How to get rid of gyno after cycle

Early pregnancy loss, or miscarriage, is the loss of a pregnancy before 20 weeks. In the first trimester, embryonic causes of spontaneous abortion are the predominant etiology and account for 80-90% of miscarriages (see the image below). Although first-trimester miscarriage is the most common type of pregnancy loss, other types exist. Pregnancy loss may occur for several different reasons and may happen at any point in pregnancy. 1. Chemical Pregnancy . kupicoo / Getty Images. Early pregnancy loss, also known as a miscarriage or spontaneous abortion, occurs in the first trimester of pregnancy.Miscarriage is a term used for a pregnancy that ends on its own, within the first 20 weeks of gestation. The loss of a pregnancy during the first 13 weeks of pregnancy (the first trimester) is called early pregnancy loss or miscarriage. Other reviewers have reported that equine pregnancy loss occurs with greater frequency early in pregnancy than later. Bain reported that, of pregnancies that were lost, 55% occurred by day 39 of gestation and 75% by day 49. Most authors agree that the rate of pregnancy loss apparently diminishes after day 60 to 75 of gestation. Pregnancy Loss Being pregnant can be a very exciting time for some, while it’s an extremely painful time for others. First it’s important to remember that few miscarriages are preventable. Over 50% of miscarriages are due to abnormal genetics with the baby. There’s no magical way to stop a miscarriage from happening, since by the […] Two anembryonic pregnancy losses - Looking for stats and other things. Close. 1. Posted by 3 hours ago. Two anembryonic pregnancy losses - Looking for stats and other things. Long post, sorry in advance, TLDR at the bottom. I have questions though so maybe read those as well as the TLDR. Miscarriage, also known as spontaneous abortion and pregnancy loss, is the natural death of an embryo or fetus before it is able to survive independently. Some use the cutoff of 20 weeks of gestation, after which fetal death is known as a stillbirth. The most common symptom of a miscarriage is vaginal bleeding with or without pain. Sadness, anxiety and guilt may occur afterwards. Introduction Pregnancy loss is a common obstetric complication and affects > 30% of conception. 1 The majority of these losses occur in the 1 st trimester, including spontaneous abortion, anembryonic gestation and embryonic or fetal death. 2 The prevalence of early pregnancy failure was 2.8% in a study involving 17,810 women at 10–13 weeks’ gestation, and anembryonic pregnancies accounted for 37.5% of the pregnancies lost. 3 Loss before the development of an embryo is more likely to be ... Research. CDC’s Division of Reproductive Health conducts research to better understand pregnancy-related problems, with the aims of making pregnancy healthier, preventing or managing complications, and reducing poor pregnancy outcomes, including death—the most extreme adverse outcome. There are approximately 6 million pregnancies each year in the United States.

2020.09.11 02:25 marilowee How to get rid of gyno after cycle

Long post, sorry in advance, TLDR at the bottom. I have questions though so maybe read those as well as the TLDR.
I am a 26 year old who has had two anembryonic pregnancies this year. The first one was diagnosed late March (29 I think) with my then last period being the 18th of January. I am currently going through my second miscarriage diagnosed Sept 4th, and my last period was on the 16th of June. Got two periods between pregnancies. These two pregnancies are the first times I have ever gotten pregnant. Got my blood checked both times before the diagnosis and everything seemed perfect (cholesterol, creatin, hemoglobin, vitamin D, B12, glucose, thyroid, and the typical other basic stuff). Started folic acid and multivitamin supplementation as soon as I got the positive pregnancy test. My cycle is of 31 days and usually pretty on time with a very few exceptions where I have had it two weeks late.
For the first miscarriage, I had a surgical abortion because the symptoms were horrible. I had to take the pill for nausea three times a day to eat anything at all and even then I couldn't eat much, so I decided to go for the procedure, had it on April 1st. They did a biopsy on the tissue and there was no fetus (obv), and there wasn’t anything irregular with the cells either. With this one I think I am gonna wait till I start bleeding since even though I am nauseous and tired, I am at most taking one of the nausea pills a day.
For both pregnancies I got a negative pregnancy test two weeks after being late. I got the first positive after being 3.5 weeks late the first time, and at 3 weeks the second time. When I went in for a scan for both of them they didn't measure out to be what they were supposed to given the dates, they were only showing a small sac (so nothing to be concerned about). The first time both me and the dr chalked it up to me not ovulating in time. Two weeks later when I came back the sac had grown considerably in size but no yolk was in sight, a week later I had to go again (a formality that needs to be done in my country since abortion is illegal), and nothing was still inside. Tomorrow I have to go for the "formality" appointment with my doctor but we already discussed that the same is happening and he gave me the paperwork with the diagnosis on my last appointment on Sept 4th.
My doubts and questions come from two places. First, I'd like to know how much I can be expected to wait till I start bleeding, he has told me there is no way to know and that I will have to go back and see him regularly to know that things aren't rotting inside, and to make sure that I’ve eventually released all of it. He can’t give me a pill for me to take at home because abortions are illegal here. As far as I’ve read anembryonic pregnancies aren’t usually diagnosed because your body dumps the content before you get a chance to get to the doctor. Given that both times I have been pregnant for at least at 10 weeks, and this time still at 12 weeks, it seems as my body is just not getting that the pregnancy isn’t viable. In every new visit the sac keeps growing and this makes me believe I am never gonna abort by myself. How can I speed up the process? Or get an idea of when I will start bleeding? Is it possible that my body will just not want to get rid of it by itself?
My other questions have to do with the future. I understand that one miscarriage does not imply anything for your next pregnancies and it shouldn't be used as an indicator of something being wrong. But now, two back to back miscarriages, of the same type, on a young, seemingly healthy individual, makes me believe there's an underlying issue and I'd like to know some statistics of people on the same boat as me. My gyno said that usually these kinds of losses can’t be prevented and that there are no tests he can order to pinpoint the cause and find a solution. He didn't explain more than that, he just said there is no point in testing cuz its very unlikely to find a cause and can’t be prevented with supplements, progesterone or anything of the sort. He did say it could be something with trombo-something, which I will ask more about tomorrow. I feel like he didn't explain much and as far as I can tell this kind of loss is about genetic incompatibility, low quality DNA from one or both sides, or just bad luck in the multiplication process. It seems as though google is telling me I could achieve a successful pregnancy with enough tries after many failures, but more likely than not I am bound to have more failures. I want to know statistics, like “30% women who have had two anembryonic pregnancy losses have gone on to have their third pregnancy successful”. When trying to find statistics like that all I could find was sentences stating that is very very rare for a woman to go through this kind of loss twice in her lifetime. So what does the science actually say? Are me and my partner destined to keep failing (more likely than not)?
Also, Is there anything I should specifically be asking tomorrow? I’ll ask him all that I am asking now but he doesn’t explain much at all, he skimps on the science and that’s what I want the most, I don’t wanna see a new person because of the pandemic and because he is very kind and understanding. Maybe once everything is settled I will find a new doctor to ask all of this but for now I need to know more, hence I am asking here.
TLDR: Healthy 26 yo with two back to back anembryonic pregnancies in one year. Both times blood exams looked fine, with proper prenatal supplementation, but dates never added up to what was seen on the scan. Second loss is still ongoing, currently at 12 weeks waiting to start bleeding. Last loss was stopped at 10.5 weeks with a procedure to abort because of horrible symptoms that made day to day impossible. Looking for statistics of similar cases on pregnancies and how much time I should expect to wait before bleeding since my body has yet to recognize this as an unviable pregnancy.
Thank you!
Edit: I am 163 cm and weigh 54-56 kg, in case that's helpful.
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2020.08.01 04:06 HendrixA20E Using Nolva during RAD cycle to reduce gyno caused by... Amphetamines?

So, I have been blessed by the bitch-tit gods and began to develop some mild gyno last week. Today it flared up more than normal which has me concerned about it developing further and resulting in full blown gyno. I have about a week and a half left of current 12-week RAD cycle. Yes, I have run this cycle multiple times in the past and this has never happened.
Again - I have never gotten gyno on any cycle I have done previously, which made me wonder why it began to occur this time around. After a lot of time researching, I came across this:

Adolescents who use anabolic steroids, or who abuse alcohol, marijuana, heroin, or amphetamines, should be alerted to the fact that gynecomastia might develop.
I immediately realized what was causing my gyno: my ADD medication (amphetamines). I was prescribed this by my doctor some time ago, which I only really use when I really need it - like studying for finals last week and taking finals this week. I had never needed to use my medication during a cycle before which is kind of incredible, accidental timing of cycles lol. I have obviously taken it before while off cycle and not gotten gyno, but I am wondering if when it is compounded with a SARM cycle it is more likely to occur? I have no idea lol, I had never heard of this before and apparently it is very unclear as to how this is caused. Does anyone have any insight on this? It seems so incredibly strange to me - but I am convinced this is what caused it because my medication is the only outlier out of all gyno-free cycles I have ran previously.
Lastly - since I could not really find anything helpful regarding this - is there any reason to not run Nolva right now to help manage the gyno and then continue it into my PCT since I am only 1.5 weeks from being finished? Please, don't give me the "Just end your cycle now" answer because, yes, I am considering that and have thought about it. I am just wondering if there is a way to manage it without losing out on the last 1.5 weeks of RAD that I paid for. And if there isn't a way, I can suffer the cost of some RAD gone to waste in order to not get bitch-tits. I want to say I have read a few times on here that people will take Nolva - which I have on hand - during cycle if they get gyno and that it helps reduce/ get rid of it rather quickly. Any truth to that?
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2020.05.18 10:07 armandcarstens Cycle how gyno rid get to of after

First of all the Haarlem Study’s baseline is absolutely great! And deserves a round of applause *claps*.
Facebook post:
PCT- Does it work? Is the heading and the big question.
My simple response is depends on what your goal is. Before I breakdown my analysis on the study and why I think it needs improvement and where it needs improvement, I want to define PCT.
PCT is used for a few reasons:

  1. To prevent muscle gains from going away after a cycle.
  2. Gradually (comparatively gradual) decrease test to the base levels of test.
  3. Get rid of unwanted side effects from the cycle. (GYNO)
How does PCT achieve that? Anecdotal explanations are used to how it achieves that. But first understand the basics of certain PCT drugs.
SERMs are used to increase LH – then LH is used to stimulate production in the Leydig cells. As a solo PCT it is not that effective if testicular atrophy was very prominent in an AAS cycle.
HCG is used to increase Leydig cells. Thus leading to testicular growth – Important to note that HCG shuts down LH cause it mimics LH.
AI’s are used to decrease E2 in the body to start a negative feedback loop in the body to produce more LH – I call AI’s the cherry on top of a PCT.
HCG -> Leydig cells -> SERMS -> Increase LH -> TESTOSTERONE
(If I explained this incorrectly feel free to correct me but IM DEAD SURE THE BASICS ARE THERE…)
Coming off testosterone is crap and we all know that. Our testosterone decreases drastically and if ASIH that happens during the cycle isn’t good enough of an explanation then I don’t know… If you cold turkey on test it drops. Almost to 0. THAT MEANS BYE BYE GAINS. Why does it mean “bye bye gains” well its difficult to keep your gains that have been due to bloating of test and the anti-catabolic effects of test. So if you drop it immediately with no pct after the half life ur basically losing most of your gains. Because catabolism is drastically increased while anabolism is drastically decreased.
To prove this claim : “In muscle, testosterone stimulates protein synthesis (anabolic effect) and inhibits protein degradation (anti-catabolic effect); combined, these effects account for the promotion of muscle hypertrophy by testosterone
That is why people BnC – too drastic dip and you cant sustain your gains. However when you aren’t willing to risk doing TRT for the rest of your life PCT is the option.
NOW OPEN THAT TAB I TOLD YOU TO CLICK ON. (the quotes are going to be translated)
- “1) It becomes clear that in both groups the testosterone level-1 nmol / l remains below the baseline level. This is absolutely not statistically significant. It can therefore be a coincidence variation, although it may also mean that the study group was too small to prove this difference.”
- It is not statistically significant , I agree … the difference is way way wayyyyy too smol.
- “2) AAS harm fertility. The seed yield has been permanently reduced. Also this difference is statistically not significant, but almost (p= 0,06). So we can assume with quite sure that this is.”
- Well what do you expect its bloody normal. Wow I like these people they are …
- “3) The nakure seems to have no effect on hormonal recovery or preservation of fertility. And if there is already an effect, it is more harmful than affordable.”
- HOLLLLLDDD YOUR HORSES (nakure means PCT) PCT doesn’t seem to have an effect on hormonal recovery ????
So remember my explanation at the top. Of what PCT does and how its done. Etc etc…
Hormonal recovery is what PCT was made to do…
Clomid is a SERM and there is a study that I found on the first bar on google when I typed in clomid and testosterone levels. Clomid was given to subjects with previous use of androgel. What happened their LH went up. Yes -!po=37.8205
So back to PCT 101 with negative feedback loop LH + Leydig Cells = Testosterone. So yes it does help recover your hormones in a more natural way than cruising or TRT does.
How did the Haarlem study conclude this. Well it says that the comparison of the testosterone 3 MONTHS – listen 3 months after PCT is the same as the ones coming off naturally. Now this is where the logic is slippery. If you use PCT then it was all for nothing. So all gynaecologists are just stupid for using clomid. No what happened was this. And this is my analysis.
Okay so then there are 2 routes. Both involve the negative feedback loop. Either you don’t do pct and it continues dropping till it hits the point where your body starts that NFL (negative feedback loop) to start producing testosterone.
Let PCT do the work of bumping it up. HIGHER than the no pct would but in a different way to kickstart negative feedback loop. And that keeps your test low for just a short time. Able to safe all the gains possible.
That’s why there logic is flawed with their conclusion.
1- Include the LBM comparisons with the testosterone to show people whether the PCT’s goal is actually met. Remember guys we believe that PCT preserves gains. Not proven yet. Its broscience.
2- Add in different PCT cycles after the AAS cycle of testosterone.
3- Add in different backgrounds and see how people react differently and where they act the same.
LASTLY I CANT EMPHASIZE THIS MORE THE STUDY ISNT DONE YET. They just submitted a summary of the study. But I still think it needs improvement.
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2019.07.22 07:30 lovemydogthough I dropped out of High School because of my Period

Hey! I'm 17 and female and I'm new to reddit, this is my first post, thought I'd give it a try. I was reading this page for a few minutes and a lot of posts are about questioning if you have endo, so I thought I'd share hoping it might help someone. I started my period a few weeks after I turned 12. Immediately it was insane, I first had it for 7 days twice a month, then the whole month, then for 3 months straight. Yeah I bled for months straight. From the beginning I would always get the worst headache and vomit and then start my period. My headaches became so frequent it was apart of my morning routine to just pop some advil. My headaches would last my whole period and I also had horrific cramping. I even started missing a lot of school.
And as I got older it got worse. I still remember being in the 8th grade and some asshole kid asked me, "why are you so pale?" and I realized I had had my period for over three months and it didn't look like it was stopping anytime soon. So we went to the pediatrician and they put me on a birth control pill, I bled the whole time(three months). Then I switched to a different pill and I swear I had the worst cramps of my life, I was in tears, cold sweats, felt like I was dying. So after a month on that pill I stopped and they put me on a different Pill and I had the same reaction, bled the whole time, crying in pain, ect.
Then I had my first IUD put in it the the Mirena they told me at first to expect bleeding, I had the heaviest period of my life, like I had to change a tampon every hour heavy. So after six months of that the gyno said lets do an ultrasound to make sure everything is OK. Surprise! I had it stuck in my cervix and that day I had another one put in, The Kyleena. I wanted so badly to experience no bleeding and that's all I heard about the IUDs is that it makes your period lighter. At this point I had probably seen 20 different gynos for help and they all never said this except one, An IUD does not work properly unless it is in a specific part of your uterus, so you should always ask for it to be inserted under guided ultrasound. She then explained to me that it included not working as birth control and any other purpose because an IUD is supposed to be at the top of your uterus to work and it could always move or be rejected or be placed wrong in the first place so you should have the placement checked regularly. This was so scary, because I read the whole pamphlet on the IUD, researched it online, and asked a lot of questions about it at numerous doctors visits. I couldn't believe that women were basically lied to about something as important as birth control. Even though I wasn't sexually active at the time I couldn't get it out of my head, it shocked me to my core.
So I had my replacement under guided ultrasound, and even then my new gyno said "I don't like the place of this one we might have to do it again." I was 14 years old at this time and was so over it already. But with the kyleena I don't know if it was because my body had an IUD in it for six months already or because it was a different one but I stopped my period! Like I didn't even spot or anything but...I still had my symptoms. Everyday: Headache, nausea, horrible cramping. I was starting to miss everything, cancel everything, school, activities, social plans, you name it 9 times outta ten I canceled because I was throwing up, crying in pain, and wanting to just rip my head of it hurt so bad.
After Nine months with the Kyleena my mom thought it could be the IUD causing these symptoms, because in the back of the pamphlet it has a list of like less than 10% have these symptoms and it included depression, migraines, cramps, heavy bleeding, and other stuff. So I had my third IUD removed and it was hell. Everyday Bleeding, Headache, vomiting, unbearable cramps. I was 15 at this point and my freshmen year I had missed around 20 days throughout the school year and like the maximum amount of days was 18 and then you had to repeat. But I went to a Public Charter School and they didn't care as long as you completed the work. During my freshmen year I was home from school because of my period and my dogs tripped me down the stairs and I had a concussion. My history teacher noticed I was being super weird and he dragged me to the nurse. And there was a girl sitting there and we got to talking and she said she had endometriosis and she got cramps so bad she passed out, at the time I was like, well I'm not in that much pain. But then a year later l I had started passing out and even fainted a few times myself because of the pain. Then in my sophomore year in the first semester I had already missed 22 days. It got so bad I basically went to school one day a week and ended up dropping out of school in January. Then I transferred to a Public High school and still barely went. It just seemed like a waste of time I was in all senior AP classes as a 15 year old and still felt unchallenged, barely showed up and was having the worst symptoms of my life.
That summer my Mom who is a nurse went to this conference on the Cape about endometriosis. I had always wondered if that's what I had because obviously something was wrong. Every doctors appointment I would ask do think I have endometriosis or PCOS or Ovarian cysts or anemia or something? Every doctor I ever went to Said Oh I don't Know and left it at that. Anyways my mom says the way this Doctor was speaking at the conference she swears he was describing me word for word. She went up to him after the presentation and explained to him about my situation. He took my moms phone and put his personal number in it and said call and schedule an appointment immediately. And when my mom called they were like, "how'd you get this number? This is his personal number!" That was in August and my mom couldn't get an appointment till the end of November. It was a 4 page waiting list. I drove to Boston and went to see him. I swear he was the only doctor who took me seriously. He only talked to me he didn't look over to my parents after I talked, he looked me in the eye and was so close, I swear I counted the number of freckles he had, he listened to me so well. After I was done telling him my story basically whats above^^ he said," I Believe you 100% and there is no doubt in my mind that you have Endometriosis." He then explained to me with drawings of what Endometriosis was and that there was something called adenomyosis which is endometriosis cells in the tissue of the uterus which I have also. He gave me 7 different plans to pick from to try to help it including like 3 IUDs at the same time, taking different supplements to regulate out my hormone levels, physical therapy, ect. It was all things I had never heard of before.
But we decided on surgery because I felt like I had tried so many things three birth control pills, 3 IUDs, Taking out the IUD,ect. So the way this Doctor does this surgery is he excises the endometriosis out not scraping it out like most Endometriosis surgeons do in the US. He said with the regular Laparoscopic Surgery women come back like 2 years later with even worse pain and symptoms plus the scar tissue. But with the excision of the endometriosis you cut around the root of it and excise the whole cell out and hes been doing this kind of surgery for like ten years and he said he hasn't had one patient come back yet. So I went on a cancellation list and had surgery on the 20th of December. And I had My Kyleena IUD put in during surgery to prevent the adenomyosis symtoms. Since there is no test for endometriosis nobody knew how much of it there would be until you do surgery. The surgery was expected to be between 1hr-4hr depending on what they found. The surgery was pushing to almost 5 hours, that's how much endometriosis I had.
I started bleeding on Christmas and didn't stop till May. But that was to be expected from when I had my first IUD placement and I had such heavy bleeding for six months straight. And I had a Follow up in April and we did an ultrasound and it was in the perfect spot. I don't get headaches so bad I throw up, and within the first month even though I was on my period It was like so much different than it ever was before. But I was have these really intense cramps; they were different than what I was used to and they hurt so much worse. Even before Surgery My Doctor warned me about the risks of it and he mentioned Pelvic Floor Muscle Spasms. I had completely forgotten about then and when I went to see him in April I was telling him about these cramps and asked if the could be those pelvic floor whatevers and he looks me straight in the eyes and said, "Do you get a sharp Pain in your Vagina?" And I was like yes! "Do you feel like pain just radiates through your whole midsection and then throb's for a while?" YES! So I have these Pelvic Floor Muscle Spasms, and back in April it only happened once or twice a month and it wasn't so bad I said, Oh I can deal with this. But soon as I said that they were happening more frequently and for longer, I practically spent the whole month of May in bed. They started as a sharp pain in my vagina and hat would last like an hour and then it would just light my whole pelvic floor on fire with pain it even made my hip bones hurt and my legs. And that pain would last for DAYS. And it made my whole pelvic floor just feel so heavy and difficult to even move. Then in June it was like a whole week straight of these PFMS. And now its like everyday. But again he has such a long wait list that my next appointment isn't for two more months. And In June my mom called everyday, (to book an appointment) and that was the only one she could get.
Since then I see this Alternative Medicine doctor and I started seeing her for about a year. And she diagnosed me with endo as well but she takes a very different approach that My Surgery Doctor. She has me on lots of supplements and made me do a spit test for a month to see my levels in estrogen and progesterone. And she but me on detox to get rid of my excessive amounts of estrogen and gave me real Progesterone pills to take 10 days in my cycle to help me stop my symptoms. She's so helpful and I just saw her last week and she is referring me to a physical therapist, for my Pelvic Floor Muscle Spasms. She really trusts this other specialist and even told me a story of how one of her patients was in so much pain down there that she couldn't wear pants and then she started seeing her and came back to this Alternative Doctor in three months and was wearing shorts! So I'm really looking forward to this physical therapist and confident she can help me.
In conclusion, I really appreciate this online community and if you stuck around to read it all I hope it helps you in case your were unsure. Or if you might not have heard of these different methods of living with endometriosis. And if anyone is reading this and is going through a similar journey and wants to just give up, I feel you. But don't give up, and never settle for living with these symptoms. We deserve better and we owe it to our future selves to keep fighting.
Have a great day! :)
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2019.06.25 22:31 goatcheese87 How to get rid of gyno after cycle

Hello, Not sure if anyone here can relate - but I've been dealing with this annoying cycle for over 3 years now.
I get a yeast infection, treat it with medicine, get a UTI, treat it with Cipro, then I get BV, treat it with metrogel... And then I get another yeast infection and the cycle continues.
I'm tired of vising my gyno and taking medicine.
I don't want to blame my IUD, as this may all be a coincidence, but I've never had any of these conditions prior to my IUD. I've seen 5 different gyns , and they all tell me the same thing. They get annoyed when I come and say "I have ...". They tell me "no way" and as soon as the test comes back, sure enough I was right.
Yesterday, I saw my gyn after being treated for a yeast infection and UTI. He tells me "it's impossible" for my UTI to still exist, they take my urine, and they find a "mild UTI" and told me to leave it alone. They also found I have BV, and sent me metrogel.
Is there any way to be rid myself of these? Could it be something I'm eating ?
I don't drink soda, no candy, no alcohol, use all sensitive and fragrant free soaps and detergent, I wipe front to back, haven't had sex in over a year, go nude whenever possible, otherwise I wear cotton underwear. I don't know what to do, I constantly have cramping and brown discharge and no help.
Please, I'll take any advice you may have.
TL;DR. CONSTANT UTI/yeast infection/BV - Anyone else? How did you deal with it? Any tips?
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2019.05.14 00:56 jjuicyy Advice?

I’m a 25F and I’ve had dysmenorrhea since I was 16. It’s never gotten better and I’ve tried so many nsaids, supplements, diets to get rid of the pain, exercise and nothing works. My cycle is horrible during the first day (sorry TMI) I throw up, diarrhea, sometimes I even faint from the pain. My gyno keeps pushing me to use birth control but I’m opposed and scared because my friend literally almost died from it (several blood clots). My mother and my maternal grandmother both had endometriosis and got total hysterectomies fairly young and never had complaints about their periods after that. Therefore, I’m afraid I might have endometriosis too and the longer I wait the worse it’s going to get. How can I push to get a laparoscopy to diagnose if I have endo without having to go on birth control first like my doctor wants? Not sure what to do, the pain is so unbearable and I feel as if it’s getting worse the older I get. Any advice would be helpful, thank you.
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2019.01.18 08:14 Sapphire_luna232 IUD Insertion Experience (Attempt #1)

As the title implies, it was (unfortunately) not a successful first go-around. :(
However, since I was (as perhaps you arel) binge-reading IUD insertion stories to feel well-prepared for my own appointment, I figure I owe it to the community to contribute my own experience!
Despite the outcome of the 1st appt, my overall experience was overwhelmingly positive. I just want to repeat that for people like myself who were having quasi-anxiety attacks before heading in. It was not--I repeat, NOT--a huge deal. No, it wasn't my favorite way to spend two hours of my morning. But neither was it excruciating or in any way unbearable.

I know my natural cycle and rhythms very well (longer than average cycle, a bit heavier bleeding/cramping the last couple of years as I near my 30s.) Given this, I was initially interested in the copper IUD--that is, until I 1) heard that it could make your periods worse and 2) heard some horror stories through the grapevine of girlfriends-of-girlfriends who experienced nightmare Paragard periods firsthand.
I did more research. I learned that due to the IUD being right where it needs to be in the uterus (vs. the pill, arm implant, etc) the hormones in an IUD are more localized and therefore there's just less overall hormones needed and used in IUDs vs. other LARC methods. I.e. there should be significantly less or no side effects as compared to the pill,e tc.
Final Decision: I was more willing to risk a low-dose hormonal IUD that had a chance of reducing or eliminating my period than risking a copper IUD that had a chance of making my cycles a living hell.
My appt was at 9:20. I arrived ~10 min early and waited probably 10-15 minutes for the person in front of me to check in and ask all of their questions. After checking in with the receptionist, I was buzzed through to the waiting room where I filled out my medical history questionnaire on an iPad (they had lots of iPad check-in stations set up). I was pretty impressed with the thoroughness of the questionnaire. Most of it didn't apply to my situation, but for those who might be living in unstable or unsafe relationships / living conditions / etc it was clear they were trying to get as much information as possible to enable them to help people who might need it.
The waiting area itself was pretty empty that early in the morning, but with all of the informational and LGBTQ positive signage around, I felt pretty at-ease and relaxed while waiting to be called.
A nice medical assistant took my height, weight, and showed me to my room. I met the doctor pretty much right away. I was expecting a lot of questions about why I wanted an IUD but she was pretty much like, "So you're interested in an IUD? Ok, let's get you an IUD!" I felt very supported in my ability to my decisions for my body and my future.
The doctor explained generally what the IUD was all about to make sure I was on board with everything, and then left the room for a few minutes while the medical assistant explained in more detail the benefits/risk and had me sign consent forms. They only had Liletta, which surprised me--I thought they would have Mirena since it seems to be so commonplace? Also--while the packaging for the Liletta said it was approved for 4 years, the medical assistant said that due to results of new studies that recently came out, the clinic was just now approved to tell people the Liletta is approved for 7 years! I was expecting only 4 or 5 years based on my research, so that was a pleasant surprise. Science is awesome! :)
The medical assistant left to check on the doctor's status but told me not to get undressed yet so I wouldn't be awkwardly sitting there pantsless too long--which was much appreciated. :) Medical assistant came back, said the Dr. was ready and to get undressed.... and turned on a heat lamp on the ceiling! Mind blown. I was weirdly worried about being cold so that was a pretty awesome surprise, haha. The doctor actually turned it off before beginning the insertion attempt because apparently people sometimes get hot in response to pain? I think it would have been fine but they let me keep my socks on so I was fine. :)
The Attempt: The beginning part was basically like your pap smear with the stirrups, speculum, and 2-finger pelvic exam to determine position of the uterus. Mine is apparently tilted or positioned slightly off to the left. She rinsed the vagina with soapy stuff (she said it might be cold but I definitely didn't feel temperature at all), then told me she was going to apply the clamp to hold the cervix open and that it would be the first of three cramps. It wasn't pleasant, but it wasn't the worst thing I've felt. People have described IUD sounding/insertion cramps as "sharp", but I don't think that's quite right... I would say it's more of a "focused" period cramp. Like, the same feeling and strength as a baddish period cramp but more concentrated in a small, focused area vs. spread out over the general area of the uterus like a usual period cramp. Not awesome for sure, but I didn't even say "ow". I focused on relaxing and breathing steadily, as the doctor recommended--and on the cute ladybugs drawings on the ceiling. :)
Once the clamp was in place, the doctor said she would be inserting the sounding instrument to measure the depth of my uterus and to expect another significant cramp. It was similar to the first cramp--maybe a degree or two more intense. I stared at the ceiling and kept focusing on relaxing and breathing. Throughout all of this, the doctor was very good about asking regularly how I was doing, how I was feeling, to let her know if I needed a break, etc.
She was kind of quiet for a bit (it was probably 10–15 seconds but you know how time seems to dilate--no pun intended--when you have cramps). She asked if I was doing OK (I said I was) and said that she was having a bit of difficulty getting the sounding rod in and that if it was OK with me, she was going to readjust the clamp and try a few more tricks in her book. She waited for my assent and made sure to alert me that I would feel that initial cramp associated with the clamp repeated again.
My timeline gets a bit hazy here because it was taking a bit longer than I'd expected and unlike a period cramp, this was kind of.... constant? Not "worse" in terms of pain level but just more concentrated and constant--no ebbing or easing of it while she was working away down there (vs. period cramps where they kind of peak and back off). I'm pretty sure she adjusted the clamp at least twice and tried sounding three times total, and then she said was going to remove everything and we would discuss our options. As someone else said recently... my nether regions breathed a sign of relief when everything was out!
Obviously, the initial attempt hadn't gone so well. The doctor said my unique 'topography' was difficult to navigate--she had been able to get past the initial cervical opening but not all the way through the cervical passageway and into my uterus. She referenced a chart on the wall to show how the angle of my cervical passageway might be more radical (acute? sharp?) than usual and making it difficult to get a straight shot at inserting the sounding rod to get a good measurement. Or, she said, it's possible she had been encountering a "false passageway"--like an odd indent that seemed like the right way to go but wasn't? She presented two options-- 1) I could wait until my period and see if things would be more dilated / receptive then, or 2) if I didn't want to wait that long (I didn't), we could reschedule for the next week and they would give me something when I came into the office before lunch to dilate my cervix, and she would be armed and ready this time with the clinic's medical director to assist and an ultrasound machine to more accurately guide the insertion process. I went with option #2.
In Review: While I do think that I'm probably a more unique case than most (I asked, and they do lots of IUDs per week, and did like 4 just the day before), I would say that if I could go back in time I might have asked the person on the phone when setting the initial appt if I could request a prescription for a medication to dilate the cervix prior to the appt and if they could make sure an ultrasound machine would be available. Maybe that way I could have avoided two appointments?
Anyway... that's where I'm at now. Let's hope next Wednesday's appt goes more smoothly! Overall, I left my appointment at Planned Parenthood feeling safe, supported, cared for, and well-informed. But even if the next appt doesn't succeed, I can say that the level of discomfort was low enough for me that I'd be willing to even do it a third time if necessary--which I hope reassures some of you that are on the fence about it. Though not super pleasant, it also wasn't a huge deal. I drove myself home. My cervix/cervical passage kind of felt like "ugh, what the heck were you trying to do???" for about half an hour afterward but I honestly was just fine. I didn't have any spotting or bleeding afterwards. I worked from a coffeeshop later in the afternoon. I went to the grocery store.
I'm sure I would have been in slightly more discomfort had I actually become a cyborg this morning, but would it have been THAT totally different than the aftermath of someone poking and prodding me in the cervix? shrugs I guess I find out next Wednesday... if I'm lucky! >.<
Happy to answer any questions and I'm sure I'll make some edits if I think of any info I left out. I just hope this helps to reassure someone as much as the positive posts I found did when I was doing my own initial research. :)
Update #1 (Day After 1st Insertion Attempt): I noticed the teensiest bit of brown spotting this morning. I occasionally get that sort of thing a week or so before my period begins, where it feels like my body is getting rid of whatever small amount of "old blood" is left before the next period starts. Maybe the poking & prodding triggered that process to happen a bit earlier than it normally would?
I also feel just the smallest amount of crampiness. Like if my worst period cramps are a 30 on a 100-unit pain scale, this is like a 2. There, but just barely there.
Update #2 (1 week later): I just had my second appointment to try getting the Liletta inserted again--and this time it worked! More on that experience here in my follow-up post: IUD Insertion Experience (Attempt #2--Success!)
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2015.10.23 01:18 thereisnotime_ Advice on Visanne for "endo treatment"

Hello!! I'm a 22 y/o F searching for some helpful advice!!
February 2014 I had a laparoscopy for extreme ongoing immobilizing pain, where they diagnosed and removed endometriosis from my abdominal cavity. I was so happy because nothing else had worked (birth control etc) for years and I was finally excited to be pain free!
A month later my relief and happiness was cut short as I was diagnosed with stage 4 Lymphoma, and did various cycles of 3 different regimes of chemotherapy, a stem cell transplant, and a month of radiation which I finally completed this last June.
Cancer treatment had put me in temporary menopause which was somewhat helpful in terms of my endometriosis and it was put on hold for awhile.
I now am cancer free (and so very thankful and happy!) but a couple months ago the immobilizing pain of cramps returned along with my menstrual cycle!! My family doctor prescribed me Apo-ketorolac (anti inflammatory) and for emergency pain Hydromorphone (Dilauded). I found these helped, but as someone who had just stopped taking Dilauded to manage my cancer pains I don't want to rely on heavy narcotics.
I went to my gyno last week who performed my original laparoscopy and after giving me a large hug she prescribed me Visanne...
I was extremely happy to hear there was something that was considered an effective treatment and left with a skip in my step, but I now have filled the prescription and read online some pretty similar reviews.. Not very good ones in my opinion. It shows to be effective in getting rid of pain associated with endo BUT at a cost: hair loss, migraines, weight gain, depression, extreme fatigue.. (WHYYYY)
I'm afraid because my hair just started growing back, I am already tired all the time (from previous treatments), and my mental state is just recovering from the experience of cancer- not sure it would be good to risk something putting me into depression.
I was hoping I might get some advice from others who have tried Visanne or any other progesterone pills.. How did they work for you? Did the symptoms outweigh the benefits?
Any other tips or suggestions?
Thanks for taking the time to read this!!! I appreciate it more than you know.
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2013.10.21 23:07 gynoralox How to get rid of gyno after cycle

PART ONE IS HERE! Sorry for abandoning you guys, but its been an interesting couple months. Some notes here:

ALRIGHT so now that youre all up to speed, heres whats going down now:
Thats basically it. I started the cycle about a week ago, and i've already seen a small reduction in the remaining breast tissue under the left nipple. SO part II starts now (10/21/13).
DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor nor a pharmacist or expert in anything really. I did a lot of research about gynecomastia and decided to try raloxifene to try to reduce or eliminate it. Talk to your doctor before you try anything, thats what I did and thats what you should do. I was diagnosed with actual gynecomastia, but if your body fat % is high you may not even have gynecomastia. I won't tell you where i got the raloxifene, so dont ask. If gynecomastia is taking a serious toll on your mental health (and believe me it does its a shitty and mentally taxing condition), I would recommend seeking counseling.
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2012.03.20 07:59 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I use steroids. AMA

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Date: 2012-03-19
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Questions Answers
Hi - I'm a 35 year old survivor of testicular cancer, and I use Androgel every day in order to maintain a testosterone balance that's normal for me. It's really difficult for me to get it legally, as it's classified as a controlled substance in New York City. That's because people like you abuse it so readily. When I run out, I can't get more easily. I have to get my doctor to write a prescription and manually deliver it to the pharmacy. If it's a holiday weekend, I have to go without for several days. If I don't put the stuff on daily, I get lethargic, depressed, gain weight, feel like I'm wrapped in a wet blanket. I'm not allowed to have extra at home to pad for emergencies - like when we evacuated before a hurricane. If I'm out of town, it's really difficult to get a pharmacist in a new area to fill the prescription. I'm 6'2", 240, fairly muscular. But not like, gay bartender muscular. Whenever I go in to get a refill, a new pharmacist looks at me and thinks "sure you need this, pal." My insurance company tries to deny me for this. And when my doctor adjusts my dosage, my insurance blocks the sale until the doctor and pharmacist and insurance rep have a conference call about it. So here's my question: are you aware on any level that people like you make life a lot harder for people like me who actually need these drugs? Is this something that you never considered before, or have you thought about this carefully, and decided that your sweet biceps or whatever are more important than my day-to-day health? My father is also on TRT, like you, legally. He uses a compound pharmacy with no problems whatsoever, I'd recommend that for your shortage problem, your doc can even fax the Rx. It is the government keeping steroids at that level of illegality, write your congressman. I would also suggest that you watch a documentary called "Bigger, Faster, Stronger", it will clear up your blame game. C'mon guy, do recreational pot-users make it harder for patients to use pot for their glaucoma? Nah, it's just gov't ignorance.
Does your dad know that you use the stuff? Yes, he does. He doesn't love the idea, but he understands that they are not as dangerous as made out to be and just wants me to be responsible. Why do you ask?
One of the steroid users in the film you cite "Bigger, Faster, Stronger" ends up dying young. I'm pretty sure steroids have also been a problem/contributing factor for a lot of pro wrestlers who have used them and died young. Dependent? One only becomes dependent on supplemental testosterone if they shut-down their own endocrine system from abuse. My testosterone levels (I get tested quarterly) are what a normal man my age should be at because of responsible use.
Eh, keep in mind that chronic steroid abuse can lead to enlargement of the heart. This can and has culminated in infarcs and death. Some of the oral compounds are toxic enough to cause liver failure as well. I agree with you, they can lead to an enlarged heart, yet usually, there are other factors at play like an already large heart, steroid/drug abuse, etc which is well enough reason to not use steroids at all.
They are the most helpful, kindest, educated people in the building. Good luck and i wish you all the best in becoming what you feel is perfection. Maybe one day ill get to mine! Thanks Brother. We're all working towards perfection, different strokes.
What is your reasoning for using steroids? Personal Vanity? Fitness Competition? Sports? Vanity mostly, I like looking muscular, I like being fit.
would you be willing to post before/after photos? As I do this for vanity, I have to control myself and not become a narcissist. I hate people that take pictures of themselves bc I think it's super shallow and narcissistic. One of my big rules is not taking pictures of myself even for personal record. I know this seems to discredit me, but I don't really care, just wanted to help inform some fellow redditors.
What profession are you in that allows you copious amounts of time to devote to the gym? Also, mind sharing what your degrees are in? I'm a 9-5er. I'm a young, single guy with no kids. I have two hours per day to spend in the gym.
I like my personality as does my *gf.* I'm a young, *single guy with no kids.* Oops, yeah, I just meant not married. Single, like you would see on a w-2.
Do you think you would have been able to reach the same goals for your body without the use of steroids? Also can you just give me some general tips? I'm about 5'8" and 165lbs. I currently go to the gym a few days a week. I have been doing various exercises for my chest/back/arms etc. My arms/chest have been getting pretty toned but I just can't get rid of the flab around my belly and sides. I'm not trying to get big at all, I just want to tone down and lose the fat. Should I just minimize the weights and crank up the cardio? What exercises do you recommend and any meal plan ideas? A 6-pack is carved with a spoon and a fork, brother. Eat clean, fresh foods, slow carbs, and get at least 1g of protein per # of body weight. 5-6 meals a day. If you want to bulk, eat 300 calories above what your body needs. If you wanna cut, eat -300 cal.
If you want to get shredded, but maintain muscle, dont exceed 30 mins a day of cardio and keep it to 3-4 times a week. has some good articles on diet, but don't get too deep in that site, lotta bro science.
Nut shrinkage? I've never had nut shrinkage.
Nut shrinkage comes from your body's response to excess testosterone in the body. Your body recognizes that there's enough in the bloodstream, so it stops production, shrinking your testicles (they come back when your cycle ends, usually 10-12 weeks).
However, there's a super safe drug called HCG (women use it for fertility and sometimes dieting) that you can take while on the steroids that keep your nuts producing, so they will stay their regular size. I use HCG on every cycle and I haven't had any noticeable shrinkage ever.
Quick question: if I used an AI and HCG would it naturally boost my testosterone levels? Yes and no. If your body is already producing at its max, then it wouldn't likely do much, just increase a little. If your body is not producing enough T, it will likely help you a lot. Many times an AI by itself is enough to being you back to a good baseline.
Haha, if you took a pregnancy test, you would read positive! I tried it once, but accidentally peed on my ipod shuffle.
Do you use only hcg or do you add nolvadex also? i'd like to pm you with some questions eventually.. I use Arimidex on cycle, nolva in case of gyno, and hcg on cycle and right before PCT of clomid and nolva.
Cool, thanks. Ever read the book "Muscle: Confessions of an Unlikely Bodybuilder"? By Sam Fussell...I think you'd like it. Heard of it, havent read it. I'll put it on my list. Thanks for the rec.
Would I see any repercussions from just using an AI on its own for 8-10 weeks (sans steroid use)? Likely not, assuming you didn't exceed 2mg per week. The only risk you run is pushing your estrogen too low and feeling like a non-sexual, depressing sack of shit.
What's most likely is that nothing will happen and you'll have wasted your money. If you think your T is low, go to your doctor and say that, he can run a blood test for you.
Out of curiosity what is AI? >some steroids are converted into estrogen by your nuts. Males need a small amount of estrogen in their bodies for normal function, our bodies don't create estrogen, it just converts it from testosterone. So, when you put large amounts of testosterone into your body, it ultimately converts a large amount into estrogen (too much). This can cause emotional problems, gynecomastia (bitch tits), and other problems. A user will take an AI Aromatase Inhibitor during a cycle to stop conversion into estrogen and maintain normal levels. Some people don't need it, but it's usually a good idea. I use it every time. Arimidex, aromasin, or letrozole are the common choices.
Where do you by them? How do most people get them? How fast can you put muscle on using them? I'm by them in the bathroom.
Illegally, mostly the way you would buy any other illicit substance, know people.
It's not really about fast, it's about quality. But, to answer your question, some steroids work as fast as 4 weeks. An agressive steroid cycle can put as much as 20 pounds of muscle on you in 8 weeks, but you risk health doing that. A proper cycle does 10-15 solid punds in 2 months, some of which is water.
There was no need for that in your answer to no.1. They clearly just made a spelling mistake. Where do you really buy them? Subtext for my facetious reply: I can't tell you.
But, most people buy steroids the same way they buy other illicit substances, they 'know someone'. Also, some people get them through international pharmacies.
Well it is an AMA not AMAA, but I've found this really interesting so thanks for replying. Good point, I will make the change.
What are the side effects you are having? Are you using prescription or off-the-street steroids? Do you recommend what you do to everyone? The only negative side effects I've ever had was a little oilier skin and a touch of acne. I use acne body wash and facewash, so that takes care of that. When I cycle off the steroids (cycles usually are 8-12 weeks), I feel a little lethargic and tired, but I'm back to normal in a week or two. Side effects are dependent on which steroids you use, dosage, and if you're prone to things like acne, balding etc. If you are responsible and do your research, you can avoid most side effects.
Most Steroids are made in underground labs either here or overseas. It's important to have a good source, after all, you're putting this shit in your body.
I do not recommend what I do to everyone, especially those under 24 years old. There are ways to responsibly use steroids. It takes years of training, a perfect diet, and intense research before steroids can be effective. It's not an instant muscle drug, you must work for everything you do.
Regarding #3: you say you don't recommend it to those under 24... you're 25. How long have you been using it? And why not for anyone under 24? I've been using steroids for three years. I jumped the gun a bit. from ages 12-23, your body is chock-full of steroids and you can get steroidal results w/o the drug. Also, if you take steroids when still developing, you risk ruining your endocrine system for life. You would be on 'steroids' until you die, just to feel normal. That's steroid abuse and irresponsible and it's very real.
May I, for the sake of health of anyone reading this thread, point out that my bullshit-meter detects an awful lot of broscience? As mentioned in other threads, there is very little hard data on steroid use bc it is considered such a dangerous drug and few studies are done. I do my best to keep up with the science and trends behind steroid use and best practices. If you find anything to be inaccurate, please point it out, I'm excited to learn more and happy this can be a two-way street. I am offering what I have learned over the years in research on the web, medical journals, from anti-aging clinics as well as from my doctor and personal experience.
Thanks for this IAMA. I think 30 years from now society will look back on steroids and realize how great they can be with proper usage. I dont think steroids will ever be accepted. Figuratively speaking, the gov't doesn't want citizens stronger than cops. But I do agree that the danger of steroids is blown enormously out of proportion.
I've never used them but I'm open to it. What are the best resources to learn enough to use them responsibly? Feel free to pm if you don't want that info out there. There are plenty of good resources out there, just google. You will be reading a lot of forums. protip: don't believe everything you read, lotta bro science out there, try to reference any scientific studies if possible. Do at least 6 hard months of research before committing to anything. Also, I do not advocate the use of steroids.
Cops are some of the bigger abusers of steroids out there. Yes and Yes. Especially Swat, notorious steroid users.
It's kind of interesting the difference in attitudes between hormonal supplementation for women vs. men. Steroid use for women is MUCH different, I know very little about it.
So...your expertise and understanding of the human endocrine system comes from researching internet forums? Did you make sure to cross reference wikipedia? :) Haha, fair enough, even I think that sounds sketcho. Regardless, there is actually very little solid data on steroid use, so most of it is anecdotal and what I've discussed with my doc and other users. The majority has been medical journals and forums.
Out of curiosity, what are your degrees in? I have a degree in nutrition and my MBA.
I was thinking more along the lines of estrogen, HRT, and birth control rather than anabolic usage for women. Oh, yeah. It's a totally different world. I'm glad it's happening though. Without much information on anabolic use available, we can take some data from those studies.
Are you using aromatase-blockers as well? Aromatase Inhibitors are VERY important in some steroid cycles.
Do you know why, or was that not covered in your nutrition program? Haha, the reason is that some steroids are converted into estrogen by your nuts. Males need a small amount of estrogen in their bodies for normal function, our bodies don't create estrogen, it just converts it from test. So, when you put large amounts of testosterone into your body, it ultimately converts a large amount into estrogen (too much). This can cause emotional problems, gynecomastia (bitch tits), and other problems. A user will take an AI Aromatase Inhibitor during a cycle to stop conversion into estrogen and maintain normal levels. Some people don't need it, but it's usually a good idea. I use it every time. Arimidex, aromasin, or letrozole are the common choices.
A++ I appreciate you making me back this one up. I think it's one of the most important pieces of cycle knowledge and it's relatively new to the scene.
You gotta know your shit if you're going to be a responsible drug user, whether that be tylenol or something more illicit. Now, go learn the biochemical pathway of steroid metabolism. That is something I should study up on. Thanks.
Why not just use creatine and protein? They are safer, cheaper (I assume) and more readily accessible. Plus they don't do the damage to your body steroids do. I use both. Yes they are very effective. For my goals, it wasn't enough. Steroids can be used safely, doing no long-term damage. It's a complex process, but it can be done with doctor supervision.
Don't you feel like you're getting artificial results? That seems hardly worth working towards since it's not real, earned progress. Steroids are not 'instant-muscle' drugs. You can take steroids all you want, but without a perfect diet, strict workout regimen, you will see no results. They do amplify my gains, but if you saw how hard I work in the kitchen and the gym to put on the small amount of muscle I do, you would change your mind.
Do you think your steroids use is a result of you not being satisfied with your normal results as a weightlifter? Does that line up with OCD or other psychologically distorting issues? Yes, I have had image problems since youth and this is directly correlated. However, I'm incredibly healthy according to my doctor and I'm relatively happy with how I look, so I'd like to think I beat the image-issue somewhat.
No OCD, ADHD yes. I dont see any correlation, yet.
I think that involving steroids would have something to do with your self-image, the people I know that do steroids also report compulsive behaviour such as OCD, hence why I added that bit. How about relationships? Are you ADHD to the point where no one can keep up with you? My ADHD isn't too bad. I was prescribed adderall, but I hated how boring I became. I like my personality as does my gf. It's tough to get work done sometimes, but I man-up and deal with it.
Could you post some proof please? As said before, I wont indict myself. Steroids are a big no no to the gov't, and I would prefer to keep my freedom, I'm sure you get that. It's ok if you don't believe me, I don't have any motive for doing this other than to share my experiences.
You said you get minimal side effects. What are the effects you get? My side effects have included: Oily skin, mild acne (can be cleared up with acne soap), super boners, sleeplessness, and fatigue.
My only question is would you recommend steroids to someone you care about? A close friend or something of that sort. Yes, but I would make sure that they are of age, do their research, and know what they're getting into. The risk is large, no matter how you slice it.
I feel like this applies to so many drugs but people are just ignorant, even "hard" drugs are fine in moderation, but I'll leave that talk for /drugs. Yes, it's easiest to believe what you have been fed.
Could you point out a few specific resources where one could do some research and learn about responsible use? Most of the things I've seen are rather generic and the standard answer seems to be "Google it". Where could one learn about cycles? Types of steroids? Dosages? >So as steroids are schedule 1 and 2 drugs, the gov't doesn't really allow too many studies to be done. That means that there is very little data out there that is backed scientifically (according to all the doctors I have talked to about bro science vs non). Anecdotal experiences and a few studies is really all the knowledge we have on the matter. There are a few articles in medical journals with good info, but it's limited. has some limited info, but I really like for it's higher quality of information and strong advocacy against ill-founded broscience. I have found that their forums have some very expert users that have seen it all. Before you go digging through forums, find steroid profiles and read up on their history, google should be fine for that or you can use or Once you get to the forums in your research, look at cycle logs and read up on best practices in the stickies area.
What do you think about this article? Http:// There are some good messages here. "you never enjoy it when you're in it, because you don't see yourself for how you really are." Very true. Yes, any body modification is a slippery slope, one just must have self-control and self-respect to do it properly. That's the difference between a fit, toned girl (or guy mensrights) and an anorexic.
How does one even acquire steroids if they dont have any connections what so ever? not that i want to use I'm just curious Make friends with the meat heads at the gym, they know.
I have been interested in using steroids. I kinda went through various weight loss and gains. Starting 7 years ago I went from 180>145>160/170>225 and am currently at about 205-208. I am 5'10" and I don't consider myself extremely overweight, I have a minor build under my fat (I use to lift weights, was never cut like an athlete but had some minor tone) but I'm still unhappy with my weight/look. I wouldn't mind being built or skinny, I just want this fat gone and have limited time to work out due to a full time job and school. Would you recommend steroids to someone in my position to help lose fat quickly? I had heard there was a type of steroid that doesn't bulk you up as much, and mostly just burns fat quicker, is there something like that? Absolutely not. You should have a strict workout regimen and perfect diet along with being close to your genetic maximum capabilities before trying gear. First and foremost, get your diet in check. I know you hate hearing that, but steroids actually cannot burn fat, no matter what anyone says, that is proven. There ARE steroids that work in tandem very effectively with a cutting diet and workout routine, but they dont burn fat, they just keep muscle on you while to cut. If you want to turn to drugs for fat burning, ECA stacks are common. Ephedrine, caffeine, and aspirin. I dont like it bc it makes me feel shitty, but it works for some. If you're really out of control, talk to a weight loss clinic, there are a few options for medications that help with appetite e.g. adderall.
My main thought behind it would be increasing muscle and metabolism to increase fat burn. So do you think if I met the requirements on a diet and workout routine that I would lose fat? Or would it just add muscle initially and start adding muscle behind my fat first? I'm sure in the long run it would, but if I decided to start using I think it would only be one cycle. I could probably fit in a regular workout and diet, but my issue is motivation. I use to spend about 2 hours at the gym 5 days a week when I recently hit about 180, dropped to about 175 but had lowered my BMI and overall inches so I knew that though only 5lbs were lost, I was gaining muscle. This was through dieting and a routine that my trainer put me on, but after a while it became too much to spend almost 2 hours at the gym and trying to balance a personal life. So I guess my next question would be, what type of results do you think I would see if I could get into a 1 hour or so 5-6 days a week routine using steroids for about a month? Hey man, please for the sake of your health and sanity, pump the brakes for a second.
Steroids would just add muscle behind your fat, not help you get rid of the fat, even if it did ultimately raise your resting metabolic rate, you'd have to eat more to keep the muscle, therefore making it all worthless.
READ THIS CAREFULLY: Steroids are not for motivation. One needs to be motivated to get any benefit from steroids. Also, you cannot make any worthwhile gains from a month-long steroid cycle.
A minimum cycle is 8 weeks and that's if you're using short ester test and you'd have to stick yourself every other day. It sounds like you need to get other parts of your life in order before you even consider these types of drugs. If you can't get motivated to keep a regular diet or gym routine for longer than one year, then you're in no way ready for steroids. Not to mention that steroids are not really the right tool for what you're trying to do. It sounds like you are strong underneath your fat and you just want to lose your fat. Steroids do not promote fat loss at all. 1 cup of coffee per day burns more fat than steroids can.
If you get into the gym 5 days a week with a solid routine and fix your diet, you can lose up to 4 pounds of fat per week. You could also put on 5 pounds of muscle in no time. But look man, I get it, when you take a workout drug or supplement, you feel obligated to get in the gym, I get that! So get yourself some protein, some creatine, and a stimulant rich pre-workout supplement like Jack3d or NOxplode, clean up your diet, hit the gym with cardio 3 times a week and you'll melt, I promise. Tell you what, I'll make you a deal. If you can prove to me that you've dropped 15 pounds in the next 2 months, I will personally help you with research and designing a theoretical cycle for the future. k?
How much have your lifts gone up since starting to use steroids? Is is appreciable faster than without steroids? Depending on which steroids you're using, your strength goes way up while you're on cycle (8-12 weeks usually). Your muscles are holding more nitrogen and you all have the willpower and energy to lift more. When you cycle off (stop taking them), your lift maxes go down, but you're definitely stronger than before the cycle.
Are you black or are you just that guy from LOST? Why do you call everyone brother? I'm southern, so I guess, that guy from Lost is the closest to the truth.
are you a priest? Truth be told, I wish reddit was a little more brotherly. There's a fraternal existence here that goes unacknowledged by most here because of fear. I like the gym because everyone is there routing each other on, not hating. But then again, this is the internet.
How long have you been taking steroids? I'm more interested in the diet side because that's what i struggle with most in weightlifting. I'm trying to get stronger for sports but being in college i don't really follow a meal plan except for what's in the college cafeteria. I am interested in starting to cook for myself though. What does your diet look like? or is there any place(website) to find diets for a budget? 2 years on and off. I keep paleo as much as possible with the exception of dairy. Other diet tips in this comment.
This AMA reminded me of this video...Link to So what DO you bench? Haha, I miss Farley. I don't usually max-out, but off-cycle (not using steroids), I would guess about 315.
You don't rep max? How do you base the weights you use for your sets? Don't you base it off your rep max? I actually thought your bench would be much higher. At my peak, my best was around 315 at 180lbs. As mentioned, I dont max often, so I can't deliver my current max. I max about every quarter, just to have points of reference as you mention.
The reason my max is not ungodly is that my goals are not strength, I'm not a football player, nor am I a power lifter. I just want to look and feel good. Putting up that kind of weight CAN damage joints, ligaments, etc, and I don't need high weight maxes for affirmation. Look at olympic power lifters, they're big, but not muscled out like a bodybuilder.
Sure, If I wanted to get my max to 500#, I could, but then what?
Good point. At 240, I'm sure you could do a lot more if that was your goal. Do you find using dumbbells helps with getting cut more so than a straight bar? Dumbells should be part of every routine. It helps build your stabilizing muscles and keeps you symmetrically strong, helping you avoid injury.
How would you know if you were more aggressive? People who have little experience with mood swings often do not recognize they are having mood swings. If you have any self-awareness, you'll know. But you're right in that people who have little experience with mood swings often do not recognize them. It is up to that person to make sure they are extra careful if they decide to use. I had little experience with mood swings when I started and was very paranoid, but I dont change that much. I become more confident, thats all. People around you usually let you know if you're being a dick.
>Steroids just make me more confident in myself, not angry. Most of my fellow users say that steroids just make you more of yourself. If you're an asshole inherently, you'll just be more of an asshole when you take steroids. Unfortunately, the percentage of steroids users that are assholes is higher than gen pop.
What steroids are you using and what are their benefits? I wont disclose what steroids I use, but I will say that Testosterone is the base of most steroid cycles, or should be. I avoid most oral steroids bc they reek havoc on your liver. Each steroid has a different effect and will be used with different goals in mind (getting big, or just ripped, etc). Google can give you more info.
Any reason why you won't disclose what steroids you are using? No, just trying not to indict myself. In the past, I have used Testosterone, anavar, primobolan, trenbolan and anadrol.
My biggest fear of roids is that it enhances balding. Since most men start to have some form of hair recession starting in their 30s, this freaks me out. Do you mind the chance? Ah yes, one of my biggest worries too. Balding runs in my family and I was concerned about losing some hair. I try to avoid steroids that are DHT derivatives like masteron, those are the ones that will be the riskiest. DHT is the cause of balding. Some steroids like Testosterone convert to DHT and can take your hair too. I haven't had any balding yet, but that doesn't mean it's not possible. I keep propecia (DHT blocker for balding) on-hand in case, but so far, I haven't had any problems. It's just a risk thats all part of the steroid choice.
Do you ever feel you're cheating your way to the top? Steroids aren't miracle drugs. One must still work VERY hard to put on muscle and stay ripped, so no, I don't feel like I'm cheating. Also, I reached my genetic maximum before I started steroids, so the results I'm getting now is all bonus. It's like not using cheat codes until after you've beaten the game.
What's the point in using them anyway, it's not like everyone else doesn't know? No, no one knows, they just think I love working out. I've always been pretty big, so it's never been questioned.
Good points. and im sure that someone would have to be deep into the addiction and do them for years for the negative effects to happen. do you or have you used creatine? The risk still exists, if you overdose on certain steroids, you could hypothetically flip out in your first week of steroids. Once again, abuse vs responsible use.
I do use creatine, I like it, monohydrate only. I cycle that too.
Gday, was there any particular source that you got all your information? I am finding that there is alot on the net to sift through. Kind of hard sometimes to tell whats legit and whats not. I sifted through the net for about a year, talked to doctors, both endocrinologists and 'anti-aging' docs, talked to my father who is on TRT, read the few studies that are out there, etc. A really good place for solid information is The stickies on the boards are pretty accurate.
What kind of gains have you seen? I started fat at about 300 pounds worked my way down to 200, then back up to 240 ish adding mass and a touch of fat. Tripling strength.
Do you keep much of the mass or stregth when you are off cycle? I keep 80% of my mass on most cycles. Water loss is most of that 20% but I take on a lot of water naturally. I don't keep as much of the strength, but that's to be expected. It also depends on which steroids you run, with how much mass/strength you keep.
Did it effect your dick? No effect on the dick, just the drive. I got hornier on cycle, less horny coming off cycle, normal two weeks after cycle ended.
Reading seems to be the best thing to do. Did you push your body as far as you could naturally before you went the route of steroids? Yes, I did. There's no need to be on steroids otherwise. Your body is ready to make muscle, but growth slows once you reach a certain point. That takes years though.
You say you hold multiple degrees and have a high IQ, but in your username you spell vegans wrong? Yeah, I was rushing and totally spelled it wrong. Thanks for the heads-up.
So basically should I take it if I wanna bulk fast? Also upvoted, thanks for answer. I dont advocate taking steroids. I just advocate responsible use if you decide to do so. You need to have a lot of things in place before taking steroids. You dont want to take them just bc you want to bulk fast. If fast is even your vocabulary, then you need to bulk naturally for a while before using gear. I only use steroids bc I reached close to my genetic peak and couldn't get bigger naturally. I didnt use them to bulk fast, I use them to bulk.
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