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2020.09.28 10:54 HaulA28Sepl2 Voyeur sex outside

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2020.09.26 08:45 CharacterNo99999 Looking for advices and thoughts

Hi everybody,
after lurking around for quite a while I decided to write this post as probably many of you could give me useful advices on how to handle my current situation. I do apologize in advance if not everything is written correctly since English is not my first language.
I (M 34) am currently married to my lovely partner (F 28) since a year ago.
In my middle/late twenties I realized being unbelievably aroused by everything concerning voyeurism, exhbitionism and, ultimately, swinging. My forever, and yet unfulfilled, main fantasy concerns having threesome with a M stranger in some holiday place me and my partner would spend short time together.
When this happened I was dating a girl who shared the exact same views and had the same fantasy of joining the lifestyle. Eventually the relationship didn't work out for other reasons and we never actually got involved in any sort of promiscuous sexual activities.
Following that experience I had an endless list of dates which considered totally insane to even consider such ideas and immediately quitted the topic. For the majority of them, thinking to let my partner be shared with another mean clearly showed lack of love, respect, self esteem and so on. And even if I am not completely aware of all the phychological reasons such fantasies lie behind my libido, I am always been sure my reasons have been the complete opposite of those.
I promised myself to never get involved with somebody thinking so differently in this area of life as I knew such thoughts and desires can't really be suppressed forever.
Therefore when I met my actual partner, I slowly and gradually started investigating about her sexual views. I remember one of the first times we ever had sex it was near the window of a ground floor apartment and I noticed how she made sure the curtains were wide open. It was a blast for me. Following came other situations where we had sex near the window (unfortunately on higher floors haha) and countless times where we spoke about the idea of being caught by somebody while having sex, which made her always really excited.Even if she never mentioned she would go any further than exhibitionism, I thought it was a great starting point.
Something changed the day of my last birthday when we decided to have a go by fulfilling one of the fantasies we usually talked about, having sex in one of those randon webcam chat while somebody was watching. We almost immediately found a man masturbating while we were having sex, even if we decided not to show our faces, and we kept going until she abruptly turned off the laptopt and told me she was deeply disgusted about what we were doing. I remember finding myself really confused, in a situation in which I was reaching the zenith of my sexual arousal and my partner was feeling the total opposite. This situation killed our sex life for months. I tried talking about it but she mentioned it was not important and she just didn't enjoy it.
In the upcoming months I tried my best to recover at the best I could our sex sphere and we even had a violent discussion in which she called me a pervert by having weird such fantasies of wanting my wife to dress slutty or completely exposing herself.
Things eventually got better recently and we started enjoying sex again, almost as before, but with little to no mentions about any sort of libertine fantasies we previously had (going to a nudist beach, having sex in front of somebody, wearing stockings while outside and so on). Also, I can't recall how many times she turned me down for sex, which is 99% of the times something we do before going to sleep.
At this point I really don't know what to do, still having my sexual drive as high as ever and not being able to share it as I wish. I find myself falling asleep with the craziest fantasies running up my mind and knowing my partner wouldn't agree with any of those, even if it's just by watching them on a movie.Something that really bothers me also, as time passed, is that my partner changed her way of dressing up. No more lingerie, no more short dresses, no more revealing clothes. I feel myself inadequate having to ask such things. I remember giving her money for shopping and for "extras", clearly mentioning anything that could make her feel sexy and desired, but in 4 months she never used those money.
What am I supposed to do at this stage? I do not consider finding other partners while having this relationship as it is not really what I want, for several reasons. Not really wanting to hurt anybody + all the fantasies I have are something I would want to live with somebody I feel emotionally connected with.
But knowing I can't really stop my libido forever, is there really a future for us?
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2020.09.17 14:35 neiw How watching 'the Vow' on HBO made me reconsider the origin of the world's most influential religions

For those of you who have not seen the Vow on HBO, it is positively mesmerizing. I won't ruin it, but it's a recent documentary on how a popular self-improvement program for people in the business world became the front for a sex cult.
The narrative is told from the perspective of a few influential, long-term members of the group who slowly began to realize that the program which they had dedicated almost every facet of their lives to was not what it seemed. The story documents a charismatic leader, Keith Rainere, who created this program for self improvement, and recruits powerful people to help bolster and spread his message.
What strikes me most about Keith is that he is a genuinely sincere, intelligent person who seems very intent on understanding people at their core. The documentary records several personal interactions with Keith and his followers, and the dialogue is incredibly raw and private - you almost feel like a voyeur watching these conversations. There is nothing nefarious about the overall arching content of the program. It's very much centered around self-fulfillment and releasing the bonds of your own limitations.
As I watched this documentary, it dawned on me that all of this - the content of the program NXIVM, the complete and total dedication of the followers - it happened in 2017. In an age where cults like Heaven's Gate, Branch Davidians, and the People's Temple have come and gone with worldwide coverage. Where any knowledge of cults and cult-like behavior are at your fingertips.
How many religions in the ancient world began the same way? With the same type of charismatic leader, who with utmost sincerity, reached the right audience at the right point in history? And how much more susceptible were these citizens of ancient cultures to movements such as these, with no access to universal information, very little (if any) formal education, and a staggeringly low literacy rate. All underscored by the unique plight of life in the ancient world, with little access to effective medicine, brutal wars, totalitarian governance. These are the circumstances under which major world religions such as Christianity and Islam came forth.
It just seems poignant to me that a common understanding of major world religions is that their origin stories somehow exist outside of the realm of cult-like behavior, when in reality, the similarities are striking.
What's that saying? The difference between a religion and a cult is time and the amount of followers? Curious to know your thoughts.
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2020.09.09 22:43 alongsideme [F4M] The Unlikely Empress [Discord] [Medieval] [Literate]

Isalia was a merely nineteen when she was crowned the Queen of Gorzi - the empire that spanned almost an entire continent. Her two older brothers both succumbed to a terrible turn of fate - meeting their deaths sooner than expected. And so when her father was deemed to frail to rule, Isalia was summoned from her 'House of Ecstasy' to the throne of Gorzi.
She was soon found to be not adept in the manners of court - something that was obvious for a girl who had been raised among the affairs outside of court. Isalia refused to dress in the golden drapes that were the symbol of nobility in the empire; rather she kept her dresses of thin silk that could not stretch much beneath her milky pale thighs - raising more than just eyebrows of her court that was mostly ruled by men.
But Isaila had no interest in men who spent their lives in luxury. Being on the portion of the empire that relied heavily on slaves for their economy, Isaila had no lack of men to serve her every desire. But it was not enough for someone who had grown up in the seemingly mythical 'House of Ecstasy'; Isaila sought more to quench her thirst.
Months after beginning her Queenly duties, Isaila's eyes set upon a newly acquired slave man who happens to be among those who were carrying the Queen's palanquin through the city. He was twice as tall her the other slaves, having to bend himself to match the others in height. His skin looked like it had been burnt with fire - accompanied with marks of sharp lashes all across his broad back and shoulders, whipped to make him obey. And that was exactly what Queen Isaila wanted to him to do, to obey... her.
When Isaila ordered one of her handmaidens to bring the man to her court one evening, the Queen was warned that he may not act like the usual slave - since his tribal home was one that rested so far east that slavery was not a common practice there. Isaila seemed gleeful rather than disheartened. Deciding to turn this slave servile herself.

[Hello there, sorry for the particularly long prompt - but it's just a sneak peak of what's coming. I tend to write similar length posts per response, and I would like to see the effort from you as well when we write.
AT ITS CORE IT IS A POLITICAL ROLEPLAY. Even though the smut portion of it has been implied greatly in the prompt above, the smut to story ratio will actually be something of a 40:60 or less. I want to write out the conflicts and consequences that emerge from the Empress taking a slave to her beds. There may be rebellions to calm, conspirators to be caught, debtors to be quieted one way or the other - the whole shenanigan. The above prompt is only a small portion of the world we will be building together. Being into WORLDBUILDING is important in that sense.
It is safe to say that we both will be playing more that one character. Somewhat above average knowledge about the early medieval period would be very much appreciated, but nothing too in depth is needed necessarily. Whatever we write together should sound close to an HBO period drama.
This is relatively low fantasy, and if it's not relevant then it is completely devoid of fantasy elements. I would like this to be an interracial play between the Empress and her lover, as well as age and size differences coming into some of the scenarios.
Kinks - raceplay, size difference, age difference, femdom, light BDSM, switching sub-dom, rough sex, exhibitionism, voyeurism, eventual impregnation.
Discord is a must, but we will be starting out here in the Reddit PMs. Send me a message telling me what do you think the House of Ecstasy is - along with your kinks and what age you'd like to make your characters. If you are descriptive and show sign of effort while maintaining true to the prompt above, you will definitely get a response.]
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2020.09.08 13:32 ET_Cooper Voyeur sex outside

I do like following true crime, but I’m into unsolved cases, and for most of the time of this case, it seemed to me so obvious that the parents did something to Jonbenet and then covered it up, that I didn’t consider it unsolved, and so didn’t pay too much attention to it.
Then when I heard about one time Jonbenet photographer Randy Simons being busted for child porn, I started thinking there might be more to the case than I thought. Now I’m an IDI person, but...wow. One of the most amazing things I’ve seen since reading/watching/listening about more on this case is how 100% proof positive many people are they “know” who did it. I mean, I do consider myself an IDI person, but I’m only...MAYBE...70% sure of that. I mean, it’s kind of impressive how many people out there have no training to solve crimes are SURE they’ve figured out one of the hardest cases in American history. Again...kind of impressive. :)
Anyway, here are my accumulated questions, comments, and thoughts I have regarding the case. It’s REALLY long, so I don’t think many people will read it, but I just needed to get it all out of my head.If you respond to this, please post whether you are an IDI, RDI, BDI, PDI, or JDI or undecided person upfront, and what percent sure you are of your theory. Also, I’d love for anyone who reads it to respond to each item, but this is long, so I understand if not.

  1. In July 1996 the Ramseys’ Charlevoix, MI home was part of a “Tour of Homes” in that area. In the Fall of 1996 an unusual suitcase and pair of cowboy boots were found in Jonbenet's bedroom in that house. Also, her bed was found messed up too as if the person had slept there.If an IDI, this could match the M.O. of him possibly taking a tour of the Ramsy’s Boulder house before entering that home.
  2. Does anyone know the size of the cowboy boots found in the MI house? Was it ever compared to the 2 sets of boot prints found in the CO house?
  3. This also seems to match the M.O. of the Amy/Ninja Guy attack, as it’s assumed the attacker in that case may have been in the home while the mother and daughter were out, then waited.
  4. The above leads me to believe if an IDI then it may be someone who breaks into the houses prior to committing the crimes and, like the Golden State Killer, sets things up, or at least plans what he’s going to do later.
  5. I think if there was an intruder, then it’s someone for whom being in the house is part of the excitement of the crime.It would also explain why certain things in the ransom note seem to show knowledge of what they may have found around the house, like a stub or something showing $118,000 as the Christmas bonus.
  6. It’s said by John Ramsey in one interview I saw that Micheal Helgoth was at least partially exonerated by the fact the Hi-Tech boots belonging to him did not match that the size of the Hi-tech bootprint found in the Ramsey’s home the day of the murder. If true, it seems the police do have the size of said print, but I couldn’t find that information on the internet.Again, I do wonder if this was ever compared to the size of the cowboy boots found in Jonbenet’s room in the MI house.
  7. Seems many people think Jonbenet’s was talking about Santa coming to visit her “after Christmas” means Bill McReynolds, but Jonbenet was at many places where she could’ve/did run into other Santa Clauses. Like, The Boulder Philharmonic Christmas Pageant, 12/96, Lights of Christmas Parade on 12/6/199, The All Star Kids Christmas Pageant on 12/17/96, Southwest Plaza Mall on 12/22/20, etc.Do we know if any of these Santa Clauses ever looked into/questioned by police?
  8. Would there have been anyway for the murderer to know the alarm system was off?Again, in the Amy/Ninja guy case, there was an alarm system. It was only for the ground floor. When the Ninja Guy/Attacker fled, he jumped through a window on the top floor master bedroom instead of running to the ground floor to escape. To me this implies he may have known that the alarm system was for the ground floor.Is there a way the intruder in the Amy case, and possibly in the JBR case could have known these things?
I believe the security system was from a place in Boulder called "Safe Systems":
http://www.acandyrose.com/s-evidence-alarm-system.htmAnyone know if the alarm system was the same in the Amy/Ninja Guy attack?
  1. For those who think BDI, AND that the end of the 911 call has Burke saying “What did you find?”, does this mean that the Ramseys found Jonbenet, assumed Burke did it, and staged the kidnapping, murder, and rape before finding out for sure if Burke had injured Jonebenet?
##. Burke once hit Jonbenet with a golf club. If nothing was legally done to take him away then, why would the Ramsey’s assume that he would get taken away for hitting her a second time to the point they would then strangle and sexually assault their daughter’s corpse?
  1. If any of the RDI accidently why do you think they’d fake a murder, kidnapping, and a rape/stragulation? Why not just a stage a murder?
  2. I don’t believe this myself, but has anyone theorized a Boulder police officer, or Boulder police officers, may have done it? I find it interesting any little thing the grieving parents do is on purpose as part of their master plan, yet anything the cops do is because of ineptitude. Think about it:
* Who would have the night off and know the police were undermanned that night? A cop.
* Cop-like flashlight and bootprints?
* The note says they know police procedures.
* Apparently they didn’t use the K9 unit they had. This could have helped either find the body and/or the way a kidnapper escaped before they knew it was a murder.
* A cop may have known the Ramsey’s didn’t have the alarm system on as they may have been called out when the kids set it off previously
.* If someone saw a cop enter the house, he/she could’ve said they saw someone enter, and ewas why they were in the home.
* Usually criminals who stage crimes get someone else to find the body/see the staging. The cops missed checking the wine cellar, and sent John to look for clues.
* The note threatened the Ramseys wouldn’t get their daughters body back for burial if they didn’t listen. The police tried to hold back the body to the Ramseys.
* People think the Ramseys had friends come over to mess up any DNA, but the cops did far more than that to mess up the DNA, including apparently letting the victims’ advocates clean.
* This could explain why they are always so insistent the parents did it. (It isn’t but it could, and a lot of the theories I read on this case are completely hypothetical.)
  1. By the Hi-Tech boots, and possible use of a stun gun, it seems like (if not Boulder PD) the suspect would have either a military/police background or an interest in either or both.
  2. Why would the Ramseys invite people over specifically to mess up the DNA profile? They live there. Any Ramsey DNA can be explained with, “We live here”.
  3. If the RDI, why did John admit he broke the glass in the basement? If it seems like if he invited people over to mess up the DNA, and purposely took the body upstairs to mess up the DNA, wouldn't he want to leave this as a suspected way for the “fake” intruder to enter the house?
  4. I don't think people talk about the fact John made 2 calls to his pilot, not 1. The first was to say Jonbenet was missing, so the flight was off. I often hear people talk as if it was one phone call to leave, and often this false “only one call was made, to leave” is claimed to have been made prior to the body being found, as if he knew the body would be found and wanted out.
  5. If the RDI, why would they let Burke be taken to the Whites w/o him? It seems like they would want to make sure he didn’t say anything to blow their cover.
  6. The note says that they will call the Ramseys, but doesn’t list a phone number.18. People say that the Ramseys didn’t mention the fact the kidnapper didn’t call when he was scheduled, but does this mean the police never said anything either? In fact, I believe the other officers left Linda Arndt there alone before the call was scheduled to arrive. That seems just as odd as the Ramseys not mentioning it.
  7. If the note was faked by the Ramseys, why fold it? It had a crease in it. Their story was it was found laid out on the steps, so why fold it? This seems like the act of someone who wrote the note and then folded it to put in their pocket for a later time.
  8. If the RDI, why drop clues in the note like the $118,000, especially after they never turned on one another at any other time?
  9. I think if an unfamiliar IDI, the $118,000 was partially put there because the intruder wanted to show off they’d been snooping in the house previously.
  10. Obviously the ransom note is a fake, but I think it seems like more of a fake to keep the Ramseys from calling the cops. Especially if they knew they could easily get $118,000. Asking for millions, they may have said “We can’t get that in time. Call the cops.”
  11. If one of the Ramseys wrote the ransom note, why ask for a small amount when they knew they were not going to have to get it?
  12. Why would the Ramsey’s write a note that gave them until 10AM before calling the police, then call 911 at 5:52 AM?
  13. Pasty’s handwriting couldn’t be ruled out as the writer of the note, but it was on the lowest scale of not being ruled out.
  14. Access Graphics Human Director of Human Resources Gary Merrimen’s handwriting sample was a higher match for the random note than Patsy. T or F? He was also former law enforcement.
  15. I believe Ex-Access Graphics employee Jeff Merrick sued the company for about $118,000.
  16. From the ransom note, the writer seems to be someone who is highly literate.
  17. The ransom note seems to be written by someone who is not only a fan of movies, but a fan of cop/kidnapping movies.
  18. The writer seems to relate to the kidnappers in these movies, possibly at the same time.
  19. The ransom note seems to mention at least 4 movies: Dirty Harry, which has a kidnapping and an anti-hero cop, Speed and Ransom, in which the bad guys are cops, and Nick of Time, in which 2 people impersonating cops abduct the lead character’s child.
The intruder could relate to cops, but specifically to those who have a “villain”/bad streak, or people pretending to be cops.
  1. The movie Ransom came out in November, 1996. While I obviously can’t say for sure, it doesn’t seem like the type of movie parents with 2 young children would be able to go see, especially since one of the parents was a busy business man at the time. Again, can’t say for sure, but seems unlikely.
  2. Although not like any other kidnapping note, the ransom note does remind me of 2 notes from other crimes: the Leopold and Loeb note, and the Pizza-Bomb-Bank-Robbery note. Both were written by someone who considered themselves smarter than everyone else, and perpetrated the crime specifically to show they could pull off the “perfect crime”.
  3. The writer of the note seems theatrical.
  4. The kind of tape used in the crime was apparently the type often used in theater. Could the intruder have been a theater student, or work in a nearby theater? Or a theater in Hickory, NC where the tape was manufactured?
  5. The tape was from Hickory, NC, and made there in November 1996. Is that enough time to get to Boulder for sale? It’s literally weeks before the crime. There are questions as to that:
  1. The tape used on Jonbenet was manufactured in November, 1996. This is the same month the movie Ransom came out.
  2. Bob McReyolds was a literary professor.
  3. Janet McReynolds reviewed movies.
  4. Does anyone know if any suspects were ever described by Bob McReynolds’ daughter and/or her friend after they were kidnapped and the daughter’s friend molested?
  5. I don’t believe this theory either, but… I’ve heard police discovered McReynolds went to adult books stores for a fetish not considered tied to the case. I’ve heard his son was also considered a possible suspect. What if McReynolds’ fetish was voyeurism, and it took the form of having his children watching him? If so was that why his daughter was abducted with her friend, and could his son have assisted with JBR? What if Burke is partially scarred because he was forced to watch what happened to his sister? Pure, seculation, but what isn’t on this case?
  6. Where did the practice/first draft ransom note go?
  7. I don’t think SBTC means anything except to the person who wrote it. I remember reading about one serial killer, called himself “The Cat” or something. No reason. Even after they caught him.
  8. I’ve heard some people say the word “listen” is odd in a note since you don’t listen to a note. It’s not. People often write like they spoke. I wrote”heard” above for things I read, and I doubt any of you blinked an eye.Have none of you ever said “I was talking to” someone after you texted or e-mailed with them?This is just reaching.
  9. The note mentions John’s “southern charm”. He’s not southern.
  10. I think the idea that Jonbenet’s name wasn’t in the note might be because the writer wasn’t sure how to spell it is an interesting one. I don’t think I believe it, but it’s interesting.
  11. I keep reading the pineapple was the same "down to the rind". Does that mean she eat the pineapple chunk/s INCLUDING the rinds? That seems as odd as putting it in milk.
  12. Is there any way to know if the tea next to the pineapple was hot tea originally?
  13. The bowl the pineapple was in had Patsy and Burke’s fingerprints on it. The tea glass had Burke’s. The spoon had no fingerprints on it. Seems odd.
  14. Apparently the spoon was a large silver spoon that was used with the nicer silverware. It was apparently kept in a drawer in the bar area away from the everyday plates and utensils. This area apparently was visible from one of the main windows in the house.
  15. The flashlight was also from that drawer in that bar area.
  16. Again, the glass with the tea apparently only had Burke’s fingerprints on it. If hot water was poured in the glass, it seems odd a parent would serve it to a child like that as glass is a great conductor of heat, and the glass had no handle. Also, no parents' fingerprints were on the glass. But Patsy’s prints were on the bowl, so did she serve Burke the pineapple, but allow him to get the tea himself? And the spoon?
  17. The above makes me think if an IDI that he may have made this odd combo of food. He could’ve been wearing gloves and grabbed the bowl, cup, and spoon from around the house, leaving whoever’s fingerprints were on them prior to his touching them. The other idea would be Patsy gave Burke pineapple, let him make himself tea, and Patsy or Burke got a large, fancy spoon from another part of the house, with the flashlight, and neither left any prints on the spoon (or flashlight). Either way, the lack of fingerprints on the spoon from another room seems odd.
  18. I have a “lite theory” based on the fact that the crime took place on Christmas, and the note mentions them getting Jonbenet back by New Years. I think the intruder may have been house sitting, or a college student left largely alone by not going home for Christmas. This would mean if he had decided to take her, he’d be able to hide her until around New Years.
  19. I think if an IDI he may have thought of taking her as a sex slave, but that the money and phone call, etc were all just a ruse to prevent the cops from being called for as long as possible.
  20. There was a shoe imprint from a Hi-Tec brand work boot found in the mold growing on the floor of the room Jonbenet’s body was found in. All the investigators who’d been in the room had been tested with no match to the Ramsey’s or the police investigators. T or F?
  21. Additional partial shoe impressions were found near Jonbenet’s body in the same room, and also on the toilet tank in the basement’s bathroom. T or F?
  22. Were the prints on the toilet tank checked to see if the stains were from the mold in the room where Jonbenet’s body was found?
  23. An unidentified pubic hair was found on the white blanket that covered Jonbenet’s body. T or F?
  24. John Ramsey and the police noted a scuff mark on the wall under the open window in the train room where the suitcase was found. T or F?
  25. Jonbenet’s body was wiped off. The autopsy found some of the liquid on the body. T or F?
  26. A rope was found inside a brown paper sack underneath a bed in the guest bedroom next to Jonbenet’s bedroom that John Andrew used when home from college. The rope and bag did not belong to the Ramseys. T or F?
  27. Small pieces of material from the brown paper sack were found in Jonebenet’s bed and in the coroner’s body bag used to transport Jonbenet. T or F?
  28. Unidentified brown fibers were found on Jonbenet’s body, the paintbrush, the duct tape, and the rope of the garrote. T or F? (Apparently Lou Smit believed these may have been from work gloves)
  29. The suitcase found under the window in the train room had a pillow sham, duvet and a Dr. Suess book in them. T or F?
  30. Fibers from the sham and duvet found in the suitcase were found on Jonbenet’s shirt also. T or F?
  31. Fibers from the basement carpet, but no fingerprints, were found on a baseball bat found just outside the Ramsey home. The Rameys claim it was not theirs. Burke has siad it was his. T or F?
  32. Forensic examiners found Jonbenet’s blood on her Barbie Doll nightgown found next to her body. T or F?
  33. Fibers from the rope used to strangle Jonbenet were found on her bed. T or F?
  34. Dark animal hairs were discovered on Jonbenets’s hands. The hairs matched nothing in the house. T or F?
  35. The FBI discovered black beaver hair stuck to the duct tape. No other beaver hairs were found in the home. T or F?
  36. Does anyone know the story on the size 12 Wednesday underwear Jonbenet was wearing? I’ve read several conflicting things. Is the story Jonbenet put it on herself when she got dressed that day?
  37. People say the Ramseys didn’t give interveiws/speak to the police until months after the murder, howver the truth is:
- Boulder police officers interviewed them throughout Dec. 26, 1996, the day JonBenet's body was found.
- Police questioned them both Dec. 27 and John again Dec. 28. Officers were with the Ramseys24 hours a day from 6 a.m. Dec. 26 through 2 p.m. Dec. 29, when the Ramseys left for the funeral in Atlanta.
- Police questioned Burke Ramsey on Dec. 26. The conversation was tape-recorded without either parent present and without parental consent. A police psychologist interviewed Burke on Jan. 6. Burke was interviewed again, over three days, in May 1998.
- Handwriting samples were given by John (Dec. 26, 28, Jan. 5, 1997); Patsy (Dec. 28, Jan. 4, 1997, Feb. 28, April 12, May 20), and Burke (Dec. 28).
T or F?
  1. People seem to think it’s odd Burke may have waited in his room while something was obviously going on in his house. Who wouldn’t come out of their room to see what was happening? I can see it both ways. As a kid, I probably would’ve been right out of the door interested to know what’s going on, but my sibling probably would’ve waited in their room.In the Elizabeth Smart case, Elizabeth was kidnapped right in front of her sister, but she waited 2 hours before telling her parents out of fear.
75 If you are someone who thinks every kid would have left the room, are you also one of the people who wouldn’t have called the police because the ransom note said not to?
  1. Burke wasn’t in the house for that long after the police showed up. The 911 call is around 5:52 AM, and Burke is dressed and taken out of the house around 7:00 AM. People often talk like he was in his room for hours. A kid not coming out of his room due to fear or confusion for 1 hour and 8 mins isn’t that hard to believe.
  2. They say in most crimes where the criminal staged a crime scene, the criminal who staged it lets someone else find it, hence the purpose of staging it. Why would John have staged the crime, then found it with no one seeing it?
  3. I’ve heard it said John did things like tear the tape off to ruin the DNA, but then why put the tape on in the first place? The plan was to place the tape on as part of the staging, then rip it off with no one seeing it to explain why his DNA was on it? Why not just not put any tape on?
  4. Why would John or Patsy Ramsey tie and bind Jonbenet only to loosen the ties with no one seeing them?
  5. Seems like his story of “distraught father isn’t thinking of DNA evidence and his trying to see if his daughter is breathing” seems a lot more plausible than the above.
  6. The suitcase found in the basement was John Andrew’s. It was usually kept under the stairs (although I’ve also heard it had been kept in his room he had in the house). It had a blanket/comforter in it with semen on it (apparently John Andrew’s) and Dr. Suess book. It was usually kept in John Andrew’s bedroom they had for him in the house. T or F?
  7. Does anyone know what Dr. Suess book was found in the suitcase?##. The Ramseys’ neighbor Joe Barnhill said he saw John Andrew approach the Ramseys’ house on the night of the murder. He later recanted. Did he recant that it was John Andrew, or that he saw anyone at all? I’ve read he later admitted he didn’t 100% know what John Andrew looked like. T or F? I’ve also read the man he saw was blonde. T or F on the blonde part? (The attacker in the Amy/Ninja Guy attack was blonde.)
  8. If the Ramseys did it, where do you think the following items went:
* First draft of the ransom note.
* The cord.
* The tape.
* The rest of the paintbrush.
* The fluid used to clean Jonbenet’s body.
* The cloth used to clean Jonbenet’s body.
None of which were apparently found in the home.
  1. If you think they threw it out, why not get of things like the flashlight, pineapple, etc? And before you get hung up on those items specifically, I just mean why get rid of some items of evidence and not others, especially since the ones found would have been yours anyway?
  2. It seems funny to me that RDI people dismiss John Douglas and Lou Smit by saying they “were fooled by the Ramseys” with both of their vast amounts of experience. I’ve heard many point out Patsy had theater classes in high school and/or college. John Douglas basically created FBI profiling. In my mind, that trumps school drama classes.Meanwhile, the Boulder PD botched the crime scene. If anything it seems to me it’s more likely they’re embarrassed by how badly they botched the crime.
  3. Many RDI people seem to think the garrote was placed around Jonbenet’s neck, or slightly tightened. It was not. It was tightened to the point her neck was indented, kind of like a sausage link. I don’t blame these people. The photos are upsetting, but to me this looks like it was done by a sexual deviant. I doubt even a parent trying to protect their other child (who didn’t get in trouble for accidentally hitting his sister with a golf club previously) would do this to their daughter especially since there wasn’t a need to fake that kind of assault in the first place.
  4. I read a comment once where someone said they had to strangle Jonbenet because while fighting her Burke pulled her shirt leaving a mark on her neck. Yes. Because no criminal would ever pull a child’s shirt during a struggle.
  5. I believe she was also molested with the paint brush afterwards. T or F?
  6. If an IDI, I think the reason he wrote the ransom note inside the house instead of before was because if he was caught breaking into the house with the note that’d be worse than just getting caught for a B&E.
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2020.08.22 20:28 labellorello Outside sex voyeur

I (22f) love my gf (21f) a lot and we have a great relationship but i can’t help but feel like sexually we aren’t on the same field or level. What i mean by that is, there’s a lot of stuff that I’d be down for trying and am actually into and she’s not into them. For example, we’ve discussed cuckolding. She’s ok with me watching her have sex with someone else but she says she won’t be ok with watching me have sex with someone else. Ive come to realize I’m into certain things such as being a rope bunny, voyeurism, and exhibitionism all of which are things she doesn’t really get why I’m into. Also, for a while i believed i was a lesbian (my gf is a lesbian) but for the past couple of months I’ve been questioning my sexuality. I don’t see myself being in a relationship with a man, however i do think about having sex with men. I’ve also been feeling like maybe I’m a non-monogamous person but I’m not entirely sure. These have been things I’ve explained to my gf and she pretty much said, if that’s how i feel and would like to explore this other side of me sexually, then obviously we can’t be together. Do you guys think these what if’s are enough for me to end my relationship with my gf in order to explore? It’s really been a hard decision because outside of everything I’ve mentioned above my gf is amazing and we have a great relationship
TLDR: i wanna explore my sexuality but that may mean ending my relationship with my gf.. what should i do??
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2020.08.05 02:43 IveSeenItAll1987 Voyeur outside sex

To regular people, Sex isn't this mysterious, forbidden, don't think about it, don't talk about it, Don't acknowledge it until the moment you say "I Do" thing. But growing up as a JW it 100% is. To the point that there's this bizarre, awkward aura around the impending sexual actions of a Bride and Groom AT the weddings of JWs.
As soon as I stepped foot, literally stepped one foot out my car in the parking lot at my wedding, an elder was also pulling up, jumps out the car and goes "The restraints are off today buddy, you're going to have a GOOD NIGHT" and winked at me twice. I instantly thought "#1 Why are you imagining anything involving me and my wife having sex? #2 "Who invited you to the wedding to begin with? Who are you?" It ended up being some guy from my wifes congregation that invited HIMSELF. Thats once.
-_-...Moving along
I get inside and there's my group of buddies i grew up with, No comments on my suit or haircut or fresh appearance, first thing they all said "My boy bout to GET SOME tonight, wooo! It's going down!" Keep in mind we're all in our late 20's at this point. You'd think we were 16 year olds seeing a friend off for the night on his prom date. Only it was my absolutely adult wedding. That's twice.
I spot the DJ, Also a JW we hired, gives me a firm handshake and goes "I promise you're going to dig the setlist tonight for the reception fam, and If you need a setlist for later tonight afterwards i got the perfect CD of R&B slow jams for you too!" I laughed it off and declined, As I already have my own setlist. I didn't need him knowing exactly what songs I'm throwin strokes to on my wedding night ya know? Thats 3 times.
I head to the bathroom to go one more time before the ceremony begins, and in the bathroom is My mom's best friends ex-apostate husband that came back in the organization JUST for his wife. We've always been told to distance ourselves from the guy. As I was washing my hands he comes over to me and says "You want to make this thing work with you and her for a long time?....*Leans in to whisper in my ear* Keep all these Niggas up here...that think they runnin things...out ya business...Feel me?...Don't trust ANY of em...Here on out you a Man, YOU run your household, not them...*Straightens my tie* Now go get that ring on her finger so you can get you some *Walks out the door* That was 4 times, and a little scary.
We get through the whole ceremony and get to our kiss the bride moment, and give each other a pretty moderate mmmmUAH on the lips, which i guess to some people wasn't enough?...As a few people were like "THATS IT?! Oh come on! That was too fast!" We both looked at each other like ??? The hell, Yall want a show or what? Whats with the innate slobbering voyeurism? We just Smiled instead, and started making our way outside for photos to applause and cheers down the aisle as people said stuff like "You gotta make up for that kiss later!". That's 5 times, Why is this happening? Please make it stop.
Fast forward to us at our table at the reception and AS we're eating, I've got random elders coming up to me giving me congrats. One says to me "Boy yall sure look good, I'm glad you took your time and did things the right way. Make sure you do the same tonight, Take it easy on her, take your time, be gentle, alright? Don't be in a hurry haha!" That's 6 times, Can I at least enjoy my glazed chicken and potatoes without sex tips from the old Men? It's apparent no.
The rest of the night was littered with more instances exactly like this. After the wedding was over, me and my wife ended up driving to Subway, loaded up on snacks for the night, still in our suit and dress, and went back to the hotel. Soon as we got to the room I asked "Did everyone make a bunch of off-hand sexual comments to you tonight?" and she said "YUP..a sister told me don't hesitate to start playing with myself while you're in me tonight to enhance things" I said Wow lets save each other any more details on who said what lol. We ended up spending the night laughing about it and grossed out people were being like that. So instead we stayed up drinking and counting all the money and giftcards we got instead of having Sex. We didn't end up having sex period on our wedding night. We did the next morning though. Bummer right? Not really.
The Plot twist is we never needed any of their advice to begin with because we had been screwing around 4 months leading into our wedding anyway at my place. We had already done it like 10 times *SHRUG* So thanks brother whoever for the advice, way ahead of you there. Also to my moms best friends ex-but still pretty apostate husband, if you’re reading this, You were right, I shoulda kept all them fools out my family and my business lol.
Anyway, this kind of stuff is why so many jws have a warped and prude take on sex. I know a handful of young jw couples that said even after they’d have sex as a married couple they would still feel Waves of guilt about it. Talk about some brain work done on us growing up man smh. Anyway,
Thanks for reading _^
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CHAPTER THIRTEEN For the next two weeks, Avis eyed Maui with open suspicion that bordered on hostility. He didn’t go back to thinking of him as a threat (that was beyond stupid and just went to show how wrecked he’d been), but more like an annoying cockroach that he wasn’t allowed to step on. The boy had done nothing new to earn that ire, but he had it in spades, nonetheless. Not only because the little prick had made that initial pass at Clarise, but every time he thought of Maui sequestering Columbine in a romantic sense, the blood vessels in his temples threatened to rupture*. Over my dead body, you little fucker, and I can’t fucking die.* The same wouldn’t be said for Maui if he so much as thought something that disgusting again, and Avis made a point of checking … regularly.
Clarise seemed just as determined to push Avis through his dislike of their host. One evening, long after the girls had retired and the two were alone in their room, she broached the subject of inviting Maui to their family meals. “It is the least we can do since he is taking us through his realm at great risk to himself,” Clarise argued when he flat-out refused to entertain the notion.
In his mind, there were three levels to the catamaran, and since Maui had turned up all by himself when they’d first met, the kid was obviously used to eating alone and wouldn’t have a problem with that arrangement. They didn’t have to dine together.
Clarise thought otherwise and played the one card guaranteed to finish the argument in her favour. “I see,” she’d said in a sultry voice, putting Avis on notice for what was possibly coming next. “And since you went without sex with me for a very long time before we met, by your logic you must also be comfortable with not having sex with me and wish to forego it in the near future. Is that not correct?”
Avis had never been so tempted to throttle and make out with a woman at the same time before. He even went as far as to take her delicate neck in both hands, but instead of squeezing, he pulled her to him and kissed her passionately. “One of these days, that threat’s not going to work on me,” he said, once he was done plundering her mouth with his tongue. He pressed his forehead to hers so he could stare her in the eyes.
The gold of Clarise’s eyes practically glittered. “And what do you suppose will happen on that day?” she asked in a husky whisper.
“On that day, I’ll be putting this beautiful body of yours over my knee and spanking some much-needed sense into you. The sex card is not to be used lightly, and certainly not on an idiot kid like him.”
Her hands cupped his ass and she squeezed almost painfully. “What if we take it the other way?” she murmured, pushing into his hold to rub herself across his body the way a cat would.
Avis’ breath caught in his throat as his entire body tensed. “Now you’re cheating.”
Although one set of hands still massaged his ass-cheeks, a second set went between his legs just to show him how much she could cheat. “But is it working?” she purred, knowing damn-well it was.
Finding the inner strength from somewhere, Avis walked her backwards, not stopping as the mattress collected the back of her knees and she fell across the bed. Avis went down with her and used his weight to pin her in place.
Over the next hour, he showed her precisely how well it worked.
“It really means that much to you?” he asked, as they lay on their sides with her back spooned into his chest. His hand was draped across her middle, his fingers lightly dancing around the soft flesh around her belly button. He had his head propped up on his other hand to watch what he was doing.
Clarise rolled over to face him, putting some distance between them. He didn’t like that and tried to pull her back against him, but she pushed both hands against his pecs. “Maui has yet to get anything out of our arrangement, Avis, and he is the one risking the wrath of his whole pantheon by helping us. We have agreed to give him knowledge but to date, all he has received from you is open hostility. Sharing a meal with him would go a long way towards making peace.”
“Just one meal?” Avis asked, hopefully. The condemning, flat-palmed slap against his chest answered him more effectively than words.
Loathing the impasse, Avis scowled and rolled away from her. He sat up with his feet on the floor, his eyes boring into the timber wall as his hands slowly fisted into the sheets on either side of him. “I just don’t get how can you ignore the fact that he said he wants to sleep with Columbine,” he growled, shaking his head at her indifference when the very thought still made him murderous. “Not to mention his pass at you.”
He felt Clarise on her knees behind him and wasn’t surprised when her arms came around his shoulders with her lips pressing into the back of his head. “He said that nearly three weeks ago, and we both know nothing is going to come of either suggestion. He is just a baby, my love, and children are renowned for saying inappropriate things at the worst possible times in an effort to sound clever and grown-up. You cannot fault his behaviour since. He has even gone to the trouble of showing the girls how to fish and sail to keep them occupied. In fact, when Cora openly laughed at his insistence that he was not of hellion stock, he did not lift a single retaliatory finger against her. No, he went up into the rigging and sulked for hours.”
She nuzzled his hair. “He sulked, beloved. We both know that is the behaviour of a child, and I think nearly three weeks of being excluded is long enough to expunge what he said in a moment of childish stupidity.”
Avis didn’t like it. Three weeks. Three years. Three eons. He never let go of a slight; especially when it came from outside the family.
Her lips travelled down his neck and out over his right shoulder, where she could meet his eyes with large, rounded, puppy-dog ones of her own. “Do it for me?” she asked, her breath barely a whisper.
Avis would walk naked through hellfire for her. But he still couldn’t bring himself to say the words. Instead, he closed his eyes and inclined his head twice, knowing she would take that as a hellion acquiescence.
She nibbled an appreciative line to his throat. “Thank you.”
Avis breathed out heavily, unable to argue with the subconscious deduction.
He managed to claw back some control at the following meal though, by making sure the seating arrangements were to his liking. That is, he had Clarise sitting opposite him at the far end of an extended table in the larger of the two enclosed rooms on the lowest deck. The girls sat to his right with their backs to the wall, and Maui sat opposite them with his back to the open doorway. There was no room behind the girls for the servants, but as shifters, they could serve both sides of the table while standing on either side of Maui.
The boy watched apprehensively as the two servants towered over him like demonic guards and only seemed to relax once they stepped back. The look Clarise shot Avis told him she knew exactly what he was up to, at which point he raised his goblet of ambrosia and smirked at her over the lip. He’d fulfilled his agreement. The boy was there, wasn’t he?
Close to a week later, Maui surprised Avis with a Rangi-Taurean meal. The aroma had Avis salivating as soon as he and Clarise walked into the room, but a quick search of Maui’s recent memories dimmed the Mystallian’s culinary excitement. The brat had been … busy. “I don’t do new foods,” he declared, as he ushered the girls in behind his seat to take their own places against the wall.
Some of Maui’s excitement dwindled. “But it’s really good,” he argued, pointing at the parcels of woven leaves in the middle of the table. “It’s not spicy like that Yarusian stuff that you said turned your stomach. You’ll like it …”
“I’ve heard that before.” Avis was already done with the conversation.
“Well, I would certainly like to try some … what are they called, Maui?” Clarise asked with a polite smile, gesturing for one of the servants to dish her up a helping of whatever was buried beneath the leaves as the other helped her into her seat.
“It’s baked fish, pork, rice and vegetables, cooked hangi-style.” Maui gestured to each, but when a servant moved to open the parcels, the young godling snatched up the knife sitting on the table in front of him and sprang to his feet. “I’ve got it,” he insisted, already cutting through the leaves of the nearest package to expose the pork within.
It did smell wonderful. Avis drew in a deep breath and held it, delighting in the way it danced across his senses. He hadn’t realised he’d closed his eyes until the scent of the pork grew stronger and he jerked his head back to see Maui offering him a large slab of the frayed meat. Maui’s lips were parted in a cocky grin and his eyes went from Avis’ to the meat on the end of his blade and back up to the Mystallian again; as if waiting for permission to plate it. “You sure I can’t tempt you, old man?”
Avis smelt none of the spice that had upset his stomach so badly. If anything, it had the same aromatic flavours he was used to back home, with one or two slight variations. He stared at the surface of the meat, searching for any lurking spice. When he found none, he gestured with a flick of his left index finger for it to be put on his plate.
The meal was actually quite palatable. The wood-flavoured meat melted in Avis’ mouth and the soft root vegetables reminded him of roast vegetables he’d had at home. Maui seemed very pleased with himself and as much as it galled him, Avis had to admit the little shit had done well.
Throughout the meal, Avis would’ve had to be blind to not notice the way Clarise pinned him with a stern look, then pointedly moved her gaze to where Maui sat. That wasn’t to say he didn’t try to ignore her, but the truth was, he had fallen down on his half of their deal. The boy was trying, and it was time he stepped up and met the little pain-in-the-ass halfway.
As always, after everyone had had their fill, Maui was the first to leave. Wanting to clear the debt (at least from his side) Avis rose and followed him outside. He was surprised to find the deck directly outside the room empty, but having followed Maui around for over a week and a half, Avis thought he knew which direction he’d have taken off in.
Making his way around to the bow, Avis found the boy leaning his elbow against the rail in the far-left hand corner. His head was tilted back and he stared at both the sails and the starry night beyond, his features clouded in a thoughtful expression.
More out of curiosity than any real desire to know, Avis glanced up into the sails to see what had him so engrossed. When nothing jumped out, he returned his attention to the young man who was now eyeing him suspiciously. “What brings you out here, old man?”
“I told you when we first met that your understanding of things sucked, and we agreed the trade-off for your assistance was to rectify that. I figure now’s as good a time as any to uphold our end of the agreement.”
For the longest time, Maui searched Avis’ face for something. “Okay,” he drawled, licking his lips and bobbing his head cautiously. “I suppose I do have a couple of questions for you.”
Avis hadn’t planned on turning this into a Q and A session but decided it would make things easier if he used the questions to gauge how much the boy knew. Whether he chose to answer them would, of course, always be at his discretion.
The older celestial stepped up to the rail alongside Maui. “What’s your first question?”
“What’s the significance of the black animal hide you all insist on wearing?”
What the fuck did that have to do with anything? Frowning darkly, Avis crossed his arms and turned his attention to the water. “You know it’s the Mystallian uniform.”
“Yeah, but why?”
Without turning his head, Avis slid his narrowed gaze to the boy and found he’d rolled around so that his back and elbows were resting against the bamboo handrail and his feet were crossed at the ankles on an angle to his body. He appeared at ease, though the look in his young eyes said otherwise. “And, more to the point, what’d Cora do to not be allowed to wear it?”
That made the question a lot more pertinent. Maui had noticed the minor fissures within the family and wanted to understand them. “Why do you care?” Avis wasn’t about to explain everything, but Maui’s motives would be the deciding factor in how much he learned.
Maui lifted one shoulder in a shrug. “Call it one outsider recognising the plight of another, and I like her spunk. What’d she do to warrant being ostracised from the rest of you?”
It really was none of Maui’s business what happened inside the Mystallian pantheon, but something in Avis kicked up at the thought of anyone thinking Cora’s current predicament was his fault. “She hasn’t done anything wrong in my eyes,” he snapped irritably. “When she’s ready, she only has to let us know and her outfit will be changed to acknowledge her Mystallian heritage. The call is hers to make. No one else’s.”
Maui nodded as he mulled that over. “I figured she must’ve taken after you.”
For a second, Avis thought he meant she shared his stubborn streak, but even Maui wouldn’t be that suicidal. Releasing his breath in a slow, steady stream, he used Clarise’s trick of mentally counting to ten to keep a lid on his temper. “What makes you say that?” he asked, once the hint of red had left his vision.
“Well, if she took after her mother, she’d be a shifter, and she hasn’t shifted anything the whole time I’ve known her.” He rolled his right-hand palm up between them. “And you just said someone else would have to give her the uniform, so I guess she’s like you. A bender.”
Avis snorted. “Under normal conditions, she’d shift your ass into any ream-damned thing she wanted.” No need to tip their hand and let Maui know Cora was in fact, both. There might come a time when she’d need to bend him and the less he knew about that capability, the better.
Maui tilted his head to the left and rubbed that side of his jaw. “And the conditions right now aren’t normal?”
Perceptive prick. Avis paused before answering that. “Her mother’s family poisoned her with something that prevents her from shapeshifting. Long story,” he swiftly added, when Maui flicked himself to his feet, suddenly very interested in the conversation. “And no, I’m not going into it. Suffice to say, she’s stuck as she is until the poison runs its course.”
“And how long’s that going to take?”
Avis had never actually asked that question. He’d been in such a fucking hurry to leave Hell that it’d never occurred to him to ask anyone how long would the tefsla remain in her system. Was it years? Decades? Centuries? Surely it couldn’t be millennia. Could it?
Watching his face carefully, Maui’s expression grew incredulous. “You never asked, did you?”
“It’s not my area of expertise.”
Maui abruptly burst out laughing. “That has to be one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard you say, old man!” He laughed so hard tears began to form in his eyes. “For the realm’s sake, if it was your area of expertise, you wouldn’t be asking anyway! The whole point of asking is to learn something … outside your area of expertise.”
Avis’ reaction was as instantaneous as it was automatic. It didn’t matter that Maui was right. No one made fun of him, and no one … no one fucking laughed at him! The hints of red that normally crept around the edges of his vision when he was angry blasted across his eyes, blinding him to everything else but the source of the mockery. You arrogant motherfucking …
Avis launched himself at the boy, both mentally and physically. Mental fire erupted behind Maui’s eyes moments before Avis crash tackled him to the ground. Maui had to be destroyed! At this point, nothing else would satisfy him. He straddled Maui’s upper body and began wailing on his face. Maui writhed in agony under the Mystallian three times his size and struggled beneath the crushing blows Avis rained down on him. The first strike broke his cheek and nose. The second shattered his jaw. Maui’s hands swung wildly beneath the barrage, desperate to fend off his attacker. As if distance mattered to a ranged bender. The physical stuff just felt good. Maui’s thrashing fingers hooked the chain of Avis’ cloak and the boy’s fingernails slid across his throat, causing four burning lines that barely registered with the enraged god. Still, it registered. Avis grabbed the offending wrist and twisted it, crushing it with ease. Then, still holding the shattered limb, brought the back of his clenched fist into the side of Maui’s already destroyed cheekbone.
Avis ramped up his bending burn and Maui’s muscles arched him off the deck, his mouth wide with silent screams.
“What are you doing, Father?”
The quiet, almost shy question that came from somewhere behind him froze Avis in his tracks faster than if he’d been tossed into the heart of Hell’s Antenora. The icy sense of dread that replaced the red in his vision was just as numbing. Shit! Shit … shit … shit … He didn’t turn to see who was behind him. He didn’t need to. Without the mental burn to sustain his silence, Maui’s broken lips opened to scream.
Silence! Avis couldn’t make that mental command quick enough or loud enough. The fact that Maui was still alive at all was a testament to his shifting bloodline. With his face barely recognisable and his mind in ashes, he’d be dead if he were a bender. Avis pulled himself back to his haunches, shifting his shoulders slightly to use both his greater mass and the presence of his cloak to hide the evidence of his brutality.
“Princess.” His voice sounded as if he was gargling rocks and he still refused to look at her. Not when he knew Maui’s blood was probably splattered all over his face. “What are you doing out here?”
“Why are you hurting Maui, Father?”
Fuck! His rage had triggered her empathy and she’d come out to see why. Avis ran his tongue over his lips and froze all over again when he tasted a solid, metallic smear of Maui’s blood. Crap! His eyes jerked down to what was left of Maui’s face, searching for any tell-tale teeth marks. Had he really bitten the boy in a fit of rage? No, surely not. He’d have remembered that … wouldn’t he? He couldn’t tell, because there wasn’t enough skin left on Maui’s face to tell either way. The kid was a mess.
Thankfully, it was nothing a shifter couldn’t shake off. The problem was, he needed a working mind to do that.
Avis didn’t think twice about what he had to do next. Not with Columbine right behind him asking questions he didn’t want to answer. Without a word, he dove straight into what was left of Maui’s mind. He had two good starting points for recreating memories out of the ashes. His voyeurism over the last few weeks meant those twenty-ish days were easy to replace. He’d also seen the memories involving Makeatutara’s supposed ‘accidental’ cursing and how Maui had been compensated with the ‘shapeshifting’ bone. It was more than enough.
Avis then gave the solidified memories a power boost that sent them sifting through the ashes for any correlating fragments to attach to. Each memory fanned out in all directions, rebuilding every other memory around it, which in turn rebuilt many others. Since time in the physical realm stood still, Avis was on no real clock in here. Many benders who had to spend years … centuries … even millennia inside the mind of another often commandeered the subject’s imagination to keep themselves in touch with what waited for them outside. Sometimes, just recreating a family meal for an hour or so was enough to keep an individual grounded. Other times, more in-depth interactions were required. None of these memories were allowed to stay, of course. Once the activity concluded, it was wiped away as if it had never been.
In Maui’s case, the seventeen years of knowledge took exactly ninety-one hours to rebuild.
It was a long four days.
* * *


((All comments welcome))
I made a family tree/diagram of the Mystallian family that can be found here
For more of my work including WPs: Angel466
For those who want to read from the beginning: Prologue of Book 2
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2020.06.15 22:24 UnlikelyToHappen Voyeur sex outside

I searched the archive and didn't see anything posted like this before, and this is NOT a request for a connection, but rather where to go *for* the connection...I saw a similar topic on here, but it was for watching each other's cams, and well, keep reading. I tried posting this on regular sex, but apparently I triggered an automod and now I can't find the post even after one of the mods said they were reposting it.
Over the years my wife (who has always found it challenging to express her sexual fantasies) has slowly developed an interest in voyeurism/exhibitionism. We've done a little public play, and she has consistently found it a little exciting to think about watching someone else have sex. We've been together for almost 17 years and our sex life has varied, and is currently on a very positive up-swing after a pretty tense low point a few months ago. Neither of us was overly experienced before we got together (I had been married previously but it was a shit show, and she was virgin when we met) and we've enjoyed expanding our horizons over time. I have always been the more adventurous partner, but I realized early on if she expressed interest in a particular kink or activity, the most she would ever do would be to bring it up, and it would be up to me to bring it home. Hence this much longer than anticipated post...and fwiw, my wife has read this in advance of me hitting post.
We were playing last week and in searching for porn to have on in the background (normally she prefers DP and/or interview scenes) she asked me if there were any sites where we could watch someone. I turned on one of the pay sites which had some couples. Now, I get why a couple's would decide to monetize their sex life - but it wasn't what she was looking for - it wasn't the most conducive to our "mood", with the pauses and constant "ka-chinging" of people making their donations. I got the sense she was more interested in the voyeur aspect of the video. Not only simply watching a couple have sex, but rather watching someone who knew *we* were watching them. A little more direct/intimate, I guess.
From what I understand, lots of couples swap voyeuexhibitionism on places like K I K, which brings me to a hitch in the plan. For a couple reasons (primarily my employment and her self-confidence [don't get me started, she's a beautiful natural mother of 3 and I worship her body]) we really aren't in a place to reciprocate in a traditional cam/pic swap situation. When we've traveled before we have considered trying a swingesex club to check it out as openly voyeurs, and were going to try it earlier this year but then covid happened.
Where can we go to watch another couple (who obviously have exhibitionist proclivities) online without needing to reciprocate or it being a financial transaction? We're happy to work out some sort of personal verification to show we're not a solo male or looking to record/distribute the experience. Simply and honestly we are a couple who would like to watch another couple enjoy themselves knowing it would be enhanced by our viewing and that we were probably having sex together as a result. A true exhibitionist-voyeur relationship.
None of the r4r forums I've searched seem to fit, and maybe I'm looking for something that doesn't exist outside of a transactional relationship. Do couples meet on something like fetlife for this? Normally I'm pretty good at hunting down stuff on the internet (especially if it's sex related) but this one has me stumped. Thanks for reading the post above, and thanks in advance for any advice/suggestions you all can provide.
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2020.06.15 21:31 UnlikelyToHappen Voyeur outside sex

I searched the archive and didn't see anything posted like this before, and this is NOT a request for a connection, but rather where to go *for* the connection...
Over the years my wife (who has always found it challenging to express her sexual fantasies) has slowly developed an interest in voyeurism/exhibitionism. We've done a little public play, and she has consistently found it a little exciting to think about watching someone else have sex. We've been together for almost 17 years and our sex life has varied, and is currently on a very positive up-swing after a pretty tense low point a few months ago. Neither of us was overly experienced before we got together (I had been married previously but it was a shit show, and she was virgin when we met) and we've enjoyed expanding our horizons over time. I have always been the more adventurous partner, but I realized early on if she expressed interest in a particular kink or activity, the most she would ever do would be to bring it up, and it would be up to me to bring it home. Hence this much longer than anticipated post...and fwiw, my wife has read this in advance of me hitting post.
We were playing last week and in searching for porn to have on in the background (normally she prefers DP and/or interview scenes) she asked me if there were any sites where we could watch someone. I turned on one of the pay sites which had some couples. Now, I get why a couple's would decide to monetize their sex life - but it wasn't what she was looking for - it wasn't the most conducive to our "mood", with the pauses and constant "ka-chinging" of people making their donations. I got the sense she was more interested in the voyeur aspect of the video. Not only simply watching a couple have sex, but rather watching someone who knew *we* were watching them. A little more direct/intimate, I guess.
From what I understand, lots of couples swap voyeuexhibitionism on places like KIK, which brings me to a hitch in the plan. For a couple reasons (primarily my employment and her self-confidence [don't get me started, she's a beautiful natural mother of 3 and I worship her body]) we really aren't in a place to reciprocate in a traditional cam/pic swap situation. When we've traveled before we have considered trying a swingesex club to check it out as openly voyeurs, and were going to try it earlier this year but then covid happened.
Where can we go to watch another couple (who obviously have exhibitionist proclivities) online without needing to reciprocate or it being a financial transaction? We're happy to work out some sort of personal verification to show I'm not some solo male or looking to record/distribute the experience. Simply and honestly we are a couple who would like to watch another couple enjoy themselves knowing it would be enhanced by our viewing and that we were probably having sex together as a result. A true exhibitionist-voyeur relationship.
None of the r4r forums I've searched seem to fit, and maybe I'm looking for something that doesn't exist outside of a transactional relationship. Do couples meet on something like fetlife for this? Normally I'm pretty good at hunting down stuff on the internet (especially if it's sex related) but this one has me stumped. Thanks for reading the post above, and thanks in advance for any advice/suggestions you all can provide.
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2020.06.05 16:19 warkemail Voyeur sex outside

TLDR: The characters made ugly mistakes, but in the end grew in realistic ways.
I can understand several points people wouldn't like about it, but I felt like it was a realistic slice of life story, and the characters didn't act different even though they had a rough time. I especially enjoyed Ars' growth during it, and Eris' reactions to him.
On the reasons I think people hated it:

  1. Incest. Aisha has spent her life obsessively planning to be with her half-brother Rudy, and have his kids. Ars has 50% less shared genetic material, so it should be 50% less squicky for people than her stated life's goal.
  2. Pedophilia. From the start Rudy has openly been an unrepentant lolicon, thinking sexy thoughts about 5yr old Sylphy etc. If people have made it through 24+ books of Rudy, they already bought the ticket and have taken the ride. Ars was also described as breast obsessed from birth (although this trait might have been given to him by the author with the buxom Aisha in mind). I believe he's 10 when Aisha acquiesces to his requests for sex. Rudy tried to have sex with 10yr old Eris, and did himself at 12. Criminally young for us in the modern 1st world, but most of Earth's history (and 3rd world population) it's not far outside the norm.
  3. Rudeus is a creeper. Rudy expands on his family kicking him out, that it was because he was making voyeur porn of his (possibly underage) cousins. This is pretty dark, and uglier than what we had been told previously. It gives a better reason for their violent reaction to him, and I think adds more depth to his strong hatred of his previous self.
  4. Rudeus is a loser. He blows up at the kids, cuts them off, and doesn't explain himself. Aisha runs away for a year, Rudy selfishly calls on his entire planetwide army to find her (pulling in favors and embarrassing himself)...and fails. Overall one of his worse showings, but I felt like for him and several other characters, this story humanized them.
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2020.06.02 18:28 gazm88 Voyeur sex outside

I was transfixed, literally. It was impossible for me to move as I looked out of my bedroom window that summer afternoon, down into my neighbor’s yard and saw Bobby and Valerie DeJong fucking.
Their son, Chet, had been my best friend through high school and I knew the family well, but this was the first time in my 18 years of existence on the planet that I’d witnessed a couple in the flesh, screwing each other for all they were worth. It was shocking, mesmerizing and exciting as I stood a couple of feet back from my window, watching them and stroking myself.
They used a patio lounger and Valerie spent a lot of time on her knees, apparently urging her husband as he slammed into her from behind. Their black skin made them look like silhouettes against the sandy paving of their yard, Valerie’s breasts hanging down and swinging as Bobby fucked her. And his cock… it was huge. It looked to be almost a foot long (I know now that was unlikely, but that’s what it looked like) and straight as a rule. It was so long it looked like he couldn’t fit all of it inside her – at least three inches stayed outside Valerie’s pussy.
I had just looked out of the window casually when I’d spotted them. Now over the initial surprise, I was on the verge of cumming as I watched them. Bobby turned Valerie over and kneeled on the lounger, directing his huge tool at her groin. Once inside he started his rhythm again, making Valerie’s eyes close in pleasure as he pumped faster and faster. I came before he did, spurting youthfully across my carpet, but my cock was still rock hard as I watched Bobby’s body stiffen and obviously cum inside Valerie. Unlike the porn movies I’d seen, he didn’t pull out and shoot cum over her, just stayed inside and finished his orgasm.
When they were done the lay naked together on the lounger, his cock still looking enormous as it deflated slowly. I watched for a while before backing away from the window and stroking myself again.
Next time I saw Valerie was a few days later, when I called round to see what Chet was up to. We’d both finished high school a couple of weeks before. Chet was headed for a football scholarship at Texas, me to University of Illinois. I hadn’t seen my friend since the weekend and knocked on the DeJong’s front door.
Valerie answered, dressed in some tight jeans and a pink crewneck top. I stumbled over my first words, not able to get the image of her naked out of my mind, but managed to ask for Chet.
“He’s over at his cousins, on his way back I believe. Should be here in a half-hour or so.” Valerie smiled at me and I started to feel a little more comfortable, assuming she knew nothing of my voyeurism. “Would you like to come in and wait for him? I’m just prepping some food for tonight. You’re welcome to wait.”
It seemed natural for me to accept, after all, it’s what I would’ve done many times before that day. I knew that my perception of Valerie had changed, but she didn’t.
We lived in an affluent suburb and back then fewer moms worked, so it was very normal for Valerie to take time to prepare the family dinner, just as my mother did, often baking as well. I followed her into the kitchen and took a seat at the table. She offered me lemonade but then remembered that I preferred soda, so poured me a Coke. My family socialized with the DeJong’s a little, mostly at neighborhood cookouts and the like. We got on well with them but this was twenty years ago and some didn’t… the color of their skin still somewhat unusual in the suburbs. If they ever felt any resentment, none of the family showed it.
We chatted about the coming college days for a few minutes. Rightfully so, she was very proud of Chet’s scholarship but she also showed genuine interest in where I was going and what I expected life to be like in the college world. I’d heard many times that she’d studied Chemistry in Florida, but parents seemed to have a habit of forgetting what they’d told people and tell them again. I guess I’m like that now!
I had ample opportunity to study Valerie, as I’d never seen her before. She had been Chet’s mom for all the years we’d lived next to them, but now she was the lady I’d seen fucking in her yard.
She always had a ready smile and a kind disposition, but for the first time I noticed that she had beautifully smooth skin, very dark and providing a stark contrast for her white teeth that made them seem almost incandescent. She had a good figure, maybe a few extra ponds around her hips, but wonderfully round and distinct breasts that bobbled just enough with her movements to suggest they were heavy when released from her bra.
In the yard Valerie’s hair had been combed back and in a ponytail but today it was hanging around her face, wavy from styling I thought, but very sensual. I’d never thought about her age much before, but she must have been at least forty-three, and looking good for it. My standard for beauty back then was young movie stars and other pin-ups, but it now came to me that my friend’s mother was very beautiful.
“You’ll have fun.” Valerie concluded our college discussion just as the phone rang. “Excuse me.” Valerie spoke with a soft, accent-less voice.
“It was Chet.” Valerie breezed back into the kitchen. “They got tickets for the baseball game tonight, he’s staying over at my sister’s. Sorry.”
“No problem.” I took the last drink of my Coke. “It was nice to talk with you. Thanks for the Coke.” I stood to leave.
“No, wait.” Valerie placed a light touch on my forearm, stopping me in my tracks. “Hold up. Stay a little while. I’d like to talk to you some more.” She seemed a little more awkward than normal but was smiling at me.
I had nowhere to go and wasn’t in the habit of turning down requests from adults so I sat back down at the table. Valerie immediately poured me another drink. She shuffled around the sink, putting things away without saying anything and then she came and sat at the table with me. Our silence had become a little strained suddenly. It felt like Valerie wanted to say something to me and as I had no idea what that might’ve been, I had no clue how to start the conversation. I mostly thought she wanted to talk about Chet. She’d asked me about his girlfriends once or twice, just in a maternal sort of way, not prying or uncomfortable.
Valerie sat across from me with her hands on the table, her fingers intertwining in a way that looked slightly nervous. I felt my own nerves start to build. What could she want?
“I…” She made a false start and her eyes fell to her hands. “I think you saw us the other day. Bobby and I.” She finished her words looking into my eyes.
I thought about pleading innocent, that I didn’t know what she thought I saw, but the look in her eyes suggested there was no room for denial - she knew. I nodded.
“I’m sorry.” She seemed genuinely repentant. “Our yard is so private. The trees mean no one can see in, except from your bedroom, that’s the only angle. I guess we just got carried away.”
There was a faint smile on Valerie’s lips as she spoke, but her tone was quiet. I didn’t feel there was anything I could say that would either make her feel better or excuse my watching them.
“I saw you at the window. Afterwards.” She leaned forward, now a little conciliatory. “I guessed you’d been there for a while. I guessed you’d seen… everything?”
Rather than just nod again, I managed, “I did.”
“I’m so sorry. That wasn’t fair on you.” Valerie reached over and took my hand in hers. Her words sounded sincere.
I tried to reassure her. “It’s okay. It’s no big deal.”
“Are you sure? Do you want to talk about it? I don’t want you to feel bad about it.” Finally her somber tone broke a little, “Bobby and I are married after all.”
I shook my head. “No, it’s okay really. I didn’t think anything of it. I’m sorry I watched for so long… I just couldn’t help it.”
“You hadn’t seen anyone making love before?”
I wanted to answer honestly, but, being the age I was, didn’t want to expose myself as inexperienced in the ways of the world. “Yes, I mean, well, I have, but not… live like that. It was so real, if you know what I mean. I’m sorry you saw me.”
Valerie smiled softly as I spoke. I realized she was still holding my hand, like she was soothing me. I wanted to reassure her I was not psychologically harmed by the experience so blurted out, “It wasn’t a horrible experience, believe me.”
Somewhere, in that moment, the dynamic between us changed. I didn’t realize until later, but the air in the room started to change from the cool of uncomfortable discovery to the heat of a sexual discussion.
“Really? You enjoyed watching us?” I swear Valerie almost smirked.
I didn’t want to admit straight up that I’d “enjoyed” the scene, but wanted to convey that I was far from shocked or hurt by it. “It was… interesting. You know, it was beautiful in some ways. Kind of nice to see people who love each other making love like that.”
“Did it… did it excite you?” Valerie held my gaze and her grasp on my hand tightened a little.
I nodded my admission, hoping the next logical question, in my mind at least, didn’t come.
“That’s nice. I’m glad it wasn’t a bad experience for you.” I half-hoped at this point the discussion would be over, but also noticed that I was becoming excited by the topic, especially in the presence of the woman I’d watched having sex just a few days earlier. “Tell me, what did you find exciting?”
I thought for a few seconds, still unsure how much I wanted to divulge. “I… you looked very beautiful. You looked so good and comfortable together. It was all exciting.”
“Did anything surprise you?”
Hesitatingly, I admitted that one image was clearer than all the others in my mind. “I was surprised… how big he is. I had no idea.”
Now Valerie gave a short laugh. “Yes, he is big. You know all those stories about black men… Sometimes he’s too big, you know? You probably never think like that, but a man can be too big, when a woman can’t take all of him and the rest of his body never meets hers. It’s just a small thing…” we both giggled at the pun, “but occasionally it can be annoying.”
I didn’t have anything to add to her statements, so stayed quiet and let het carry on. “Men don’t need to be big to pleasure a woman, that’s a myth. Well, they need to be big enough, but not huge. Bobby can get huge, but sometimes he doesn’t get as hard as a smaller man would. You understand that?”
“Sure.” I tried to sound casual, but now I was having some size troubles of my own. My cock was straining in my pants.
“You don’t mind if I ask…” Valerie paused, “but what size are you?”
Now, that question caught me off guard. Without thinking too much I took my hand away from Valerie’s and used both hands to indicate a size of about six inches. “About that.”
“You see,” Valerie smiled widely now, “that’s just about perfect.”
Silence fell between us for a few moments there, both of us wondering what had just transpired and evaluating what our next words should be, where we went from here. Forget the whole thing or… “Is that what size it is right now?”
The moment wasn’t lost on me. We’d stepped way over the line of friendship between neighbor and friend’s mother. I thought about resisting, but I was eighteen… my will was weak and after all, I should always tell the truth, right?
“Yes.” I admitted.
“It’s very exciting, talking about sex like this? You think?” Valerie easily held my eyes, making our discussion easier, like there was nothing wrong with it. “Show me? Would you?”
She stood up and moved to the side of the table. The bulge in my pants was mostly hidden under the table, but if I moved there was no way I could hide anything from her. “Don’t be shy.” Valerie urged.
I slowly slid my chair out from the table. Valerie said nothing as the lump in my pants became obvious. I started to undo the belt from my jeans and pull down my zipper. I was aware that she was fully focused on my groin as I fumbled with my underwear and tried to release my cock from the tangle it had created. Finally I managed to expose the red, bulging head.
“Stand up.” Valerie commanded. “I can’t see very well down there. Pull the pants off.”
I stood up on shaky legs and quickly pushed my jeans and underwear down to my knees. My cock bobbed up when I stood – hard and proud, almost vertical in front of my T-shirt.
“You see,” Valerie didn’t take her eyes off me, “that’s a nice size. Looks wonderful.” I looked down and saw my cock twitch. I couldn’t remember ever feeling harder. Valerie stooped a little, looking closer. “Would you mind if I touched it?”
She didn’t wait for an answer, like she knew what the answer of any eighteen year-old would be. She reached out a hand and let her fingers explore my length with the lightest of touches, fingertips only. I watched as her hand moved over every inch of me, up and down the shaft, over the head and around the rim. Her touch was divine and I twitched as she let her gossamer touch wander all over my erection.
“You are so hard.” She didn’t look up. “I’ve not felt a cock this hard in years. Were you this hard when you were watching?”
“Yes.” I had to say something, despite the paralysis she was causing, as she couldn’t hear me nod.
“You look so good, feel so good. Your cock is beautiful.”
Despite the redness of my bulging head I saw my cock as virtually white against the blackness of her skin. Valerie took a slightly tighter hold and stroked me slowly. I started to worry about cumming, already feeling the unmistakable feelings of orgasm start to bubble up. I wanted to warn Valerie what she was doing, but she was way ahead of me.
“Feels like you need some release.” She looked up at me for the first time since she started looking at my cock. “Don’t worry. Do you want me to help you?”
“Oh God, yes. Please.” I was feeling the rise quicker now, much more forceful that I’d felt from my hand or the couple of girlfriends I’d been with.
It’s okay.” She reassured, stroking me again and turning to watch. “Just let it happen.”
I had no other option by then, there was no way I could hold back. Valerie continued her slow strokes as my orgasm built with its increasingly unstoppable force. I felt my cock twitch several times as her light touch encouraged me. When I felt her other hand start to caress my balls the rush of orgasm took me completely.
I closed my eyes as the red hot waves washed over and through my body. I felt my cock start to twitch wildly in her hand, my cum not far away. She continued to caress me as I spurted, a small one fist, then a long line of cum that splashed down on the table… then another, and another. The next didn’t make it as far and some of my white cum landed on Valerie’s black skin, stark and erotic. My cock stayed twitching for almost a minute, dry now but the power of the climax obvious.
When I’d finished Valerie squeezed the last of my cum from my shaft and it seeped out of the end of my cock. Then she unexpectedly leaded down and licked it away from me. Though I couldn’t see her mouth, I was sure she’d swallowed it.
Valerie stood up and turned to me, smiling. “Looks like you needed that.” She turned away and retrieved a cloth to wipe the table. “I hope you didn’t mind, I guess we’ve both seen something intimate of each other. It was very erotic to see you, and feel you cum like that.” I sat down in my chair, my cock still hard and proud.
“It felt good.” I managed, trying to work out what had transpired in the last few minutes.
“Better than doing it yourself while watching the neighbors I bet.” There was a laugh in her tone as she threw the cloth to the sink and sat on the edge of the table.
I sat there wondering what to say next. I couldn’t conceive that this was going any further and wondered how I should wrap things up, literally and figuratively. Surely there was no way Valerie wanted something more? Could we go back to just being neighbors? How did that work? I had no experience in this area.
“You’re still hard.” She observed, pointing at my erection. “You young boys. Insatiable. I’d forgotten how that goes.” I watched as she brought her hand up to her breast, a deliberate, sensual move. “You think you have something more for me?”
As I nodded I felt my cock twitch again. It, at least, knew what was going on here.
“Why don’t you come here and undress me?”
It was an invitation I was never going to turn down. I stood, realized that my pants were still around my legs, and kicked them off. Not wanting anything to get in my way, I pulled off my T-shirt in a flash and stood naked in front of Valerie. She smiled, not in a mom way though.
I fumbled a little with the sides of her shirt before I started to pull it over her head. Valerie raised her arms to help me and I reached up and pulled it away. Her pink bra was full to overflowing as I looked down and took in the wonderful sight.
“Nothing to hide from you here I guess.” Valerie reached behind herself and unclipped her bra. “You’ve seen these.”
I had, but not close-up, so when Valerie pulled away the bra I was stunned at the beauty of her full figure. “You like?” She used her hands to push her breasts up for me. I nodded, marveling at the hard nipples I saw, realizing Valerie was getting naked with me, still thinking about the sex I’d witnessed. “You can touch them.”
I took the invitation as a small reprimand that I wasn’t moving fast enough as it was fairly obvious that I could touch them. I reached up and took both of Valerie’s breasts in my hands. They felt heavy and stayed round as I pushed them in and up. Valerie sighed as I found the buds of her nipples and squeezed them. They felt harder than I’d expected and much bigger. “Suck on them.” She commanded.
I stooped my head to her breast and took her nipple in my mouth. I sucked gently at first, felt Valerie react with pleasure and sucked harder. I rolled my tongue around her and played with her, then repeated my actions on her other nipple while squeezing the one my mouth had just left with my fingers. I felt Valerie’s hand on the back of my head, caressing me and encouraging my pleasuring of her.
While she let me continue to suck on her Valerie’s other hand reached down between us and searched for my cock. She found me still rock hard and made a small moan of approval as her fingers wrapped around me again. Immediately she started to stroke me with her palm and thumb while her fingers reached down as far as they could, touching my balls. I returned the action by bringing my hand to the front of her jeans, gently finding my way between her legs, feeling her heat and pressing hard against her pussy.
“Let’s get these off.” Valerie declared, already unfastening her jeans. I backed off as she pulled down the zipper and pushed them down over her hips. It was impossible not to notice that she wasn’t wearing panties. I tried to get a good look at her pussy when she’d shaken the jeans off her feet but with her dark skin and black pubic hair it was impossible to see. “Come. Let’s go over here.” Valerie took my arm and led me into the lounge, straight to the sofa.
“You want to get a closer look at what you saw from your window?” Valerie seemed to be reading my mind as she sat on the sofa and lay back, opening her legs so I could see her wide open pussy.
I kneeled down on the floor and got close to Valerie’s reclined form. I couldn’t take my eyes from her pussy and now I was able to see the lines of her pussy lips and the tangle of pubes above her slit. As I watched she reached down and used one hand to ease her lips apart and reveal her pink interior. I could see the slick sheen of her excitement and marveled at the stark contrast of her pink against her dark skin.
“You like?” She asked.
“Very much. You’re beautiful.” I meant it, I had never seen a woman with such a beautiful body, and now so available to me.
“Touch me.” Valerie commanded, again encouraging me to go further than just gaze at her.
My fingertips explored all of her folds, tracing over her pussy lips and gently through the cleft of her opening that was slick with her juice. Using my thumb and forefinger I opened her slightly, delighting in the way her skin gave way to my touch. Valerie liked that too, taking her hand away from her groin and moaning at my touch. She moaned again when I let my finger slowly slip into her.
As I worked my finger in and out of Valerie my face was no more than a foot away from her, getting the best view possible. I’d never tasted a pussy before and this seemed like the perfect time so I slowly eased my face down to her, extended my tongue and lapped at her pussy lips tentatively.
“Oh, that’s nice.” Valerie encouraged as I licked up and down her slit. I used my fingers to open her as wide as I could and get the tip of my tongue inside. Valerie tasted good and I continued to experiment, licking slow and then flicking my tongue over her clit like I’d seen on porn movies.
When she felt the rapid movements of my tongue on her clit Valerie brought her hand to my head and whispered, “Not too quick. Just lick me there. The harder the better.”
I took her words to heart and made some long slow licking strokes across her clit. My fingers continued to hold her pussy open as I worked, now really enjoying that I was able to pleasure Valerie and make her moan. “Good.” She managed to breathe between moans.
Her climax took me by surprise. First I knew what was happening was when both of her hands clamped onto my head and push me harder into her pussy, encouraging me to keep licking her and make it harder. Valerie’s moans increased in volume and intensity as I licked her, my nose now hard against her pubic area, smelling her sexy musk. Valerie continued to push my head into her and force her pussy up towards me, her body now all tense as the climax approached.
She gave a final loud gasp that I assumed signaled her orgasm had arrived. I kept on licking hard and felt her pussy shudder and then her muscles contracted several times. Valerie’s hands eventually loosened off my head and let me up to look at her. She inclined her head so she could see me and opened her arms in a gesture that I should climb on the sofa and hug her.
I came up, lay my head on her shoulder and felt her arms wrap around me. My cock pressed into her thigh and I felt her kiss me gently on the top of the head. “You did good Baby. Real good. You made me cum so hard.”
Lying there, comfortably in her arms, I wondered if we were done. We had both cum and I wasn’t sure I was invited to experience the ultimate with her. Much as I wanted to sink my cock into Valerie’s lovely pussy, I wasn’t sure what our next move was. I felt Valerie’s breathing start to calm and brought my hand up to cup her breast. Her nipple was still hard and she squirmed to my touch.
“You’re still hard.” Valerie reached down between our bodies and let her hand rest against my cock. “You feel good. I think you’d feel even better inside me.” She kissed me on the head again. “Would you do that for me?”
I didn’t even nod, simply raised my body away from her and slid down a little. Valerie’s hand slipped away from my cock, but came back to it as I positioned myself closer to her. I had one foot on the floor as I angled towards her and the other leg kneeling on the sofa. I looked at her face for a final confirmation but saw nothing but raw desire. It was as though Valerie needed me inside her, which was an incredible turn on for me.
My cock came to touch her pussy lips, guided by Valerie’s hand. She pulled slightly on my shaft, urging me to thrust inside. I pushed gently, parted her lips and slipped inside. Looking down between us, I watched as my stark white cock disappeared into her warm, dark folds. Valerie gasped a little as I slid in and I simply felt the warmth of her pussy walls as I reached the full length of my penetrating her.
Valerie cooed, “Oh, you feel so good. You got it all in there.”
I could feel that I was all the way in and it was a great feeling. Basking in the warmth of her pussy, I pulled out a little and slipped in again. Valerie shifted her position slightly to allow me to make easier and longer strokes.
As much as I liked seeing the pleasure on Valerie’s face as I pushed in and out of her and the way her big boobs rocked with our motion, I was fascinated by the sight of my cock disappearing into her. I was now pulling out as far as I dared and then plunging fast into her, enjoying every slick stroke and the way her pussy gripped me. Valerie wasn’t just lying without moving either, she was arching her back and thrusting her pelvis to meet my strokes as our rhythm built.
“Does that feel good Baby?” She asked in a breathy voice. “Is this what you wanted to feel when you watched me? Is this what you thought it would be like?”
“Better.” I managed to answer between thrusts.
Valerie’s hands were all over my back now, moving gently with me as I rocked into her. The first burnings of orgasm started when I caught her eyes and she looked at me with an intensity I’d never seen in anyone before. “You gonna cum Baby?” She asked. “You gonna cum for Valerie?”
I nodded, but the gesture was probably lost in my movements as I started to pursue the strokes that would bring my climax closer. I started to get faster as I chased the feeling down, desperate to cum now, needing to and wanting to please Valerie. I felt a bead of sweat drip from my forehead, down between her breasts as I pounded away. Valerie’s hands pulled tighter on my hips, pulling me in as our bodies slammed together.
The climax came relentlessly, almost teasing me as I thought I was there and then it felt like just a couple of strokes away, then right there again. Finally I knew I was cumming and with one final full thrust into Valerie my orgasm breached its confines and burst through me. I felt my chest and leg muscles twitch as my nervous system transmitted the euphoria all through me and then I wasn’t able to thrust - frozen for a moment.
Just as I started to shoot cum into Valery I was able to thrust again and look up to see Valerie’s face, watching as I came inside her.
When I was done I slumped on top of my best friend’s mom, exhausted from the sex we’d shared and still feeling little post-orgasmic shocks running through me. Valerie wrapped her arms around me, hugged tight and then brushed some hair away from my forehead. “Was that good for you Baby?” Her voice soothed as I caught my breath. “Did you like the way Valerie makes love? Was that better than watching?”
“It was good.” I managed between breaths. “Very good. Did you…”
“Hush Baby,” she caressed my cheek with her hand, “you made me feel so good. It was nice to feel a man that can get all the way into me. I’ve needed that for a long time.”
She seemed to shift on the sofa and look towards the kitchen. “The bad news is that you have to go now. Bobby will be home in half an hour, and we wouldn’t want him to find us like this. Would we?”
Of course we wouldn’t, so I quickly got up and started to pull on my clothes. Valerie found a towel and wrapped it around her boobs, explaining that she would have a quick shower. When I was dressed she walked me to the front door and kissed me before opening it. “Thank you for a lovely afternoon.” She smiled. “It was nice of you to show me your cock, and let me have it inside me.” I couldn’t have put it better.
Valerie and Bobby lived next door to my parents for another ten years or so. Whenever I saw Valerie I had an instant reaction in my pants, but not once did she ever give me the slightest sign that our secret afternoon was something she even remembered. Valerie was inscrutable like that and I guess our lives were a bit safer for it. As much as I loved the event, and all of the wonderful memories I relived for years, I would never want my parents, or Bobby, or Chet to suspect anything.
I looked out of my bedroom window many times over the years after that day but didn’t once see my next door neighbors having sex.
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