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Welcome to /cowboys! The official subreddit of the Dallas Cowboys

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Se can be a very 'intuitive' function, in the colloquial sense of the word, I was thinking about this the past few days.
When you perceive and just "get" the playout of forces in a room/context you are using Se.
I remember back in middle school I was sitting next to my ESFP deskmate and some substitute teacher was keeping an eye on us in a class but we weren't doing any work/teaching, just supervising us so we stay quiet and don't do stupid stuff. We technically weren't allowed with our phones in class, but people slowly started using their phone under their desks, trying not to be obvious.
However, it was obvious, the teacher knew everyone was on their phones. It was a weird sort of "pretending we don't notice each other" thing where they were trying to not disturb this balance. Sort of similar to when you were a kid and you didn't want to go home to drink a glass of water because the parents would keep you in, but they were ok at the moment with letting you out or weren't actively telling you to come home.
I tried pulling my earphones out to listen to music. My ESFP deskmate told me not to and that we can only stay on our phones without listening to music on earphones because that would be "too much" but obviously it was hard to explain in words because, like I said, here Se is a very intuitive function. It's simply a play of forces in the room that you "get". From a logical NeTi point of view that made no sense, if we're allowed with our phones why aren't we allowed with earplugs? But I have role Se (and Se subtype) so I still knew exactly 100% what he was referring to, I just wanted to consciously and intentionally go against it because I didn't like it/agree with it.
Fortunately the teacher was ISFJ so she was actively ignoring Se too and was ok with me using earbuds, but that still doesn't deny the fact that there was some sort of field of forces "out in the air" that you could perceive correctly or not, and my ESFP classmate was right about me using earbuds disturbing that field of forces.
Another example is when it comes to recurring patterns. I noticed that Pe functions deal a lot with recurring patterns in a weird way, even if they're extraverted (objective) functions. I guess it has to do with how they work with ignoring/control Pi. Similarly to how Ne perceives "that kind of person" archetypes (starterpacks , etc.) which is related to obsessive control Ni, Se perceives the repeating archetypes playing out in the real world, the control Si.
The best example is when I was a kid and you were expected to play out in a certain way. Se doms were attuned to it in the most natural way, there is an 'external reality' way of behaving and you conform to it. Like how they attune to whatever is hip, popular, etc. it also includes recurring patterns of behavior. This makes them very predictable.
This manifests in the smallest things like when there is a noise and all the Se doms turn their heads to look at that noise, but not in a "being scared" weak Se way, they are confidently manipulated by whatever produces the loudest noise, most impactful visuals, etc. They literally, physically, turn their heads. And if they're extraverted subtypes they'll probably expect or force you to do the same in some sort of way, to "put people in line" and make them conform to the external, objective, reality. To mobilize them to respond and react to whatever is happening here and now.
When Se gets "intuitive" in perceiving these sort of recurring patterns is better explained with an example. Again, in primary and middle school, there were all sorts of "archetypes" and recurring patterns with how kids were expected to respond to teachers and other authority figures. The teacher would ask you why you did X bad thing, and it was rhetorical, you weren't supposed to respond, just look at them with a guilty expression and not say anything and continue doing it when they weren't watching next day. And then they'd ask you why you aren't responding, and it was again rhetorical, you were supposed to just bow down, and it became some sort of "game" shortly. A game of obedience, of how the forces play out.
Obviously, I have role Se, so I am perfectly aware of these kinds of patterns, but to some it may seem I have weaker Se because I feel that my role is to intentionally repress Se and go against it (super-ego). So as a Ne dom I played the role of the smartass who knows what they were 'supposed' to say but intentionally went against it and responded logically: I once answered one of those rhetorical questions a teacher asked me, the teacher asked me why am I "responding"/speaking against to her (translated to romanian it's more of a bad word, like rebelling against), I then asked her why is she asking me a question if she doesn't want me to respond. That was unexpected, the class laughed, the teacher's brain crashed for a second, I was the smartass. Checkmate, Se doms.
From a logical Ne point of view, it obviously made sense, and the people who weren't at least PoLR Ne were aware of the "field of ideas" that simply exists 'out in the air' of Ne, that passive acceptance of reality and possibilities where you take each idea and then analyze it, where, technically, if you don't want them to answer your question, why ask it? But most were probably also aware of the Se 'field of forces' in that you were supposed to bow your head down and not say anything. Funny shit.
The last instance in which I saw Se act in a colloquially "intuitive" manner is when judging aesthetics/clothing, in the manner of "putting people in line" towards the common/'expected' way of dressing. You enter a room, you notice the visual 'impact' it has towards you, everyone is wearing a suit, you get the archetype of a civilized, respectful class. But then you see a kid in the back with piercings and eyeliner and shorts, suddenly they're "breaking the balance", they're sticking out and they're not fitting in that archetype of a self-respected civilized class, and if you're an xSxP, depending on your personal values and subtype, you can choose to tell that person to dress accordingly or to praise them.
You then go at a rock concert. You see people dressed in leather jackets, skull t-shirts, ripped jeans, motorcycles, you take one big view at the crowd, you get the "essence" of how everyone is dressed. Then you see a guy in casual clothing with an angry birds t-shirt. Se is the function perceiving this and telling you they don't fit in with the 'theme' of the concert. If you're an SP, depending on your personal values and subtype, you can tell them to fuck off and dress accordingly to the concert theme, or laugh it off.
And of course it doesn't need to be one person sticking out of a crowd. You can use Se to judge single people as well. My ISTP friend used to constantly "get" the overall image of how I dress and say how I always dress like shit basically, because I'm not conforming to the constructed (constructed functions = Se, Ni, Te, Fi) social standards of certain archetypes. When I came to his 18th birthday party, he told me not to come in my angry birds t-shirt, instead take something more elegant, or cooler, because else I am giving the impression and 'vibe' of a 10 year old kid. Perceiving those vibes is using Se. Attuning to those vibes is valuing Se.
In math class, I came to school wearing eyeliner and nail polish, but I kept wearing my uniform and the rest of the dress code. My teacher took a look at me and after being internally conflicted for a bit eventually decided that "it's a bit too much" and that I should stop wearing it and come to school accordingly. That's not because I'm sticking out of the crowd, I could be the only person in the class, or all the boys could come like that and Se would still have the same problem.
My Ne was the passively-accepting cold, 'logical' approach: if girls can wear eyeliner why can't boys too? What's the difference? Tell me the actual concrete differences between the two! And I'm a Ne dom, so that's what came out of my mouth. But deep down I knew exactly what he was talking about and was agreeing with him 100% because my Se is good enough (Agreeing that it didn't fit the archetype he was thinking about, not that I have a reason to folloow it).
The reason is because when girls did it (in that specific context in class, don't wanna generalize it) they were still fitting in that archetype of "student conforming to dress code" but when I did it, I stepped a bit out of it and entered that "goth/emo" archetype, which, with Se, you just intuitively "get"/perceive. My teacher's intentions weren't sexist, even if the outcome was, because if a girl were to paint her eyes full of black eyeshadow and come with goth accessories he'd say the same thing.
Se is the function that simply reacts to patterns of behavior without asking why. This is why Se doms impulsively react to whatever is front of them, whatever produces the biggest impact. Ne is suppressing Se. Ne is the function that stops and asks: why, why are we doing this? What is the reason? Do we just act like that, mindlessly? Why is it unacceptable when a boy wears nail polish, what are the concrete differences? Why should we hide our phones from the teacher when she knows we are using them, and we know she knows? Why are you asking me a question and then getting mad when I answer it?
My last note is about how we should understand each other better. It's normal to assume about people whose one of our ego functions is another one's super-ego (our supervisee, conflictor, business and super-ego) that they are not aware of our ego (their superego) functions, when in fact they are but are actively going against it.
For an NP, if they don't know enough typology, it's expected to come to the conclusion that SPs are a bunch of mindless brainwashed sheep who just act and conform to whatever conventions and patterns they are seeing in the moment. That is far from the truth. SPs have mental Ne (either PoLR or role). They are more aware of Ne than any xxxJ type. They just choose to actively ignore it, instead preferring the short-term vision of using the already existing (possibly nonsensical) conventions to their best advantage.
An SP knows that not answering a teacher's question makes no sense, or that hiding your phone when everyone knows that you are on your phone makes no sense, or that your parents keeping you inside after entering the house makes no sense, and that if there was enough will, we could change those conventions, but they just choose to ignore those contradictions and focus on using the already existing conventions/institutions/etc. to their best advantage.
Similarly, an SP might assume about NPs that they are so oblivious to their environment and to society, that they simply don't understand the language of force and obedience, that they are so dumb that they don't realize that coming in shorts to a business meeting is inappropriate to the context. Again, this is false, they are perfectly aware of it by having mental Se, they just choose to actively ignore it and instead wish for a better future, for social change, for changing the conventions. They know that you are expected, by the external reality, to act in some sort of way, but they choose to actively go against it.
Central quadras (betas and gammas), who value Se, prefer to work in the already existing conventions and institutions to use them to their max potential, even if they're not perfect. Peripheral quadras (alphas and deltas), who value Ne, prefer to always choose the best convention/method/institution appropriate for the specific, decentralized, context, to ignore the established methods of doing things and opt for social change.
No one is in any shape or form more "correct", there are simply different strategies with advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of peripheral quadras is progress and idealism: when we are stuck doing things the same old ways we don't progress. The advantage of central quadras is mobilization, and coherence/cohesion1: when everyone is redefining their methods of doing things all the time there is chaos, there is no cohesion, we can't all work together to achieve a greater goal. Keeping these things in mind we can better understand people more 'alien' to us.
As an analogy look at how different countries are treating this Coronavirus pandemic. In Romania the decisions have been decentralized according to the subsidiarity principle, each school has their own rules and regulations, each city and village has their own quarantine measures. The advantage is that each local institution can choose their own best way of dealing with the pandemic, and what is best for one in particular may not be the best for everyone. The disadvantage is chaos, each school has their own rules, doctors don't know exactly how to approach treatments because each school wants different papers etc. proving you don't have covid, it is a mess.
Similarly, we can make the analogy that Ne-valuing types view the world in a decentralized way, while Se-valuing types view the world in a centralized way. Do you conform for the sake of coherence or do you choose to go against the norm and say stop, let's do things differently. That is the question.
Final note: You can see the central/peripheral divide when it comes to definitions/semantics too, but I already talked about that in my previous posts. Central quadras with the view that we should stick to society's definitions for coherence and peripheral quadras thinking they should always be redefined so we use the best terms for the conversation.
1: I was about to say predictability, but that's rather Si than Se. Coherence and cohesion are better terms for Se's agenda. Predictability and, in some way, stability, or harmony, is Si's agenda.
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An advertisement from Shallon’s insta showed up on my recommended, and I was, frankly, appalled;
I don’t know who in the HELL said that feeding a PUPPY antlers was okay, but they’re ESPECIALLY damaging for pups that haven’t grown in their adult teeth. Even for adult dogs, antlers are NOT recommended because they can be hard on the teeth/gums, particularly for older dogs. The pet industry is NOT highly regulated, so you’ll find all kinds of products out there that are more harmful for your pup than you’d expect.
Pig ears, which she specifically mentions are bad, are a raw hide—they’re literally dried out skin—I HAVE NEVER SEEN THEM SPLINTER, and I’ve used them with success on all 3 puppies I’ve raised, as well as with clients, and I recommend them to my clients for their dogs. Likewise, pig ears are generally wide enough where you don’t have to worry about the hazard of swallowing them, however ALL CHEWS should be monitored when they’re given to a dog.
Likewise, if your dog is driving you crazy, mental stimulation goes A LOOOOONG WAY with pups. Get them a puzzle; the most consistently enjoyed by my clients are the balls/Kongs that dispense food, but you can also do more intricate puzzles, you can do a mat where nosework is required to find food (that’s something you can DIY, if need be), you can do training with them, you can teach them hide and seek (whether that’s w/ you or a toy), and EVEN SMALL DOGS need two good 20 min walks in a day to properly exercise them—a puppy may require more.
Please, if you have any questions, give your vet a call; this kind of misinformation can be so damaging to new dog owners, and ultimately makes it so much more difficult when the family brings a trainer in because “xxx influencer said I can do THIS”. I promise you, I’ve done my research and education, I speak to vets, and I’m a member of the IAABC. It’s not my intention to lead anyone astray or spread hate, I’m here because I want families to have a happy, fulfilling relationship with their pets.
Her comments are limited, so there’s nothing I can do on the post, itself.
Best wishes, A dog trainer
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I have been hesitant to post this, as it feels too personal. But ever since I realised my mom is not only a codependent (that I know for a while) but also a covert narc (that I only realised a few days ago), I have been feeling overwhelmed. In a way, I am relieved. For a long time, I wanted to know what's wrong with my relationship with my mom, why can't we just be a normal family. Now at least I know why. However, this is certainly a mind fu*king experience. Because I didn't know there was anything dubious about her motherly intention. She has always been this good mom, maybe emotional, but whose mom isn't. At least, she always has my best interests at heart. Or so I thought.
This is perhaps the reason I feel the need to write down all the things, that in retrospect, are not right. I will also try to remember how I felt back then. Been living in the covert narc (CN) bubble for so long that sometimes, I feel my memories seem to have layers, underneath the rose tinted childhood/adolescence, there was this dark place always lingered in the background that I have only come to realise it by now.
I figure, if I can write down all those little details, I can be reminded, it's not me. And I can start to heal. And if anyone comes across similar experience, maybe we can support each other in our healing journey. Also, I want to have a shout out to all the CN parents' adult children, all those things that seem trivial actually can (and have) cause damages. It's not a shame to admit that yes, we never got abused physically, we had good shelter and education, and seemly normal childhood, but the abuse is as real as any other abuse. When we can recognise it as what it truly is, we can heal from it.

  1. First thing first, now I am sure that, all the persons in my life that I have ever loved (or so my CNmom thought) were badmouthed by her at certain point. First are my grandparents (from my dad's side). I remembered CNmom told me my grandparents didn't like me when i was still in kindergarten(!). I knew it was not true (as I can certainly feel their love) but I didn't question her intention either. I just thought maybe my grands didn't like my mom and it was not cool...I wish I had more chances to visit my grandparents and tell them I truly loved them and I know they truly loved me. And then there is my dad. I am a daddy's girl. (i came to know earlier in my life that my dad has a huge ego. Later on I realised he is an overt narc. But I have to say, other than trying to control my career-and i don't give him the chance now--he didn't do too much damage to my life. Or put it this way: much less damage than my CNmom). And there would always be this narrative that my dad treated my mom wrongly. My dad was not how he looked like to me (yes, my mom said that to me several times. basically telling me my own dad is two-faced). Then there are all my ex boyfriends. The classic line would be: your dad doesn't approve him/like him/think you can do's never her idea. It's always my dad's. yet my dad never told me any of this in person. How naive I was to believe all her lies? The funniest would be I came to know her college professor's wife when i was 12 . I grew to like her and she, me. Then, surprise, I started to hear these stories from my CN mom that the professor's wife never liked my mom when my CNmom was in college...Yet the professor's wife wrote me a letter and sent me a nice pen as a gift when I went to does this add up? I wonder... So that's that, all the persons I remember having been close to me emotionally (other than my girl friends, thank god she gave them a pass...but she does, sometime, badmouth their parents...), have been cut off from my life in the way I only realised by now.
In my then mind: although I knew all those emotional connection were real, I did believe what she said and started to doubt maybe they were not as nice as they appeared. And I would never forget how she tried (and unfortunately succeed) to sabotage my first real boyfriend (the one I thought was the one and may as well be if not for her constant nagging 'your dad doesn't like him'...)
  1. I loved dance. I still do. I feel I am my happiest when i am dancing. I may be not the best or super talented but I am decent (I won medals as a student in an amateur competition). But why it matters? What matters is when I dance, I am my happiest. But the only professional training I received was in kindergarten. Even then, She told me I was not as flexible as she was (she used to be a gymnast). And that's enough reason to not send me to any more trainings. I remembered she sent me to an audition for a prestigious art school when I was 7, I didn't get the spot. That's the end. I had to find the dance class myself using my allowance when I was 16. (Though if I really wanted to become a dancer, I can still be a professional! A shout out to all the people who think they are too old to start anything! It's never too late! I personally know a guy who started training professionally at 20!! and now he is a professional in NYC!). Now when I think back: was I really that bad to receive any training in school? If so, how can I be so flexible now even in my late 20s and won medals after 5 years of part time training? Or maybe she just doesn't like me to succeed in something she was proud for herself?
In my mind then: I was not as good as my mom was (that may be objectively true, but what's the point?). And I was tortured for so long that I would not be a professional dancegymnast when I was in elementary school. Kids do know what they want, they just sometimes didn't know they know...

  1. When I think about it, I was good at many things (chess, piano, gym, not mention being straight A at school), but I didn't have the clarity that I should stick with any of those things (other than school). And my mom never pushed. My dad tried to ask me to stay a little longer. But whenever I wanted to quit something, my mom would 100% stand by my side. I took it as her unconditional love to I think, she doesn't want me to be too good at anything to outshine her. Unfortunately for her, I come out great (I am still good at what i am doing).
That comes to another realisation, I don't remember she ever praised me sincerely for my achievement after I started junior high. Not when I got first place in my exams, not when I got to college (I did flunk a bit on that to be honest, but still, I got in alright), not that I graduated first class, not when I got my first job,...I can only remember my dad was over the moon for me, but CNmom was always like: you can't be praised too much, you are already spoiled by your dad. You would get cocky and fail. She literally said the other day to some family friends that the reason I flunked my SATs was because I was cocky (No, it's because I had depression from all those pressure). And yes, they still talked about it 10 years after!
In my mind then: there is a real danger for me to get cocky if I take too much credit for my achievements. Better stay humble and keep working. Results? I almost got burnt out before I even went to college. And I had a depression (not diagnosed and my nparents didn't know of course) the last few months of my high school. Luckily I got out the funk right after I went to college.

  1. She would tell me (from I can remember till now), that she has 'served' our household for too long (in her words, 30 years by now, which is not true, I ll explain in a bit). All the cooking, washing, cleaning are done by her. So now she needs compensation by doing nothing. And she is the laziest person I ever met. I sometimes think she is the biggest motivator in my life in the sense that whenever I want to be lazy, I remind myself how lazy looks like, then I decide I don't want that look.
The truth? She may be the main caregiver of my life before around 15,16. Back then my dad had a busy job and he had to travel a lot. So my mom did take care of the household. But I am also the only child with the lowerest maintenance possible. Now, since my dad changed job when I was 15, he has been doing all the work for more than ten years and my mom is still using her 'I was overworked for 30 years (what's the math...)' excuse...
In my mind then: my mom works a lot a lot. I should never cause any trouble to her. I was literally afraid to take friends home. If I did, I apologised to her for her inconvenience...

  1. These are the feelings I remembered. I remember when I was between 10-12, I had this heartburn because of my rage towards her. I remember whenever I realised my dad was going on a business trip, I felt trapped with my mom. I remember I decided to cut off all the emotional ties with other people (mostly to her), so that I would never get hurt again. Now, I realise, those are not normal feelings for a 10-12 years old. And living with her alone has caused me a lot stress that i didn't realise by then.

  1. One day about half year ago, I heard my CNmom talked to my dad, 'XXX's daughter is very successful, and she is much younger than yours' (yours! not ours!) in front of me like she was not even hiding or whispering. I was so disgusted by her comment at that time. But at the same time I literally had a moment thinking I was such a loser (while I had already got my PhD...). But she would never tell me in my face that she thinks I am not good enough, bc, you know, she 'cares about my feelings' like a good mom does. Oh, also, she can't remember my exact age. She thought I was two years older than I was...but again, who is comparing their daughter to a stranger by age?
  2. Ever since I can remember, she would scream like a record scratcher in the loudest volume possible when she got hurt even a tiny bit (like bumping into a coffee table)...I got so annoyed subconsciously that I realise I don't make a beep when I am hurt, because her record scratcher scream is still haunting me up until this day.
(I will update when I think of more)
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[TUTORIAL] HOW TO setup FORTIMAIL in transparent mode for ISP with FORTIGATE In this tutorial I want to properly explain how to setup the Fortimail into transparent mode for ISP and by using the Fortigate as a load balancer to push the emails to it.
First off, this setup is not perfect and there are some mistakes. If you have suggestions to make it better, I’ll gladly take it.
Problems that I have faced:
- TLS traffic is not accepted. Only SSL.
- Exchange mail servers cannot send emails to extern. They remain in mail queue on the exchange server (don’t know why because my client doesn’t have the patience to debug. Someone with exchange server can post a tutorial and help me out?)
I made this tutorial because there is no proper information (Fortinet manual explains nothing, Fortiguru has taken from the manual which explains nothing and the community/forums are not really developed on the tutorial part) and taking this step by step I want to show you how it’s done.
My setup: 1 Border (100G/40G/10G), 1 Fortigate (10G/1G), 1 Fortimail (1G), 1 Spine (40G/10G)
Border and spine are connected to the fortigate, while the Fortimail is connected to the Fortigate (picture 1).
There was no other way to set it up differently because my border and spine are 100G and 40G and they don’t go lower then 10G on port.
Port connections:
Traffic from/to border and spine are going to the fortigate for filtering as classic firewall.
The fortimail management port (port 1 – public IP) is connected to a switch which is connected to the spine so we can connect to the fortimail from home.
Port 2 and Port 3 from fortiMAIL are connected to Port 17 and Port 18 fortiGATE with private IP.
Port 2 fortiMail is connected to Port 17 fortiGATE.
Port 3 fortiMAIL is connected to Port 18 fortiGATE.
We separate the email traffic that goes in and out.

Here we prepare the fortigate to push emails to the fortimail. We are using for that Layer 3 routing.

Network -> Interfaces
Port 17:
- Link Status: UP - Role: LAN - Addressing mode: Manual - IP/Network Mask: - IPv4: HTTPS, HTTP, PING, FMG-Access, CAPWAP, SSH (don’t know if you need to enable all this actually) 
Port 18:
- Link Status: UP - Role: LAN - Addressing mode: Manual - IP/Network Mask: - IPv4: HTTPS, HTTP, PING, FMG-Access, CAPWAP, SSH (don’t know if you need to enable all this actually) 

Network -> Policy Routes
We create the following rules for INBOUND (Picture 2):
  1. (WAN) Inbound Emails > FML to Mail server SMTP

a. Protocol: TCP b. Incoming Interface: VLAN 1 c. Source Address and Destination Address: IP/Netmask d. Source Ports: From 0 To 65535 e. Destination Ports: From 25 to 25 f. Type of Service: 0x00 0x00 g. Action: Forward Traffic h. Outgoing Interface: Port 17 i. Gateway Address: j. Comments: (WAN) Inbound Emails > FML to Mail server SMTP 
  1. (WAN) Inbound Emails > FML to Mail server SMTPS
    a. Protocol: TCP b. Incoming Interface: VLAN 1 c. Source Address and Destination Address: IP/Netmask d. Source Ports: From 0 To 65535 e. Destination Ports: From 465 to 465 f. Type of Service: 0x00 0x00 g. Action: Forward Traffic h. Outgoing Interface: Port 17 i. Gateway Address: j. Comments: (WAN) Inbound Emails > FML to Mail server SMTPS
  2. (Spine) Inbound Emails > Mail to FML SMTP
    a. Protocol: TCP b. Incoming Interface: VLAN 2 c. Source Address and Destination Address: IP/Netmask d. Source Ports: From 25 To 25 e. Destination Ports: From 0 to 65535 f. Type of Service: 0x00 0x00 g. Action: Forward Traffic h. Outgoing Interface: Port 18 i. Gateway Address: j. Comments: (Spine) Inbound Emails > Mail to FML SMTP
  3. (Spine) Inbound Emails > Mail to FML SMTPS
    a. Protocol: TCP b. Incoming Interface: VLAN 2 c. Source Address and Destination Address: IP/Netmask d. Source Ports: From 465 To 465 e. Destination Ports: From 0 to 65535 f. Type of Service: 0x00 0x00 g. Action: Forward Traffic h. Outgoing Interface: Port 18 i. Gateway Address: j. Comments: (Spine) Inbound Emails > Mail to FML SMTPS
Picture 2 (example INBOUND SMTP):

We create the following rules for OUTBOUND (Picture 3):
  1. (WAN) Outbound Emails > FML to Mail Server SMTP

a. Protocol: TCP b. Incoming Interface: VLAN 1 c. Source Address and Destination Address: IP/Netmask d. Source Ports: From 25 To 25 e. Destination Ports: From 0 to 65535 f. Type of Service: 0x00 0x00 g. Action: Forward Traffic h. Outgoing Interface: Port 17 i. Gateway Address: j. Comments: (WAN) Outbound Emails > FML to Mail Server SMTP 
  1. (WAN) Outbound Emails > FML to Mail Server SMTPS
    a. Protocol: TCP b. Incoming Interface: VLAN 1 c. Source Address and Destination Address: IP/Netmask d. Source Ports: From 465 To 465 e. Destination Ports: From 0 to 65535 f. Type of Service: 0x00 0x00 g. Action: Forward Traffic h. Outgoing Interface: Port 17 i. Gateway Address: j. Comments: (WAN) Outbound Emails > FML to Mail Server SMTPS
  2. (Spine) Outbound Emails > Mail to FML SMTP
    a. Protocol: TCP b. Incoming Interface: VLAN 2 c. Source Address and Destination Address: IP/Netmask d. Source Ports: From 0 To 65535 e. Destination Ports: From 25 to 25 f. Type of Service: 0x00 0x00 g. Action: Forward Traffic h. Outgoing Interface: Port 18 i. Gateway Address: j. Comments: (Spine) Inbound Emails > Mail to FML SMTP
  3. (Spine) Outbound Emails > Mail to FML SMTPS
    a. Protocol: TCP b. Incoming Interface: VLAN 2 c. Source Address and Destination Address: IP/Netmask d. Source Ports: From 0 To 65535 e. Destination Ports: From 465 to 465 f. Type of Service: 0x00 0x00 g. Action: Forward Traffic h. Outgoing Interface: Port 18 i. Gateway Address: j. Comments: (Spine) Inbound Emails > Mail to FML SMTPS

Picture 3 (example OUTBOUND SMTP):
Policy & Objects -> IPv4 Policy
We create rules in IPv4 Policy (picture 4):
  1. Inbound emails to FML

a. FROM: VLAN 1 b. TO: Port 17 c. Source: ALL d. Destination: ALL e. Schedule: Always f. Service: SMTP / SMTPS g. Action: ACCEPT h. NAT: DISABLED i. Security Profiles: Nothing here j. Log: ALL 
  1. Inbound Emails to mail servers
    a. FROM: Port 18 b. TO: VLAN 2 c. Source: ALL d. Destination: ALL e. Schedule: Always f. Service: SMTP / SMTPS g. Action: ACCEPT h. NAT: DISABLED i. Security Profiles: Nothing here j. Log: ALL
  2. Outbound Emails from mail servers
    a. FROM: VLAN 2 b. TO: Port 18 c. Source: ALL d. Destination: ALL e. Schedule: Always f. Service: SMTP / SMTPS g. Action: ACCEPT h. NAT: DISABLED i. Security Profiles: Nothing here j. Log: ALL
  3. Outbound emails from FML
    a. FROM: Port 17 b. TO: VLAN 1 c. Source: ALL d. Destination: ALL e. Schedule: Always f. Service: SMTP / SMTPS g. Action: ACCEPT h. NAT: DISABLED i. Security Profiles: Nothing here j. Log: ALL

Picture 4 (IPv4 Policy):
SETUP fortiMail:
System -> Network
Interface (Picture 5)
Port 1/Management IP
- Type: Physical - Bridge Member: Enabled (“Do not associate with management IP”: Disabled) - IP/Netmask: Your public IP ( - Access: HTTPS, PING, SSH, SNMP (or whatever you need) - SMTP Proxy: Drop / Drop / Allow (“Local Connections”: Enabled) - Status: Enabled 
Port 2
- Type: Physical - Bridge Member: Disabled (“Do not associate with management IP”: Enabled) - IP/Netmask: - Access: nothing here - SMTP Proxy: Drop / Proxy / Disallow (“Local Connections”: Disabled) 
Port 3
- Type: Physical - Bridge Member: Disabled (“Do not associate with management IP”: Enabled) - IP/Netmask: - Access: nothing here - SMTP Proxy: Drop / Proxy / Disallow (“Local Connections”: Disabled) 

Picture 5:
Routing (Picture 6):
Here may be a setup error but for me at least it works. We have to force the traffic for the inbound and outbound emails through port 2 and 3 and stop getting emails through the management port.
Port 1:
- Destination IP/netmask: any private IP address - Interface: port 1 - Gateway: Public IP gateway (from the example taken from interface 
Another port 1 rule:
- Destination IP/netmask: - Interface: port 1 - Gateway: Public IP gateway (from the example taken from interface 
Port 2:
- Destination IP/netmask: - Interface: port 2 - Gateway: 
Port 3:
Here we put all the /24 that you have in your network for example:
- Destination IP/netmask: - Interface: port 3 - Gateway: 
- Destination IP/netmask: - Interface: port 3 - Gateway: 
The best way to check all your /24 is to check in the fortiGATE under: Monitor -> Routing Monitor
And take from there all the /24, /23, /22 that you are using. The bigger you are, the bigger the list in the fortiMAIL.
Picture 6 (Routing example):

Here you put the primary and secondary DNS. I put those:
Primary: Secondary: (that is Fortinet DNS. Secondary I didn’t care) 

System -> Mail Settings
Mail Server Settings
- Host name: Fortimail (or whatever hostname you need) - Local domain name: fortimail.blabla - SMTP server port number: 25 - SMTP over SSL/TLS: Enabled - SMTPS server port number: 465 - SMTP MSA service: Disabled - SMTP MSA port number: 587 - POP3 server port number: 110 - Default domain for authentication: --None— - Redirect HTTP to HTTPS: Enabled 
- Use client-specified SMTP server to send email: Enabled 

Policy -> Access Control
Receiving (this may already be there because it’s standard)
- Enabled: Enabled - ID: 1 - Recipient Pattern: -/* - Sender IP/Netmask: - Authentication Status: Any - TLS Profile: --None— - Action: Relay 

Policy -> IP Policy
IP Policy (Picture 7)
Here we have to give the fortimail the different policy for inbound emails and outbound emails. Because here we are going to set things differently for each of them.

Picture 7:

Here I have 3 IDs (you have to create 2 more and activate the policies needed):
  1. First ID:

a. ID: 2 (or whatever is assigned if you create a new one) b. Source (IP Group): Clients-Mail-Servers 
i. Create a new group and name it "Clients-Mail-Servers" (or however you want)
ii. Put every IP/Netmask or IP Range that you put in the System-Network-Routing (/24, /.23, /22.. Picture 8 - see below)

c. Destination: d. Session: Outbound_Session 
i. “Hide this box from the mail server”: Enabled
(so the clients don’t see the fortimail in the header)
ii. Restrict the number of connections, message, recipients: set it up how you see fit. I did a limit to prevent spamming from my network.
iii. Enable domain key check: Enabled
iv. Perform strict syntax checking: Enabled
v. Prevent open relaying: Enabled

  1. Second ID:
    a. ID: 3 (or whatever is assigned) b. Source: c. Destination (IP Group): Clients-Mail-Servers (we’ve done that on the first ID) d. Session: Inbound_Session
i. “Hide this box from the mail server”: Enabled
ii. Restrict number of connections, messages, recipients: 0
(no limit – we don’t want to limit the number of emails received in the network)
iii. Maximum concurrent connections for each client: 100
(you can lower it but don’t leave it standard to 3!!!! you will see in the logs if this number is exceeded. If it is, then someone is hacking your mail server. If it is too low, then people stop receiving emails)
iv. Enable DKIM check: Enabled
v. Enable domain key check: Enabled
vi. Prevent encryption of the session: Enabled
(this way all the emails are received on port 25 and we can filter the emails with antispam rules)
vii. Perform strict syntax checking: Enabled
viii. Check recipient domain: Enabled
ix. Prevent open relaying: Enabled
x. Enable sender safelist checking: Enabled
(for false-pozitiv: if email get filtered because some companies do not know how to setup a email server, example: [*](mailto:* or [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]))
xi. Enable sender blocklist checking: Enabled
(block email addresses that is spamming you, example: [*](mailto:* or [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]))

e. AntiSpam: AS_Inbound 
i. Default action: SystemQuarantine
ii. SPF Check: Enabled
iii. DMARC Check: Enabled
iv. Behavior analysis: Enabled
v. Header analysis: Enabled
vi. SURBL: Enabled
I take from
vii. DNSBL: Enabled and
viii. Banned word: Enabled
Here you have to add the keywords you want to ban, like: Viagra, xxx, stop snoring or whatever. This list needs to be update manually
ix. Suspicious newsletter: Enabled
x. Max message size to scan: 2056
(put whatever value you think is right. The higher the value, the more the fortimail CPU will have to work)

f. AntiVirus: AV_SysQuarantine 
i. I think this is obsolete because the fortigate already does a antivirus check before the emails get into the network. I still have it activated. Doesn’t hurt.
ii. Default action: SystemQuarantine

  1. Third ID (is already there):
    a. Enabled: Enabled b. ID: 1 c. Source: d. Destination: e. Session: Inbound Session f. AntiSpam: AS_Inbound g. AntiVirus: AV_SysQuarantine
Picture 8 (create IP Group):
Policy -> Recipient Policy
- ID:1
- Domain name: system
- Sender Pattern: *@*
- Recipient Pattern: *@*
- AntiSpam: AS_Inbound
- AntiVirus: AV_SysQuarantine
- Content: CF_inbound
- Ressource: Res_Default

Security -> Block/Safe List
  1. Block List

a. Because of the maximum number of rules I can enter, here I block all the top level domains that are annoying (example: *@*.guru, *@*.monster, *@*.xyz ) 
  1. Safe List
    a. Here I put domains or IP addresses that I know are safe
Blocklist Action
Use AntiSpam profile settings (I put everything into quarantine) 

That’s it.
As a finale note:
  1. All emails that are leaving your network are in the logs as “TLS Session: Accept” because we didn’t enable on the Outbound_Session the option “Prevent encryption of the session”. If you enable this option then you can see the emails that are leaving your network and could do antispam rules, but this means that your clients are sending UNENCRYPTED EMAILS!!! That is why I limit on the Outbound_Session the maximum recipients or emails that can be send from my network.
  2. If you see “Session Remote: Reject” then the limit of 100 Maximum concurrent connections for each client are exceeded. If you see 1 IP in particular, you can assume that he/she tries to hack your email servers. You can block him in the fortigate.
  3. The “Direction” in the logs are always on OUT. This is normal and how transparent mode works.

We use this setup because i work in a hosting company and we wan't to offer antispam rules for our clients but also protect our IP addresses from spammers.

There is another way to use the fortimail with fortigate using WCCP tunnel.
I couldn’t make it work. I don’t know why. Anyway, here is the link to the tutorial:
And here are the steps again just to make this tutorial more complete (special thanks to the user: justler6):
In FortiMail, System>Network>Fortigate is for the WCCP tunnel. (FortiGate redirects SMTP mail traffic to the FortiMail appliance for checking). The WCCP portion is configure in the CLI in FortiGate.
Config here:
To be able to offload Anti-Spam processing to a FortiMail device you should: 
  1. Go to System > Feature Select and turn on Anti–Spam Filter.
  2. Go to System > External Security Devices, enable SMTP Service – FortiMail and add the IP address of your FortiMail device.
  3. Go to Security Profiles > Anti-Spam and edit an Anti-Spam profile and set Inspection Device to External.
  4. Go to Policy & Objects > IPv4 Policy, add or edit a Firewall policy, enable Anti–Spam and select the profile for which you set Inspection Device to External.

When you add this Anti-Spam profile to a firewall policy, email traffic accepted by the policy is offloaded to the FortiMail device for processing.
If your FortiGate or VDOM inspection mode is set to flow-based you must use the CLI to set an Anti-Spam profile to external mode and add the Anti-Spam profile to a fire- wall policy.
Enabling FortiMail on the External Security Devices page adds the following configuration to the CLI:
config system wccp set service-id 52 set router-id (the IP address of the FortiGate interface that communicates with the FortiMail) set group address set server-list (the IP address of the FortiMail) set authentication disable set forward-method GRE set return-method GRE set assignment-method HASH end 
The widget portion is setup in 6.0 under Security Fabric>Settings>FortiMail (towards the bottom). There is a location for IP, admin username and password.
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I had a horrible experience last night.
Well, and, the weeks leading up to it were pretty bad too. It all started when I got a DM on my meme page. Rosalina. 356 followers. 3 following. 0 posts. Private account. I opened it.
“Hi" she wrote, "I know this is an odd message to get, but I’m looking for a sugar baby. I will pay you $600 weekly if you take your time and keep me busy. I’m mostly just looking for someone to talk to because I’m lonely. If the first week is what I’m looking for, then I’ll start giving you more. Sound good?”
$600 a week. $31,000 a year. I only make $12,000 a year now with all the classes I’m taking. I got a nervous flutter in my stomach, like I had found a mysterious briefcase full of money in the middle of nowhere. Like she was actively waiting for my response, almost watching me through the white screen, but not saying anything until I took the bait. I requested to follow her and mulled it over once more. $600 a week is more than I could ask for, basically a saving grace. I went for it.
“Uh, yeah I can do that. What do you wanna talk about?”
She replied an instant later.
“Anything hun.”
“Wyd.” I asked. A very compelling and carefully crafted question.
“Nothing. Wby?”
“At my grandparents house playing cornhole. You know those cornhole boards go for $80? I’m thinking about making them for some extra income.”
“That’s nothing babe. You can buy all the cornhole boards you want now.”
“Haha I guess you’re right.”
“Text me babe. (xxx)xxx-xxxx”
I checked her profile. Still hadn’t accepted my request. I had a dark thought that this was all a scam, which it certainly could be. For all I know, there could be a saggy, wrinkly faced old man with sunken eyes and heavy bags, key lit by a phone screen talking to me. Probably in a dark messy room with stained beige carpet, and missing sections of wall that revealed the lathe. But no way an old man could get a follow ratio like that. Only women could pull that off. With no photos either, just a plump round behind in the profile picture.
“I’ll text u when I get home.” I said
“Ok hun.”
I was messaging her on the stairs. I really was at my grandparents house playing cornhole, and here I was selfishly being a sugar baby. Not once have I ever thought about or fantasized about being a sugar baby. My sister and her boyfriend walked up to me.
“Whatcha doing brother?”
“Nothing” I said, “some lady is trying to get me to be her sugar baby.”
“Whatttt. Nuh uh.” she said
“Yuh huh.” I said, “she wants to pay me $600 a week just to talk to her.”
My sister’s face twisted.
“Hmmm. What do you think Ava would think of it?”
her boyfriend let out a little laugh
I hadn’t even thought of that. What a shitty boyfriend I was. Ava would probably not like it, and I wouldn’t try and hide something like that. Because if she found out it would seem highly suspicious. Most people equate sugar baby to sex. But Rosalina did say all she wanted to do was talk.
“Oh yeah.” I said, “Well nevermind. This seems like a bad idea.”
“I wish I could find a sugar mama.”
My sister reflexively turned and slapped her boyfriend.
“Ouch babe. Only if it was you, baby.” and they walked away.
I typed Rosalina’s number into my phone to call her and tell her I couldn’t do it. But after a few tones I panicked and hung up. Fuck, I thought. I’ll just DM her and then immediately block her. So I wrote a quick message: “Sorry, I understand your offer, but I don’t know how my girlfriend would feel about this, even if it was strictly platonic. Sorry again.” I hit send, and blocked her. She never accepted my follow request. And even though I blocked her, a new message came though.
When I got home I got a phone call from Rosalina. I forgot that I had rung her and didn’t block the number afterward. I blocked her and looked up the area code. Chicago.
After that strange things started happening. I got a random call from another Chicago number. I picked up out of sheer boredom and answered in an old lady’s voice.
“Hi.” I squeaked
“Man quit fucking with me.” he said jokingly
“You ugly as hell quit playing man.”
“Whaaat do yoooouuuu neeeed?”
“This Martin?” he asked
And I answered in my real voice.
“Nope. You got the wrong number bud.” and chuckled
“Aw shit. My bad.”
And he hung up.
I started to get a lot of random calls from people in Chicago. One time it was old lady, and she thought I was a friend of hers because I did the old lady voice, and we talked about her grandkid’s senior year in highschool. Another time it was a woman yelling and screaming about me cheating on her, and how I was using a fake voice to avoid her. Another time it was a child calling me to ask for a change of pants at school because he wet himself and everyone was laughing at him.
Then my neighbor started parking her matte black jetta in front of my driveway at night, next to the streetlamp. Blocking my driveway completely, and she only ever did it at night. During the day she parks it in her driveway. One morning I asked her why she was doing it, and she looked at me nasty.
“Don’t talk to me.” she said, and jogged away with her dog.
These little stressors were getting to me. Just mundane, inconvenient occurrences. At least I could find a way to make a good time out of the phonecalls, but what if I had to go to the hospital some night, and my neighbor’s car was in the driveway and I forgot, and hit it while backing out? It was just uncool. And the thing is, it REALLY started to drive me crazy, and I’ll explain why. When I first moved in I had these awesome, fully functional wooden french blinds, the kind with long horizontal slats that flip open or closed by pulling on a string. And on the first night my cat cut one of the strings. So the bottom half of the blinds in my bedroom won’t close. They just dangle open like the spine was ripped straight out of them. So when I lay in bed I can see out of the window and across the street.
My driveway is quite long, so it’s very dark from my house to the street, and the streetlight had already been bothering me. Sometimes I can’t close my eyes all the way when they’re fully relaxed, I think it has to do with me taking my contacts out before bed (I get one day lenses). They open slightly and I have to consciously force them closed, which makes it harder to fall asleep. And I can see the damn streetlight. And I can’t sleep on my other side because I have a bad shoulder from a climbing injury, and if I sleep on it I’ll wake up in the middle of the night in extreme pain. And the only way I can stop it is to hold my arm straight up for a few minutes until it goes away. But now that my GODDAMN NEIGHBOR PARKS HER CAR IN FRONT OF MY DRIVEWAY, her car reflects the street lamp and there are two lights now. I lie in bed and it takes forever to fall asleep because I just end up looking at these lights in the darkness.
So one night when I couldn’t sleep, I got my slim jim (a tool for opening cars through the gap in the window and door, I got it off amazon with a lock picking kit) and was gonna go move her car myself. I figured her fab was close enough since she didn’t have much of a yard and I could start it with the ignition button. I was gonna move it no matter what. I imagined getting a bulldozer from a development down the street and crushing her car to a pulp. (Most of the time the ignition for heavy machinery can be fooled with a flathead screwdriver) But as I got to the top of the driveway her car wasn’t blocking there. It was all nestled up in her driveway. I had been so angry about the stupid lights that just assumed both of them were there, so my brain connected the dots and I saw the other light. It was 3 am. I was tired.
I went to sleep and pulled the sheets over my head, and SHE MOVED HER CAR BACK. I don’t know how or why, but sure enough I could see two little balls of light haloed through the stitching.
After school the next day I came home and caught my neighbor outside.
“Hey,” I said
“Don’t fucking talk to me.”
“I’m sorry. I don’t know what I did to you.”
“I know your game. You created a ruse so that you could get in with me, and now you’re watching me every night.”
“I, uhhh, what?”
“You made up the car thing so you could talk to me. Well don’t talk to me.”
I was taken aback. This bitch is crazy. I got mad.
“YOU’VE been parking YOUR car in front of MY driveway. EVERY FUCKING NIGHT.”
She looked stunned.
“Are you freaking psycho? My car has been broken down, asshole. Go fuck yourself and don’t talk to me.”
Astonished, I pulled into my driveway.
The audacity of that woman. She must’ve had some secret to hide. Why would she so vehemently deny something undeniable? Again, random calls and a lying neighbor are not the worst things, an inconvenience at worst. But the name calling, the utter arrogance of that woman, the fact I couldn’t sleep, and the phone calls were all adding up, and the weird thing is the calls started coming from St. Louis. I picked up the first call normally because I expected the buttdials to come from Chicago.
A teenage guy was on the other end.
“Yo we ready.” he said
“For what?” I asked
“Come by like we said.”
He paused.
“Wait, say, what’s your name?”
I told him my real name, an in-the-moment accident, “Bob Suede.”
“Fuck you whoever you is.”
His tone changed immediately.
“Baton Rouge ass, ugly ass ‘BoB-Bi SwAdE’ ass boy.”
And he hung up.
That was the first time anyone had recognized the error in my area code. But the guy must’ve known that I was from Baton Rouge before he called. The calls from Chicago were one thing, because somehow it was all correlated with Rosalina. I only started getting them after I blocked her number, but now they were coming from St. Louis. So she must’ve had connections somewhere in the cellular communications industry, how I don’t know. Usually it would be telemarketers and not random people.
Then I got another call from St. Louis. This time it was a woman, and she was sobbing.
“WHHHYYYYY? How could you do this? HOW COULD YOU!”
And she let out a horrible wail, crying loudly and making mucusy noises.
“Ma’m,” I replied “I don’t know who you are but you need to calm down and tell me your name.”
Another long wail, followed by more gurgling and wet tears.
“Ma’am please calm down. You called the wrong number. I’ve been getting-”
“WHY WOULD YOU KILL MY BABY. my little baby!” Now she was shrieking, letting out the most horrific scratches, and erupted, “I’M GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU AND PUT YOUR ASS IN JAIL BOB!”
How in the hell…
She was huffing now, heavy and on the verge of hyperventilating.
She screamed and I Imagined a frighteningly skinny, beady eyed woman on the other end, face wet and slimy with snot and tears, the end of her phone almost in her mouth.
She let out a final declaration, “AHHHHHHGGGG”
And hung up.
In the stress of the phone call I had dug my short fingernails quite far into my palm, and it was purple and pierced with little crimson indentations. How did she know my name though? Bob is a pretty common name I suppose, but it seemed too good of an explanation to be true.
The strange calls kept coming, but the interval between them increased. A few days went by and I still couldn’t get any sleep. My pathological liar and nuisance of a neighbor kept parking her car in front of my driveway. My shoulder still ached. I got a facemask and this helped a little. But I still had the urge to peek underneath it and stare at the lights, just to make sure they were there. And I was mad too. I was fixated on them. Two floating blobs of light, a couple inches apart, highlighting leaves, wavering. Surrounded by darkness. Fuck her.
I started to get calls from Memphis, one guy was running from the police and begging me to come save him. A trans hooker tried to convince me to snort blow off her nipples. A kid called and asked me to walk to Tom Lee river park, to which I replied “I don’t live by Tomb Lee riverpark, I live next to Parkview Park.”
Which was true. And he said,
“See ya Mr. Brown.”
And hung up. Fucking weird shit. I certainly didn’t have caller ID for my phone. As for the lights, I got one of those hunting cameras that has an automatic trigger and set it up at the end of my driveway, to prove to my neighbor that she was insane.
The next day I got a call from Jackson Mississippi, and now I’m scared. It was the lady from before, bawling her eyes out. Blubbering through mucus and slop.
“Listen lady. I don’t know how you got my number or my name but I DON’T KNOW YOU.”
“YOOOUUU KILLLLLLED MY BABBBBYYYYY.” she screamed. She sounded like she was simultaneously being shredded apart by a bear, or running from a murderer yelling for help. Any number of dark, twisted things. The images I imagined were horrible. A fat, plump woman, blouse wet with tears and stuck to her skin, her saggy breasts covered in blood, a grey veiny baby in a crib. Her horrible sobbing, her soaking face, runny with makeup and excretions, a trembling, convulsing mouth shrieking into the end of the phone.
I fumbled to end the call, my screen protector making it impossible to press the red button. In the scramble I heard her yell one last, barely coherent thing: “I’M COM-? SU?DE!”
Committing what? Coming Suede? No. Couldn’t be. She said she was committing suicide. Her baby died or she was crazy. It’s my lack of sleep and that sugar mom lady put my number on a spam call list, or she posted my number to instagram and had her followers call me. She only knows people in a certain range. From Chicago and down south. Lots of people happen to have family spread out along the Mississippi River. Grandparents in the north and grandparents in the south, and all their kids spread in between.
I need to sleep, I thought. And I couldn’t have made a worse decision.
Before I went to sleep, I turned the lights off and got on my laptop to check the hunting camera footage from the night before. I got a couple videos. One of a cat. Some sneaky possums. A homeless woman early in the morning. But no matte black jetta.
I felt a chill run down my spine. I felt a fluttering in my stomach.
I slowly closed the laptop and reluctantly peered through the hole in the blinds. The lights were there. Two of them.
Just to be sure that I wasn’t being an insane dickhead, and falsely accusing my neighbor on the basis of a reflection, I put in my contacts and checked.
What I saw was not two blobs of light. It was a woman’s eyes. Her face was pressed hard against the window. She was sobbing horribly and spattered mucus all over the glass.
“YOU KILLED MY BABBBBYYYYY” she yelled, and she slammed her phone against the window. It was Rosalina’s profile on instagram.
And then the glass cracked.
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Hello everyone!
I am a seasoned SQL programmereporting expert who's been working in Radiology for the past 20+ years. I had always wanted to learn another programming language and had many starts and stops in my road to that end. I was able to understand the process of programming but never really pushed myself to have any real work/world applications to try it out on.
So for my 50th birthday I made a promise to myself that this would be the year that I actually learn Python and create a program. I started with the "Automate The Boring Stuff" course and then figured out what problem I wanted to solve.
Once a month I have to collect test results on the monitors that the radiologist use to read imaging (xrays) on. The Dept of Health says we need to be sure the monitors are up to snuff and we have proof that this testing is happening. Normally I would have to click through a bunch of web pages to get to a collection of PDFs (that are created on the fly) that contain the test results. Then I'd have to save the file and move it to the appropriate directory on a server. Very manual and probably takes 30 minutes or so to get all the reports.
It took a bit of time but my Google Fu is strong so I was (for the most part) able to find the answers I needed to keep moving forward. I posted a few problems to Stack Overflow when I was really stumped.
The end result is the code below which does the whole process in about a minute. I am so proud of myself getting it to work and now I have this extra boost of confidence towards the other jobs I plan to automate.
I also wanted to post this because some of the solutions were hard to find and I hope if another programmer hits the same snag they could find it in a Google search and use part of my code to fix theirs.
I'm on fire and have so many more new projects I can't wait to create!
EDIT: changed any real links to XXX for security reasons.

from selenium import webdriver from import By import time import shutil import os from datetime import datetime ##Set profile for Chrome browser profile = { 'download.prompt_for_download': False, 'download.default_directory': 'c:\Barco Reports', 'download.directory_upgrade': True, 'plugins.always_open_pdf_externally': True, } options = webdriver.ChromeOptions() options.add_experimental_option('prefs', profile) driver = webdriver.Chrome(options=options) ##Log into monitor website driver.get("") username = driver.find_element_by_name('j_username') password = driver.find_element_by_name('j_password') username.send_keys("XXX") password.send_keys("XXX") driver.find_element_by_css_selector('[value="Log on"]').click() ##Start loop here monitors = ["932610524","932610525","932610495","932610494","932610907","932610908","932610616","932610617","932610507","932610508","1032422894","1207043700"] for monitorID in (monitors): url = "{}".format(monitorID) driver.get(url) ##Driver goes to webpage created above workstationName = driver.find_elements_by_class_name('breadcrum')[3].text ##Grabs workstation name for later badWords =[''] ##Shorten workstation name - remove url for i in badWords: workstationName = workstationName.replace(i, '') driver.find_element_by_class_name('css-button2').click() ##Driver clicks on top button that leads to webpage with most recent PDF driver.find_element_by_class_name('href-button').click() ##Now we're on the pdf webpage. Driver clicks on button to create the PDF. Profile setting for Chrome (done at top of program) makes it auto-download and NOT open PDF time.sleep(3) ##Wait for file to save dateTimeObj = ##Get today's date (as str) to add to filename downloadDate = dateTimeObj.strftime("%d %b %Y ") shutil.move("C:/Barco Reports/report.pdf", "Y:/Radiology/DOH monitor report/All Monitors/" + (workstationName) +"/2020/"+ (downloadDate) + (monitorID) + ".pdf") ##Rename file and move driver.close() time.sleep(3) driver.quit() 
UPDATE: since posting this I have done some major updates to the code to include almost everything that commenters had suggested. I think I am done with this project for now and starting work on my next automation.

from selenium import webdriver import time import shutil import os from dotenv import load_dotenv import requests # Set profile for Chrome browser profile = { 'download.prompt_for_download': False, 'download.default_directory': r'C:\Barco Reports', 'download.directory_upgrade': True, 'plugins.always_open_pdf_externally': True, } options = webdriver.ChromeOptions() options.add_experimental_option('prefs', profile) driver = webdriver.Chrome(options=options) # Loads .env file with hidden information load_dotenv() # Log into BARCO website barcoURL = os.environ.get("BARCOURL") # Check that website still exists request = requests.get(barcoURL) if request.status_code == 200: print('Website is available') else: print("Website URL may have changed or is down") exit() driver.get(barcoURL) username = driver.find_element_by_name('j_username') password = driver.find_element_by_name('j_password') name = os.environ.get("USER1") passw = os.environ.get("PASS1") username.send_keys(name) password.send_keys(passw) driver.find_element_by_css_selector('[value="Log on"]').click() # Start loop here barcoURL2 = os.environ.get("BARCOURL2") with open('monitors.csv', newline='') as csvfile: for row in csvfile: url = (barcoURL2).format(row.rstrip()) # Driver goes to webpage created above driver.get(url) # Grabs workstation name for later workstationName = driver.find_elements_by_class_name('breadcrum')[3].text # Grabs date from download line item downloadDate = driver.find_element_by_xpath('/html/body/table/tbody/tr[2]/td/table/tbody/ttd[2]/table/tbody/tr[2]/td/table/tbody/tr[2]/td/div[@class="tblcontentgray"][2]/table/tbody/ttd/table[@id="check"]/tbody/tr[@class="odd"][1]/td[1]').text # Remove offending punctuation deleteDateComma = [','] for i in deleteDateComma: downloadDate = downloadDate.replace(i, '') deleteColon = [':'] for i in deleteColon: downloadDate = downloadDate.replace(i, '') sensorID = driver.find_element_by_xpath('/html/body/table/tbody/tr[2]/td/table/tbody/ttd[2]/table/tbody/tr[2]/td/table/tbody/tr[2]/td/div[@class="tblcontentgray"][2]/table/tbody/ttd/table[@id="check"]/tbody/tr[@class="odd"][1]/td[4]').text # Remove offending punctuation deleteComma = [','] for i in deleteComma: sensorID = sensorID.replace(i, '') # Get workstation name - remove url info stripURL = [''] for i in stripURL: workstationName = workstationName.replace(i, '') # Driver clicks on top button that leads to webpage with most recent PDF driver.find_element_by_class_name('css-button2').click() # Now we're on the pdf webpage. Driver clicks on button to create the PDF driver.find_element_by_class_name('href-button').click() # Profile setting for Chrome (done at top of program) # makes it auto-download and NOT open PDF # Wait for file to save time.sleep(3) # Rename file and move shutil.move("C:/Barco Reports/report.pdf", "Y:/Radiology/DOH monitor report/All Monitors/" + (workstationName) + "/2020/" + (downloadDate) + " " + (sensorID) + ".pdf") driver.close() time.sleep(3) driver.quit() # Things to update over time: # Use env variables to hide logins (DONE), # gather workstation numbers (DONE as csv file) # hide websites (DONE) # Add version control (DONE), # Add website validation check (DONE) # Add code to change folder dates and # create new folders if missing 

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so my first review i ever got was a 3 star review. i’m super bummed out and i honestly want to fix this but i don’t even know. what happened was that i listed a preloved sweater dress i had for a long time, i listed every single flaw i could find (a tiny hole, detergent stain, and some stretch). i listed the size as xs or s (im s) as that’s what i thought it would best fit. probably should’ve put my height in the description which is my bad, but someone else asked in the comments and i told them my height, so i wasn’t intentionally hiding anything! a buyer bought it without asking me any questions which was fine! but then they gave me a 3 star review because it fit them like an oversized sweater not a dress. i understand what i did wrong, but it still fit them... i asked them personally about it and they started flaming me about my “misleading description” and said “well for future reference you should be more specific in the description and then maybe you’ll get more business xxx 💕✨“ lol i tried super hard as this is one of my first sales... i listed every flaw i possibly could and gave them a fancy handwritten note along with a free headband and hair clips. i’m still grateful that they paid me money for it and everything but i just don’t know if i deserve this review. i feel like this was super harsh especially as a new seller. maybe this is a me thing but wouldn’t you be super careful buying about clothes online? if something wasn’t clear i’d always ask the seller questions, but maybe that’s just me. what do you think? im just really discouraged rn and idk if i want to keep doing this 😔
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Hi Courtney. My name is Ally. I am shitting my pants typing this because it still gives me nightmares but I need to get it out there. When I was 10 years old, I was walking home from the bus stop like any normal day. It's just, this day wasn't normal. I have always been a paranoid bitch and thank god I was. Anyways, as I was walking home I had noticed a guy dressed in all black staring at me. He had long black hair and very pale skin and the creepiest grin ever. I was scared so I looked deep into his eyes and took out my headphones and yelled, "What the fuck do you want?" Yes, when I was 10 I cursed when I was in uncomfortable situations. He gave me a very weird look and pretended to go on his phone. I turned the corner and looked behind me non-stop. I thought that maybe he was just hanging around so I shook it off. I heard shaking between the trees and turned around. This bitch was fucking 10 feet away from me. I dropped my books and my backpack and bolted to my friends house. For her privacy, I will call her Ava. She always kept her door unlocked because no bad activity was ever around in our town so I threw myself at her door and ran inside. I locked all the doors and all the windows and I told Ava to call the police and grab a knife. We heard crashes from upstairs so we ran into the hall closet and hid. I cried for what it felt like an hour but it was only 20 minutes. We didn't hear anything else so we thought he was gone. I got up and walked out, Ava whispered to me saying she didn't want to go out because she was scared so I walked out by myself. Looking back, I wish I had stayed with her even though I didn't know that my worst nightmare was about to come. I walked to the front door looking out the small window next to the door. A sigh of relief went down my body as I saw nobody out the front door, I turned around to call 911 again but then I saw the man staring at me holding a fucking knife next to her fireplace. I swear to god that I shit my pants and bolted out the front door and ran as fast as I could towards my house. I have never ran so fucking fast in my life. I ran inside my house and locked all the doors, and I ran to my parents room and grabbed a gun while hiding in their tub shitting my pants and crying. The police came 4 to 5 minutes after and arrested him. I was told that he was trying to find children to kidnap. The weird thing is, my friend and I were the only children on my street, everyone else was old. but then the police contacted my parents and had left. I still go to therapy every fucking day because of that asshole. So to the man who tried to kill me but left me with a nightmare. Let's Never EVER meet again you stupid, ignorant little bitch. btw i love you Courtney xxx
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So, I originally wanted to give my husband sexy boudoir photos as a wedding present. My wedding photographer said she had a solid amount of experience with boudoir photos and thought taking these photos on my wedding day would be “ideal”. Mkay.
Well, wedding photographer showed up on my wedding day with an AWFUL ATTITUDE! What was supposed to be this intimate photo session turned into a British TV show type of comedy complete with my Mom barging in and then lecturing me how nice girls didn’t do that type of thing. It was awful. Just awful. I hated those boudoir pictures. Never showed them to my husband. That was 5 years ago.
The wedding photographer sent all of the pictures she took on our wedding day via a USB drive. At some point over the past 5 years, my husband found that USB drive. It wasn’t something I was trying to hide. It’s 99% our wedding day photos!
Anyways, I hop onto my husband’s personal laptop to do some work. I tried to save some files under a folder I wanted to create. I thought the name xxx would be considerate so it wouldn’t get in his way scrolling for his stuff. What? There’s a folder already called xxx? Hmmm, what’s in xxx?
IT’S ALL ME!!!!! All my awful boudoir photos plus some honeymoon pics of me in a bikini . . . so I “confronted” my husband about his xxx file folder. He just shrugged his shoulders and said something I won’t repeat (use your imagination) but was equally adorable, flattening, and endearing. Damn, I love this man!
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