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[The Beginning of the End] [Derby]- Chapter 12: The Pertoff Family Vacation • Posted by 1 hour ago [The Beginning of the End] [Derby]- Chapter 12: The Pertoff Family Vacation. OC Science Fiction. Summary: Fighting immortals is a sweetheart job for someone obsessed with the afterlife. Dying on the job, however, is cutting it too close. Family Vacation PotionMastersBitch. Chapter 12. Chapter Text ... And that simply aggravated him to no end, as he loathed nothing more than to feel so helpless. But, rather than waste any time by reflecting upon such very unwelcome feelings, Gibbs allowed his paternal instincts to kick in and gave in to the strong urge to wrap his sobbing agent ... The Beginning of the End: Chapter 12: The Pertoff Family Vacation OC OC Summary: Fighting immortals is a sweetheart job for someone obsessed with the afterlife. Michael Ian Black, Actor: Stella. Michael Ian Black was born in Chicago, Illinois, but his family moved to Hillsborough, New Jersey, when he was young. His parents divorced when he was 3. When he was 12, his father died during neurological surgery following a mysterious assault. Michael attended New York University's Tisch School of the Arts but left before graduation. [The Beginning of the End] [Derby]- Chapter 12: The Pertoff Family Vacation OC Science Fiction Summary : Fighting immortals is a sweetheart job for someone obsessed with the afterlife. [The Beginning of the End] [Derby]- Chapter 10: The Five Minute Dilemma by Samara_Buckley_Derby in SamaraWrites [–] Samara_Buckley_Derby [ S ] 1 point 2 points 3 points 1 day ago (0 children) The imagination is absolutely stunning. Read Chapter 12: The Visitors from the story A Family Vacation by agnethabjornabba (Danielle) with 88 reads. bjorn, 2019, björnetha. Agnetha's POV June 3, 2019 Equipment rental can be a complex logistic task. SimplyBook.me online scheduling software & app provides rental companies with a unique and affordable solution. We offer an efficient and simple way to customize a system that will allow you to check the status of bookings in real time and manage them quickly and comfortably. The Beginning of the End --- Chapter 14: A Gift of Blood and Life. The Beginning of the End --- Chapter 13: Attack on Terminal K. The Beginning of the End: Chapter 12: The Pertoff Family Vacation. The Beginning of the End: Chapter 11: Entering Munich. The Beginning of the End: Chapter 2 --- Aboard the Colonel's Ship. The Beginning of the End ... 2020.09.20 20:06 Samara_Buckley_Derby [The Beginning of the End] [Derby]- Chapter 12: The Pertoff Family Vacation. Summary: Fighting immortals is a sweetheart job for someone obsessed with the afterlife.Dying on the job, however, is cutting it too close. However, Julian's curiosity with the great beyond pushes him a little too far, back to the land of the living and cursed with a newly damned ...

2020.09.20 18:06 Samara_Buckley_Derby Hidden cam in womens bathroom

Summary: Fighting immortals is a sweetheart job for someone obsessed with the afterlife. Dying on the job, however, is cutting it too close. However, Julian's curiosity with the great beyond pushes him a little too far, back to the land of the living and cursed with a newly damned soul, just like the immortals he's sworn to fight...
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Espionage may as well have been Matti’s middle name for how well he took to it. It wasn’t, of course, his middle name. That dubious honor went to Casimir, probably the name of someone important in his family, which he’d have learned if he’d had ever thought to grill his parents. He hadn’t though, not in the sixteen years he’d lived under their roof, nor in the following four years of school. And he certainly hadn’t asked when he started sniper school nor since officially enlisting. He hadn’t spoken to them since. Too dangerous.
And dangerous was how Matti liked it. He was yet to have a real reason to believe his life was in danger and until he felt that, he had no problem pushing the envelope.
Which is why he was perched in the back of a helicopter heading out to Munich on a mission intended to intercept one of the deadliest immortals at an active civilian airport with nearly two dozen soldiers, some of whom were legally dead, while most were shoot-on-sight traitors.
Could it get any better?
“Find anything, Matti?” a cool voice asked in his ear.
“Clear for now, Pooja.” He gave the Colonel a reassuring smile and she nodded, returning to the cockpit. Last names had never suited him and as a renegade, he wasn’t obligated to use them. It was easier to empathize with an Amy or Markus than with a Brown or Khan. Knowing the name they heard from friends and family humanized them and that was important when lives were on the line.
They usually just thought he was being cocky and rude and he had no need to dispel that theory because, as a renegade, they were going to think he was an arrogant prick anyway. It wasn’t even really a lie, so…
The helicopter they all sat in—Matti, Julian, Pooja and her two operatives, Kyline, and her squad—was borrowed from Omicron HQ. No way could Schmidtt’s usual helicopter fit the nearly two dozen agents, so Pooja had pulled some strings. There was enough room to comfortably walk around, especially with the others mostly strapped in, a fact that Matti gladly took advantage of, roaming from window to window, popping up his binoculars to scan for any aircraft that might be flying under the radar.
He’d been disappointed so far.
In between his little lookout sessions, he’d make small talk with various operatives. Pooja didn’t like chatting when on a mission, Kyline hated his guts, and the other scientists he usually hung out with were, for obvious reasons, not here, so ‘various operatives’ mostly meant Julian.
“Gotta admit, when you said you had some questions for me, I wasn’t expecting this,” Julian said after Matti’s third round.
“Am I boring you?” Matti tilted his head.
Julian laughed, always a good sign. “No. But unless this is some weird renegade interrogation tactic, I don’t know why you care about my favorite breakfast food.”
Matti gave him a cool look. “I’ve watched you very carefully since joining the Fleursurgents. I need to make sure your answers align with what I’ve seen.” It was a terribly blatant lie, but not one Matti really cared about guarding. If Julian chose to see through it, good on him. Reality was, Matti just liked getting to know his charges.
Julian squinted. “Fleursurgents?”
“Come on. Fleur Insurgents is a mouthful and there are a ton of repeated syllable sounds there. It’s only natural that you should work a portmanteau in there. Saves time.”
“Lotta big words from someone with a STEM degree. Maybe you should have gone into linguistics.” Julian grinned, and unless it was Matti’s imagination, seemed to relax a bit.
Matti lifted a shoulder. “Linguistics wouldn’t have gotten me a job here. Besides, I didn’t go to an English speaking school.”
“Clearly, or you’d have caught the better portmanteau: Infleurgents.”
This took Matti aback quite a bit, because Julian was absolutely correct. That one was far superior. “I take my hat off to you. We’re now the Infleurgents. Clearly your English skills make mine look paltry.”
“Well, it was my first language.” He shifted in his seat, probably trying to make the helicopter seat feel more comfortable. “You said a linguistics degree wouldn’t have gotten you a job here. Did you know about this place when starting college?”
There were a few options for how an AngelThana operative might have gotten involved in the organization. A bulk of the scientists were poached from the public facing front: a nanotech organization that privately manufactured weapons and also somehow did some work with biotech. It was often scrutinized for guzzling research money and turning out rather few results but that was kind of the point of a public facing front. It’s just that the public didn’t know that. Hence ‘front’.
Then there were military poaches, outstanding soldiers who were approached at the conclusion of their official government military contracts. Outside of these poached soldiers, AngelThana rarely allowed for transfers to military units if the employee hadn’t been with the company for a minimum of three years, which explained why the minimum age of active combatants was 21 and not most military’s standard 18.
Then there were the nuts. AngelThana sent representatives out to anyone who found out about the immortals organically, whether from personal experience or obsessive web research. That’s how Matti got involved. He’d spent the greater part of his childhood chasing down conspiracies online because that’s about all there was to do in a northern European village, population: twelve, where the sun came up twice a year. He’d discovered some paper trails and various web footage that showed the same few people involved in a host of different terrorist attacks across the globe, a conspiracy he was surprised no one else pointed out.
It turned out no one pointed it out because AngelThana scrubbed the internet from all information of the immortals, with a rather impressive tech division. This was originally what they scouted him for until pretty much everyone realized he was a crap hacker. By that point, he’d requested a transfer to sniper school and anyone involved agreed it was for the best.
Most of the people on the helicopter had been in the second boat, sniped from their own government’s military. On the books, they were ‘security’ officers.
Julian was, as with most scientists, from the first group. He’d been scouted because of his academic work and pressured into taking the job with AngelThana.
“My official transfer to the internal department was about a month into my onboarding on the face department.” Julian had that glint in his eyes that the PhDs always got when they were about to launch into a lecture, and Matti braced himself. “The day they pulled me in and explained that honest to god immortals existed, well I thought I’d gone crazy.”
“Really? You didn’t think they had?”
Julian shook his head. “No! I’d always suspected so when my theories were confirmed, my mind was blown. It was like falling into a dream I’d had.”
“Lapinksy! Back on your post. You’ve had weeks to make idle chit chat. This is not the time.” Pooja’s scolding turned all the heads in the chopper to Matti, who smiled back at her, jumping to his feet in a solute.
“Copy that, Colonel.” There would also be time for idle chit chat later, so he had no qualms with resuming his watch.
“Alright we’re approaching our drop point,” Pooja announced, some few, uneventful hours later. “We’re officially on non-essential cargo pickup, so keep that in mind. Grace, prep your unit, but I want them down and out of sight until signaled.”
Kyline saluted in acknowledgement, her face rigid.
“The cargo pickup is scheduled to happen at eight hundred hours, so we’re here plenty early and should be able to get all of you off before they load us up.” Pooja began walking up and down the aisle of the ship, making eye contact with every single person on board. “I’ll be staying on board to handle the loading, with Schmidtt and Lapinksy. You’ll take your orders from the Sergeant and in the case of her incapacitation, your chain of command will fall to Agent Xing, Agent Jha, field medic LeDuc…” The chain of command was something they’d all been briefed on but redundancy may as well be synonymous with procedure because whenever someone said ‘follow the proper process’ it meant they wanted to you use enough fallbacks and extraneous measures that you probably could have accomplished three times your goal if you’d just checked something once or twice.
But for all their traitorous nature, the Infleurgents still followed their god damned processes to a T. Whatever. Matti didn’t technically need to know who to listen to but unfortunately for his ego, the chain of command usually made too much sense to ignore, so he rarely did.
The helicopter touched down at a tiny regional airport in the early hours of the morning, probably close to five hundred hours, as light as a feather per Schmidtt’s usual. He radioed in their arrival to the incognito convoy that was bringing whatever equipment Pooja had maneuvered into being their ‘target’. They reported that they were still about two hours out, which Schmidtt confirmed on radar scans.
“Copy that, we’ll be waiting.” Then Pooja looked up at Matti. “Give us a visual perimeter, make sure the area is clear of personnel or civilians.” She turned to Kyline. “At Lapinsky’s signal, take your men to the far parking lot. The convoy was instructed to leave one truck behind so that we could unload our cargo. Which…” She waved a hand at the soldiers, “is all of you. So stay out of sight until Grace gives the command. Understood?”
A host of salutes confirmed comprehension. Matti eyed Pooja and tossed her a slightly more casual salute before slipping into the night.
For once, the lack of complications wasn’t boring. The presence of civilians would have dramatically slowed down the offloading, suspicions from the convoy would have just caused drama, and if any of Kyline’s soldiers had been spotted, it would have really been disastrous.
All told, Pooja’s plan went without a hitch and soon Schmidt was flying away with whatever cargo they’d used as an excuse to hide their illicit actions. Matti sat in the back of the remaining convoy truck, squished with the others. These things were supposed to seat a dozen. While Matti, Julian, Xing Luli, the Iota agent, were slim enough to count for half a person, they simply had too many people on board for the drive to be comfortable. But comfort wasn’t a requisite so no one complained about being cramped too much.
The real issue was the lack of space to put on their disguises. AngelThana lacked the resources to intensely scrutinize every security cam feed on the planet to scan for faces that matched certain criteria. So the group didn’t have to worry too much about being spotted by the sophisticated software needed to match their specific face shapes and retina scans. But that didn’t mean they could slack off. They’d still need to play dress up to fool any AngelThana member who happened to be casually watching the MUC feeds in their downtime.
There were precious few people on board who knew enough about hair and makeup to make a convincing change to faces, so each agent had to wait quite a bit for their turn. Something to change complexion, darken or bright eyes, maybe thicken the look of facial hair.
“Do me dirty,” Matti said as he pushed past Private Amelie Silva for his turn. He scrunched his eyes closed in preparation for the assault on his face.
“Don’t do that with your eyes,” Pooja said, as he heard her swishing around some bottle of something probably wet and sticky. “It’ll make it uneven.” Pooja, along with Henri LaForge and Edmund Howard, was one of the only confident enough with her makeup skills to do anything convincing on the soldiers. “Hold still.” A bright light blasted his eyelids as another of the soldiers shone a flashlight at him.
“We should have brought Sofia,” Matti said, trying hard not to move his mouth. “She could make every guy in here a girl and vice versa.”
“Matti keep your mouth shut or you’re going to look like more of a mess than you normally do.” After a far too long period of getting paint slathered and smeared on his face, his nails and hands squished, his hair pulled tight and hidden under a wig, Pooja thrust an armful of clothes in his hands. “What do you think?”
The question was a little too amused for Matti’s liking and he cracked an eyelid to see the private holding the flashlight was openly smirking.
“He did say he wanted to be a girl. Think you did a mighty good job there, Colonel.”
The other eyelid snapped open. “I need a mirror. Now.”
Pooja held up one and Matti stared at himself. He wasn’t a girl, probably. Not technically. But he also saw where the private was coming from. “Pooja, you know ‘scene’ hasn’t been in since the early 2000s, right?” He twisted one of the silky, unnaturally platinum locks around a finger.
“We’re active members.” She shooed him to the side to start her next victim. “So our looks need to be a bit more dramatically changed. Us and Blake. If you’re going heavy makeup, you have to make it look intentional. That’s why you have the eyeliner. You’re now Alexi Petroff, 16 years old, so you’ve got to look like it.”
“Great. Back to being an edgy teen.” He didn’t really mind the look but it was far from comfortable. “What dramatic bit are you doing?”
“Inaya Hasmi, 34, traveling with my husband Tahir.” She pointed a bit away where Vikas Jha, the other Iota agent, was getting minimal makeup work done. “I’ll have a bit of work done but most of my face will be hidden.”
“Lucky. Would be nice if we all could just go the religious veil route.” Matti tapped at his face to see if his makeup had dried.
Pooja cocked an eyebrow. “Would have made us all the more likely to be stopped by airport security. Don’t need to increase those odds. Alright, you’re done Shanti.”
“Fucking most disgusting thing I ever got on my face,” he grumbled.
“Shut up, Shanti,” Matti said, almost absentmindedly. The private needled him with a glare before moving on.
“We kind of switched colors,” Julian remarked as he settled down next to Matti. The previously sandy haired man now had cropped dark crew cut, so convincing that Matti couldn’t imagine how his real hair had fit under it. His previously green eyes were now blue, much like how Matti’s blue had changed to green.
“Who did yours?” Matti asked.
“LaForge. Man did theatre through his entire education. I guess it shows but god my head feels like it’s about to explode.” Julian’s hand hovered near his scalp as if itching to itch it.
“Not a finger!” shouted LaForge from about eight feet away where he was twisting Luli’s hair into a tight ponytail. “Or I’ll cut it off.”
“Would he get back?” asked another private.
Julian’s body sagged as his hand dropped. “Here they go.”
The questions, jokes, and jabs flowed through the truck, lightening up the mood at the expense of Julian’s.
“You’re not a fan?” Matti asked. “You can’t deny, there are some good questions in there.”
“Yeah but they don’t want answers, they just want to snicker.” Julian sighed, crossing his arms. “But I’m starting to learn to tune it out.”
Even Matti had to admit that, after two more hours of the soldiers coming up with increasingly stupid puns, it had gotten old. He fiddled with his rifle, knowing that it would soon be locked in a very special crate, the kind that AngelThana routinely used to smuggle weapons through airports, past border patrols, and into government events. Matti didn’t like departing with his beloved rifle but there would be no keeping it on him.
The sun had long risen now as the truck pulled into a long term parking lot, advertised as being ‘mere kilometers from MUC!’ From there, the group split into teams, each with their own mission plans.
Pooja took Vikas, her husband, and the two headed the short walk to the public transport. Six of the soldiers, all dressed as spring breakers, flooded to the closest rental car place.
Matti checked his ID and the instructions on his phone giving him a rundown of Alexi Pertoff.
“I’m traveling with my father and girlfriend, huh? Haven’t had one of those in a while.” He looked up at the remaining operatives. Shanti and Henri were brothers, Amelie and Edmund were also dating. A few others were traveling solo. Then his eyes fell on Luli, Pooja’s Iota agent. She fixed him with a long once over.
“We’re dating?” she asked. In all fairness, she probably wasn’t much older than he was and with the high ponytail with a red streak in it, the loose bangs around her face, and too much eye makeup, she could absolutely pass for 17 or 18.
“I guess so. Which just leaves… dad.” He grinned as Julian looked down at his ID.
“Ah. Pieter Pertoff. 38” He looked up at the two agents as the remaining operatives sped off on their predetermined methods of transportation. “Never thought much of having kids…”
“God I must be like, the biggest disappointment to you.” Matti examined his nails, which were all black except for a red nail on each middle finger. Then he looked up at Julian’s tight crew cut and the lines on his face, artfully exaggerated by LaForge’s handiwork.
Luli laughed at the start contrast that couldn’t hide enough of a similarity between the two men to hint at their relation. “Alright then, team,” she said. “Let’s get our car and get to the airport. We’ve got an invasion to stop.”
Chapter 12
Julian could already tell that Matti and Luli were amused at his reaction but he couldn’t help being more than a little apprehensive about playing a father role to the sniper. The two agents shared looks in the back seat of the rental car Julian was driving.
“Do you think I need an accent? It’s Russian, right? I can try a— hold up.” Julian cleared his throat and centered himself, trying his best to adopt the accent of one of the Russian agents. “Ok, how’s this?”
“God no. Please no.” Matti exchanged another look with Luli. Julian hadn’t dealt much with the agent since they’d first flown to Fleur, an experience Julian wanted to leave far behind him, but she was a lot more pleasant when she wasn’t holding a gun to his head.
“You’ll blow our cover immediately.” Her voice, meanwhile, had shifted from its previously Chinese accent to a completely American accent. “Keep your American accent. In case you haven’t noticed, both our passports are American. His is Russian. You immigrated to the states young and lived there your whole life. You met your wife, a Russian woman, but after your relationship went poorly, she took the kid and moved back to Russia. She sends him over to you for summers and other various breaks. It was during one such visit that he met me.”
“The three of us are spending holiday in Russia,” Matti said. “After the trip, Luli and I are staying with my mom in Moscow.”
It took Julian a moment to internalize this. “Why wasn’t I told any of this?”
“It’s in your briefing.” Matti pointed to his phone. “You probably didn’t scroll. Don’t worry, most people actually don’t ask about your backstory.”
“Yeah but in case—”
“Look at it this way,” Luli said. “Lapinsky and I are far more likely to be given side eyes or comments. This was intentional, to draw attention from you.”
“Just be a disappointed father.” Matti glanced at his phone for another moment before tapping a few buttons. “Ok, now, names. I need you to recite them, learn them by heart.”
It was kind of weird taking orders from someone who was supposed to be his son. The two were probably only ten years apart in age. Luli was even closer, probably less than five years younger than him.
“Ok. Ok, you’re Alexi. She’s Tara. Alexi and Tara. Alexi Petroff and Tara Wang.”
“Mr. Pertoff? Mr. Pertoff, Alexi says it’s ok if we get Starbucks. We’ll be right back.”
“Mom says it’s ok if I get snakebites and you said I could get anything I wanted for my 17th birthday if it was under 50 dollars. I know this one place that does them for cheap and she’s ok with it.”
The two went back and forth, with Julian’s knuckles getting whiter on the steering wheel each time one added a new line to their newfound family’s canon.
“I’m uh, just not gonna say much, ok kids?”
The two grinned back at him in the rearview mirror, clearly very into their roles.
“Whatever dad.”
They spent the remaining half hour of their trip going over all the signals that he’d have to remember. It didn’t sound half bad while they were driving, chatting lightly about the operation, but the minute they stepped from the car and entered the airport, the giggles stopped. Alexi and Tara were apparently the brooding type of teens who didn’t say much but stayed weirdly entwined with each other. Julian was ok with that. His palms were already damp and he was going to probably give away his nerves when he had to raise his hands during security.
A million ‘what ifs’ flashed through his head as the three clunked through security. Previously Julian had been primarily in hot water just with AngelThana but with this little stunt he also marked himself as a legitimate felon.
Yet they cruised through without a hitch, not even when examining their various backpacks or cases of randomly assorted goods. Julian’s nerves were hopefully explained by the outlandish appearance of his traveling companions. No crew-cut sporting dad wanted to be seen in public with his offspring looking so… alternative.
As the three made it to their gate, Julian’s mind immediately jumped to the others. After all, there were six groups that had to make it through without any suspicion. Any one of them getting caught could spell disaster for the whole operation, casting unneeded attention on the whole area. Not only would local authorities get involved, but AngelThana’s watchful eye might fall on them. Even worse, Lady Helga would likely abandon her efforts, leaving them no closer to apprehending her and now completely in the dark about her next plans.
It had to go without a hitch.
“I need to pee.” There was a distinct whine to her voice and Julian was struck with how easy it was to remember that the woman pulling a dramatic pout with heavy lipstick was a grown adult who had killed and probably watched her fellow agents die. “Where’s the closest bathroom?”
This was a signal and Julian grunted, getting to his feet. “Should probably all go.” Every word in Julian’s mouth felt unbelievably forced. He scrutinized every sentence. Why would a father want to accompany his son and son’s girlfriend to the bathroom? Was that weird? Creepy? Did it make sense at all?
The casual shrugs and eyerolls from his charges smoothed over his rocky sentence but he still felt the eyes of the airport on him as they strolled down the hallway to the restrooms.
“Take your time,” Luli said before disappearing into the ladies’ room.
The mens’ room was, thankfully, empty.
“No cameras,” Matti said, after doing a thorough search. “I’m splitting off soon, once I get my toys. If you see me, something’s gone wrong.” He grinned and Julian had no doubt that the sniper couldn’t picture a world where something had gone wrong. “Tara will stick with you, so continue to take your lead from her.”
Julian took the momentary privacy to let out a long breath and shake out his hands. “I hate this.”
“I, on the other hand, love it.” Matti was peering at himself in the mirror, eyes glinting over the various changes in his appearance. “You’ll have to get used to it.”
“I’d rather not have to do this again,” he muttered, staring at his face next to Matti’s. It was a lot greyer than the renegade’s.
“We’re not getting more operatives, so anymore injured or lost, and your attendance will be mandatory.”
Julian shook his head. “If I get caught in one of those things, I’ll get trapped in limbo for god knows how long. I’m not risking that.”
“Oh yes, comparatively the rest of us have nothing to risk.” Matti looked at Julian’s reflection, eyes unexpectedly hard. “None of us want to die. We’re not disposable grunts or whatever narrative you’ve constructed in your head. Any one of Kyline’s soldiers would take a bullet to save you from capture but just remember, they’re losing more from that than you. Their sacrifice is because you’re of more strategic value but don’t think for a minute that you’ve got more intrinsic value.” Then the look vanished, replaced by a casual smile. “Humanize your teammates. Keeps people alive.” He glanced at his watch. “Oh good, Tara’s almost here.”
Julian, briefly forgetting who Tara was, stared at Matti blankly in the mirror for another second before the younger man rolled his eyes and headed for the door.
“Right. Tara.” The scolding had hit him from left field but it was a valid point and Julian felt a little sick at how self centered he’d gotten. Military operations weren’t fun in the slightest. “She’s coming in here—”
His question was truncated by the door bursting open. A woman entered, pushing a cleaning cart. She turned, slapping down a ‘cleaning, don’t enter’ sign, before shutting the door behind her.
It took the woman sliding open the cart and unloading a pistol for herself, a pistol and sniper rifle for Matti, and thrusting a pistol into Julian’s hands for him to recognize Luli.
“I didn’t realize you’d be changing,” he said, still staring at the gun.
“Take your weapon. Lapinsky did say I’d be bringing the weapons, yes?” She glared at the sniper for his lack of communications before pulling out a number of guns, including one of the venojets Julian recognized from Sofia’s lab.
“Thought it was obvious.” Matti wasn’t paying them much mind as his fingers danced over his rifle, before snapping off a few components to fit it in his backpack. “MY apologies, Luli.”
Luli seemed to think better of scolding him. “Just take this… dart gun thing and get into position.”
He saluted. “Copy that Specialist.” He looked at Julian, that serious look back in his eyes. “You’re on civilian protection duty. Remember that.”
Then he slung the bag over his shoulder and disappeared from the bathroom.
Luli pulled out a spray bottle. “Alright, give me a second to clean a bit. Make it look convincing. You know how to hide that thing—Blake! Point it at the ground!”
Julian fumbled the gun before pointing it down. Trigger control was a lot easier to forget than he’d thought.
“Uh, just like, in my waistband?”
She sighed. “Let me finish getting the mirrors. Just don’t kill anyone while I’m at it.”
Soon the room was filled with the acrid scent of cleaners and Luli put back the chemicals.
“Here, change out your clothes. Careful not to dislodge your hair.” Her own transformation had been dramatic: makeup gone, hair now in a bun that hid the red streak, she could have been a different person.
Julian felt like his own disguise was not as effective. He still looked like Pieter Petroff but in a janitor’s outfit. It wasn’t until Luli plopped a hat on his head that he felt better.
“Alright, we’re on bathroom duty,” she said. “We’ve got four more to hit before everyone is armed. Ready?”
What followed was probably the most fun he’d had on the whole operation. No one looked twice at the two of them as they coasted down the hall with their big cleaning cart. They slipped into the first bathroom, halfway down the hall, where Shanti and LaForge were shooting the shit.
They both jumped to attention and Julian and Luli burst in, bearing gifts. Both rewarded the pair with face splitting grins as they received their gifts.
“Felt naked without this,” LaForge said, holstering his.
“Ew, not something anyone wants to see.”
“Shut up, Shanti.” This one surprisingly came from Luli, who had a wry grin on her face. “Now get to your positions and radio in the Colonel when you get there.”
They both saluted. “Copy that Specialist.”
The next bathroom was a little harder cause the spring breakers crowd was coed. Nisslon and Bruni were both in the women’s room, which Julian and Luli hit first, only to find it occupied with more than just the soldiers.
An older woman toting a six year old girl was loudly discussing Bruni’s piercing.
“Ma’am—” the private started, but the woman wasn’t having too much of it.
“And you’ve got the nerve to tell me and my child to leave when she has to go potty. You, looking like that.” She gestured at Bruni.
Nisslon, who wasn’t known for her patience, was looking about ready to go when Luli cleared her throat.
“Well you’re all going to have to continue this at a different restroom because this one is closed for cleaning.” The four paused mid argument and turned to Luli. Julian could see both soldiers’ eyes scan over her, puzzlement creasing their brows. Then Bruni’s eyes landed on Julian and she rolled them hard.
“Eurgh. Fine. Let’s just go to the one by the fucking gate,” Nisslon said.
“My child!” shrieked the woman.
“Mommy I don’t have to go potty. Can we go on the plane now?”
Julian watched as the four left, each in a different state of annoyance. Luli watched them leave before sighing.
“Clear the restrooms. How hard is it to clear the restrooms?” She massaged her temples for a moment before pulling out her spray bottle and dousing the room in a lethal amount of cleaner.
“Why are you doing that?” Julian asked, coughing.
“Gotta make it look like we were here.” She emptied what looked like an entire container of bleach into one of the toilets. “Hate cleaning bathrooms. Anything but bathrooms. Haven’t cleaned one since I was seven.”
Julian wanted to offer his assistance but he was afraid to get in her way. Not to mention, he didn’t want to mess up his hair or makeup.
It took Luli another five minutes to make the room look, well, not clean, but maybe cleaned. Once they made it to the men’s restroom, the weapons drop went smoother.
“Took your sweet time,” Howard grumbled as he loaded up his guns.
“You can bring that up with Nilsson and Bruni.” Luli shoved some extra guns into his hands. ”Those are theirs.”
“They got caught up with a mom who wouldn’t leave,” Julian said, trying to provide some context. “So we just kinda kicked them all out. They’re at the bathroom by the gate.”
“Copy that, zombie.”
Julian pulled a face but didn’t say anymore as the four soldiers filed from the room.
The other drops went more smoothly. At one point Luli even trusted Julian to drop the guns off with Grace.
“I need to take a call. Ditch those with the Sergeant and meet me at the bathroom by Gate A8.”
She wasn’t supposed to have left him but he was confident in his ability to pull off the task. He knocked twice on the women’s restroom door.
“In here!” He could recognize the dulcet tones of the Sergeant anywhere so he cleared his throat and shouted back.
“Maintenance! Uh, cleaning, rather.” Off to a brilliant start but there was no time to kick himself. Instead he pushed the cart in, slapped down the sign, and wheeled around to face a tense looking Grace. Her disguised covered her shockingly blond hair with a brown wig and her scars were masterfully hidden.
“Just you?” she asked. “Where’s… Tara?”
“I think cleaning lady is Milly. Tara was my son’s girlfriend.”
She nodded and a corner of her lip lifted in a smile. “You following along fine?”
“Yeah I think so! We had some trouble with two of the spring breakers. Couldn’t get the civies out of the restroom so we had to improvise.”
She bit back a smile for about a half second before laughing. “Damn kid, we really got our top agent out there.” Then she looked over his shoulder. “Where is Milly?”
“She had to take a call.” Her look worried him for a second and he looked over his shoulder, as if also expecting to see Luli. “Is that weird?”
Grace shook her head as she set to work pulling her guns out of the cart. “Just means the Colonel’s got more shit to chat about than she can text. Probably got eyes on Von Martwitz.” A grin spread across her face, either at the idea of facing down the immortal or at the large gun she’d unsheathed from the cart. “Hello again, girl.”
Julian wasn’t really a pacifist but he didn’t like how much the soldiers loved their pet guns. It shouldn’t bother him but when he looked at the guns, he felt uneasy, knowing that every single one of them had killed a human being. It seemed downright ominous to dote on something that had killed so much.
“Right. So does that mean we’re pressed for time?”
Grace looked at him. “Honestly, couldn’t tell you. I’d ask Luli when you get outside.”
“Right. Alright.” He hovered, wanting to say more. The idea that Lady Helga could be arriving any minute made him suddenly realize how real this mission was. If it went ugly, there were a lot of people he might just never see again.
“You got that look on your face.”
He looked back at her, whatever look she’d referred to now replaced with a wry, if tired, smile. “You think this thing is gonna go sideways?”
“Mmm, no. I think it might be unsuccessful because of how much could go wrong, but it’s not going to end with everyone dying. Worst case scenario…” She looked back at her gun. “We just call Omicron and give them the head’s up.”
He nodded, still tense, so she put a hand on his shoulder. “I know I shouldn't worry,” he said but she shook her head.
“You’re not a soldier and you shouldn’t be here. So yeah, second combat situation in a few weeks for someone who should be in a lab or whatever, I get it.” Her eyes were that same earnest blue that burned when they got into a discussion about immortality and religion or when she was kicking his ass in training. “You’re handling it well. Trust the process.” She slung her gun over her back and pulled her long coat over it before striding to the door. “Oh, and Julian?”
“Hmm?” He looked over from his cart at her.
“Give ‘em hell if they do come for you. You know what it’s like.” With this, and final grin, she was out the door.
Will we get our first peek at the elusive Lady Helga next chapter? Or will Julian blow his cover? Find out later today!
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Two nights ago my husband and I were watching a show on his computer connected to the TV. My husband got up to fast forward to another episode and was having system issues. He went to his search bar on his computer and while he was typing, my nightmare blew up on the the big screen.
Suggestions of videos on his computer popped up as he was looking for internet explorer. I knew what I saw as soon as I saw it, because I have been here before.
The videos were something along the lines of "Wife's first time," and "Teen - hidden locker room cam." He denied it right away, even with it blown up on the TV with me right there. I asked why he lied, he said he was afraid of my reaction.
I asked him when, he said when I was gone for 2 months last summer. I asked if he had done it this summer while I was away for 6 weeks and he said no. I asked why he saved them, he had "no reason" he said.
I have never expressed a disinterest in porn, in fact we have watched it together and separately, but I have expressed my desire to not save it. I am not sure why saving the videos bothers me, but it just feels more personal to me. Now, after all this, I realize that I do have a problem with porn, which makes me feel worse because I do not want to be a controlling or nagging force on my husband.
My husband and I have been married for 10 years now. The first two weeks of our dating relationship he had an affair with a much older woman for a couple of weeks; he would stay the night with her and he would talk about me to her, he vowed to never forget her and the things they did. I found out after getting rid of my own apartment and moving in with him. I stayed. I was young and in love and believed him when he said it would never happen again. I have never been the same since.
He has never had another physical affair with anyone, but there have been moments along the years when he has flat out betrayed my trust.
In the past he has been on forums of varying degrees and done a number of other secretive/hurtful things; he's talked about me and the way that I dress on forums with other women (I don't wear skimpy clothes, but jeans and converse), he's talked about wanting to swing on a forum meant just for swinging (yet, when I ask he says he doesn't think he could share me), he's had apps where nude photos are accessed but gone out of his way to hid it behind other apps, etc.
Last night, more came to the surface. I asked him to remove the two saved videos, he agreed. Strangely, he could not find them and I could tell that he was honestly baffled. I noticed that once he realized he was not searching his entire PC, when he typed "Teen" it was about to be bad.
After staring at the content titles, I realized "BitTorrent" followed every entry; my husband realized at the same time I did. I asked him to explain to me again what "BitTorrent" was... a sharing platform. I asked him if he used it so that he wouldn't be caught, he said yes. He went out of his way to make sure that he didn't get caught, but did in a major way. I asked him to type "BitTorrent" into the search this PC box. I got what I asked for. So much was on there, not so much the content (I understand the difference between fantasy and reality), but the lies and secrecy behind it all.
My husband is not someone that likes to express himself, but recently he has gotten better about being an active participant in serious conversations we have. He admitted he feels like he has a "problem."
However, I did not know the extent of the problem. Long story short, he admitted that he has been trying to work on this and feels it is better than it used to be because the "frequency is less."
I was surprised when he told me that he does this at work; a couple of months ago he took his computer with him (said he would be studying for school) and locked his office to do this. He also said he uses his phone in the bathroom stalls instead sometimes.
I asked if it had been while I was home and it's true. I asked him if he is choosing this over me, and he sort of admits yes, but also denies that he is, I think to spare my feelings. I am someone that will try anything once, and he knows this, yet I am still an afterthought.
Today, I found out that the last time he did this was again at work, while I was here, after we had just gotten out of a 14-day quarantine, after I had been gone for over a month. The choice feels clear to me, masturbate to 19 year olds or have sex with your wife... he is choosing the first route.
After finding out that he did this just last week, and doesn't even remember the day, I feel lied to again. He has been telling me that he wants to get help, like it's an addiction, but all of these details keep coming up. He seems sincere in his desire to get help, but I do not know how to hear it this time. These conversations are all too familiar.
It seems like he is telling me what I want to hear or what he thinks is the right response. But the man is crying and expressing that this has been an issue since he was young, before me. He admits the problem, but didn't outright call it an addiction until I used the word; he said he never felt like it was because it's not something physical like a drug or alcohol.
I feel stupid. I feel lost, broken, irritated, pissed off, and more than anything I feel hurt, again. I feel like a fool for believing that he wants to change or get help.
I do not know what I am looking for really. I think I just wanted to vent on here. I always feel so alone when stuff like this happens. Sorry for the length of this post. Please be kind.
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I feel awful. I know it’s terrible what I am about to say. I think I have a sex addiction or at least an addiction to see women naked.
My girlfriend and I just moved into our new place and have friends coming over to spend the weekend. A few of her friends are quiet attractive.
The other day I was thinking. What if I bought a nanny cam hidden in a radio and put it in the bathroom. I didn’t buy it. I hovered over the purchase option. I was really close. I’d be able to have video of all the girls getting undressed and then I’d have that power. That rush.
It’s sick. I’m better than that, but it’s almost like a sick rush that’s so exhilarating and hot I really really want to buy it.
The party is in a few days, so I have time if I change my mind. I’m strong today so it’s a no, but I may break. I’m weak to pornography and now I could actually live every guys fantasy. Spy cam on attractive girls in my place non the wiser.
I feel terrible for my girlfriend and the girls. Luckily I didn’t do it but still...
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2020.04.14 08:57 Edwardthecrazyman Hidden cam in womens bathroom

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People at their most vulnerable help me get my rocks off. There is no way to pretty that up in the slightest so I don't intend to.
It started years ago when I found cam girls on the internet. I could interact with them, pay them, demand certain sexual poses from them for the money, but at a certain point, that felt too similar to regular pornography. It wasn't enough. There wasn't any kind of risk to it. I might as well hire a prostitute. I wanted the real deal. I wanted the amateur quality that you can't get out of porn or cam girls. I wanted reality. Vulnerability. A person's essence. I wanted to know them better than anyone else. It's really quite beautiful.
So I took the huge windfall of cash after my father's passing and bought an apartment complex with wide hollow walkways hidden within the walls for maintenance workers to shimmy through. Perfect.
I renovated the place, making the hidden walkways more comfortable, drilling holes in the ceiling over every bedroom, setting up surveillance equipment. I would have people paying me to prey on them. Within six months after the initial purchase of the property, I was able to begin looking over applicants. The first several were families or single men. I pondered as to whether or not I should shred these applications, but figured it may look strange if the entire complex was occupied by single women. Without a question, I did not want to draw any attention. So I began doing background checks and drawing up agreements.
Ten rooms. Two of them with single women. One blonde. One red head. I watched them when they showered. I watched them when they would get ready for work. I watched them when they slept sometimes. It was orgasmic. The sheer pleasure I received from looking upon their mostly still forms while they lay in their beds is beyond description. That was the beginning, really. Then I moved on. They bored me. So I moved on to the men. Then the families. Don't get your panties in a bunch, you freaking saints. I never watched the children shower or use the bathrooms. I never watched the children sleep. They were off limits.
But the things that men do, and yes it's mostly the men that do it, are lots of fun to watch. When they believe they are entirely alone and they strip themselves down to their skivvies and click over into the incognito mode on their phones or computers. Some of them like to look at the strangest things. Delightful. It may make your skin crawl but it makes mine ripple and quiver.
I took up in one of the units. The only one on the very top floor. It was a nice place. I'd had the workers take all the walls down so that I had one massive floor. One corner had my desktop with the monitors. When I wasn't squeezed into the walls or ceilings of my tenant's living quarters, I was sitting there. I made sure that the door to my unit was very secured. What with its many locks and steel frame.
Then that urge I've lived with my entire life came back. Looking in on those people was no longer enough. I exercised my right as their landlord to check in on the units while they were away. Sometimes I would eat cereal out of their cabinets or curl up in their beds. The smell of these strangers was intoxicating. I wanted to swallow their sheets and choke on them. I wanted to strip down and have them walk in on me with my birthday suit entirely exposed to them. How delightful.
I hid in the red head's bedroom closet. She was messy, using the closet sparingly, instead opting to drop her clothes on the floor like some mish mash rug of sporadic clothing. I stayed in their for two days without her knowing it, using one of her tall leather boots as a waste receptacle. I am sure she will find it soon enough. How delightful.
I stole one of the male tenants cats. He notified me of it and I responded that we had a zero tolerance policy on pets. He dropped the issue immediately, stuttering something about how he was just cat sitting. Don't worry. I keep the cat in my fish tank.
Sometimes I take the blonde's tennis shoes and wear them around town. I know I'll be caught one day. I know it, but don't care. That's a part of the allure, don't you understand? It's so delightful.
For about the last week, I'd taken a hiatus from tormenting my tenants from the shadows. My unit needed to be cleaned as I'd been so entirely preoccupied on this titillating hobby of mine. I wiped the dried fluids off the underside of my desk. I mopped and did my laundry. The strong smell of freshly cut onions stuffed beneath my arms had begun to follow me everywhere I'd go. A well respected landlord of this little community couldn't be going about like that, now could he?
I found a camera lens in the drain of my shower. It was something I'd almost missed, but it was there. It shined, peeking at me from the little metal cross section in the drain. Strange. I had never implemented any surveillance in my own unit.
The demo of the shower was quick work. I removed the plastic tub and found that the camera was attached to all manner of wiring underneath. They ran into the walls and upon further inspection, I found that one of the wires ran the length of the wall in my unit until it exited the inside of the wall again through a hole I'd never noticed before. The wire ran directly into the back of my computer. I'd never seen the port. It wasn't ethernet. It wasn't USB. I couldn't find anything online about the kind of wire I was dealing with at all. I rebooted the computer and found a program on the desktop I'd never seen before. It pulled up a video feed.
There was gaunt sickly man sitting in a swivel chair at a desk with too many monitors. The camera was peering in at him from somewhere behind. I lifted my arm over my head while looking at the monitor. The man in the feed did the same.
It was me.
I moved across the room, watching the man in the feed mimic my motions. Where was that damned camera? It took a little trial and error and a lot of me looking back at the monitor to see where I was relative to the camera angle, but I eventually found the thing snugly tucked away in the vent on the wall opposite the desk. It was well beyond my understanding of tech. The camera was no larger than my thumb.
The small camera smashed into a thousand tinier pieces as I pelted it against the wall. The speakers at my desk squeaked and I dashed back over to the desk, sitting in my swivel chair. The screen was black now. I alt f4-ed out of the program and it stuttered before closing.
I then went to the surveillance program I used on my tenants and clicked it open. All of the monitors came to life at once with live video feed from the units below. Eyes stared back at me from all of them.
Without realizing it, I reared back in the chair and flipped onto the floor. Slowly, I crept back over the edge of the desk to look at the feed. They were dead eyes. No. They were never alive. They were all mannequins. Motionless, porcelain white skin, staring through those illusive cameras I'd set up. I moved to the nearest window and peeked out through the blinds. The complex's parking lot was empty except for my own blue Mazda.
I shut the computer off, trying to get my breathing under control.
After staring at the blank screens for about an hour, I decided to physically check in on my tenants. Apartment after apartment. Nothing but frozen mannequins. Some of them were pressed against spots that I knew had hidden cameras, some of them were in the middle of daily routines they would never finish. One stood over a plate of scrambled eggs at a kitchen counter. Another lay in bed with their eyes staring directly up into the ceiling.
I retreated back to my unit, being sure to secure every single lock in the door. I turned the computer back on and clicked from camera to camera. Every single mannequin was gone.
Instead there was a message scrawled on paper and placed in front of each of the cameras. The word repeated in every camera, in every frame.
Hi. Was all it said.
My stomach churned. My mouth was dry. The familiar smell of thick sweat broke out. This was not delightful.
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2020.01.12 22:46 Slutwifeshusband How We Grew as an Exhibitionist Couple - Part II

I’m very tall, and my cock is only a little over 7”, but is extremely thick, especially as it goes down to the base, and the cock head is larger than most, so it’s easy for me to stretch open and dominate women’s cunts while I fuck them, plus put pressure on their clits.
I also have large hanging balls, which can be painful for me with them swinging and banging into a woman’s butt cheeks if I thrust too hard, and they put out quite a bit of cum. At 64, I’m still very horny, but because of prostate issues have to limit myself to cumming just twice a week according to the Doctor, but lately it’s been 5 or 6 times, causing some pain.
My 63 year-old wife Lissa has also had to cut back because of a painful bruised cervix, caused by too deep thrusting and repeated banging into it by several larger black cocks last year in one session, by three 20-something aggressive studs who were determined to rape her hard, at least that’s what it felt like. She came several times, but could barely walk afterwards. The cure is for her to take no larger than 6” penises, but that’s hard for her to do as she loves big cocks so much.
A little history, my older cousin Tonia introduced me to masturbation the summer I was 13 and she was 16, sitting by me in the bed at their house, showing me her tits and fondling my erection under the covers, then rubbing the wads of cum I shot out onto her tits and into my balls.
When I was younger I routinely would have multiple orgasms if I shifted just right and bent my penis at the right angle in the woman while cumming the first time, with my balls separated by a cock ring. As long as my balls were pulled away from my dick, the twisting and sounds the woman made always set me off again and I was really able to drain myself fully.
After prying for intimate details from her, I found out one of Lissa’s old boyfriends (5” and uncircumcised) would only finger her clit quickly AFTER she blew him, and he never lasted longer than a minute, and the other guy had a 6” cut cock that was very skinny with a small cockhead and a small scrotum.
She told me that while she was dating the 6” skinny dick guy, she used to go outside to their garden and put out a blanket, then loved to strip and lay on her back with her legs spread, total exhibitionist move, and something she’s used to seduce many married men over the years while I stripped and watched.
Her boyfriend would show up and she’d just say “Fuck my pussy!” and his eyes would light up, and he’d tear his clothes off and climb on her. But the second she grabbed his ass and he started sucking her tits, he would groan and cum on her thigh or stomach or pussy lips before he could even get it into her hairy cunt, which was super frustrating to her, and she never got to cum.
She described frantically humping his limp dick which was oozing cum, and his ballsack with her larger than average clit, trying to get herself off, and then being upset and masturbating herself with his slimy cum after he wiped his dick off on her tits or hair and left.
That’s when she first started close trimming her bush, hoping he would clearly see the lips of her wet spread twat and stick it in her, but she says he never did. After those experiences she refused to date a man a second time if she found out he had a dick less than 7” and thick on their first date. She would often go out with a guy and start blowing him in the car, and if it was a short skinny one or regular but just 5 or 6 or so inches she’d quickly suck him to cum, but end the date right then, then go cruising bars trying to find a larger package.
So, we met, introduced by one of her married co-workers I had quickie fucked once who told her about my cock, and after that second date when I came out of the bathroom with my pole sticking out (Part 1) she immediately took off her top, got on her knees and sucked me off. I think she was surprised I didn’t cum quickly, and she ended up having to blow me a lot longer than she was used to.
She told me the large swollen dick in her mouth really turned her on, and I remember she swallowed every drop, and squeezed and massaged my balls hard while she gulped my cum, which definitely got more sperm out of my dick. I had already cum once that day in the morning when I jerked off as I normally do, and I remember she was disappointed I didn’t cum for her again right away as she kept sucking and running her tongue and lips over the head of my hard cock, while tonguing my balls and sucking them into her mouth. When that didn’t work she laid me down and rimmed my asshole while pumping my shaft, and the incredible feeling of that finally caused me to pump out a watery cum orgasm which she licked up.
That first night we stayed up too late fooling around; she said she usually sucked right away, and asked me to do the same for her, so she sat on my face and ground into my mouth, and came four times. After she finished and collapsed back onto the floor with her legs spread, I asked her if I could take some Polaroids of her wet pussy and hard tits, and she said sure. I still have those pictures today, and thousands more pics and later hidden cam videos of her and every person either of us has fucked since 1981.
That night I was horny again after eating her out, and wanted to fuck her for the first time, but she said no. We had made each other cum with our mouths, but she said screwing was special, and she wanted to wait a few dates for our first fuck.
It was late so I convinced her to spend the night, and immediately starting grinding my cock on her ass in bed. She took off her dress and bra, but was still wearing panties though, but I noticed as I ground on her bottom, and twiddled her nipples and clit she started getting more and more aroused.
Eventually I got her to lay on her back, and was sucking her big bare titties, while grinding my cock on her cunt lips through her panties. She spread her legs more, and I ground more. She then grabbed her legs in both hands behind her knees, lifting and spreading them wide, totally opening her sopping wet cunt to me, but still covered in panties.
I plowed and humped up and down her covered cunt lips and clit with my cock head and shaft, then had an idea, and just thrust the tip of my hard prick into the opening of her cunt, and my cock and her drenched panties all disappeared up inside her! It was the first time I was ever deep in a cunt with a silk panty sleeve, and it felt amazing. I thrust hard 4 or 5 times and was rewarded with a flood of cum that was caught in her panties. First and last time that happened.
She wasn’t on birth control, so jumped up and pulled the panties out of her cunt, and examined them, and the crotch had caught most of the huge glob of sticky cum. She stuck her fingers inside herself, but didn’t pull out any strings of cum like she normally would, so we were relieved she was safe.
She went to the kitchen and threw the panties out, then came back and we 69’d each other so she could cum again, and I could get my cock and balls licked clean. While she was crouched over my face, I snapped a great picture of her open cunt, slick with wetness, under to her hanging tits, and the tip of my hard penis could be seen entering her mouth.
It turned out great, and later I scanned it and we had it printed onto 12” x 17” large glossy stock, then framed. (The guy who framed it did it for free in exchange for fucking what he saw in the picture!)
When men come over she wants to seduce, she’ll hang the picture prominently in our fancy guest bathroom, then give them several beers or cups of coffee, LOL!
Once they come out of the bathroom, they usually will comment on the picture, and I’ll say, “Oh, (made up guy name) took that a couple of years ago when he was fucking Lissa in front of me!”
Once they get that and realize I’m fine with it, Lissa will strip and lay back on the couch or floor, and I’ll pull my shorts down (first thing I always do to a new fuck is expose myself), then get on my knees and unzip their pants and start getting them hard for her.
Only a couple of married guys have held back, our neighbor across the street pulling back and saying “I love my wife, and she takes care of that for me!” But as he says it he’s staring at her spread out body, as she’s massaging her tits and pulling open her pussy lips.
Lissa laid there, and pushed up her big tits, and spread her legs wide, and said, “I know for a fact that Erica (wife’s name) has smaller tits than these that you can’t suck or fuck as much, and I’ll bet can’t do things with her pussy that I can! Just let me feel your dick!” If the wife has bigger tits, she’ll say something else, or shove a 12” black dildo all the way up her cunt, whatever she needs to do to get the guy turned on.
The guy will waver, and I’ll pull his penis out and start stroking and sucking it hard for Lissa. The combination of their dick being stimulated and seeing her tits and snatch is too much for most men. For that guy a minute later he was groaning on Lissa, sucking her tits and plowing a full 9” of fat cock into her, then shooting a huge load onto her!
Part of his session with her was a long drawn out tit fuck, through her tits and into her mouth, while I rubbed his balls from underneath, so I know the comment about small tits worked.
After they get on her, I guide their cocks into her cunt or ass, rub the cock head back and forth on her clit, cup their balls while they fuck, lick their shaft or balls from underneath as they go into her if they’re doing her on her knees, help them cum in her, then lick their penis clean afterwards and then take my turn in her twat. After I cum (30 seconds or less usually) she’ll sit on my face for one more orgasm, and for me to clean both loads out of her. Sometimes she’ll blow the guy while sitting on me, or if he’s a real stud and is still hard, offer him my ass to finish in while I get on my knees to eat her out.
Years ago after he shot his cum into Lissa, one young newly married guy who lived two doors down actually started bawling, “Anne will never forgive me, I never should have made love to you!” But we knew he would be back, her pussy is just too good. At his wife’s Bachelorette Party is when Lissa learned how hung the young guy was from his bride, so set him up to see and feel his cock. Anne was bragging to all the girls about what a great fuck he was, with such a wonderful cock, and even shared a phone pic of him cumming, and Lissa had to have him once she saw that dick picture, and the amount of cum he spurted. She said he had a perfect dick and balls.
He ended up coming back two or three times a week for months, then more when Anne was pregnant, till he was addicted to getting what he needed from Lissa’s pussy, ass, tits or mouth.
But things came to a head when his wife was home on maternity leave, and he snuck over here on a weekday morning he thought she’d be at a Doctors appointment with their new baby.
We were in the backyard, and he was fucking Lissa in the ass as she was bent over the edge of the hot tub, her big tits in his hands, while I was jerking off on his ass, and his wife who had been following him came into the yard through the side gate.
She screamed at him that she knew what he had been doing, and why did he want to fuck a 48 year old whore when he could have a 26 year old wife, and they had a new baby? He didn’t have an answer.
He had pulled his huge erection out of Lissa as his wife yelled, and just stood there, but he was still hard as a rock, looking sad and humiliated.
His wife stormed back to their house, and he started to leave to get dressed, but Lissa just said, “Anne’s gone and none of us have cum yet! Get over here and finish fucking me with that big dick!” And he did. It was like he was addicted and sleepwalking! He walked back over to her and stuck his hairy pole in her ass, and fucked like crazy. I was behind him and shot my cum on his ass while squeezing his balls, and right as he was cumming his wife walked back into the yard crying!
He pumped several huge spurts into Lissa while she was cumming with him, while his wife watched stunned and sobbing, then when he realized she was back he pulled his big dick out and ran after Anne, his cock dripping strings of cum, calling for her to stop, with my big load of cum on his ass.
We heard they got divorced a month later. He still wanted to come around after the divorce to fuck Lissa, but when he wasn’t married any longer she wasn’t as interested, He told us he ran home half dressed, and apologized and begged to his wife, but she had him undress and examined him, and had him turn around so she could confirm what was there. My cum on his bottom is what really made her angry at him, and she cited that he was “bi” as one of reasons for the divorce.
I know, pretty cold, but she gave him what he wanted for several months, and he chose to take it, so she enjoyed the orgasms as payment for their mutual pleasure.
She fucked him a few times more, then switched to an occasional blow job, then had me give him a couple of hand jobs, but eventually asked him not to come around again.
More exhibition fun in Part III.
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2019.06.18 17:39 StrangeStorylines Hidden cam in womens bathroom

I am addicted to spying on people. Particularly through the use of their own cameras. There, I said it. But I'm not really here to confess the times I invaded the privacy of others. I don't expect to be forgiven, by the people I watched or anyone else. Judge me for what you will…
I only want closure. And I only wish that writing this would suffice.

I was still at college at the time when this addiction began, taking a course in computer engineering. A friend of mine had shown me how easy it was to hack into this convenience store's surveillance system one evening. In just a few seconds, we were able to see what was inside the store while we were standing outside under the cold night sky. Despite not seeing anything breathtaking or exciting, the fact that I was seeing something I wasn't supposed to had given me a satisfying feeling. A thrill of some kind.
He taught me how it worked, and it was only a matter of time before I did everything myself with my own laptop. The learning process was not easy, with a few bumps in the road that almost got me caught. But I still managed to remain hidden.
At first, it was only a few times of the day. Then a dozen or so before bed, and eventually, I found myself committing several hours at every chance that I could get. The range of cameras I could hack into only growing with every day that went by. Reaching a point where I was able to see the live video feed of the same convenience store in the comfort of my own home.
The lives of my neighbors may be mundane and simple, but I never got bored. If anything, it made the exciting events all the more enjoyable. People being mugged and robbed in parking lots, angry customers in fast-food restaurants, shady-looking exchanges in alleyways, the dozens of women undressing before their seemingly turned off webcams…
This habit of mine continued for years. Morality played around with my thoughts every now and then, but never to the point I was convinced to stop…
I had plenty of reasons to stop.
And I wish I could've…
Because one night…
One night was all it took…

It was a day-off, and what better way to spend it?
My day consisted of hunching over my laptop, seeing the simple things people do and go through in different places; sadly, without too many eye-catching moments. At one point however, I did notice how far the last system I had hacked had been. I could practically reach the very outskirts of the city.
My addiction is not something that I was proud of, but the sight of this had surprised me. The footage was a lot trickier to pick up however; going from fuzzy to full static in a lot of places.
I was smiling. The feat itself still made me happy.

A while later, I had come across what seemed to be a hotspot of cameras. A motel it looked like, residing at one of the far edges of the city. It was a large building with three floors, the entire structure surrounding one big pool. The establishment was more on the dingy and cheap side, but otherwise, completely normal. Scouting the walkways and halls using different cameras, I saw a few people passing by. There was also a cam near the receptionist desk, where I saw another person talking to one of the employees in uniform.
Everything looked mundane so far…until I noticed the exact number of cameras the place had. A separate system of cameras seemed to have been placed…
I tuned into one of them. It was a cam inside one of the rooms. There was nobody inside and there was not anything special that stood out…
But then I realized…
Why is there a camera in here?
I was aware that not every motel manager followed the rules of customer service, but I wasn't expecting this. Switching to another signal right next to that one showed me the same room, but in a different angle; it was placed on the floor, looking up. It was obvious that these cameras were not officially set up for the customer's safety…
This intrigued me…
Hidden cameras in a dingy motel? For what reason?
I half-thought that maybe I had stumbled upon a setup from one of those over-the-top hidden-camera shows. But looking at the other feeds, it became highly unlikely they were there for public viewing. I doubt a shot inside the bathroom shower would be appropriate for television.

It wasn't just one room. I kept switching feeds and soon found another dimly lit bedroom. Again, no people, but I couldn't help but be impressed by this elaborate system. Some cams were placed behind the vents or tiles, while there were a few that looked as if they were completely out in the open. The image wasn't all too clear, nor was there any kind of sound. Though that may be the case, a sense of envy had hit me just thinking what the person behind all of this had seen.
So far, not a single tenant had been in any of those rooms. But I didn't mind, the thought of coming across someone's secret camera system was already enough to send me into a frenzy of thoughts. I never really thought I would be this fortunate enough to be able to come across one before; I suppose the people setting them up had a good sense to make a ton of extra measures in hiding them. To find this, unguarded and unprotected, had amazed me even more.

Eventually, I did come across someone. The camera was placed near the floor, elevated at about two feet. And there I saw a man, a tall well-dressed man. Wearing a neat and fancy looking suit. Sitting on one side of the bed, a small hardbound journal on his lap, with his left hand frivolously writing on it with a black pen.
He looked average at first, but taking a closer look made me see that there was more to him that meets the eye. Short hair with a clean cut, broad shoulders, and a well-built frame. I wondered why he was wearing such a formal set of clothes. Was it for work? He reminded me of an office worker, with a hint of real-estate salesman and independent entrepreneur.
He maintained a perfectly straight posture, never slouching as he moved his hand to form the words on the pages. What he was writing, I unfortunately could not see.
I switched to a different feed, trying to read the words on the book. Now, it was up above the room, looking down on the man. Even with the new angle, I still couldn't read it. I soon gave up, and came to the conclusion that simply marvelling at how this was happening had been enough.
This system…this wonderful and elaborate system of cams. Whoever made them, whoever thought of setting this up, I was incredibly grateful. I hadn't even scratched the surface, and already, I was completely entranced by the first person I saw. This man had been more than enough to get me curious, but I knew I had only scratched the surface of the story behind everything I had been fortunate enough to find.

My curiosity only grew as I noticed the briefcase.
Lying down on the bed to his right sat a standard attaché case meant to hold documents and other items. Sitting idly by, unopened. It wasn't too eye-catching per say, but for some reason, I kept staring at it for a while.
Could this be related as to what he does for a living? Or perhaps it was a more personal item to him? And more importantly…
What could be in it?
I stared at it, continuously wondering what was inside. The possibilities were endless, my imagination running wild at each and every guess I had conjured up.

After a while, my mind drifted off, giddy and overjoyed at this discovery of mine.
Had it been fate for me to see him? Had I been destined to stumble across these cameras, switch to this feed, and see this man?
Was I really that lucky?
Or had there been a reason for all of this?
To this day, I still don't know…nor will I ever want to. I may have been overjoyed at the first few moments between me and the well-dressed stranger. Absolutely blissful at the thought of being in that situation. To be this man's witness inside his bubble of privacy.

But if I was in that exact same situation once again, I would have quit while I was ahead.
Because as soon as I turned my gaze from the briefcase and back to the man, realization had struck me like a painful arrow to the chest…
Seeing the man directly looking right at me…

I was petrified. The sheer terror of it all had frozen me in place, somehow stopping me from simply reaching for the mouse or keyboard. Beads of cold sweat sliding down the side of my neck, reminding me that what I was seeing was not a dream. Rather a nightmare that had come to life.
Just as his eyes were affixed to me, I couldn't turn away. A malevolent look adorning his face, as if telling the unwanted guest of his room that he was not at all happy at what he had now discovered.
Suddenly, the tall man stood up, letting the pen and notebook fall down from his grip.
Instinctively, I grabbed the mouse and switched the feed off before he could do anything else.

He was gone.
I was safe…
I was…I was panting. Like all the air had been forced out of my lungs. Despite never standing from my chair…
It all felt silly really. Who was I to say that I was ever in any immediate danger? Even if that man was looking directly at me. He couldn't do any possible harm, whether or not he'd be able to reach the camera, I was safe…
Looking back at the screen, my screensaver had started to run its course. It was hard to believe that just a second ago, I had come into eye-contact with someone I had been spying on…
My connection had been severed, and tracing me from the feed wouldn't be that easy. There was no way in hell I could be tracked at this point…
But remembering that man's glare…
I didn't dare to click another feed. I turned off the laptop and decided to call it a night.

I laid in bed, tossing and turning, paranoia coursing through my body and chilling me to the bone. I was drenched in sweat, and at one point, the onset of tears had come as I shut my eyes and desperately tried sleep.
All the while, the image of his menacing gaze constantly revisited my thoughts. The same feeling of shock, distraught and utter terror making me shiver in the sheets as it did.
Everything is fine… I kept repeating to myself.
I'm not in any danger…
I'm safe…I'm safe…
Yet why did I feel so uneasy still?
The hours pass by and sleep was still far from my grasp. I felt my patience growing thinner with each passing moment. Why couldn't I sleep? I was safe…wasn't I?
After a while, I realized it wasn't so much the fear for my safety that kept me awake…but rather How's or Why's that came to mind, and the urge to find the answers to each and every one of them.
The sudden fear had reduced my curiosity to a small ember…but in an odd turn of events, it also kept the heat from going out completely…
Similar to how watching those cameras had been the reason for my endeavor, but also the only way for me to get some closure.

And indescribable itch had been driving me insane and halting all my attempts of a good night sleep. Scratching it would mean I'd risk myself to bleed on the spot…but dammit, I just had to do it…
I burst out of the covers and stood up. Turning back to my laptop on the desk, it lay dormant in the dark. As if waiting for me to go back. I could feel my stomach churning just thinking of the idea…but I didn't care.
I needed to know…

I pulled up my chair, sat down, and turned on my laptop. It started to boot up, filling my bedroom with light from its monitor. Once it was finished, I reached for the mouse, and hovered over the program.
Seconds later, I was back on the motel's range. And there they were…different camera feeds that shouldn't be there. Unmoved and undisturbed for the hours that passed. It wasn't long before I managed to remember which feed it was exactly, and soon moved the mouse pointer toward it…
The pointer stayed there for a while, my hand slightly shivering at the memory. If there was ever one last moment to turn back, that would be it. But eventually, I clicked.

A new window popped up…showing me a completely empty room. It was a lot darker, but from what I could make out, it was indeed the same camera I’ve hacked into. Up above the ceiling where…that man saw me.
Yet there was no sign of him in the room. Nor any kind of trace of someone staying in for the night; the bedsheets looked untouched as far as I could see. It was as if nobody had slept in that room at all that night…
I didn’t take any chances. I moved to different camera feeds of the same room. The bathroom was deserted, and checking the outside didn’t give me any hints on where he could be. The lights were on in the poolside, but not a single person was around. I went back to the receptionist desk, but I couldn’t see anyone near there either.
I half-thought this place had been abandoned in the mere hours I had been away, but I soon saw a couple stumbling down the receptionist desk. Both drunk, and seem to desperately want a room for private matters…
But I set the thought aside for now. I had to know…
A few of the other rooms with the hidden cameras did have people in them too; most of them sleeping in their beds. I saw a woman around her 30’s wearing a pink nightdress had been tossing and turning in her bed in one of them, giving me a painful reminder on how the night had been for me…
My eyes started to hurt from staring at the screen. I cycled through all the secret cams several times, but I never saw him. I was getting frustrated. Not to mention conflicted. I wanted to check all the cameras to prove to myself that he wasn’t here. That no matter how real and frightening it was to see this man looking at the camera, it was all over. But on the other hand…I wanted to see him. To get some sort of ending to this long night.
From one camera to the next, I didn’t see him. By now, it was obvious to me that the man was long gone. It was around this moment that I stopped for a second, finally asking myself: What was I doing? I was wasting my time, that’s what I was doing. Exerting a large amount of effort in finding this one man who looked back at me…and for what?
For all I knew, he could’ve been the one who set these secret cameras up in the first place, checking one of them and enraged at seeing them on. Or maybe he just heard the camera move, and pin-pointed his gaze toward the sound, thinking that vermin might be lurking in the ceiling.
I felt silly for not thinking of these possibilities before…and now, I spent a long and tiring hour in this fruitless journey of mine.

I stopped on the camera feed next to the receptionist desk, quietly laughing to myself. If any of those theories were correct, then had I really spooked myself up all night?
I closed the feed. I hovered the pointer to close the program…but then, I figured, why stop now? Getting an early and good night sleep was definitely out of the picture, so why not use this time to see what was happening in the city at this hour?
A smile had made its way to my face. The thought immediately got me excited…
It didn’t have to be a fruitless journey after all.

I popped into another feed, somewhere far away from that motel. Another convenience store at the edge of town. The camera was placed outside, the entrance doors at the left side of the frame and the parking lot on the right. I was lucky enough to catch one of the customers just as I tuned in; a large man with a chin full of hair, wearing a heavy jacket and cap. He walked towards the parked truck and got in. The truck sped away moments later. I switched to the inside, and only saw an employee in uniform, standing idly by at the register.
I became bored soon enough and travelled to another feed. This time, it showed the backyard of someone’s home. What looked to be a small white dog was scratching at the door leading inside. I felt sorry for the animal, and held a sort of grudge against the owner of the house.
Clicking to another camera feed a few miles away, I saw the inside of a café; the camera placed at one corner of the building. Despite the time, it was still full of people. Many of which were occupied with their own laptops and phones, accompanied with different drinks and food. Lucky for me, something other than the coffee was stirring…
Another case of an angry customer it would seem. Three employees, including a manager it looked like, were busy talking to a scarlet-haired woman, who was now flailing her left arm around. Sadly, I couldn’t hear what they were saying. But the event itself was enough to keep me entertained.
It went on for a few minutes, but eventually, things dived down. The customer retreated, a new drink in hand, and left the premises. The manager looked as if he had aged a few years while recovering from the argument. An employee tapped him on the shoulder, and he replied with a thumbs up. His expression said otherwise.
He reassured the rest of the staff that he was okay, and passed through a door behind the counter. Immediately after that, new mug of coffee was placed onto a tray, and the short-haired girl in uniform called out to someone from the throng of customers.

A yawn escaped my lips. I was getting really drowsy. Ironically, I felt a little sad this time, wanting to stay up later. But I didn’t want to push my luck. Having seen that argument unfold was enough to satisfy me.
I was about to leave, but waited for a few more seconds. Curious to see who the person that ordered the coffee was. She called out one more time, before a customer arrived. The barista smiled as the man who placed the order walked up to her and took the tray from the counter. I couldn’t see his face at first, his back was to the camera…
But when he turned around…
An all too familiar stare had pierced the screen. Immediately followed by the same feeling if shock and utter terror arousing within me…

It was impossible. It must’ve been a coincidence. A strange line-up of events that were simply baffling, but otherwise, nothing to be worried about…
…but the same look?
The same glare that aimed to invoke fear to those who caught it?
He sat back down, in a seat now closer to the camera. As if he was mocking me, he took a sip from the steaming mug of coffee. Eyes still fixed to the camera.
It was him. Same suit and all.
He knew…he knew I was watching…

I closed the feed. Panic consuming me once again. I could my body growing numb, as every fear-inducing thought came rushing back to me as I tried my best not to hyperventilate.
It was impossible…
How could he be there?
How could he have known it was me?!
My eyes turn back to the screen of my laptop…only to be surprised to see that it was running another camera feed. It was the same camera of the convenience store from earlier.
In the corner of the screen, something caught my eye. A tall figure, standing at the corner of the store. His two eyes seeming to glow with hatred in the dark…
It felt as if a rock had been lodged in my throat. I’d say I was dreaming, that all of this was just a figment of my imagination. A fictitious nightmare would’ve been better, because I knew that I would never wake up and escape from all of this that easily…
Who was this man? How could he know I was watching him?
I closed the feed again with shaking hands…but almost instantly, another one popped up. Showing me yet another camera feed that I visited moments before. The dimly backyard. The dog was still there, but now, he was barking towards the direction of the dark silhouette in the corner of the fence line. It was him, I didn’t need to see his eyes to know that it was him.
I closed the feed yet again, but another one opened once more. A gas station this time? I didn’t bother trying to find him and closed the window. Before I could do anything else, another feed opened, displaying what looked to be an empty bedroom…
It didn’t take long before I recognized what room this was…

I turned the feed off. Not a second later, it was back up. Showing me the same room. The man was nowhere to be found. But I did not want to find out if it was going to stay that way…
I clicked and I clicked, switching all of them off. But the feed of his room kept reappearing still. I could feel everything in my body shaking as I continued to close the video feeds that kept opening. I tried tuning into other cameras manually with the small amount of time I was given, but it was pointless. With every failed attempt feeling like I was getting closer to something I absolutely did not want to see.
I couldn’t take it anymore!
I wanted it to end!
This had to end!!

In a fit of rage, I slammed the laptop shut and threw it across the room as hard as I could. Sending it flying straight to the wall. Where it broke into several tiny pieces upon impact…
It was over…it was finally over…
The adrenaline in my system slowly faded, as I stooped down low and took the now broken laptop from the floor. The screen was cracked, the bottom half and most of what was inside it destroyed beyond all repair. Even the mouse had been smashed to pieces. A twinge of regret covered a good portion of me…while the rest was filled with absolute bliss.
Downstairs, I took what remained of my laptop and dumped everything in a black bag along with the rest of garbage. I tied it up and placed it next to the front door. I wasn’t going to take any chances. At the very moment I wake up, first thing tomorrow, I planned on heading to the junkyard myself and throw it as far as I could.
It was finally over…

With the broken pieces cleaned up, I headed back to my bedroom. Feeling lightheaded, but otherwise, relieved.
I let out a long drawn-out yawn. I was incredibly worn out from the stress and mentally taxing events that transpired mere moments ago. But I was still feeling a lot better, knowing that this horrible tragedy had finally come to a close. That I could finally go back up, lie down on my bed and call it a day…

Just as I passed the living room, my TV sprung to life on its own accord.
In an instant, I could feel my legs trembling at the sight of that damned room being projected in the screen…
Someone was in the frame this time. I didn’t know who, but he looked afraid. Just as scared and confused as I was. His eyes went all over the place, desperately looking for a way to escape the ropes that held him captive in that chair.
His duct-taped mouth let out muffled cries of despair, and unlike what I saw in my laptop, I could hear every single creak and sound he made…
There were tears in his eyes…and so did I, coming to the same conclusion he must’ve seen…
He couldn’t escape. He was going to die…

Beside the poor man was a table, a familiar looking briefcase sitting on it. And in front of the case was the notebook the tall man had been writing on. Now, I could clearly see what the message was…
A message that has left me regretting every moment I had spent spying on others…

I Know You’re Watching

Not long after I had finished reading the note, the briefcase had been snatched away by a hand offscreen. On the other side, I could very well see the tall man in the suit coming up behind his victim. I could see him set down the briefcase on the foot of the bed, the poor man blocking it from view.
The tall man took one good look at me. One last menacing stare. Only difference now, was that he was smiling.
I could hear the two latched of the briefcase snapping open. And otherworldly light began to emit directly behind the victim, slowly enveloping the room with golden glow. The poor man turned his head left and right, trying to look at what the tall man had opened…and to my horror, I could see his eyes grow wide with fear.
Turning back to the camera, he leaned forward, as if begging to me to save him from whatever monstrosity he had seen behind him. There was nothing I could do, but only stare at him. A sharp pain tugging at my chest as I broke down in tears and fell to my knees.
The muffled screaming went on and on. The urge to look away, finally call for help and admit to every misdeed I had committed that lead to this moment growing more and more tempting…

But that call never came.
I was too late.
Time itself seemed to stop…
Seeing the long white fingers of dozens of hands latching onto the poor man. The look he gave me, as the blackened nails dug deep into his skin…I’ll never be able to remove it from my mind…
Nor will I be able to forget hearing the loud and gut-wrenching sounds his body made as the pale limbs yanked him off of his seat and forced him inside the briefcase. It was hard seeing it all happen with the bright light, but the crunching of his bones and the pops of his body still made me sick to my stomach.
His screams of pain and agony began to slow down. Soon, completely silent. The owner of the briefcase closing it shut. The light was gone, giving me a clear image of the tall man staring back at me…

He didn’t say anything.
He simply looked at me intently.
But I got the message all the same…
Seconds later, the screen changed to static. Leaving me alone in crumpled mess…

For the rest of my life, I avoided any use of electronic devices as much as I could; particularly those with screens or monitors. But in our current age, that would be next to impossible.
I still see him…
It pains me to say it, but I still see him.
My life is over. And I turn to a screen one last time to give my story to the public, knowing that I will never be heard from again. Whether I’d be stuck in a padded room, or six feet under, I am not sure. But that isn’t important…

I don’t expect any sympathy of forgiveness from other people, or whatever higher being that may exist…
I write all of this not as a confession, but more of a warning. That man, whoever he may be, is not human. As far as I know, he is a demon in disguise. Waiting for a reason to torment anyone that passes him.
And whatever you do, stay away from that briefcase…
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2018.09.03 05:01 autotldr Hidden cam in womens bathroom

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South Korea's capital and largest city, Seoul, is set to begin daily checks for hidden cameras in public toilets in response to growing public outrage over an epidemic of "Spy-cam porn".
The footage is not limited to public toilets, and the epidemic includes revenge porn, sometimes filmed without the women's consent.
Record numbers of women have held a monthly protest on the streets of Seoul calling for the government to do more, with last month's demonstration drawing 70,000 protesters, according to the organisers.
At present, the Seoul government checks each toilet about once a month, and employs only 50 inspectors to monitor more than 20,000 public bathrooms, according to news agency Yonhap.
Government inspectors have failed to find any cameras in the past two years.
Experts and activists have criticised sweeps of public bathrooms, saying they were little more than a show and most cameras were installed in homes and offices.
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2018.07.07 17:00 autotldr Thousands of South Korean women protest against 'spy cam porn'

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SEOUL, South Korea - Thousands of South Korean women gathered in Seoul on Saturday to demand stronger government action to fight the spread of intimate photos and footage taken by hidden cameras, which they say has women living in constant anxiety and distress.
Police said about 18,000 took part in the all-women protest, with demonstrators calling for stronger investigations and punishments against male offenders who photograph or film women without their knowledge and post the material online.
Most of the protesters covered their faces with baseball caps, sunglasses and surgical masks as instructed by organizers, who intended to make a statement against an environment in which women constantly worry about tiny cameras hidden in bathrooms or being filmed from under their skirts at subway stations.
Protesters, many of them wearing red T-shirts with signs that read "Angry women will change the world," roared in support as two women volunteered to have their heads shaved on a stage.
South Korea has struggled over the years to deal with perpetrators who use tiny cameras or smartphones to film under women's clothing to see their genitals or underwear.
Saturday's gathering in Seoul was a follow-up to large protests by women in May and June over the proliferation of hidden-camera images as pornographic material.
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