought here, like any normal person would just go in walk up to him?”
“If it was that easy I would have done it, Clink!” I hissed really getting annoyed by its tone. “It’s… It’s not that simple is all…”
“Why?” Clink inquired simply. “Your legs no good?”
“No, Clink, my legs are fine it’s… Why should I even have to explain myself!?” I questioned back to Clink’s simple shrug in response. “I’m the daughter of the Custodian, it should be in my right to make sure the denizens of our community are safe and…”
“Hey, Odd! Come on over here!” Clink yelled out from around the corner catching his attention to my panic as he began his way over at quick pace making short work of the distance. “There’s someone I’d like for you to meet!”
“Yeah!? Is this the last of the people we’ll be working… With…?” His words silencing in an instant as he turned around the corner coming into sight of me who, averting my stare aside, couldn’t manage to even look in his direction. He froze, as though my mere presence turned him to stone, his rigor to speak up not so unlike my own…
“See, what’d I tell.” Clink exclaimed reaching out his arms between us in gesture. “Told you she looked really just like you.”
“Y-Yeah…” He responded in shock. “Really… Just like… Pretty…”
His reply startling me I didn’t expect such an embarrassing response, how am I ever supposed to speak to him now!?
“Pure, meet HS-M05#428271, Odd. Odd, meet HS-M05#319754, Pure.” Clink introduced each of us to one another who now neither looked directly at each other. Yet through my struggle and turmoil conflicting within myself I forcefully extended my hand, restraining myself from my nerves retracting it.
“You’ll be looking after him as he learns the ropes, Pure.” Clink stated to my surprise staring to it with shock only to receive its smile back amused. With that he took my hand with a shake to Clink’s pleasure. “Odd is going to be joining us with the unmanned scrapper salvaging crew.”
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Below is a rundown of letters G-I of Epstein's contacts. Last year, I wrote about letters A-C. You can check that out here (
I also wrote about letters D-F on July 5, 2020. You can check that out here ( There are some misspelled names. Epstein entered their names like this.
I have bolded some of the more interesting connections and information, but there could be much more that I overlooked. I hope something here strikes an interest in someone and maybe we can get more investigations out of this. Please, if you know anything more about any of these people than what is presented here, post below. I am working off of the unredacted black book found here:
Gaetani, Gelasio: Count Gelasio Gaetani comes from one of the oldest families in Rome. The Gaetani (also known as Caetani) family has produced 3 popes, including Pope Boniface VIII. Gelasio is a wine specialist and vineyard owner who helps celebrities buy the most unique bottles of wine throughout the world.
Gaetani, Rufreido: Roffredo Gaetani was an Italian count, prince, and duke who died in a car crash in 2005. Roffredo came to the public’s attention when he dated Ivana Trump in the 1990s. Brother of Gelasio.
Gallman, Kuki: Kuki Gallmann is a best-selling author (5 of her books were global best sellers), poet, environmental activist, and conservationist. Owns a 98,000 acre cattle ranch in Kenya with her husband, which she turned into a conservation park.
Ganero, Mario Jr.: Where do we even begin? Mario Garnero is a Brazilian banker and entrepreneur who has been deemed the “father of the ethanol car” and is the chairman of the board and primary shareholder of Brasilinvest Group, a banking firm worth $700 million. Garnero’s connections run extremely deep. He is/has been personal friends with Jacob Rothschild, David Rockefeller, Bill Clinton, George H. W. Bush, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, Henry Kissinger, Helmut Schmidt, and many others. The following website makes some startling connections between Garnero, Epstein, and others (source: Quick summary: Record producer Damon Dash (former co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records with Jay-Z) allegedly raped a supermodel who worked for Naomi Campbell at a party thrown by Garnero (source:
Garnero has been referred to as a “Rothschild pawn” who tried to help Aecio Neves rise to power. Garnero also appointed “George Soros frontman, Arminio Fraga, who worked in Soros’ Quantum Fund, as Minister of the Economy.”
Ganoza, Esteban Juan: A Peruvian businessman who said he met Maxwell in the 1980s when he lived in New York, but denied any ties to pedophilia when his contact information was revealed to be in Epstein’s ‘Black Book.’
Garcia, Ludmila: No info found.
Gardner. Adam: No info found.
Garland, Michael: Likely the Chairman of investment firm C5 Capital, located in London.
Garson, Jeremy: Likely refers to the lawyer who is a partner at Herbert Smith Freehills who specializes in large-scale international commercial disputes. Not completely positive, though.
Gaspar, Nacho: Not sure. Could be a number of Ignazio Gaspars, all of whom are businessmen.
Gaul, Harriett: Harriett Jagger is a fashion stylist and former fashion director of Tatler, a fashion magazine owned by Conde Nast (parent company of Vogue, GQ, etc.), which has come up several times during my investigations, and Harpers. She had a daughter with property dealer Simon Gaul, the Godson of Prince Rainier of Monaco.
Geary, Tim: Served in public relations and was Director of Membership at Soho House, a restaurant and private members club. Billionaire Ron Burkle owns 60% of Soho House. Burkle, along with Bill Clinton, Chris Tucker, Kevin Spacey, travelled to Africa for an anti-poverty, anti-AIDs tour on Epstein’s Lolita Express. Nothing fishy there.
Gelardin, Jack: No info found. The address listed is located in Chelsea, London, and sold for over 5 million pounds in 2013.
German-Ribon, Catriona: Catriona Blampied (nee German-Ribon) is the Managing Partner, Founder, and Owner of talent agency Procure Worldwide & Procure Digital since 2016. Worked as Managing Director at Platinum Rye Entertainment, another talent agency, before that.
Gertler, Eric: A venture capitalist who served as Chairman of U.S. News & World Report, a media company most known for publishing news, consumer advice, and rankings ranging from education (top universities, high schools, etc.) to job professions, healthcare, and too many others to mention. In 2019, Governor Andrew Cuomo nominated Gertler to serve as President and CEO of Empire State Development, New York’s chief economic agency. In Epstein’s ‘Black Book,’ Privista is listed under Gertler’s name. Privista is a company that protects against identity theft. Gertler was President and CEO.
Getty, Mark: Co-founder and Chairman of Getty Images, a photographic conglomerate. If you have ever surfed the Internet, you have seen several pictures/images belonging to Getty Images. From 2008-2016, Getty was the Chairman of the Trustees of the National Gallery in London. Grandson of Jean Paul Getty Sr., founder of Getty Oil Company, and one of the richest men in the world during his time. The Getty Family has a net worth north of $5 billion as of 2015.
Getty, Pia and Chris: Pia Getty is the daughter of billionaire Robert Warren Miller, an American-born British businessman and founder of Duty Free Shops. Pia’s sisters are Princess Alexandra von Furstenberg of designer fame and Maria-Chantal, Crown Princess of Greece, Princess of Denmark. Her ex-husband (1992-2005), Christopher, is Mark Getty’s first cousin. Christopher is also the grandson of Jean Paul Getty Sr. When they were married, Pia and Mark would hold A-list parties on the rooftop of their Manhattan townhouse. Their townhouse was located half a mile from Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion. Many people think that the Getty Museum in Los Angeles houses an underground base and city for the elites.
Gibbs, Emma: Former girlfriend of Prince Andrew. Gibbs was introduced to Prince Andrew by her good friend, Ghislaine Maxwell. Gibbs worked as a PR consultant.
Gibson, Caroline: Likely to be the award-winning freelance copywriter and content writer who has worked on a number of high-profile advertisements.
Gilifilan, Andrew: Managing Director of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa for Cambridge University Press. Retired in 2012.
Gillford, Lord & Lady: Lord Gillford is Patrick Meade, the 8th Earl of Clanwilliam. He is a businessman who is on the board of Soma Oil & Gas Holdings and Eurasia Drilling Company, where he served as Chairman. Eurasia Drilling Company is owned by Russian billionaire oligarch, Alexander Dzhaparidze and billionaire Alexander Putilov.
Gilmour, Andrew & Emma: Gilmour is a diplomat for the UN who has spoken out strongly against Israel’s treatment of Palestinians. Gilmour’s father, Sir Ian Gilmour, served as a minister in Margaret Thatcher’s first cabinet. Emma Gilmour (nee Williams) is a physician and author.
Ginsberg, Gary: Former Executive VP of Global Marketing and Corporate Affairs at Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, the fourth-largest media group in the world prior to splitting in 2013. Ginsberg was a close confidant of Rupert Murdoch and Peter Chernin while at News Corp. Ginsberg also served in the Clinton Administration at the White House Counsel’s Office and Department of Justice. Ginsberg has brokered meetings between Rupert Murdoch and the Clintons, as well as Obama. Ginsberg is currently on the Board of Directors of New Visions for Public Schools, which designs course curricula for students in NYC. New Visions supports many schools, impacting 230,000 students (source: Their Networks for School Improvement Initiative is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. New Visions also has ties to the Carnegie Foundation, which donates millions of dollars in grants (source:!/grants/grants-database/grant/312395808.0/). Ginsberg is also a friend of and speechwriter for Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.
Gittis, Howard: Gittis (1934-2007) was an attorney and adviser to billionaire businessman Ron Perelman. He worked at MacAndrews & Forbes, an investment firm owned by Perelman. In 1995, Perelman hosted a dinner with Bill Clinton, Jeffrey Epstein, Clinton college friend Arnold Paul Prosperi, Don Johnson, Jimmy Buffett, and Don Fowler, who was the co-chairman of the DNC. More on Perelman later.
Giussani, Luca: President, CEO of Dorial Telecom, Inc., a telecommunications company.
Glanville, Mary: A philanthropy consultant who spent years in TV, Glanville also worked as a PR contact for the Bonita Trust which donated £100,000 to the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) back in 2009 to “update its ChildLine technical infrastructure and purchase essential equipment so that more children can get help from its ChildLine service” (source: Glanville was the author of that PR statement.
Glass, Charlie: Could possibly be Charles Glass, author, publisher, and journalist that specializes in the Middle East, but I cannot confirm.
Glentworth, Edmund & Emily: Edmund Pery is the 7th Earl of Limerick and was formerly known as Viscount Glentworth. He worked in British government until becoming director of Deutsche Bank. Emily is Edmund’s wife.
Goess, Pilar: A countess and Austrian-American model who posed for Playboy. Goess died in 1999 from a brain tumor.
Goldberg, Ellen: President of Santa Fe Institute, an organization in New Mexico that hosts faculty consisting of Nobel Laureates, members of the National Academy of Sciences, and MacArthur fellows. Goldberg is also a research professor in the Department of Biology at the University of New Mexico. Dr. Goldberg is a member of the Biology Advisory Committee of the National Science Foundation, and of the National Advisory Allergy and Infectious Diseases Council at the National Institutes of Health. Goldberg has a Ph.D. in genetics from Cornell University Medical College.
Goldsmith, Isabel: An art collector and owner of Hotel Las Alamandas in Mexico. Goldsmith is the daughter of Sir James Goldsmith, a French-British financier, tycoon, and member of the European Parliament.
Golinkin, Sandy: Former Vice President and Publisher of Lucky, a fashion and lifestyle magazine owned by Conde Nast. Has frequently been photographed with celebrities and elite at various parties.
Gomez, Thomas: Thomas Gommes is a former international corporate lawyer.
Gomme, William & Emma: William Gomme is a former director of several furniture manufacturing companies in London. Emma is his wife.
Gordon, Jacobo: Spanish businessman who co-founded several real estate and gaming companies with Alejandro Agag. Agag is a former politician in Spain. He became Secretary General of the European People’s Party (EPP), a tremendous political faction in Europe. Agag played a huge role in getting former Italy PM Silvio Berlusconi’s party into the EPP. Berlusconi has been charged for underage prostitution in the past. Agag quit politics to pursue financial and sporting interests. He is married to the daughter of Jose Maria Aznar, the former PM of Spain and Ana Botella Serrano, the first female mayor of Madrid. Guests at Agag’s wedding included kings and queens. Berlusconi and Tony Blair served as witnesses.
Gore, Juliet: The only Juliet Gore I found is the co-director of Neuro Orthopaedic Institute out of Australia. Doesn’t feel right.
Gottlieb, Steve: A music executive who discovered Nine Inch Nails, Pitbull, Sevendust, and Ja Rule. He has served on the boards of Napster and Musicmatch. He is currently CEO of Shindig, a Zoom-like platform for people to meet each other online.
Goulandris, Dimitri: Founder of The Cycladic Group, which invests and creates businesses. Spent 8 years at Morgan Stanley in its private equity group. Goulandris is the Executive Director and a Board Member for Knightsbridge Schools, which has 3 schools (KSI Montenegro [a boarding school], KSI Bogota, and KSI Panama), all of which are primary/secondary schools for students aged 2-18.
Grabau, Lorenzo: Spent seventeen years at Goldman Sachs before becoming CEO of Investment AB Kinnevik, a Swedish investment firm. He was fired less than 3 years after taking the position.
Graff, Francois: CEO of family-owned Graff, one of the world’s most notable jewellery houses. The company is worth several billion dollars. Graff has been photographed with the likes of Wilbur Ross. In 2001, there was a party celebrating the opening of a new Graff’s store. Attendees included Ghislaine Maxwell, Ivana Trump, Joan Collins, and Denise Rich (source:
Granby, David: David Charles Robert Manners is the 11th Duke of Rutland. He also goes by the Marquess of Granby. Granby is a high-profile supporter of the UK Independence Party and has hosted fundraising events at his ancestral home, Belvoir Castle. Employed Harvey Proctor, the former Conservative Parliament member who had to resign because he had sexual relations with underage male prostitutes, as his personal secretary.
Grange, Jacques: A French interior designer for the rich. Clients include Princess Caroline of Monaco, Francis Ford Coppola, Alain Ducasse, and several billionaires, to name a few.
Grant Jamie: Likely James Grant, owner of No2 Pound Street, an award-winning wine shop that specializes in British Cheese and cured meats. He and his wife previously worked at some leading hotels and restaurants.
Greece Princess Olga: Princess Olga, Duchess of Apulia (nee Princess Olga Isabelle of Greece) married her second cousin, Prince Aimone of Savoy, Duke of Apulia, in 2008. Olga’s father is first cousins with Prince Phillip (Queen Elizabeth’s wife).
Greece, MC & Pavlos: Pavlos is the eldest son of Constantine II, the last King of Greece, before the monarchy was abolished in 1973. Worked in New York as an investment portfolio manager. MC is his wife, Marie-Chantal, Crown Princess of Greece. Her father is the billionaire founder of Duty Free Shops. Her sisters, Alexandra and Pia, married into the von Furstenberg and Getty families, respectively. A dinner party was thrown for them at the Standard Hotel in 2009. There were about 12 guests there. One of those exclusive guests was Ghislaine Maxwell (source:
Green, Deborah: No info found.
Green, Jeremy: Likely the former Chief Executive of Quba Property Holdings in South Africa.
Green, Judy: A New York socialite who hobnobbed with an elite crowd. She was considered Andy Warhol’s first muse. He did her photo portrait and she starred in his first movie, The Kiss. She was reportedly close with Frank Sinatra. Edgar M. Bromfman served as Best Man at her wedding to William John Green in 1964. Bromfman is the owner of Seagram, the beverage company. His daughters, Clare and Sara, were members of NXIVM, a cult that recruited women and forced them into sexual slavery.
Gregg Geordie & Katherine: Geordie Grieg is an English journalist and editor of The Daily Mail. Grieg is good friends and has been photographed partying with Ghislaine Maxwell. He is the former editor of Tatler, a Conde Nast-owned British magazine that is targeted towards the upper class and those interested in high society events. Tatler connections come up constantly in the ‘Black Book.’
Grenfell, Natasha: Daughter of Lord St Just, heir to a banking fortune and Wilbury Park mansion. Her mother was actress and one-time Tennessee Williams love interest, Maria Britneva. Natasha is a socialite who has is friends with royalty, actors, and musicians
Griffen, Ted: This is most likely screenwriter, producer, and director Ted Griffin. He has worked on The Wolf of Wall Street, Ocean’s Eleven, and Tower Heist.
Griscom, Nina: A model, socialite, TV personality, and entrepreneur who died earlier this year. Her first husband was a modeling booker for Ford Models, which I wrote about in the D-F section of Epstein’s ‘Black Book’ (link: She went on to cheat on her next husband with sugar billionaire Pepe Fanjul, who is also mentioned in the D-F link above. Was a close friend of Blaine Trump, ex-wife of Robert Trump, Donald’s younger brother.
Gross, Pamela & Jimmy Finkelstein: James Finkelstein is the owner of The Hill, an American news website often cited here in /conspiracy. He is close with Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani. Pamela Gross is his wife. She worked at CNN until 2017 and is close friends with Melania Trump.
Grossman Lloyd: Loyd Grossman is an British author and broadcaster best known for hosting Masterchef from 1990-2000, before it was reformatted. Also co-created Through the Keyhole, a British game show, with David Frost, who is also in Epstein’s ‘Black Book.’
Gubelmann, Marjorie: A socialite who is best known for hosting and performing as a DJ at high society parties. She has deejayed events for Bulgari, Versace, and others. She is currently the in-studio DJ for the Today with Hoda & Jenny show on NBC. Her ex-husband, Reza Raein works in oil. Guests at their wedding included Ivanka Trump, Tamara Mellon, Michael Kors, and Tory Burch.
Guccioni, Tony: Son of Penthouse creator Bob Guccione.
Gudefin, Christian: A financial advisor at Deutsche Bank, which as of Tuesday, July 7th, 2020, agreed to pay $150 million in fines because they ignored suspicious transactions made by Jeffrey Epstein (source: Gudefin is also a financial advisor at Fdx Capital LLC and Managing Partner at Confidas Capital.
Guedroltz, Solina & Nicolas: Solina is a photographer. Her father is a viscount. Nicolas is an antique Russian furniture dealer. He is a Russian prince and is of Belgian nobility through his mother’s side.
Guerini Maraldi, Alessandro: Chairman of Willis Towers Watson, a British insurance company. Guerrini-Maraldi’s name appears in the Panama Papers, which revealed the identities of many rich and powerful people who have avoided paying taxes through offshore accounts.
Guerrand-Hermes, Valesca: Socialite and ex-wife of French fashion house heir, Mathias Guerrand. Guerrand-Hermes is on the Board of Directors of the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NYSPCC) (source: NYSPCC is a child protection agency. Photographed with Ghislaine Maxwell at the 2005 Wall Street Concert Series Benefitting Wall Street Rising at Cipriani Wall Street in New York City. You can’t make this stuff up.
Guest, Cornelia: Named Debutante of the Decade of the 1980s, Cornelia is a well-known New York socialite who comes from money. Her family made money in iron and steel and have served in British politics. In December 2015, Ghislaine Maxwell attended Cornelia’s holiday party.
Guggenheim, Barbara & Bert Flelds: Guggenheim (not part of the Guggenheim museum family) is a partner at the well-known art advisory firm, Guggenheim, Asher Associates, Inc. They have built collections for Coca Cola and Sony, as well as Tom Cruise and alleged pedophile Steven Spielberg. Epstein victim Maria Farmer once worked for Barbara at her home before meeting Epstein. Farmer got the job through Barbara’s sister, Eileen, who has been accused of being an Epstein enabler. A petition ( to have her removed as Chair of the Board of Trustees of the New York Academy of Art as a result of Maria Farmer’s allegations has over 10,000 signatures. Farmer says that Eileen Guggenheim forced her to sell a painting replicating Degas’s “The Rape” to Epstein. Two weeks after meeting Epstein and Maxwell, Guggenheim took Farmer and other art students to Epstein’s Zorro Ranch in New Mexico (source: Barbara’s husband, Bert Fields, is an entertainment lawyer who has represented the likes of Steven Spielberg, Bob and Harvey Weinstein, George Lucas, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, etc.
Guiness, Sabrina: Guinness comes from a long line of wealthy bankers. She had a relationship with Prince Charles in 1979. Cousin of Edward Guinness, 4th Earl of Iveagh, heir to the Guinness fortune. Edward Guinness’s wife, Lady Clare Iveagh (nee Hazell) plays a HUGE role in Epstein’s pedophilia ring. More on her later (she is listed under I for Iveagh). Her sister, Anita Guinness, was married to Amschel Rothschild until his suicide in 1996.
Guinness, Mr Hugo: An artist from the same banking family as sister Sabrina (above). Guinness has collaborated with director Wes Anderson on a number of films. Cousin of Edward Guinness, 4th Earl of Iveagh, heir to the Guinness fortune. Edward Guinness’s wife, Lady Clare Iveagh (nee Hazell) plays a HUGE role in Epstein’s pedophilia ring. More on her later (she is listed under I for Iveagh).
Guissaini, Luca: Listed above under Giussani, Luca. CEO of Dorial Telecom.
Gumberg, Ira: Chairman and CEO of JJ Gumberg Co., a high-end real estate development firm based out of Pittsburgh. Gumberg served on the Board of Mellon Financial Corporation from 1989-2007.
Guttfreund, Susan & John: Susan is a former beauty queen and notorious party thrower. Her husband, John, was CEO of Salomon Brothers, the large investment bank. He was dubbed the “King of Wall Street” by Business Week in 1985. He died in 2016.
Hahn, Dr & Mrs: Likely Carl Hahn, former head of Volkswagen.
Hall, Pippa: There are two Pippa Halls that this could possibly be. One is a movie casting director who was in charge of casting children for movies (source: The other Pippa Hall is Director of Innovation and Chief Economist at the UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO). There is not enough info to determine which one is in the ‘Black Book.’
Halpern Jen: A British philanthropist, PR guru, and businesswoman. Her father was knighted by Margaret Thatcher.
Hambro, Clementine: Great-granddaughter of Winston Churchill who also served as a bridesmaid at the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana when she was just five-years-old. Her father, Richard, was a British heir and investment banker. K
Hamilton, George: Famous actor who took Ghislaine Maxwell to the Epsom Derby (horse race) in 1991. Epstein has a significant amount of phone numbers listed for Hamilton.
Hammond, Dana: Socialite and heiress to the Annenberg Publishing fortune. Hammond is friends with Ghislaine Maxwell. They have been photographed together at various parties.
Handler, Sharon: International attorney who is friends with Camilla Parker-Bowles and Prince Charles. Married to John Langeloth Loeb Jr., former United States Ambassador to Denmark under Reagan.
Hanover, Ernst & chantal: Prince Ernst Hanover is the head of the royal House of Hanover. The House of Hanover has produced six British monarchs, including King George III and Queen Victoria. The current British monarchy, the Windsors, are actually of German and British descent, which is why these family trees intersect. Most notably, the House of Hanover is perhaps the most important of the Black Nobility families. There have been some fantastic threads on Reddit about the Black Nobility.
Hanson, Brook: Adopted son of British industrialist, Lord Hanson, Brook died in 2014 at the age of 50.
Hanson, Lord & Lady: British industrialist who made a fortune in the ‘80s as a Trade and Industry Secretary in close friend Margaret Thatcher’s administration. His wife, Geraldine, was a former model. They are both dead.
Hanson, The Hon Robert: British financier and eldest son of Lord Hanson. Chairman of Hanson Family Holdings, a private investment firm. In the 1980s, Robert worked as a banker at NM Rothschild & Sons before returning to his father’s company. Before getting married, Hanson dated socialite Anouska de Georgiou, who became the first British woman to accuse Jeffrey Epstein of raping her as a teenager (source: Odd that Robert Hanson, his brother Brook, and his parents would have wanted anything to do with Epstein.
Hapsburg, Marie: Royalty. Her father was Archduke Joseph Arpad of Austria and her mother, Archduchess Maria of Austria, was a Princess of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg and a member of the House of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg by birth. The Hapsburg (also called Habsburg) family is one of the most powerful and wealthiest families in Europe. The Hapsburgs are another Black Nobility family of very high prestige. I couldn’t find anything out about her husband, Raymond van der Meide. They have 7 children together.
Harvey Victoria: Ex-girlfriend of Prince Andrew, Hervey is an English model and socialite. Although her relationship with Andrew didn’t work out, she remained in his inner circle. In 2000, she attended a dinner with Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and Jeffrey Epstein (source: Hervey is also a friend of Ghislaine Maxwell, who introduced her to Epstein and “set her up in one of Epstein’s apartments in New York.” Hervey is the daughter of Victor Hervey, 6th Marquess of Bristol, businessman and member of the House of Lords.
Harvey-Watt, Isabelle: Director of PR for Giorgio Armani before moving on to Versace and other well-known fashion corporations.
Haslam, Nick: English interior designer and socialite. His mother was the Goddaughter of Queen Victoria. Haslam claims to have had an affair with Lord Snowdon one year before he married Princess Margaret (Queen Elizabeth’s sister), further fueling rumors of Lord Snowdon’s alleged bisexuality.
Hatkoff, Craig & Jane: Hatkoff is a real estate investor, who, along with his ex-wife, Jane Rosenthal, and Robert De Niro, founded the Tribeca Film Festival and the Tribeca Film Institute. Hatkoff has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Clinton Foundation.
Hauteville, Marc de: Manages Soc Civile du Frayssinet, a real estate company based out of France. There is very little information other than this. Both of his parents appear to be members of noble families - the Hautevilles and the Cazenoves - who have historical ties to the Du Ponts.
Hay, Henry & Patricia: Henry Hay is CEO and co-founder of Centaur Properties, a large real estate firm based out of New York. Centaur’s holdings are concentrated in the most expensive neighborhoods in Manhattan.
Hayworth Reggie: Heyworth runs the 160 acre Cotswold Wildlife Park, which attracts more than 400,000 people a year. He lives in the middle of the park at the Bradwell Grove estate. .
Hazell-Iveagh, Clare: This amazing thread made by clemanueverers contains all the info you need: Quick summary: Hazell-Iveagh helped Maxwell and Epstein procure children using her position as President of West Suffolk National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC). Click on the link. Clemanueverers did a wonderful job.
Hearn, Barry & Susan: Barry is a hugely popular English sports promoter, as is his son, Eddie, who represents some of the biggest boxers in the world. Former boxer and popular Youtuber Tyan Booth was supposedly banned immediately after posting a video connecting Epstein to Hearn. I have tried to find the video or at least a summary of what he said, but have been unsuccessful. If anyone has any info on this, please post below.
Hefner III, Bob: Founder and CEO of GHK Companies, which specializes in oil and natural gas. Founded the Robert and MeiLi Hefner Foundation which sponsors educational trips to China for outstanding high school students. His grandfather, Robert Hefner Sr., served as Mayor of Oklahoma City, was a Supreme Court Justice of Oklahoma, was a member of the executive council of the Boy Scouts of America, and was a thirty-second degree Freemason. Although I try not to engage in speculation, this article makes a connection between Jeffrey Epstein, Bob Hefner III, and a winning Powerball lottery ticket that was purchased in Oklahoma in 2008 (source: It’s too long to summarize. Read it and check it out.
Heiden, Lisa: Worked in Manhattan and London as an executive for ABC. Close friend of Ghislaine Maxwell. According to the fantastic research done by this person (, two of Lisa Heiden’s properties are listed as an address for Ellmax, a company set up by Ghislaine.
Heineken, Mr. Fredie: A Dutch businessman for the Heineken brewing company. Was chairman and CEO from 1971-1989.
Helen and Tim Shifter: Helen is a former Vogue Magazine staffer. Tim is former CEO of LeSportsac and serves as Senior Advisor at Blackstone Group, a private equity firm. The Schifters are personal friends of Ghislaine Maxwell.
Helvin, Marie: Former fashion model and former girlfriend of Imran Khan, the current Prime Minister of Pakistan. According to her memoir, she knows pretty much any popular celebrity from the ‘70s and ‘80s.
Herbert, Jason: Likely a financial adviser based in London.
Hermes, Olga & Olaf: Olaf is a handbag heir. Olga is his ex-wife.
Herrero, Juan & Helen: Juan is like the managing director of an investment bank in Spain.
Hersov, Robert & Kim: Robert is a South African entrepreneur and mining heir who has worked for Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and News Corp. (owned by Murdoch).. Ex-wife Kim is a London-based fashion editor and designer.
Heseltine, Mr & Mrs: Baron Michael Heseltine is a British businessman and politician who served in various roles in government for British PMs Margaret Thatcher and John Major. Heseltine was a friend of Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine’s father. Heseltine invested in Conservative Parliament member Harvey Proctor’s business after Proctor was forced to resign after it was revealed he had sexual relationships with and took nude pictures of male prostitutes aged 17-21 at his home (source: At the time, it was illegal to have same-sex relations with prostiutes under the age of 21.
Heseltine, Mr & Mrs: Same as above.
Heseltine, Ms. Annabel: Journalist, columnist, and TV and radio broadcaster. At the age of 22, she became the Assistant-editor for Hong Kong Tatler (there’s that publication again). Daughter of Baron Michael Heseltine.
Heseltine, Rupert: Businessman and heir to Haymarket Media Group. Son of Baron Michael Heseltine.
Hicks, India: A fashion model in the ‘80s and ‘90s, India Hicks is a good friend of Ghislaine Maxwell. Descendant of the Mountbatten family, a British dynasty (although much of their background is German). Granddaughter of the much-decorated war hero, Lord Mountbatten (Prince Charles’s mentor), who, according to FBI files, was “a homosexual with a perversion for young boys” (source: Prince Charles is her second cousin and Godfather.
Hill, Anthony: Son of Robin Hall, 8th Marquess of Downshire and Juliet Weld-Forester, daughter of 7th Baron Forester. Couldn’t find any more info.
Himmelstein, Howard: Co-owner of clothing brand Camp Beverly Hill and a producescreenwriter.
Hirsch, Jeff: Owner of Foto Care, a shop that sells professional camera equipment. Claims he is only in the ‘Black Book’ because he sold an expensive camera to Ghislaine many years ago and had to go to her house to show her how to use it (source: This, however, doesn’t explain why there are two numbers listed under Hirsch’s name that are attributed to Scott Geffert, the General Manager for Advanced Imaging at the MET museum. This could all be innocent or these two could have assisted in Epstein’s hidden camera setup and helped Epstein get high quality pictures of his victims. We can’t be sure.
Hissom, Robert & Andrea: Robert is the founder of Aspen Capital Partners, a large property management firm. He is a friend of Prince Charles. His ex-wife, Andrea, famously got remarried to Steve Wynn, billionaire Las Vegas hotel tycoon. Prince Harry was a guest of Wynn’s at his Encore resort. Andrea and Wynn are close friends of Donald and Melania Trump (source:
Hoffman, Dustin: Famous Hollywood actor. Hoffman has been accused of sexual assault on multiple occasions, including exposing himself to a minor (source:
Hoffman, Hetty: Married to Robin Dundas, Earl of Ronaldshay. Lady Ronaldshay is a patron and ambassador for Zoe’s Place Baby Hospice, a UK-based charity that provides care for terminally ill babies and children up to five years old. A good friend of Ben Holland-Martin (listed just below).
Hoffman, Jessica: Sister of Hetty Hoffman (above), Jessica is an artist and former model who married investment banker Leopoldo Zambeletti. She is a good friend of India Hicks (mentioned above), the granddaughter of Lord Mountbatten (Prince Charles’s mentor), who, according to FBI files, was “a homosexual with a perversion for young boys.”
Holland-Martin, Ben: Works for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC). His mother, Rosamund, was chairman of the NSPCC for 20 years while Princess Margaret was President and was involved with the NSPCC for more than 50 years (source: Both Ben and his mother are/were friends of Princess Margaret. Rosamund Holland-Martin (nee Hornby) was related to Charles Hornby, a British socialite and close friend of Prince Charles, who was sentenced to 2 ½ years for luring young runaway boys into prostitution, indecent assault, importuning, and living off the earnings of prostitution (source:,2085303). Ben is also good friends with Hetty Hoffman (mentioned above), who is an ambassador for Zoe’s Place Baby Hospice.
Hollond Mr & Mrs James: James is a partner at EFP Capital, an investment and advisory firm. James’s mother married Baron Robert Rothschild after her and James’s father divorced. His now ex-wife, Beatrice, is on many investing firm boards, but most notably, she is a trustee on the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, a charity that specializes in helping disadvantaged children (source: If anyone has more info on these two, please post. Epstein has 10 pieces of contact information under their name.
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2020.05.31 13:55 my-cat-just-farted Mothers posing nude with their daughters

Everyone is probably aware of Sarah's latest controversy surrounding her recent activewear campaign for her new collection with White Fox: SARAH'S DAY X WFA - Reboot.
You can find the collection on White Fox's website here. The activewear launched Tuesday, June 2 at 11am AEDT. It sold out in minutes.
The original campaign was shot across two days on the 11th and 12th of May. The second campaign was shot on the 28th, 29th and 30th of May. In addition to this, Sarah filmed a haul video for YouTube, as well as a selfie photoshoot for the White Fox website.
Below is an account of what happened, how it happened and what went down afterward. Where possible, I have included screenshots and videos so you'll know it's the truth, and not just the narrative Sarah wants you to believe.
Monday, May 11
The controversy began after Sarah shared sneak peak photos to her Instagram stories while on set of the campaign shoot. These photos showed Sarah in her activewear wearing her hair in two braids with long, pastel blue extensions. This sparked anger among a few of her fans that this hairstyle was cultural appropriation, but these comments where confined to gossip forums, her private Facebook group "Sezzy Squad", and no doubt her DM's.
1, 2, 3
At the end of the day of shooting Sarah uploads a story explaining she has to sleep in the second hairstyle she'll be wearing for tomorrow's shoot, teasing at neon orange extensions in front of her.
4, 5
Meanwhile, over on her Facebook group "Sezzy Squad", things had kicked off with fans on both sides debating the issue - those saying it's cultural appropriation vs fans defending Sarah and saying it's "just a hairstyle". The admin of the group, Tanika Hartwell, ended up posting this message:
"Good evening Girls! For those of you sprinkling love and positivity in this group, thank you. It has come to my attention that there needs to be a filter on posts. From here forward your posts will need to be accepted to the group. We will not stand for bullying or hate and are here to support one another. Thank you x"
[if anyone has a screenshot of this post I'd love to include it]
Sarah comments to this post saying, "Amen amen. Thank you to all of the sunflowers in the room." After that all posts and comments accusing Sarah of cultural appropriation were deleted with some users reporting on gossip forums that they had also been removed from the group.

Tuesday, May 12
Sarah begins the day as usual by talking on her stories. Here she reveals the full look of hairstyle number two: box braids with neon orange extentions. She explains the look as being "elevated", that they were going for "street vibes" and that she was channeling Ariana Grande.
Later in the day Sarah says that the orange hair extensions ended up being impractical and hard to manage so the decision was made to remove them and she'd go back to her natural hair.

Thursday, May 14
Today Sarah posts a behind the scenes photo from day one in which she shares a personal experience with her grandad in a lengthy caption. People theorised this caption was posted as a deflection because anyone commenting about cultural appropriation on a post like that would look bad. Regardless, people did post, nearly all of which were deleted, though a few have survived.
8, 9

Friday, May 15 - Thursday, May 25
Sarah moves on from the photoshoot, posting regular content such as YouTube videos, recipes and family photos. While she often plugged her activewear in her captions or by wearing pieces in her photos and stories, the discussion around cultural appropriation inevitably dies down.

Tuesday, May 26
Sarah posts a picture of her posing in her activewear at the new house explaining she's filming a haul video for her new activewear collection. This post sparks the debate once again but, of course, Sarah and her team are on top of it.

Wednesday, May 27
It's not until today when she posts a promo video to her feed that the drama surrounding that hairstyle really blows up. The more Sarah tried to censor comments calling her out on cultural appropriation the more people began posting. And they didn't stop with Sarah. They also commented on the same promo video Kurt uploaded to his Instagram, as well as to a different promo video uploaded to White Fox Boutique and White Fox Active accounts.
10, 11

Thursday, May 28
The next day Sarah posts an apology to her feed with a very long caption explaining the idea behind the photoshoot. 12
She then takes to Instagram stories to give a verbal apology, revealing that White Fox had phoned her to tell her they were pulling the campaign, and how she felt awful because they had all worked so hard on it. She said they had to re-shoot the campaign and they had very little time to do it.
13 - YouTube video - All IG stories
The initial reaction was good. People were happy she was finally addressing the situation and pleased she was apologising for offending people. If Sarah had left it there I'm sure the drama would have died down and people would have moved on.
But she didn't.
Her next stories go on to show her giving herself pep talks about keeping going, how it's been an emotional day and that they were off to create a campaign. We then see her in her car outside their new house talking about how the situation has effected her, that it's made her feel like "such a bad mum", and how emotional it's been for her to throw away 3 months worth of hard work. These stories spark fresh anger that she appears to be using Fox to manipulate her audience into feeling sorry for her and her woe-is-me attitude was undoing her apology.

Friday, May 29
Today she begins with two Boomerang photos. The second photo was later deleted, probably because it looked as if she was making light of the situation, especially by choosing to braid her hair again, even if it was in a different style. She later appears wearing a pony tail.
But it's her next series of stories that seem to further undo her apology and lead people to believe she isn't sorry at all and that she truely doesn't believe she's done anything wrong.
She explains that she's now scared to say or do anything in case it offends someone and that she's annoyed she can't say how she's really feeling because people are accusing her of playing the victim. She's now treading on eggshells, feels fragile, and that she's now getting death threats to both her and Fox and wants to know if she'll ever feel normal again.
She's trying very hard not to say whatever it is she wants to say, alluding to the fact that what she does want to say will anger people a lot more.
14 - YouTube video - All IG stories

Saturday, May 30
Today is the final day of Sarah and Kurt re-shooting the campaign, this time with the help of the White Fox team. She uploaded this video to her feed.

Sunday, May 31
After four days of her followers imploring her and Kurt to take down that promo video they both posted on Wednesday, they finally do. White Fox Boutique and White Fox Active still have theirs up, however it doesn't feature the picture of Sarah with the braids so there's no reason to.
After a day of posting a lot of content of her family at the park, going shopping, cleaning her fridge and holding a mini Q&A, Sarah ends the day by uploading a pro BLM image to her stories as well as two bible verses. Kurt also shared a BLM video on his Instagram, too.

Monday, June 1
Today it's all back to normal on Sarah's stories, demonstrating her ebook workouts, talking about the reno series, as well as promoting the activewear launch.
Meanwhile, over on the White Fox Boutique and White Fox Active Instagram accounts, they both have another promo post up which is gaining a lot of negative comments from people calling them out on this whole situation. These comments have yet to be deleted.
WFB & WFA post and comments

Bondi Sands terminate their partnership with Sarah due to her "words and actions" during this scandal. A user in the SarahsDayUnfiltered subreddit shared this screenshot of the reply they received after they messaged them about the drama.

Side Topic
A side topic but still relevant to the timeline is a picture of Kurt playing Scrabble that was posted to the SarahsDayUnfiltered subreddit. The image from an unknown time shows Kurt using a homophobic slur as one of the words in the game. This brought up the discussion from a recent Health Code Podcast where Kurt is talking about Fox touching Kurt's penis while in the shower and asking if that means his son is gay now, as well as saying he was sexually assaulted by his one year old. This is why there are also homophobic allegaions as well as racist ones appearing in people's comments now.
Furious, people have been reaching out to both Kurt and his sponsors on the matter. Kurt replied to one, insinuating the picture was fake, while Mazda say they are passing the info on to the relevent people.

Over on Facebook, Sarah's dad posted a long passive aggressive rant in response to the situation and linked a Daily Mail article about Sarah. While it is expected for a father to defend his daughter (he did the same thing calling out the "bullies" during the bush fire donation scandal) the language he uses to do it is shocking. He is dismissive of the fact that cultural appropriation even exists because he's never heard of it! He doesn't think that hairstyle was wrong or offensive which is clearly a sentiment Sarah also shares. As one person on a gossip forum said, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Tuesday, June 2
Sarah posts a series of pictures to her stories to say she's been talking with POC over the last few days and is trying to educate herself. She explains she wants to use her platform so that ALL voices can be heard and opens up the floor for people to write what they want to say to 1.1mil people. In her own statement she uses the word "rainbow" when describing skin colour, somewhat making fun of the situation. Some are arguing that she isn't using her platform to speak up about it herself, but has gotten her fans to do it for her.
Two hours later Sarah is on her stories again talking about the launch of her activewear and that she can't believe it's sold out already. She hadn't even had time to upload the new campaign video they had to re-shoot. She adds it to her stories and posts it to her feed so people can see it. Many fans in the comments are disappointed,upset and angry that the collection sold out in minutes.
Her next Instagram post talks about visiting White Fox office to discuss restocking the collection. She also teases that she hasn't "even unlocked the best part yet", suggesting there's more to come that we haven't seen yet. The comments were mixed. Most fans were happy the collection was a sucess and there are many begging for Sarah to do a pre-order next time so people don't miss out again. Most of the pro-BLM comments have been deleted but a few remain.
Sarah obviously listened to those last comments because immediately after the restock post both her and Kurt post a picture of a black square with the caption "#westandtogether" in support of the Blackout Tuesday movement going viral on social media. For those unaware, here's what Wikipedia says: "Blackout Tuesday is a collective action by elements of the music industry to protest racism and police violence. The action, organised in response to the deaths of George Floyed, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor, is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, June 2, 2020. Businesses taking part are encouraged to abstain from releasing music and other business operations."
That's the official meaning behind it. The Instagram version of this movement is posting a black sqaure to your feed as a means to express solidarity with the Black Lives Matter protests going on at the moment. Once posted users are committing to not post anything on social media for at least 24 hours (I've seen some say it should be one week) so the voices of black people and the BLM movement can be heard and seen more clearly.
Again, the post receives a mixed reception. While most fans are pleased and have said thank you, others believe she should do more in the way of signing petitions and donating proceeds of her activewear sales.
Just an hour later she's back on her stories with videos of Fox, angering some fans because she shouldn't be on social media right now. Here is her response to one comment. This attitude suggests she isn't taking the situation seriously and is only posting BLM content to appease people calling her out on not doing so and to join the trend.
White Fox Boutique also uploaded a similar Instagram post. In the caption they explain that they waited to post so they could take the time to research and educate themselves. Since businesses promoting the Blackout Tuesday movement are also supposed to cease trading for the day, one could argue they actually waited because they launched Sarah's activewear collection today and that came first.

Wednesday, June 3
Sarah has gone silent today. She hasn't uploaded a single post or story since yesterday indicating she may be finally following the principles behind the Blackout Tuesday movement, albeit, a day late.

Thursday, June 4
Sarah is back on her stories to talk about why she's been silent and what she's been doing. Here's the video of her talking and here are screenshots of the content she added.
This image in particular caused a stir because it looks as if it's Sarah's own book collection when in actual fact it belongs to IG: our.tiny.monents and Sarah had just shared the picture and cropped out the tag. The owner behind our.tiny.moments took to her stories to call Sarah out on it but later appeared to have deleted them, probably due to backlash from Sarah's die hard fans. It's worth noting that clicking the image took you to the original account but it would have been better to have left the tag in place like she did with the other images.
She then posts the bandaid picture to her feed. These are some of the comments from that post, including Sarah liking and replying with the clapping hand emoji to a poster defending the photoshoot hairstyle as "just braids". These comment have now been deleted.
There is also this comment by Sarah which made some people laugh since she often uses the words "skin colour" when describing what colour pink she wants the walls in her new house. Here are two such quotes from the Reno Series video in which Sarah took a lot of heat for in the comments (deleted of course). "The flooring that Maddie chose for us is, this is more of the pink bathroom but as you can see it's not true pink, it's more of a nude, salmon, skin colour." She then goes on to say, "Then we're picking up the colours from the floor and doing a kind of pinky, skin colour, concrete sink." Sarah thinks nothing of using "skin colour" as a descriptor of anything beige, pink, nude in colour, as if they are the only skin colours that exist. Hopefully, by sharing this bandaid photo, she is showing she is finally learning that this kind of language reflects her privilage and low-key racism and is now growing as a person.

Friday, June 5 and Saturday, June 6
Over the past 24 hours Sarah has posted a mix of content to her stories. She posted these inspirartional images inbetween photos of her dinner, videos of Fox, as well as a sneak peak of her new La Bang product coming soon.
On Saturday she posts a workout video to her feed which attracted several comments from people saying she could be using her time better by supporting BLM. One such poster said Sarah would have had a better workout by joining a BLM protest (there was one in Sydney today). Sarah's response drew criticism as she blamed being a mother and Covid-19 as the reason she chose not to go. This reason would have been fine if it wasn't for the fact she could have left Fox with her parents like she does multiple times a week when she wants to workout, and if she and Kurt hadn't been disregarding lockdown rules since they were introduced (constantly seeing friends and family, picking up a surfboard for Fox from D.bowls, Kurt getting tattoos from a friend, Sarah getting beauty treatments to name but a few instances). These comments have now been deleted.

This is as far as I will update. People are still commenting on the situation and Sarah is still deleting comments and covering her tracks. In time, she will have censored everything relating to this drama and it will be as if it never happened.
Below I've posted media articles covering the story, a list of Sarah's sponsors and their response to all of this, as well as reactions from other influencers.
If you spot any errors in the timeline or anything I've missed or added that is a mistake, please let me know. If you have any screenshots that can add to the timeline, please post the link in the comments and I'll add them to this post.
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2020.05.23 13:34 HenryHolmesMD Mothers posing nude with their daughters

CH-2 Lucio’s Intern Lucio is jarred awake by the alarm at four A.M. He stretches, rubs his eyes and rolls out of bed. Using the light from his phone screen he makes his way to Elena’s room to wake her. Elena is on her side, bottom leg straight, top leg bent at the knee. Her cute ass peeking out from under her nightshirt, her lacy underwear covering half of each of her cheeks. Her face rested on her pillow, facing away from him with her hands up under her pillow. Lucio places his hand on her shoulder and gently shakes her awake. She blossoms from slumber rolling toward him her eyes opening. She smiles at him. “Time to get going,” he says. Elena groans and stretches. Pulls her shirt down as she rolls out of bed. Elena heads to the shower as Lucio makes a pot of coffee. He calls an Uber to take them to the airport. Lucio showers after Elena. When ready they quietly sip their coffee while waiting on their ride. When their ride arrives they head out with their carry-ons. Lucio puts them in the trunk and they get in the back seat. The flight was uneventful with Elena and her step father dozing on and off between flight attendant and pilot interruptions. They caught a taxi to the hotel and checked into their room. They have no meetings until the next morning so they don their swim suits and head to the pool. The pool is in the lobby of the hotel and has a swim up bar. Lucio runs a tab on the room bill and they enjoy the relaxing water and drinks. Before they realize it is five in the evening and they’re both pretty drunk. They have been day drinking since lunch it is time for dinner. They get out of the pool, wrap up in towels and stumble to their room giggling like kids. As they enter the room they are hit with arctic cold. The A/C in the room had been set to 65F/18C and it feels cooler with their damp towels and hair. Lucio changes the thermostat to a warmer set point and opens his towel to Elena for a body warming hug. Elena gladly accepts the invitation and cuddles up to Lucio’s warm body as he wraps his arms and towel around her. Feeling cozy and warm the alcohol flowing through her brain Elena looks into Lucio’s eyes and moves her lips toward his. Lucio’s inebriation does not allow him to resist her. They kiss, kind of an appreciation kiss by Elena for the experience of travelling with Lucio. Lucio did not interpret it in that way and the kiss continued as his heart rate increased and his head tingled. Elena felt the change in the kiss as it evolved into more of a romantic kiss. Her nipples responded as her heart rate elevates. Something makes them pull back. They look into each other’s eyes through their alcohol lenses then return to each others lips this time tongues become involved. Probing each other’s mouths, each taking turns sucking the other’s tongue. Lucio’s hands drop down Elena’s back to her ass. He pulls her waist to his. Elena feels her heart beat in her crotch as she realizes Lucio is pressing his hard penis against her mound. Elena grinds her mound against his hardness as they continue kissing as an acknowledgement that she feels his excitement and is feeling it too. Lucio picks Elena up and carries her into the bathroom. Lucio gently places Elena on her feet and releases her. She lets her towel drop to the floor as Lucio starts the shower. When he turns back to face Elena she has removed her swim suit and stands before him nude. Her hands down at her sides and her nipples rock hard, he takes in her beauty. She poses there frozen, she sees Lucio there in front of her. She sees a man that has her so excited and ready to fuck. She also sees her mother’s husband, her step father. She gets down on one knee and slowly begins undoing the string on Lucio’s swim trunks. She is giddy in anticipation. Her heart is pounding from the adrenaline and her head is foggy from the alcohol. Lucio stands still over her watching in amazement as this young girl shakily undoes his swim trunks. He could do it much quicker but the anticipation is an aphrodisiac. He is trying to lock it into his memory in case it is a dream and he wakes up. He feels himself teeter as the alcohol affects his balance. Elena’s hands, although shaking, finally gets the strings untied. With a deep breath she reaches into Lucio’s waistband and pulls his swim trunks down. As they slide down his thighs his hard cock is directed down against the waistband, pointing between his feet. As the waistband gets low enough his cock springs forward aiming right at Elena’s face. A flash of excitement rushes through Elena and settles in her vagina causing her clitoris to throb. Lucio feel his cock finally free and all out in the open for her inspection. He also realizes he is now exposed to his wife’s daughter, his step daughter. Elena gets down on her other knee, crosses her ankles and sits her ass down on them. She reaches out and wraps her fingers around his cock and pulls it down and to her lips. Lucio moans as she places a gentle kiss on the tip of his penis. Her tongue comes out like a snake and samples some pre-cum from the tip. She wraps her lips around his shaft just behind the head and sucks it a little as her tongue tickles his penis hole. Keeping her lips sealed around his shaft she slowly slides him into her mouth engulfing his penis. Somewhere in the back of her foggy mind she realizes this is the same penis her mother has sucked and has filled her mother’s vagina. She places her hands up on his hips. Lucio gets chills as she eases his throbbing cock into her warm young mouth, her lips on the outside sliding toward the base as he feels her tongue on the underneath side rubbing his cock. He gently places his hands on her head. She stops when her nose goes into his pubic hair and he feels her chin touch his balls. The head of his cock is wedged in the back of her mouth and he can feel her using her swallowing muscles in her throat to massage it. As slow as she went down, she withdraws pulling back and releasing his cock back to the grasp of her hand. She then stands, holding his cock, looks him in the eyes and then kisses him deep. She steps into the warm shower pulling him by his cock. They embrace and kiss again as the warm water showers their nude bodies. Lucio begins kissing her neck, then across her throat to the other side as she looks up to allow him under her chin. He can hardly catch a breath as his excitement builds knowing where he is going. His chest pounds with anticipation as he moves again under her chin. This time he moves down kissing his way down between her breasts. He releases the embrace and moves his hands down to her hips. She places her hands on his broad shoulders. He moves first to her right nipple, which is so hard, he takes it between his lips. She moans as shivers run up her spine. He rolls it, pulls it, circles her areola and flicks it with his tongue. Slowly he kisses across to her left nipple where the maneuver is repeated. Elena, her eyes closed enjoying all the attention on her hard throbbing nipples, realizes in her drunken state that her hips are making a humping motion. Lucio feels her hips moving as his hands are resting on them. He wants to put a hand between her legs and see how wet she is but he refrains. She will have to wait. As he moves in between her round breasts again he pauses. Elena ready for him to stick his face in her hot wet vagina subconsciously puts a little force to his shoulders. Lucio ignores her subconscious suggestion and again moves to her right breast and nipple again. Elena moans loudly this time. As he crosses between her breasts again on his way to her left breast and nipple he feels the hands gently suggesting he move lower. He even feels her pubic hair touching the hair on his chest as she thrusts her hips forward. He teasingly continues on to her left breast once again. Elena pushes her breast into his face hoping it will speed his progression. He moans on her nipple as he pulls his head back stretching it and pulling on her breast until it snaps out of the grasp of his lips. With a downward sweep he does not move back toward her right breast but down toward her naval. Lucio squats down as her hands come off of his shoulders and move to his head where she entangles her fingers in his hair. Lucio tongue fucks her belly button as she grunts, slowly humping her hips. Slowly, teasingly, he follows the fine dark trail from her belly button to her pubes. She wants his tongue and mouth on her horny pussy so bad she is almost trying to climb onto his face. Up on her toes, he is still pushing down on his head. He finally reaches heaven. He can smell her excitement and it makes his cock throb as he gets down on his knees. He gets to her mound then to the top of her slit. His tongue dips in and as it touches her throbbing clit she lets out a groan like she had been holding her breath, thrusts her pelvis forward and pushes hard on his head. Smashing his nose into her mound wanting his face buried in her pussy. She begins the orgasm that had been kept behind the dam of anticipation. He sucks, pulls and nibbles on her engorged little button and flicks it with his tongue. He circles it, laps at it as she holds on tight to his head. Her pelvis and hips jerking in spasms of orgasm. She lets out a long moan then sucks in another breath and holds it as she rides the wave of her orgasm. Her legs trembling, her knees weak. Lucio’s hands work their way from her young hips, around to the bottom of her ass cheeks. Elena feels his hands working around behind her and, while still thrusting her pelvis forward, relaxes her ass cheeks as much as she can and spreads her thighs wide. Lucio is clawing at her ass cheeks, pulling them apart, his fingers crawling toward her asshole. Elena’s knees start to give and she begins leaning back, holding tight to Lucio’s head as he holds her ass. Lucio lays her back as she comes to rest against the sloping back of the tub away from the pouring water. Her ass rests on Lucio’s hands. Her legs wind up over his shoulders her heels resting on his back, her knees resting against each side of the tub. Lucio works his hands out from under his young step daughter’s butt cheeks and slides them up the back of her thighs holding them against her and apart. Elena’s orgasm begins to subside allowing her to return to her drunken reality of her step father's tongue lapping at her pussy. Lucio now begins lapping at her with his tongue flattened and wide like a dog. He moves lower and lower until his tongue is slowly lapping across her asshole all the way up across her clit to her mound. Elena’s asshole involuntarily begins pulsing along with her pussy as another orgasm builds. Lucio catches his breath watching her holes yawning at him. His eyes roam up his step daughter’s nude wet body, to her breasts and rock hard engorged nipples. Returning to her groin he notices her pulsing vagina is producing a white frothy cream that has dribbled out of the bottom of her cunt and is running toward her asshole. He leans down, laps up her creamy juice and resumes his assault on her ass and pussy. He begins probing both now with his tongue rounded and pointy. Elena is again taken away by waves of orgasm and can only feel his tongue poking and pushing at her holes. The same tongue that has pleasured her own mother so many times. She grabs and pulls at her breasts and nipples as she cums. This time as her orgasm subsides she feels Lucio releasing her thighs as her as her knees move away from their pinning position and her feet come to rest on the edges of each side of the tub. Her eyes open as she focuses on Lucio up on his knees between her thighs his hands on her shins, his cock is bobbing up and down, pumping and pulsing, shooting streams of cum on her. It hits her stomach, her breasts, her legs, her neck and her crotch. His eyes are clenched as he groans with his orgasm. As the pumping ends he looks down and smiles at her. Seeing his semen spilled over his young step daughters sexy body. His erection fades. Lucio stands resting his hands on her shins and steps back under the shower unblocking the water so Elena can get his cum rinsed off. As he admires her body she scoops his semen up and brings it to her mouth where she laps it from her hand so sexily looking him in the eyes. She puts her legs down and allows her body to slide down the sloped back to the bottom of the tub as the shower rinses Lucio’s cum from her skin. She then stands up and gives him an appreciative kiss. They wash, rinse and exit the shower. They dry each other and get dressed for a later dinner than was originally planned. After a nice dinner, without alcoholic drinks, they had both sobered up and were quite ready for sleep before there meeting in the morning.
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2020.04.07 22:56 EricaShmericaOFF With nude mothers their daughters posing

Quarantine length Recap: Before the 90 Days of Our Lives
Big Egg & Rosemarie's Baby: WARNING: The events that occurred in the story below may cause reader loss of appetite, vomiting, and extreme unease. The author takes no responsibility for reporting the herein events.
Back at the hotel, Ed tries to pamper his "Queen" with a romantic, sexy foot massage. He suggests she changes into her pink polyester pjs and the hotel bathrobe, while he does a superhero pose/victory dance that she actually fell for it. Rose comes out to a champagne toast, as Ed busts out the mayo-infused massage oil to shine up her leg hair. He then asks how to say the word kiss in her language, which turns out to be "halik". Rose should have seen where this was going....the whole scene outwardly looked like "To catch a Predator" and I kept waiting for Chris Hansen to barge in. Ed haliked Rose on the lips for 0.3 seconds and proclaimed it was the The next morning Big Egg woke sunny-side up with his cascading mayo locks, peering over at Rosemarie as she was laying in bed. Big Ed confirmed they enjoyed a passionate evening together with the aide of the champagne and he was excited to do it again. Rosemarie complained that Ed's beard was scratchy on her face, but it just might be the microdermabrasion she needs and goes along with the spa theme of their relationship. On the subject of body hair, Ed mentions that Rosehairy had some Yeti legs going on and they made a shaving pact; her legs for his face. After the sheering commenced, they traveled back to her hometown to meet her family and see where she lives. A disheveled Ed is walking around in that orange shirt like a melting little creamsicle, taking in the sites and scents of former Rosehairy's town. Ed meets Rose's son, Prince, who promptly calls him Daddy, and it's just getting harder to pick out the cringiest part of this episode. The couple walked beyond the CD cover curtain that revealed Rose's entire family shouting "surprise" with a welcome feast. They asked Ed what he thought about the house, which was decorated with floral sheets over cinder blocks, a shabby jail chic style. There were piles of toys and cages with bunnies- Why were there cages of bunnies?!? There were kittens and a rooster invited to dinner (who was invited first, the chicken or Big Egg?) Rose's brother in law was wearing Tania's signature pink t-shirt to show his support for the show. Rose's dad was late to the party, but arrived looking skeptical of poor Ed, sweating buckets. Ed brings up the issue of Rose's sister asking him for money, which I think will be the theme of next week.
Prince Joffrey & Varya: First things first, their intro music is always the best. After a full week of his Russian tour, it's time for Prince Joffrey to head to Siberia to meet the Queen Mum. Varya explains that mom doesn't want her to move to the U.S., which seems like she and Joffrey have a lot in common already. The couple hopped aboard a plane for the 5 hour flight to Siberia. They took a video of themselves in the bathroom, joining the "Mile High Club". I'm impressed that they both fit in an airplane bathroom, and hope they listened to the Trans-Siberian orchestra to get in the mood. On the far drive to the house, Varya asks what present Joffrey is bringing for her mother, which of course the answer is nipple tats. Additionally, he stops to pick weeds from the side of the road, which hopefully she isnt allergic to. They arrive at Varya's mother's apartment and we are introduced to her mom, Larissa, the human crossword puzzle. It was hard to pay attention to the scene, as I was just trying to figure out if there was a hidden message in her mom's dress. Varya described her mom as a traditional, tough Siberian woman, which I pictured more like someone from Game of Thrones, House Starke. But alas, there was no wolf pelt jacket, pet tigers or even a siberian husky.......only a nice lady with an alphabet dress and meat dumplings. Varya's mom must've done her Google homework on Joffrey, as she seemed concerned for Varya's safety. Looks like next week is confession time for Joffrey, as hes about to come clean about his criminal past to Varya. Do you know the traditional way to say "goodbye" in Siberia? Znippletatz.
BGL & Assman: Meanwhile, back at the Sokoto Motor Murder Lodge....... BGL is alone in the Chalet suite and annoyed, yet again, since Assman left her for way too long while walking his friend out. It seems as though Assman has hit a breaking point with his babylove and doesn't want to feel like he's on lockdown with her (good thing it wasn't Coronavirus time yet). Babygirl listens, scowling, while Sojaboy suggests that maybe they go their separate ways. I can see where BGL is frustrated and confused. I think she's analyzing their relationship like Dwight Schrute: 1. "I'll be there for you" FALSE. You were outside with your friend for 34 minutes and left me alone
2."I'll say a prayer for you" FALSE. You just said I was not God.

  1. "I'll shave my leg hair for you" FALSE. That was Rose In the next scene, BGL is alone, after Sojaboy took off into the night. I think she needs to take a nice, cold bucket shower and relax. He returns at 2am Sokoto time to discuss their argument and his valid concerns about Babygirl trying to control him. With his hookah in hand, he tells her that he respects her as a person, but they can't be fighting all day 'erry day. He fears that his life will be like "Misery" in the U.S. with his Babygurl Kathy Bates calling the shots. BGL explains that she's just tired from traveling and sleeping on box springs and inhaling second hand hookah. They seemed to have made up for now, and it looks like there will be a goat purchase next week. Can't wait.
Darcey and Tomfoolery: Darcey, leaving her 80 lbs of overnight luggage with the hostess, glided into the lounge and snubbed Tom's kiss greeting, only allowing a handshake. (That's the kind of passive-aggressive shade I'm into!!). Tom scoffs, and awkwardly stares at her, unsure of where to start the conversation. Darcey makes chit chat, before going in for the digs, making comments about his lack of enthusiasm on her 15th birthday (I mean 45th) and his lack of correspondence. She's doing a lot of fast blinking, teeth clenching, hair twirling and ambivalent shrugging. Tom asks what happened to their relationship, which caused minor puddles to form in her eyes. But Darcey heard her inner voice say "you be strong, bitch", and hung in. Tom goes on to say that Darcey is emotionally unavailable towards him, while she accused him of trying to hide the other woman he neglected to mention. He admits he met someone who loves him the way he needs to be loved, then drones on to say that Darcey talked about her past relationship with Jesse too much, which is an illusion. He says he loves Darcey like Peppa Pig, aka his sister, to which she says shes done, to which he says try not to ruin the next one, to which she says "Check, please! I'll buy his coffee", like a boss. They continued making high school jabs until Tom pulled the ultimate jerk move and asked if she had gained weight. Darcey finally got up and left, lugging her rock collection along in her suitcase. There was an appropriate amount of crying afterwards and I was proud of her. This storyline is 100% categorically done and dusted.
The NewYork State of Health Guy in the commercials in between: What a creep. He keeps telling me to wash my hands but like a "perp"on SVU.....oh wait. I'm not supposed to be recapping him...
Stephanie & Erika not Shmerika: The girls are off to their day date plans of crafting with their boobies. The objective was to make a literal bust of each others busts and then decorate it with paint and sparkles. Though I loved everything about the studio decor and the instructor, the project itself was a bit odd, if for no other reason than where would one display that afterwards? Stephanie felt uncomfortable getting to second base in front of the other crafters and cameras. When asked by another boobie-crafter about their future plans of being together, Erika didn't sound too keen on picking up and moving any time soon. This seemed like news to Stephanie, though you assume they would have talked about this before. After they cleaned off their plaster boobs, the girls got dressed up and went for a fancy dinner. Stephanie got Erika a "hair vine" accessory as a gift so she could feel like a princess. (She probably would've preferred a fun colored platic/rhinestone tiara from Claire's). At dinner, Stephanie brought up the fact that she's more prude in person than she appears online, and she was also feeling "uncomfortable" about seeing a dating app on Erika's phone. Erika deletes the app, though she claims to only be using it for business, and storms out of the restaurant leaving her hair accessory behind. She feels like Stephanie is taking control lessons from the BGL handbook. You know what I think? Where are the damn koalas already???!!
Yolander, party of one, Yolander: Are we still doing this? We've been watching this woman pretend to book a plane ticket for over a month, but this time she was wearing saltine crackers on her ears. (Maybe they were matzah for Passover tomorrow night?) After getting everyone in the mood for cheese and crackers....we watched Yolander's daughter Karra deliver the hard truth that Williams is infact Sojaboy. Yolander is in complete disbelief that her British bombshell is actually a Nigerian scammer after receiving an email trying to extort money in exchange for her provocative photos. I mean, at this point, who even cares anymore. I think the fact that she thought this man was British is more embarrassing than any nude photo. Let's be done with Yolander, please/thanks.
Avery & Ashtray: Avery is pleased with her internet boyfriend, despite the interview last week with his brother, Jafar. She and Ashtray set off on a "couples retreat" to tropical northern Australia. They went on a beach side picnic to discuss their relationship and Avery brought up some concerns. She wants to know the truth about meeting his ex wife and his son, without his rehearsed relationship coach mumbo jumbo. Hopefully they'll be able to enjoy their vacation and someone will pet a damn koala.
Missing this week was David, who may actually be missing since he's driving on some dangerous road in the Ukraine to meet his imaginary friend.
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