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My last partner and i would likely both appear rather 'vanilla' from the outside, but discovered through our relationship we both happened to share a lot of the same kinks. I'm hesitant to put an ad on Craigslist or something, as i am basically trying to find a relationship that has a shared kink component, but don't necessarily want sex to be ... King's Quest 3: To Heir is Human is the third in a long-running fantasy adventure game series by Sierra On-Line. This follows after the previous game, King's Quest 2: Romancing the Throne.You play as Gwydion, slave to the evil wizard Manannan. 50 relationship questions to create better love. Sit down with your partner on a lazy Sunday afternoon, ask each other these questions and have an open mind. To make it easier for your partner so they don’t assume any of these are trick questions, you answer first so they know your views too. This is where “Delaine The Brat” comes out in the D/s relationship — and boy does she love to push. Poking at my Dom, testing him, trying to break his rules and, in some ways, undermine his ... Perhaps email your partner(s) a link to an article about BDSM asking what they think about it. While some people prefer to discuss sexual interests prior to getting into bed, arousal can be a powerful tool. One of the easiest ways to tell your partner about your kink is through dirty talk. In the BDSM world, “Dominant” is a word that’s thrown around a lot. Being a Dom can seem very appealing. Most are men who want to be more dominant sexually in bed, but also in their relationships, and even in life in general. Unfortunately, there are a lot of fake Doms out there. How can you make sure you’re not acting like one? Or if you’re a submissive, what should you look for in ... Come on your partner Allow your partner to come on you Once you’ve found some ideas that you’re both interested in, talk about how you might be able to incorporate them into your sex life.

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Hey y’all! I have kind of a silly post/question. My new husband and I are trying to find “stay at home” friendly ways to celebrate our wedding/new marriage, as we weren’t able to have the traditional wedding/honeymoon we planned for. We decided, with spending so much time at home together, this is a great time to explore some new kinks. We have engaged very lightly in a few kinks we knew we had interest in (light bondage, d/s play, role play, voyuerism, exhibitionism, among others) and we’ve found a random A-Z list of kinks. I think we plan to make our own A-Z list and maybe taking a couple of weeks per kink to really explore the different ways it could be practiced.
My question is, does anyone who has engaged in any of these types of play or have any suggestions for how/what to explore? Something particularly underrated about a kink that we should definitely try before moving on to the next one? For example, I’m sure exploring a foot fetish takes more than rubbing someone’s feet during sex or attempting a foot job; what are other forms of foot worship we shouldn’t skip over?
Additionally, does anyone have alternative suggestions for any of the letters A-Z? There is a kink list in the FAQ, but what it links to no longer exists. No shade to any particular kink, there are just a few on here that we know already we aren’t really into so we’re looking for multiple options.
I’d love any suggestions!
Kinks listed below, they came from a magazine article we stumbled across that sparked this idea: A-age play B-bondage C-cuckolding D-dominance E-electrostimulation (might switch this to edging, as “zapper” seems similar) F-foot fetish G-gagging H-humiliation I-impact play J-Japanese bondage K-klismaphilia L-limits M-masochism N-nylons O-objectum sexuality P-pregnancy fetish Q-quirofilia R-role play S-spectrophilia T-tentacles U-urophilia V-voyuerism W-whip X-wax play Y-yoni egg Z-zapper
Thanks, everyone!
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2020.06.16 02:10 Cockatoo8958 24 [m4mf] homoflexible guy wants to watch a couple

I've assumed I was 100% super gay all my life, but being stuck inside has basically made me challenge that. So basically I'd like to see some straight sex in person, just to see how I feel about it. Super no pressure, I'll probably just watch. So if you've got a bit of a voyuer fantasy, or just looking to help a confused guy in need, hit me up.
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2020.06.05 13:18 MetalCoat420 Beach voyuer new

Hello, I'm a married man with very little experience, but lots of curiousities. Recently, I discussed with my wife the idea of me exploring my sexuality. We are both excited to find someone that will make us feel comfortable as I begin my sexual journey.
Some kinks include Bi-Curious, Giving/Recieving Blowjobs, Voyuerism, Femdom, Pegging, Cuckqueaning, and more.
We have never done anything like this before, but are very interested in trying it. She would not touch you at all, unless invited to join. You can be any gender, race & sexuality as long as you're okay with my wife being present. We are both white, I am 5'5" with a nice 7 inch cock. Check my post history if curious.
I would prefer for her to watch, but if the vibe is right, there is always the potential for us to invite her to join. This isn't a priority, but it is definately on the bucket list.
We could get a hotel room or host. Weekends would be ideal. I would be open to a one night stand or potentially a long term thing.
I live in NNJ and am 420 friendly. My favorite types of music include Pop Punk, Rocksteady or Reggae.
If you think you would be a good fit for me, please feel free to send me a message.
I look forward to hearing from you. If you made it this far in the post, please start off the conversation by telling me your favorite boardgame.
Bi-curious & Married
Note: This would all take place POST-Covid
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2020.05.24 06:59 HQphillipsexeter Beach voyuer new

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2020.05.21 02:38 ForcedFedTrauma New voyuer beach

I never have sudden urges to look up anything too risque. Always reading about how users looking up abnormal categories or have a insane sex drive.
My only problem is "finding" those perfect videos, tabbin them out, only to find myself repeating the process after watching just a few minutes of my GOLDEN Videos. I LOVE LOVE love the "hunt"; don't get me wrong, but I also realize it's a waste of time if I hyper focus too much on my fap time. My rule of thumb is....if the movie in the background ends and I can't get it up. Game Over Keep busy for an hour or two. Then try again!
Only additional detail is Ieft out is I got sucked into Candid videos one stimmed night. Asses in Yoga Pants and Leggings; all them Instagram stars. After awhile I was thinking my headphones are on why!? Then, realized I'm stuck in yoga pants/leggings JOI world. Ain't no pleasure going on obviously. So...I GUESS that "non usual porn."
Anyway. I still have my 2-3 hour sessions (Thank the Lord not much longer) mostly amateur stuff nowadays, then off to play Video Games and organize (But not in any effective way) my bedroom. /Endrant
Not Related:
Sometimes I'll smoke around 6pm. 5-6 hits and be up for 24hr. Is that the cut? Other times I'll pass out after 12-14hrs. Other times I NEED to wait it out or have that rare thing called a landing gear. How y'all deal with the sleep depression. I always eat, and drink plenty water too....
Tdlr: Not into Freaky stuff while stimming. Had one candid/voyuer moment and that's as freaky as I got. Oh! And mastered 2 hour sessions . Give up. Then try again later!
Stay Safe Everybody. This has been a fun phase and I tend to keep it that way! Never have it easily accessible and always eat, sleep, and take the few day breaks!
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2020.02.15 02:31 CDiablos Beach voyuer new

Hi there! I'm 18+ and looking to do a mature themed roleplay preferably on Discord, but here is fine too. I am mainly looking for fandoms tonight. We can also chat, as I enjoy making new friends!
IMPORTANT NOTE: These pairs do come with ideas, briefly summarized and are all MxF, but for post length sake, I will discuss them further with you after you tell me which one or ones you're interested in via Reddit PM or Reddit Chat! All characters will be 18+! Work in progress ones are open for discussion!
Fandoms include:

  • YuYu Hakusho (Youko Kurama x OC, Kurama x OC)
    (Character in love with Youko but never met him)
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe (Loki x OC, Captain America x OC, Tony Stark x OC [Work in progress])
    (Loki: Rescues character, Captain America: Siren woman seduces him.)
  • X-Men Movies (Quicksilver x OC, Deadpool x OC [Work in progress])
    (Quicksilver: Secret crush trope)
  • Tales series (Zelos Wilder [Symphonia] x OC, Yuri Lowell [Vesperia] x OC, Rokurou [Berseria] x OC, Eizen [Berseria] x OC)
    (Zelos: After the game, character reunites with him. Yuri: Childhood best friend. Rokurou: Character is an exorcist, Eizen: Siren woman tries to change for him.)
  • Slayers (Xelloss x OC [Work in progress], Zelgadiss x OC [Work in progress])
  • YuGiOh (Joey Wheeler x OC x Ryou Bakura)
    (Character crushes on Joey and Bakura falls for her)
  • Suggest others, I might know them!
  • Fantasy
  • Slice of Life (Sometimes)
  • Romance (This is a must for any RP but does not have to be the main!)
  • Ask me!
I can write up to a paragraph or more for replies, in past or present tense, prefer third person.
I will do either descriptions or pictures for my characters, your choice. If you prefer pictures, tell me your preference on NSFW vs SFW pictures.
I am open to playing multiple characters.
I am over 18 and expect you to be as well.
I also ask that you be polite and if you decide you aren't interested after we start talking, just let me know. Also, if we do start an RP, and you won't be available, let me know. I will do the same.
I am a switch. I can dom or sub.
Following is a list of my kinks I will do and those I won't do.
  • Taboos
  • Spanking (Receiving)
  • Voyuerism and Exhibitionism
  • Dom characters in the right mood!
  • Slash pairings, preferred as secondary though.
  • Again, suggest! I'm still exploring!
  • Urine and other body fluids. (Cum and Saliva are okay)
  • Pain kinks like choking
  • Humiliation (Being called a slut is fine, being berated is not okay.)
  • Real Celebrities (Sorry, nothing against it, just not comfortable with it)
  • If I find others, I will add them.
For a visual of list:
Feel free to chat me or DM me and we can talk things through! And if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me here in the comments or a message! I will not give out Discord info unless we talk over messages first, and never in the comments. I hope to hear from you!
When/If you message me, tell me your favorite holiday so I know you read the whole thing!
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2020.01.15 15:07 kenh3825 Beach voyuer new

Looking for a couple who would be interested in having me watch them play this weekend. No reciprication or involvement from me is required. I just want to sit on the bed and watch you two enjoy each other. You host preferably but I'd be open to paying for a hotel if hosting is not an option. Hit me up and let me know if you are interested. I will travel for the right couple. DD free other than that I am not picky. Hope to see you soon.
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2019.12.14 15:42 blaito Beach voyuer new

I'm looking for voyuer pictures or videos of ladies at topless beaches that have absolutely humongously large tits. So enormous that they're impossible to ignore and their physical volume almost gets in the way. While topless in quite awesome, it tends to be a similar body type that is posted.
Thanks in advance o7
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2019.11.13 07:25 Tyberius_Morganstern Beach voyuer new

Hey guys and gals! Been a little bit since I've put a message here and even longer since I've really updated what I'm looking for! So this time around I'd very much like to find those who I can have more long term roleplay with. Be it more detailed and drawn out scenes or just a series of one shots. Plenty of flexibility when it comes to scenes so let's work something out!
As for who messages me I'm really not picky! I like hearing from you all. :)
Kinks: Anal, messy cumshots, breeding, romance, petplay, size difference, bondage, degredation, dirty talk, rough sex, face fucking, sex toys, voyuerism, exhibitionism, watersports, biting, scratching, spanking, teasing, frotting, striptease and honestly many others, if you want to include something just ask!
Limits: Gore, vore, macro/micro, hypno, transformation, scat.
And I do have Telegram! It's Tyberius_Morganstern
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2019.10.22 13:37 taskmaster56 Beach voyuer new

I don’t know why I pursue you. It’s not that Ilove you but you turn me on. Am I gay? Am I bi? I don’t really know. Maybe I’m a voyuer. Do I enjoy seeing people having sex? For now, I don’t really. But what I know is that you long for someone. Someone “hundred of miles” away from here, from you. It got me excited and hurt(? maybe). Truly what I discovered then was not new but it was something. If there is one question I could ask you it would be, why? Why hide behind the curtains? Do you really have a crush on Abi? Or you’re just using her name to mask your identity. It’s not that it’s my business but why. From the arivadecci(?) to hundred of miles to the replies from twitter. It really confirms my suspicion. Hays if only I’ve been a good friend ahahahaha.
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