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2020.09.28 10:55 HaulA28Sepl2 What you are looking for is..... (Link in the Desc.)2

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2020.09.17 18:26 Sanity0004 Muscle boys cam

I've been going through the seasons since they've been added to CBS all access. I'm a long time Big Brother and Survivor fan that has more recently lapsed on Big Brother. With the season being shit I decided to use All Access to finally dive in to The Challenge. These posts are mostly stream of conscious as I watch the episodes, some times with little context. Check out my posts for past seasons and a TLDR at the end. Thanks for checking these out!
I apologize a head of time if some comments go a little off base, these are purely just assumptions and first impressions a lot of times.
EP 1:
Oh shit, Laurel and Camila fighting. Ready for that!
CT! I love this season already!
Is this like Ruins 2? Contenders vs Champs or old school vs new school
Smashley looks less meth-ey
Jenna jokes starting out of the jump
A new Theo? Got a lot to live up to with that name rookie.
Fucking Shane? God damn, that’s a blast from the past.
I was wrong, it’s Island 2 lol
I’m...kind of shocked to see Tony again?
Actually happy to see Amanda again, hope see more out of her this time around than just starting drama. I’d like to remember her for more than just being the freckle girl.
“Hardest challenge ever.” I’ve heard that before…
I take it back, confessional Smashley looks just as Meth-ey as ever.
Aww, the clapping when TJ says the old dogs aren’t there. The naivety.
Fucking Johnny again. Give me some alliance between Laurel, Cara, CT and Darrel to get Johnny out and it will be my dream come true.
Is this the beginning of dad bod CT?
This Hunter fucker looks like he’s built like a damn foosball player
Oh, a Miz wannabe…
There are multiple people I’m seeing “2nd Challenge” on their name card and I have no damn clue who they are.
“She said it was the challenge or her, and I chose the challenge.” Chick….you chose wrong. I don’t care if the girlfriend is shit for giving you the ultimatum, but you still chose wrong lmao
Shane getting naked, yeah it’s really Shane.
In a broken ass hut, but they’re still getting catering and copious amounts of alcohol lol
Zach….You act like you’ve been away forever lol you were off for like 2 seasons dude. Also “Make the challenge great again” Fucking really? You would be the furthest thing from Challenge in its heyday. You were in like 2 of its worst seasons.
Fucking Dario, I really can’t take him.
I’m sad to see no Devin from last season. Wanted to see more of him.
This seriously feels like Island 2 lol I contend that Island 2 had an interesting concept but Kenny/Johnny and their alliance just ruined it. The survivor elements really just put a damper on it too.
“It’s a clue!” Bitch, just call it treemail!
Early impressions of Theo is I like him.
Finally, multiple color jerseys.
I have to assume very shortly everyone will be in the oasis, they won’t want to run two full crews.
Hopefully Bruno is coming in with that homeless hungry energy.
Saying there’s two teams when people are just piling dirt on a collective pile? Lol
Ashley going for herself?! Somewhere Johnny is using this to validate him taking the money from Sarah.
Hahaha Ashley just climbing through after people helping her dig haha She looks like she’s the one bringing the homeless hungry energy.
Damn, how did Cory go from dead last to second finish?
I swear Ashley was shown as being in first place multiple times, but now she’s in the middle of a huge pack.
Nelson is coming in to these confessionals like he has some kind of vendetta lol Like he’s building a case against someone. First it was how he views Cory as his boy and he wasn’t going to leave him hanging, and now he’s complaining about Tony leaving Bruno behind.
Bruno, disappointing with the lack of homeless hungry energy.
Why is Nelson so damn angry? Lol Everyone is yelling at Bruno and Tony’s the only one like “No, leave him alone.” and Nelson wants to bitch about Tony not talking to him? Everyone is, what is one more voice?
Eww, you got mud all over your face, don’t sit there and lick your lips.
Why such a short first episode?! Only 40 minutes? What is this Gauntlet 3?!
EP 2:
They’re even getting laundry service?! Lol What a weak ass Island rip-off!
Why is Nelson so damn angry?! He was seriously not this way at all last season lol
Jenna getting in on the trash talk! “We forgot you were here like 3 times!” lol I can’t tell if it’s a dig or if Jenna just literally forgot someone existed
Nelson seriously seems like a completely different person to last season.
“I’m just going to be there for Kailah to vent” proceeds to tell her how to play and what she did was wrong lol not alot of venting going on.
If this whole Oasis twist is just whittling down the amount of contenders to go against the Champions I will be pissed. If it’s just like a contingency so the rookies don’t out number and gang up on the old school players or something.
There’s something about the out and out team aspect going on that I’m liking, but not liking at the same time lol Everyone just ganging up and telling Sylvia how to vote is just weird. I’m all for sides, but once the vote comes the talking should end.
Latoya with the hypocrisy calling someone else a camera whore lol bitch you called yourself “THE Latoya” like you’re ohio state or some shit.
“It’s your vote, you can decide who you want to vote for.” Provided it’s the vote that 4 other girls are yelling at you to make…yeah, your vote.
I’m happy to see Darrel back.
Who is this Ashley chick?! Oh, from Seasons, ugh.
Ah Kenny, not gonna lie I’m starting to miss Evan and Kenny. Yeah, they’re shit bags, but they’re entertaining. These last couple groups of rookies have been trash.
Cara looking even more ripped.
CT’s baby! Awwwwwwwww
Is Laurel coming in being like the third ranked girl in athleticism of these champs?
Exile style elimination with no arena with people watching? Mixed emotions on this.
Kailah looks like she talks a big game, but won’t be able to back it up. Marie looks like she’s got some crazy in her.
With these two girls, this elim looks like shit. With some strong guys fighting the whole time it could be interesting, but this was bleh.
Bruno, back to being homeless.
This hut is going to be angry with the people returning and having earned their way into the actual game.
I hope the alliance realizes they literally just screwed like half their numbers out of their chance at the real game lol
You can tell these people are dumb rookies, or they’d realize the object is to get their alliance in the elim vs shitty people to win their ticket.
EP 3:
“I want to start a talk show. There is no millennial Oprah.” Because they don’t watch them, they listen to podcasts. You’re the worst millennial.
Of course the Foosball guy would like meth hulk Smashley.
They don’t even have to compete, this seriously is just a play-in game.
Yeah, my money’s on Jenna/Cory
CT and Darrell with their kids is absolutely adorable.
Amanda has a weird trashy quality to her, but god damn is she pretty as hell.
“I don’t care if I lose my teeth, I’m getting this bag open!” spoken like a true methhead!
I was really hoping to not see more of foosball boy.
These people still aren’t understanding the game is getting the tickets. You either win or win an elimination. Half these people are going to be real disappointed.
I feel like Cory has realized it, and wanting to go in to elim.
I’m with Theo, we’ve seen Cory’s fake muscles at work plenty of times. We saw him lose to 80 pound Christina and weird punk hipster kid in a competition purely based on pushing and holding on to a bar lol
Not gonna lie, I’m kind of liking the feel of this cast developing naturally without a bunch of vets around to control the game.
The suspense is kinda dead on this girl elim, because it showed Jenna in the oasis in the previews.
I’m interested in this guy elim though.
Slip of the tongue? “I’m going to go against her and she’s going to come back limping!”’re saying she’s the one coming back but you’re going to hurt her? Lol the object is to come back, not just hurt the person. Not sure if you know this, but Jenna is an elimination god.
It’’s just holding balls?
Fucking Theo. Dude… I was actually hoping to see more of you. What a bitch.
With the object of the challenge being to hold on to balls, I was expecting some kind of bounce or jarring of the person to have them possibly drop them.
I have come around on Jenna so damn much. She literally approaches every challenge like it’s absolutely nothing. Everything is easy for her when she doesn’t even think about it lol
Hahahaha they really just slowly let Theo down to be laughed at! Haha I love it!
I would love if Theo still had to jump to get down lol
Well at least it isn’t 8 vs 8, there’s one more challenge so it will at least be 10 or 12 vs 8, not like Cory and Jenna aren’t basically vets at this point.
EP 4:
Fingers crossed on Amanda being the next ticket holder and not Smashley.
The weird open beach macking is weird.
Please, of all people please don’t let Latoya get this ticket.
Ok, my money is on Amanda and Shane being the two winners here to get their tickets. This is one of the random elimination style challenges that Shane and Amanda have experience in.
Man, Nelson bothers me this season. I don’t get it, but his confessionals are annoying. Can we talk about the like 30 people standing in the background during this challenge? Lol there was more than this screenshot, but this was the best shot. The amount of people just standing around is kind of hilarious.
Shane is halfway gone and Nelson and the other dude have barely moved.
Nelson is another fucking “fustrated” guy. Dammit! What is it with this show and people who can’t pronounce frustrated. Is that the second question after “are you an angry drunk” when casting?
How the hell did this dude come back out of nowhere? Lol
Wow, that was an awesome finish.
First time I’ve seen a challenge sponsored in a while. Burger King! Jenna’s just hoping there’s chicken nuggets.
No onion rings? No deal!
Nelson with the pity party. I thought I liked the small bits of Nelson last season, but apparently Nelson in small doses is easier to take.
Darrel, don’t talk up your game. Bananas is already targeting you as number one. Don’t even joke.
Laurel doesn’t look like she’s coming in at her fittest. But I’d still bet on her in most cases.
Looks like the last pre-game elim is a mini final kinda? Sylvia already basically crawling on hands and knees lol
Sylvia got to the top, I’m honestly shocked.
I would literally jump off a plane, jump over a cliff, anything to do with heights, but running down some steep stone stairs in the rain? That shit would scare the hell out of me. There’s not the safety lines there, I’ve broken too many limbs.
All the people watching this like “Is my culture a joke to you?”
Yes! Sylvia! Shocked, and happy! I just hope she realizes her alliance she made is not only not in the Oasis, but didn’t help her get there lol
Can we just introduce a new rule and neither of these guys go in the house?
Did we really need to watch Nicole lick peanut butter off of a giant spoon?
I forgot Dario was here.
“To Jenna, not having an ex here.” Oh buddy…
Fuck, I also forgot this dumb foosball fuck
I wish I could have TJ telling me he’s proud of me each day. He looks like he means it.
Dad-bod CT!!
I know Paulie from Big Brother is eventually on this show, but it’s hilarious to me that Johnny in this last confessional before the episode ends looks so damn much like Paulie. The tufted hair, the short beard.
EP 5:
I’m tired of seeing god awful commercials trying to hype up a god awful Big Brother all-stars.
Underdogs vs Champions, nice
I literally don’t recognize this Ashley chick at all.
Does battling against your own team kind of defeat the purpose of teams?
Camila with the completely see thru shirt in confessional lol
Surprised they’re actually making it seem fair. 4 v 6 in challenges.
Ugh, I don’t want Nicole to talk anymore.
Speaking of mean laurel, can we get an update on the Cara/Laurel friendship?
Oh fuck yeah, this is the type of challenges I want to see.
I keep forgetting Champ Ashley even exists. Has she had a confessional?
Laurel and Camila look like the only ones coming in to this challenge like they want to kill people. Cara and Ashley just seem to get tackled and sit on the ground.
Darrel looks entirely unintimidated lol the other guys are hunched down ready to run and Darrel is standing casually like he’s waiting for an uber lmao
I’m here for dad-bod CT tackling people.
I’m with Tony, take the chance to knock the fuck out of Bananas.
“I think I’m known for being the most physical dominating person from the challenge” hahahahahaha Zach I don’t even think you’d be in the conversation.
I am weirded out by this casual chill CT. In confessional’s with his leg up and just chilling.
The ollyoop to Darrel!!
This may be one of the best challenges. This is an amazing way to start the actual game.
Well the last point was kind of anticlimactic.
Nicole coming on STRONG right out of the gate for Cara, Damn girl.
Zach just casually walking by Jenna saying “Hey, whats up” just feels so fucked.
I forgot how coked out Shane looks all the time. Something about his eyes.
Nicole looks like Andy Dick hahahahahahaha oh shit!
I love that the vets are just sitting by laughing at everyone scrambling knowing god damn well that they will be doing the same thing the next day lol
Ass, ass, ass for days. Maybe the assiest cast so far.
Kailah literally needing to be put in pants and in bed. Oh my god she pisses her bed! God damn.
Pissing the bed is a deal breaker? That’s kinda weak though.
CT yelling at Johnny to fix it lmao
Dude, Zach trying to talk shit about CT?! Lmao Saying he didn’t tackle anyone? Zach of all people shouldn’t be talking shit.
“I’m not drinking anymore.” “Well I’ve heard that since day one…”
You’re in the challenge house and going to throw stones at people getting black out drunk?? Lol What show are you on? This guy has a pattern of trashing on girls in an instant.
Oh god, I can’t unsee Andy Dick after Bananas mentioned it. Nicole is now forever Andy Dick.
EP 6:
This Andy Dick crush. Cara is definitely leaning in to it.
I oddly have a defensiveness for Jenna. She’s too stupid. Leave her alone Zach. She’s too sweet and dumb!
I am 100% Laurel in the background giving weird confused looks to Jenna and Zach talking.
Kailah just saying she basically rapes people…
What is this weird Nelson insanity? I already said his confessionals come off like he’s angry lol
I feel like all these mentions of Tony being sober is just leading up to the point that he breaks.
Camila trying to be a Don boss or something lol “It’s invasion sister, I could invade your game.”
Sweet Dad-bod CT is the best. Just don’t let him go out too early!
Jenna! Get out of Zach’s bed!!!!
I really can’t see Shane going this early. To bring him back after this long and he goes out like 5 episodes in right when the actual game starts?
Oh no, the foosball guy doesn’t like Kailah lol He likes Ashley though, I’m not sure what that says.
This shelter alliance is kinda dumb…
The Fortress lol Cool place, weird name.
Holy shit, this Tuk Tuk challenge would be exhausting.
Sylvia’s got more weight to throw in to it, but she’ll probably gas out way faster.
Camila is coming in to this season looking great.
Damn, Sylvia way ahead. She killed it.
Yelling boo, is maybe the dumbest thing to do lol
Really thought something was going to come of the sober Tony story.
If I look at the alliance of Smashley, Amanda, Shane and Foosball, except for Nelson I’d say this is some weird white trash or druggy alliance lmao
“There’s onlly a divide because people like you say there’s a divide.” lol You guys got upset because a few people piled fucking dirt together lol
I can’t take confessional Johnny looking like a weird knockoff Paulie Califiori… Why does he look so different in his confessionals? Did he only come in to do his confessionals after the season?
Shane is on some weird ass shit with his “Why do I care about a strong team, if I’m not here to win” or whatever he’s on lol Are you just saying you want to go as far as possible and not care about winning? I feel like his mentality is stuck back in the olden days where winning wasn’t all that much money.
What the fuck kind of high school rumor mill bullshit is this? Lol
Why does Jenna give a shit for even a second what Zach things. Girl, stop this now. Be mad about the girls rumor mongering for no reason, don’t give a shit about Zach the dude that literally cheated on you and didn’t even break up with you but just ghosted you while you were on a damn season.
Stop caring about Zach!!!!
EP 7:
Laurel, Camil and Ashley, just swimmin naked in the morning. All normal.
This fuckin’ foosball guy…
Smashley really about to get mad at Cara for randomly joking with Foosball?
Smashley is so damn insane. “Piss in your pants bitch!”
I stan Laurel. “It’s not fucking about him! It’s about you!” Thank you Laurel!
Oh, this is cool.
Wait, why is only the champs winners safe from elim? Why only them?! I don’t like this arbitrary bullshit.
I feel like Camila is giving strong winner vibes off in her confessionals. She seems so like a godfather or some shit. It’s not her normal schtick. Are all the champs just getting more care and time in the makeup room for confessionals? Also, why has Ashley and Darrel been so absent from confessionals? They’ve each had like 2 when Camila has had 20 to talk about the most basic stuff.
Good god, Nelson and Amanda looked godawful, down in seconds lmao
Why does Johnny somehow always get the best teammates?
CT stirring the pot between Cara and Bananas lol I love this new CT
Cara out immediately, so much for that.
I think I’m confused on how the points and times are handled on this lol
Sure, just go ahead and sit back and let Johnny win immunity. Sure. Perfect.
Please show the flashback of Laurel saying “How do you think Sam felt!?” to Zach.
“I’m not really a douchebag.” says the douchebag
Literally will only be happy if Zach and Ashley go home.
I literally just remembered the CT and Cara friendship that came out of Free Agents. He had a cute older brother type thing going.
“Why?” “Cause you’re making me.” Darrel is still a threat
I will not be happy if Darrel or Cara leave right now. This season will be on a sudden trend down.
Pole wrestle!!!!!! Oh Shittttttttttttttt Wasn’t Darrel in an epic bar wrestle in one of the old seasons?
Oh shit, the champ elims are all classic! That’s awesome.
Oh, guess I was thinking of Wes and Derrick in Duel. I for some reason associated Darrel with that.
“I’m here to win the money.” “Why?” “Because I like winning money.” Darrell just not dealing with TJ’s questions lol
Yeah, Pole wrestling gives me hope for Cara and Darrell.
Ashley looks like she’s barely even there. Did they give her some pain killers after the last challenge or something?
I swear if Darrell leaves I will be angry. It’s been too long without Darrell for him to go this soon.
It starts and Darrell barely even moves to what looks like Zachs full force.
Lets go Darrell!!! 1 down, let’s go.
Darrell got it! Let’s fuckin’ go!
Jenna, you’re better off. Please wise up.
Don’t you dare call Darrel ‘David’ and Zach ‘Goliath’, CT you’re better than that.
Ya’ll remember Zach saying he was probably the most physical dominating challenger? Lol
Literally the best possible outcome. I love this.
EP 8:
“In a perfect world; we go head to head in the end.” I would love to watch Darrell beat Johnny.
Camila and bathrooms…
The rumor mongers being paranoid is a funny turn. Shane is a vet, how would you think he wouldn’t hang around some of the other vets? What does him hanging with vets even affect?!
Laurel hasn’t done an eating challenge? Wasn’t there an eating part of the final on Rivals? The one Kenny had to carry Wes up the mountain after eating?
God damn they do LOVE showing copious amounts of vomiting.
Camila is excited to see some puking…
I like how they put buckets there, like anyone is gonna aim for the bucket lmao
CT and Darrell talking about it being good, the Underdogs instantly puking.
Shane talking mad shit. About to see himself get voted in the fortress.
Shane bitching at all is hypocritical. He was the one that said it made no sense for a strong team if he’s not there for the money or some dumb shit.
Fuckin Foosball is booking. Damn.
Did foosball just say he has immunity he’s not helping with the puzzle?
“It’s just curry bruh.” I love Darrell. I am so happy he’s back on The Challenge.
Hey what do you know, Johnny wanting to cause disruption and outrage.
These Underdogs continue to be hilarious. It’s like some kind of weird cult where if you say anything that everyone doesn't know about or agree with you’re instantly cut out.
Johnny continues the run of bullshit. Taking a toilet seat? What kind of weird frat house hazing is this?
Say it loud, say it proud, JOHNNY IS A BULLY!
Either you’re quitting Sylvia or you’re severely underestimating Jenna.
Dario looks like a joke like he did on Bloodlines lol Anything involving thought in an elimination and the dude is just screwed.
Jenna is a comp beast. Period lol How did Jenna come in with the best technique and just blow through it? Lol
Cara is right, they just made the underdogs stronger losing Sylvia and Dario.
Quit calling bullying, pranks! If you’re doing it consistently and to the same people repeatedly it’s just bullying. If it was reversed Camila and Laurel would be the first two people too lose their fucking minds. It’s like they forget back to FM1+2 when they were bullied and now they’re in the upperclassmens role and have to continue the bullying.
EP 9:
Well, that’s certainly a start to the episode.
Ok, Camila is at least bi-curious.
Now Andy Dick is trying to hit on Laurel? Damn, get it girl.
Wait, didn’t we just have like 2 episodes of Cara saying she wasn’t in to girls? Literally because of the same chick?
“It’s good seeing you two get along.” I love dad CT!!!
Oh, I see what it’s doing…Love triangle!!!!! Look, just cut out the middle person. Cara, Laurel, hook up!
“Amanda!....It’s funny!” I always enjoy when bitch Laurel comes out.
Camila is back with “Freckle motherfucker!!”
“It’s initiation! Get fucking used to it!” Bitch Laurel is the BEEEEESSSSSST She’s still wrong though. It’s bullying and dumb. Just because you can look at something and rationalize it as everyone goes through it doesn’t mean it’s right or ok. It’s still bullshit and bullying.
It’s so weird that they have full blown security at this point lol
CT calling Johnny out! Haha I love Dad CT. “When did I start fires and walk away?” “Are you serious? That’s all you do!” haha CT ain’t having none of this Johnny bullshit.
Andy Dick is really coming off as in love with herself. Geesh
This is a cool Challenge. Yeah, Laurel if everyone is hanging on you you just fall and take out all the Underdogs.
Aw, I thought Camila was being smart lol They talk her to unwind herself.
I like that the underdogs came in to the comp being smart and the vet guys are upset about it lol
One foot between determining the guys? What? Darrell and Johnny seemed to be taken down and then CT with the rest of the guys? Didn’t even seem close. Oh I guess Johnny and CT were both brought down by Shane.
Bummed to be losing Laurel or Cara.
So much for Johnny vs Darrell in the final lol
It seems weird that they basically have the underdogs whittled down before bringing in the Champs but then to lose two at a time. I’m not against it, it just seems like they’d make one decision and then go on to make the other decision.
Andy Dicks “Flirt” sounds like “Flick”
Laurel basically sees the situation as more serious because it’s basically her first encounter with these feelings and Andy Dick views it differently because it’s not new or special for her. Understandable on both ends.
Darrell, kick Johnny’s ASS!
Johnny, you didn’t have to wait to become the villain.
This whole weird “Who/what/why are you doing it thing of TJ’s is not it.”
Is a call back to Free Agents really all that classic? It’s an awesome battle to see these matchups.
I always wondered why no one else tried to shoot it. This barrel hole at least seems smaller than it did in Free Agents.
“I don’t think Bananas has ever been tested like this.” He was, he just got turned into a backpack and made into one of the most hilarious moments.
EP 10:
Happy to see Bananas go. Thank you Challenge gods!
Cara stopping it with her foot!
Laurel with the brutal headlock. God damn!
I think the only thing about Cara that annoys me is the socks she wears. I hate the ugly knee socks with shamrocks and shit on em.
Andy Dick smiling while Laurel and Cara 69 basically.
Laurel continues to dominate. She had the reach and size though.
“It’s hard to celebrate the win.” Laurel says as she runs away after her point and puffs up her chest lol
4 champs left and 8 underdogs seems like a shit unbalance. I continue to just be surprised by the weird decisions of production.
Andy DIck about to get a taste of Bitch Laurel. Good luck!
Side note: When did Andy Dick kind of like blend in with the underdog alliance? She was always just as hated as Tony, Cory, Kailah and them, but somehow Andy Dick never gets lumped in with them anymore.
“It doesn’t bother me!” She says repeatedly, showing it definitely bothers her.
I don’t know what’s the worst look. Shane with his shirt off at all times, or Nelson in this weird ass fucking black cowboy hat haha
Oh my god. Laurel and CT are the loves of my life. Foosball yelling about who can beat him and Laurel makes an ugly face in the background and CT waves his hand and points to himself. CT has a dad bod, but he isn’t any less of a monster.
You can tell Shane thought he had gold with that “America’s Dirtbag” line because he uses it probably 5 times.
I don’t know where the line is on going too mean or too past certain lines, but Shane really seems to me like a coke head at the absolute end of his rope that will be desperate as he has to be and would literally shiv some motherfuckers if he had to.
I am really thinking Camila is the winner of this season. I don’t know if I’m way off, but this is the first time I’ve felt this strong of a winners edit from this show the whole time. Camila hasn’t had this many confessionals and stories even on the past seasons she has won.
I wish I cared about Andy Dick and Laurel. I love Laurel, but Dick is kind of annoying.
Wait...Of all the times to not have an elimination? Seems odd.
Make pairs. CT instantly “Guys, I don’t care.”
Why is there so much of this personal cam stuff this season? People keep having these selfie videos, I thought it was just a Bananas thing at first, but it’s persisted.
I think this is one of those comps that is way harder than they make it look. Just hanging on the tubes is going to tire you out, climbing across them and then having to pull yourself up a rope?
I need closed captioning for Foosball and Smashley way too often.
Camila looks like she’s halfway to just standing the hell up and running across these tubes.
That round of CT and Camila seemed like the waves were suddenly teen times worse when they got to the flag?
Cory completely in the water and pulling himself back up? That’s tough.
“It all comes down to Jenna.” Ohhhh it comes down to the time. I had complete faith in Jenna.
TJ throwing a house party instead of an elim? Bah, get these shitty Underdogs out of here.
“Something fishy’s going on.”
Camila calling Laurel humble lmao
EP 11:
I don’t give a fuck where you’re from foosball! Go back home!
Holy Hell Camila is looking hot as hell this season.
Finally, they just kiss and get it over with!
Was hoping for another kind of mini final for the bloodbath.
Everyone is going to the fortress? Damn, they’re cuttin down in half quick.
Jenna: “I’m just here for the final” Damn straight, that’s what you do! Lol
Laurel not pulling punches, thinking Andy Dick is going home.
Nelson and Foosball out here seriously not understanding rows and columbs lmao
45 fucking minutes!!! An hour and a fucking half and no one is done lmao Wow people
TJ getting tired and telling people to add them up before asking for a check.
Almost two hours for the first one to complete. Good god.
Goodbye Foosball!
I literally have zero doubt that Jenna will be in this final lol
“Ashley looks like she’s in an argument with a split personality right now.” When did CT become the best narrator?
Jenna, eliminated for the first time ever!!!! Shit, that’s a bummer.
“I never went home before, so it’s a little upsetting!”
Amanda and Smashley are huge fucking shit talkers this season lol jesus.
Looks like a 3 way elim?
Seeing everyone run and then bounce back once they hit the wall will never get old.
They just aren’t realizing what the Gauntlet 3(I think? Maybe Duel?) guys did and just team up against Nicole?
Good god, it took 40 minutes and Shane telling them how to do it to realize they could get an easy win.
I didn’t realize it was a restart. Ashley fucked over Amanda for sure lmao
Looks like Amanda actually got the first one. Nicole’s so wrapped up in powering over Amanda she’s not worrying about actually being quick.
Ohhh, Nicole by technicality.
Damn, Nelson just played them both. He had that shit in seconds.
Don’t tell me Nelson gets the win and then is the first to throw a punch. Lmao I’ve said all season his confessionals look like he’s angry and has a vendetta.
EP 12:
Oh, he goes to punch and misses. Lucky idiot.
What was Shane even doing?
Nelson is absolutely terrible at confrontation, or conversations starting with a disagreement. He just kind of quietly yells the same things over and over.
Don’t show her lick the peanut butter spoon again! Dammit!
She ate moldy peanut butter!
CT trying to stir the pot between Laurel and Andy Dick lol
I feel like everyone is joking and finding this funny except for Andy Dick. She’s so mad about an almost empty thing of peanut butter from weeks ago lol
This looks like a cool ass challenge. Like an escape room, but literally.
Camila:“No yelling! CT...” “Me? You gotta lot of nerve.”
I feel like forcefully kicking the door in is kind of breaking the challenge… lol Literally the door isn’t even supposed to go that way! I feel like this would have been a DQ in the old days lol
How did CT realize the coconuts were going to fall when they opened the door? Had the underdogs already opened theirs and it just didn’t show that in editing?
At least Camila noticed it. They literally forced a door the wrong way to not have to dig in the sand. I’m usually against vets getting treatment or anything by default, but that feels like a DQ.
Fucking “Fustrated” rears it’s damn head again.
There is not a chance in hell this Laurel/Andy Dick relationship goes anywhere.
Bug in broccoli being a glimpse at Smashley in the final?
TJ tells the Champs they’re in the final, but didn’t say that to the Underdogs.
I can’t tell if Camila is being smart or dumb carrying the whole bundle of rope.
Laurel’s taken almost 5 minutes just to get all the rope over the top?
Both of these look like nothing compared to any of these tangles in the past.
I feel like these knot elims are just all over the place with editing. It’s felt like Camila was so far behind the entire time, but then she’s near done and then Laurel looks way behind. It looks like Laurel just gives up. I feel like I just want to see a standing still camera time lapse of both progress.
“Ugh, get the fuck out of here. I don’t give hugs!” TJ <3
EP 13:
In todays saga of CBS all access being complete shit: The thumbnail spoils the winner of the guys elim. :/ So much for that cliffhanger...
I’ll be interested to see how this shakes out though. Darrell really seemed to come in looking strong as hell throughout this whole thing.
Uh...I think CT is breaking this challenge lmao This looks impossible to untangle.
Looks like Darrell tried to start copying CT’s method at one point.
TJ’s laugh at CT just hanging at the end lol
Will Darrel even be able to begin to unravel CT’s mess? Lol I can kind of see why the thumbnail spoils it because once you see it it’s kind of a forgone conclusion lol
CT looks pretty gassed though, I think Darrell would win this if CT didn’t outsmart the elim.
Yeah, CT broke that shit lol
“See that, little fatso! Dadda still kick your little ass!” Dad CT is the best.
I will really be shocked to see any of these underdogs winning over Camila and CT.
Besides Cory, I hate all the Underdogs left.
I especially hate Nelson and Andy Dick now that we’re sitting here having this inspirational team chat.
Smashley has just been a series of wanting to leave. Please, god, let her go.
I love watching CT love watching this drama that he’s no longer a part of lol He just loves sitting back and smiling at the chaos.
Don’t puff up Smashley’s damn head. Don’t encourage her!
The beds look better, but the outside of the normal house they left literally can’t be beat. They had an amazing pool, a beautiful deck area and pond? This place is lame compared to that.
I’m watching the challenge, I don’t need the spiritual self reflection bullshit.
Diem :(
OK, CT talking about his son giving him a reason to live and a reason to move on is really about to make me cry.
Three damn days? Really? Can we go the opposite way? Make it shorter, not longer? Lol Length doesn’t necessarily mean difficulty.
100k each? Bananas laughs with 275k...
Predictions: CT > Cory > Nelson Camila > Smashley > Andy Dick
EP 14:
Do you want to just take the puzzle with us? It’s not that heavy. Holy shit, this chick is dumb hahaha
“Is there a triangle in the sign?” How are the camera crews not sitting there dying laughing?
How to they get the right number of triangles from the damn sign?!?! Hahaha They’re just trying to break the combo lock. These dumbass people. They get the right number of triangles and still fail.
They can’t even beat it when given the answer. Jesus christ. The producers are literally saying “Just go. Go.”
I don’t think I could understand the dumbness of Andy Dick and Cory.
TJ looks disappointed in having to tell them they’re correct lol
That’s all of day one?!?! Seriously? I don’t care what they say, these finals have become weak.
A different stray dog? Lol
I like the idea of the time buster. If you’re going to make these finals about combined times you might as well do more with that.
Horse urine fermented eggs...Really? Lol
Some times I feel like their safety restraints give them too much support when doing some of these balance type things. It’s like they can half rely on their support. Nelson is barely holding any ropes to keep reaching.
No, I don’t want to see CT struggle!
How the hell is the ASL chick the only one in the history of this show to say frustrated correctly lol
Nelson doesn’t seem to do well under pressure.
I think Smashley being able to gloat about anything is the worst possible outcome.
They solved it on the wrong post haha
“Hashtag Dad-bod” CT owning it.
Cory is a baby. He is like one hardship away from quitting.
The fear on Cory’s face when CT says he thinks it will be all night lmao He’s already miserable.
This chick and peanut butter…
Hahahaha TJ coming in saying “What the fuck?” and CT instantly running back to the beads is fucking hilarious. Calling them eating cans “partying” hahaha
“Tomorrows a new day” he says as the sky lightens behind him.
Andy Dick really seems like the worst partner on just about every leg of this final.
Camila makes all these guys look like bitch mode lol She’s constantly angry and she probably doesn’t make working with her easy, but every partner with her looks like the weak link.
The final solo segment is holding on to a bar and then swimming? I’m sorry, am I crazy? This final just seems weak.
If you would have put a puzzle at the bottom of those long ass stairs from the last underdog elim and the key to the puzzle at the top, it alone would have been harder than this final.
This last segment seems like it’s just a time to have each individual running so they can run back footage of their journey. It’s the torch walk of survivor lol
Two entire segments of the episode are dedicated to this individual montage and segment of the final. Ugh.
Cory is kind of a bum when it comes to these finals. Surprised Nelson beat him.
CT WIN!!! Dad Bod still has it!
I love CT laughing! “It’s going to be his new favorite toy, whether he likes it or not.”
I’m so tired of Nelson and Andy Dick and sad we will no doubt get more of them.
HOLY SHIT. SMASHLEY BEAT CAMILA. HOLY FUCK. That is the biggest shock in Challenge history for me. Wow, I’m speechless.
TJ trying to say they have to stay in the hut another night. Lol
EP 15:
“The toughest final I have ever seen.” Oh shush
Miz looking a bit older.
Why does Cara look pissed with Andy Dick showing up? Lol
Damn, Laurel is possessive lol
CT and Johnny loving the drama haha
Laurel really seems to be making more of this than really should be. I feel like she’s always just looking for a reason to be mad at Cara.
CT doesn’t like “Finger banged” as a term lmao
Camila’s weird dancing in intimidation is a weird new thing…
Oh god, why did they bring Foosball on the reunion?!
Camila really has a thing for see-thru
Camila’s dancing does look really stupid lmao
Nelson is fucking annoying.
Nelson you have the blessing of Johnny fucking Bananas, sit down it doesn’t mean much.
Nelson is a dolt. Cory wouldn’t even be there without him haha
Nelson is really going to sit here and let second place go to his head this much? Fucker acts like he’s a king for getting second once! Lmao
Does Miz really have to relate everything to himself and being a WWE Superstar?
So wait, Johnny actually had something to do with Smashley first possible quit rant and it didn’t show Johnny’s involvement?
Is this like the third time Cara has worn these weird Deadpool tights on the reunions?
I kind of want to watch this Champs vs Stars spin off thing. Doesn’t seem like any of the spin-offs made it to CBS all access though.
Kailah definitely had the ugliest cry.
Overall thoughts and TL/DR:
I actually liked this season. It at least had a decent level of competition, mostly due to splitting the strong vs the weak, and the challenges themselves were pretty good. I am not completely sure I understand the reasoning behind the breakdown of how the season was handled and how the format was decided, but I was fine cutting out a lot of rookies before getting to the actual game. The thing that I didn’t like and what the format did to the game, was that there was very little politics or strategizing. The votes didn’t really matter too much too often because the selection was so limited and the two teams never really intermingled in anything. It seemed about as purely challenge focused as you could get which made for it’s own kind of boring season. It was nice having a lot of these people back, but it was a bummer with the season not really feeling like a true challenge? If that makes sense. Also, as I've said: I feel like these finals have sucked. These finals just aren't the same things that they used to be. Sure they're longer, they have multiple days and grueling elements. But they're no longer a nightmare test of endurance and will. It's multiple sprints spread out through multiple days.
Please don’t bring back Foosball and Nelson.
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2020.09.12 20:46 Wilsonahrens The Playground- Chapter 1 ISO Feedback

The Playground is my own intellectual property, I am looking for feedback on the first Chapter and based on response will post Chapter 2.
Chapter One- Muscle memory and fatigue
There was nothing indicative, at least to myself, that this particular afternoon was any different from any other. September in The South being more of an extension of summer than a hallmark of autumn, I was drenched in sweat and berated by gnat’s as the weather would prescribe. She has picked me up from school hundreds if not thousands of times before this day. Even so, I can only picture in my head a montage of disconnected memories from those other occasions. The back passenger side door of a black Durango swinging open, an Under Armor bag slung carelessly into the middle seat. Casual clockwork as if this would be every day of my life for all of eternity. The scent of newish faux leather and lemon meringue body lotion, Tutti Dolci, muddles together into a familiar aroma. This line, my mother’s favorite, was discontinued by Bath and Body Works sometime in the mid-to-late 2000’s doomed to be sold only at outlet stores while supplies last. It’s a strange phenomenon but if I close my eyes and focus I swear I can still smell it.
The crack in between the passenger seat and the center console might as well have been the Marianas Trench as unexplored as it was. Any object that entered this void practically became a part of the make-up of the vehicle. Ink-pens with prescription medicine brands printed on them could be found scattered around the floorboards; refugees from the abyss. Zoloft. Ambien. Valium. These are promotional utensils that Ma’ shoves in the pockets of her work scrubs habitually and brings home near daily: new additions to the vast collection that litter our kitchen’s junk drawer. Some of them would eventually end up in my pencil case as well and off to school with me. I find it sort of comically dark to imagine myself back then, a ten year old jotting down fifth grade curriculum with plastic cylinders advertising SSRI’s, benzos, opiates, and insomnia meds.
The entire CD rack from Target is shoved into a single zippered black-leather case, full to the brim, minus one. Whichever disc she had chosen would be turned to a barely audible decibel when I hopped into the car. Maybe there was a snack, or we were going to get a snack, or “No we have snacks at home.” But I want Dairy Queen! Then we’d go pick up my sister. She was in eighth grade at the time. The middle school was directly across the street; however it let out thirty minutes later as to stagger pick-up and drop-off times for parents who had more than one obligation. Me and Ma’ would come up with some fun way to embarrass her a bit and stoke her pre-teen angst. I’d stretch my lip tight over my gums, exposing my entire top row of teeth and yell for her to stop flirting with a boy and hurry up while I flailed jubilantly from the sun roof. She’d get in and punch me in the thigh for making a scene; all of this followed by an objection from my mother which never actually stopped Jackie from wailing on me.
My mom’s checkbook had already become a much less common form of monetary exchange yet it was always sitting across the center console. More often a few years ago than now I would watch her sign the back of these little pieces of paper, place them inside a metal box, and flip up the handle. I’d grab a piece of paper myself and one of the many drug-pens from the floorboard and scribble up and down and twirl the pen around and ask her “What does this say?” Not knowing what cursive was, or how to write or read it. She’d tell me it didn’t say anything. The bank teller on the other side of the glass would look at the check for a moment and then place an envelope back in the metal box for Ma’. “But, it must say something.” It doesn’t, she’d repeat herself already losing patience. “Thank you, you too!” she’d say to the teller. I’d scrawl another line of nothing, and ask her again if this time it said anything. Jackie would pipe up from the front seat. “That’s not how it works, Cameron.” To which I would reply “Then how does it work, Jacquelin?
This day like most any other day, as anticipated, Ma’s car joined the line of other parents. She was never one of those overbearing mothers. You know the kind. Shows up forty-five minutes early, rolls down her window, and strikes up a conversation with the other mothers: “Hey Dawn! How’s Parker? OH! GOOD... that’s good… that is good. I’m Glad. I am glad to hear that, Dawn. And BILL? OH GOOOOD. That’s great.”
Or the kind that reads a few dozen pages of The Da Vinci Code without taking off their Ralph-Lauren sunglasses (Ma’ does read in her free time albeit without sunglasses), with their engines sitting idle out-front of the elementary school. If you were to pan out the frame you would see four more of the same SUV’s lined up like ducks in a row of thirty-something-year-old women reading a New York Time’s Best Seller through polarized lenses. Just so their special boys and girls could be the first pick-up (although I am her special boy). She slowly approaches, braking and moving, and then brakes again in an assembly line fashion. She finally makes it to the front. My name is called by my teacher-chaperone. I run up to the door, open it, hop in and shut it behind me. I sling my bag over to the middle and look up at the woman in the driver’s seat. Instant shock and a tinge of fear turn my stomach as I reach back for the door handle. Child lock. Fuck. Ma’ used to tell me stories about this happening to kids. Used to. I am looking for an escape route from this stranger whose vehicle I just clamored in to. My mom’s friend’s son flashes through my head from one of her stories. He was kidnapped from a Sears Department Store, and his decapitated head was found in a drainage canal two weeks later. And that’s why you have to hold my hand at the mall. She always was a little morbid; I attribute that to her occupation as a trauma nurse. I would later find out that her “friend” was actually John Walsh, and she didn’t actually know him at all. This woman behind the steering wheel most definitely is not my mother. But I smell lemon meringue and the faux leather; I look at the back of her head again, in my peripheral I notice a checkbook lies on the center console. Drug-pens peek out from the woodwork. A perfect reconstruction. She then turns around to face me. She’s smiling.
Before today, for my entire life, my mom’s long brown hair has flowed down past her shoulders to her mid-back. Almost like the bible thumpers you’d see at the Winn Dixie. The Pentecostals with their uncut hair and long sleeved denim dresses that cascade down all the way to their ankles- Cascade even seems a bit too sultry of a description for those people. ‘Goes down all the way to’ is perhaps more canon. I did not recognize the woman in front of me with her shoulder length blonde hairdo. The voice that asked me “What do you think?”, however, I did recognize as hers. It was definitely the same voice that used to sing ‘You are my sunshine’ to me nightly, or told me to clean up my room. No. Not like that. Clean it how I would clean it. The longer I stared the more she looked like herself, but almost like a sister, or cousin. With bangs. She has bangs now. Of course, I didn’t know they were called bangs at the time; I just couldn’t see her forehead anymore.
Children, I suppose, are sometimes not aware that such seemingly small alterations are indicators of a possibly much more drastic change. I definitely wasn’t. We call it ‘reinventing ourselves’. “Embrace it” and “Out with the old” they say, and so it is done. She feels different. She is happy with this, and I say I don’t mind, but secretly I do. I don’t like change. I resist it even. Why would we need anything to change? Everything is fine the way it is. It’s a shock; it had never crossed my mind to ever imagine her hair any differently. It just always was, but I guess this is okay. She seems different in a way that I couldn’t describe, but I could sense. An aura. After thinking all of this through, I decide that I am happy for her, it’s just her hair. The music is louder than most days, she’s singing along with the stereo. This is something that she usually does almost inaudibly: a whisper. I always knew she had a nice voice from her lullabies which she stopped singing years ago when I became ‘too old’ (my words) to rock me to sleep. My only sunshine, you make me happy... and today I remember what that was like as she sings along to Natasha Bedingfield.
We pulled up to the middle school and I started to scan for Jackie who was standing with her friends. She glances over to see the Durango parked across the drive in our usual waiting spot. She looks both ways and crosses between cars with a little half jog. Jax opens the door and slings her bag, near-identical to mine, between the seats on top of the other. Muscle memory, daily rituals, all the same, except for… “Wow! Ma’ I like the new hair!” Jackie acknowledges the change. Embraces it. Ma’ smiles. And without us even asking, she takes us to Dairy Queen. She should get haircuts more often.
We eat our Cotton Candy Blizzards and French Fries as we drive towards home where we will sit at the kitchen counter of green vinyl topped plywood and do our homework as Ma’ cooks dinner. Life at home is a well-oiled machine; a steady stream of habits and repetition, a small yet established tributary to the confluence of all the other lives in our small town. And as I am trying to remember back to my classes earlier that day, and which subjects I must complete before I am allowed to play my Game Cube until dinner is ready, the vehicle turns off of the travelled road; the one that leads back to home. A divergence like this is rare. Where are we going? After a few minutes we turn into a neighborhood I have never been to before. It’s not far from home, but we’ve never had much of a reason to come out this way. I can’t possibly imagine what we are doing over here. Ma’ used to take Jackie and me to a neighborhood similar to this in the afternoons where a woman ran a tanning salon business out of her pool house. Perhaps, we are doing something similar here. Maybe we will wait in the air conditioned car while Ma’ gets a manicure from some housewife with a home business to help pay her mortgage (Not that I knew what a mortgage was back then either).
Five houses down we pull into an empty drive way. The black mailbox with its red flag tucked in leans slightly to the right; the peeling reflective tape on the side of it reads ‘122’. I didn’t think to look up at the street name as we drove in. There are no pool houses. No manicure ladies. Dandelions and crabgrass grow up through the cracks in the pavement. The home in front of us is a small one story squat piece of architecture. Its construction is very tell-tale of the mid-century, with its long narrow windows that look almost as if they are being squashed down by gravity; the entire house really. The blinds in the windows hang crookedly. The burgundy door, and tarnished brass knocker do not offer much contrast from the dark red bricks covered in a layer of greenish algae near the foundation. The dirty masonry is obscured by sparse non-blooming shrubbery of some kind. Bricks also form a lattice wall along the carport. Some of them are missing. At the back of the carport a small storage closet door hangs open, it creeps me out, not that there is much of a reason. It just does. Amongst the knee high weeds (my knees anyways) in the front yard, a metal sign hangs from a wooden stake. It reads “For Rent by Owner”, followed by a phone number scrawled in Sharpie. For the second time today she turns around, smiling, and I am asked the same question.
“What do you think?”
The question that my mom was asking us was kind of like writing in cursive was. Me, Jackie, and Ma’ were all looking at the same thing, but there was a hidden message there that I couldn’t see. Maybe had I been in 8th grade I would’ve known that the question that Ma’ was asking was not just out of curiosity. What she was asking was how we would like to be living there. After a moment of confusion, she clarified.

“How would you like to live here?” 
What’s wrong with the old house? I wondered. With its long drive, and expansive yard, vinyl siding and painted shutters. Perfectly tended flower beds, and the large stone sculpture of a hare on its hind legs and giant ears perked at attention. Daddy and Ma’ had built that house on land my grandparent’s had given them several years ago. As the house was being built we would visit the site and watch the walls rise around us. Jax and I would run circles around the perimeter of each space and chant together “We love our living room! We love our living room!” and then to the next “We love our bedrooms!”, and still the next, “We love our dining room!” Ma’ would look over at daddy, both of them laughing- they were just as excited as we were. The whole family came over and we dug a deep hole in the ground in the yard out front. The hole was deeper than I was tall at the time and we planted a maple tree maybe more than eight feet high, basically scraping the sky from my perspective. And as the tree grows, so will our family.
“You’d still have the old house too.” Two houses!? Nobody I knew had two. Are we rich or something? Did daddy win the lottery? He was always buying those scratchers. Two dollars here, fifty there. I guess he finally did it. “Well, buddy. See that’s the thing,” the corner of her mouth curled upward, apologetically, like that time our pet rabbit got out of the cage and ran straight into the woods never to be seen again, “daddy wouldn’t be coming with us.” *Us? Meaning everyone but him?* Jax already knew what was being asked of us, and she crossed her arms defiantly, I assume she also already knew we didn’t really have an option either way. This was less of a question than it was of a statement in question form. “You’re leaving him.” She was angry. 
Ma’ said it was just for a little while, a break. She said that they needed space. They were still married, but they just needed some space. Why don’t we see how it goes? It won’t be that bad. You can see him any time you want. You can still stay the night over there, and he can pick you up from school. Everything will be just how it is now; we just won’t be living at the same place. That wouldn’t be so bad, would it?
How long had she been considering this? When had they become so fatigued? I wonder if daddy already knows.
“It’ll be fun! It’s something new. Come on, let’s go pick out your rooms.” She opens up her car door, pulls a key out of her pocket, and flashes another smile waiting for us to follow her lead. 
I didn’t know she meant today.
There wasn’t really much ‘picking out’. Ma’ got the big room with the largest closet for obvious reasons. Jackie got the bigger of the remaining two rooms because she was older, and I was left with the smallest of the three. After that was established, we were moved in before the week was out. About a month or so after we had left home for this new place my birthday came and passed. It was not a very big event with everything that was going on, just family. I didn’t want to do very much anyways. My cousin and I played in the back yard until we were called in around lunchtime. We had my favorite meal: Salisbury steak with mashed potatoes and gravy. When everyone was finished Ma’ left the room and came back around the corner into the kitchen with a cake, written on top in blue icing were the words ‘Happy Birthday, Cam!’ flanked by eleven assorted spiral birthday candles, and everyone sang sort of in tune. As the raucous choir belted the last notes of the song, I blew out my candles and I made a wish.
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2020.09.08 09:17 momentum_rising 20 + years of all this and STUCK in a 3 year downward spiral ... I CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE/SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE AND IT STARTS TODAY!!

LONG-TIME lurker here, but FIRST post ever .... I have finally come to hit ROCK BOTTOM. I hope that by coming to this community that I will start to take the steps it will take to follow the path to TRULY take on this journey, to warn others headed down this path ... and to do what it takes to INSPIRE others to take on their addiction head on. HERE WE GO:
Currently hit 33 years old a few months ago, but have let the battle with this demon go on for FAR TOO long. My story is the same as countless others. An early interest in porn around 11-12 years old which is where it all started. As I'm sure A LOT of us can relate - I grew up in a rough situation. Not many friends. Low self-esteem. It started with lingerie magazines and sports illustrated swimsuit issues ... then finding Playboy magazines around 13 years old was MIND-BLOWING. Could it get any better than this?! LITTLE DID I KNOW - that this path would have its ups and down for the next 20 years and I cannot stand another day with holding this all in secret.
I justified it at the time as something that was just 'normal' for a teenage boy. When the internet and high-speed internet came along, things went to the next level. Many nights of anticipation of just waiting for everyone to go to bed to spend hours 'pants-down' in front of the computer. With all the bullshit and negatives that went along with being a loner and part of a dysfuntional family, this became my 'release'. Never getting caught and continuing to keep this to myself, this release took away any drive or motivation to improve myself.
ALAS- I hit my early-20's and am FED UP and completely commit myself to self-improvement. I quit porn without much of an issue and I was FREE. I go away to college, start hitting the gym, go out for sports, party, make a ton of friends, and start hitting my stride with women. My life did a complete 180!!
I had an LTR in college where the sex was insane (2-3x a day every day) and became an obsession ... to the point at when the relationship began to dissolve and the sex went away, I was consistently on-edge and lashing out. Sadly - this was all I knew and again that it was 'normal' for my age and over the course of the 2 and a half years I thought it was 'love', but I know what I experienced wasn't true intimacy. In my head though, I thought she was the one I was going to 'marry' so after the break-up I was wrecked.
The only solution was to go out and get laid as much as possible, RIGHT?! Over the course of the next 10 years, I went on to hook up with somewhere between 30-40 women, I stopped keep count. There were a lot of GREAT/FUN battle stories to tell the boys along the way ... include an infamous run of travels one winter holiday season that almost resulted in a 'perfect week'. But the stories became less fun to tell over time, and the 'thrill' became less fulfilling and totally empty.
So how did I get where I am today?! : ( The truth is a hard one to face. It's 10 years later and I am still battling. I have had on-and-off periods of bachelorhood and relationships. I have become successful in career, my financial situation, put on 40lbs of muscle since college (I was skinny as f*ck) and am still chasing that same high, but it has gotten WORSE. The past 3 years have been a downward spiral into the world of live CAMS and it has left me completely broken. I have spent hundreds of dollars and deleted/remade accounts around a dozen times not being able to go even a month or two without visiting the site just to look ... f*ck. It started with just chats, to paying for private chats, to hours of cam2cam sessions and I have hit an absolute breaking point.
Covid shutdown has been BRUTAL. The gym has been my main outlet and has been shut down for the majority of the past 6 months. Many things have shut down which has left me with too much time alone stuck in my apartment, and lookinf for a way OUT.
It has interfered with my financial situation, relationships, social life, and even career. After years of making progress I feel like I have regressed so much and know that I have to garner the will to FIGHT THIS OFF ONCE AND FOR ALL.
SORRY FOR THE LONG POST!! This is Day 1 Gentleman. It's time to rise up and take this challenge on FOR GOOD. No more living life at 50-60% , it's time to give it 110%. I appreciate any of you brothers taking a moment to read this out. TODAY IS OURS.
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2020.09.04 23:20 BamaBandito Bama in the NFL Preseason Update (Long)

In a COVID world, this update has its challenges. This list includes the young players mostly, and guys who are on the fringes. I would have liked to have finished this much earlier this week, but life has gotten in the way a bit. Feel free to offer additional insight and enjoy!If you are interested in player contracts:
Ryan Anderson (Redskins): Ryan ended his 2019 season on a very high note. In the final 6 games, he earned his first 4 starts, recorded four sacks and seven quarterback hits, forced four fumbles and recovered one and tied his career game high with six tackles. With Ron Rivera in charge, Washington is shifting from a 3-4 to a 4-3 defense. This change has led to Ryan shifting from an outside backer, to a DE in the new defense. The new scheme is led by defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio, who has always had an aggressive style. Well as you can imagine, changing positions during a pandemic was not easy for Ryan early on. Washington is deep at DE, with Montez Sweat and Chase Young (both 1st Rd selections), and Washington veteran Ryan Kerrigan as well as Ryan. Fast forward to camp, and Ryan appears to have handled the position change as well as you could hope for. Rivera on Ryan: “One thing that we’ve talked about is our rotation… and he fits right into it. Whether he ends up being a rotational player or a starter, he’s a guy who has a very diverse set of skill sets… He gives us some flexibility in terms of where to use him, where to move him… He’s done a great job. He really has. He’s had a solid camp, and we feel pretty comfortable with who he is for us going into this season.”
Jonathan Allen (Redskins): Crazy to think this will be his 4th year already in the NFL. His 5th year option has already been exercised by Washington. As previously mentioned, HC Ron Rivera should bring a serious boost to the talented Washington defense. Rivera takes some serious pride in his defense, particularly the interior defensive line. If Jonathan is able to stay healthy, he could have a monster year, with All-Pro or Pro Bowl being a legitimate possibility We already know the quality he brings on and off the field. He is a tremendous leader in the locker room, and could not represent the Bama football program any better.
Anthony Averett (Ravens): Anthony is entering his 3rd year in Baltimore. He has largely been a solid depth player for the Ravens. The team showed faith in him by not drafting or signing a corner this offseason. That being said, the Ravens are very deep at corner-- as they always seem to be. From what I can tell, he is the team's 5th corner. Injuries last season led to Averett getting a decent uptick in playing time, but he never fully took charge of the role. So far, he has been having a solid camp and Baltimore seems to be content.
Bradley Bozeman (Ravens): Bradley has settled in nicely in Baltimore, and is projected to keep his spot as the starting LG. While he had ups and downs last season, there is certainly room for improvement. He started all 16 games, and he allowed 4 sacks and committed 6 penalties. With Baltimore’s power running game, Bradley excels when he is asked to pull. There is an uptick in competition along the O-line so Bradley cannot fall asleep at the wheel.
Tony Brown (Bengals): Tony is now with his 3rd team, after sticking in GB for almost 2 seasons. He is in the thick of the competition to land on the final roster. Cincinnati has a lot of cornerbacks, and Brown is potentially fighting for the last spot. A positive development was the fact that Tony stood out and made some plays in the first real scrimmage this past Sunday night. DC Lou Anarumo said after the scrimmage: “I'm happy with Tony. You know, again, he did a good job of playing technique, playing it the way it's supposed to be played, and when you do that, you give yourself a chance, you know, and now he's just got to finish them, like I told him in the locker room”. Besides Tony, none of the other reserve corners have stepped up from what I have gathered. As many of you are familiar, special teams can be the deciding factor for if a guy makes the final roster. Luckily, Tony has plenty of experience and is an impressive athlete, even by NFL standards.
Isaiah Buggs (Steelers): After falling to the 6th round in the 2019 draft, Isaiah appeared in 9 of the final 10 games last season. So far, he appears to be the frontrunner to win the fifth DL spot. Interestingly enough, the Steelers have a reputation of taking a defensive lineman in the last 2 rounds of the draft. Of those 14 selections over the past 20 years, only one other played more snaps as a rookie than Buggs. While he is certainly undersized, he has quick feet and hands.
HaHa Clinton Dix (Cowboys): HaHa was reunited with his old coach, but after a disappointing camp he was cut yesterday. He was signed to be the starter, but he was getting outplayed by a backup. Unfortunate news nonetheless, but he will figure it out.
Amari Cooper (Cowboys): Mr. Cooper finally got the mega contract he deserves. 5 yea $100 million with $60 million guaranteed. He has been dealing with some sort of injury in camp that has limited his reps, but it is nothing serious according to the team. Lets hope the ‘boys can finally do something with a new HC in town. Although, I don’t think McCarthy is much of a long term option.
Lester Cotton (Raiders): Lester was an undrafted rookie last year and stuck around on the practice squad for most of the season. He was promoted to the active roster due to an injury. While some local sites have him on the outs of the final roster, I wouldn’t sleep on Lester just yet. He is a young and powerful lineman, with time to develop.
Raekwon Davis (Dolphins- 2nd Rd): Raekwon was placed on the COVID list about a month or so ago, but he has since returned to camp. Raekwon has shown out in camp and impressed HC Flores. He is battling for a starting spot, but I imagine he is placed on 2nd string duty as he get acclimated to the league.
Gehrig Dieter (Chiefs): Give credit where credit is due, Gehrig is still hanging around the league. He is entering his 4th season with the Chiefs, where he has primarily been on the practice squad. Last preseason he really showed out, but a back injury really took the wind out of his sail. He dressed out for 2 games last season, but never recorded any stats. So far in camp, he has made quite a bit of noise. As I have mentioned in previous years, Gehrig and Mahomes are great friends and have quite the chemistry. Gehrig always seems to have a solid preseason, which is one of the reasons why the Chiefs keep him around. HC Andy Reid mentioned: “Dieter has every position down and knows all of them”. It also helps that he can fill it at any receiver position when called upon.
Trevon Diggs (Cowboys- 2nd Rd) It has been quite an impressive camp for Mr. Diggs. The two projected starters have missed a little time with injuries, which has given Diggs 1st team reps. I’m glad to hear he has made the most of them. If he isn’t the day 1 starter, I would expect him to increase his playing time as the season gets going.
Kenyan Drake (Cardinals): Miami’s reluctance to hand over the reigns to Kenyan last season was truly puzzling. Thankfully, Kenyan was traded to the Cardinals at the end of October. He had to learn Kingsbury’s Air Raid system on the fly, but Kenyan finished the season with over 600 yards & 8 TDs for the Cardinals, and he set a franchise record with over 5.23 yards per carry! With a totally revamped offense in Kyler Murray, DeAndre Hopkins, and Kenyan Drake, the Cardinals have gone from a disaster to a super promising team. Kenyan wisely spent the offseason trying to master the playbook, and working on improving as a pass catcher. He is playing on a 1 year transition tag this season, and should be highly motivated to perform. If their QB keeps developing, I really do believe the sky is the limit for Kenyan in this offense.
Johnny Dwight (FA): Johnny was cut by the Texans at the end of camp last season. He was signed by the Ottawa Redblacks up in the Canadian league, but they had to cancel their season due to COVID.
Rashaan Evans (Titans): After being one win away from the Super Bowl, Rashaan has been extremely motivated this offseason. Earlier in June, he said: “I haven’t stopped training since the (AFC Championship Game)... I took maybe a week off to kind of heal up, but ever since then I’ve been rolling. To be honest with you, I’m ready to play. I’m ready to go.” That adds up, because he was 1 of 3 to be named Titans offseason performers of the year. The Titans let go of 3 veterans this offseason, and Rashaan will look to fill the leadership void left behind. Last season was a huge step in the right direction for Rashaan. I’m sure you all remember his dominant goal line stand in the playoffs against the Pats-- where he stopped them short of the endzone on all 3 plays. Rashaan is starting to leave his mark in Nashville, and the Titans will need even more from him this upcoming season.
Minkah Fitzpatrick (Steelers): Another Tide player that seemed to be marooned in Miami. The Steelers parted ways with a first round draft pick to acquire Minkah, and I don’t think they have regretted it for a second. They get an All Pro caliber defensive back at a rookie deal bargain (Minkah has 2 years left on rookie deal). The Dolphins wanted Minkah to be a swiss army knife for them, and move around basically on a snap by snap basis, which led to Minkah requesting a trade. Minkah is an outstanding slot corner, but he excels at Free Safety. DB coach Tom Bradley on Minkah: “One of the things he does where he is really good is playing center field and being around the ball and doing all those things. We do have the capability to move him and put him in different spots. A lot of times formations will dictate that — motions, adjustments. But we would like to keep him in center field.” In the last half of the season, opposing QBs basically stopped throwing in Minkah’s direction. Can’t say I’m surprised Minkah is thriving in the league!
DJ Fluker (Ravens): After a couple productive years in Seattle, DJ was released in the offseason. They essentially went with a younger and cheaper option to replace DJ (Seattle was in a tight cap spot). He has worked incredibly hard to get down to phenomenal shape-- he cut his body half down from 44% to 22%. I’ve read that his workouts were 5 to 8 hours long. Make no mistake, he is at pure fighting shape, coming in at 348 pounds. He has plenty big shoes to fill, as he is replacing Marshall Yanda. Baltimore is a great fit for DJ in terms of their power running game. He is a true road paver, and I think that their offensive scheme will maximize his skillset. DJ signed another one year deal, so it’s important that he stays healthy. HC Harbaugh on DJ: "He has looked excellent. [He's] moving very well… this is a big guy, and it's all muscle, as you guys know. His attitude has been excellent. His work ethic, we had heard it was good, and I would say it's been better than good. It's been an A, A-plus. So everything's thumbs-up with D.J.” While the starting RG spot was never guaranteed, it appears that DJ has won the job.
Reuben Foster (Redskins): Reuben is coming off a brutal and quite frankly scary knee injury during OTAs in 2019. He tore multiple ligaments and had major nerve damage. It took him months to regain feeling in his feet. I can only imagine the rehab it took to get him to where he is now, but Reuben is back practicing with the team after Washington activated him off the PUP list! The coaches like where his head has been at, and he has worked hard on the mental side of the game. During camp, he has been practicing with the 3rd string and he has a large brace on his knee. To be expected, Reuben hasn’t shown many flashes or been consistent as he is still recovering. A very realistic possibility is that Washington stashes him on IR for the season, in hopes that he will be back to his usual self later in the year or even next season. Before the injury, he was a top 5 linebacker in the league-- no doubt about that!
Robert Foster (Bills): After having a breakout end to the 2018 season, Robert took a step back in 2019. On top of that the Bills traded a 1st for Stefon Diggs and drafted two receivers in the 2020 draft. It’s quite clear that they want a production upgrade. They also have speedster John Brown, who took away most of Roberts snaps last season. His roster status is up in the air-- no preseason games definitely hurts his chances. Maybe a change of scenery would be a good thing for Robert.
Brandon Greene (FA): Played for the Birmingham Iron, and was with the Panthers at the beginning of the 2019 season. He was placed on IR a couple of weeks into the season and is currently a FA.
Shaun Dion Hamilton (Washington): Shaun proved to be a reliable depth player last season for Washington. Linebacker has been an area of weakness for Washington, and lucky for them SDH excelled in pass coverage. He rated 89.7 on his coverage rating (2nd in NFL) and his passing rating was 77.1 (6th). So far in camp Washington has rotated their LB groups a good bit, and SDH has been performing well. While it would be a surprise if he opened up week 1 as the starter, I could see him increasing his role this year at the very least.
Da’Shawn Hand (Lions): Hand’s season never really started, as he had a serious elbow injury in camp last year. He finally got on the field in October, but an ankle injury forced him to miss 7 of the last 8 games. The Lions have made a lot of changes along the defensive interior, which has set up Da’shawn for potentially being a full time starter. He has had a solid camp, he just needs to stay healthy.
Damien Harris (Patriots): After being buried on the depth chart his rookie season, Damien has seen an uptick in snaps during fall camp. Unfortunately, he apparently injured his hand a few days ago, and has missed a couple practices as a result. Hopefully he will be ready to go soon/before the opener. Sony Michel and Lamar Miller were expected to be ahead of Damien on the depth chart, but they both opened up camp on the PUP list. Brandon Bolden opted out of the season as well. Given how Belichick often plays RB roulette, Damien has a great opportunity to carve out an early down role. Sony Michel hasn’t had a breakout so far in his career, and James White is the preferred passing down option. HC Belichick on Damien: "Damien has had a really good camp… He came to camp in very good condition. He's taken a lot of reps. He's handled everything in the running game and passing game very well, which he did last year. I think everybody had a lot of confidence in him but they've all gained a lot more in him just because of his consistency and dependability." With a solid camp under his belt, look for Damien to get a lot of reps in a committee approach. Just don't fumble the football-- that will open up a whole can of worms with Belichick.
Ronnie Harrison (Browns): Trade alert! The Jaguars traded Ronnie to the Browns yesterday for a 2021 5th rd pick.He is the 3rd Jags starter to be traded or cut this week. The Jags are clearly looking for a locker room overhaul, as they have definitely had some characters in the past few years. They had a lot of depth at safety, but this is a surprising move nonetheless. He was having a productive camp, and he did miss a little bit of time with a concussion. Ronnie is entering his 2nd year as a full-time starter. He has shown a lot of flashes, but he needs to improve his consistency as he enters his third year in the league. The Browns lost starter Grant Delpit to a torn achilles in camp, so Ronnie will come in and immediately be plugged in. Ronnie is very versatile in terms of positioning-- so it will be interesting next year when Delpit comes back. Unless it’s a dumpster fire in Cleveland (again) I expect Ronnie to continue his upwards trajectory with a solid season.
JC Hassenauer (Steelers): JC is entering his 2nd year in the league. He was signed to the practice squad late last year, and he was active for one game. His status depends on if the Steelers decide to keep 8 or 9 linemen. If they decide to only keep 8, look for JC to land on the practice squad.
Hale Hentges (Washington): Against all odds, Hale made the final roster in Indianapolis last season. He had an excellent camp, and showed that he belonged on an NFL roster. He started 4 games, but the Colts released him after they had to make an emergency signing to their banged up secondary. They were hoping to bring him back on the practice squad immediately, but Washington swooped in and signed him right away. Washington has a good amount of depth at TE, so he has another uphill battle. Right now, local sites have Hale missing the final cut.
OJ Howard (Buccaneers): Last season was a dud for OJ. He dealt with a hamstring injury, and only equaled his 2018 receptions count (34) while not cracking the 500 yard mark. The good news is that Tom Brady is in town, who should immediately give the Bucs some desired consistency on offense. They also brought in Rob Gronkowski in a surprising addition. There was speculation that the Bucs had OJ on the shopping block, but nothing ever came to fruition. In my opinion, they cannot count on Gronkowski to stay healthy. Keeping OJ was a smart move-- and he has proven that this camp. Local reports are that he has been outstanding and unrecoverable, as well as improved in the running game. The Bucs were in 12 personnel (2 TEs) 20% of the time (above league average), and I expect that number to increase even more so. I’m happy that OJ gets to learn from two of the best players ever at their positions-- Tom hasn’t wasted anytime coaching OJ up. The Bucs have a considerable amount of pass-catching talent, but I am hoping OJ can put together his first breakout season.
Marlon Humphrey (Ravens): Baltimore unsurprisingly exercised Marlon’s 5th year option, whcih will lock him down until after the ‘21 season. Besides maybe Stephone Gilmore, Marlon is the best press corner in the NFL. He received an All-Pro honors and made the Pro Bowl last season. If he can replicate that performance this year, his next deal will be truly massive. HC Harbaugh on Marlon: “He’s a young guy. Came off a season where he began to get the accolades, right?... Well, he started to recognize how well he’s playing, and I would say he’s notched it up one more notch from an attention to detail and intensity perspective. Marlon is all over the field. He’s physical. He’s running to the ball. Eyes are where they’re supposed to be in coverage. I would say he’s taking it up another notch, which is really impressive, because some guys aren’t mature enough to handle the attention, and he’s really done a good job of that so far in training camp… And I don’t think for one second anything will change going forward because that’s just the type of person he is.” A glowing review nonetheless.
Eddie Jackson (Bears): Another All-Pro DB from Bama-- would ya look at that! The Bears and Eddie agreed to a new 4 year deal worth $58 million ($33 million guaranteed) in January. Bears GM Ryan Pace on the deal: “We’re very excited to get this deal done with Eddie to keep him in a Bears uniform long-term… It’s rare to find a player in this league with talent like Eddie’s. He’s a rangy ball hawk with exceptional IQ, a great teammate and a natural leader. He is the anchor to the back end of our defense and we are fortunate to have him.
Jacobs (Raiders): How can you not love Josh Jacobs? His story is something else, but watching him play football is just as sweet. He had quite a rookie campaign, totaling 1,150 yards, 686 of those were after contact (5th in NFL) and his 70 missed tackles led the league. He showcased his warrior mentality, by playing with a fractured shoulder for a good chunk of the season. While his dedication is admirable, one can only hope he takes care of his body for longevity purposes. I really don’t want the Raiders to run him into the ground. Gruden and the coaching staff want to get Jacobs more involved in the passing game. As we know, he has the game to be a receiving threat.
Anfernee Jennings (Patriots- 3rd Rd): From what I have read, the Pats are confident that they will be able to count on Anfernee early on. He has a good grasp of the playbook and has the size/physicality to set the edge as a rookie. Overall, Anfernee has performed well and looks to have a promising future in NE!
Jerry Jeudy (Broncos- 15th Overall): Another fantastic camp from a Bama WR. Jeudy has sparkled and drawn high praise from the Broncos. He is a major part of their offensive overhaul, hopefully their offense can get going with Drew Lock.
Cyrus Jones (FA): Cyrus was waived by the Ravens last season, and the Broncos picked him up shortly after. He played in 4 games, but his season abruptly ended. He had to undergo open heart surgery for a condition called Anomalous Coronary Artery. Besides the fact that it was a successful operation, all else has been quiet. Wish him the best.
Ryan Kelly (Colts): Just this week, the Colts made Ryan the highest paid Center in the league. He signed a 4 year$50 million extension with $34 million guaranteed. Ryan on the new deal: "Feels good to be rewarded… I want to live up to the contract I signed. Go out every single day, be the leader on the offensive line they I know I can be. Play with the consistency I can play with and stay healthy. Those are the things that drive me every single day." Ryan has earned a Pro Bowl selection, lets see if he can make All-Pro. He allowed just one sack, and 21 pressures.
Cyrus Kouandijo (Free Agent): Cyrus signed with the Saskatchewan Rough Riders in the CFL this past March. As with all of the Canadian players, their season has been canceled. Not sure what the word is on his brother Arie, who had a cup of coffee with an XFL team.Terrell Lewis (Rams- 3rd Rd: Terrel was placed on the COVID list earlier, but he is back with the team. He picked up some sort of knee injury last week that the team has not disclosed much about. It should get cleared up a bit in a few days.
AJ McCarron (Texans): AJ has settled into a solid 2nd string role for the Texans. He provides quality depth for them.Christian Miller (Panthers): Christian opted out of the 2020 season due to Covid concerts. He had a slow start as a rookie last year, but he started to see more gametime. He played in 7 games, and earned 2 sacks.
Jamey Mosley (FA): Jamey made the practice squad last season, but was eventually waived by the Jets.
Xavier McKinney (Giants- 2nd Rd): Xavier fractured his fifth metatarsal bone in his foot, and is expected to miss a considerable amount of time. I’ve read at least 2 months. This injury is fairly common, but it isn’t like breaking a toe.
Da’ron Payne (Redskins): The new look on defense for Washington should allow Da’ron to be more aggressive in getting after the QB. He will be able to focus more on generating interior pressure, rather than two gapping. Ron Rivera on what Payne brings: “Really, the one guy that played just good (last season) was Daron… He’s a guy that can be an explosive, dynamic guy.” I’m really excited to see our Bama boys in Washington. My money is on Payne having a standout year.
Ross Pierschbacher (Washington): Ross is projected to make the team as the 2nd string Center. Last season he played 12 snaps in 5 games on Special Teams. Hopefully Ross can step up this year.
Reggie Ragland (Lions): Reggie done won himself a Super Bowl! He proved himself to be a valuable contributor as an early down linebacker last year. He started 7 games and played ~20% of the snaps. He is an asset when defending the run, but against the pass he is somebody teams will go after. From what I can tell he has had a good camp. They have moved the LBs around a good bit in camp which has allowed Reggie to play inside and outside. From what I can tell, Reggie should make the final roster. He does bring veteran leadership and he was a part of a SB winning roster.
Jarran Reed (Seattle): Unfortunately, Reed was not able to replicate his 2018 breakout season. He missed the first 6 games due to suspension, and was never able to get into a groove. That being said, he did re-sign with the Seahawks on a 2 yr $23 million deal. After the first year, nothing is guaranteed, so he needs to step up. He has said he didn’t like how the season ended and he felt like there was some unfinished business. HC Pete Carroll had this to say: “It's important that J-Reed comes back to the kind of production he had a couple years ago… If he can have any type of production close to that, with what we're doing outside, it's going to be a nice mix.” In 2018, Reed was borderline unblockable. I try not to be too optimistic with players, but I like his chances to have a monster year.
Calvin Ridley (Falcons): Calvin put up very similar numbers last year when compared to his rookie season. The main difference was that he did it in less games-- he missed the last part of the season due to an abdominal injury. Dan Quinn had some nice things to say: He’s extremely encouraged by the way Ridley came into camp in great shape, playing at a top-end speed that they did not know that he had. And the fact that he’s been so technical with everything he’s done, not just route running, but some of the nuances of getting off of coverages. Calvin has the right attitude-- he isn't settling and wants to keep improving. Hopefully ATL doesn’t implode again.
A’Shawn Robinson (Rams): Currently, A’Shawn is sidelined with a cardiovascular condition. HC McVay said that it's not too concerning, but that it is going to keep him out for a while”. I wish him a speedy recovery. A’Shawn and the Lions had a disappointing season last year. Despite that, he signed with the Rams on a 2 year $17mil deal with $9.5 guaranteed. I’m not sure how the Rams will proceed.. They could place him on Reserve IR and he could be eligible in 8 weeks, but it appears to be a fluid situation.Henry Ruggs (Raiders- 12 Overall): I still can’t get over the fact that he went ahead of Jeudy, but that is old news. The Raiders had a mock game last week and the star performer was Ruggs. HC Gruden on Henry: “He’s just a hardworking, no-nonsense, day-to-day consistent grinder… We love him. You’d like him in your business, and we love him in our business. He’s got a big future ahead of him I think, as long as we don’t screw him up”. I for one, am super excited to see Ruggs in an offense led by Jon Gruden
Cam Robinson (Jaguars): Cam was slow to recover from his torn ACL back in 2018. He was often on the injury report last year as he dealt with the recovery. Cam had this to say: “Health wise, it’s like night and day… Last year, I was just trying to get on the field. Even at this point, I don’t even think I was cleared yet at this point last year. When I did get cleared, I ended up having another injury. For me, it’s like night and day, finally being able to be healthy. I am looking forward to it.” It’s a contract year for Cam, so let's hope he is able to stay healthy and bring the pain!
Bo Scarbrough (Lions): Bo has been a travelin’ man, bouncing from the Cowboys, the Jags, Seahawks and now the Lions. He was signed to the active roster in early November, and he really caught fire. It was a classic feel good story. He brought a physical running style that HC Matt Patricia was looking for, and boosted the running game in general. Fast forward to camp, and Bo has been battling injuries and missing valuable reps. The Lions brought in Jonathan Williams to compete for the power back role. Bo was able to return to practice, but it is very much up in the air if he makes the roster or not. De’Andre Swift has missed a lot of time, which I am sure has created some impatience.
JK Scott (Packers): JK’s performances have been a tad confusing, but he is a punter after all. There are times where he looks like the best punter on the planet, and then there are times where he shanks a 25 yard punt. Last season was very similar to his 2018 rookie year, where he started off hot, and then went into a slump. He does have some promising statistics. His punts were returned only 33.8% (5th best) and his hang time was 4.46 seconds (6th). I expect JK to have a few highlight reel punts, but he really needs to avoid the bad ones.
Cam Sims (Washington): Cam is entering his 3rd season, and he only has 27 yards receiving. Part of the reason why, is because he has been a training camp warrior all 3 of those years. He has had another solid camp, which has forced the Washington staff to make another tough decision. Rivera has mentioned how older players may get the final nod over a younger guy, something that helps Cam’s chances. His size does pose a potential matchup problem for smaller corners as well.
Savion Smith (Cowboys): From the XFL, back to the NFL. Savion has been with the Cowboys this offseason. He was initially put on the COVID-19 list, but has since returned to practice. The team drafted two other corners so it's an uphill battle to say the least. Apparently he has been playing a good amount of safety so maybe that helps his chances.
Irv Smith (Vikings): Irv looks to be the future #1 TE for the Vikings. Kyle Rudolph is aging, and Irv proved he’s got the goods. His snap counts went up to about 70% in the back half of the season. He graded out better than Kyle Rudolph did as well in pass protection. With Stefon Diggs gone, I imagine Irv will get a good amount of those targets.
Tua Tagovailoa (Dolphins): A positive development is that Miami has been encouraged enough by his progress that they have started to listen to trade inquiries for Josh Rosen. He has a chance to be active and listed behind Ryan Fitzpatrick on opening day. Super happy fro Tua!
Deionte Thompson (Cardinals): Deionte had a mixed bag of a rookie season. He was 2nd string behind veteran DJ Swearinger, but suffered an injury which led to another rookie taking the starting gig after Swearinger was released. In his second camp, Deionte has showcased his talent and even caught the eye of Kingsbury. He might have even added more muscle to his frame, which is what scouts were concerned about when he was in the draft process. He spent the offseason training with former NFL Safety Ryan Clark, which can only help. I’d look for Deionte to be a strong second string option who may carve out a role in this defense.
Dalvin Tomlinson (Giants): Dalvin has proven to be one of the most underrated and better players on this Giants roster. He has never been a stat monster, but he does his job so well. PFF rated him the best defender on the Giants last season. Well, this year is a contract year for Dalvin. He has the opportunity to make close to $13 million a year or more if he has another monster season!
Levi Wallace (Bills): The ultimate underdog has a great shot at remaining the team's starting right CB. Josh Norman has been battling an injury and hasn’t even gotten up to practice speed yet. HC McDermott on Levi: “I think really it comes down to the person that he is… When I walk by him in the hallway, when I ask Levi how he’s doing he’ll usually say, you know, ‘always’ or whatever; he’s got these sayings that just put me at ease that he’s got it all set up and ready to go in terms of the day-to-day approach. He’s a very consistent young man … he’s very comfortable and secure in who he is as a person, which I think is the start to being a good football player.” While Levi was a suitable starter in the league last season, there is room for improvement.
Chance Warmack (FA): After taking a year off from football to get right, Chance signed with Seattle. However, he opted out due to COVID. Hopefully he gets another crack at it next year. He played in 8 games for the Eagles in 2018, before losing the starting gig
DeAndrew White (Ravens): Deandrew lasted in Carolina for a bit, but he was eventually released in August. The Ravens wasted no time, and picked him up right away. He impressed HC Harbaugh on the first day, but he was recently placed on IR.
Jonah Wlliams (Bengals): After suffering a torn labrum in camp last year, Jonah missed the entire season. So far, so good as he has been turning heads in camp. HC Zach Taylor had this to say: ““He’s got high standards for himself. That part is crystal clear… He’s locked in on his assignments and how he wants to do it from a technique standpoint. That’s really where you notice the true professionals in these walkthrough settings when you’re not full speed. It’s easy to go through the motions. Jonah’s not that guy. Jonah does it the right way every single time, and he’s a great example for the other players to watch when they see the tape, and I know that they notice that.” Cincinnati is counting on Jonah to be their LT for years to come.
Tim Williams (Packers): Tim has a change of scenery after lasting in Baltimore for 2 seasons. He never quite got over the hump, despite showing his potential. It has been a nice camp for Tim, as he continues to show flashes. GB has a deep Linebacker room, but Tim gives them something the other guys don’t. Packers starting LB Preston Smith gave Tim quite an endorsement: “Having guys like Rashan Gary and Tim Williams step up in bigger roles this year is going to help us stay fresh.” I really hope it clicks for Tim, who can be a dangerous situational pass rusher in this league. It appears that Tim should stick, but nothing is guaranteed.
Quinnen Williams (Jets): The injury bug bit Quinnen last season, as he dealt with a neck and ankle injury. Those injuries really slowed him down and put a damper on his rookie season. Quinnen has been on a mission this offseason to get his body right. A few telling quotes from Quinnen: “I reconstructed every aspect of my life around playing football this year, being on the field this year and not making the same mistakes I made last year”.. "This year, I'm feeling it, man… I got my body right this offseason. I got my confidence back this offseason. I got a trainer who I've been training my butt off with. ... I just feel it, man. I'm in great shape, great condition. I got my body fat down. Glad to hear he has such a renowned focus-- I’d consider him a gentle giant almost.
Mack Wilson (Browns): Injury thrust Mack into a starting role last season. Soon after his first start, teams started picking on the rookie. Mack didn’t perform particularly well in any area besides man coverage, but he was able to get a lot of exposure and learn a lot. He put together some solid performances, but overall it was a learning experience for him. The Browns believe in him and they like what they saw from him despite the learning curve. Most recently, he appeared to have avoided a serious knee injury. While specifics were not disclosed, he is expected to return at some point.
Jedrick Wills (Browns--10th Overall): Jedrick has made the switch to LT, something Cleveland planned on doing when they drafted him. It has been a learning process for Jedrick, but the coaches are pleased with what they see. The Browns have a very well respected O-line coach in Bill Callahan so he is getting coached well.
TJ Yeldon (BIlls): It’s a shame what the game does to some guys. TJ was one of the better backs to play for Bama recently, but he just isn’t the same back he used to be. That being said, barring a surprise (they happen) he is expected to be the teams 3rd string back. He was in that position last year, and he played in only 6 games. HC McDermott on TJ: “We’ve got a lot of confidence in T.J.. It was a struggle last year a little bit just from the standpoint of him getting a jersey on game day. The games that he did and the games that he played, he contributed at a high level from a leadership standpoint. When you look at that Tennessee game on the road, his run in there was really one of the runs that got us kind of sparked in terms of going on the drive to go win it.”
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