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**The conspiracy subreddit is a thinking ground. Above all else, we respect everyone's opinions and ALL religious beliefs and creeds. We hope to challenge issues which have captured the public’s imagination, from JFK and UFOs to 9/11. This is a forum for free thinking, not hate speech. Respect other views and opinions, and keep an open mind.** **Our intentions are aimed towards a fairer, more transparent world and a better future for everyone.**

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Jules probably wishes she was in her ex’s latest music video instead of being hidden off camera watching her husband live stream drunk and do pop punk karaoke submitted by pwwwwl to redbar2 [link] [comments]

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Confessions Of A Serial Killer- Part 1
Warning: Before you read this, just know that this series is going to be filled with swearing and graphic details. You have been warned.
(All feedback is appreciated. Please let me know if it’s too graphic)
Hello, my name is Arthur McKenzie. I am 45 years old and I am facing the death penalty. In 72 hours, I will be executed for my crimes. I am a serial killer, having committed 27 murders. I will be writing about some of these stories and sharing it with you all before I am executed. I have been committing these crimes, since 1998-2005. In 2005 I stopped doing the murdering and I went into hiding. The first story I’d like to share is my first murder.
It was October 30th 1998. I was 23 years old, unemployed and I had just gotten out of a relationship the week prior. My ex girlfriend, cheated on me with who I thought was my best friend, so you can imagine what I was thinking at that time. I had to move out of my girlfriends apartment and think of a place to stay. I only could think of my mother, but the last time I spoke to her we were arguing over something so little that I don’t even remember what it was about. I lived in Boston at the time so it was pretty cold outside, so sleeping in the streets wasn’t a great idea.
I decided that I should take a chance at going to my mothers house and seeing if she would let me in. I rang the doorbell and she opened it 30 seconds later. Her facial expression went from calm, to upset in the matter of seconds. I explained to her everything that had happened. Her face changing yet again but, her facial expressions told me that she felt sorry for me. In my head I was hoping that she would let me in and stay there until I got back on my feet. Without saying anything she slammed the door in my face.
Instantly a single tear rolled down my face. At that moment I felt like god just wanted to see me fail. I left and walked to a nearby park where I tried to sleep, but I just couldn’t do it. The jacket I was wearing wasn’t good enough for the cold. Somewhere in the middle of the night I heard a group of teenagers walking in my direction. “Strange”I told myself, why would there be anyone walking in the park at this time. I checked my watch and saw that it was 4:15 in the morning.
As they walked past me, I heard one of them say, “Look at that bum on the bench right there”.
I instantly knew they were talking about me.
I heard another kid dare one of his friends to pour water on me.
I laid there, hoping that his friend wouldn’t do it and that they’d just walk off but they did exactly what I hoped they wouldn’t do. His friend walked up to me and poured a whole bottle of water on me. I got up instantly and told them off.
One of the other kids then told me to fuck off and get a job. I argued with those kids for a couple seconds before one of them came from behind me and grabbed me. He threw me to the floor and they all started to jump me. For 2 minutes straight, they all took turns beating me up. They only stopped when they saw I was unconscious. One of them even thought I was dead. I remember waking up at 7 in the morning laying in a pool of my own blood in the freezing cold. I thought for a moment I was going to die.
I tried to stand up but my left leg ankle was hurting me. One of those bastards broke my ankle. Finally, a young lady that was taking a jog came in my direction. She instantly saw all the blood on the floor as well as me sitting there holding my ankle. She called the ambulance and they arrived within 5 minutes. At the hospital they told me I had suffered a concussion, had a fractured ankle, and had a few cracked ribs.
They asked me what the hell happened and I told them. A few minutes later 2 police officers came in and asked me what happened. I told them almost everything. They asked if I saw any faces and I said no, but that was the furthest thing from the truth. I saw all of their faces and I recognized 3 of them. My ex girlfriends 18 year old brother, and two of his friends. I knew exactly what school they went to. I planned on making those fuckers pay for what they did to me.
Any other day I would handled it like a civilized person, but I was tired of being civil. I was tired of being looked down on. I was tired of everything and I now knew what I wanted to do with my life. After a couple days I left the hospital. Not 100% but I was feeling a lot better. Normally whenever I had an idea, a couple days later I would change that idea. But this one, just stuck with me. I wanted to do this.
I had some cash on me and I went to the gun shop, and purchased a Fort 12 pistol for $700. Then I went to the hardware store and purchased items like gloves, a pocket knife, some duck tape, and rope. I went to a nearby target to buy some disposable clothes and a ski mask, as well as a big coat. I planned on doing everything in my power to not be identified through cameras. I even went to a barber shop and changed up my hairstyle and even trimmed my beard. Nothing was going to stop me.
Then I headed towards the school to wait and get some information on them. Like routes, home locations and other things like that. As soon as the school day was over I saw them. I instantly recognized them all. I now had a clear sunlight view of them. Their appearances varied, as one of them was at least 6’1, and another was like 5’6. Nothing I couldn’t handle. After weeks of spying on them, finding out things like they’re family members and where they work and things like that, I finally made a plan. One that would require the help of someone else.
I walked into a dark alley at 10 pm and there was someone there. I called for him and didn’t get a response. I heard him, I just couldn’t see him. As I walked forward he lunged at me and tried to inject me with something but I instantly reacted and slammed him to the floor. After a few seconds of scrambling on the floor I put him in a choke hold. Those years of Brazilian Jui-Jitsu training have finally paid off. He submitted and I told him to listen. I gave him a rundown on what I was thinking and he quickly said he liked it. Almost too quickly.
I told him to meet me at a specific location at a specific time and he said okay. This was a test to see if he was a rat and would try to get me arrested. The day came, and it was time to meet up with him. I was a fair distance away from where I told him to meet me and a couple minutes later he showed up. He was looking for me and looked confused. I waited for a couple minutes until I felt comfortable enough.
I walked up to him, still on edge. I asked him if he had a wire on him and he denied it. I checked him and he was telling the truth. I told him to put on a blindfold as the place I was taking him was something I wanted to keep hidden. An abandoned warehouse with electricity somewhere deep in the forest. I took his blindfold off and we walked inside. There we discussed the plan. We were going to carry out the plan in two days.
...Two Days Later...
It was time to carry out with the plan. Me and the other man, (who we’ll call Mitchell) finally met. Judging from my research, the 5 boys go to a store all together at 5 pm. So at 5 pm me and Mitchell went to that location. It just so happened to be next to the forest that out warehouse was located in.
Our plan was simple, do something to get their attentions and make them chase us. As soon as they follow is, we go into the warehouse and act like we’re out of options. They’ll follow us and then we’ll have them trapped with nowhere to run, or hide.
In the time I took to prepare, I modified to warehouse and made it so that with the click of a button, all the doors will lock automatically, with the only way of unlocking them being a specific combination. I also made it so that once the doors are locked, all service is blocked off making their phones useless and any attempt at reaching the outside world impossible. Then tie them up, and do the dirty work. Now it was time to go through with it.
Before me and Mitchell did anything, I warned him that If he betrays me or ends up being scared to do something, I’d put a bullet in between his eyes.
A couple minutes later we made it to the street, and guess who was leaving the store. The 5 teenagers. One of them had his phone out in his hand. That was a perfect way to make them chase us. I walked in front of them before snatching his phone out of his hands and taking off into the forest. And just like I suspected, they all started chasing us. Me and Mitchell made it to the warehouse in a couple minutes and they came soon after.
They saw us in the warehouse and they all came in. Me and Mitchell were at the back of the wall and they were at the door. The button was on the wall and I pressed it. The doors instantly shut and they were confused. They had no way of getting out or calling for help. They weren’t too worried about that as I still had the kids phone and we were both out of breath. They walked up to us and I pulled the gun out. 4 of them tried to run but my ex girlfriends little brother decided to be bold.
He told his friends that the gun was fake and that there was no threat.
I asked him if I wanted to prove him wrong and he replied by saying, “yes, and when it’s proven that it’s a fake gun, me and my friends are going to murder you and your friend here.”
I chuckled as I took the gun off of safety. I fired a shot aiming upwards and his facial expression changed from cocky to petrified. I could tell that he couldn’t move or speak. I laughed and told them all to shut the fuck up and sit down in each of the chairs I had out. They listened and me and Mitchell tied them up. One of them asked us what we wanted and I didn’t respond. I just stood in front of him and took off the coat I had on. I pulled up a chair and sat down right in front of him. I told Mitchell to put tape over their mouths as I wanted to see their reaction as to what was about to happen. I took off the hood part of my jacket and took of my ski mask. Instantly they recognized my face.
Their eyes widened as one of them began to cry. Another one of them tried to speak. I took the tape off his mouth and he instantly started apologizing for what happened. I noticed that he was the one who poured the water on me. I decided to get some revenge.
“I’m pretty sure I remember you pouring water on me, in the freezing cold. Now it’s my turn. This time it’s going to be the exact opposite.” I said as a huge grin came over my face.
“You did it in the cold. I’m going to do it, in the heat.”
I proceeded to pull out a gasoline canister. He started crying and begging me to not do what I was planning to. I punched him straight in the face, hearing a cracking sound. I figured I had broken his nose with that punch. I told Mitchell to put the tape back over his mouth. After Mitchell was done I dragged the chair the kid was sitting in over in front of all of them. I proceeded to slowly pour the gasoline over his body. Tears started pouring from all of their eyes.
I set a trail of gasoline leading towards him. I pulled out a lighter but before I could set him on fire, on of the kids started to struggle. He tried to get himself loose to try and attack us. I laughed at his attempt to break free. I pulled out the gun and shot him, right in his left shoulder. He let out a squeal and I warned them all that trying to struggle would result in a gunshot. I carried on with what I was about to do. I took the lighter and I lit it. I put it on the gasoline trail and it instantly lit the kid on fire.
His friends started yelling and crying but they couldn’t make out clear words with the tape over their mouths. The kid in the chair, had the tape burned off his lips. And he did nothing but scream. I grew impatient and ended it right there as I put a bullet in his head. Some of his blood splattered on me and I started laughing hysterically. I showed one of the kids the blood on my arm and told him it was gross as shit. He gave me a death stare. And I noticed it quickly. I grabbed him by the face and looked him dead in the eye. I had a dead serious expression on my face.
“None of you are leaving here alive. But if you’re completely honest, I’ll let one of you go. Now please, tell me who was the one that fractured my ankle?”
None of them said anything which angered me even more. I pulled the gun out and counted how many bullets I had left. I had a lot, and they saw that.
“If none of you speak now, I will put a bullet in each and every single one of your mothers heads.”
One of the kids signaled that he wanted to speak. I ripped the tape off.
“It was me, I’m so sorry. I really am. I knew it was wrong but still did it anyway. I just wanted to be like the rest of my friends. Please don’t hurt my mother.” Said the teen.
“Don’t worry about your mom. She’ll be fine, but you won’t.” I said, as I walked over to a machine covered with a huge cloth sheet. I pulled the cloth sheet down revealing a wood chipper. I grabbed the kid and injected him with a tranquilizer making him go to sleep. I took off his restraints as I turned the wood chipper on. I picked him up and walked him over to the wood chipper. Mitchell tried to stop me but I pushed him to the floor. I dropped the kids body and I said,
“Mitchell, what did I tell you would happen if you try to stop me”
I pulled out the gun and pointed it at him. He begged me not to but it was too late. I shot him right in between his eyes. I didn’t really need him at this point so having him gone wouldn’t slow me down. I looked back at the teen and I picked him back up. I put his right foot in the wood chipper and turned it off. I pulled his leg out of the chipper revealing that his foot was now gone up to the calf. I then turned it back on and put his right hand in the wood chipper. I pulled his arm out revealing that half of his right arm was now gone. Then from there I took a hammer and slammed it over his other ankle until I heard a crack.
I then tied him up and waited for him to wake up. It took a long time but I took that time to watch the first kids body burn. I ended up putting the fire out revealing the third degree burns on the kids body. I then focused on the next target. I asked who cracked my ribs and got no response. I then threatened to cut one of the kids ear off if he didn’t speak, and guess what. I got an answer.
“It wasn’t me sir, it was him” the kid said as he pointed to another kid. The other kid looked scared when I approached him. I grabbed him and untied him. I told him that if he tried anything I would kill him right there. I had the gun pointed to his back so he wouldn’t try anything. I hit him over the head with the gun and he fell to the floor. I grabbed him and tied his hands and legs to a table. I put on a doctor mask and I pulled out some tools. I told him what I was about to do.
“Surgery. I am going to get rib transplants” I said, as the kid began crying.
I pulled out an electric saw blade and turned it on. I cut into his skin and began to go deeper and deeper. I didn’t inject him with anything, so he felt everything that happened. While I was cutting into his skin the other kid woke up and started screaming as he saw what his new body looked like. I laughed and told him to look at what I was doing to his friend. He started crying as I continued to cut. I made it down to the teens rib cage. I took a hammer and I smashed it over the ribs. I decided that’s not enough and I put my hands around the ribs, I then yanked on it as hard as I could. Every pull resulted in a different sound from the kid. I decided enough was enough and I pulled out a baseball bat. I then hit the kid in the rib cage with the bat as hard as I could and I cracked a couple.
I then pulled those out and showed him. I put them on his face as he slipped in and out of unconsciousness. After a while he was unresponsive and I assumed he was dead. But for good measures I put a bullet in his head too. I got tired of waiting and I decided to just end their lives. I started to feel sick and began to panic. I untied two of them and let them fight to the death. I had the gun pointed at them at all times so they didn’t plan on trying to attack me. It was my ex’s younger brother and the other kid.
They ended up fighting with my ex’s younger brother winning. But he didn’t kill the other kid. So I stopped them and killed the other kid for him. Not too long after I hit the kid over the head with the gun knocking him out. I wrapped a noose around his neck. I woke him up and raised him in the air, I wanted to see that son of a bitch struggle and fight for air. After a couple minutes he stopped moving. I let him down after ten minutes. I put a bullet in his head and hung him back up.
Now it was just the last kid left. He already had his limbs put in a wood chipper. What worse could I do? I ended up putting 6 bullets in his head before lighting the entire place on fire and burning the clothes I had on. I put on the clothes I bought and kept walking. I walked for hours and hours and made it out of the forest on the whole other side. I walked for hours and hours until I made it to the next state. I was now in Rhode Island and I was ready to start a new life.
To be continued...
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As usual, if you would like to support our project, please check us out on Patreon or OpenCollective!
Download this update via the website or by updating in-app.
New Features and Additions

  • Windows: Added Virtual Camera, allowing you to use the OBS output as a camera in other apps on your computer. Support for other operating systems will be added in future versions when they're ready [Jim]
  • Added a Source Toolbar to allow easy access to relevant controls for the currently selected source. The toolbar can be toggled via the View Menu -> Source Toolbar [DDRBoxman/Jim/cg2121]
  • Added media controls to allow controlling playback of media/VLC sources on the source toolbar when a media source, VLC source, or slideshow source is selected [cg2121]
  • Added a new noise suppression method to the Noise Suppression filter, RNNoise, which is an AI-based noise suppression method with significantly better results for voice than the pre-existing method (Speex) [remjay]
  • Added the ability to take screenshots of the previews, sources, or scenes with hotkeys [cg2121]
  • Added a log viewer when going to the Help menu -> Logs -> View Log menu item [cg2121]
  • Added a percentage toggle checkbox to the volume controls in advanced audio properties [cg2121]
  • Added more audio capture support for BSD operating systems [khng300]
  • Added the option to disable antialiasing for text sources [Codex-]
  • Added a right-click context menu option to projectors to make a specific projector always on top of other windows [Bennik2000]
  • QSV Encoder: Improved performance when running OBS on an Intel GPU and simplified various options [brittneysclark]
  • The cursor will now change to reflect your action (dragging edges or sources) when editing items in the preview [WizardCM]
  • Improved the interface of transitions dock [cg2121]
  • Increased the update rate of the level meters in the audio mixer from 30Hz to 60Hz for improved smoothness and responsiveness [dodgepong]
  • Media sources using remote URLs will now automatically try to reconnect when disconnected [Yohox]
  • Added a "Defaults" button to the script dialog to reset script properties to defaults [cg2121]
  • Added a right-click context menu when clicking on scripts to allow opening the script file location or reloading specific scripts [WizardCM]
  • The auto-configuration dialog will now use standard/common resolutions when selecting what resolution you’d like to use [cg2121]
  • 709 is now the default YUV colorpsace
  • The VLC source’s playlist property can now be reordered by dragging and dropping items within it [cg2121]
  • Projectors associated with specific monitors will now be deleted when the monitor is disconnected from the system [cg2121]
  • You can now use slashes in the recording name format and prefix prefixes/suffixes to automatically create directories when recording or making replays [Jim]
  • Improved performance and accuracy of the LUT filter [jpark37]
  • The default audio sample rate is now 48khz instead of 44.1khz [e00E]
  • NVENC: Added a more friendly warning that will show up if you are using an outdated NVIDIA driver [notr1ch]
  • Windows: The program will now show a list of command line options in a dialog box if started with the --help or -h command line parameters [WizardCM]
  • macOS: Added support for several more virtual audio drivers to be selected as desktop audio capture devices in audio settings [pkv]
  • Image sources will no longer check for changes or try to load an image while hidden [notr1ch]
  • The minimum canvas resolution is now 8x8 to prevent issues where this could be rounded to zero causing OBS to fail to start [notr1ch]
  • The settings window can now be closed with the ESC key [Bennik2000]
  • macOS window capture no longer shows windows which aren't relevant to capture [timmiehaha]
Bug Fixes
  • Windows: Fixed an issue where loss of certain devices could cause a crash with window capture [jpark37]
  • Windows: Fixed a bug where an inactive UWP app (such as Calculator) could be selected for window capture, but would still fail to capture even after being unminimized [jpark37]
  • Windows: Fixed a flaw where capturing Chrome-based programs with Window Capture might fall back and capture other Chrome-based programs unintentionally [jpark37]
  • Windows: Fixed the auto updater always launching OBS as administrator after a successful update [notr1ch]
  • Windows: The auto updater now works correctly if the OBS user and administrator user are different accounts [notr1ch]
  • Linux: Fixed an issue where the browser source could crash when browsing files [cg2121]
  • Linux: Fixed an issue with “always on top” sometimes not working with projectors [cg2121]
  • Linux: Fixed an issue where cameras using V4L2 would not respond correctly to pan/tilt controls [ioangogo]
  • Linux: Fixed an issue where a user’s preferred language could not be detected correctly [khng300]
  • macOS: Fixed an issue where “always on top” windows would not always be on top [jtopper]
  • macOS: Fixed an issue where certain prompts didn’t have a default action for keyboard users [unknowndomain]
  • macOS: Fixed a memory leak which could cause a crash after extended use [jpark37]
  • macOS: Fixed an issue where resizing a multiview window could cause a crash [jpark37]
  • Fixed a bug where pressing the rename shortcut while editing a scene name would reset the edit state [RytoEX]
  • Fixed a bug where the system tray icon could appear even though it was disabled in settings [Programatic]
  • Fixed a bug where you could get two save confirmation dialogs in a row when exiting the filteproperties [Jim]
  • Fixed various bugs and stability issues with Vulkan capture [jpark37]
  • Fixed a bug where starting recording or the replay buffer could resize the main window [cg2121]
  • Fixed a bug where media sources hotkeys would not work correctly in Studio Mode’s preview [cg2121]
  • Fixed an issue that allowed “Paste (Duplicate)” for scene sources, resulting in strange bugs [exeldro]
  • Fixed an issue where the volume meters in the audio mixer would appear to be clipping when docks were moved [WizardCM]
  • Fixed an issue where the right edge of certain JPEG and movie files could be incorrectly rendered [jpark37]
  • Fixed an issue where groups would not be selected/deselected correctly [cg2121]
  • Fixed a hang that could occur when streaming with certain streaming services (caused by certain RTMP status values) [eric]
  • Fixed an issue where scene collections which used similar names with different symbols could overwrite one another [RytoEx]
  • Fixed a bug where CoreAudio audio encoder would not work with 4.0 audio correctly [pkv]
  • Fixed a crash when a hotkey to play/pause was used on a media source with an invalid or blank file [exeldro]
  • Fixed a bug where the “Start Streaming” button could become blank under certain circumstances [WizardCM]
  • Fixed a bug where a changed theme get stuck if the user exited the settings dialog with the [x] button rather than the OK/Cancel buttons [Jim]
  • Fixed a bug where filters would be deleted on sources that had their plugins removed [Jim]
  • Fixed a bug where hotkeys could repeat when held down [cg2121]
  • Fixed a bug where unnamed sources would show up in the hotkeys settings [Scrxtchy]
  • Fixed a bug where services wouldn't be ordered properly when showing all services [Jim]
  • Fixed an issue where the automatic scene switcher tool wouldn't detect some windows [adalessa]
  • Fixed a bug where the Stats dock would steal focus from the main window [Bennik2000]
  • Fixed a tearing issue for certain codecs (such as ProRes) when using FFmpeg output [ePirat]
  • Fixed a bug with the SRT output to make it compliant with ETR 290 Level 1 recommendations (rewrite of srt output) [pkv]
  • Fixed a bug where the last frame of a media source could be visible briefly when restarting playback [notr1ch]
  • Fixed a bug where you could not capture programs using executable names beginning with “time” [notr1ch]
  • Fixed a crash with certain AJA devices [Jim]
  • Fixed a memory leak when dragging and dropping stuff on to OBS to create sources [cg2121]
  • Fixed a memory leak and crash on shutdown when scenes were reordered [Programatic]
  • Fixed the script_path() script function causing memory corruption [PerHeed]
  • Fixed camera controls on Linux video devices not working [Nathan-Huckleberry]
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Have you ever looked in the mirror and not recognize the person looking back at you? In a genuinely stomach drop way where it's as if you can't identify who it is in the mirror. I don’t want to be here. I’m not strong enough to accept that this is my life.
I want my girls to have a grandpa, the man who raised me. I want to enjoy holidays with my family again. I want friends. I move in a day and I have nothing. I’ve used all resources available and there is no one left to ask.
I don’t have a support system. I don’t have the strength to fight for my girls and I in court against a pedophile loser who distributed hidden camera pictures of us, my babies. I use reddit as an outlet but nobody is listening. I’ve cried for help on deaf ears.
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I finally got the chance to play Ocarina of Time over the last month. For the longest time, Ocarina is one of those mythical games that have loomed large in my periphery. I was aware back then how Zelda was considered the perfect game. I still remember it being the only game to score 40/40 from famitsu and every video game list I have read ranks it as the greatest game of all time. Even though I have owned an SNES and N64, I wasn’t really interested in the Zelda games, especially during the N64 era when I focused more on my Playstation games. I finally bought my first ever Zelda game when I got my DS, playing Phantom Hourglass. And while I enjoyed the game, I considered it a self-contained experience and wasn’t really motivated to seek out other Zelda games.
Well, afters years of putting it off, I finally decided to satiate my curiosity about the game and got Ocarina of Time 3D for my 3DS. And I’m really glad I did. This is a fantastic game that truly deserves all the accolades. I can definitely see how it was considered the perfect game it did when it came out. If I had played this game when it came out, I would have considered it one of my favorite games of all time. The only reason I don’t consider it now, is that some aspects, mostly with the game and camera controls are clunky by modern standards. Targeting enemies especially feel a bit outdated. I know Z-Targetting was groundbreaking at the time it was implemented but modern controls have definitely improved it way more.
Why did I love the game? One of my favorite things about video games with regards to gameplay are exploration and discovery and the secrets hidden within these and Ocarina has these in spades. When I first started playing, I was just going through the motions of trying to finish the game quick so I used the shiekah stones liberally (I assumed these were added to the 3DS version as a QOL) whenever I get stuck (finding entrance to Dodongo Cavern (which turned out to be easy if I bothered to look around) and Getting inside Jabu-Jabu (which apparently was one of the most obtuse things in the game)).
But as I played more and finding myself enjoying the game, I allowed myself time to fully explore and dwell upon the puzzles of the game, trying to solve them myself. That’s one other thing that would have worked better if I had played this as a kid. I would have more time to fully explore the secrets in the game. As a working adult, I only have 1-2 hours each night of playing so there’s a debate on whether I want to spend it roaming around trying to figure out a puzzle or just look up the solution so I can proceed. I was very proud of myself that I figured out all the dungeon puzzles by myself without looking up the shiekah stones or using a guide (especially the water temple, which I knew going in was infamously notorious for being hard. My solution was to actually draw my own map and put in notes for the key locations).
Even after I finished the game and I looked up what I missed, I was astonished by how much I missed. There were still 11 (of 36) heart pieces I didn’t discover, and I missed 26 (of the 100) gold skulltulas. I never figured out the purpose of the pocket cuckoo (for getting the Biggoron sword) and I couldn’t find the guy wanting the Bunny Hood (which was the most obtuse things in the game. I spent days and hours talking to everyone in the game, never realizing there is a guy running around in Hyrule field even though there are no other NPCs in Hyrule field and I never ever saw him when I was running around). There are some other secrets in the game that were too obtuse for me (like how would i know playing the Song of Storms would open a hole or that putting bugs in soils would produce a gold skulltula?) and I’m not sure if I like those or not. I like secrets to not be obvious but to be fair still.
I do love how much secrets are filled in the game and how densely packed they are in the game world. There are secrets in every area in the game with no wasted space. I much prefer a tighter overworked filled with secrets like what Ocarina has over a huge empty sandbox game like many modern open world games.
All the other aspects of the game I love as well. The 3DS remaster graphics still works and the music as expected is legendary. The characters, even with almost no voiced dialogue are utterly charming and feel instantly classic. The only downside if any is that combat, as mentioned, is clunky by modern standard but still passable. Boss fights, especially the last Ganon fights are epic though, which I love.
I easily rate this game a 10/10. I enjoyed it so much that I’m planning on getting both Majora’s Mask and Link Between Worlds. I also got Spirit Tracks in my queue. I don’t have the later Nintendo consoles but Twilight Princess looks good to me as well. I am undecided about Breath of the Wild as Ive read that it’s more of an empty huge open world with little to do which is the opposite of what I loved about Ocarina of Time.
Final rating: 10/10 Played from 8/30/20 - 9/29/20
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2020.09.29 17:40 delusionalboyy Hidden camera voyuer

Hi guys, I haven’t been on my meds for about a month. At first I forgot to take them, then I just didn’t want to anymore. Stopped them cold turkey. Here and there I try and take them but always forget to keep up with it. So my delusions and existential thoughts have come back.
I once watched a show and believed that there were hidden messages in the show trying to tell me something. I thought the show was trying to tell me that the CIA was watching me. For the next month I stayed in my room and when I had to go out I would keep my hood up and avoid cameras. I taped my phone camera and my laptop camera. The paranoia persisted for the next couple of months.
Last month I had an ongoing manic episode that lasted around 4 weeks. During this time I believed that the CIA was after me because I knew too much valuable information. I was seeing signs in the world that only I could see. I really believed that I had something special about me that allowed me to pick up signs from the universe. I thought that there was a higher power giving me these signs, but also taunting me at the same time. I still constantly have the feeling that I’m being watched by the universe, by this higher power. This continued for a long time, and I eventually developed the idea that the CIA had a gun on me and I was going to be shot and killed. Most of these thoughts have vanished this month, but I have a lot of existential questions about reality and the meaning of life. For those of you who have read my previous posts, you would know that I started to believe that the universe is predetermined and these signs are meant to happen. I wasn’t looking for a religious answer, but that’s what most of it had come to. Anyway, I had experienced some major deja vu, and have come to the conclusion that I am the creator of my own life. This is where it gets a little crazy and I’m sorry if it seriously makes no sense.
So I experience some major deja vu sometimes. I start to remember the exact setting and surroundings. Like I had been there before. I believe that I am the creator of that memory, like it was tested in my mind before it happens. I started to believe that I am the creator of everything, of every experience I’ve ever had. It was all made by me. I know this sounds nuts, but this is what I’ve been experiencing lately and it’s very real to me. Sometimes I can experience someone else’s deja vu, where I can remember having an experience exactly similar to someone else, except I’ve never actually had the experience before. It’s like I can remember a memory of something even though it’s never happened before. I’m sorry if this is hard to understand; it’s hard to write out.
Many people on this subreddit are able to distinguish what their delusions mean. Sometimes it’s religious and sometimes it’s not. I haven’t been able to pinpoint exactly what all these signs and delusions mean. I can’t link it to a single thing. Many people are able to tell what exactly their delusions mean, but I just have a bunch of scattered puzzle pieces that I can’t put together. I don’t know how any of you might be able to help, but literally anything helps. Thanks :)
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2020.09.29 15:06 FastForecast Voyuer camera hidden

FastForecast 29 September
Good morning citizens. It's another beautiful day from here on Clio and it has been an interesting 24 hours. Let's take you to a wrapup of today's news.
We caught another emergency beacon from Captain Afioline. at almost 30,000 kilometers above MicroTech's northern pole.

From cameras onboard, placed earlier, we have a good view of him escaping via the onboard Pisces. It seems the Carrack's fuel lines ruptured, filling the engineering with a volatile mixture of hydrogen and quantanium. With alarms blaring, we watched as he just barely made it past the blast zone as the inevitable spark from the massive engines sparked the mixture, causing an explosion that we could see even from our location on Clio.
MicroTech medical says that the good captain was picked up with minor burns and concussion and will be out of commission for at least a week and is currently under investigation for possible insurance fraud. The possibility of so many ships having so many catastrophic failures in so short of a time is highly unlikely and UEE inspectors are doing a deep dive in financials as well as the possibility that he is the target of sabotage.

Speaking of life and death events, we were fortunate enough to catch up with another informant from our Banu friend's list at a secluded location

We found our informant in a deep canyon, hidden from satellite scans by high deposits of heavy metals and narrow ravines. We were surprised to find just how comfortable it was and did our meeting without a helmet. It's always nice to catch a lung full of clean, warm air.
Almost a million UEC and several hours later, we were given an early blueprint of the pulse weapon and it's intimidating. We're not quite sure what to do with this. If the attacker is within the UEE and marking the battleships, alerting them and handing this off will make it disappear. If we hand it to law enforcement, we've already seen Crusader Security is on the take (our full report is being finalized now). This is a current and very real danger so what should we do with it?

We headed back to New Babbage to do some thinking and grab a StimCaf and were...disappointed. What is this? Why can we not get a StimCaf at Garcia's? Why can we not pronounce anything on the menu? We submit this report drinking something green with a sprig of something purplish green that was 25 UEC for a "vente'" in a biodegradable cup that we are sure is going to melt away before we finish this report wanting to get back to Dark Fall and our supply of the good stuff.
Citizens, we'll have an answer for you soon. We're tired and this stuff isn't helping us think. Remember, StimCaf. StimCaf, when you need to be awake and alert next week and not this moon's forsaken mess.
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2020.09.29 14:08 Bigbrotherrocks BB22: Allstars Live Feed Summary, September 28th, 2020

  • David talks to the camera and says it frustrated him when Tyler was trying to get Bayleigh out. He also thinks it caught Enzo off guard as well. David also says he felt vulnerable when Memphis put him on the block. He says that now that Da'vonne is gone, he has heard that she has put his name under the bus so many times.
  • Cody asks David who he would want to put on the block since Cody said he was gonna use the veto, but then laughed and said he was just joking he wasn't going to actually. David said he never fully listens to anything someone says as he is never sure what is true.
  • Cody says to Enzo that now Ian is gone it seems that Cody and Kevin are able to connect more because of the things that Ian was saying to both of them that made them not trust each other.
  • Cody tells Christmas he wants to talk to her later but it's not about the veto because he isn't using it.
  • Feeds went down for the veto ceremony. When they came back on, we saw Cody did not use the veto and he was in mid-conversation with Christmas. Cody tells her he feels like Dani is extremely threatened by Christmas, but it's only because Christmas is a beast at the game. Christmas doesn't want anyone feeling threatened by her. Christmas mentions Dani and Nicole being at odds before Da'vonne left, but then that changed once Da'vonne walked out the door. Christmas says the girls stop talking as soon as she enters the room. Cody reassured her that he wants to move forward with her in the game because he thinks their relationship has grown organically. Christmas feels the same way about him. Cody says Kevin needs to leave 100%. Christmas agrees.
  • Memphis and Kevin talk. Memphis recognizes that Kevin has been in a difficult situation since the beginning of the game. Kevin hopes Memphis recognizes him as a competitor that isn't willing to take a prize when there is a chance at safety.
  • Kevin tells David that on his season he was underestimated and then was able to win since there were fewer people. Kevin says to him that he could be dragged for now, but be able to build his resume very quickly by winning more towards the end. Kevin says if David is dragged and doesn't win, then it would be a classic season where there is a sacrificial goat. Kevin says he suspects David has alliances that can help him when things get awkward. David says he doesn't trust anything since the Ian situation. David knows that there are things that can be used against him: the 10k, the Tyler vote and the power. He says that he needs to start campaigning but is afraid to be up against Kevin's professional campaigning. Kevin mentions people already have their minds made up.
  • David tells Kevin that it was smart of Nicole to vote for Da'vonne to stay, because on season 18, Da'vonne voted for Nicole to win. David mentions that Nicole's whole demeanor changed once Cody won HOH. David says it will change again in the next HOH comp too.
  • Cody tells Enzo that Christmas is potentially targeting Dani and Nicole so that's why it didn't make sense for him to use the veto and put her up. Cody says that the girls can go after each other while they just sit back. Cody says they can potentially drag David to the end like how him and Derrick did to Victoria. Enzo wants Nicole to win HOH. Cody says she would go after Memphis and Tyler. Enzo mentioned it's good for their game to get Memphis out. Cody said that he would prefer to see Christmas go so that they could have both Memphis and Tyler. As for this week, Enzo says he hopes Dani and Nicole aren't all over Kevin this week, and they better not vote for them to stay because he wants it to be a 6-0 vote. Enzo says he wanted to work with Dani but she's to messy of a player.
  • Enzo tells Cody that if he won a veto, he would take Cody off the block. Enzo says he would be dead without Cody in the game. Enzo says that he feels that this week he is 98% sure they should be good and then the following week they will both be able to play in the HOH. They talk about between Nicole and Dani, that they would keep Nicole, since the only thing she has done to them is not win competitions.
  • Kevin tells Dani his talk with Cody went really well last night but he still feels like Cody's telling people he is the target. Dani says she doesn't know, she feels like people have been waiting until the last minute to name the target. Dani tells Kevin she feels like they have a good relationship and hopes he feels the same.
  • Memphis tells Christmas they have good odds because it's them two, and Enzo in an alliance when the Committee is in the top 6. Christmas says she just wants to clip Dani because Dani feels so safe.
  • Dani tells Memphis that David's pitch to her was him telling her he wants to stick around for the smaller kitchen table they get. Dani says she asked David if that was his actual pitch to stay and David told her yes. Dani says she told David to come back to her with a better pitch. She says it was embarrassing for him to pitch that.
  • Enzo and Christmas guess that Thursday will be a double eviction, or an endurance comp. Christmas tells Enzo she doesn't think the Dani or Nicole will win the next HOH because the wall HOH was thrown to Dani so neither of them have won anything.
  • Cody brings his bottle of wine down to share at dinner. Nicole and Dani grab the hidden beers from the storage room. Button boy is having the time of his life and keeps putting stars on like every 2 minutes. There seems to some sort of event or something somewhere outside so we can't see whenever a houseguest goes outside because of the music. If all the houseguests go outside, they turn off the feeds. Eventually the backyard gets shut down so production can start building comps, so everyone comes inside.
  • Enzo and Cody wonder who everyone would nominate if they won HOH. They think Tyler would go after Dani and Nicole. They think Memphis would put up David and Nicole and backdoor Tyler, and Christmas would just do what Memphis wants. They believe Dani would put up Christmas and David with a Tyler backdoor. They start studying what has happened in the game so far. Enzo mentions that Christmas wants to skip getting David out next and just get Dani out first. Enzo says he told Christmas he's down with it. Cody says he's down for that too. They assume it's a double this week.
  • Enzo tells Cody that as for this week, Dani has told him that David tried to campaign to her to stay and she wasn't having it. He says Dani is trying to evict David. Cody says Dani is ruthless. Enzo says if the vote isn't 6-0 then they know Dani was the other vote.
  • Cody asks Enzo if Christmas ever told him she has a power. Enzo says she didn't tell him. (That's a lie.) Cody says next HOH he wins, he's putting Dani and Christmas up. Enzo mentions that Memphis is doing with Christmas what he wanted to do with Christmas, which is he wanted Christmas to be his pit bull. Enzo says Memphis doesn't talk a lot of game so anything he says doesn't get leaked. Enzo mentions that Memphis doesn't know that Cody told Enzo about the Committee, so that's why Memphis went behind Cody's back and made another Wise Guys alliance with Christmas. Enzo says Memphis was trying to cover his bases. Cody says that means he has to get rid of Christmas so that Memphis fully stays and commits with them. Cody says an ideal final 5 for them would be them two, Memphis, Nicole, and Tyler. The guys decide they want to go to bed as they're the last ones awake.
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2020.09.29 11:53 territrades Wire release suddenly too short?

Wire release suddenly too short? Hi,
some weeks ago I bought my first wire release, Kaiser model 6105. I stored it in a separate pouch in my camera bag and used it a few times with my K1000, worked like charm.
Then, after a week of not taking photos, the release suddenly stopped working. The "tongue" just does not get out far enough anymore to release the shutter. I checked the thing for any physical damages, there were none. I tried to find any hidden adjustment screw or something, but also to no avail.
So the question really is how that thing broke itself while sitting in my camera bag that was sitting in the corner of my room?

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2020.09.29 11:16 -Dr3adLoX- Alien Case Files - Season 1 (2019) 720p WEB x264 Dr3adLoX

Alien Case Files - Season 1 (2019) 720p WEB x264 Dr3adLoX

Info Hash Download: 0b8fb9221651e7164457932ca2a0704acba4711b
The Hidden Truths and Secrets to life beyond our planet are discussed in detail by Alien researchers and first-hand experiencers.
  1. Fast Walkers A fast-moving U.F.O. was recorded on the International Space Station camera and some reports are referring to it as a "Fast Walker," which is a term used by N.O.R.A.D. What are Fast Walkers, why is the government so interested in them? Should we be worried?
  2. Alien Abduction Hear directly from U.F.O. and Alien abductees. The stories that these experiencers share will shock you.
  3. Alien Invasion While we are caught up in our daily lives dealing with traffic, social media madness and simply trying to pay our bills, a war with aliens is occurring in outer space and has been for decades.
  4. Aliens and Atlantis- Stargates and Hidden Realms The mystery of Atlantis has alluded humanity for centuries. What more can be covered of this legendary city, and could it have more other worldly secrets to uncover?
  5. Alien Watchers There are eyes all around us. Even in the sky and beyond.
  6. UFOs 1973 American history is riddled with mysterious objects in the sky. This episode will look into that past, the year 1972 and uncover secret truths about UFOs.

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