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How Does it Work? Our electric acupuncture tool comes with three unique heads. It has nine adjustable intensity levels to satisfy your needs and auto turns off the feature to prev Treatment principle of Electronic Acupuncture Pen is used electrical pulses to to stimulate acupuncture points then to activate cell and dredging the channel, while there is a condition to generate the electrical pulse,that is,current's positive and negative poles must be turned on. Of course yes, Laser Acupuncture pen is much helpful.... Needle-less Acupuncture- There are no needles involved, so there is no skin piercing. Simply press the pen to the affected areas and it will release an electric pulse to stimulate the meridian and acupuncture points in your body for healing and pain relief. The electric Acupuncture pen is safe to use and includes a manual on how to control it; Works without needles and only has one acupuncture point to use on the pressure points; The pen is best for superficial therapy with the dome type node; All you need to do is focus the end of the pen and apply pressure to the acupoint using contact gel Answered September 2, 2020. Yes, high-quality acupuncture and acupressure electronic devices are effective. The success of acupressure device products generally depends on the body points on which it is applied. Electronic acupressure pens are useful because they eliminate needles, something that many people are terrified of. The electric acupuncture pen works on the basis of its electric pulse which stimulates the skin surface and offers better blood flow. With regular usage of the pen, it gives beneficial results. The most amazing thing about the Electric Acupuncture Pen is that you can use it yourself, at your own time, whenever you want. An acupuncture pen is a small hand held device that allows you to stimulate key meridian points on your body to help heal and relieve aches and pain. They are very portable. Most are powered by batteries so no need to plug anything in or wires to deal with. Acupuncture pens have also been referred to as percutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, or PENS, and many acupuncturists have found that it can be a useful tool that compliments traditional Chinese acupuncture treatments. How Does an ... Electric Acupuncture Pen Laser Acupuncture Pen Meridian Energy Pen ; The electric acupuncture pen is a handheld device that sends electrical impulses to the meridian points. This is a non-invasive gadget unlike the traditional therapy and helps in topical stimulation of the acupressure points. This gadget is safe to use without any side-effects. Does electric acupuncture pen work Applyed properly according to the acupuncture method, it will certainly work In the meridian system of the body, there are hidden acupuncture points on it. Just working on acupuncture points, sure works.

2020.09.05 08:51 jimpaocga Cam reflexology hidden

Does electric acupuncture pen work Applyed properly according to the acupuncture method, it will certainly work In the meridian system of the body, there are hidden acupuncture points on it. Just working on acupuncture points, sure works. A typical example is the method of reflexology, simple, but effective. That means using acupressure sticks, fingers to act on acupressure point, will work. However, it should be applied properly.
What is the right application?
With acupressure, ask for:
  • Acupressure force
  • Time
  • Frequency per treatment
  • Frequency per day
  • Important: correct location of the acupuncture point
With acupuncture using electronic acupuncture pens:
  • Correct location of the acupuncture point
  • Frequency
  • The intensity of the electrical pulse is properly adjusted
Operation of acupuncture pens Move the tip of the stylus over the leather surface of the area where the acupuncture is suspected. When the light turns on, stop and adjust the intensity of the electrical pulse.
Electric acupuncture pen work - Operation of acupuncture pen
This is the professional requirement of the traditional medicine doctor. However, if there is documentation, everything becomes simple. And then you can do it at home.
Documentation and tools for electronic acupuncture: Electric Acupuncture Pen
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2020.08.01 15:21 sinistraluknut My second solo but fourth trip. 21st July

I had planned to go on a solo trip after my trip with my two friends AK and Sy. I got my hands onto some Hawaiian Fluff (a supposed strain of LSD) which were dosed 130ug on a gummy. I had not planned for a trip-sitter but because Az was free, I decided to invite him. The timing on the date couldn’t have been more perfect, my parents were going away on a day trip to Penang, my sister was out for work and was not coming back home. I had the house to myself with Az. I had really wanted to drop in the morning for a change, to see the sunrise and just take in nature (perks of living in the suburbs). Since Az was around, he had offered a deal to me, a 150ug tab for a hit from my pipe but I gave him something better, edibles instead.
In the wee mornings around 6:05 am, I woke up nervously excited and kinda jittery. I could not sit still as I waited for 6:30 am but due to my own excitement, I woke Az earlier and then I dropped a total of 280ug dose. We got ready to start walking, my cat had followed us out of the house and did not stop until the guardhouse, as we were planning to walk even further. I decided that we bring her back home and quickly run out again. As we walked out once again, my eyes felt stingy, not in a bad way, it felt sharp. My visual acuity had enhanced, colours starting to saturate as we move along. I had asked Az if there were any pink in the horizon and he replied no, that moment I knew I was already in it.
We stopped a few times, the first stop was at a storm drain that overlooked the small shop lots. Each stream of the water could be seen and I was amazed. We kept on walking, cars passing us, my hearing getting even more acute to little sounds. The whole area was getting loud, the sudden bustles of life. It felt like a jet engine in my ear. Yet, surprisingly an actual jet actually flew by moments later. My vision was enhanced tremendously, either LSD helps with my eyesight or my brain’s ability to fill in the gaps by hallucinations makes it much easier to see even for far distances. We arrived at a roundabout, full of cars circling a fountain. It looked like a dance of ever-changing dancers with the fountain spewing out more water with each car leaving.
Az guided me to cross the road as we finally reached a park I’ve never been to. An intersection of concaved discs was the welcoming pavement design, it spun around as I walked into the middle of the intersection. I walked towards a bench, looked out to the trees that had somehow displayed different hues of green. We continued walking and found ourselves at a little island with streams of water surrounding us. I felt like I was on the Lion Turtle from Avatar: The Last Airbender, it felt as though the island was moving as I saw the water waved in different directions. It was immaculate, I was coming up to the peak of my trip at around 815 am as we continued walking. Though this is where my trip had put me onto a tightrope of falling into a bad trip. We had found the end of the storm drain that we first saw, I sat and looked towards the water flowing. The visuals engulfing my vision, imagine Tame Impala’s Currents cover album constantly playing out in different colours such as purple and green and yet all the colours at the same time. It was beautiful to me and yet my thoughts were not beautiful, they were dark. I probably needed to start walking again to clear my head but that itself did not work. My thoughts were somehow self-sabotaging at this point. The trees around me looked amazing and yet one thought that came up saying ‘those long leaves look like claws’. Immediately, my visuals changed, the leaves becoming longer and more claw-like. We had walked the whole park and because we were so sweaty, we decided to go home. I could feel each pore, each sweat oozing out of my skin.
As we walked home, the song Lost by Frank Ocean was playing softly in my head. The specific lyrics ‘Now you’re lost, lost in the heat of it all’. In a sober mind, you would not think twice of the lyrics but on LSD, I cannot pinpoint whether it was my ego or just the inner critic that wanted to jump on every little dark aspect of something. Hence, I got stuck in another loop of sorts, where I’m telling myself that I am lost, I’m gonna lose myself in my trip and that thought scared me. A tree in front of me grew bigger as I came closer but it looked like it was falling on me instead of staying still. I freaked out on the inside but did not show any sign of fear to Az. We finally reached my area, it felt so strange to see it as though I don’t live there. I looked up to the blue skies, a tapestry formed of faces that looked alike to what Alex Gray paints of a deity. Seeing that gave me more fear, I had the sudden thought of me being in a simulation. The visuals felt so unreal that I felt like I was in a dream, another dark thought jumped out and my ego jumped on it to bring me down even more. It was about being in a simulation and that the only way to know if you are is by dying. That brought me to darker places of my mind, knowing so many things about the world and how messed up it is was so depressing. Mind you, I was going through all of this in a span of probable minutes but what is time anyway? I had all of these saddening thoughts while I stepped barefoot on the reflexology pavements. It felt oddly good, not as painful. My bare feet on grass was lovely, felt at one with the Earth and yet I could not indulge in that thought for long as my dark thoughts muddled through once again. I sat down, stared into the grass. Each bristle of grass looked like a shard of green crystal that had an extra layer beneath it that was fluid. It was mesmerizing. My cat had somehow seen us from afar and quickly came to greet us, she was my little saviour. She too was staring at the grass, maybe she was tripping too.
We got back intp the house at around 9 am, my trip far from over. The visuals had calmed down a little as I had passed the peak but I was disarmed when I saw my milk kefir that had to be kept in the fridge since I could not bring myself to harvest it. I drunkenly placed it into the fridge, amazingly composed myself to make a smoothie in which I had used the wrong blender that was mainly used for chilli and spices. So my smoothie became a spicy, oniony concoction that Az and I gulped down. We went upstairs, flopped down onto the sofa and I stared into the abyss of tapestry that started coming with the creeping dark thoughts coming full-fold now that I have nowhere to go. I could not bring myself to speak of what I was feeling or thinking because the moment I try to voice it out to Az, the dark thoughts would die down and hide. It felt like a living creature, imagine a Gollum mixed with the Witch King from the Lord Of The Rings. Az reminded me that I wanted to experience showering on acid. Somehow, i felt like the creature had taken over me, it embodied my insecurities. It blatantly said ‘ I want to be showered’ without even thinking, I don’t think Az heard it but I quickly brought myself up and into my room to get my clothes. It was a weird experience. Another dilemma came with what I wanted to wear but I just went into the shower and it was the best decision I made. Each drop of water cleansed my body of the creature. I took a solid 15 minutes of showering which also felt like an hour.
I came out fresh and clean, jumped on my bed to talk to M but then the creature was not dead. I tried to tell M but I had no words for what I felt, it was like your knowledge of everything was erased and even language could not express it. I constant;y said ‘ I don’t know’ and each time I did, it felt like I lost a chunk of knowledge. My own being was being broken down, my self-confidence in what I knew from the knowledge I’ve gained being questioned to the core. I could feel it deteriorating but there was hope for me. I told myself that I could rebuild myself again and the creature shot back telling me that I was not proactive and so I agreed with that statement. M was on the phone the whole time as I laid there speechless even when she asked me what I’m thinking about, I reply ‘I don’t know’ because at that moment, I knew nothing. M was supposed to come to see me, it was 10 am, she said she would come by 1 pm. The thought of her coming at 1 pm felt like an eternity away. I physically broke out of my own loop and decided to watch Solar Opposites. The chaos that came with the show somehow eased me, my eyes glued on the screen. By 1130 am, we had chicken rice for lunch and it was amazing. Steamed chicken rice is better than roasted chicken rice, don’t @ or fight me.
Az and I continued watching all 8 episodes of Solar Opposites until he had to go home at 3pm with M not being able to come at all. I decided to finish up my last bits of weed that I had, with me telling myself that ‘I’m done with everything, i want to take a break.’ The visuals had come back, zoning out more often. I watched Solar Opposites again, I had an intense desire to indulge, to consume everything so I grabbed a tub of ice cream and that was my trip.
A little bit of reflection, after a day of integrating and analysing of my experience, the trip was really a mix of good and bad. If I were to look at it from visual perspective, it was mesmerising and beautiful. There was hidden art behind everything I saw. From the hesdspace, it may seem that what I went through was a nightmare but maybe the nightmare was what I needed to shut my ego up with the experience. I would guess that I had spiralled in such a way due to my cockiness knowing how to handle a 220ug trip with ease. Since I had this reference, my ego quickly jumped to say that I can handle an increment of 60ug, what’s that going to do? Well, as you read, I got kicked in the ass but that’s exactly what I needed. My ego did not dissolve in any way, my inner critic and creature did not allow such a thing, they wanted my ego to stay just so it could dissolve in a different manner. This trip showed me that I have to be more proactive in what I want to do and be as a person and not to have an inkling of arrogance in any form even for LSD.
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2019.11.05 00:17 stroke_bot Reflexology hidden cam

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2019.07.22 22:07 StormWolf555 Hidden reflexology cam

A Course in Miracles ACIMAbsent healing, any except Christian prayerAcupressureAcupunctureAddictions, anyAdeptAffirmationsAfrican masks – and other native, ethnic, tradecraft items are often cursedAge of AquariusAir therapyAkashic recordsAlexander methodAlice Bailey and Helena Blavatsky writingsAliens – anything, UFOs, ufology, extra-terrestrials, abductions, etc. (demons)AltarsAmuletsAnanda MargaAncient artefacts, relics, antiquities used in or related to idol worshipAngel worship / communication, baby angels, male or female angels, anything (we can ask God to send us His angels to help us)AnimalismAnimals fantasy – dragons, unicorns, satyrs, gryphons, mermaids, phoenix, etc.Animals images of real – serpents, frogs, toads, owls (owl of Minerva or owl of Molech)Animals – any as shamanic spirits – wolves, bears, buffaloes, some birds, etc.Animation, someAnimeAnkhAnthroposophy – books, products – anythingApparitions, ghosts, phantoms, etc. (demons)Applied kinesiologyAquarian gospel, Aquarian ageAromatherapy – some aspects esp. connected with the New AgeArtwork – demonic, occult symbolsAsanasAscended masters such as Sanat Kumara, St Germain, El Morya, Djwal Khul, Hilarion, Kuthumi, and any other New Age ‘lords’ or ‘rays’ etc.Ashtar Command, Raelism, Raëlianism, Raelian, Rael, and other ‘space’ cultsAstral projection / astral travel etc.Astrology / astrological medicine etc.Atlantis, LemuriaAuguryAura readingAura Soma – colour therapy etc. (closely connected to New Age)AuriculotherapyAutogenic trainingAutomatic writing or drawingAuto-suggestionAvatarAversion therapyAyurveda, Ayurvedic medicineBach and other flower remediesBahaismBan the bomb symbol – broken inverted crossBates eyesight trainingBehavioural kinesiologyBelief systems – any non-ChristianBestialityBhagwan Shree Rajneesh, any other gurus, any religion, Hindu or Buddhist, etc.Biochemic system – tissue salts – Dr SchusslerBio-energeticsBiofeedback, neurofeedback, biorhythmsBiopathyBirds some, can represent demons, esp. owls, crow family, eagles, etc.Birth signsBirthstones, etc.Black and white checks or squares – masonicBlack arts, black magic, black massBlood pactsBody piercingsBodyworkBowen therapyBoy scouts and girl guidesBreathing therapyBuddhas / BuddhismButterflies – sometimes when used as occult symbol for mind control, esp. MonarchCabbage Patch dolls – check the tags – all birthdays are 31st OctoberCabbala – see alternative spellings after this listCaduceusCandle staringCandles – candle magic – often used in pagan worship and dedicated to idolsCard cuttingCard playing setsCard readingCare BearsCartomancyCartoons – someCarvings paganCatholicism and any paraphernalia incl. statues, rosaries, relicsCelestial seesCelestine ProphecyCenteringChain lettersChakras – healing, anything to do withChannelling, anyChantingCharms any, charm bracelets due to connection with luckChess board, chessboard – black & white checks – masonicChildren of God, Family of Love and other such pseudo-Christian cultsChinese astrologyChironic healingChiropracticChristadelphianism and other such Christian cultsChristian books that are doctrinally inaccurate such as “The Shack”, “One Thousand Gifts”, “Faith Like Potatoes”Christian Family Fellowship, Christian Identity Movement, and other pseudo-Christian cults, movements and groupsChristian Science and other such Christian cultsChristmas – an idolatrous pagan festival (see of Narnia (satyrs, witches an abomination)Church of Armageddon and anything similarCircle in a square, circle with a dot in the centre and other occult symbols, see link at end of articleClairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentienceClinical theologyClownsCo-counsellingColour therapyComics – superheroes, paranormal, violence, horror etc.CommunismCompany logos – many or mostConcept therapyConfucianismContemplative prayerConversations with God by Neale Donald WalschCooneyitesCornucopiaCosmic consciousnessCoueismCountry and western and other worldly music – lyrics and/or musicCranio-sacral therapyCreation mythsCreative imageryCreativity enhancementCrown of thorns (used to mock Jesus at the crucifixion)Crucifixes bent, broken and inverted – used in black magic, Celtic, Maltese etc.Crucifixes, crosses, torture instrument, esp. with figureCyberpunk culture, emos, goths, etc.Crystal ball, gazingCrystal healingCrystal skullCults, any – ruled by the Jezebel spiritCurses – by you, or on you or your familyDeath magicDéjà vuDemon worship, any (any worship of a false deity other than the Creator God of the Bible)Demonised anything which may be connected or cursed or prayed over to false / demon godsDemons or devils pictures figures etc.Devas – nature spirits, fairies, elves, etc. – actually demonsDharmaDiasporicDisembodied spiritsDivinationDivine counterpartDivine flame holderDivine Light MissionDo-inDolls – many – some would say allDove ‘kamikaze’ – flying downwardsDowsingDr PeeblesDr WhoDragons, anything to with such as DragonballDream work, dream journalsDreamcatchers – demonic / witchcraftDrugs, cannabis, magic mushroomsDruidismDungeons and dragonsEarth worship, therapy, Gaia, ‘Mother Earth’Easter – eggs – anything – pagan origin ‘Ishtar’Eastern ceremonial dances such as New Year Chinese dragon danceEastern philosophies and religionsEckankarEctoplasmEcumenism – The Bible is clear that syncretism is an abomination to GodEgyptology – figures, ornaments, etc.Egyptian gods and goddesses. pharoahs – anythingEgyptian mythology, Isis, Osiris, Horus, Anubis, Amun, Ra, Seth, etc.Eight BallElectric shock treatmentElephants – figures, pictures etc. – revered in HinduismEleutheriaElves – fairies, goblins, gnomes, imps, pixiesEmotional Freedom Technique EFT TappingEnchantment, enchanter, enchantingEncounter therapyEnlightenment, enlightened masterEnneagramsESP – extra-sensory perceptionEST – Erhard Seminars TrainingET – Extra-terrestrialEthnic or native items – can be dedicated to heathen gods or cursedExorcismFablesFairies – elves, goblins, gnomes, imps, pixies, leprechauns – anything similarFairy tales (‘fairies’ are actually demons)Faith healingFalun GongFamiliar spiritsFantasy role-playing gamesFatima and other apparitions of MaryFeldenkrais techniqueFeminismFeng shuiFertility symbolsFetishesFindhorn community etc. and similarFirewalkingFish – Nimrod – Neptune – Poseidon – Triton, false gods, etc.Flags national flagsFleur de lys / three feathers symbol, as often found on iron fences and gatesFloating trumpetsFlower remedies – anyFolklore – stories, music, dancing, etc.Fornication, pornography, oral sex – anythingFortune tellingFoundation of Human Understanding – another gospelFreemasonry, masonry, freemasons, masons, masonic membership, building, literature, regalia, anythingFreudFrogs, toads – pictures or figures (unclean spirits like frogs)Gaia – goddess worshipGambling, betting, bingo, lotto, lottery, lucky prize drawGames – manyGargoyles (often found in architecture even in churches and cathedrals)GeishaGemstone therapyGenies or djinnsGeomancyGestalt therapyGhosts, apparitions, phantoms, etc. (demons)Gipsies, gypsy – curses etc.Girl Guides and Boy Scouts – connected to freemasonryGlass movingGlobal – unity, oneness, gaia etc.Gnosticism, GnosticsGoblins – elves, fairies, gnomes, imps, pixies, leprechauns, anything similarGodfatherGoddesses, Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Indian, Chinese, any – Isis, Kali, Venus, Ishtar, Asthtoreth, Asherah, Artemis, Diana, Lilith, Minerva, Aphrodite, Venus, Athena, Semiramis, and many more (all demons)Gods, Greek, Roman, Egyptian, India, Chinese, any – Osiris, Shiva, Apollo, Jupiter, Zeus, Odin, Baal, Remphan, Belial, Moloch, any (all demons)Gods and goddesses, anythingGods Greek, all – anythingGods Roman, all – anythingGood luck charms – horseshoe, cloverleaf, rabbit’s foot, any – superstitionGothic or emo culture, imagery, rock music, clothes etc.GraphologyGreat White BrotherhoodGreek key pattern all (some clearly spell “Isis”)Greek mythology – any and allGremlinsGriffin, griffon, gryphonGroup dynamicsGroup psychotherapyGuided imageryGuided meditationGurus any, ashrams anyHakimsHalloween – costumes, ornaments, sweets, anythingHallucinogenic drugs, anyHalos – pictures or figures with – CatholicHamsa amulet, jewellery, wall hangingsHand healersHand readingHandwriting analysisHard rock musicHare Krishna and gurus such as Bhaktivedanta Swami PrabhupadaHarry Potter anything – as other clothing – depending on origin, representation, etc.Healing – any that is not specifically in the name of JesusHeavy metal music – anyHello Kitty (check history on the internet)Henna body painting body artHerbal concoctions used other than for medicine such as in spellsHeroes, hero worship – origin Greek goddess Hera, Heracles, HerculesHex signs or hexagramsHigh priestHindu gods – 330 million – such as Shiva, Shakti, Kali, Krishna etc.HinduismHippocratic OathHobgoblinsHolonomic IntegrationHoly objects or relics – manyHomosexualityHoodoo, voodoo, hex, etc.HookahHorn of plenty – cornucopiaHoroscopes, astrology, astrological charts, forecasts, star signs, etc.Horror, vampires, zombies, werewolves, lycanthropy, etc. any – films, books, eg. Stephen King, H.P. Lovecraft, anythingHorses winged, Pegasus, unicorns, centaursHorseshoes and any other ‘lucky’ symbols as superstition is cursedHuman Potential MovementHumanismHydromancyHypnosis, hypnotherapy, mesmerism, mind-bendingI Am, the film – based on HinduismI ChingIcons – many company icons are occult symbols incl. cars and PCs, etc.Idols, any – figures, pictures, anythingIlluminati groups, symbols, pyramid, one eye – all-seeing eye, all seeing eyeImages – symbols – – elves, fairies, gnomes, goblins, pixiesIncantationsIncenseIncubusInherited powersInitiateInner healingInner mediumInner Peace MovementIntuitive arts counsellingIridologyIslam, anything – mosque, koran, prayer rug, etc.Israeli flag – ‘star of David’ is a hexagram, an occult symbolItalian horn – long gently twisting shape often used for amuletsJainismJapanese flower arranging – sun worshipJason and the Argonauts and similar mythological storiesJesuitsJesus – pictures, figures – any idolatry as per the Ten CommandmentsJewellery – check all symbols, origins, etc.Jin Shin DoJonathan Livingstone Seagull – Hindu basisJugglingJung, Jungian PsychologyKabbalah (see alternative spellings after list)Karma SutraKinesiologyKirlian photographyKrishna, gopisKrishnamurtiKu Klux Klan, KKK, the KlanKundaliniLabyrinth – more info at: of attractionLegendsLeis – Hawaiian flower garlands used to pacify idol demon godsLeprechaunLevitationLey lines, leylinesLiberalismLifespring, Life Training, New Age human potential trainingLightworkersLogos – icons – many esp. those used todayLord of the RingsLotus position – yoga (Baphomet portrayed sitting in lotus)Lourdes, Medurgorje, Walsingham, and other places of Catholic pilgrimageLuck – word derived from “Lucifer” – lucky charms, superstitionsMacrobioticsMadonna and child, mariologyMafiaMafu – The Foundation for Meditative StudiesMagic any – black and whiteMagic lamps, magic carpetsMagician, magic, conjuration, conjurors, illusions, illusionists, sorcery, sorcerersMagnetic healingMahjongMandalasMangaMantrasMariology – worship of Mary, Madonna, images, icons, statues, anything, catholicismMartial Arts – all and anything connectedMarxismMascotsMasks – manyMass Catholic (unbiblical)Master or other similar titlesMasters of the Universe toys, She-Ra and similar hero and superheroesMaypole dancing (pagan fertility rites)Medicine man – sorcererMedicine womanMeditation – any – leads to passivity, open to demonic influenceMediumshipMensaMental suggestionMental telepathyMental therapyMentor mysticMermaids – Greek pagan originMesmerismMessages from Michael entity, or other such messengers or messagesMetamorphic techniqueMetaphysicsMind control – The New Age is mind control – a devised deceptionMind dynamicsMind mediumshipMindreading, mind readingMindfulness meditation – leads to passivity, opens to demonic influenceMirror gazing – Bhagwan mirror, etc.Mirror manticMK-Ultra mind controlModernismMonismMonstersMoon images or figuresMoon crescent – used in Islam, Hinduism and goddess worshipMoonmancy, any form of moon worshipMora therapyMoral RearmamentMormon cultMorris dancing (Moorish origins) and other pagan traditionsMother EarthMother MeeraMovies – violence, horror, witches, wizards, superheroes, mythology, sex, etc.MoxibustionMummified remainsMuppetsMusic – some incl. Christian rock, punk, pop – sadly much of the music nowMutant Ninja Turtles and similar toysMystical TravellerMysticismMythological Gods all are demon gods, idols, Apollo, Poseidon, etc.MythsNanbudoNative American items, Red Indian any but esp. some such as arrowheadsNativity scenes and figuresNature worshipNaturopathyNecromancyNeopaganismNew Age – anythingNew ThoughtNew World Order, One World OrderNganga CauldronNinjaNirvana (false idolatrous Buddhist belief)NLP – Neuro Linguistic ProgrammingNumerical symbolismNumerologyNursery rhymes, manyObelisks – phallic – often 666ft high with part hidden undergroundOccult letters of protectionOccult music, books etc.Occultic gamesOdinismOld Moore’s AlmanacOld religionsOlympics incl. symbols, paraphernalia, regalia, clothingOmensOne World, anythingOneness PentecostalOpus DeiOracleOrgonomyOriental ornaments, manyOrthobionomyOsteopathyOuija board, spiritism, any form of communication with spiritsOwls picture or figures (Google owl of Minerva or owl of Moloch)Pagan artefacts, eg. straw man, burning man, corn dolliesPagan celebrations or days, May Day, Morris dancing, Maypole dancingPagan customs, pagan ritesPagan religious objects or relics, souvenirsPagan tourist places, eg. StonehengePagodas – pictures, figures – temples for demon godsPaisley – eye of HorusPalmistry, any form of fortune-telling, character analysisPan, faun or satyr – goat godPanentheismPantheismParakinesesParamahansa Yogananda cult, hindu cults and gurus such as Sai Baba, BabajiParanormalParapsychologyPassivity – vulnerable to demonic controlPast lives regression or therapy – anythingPattern therapyPeace pipePeace symbol – broken inverted crossPeacock feathersPendulum divination, MotorskopuaPentagram, hexagramsPersonal growth movementPersonal transformationPeruvian – AztecPhallic symbolsPharmacopoeiaPhilosophiesPhrenologyPictures – any fantasy animals – dragons, unicorns, satyrs, gryphons, mermaids, winged horse, phoenixPictures of Jesus – idolatry as per the Ten Commandments (particularly catholic type)Pictures of owls, frogs, snakes – unclean animalsPictures of pop, rock, movie stars – idolsPictures of saints – anyone with halo, holy people, gurus, etc.PierrotsPinata BullsPirates, skull and bonesPixies – elves, fairies, gnomes, goblins, imps, pixiesPlanchettePlaying cardsPokemonPolarity TherapyPoltergeistsPop stars – idolsPornography – anything incl. pics of anyone immodestly dressedPositive confessionPositive thinking, positive mental attitude – as a therapyPost-ModernismPower objectsPower Woman, Wonder Woman, superheroes male or female, Power Rangers, Thundercats, etc.Prayer beads, prayer flags, prayer wheelsPrecognitionPrimal therapyProphets, prophecy not of GodProsperity consciousnessPsionic medicinePsychiatryPsychic healing, diagnosis, psychic surgeryPsychic powers, sight, readings, portraitsPsychic unfoldmentPsychoanalysisPsychocyberneticsPsychodramaPsychographyPsychokinesisPsychology – good and bad aspects when New Age or strays from Bible principlesPsychometryPsychosynthesisPsychotherapy – good and bad aspects when New Age or strays from Bible principlesPublic house signs and paraphernalia – somePunk rock musicPuppetsPyramid healingPyramidologyQigong, Chi Kung, Chi GungQuakers – another gospelQuan Yin, Guan Yin, Kuan Yin, Quan’Am (Vietnam), Kannon (Japan), and Kanin (Bali), Bodhisattva of CompassionQueen of Heaven – Semiramis, in all its forms – Statue of Liberty, Starbucks, Madonna symbol, etc.Quieting ReflexRadiesthesiaRadionicsRainbow WarriorRainbows – as New Age or any other type of symbolsRastafarianismRaves, DJ dance parties and similarRealisationRebirthingReflexologyReichian therapyReikiReincarnationReligions any but Christian (strictly, denominational as per 1 Cor 3:4)Relics any – religious or CatholicReligious idolsRemote viewingRhabdomancyRock music incl. ‘Christian rock’ which is irreverentRocky Horror Picture Show and similar (fornication, etc.)Rod divinationRogerian therapyRolfingRoman CatholicismRosary beads, rosariesRosicrucianism and similar mystery religions based on ChristianityRunesRussian dolls – one inside anotherSailor MoonSaints – pictures holy people, books, statues – anything CatholicSand readingSanteriaSatanismSatyr, faun, unicorn, dragon, phoenix – any fantasy animalScarabs, sphinxes, mummies, pyramids, egyptology, etc.Science fiction – anythingScientology, scientologists, dianetics, Ron HubbardScouting movement – Boy Scouts or girl guides – masonicScryingSeancesSecret societiesSeerSelf – just about anythingSelf awarenessSelf Realization FellowshipSelf-help psychology, incl. Christian self-help psychologySelf-hypnosisSelf-improvement incl. ChristianSerpents – figures – cursed by GodSeth – any other channelling such as Lazaris, RamthaSeven RaysSeventh Day AdventismSex toysShamanism – or animal spirits such as wolves or bears in this respectShambhalaShiatsuShintoShrinersShrines – to heathen, pagan, demon godsSikhismSilva MethodSkin markingsSkin piercingsSkullsSkull and bones – flag, pirates, anythingSmurfs and other similar fantasy figures, imps, etc. (demons)Snakes – figures, etc. – cursed by GodSocial GospelSociety of Friends – another gospelSomatismSoothsaying, soothsayersSoul projectionSoul travelSoulmates, twin souls, twin flames, etc.Sound therapySouvenirs – ethnic crafts, tradecraft etc. – often dedicated to local demon godsSpellsSphinx, scarabs, egyptologySpiralsSpirit guidesSpirit knockings or rappingsSpiritismSpiritual Frontiers FellowshipSpiritual healingSpiritual unfoldmentSpiritualismSpoon bending etc.Square in circle – and many other geometric shapesSt Christopher – amulet, anything dedicated to catholic saintsStar of David – only in Bible as “star of Remphan” (hexagram)Star signsStar Wars (George Lucas)StargazingStarseedStatues – religious, saints, esp. ‘bleeding’, moving, weepingStatues – certainStatues of Jesus and/or MarySteinerStichomancyStigmataStonehenge and other pagan sitesStones standingStuffed animals esp. frogs, owls, snakes, dragons, etc.Subliminal messages, etc.SubudSuccess and motivation – selling schemes – someSufismSun worship – behind most paganism, figures, images of sun, sundials, sunburstSuperheroes – any, male or female – Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Power Woman, Wonder Woman, Power Rangers, Thundercats, etc.Superstitions any superstitious beliefs such as walking under a ladder, etc.Swastikas anySwedenborgianismSwords- ceremonial and ritualisticSymbols occult (hidden!) tippingTaboosTai ChiTaj Mahal (Hindu)TalismansTantraTaoism, Tao Te Ching, Dao De JingTarot cardsTattoosTaxidermyTealeaf readingTeddy bearsTelekinesisTelepathyTemples – heathen, pagan, demon gods, Mormon, Hindu, any, anythingTenrikyoTeraphimsThe Secret – the film also by the same author such as The PowerThe Seven RaysThe Venus ProjectThe Way InternationalThe White BrotherhoodTheosophyTherapeutic touchThird eye, chakras, kundalini, etc.Thought projection, thought transferenceThree wise monkeys ‘see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil’Tibetan singing bowlsTick – also Nike symbol – Nike heathen goddessTongue protrudingTongues counterfeit (demonic)Totems and totem polesTouch For HealthTrancesTransactional analysisTranscendental Meditation – TMTransformers toys – and similarTransmigrationTranspersonal psychologyTrapezoid – pyramid with flat topTravel of the soulTreasures any somehow connected with idolatryTree of Life – see alternative spellings belowTribal – dancing, figures, most – idols, demon godsTrident – pitchforkTrilateralismTulips (due to origin etc. check history – turban)TV and movie stars or pop, rock stars – idolsTwilight films and similarTwin Flames, soulmates, etc.Two by Twos religious movementUFOs – ufology, abductions, abductee, aliens, cults, extra-terrestrials (demons)Unification Church, MooniesUnitarianism, Unitarian UniversalistUniversal Life Church Monastery, ULC – claims to have ordained 20 million ministersUniversalismUrantiaVampires, vampirism, anything, also lycanthropy, werewolves, zombies, etc.Ventriloquist dummiesVideo games, PC gamesViolence – reality or films and books etc.VipassanaVisionaryVisualisationVoices in the mind (demonic)Voodoo, black magic, zombies, anythingWalt Disney – see many vids on Youtube incl. WD a freemason satanistWarlockWart charmingWater diviningWeapons such as swords, daggers, ceremonial and ritualisticWeather vaneWheel symbolWhite EagleWhite FeatherWhite magicWicca or Wikka, wiccan, witchcraft – black, white, any, anythingWillow pattern – incl. china – esp. pagoda – birds represent demonsWind chimesWink – all-seeing eye, all seeing eye, evil eyeWitchWitch doctor, markings – anyWitchcraft black – white – anyWizards and wizardry – anything to do with, ‘good’ or ‘bad’Worry beads, worry stonesWreaths, of flowers etc. like leis, of pagan originYin yang symbolYoga and meditation or anything connected (pilates may be fine)Zen BuddhismZodiac signs, forecasts, horoscopes, birthstones – anythingZone TherapyZoroastrianism
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2019.06.01 11:31 scamperdo Is Red dying from a terminal disease?

Is Red dying?
Up front, I'm aware Red dying is a very unpopular theory here.
But, like Supernatural, I've long believed, there's only one way this all ends and that's for my Red to stop cheating death. Supernatural's Sam and Dean are the epitome of tragic heroes so I fully expect their series finale rewards their good souls with a happily ever after-life in that show's version of heaven.
As for Red, I see him more like a Vader, a monstrous yet tragic anti-hero. I only expect him to find that peace Dembe spoke about at the very end of his painful, twisted, adventure-packed, and violence-drenched journey. What's Red's version of heaven and hell? Good question...
The Unseen Guardian Years
We've heard Red watched over Liz from afar since Sam took her in. Or, shortly thereafter.
Red confirmed Sam followed his instructions in preparing Liz for the many challenges she'd face. Red expressed no surprise Liz chose the FBI as her career. I believe Sam may have steered her towards a career in profiling. Understanding your opponent and predicting their moves would be a important survival skill for the daughter of two parents who had made so many enemies.
We know Red initially hired Tom to watch over Liz and befriend her. If Red was solely motivated to get Tom out of Liz's life, there were other less personally dangerous ways to extract him than walking into FBI HQ.
We still don't know for sure what motivated Red to risk his freedom and emerge from the shadows and take such an active role in Liz's life.
But, I have a theory...
The Guardian Emerges from the Shadows
I long assumed Red re-entered Liz's life after getting tipped off to some new dangerous conspiracy targeting her. Even after Kate accused him of a selfish desire to have a relationship with Elizabeth, I stubbornly held onto my belief there had to be some enemy driving Red to give up the living in the shadows for so long.
Then Season 6 changed everything for me as I was struck by the clues piling up:

I know some suspect Red's suffering from poisoning.
But, looking back now, I feel Red was given a terminal diagnosis several years ago. As his conditions worsened, he's been driven to uncover new medical breakthroughs and seek out pain management treatments.
His original Blacklist was more of a Bucket List. He's eliminating old and potential enemies to ensure his Lizzie's safe long after he's dead. I've started to view this all as his last, parting gift to the person he loves the most.
But, Kate's right, too. He's also driven by selfishness. The top item on his Bucket List has always been to have an actual loving, relationship with Liz.
Dembe knows Red's dying and fears his dark path will not lead to a peaceful after-life. I don't think Dom suspects because he asserts Red does whatever the hell he wants anytime he wants to and be damned with the consequences.
Tragic Villain vs. Tragic Anti-Hero and Whose Journey it is Anyway?
Sometimes there's not a whole of difference between a tragic villain and tragic anti-hero. For example, Star Wars fans argue over whether Vader represented a tragic villain or anti-hero. As I re-watched his 6 episode story arc with my young nephew some years back, I was struck by much I still hated JarJar... Sorry I had to go there.
No, really what struck me was Anakin->Vader->Anakin did not feel like a villain's journey. From day one Anakin was the overly confident anti-hero prototype, bucking all authority figures including the heroic Jedi. Yet that cocky exterior hid a deeply conflicted self, one smoldering with fear. A fear exploited by the true, irredeemable villain of the tale. Fear led to desperation and a descent into a monstrous darkness. It's not that the monster couldn't love but was driven mad by a need to protect his loved one. Yet she died anyway and Vader lost his last anchor to Anakin.
Vader became a villain for decades. But then Luke entered his life and his true identity emerged. He was the conflicted anti-hero again, the one deeply moved by a loved one's faith in him. Did Anakin emerge and sacrifice himself to save the heroic son he loved? Of course! That's the moral of the tale, love trumps hate.
But, his sacrifice obscured the fact the Vader identity had wanted kill the Emperor back in Empire Strikes Back. Some argue Vader was driven simply by lust for power at that time. It's possible Luke's first entrance into his life reawakened the anti-hero who bucked all authority which proved the first crack in the dark armor. Then faith and love shattered the darkness with light.
Whichever side you fall on the villain vs. anti-hero debate, the full 6 episode story arc reveals it was Anakin's journey with Luke added in later as his savior.
That's a lot how I view TBL, too. The flashbacks represent Red's prequel arcs. Liz, like Luke in Empire, even sought Red's destruction for a time. But, like Luke, I don't think her destiny is to transform into Red nor destroy him. She's in his savior role.
To continue the Star Wars parallel, the Guillermo Rizal park scenes could be seen as Liz surrendering herself and Agnes into Red's hands. She and Red even replay a version of Luke and Vader's debate over his conflicted feelings. Then the clincher,
Liz: Love wins.
Red: That’s not a code. It’s a greeting card.
Liz: You won’t stay angry with me. I know you think you will, but you won’t. Parents don’t stay angry with their children
Red: Because you believe love wins?
Liz: Every day and twice on Sundays.
Love wins. Luke Skywalker couldn't have said it better himself.
Liz will be proven right here not Red. Love will win which sets up for the finale..
Red's Tragic End
While I take Jon Bokenkamp's every word with a mountain of salt, I believe he really does intend to withhold confirmation of Red's true identity until the series finale. It makes total sense if you think of TBL as a puzzle box mystery. For once the puzzle has been solved, there are no more pieces, no more stories, beyond perhaps a funeral wrap-up.
As Red has lied, betrayed and killed to keep his secret for so very long, I see only one way to force him into acknowledging/confessing his true identity. That one way should be clear to all Blacklist fans by now.
Dembe: Are you sure?
Red: It's Elizabeth.
Red will trade a truthful confession for Masha/Elizabeth's life. Some argue he's already done just that. Some argue it was a false confession. Whichever theory you subscribe to, I'm convinced a trade will be the setup to the big reveal.
It may be Masha/Elizabeth pulling the strings and staging a scene to outwit our Red into making the trade.
But, whatever the circumstance, time and again, there's been one truth on this show, Red will sacrifice anything to protect Masha/Elizabeth so there's only one way this ends.
Only this last time he won't cheat death.
What's Red's Version of Heaven and Hell?
Dembe is a truth-teller on this series. Therefore, I paid extra attention his counsel, "Raymond, I don't think Elizabeth will ever be ready to learn what you did to Katarina."
However, his line is so loaded with hidden meanings, it can fit several fan theories. I took it as the time is never be right for one to heaface shocking and painful revelations.
I still recall that broken-hearted look on Red's face after Liz ordered him to stay away after she gave birth to Agnes. I recall every time she rejected him and didn't want him near her child. Spader's face is so expressive in these moments of quiet devastation. I've long suspected Dembe's been really telling him, my friend, you're terrified she'll hate you forever and that's your version of hell.
Yet, I agree with Dembe, Red won't find peace until he confesses everything to Masha/Elizabeth exactly what happened in the past.
So what's my version of Red's heaven? Elizabeth knowing every last sordid detail, accepting his selfish and unselfish reasons for returning, still loving him and promising Agnes will grow up knowing all about him.
I do expect Red to die in Liz's loving arms. That's fitting because I believe Red returned several years ago with hopes of doing just that.

Edited to add:
So who would representes the real villain in this story?
It has to be someone there from the original arc.
#1 Ilya, the Stranger, the jealous lover who secretly killed an alive RRR behind Katarina's back. I still believe this reveal could happen.
#2 But the ORIGINAL BIG BAD was the cabal.
I do think we're heading back full circle. As the cabal once plotted the downfall of the USSR, they've been secretly conspiring the downfall of the US.
As the Soviet hard-liners organized coup d’etat in the last dying death throes of the USSR, so too were Diaz and McMahon planning a coup to take complete control of the politically polarized and floundering US. The cabal once again is manipulating a downfall from the shadows and I don't think they've kept Red in the loop. He'll make them pay for that mistake.
This conspiracy is far from over and mark my words, it's going take the show full circle to the original VILLAIN, the global CABAL.
From the Decembrist:
Fitch: My death will trigger a series of events. The moderates are already outnumbered. The closer we get to 2017, the more radicalized they’ll become. Talk to Mitchum and Hobbs. They might be persuaded. Jasper sides with the Chinese.
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2019.04.16 09:04 stroke_bot colicystitis fulyie delightingly possible

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2019.03.21 13:14 AnonCros Neat hidden gems in Senran Kagura: Reflexions

Hey peeps! First timer here with some cool hidden gems that no one seems to have mentioned on my many searches on le internet.
As you all know, tearable clothes is very much a staple within the Senran Kagura series of games and yet in Reflexions it seems to be absent according to many posts. This however is not entirely true as within the Mini Reflexology mode, by holding down the up directional button on the left Joy Con and shaking over the chest area, you'll give the character a little tickle eventually tearing off parts of their clothing. This can be done until only their underweabandages are revealed and continuing after will result in being sent back to the previous menu. A note to remember is that this only works on clothes that CAN be teared according to the customisation screen.
Another little gem is you can actually give your chosen character a cheeky smooch if the right conditions are met. To do this, again go into Mini Reflexology and max out the characters mood in either the respective orange or red colours. Once done touch either one of her hands to initiate an embrace and quickly squeeze one to continue. This will take you to a mini game in which you've got to get the lips curser over hers quickly if you want to get lucky. Doing so will give you a nice little smooch animation and take you back to the Mini Reflexology mode.
Thanks for reading and if you know any secrets/gems in any of the series of games then comment down below. :)
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2018.09.13 12:46 juicyjames New NA Games (2018/09/13)! Aggressors of Dark Kombat, Bastion, Danger Mouse, Defunct, Doughlings, Nefarious, Old School Musical, Rygar, SENRAN KAGURA Reflexions, Shadow Fight 2, Super Dungeon Tactics, Surgeon Simulator CPR, Spectrum Retreat, Warlock of Firetop Mountain and Wasteland 2 release today!

The previous release(s): Grandpa and the Zombies, STAY, and Time Carnage
Today’s release(s):
(NEOGEO) Aggressors of Dark Kombat / $7.99 digital · Fighting · 102MB · Up to 2 players

AGGRESSORS OF DARK KOMBAT is a fighting game released by SNK in 1994. Pick from one of eight intense fighters and go into battle to accomplish their goals. Use the full playing field and a variety of fierce attacks to your advantage in these intense, unbridled battles! Will you win by technique or by force? Experience a truly frenzied fighting game experience!
Bastion / $14.99 digital · Role-Playing, Action, Adventure · 996MB · 1 player
Discover the secrets of the Calamity, a surreal catastrophe that shattered the world to pieces.
Bastion is an action role-playing experience that redefines storytelling in games, with a reactive narrator who marks your every move. Explore more than 40 lush hand-painted environments as you discover the secrets of the Calamity, a surreal catastrophe that shattered the world to pieces. Wield a huge arsenal of upgradeable weapons and battle savage beasts adapted to their new habitat. Finish the main story to unlock the New Game Plus mode and continue your journey!
Danger Mouse: The Danger Games / $4.99 digital · Racing, Action, Arcade, Party · 494MB · Up to 4 players
Welcome to The Danger Games, where you'll dash, jump, fly, and shrinkatize your way to the finish!
In this insane race showdown of epic proportions, you'll play as the world's greatest secret agent, Danger Mouse, starring in Quark's latest reality TV show, The Danger Games. Speed through city streets, battle enemies, and dodge explosions as you struggle for first place! Will you make it to the finish line in one piece?!
Play as Danger Mouse, Jeopardy Mouse, Colonel K, Penfold, or a host of other lovable heroes and nefarious villains from the hit BBC show, Danger Mouse. Gain new character and item cards with each win that can be used to activate new attacks in races, or enhance and strengthen your characters.
The Danger Games on Nintendo Switch™ also supports up to 4 Joy-Con™ controllers on one device, so you can face off against your friends from the comfort of your living room (or anywhere else!).
Defunct / $14.99 digital · Racing, Action, Adventure · 1.3GB · 1 player
Defunct is an indie adventure game with a focus on flow, speed and an engaging world.
You are a broken robot that accidentally falls out of a giant cargo ship onto a post-human Earth, now inhabited by robots. You have to get back to your ship before it’s too late!
You are equipped with a Gravitize engine. It is used to create a separate gravity around yourself; this is the main source of your speed. Use this in downhills to accelerate. But be careful, using it uphill will slow you down. In addition to this the world is full of different speed boosts such as Enerjuice, which you can pick up and use to go faster.
Doughlings: Arcade / $6.99 digital · Arcade, Action · 397MB · 1 player
A Modern take on a timeless classic! Doughlings brings unique gameplay mechanics through its interesting characters and the world while combining together the best that all known Arkanoid games have to offer, polished with a modern look and design.
An Old Friend with a New Look: Nothing is better than a familiar face. In Doughlings, you will feel right at home with classic gameplay mechanics, power-ups, and challenging levels. Don't let Morpheus lose his ball and try to clear the screen with everything you got!
Rewrite Your DNA: Find the hidden DNAs and morph into 6 different personas in each level. Unlock them all and collect elixirs to activate new and even more powerful abilities.
It's Showtime Baby! Forget the traditional brick breaker power-ups. Doughlings presents ‘Show-Off’s--super abilities that you can unleash to change the course of every level. With each character, a unique ‘Show Off’ ability will be yours. Use them wisely.
Stay Strong, Stay Alive: Complete the harder levels to face new enemies that present game changing challenges. Killers, psychos, ghosts, you name it! Nobody said it was going to be easy so get ready!
Create, Test and Share: You think you can create the most bad*** level? Go and create your own levels with all the targets and characters available in Doughlings. Share them with the world and play other levels created by players from around the globe!
The Mahjong Huntress / $4.99 digital · Board Game, Adventure · 1.1GB · 1 player
Mary Elisabeth Riley is to be wed to sir Charles Gilbertworth on the eve of her 21st birthday. She is reluctant, as the marriage was arranged and she does not feel it’s the time or the place – or the man for that matter. She, as a growing number of women of her age, wants to make something more out of herself, and becoming a housewife is not exactly what she had in mind.
Right before the ceremony the groom goes missing. Mary Elisabeth would be fine with this, more than fine, but the thing is, Gilbertworth disappeared in her family’s mansion, and if he’s not found, the blame might fall on her mother, widow Riley. There’s also the matter of, well, the supernatural. It seems there’s more to the folk stories than she believed.
Nefarious / $13.49 digital sale ($14.99 normally) · Platformer, Adventure · 1.6GB · 1 player
The game where YOU get to be the bad guy
Tired of playing the hero? Nefarious is a 2D action platformer where you get to be the villain! Step into the wily shoes of Crow, an evil genius on an epic quest to steal princesses for his royalty-powered death ray – the world-conquering Doom Howitzer.
Wreak havoc across five different kingdoms! Stomp on heroes in iconic battles recreated with you as the boss! Unleash your inner megalomaniac!
Old School Musical / $12.99 digital · Arcade, Music, Adventure, Fighting · 605MB · Up to 4 players
A rhythm game full of chiptunes!
What has 50 amazing chiptune tracks, a loony story mode, 32 different chicken types to fight, and takes you on a tour of all your favorite retro games? It's Old School Musical of course!
Tib and Rob are the heroes of a wacky adventure that will teach them where all of the bugs in our favorite games come from.
Have you ever played a rhythm game before? Well, this is like that, but much better! With each note, you are responsible for the success of our two heroes' quest. Swing your sword and shoot with your spacecraft to the beat of chiptune tracks from Dubmood, Zabutom, Hello World, Yponeko and Le Plancton.
(ARCADE) Rygar / $7.99 digital · Action · 82MB · Up to 2 players simultaneously
Rygar is a video game created by Tecmo in 1986 and originally released for arcades in Japan as “Warrior of Argus”. It is a scrolling platform game where the player assumes the role as the “Legendary Warrior”. The main feature of gameplay is using a weapon called the “Diskarmor”.
SENRAN KAGURA Reflexions / $9.99 digital · Adventure, Simulation, Practical, Other · 7.3GB · 1 player
Can you feel it? The beating of her heart... In a classroom after school, learn the ways of "Reflexology" by syncing with her heart and body. SENRAN KAGURA combines with HD Rumble on the Nintendo Switch!
She called you into the classroom after school. She's waiting there for you. But she might not be her usual self...
Delve into intimacy by massaging her hands and helping her relax. Explore her many daydreams to see her in different lights. Get to know her as an energetic admirer, an experienced warrior, a curious classmate...and much more. ♪
Massage her with everything you've got, and you just might restore a piece of her lost heart. Help her put all the pieces back together, and her feelings for you just might change...
Enjoy an exciting Reflexology experience together with a special girl. ♡
Shadow Fight 2 / $9.99 digital · Fighting, Role-Playing · 1.3GB · Up to 2 players
Prepare to fight with shadows!
Shadow Fight 2 is a representative of a popular fighting series that won a place in gamers’ hearts around the globe. It’s love letter to all martial arts games and fantasy/ sci-fi genre.
Walk through the Gates of Shadows into the dangerous world full of memorable fights and brave heroes. These lands are waiting for a risky adventurer to appear and save them from the oppression of a sinister invader from another dimension! Travel across 7 distinct provinces and force to terrify the mighty Titan! in addition, Shadow Fight 2 offers you a bonus story chapter which sheds some light on characters’ past. In total several hundred different battles are available for the player in the adventure mode!
You will discover a thrilling mix of two world's most popular game genres - Fighting & RPG. Gather a huge arsenal of different lethal weapons, combine your gear and upgrade dozens of skills and moves! Simple controls done in a way that helps you to start playing here and now. But mastering your warrior’s craft takes time and diligence.
The unusual art-design together with the realistic physics help you to dive into the magic world of shadows. Be fast, be brave, be graceful and inventive. Be the hero and become a legend!
Exclusively for Nintendo Switch™ we designed the versus mode, where you can challenge your friends in a local pvp battle. Enjoy our favorite arenas and try different characters including bosses from Shadow Fight 2!
The Spectrum Retreat / $12.99 digital · Puzzle, Adventure, Other, Platformer · 2.9GB · 1 player
Manipulate your way to the truth in this captivating narrative-driven puzzler.
The Spectrum Retreat is a challenging, first-person puzzle game set in the near future. You awake at The Penrose hotel, a peaceful yet unsettling refuge from the outside world. As a valued guest, your existence is embedded into the corridors and guest rooms of The Penrose.
Exploration of the striking art-deco hotel will begin to uncover the mysteries of both The Penrose and the uncertainties surrounding your current stay. Your desire to unearth the truth is obstructed by an array of colour coded puzzles, mind-bending physics challenges and the growing fear of exposing your true intentions.
Super Dungeon Tactics / $19.99 digital · Strategy, Role-Playing, Adventure, Board Game · 1.7GB · 1 player
Adventure Based Tactics
Super Dungeon Tactics is a classic turn-based game featuring exciting, new gameplay mechanics. Along with traditional RPG characters making you feel right at home, the dynamic gameplay will keep you on your toes.
Call upon 15 heroes, each with unique abilities, to combat the Dark Consul’s forces throughout the magical land of Crystalia. Explore ever-changing dungeons and battle diverse hordes of monsters during your adventures. React to the tides of battle with randomly rolled ability dice; boost core stats or unlock potent abilities, it’s up to you — and a little luck — to use them to their fullest potential. Choose wisely and craft the ultimate band of heroes to complete each adventure.
Surgeon Simulator CPR / $11.69 digital sale ($12.99 normally) · Simulation, Party, Multiplayer, Action · 1.1GB · Up to 2 players
Feeling Better than Ever with Local Co-op & Motion Controls!
Didn’t fancy seven years at medical school? Skip straight to the operating table with the critically-acclaimed Surgeon Simulator CPR, fully revived and feeling better-than-ever on the Nintendo Switch™!
Now featuring all-new motion control functionality as well as local co-op play, it’s time to scrub up for the most immersive version yet of the infamous operation sim!
Step into the shoes of Nigel Burke - a would-be surgeon with a less-than-conventional toolkit - as he performs terrifying transplants in theatre, high-pressure procedures in an ambulance, and anti-gravitational operations in space! Yes, operating on the go’s never been easier thanks to the Nintendo Switch!
Fully compatible with the Joy-Con™ controller, it’s time to take Bob the patient’s life into your own hands like never before! Play on the TV, in handheld mode, or using motion control functionality to perform life-saving operations with nail-biting precision.
Got a bone to pick with your friends? With split Joy-Con™ support, tag a second surgeon in at any time, whether it’s at home or on the go, to immediately launch local co-op play!
From hammers to hatchets, buzzsaws to laser pens, no operation’s ever the same, and thanks to built-in HD Rumble, you’ll truly experience every crunch, crack, splatter and splutter!
Containing all the original heart-in-your-mouth (or wherever else you decide to put it!) operations, including the additional teeth and eye transplants from the A&E Edition, Surgeon Simulator CPR also includes the highly-classified Alien Autopsy mode, too! So what’re you waiting for, doc? A man’s life’s on the line!
The Warlock of Firetop Mountain: Goblin Scourge Edition! / $23.99 digital sale ($29.99 normally) · Role-Playing, Board Game, Adventure · 1.1GB · 1 player
Choose a hero and embark on a story-driven quest full of strategic battles in this tabletop adventure come to life!
CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE: Battle, sneak, and charm your way through thousands of story options as you play through over a dozen major quests, each unique to a different Hero.
SIMULTANEOUS TURN-BASED COMBAT: Experiment with a slew of interesting battle strategies! Each Hero comes with their own set of attacks and maneuvers. Poison, crossbows, holy magic, or a good old sword and shield – however you want to take down your enemies, there’s sure to be a Hero to suit! Venture forth, kill monsters and earn Souls to prove your might and unlock all eighteen Heroes.
WHICH HERO WILL YOU TAKE INTO THE MOUNTAIN? Will you play as the noble and experienced adventurer Alexandra of Blacksand? Or perhaps take the pious and righteous path of battle-priest Landov Lowan? Forego the risks of combat with evasive sleep-bomb manouveurs as Krea Datura! Or get straight to the punch with hard-hitting rhino-man Twenty-Three.
BEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED MINIATURES: Encounter the nostalgic aesthetic of classic tabletop RPGs by playing with over 100 handsomely painted character and monster miniatures as you explore the depths of Firetop Mountain.
GOBLINS, GOBLINS, GOBLINS! The Hill Goblins of Firetop Mountain have been unleashed on to the realm of Allansia! This special Goblin Scourge Edition features three additional adventurers whose stories are intricately woven into the Goblin Scourge. Explore the dangerous caverns and uncover the mysteries of Scarclaw’s evil minions!
PLAY AS A MONSTER IN THE GAUNTLET: Sick of fighting on the side of good? No problem! Play as one of Zagor’s evil minions – Slime Beast, Giant Rat, Skeleton Warrior and more – in a combat-heavy, story-light quest. Battle your way deep into the mountain, striving to earn as many Souls as possible in a single dungeon run!
Wasteland 2: Director's Cut / $29.99 digital · Role-Playing · 12.1GB · Role-Playing
From the Producer of the original Fallout comes Wasteland 2, the sequel to the first-ever post-apocalyptic computer RPG.
The Wasteland's hellish landscape is waiting for you to make your mark... or die trying. With over 80 hours of gameplay, you will deck out your Desert Ranger squad with the most devastating weaponry this side of the fallout zone, test the limits of your strategy skills, and bring justice to the wasteland.
Did you buy anything? How did it run? What are your first impressions? Does it seem worth it?
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2018.08.21 15:26 thecofffeeguy Cam reflexology hidden

Hi, I'm going into school for massage therapy/reflexology and my g-maw wants to get me something nice (because im a first gen college man). One thing that I have wanted for a long time is a nice pendant, it seems like a way to express myself through the jet black scrubs.
It will go on a 22in 2mm silver box chain. I don't know if this matters, but im 6'1" 24 y/o guy. I am wanting a small pendant, like no larger than 1 inch and it will usually stay hidden, but of course it will peak out of my scrubs. Would something that size be to small?
1.) Young Clan Scottish Crest I have wanted this for a long time because it shows my heritage.
2.) SS lightening bolt Meteorology has always been a fascination of mine, this is a classy way of showing it.
3.) Silver Flat hand Pendant, or 4.) Silver 3D hand pendant I would like a hand because hands are a large part of reflexology and massage therapy.
I overwhelmed myself with to many things I like and cant make up my mind now. Just wondering if you guys could help me out!
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2018.04.23 18:03 BourbonBaccarat Reflexology hidden cam

Part 1
Part 2
The Rules:
1: I cannot use the PC box for any pokemon storage, early in the game, this means a maximum of 6 pokemon, with a total of 8 when I get access to the daycare.
2: I must make an attempt to catch any eligible pokemon if I have room in my party. This means I can't skip over encounters to save room in my party for later routes.
3: I can use Latias after acquiring it on the Southern Island, but I must make a blood sacrifice for it, even if I would otherwise have room in the party.
4: Route 111 and Route 111 desert count as separate routes, so do Mt. Pyre interior and exterior.
5: If I need an HM slave, I must make a sacrifice for it if I have a full party and no room in the daycare.
6: No dupes clause, I must attempt to catch any eligible pokemon, regardless of if I've caught one before.
When last we left off, I had defeated Brawly despite losing my psychic type, Fawcett. After traveling to Slateport City and sprinting north, I added a Voltorb, Travolta.
So Travolta has an Adamant nature, which kind of sucks since Voltorb and Electrode's physical attack is garbage, but Electrode is one of my favorite pokemon, and I'm happy to keep him around, even if he is poorly optimized. Having Travolta on the team means that I have a full party for only the second time in the run, and I head back to the beach on Route 109 to beef the team up before taking on Team Magma. After raising Reynolds the Shroomish to level 18 and Falk the Zigzagoon to level 15, I go hand over the Devon goods and have a showdown with the two Team Magma grunts. As expected on a team with a Marshtomp, they don't give me a whole lot of trouble, and after some exposition, I'm on my way out to Slateport and back onto route 110.
With Willis the Zubat at level 16, the fight with May is easy enough. Who would have thought Flying/Poison is an ideal typing to take on a Sceptile, right? At this point, my confidence gets the best of me. I was so excited to bring all of you one update without me killing any of my party members, but Arceus laughs at the plans of Emolgas and Men. I send out Hamilton, my Poochyena against Psychic trainer's Abra. Should be an easy enough fight in my head, except that Abra has hidden power fighting, or bug, whichever it is, Hamilton is toast and Selleck has to come pick up the pieces. Fare thee well, Hamilton, you were better than we could ever know.
Without Hamilton, my team is looking like a bit of a sausage fest. Travolta is my only non-male pokemon, so before I take on Wattson, I walk over to Route 117 and check in the tall grass. I catch an Illumise, and immediately boot it into the Daycare. I don't "hate" a lot of pokemon, especially in Generation 3, but Illumise and Volbeat are two of the few exceptions.
With my disappointment in tow, I head over to the Gym. After Reynolds wipes the floor with Wally's Ralts, I switch Selleck the Marshtomp up front and sweep Wattson and his Trainers in a matter of seconds. Turns out Marshtomp is really good against electric and electric/steel types, y'all. Spread the word.
After teaching Falk a shiny new move in Rock Smash, I head on to Route 111 and take on the trainers south of Fiery Path, bringing Willis to level 21, and Reynolds to level 20. I head back to Mauville and heal up, then bring Willis over to Reflexology for a massage, and I get the 6% chance for a +30 friendship boost, nice! Taking on the Winstrates, Willis evolves into a Golbat after beating the dad, then at level 23, evolves into Crobat after beating the grandmother.
Reynolds gets the Macho Brace as he has the lowest speed on my current team, and I catch at Machop (Segal) on Route 112. Machamp is a really powerful pokemon, but I don't know anyone to trade with, and I don't trust anonymous online trading, so he joins Illumise in the day care. Plus I have Reynolds, and I like Breloom better than Machamp anyway.
Finally, I head into Fiery Path, and fill the last slot allowed to me with a Koffing. Koffing and later Weezing are tanks with only one type weakness (Psychic), so this is great for me, even though I've now doubled up on the poison types and my team is looking like a Team Rocket Grunt's wet dream. Lundgren the Koffing gets the macho brace from Reynolds, and we set off for the next part of our adventure.
The Team as of Update 2
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