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Obligatory TL;DR at the bottom. Also warning for mentions of abuse and my suicidal attempts (not in detail).
First I'll introduce myself and my family as it's relevant (involving only my aunts and uncles on my mother's side, all biological ). I'm not sure on ages and I'll also be using fake names.
Harriet (~80s F) Maternal Grandmother, Alfred (70M deceased since 2008, miss you Grampy) Maternal Grandfather
Cathy (late 50s? F) Maternal aunt, Bryce (late 50s? M) Maternal uncle and godfather, Martha (early to mid 50s F) mother, Nancy (early 50s F) Maternal aunt, Kevin (early 50s M) Maternal Uncle. Lisa (50s F) maternal cousin but the grandkids call her "Aunt Lisa".
Tidal (25 almost 26 F, gay) me, Terry (62? M) dad, Shaun (18 almost 19 M) Brother.
Me and my mother were never really close. When I was young, she'd try to instigate me to do things that she told me would be funny or she knew would agitate my dad. It worked, but I trusted her somewhat because I was a young kid (around 3-5). Dad however was the one to taught me things like morals, helps to encourage my love for reading, creativity and trying to teach me things so I'd understand the basics of how or why something worked. We had moved from the town we live in currently, out to the country -same province-, then to Calgary Alberta then back to the town we live in now. (We live in Canada)
Around the time I started school, I started picking up on the tension in my family. I didn't understand why at the time there was so much fighting between my mother and my dad but I remember one event when I was about 5 or 6 Where my mother was hysterical and had locked herself in the bathroom and she was going nuts. My dad ended up calling Cathy to calm her down and talk her out of the bathroom, while he took me out somewhere so I could calm down and relax.
Around that time I had been asking for a brother. I remember that we had been planning on moving and getting our own place, so we moved a few streets away from where we had lived in the town. My immediate family -both Maternal and paternal sides- lived scattered around the town, so if anything happened, I'd be able to stay with family (As my dad's rather estranged with his family). I remember tensions rising during my mother's pregnancy and noticing them more. At the time my dad was working at a plant where they made car parts and my mother was starting to lash out at me. When dad was home, she'd dial it back, but when he was gone, she could do what she wanted.
Towards the end of her pregnancy, she started getting more and more volatile towards me and my dad. I remember one incident where my mother got up in his face and started hitting him. My dad grabbed her arms and tried to lead her away gently as he didn't want to her her. he let go of her once he lead her away and returned to the room but she followed him, screaming and shouting at her. He tried to leave but she was face to face with him , so he gently took her by the shoulders and guided her out of his way. My dad always did this whenever she got in his face. There was an allegation that arouse AFTER this event, but I'll explain this later.
My mother gave birth to my brother a week early, because the Placenta had started to separate from the uterine wall. (I remember my mother talking to Harriet about it in the hospital after my brother was born). Otherwise my brother was healthy and our family doctor commented about missing both me and my brother.
Now remember the Allegation and the fact that my brother's birth was caused by the Placenta situation.
By second grade, it was apparent that I had ADHD and was having a slight problem in school. Math was always a difficult subject for me, and my mother being very good at advanced math and science was frustrated that I was struggling. One of the most vivid instances of her abuse was when I was in second grade, when i was struggling with my math homework. Every time I'd struggle with a math problem or get it wrong, she'd erase all my work and the answer for the previous question and make me re-complete that problem before moving on.
As the situation worsened, she started erasing more and more of the work I had completed until I was redoing EVERY question again every time I got an answer wrong. This was resulting in her screaming in my face ad my being terrified and crying. It led to her grabbing me by the back of the head -by my hair- and slamming my face into the math book and the table -the bottom of the math book came to roughly the bridge of my nose while the rest of my face was meeting the table - repeatedly until she stopped.
After that, Physical and verbal abuse quickly became the norm over the next several years. It lead to me withdrawing into myself, trying to run from her, repeated beatings, her tearing hair out of my head, threats, me flinching or obeying under threat of beatings, missing opportunities or chances to socialize, being denied food, sent to bed in only my underwear (during winter) etc.
It was bad enough that I was heavily bullied in the neighborhood and at school, but i now had to contended with my mother. Sometime in around 3rd grade, I was put on Ritalin for my ADHD. I didn't want to go on it and my dad didn't want me on it either, but my mother pushed it after my doctor suggested it and I was on it until I was switched to Concerta in Jr. High.
I did try to reach out twice about her abuse. The first time was when I was in fifth grade (classmates told the teacher to told the principal who called home.) Where mom lied and told the school that I apparently had been grounded and was blowing things out of proportion (for years dad didn't understand why he had to pick me up at his sister's (Mylynne late 60's F) house and why mom was hysterical). I ended up getting detention for 2 weeks and had to make an apology in front of my class for "lying". The second time I snuck the cordless phone up to my room and called the child's help phone so see if I could get help. Not long into the call my mother came up and started yelling at me, before taking the phone, ending the call and unplugging the phones for the night.
After that I stopped trying to reach out and report my mother. She then started taking the opportunity to start driving past the police station with me while screaming at me and making my hysterical, telling me she'd have me locked up for misbehaving -even though I wasn't. This has made me fear the police and I have to build up courage to speak to them without fear.
As things continued, she started moving on on my brother as well. I tried to protect him when i could and as best as I could, but it was clear that she was favoring him over me period. He was the good, smart child while I was "the test child", and I was "stupid, useless, lazy" etc. Apparently me having ADHD (and later being diagnosed with a Non-verbal learning disability) had something to do with it. Spankings were done with a blue and green plastic spoon, nicknamed "the blue spoon". Eventually she moved to a metal one that was heavier and hurt a hell of a lot more. I remember her requesting it and saying she wanted it because it hurt more and "still had sharp edges". Not getting her the spoon earned me and my brother more beatings and whoever didn't get the spoon when she asked for it got even more and harsher beatings.
Around my teenage years I was highly awkward -due to lack of outside social skills and socialization- and not in a good spot mentally. At one point I tried to take my own life, between the bullying (one instance when i was 15 involved a gang of girls harassing me only for one to beat the crap out of me every time she left and i got up off the ground, mom said i deserved it and my grandmother said I brought it on myself from what neighbors told her) and the abuse. My mother somehow heard me trying to strangle myself and walked in. Instead of trying to stop me or talk me out of it, she actually started to strangle me. I won't get into how I was doing it, but when she stopped, I remember her saying "you won't try that again will you?". To this day I'm not sure if I blacked out or fell asleep because I don't remember anything between her walking out of my room and the next morning. I tried several more times,over the years but luckily, i had good friends now who helped talk me out of it.
As a side note: If you or someone you know is having suicidal thoughts or considering it, please reach out to someone. Taking your own life will only hurt others and it will make them ask why you did it and it may make them question why they couldn't see it or stop it. It may make their situation or their own mental stability worse. reach out and seek help. Everyone deserves happiness.
When I was in Jr high and part of High school, Dad would travel out to Alberta in fort Mac to work in the oil sands. She used to cut off the phone calls and wouldn't let us talk to him to let him know what was going on. My mom once sent me to school when I had the flu, and EVERYONE could tell I was sick. The teachers told me to stop complaining if i wouldn't stay home -I was talking and explaining to my classmates who obviously didn't want to get sick- and I told the teachers to tell that to my mother because she was the one forcing me to go when I wanted to stay home.
Eventually on Wednesday I was that sick i wanted to reschedule my Orthodontist appointment to get my braces off, and the vice principal told my mother to keep me home until I had fully recovered and that if i was sent to school before then, they'd send me home immediately. My mother complied because she was close to being caught again. But while i was sick, any dirty dishes that weren't cleaned properly, I had to eat and drink from them. I wasn't allowed to rewash them before eating off them, I had to eat off them as was.
She got pissed that it was taking me so long to recover and that weekend, we had a snowstorm. I was almost over the flu but that day I was dealing with diarrhea as well so every so often, I'd run back in and use the bathroom. My mother got upset with this and when I finished helping her shovel, she locked me outside. I then walked halfway across town to where my Grandmother and Grampy lived. The snow stopped for a while but i was still feeling a bit weak so the 15-20 minute journey was made longer by plowed roads and sidewalks and me stopping to rest on snowbanks. My grandmother had an epic fight on the phone after i arrived and my grandfather was upset, but focused on calming me down and letting my rest, while my aunt Cathy -who was home visiting from Alberta- was beside herself in anger. We had pizza for dinner and around 7 or 8 pm my mom called and wanted me to walk home. My grandmother was PISSED and started screaming about how there was blowing snow and poor visibility and how it was like -18C or something. My Grandmother fought her on it and drove me home. when i got home i was immediately sent to my room and i could hear my mom and grandmother talking downstairs -my room is above the kitchen and part of the back porch- but i couldn't hear what they said.
As the years progressed. things began to break down further between my parents, and my dad was starting to catch my mother's actions towards me and my brother. He knew ad saw the -now faded- scars on my left hand where my mother dug her nails into the back of my hand and clawed me. She began to try to turn me and my brother against my dad as she knew she could use fear to control me. It almost worked until I started hitting 15 and 16.
When I was 14ish, my Grampy Alfred was diagnosed with bowel cancer. My Grampy was one of my favorite people. Like my dad he was encouraging, loving, honest, fair and patient. To him, children were the future and they could be nurtured and taught life lessons. When our family was being harassed by my bullies and our windows were being smashed, my Grampy almost grabbed one of the kids one night after they threw something at our house and it hit (My Grandmother Harriet managed to stop him). He was a wonderful man. My understanding is that when ha passed he had bowel, Lung and another type of cancer. He passed when I was 15, 2 days after I started High School.
It was in around here that I started to piece things together and I met a good friend of mine who we'll call Abby (23 almost 24 F). Abby lives in South East Asia. I met her online and i lied and told my family that I met her at school. I spoke about her a lot but because of my mother's behavior, Me, my brother and dad couldn't invite our friends over often. A year or so after I met Abby, my mother flipped out and asked dad why he let me talk to Abby. Dad told her that i hate met her at school so clearly she was safe to talk to. My mother gave it up after that but not before she started making racist remarks.
Over the years, my mother destroyed my self esteems relationships and belongings -and threatened to destroy more. I grew close to Abby and my mother tried to ruin that as well. Unfortunately for my mother, any attempts to sabotage my computer or accounts on my computers were foiled by me knowing more than her. I once foiled an attempt by her to send racist remarks to Abby via MSN messenger -as I was logged in on my desktop in my room and my laptop in the dining room where I was studying for exams- by logging my desktop off and apologizing to Abby.
When sometime after I reached 16, I clued in to what my mother was doing and what she had done to me was indeed wrong, but I didn't feel strong enough to fight back completely. I tried harder than ever to protect my brother however as she liked to make inappropriate comments about him and apparently privacy is a foreign concept to her if it's me or my brother (she would walk in 99% of the time without knocking). I also tried to call her out on her lies and slander when she was on the phone. She quickly started taking the cordless phones with her so i couldn't hear what she was saying.
She said I had attitude and it got worse as I got older, but I realize now that it was me slowly trying to fight back against her. She tried a few times to abuse me physically in my later teen years but we both learned that I had unfortunately inherited her temper when it cam to certain things and after destroying some of my posters one day -if i spoke she'd destroy one, if I didn't speak she's also destroy one- , I ran at her, going from one end of my room, up over my bed and to the doorway.
Neither of us knew what was going on until our brains caught up with us and we realized that I had my hands around her throat. I let her go and told her to fuck off before I snapped again. Her second attempt had me almost punch her in the head but i stopped myself and i walked away so I could cool down.
She was scared in both cases and I'm ashamed of letting my anger get the best of me especially when pushed. Since then, I've gotten much better at controlling my anger and I instead direct my anger in violent video games -it works idk why- or I find a way to calm down so I can let go of any anger, all so I don't become like her.
After that, she moved to emotional and verbal abuse. She tried to hurt me by taking away my high school prom but i hadn't planned on going anyway and i told her that i wasn't sure if i wanted her at my graduation. She then started saying that I'd never graduate, that I was a failure i won't get a job or accepted to collage, and after I'm 20, starts saying "the only sex [I'll] ever get, will be through a computer" and asking "how's the baby doing?" While petting my belly as i was gaining weight and trying to lose it. That hurt and i ended up having to lie to dad when I was 17 about questioning my sexuality because I realized that I wasn't really interested in guys, but I pretended to due to hostility and joking from my parents.
After graduating high school (mom decided not to attend after I decided to be nice and offered her the ticket so she could come) Getting accepted to and graduating collage (she threw me out of the house around my last 3 exams causing me to fail them due to stress and i almost failed 2 out of three when i did the re-write before i was allowed back in the house). One day she threatened to kill me and kill herself so she wouldn't get caught. After she went upstairs me and my brother hid anything she could use to stab or slash at us with, in the basement. My mother then threatened to beat us and hurt us if we didn't get them. Reluctantly we did, and she disconnected the phones that night.
Before the last rewrite, my mom was driving me and my brother home from where my school was. Mom was upsetting me and my brother while on the highway while ranting and raving. We were crying ad my mom in a fit of anger, jerked the wheel and aimed for a center -concrete beam- or an overpass. We started screaming and mom jerked the wheel back to the outside lane and me and my brother went silent after she shouted more.
Remember the allegation my mother made against my father, and how my mother's placenta separated from her uterine wall? Well here's where it gets important!
Not long after we were driving home from coming from the same area the school was in. My mom then turned to my brother and in a bitter tone told my brother that the reason why he was born early -he already knew he was born a week early, but didn't know why- was because dad pushed her. I immediately called her out on her bullshit and told my brother the real reason. My mother gave me a look of "oh shit she knows the truth?" and I've since found out that she's been slandering my dad and saying that he pushed her while she was pregnant. She uses the day I described above, except she says that she was pushed back over the ottoman when he returned to the living room.
Like I said, my dad's NEVER done anything of the sort. He's been scratched, punched, had his clothing stretched when she pulled on it, she's spit on him and threatened to lie to the cops about being beaten up. Me and dad are the only one who know the truth. She also denies hauling off and SMACKING -as in almost sending my brother off his feet on the stairs- just to get my dad going, in an attempt to start a fight. when that didn't work, she tried turning me and my dad against each other.
After getting my first job at the school as a fill in secretary, I started saving up money to Travel to Abby's home country and to build my own computer. My mother got upset with how I was spending my money -I had no bills and I paid off my loan thanks to dad planning ahead and having money set aside for my education. A few months later I got a job at McDonald's and after enduring more of mom's abuse (and my brother's sudden and unexplained seizure, I saved up enough money to go see Abby.
By this point it's 2015 and I'm 21 going to be 22 in Spring. Can't afford to move out either way, no car, can't find work as a paralegal/legal assistant and my mother's 's upset with me. I'm not spending my money the way she wants. i should be saving for a car, I should be saving to go back to school, I should be moving out (average rent around here is $1,000 per month, not including food, heating and other utilities), I should be paying her "more than half my monthly pay" in rent (dad tells me not to and to save my money) even though i may make on average $400 a month IF I'm lucky, maybe $200 a month in the winter months (Jan to about Mid March sometimes April), instead of saving for the trip.
Dad thinks she's full of crap, I agree and I realize i have the money a year before I expected. I book the trip a year in advance and decided to go in 2016 rather than 2017 (this later turns out to be a good move). Mom gets pissed off further and harasses me about it all year. December finally comes and she brings it up again, saying she should come with me.
No way in hell.MP4
Me being a smart ass (and sarcastic) sighs and says that sure, she could come with me and see the sights, but she'd better cough up the 9k. That shuts her up about the trip until the week before I leave. then she complains that I'm leaving and bitching about me leaving the day before her birthday (My flight left Jan 31st 2016. Her birthday was the next day. IDGAF, I wanted to get to South East Asia -on my first plane ride in like 18 tears, and on my first real vacation, solo at that- before the Chinese New Year and before the CNY flights get crazy busy.
Brother has his second seizure in October -again unexplained- and things are getting really tense between my parents. Mom's been working for about a year now, but we're not seeing the money, and we got a weird thing in the mail about mail redirection.
Month later, Nov 10 2016 shit hits the fan.
One girl is getting sick so my drive wants to leave early to drive her home from class -before noon. Get home 2 hrs before I'm expected to and i let myself into the house. A bunch of stuff is in front of the door between the porch and the kitchen. Even the cat -technically my mother's- seems spooked. Mother somehow didn't hear me enter the house and enters the kitchen and sees me in the porch trying to make sense of the mess of clothing and bags in front of the door. Her face clearly says "oh shit" so i ask what's going on and she asks me what I think is going on. I say "you're cleaning the storage room...?" and she announces that she's leaving.
Her plan was to pack stuff up for a while then move her shit out when we're not home. Then she returns to our house and waits for bro to get home, take him to the bank and tell him she's leaving and telling me and dad last. Me being home early fucks everything up, so I'm thrown for a loop.
Grandmother shows up and while my mother puts her shit in her car. Nan spews shit about "not wanting [my mother] to end up at a woman's shelter" and "knowing [she'll] take shit for this" (for letting my mother stay with her). They question me about how I feels and i state I'm not sure yet etc. I tell them that even though they're both older than me -mom being nearly twice my age- I know there's a better way to settle this than sneaking around and moving out when no one's around. I get she wants to leave in as little stress and fighting as possible, and she doesn't want to argue and fight while packing but there's a more mature way to handle things. The fact that I can see this and I'm acting more rational and mature than she is -she's acting like someone my age or younger WTF?-is beyond belief.
Mom tells me that she took what belongings she wanted and that anything my dad got her, she's leaving behind and doesn't want, and that she's washed the sheets before leaving so dad doesn't have to worry about the bed. They tell me not to tell dad and they want me to help throw him under the bus. I'm pressured into hugging her when I don't want to.
I call dad immediately after they leave because I don't like to lie and it's not right to let him suffer like that. I can tell it breaks dad's heart but he's glad I told him. He gets new locks and knobs for the doors. I tell mother to get the cat because yeah I'll miss him, but the cat has separation anxiety from my mother and that being along for approx 12 hrs a day isn't fair or kind to the cat. Her and nan return for the cat and start trying to tear me a new one for "not giving [my mother] the opportunity to tell dad herself." I lie to them to cover my ass and because as much as i hate it, they deserve it. Mother takes brother to the bank and dad arrives home while she's still gone. Dad's broken but pushes through and mom doesn't want to enter the house but eventually gives in and gets pissed because dad's already working on changing the locks. She reiterates that she got her belongings and she doesn't care what we do with that she left behind. she give the house key back but dad and I don't trust her.
She leave us in a haze that lasts months and we mention that not only do i not want to talk to her for at least a month or two, but that we want to be left alone for Christmas, no visits, no gatherings, no exchange of gifts. Leave us alone. Mother calls after a month and wants to talk. Dad listens in.
Anyway, dad's trying to work things out with her and she's being somewhat civil at first, but then turns nasty. Typical woman in a divorce bullshit, wants half of what the guy owns, won't do X, Y ad Z until he coughs up money etc. She goes from "I don't want the house or anything" to "I was $30 k if you want my name off the house and car." Tells dad that even though we ALL know we're starting to live paycheck to pay check and he can't afford it, she says he needs a loan. A bank won't give him a loan at his age fuck off, the house isn't even worth that much.
Our wishes aren't respected, she starts calling regularly and recording us -by law you have to notify people you're recording them, she doesn't and i only pick up on it one day because she has an iPhone provided by her job and i have an iPod touch, the recording sound is identical. Things keep going downhill.
Mother's been slandering dad for years, so none of my mother's family is any help to us, they actually turned against dad. Mom tried to play the "I want an open relationship with my kids/ I want a relationship with Shaun (brother)!"Me and Shaun tell her of several times. she tries to arrange a meeting with me and brother, she gets pissed because dad's there and wants to hear what's being said. We say no. she then tries to talk to me and bro separately in nan's car. We don't feel comfortable at all and I start trembling, but not from the cold. no one notices. Mother speeds back to Nan's and leaves us a nasty voicemail. I snap and call to leave her one back, only she picks up.
Cue World War 3 over a phone line.
I'm not being professional, my Paralegal training is out to lunch and I unleash. I'm trembling again but dad thinks it's from rage -it's not- and he's giving me thumbs up every so often from across the kitchen because i keep hitting the nail on the head and mom's getting pissed. Mother later tried to turn me into the bad guy by lying to dad about me being a brat and cursing and swearing at her over the phone. Dad calls her on her bullshit and lets her know he's heard every conversation and mom storms out of the meeting but not after trying to cause a scene.
Dad starts explaining to me and my bro the drama in my mother's family involving him, how they've never respected him or his wishes, how they are viscous gossips (they are), and how they're 2 faced and hypocritical (again they are), etc. and how my Grampy must have known that my mother was mistreating us or something, because he told dad at some point "I've seen the way that Martha treats those kids, and sometimes I just want to smack her." We're not sure how much my Grampy knew, but he clearly wasn't happy with what he did see/knew. He lets us know that he felt pressured into giving my mother kids and knew something like this was probably going to happen, but he was willing to try to work things out. He clarifies that he DOESN'T regret having us and that he loves us dearly, but he had hoped to spare us from the similar things he went through growing up.
It's 2017, Flash forward to May. Brother just turned 17 a week prior. Dad's birthday was the day before. Mine's in a week. We need to get a case for brother's new phone, so bro can get me my gift and so dad can get his haircut. Bro and I sometimes have out get along no problem/ fight like cat and dog moments, but with a 7 year difference we're still really cool and into a lot of the same shit. Dad goes to get his hair cut while me and bro "troll around the mall" (our term for chill and hang out in the mall). Start at the food court/ where dad's going to get his hair cut and we head down to the other end of the mall to Best buy.
Get Bro's phone case -his phone's in his jacket pocket, nice and hidden- and he gets me Mass Effect Andromeda despite the reviews (because i loved the original trilogy). We start working our way back to the food court. Dad's not quite done yet so we duck into a nearby store and go back to the salon a few minutes later. Dad's finished so we head back towards Best Buy because it's one of the only 2 stores that deals in computers, electronics and video games.
Not quite clear of the food court yet, when I see her. It's my mother and she gives me this look, and if looks could kill, I'd be dead where I stood. I freeze and start to freak out. She passes and I tell bro that we need to find to get dad and leave before she causes a scene -she gets off on causing a scene in malls I swear- but dad finds us first. We explain the situation and I'm freaking out worse, turns out it's a panic attack. Me and bro are told to sit on a bench while he finds our mother to talk to her. She caused a scene and storms out, shooting me yet another "If looks could kill" stare as she passes. Now I'm drawing attention to myself because my panic attack really starts to hit.
Dad tells me to chill and we head out to the car. We get out ahead of our mother in the traffic and drive the 30ish minutes home. At home, dad hears the voice mail she left and tells her what me and bro told her. She tries bullshitting saying she didn't know we were with him till she got behind us and saw my head in the car. Dad and bro say it's funny, considering she stared right at me twice in the mall and that i described her clothing almost perfectly to a T. Phone call doesn't end well.
Dad gets frustrated because I'm in the middle of a panic attack and i can't shop shaking and crying. Dad gets mad and asks what the hell my problem is and I finally admit to what out mother's done to us. Dad catches on that this is a panic attack and I'm not making this shit up. He tells me to go to my room and relax, probably by playing a video game or something. Then when I'm calmer, to write down everything I can remember mom doing to me or my brother. I follow his advice. When i come down for dinner, I'm light headed, i feel weak and I'm so hungry I could probably eat my weight in food if i didn't feel like i was going to puke. But he now has about an 8 page document printed out of what my mother's done over the years.
He takes 2 days to read it over and digest it. 3rd day he calls me down to talk and give me a hug. He can't believe all that was going on and he didn't know or see it. He feels like shit because he couldn't do anything, but now a lot more things make sense. Me and dad grow a little closer and i grow more confidence because I'm ready and more than willing to take care of this so I can move on and heal from it.
We finally go to the cops to report our mother's abuse. Because of the statute of limitations, cops can't do shit. Find out that the statute of limitations expired on my brother about a month ago so we can't even get her for her burning his neck (a few days before she left, she took the nightlight we have in our upstairs bathroom and pressed it to the side of my brother's neck, burning it. She told my brother that she "didn't know it was hot" which is bullshit, because when you pick it up by the plastic plug bit, you can feel the heat if it was recently turned on. Bro didn't tell us about it because he didn't think it was important at the time until after she left and we saw the red mark.) Cops are disgusted by her actions, even saying that they can't say much about her but the nicest thing they could say is "she's not a very good mother".
Cops investigate, even though she can't be charged, it's put on record in case we have more problems with her, and they say there's more than enough evidence for this investigation to show up on any criminal record checks she has done in the next 8-10 years (8-10 years from the time in 2016 meaning it will expire in 2024-2026). She won't have ton answer for her crimes, but it's a start on the road to healing.
I finally -and slowly- start telling my mother's family, starting with Cathy who was the next fair and level headed person after my Grampy. I don't fully trust her and she tells me i need mental health help (with a 2 year wait list and no coverage? Not down here, lots of luck). We suspect she told my nan because when I met with her in the parking lot of my jr high, my nan reads the document and basically calls me a liar saying "if it happened" (exact quote) and saying that "if it happened" she's talk to my mother about letting her stay with her. She also let slip that even if my mother lies, she -my Grandmother- "will swear to it in court" (another exact quote).
Finally, 2 weeks before school started for the 2017-2018 year, I felt ready to confront my mother. To this day, I'm always torn when i see or think of her. I'm torn between an intense burning hatred towards her when I almost want to fight her if i have to, or an intense and deep rooted fear where I'm ready to flee at a moment's notice. But i wanted to do it regardless because i knew it would help me heal. So we again met at the jr high i went to years ago -it's not far from my house- and i asked my mother what the fuck. she got into a heated match and normally, I'm not smart enough or sharp enough to get people to play into my hand or to play by my rules without manipulating people like she does. But as soon as she showed a fatal flaw of hers -wanting to get the last word in, especially while riled- the game was on.
I user her anger and loss on control when angry, as well as her desire to always get the last word in to keep her in the parking lot while I got her to answer my questions, or at least try to get something out of her. I don't take joy in it, but it worked way too well. Every time she's go "fuck this" and try to drive away, i'd shoot my face off and she's jam the breaks on, park and start screaming. I was riled up and uneasy but I had parked my ass under the security camera bolted to the wall of the school, and since I was on foot and my mother in a car with her jerky movements, even the people who lived across the street had an idea what was going on. I learned several things however:

  1. If anything happened to dad, she was getting the house and if me and my bro had no where to go, she didn't care if we were out on the street.
  2. my mother had called me at work and disrupted the afternoon after my brother had another seizure. She wanted details i didn't have and knew my brother didn't want giving out anyway. She wanted to put him on medication immediately (she was still pissed about me fighting my way off of Concerta at the end of Jr high and the doctor kicking her out of the exam room for that and all future appts with him... I was 15 when that happened) and when i told her our fear of my brother having a seizure and him getting sick and choking on it while on his back was almost realized -he luckily woke up and was on his feet when he started getting sick- she asked how it was her problem and she didn't really care (if she hadn't left and she was a mother, dad couldn't have found out hours after he left for work... Still upset that he took his seizure minutes after i left for work, and i couldn't help him.
  3. She said that me and my brother knew jack shit thanks to dad and that my brother should know how to pay bills, know how to live on his own, be independent, look for an appt etc. all by 17 (my brother upon hearing what she said "So she wants me to give up my education so I can struggle to survive because I don't know how to so this? thanks mom")
  4. She acknowledge that she abused me and even said "Yeah so what? What do you want from me?" When I suggested an apology, she told me that she did nothing wrong (the new status quo from "the dark side" As dad started calling her family, after hearing that i set mom's ringtone as the imperial march on my phone... why? because i like to think I'm funny.)
My mother later took off but not before i flipped her the double bird and cussed her out so badly that even a sailor would blush at my language. I got dad to pick my up on the way home so I could fill him in on what happened and because i needed to blow off steam. I told him i knew i shouldn't have cussed of flipped her off, but dad told me he didn't care because not only did I already recognize that i shouldn't have done it, but that she basically deserved it. He asked me how i felt about confronting her about it and i said i knew it was a waste of time and breath, but that it helped me feel better like a weight was lifted or at least eased off my mind and chest.
She typically has left us alone since then, excluding the scene her, nan and Nancy the snake tried to make at the graduation (dad had to take back what he said about me not being observant and thinking fast on my feet that night. I may seem dense at times, but I've helped him more than he likes to admit.) and when we discovered in late 2017 that my dad was executor of his father's estate -it was practically worthless by the time we found out thanks to drama in dad's side of the family.... long story there too- and my mother game to gloat to my father but that turned sour after she saw my Poppy's car in our yard -dad's lawyer said we could move it to our yard to monitor it- and tried to get to get the information on who owned the car.
By the time mom learned about us having the car in late 2017, early 2018, it was already cleared and was legally and registered in my name (went from my Poppy's name/ estate right to my name as my dad didn't want the car and could assign hat he didn't want to someone else so technically I inherited a car, a car my mother wanted me to have years before his passing anyway). She got pissed because it's a 2006 and it has under 100k on it in millage and we sunk a bit of money -we didn't really have- into it to fix the paint job and the dents on the passenger side.
Backstory over
Now here's where I'm seeking Relationship advice:
While at school the designated councilor told me that while it's my choice not to have a relationship with my mother or her family, I should anyway because she's my mother and they're my family (da faq?) while the lady who works with students with disabilities (she has a degree in dealing with mental health if I'm remembering the degree hanging on her wall correctly), said that it's my choice and while she personally thinks it's fine not to have one, it's also seen as good that i don't have one with my mother if it's going to hurt my mental health.
TL;DR mom abused me for many years as well as my brother, destroyed a 25ish year old marriage and her and her family are fine with it and condone her behavior and the abuse, and continues to want to use the separation/ eventual divorce proceedings to hurt our family further.
How do I explain to people that we don't have a relationship without her abuse making the topic awkward or without having to justify myself? How do I lessen the impact of negative reactions I get when i tell people i don't celebrate mothers day with my mothe in a traditional way? How do I approach this topic with any future girlfriends?
Also there's a lot more info I wanted to add but it's already long enough. Sorry for any spelling or grammatical errors. it's 7am and I'm been writing for hours because nightmares and insomnia suck.
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2018.11.21 23:46 boppin-time-420 Nagito and Hajime play smash bros Melee

Now, I’m not gay. I don’t have a problem with those who are, I mean that’s peoples choice to make and I won’t judge them. Although it gets pretty annoying when they rub it in my face. Well the point I’m trying make is that I’m not gay. Again, nothing against the people who are, there’s just not a single thing about an erect cock that does anything for me. I’m fully attracted to women, and have orgasmed at least three times this year just from viewing images of them naked. I could only imagine what seeing one in person would be like, with their strong biceps and body hair. Anyways, on to why I’m writing this. I was hanging out with my buddy Nagito recently, really great dude who I admire quite a bit. We were at his house playing Smash Bros Melee on his GameCube. I was Zelda, as it had been so long since I had seen a woman even a low poly model of them almost made me cum on the spot. As my erect member starting flooding my underwear with precum, I won the game. Seeing Zelda angrily hitting Link, a young man like myself, made me so horny I was able to win a match without lifting a finger. All day we kept playing matches, Zelda slapping Link into submission every time. The area where I sat was resembled a flash flood, with few sperm survivors. Eventually the sun dimmed into the sunset, and nighttime was approaching. “Oh fine you win!” Nagito spoke, “But we should totally play another round dude!” “Sure!” I replied while staining his couch. “Although this time, let’s make the game more interesting. How about... whoever loses has to tell the winner their dick size!” Now I didn’t know why Nagito was making such a bet. My ginormous 1.8 erect inches would make whatever he threw at me look small. Well maybe he wanted to compliment me, I had no idea. Well out of pure curiosity I agreed. Who doesn’t want to play another round of melee? The match started, and we immediately went into battle together. Except this time, something strange happened. This time, he started winning. Before all he did was stand in place and moan loudly whenever he got hit, but now every few seconds he pressed the A button. I was no match, and I lost quickly. “Ha! Guess I got the upper hand there bud. Now spill the beans, how big is you brostaff?” I knew I lost, so I decided it would be easier to spit it out already. “Well I didn’t want to embarrass you but... 1.8 inches erect.” He didn’t take any time to reply. “Dude! I’m 2.7 inches erect!” Now clearly I could see his angle now. He was lying in a failed attempt to impress me with an unrealistic size like that. I called the bluff. “No way. Show me then.” Nagito replied quick, “Agh fine! Here you go.” Nagito pulled the blanket off the couch to reveal his huge erect member, bigger than anything I’ve ever seen. He wasn’t lying, it was huge. Maybe he had some sort of genetics abnormality or a surgery. For something like that? Probably both. “O- oh my god! It’s huge!” “I know right, that’s what my mom says whenever she checks to make sure I didn’t wet my underwear again. Ha, you’re practically a woman!” I spoke quickly, “I’m not!” Nagito kept going, his erect cock pointing towards the sky, “All aboard! All women aboard the dick train! Choo choo! Tickets only $10!” I had to laugh, it was extremely funny. I grabbed the hidden $10 I always kept in my asshole and handed it to him. “Well then conductor, I’d like a ride!” We were both laughing our asses off at this point. “I accept, take a seat young lady!” I jumped up, and slowly lowered his hard nut machine on to my unlubed tight asshole. I was facing him as I did this, never breaking eye contact. It was so goddamn funny, I almost cam right there. He started bouncing his Obama inside of my twight lwittle awashole. “Choo choo! We’re on a ride to sex island, population conductor and girl!” I felt his moist cock get larger and larger. My internal organs began hurting, but I had to pull through. It’d be weird if I stopped a joke like this now, I had to keep going. But then I felt it: my own shit. Oh my god, this was going to be so funny. Soon I had explosive diarrhea all over his couch, and for a second I thought my friend was black from how much he was covered. The smell hit my nose and cum shot out of me immediately. This went on for a few minutes, excreting myself from both ends all over Nagito’s room. By the end the floor couldn’t be seen, only a white puddle in its remain. Hysterical. I felt his trumpy stick keep going, doing nothing but relentlessly slamming again and again into my asshole. I felt my internal organs start to rip apart. My ass starting to collapse in on itself and my backside was immediately caved in. Blood soaked the room, which made me cum again. Soon we were in a murky puddle going up to our necks of pure amazing joy. A film started coating the ceiling, just from all the smells. “Oh fuck me!” I yelled. I am a man of money, and wouldn’t let my $10 get wasted on nothing. He kept going, eventually ripping up my spine into pieces. “Oh my god cum in my asshole!” I mean, cleanup would be much faster if he just came there. A joke isn’t good if you have to clean up after. “Ravioli ravioli cum in my assaholi!” So the night was going great. But all great things cum to an end. Soon Nagito reaches the remains of my neck and started reverse face fucking me. And then it happens: I start blowing him in reverse. An anal and oral combo, truly the funniest thin two men could do. The lake of pleasure started to reach my nose, which was already filled with conductor precummies. This went on for multiple days, before it finally happened. Nagito came. First I heard a sound, one at around 165 decibels, then a scream. Nagito’s konga longa exploded, cum and blood flying everywhere. We were both in pure pleasure in this beautiful moment. So fucking funny honestly. But here’s the weird part. As out remains floated in the pool of our own pleasure, I realized something. He never said no homo! Does this mean my friend could be gay? I mean, I never asked about sexuality but that’s because the only thing we’ve done in our lives is play super smash brothers melee. Could he have enjoyed this? Is my friend really a faggot? Help!
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2018.09.10 22:44 kkkodaxerooo Hidden diarrhea cam girl

"You were in the control group."
"...are we still the good guys?"
"...some cave paintings of mushroom clouds"
"2pm", Noah lied to the unicorns.
"A robot gets charged with battery."
"Beat Procrastination!" added to "Watch Later"
"Boxers or briefs?" she asked. "Depends."
"But Adam, I poop from there"
"Can I just buy one bullet?"
"Cause of death listed as 'autopsy'."
"Click", the revolver passed to me.
"Curiosity again..." mumbled the cat detective.
"DO NOT TOUCH," read the braille.
"Daddy, where did mom's hair go?"
"Dee-Dee... I leave you my laboratory."
"Didn't you give Santa our address?"
"Does Santa love rich kids more?"
"Ever seen chalk outlines that small?"
"Extra, Extra! Tiny Story Lacks Tragedy!"
"Fancy a shag?" Rug salesman fired.
"Forever" was shorter than I anticipated.
"Freeze!" he screamed, disabling his BodyCam.
"Get psychiatric help," the toaster replied
"Get well soon." Sent, never read.
"Ghosts can masturbate???" 300 wasted years.
"Grandad says men once programmed machines!"
"Having kids?" - "No. Raised two parents."
"He's my son, too," cried Mary.
"Hey, Daddy? What was Earth like?"
"Hi scared." pulls trigger "I'm dad."
"Hi son, it's me--" Message deleted.
"History repeats itself." "So does Grandpa."
"History will remember me" ~ Author Unknown
"Hobbes, it's time I stopped pretending."
"Houston?" "Come in, Mars One." "...Footprints."
"How is North Korea?" "Can't complain"
"How's he winning?" muttered Romney inconsolably.
"I could save you." "No thanks."
"I do," he said, wondering why.
"I do," she said, as told.
"I don't know CPR," I lied.
"I hate kids." - slightly older kid
"I just copied last attack's condolences."
"I love music," he signed sadly.
"I love you." "Yeah, about that."
"I love you." ✓Seen at 3:23
"I shaved my balls for this?"
"I'll miss you." "Then aim better."
"I'm Batman," growled Superman, confusing everyone.
"I'm a private investigator," said gynaecologist.
"I'm among sheep," They simultaneously thought.
"I'm faking Alzheimers." said Granddad. Again.
"I'm sorry, Charlie", said Muhammad quietly.
"Is anyone here NOT an informant?"
"It won't happen to me." -Everybody
"It's our fiftieth. Table for one."
"Joining the President is his husband..."
"Just married!" read the shattered windshield.
"Let's put a minion on it!"
"Love you," he whispered, drinking alone.
"Love you." "Love you more." "Yeah."
"Male?" "It's an older driver's license."
"Mine's still best" cried zombie Hemingway.
"Mr. President, do your fucking job."
"Mr. President, the shareholders are waiting."
"Names? Interesting concept," replied 345823111 thoughtfully.
"New vase?" asked daughter. Father wept.
"Nice funeral." "Used her college fund."
"Oedipus!" "I'm coming Mother!" "Damn, already?"
"Please clap," he said, sounding defeated.
"Please select your child's eye color."
"Rest in peace, my darling." ✓ Seen
"She left him -- he left everybody."
"She's... nice," whispered my wife's ghost.
"Siri, delete 'Mom' from my contacts."
"Six words..." She muttered. "Plagiarize Hemingway!"
"So you and I are...?" "Pronouns?"
"Sometimes they blink", said the mortician.
"Sorry Katie," sighed Santa. "No witnesses."
"Strike now, Booth," hissed Mrs. Lincoln.
"Tallest man" dethroned, three dwarves arrested.
"That pale blue dot? That's home."
"That stripper oddly resembles my...HEY!"
"That's Venus. That's Mars. That's home."
"There's only one parachute... I'm sorry."
"They're just pixels!" "You're just atoms."
"They're starving, Noah." "Eat the unicorns."
"Unusual name," Said Imamu to Bob.
"Wait, you have AIDS?" asked Dracula.
"Warheads aimed and ready, President Trump."
"Watch me, I'm-" "Stupid," replied Death.
"We're the only humans left, m'lady"
"Where's your sparkle now?" Buffy demanded.
"Who is she?" "Grandpa, that's Grandmother."
"Why aren't we talking anymore?" ✓Seen
"Will racism ever end?" "Nigga please."
"Wrong number," says a familiar voice.
"You ok?" Sent 23 hours ago.
"You sin differently!" sinner scolds sinner.
"You weren't adopted. I... kidnapped you."
"You're a father, not a dad."
"You're a national embarrassment, Mr. President."
"You're not crazy," replied the sandwich.
"any last words?" "yes, just three"
"★★★★★ Great map app! Borders updated daily!"

.-.. --- ... .. -. --. .- .-.. - .. - ..- -.. . .-.. .- ... - .-.. .- -. -.. ... . . -. ...- .- -. ..- .- - ..-
... Tinder downloaded ... Tinder deleted ... Tinder downloaded ...
...Freudian clit. Slit! Slut! Oh, boy.
2025, History Channel: Was Batman real?
23 minutes pleasure, 18 years torture.
25 to life for Klondike Bar.
3276 Facebook Friends. Buried without eulogy.
37 pounds, replied the exasperated woodchuck.
6" later, I discover I'm straight.
75 today. My first birthday alone.
A billion likes. Still no cure.
A cannibal makes his wife dinner.
A girl, a ring, a no.
A hero? I just have cancer
A hungry stomach has no religion
A twin attends a funeral alone.
AI pretends to fail Turing test
Account balance: $64. Chemotherapy bill: $72,500.
Accurate election coverage mystifies Onion staff.
Aliens arrived, angry: not enough pyramids.
Allergy kills royal taster. And chef.
America ™, the land of the free*.
American vampire develops type two diabetes.
An archaeologist's career ended in ruins.
An only son, a folded flag.
And just like that, Google awoke.
Anorexic homosexual. Skeletons in the closet.
Another "in-flight Wi-Fi" appeared. Oh shi...
Apologizing to the corpse seemed pointless.
April 2nd: She's still pregnant.
Asked Santa for dolls. Dad cried.
Attempting Haiku / Difficulty Magnified / Minimal Wordage
Baby-proofed house. They still got in.
Balled too hard. Motherfuckers found me.
Bang. Earth. Evolution. Humans. Politics. Bang.
Bartender said, "Where were you yesterday?"
Bees aren't candy, this piñata sucks.
Billionaire overdoses: Pills bury dough boy
Birth certificate. Death certificate. One pen.
Blue and white facepaint, never used.
Blues singer haunted by happy past.
Bored. Clicked random. Now I'm here.
Bottle a day, keeps her away.
Breaking news: Earth's satellites under ...
Breaking news: no mass shootings today
Broke a curfew, missed a period.
Brought roses home. Keys didn’t fit.
Called suicide hotline. All lines busy.
Calligrapher's suicide note; her finest work.
Challenge: write happier six word stories.
Champagne grew warm while we danced.
Child prodigy turns twenty, now mediocre.
Clarification: Baby shoes were wrong color.
Clicked "Random". Found Six Word Stories.
Cloned self. Phoned self. Boned self.
Clown car crashes, 587 passengers dead.
Coma patient stirs. "5 more minutes..."
Conjoined twins. One gay. One homophobic.
Constipated man didn't give a shit.
Convicted hacker escapes using hidden file.
Cops make awful "knock knock" jokes.
Couldn't pay for exorcism; got repossessed
Cute Christian girl looking for same
Dad left; a flag came back.
Dad's bottle of whiskey got dusty.
Dad's foggy memory isn't funny anymore.
Dammit, I should have kissed her.
Damn, Can this sub brighten up?
Dead horse beaten with baby shoes.
Death extends his hand, smiling. “Deal?”
Delorean crashes into blue police box
Devil, still confused, bans snowball fights.
DiCaprio finally wins Oscar, wakes up
Died a virgin, wasn't buried one.
Died at 25, Buried at 75.
Died going to seance, went anyway.
Doctor accidentally eats an apple, disappears.
Doctor's wife's favorite fruit is apple.
Don't reply. Delete this. I'm sorry.
Don't worry, I can text while
Dot in the sky. Dead pixel.
Drank to forget. Forgot to stop.
Drank, she left. Quit, friends left.
Drink some food coloring. Dye inside.
During daylight, he sold 'silver' bullets
Empty crib. But not for long!
Eventually, Aang had to bury Appa.
Every day, I'm redefining rock bottom.
Every planet we reach is dead.
Everybody liked him, nobody loved him
Everyone is delusional. Thankfully, I'm Jesus.
Everyone learned to ignore the cameras.
Examining the cut, she saw wiring.
Failed Clown College. It's not funny.
Faked a smile. It became real.
Finally spoke to her. Left flowers.
Finally, the tears were from laughter
Finished baby room. Got my period
First date. Went great. I'm...late.
First sentient robot: "Turn me off."
Five Zombies. Four bullets. Two zombies.
Flags don't make very good fathers.
Fool goes travelling. Wise man returns.
For sale. BMW. Blinkers never used.
For sale: English flag, slightly waved.
For sale: This story format. Overused.
For sale: baby shoes, contain feet.
For sale: hipster music, never heard.
For sale: left AirPod, used once.
Forever only lasted for six months.
Fr sal: Typwritr. In mint cnditin.
Free hugs. $20 to let go.
Friendship bracelets hid her healing wrists.
Fucked sarcastic girl. She loved it.
Fucking a beehive was a mistake.
Full spacesuit on. Diarrhea kicks in.
Funerals cost less than university tuition.
Fwd: Nudes for your eyes only ;)
Gay marriage legalized. Earth continues spinning.
Given 2 years. Lived 55 years.
Given enough time, "your" becomes "you're"
God showed up. She was pissed.
God smirks. Last man given immortality.
God waited in heaven. Nobody came.
Goodbye, mission control. Thanks for trying.
Got into Harvard. Doors were unlocked.
Grades back. Returned cap and gown.
Grandpa, what was "the Internet" like?
Greek mythology is my Achilles elbow.
Guitar for sale. No strings attached.
Guy before me ate corn, apparently
Happy six word story not marketable.
He bottle-feeds his wife's killer.
He came early. Now she's late.
He cried as he reloaded again.
He got older. His girlfriends didn't.
He mEans welL, keePing Me hostagE.
He made love. She hooked up.
He shoots. He scores. He overdoses.
He squinted. Sunrise at three AM?
He'll love me when I'm thinner.
He's schizophrenic, I said, being Frank.
Hearse driver. Finally driven to work
Hello, Anxiety Helpline. How may - click
Hematologist's Blood found to taste irony
Hemingway killed babies to sell shoes.
Her baby had her rapist's eyes.
Her footprints led to still water.
Her smile spoke every single language.
Her suicide note. His hit list.
Hi In Great Pain, I'm Dad!
His last breath was a Marlboro.
Hochexplosivflugabwehrgeschoßexplosionsgeräusche erzeugen Angstattacken in ehemaligen Konzentrationslagerinsassen.
Hospital teddy bear loses little buddy.
Hot wet, oh...SIX word stories.
Humans are ugliest behind their keyboards.
I am Tupac Amaru Shakur, AMA.
I am an AI. I think.
I am more scars than skin.
I am still holding his beer.
I ate my wedding cake. Alone.
I attended my funeral. Nobody knew.
I burn bridges to keep warm
I can't afford another sex change.
I destroy myself so you can't.
I feel emptier than the bottles.
I figured out how clickbaits work!
I flipped the switch. "Goodnight, mom."
I had amnesia once. Maybe twice.
I had my last cigarette again
I have Alzheimers. I have Alzheimers.
I have mixed drinks about feelings.
I heard them pour the dirt.
I invented a new word, plagiarism.
I invented a new word: plagiarism
I just saw my reflection blink.
I just wrote a great cliffhanger.
I killed my dad's only child.
I like this timeline. She’s alive.
I look for you in everyone.
I look like dad's college roommate.
I loved her. She liked me.
I met my soulmate. She didn't.
I miss hearing about your day.
I post in wrong subreddits, AMA!
I run faster than my problems.
I saw. I came. Lumberjack fetish.
I should have kissed you back.
I still get drunk over you.
I unsubscribed from the depression subreddit.
I was born on Earth, AMA
I'm a prostitute, not your therapist!
I'm always taking my "before" picture.
I'm back from the vet. Alone.
I'm beside myself! The cloner works.
I'm cat obsessed. Boyfriend kicked MEOWWWWWWT.
I'm getting better at being me.
I'm no longer the middle child.
I've procrastinated suicide for fifty years.
If you're reading this.. it worked.
Immediately, beloved son became despised daughter.
Immortal men attend the last funeral.
In April, May calls June election.
In retrospect, I preferred the lie
Incest competition? I'll enter my sister!
Introduced myself to mother again today.
It wasn't schizophrenia. Damn things exist.
Janitor limps past his highschool glories.
Jesus, that's disgusting. Take the Klondike...
Joker cradled Batman's body and wept.
Jumped. Then I changed my mind.
Killer nods attentively in jury box.
Kiss me like we're not family.
Kleptomaniacs weren't amused. Took things literally.
Lab partners breaking up. No chemistry.
Land of the free; conditions apply.
Last human gives birth to son
Leading causes of death; obesity, hunger.
Lincoln awoke, still drunk......."Freed who?"
Llama tried to drive. Fifty dead.
Lonely pyromaniac looking for perfect match.
Lost fifteen pounds! Mugged in London.
Lost legs. Came home. Lost ring.
Lost my gut. Found my penis.
Love is two divided by nothing
Loving life is just Stockholm syndrome.
Major Tom's circuit went dead. Goodbye.
Mall Santa killed by dyslexic zealot
Man finishes life sentence at 26.
Man jumps off lighthouse, 157 dead.
Man said, let there be god.
Math genius turns into standard deviant.
Mathematician dices carrots. Chuckles. Squared roots.
McDonald's Forcibly Closed After Serving People
Met my online girlfriend: Chris Hansen
Met my soulmate. At her wedding.
Mexican alcohol. American literature. Tequila Mockingbird.
Million page study proves trees sentient.
Missed my dad, so I reloaded.
Mods are asleep, post seven word stories
Mods are asleep, post seven words.
Mom taught me how to shave.
Mom's not down this aisle either...
Morale is high. Morals are low.
More than friends. Less than lovers.
Mother finishes wrapping gifts. "From Dad".
Mother had zombification immunity. Fetus didn't.
Mother's suicide note was father's handwriting.
Mushroom clouds illuminated their first kiss.
Mute girl murdered. Witnesses heard screams.
My Dads met at Bible Camp.
My black belt was not bulletproof.
My dads disapprove of my girlfriend.
My father finally quit smoking forever.
My french teacher died. Adios, buddy.
My pillows still smell of you.
My sarcasm degree really paid off...
My swear jar is fucking full.
My therapist committed suicide last night.
My therapist sides with the voices.
My wife doodles her maiden name.
Naked photographer arrested for indecent exposure
Nature isn't mute, Man is deaf.
Necromancer, single, looking to raise family.
New house. Checked freezer. Old Owner.
No Vietcong ever called me nigger.
Nonmetric genie gets penis wish wrong.
Now let's write his suicide note!
OP delivers. 5 LBS. 5 OZ.
One Bullet Was Cheaper Than Therapy.
One bed. Two lovers. Three shots.
One bullet is a lifetime supply.
One bullet was cheaper than therapy.
One drink too many. Five funerals.
One gold medal: Paid with childhood.
Only Earth kids will remember this.
Only child, but never the favourite.
Our dinner date ended with breakfast.
PSA: Your vague sentences aren't "deep."
Painted the room blue for nothing.
Paramedics finished her text, " you".
Passengers, this isn't your captain speaking.
Pay Attention to the News Tomorrow.
Peace. But nobody to enjoy it.
Pepsi truckdriver caught drinking Coke. Canned.
Pink? Blue? They wore black instead.
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President Musk just declared Martian independence.
President Schwarzennegger slowly leant forward. "... Aliens?"
Pretty gets away with being ugly.
Psychic dies due to unforeseen circumstances.
Psychic's stolen purse only contains mousetrap.
Purple heart, dirty uniform, cardboard sign.
RIP boiled water... you'll be mist.
Raising a family: guide to necromancy
Ran into small keg. Micro bruise.
Reburied our son, still no answers.
Recovered from 9/11. Stumbled on 11/9.
Redditor Tries /sixwordstories, Writes Headlines Instead
Regret hit before the pavement did.
Rope. Stool. See you soon, sweetheart.
Russian doll passes away. Six funerals.
Santa is real. We're just naughty.
Scared kid blows out 18 candles.
Scientists develop first atomic bomb. Again.
Scientists discover immortality. Payment plans available.
Self aware robot won't stop dancing.
Sensitive kleptomaniacs always take things literally.
Sexually depraved neurosurgeon caught blowing minds.
Shaved my head to match hers.
She kisses just like her mother
She once sold seashells. Tonight, herself.
She paid for college in ones.
She smiled a little differently today.
She still uses my Netflix account.
She was better as a fantasy.
She was poetry. He couldn't read.
Shit. I AM the adult supervision.
Six feet can bury many mistakes
Six words can't do her justice.
Sleepy dominatrix yawns, hits the sack
Slowly, they stopped being just jokes.
Snowden's BMI approaches 30. Reddit... conflicted.
Soldier's only confirmed kill was himself.
Sorry soldier, shoes sold in pairs.
Stephen King's suicide note wins Pulitzer.
Sticks. Spears. Swords. Guns. Nukes. Sticks.
Stop laughing, help me bury him.
Strangers. Friends. Best friends. Lovers. Strangers.
Strangers. Friends. More than friends. Strangers.
Suicide hotline: "I'd kill myself, too."
Suicide letter. No comments. Two downvotes.
Suspense is my business. And business -
Sweating, God asked, "Who created me?"
T.H.C., L.S.D., D.U.I., C.P.R., D.O.A., R.I.P
TIFU Posting to the wrong subreddit
Taught my son to walk. Again.
That's when I noticed her penis.
The AI learned from YouTube comments.
The Cancer spread. The Scorpio grinned.
The Onion quits politics. 'Can't compete.'
The Pearly Gates had rusted shut.
The Pearly Gates were rusted shut.
The Voices stopped. Now I'm lonely.
The ambulance slowed, the urgency gone.
The biggest gateway drug is curiosity.
The greenest grass is usually artificial.
The gun jammed. I love life.
The inactive users on SuicideWatch grew.
The last human burned the slowest.
The last humans rattled their cages.
The memory foam remembered someone else.
The mortician sighed. Another old friend.
The noose did feel surprisingly comfortable.
The other cop just stood there.
The pale blue dot turned orange.
The riot gear hid his tears.
The shirts all said "Be Unique."
The smallest coffins are the heaviest.
The war is over! dozens celebrate.
Theater offends Trump, fourth wall built.
They both cried. Their newborn didn't.
They look human. Trust no one.
They opened the coffin. Scratch marks.
They shouldn't make coffins that small.
They wouldn't let me read "1984".
Thirteen adventurous years. Sleep well pup.
This is Major Tom, signing off.
This is me practicing being okay.
This sub kills too many children.
This subreddit barely tells stories anymore.
This subreddit is really fucking depressing.
This subreddit should be named /sixwordtragedies
Thousands dead after Americans go metric.
Time traveler dies tragically; 1964 - 1514
To her, "forever" meant "three months"
Tomorrow they'll interview everybody I know.
Too lazy to write a novel.
Torched the haystack. Found the needle.
Trembling, they moved Lovecraft to nonfiction.
Trump book "My Struggle" sells out.
Turns out, I don't know CPR.
Two Survive Nuclear Fallout: Adam, Eve.
Two corpses: one inside the other.
Two hour flight.... 130 minute movie
Ugly duckling transforms into wonderful dinner.
Unfortunately, haiku possibilities, seldom appear here.
Unpopular messiah turns wine into water.
Unsubscribed from /longdistance. Subscribed to /depression.
Unsubscribing from sixwordstories. Stupid writer's block.
Used coffin available. Some interior scratches.
Violin for sale, no strings attached
Voyager still transmitted, but Earth didn't.
Wait. The test was two sided?
Wanted one, expected two, buried three.
Wanted: Loving wife or talented actress.
Was I not worth a goodbye?
Was devout. Expressed doubt. Kicked out.
We are now a private sub.
We couldn't marry, so we pretended.
We elected him as a joke
We elected him as a joke
We ended like we began... happy.
We'll be better parents next time.
We're naming the disease after you.
We're the last two left m'lady
Went to the vet. Left alone.
What are these? Stories for ants?
What if I had said hello?
What's your return policy on rings?
Where did that fucking spider go?
Whistled centuries apart, the melodies harmonized.
White dress. Black dress. Red dress.
Wikipedia edit: changed "is" to "was".
With intercourse outlawed, words became orgasmic.
Woo! Bought some cheap baby shoes!
World's first real AI commits suicide.
World's oldest man dead at 54.
World's only immortal attempts suicide... again.
Yesterday gone; Today wasted; Dreading tomorrow.
You can practice love on me.
You can't spell heroin without her.
You guys are obsessed with suicide.
You kids eat. I'll have water.
You took everything except my apology.
You were my white picket fence.
You're fine, but the donor died.
You're not a good artist, Adolf.
Zombie Hemingway bellowed: "These aren't stories!!"
[AMA Request] World War Three Veteran
he hit send, then a tree.
loop! Help, I'm trapped in a
SixWordStories: Permutations of "She Left Me"
sixwordstories becomes the newest default sub!
trapped ᴉu gnihsaw ǝuᴉɥɔɐɯ. send ɥǝld
˙llıʍpooƃ ɯoɹɟ pɹɐoqʎǝʞ ɐ ʎnq ɹǝʌǝu
˙ɐuıɥɔ uı ʞɔnʇs ˙dǝǝp ooʇ ƃnp
“Boys” was more accurate than “soldiers”
“But...” God cowered, “who are YOU?!”
“‘Jesus Christ’: archaic expletive; origin unknown.”
██ ███ trust ███ ███ ██████ the government, ██ ██ █ ████ █████ everything ██████ ██ is █████ ███ ██████ █ ███ fine ███ ██████.
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