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2020.09.23 15:33 lupeinda Black xxx chat

As we sleepwalk further into a seemingly exhilarating, yet slightly dystopian human future, I remembered this analysis of the difference between George Orwell’s ‘1984’ and Aldous Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’, two 20th century books that between the lines had a lot to say about where this species is going.
Both amusing and haunting to me, at a time when the future has never seemed so uncertain and utterly bizarre, yet pretty fucking exciting. If you find yourself feeling bored, it’s quite likely you’ve just not paying attention to anything worthwhile lately.
As everybody knows deep down, though it’s still not often talked about, there is another, deeper, more subtle epidemic happening aside from the obvious one we’re reminded of daily; that is our slow but sure collective addiction to evolving technology. And with it, the fascinating power it has; how it has fused with our ancient human propensity for being hugely social animals (and how it’s manifesting via social media into some Black Mirror-esque social credit score system, and how this tech rewards us all for participating.. those slot-machine-like hearts and red notifications when we refresh our apps, so smartly implemented by the engineers who worked very hard to try and find ways to maximise our addiction to them)
How this technology is building a tailored world around us where we become individual satellites being individually advertised to, by increasingly intelligent and accurate plethora of orbiting billboards. And how we are all complicit. The endless scroll. Memes for breakfast. Can’t sleep without distractions. Reading with our popcorn over people having arguments in tiny text boxes on Twitter. Looking at who’s viewed your story to see if ‘they’ are watching. The list goes on.
This technically has many benefits, and there is obviously as much a light side as there is a dark side, if not more. Don’t get me wrong, it has many uses and I’m grateful for the advantages these devices afford us, in principle.
However, it would be worth paying attention to how, slowly, spare moments are being sucked into that thing that lives in the pocket.. you’re at a restaurant when your friend goes to the toilet leaving you alone.. the moment they’re gone what happens? The phone comes out, to do what? To see whatever it is we are shown when we open one of several, ever-decreasing apps. Usually sludge. About 1/6 posts is a ‘sponsored’ one, often advertising something to us we might have only recently typed into google just several hours earlier.
You’re waiting in the car for someone to grab some shopping, “I’ll be back soon” Off they go, you’re sat alone, do you sit peacefully and enjoy a moment of peace, or do you pull out the old screen to stare into, to fill that space with something, anything.. anything but the silence of your own self, your own private, hellish mind.
You can access peace though in these moments, Frank Ocean nailed it; “It’s hell on Earth and the city’s on fire... inhale; in hell, there’s heaven.”
Anyway, regardless of the utility of moments of silence, I’ve noticed this tendency to reach for the phone in myself, I noticed it a long time ago, and maybe I’ve been spending too much time alone thinking about all this, I’ve certainly been meditating on it a lot lately, and at the risk of sounding like a total douche, I just feel so strongly we have to be very careful not to allow our lives to be consistently hijacked by this insatiable and somewhat recently-learned desire to fill every moment by looking outward, into the blue light, to scroll and scroll and scroll looking for something that will not be found, to be constantly entertained whilst eating dinner, whilst taking a shit, comfortably distracted, often without any preconceived intention rather than to simply avoid having to endure these moments of silence, or thought, or whatever.
These silent moments are often where insights come from (not so much when shitting) but they are where new ideas arise, where we find answers to questions we didn’t even know we were asking. Where we understand ourselves, when meditation happens spontaneously, when gratitude comes, when emotions rise up out of the murky depths; I think it’s just worth paying attention to how much of a grasp the phone seems to have on basically all of us, it’s not always warranted. I’ve caught myself too many times being slumped in a chair and suddenly waking up out of my semi-comatose state, that I realise I’ve been in for over half an hour. I can’t remember getting there.
And this isn’t some moral judgement of anybody else, I’m merely expressing my observations, and I’m also rediscovering my joy for language and honest, free expression, so fuck you ;) It’s my feeling (and only my opinion, I know) that this distraction is responsible for a very large proportion of our modern anxieties. I guess I’ve been thinking a lot about it, this year has raised a lot of questions in my mind, and probably everyone else’s. But god, I fucking love a good rabbit hole.
Especially with this pandemic, which as time goes on seems to be creating both a chasm and a strange, multi-faceted yet nonsensical bond between the reality of a virus that in same cases is definitely very serious and deserving of due caution and consideration on the one hand, and on the other; the automatic acceptance that the decisions our government and collective society makes about how we navigate it are necessarily always valid and justifiable.
I personally know more people who have lost their jobs than have gotten ill, and that’s of course not to say it isn’t happening. But at the beginning of this, based on the media portrayal and zeitgeist shaping attention Covid-19 received from us all, I was genuinely expecting bodies piling up in the streets everywhere. It was everywhere you turned. Brace yourselves for utter destruction. Am I the only one who felt this fear then, but doesn’t feel this way at all now?
And I’m not saying that I don’t believe viruses are real, or that diseases hurt people and sadly kill people, I’ve spent a fair amount of timing feeling super sad about how tragic it is we are always in a constant fight against a harsh environment that throws a lot of challenges and scary obstacles our way. But I always ultimately try to arrive at a holistic perspective, to see things from the viewpoint of the entire species, as one unity, and not just one individual.
Yes, there has always been the question of how we balance our social, economic and culture life, with public health and shared responsibility to protect those who are vulnerable. I have been amazed and inspired by how we all came together over the Spring, much to the inconvenience and loss of basically everyone. We’ve all been affected differently this year, in so many ways. There is always positive and negative to be taken from the experiences we have.
But also, I can’t help but notice how we’ve been subtly encouraged to regard our deeply natural drive to be together with each other as not only selfish or suspicious, but even criminal (£10,000 fine) And how normal this now is, how it does seem sliiiightly dystopian that we should be reporting our neighbours for being with too many family members or friends, it’s pretty weird, not gonna lie.
That doesn’t mean I automatically don’t care about people getting ill, but as time has gone on, and we are beginning to see that this thing is nowhere near as overwhelmingly disastrous to our health as the fear we all felt in March/April would have us believe.
I’ll be honest and say that for me, I can’t help but feel that our global response seems a little bit on the disproportionate side, you could say ‘excessive’, given how most people seem to need a test to even know if they’ve even had this virus. How a dry cough and mild loss of taste and smell seems to be about the worst of it for 99% of people.
If that’s the case, is it fair to say that the complete shutdown of entire countries, the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs in the UK alone, the mental health impact, the impending economic crisis and global depression, the rise in other illnesses that have gone untreated, the destruction of untold small businesses and burgeoning endeavours, the complete warping of our sense of what being social creatures is all about, the cancellation of almost all public events, including weddings, funerals and everything in between, the way we have all been tinged with the incentive to regard other people as immediately immoral and selfish for living their lives and seeing their family and friends (even though we are basically all doing this anyway) is it fair to say we are 100% doing the right thing? How quickly these transitions in our attitudes to the social world happened is nothing short of incredible, regardless how you feel about the situation.
You could say this is as much a psychological/social virus than a physical one.
The way this virus and this year has been so polarising in so many ways, and how everything feels increasingly politicised. There seems to be no escape from this colouring of events. I am literally dreading the November election in the US. So many crazy things are happening all at once, it’s no wonder we would much rather insulate ourselves and find some way to be comfortably numb.
Are human beings cut out for being constantly aware of things happening far away from them, at all hours of the day and every day? This is something that technology has massively accelerated, and it’s so fascinating to me.
But at a time when it feels like we are already far too isolated as cultures and as people.. in towns, neighbourhoods, streets, apartment blocks, is it fair to say that we may have, in retrospect, just slightly overreacted? Are we allowed to have that conversation yet? Are the risks associated with Coronavirus being outweighed by the unforeseen consequences of our collective attempts to respond to it?
Will it ever feel normal again to be sweating one out in a crowd of drunken idiots at a festival? Damn I hope so. Because we need that shit. We need to feel like we’re together, we need to feel community. It’s something I’ve been thinking about more and more.
The balance between all of this and the power we are allowing governments to wield over the destiny of all our lives is something you have to decide on for yourself, I won’t express everything else I feel here, I don't fancy being guillotined or being screamed out by anyone, and I doubt many people are even reading this far, but if you are, I’d say it’s worth taking some time to contemplating the immense influence media (and the technology used to transmit it) has on our collective thought processes, and what we regard as ‘normal’. Hopefully you already have, in which case lets' have a chat cos I am CRAVING other people's insights.
In lockdown I didn’t touch another human being for six weeks (respect to fellow single people) It was pretty hard, and very surreal. All I’m saying is I need these things in my life. I welcome real conversations. I love and miss so many people. This winter is going to be the strangest one we’ve had for a while.
I hope you’re all feeling healthy and wish everyone love and light, we’re gonna need it, because the future is only gonna get weirder. But as Hunter S Thompson put it, “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”
I’ll leave you with the quote I mentioned at the start of this rant (think I’m gonna start a blog just to see how I far I can push myself to articulate my mental chatter) I’m sorry if this pissed you off. But fuck, I need to be able to speak my mind otherwise everything is pointless.
This is a brief differentiation between two author’s views on what a potential Dystopian future would look like. I think Huxley had the edge. Peace and love. xxx
“ What Orwell feared were those who would ban books. What Huxley feared was that there would be no reason to ban a book, for there would be no one who wanted to read one. Orwell feared those who would deprive us of information. Huxley feared those who would give us so much that we would be reduced to passivity and egoism. Orwell feared that the truth would be concealed from us. Huxley feared the truth would be drowned in a sea of irrelevance. Orwell feared we would become a captive culture. Huxley feared we would become a trivial culture, preoccupied with some equivalent of the feelies, the orgy porgy, and the centrifugal bumblepuppy. As Huxley remarked in Brave New World Revisited, the civil libertarians and rationalists who are ever on the alert to oppose tyranny "failed to take into account man's almost infinite appetite for distractions." In 1984, Huxley added, people are controlled by inflicting pain. In Brave New World, they are controlled by inflicting pleasure."
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2020.09.16 23:37 AutoModerator Weekly r/FTPclothing Buy/Sell/Trade thread - September 16, 2020

What are you selling/looking to buy this week? Please be as detailed as possible, follow this formatting when listing an item:

Buy and Sell at your own risk. Always purchase thru PayPal invoice/Goods & Services!
Consider joining our FTP Discord Server, come chat and list your items in our Marketplace channels!
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2020.09.09 23:37 AutoModerator Weekly r/FTPclothing Buy/Sell/Trade thread - September 09, 2020

What are you selling/looking to buy this week? Please be as detailed as possible, follow this formatting when listing an item:

Buy and Sell at your own risk. Always purchase thru PayPal invoice/Goods & Services!
Consider joining our FTP Discord Server, come chat and list your items in our Marketplace channels!
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2020.09.06 07:20 TheCityGirl Chat black xxx

*All items sold except for the Roger Vivier shoes.* (Lol at 'Robert' in the title - I guess I was tired when writing this post!)
The item for sale, along with my username.
Roger Vivier blue embellished flower crystal kitten heelsVery pretty, but the budget version. You can’t really tell that they’re budget when on the foot, though!
Condition: Purchased unused/never worn on the BST from u/caralynnmoccia and subsequently worn once. See 'flaws' section for more detail.
Paid: $35 + G&S feesSelling for: $25 + $10 shipping = $35.00
Size: Would fit a US size 7.5

Flaws: Aside from these being the budget version of these heels, there are marks on the insole, not sure what they are (pic)! There are also 2 tiny marks on the side of the left tow box (pic). There is some wear to the heel caps. These do not come with their shoebox.
Reason for selling: These are gorgeous, but I can’t really figure out how to incorporate them into my wardrobe...
The fine print: I respond by message only, not by the Chat function. All sales are final unless I've somehow grossly misrepresented something. So please ask any and all questions you may have! All items will be sent within 3 business days of completed payment (Paypal F&F only). Items are shipped via 2-Day USPS and with tracking, which will be provided. This includes $50 insurance but please let me know if you'd like to purchase additional insurance, since I no longer am responsible for items once they're with USPS. My items come from a smoke-free home.
Seller feedback: I've sold on BST many times since it was started, and you can find my feedback here, here, and here :)
Thanks for checking out my stuff! And keep an eye out for my next post - more shoes! I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend :)

1. Burberry Scioto Icon Stripe V-Neck Cardigan'Boyfriend' style cardigan with oversized horizontal stripes in the iconic Burberry house colors. Has a slightly shimmering look in some lighting. Size small (see measurements below)
Condition: NWT. Never worn. Only tried when first received, then again when taking the mod shot below.
Paid on TB: $34.85 + Superbuy fees and shippingSelling for: $30 + $5 shipping = $35.00
**Measurements:**Bust: 20” acrossButtons section: 14”Arm length (from top of shoulder): 21”Length: 25”
Pictures:My PicsMod shot with J. Crew jeans also for saleAuth version Taobao W2C link
Flaws: Not made from the correct material; auth is fine wool and this is 80% viscous and 20% nylon. The faux horn buttons aren’t etched with ‘Burberry.’ Has a branded label, but not the correct one. However the stripe and button placements are accurate.
Reason for selling: I’ve had this for a couple of months and just haven’t reached for it. It's super cute, but I'm realizing I'm not really a cardigan person.

2. Chanel Creme 2018 Fantasy* Tweed Jacket*This is its name - it's not 'fantasy' the way RepLadies use the term; Chanel actually made this jacket. See auth link below 😊
A cream and black tweed jacket interwoven with light silvery-gold metallic thread. Cute, slightly cropped/boxy fit with subtle shoulder pads. Size XL (see measurements below).
Condition: NWT, never used. Tried on once when first received, and once for the mod shot below.
Paid on TB: $40.71 + Superbuy fees and shippingSelling for: $40 + $10 shipping = $50.00
**Measurements:**Bust: 19” acrossShoulders: 16.5 edge to edgeArm width at bicep: 7” acrossArm length: 21”Length: 21”
Pictures:My picsMod shotAuth versionTaobao W2C link
Flaws: Has branded CC buttons but not the Chanel inner tag (has TB shop’s tag). Doesn’t have the cream-on-cream jacquard lining of the original. There is a small bubble of black on one C of a pocket button (pic). There is a tiny bit of orange in the tweed in 2 places (pic).
Reason for selling: I love it and will splurge for the higher-tier version!

3. J Crew gray market toothpick jeans in power stretch denim, size 29.
Condition: NWOT (only because they didn't come with any), never used. Only tried on when received, and then again for the mod shot below. Almost certainly gray market (care tags have been cut out of interior side seam).
Paid on TB: $18.74 + Superbuy fees and shippingSelling for: $18 + $5 shipping = $23.00
**Measurements:**Waist: 15” acrossRise: 9”Inseam: 28”
Pictures:My picsMod shot with Burberry cardigan also for saleAuthTaobao W2C link
Flaws: None that I can discern. Pretty sure these are gray market!
Reason for selling: These were too big for me so I reordered them in size 27. I love them in my correct size :)
4. Burberry Brit Ashurst jacketFully branded quilted navy jacket, in size XXL (see measurements below)
Condition: NWT, never used. Tried on once, when first received.
Paid on TB: $54.89 + Superbuy fees and shippingSelling for: $50 + $10 shipping = $60.00
Measurements:Bust: 20” acrossShoulders: 19” acrossSleeves (without cuffs turned up): 24”Arms width at bicep: 8”Length: 25”
Pictures:My picsAuthTaobao W2C link
Flaws: This is the Ashurst style which is Burberry, but the tag says Burberry Brit. There is one area of double-stitching and one area of loose stitching in the quilting (double stitching pic, loose stitching pic). They're hard to notice in person but wanted to include them in the interest of due diligence! I also found the arms to be the slightest bit wide in proportion to the torso fit, but the auth might be the same since it’s in the barn coat style.
Reason for selling: Sooo cute, but too big for me.
5. Equipment Essential silk blouse
Stunning abstract bamboo print in various shades of green on a white background. Fully branded including etched buttons. Size medium (see measurements below). I have a number of auth Equipment blouses and I'm convinced that this is gray market.
Condition: NWT, never used. Tried on once when first received.
Paid on TB: $61.21 + Superbuy fees and shippingSelling for: $60 + $5 shipping = $65.00
**Measurements:**Bust: 20.5”acrossLength: 26”Arm length: 25”Arm width at bicep: 6.5” acrossShoulders: 18” across
Pictures:My picsAuth versionTaobao W2C link
Flaws: No flaws that I can see. This blouse is perfection.
Reason for selling: It's too big/long on me. But I'm absolutely in love with it and have reordered it in a size down (Small).

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2020.09.02 23:37 AutoModerator Weekly r/FTPclothing Buy/Sell/Trade thread - September 02, 2020

What are you selling/looking to buy this week? Please be as detailed as possible, follow this formatting when listing an item:

Buy and Sell at your own risk. Always purchase thru PayPal invoice/Goods & Services!
Consider joining our FTP Discord Server, come chat and list your items in our Marketplace channels!
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2020.09.02 17:01 MansA2Sepl Chat black xxx

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2020.08.28 00:33 disgruntled-spider [WTS] 14 Late Roman* Coins, All Budgets Accounted For! $8 to $40 and above! Includes Copious Quantities of Constantine's Coinage (Commemoratives included), a Greek drachm & a Roman denarius, and more!

After my last sale was so successful, I decided to buy another small lot of uncleaned roman coins. They arrived surprisingly quickly—two weeks rather than two months! I've cleaned them up, picked out the ones I liked, and am here to sell the rest to you, the citizens of coins4sale. I hope you like Constantine, because over half of the coins here bear semblance to him.
I did also listen to requests and sourced two silver coins—a drachm and a denarius. It would have been three but I liked one of them too much to give up quite yet. :)
All prices are OBO, and do not include shipping cost.
Superb VRBS ROMA commemorative (AU or possibly MS in my opinion)—$60 Obverse has a scrape across the face, but reverse is absolutely gorgeous. SOLD
Julia Domna (wife of Septimius Severus) Denarius, Rv. Pudicitia—$45
Illyria (Apollonia) greek silver drachm—$35 SOLD
Constantine I follis; VOT XXX, "eyes to god"—$30 It's crunchy, but still VF-EF & a rarer type. SOLD
Constans follis, two victories with wreaths—$25 A beautiful, small coin with matte dark patina. SOLD
Constantine VRBS ROMA follis—$20 Obverse has a gorgeous glossy black patina, reverse is flatter and matte-er with some stubborn dirt left behind. SOLD
Maximian Follis, GENIO POPVLI ROMANI—$20 Obverse is a bit rough, but reverse is quite nice. SOLD
Constantine I follis, rv. Campgate—$18 Higher grade of the two, but reverse is an uglier color. SOLD
Constantine I follis, rv. Campgate (#2)—$16 A bit crunchy, but still a pleasing coin. SOLD
Claudius II Gothicus quarter follis, struck posthumously under Constantine—$13 It's a crunchy little nugget of a coin, but a rarer type. SOLD
Constantine I Constantinopolis commemorative—$12 Obverse isn't very clear but reverse is about as clear as they come. SOLD
Maximinus Follis, rv. GENIO AVGVSTI—$11 Pretty nice coin, except for the scratch I accidentally gave it while cleaning. SOLD
Constantine I Constantinopolis commemorative—$8 Obverse has a pretty hefty chunk torn out of the portrait. Otherwise a nice coin. SOLD
Constantine I VRBS ROMA commemorative—$8 SOLD
Prices listed above do not include shipping.
I will only ship via a tracked service. Default will be USPS first class. You and I both know the current state of the USPS and I don't trust a stamped item to get to you in a timely manner. If you want me to ship via FedEx or UPS, just let me know (you will pay full shipping cost regardless of service).
I accept PayPal only. I tried venmo and they won't release the funds without attaching a card, which I don't have.
Thank you for looking.
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2020.08.26 23:37 AutoModerator Weekly r/FTPclothing Buy/Sell/Trade thread - August 26, 2020

What are you selling/looking to buy this week? Please be as detailed as possible, follow this formatting when listing an item:

Buy and Sell at your own risk. Always purchase thru PayPal invoice/Goods & Services!
Consider joining our FTP Discord Server, come chat and list your items in our Marketplace channels!
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2020.08.24 10:38 samanthaj5 Valve Index First Impressions coming from Rift

I got a Valve Index today and mostly came here to share some disappointment. I'm sure there are mistakes and possibly solutions to some of these problems as I've only had the device for less than 24hrs.
I've had a Rift for the last 3 years and was mostly happy with it except for the Facebook spying. Some issues with my Rift on a new PC and the announcement about the Facebook accounts being required soon pushed me over the edge to finally get an Index. I got lucky to get one so quickly. Whatever company represents them where I live their site said 6-8 week wait, sign up to be notified. I signed up and got a message 2 days later, "We got a new shipment. Order ASAP while supplies last". I ordered immediately and 2 days after that it arrived.
So, I unboxed it, set it up, started trying some stuff out. Hadn't really read any reviews in depth other than a general feeling that lots of them were saying it was the best of the current gen of VR devices. I did talk to a friend who has Rift, Quest, and an Index and he liked the Index controllers best but likes Quest in terms of just being able to use it immediately and no cables. I don't mind cables so much and further I want to play PC GPU based stuff, not mobile phone GPU stuff.
Anyway, since it just arrived and I've barely used it I'm already wondering if it was a mistake.
First thing, and I know I'm probably the only person in the world this affects, ... when I first set it up the hands were stuttering like crazy. After futzing with various things I finally figured out it was my infrared wireless headphones, or rather the base that is beaming out audio in infrared. This is disappointing as I pretty much always watch TV with the headphones so I don't annoy the neighbors (thin floors/thin walled apartment). I use infrared for 2 reasons. One, my stupid expensive Sony TV doesn't support bluetooth headphones even though it's running AndroidTV and has bluetooth!!! You can connect other bluetooth devices, just not headphones. No idea why they made that decision. The other is with infrared headphones you have one transmitter and as many sets of headphones as you want. I have 2 currently. I've had 4 in the past so more than one person can use them at the same time and/or switching is instant. If the batteries die just grab another. No need to switch output on the TV or re-pair bluetooth.
Anyway, shutting off the headphone base station fixed the hand stuttering issue with the Index but then later I tried to watch TV. I turned the headphone base station back on but there was a loud buzzing in the headphones from the Index Base Stations. In other words I have to turn them off in order to watch TV. That sounds like a minor friction but is it really? I'd pop on the Rift for 1 or 2 songs in rhythm games, then pop it off (because sweat) and watch some TV. Then back. etc.... The overhead of switching will likely make that stop. Maybe if I didn't have to dig behind bookshelves or under desks to turn them on/off.
Anyway, the first game I played was Portal Stories: VR. For some reason last night I replayed the original Portal (It's only like ~90mins to clear or less). While setting up the Index I was like "hmmm, they must have a VR version of Portal by now?" so I check the store and see "Portal Stories: VR" (free) and I'm thinking "How have I not already played this...... oh, no Rift version". Okay so I download and play. It's fine. Nothing special about playing on Index so it just feels like 6DOF VR, same as Rift.
I then played Synth Riders which I already had installed. It felt pretty much the same as Rift so that made me happy. I only picked it up in July and have been enjoying it although it's so sweat inducing I can only play 1 or at most 2 songs before I have to stop.
Then, I don't know if I'd call this my favorite game in VR but it is the game I've spent the most time playing and that's Audica. That right there will probably get me scorn. I know the mob says Beat Saber is it but even though I've spent several hours in Beat Saber I always come back to Audica. I've been playing for over a year and have 3-5 stars on expert level on every song and I was still playing 2-3 times a week, just 2-4 songs at a time.
Things that stick out compared to Rift.

  1. The gray levels are horrid on this Index. Maybe I can adjust them but Audica was not nearly as immersive at all without black. It feels like there's smoke or fog in the arena or like my eyes are steamed up.
    I actually noticed this on the SteamVR home when I first turned it on that the colors seemed washed out but it was really noticeable in Audica.
  2. The Index headphones that hover over the ears are the worst idea ever.
    There's multiple issues here. One is that it's just not as good sounding as closer headphones. Like basses are not as bassy. It's really horrible for music games. If you listen to music on headphones regularly you'll notice how the music doesn't sound remotely as good on these headphones. It's tinny and missing the fullness from headphones that touch the ear. I tried some $25 low-quality bluetooth in-ear buds and even at 25% volume they sound better and fuller, richer, than the Index ones at 100%.
    Another issue is that the sound bleeds into the room far more than Rift. There will be no playing any games at 3am with my thin walls with these headphones. I saw a thread that claimed the headphones are magic and don't bleed sound. I can only guess those people are deaf from too much thrash metal or dubstep haha. It's not remotely quiet. The thread I saw said they thought someone could sit in the same room and watch TV and not be distracted by the sounds. There is no way that's possible. If I put some music on my iPhone and set the volume to 20-25% and set the iPhone next to me on the chair, that's about the volume level. If someone was watching a sports game or something loud then maybe they wouldn't notice but if they were watching a drama or trying to listen to other music it would totally be distracting.
  3. The triggers on the controllers are super stiff and that's not so good for a rhythm game that requires squeezing rapidly to the music. I can see how this alone would make people who have an Index dislike Audica. For me though, given this is one of my favorites games it's really disappointing. I have no idea if I can open the controllers and adjust the tension to be like a 3rd of what it is or if that would help. It's possible I'd just get used to it.
  4. I'm not sure I'm sold on rechargeable batteries.
    This one is probably minor but if you want to play NOW or you're in the middle of a long session it's going to be no fun to be told "recharge your controllers". I've played several games 3-8 hours straight on the Rift. Different systems but those would include Farpoint(PSVR), Lone Echo(Rift), No Man's Sky(Rift), Astrobot(PSVR), Half Life: Alyx (Rift). Maybe a couple of others. The Rift controllers use a single AA battery each so if I run out it is just a moment to be back up and running. Playstation controllers are rechargeable but I have 4 of them so if one goes out I just grab another. And, they are on nice charging stations with those tiny USB dongle things so no plugs. I set them down and they're charging immediately. No having to fiddle with wires. I see someone at least thought this might be an issue as they sell a wrist mounted battery pack for the Index controllers.
  5. Having to manually turn on the controllers.
    This will sound silly and it is but it's one of those things you notice when you switch devices as it sticks out. With Rift the controllers just work. Pick them up and start interacting. With Index you have to press the power button on each stick and then wait a few seconds. The Rift controls would last for months on one battery so this is just a design issue. I have no idea how much juice the Index controllers use but they'd be better if they worked like the Rift controllers and just came on when used and turned off if they noticed they were not in use.
    Also did the controllers really need to make sound when turned on/off? Optionally make a sound? Ok. But I don't need more sounds coming from my devices. My phones all let me shut off the UI sounds and poweoff sounds. There's already an LED showing the power. There is absolutely no need for power on/off sounds.
  6. There is no "easy" way to completely turn off the chaperone boundaries.
    On Oculus inside VR you just click settings->guardian->off->confirm. Done. In SteamVR there is no off. There's just various forms of more or less intrusive. Searching the interwebs I find that I can manually edit some config file in a text editor. That's pretty lame. This is a setting I switch depending on the game.
    My setup at home is like this
    +----------+ +------------------+ | | | Books/TV/Etc | +----------+ +------------------+ | ............... | +---+...............+------------+ | | |...............|Coffee Table| | | D |...............+------------+ | | e |............... | | s | +-------------------+ | k | | | | +----------+ @ SOFA | +---+----------+-------------------+ 
    The area marked by dots is my chaperone / play area but I often sit on the sofa where the @ mark is. VR works fine there but it's not in my chaperone area so I want an easy way to turn off the boundary display and then turn it back on when I play an aggressive game so I don't put my hand through something. Manually editing a config file and re-starting Steam is not friendly at all and slow. Especially when the usual situation is, start steam, start steam vr, put on controllers, put on HMD, start game, only then realize you need to the boundaries on or off so then it's HMD off, controllers, of quit steam vr, launch editor, load file, edit setting, save file, start steam vr, put controllers back on, put HMD back on, start game. So as minor as it is it's not so minor if you actually need the feature.
So then at night I tried VaM. Yea I'm going to bring that up. I don't know if it's a dirty secret or a well known fact but I'm pretty sure 98% of all people that have VR at home watch adult content in one form or another.
So, … what can I say, more issues.
  1. One handed use is not so great.
    Suffice it to say, a controller you can easily pick up and use with one hand comes in handy. The Index controllers are arguably more awkward to use if one hand is busy, full, or dirty since they're designed to require two hands to put on.
  2. VAM controls suck
    This is a VAM issue more than an Index issue but, VAM has this control system where one thumbstick moves left/right/forward/back and the other thumbstick turns counterclockwise, clockwise, and goes up and down (height/elevation). Well, it doesn't take a lot of imagination to see those controls are not well thought out. If you're playing VAM then likely one hand is busy!!! You need everything to be controllable by one controller!!!! Fortunately on Oculus if you press and hold the thumbstick in then moving your hand in space any direction translates the camera so you can use that mode to do up/down/left/right/forward/back and further, rotating the controller rotates the view so you get all the controls with a single button, no need for sticks at all (which is 8 buttons lost!).
    Unfortunately for whatever reason VAM chose not to support the thumbsticks on Index which means if you want to use VAM for arguably it's intended purpose you keep having to juggle the 2 controllers with one hand. Generally you put one down and try to nudge the thumbstick without picking it up but still it's really annoying that you can't do it all from one controller.
  3. in VR Desktop compositing pales in comparison to Oculus.
    On Oculus you can pull up your desktop or any window on your desktop, or multiple windows and position them anywhere at almost any angle, pin them and they will stay put while you're playing a game. This is great for referencing help while stuck in some game, or pinning some communications window (chat, video, etc..) and for many games you can even get it to do depth testing. So for example, launch VAM, load a character, pull up your desktop, launch VLC, play a favorite scene, put it behind your character billboard size. Heck, play 4 movies in 4 windows behind your VAM characters.
    Apparently "OVR Toolkit" is a solution for this on Index though if I understand correctly it can't do the depth buffer thing which makes it far less useful for VAM.
  4. Just as non-private as Oculus?
    One thing I hated about Oculus is it records every app you run, probably reports it to facebook, and further, it adds it to your dashboard so next time you launch VR there's a giant "you recently played these adult games". Not so great for when you're showing VR to your mom, kids, visitors etc… I'm all for sex positiveness but come on! Some things are best kept private. I'm sure if you're LGBT and you have reasons to hide that fact you'd prefer if it wasn't so easy to be accidentally discovered.
    Well, I was hoping Index / SteamVR was better at this but it's just bad. As soon as I exited VaM there it is on my recent apps list..
    There's a law that it's illegal to share movie video rental records.
    That law ought to cover video games as well and it should be illegal for Apple, Facebook, Value, Sony, Google, Microsoft, etc to track that info without your permission. You should be able to opt out not just of making it public but of it being collected at all or arguably it should default off and you should have to explicitly opt in. And further, you should arguably be able to keep certain apps out of your recently used list. I suspect some reporter will have to publish some congress person's adult games history in order for the law to get extended to games and apps.
    Do SmartTVs have this issue? You watch some adult movie and you turn your TV on the next morning and there's "Santa rides Rudolph (XXX)" with graphic thumbnail of naked woman wearing a santa hat and naked man with a red ball on his nose on your TV for your children to see on the "recently watched" or "in progress" row of the TV's home screen.
    Fortunately it appears VaM doesn't stick around in the recent list but … this is also just an issue in general. Steam has a growing library of adult titles. There needs to be a way to not have your usage of them tracked, shared, etc...
Conclusion, TL;DR I'm feeling pretty strongly this Index was a mistake for me and I should probably just sell it ASAP while it still has value. I'm not saying it's bad, it's just not an obvious upgrade or a solution to my Rift issues. I'm not sure what "best in Index" VR games I should be looking forward to, so, if right now if I playing Audica is worse, if the headphones are worse meaning I need 3rd party headphones making it even more cumbersome, if I have constantly turn on and off the base stations, and if the VaM usage is also poor there isn't much point for me. It's not qualitatively better in any way I can tell except it's not owned by Facebook. I was hoping it would end up being a clear win but as it is, at least for my use cases, it seems to be mostly 1 step forward several steps back.
Not that I want to go back to Rift. There are reasons I took a risk and bought an Index. It's just I want a no-compromises device! (and a pony!)
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