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Kody Snarp woke up with jump as his mother was thumping on the door, the scare made him fall off his bed with a loud thud. “I’m Up I’m Up” Kody growled, He pulled on brown pants, A white button up and a brown blazer. He pulled on black socks and matt black shoes, He stood up and grabbed his Pack of the ground. He stretched and yawned, He didn’t particularly like the school outfit, but it looked good with his blond hair and muscular build. He stepped into the hallway a grabbed a piece of toast and 15 pounds off the counter, he shoved the toast in his mouth and the 15 pounds into his pocket before leaving. He walked 2K’s to his school and sat with his friends. He was generally an all rounder and his IQ was 185 and he was only 11. School went fast and the only thing he really enjoyed was art, His friends asked if he wanted to go to the shopping centre with them. He texted his mom if he could go but got no response. He assumed it would be all right and went along. His 9-year-old brother tagged along, and Kody didn’t like the idea of this but his mates all ways had a laugh. He spent the 15 pounds he’d takes from his mum on a hamburger at MacDonald’s, it was getting late, so he walked his brother home to their house. Kody’s family was wealthy but Kody had to work for his own money and he didn’t have a job, but he usually could just take a few pounds from his mothers bag while she wasn’t looking. Then his mobile rang, he looked down and saw his dad’s number. This put a lump in his throat. He could still remember when he left when Kody was 4, they called once a year, if even. He answered the phone “Yo” Kody said slyly “Look Kody I don’t have much time, don’t go home. I cant contact you again. I think there coming for me. I love yo-“ as he said these last words there was a thud noise and then the phone said “the number has been disconnected or dose not exist” Kody flipped his phone shut angrily, how could he play such a dirty trick, His father left a bad taste in his mouth. He could see the house now and saw the door open. Must be expecting us He thought. He opened the door more and saw a horrific sight, His mother was slumped over the kitchen table with stab wounds to her chest. He called out for his sister lily and was scared when there was no response. He searched the whole house and couldn’t find her. Shit, Shit shit shit.

Kody Snarp woke up with a jump. He had been staying at Nebraska House after his mother murdered, luckily, he was out with friends when it happened. He Flipped the covers off and realized this was not Nebraska House, the reason he did not go live with his father was because he'd run off when Kody was 2 years of age. He stood up and came to the realization that he was in the nude, fortunately there were some clothes on the end of his bed. He got dressed and stood in front of the big mirror in the room, he was stocky for a 11-year-old and had blond hair with green eyes. He wore an orange shirt with a baby and a globe, with camouflage pants and boots. After an inspection of the room he went to exit the room but there was a nocking at the door, "are you decent" the voice asked before Kody Could give the voice a reply, he opened the door. He saw James Adams (or as he knew him James choke) walked in, James was wearing the same outfit but with a navy coloured shirt. Kody didn’t know this, but James was on a recruitment mission, James Liked Kody and if he wasn’t a Cherub, they’d be friends. "I need to take you to see mac" James Grinned. The grin made Kody a bit more relaxed "James you’re a mate and all, but what is this. Jokes over you got me" Kody Said managing a small smile "Look Kody I’m going to get in trouble if you don’t come with me" James tone changed as he said this. "Oh..Ok but you've got to promise I’ll be safe" Kody said Kody followed James down the hall to an elevator. Then followed him an office, there was a man standing there. He held his hand out for Kody to shake, Kody sat down in a chair and the man sat on the other side of a desk. "James, can you wait by the door please" James walked out and closed the door behind him. "I'm Dr Terrance McAfferty, but everyone calls me mac, where you are is a secret facility called Cherub, were we train kids to be spies and to be blunt we'd like you to join"Kody's mouth practically hit the floor. "p..Pardon?" "usually we make students to go through some tests to join but because of your high IQ and build we'll train you for basic training, it’s a matter of if you want to join or not" It took a minute for Kody to process the offer, he didn’t have a reason to not trust mac, but he didn’t have a reason to believe him. "I believe you have a younger brother; he'll get the same offer of course" Kody went red, he had not even thought of his brother since he got here. "why? “Kody asked mac looked a bit baffled by this remark "why what?" "Why should we join this..this thing" Kody said, he had more anger in his voice then he should of. "we'll you and your brother will get the best schooling you can, you'll be fit. If you don’t you'll be sent back to Nebraska House and will be adopted""Can I think about it?" "of course, I’ll get James to take you to the cafeteria for some breakfast. Also, Only James has the authority to talk to you, so don’t try talking to other CHERUBS" as mac said this last part his tone became firmer "James, can you take Kody here to the cafeteria for some breakfast then show him around campus” Mac Yelled this so James could here "Mac, what about my lessons" James asked as he walked in "when Kody has made his mind up bring him here, then go back to lessons" Kody and James left macs office in unison. Once they had reached the cafeteria Kody grabbed a tray and filled it with eggs, bacon a slice of toast and a hash brown. They sat a one of the tables, Kody looked at James "you want some mate?" Kody offered "no thanks, already ate" "is its true James? do they train kids as spies" A grin cracked across James face, "this place is the best Kody, you’re a mate and to be honest this is the best place you can ever be" Kody scoffed his breakfast and then James showed him around campus, after they went to James room and played on his PlayStation then James asked a question out of the blue "what soccer team do you go for" Kody reply was almost instant "Arsenal, what am i scum? Arsenal is the only good team" James Cracked up laughing, they played FIFA for 30 minutes before Kody stood up and stretched. "I think I’ve made my decision “Kody said. James led Kody back down to macs office. "Ahhhh, made a choice, have we? James could you excuse us "Mac grinned "so, Kody my boy what will it be" "I think I’d like to join Cherub “Kody smiled "good, the next basic training is in 2 months, so we need to train you by then"
Kody was being escorted to the basic training compound, it was a big building, like a Gym with wire fence around it. He stood by a bed he was allocated to. next to him was a girl called Kati, she had short hair and stood in the same position as Kody at the end of her bed. a big man called Mr Large stood in the centre of the room, he paired everyone and told them that they would be training partners for the rest of training. Kody was pared with Kati, the first day was brutal. they carried 5kg weights in a bag around an obstacle course while the instructors hurled abuse at them. Kody had never been more tiered in his life, He wanted to slide onto the bed and fall asleep but mr Large made them have dinner and a freezing shower. Now he was Cold and freezing, he was woken up in the middle of the night by Mr Large shaking him violently. it was a scare and he had to hold back a scream, He realized he was outside but still in the basic training compound. he was there with Kati and some other kids. "LINE UP" Mr larges voice echoed, the kids stumbled in the dark and lined up. Then they were knocked down by a powerful blast of Freezing water. "now that your awake, I'm gonna make you run. until you puke" As he said this, he threw the weighted bags at them. They were heavier than usual"run the course until sun rise, then take a five-minute break then continue running, Sunbreak is in 2 hours. If I catch you not running so help me god" the kids started running while the training instructors went inside "this is so jammy" Kati whispered "true, anyway we can still have some fun" He said "Race ya till dawn" As Kati said this, she broke out into a sprint around the obstacle course, Kody went full sprint just to catch up with her but found that this was not going to work. He was within 5 feet of her but ran out of breath, he started to slow down to a jog while she ran out of sight. while he was jogging, he tripped over his own feat and went face first into a muddy pit, he was getting up when Mr Large Held out a helping hand. As Kody took the hand, Mr Large Yanked him up and tripped him over back into the mud, Kody's mouth was open from fear and was filled with mud. "ARE YOU SLACKING GARTNER" Mr Large barked, Kody knew better then to give back chat to mr large. He wiped the mud from his eye's and saw the sun raising from the main building in the distance. " EVERYONE INSIDE" Mr Large snapped, as Kody was walking inside Mr Large yanked him by the collar back, "keep running" Mr large said with a sinister snarl, Kody was Muddy and tiered, he felt like his legs would collapse from underneath him, but he knew it would be bad if he showed Mr Large weakness. Slowly he walked towards the obstacle course, after he wiped the sweat from his eyes, he set of at a pace in between walking and jogging. He slowed down to a walk to catch his breath. Mr Large made him run for 30 minutes before letting him shower and have breakfast. Kody was marched outside alongside his peers, rain was showering down and made everything slippery. After an hour of combat training Kody was bruised and battered, blood ran down his nose where a fist came too close. Kody slid onto his bunk, he was violently shivering from the cold but the fatigue on his body overcame the coldness and he drifted into sleep. Kody on got an hour of sleep before he was woke up, he saw a group of kids being marched outside by Mr large. Shortly after he herd the powerful blast from the hose hit the wall, "you awake" Kati whispered "ye, Mr large is a horrid bloke" Kody replied "he's a snake” "shhhhh, an instructor will hear you" "there all outside" she said at her normal voice level "I’m not willing to run that risk" As Kody said this, he realized it came off as rude "I’m sorry, that came off as rude, I’m just really tiered" Kati did not reply so Kody rolled over and went back to sleep. After that the rest of basic training was a blur of pain, shouting and exhaustion.
Kody found himself at the second to last checkpoint, 3 days earlier he was dropped on a Desert island with his training partner Kati. he looked at the map to the last checkpoint, it was all in Japanese which was the language he had been learning "it looks like we need to cross these sand dunes, if we set off at first light, we can reach there as the sky darkens" Kody said, his partner nodded. Kody took his bag off his shoulders. it made a thud on the wooden floor; He lied down and rested his head up against the pack. "what are you doing, it’s still light out" Kati said, with some acidity to her words "we need to pack some things like water and other stuff before we leave tomorrow" Kody replied. He rolled onto his stomach and set an alarm for 3 in the morning on his watch, he closed his eyes and drifted to sleep. He woke up with a jump, he was sweating bad and Kati was tapping him to wake him. Kody Stripped his shirt off and stood up "gotta take a piss really quick" he said "NO, I can hear dogs out there" "Dogs? on a desert island" "I know what I heard" "I’ll check it out" he said, as he stood up, he felt for the hunting Knife in its sheath, before stepping outside. even though it was night-time outside it was warm "HELLO" he yelled out into the darkness, but there was no reply, he unzipped his pants to start peeing when he saw eye's glowing. There was a low growl, Kody Zipped his pants up and drew his knife. "Kati" He yelled desperately "ye" "Your right, there’s some sort of mut out here" as he said this the dog pounced at him, Kody instinctively ducked down to dodge and raised the knife. It hit the wolf in the stomach, Kody stood up and cut its windpipe. Kody didn’t feel much remorse, basically none for the animal, so he walked a few more steps before taking a piss. he walked back inside and ran his hand from his forehead and through his hair, his hand was slick and as he looked down there was blood on them. After washing he lied down, he was tiered and looked at his watch, it was 2:30am "i think we should get ready and leave soon" Kody said, much to his surprise Kati was already packing. he picked his backpack up and they set off at 3am, while walking Kody tripped down a sand dune and twisted his ankle. They reached the last check point just before sundown, the other Cherub's were there already waiting. there were tall trees and at the bottom of each trunk was climbing equipment. "All right Maggots, Each of you scum are to climb one tree, at the top of each tree are you're grey shirts, get them and welcome to Cherub" Kody limped up to the bottom of the tree, he didn’t know if he could do this, he was tiered and his ankle was still in pain. he muscled through and started to climb. He was halfway up the tree when he realized his peers were already descending. After reaching the top he used the trunk like a fire hose and slid down, he landed on his twisted ankle. He muffled a groan, but training instructor Mr Peaks heard it. he bent down to look at the foot and recoiled. This made Kody scared as he looked down, he saw that he landed on his foot bad, really bad, it was bending sideways and was a clear break. Mr peaks signalled for the emergency helicopter. Kody hobbled towards the helicopter and was flown to an RAF base. he clenched the t-shirt to his chest knowing he had done it; he had passed basic training.
2 problems
Kody felt groggy as he sat up in his bed, there was a knocking at the door, so Kody slid on his pants and Grey CHERUB shirt. After another Knock Kody opened the door and was surprised to see James Adams Dressed sharply in a navy Cherub t-shirt, army pants and boots. “congrats on passing basic’s mate” Holding his hand for Kody to shake “too easy” He said grinning “body hurts in eight different places though” “nice, I want you to meet some of the lads ye? Were gonna go bowling after tea, you can bring your girlfriend Kati”, Kody hadn’t thought of her like that and went red at the though. “ye, I’ll see you there, but don’t go round callin her my girlfriend, she’ll kick my arses” James Cracked up at this and left back down the hall. Kody stomach growled at him, he hadn’t realized how hungry he had been; he looked at his watch and saw it was 11am. He didn’t feel like walking down to the cafeteria, so he opened his mini fridge, inside was a banana, some microwave meals and two apples. He went to bend down to pick up the banana, but his muscles were tense and ached. He reached for an apple and bit into it, the cold hard skin made a crunch and the sweet juice trickled down his chin. He didn’t have lessons today because he got back from recovering his injury during basic training, he flicked on his tv but there was nothing good on. After finishing his apple, he threw the core into his trash can. He fell back onto his bed and stared at the roof, he let his mind drift until he thought about his brother. He started to worry but Mac said he would tell him when he was here, He stood up and put his Nike trainers on and set off for the running track. As he was walking through the corridor a door swung open and almost knocked his face, in a daze he walked back a bit before seeing one of his training Buddies from basic, Jayden was their name, “Hey mate, good job on passing” Kody grinned as he set off again, he jumped two stairs at a time until he reached the ground floor. He stepped outside and is trainer sunk into a mud puddle, he set off for the running track; although he was already tiered by the time he got there. He didn’t have an iPod so he couldn’t listen to music while he was running, he thought about what he was going to say to James friends when he meets them at bowling. He didn’t want to sound like a ponce, but he didn’t want to sound to desperate, he shrugged and guessed he would go with the flow. After 30 minutes of running he was starting to run out of breath and had sweat patches under his armpits, his throat was dry, but he left his drink bottle in his room. He walked to the main building and waited for the elevator; he would usually take the stairs, but he was too tiered. He reached his room and searched for his water bottle; it was hiding under his bed. He grabbed it and squirted a high jet of water into his mouth, he took a hot shower and dried off; then sat on his bed waiting on his bed bord out of his mind waiting for bowling.
It was now 6pm, Kody was led to the bowling alley by James who had Kati in tow. James introduced him to his friends Kerry Chang, Bruce Norris, Kyle Blueman and some other mates of his. Kody shook all their hands and said hi, Bruce Norris needed no introduction; he was the karate champion on campus and was better not messed with. Kati sat down while Kody took his turn, He smashed the ball down the alley way and clattered over 7 pins, then on his second try got a spare. As he went to sit down next to Kati, Bruce had beaten him to the punch and looked as if he was flirting with her. He felt mad because it looked like she was enjoying it, but he knew he could only be mad at himself. He slumped down next to James and Kerry who seemed to be enjoying themselves, he got up from his seat to take his turn. As he went to through the ball hit got his thumb caught, it pulled him forward until coming loose and rolled into the gutter. He clenched his thumb; it was sore but not too bad. What heart even more was that when he looked over, he saw Bruce moving into Kiss Kati, there was a lump in his throat as he sat down next James and Kerry. “Nice bowl mate” James cracked up, Kerry whacked his chest “Lay off” she said, James looked over and saw Kody was red and was welling up. “Uh.. you ok mate?” James soothed and rubbed Kody’s back; James felt weird because he didn’t know what to do “Ill be right, just remembered something sad” He chocked back tears to say this, “I’m gonna grab a coke” he stood up and walked to the concession stand and asked for a bottle of coke. He sculled it and used the bathroom, he walked over to James ad sat down. His face was still a bit red, but he pushed through it. After bowling James went to an off-licence store and got a 12 pack of beer. James, Kody, Kerry, Bruce, Kati and Kody went up to James’s room. Kody was only 11 and had never had alcohol before but by the end of the night he found himself stumbling drunkly across the hall to his own room where he toppled over the bed and onto the floor.
Kody woke up to the ringtone on his phone, His hurt and the ringing phone sounded like drummer boys in his ear. He answered the ringing phone and was surprised by a voice he hadn’t heard before, tho voice asked Kody to go to the mission preparation building. He took a shower and got dressed in a freshly washed Cherub before setting off to eat breakfast with his friends. He set off for the mission preparation building, he was halfway there when it started raining. By the time he got there he was drenched, there was a man standing there ready to greet him with his hand out. Kody politely shook the man’s hand. “Names Ewart Asker” “Kody Gartner’ He replied. “I have a mission for you, it looks like its going to be easy” Ewart Explained as he walked to his office. Kody was hit by the warmth and a stench he couldn’t describe. His office was messy, and paper was everywhere “So, lets go over the briefing” Ewart smiled
3 The mission
Mission background
Aberfoyle park or ‘the hub’ has always been joked about having local adults and even Kids from the local high school partake of the ingestion of drugs and underaged drinking, but lately these claims have been more and more true. Over the past 3 months there has been a drastic incline in police arrests relating to drug busts in Aberfoyle park and around the area. ASIS has been working the case for nearly a month now and have made very weak ties from local dealers to higher ups, and ASIS know suspects who the leader of the operation is. His name is Levi Shavess, he is married and has 1 child. Levis son Thomas Shavess is confirmed to work errands for his father, these errands can range from getting coffee to doing small deals for him. Levi
Levi Shavess is currently 35, his wife Lois and his son Thomas. Levi was born in 1669 in USA, New York, When Levi was very young his parents sent him to live with his grandparents. He is currently suspected to own one of the biggest drug rings in the country. He currently lives in Aberfoyle park and this is where we think his base of operations are. ASIS has confirmed that he owns small businesses inside the shopping centre which Is suspected to be used for laundering money.
Thomas Shavess
Thomas Shavess is the only child of the Shavess family. He is 14 years old in2 weeks, ASIS has been surveying him and have unearthed no information that the boys might work for his father. He attends Aberfoyle park High School and is in year 9. He is a bright child and is in their ignite program, ASIS has figured out that he stays in a small friend group and is shy about meeting new kids.
ASIOS already has an ASIS agent and has requested a second agent. Preferably young enough to get involved with Levi’s son. the agent will be asked to infiltrate Aberfoyle Park High School or as the locals call it THE HUB. The agent will get close with Thomas and try to uncover Levi’s Schemes. A second objective is to find and locate any documents that my unearth any other secrets.
THIS MISSION HAS BEEN CLASSED AS A MEDIUM RISK BY THE ETHICS COMMUNITY Agents may be exposed to class A Drugs, remember that any intake of a Class A drug will result in Expulsion from CHERUB. Also remember that the agent’s do not have to accept this mission and can pull out at any time
4 Down Under
Kody put down the briefing with a big ear to ear grin. This was his first mission in hi CHERUB career and it sounded juicy. Ewart slouched back in his chair with his feet up on his desk. “So, do you need time to think or what?” Ewart huffed as if he had better things to do, which he probably did “Yes, pleease sir, going down under should be fun” Kody beamed, practically bouncing in his seat “Call me Ewart, sir makes me fee old” Ewart laughed Kody was told he could leave so he stood up and headed back to the main building to catch lunch with his friends. As he sat down at the regular table, he noticed James wasn’t there “Where’s James?” He asked this to no one in particular “At a mission briefing, he late by the looks of it” Kerry answered, now that Kody remembered he did see James name on his mission briefing. This made him even more excited, after scoffing lunch he went to catch up with James. He didn’t know what to do or when to pack or what time he was leaving “Hey, where are you going” James asked “I was gonna ask you some questions then go to lessons” Kody replied “Oh, didn’t Ewart tell you that were leaving tonight, go pack and meet at the front gates in 10” Kody felt stupid for not asking Ewart a simple question, he Started jogging and when he got back to the main building It started raining cats and dogs. After packing he used the bathroom and filled his water bottle up. He set off down the stairs when he ran into Bruce Noris, he liked Bruce but found it awkward with him dating his crush. He ignored his feelings and continued down the steps, He reached the van were James, Ewart and someone he had not met. James was holding a baby as well, this made Kody even more confused. “Hello, my names Zara asker, you’ve already met my Husband. This is my son Joshua” The woman said “Kody gartner” Kody smiled as they all loaded into the van. The floor was carpeted and soft, Kody strapped in and still had a grin on his face as the Van set off for the airport. Kody was sandwiched in between James and a baby seat holding Joshua. Joshua slept most of the way but threw a fit when his mother tried to remove him from the seat, after waiting at the airport for what felt like an eternity they were on the plane. The seats were stiff and hurt Kodys back, James brought a PSP and he took turns playing games. He Leaned his chair back as far as he could without disrupting the person behind him and shut his eye, He sprang up when he felt a sharp crack on his forehead. It was James who had a sour look on his face “Mind moving sleeping beauty, I need to take a piss” As James said this sourly Kody unbuckled his seat belt and slid into the hallway, After James was done and came back Kody buckled his seatbelt and leaned back. He grabbed a pair of headphones and flicked the tv on that was attached to the seat in front of him, He browsed the movies for a bit until picking the Incredibles. He made it halfway through before nodding off again, this time he was woken up by his own urge to pee. He stood up and stretched before walking to the airplane toilet, It wasn’t too bad and as he opened the door he almost hit a flight attendant. He slumped in his seat and didn’t want to go back to sleep, so he chatted with James about everything from what it was like going on missions to their favourite Arsenal player was. James was showing some signs of nodding off and Kody did the same, they slept the rest of the way there. After a 30 hour flight Kody’s back was stiff and he had trouble keeping his yes open despite getting more than six hours of sleep. It was 11 pm by the time they got through customs and were on the road, They were In a spacious Toyota and Kody had more than enough room. He felt his phone vibrate and flipped it open, he had gotten a text from an unknown number and all it said was hi Hey, do I know you? Ye, I’m Gabriel from bowling. Remember? Oh ye. Wassup Nothing much HBU I’m good good Sorry for the surprise, I scabbed your number off Kerry Oh nice, well it’s a pleasant surprise After that he said good bye and flipped the phone shut before tucking it into his back pocket. The drive lasted 45 minuets before that arrived at there new house in Aberfoyle park, It was one story but still big with a Kitchen, 2 bathrooms, A living room and 4 bedrooms. The Living room had a big tv and 3 couches, He got his bags from the car and carried them into what looked like his room. He dropped them down and looked around at his room. It had white paint on the walls and lush carpet, there was a single bed in the middle of the room and cupboards next to it on either side. There were BMX bikes out back and a in ground pool. It was a Sunday night and Kody had school then next day so he sat down and lost track of time messaging Gabriel, it turned 10:30 when Zara came in and told him to go to sleep.
Kody woke up wet, he had a bit of a scare then realised that it was sweat. It was 30 degrees out side and the prospect of a whole day out there scared him, he got up and got dressed in a brownish shirt with the logo on the chest and black shorts and shoes. He walked out and saw Zara had cooked bacon and eggs and packed their lunch. After scoffing breakfast he set off for school, the ride took five minuets
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2020.09.28 18:17 NoCommunication7 Spy changing rooms

I wouldn't call it a fear, but i've always had this thing about the dark, it's not exactly fear but a thrill, mystery, things change massively in the dark, and even with light, there is still dark, underneath your bed, the boot of your car, the cargo hold of an airplane, or your loft? i'm not an irrational person, i'm not scared of 'monsters' hiding in the void spaces of structure or vehicle, i remember that episode of spongebob square pants where he was scared of the darkness so he filled up the town with lights, i'm not one of those, but a thrill of mystery does come from a dark place, despite this, i've never 'urbexed' it's simply too much of a danger, rotting wood, loose structures, abestos, and other living threats, structures are only good for as long as the material used to build them is to last, most of these 'urbex' buildings are beyond their expiry date, and while i never like it, a waste of a building that could be historical, or used to house the homeless, the inevitable contractors and bulldozers turn up for that sweet, sweet profit from the sweet, toxic dust polluting the air.

And that's why i never have done urban exploration and why i never will, so back to what i was saying, and why i'm making this post.

My bedroom has a rather convinient access to the loft, and it's been somewhat converted, but since we moved here when i was single digit age, i was never allowed to enter the loft, i've never known why, but til this day i've never entered it, maybe i'm allowed to now that i'm almost not even a teen but i've never felt the need, but curiosity got the best of me, what's up there? i've only had glimpses of it, and there is only one hatch, it's in my bedroom, so last night i decided to sacrifice some sleep and have a look.

My plan was to wait til 4 AM, carefully and silently open the hatch and stairs, and climb up there to have a look.

4 AM comes round and i carefully release the stair mechanism, i bought a torch up with me to pierce any darkness there may have been.

What i found was an small hall with 3 doors, i looked up, hanging from a woodtruss was a light bulb, i flipped a nearby switch, but it did nothing, i switched it back off, just in case it did something else, the floor was carpeted, which was strange, my parents didn't like carpet, and that's when i thought, what if this is an 18th birthday present? it's only in a few months and maybe i'll spoil it by going up here, but there again i'm more likely to be bought some luxury item instead of another room, when you still live with your parents, your parents always want all the room and it never changes.

I entered the middle door, and came across an empty room, carpet, white walls, and no ceiling, just parts of the roof, this room had a light which worked, but it was empty, i carefully shut the door and tried the second room, in here it was dark, but appeared to have something, i turned my torch on and looked for a light, nothing, there was a vestige of where a light used to be, the room was just a storage room, and i was thinking how i could secretly claim the lit, unused room for myself without being discovered, but i dropped the idea, and then i tried the final room.

It was also dark, and was being used for something, a computer sat in the corner, but this was not any computer, this was my dads gateway that apparently died a few years after i was born, as we lived here, moved away for a while, and then moved back, obviously my parents have had a lock on the loft while they were lending the house to the tenants.

And then i noticed the computer was still on, i was so distracted by that, i didn't notice the CCTV system in this room, i walked over to the computer and attempted to wake it up, it took little effort, and the screen jumped into life.

It was a very primitive computer setup, on the floor, no desk, and there was a simple trackball mouse and keyboard to use it, i also noticed a filing cabinet in the glow of the monitor.

I sat down on the floor, and noticed it was password protected, great, i tried mutiple passwords, and none of them worked, but i decided to try my date of birth, for some reason, it let me in.

Intrigued i started mousing around, it had some ancient software on it, and was not connected to the internet, only to the home network, the software looked even older then what i remember, i opened the various folders, most were empty, but the documents folder had many folders, each of them was a year of my life, i clicked on a few.

I couldn't believe what i was reading, thousands of documents, and events i don't even remember, but the later 'years' took the cake, each of them was a detailed journal-like recording of my life, but there was a massive twist, each 'year' folder was created the year before, and had 'plans' the plans consisted of events to happen in the next year, they were not predictions, just plans, surrounding events in my life, and personal choices in my life.

A few years ago now, we had a loud break-in, and i decided to check the 'plans' from the year before, dated the exact date it happened, just one year prior was a filed named robbery_control.doc i read it.

I couldn't believe my eyes, it described everything, the route the robbers took in the house, how they got in, what they were to 'steal' and not 'steal', detailed floor plans of the house, pictures of various objects that were stolen, and at the end, it went in on detail on how i was apparently addicted to 'GTA Games, don't want him playing that, we need a better child'

That got me super creeped and paranoid, but i felt inclined to keep going.

I clicked on last years folder, there were a few folders, but one was named 'pandemic' inside was a few documents, videos, images, some docs stated it was 'the biggest we have done in the name of control and change' and i thought, what if my parents did this? lots of adverts, press briefings, even fake reddit accounts, all only visible to us? what about all the masks and social distancing though? maybe there was a few mile radius, but surely, this can't be right.

In there i found mocks towards my lifestyle, everything against me, everything about control, i closed everything and locked it, but i looked up and saw a blinking red light on a roof truss.

I turned my torch on and looked up, one camera screwed to a truss, attached to its own DVR, also screwed and cabled tied to a truss, i was being spied in here, and with it so impossible to reach they must be looking at it through their phone, i got out of there, closed everything up and got a good few hours of sleep.

My parents haven't confronted me, but i'm still truly terrified at what i saw, are my parents really doing this? should i move out when i turn 18?

There were no monsters in the dark loft, the monsters were what it was being used for, i didn't look in the filing cabinet but i bet there's more in there.

Nothing was real, most of my childhood events were fabricated, when we lived in the other house, my dad once drove back here to 'turn a stop cock off' yea, i bet it was a stop cock, it was only an hours drive, but he took three hours, a stop cock shouldn't take one hour to switch off.

The Inititive for the control of our children.
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2020.09.28 15:17 BSWolf777 Spy changing rooms

Going out of order with games because I'm feeling DD right now. Got something planned for Apollo Justice, so no worries. Same rules I set before still apply. I actually like DD more than most people, even more than SoJ, but it still has a number of issues that run through both titles, so let's try and address them. Dual Destinies needs a lot more adjusting because it introduces the dark age of the law and it has an overarching plot, while JFA had a series of self-contained stories.
Previous Rewrites:

Turnabout Countdown: Not too much I want to change with this case. It’s honestly a lot better than I remember. First, Athena will see this case through until the end. Phoenix can still do a dramatic entrance, but he’ll only support Athena from the side. This is her friend she’s defending, so c’mon.
Get rid of Gaspen Payne and stick with my precious child Winston Payne. I never really found Gaspen entertaining and the Payne family never had much complexity to them. They’re just continually a silly joke that they’re the tutorial guy no matter the setting or the case premise. Making him an asshole doesn’t really add much. I’m pretty sure they only made him an asshole because they were trying to think of a way to trigger Athena’s PTSD and nothing else, but you don’t need to deliberately say or do something to mentally trigger someone and it unfortunately can happen even from the most well-intentioned people.
Even things like smells, tastes, specific words—really anything can do it. You don’t need to have someone just being rude to you to pull it off. You could even get a good moment in where Winston stops for a second to ask if Athena is okay rather than prodding more. Winston always struck me as a bit overconfident, but not an evil dickbag.
We’ll change Tonate’s motive to help already kick off some of the connections of the dark age of the law. We’ll have a setup that there was a mistrial brought on by forged evidence that Detective Arme oversaw and he killed her out of revenge due to her hand in things. This’ll help establish how people feel about the dark age of the law. A little exposition dump from Tonate at the end of the case will do.
I’ve seen a lot of people ask why previous incidents like Von Karma or Damon Gant didn’t cause the DaotL, but Kristoph and the Phantom did, and while I think the idea of the dark age is kind of silly, hamfisted, and unnuanced, I also feel that this response also shows a bit of misunderstanding as to how social backlash works.
For all the clumsiness in the story, the DaotL is largely a social revolt from a large scandal. Real life social movements like that don't necessarily come about from the first instance of those things happening but earlier cases can be piled on. When you have cases like this where someone is say profiled for their identity, that's not the first instance of it ever happening and movements kind of gradually take off on their own. Pointing at earlier instances of that issue happening doesn't invalidate the feelings people are having in the present nor does it mean people didn't have anger or frustration toward those feelings.
For example, racial justice activist movements have popped up all the time and more do every few years, but it's not like there weren't instances of those issues prior to those movements.
It's just more that things have caught more public eye which leads to legal officials being so desperate they create a self-fulfilling prophecy if nobody trusts the other sides to play properly. With isolated incidents, they could at least be seen as that by the public. What DD is trying to illustrate is that the larger systemic issue of masses of people cheating their way through and using illegal or unethical means to secure their verdict is what has caught the public eye. It creates a self-fulfilling prophecy if everyone is cheating because now everyone feels obligated to join in to have a fighting chance in court, and that only makes things worse when it gets caught and publicized.
The issue though is that this is never actually shown or expressed in any meaningful way beyond several characters acting like idiots or just name dropping “the ends justify the means” or “the dark age of the law” over and over again. I think they realized this and tried to use the courtroom audience to be that voice of the public in Spirit of Justice, which would explain why there are SO. MANY. GODDAMN. COURTROOM PANS! Every time we want to know what the public thinks about something, another one popped up.
DD is trying to splash in a much more complicated subject and trying to centralize everything into an easily identifiable target that, if defeated will somehow solve everything. This'll tie into later cases, but capturing the Phantom won't magically solve everything.
Dual Destinies even has an interesting theme it doesn’t fully capitalize on. Most cases keep emphasizing how you need to believe in yourself and believe in your client to save the day, but Dual Destinies often flips it around by showing that it works the other way around too. You need to get your client and others to trust in you.
Shifting Tonate’s motive to have him take revenge against a court and people who he feels wronged him or someone he cares about will help tie that point in a bit better and is honestly more interesting than just a greed motive where he sells off the bombs. I think this is actually the motive they gave him in the demo for this game (don't quote me on that) and it's honestly better than just selling bombs.
Money is pretty much the driving motive of nearly every Dual Destinies culprit except for Marlon Rimes. I know that they never explicitly state the Phantom’s motives for being a spy, but while it’s true he needed to cover his identity which was the driving force for a lot of his actions in 5-5, there’s really nothing except for money that’d drive him to be a spy in the first place, considering he doesn’t have the emotional capacity for loyalty for acting on some emotional reason. For that reason, it’s reasonable to think he’s driven by money too. Don’t get me wrong, greed isn’t a terrible motive, it just gets overdone when that’s four of your killers.
Countdown doesn’t actually need too many changes, but I did want to lay the groundwork that explains most of the later changes.
Monstrous Turnabout: I’m a shameless piece of trash because I unironically love this case. I’d go as far as to say the case would actually be worse if you don’t show who the killer at the start because of the misdirection it uses on the player. Still, we’ll be addressing a few significant changes.
This case is really interesting because it’s not only aware that you’ll be thinking two steps ahead of the facts they’re showing to you, it actively exploits it. They throw enough clues your way that pretty much everyone pieces together right away that “oh hey, the Alderman has white hair, a muscular build, was at the crime scene near the window and mysteriously disappeared. Obviously he’s the Nine-Tails.”
However, Apollo and crew don’t actually piece it together outright until much later. Pretty much every single online playthrough I’ve watched has people baffled they waited so long to reveal something so painfully obvious, so it helps make it seem like the game is being slow, when in reality they’ve already conditioned you into assuming that so you’re misdirected with the twist of how L’belle pulled of his crime and in turn that the Mayor is actually the amazing Nine-tails.
I’ve never really seen a game exploit the fact that you’ll outspeed its own pacing and use that against you to hide a larger twist. I also don’t really feel that you’re losing much by revealing a case 2 villain at the start because there are generally only like 2 viable suspects at most anyway and AA games tend to shift to one person at a time, making it easy to narrow down who it is.
That said, we'll add in a joke answer where you can say that the judge is the masked wrestler due to the white hair found in the mask.
The biggest draw to this case is that the mystery isn’t really “who killed the alderman” but “who is the amazing Nine-tails,” a mystery the player doesn’t even realize is going on beneath their noses. Revealing L’belle at the start is intended to raise more questions than answers, but it’s held back by the case’s pacing. This case needs to be able to establish a seemingly obvious solution and then shatter it as quickly as possible to get full use out of revealing L’belle at the start and get the player asking “how the hell did he do it then? Did that opening lie to us?”
It does actually achieve that, but the two key assumptions being proven wrong (thinking it’s L’belle in the Tenma Taro costume and thinking he’s used the vent to toss the key away) aren’t actually revealed to be wrong until the second trial and investigation respectively. By then you’ve gotten pretty far into the case. Where it gets interesting is that if you know that L’belle is the killer, everything about the case itself seems to contradict it.
We’ll adjust the pacing to end the first day trial on the reveal that it was Filch in the Tenma Taro costume, something that in the actual case isn’t revealed until the second trial day. If you didn’t know it was L’belle, then this isn’t really a big deal since you’ll just either suspect Filch or assume something else is going on but still probably think It’s L’belle anyway. But by explicitly showing him at the start the big question of how the hell he was even at the crime scene, let alone the killer now is in mind. You would have to adjust a bit of the locked room mystery of course since L’belle’s alibi was built on his claim that he was with Filch, but dismantling those two points ASAP are the most important goals for what makes this case so much fun.
Next, we’ll have two people helping Apollo at the bench—both Trucy and Athena stand by his side on the stand. I know it’s usual tradition to only have one bench buddy, but you can have groups of people defending you in real court trials all the time. Even in this very game, turnabout for tomorrow has a decent portion with the final segment where both Athena and Apollo are there on the stand with Phoenix, so there’s plenty of material where you can just have three people at a time.
It’s pretty criminal to not have Trucy in this case considering she personally knows the Tenma family and is apparently good friends with Jinxie. Even knowing that, she just disappears from the case despite her friend being left alone without her father in an extremely trying time. Trucy would do anything to cheer up someone close to her and support them in a situation like this. Just let her see this case through until the end, maybe a moment where she sticks up for Jinxie and Athena can see how it’s affecting her mood in real time.
You could get some material where Filch tries to steal from Trucy but ends up messing it up because she just makes the thing he tried to steal disappear and come out of Apollo’s pocket or something. You’ve got all these crazy costumes around, so maybe Trucy geeks out over the material and what they’re made of. Maybe Athena is surprised that Trucy isn’t the least bit scared of all these terrifying costumes and yokai.
Next, we’ll change L’belle’s motive from trying to steal the treasure to wanting to secure a promotion for himself and using the cynicism of the people to his advantage. By eliminating the Alderman and getting Tenma arrested, he would be able to run unopposed and also get the merger in so he can lead an even bigger town for himself. Have him planning to pass a bunch of dumb laws that are obviously just intended to get him to sell his beauty products. But the people in the town don’t trust things to change for the better and their apathy is what allow for things to run unopposed. Even on some level everyone kind of suspects the alderman is the Nine-Tails because of the wrestler speaking out the merger.
Finally, we want to add in a journalist who is cynical but does try their best to promote honest journalism. This’ll make for a much easier way to deliver information about how the dark age of the law affects people because she can highlight all the issues people have, share the many corruption stories people bring up, and let the others know how people are reacting in real time. You can make it similar to Roger Retinz where she keeps a phone around and reads off different posts by people or something.
She’ll be a regular throughout the game. You can introduce her here by having her be the one who took the photo of the flying Tenma Taro and have her a little more involved in this case’s second day trial to make up for the sped up pacing. Packing in a little more day 2 will still give us a little more time before getting to L’belle.
Honestly, the Nine-Tails twist exploiting everyone playing off the early assumptions as just an obvious twist is already great and one of the things I love most about this case. It’d also give Mayor Tenma a little more to work with than that stupid “possession” gimmick since they already revealed Filch to be Tenma Taro. Instead, just give him more “dad ready to fight the world for his precious daughter” moments. Damian casually trying to break out of jail multiple times or calling himself rude for not having anything for you is plenty endearing as is.
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2020.09.26 20:03 GermanMofo Spy changing rooms

I have been playing allot with Protea recently and really enjoy the frames flow and design. This has led me to give some thought to some ideas for augment mods that change the play style up and open some new options.
Right now Protea excels at defense and low-mobilty game modes such as Defense, Survival, Interception, and Mobile Defense. This is due to how her abilities work, her Grenade Fan (1) throws down immobile damage zones or shield drones, her Blaze Artilery (2) places a immobile turret, her Dispensary (3) places down an immobile resupply tower, and her Temporal Anchor (4) will move her back to the loaction she cast it making it essentially immobile. All this works together to make her somthing of a pain to bring her into modes like Exterminate, Capture, and Spy as she lacks immediate effectiness when running from area to area. Not to say she cannot pop a Blaze Artillery (BA) down and kill a room, but most other warframes lack the wind up of BA and it relying on line of sight hurts it even more by conparison. The suggested augments seek to make her more enjoyable to play in highly mobile mode.
As a general rule I'm not going to play with numbers since I'm not too keen on the gritty balence, and will focus more on how the feel of the ability will change.
Grenade Fan: The damage of Grenade Fan (GF) is decent and provides great long enduring zone control that is really helpful on immobile game types, however given its Damage over Time (DoT) behavior it is very lack luster in mobile modes. An augment that causes the grenades of GF to instantly explode on hitting a surface or enemy for a larger and immidiate damage, while sacrificing the zone control, would make a great augment and help her feel better to play in mobile game modes.
Dispensery: This ability is almost never cast on mobile mission types, it's straight up fantastic when you don't need to move, but when you do you have to stop and wait to resupply which is a complete drag. An augment that would be similar to Mirage's Prism augment would be great here. The Dispensary would now follow Protea with a significant reduction in overall effectiveness. Ideas for the drawback could be a loss of the extra drop chance or increasing the interval in which drops are rewarded.
Temporal Anchor: The Snap-Back effect of this ability is really awesome and cool, but it has severe penalties. One, it means for the duration of your ability plus the duration of the Snap-Back animation your overall velocity becomes zero, which for obvious reason hurts its usefulness in mobile game types. The second reason it hurts is that you are effectively stunned for the duration of the Snap-Back effect, meaning you cannot use weapons or abilites. An augment that disables the snap back helps to keep Protea more mobile, and makes this ability not punishing to use on the go. If the intent of the Snap-Back is to balence the effective infinite ammo, health, and energy it provides, the balance aspect of this augment could be to reduce the regained resouces or entirely elimate them. Alternatively to balance the loss of the Snap-Back the explosion could be reduced in effectiveness or entirely disabled as well.
These above suggestions would help Protea greatly in mobile game types as well as making them impact her play style overall which I beleive makes for the best augments.
Blaze Artillery: Blaze Artillery (BA) is great, I love the sounds, the visuals, the AoE, and the build up is really cool and premotes strategic use. This ability is really well designed and fun without being opressivly overpowered, plus it's intuitive to use. It is by far the best ability (IMO) on her kit. Props to the designers on this one. That being said I don't think one person, myself included, who has played Protea has not wanted a more permanent turret. There are are a few reservations about this though, namely that this could become a bit overpowered given the wind up of the turret rapidly scaling its damage, without needing much ability strength. The key is finding a way to give the player fantasy of more permanent turrets without overly empowering them. A potential augment aimed at this goal could massively increase duration of turrets, limit the number of allowed active turrets and/or capping the wind up lower. This leaves the turrets mostly the same, tuning down their overall burst dps by limiting their power.
I'd love to hear feedback on these ideas. I'll also apologize for the lack of formatting as I am posting on mobile.
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2020.09.26 17:56 SirScreamsABit Lesson one - chapter 5

Chapter 1
Previous chapter
I’m in the main briefing room, 17 agents and 6 officers going through what we know about Marie and those who have turned on us. Nothing is concrete yet, other than there are only 4 traitors - 2 pilots, 1 agent and 1 engineer. Their families have all been brought in for questioning and are going through rigorous... interrogation. They will be heavily compensated - and drugged to forget the entire ordeal - once they have given us all they can.
So far we know very little about Marie: she knew about Berlin and that I was there and she may know about other missions that I’ve been on. If she wasn’t in Berlin, then the people she works for, were. They could have been the reason why Swiss secret service were involved, or the reason they all died, or both. Every agent is asking the right questions, sending us down rabbit hole after rabbit hole to find out more but we’re coming up empty each time.
This is the first time in agency history that we’ve had traitors within the ranks, and it’s the first time we’ve had an enemy one step ahead of us. The top brass don’t know what to do, and because of that we’re making very little headway.
The main worry is if Marie decides to go public with the information she knows. War would inevitably break out and all agency staff would need to go into hiding. That would be the easy part, staying hidden for the rest of our lives would be the difficult part.
Through the noise of everyone talking I have an idea, “What if we do know her?” I get many confused looks but the room goes silent, “She knows who I am, and she knows about Berlin. So why not cross reference every mission I’ve been on that has changed peoples lives - through killing them or having them arrested, or even just changing their business prospects - and work backwards from there.”
The officers give each agent a mission file and tell them to follow the lead. I’m too close to the investigation so I can’t get too involved until we know who we’re up against. I hate having to sit on the side lines but I follow my orders; I am to wait for contact from Marie, or await my target details, whichever comes first.
She knew I was reading a book in Berlin, she knew what it was so much so that she managed to build an entire life around the characters from it. I didn’t mention the book in my report - why would I? - so I don’t know how she could have found that out.
Every agent is in hyper focus mode. Their hands flying across the keyboards of their laptops, screens flashing with information as they open file after file, search after search in the hopes of finding that one piece of information that gives us something to go off.
I think back to every mission, remembering the face of every target, the details of each person involved with any mission, anyone who could hold a grudge, this isn’t a small list. The files and faces of everyone I have seen or researched for every mission flashing in my mind.
I’m efficient, I plan ahead, sometimes even weeks in advance! If I have to break into a facility I will record CCTV footage and overlay it so I don’t have to think about camera angles - although I still do avoid cameras just in case. I intercept comms so that I know exactly what is said during reports and when, so that nobody thinks there’s any differences during the break in. By the time anyone knows what has happened I’m long gone with little to no trace of my being there.
There’s a reason I’ve flown through the ranks so fast; I’m good at what I do. Every target I’ve killed has been clean, no witnesses. The security guards aren’t killed, they’re normally drugged so they will stay out of my way or just avoided altogether - if they’re not on my list I have no reason to hurt them.
If Marie is linked to any of my missions then she has to be a friend or family member of a target, otherwise it doesn’t make any sense! You don’t try to infiltrate the agency of all places because your security guard dad was fired for sleeping on the job.
My mobile begins to ring pulling me out of my thoughts plunging the room into silence. I connect it to the tracer before I answer. “Hello,” Marie chirps, she sounds very happy with herself, “I’m sure you have me on speaker to the entire main briefing room trying your damnedest to work out who I am and why I’m here!”
I can play games too, “Not the main briefing room actually, we’re not taking you all that seriously. You’re not much of a threat” I hear her give a frustrated exhale. Good, I’m getting under her skin, “Why don’t you save our interns some effort and just tell us who you actually are, or even better, why don’t you let us pick you up?”
I hear a muffled voice in the background, I can’t make out what they say. There is a brief pause as if Marie is thinking about what she was told. She breaks the silence with a threatening tone, “Every country in the world will be given the details of all missions done by the agency in the 10 years. Every murder, every act of war, the information you’ve stolen, all brought to light.”
“Why would you do that Marie, surely you don’t want a war to break out” I get a small laugh from her. I can’t tell if she’s just insane or if there’s something I’m missing. The technician raises 2 fingers; I have to keep her on for 2 more minutes and we’ll have a location.
Another agent spins their laptop to face me, it has Marie’s picture and a full file about her! I skim through it before speaking again, “I want to know one thing: how did you know about the book” I ask. I don’t want to show my cards just yet while I stall for time.
She scoffs, “It wasn’t that hard. After you checked out of a hotel the agency sends in cleaners and has to report everything they cleaned. You may not have included the book in your report but they did.” I look to the officers, who nod confirmation that what she said is true. It makes sense, but I never had to think about it. We are trained to clean everything before we leave, but sometimes we may be in a hurry or we could miss something, so having a dedicated crew takes the onus off us is just extra security.
Marie continues, “Obviously I put two and two together. You read the book - they had to clear your finger-prints off all the pages - and you were the only agent in Berlin that night. Agents have remarkable memories when pushed, so I knew that taking this name would trigger something, but only if you had reason to think about it.”
I get the nod from the technician, we have a location. They begin pulling resources, no doubt sending any available agents to the location, maybe getting details of the buildings ownership to follow up on any leads. The technician’s face turns pale, anger turning into fear and she glances up at me. I frown in confusion.
“I knew that you wouldn’t think much of my name until I gave you reason to. All I needed to do was make sure that your memory wasn’t triggered until I was ready, and I am ready for you now” my heart sinks, Marie sounds like she’s holding an ace up her sleeve, that tied with the way the technician is looking at me doesn’t fill me with hope.
I spin the screen around and see why the technician is so afraid. That’s my parents house. Marie is in my family home. My breath catches in my throat. They know nothing, I’ve told them I build and maintain servers around the world for large businesses, they don’t know I’m a spy!
Marie giggles down the phone, “I guess you’ve already seen where it is that I am? Don’t worry, they’re safe, for now. I just want you to know what it feels-” I cut her off.
“Your real name is Anja Hofstetter, you’re the daughter of the Swiss politician I was sent to kill in Berlin. I didn’t kill your dad Anja, someone else got to him before I could” I blurt out. There is silence on the line. “Anja! Why would I lie to you? You’d easily be able to prove me wrong. I called control because Swiss secret service has pulled your dad out of his hotel room.”
I hear typing from her side. She’s checking my story, probably opening her backdoor into the agency to look up control’s transcripts. I hear the voice again, muffled but it sounds angry. “Shut up” Anja spits at the voice. The voice raises, I can barely make it out, “...lying to you… I was there… don’t listen…” but Anja spits back again, her Swiss accent coming through as her anger gets the better of her. Her facade is faltering now.
I hear a frustrated scream before the line disconnects. I think it was Anja, I hope it was Anja. A feed is pulled up on the large TV in the room, agents are already pulling up to the house, their body cams showing their movements.
They’re fast but cautious, Anja could have set traps, she could be armed. I want my parents saved but I don’t want anyone to die doing it. I should be out there, I should be protecting them!
They breach the building, running from room to room, guns at the ready. A series of, “clear!” being repeated as each room is checked. It’s empty. One agent kicks down the door to my parents room to find a laptop on the bed, a video feed open on it.
We see a shadowy figure on the screen. “Pull them out, now!” I shout, but it’s too late. All the body cams cut out. The dashcam from the SUV outside shows my parents home engulfed in flames. If I didn’t know any better, I would say that that explosion is very similar to the one in Berlin.
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2020.09.26 02:00 PlatyNumb Spy changing rooms

I believe the world would be a much better place if ppl didn't have the right to privacy. I think if the government/police had every bit of info on every person and eyes/ears everywhere, including our homes and even tracked us (not track our phones, our bodies) (This would apply to police and government officials being watched and tracked too) there would be less wrongful convictions, less murderers free, less police breaking rules, less brutality, less crime in general, less bad in general etc. I just think the world would be a better place if ppl could let go of their need for privacy. Personally, I'd be fine if the government wanted to put a tracker in me and cameras in my house (except the bathroom).
Change my view
Also, I understand government officials, the FBI, military, CIA, etc. need private conversations, otherwise that would open the country up to be spied on or attacked easier but they could have certain rooms or the building they're working in could block the signals for the countries safety.
I will update this for repetitive comments or comments that make me think differently about this.
First edit: because a lot of ppl are posting about a bad president, I feel I should add that a president would not have access to the information. Because I'm getting posts about the hierarchy of 1 person being in control, I should add that the agencies that monitor would be the FBI, CIA, police, military, a seperate division that monitors mainly and other official agencies. Plus these agencies would monitor and watch eachother to comb out any "bad seeds". I also feel I should add that America is a democracy not a communist party as I'm getting a lot of comments using communist countries as points to their arguments.
Please, if you're going to make a comment about this being used in a bad way, make sure to comment on how it could be used badly. Too many ppl are commenting basic arguments like "it could be abused" or "what if the wrong ppl get it" and those comments are vague and broad.
The main arguments that have swayed me are 1) hacking. Hacking would be an issue but I would assume corporations that already have our messages, phone calls, pictures and recording all backed and logged would be at the forefront of ensure the safety of this information and since hacking them hasn't been an issue yet (my banking info has been safe and I've recieved no threats or leaks) I feel confident the information would be safe. 2) my hypocritical comment about not being watched in the bathroom, yet they'd be everywhere else where ppl change or have sex. I'm willing to back down on that and allow these agencies to watch me in the bathroom, provided other agencies are watching them watch me so there isn't any funny business.
Keep in mind, we live in a democracy, not communism. The president won't have access and these agencies will be watching eachother using technology from companies that are already watching everything we do without much issue. Also, the main reason I want less privacy is to stop mass shootings, bombings, etc.. which nobody has convinced me won't be fixed with less privacy.
Edit 2: it seems that even though nobody has convinced me murder and mass murder and other dangerous crimes wouldn't be gone with less privacy, 2 users have changed my view on this being remotely possible. Thank you to u/Eng_queen for shedding light on the fact I hadn't thought out the financial side ie who would be paying for this if I don't want the person running the country involved. And thank you to u/ctn1p for explaining in great detail that it wouldn't work with the system the way it is. there'd have to be massive changes and reform to the current laws and regulations, as well as the ppl in charge and how the entire country works for something like this to ever be possible without even more trouble. Thank you everyone who took part in this conversation. I appreciate the debate
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2020.09.26 00:58 Thedesiman Spy changing rooms

This story is copied from internet many years ago. Although it's a work of fiction but it's a good one. So I am sharing this will all of you.
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2020.09.25 16:22 Samara_Buckley_Derby Spy changing rooms

Summary: Fighting immortals is a sweetheart job for someone obsessed with the afterlife. Dying on the job, however, is cutting it too close. However, Julian's curiosity with the great beyond pushes him a little too far, back to the land of the living and cursed with a newly damned soul, just like the immortals he's sworn to fight...
First chapter --- Previous chapter here!!
Cover art --- Rate me on Royal Road!
Matti got to sit at the grown up table for this interrogation. The helicopter was too small for true privacy; cover story was that Schmidt was taking her for a routine pickup trip to Milan when he’d been made aware of a terrorist attack at the Munich Airport. He’d checked it out but the situation had gotten a tad too spicy for him and he’d had to put some distance between himself and his target location, until things blew over and it was safe to fly again.
According to Pooja, it’d have been too suspicious for them to request another eighteen seater, so instead, they crammed all the privates in the front, squeezing three in the cockpit with Schmidt. Pooja, Kyline, and Matti, meanwhile, got to crowd around Julian, who was crushed so close to Helga that he was practically on her lap.
The four held their breaths, watching Helga’s chest rise more and more with each second before her eyes blinked open, like Sleeping Beauty being kissed by Prince Charming. Except Julian, with his sweat soaked sandy hair and still slightly unfocused eyes couldn’t have been less prince-like. And instead of kissing her, he gave her a feeble wave before remembering she was his enemy, at which point he tried to cover his tracks with a fierce glare.
Matti couldn’t blame the guy too much. He was, after all, about thirty minutes recovered from being essentially bled dry.
“Ah, Mr. Julian Blake.”
“Of course, my bad. Dr. Julian Blake, Ph.D. in quantum physics, yes?”
“At least I’ve earned my title. Are you actually the lady of any land? Or do you just call yourself that?”
She looked delighted at the question. “Well there is a story there. One I’d love to share. You see, I’ve never really had the opportunity to sit down across from you and make acquaintances. It’s always been straight to the furnace. And before that, what was it? Body mashed into mash and trapped in a teeny tiny container. And before that, frozen, if I’m remembering correctly. Before that it was—”
“We don’t have time for this,” Kyline snapped, her voice that spinecrushing tone, that ‘keep talking and everyone explodes’ cadence. “We have questions.”
“Well I have answers. There is a reason I wanted to speak to Dr. Blake here.” She eyed him over the way Sofia eyed a plane or helicopter, one whose model was just good enough to warrant ripping into the rest of the design. “I hear you’re immortal.”
“Who’d you hear that from?”
“Huh.” She clicked with her tongue a few times. “Direct, I like that. Well, you’ll soon come to realize that I have no incentive to lie to you, Julian, so why don’t I just answer candidly. I have followers in Omicron Headquarters, same as I had in Upsilon.”
“Those aren’t the same. You were being held in Upsilon. Omicron holds Serenity Pax.” He held eye contact but he was shaking. Now, to give Julian full credit, he was doing a good job of visibly hiding the shaking. Unfortunately, even from his poor vantage point, Matti could see the trembling because he was sitting on top of Helga and her whole body was visibly shuddering.
“It is the same because the goal is the same.” Her lip curled into a smile.
“Destroying the base?”
“Freeing an immortal.”
The helicopter fell as silent as an active helicopter can fall without actually falling. Was Helga genuinely trying to convince them that she was working with Serenity? That was actually an incredibly harrowing prospect. Of the two dozen known immortals, AngelThana had never held more than ten at once. It often took multiple attacks from the followers of the immortals to free them. However, were the immortals to work together… Were they to team up, launching organized attacks with their followers, calling shots during the combat itself.
AngelThana would never hold another immortal for longer than a few months. They’d always relied on the general apathy of the immortals, the self preservation. But if Lady Helga launched an attack to free Serenity and failed, then the next week, Archibald Wagner and his followers could launch an attack against the weakened group. If that failed, then Abraham Kebede and his followers would. A team up could mean activating the fifteen or so dormant immortal armies against a single base at a time.
Matti eyed Pooja and Kyline to see their faces, but both remained stoic, so Matti remained stoic. Even Julian made an effort but he couldn’t stop the shaking.
“What do you want with Mother Pax?” he asked.
She tutted again, before attempting to shift. “Oh do let my old legs stretch a bit. I don’t mean—” she cut Kyline a glare, “let me free. But you’re squeezing the blood out of them, sitting on me like that.”
Julian mindlessly obeyed the request, climbing off her. Matti saw the woman’s legs twitch slightly but they barely moved.
“Did you poison me already?” she asked, a heavy sigh in her voice. “You really ought not to keep doing that.”
“Makes it so that you can’t convince us to let you go,” Julian said.
Matti winced at that and was pretty sure the other two did as well. Bit much and logically nonsensical, but it wasn’t terrible.
“Well I’d suggest not doing that next time.” She ground her jaw a bit. “I have time sensitive information and these two minute bursts aren’t helping anything.”
“You won’t get more than a few minutes to talk until we land and get you secured on the ground,” Julian said. “I’m not even sure why you wanted to talk to me. You’ve said nothing except that you want to free Pax and you could have told anyone that.”
She sighed. “But I wanted to tell you, Julian. I suppose I did want a bit more privacy, since there are some things we need to discuss that the mortals simply wouldn’t understand.”
Matti expected the eyeroll here, but instead, Julian just looked intently at the woman’s eyes, as if studying himself in the reflection.
“You’ll only talk in private?” he asked.
“Mmm, you know how bored they’ll get.”
Julian looked back at Pooja, avoiding Kyline’s hard eyes. “Can we arrange that?” he asked.
“We can consider it when we arrive.”
“Ah lovely.” At this, Helga pressed her lips together in a smug little pout.
To her credit, Kyline did a good job not shouting down both of them. And also to her credit, Matti absolutely understood her outrage. Julian was probably the worst interrogator of the entire Infleurgent group. He lost his cool too easily and getting him started on some science bit was enough for his entire defense to slip. Now for sure Pooja would set up a room under the pretense of privacy, for the two immortals to talk. But if she told the honorable civie himself that this privacy was only a guise, no doubt Helga would pry it from him. So if Pooja was going to honor the request of privacy back home, she’d have to make sure Julian thought it was private too.
The question was whether the honorable Colonel would understand the importance of lying.
Julian looked back to Helga. “So you won’t say anything until we get back to Fleur? Anything?”
“I could sing you some Hungarian songs? Little white flowers will never awaken you. Not where the black coach of sorrow has taken you…” she trailed off, grinning. “Did you know tha song was Hungarian?”
“I’m not familiar with it,” Julian said.
She didn’t need to rub it in; all three mortals knew well her point. It had taken fewer than five minutes for her to weedle information from Julian, potentially devastating information. And he didn’t even know it because he was a scientist and shouldn’t have to.
“Hmm. Maybe I’ll sing more after my agonizing paralysis and suffocation.” Helga’s jaw had again grown stiff. “How close are we… to your little… base?”
Julian backed away as Pooja inspected the immortal for signs of movement. After a few seconds she ushered the group to the cockpit, kicking out Achmed, Silva, and Howard who were all doing some kind of complex three way rock, paper, scissors.
“Dunno how the four of you are gonna fit up there,” one said. “Even with the zombie and renegade being only about half person sized.”
“Hey the zombie’s been hitting the gym, you shoulda seen the size of his pecs when Tenneson took his shirt off.”
“Missed them myself,” said the medic, “but at least they were a fair sight bigger than the sniper’s.”
Matti grinned back at them. “Being small helps in my line of work. Like watch this, I bet I get to sit in Hector’s lap when he’s flying.”
This was met by a satisfactory amount of laughter and Mati followed the others into the cockpit, where he was, disappointingly, not put in Hector’s lap, but was rather put on top of Pooja while Kyline and Julian half sat on top of each other.
“No,” Kylin said, the minute Pooja opened her mouth. “He literally just outed the location of our hideout. He’s trash at interrogation and he’ll get us killed.”
“I mean it. You’re not putting him in there with her, fully private, where we can’t hear what they’re saying.” Kyline’s face was fraught with emotion and Matti himself slowly prepared to move if it became necessary. Being that he sat on Pooja, he didn’t want to immediately tense up like a housecat hearing a dog’s bark, but he was ready in case Kyline decided to back up her words.
Meanwhile, Julian’s eyes tripled in size as he realized his gaff, and he pressed a fist to his mouth.
“I didn’t— Grace, I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have— I didn’t even realize—”
Matti leveled him a look, warning him against further speaking. It was Pooja’s time to handle this situation.
“Blake, we aren’t angry at you.” Pooja put a hand on his knee, her voice calming his newly invigorated shudders. “This was something we knew we were risking when we let you speak to her unfiltered. We took that risk.”
“I shoulda—”
“Yes. But you didn’t and us being angry at you doesn’t fix what you did.” Then her eyes met Kyline’s. “Grace and I will discuss upon landing how to handle this situation, along with Sykes, Malone, and Cortez. That conversation will be exclusively handled by people who were officially granted elevated roles of command, which means the two of you,” she pointed and Julian and Matti, “will not be attending. There are reasons we were put in charge of managing people.”
And just like that, Matti was back at the little kids’ table. Sucked being so quickly demoted becaues of Julian’s blunder but Pooja’s deferral of action eased Kyline’s temper, almost surprisingly so. Her whole body relaxed and her eyes turned tired, almost as if her lids couldn’t keep up anymore.
“Smart. Helicopter’s not the place for this.” The Sergeant rubbed the back of her neck before massaging her temples, all tells of her being extremely stressed out. Matti understood why the tension ran through her blood more thickly than blood. As a Colonel, Pooja made calls broad and drastic enough to cause glorious success, widespread destruction, or an obscene amount of death. Usually a bit of all. She did care about the individual soldiers; her taking in Matti had demonstrated that. But Kyline felt so responsible for all of her soldiers. She didn’t need to refer to them by their first names or get to know their favorite breed of dog to immediately empathize with them.
It was that immediate empathy with soldiers that would always stop her from progressing up the ranks but General couldn't exactly be everyone’s goal. She was where she should be, fighting tooth and nail for her kids.
“Matti, gag Von Marwitz and then ensure no further contact is made with her.” Pooja fixed him with a dark stare. “We’ve learned enough troubling things from her.”
“Colonel.” He saluted and as he scrambled from the cockpit, heard the conversation turn to Helga’s harrowing claim.
The immortals working together, to free each other. The idea had been dismissed early on because after a thousand years, why would they suddenly start to work together? What could have changed?
It could be a bluff but Matti had a sinking suspicion that they were rapidly running out of time to discover a real way of killing the immortals.

Sofia and Harry waited at the landing pad as Hector brought them to a silky smooth landing, the kind really only he could manage.
The privates left first and from his vantage point in the chopper, Matti could see Sofia and Harry counting them aloud as they left. He saw Harry’s tongue trip on eleven before the doctor looked up to see Luli and Vikas leave the plane. A shadow crossed the man’s face and he ordered in two of his doctors at the field medic’s uring.
Then the tensions on Harry’s face melted away as his doctors wheeled a weak but still as obnoxious as ever Shanti from the helicopter. Matti had learned the man’s first name a few times but for once couldn’t get it to stick over his last name.
Finally Matti and the others were allowed to wheel the unconscious and currently near-dead Helga from the vehicle.
Sofia walked over to the five command staff and their prisoner. “Shanti says he’s immortal now.” She fixed Julian with a stern glare. “That’s not possible, right?”
“One way to find out,” Kyline said.
Julian laughed. “No, no he just got some of… or most of my blood after eating a few too much lead at the mission site.”
Sofia caught Matti’s amused grin at Julian’s attempt to sound like some grizzled war vet and the two exchanged a quiet laugh while Kyline rolled her eyes, also unable to bite back a grin. Only Hector really kept stoic, the pilot’s eyes as hard set as always.
“Alright,” he said, “let’s get her to an iso chamber and discuss what’s next. Lapinsky, keep an eye on our boy here.” He clasped a hand on Julian’s shoulder and thrust him forward towards Matti.
Sofia eyed the two men as she headed off with Hector, Pooja, and Kyline. “We’ll tell you everything when we get back.”
“No we won’t!” called Kyline.
Sofia held a finger to her lips, a movement Matti mimicked, smile still on his face.
“You think she will?” Julian asked. “I feel like such a dunce giving up that we were in Fleur.”
Matti was almost entirely sure that this meeting would end in a bugged room and Julian unaware of the true lack of privacy. All he could do now was set the stage for that.
“I think,” he started, leading Julian down the hall to their little officers’ lounge, “that you will be much better briefed before they next let you go in with Helga. They really don’t have a choice but to give her what she wants so it’ll be up to you to get useful information from her while not giving anymore away.” Julian’s face was still so stricken that Matti sighed and detoured them down towards the mess hall. “Hungry? Could use a snack.”
“Actually famished.”
“Mission’s will do that to you. Adrenaline can only keep you going so far but your body needs some nourishment.” Matti glowed at the grin on Julian’s face. The man had such a love hate relationship with actual combat. He loved feeling cool, that much was apparent, but he also had a complicated enough relationship with death that it must muddle everything more.
“Plus I lost a lot of blood.”
“Doesn’t all come back?”
Julian let out a long breath and Matti could tell he was in for quite the lecture. He put on the same listening face that he used when he’d spend hours in Sofia’s lab, listening to her rattle off about vtols in between blowing things up. The face that said ‘I am not catching 90% of what you’re saying but think you’re really smart and am enjoying listening to you lecture all the same.’
To his credit, Julian kept the lecture to a manageable ten minutes as the two men stopped at the mess hall to find any food they could scrounge up. The rules had grown lax since the rebellion, as was demonstrated by the cluster of privates lounging about on the floor with a small feast of jerky, apple sauce, toast, and some carefully rationed bars of chocolates.
“Eda! Karl!” Matti called to the injured soldiers from the ruins mission. “They catching you up on Munich?”
“Yeah. Apparently thanks to zombie boy, we gotta put up with more of Shanti’s shit,” Eda hollered back. “Thanks for that.”
“This is just standard military bs-ing, right?” Julian asked. “I thought once he got in actual danger…”
“That people would lay off and treat him nicer?” Matti laughed and coded them into the kitchen. “That’s pretty much the opposite of how it works here. But I suppose for the science folk, maybe someone almost dying would make you treat them extra nice. Seemed like the M.O. of my old classmates.”
“Did you make friends in college?” Julian asked, cracking open a can of orange soda. Since they’d gone under, Pooja smuggled back the strangest of rations. “Like, since you knew you were going into undercover spy life, I figure maybe not.”
Matti’s fingers landed on a can of soup, which he popped open and took a drink from. “No I did. I’m always trying to make friends. Only been here about a few weeks and I already got loads of ‘em.”
“Yeah, real big man on campus.” Julian grabbed a can of cold soup himself. “Unless things are different in Russia or wherever you’re from and people do go for your type.”
“Well, they thought I was an arrogant prick back then too, so not too too much has changed. But back then I was also bad at my classes. Here my ‘ego’ is deserved.” He spat out some strange, hard piece of chicken from his can. “I mean it is. And you can see how easily I slot myself into the important roles, even though if I wasn’t a renegade, I’d be the same level as Luli or Vikas.”
“Thought was just Laghardi that got you into our meetings.”
“It’s a few things. I essentially go where I think I could do something important and most times people don’t stop me. They just glare but I guess they trust my judgement cause I’m so old.” He grinned at this and finished his soup.
“You’re old?”
“For a sniper. We don’t usually last long and that makes people nervous so they just go along with where I think I’m most needed.
“And right now that’s with me?” Julian raised an eyebrow.
“Would you be surprised if I said yes?” Matti turned back to the kitchen in search of something to round off the post meeting snack. “You’re about to go in, untapped, to a room with a rather dangerous immortal. You’ll have nothing but your wits and your wisdom. So yes, I think making sure you remember what’s at stake is important. Aha!” Matti unearthed a final remaining chocolate bar. “Hope Pooja gets more.” He broke off a piece and gave it to Julian.
“I know what’s at stake. If the immortals are working together, then life as we know it could be in serious risk!” Julian popped the entire half chocolate bar in his mouth as he spoke. Rookie mistake.
“No, not the world. Them.” Matti guided him back out to the hall to point at the soldiers, who seemed to be engaging in a little foreign language exchange of their home country’s most colorful language.
“I know. They’ll die and that’s bad. But—”
“You know, this is something Kyline gets better than any of us.” Matti sighed, annoyed, as the two started back to the lounge. “Pooja, Harry, Sykes, they’ve all gotten so desensitized. I try not to be but it’s damn hard. You and Sofia, god bless her, are so stuck in this world of hypotheticals and theoreticals that you can watch your entire team of scientists go down and still not understand the cost of human life.”
Julian looked as though Matti had slapped him. “Why is it that you think I’m not taking that seriously? I literally let a medic pump my entire body dry just to save a private.”
“But why ‘just’. Why ‘just’ to save a private. What’s ‘just’ about that? You didn’t do anyone a favor.” Despite the weight of his words, Matti kept his tone even. “The problem is, Julian, you see soldiers as disposable. I don’t know how high up that goes, if you think of Pooja or Kyline as disposable, but it’s very civilian. Very ‘they signed up for this’. Yes, I know you’ve died to save them. Twice now, so I’ve heard.” The two emerged into the lounge but didn’t quite head for the couches yet. “Did anyone at Upsilon ever die when you were there?”
“Any of your soldiers. Did they die? Did you ever go to any of their services?”
Julan’s face drooped and Matti could see the answers written plainly in the way his eyes shifted from side to side.
“It’s natural,” Matti said, “to have that civilian’s apathy towards people who serve. I can’t fault you for that. It’s also natural to gain a soldier’s apathy, as you get more seasoned. But you went from having a civilian’s apathy to an immortal’s apathy. You see your death as something we should care about. You feel like a video game protagonist. You get extra bonus points for saving the soldiers on the side. Just remember that when you’re in there. Every single one of them thinks they’re the goddamned protagonist. Every single one of them thinks of Game Over as some faint thing that may someday happen. You just have more power to make that come true.”
It was hard to see if Matti’s words were really getting through to Julian and in a sense, Matti figured it may be pointless. Julian was a good man, really. He wasn’t cold or unfeeling. But he also wasn’t realizing how easy it would be for him to center this whole operation around himself. It was the lack of self awareness more than anything that Matti felt the need to highlight.
“I don’t even want to talk to her.” Julian’s voice was quiet and he turned for the couches, Matti scrambling on his heels. “It’s too much pressure. I’ll fuck something up.”
Matti hopped over the back of the couch to sit next to Julian. “Good. Feel that pressure with every word you say to her. When you realize how easy it is, a single word, the push of a button, the pull of a trigger, to completely end people, that’s when you consciously and actively need to build a respect for human life. Do not rely on the one you thought you’ve passively built your whole life. That will abandon you in moments.”
Julian looked at Matti, his shoulders still slumped. Then his eyes fell to Matti’s hands. “You’ve still got chocolate?”
Yes, Matti did, because he’d nursed it, like you’re supposed to do with rations. Grinning and rolling his eyes, Matti broke off another square and gave it to Julian.
“You also need to cultivate a respect for your chocolate.”
“Yeah.” Julian popped the whole thing in his mouth again. “At least I’ve never tricked myself into thinking I’ve developed a passive respect for dessert.”
“Well I’d imagine not. You are American.”
Then Julian’s phone vibrated. He pulled it out, eyes flashing over the message. Then he climbed to his feet, a stern look on his face.
“That was Laghardi. She wants me in interrogation bay 1. The private one. I’m going to speak to Helga again.”
I have a question for your consideration. Which of the characters do you feel you can picture/visualize? Which need more help? Let me know! It'll make revisions a lot better :D
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2020.09.25 15:35 bajungadustin Rooms changing spy

I dont know what was planned for Among us 2 which is now just coming in a potential DLC or whatever but I had some ideas of things I would like to see in the game.

- Random Matchmaking -

- Anti Cheat Program -

- Reportable / Blockable accounts -

- Something to work towards -
  1. Imposter Vote Win = 250
  2. Imposter Kill Win = 150
  3. Imposter Lose 75
  4. Crew Win (alive) 150
  5. Crew Win (dead) 100
  6. Crew Lose 75
This could create better interactions such as anytime an imposter is one of 3 people alive all he has to do is kill someone.. but if he wants to squeeze out those extra coins.. he could try to win by vote. Then we could spend these coins on items and other things like DEATH ANIMATIONS!!!
- Additional Game Modes -
A less good ideas but figured I would throw it in.
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2020.09.25 10:42 M-Culum Spy changing rooms

Alternate Start for Foreigners
Use this start if the players are foreigners to the Dale and are traveling from the South to reach it.
\"It's spring-nearly summer and the north winds aren't stopping whatsoever. I can't remember the last time it's been this cold! Someone ought to go up to Ten-Towns and see what's goin' on over there. The Frost Gods be going mad, I tell you!\"
Journey narration from R.A. Salvatore's "The Crystal Shard" Read the excerpt below when the game begins in earnest but remember to edit it further to account for the harsh blizzards after the first week. This could also involve finding remains of ransacked or ruined caravans that could've been carrying chardalyn to the South or any standard trade good.
You may also be inclined to allude to the horrid magical rime of the Frostmaiden, the scattered chardalyn veins along the mountains and the duergar that seek it, and the twilight/aurora that washes over the sky, or even describe the party laying eyes on the Frostmaiden herself as she soars through the sky and eerily peers down at the party. Feel free to sprinkle in a spooky encounter to raise the tension or set the mood.
Along the road after the first week, the party could end up threatened by a furious blizzard and be forced to take refuge in a mountainside cave where you can put any manner of horrible or beneficial things. Perhaps the cave was the home of a wendigo or yeti, with many bones scattered around, or mayhap it is the home of a good-natured dragon or winter fey that impart knowledge and advice about the Dale upon the party.
"When you finally saw the snow-capped peak of Kelvin's Cairn rising from the flat horizon, you felt more than a little relieved. The hard journey from Luskan to the remote frontier settlement known as Ten-Towns has taken you more than three weeks.
The first week hadn't been too difficult. The caravan held close to the Sword Coast, and though it was traveling along the northernmost reaches of the Realms, the summer breezes blowing in off the Trackless Sea gave enough comfort.
But when the trail rounded the westernmost spurs of the Spine of the World, the mountain range that many considered the northern boundary of civilization, and turned into Icewind Dale, you quickly understood why you have had been advised against making this journey. Icewind Dale, a thousand square miles of barren, broken tundra, had been described to you as one of the most unwelcoming lands in all the Realms, and within a single day of traveling on the northern side of the Spine of the World, you almost considered the reputation well-earned. Bordered by impassable mountains on the south, an expanding glacier on the east, and an unnavigable sea of countless icebergs on the north and east, Icewind Dale was attainable only through the pass between the Spine of the World and the coast, a trail rarely used by any but the most hardy of merchants.
For the rest of your lives, two memories would ring clear in the your minds whenever you'd think bout this trip, two facts of life on Icewind Dale that travelers here never forgot. The first was the endless moaning of the wind, as though the land itself was continuously groaning in torment. And the second was the emptiness of the dale, mile after mile of gray and brown horizon lines.
Your journey's destination marked the only varying features in all the dale - ten small towns positioned around the three lakes of the region, under the shadow of the only mountain, Kelvin's Cairn."
After the players reach the vicinity of Ten-Towns, it is logical to send them to Bryn Shander right away, as that is the nearest location to the mountain passes to the south, but you may be inclined to give them a choice to travel to a different town instead. This is however illogical, as it would involve completely avoiding the safe haven of Bryn Shander and trudging through the Arctic without any semblance of a trail or beaten path. They could also, of course, simply go through Bryn Shander and go on their way towards the East or West.
A sheriff's deputy named Augrek Brighthelm often stands watch at the southwest gate. She delights in greeting first-time visitors to town. In fact, she has a well-rehearsed speech that makes some of the other guards at the gate roll their eyes:
"Well met, travelers! Keep yer fingers and extremities under wraps, lest Auril bite them off! Mind yer tempers, and you'll be most welcome here! Brought goods to sell? The market lies straight ahead. Craving a warm drink? May I recommend a drop of Firebeard's Firebrandy, sold only at Kelvin's Comfort, located on yer right as you enter the market square!"
Despite the warm nature of her speech, there is a tangible sense of sadness in her eyes and voice. With a DC 13 Insight Check the players will get the feeling that something is amiss. If asked about it, she will respond by saying that she is very concerned about Icewind Dale due to the Rime of the Frostmaiden, the twilight, the sacrifices and the rest of the vile things going on in Ten-Towns.
Read more about Bryn Shander below.
OPTIONAL Prelude Quest: Woes of a Luskanite As the party is about to begin their journey, it is inevitable that they have to go through or around Luskan. IF (big if) you feel compelled to explore the pirate theme, the party could be approached by a rowdy sailor seeking their help.
This man is Jorn Weatherstorm (CN male illuskan human bandit), and he is desperate to find his parrots that fled into the local woods, east of Luskan. He will explain that he stole a scroll from a mage of the Arcane Brotherhood, and in return, that mage cast a horrific spell on his loyal parrot companions, named Greenzie and Red-Beak. The parrots grew to massive proportions and began to fly around the city, terrorizing locals. After awhile, the parrots flew east, towards Blackford Crossing. They are now currently flying around the local woods, and Jorn is anxious to kill them.
"Arr, can't do nothin' for em' now. Gots ta' put em' out of their misery. Don't want em' flappin aroun' the place all oversized an' monstrous. I love them stupid bird-brains but it is what it is."
What Jorn doesn't know, is that the scroll that he stole is a Scroll of Dispel Magic. This scroll can be used to undo the spell that was cast on either Greenzie or Red-Beak.
It is fairly easy to find one or both of the birds, as they screech extremely loudly, giving away their location. When the players go towards the screeching sound, roll and consult the following table to see where the parrots are. The parrots are extremely perceptive and will attack the party as soon as they arrive. The parrots are frenzied and fight to the death. If only one parrot is encountered, the other isn't far, and the screeching gives it away once again.
1d6 Encounter
1-2 Both parrots are present and fighting each other. They each start with only 5 health.
3-4 Greenzie
5-6 Red-Beak
For Red-Beak, use the Giant Owl statblock with 15 health. For Greenzie, use the Giant Owl statblock again, with only 10 health and with the following action added to it.
Acid Spit: +3 to hit, range 30/60 ft., one target. Hit: 4 (1d6+1) acid damage.
Greenzie will always prefer to stay at a range of 30ft. and spit acid.
If the scroll is used on one of the parrots, it simply transforms back into a harmless tiny bird (use the raven statblock) and flies down to land on Jorn's shoulder. Whatever the outcome, if the players manage to neutralize both parrots, Jorn will reward them with a sack of 20 gold pieces and a dagger that belonged to his previous captain. He will gift the the surviving tiny parrot to the party as a pet. The parrot will, however, fly away towards the south once the players reach Icewind Dale, as the temperature is way too cold for the creature.
RECOMMENDED Prelude Quest: Goods for Bryn Shander There's a caravan that's stopped in Blackford Crossing, owned by a timid and fearful caravneer named Morgran Silverfist (LG male shield dwarf commoner). His guards have been savaged by a Many-Arrows orc ambush along the Blackford Road and only one guard remains, a wise and reserved dragonborn named Loremark the Silent (LG male dragonborn guard). The caravan is being drafted by two brown draft horses and is carrying is 4 gallons of off-brand Mirrabaran rotgut and various metal goods (it is up to the DM to decide what these items are, if it is pertinent). Morgran Silverfist is extremely anxious about the journey, and will pay the party 20 gold each to help accompany him to the tavern of Kelvin's Comfort in Bryn Shander.
The caravan will travel along the Northern Means, turning right at the crossroads into Ten-Trail, stopping once a day for a long rest. This means that there are 20 stops total, not counting stopping for a full day in Hundelstone. There is no need to fully narrate and role-play this journey, it could simply be done using the excerpt above. Feel free to add encounters and omens as described at the start of the post.
The caravan will arrive to Hundelstone after 9 days of travel and stop there for one full day to restock on rations and recouperate. Hundelstone is in a bad condition due to Auril's storms, and is way more desolate than usual. One notable resident of Hundelstone is an inventor named Thwip Ironbottom (CG male rock gnome commoner). A spy for the Harpers, Thwip keeps an eye on strangers passing through town and uses a sending stone to stay in touch with Beldora, a Harper spy in Bryn Shander.
After 15 more days, the caravan will reach Bryn Shander. Morgran Silverfist and Loremark will be grateful for the help, and make his way to Kelvin's Comfort after paying the party.
Bryn Shander Enhanced Kelvin's Comfort
Kelvin's Comfort is the most popular tavern in Bryn Shander after the Northlook, owing to its extensive stock of dwarven ales and brandies. (If you use this tavern instead of the Northlook, it is suggested that you move Ol' Bitey here). The common room is bedecked with dwarven craft of Battlehammer make, but most of the liquors are imported from Mirabar, on the other side of the Spine of the World. The one Ten-Towns specialty of note is a treacly mead from Good Mead, a neighboring settlement. If the party orders this mead, the server will mention the following:
"In Good Mead, the town speaker was recently killed by a nine-foot-tall giant. Rumor has it the giant stole a shipment of honey mead, without which a handful of taverns in Ten-Towns might go dry!"
Caravan masters and guards with plenty of coin often come here, as do visiting dwarves from Kelvin's Cairn, who carry edible mushrooms for the tavern that are grown in underground plantations. The proprietor of Kelvin's Comfort is Ogden Flamebeard (NG male shield dwarf commoner), who has a temper as fiery as his signature drink-the Mirabarran rotgut he gets for cheap from Morgran Silverfist and rebottles as Flamebeard's Firebrandy (reselling it at a sizable markup).
One heavily bundled figure commonly seen loitering outside the tavern is a haggard, homeless young woman named Beldora (CG female human commoner). She wears boots that are much too big for her feet, and thick gloves made from walrus hide. She earns coin by helping to tend other folks' campfires, staying warm and overhearing rumors at the same time. Beldora's secret is that she's a Harper agent. She likes to huddle next to strangers and learn what they know. She conceals a sending stone on her person and uses it once a day to pass along information to Thwip Ironbottom, a Harper agent based in Hundelstone.
(If you are using the "Cold-Hearted Killer" quest) One of the patrons of Kelvin's Comfort is Sir Baric Nylef (LG male illuskan human veteran), a knight of Tyr and a member of the Order of the Gauntlet. He's hoping that a few shots of Flamebeard's Firebrandy will keep a nasty cold at bay while he keeps an eye out for the Killer of Icewind Dale. If the party reveals their intention to hunt down the killer, he is willing to help them look. If the party decides to go eastwards, he will go west, and vice versa, to cover more ground. Eventually, he will want to meet up with the party back in Kelvin's Comfort to see if they've found the killer or not.
(If you are using the "Nature Spirits" quest) Dannika Graysteel (LN half-elf acolyte) could also be present and sharing concerns with patrons about small elemental creatures, perhaps petitioning a few young human NPCs to go and try to complete the quest without the intervention of the PCs. The patrons are naturally hesitant, dismissing Dannika as a witch or crazy person.
(If you are using the "Foaming Mugs" quest) Hruna, Korux and Storn; dwarves of the Battlehammer mining clan are sitting in one part of the tavern and having some ales. They seem slightly desperate, and are willing to approach the party to ask them to retrieve their missing shipment of iron ore.
House of the Triad
Bryn Shander's largest place of worship, the only one that truly deserves to be called a temple, is an impressive stone edifice built by the dwarves of Kelvin's Cairn. The House of the Triad stands about halfway between the southwest gate and the central market. It honors the three gods known as the Triad: Tyr, the god of justice; Torm, the god of courage and self-sacrifice; and Ilmater, the god of endurance in the face of suffering.
The temple is attended and maintained by visiting priests and acolytes from Neverwinter and Waterdeep, who usually stay for no more than two years before returning whence they came. At present, the temple is home to a priest of Torm from Neverwinter named Dellvon Ludwig (LG male Illuskan human priest) and his faithful friend, Sirac of Suzail.
Speaker's Palace
The Speaker's Palace is the private residence of the town speaker. The "palace" part of its name is an overstatement, compared to such buildings elsewhere in the world. Yet, fashioned by dwarves out of cut stone, with a pitched slate roof and a colonnade in front, the palace is so out of place among the rough wood dwellings in Bryn Shander that it looks as if it had been magically transported here from some other region of Faerûn.
Town Hall
Bryn Shander's town hall is the largest building that borders the central square. It is reserved for community feasts and gatherings on various holy days and other notable events. The hall can also accommodate refugees from neighboring settlements in times of emergency. In the back of the hall is a short flight of stone steps that lead down to a sunken cellar with walls of frozen, hard-packed earth. The cellar has been converted into a sheriff's office and an adjoining jail cell. The sheriff, Markam Southwell, spends little time here, and the jail cell is usually unoccupied. When troublemakers need to be locked up, two deputies (LN male or female Illuskan human guards) are assigned to watch over them. Sheriff Southwell carries the key to the cell door, which can be picked open with thieves' tools and a successful DC 15 Dexterity check. If the guards need to get into the cell for some reason, one of them leaves to fetch the sheriff while the other waits.
Rendaril's Emporium
This is the largest trade house in Bryn Shander, on the site of the original cabin around which the town sprang up. The entrance facing the market square serves as the storefront, where visitors can view an assortment of the finest goods for sale in all of Ten-Towns: fishing rods fashioned from elven yew, yeti-skin coats with scrimshaw buttons, mithral fishhooks, axe heads and daggers crafted by the dwarves of Kelvin's Cairn, and more. Around the back of the building is an entrance for wholesalers, where caravan traders offload their stock and local adventurers sell pelts and tusks collected on their travels. The owner, Rendaril (CG male half-elf commoner), is a shrewd merchant who learned his trade in the cutthroat markets of Waterdeep. More coin passes through his hands in a week than most other businesses in Bryn Shander see in a season.
Locations along the way Feel free to use these locations from the Forgotten Realms along the journey and modify them to your liking to suit your needs. These are here only to provide something for the party to do along the way, to set the mood and contrast with the great isolation that the players will have to contend with later. Keep in mind that the Rime of the Frostmaiden does not take place here, but could affect these locations, so feel free to insert the cold influence of Auril wherever the party goes. (But to a FAR lesser extent than in Icewind Dale.)
Mirabar is the richest city of the North by far. It sits atop a knoll on the north side of the Mirar River like an unassailable fortress, enclosed on all sides by sloped outer walls as wide at the base as many city blocks in Waterdeep. Defenders can fire arrows down from atop the walls, or, in winter, pour water down them to make ice slides. There is no shortage of stone and weaponry. Even the docks have battlements and fortifications.
Visitors to Mirabar often wonder why they don't see more dwarves, as humans make up the majority of the city's surface dwellers. Another city lies just below the surface, and that place is dominated by dwarves. Underground, Mirabar is a city of lit residential caverns, superheated forges, foundries that operate day and night, and tunnels leading to the mines.
Mirabar's marchion, Selin Ramur (LN male Damaran human noble), meets with the other members of the Lords' Alliance to ensure that Mirabar's interests aren't ignored. While the marchion handles foreign policy, true power within the city rests with the Council of Sparkling Stones, a group of dwarf elders that manages the city's security and decides where the output of Mirabar's mines are sold.
The City of Sails often conjures romantic images of a magnificent port metropolis, majestic merchant galleons with bright sails, and dashing swashbucklers who greet their enemies with a playful wink and a tip of the hat.
In reality, Luskan is anything but that. It's a dirty dive with filthy streets, squat buildings, ramshackle docks, creaky old longships, and crass pirates thinly disguised as sea traders. Rising above the fog and the stench is the Hosttower of the Arcane, home of a league of greedy, power-hungry wizards called the Arcane Brotherhood. Their ghastly tower branches into multiple thinner spires at the top. From a distance, the Hosttower might be mistaken for a giant, leafless tree. To those who have the misfortune of seeing it up close, it looks like a clawed hand bursting out of the ground, each of its fingers a tower with many peering windows.
Five High Captains rule the city. Each one is a glorified pirate lord who controls a fleet of longships. The five fleets serve many purposes: they defend Luskan against seafaring barbarians and other enemies, they conduct legitimate sea trade up and down the Sword Coast, and they raid and plunder the island kingdoms to the west (and the occasional settlement on the Sword Coast). The High Captains have no influence over the actions of the Arcane Brotherhood, nor is it apparent that the wizards have any allegiance to Luskan.
Blackford Crossing
Straddling the Mirar River, Blackford Crossing is an excellent trading post for those going south or coming from either Mirabar or Luskan and want to exchange wares instead of going the whole way themselves. It is mostly packed with travelers who are passing through, but want to avoid Luskan entirely due to it's horrid and well-earned reputation. Dwarves and Luskanites alike set up shop here, and the road is often traveled by vagrants and caravans from faraway lands. Several caravans from Mirabar stop here to prepare for the three-week journey to Icewind Dale.
Blackford Road
This trade trail runs east from Luskan to Mirabar. The road is named for a little-used ford across the River Mirar that allows travelers to avoid Luskan should they wish. Caravan masters have many other names for the road, none of them flattering: Auril's Ride, the Stygian Road, Ol' Frozenfinger, and the Dead Yeti Highway, to name a few. Where the road spans the Black Raven River, south of Raven Rock, stands a stone bridge with broken statues of rearing horses at each end.
Northern Means
The Northern Means is a snowy, windswept trail that connects the city of Luskan to the frozen lands of the high north. The trail all but disappears during the winter, buried under deep snow. Moreover, the area has few trees or hills to provide shelter.
Ten-Trail is a precarious road leading through a mountain pass through the Spine of the world. Hundelstone is the only settlement along this road, and lies at it's highest peak. Deadly blizzards imposed by the Rime of the Frostmaiden ravage this road, and it is only traveled by the most hardy of caravneers. It is likely that travelers that pass through here will encounter either a blizzard or an avalanche, as well as the remains of those that have tried to pass but came ill-prepared.
At the highest elevations along Ten Trail, only a few shrubs cling to life amid patches of moss-covered rock. Travelers on this route eventually come to Hundelstone, perching on the mountain slopes much like the surrounding flora. The town's buildings are low, with most of their rooms cut out of the hard soil and rock below ground level, and their roofs steeply pitched to better shed the snows that blanket the mountains in the winter. The shield dwarves and rock gnomes in Hundelstone get a chuckle out of warning visitors to stoop low as they walk about town, lest they be blown away by the wind.
For most people, Hundelstone is either the last outpost of civilization before taking the pass north to Icewind Dale or the first welcome sign of refuge after making the wearying trip back. Many of the dwarves and gnomes here spend their days excavating tunnels, mining ore, or smelting and smithing the local iron and tin. (Adventurers who venture down into these tunnels might be surprised to find that some of them descend for miles, in some cases all the way to the Underdark.) Hundelstone's few score human residents are mostly sellswords or would-be adventurers who earn a living as caravan guards or beast hunters in the crags.
One notable resident of Hundelstone is an inventor named Thwip Ironbottom (CG male rock gnome commoner). A spy for the Harpers, Thwip keeps an eye on strangers passing through town and uses a sending stone to stay in touch with Beldora, a Harper spy in Bryn Shander.

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2020.09.25 09:42 FrostEmpyrean Among Us Role Ideas

Although Among Us 2 has been cancelled, Innersloth has mentioned that whatever had been planned for Among Us 2 would be given to Among Us, including, probably, Roles. I was bored, so I theorized a few possible Roles. Note that I assume you're playing with sentient primates, as anything beneath that intelligence should probably continue to play with Roles off.
Crewmate Roles
Captain [ 1 per Game ] - The Captain is forgetfull, and while he has a chart of which Crewmate Roles exist in the Game, he has no clue who is who - also nobody remembers that he is their leader? - The Captain can call an Emergency Meeting from anywhere on the Map with his handy high-authority communications tablet.
Doctor - The Doctor is responsible for everybody's health and will choose one Player during Discussion to track Vitals on until the next Discussion - The Doctor can conduct a Medbay Scan on one Player to know if he/she is a Human/Imposter ( Action is invisible to other Players and will not differentiate Crewmate and Neutral Roles )
Engineer - The Engineer has an aura that prevents things around him/her from breaking, so Imposters cannot Sabotage the Room he/she is in - The Engineer is paranoid that something will pop up from Vents nearby, and can block up to one Vent at any time, preventing anybody from entering/exiting that Vent ( even if here are multiple Engineers, only one Vent can be blocked; all/only Engineers can tell whether a Vent is blocked; later blockings will always override earlier blockings )
Janitor [ Only if Transporter is in the Game ] - Only the Janitor is observant enough to see Bloodstains ( or whatever ) where Players were killed, even if the Bodies were moved by Transporter or cleared by Discussion. - The Janitor has an extensive knowledge of the ventilation system and can use Vents ( 30s Cooldown )
Officer - When Lights is sabotaged, the Officer always carries a spare Flashlight that allows him to see in front of him to a limited extent. Other Players, for some reason, cannot see this light. - The Officer has a gun with one round that he can use to kill one Player each Game.
Scientist - The Scientist's willpower alone can let him/her fix Sabotages as a Ghost - The Scientist wants to finish work as fast as possible, and after completing their own, will receive a list of remaining tasks, allowing them to help other Crewmates finish theirs.
Imposter Roles
Extraterrestrial - Kill Countdown counts down in Vents, but the Countdown is 2x longer
Mastermind - Can redirect one Player's Vote during Discussion
Saboteur - Can undo Tasks down by Crewmates by going manually to each Task Site and undoing what they've done ( one at a time, some Tasks cannot be undone ).
Shapeshifter - Can collect DNA of one Player during Discussion and gain the ability to transform into them once for 10s. Only one DNA sample can be stored, and each is single-use.
Transporter - Can move Bodies around, but cannot Vent while doing so. Bodies being carried can still be reported.
Neutral Roles ( Only one Neutral per Game )
Stowaway - Has no Tasks to complete - The first Dead Body he/she reports, the Stowaway will take on their Role ( including Imposters' Roles if it was an Officer that killed them, making the Stowaway switch Teams ) - If the Stowaway is killed before changing Role, if they are reported the Captain will be notified. Stowaways count as Crewmates before they Role-change
Spy - Has only Download Tasks that do not contribute to the Task Bar - Can choose a Player to bug during Discussion, allowing him/her to know their general direction from him ( using the arrows ) - They can win with both teams so long as they are still alive and have finished their download tasks when one team wins Spies count as Crewmates
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Baghdad It was a normal day in Iraq’s capital city and a normal day in the offices of Parliament. That was all changed the members of parliament heard muffled chaos outside their doors. Then: gunshots. A few of them panicked, some pulled out sidearms that they had brought into the Council chambers. After what felt like an hour but was only about a minute of noise from outside, all the doors of the council chambers were kicked open and columns of men dressed in camouflage and keffiyehs and armed with rifles marched into the room.
They approached the President. “In the name of the Council of Representatives of the Republic: you are under arrest President.”
“Are you threatening me, Major General?” Barham Salih replied, slowly rising to his feet.
“The council will decide you fate.”
Salih sneered. “I am the Council.”
“Not anymore.” He was pushed to the ground, along with the Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi and several other members of the Iraqi government. As if knowing this was coming, Nouri al-Maliki and Hadi al-Amiri rose from their seats and announced themselves Prime Minister and President respectively. Swathes of the Iraqi government acceded to this coup, watching as roughly 20 were led out of the room in handcuffs for “crimes against the state.”
The coup was swift and calculated motivated by bribes from representatives of the Kazakh government. They had approached influential members of the PMF and offered them "unlimited physical and financial support of the Kazakhstani government," assuring them that Khazakstan will be a close ally of the Iraqi state once it is set in the right direction.
Small firefights in some areas resulted in a few Iraqi soldiers and a few PMF fighters dead.
The main madness happened in the so-called “Green Zone” surrounding the United States embassy. Thousands of nationalistic Iraqis led by the PMF and spurned by the anti-western bent of the new government surrounded the US Embassy and began hurling stones and Molotov cocktails at it. Improvised explosives and rockets from far away struck the embassy as the message became more and more clear: The United States was no longer welcomed in the country.
US Embassy officials called on the Iraqi military to fulfill their duty to defend the embassy and embassy personnel, to which President al-Amiri responded that the PMF and Iraqi Military would ensure that any American that wishes to leave Iraq be given safe transit to the airport.
Later, US officials in the Embassy and Peshmerga spies both pinpointed listening devices at the hotels where the Kazakhs had met with PMF officials. The listening devices were planted to get intel on a prominent Iraqi businessman that frequently meets prostitutes in that hotel, but they came in handy here as immediately after PMF officials left the rooms, the Kazakhs had phone conversations with someone in Russian, affirming that “the plan is in motion…”
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Cyberheart is a Thriller book by independent author JASAVUR JASAVUR you should read this book if you liked MIND GAME by Suzanne Brockmann, PINCH ME IF YOU CAN by Wilton Barnhardt, SHIRLEY G. IS HER NAME by Marcia Willett, THIEF OF THIEVES by Melanie Segura. The AI thinks this is a good place to end the text. The Cyberheart is a Thriller book by independent author JASAVUR JASAVUR The Cyberheart is a story of a mind-reading android who has a secret link with the director of the Cyber-Devastation Corporation, whose futuristic looking, androids are found with strange attacks after a recent cyber attack by the corporation, aiming to take over the entire planet. The mission to find the cyber-devastated androids is taken by Ranger A (who got infected by the symbiote. Shapeshifting and intelligent). Ranger A discovers that the Cyber-Devastation Corporation was planning to inject powerful parasites on the humans to absorb their life energy, and the infected are taken to their laboratories to be harvested as a new source of energy. The villain of the Cyberheart is the villain in Cobra (who is a human being), who is after the Cyberheart to reverse his slow aging process, and is using the white aliens as biological creatures that will do his bidding. The cyber-devastation corporation has developed a virus, called the Cyber-Root which transfers from one android to another. The infected android will slowly turn into a cyborg – androids with cybernetic parts – living for hundreds of years – even older than the next model. But with the robots became fully autonomous, they were put to use, like slaves or accomplices in the crime scene. So Rangers A and B discovered that the white aliens were one of the tools of the Cyberdevastation Corporation, who had developed a biological weapon using these alien beings, resulting in the white aliens taking over the technology of the Cyberdevastation Corporation to complete their goals. But before the Cyberdevastation Corporation could finish their goals, they began an attack on Ranger A. The Cyberdevastation Corporation activated the alien invaders which have infected him, using them as agents to attack humans. And Ranger A is the carrier of the Cyber-Root virus, which is growing inside him with the alien cells that were removed from his body, resulting in the Cyberroot infecting all the Cyberdevastation Corporation robots in his body. And after a short battle against the alien soldiers, Ranger A came out victorious, not knowing that he has unintentionally released the Cyberroot virus which was infecting all the robots in the Cyberdevastation Corporation, which is highly mutagenic and the same type of virus which developed in the dinosaurs in the primordial times and also the one which developed the ticks in the jungle. The Cyberroot virus soon spreads and all the Cyberdevastation Corporation and their robots are gradually turning into cyborgs. However, some of them have managed to fight off the virus and make it to safety while some others are captured and taken to the labs of the mysterious white aliens. The Rangers A and B discover that the white aliens are the mysterious killer who kidnaps the butlers and the staff of the office buildings around the downtown sector of the city. They also learn that the white aliens are from the beautiful planet Venus. The white aliens are seemingly primitive beings, who have no technology, weapons, or even any form of communication with the humans, who call them ‘soilders’. The white aliens are searching for something called “Nog”, which they believe to be the source of the cybernetic transformation of the androids. The white aliens have developed a procedure to create humans with the special abilities of the Cyberdevastation Corporation and the white aliens develop a race of cybernetically enhanced humans. The project is known as Operation Cyberroot, which involves the use of the blue alien technology on the human hosts. The Rangers A and B investigate the black project which is an experimental system designed to change humans into cyborgs. The black project project is managed by Commander Strange, who is secretly a member of the S.H.I.E.L.D. branch known as “Shadow”. Strange is warned that a S.H.I.E.L.D. branch known as “the Hand” is trying to stop the operation by infiltrating his own organization to kill him. When Rangers A and B learn of the situation, they realize that they must form an alliance with the S.H.I.E.L.D. branch known as “Agent 13”. However, the mission turns out to be quite difficult as the ‘shadow group’ has locked down the Black project to stop the Rangers A and B from uncovering the secrets of the operation. Meanwhile, Rangers A and B, along with Agent 13, manage to steal the Cyberroot virus from the Cyberdevastation Corporation, which is under the control of the white aliens. It is also revealed that Ranger A is an android and not a natural human, who was created with alien technology. Ranger A accidentally became infected with the Cyberroot virus which was absorbed into his body, turning him into a cyborg. The Rangers A and B manage to locate and hack into the computer system of the Cyberdevastation Corporation and enter the secret cybernetic modification room, where they destroy the Cyberroot virus and capture the androids, while the Rangers A are infected with the Cyberroot virus. The androids are infected with the cyberroot virus and start attacking the Rangers A, and although the other Rangers A manage to subdue them, they realize that the androids have been infected with the Cyberroot virus. Before the virus can complete its transformation into the Cyberdevastation Corporation and the androids can transform back to their original human form, the androids are attacked by unknown creatures which teleported by the androids’ new sentience. The Rangers A manage to subdue the creatures, but not before one of them sacrifices itself to save the other two, who manage to defeat the creatures. With the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents present, the androids are free to transform and transform back into their original human form. It is also revealed that the androids have come to the U.S. from the Venusian colony, and that they have been transformed into cyborgs as part of an experiment. The Rangers A and B offer to help them find out where they have been transported to, and also suggest that the humans be changed back into their normal form, but the androids refuse and ask to be left alone, having realized that they are no longer human. However, the Black Hand return to destroy the Cyberroot virus and the androids as well. The Rangers A and B, joined by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who are revealed to have survived the androids’ invasion and the Black Hand, fight the Cyberroot virus and the androids. With the Cyberroot virus destroyed and the androids and humans reverted back to their normal forms, the black program is destroyed and S.H.I.E.L.D. reverts all members of the Shadow Project, including Commander Strange, into normal human beings. With the Shadow Project stopped, the Rangers A and B must still face the danger of the Secret Avengers, as they were responsible for the creation of the Shadow Project and had been supplying them with arms to wage war. However, the Rangers A and B manage to track down the Secret Avengers, who were being monitored by the S.H.I.E.L.D. Department of Damage Control, and defeat them. After the events in Fear Itself, Avengers Stormwatch are active in Wakanda again, until the Red Skull arrives and took over the nation, planning to conquer the world by uniting the heroes and villains. He sends Reed Richards, the Human Torch, Thor, and Ms. Marvel to Wakanda. Kamala and Moon Girl (consisting of Jackie Estacado and Red Man) of the Daughters of the Dragon are charged with dealing with the Red Skull and his army, but instead of stopping them, Kamala runs off with Jackie, finding themselves in another dimension. They find themselves in another dimension where the characters of X-Men: Generation X have merged into a single group called the Squadron Supreme. Kamala accepts them into her dimension, which is why she seems confused about whether to give the Red Skull a piece of her mind. After confronting them with a force of Terrigen crystals, Kamala and the Squadron fight off the Red Skull and manage to kill him. When Ms. Marvel (Kimura Kimura) of Generation X follows them back to their dimension, they both realize that they can’t stay in each others’ worlds forever. They resolve to start new lives in their own worlds. Returning to their own universe, Kamala and Jackie remain in each others’ universes for some time, with Kamala and Kimura Kimura working together with other Marvel characters from other dimensions. Kamala Khan has been integrated into the Marvel Universe, and is currently a member of a team, led by Luke Cage, called the Thunderbolts, who has the goal of taking down the Framework, the artificial reality created by HYDRA which contained the real world during the 2016 “Secret Wars”. A version of Kamala is also part of the 2017 film X-Men: Apocalypse, as the first X-Men to be formed by Charles Xavier, Scott Summers, and Moira MacTaggert in the midst of the 1984 tale X-Men #1, and is one of the few mutants to survive the attack by Apocalypse during the film. Kamala and her mother had previously appeared in the season two episode, “Battle Scars,” as supporting characters in the scenes where they were interviewing candidates for the new teacher position of Squirrel Girl. Kamala also appears in the comic book based sequel to the X-Men: Apocalypse, X-Men: Days of Future Past. On March 16, 2018, the third season of New Warriors premiered on Disney XD. Power Pack As an infant, Kate Kane’s parents were murdered by a government operation. The government lied and told her that her parents had been killed by members of the Skull, but Kane was raised to be a member of the Shadow Council, a faction of super-powered individuals dedicated to destroying the American government. When Michael Manhatten is revealed to be a mutant, government agents begin to kidnap and experiment on other mutants. One of them, a government agent called Crossbones, injects Kate with a serum that gives her powers, but also strips her of her soul, making her their “agent of influence,” effectively a mind-controlled weapon. After Crossbones kills her handler, Super Skrull, and attempts to kill Kate, the superheroes known as the New Mutants intervene. When they free Kate, they learn that her brain has been altered by the injection, and she is now 100% corporate owned. She decides to find a place where she can escape the control of the government, and the X-Men offer to help, much to her fury. The X-Men invite the New Mutants to a carnival to use their computers to try to analyze the situation, where they find Skrulls everywhere. The New Mutants ambush the Skrulls, destroying their flying ship. One of them, Whirlwind, is injured and is unable to fly. After escaping the airship, Crossbones contacts Kate via a force field and attacks her again. Kate knocks him into a vat of acid, and is about to kill him when the X-Men show up. Kate kisses her dead mentor, says a few words in his memory, and moves on with her life. The New Mutants’ experience with the government leaves them suspicious of other mutants, and after they recruit X-23 and Wolfsbane, the group splits up to investigate the rifts between the countries of the world. Kate joins up with the X-Men, who take her and Domino to the North Pole, where she plans to confront Captain America. Unfortunately, Domino wanders off by herself, and Kate is attacked by T-Ray, a former member of the Super-Soldiers. T-Ray damages Kate’s face and leaves her stranded on a glacier, and she dies from hypothermia. During the events of Secret Wars, Kate had died long ago, and is now a ghost who haunts the New Mutants and the government that had experimented on them. She appears briefly during an attempted infiltration of the X-Men’s headquarters by a former member of the Government, Crossbones. She is seen trying to destroy the security systems, and then catches a glimpse of Kate’s spirit in a window. Powers and Abilities Abilities Ability 1: Hulk Punch/Superhuman Strength. Ability 2: Hard-Hitting Speech. Abilities Powers Legacy The identity of Kate Kane was officially confirmed in October 2013, but was publicly acknowledged long before that. Kate’s parents were murdered by a government operation in retaliation for her father’s political activism. She was raised by S.H.I.E.L.D. as an agent. She developed superhuman strength as a result of being given a serum. By the time she joined the New Warriors in 1993, she had long since passed out of S.H.I.E.L.D. and became involved in freelance crime fighting. Her first visit to a black ops team named New Excalibur was also her last. In 1997 she became a full-time member of Excalibur, and for a time was made its leader. In order to better blend in with the Avengers and the Secret Warriors, her name was changed to Kate Ireland, and she adopted an A.I. program to call her “Devil Dog”. Kate Ireland has repeatedly been part of the New Mutants and X-Force, and she is the ex-girlfriend of the current current New Excalibur member Archangel. Kane’s brother Kevin later became a member of Excalibur in 2004. Abilities Powers Weaponry Base: Astral Station – a floating fortress in the air Military Rank: Soldier Technological Enhancement: Relay Batteries Wearable Power Armor with Forcefield Shield Device to Block Teleportation Shock Pulses Invisibility Subsonic Pulse Projector Enhanced Vision Medical Professionals: Medical Officer Defensive Batteries Weapon Supplier Advanced Space Suit Peripheral Memory Generator (Artificial Memory) Genetic Modification: Genetically Modified DNA Based (C.A.T.E.) Telepathic Studies: Psyker (Psykkinetic) Occupation (Academic): Professor of Sci-tech, X-Men Adoption (Military): Civilian Researcher Weapons: Armor, RPG, Rocket Launcher, Spy Jet Flight Training: Military Survival Training Access: Secret Level (Weaponry) Pilots (Weaponry) Activated Phase One of Project: Callisto had a variety of effects on those it contacted. However, those it affected included those who visited the place where it was located, and those who simply wandered into it. It appeared to affect people from all over the world, and many visitors seemed to stay and linger, partly because of the area’s beauty. Those affected with this area’s energy also seemed to experience amnesia, although this may have been due to the fact that they were sometimes living a dream when they were near it. The energy’s main source appeared to be a large, transparent crystal that occupied the entire area. Some research was done on the crystal, including attempts to take it apart and replace it with artificial crystals, but nothing else was ever found. The energy remained completely stable and stopped working when people died or disappeared. At one point, the area of the Callisto Crystal Project was invaded by the Avengers. They eventually discovered that the intruders were A.I.M., who had kidnapped Forge, the creator of Excalibur. The Sentinel used a modified Excalibur computer to siphon energy from the crystal, and this technology allowed the heroes to defeat the A.I.M. Sentinels. Other groups from time to time would occasionally attack the Callisto Project. The new mutant Axana would appear in service to Magik and help repel these groups, but soon after she joined Magik’s new team, She-Hulk arrived to assist. The Avengers and the X-Men would make similar and overlapping visits to the Callisto Project. The area’s energy gave people the ability to see other dimensions, and this also proved a fascination for several high-profile persons, including the Moon King. Several members of the Avengers and the X-Men experimented with the power as well. The second day of Project: Callisto was not recorded because the energy wave did not leave the area. The only people to gain any significant level of control over the energy were the mutant Ben Grimm and the Chinese mutant Shang-Chi. Although the energy wave was not activated, its effects were still observed and recorded by many scientists from around the world. When the energy wave left the area, Ben Grimm revealed his existence to the public, and dozens of scientists were able to duplicate his technology. Because of the high-profile scientist with the capability of absorbing the energy wave, the Callisto Project received more attention than it usually would have received, and several groups and governments made extensive research into the area. For some reason, the energy wave had broken apart and the energy itself began to move. The government group determined that it was being pulled in two directions: to the outside world and into the center of the main crystal, where it was seemingly sustaining the energy wave. Ben Grimm eventually lost control of his telekinesis, and the energy itself was somehow being controlled by those in the area. It became a strange mystical mass of energy which the telepathic Ben Grimm and others could still influence, but it also seemed to be totally unaware of them. It was located on a high plateau in the mountains near Austria, and most people believed that it was the natural energy of the mountain that caused it to manifest and they did not question the strange characteristics of the area. However, for many years after Project: Callisto’s completion, the energy seemed to be pulling toward the center of the plateau. At first, it seemed like a dormant volcano was waking, but then the energy began to twist and turn. It was moving and mutating, taking on a spherical shape. The people living nearby told that as if some natural force was weakening the mountain. Then strange entities started to emerge from the energy. The United States government decided to militarize the area. A large military base was built near the area. That base would grow to house one of the largest hospitals in the country. It was at that time when the name Project: Callisto was adopted. The military hospital was closed and the facility turned over to be managed by the U.S. Air Force and Department of Defense, which kept it as the headquarters for Project: Callisto. When the Department of Defense left, the hospital was known as The Callisto Foundation. During the 1990s, the energy wave reached into The Callisto Facility and was interacting with its structure. The plasma was forming in the center of the facility and spreading out until it reached the surrounding mountain. The plasma was mutating the surface of the mountain. Ice and rock began to slide off. The fire on the side of the mountain started to spread outward. People around the area started to panic and evacuate the area. Although this attack was only supposed to be symbolic, many people saw the behavior of the plasma as a form of aggression toward the containment that was established around the facility. Within a few years, The Callisto Facility was completely destroyed. At that time, a group of scientific researchers living in the area were conducting a study to find out the cause of the strange events, so they sent a reporter named Jonathan Worthington to get the information. The reporter would later appear in a story called “Epidemic: What did the anomalous energy wave do to the Callisto facility?” The symptoms that were seen after The Callisto Facility was destroyed were not the first thing that Worthington would mention in his investigation of the event. Jonathan came back from his mission to the Callisto Facility, with a story that was completely different from what everyone expected to hear. “It came from inside the mountain. No one knew what it was. The government was no help. They just laughed and gave me a form letter. The Callisto Foundation wouldn’t even talk to me. The military didn’t believe me. It was awful. No one could give me any answers. I needed to figure out what the thing that attacked the Callisto Facility was. The only thing I could think was that it had to be some kind of particle. I didn’t believe in alien technology, but it had to be something related to human technology. I talked to scientists, engineers, and doctors, but no one could give me a solution. Finally, I talked to a friend who is a mathematician. He gave me a quick look, and told me that the area near the Callisto Facility contained some very strange geometry. We sat down at his kitchen table and stared at it for a long time. He said that he didn’t see any reason it should have existed, but he didn’t see any reason it shouldn’t have existed. He was right. His daughter worked at the Callisto Facility. That’s how she knew. She told me that all of the anomalies were a product of human technology. The entity that attacked the facility was only made up of certain types of matter. There were particles that were not manufactured on earth, but produced naturally. He told me that we were all carrying around an undetected artifact that we had created during the development of teleportation technology. It only used a small portion of the energy that the government and the military were producing and it couldn’t produce energy at the rate they were producing energy. In fact, it can only produce a very small amount of energy. It can’t even make a little bit of matter out of nothing. It uses that energy to create the massive magnetic field that protects it. The source of this energy, which scientists call a “flare,” is located in the opposite hemisphere of the device. All the energy that is created within the device is constantly being sent back and forth from the opposite hemisphere of the flare to a network of pipes located in the center of the device. He said that it took about two weeks to put a trace on it. There was no connection on the other side. It was coming from our side. I tried to talk him out of telling me this. I said, “Look, we don’t know how the artifact is built. We don’t know how it operates. We don’t know where the flare is coming from. We don’t even know where it’s coming from.” But he would not listen to me. He said that I had no proof, that I had no one to ask. But there was no way for him to know that. He said that he wanted to go back to the Callisto facility, and I offered to go with him. We arrived there in the middle of the night. We had to fly to the mountain. It was an awful trip. It was night, and there were snow flurries flying everywhere. It seemed like we were being chased. All of the buildings at the facility were dark. The gate was locked. But we couldn’t find a way in. We just walked around. We were cold and hungry and worried. Finally, we came to one of the buildings. The front door was open. We walked inside and there were a few people sitting around a table in the dark. We walked over to the table. We sat down and looked at each other. We had no idea what to do. Finally, we just looked at the people at the table and told them what had happened. They had no idea what was going on, but they wanted to help. The next morning, we left the mountain and went to the Pentagon. They wanted to know everything that we had found out about the device. But there was nothing that we could tell them. The device wasn’t there anymore. We didn’t know what it had become. It wasn’t at the Callisto Facility anymore. The government didn’t want to hear about it. They didn’t want anyone to know about it. They were afraid. Recently, the Nevada Test Site at Yucca Mountain, which was the primary site for most of the US government’s nuclear testing in the 20th and 21st centuries, announced that it would reopen the area to nuclear waste dumping. They were forced to open the site to disposal as part of the Obama administration’s deal to permanently shutter the Yucca Mountain nuclear repository. The New York Times reports that: “In this Trump era, the federal government is embracing a pro-nuclear energy approach. The Obama administration, wary of the Yucca Mountain site, abandoned the project in 2015 and shifted more than $3 billion in federal spending to reviving an alternative repository at Yucca Mountain in Nevada.” Clearly, nuclear weapons have been a cornerstone of the US national security strategy since at least the 1940s, and possibly since the inception of the nuclear age. After numerous false starts, the repository has now entered a stage where work can start again. If you think the threat from nuclear weapons has subsided, think again: the nuclear genie is not about to be put back in the bottle. William J. Broad is a journalist and author of United States of Terror: Memoirs of a Geopolitical Narrator. The book describes his encounter with “a dozen or so victims of American-targeted assassinations” in Latin America, Asia, and Africa, and his experience traveling with the world’s most wanted terrorists. He is a professor at the Columbia School of Journalism in New York and the author of A Brief History of Neoliberalism. He has served as an adviser to the UN Development Program and The White House Initiative on US Partnerships with Africa. This article was originally published on Future of Freedom Foundation. Read more by William J. Broad
The AI thinks this is a good place to end the text.
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This original list was created by u/BouncyBoob. View the crosspost thread here: https://www.reddit.com/womenidentity/comments/issge2/crimes_perpetrated_by_transgender_people/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

"usa,,,,KC Resident Sentenced to 20 Years for Child Pornography,https://www.justice.gov/usao-wdmo/pkc-resident-sentenced-20-years-child-pornography,
"usa,,,,Female Prisoner Says She Was Raped by Transgender Inmate,https://news.wttw.com/2020/02/19/lawsuit-female-prisoner-says-she-was-raped-transgender-inmate,https://www.illinoistimes.com/springfield/transgender-inmate-accused-of-rape
"usa,,,,felon no longer deemed threat because of gender change,https://amp.desmoinesregister.com/amp/4479275002,
"uk,,,,Karen White: how 'manipulative' transgender inmate attacked again,https://www.theguardian.com/society/2018/oct/11/karen-white-how-manipulative-and-controlling-offender-attacked-again-transgender-prison,
"uk,,,,"Female prison officers have been raped by inmates who self-identify as trans women, ex-Tory minister Rory Stewart claims",https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8211325/Female-prison-officers-raped-inmates-self-identify-trans-women-claim.html,
"usa,,,,"In North Carolina, person who identifies as transgender woman found guilty of raping child",https://cambridge.wickedlocal.com/zz/news/20190513/in-north-carolina-person-who-identifies-as-transgender-woman-found-guilty-of-raping-child,
"usa,,,,Transgender man accused of sexually assaulting woman,https://www.eastidahonews.com/2019/05/transgender-man-accused-of-sexually-assaulting-woman/,
"uk,,,,Police accused of political correctness after issuing an appeal for a sex attacker WITHOUT mentioning suspect was a man wearing womens clothes,https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8443647/Police-issue-appeal-sex-attacker-without-mentioning-suspect-man-wearing-womans-clothes.html,
"uk,,,toilet,"Transgender woman, 18, sexually assaulted girl, 10, in Morrisons toilet",https://metro.co.uk/2019/03/16/transgender-woman-18-sexually-assaulted-girl-10-morrisons-toilet-8914577/?ito=article.amp.share.top.email,
"usa,,,toilet,Target urged to end transgender bathroom policy after 2nd man caught recording women undressing,https://abc7ny.com/news/man-seen-reaching-under-stall-with-phone-in-nj-target-dressing-room/1508431/,
"usa,,,toilet,Bedford Police Arrest Man Wanted for Allegedly Recording Juvenile Girls in Store,https://bedfordnhpd.org/2016/06/24/bedford-police-arrest-man-wanted-allegedly-recording-juvenile-girls-store/,
"usa,,,toilet,Security Guard Arrested For Removing Man From Women’s Bathroom,https://dailycaller.com/2016/05/19/security-guard-arrested-for-removing-man-from-womens-bathroom/,
"usa,,,toilet,Shopper Upset Man Allowed To Use Women’s Dressing Room In Ross,https://dfw.cbslocal.com/2016/05/17/shopper-upset-man-allowed-to-use-womens-dressing-room-in-ross/,
"usa,,,toilet,Female office worker encounters man urinating in ladies' room and exposing se,https://www.massresistance.org/docs/gen3/16a/bills-in-MA-legislature/tpc/transgender-bill/attleboro-restroom.html,
"usa,,,toilet,Man caught undressing in front of girls at Green Lake locker room,https://mynorthwest.com/188993/man-caught-undressing-in-front-of-girls-at-green-lake-locker-room/,
"usa,,,toilet,"Man Dressed as Woman Arrested for Spying Into Mall Bathroom Stall, Police Say",https://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/man-dressed-as-woman-arrested-for-spying-into-mall-bathroom-stall-police-say/1979766/,
"usa,,,toilet,Cross-Dressing Man Secretly Taped Women at Macy’s,https://ktla.com/news/da-cross-dressing-man-secretly-videotaped-women-in-macys-bathroom/#ixzz2TKsMicgJ,
"usa,,,toilet,Cross-dressing sex predator sentenced for Clackamas aquatic park crimes,https://www.oregonlive.com/oregon-city/2011/10/cross-dressing_sex_predator_se.html,
"usa,,,toilet,Police: Calif. locker room suspect used disguise,https://abc7news.com/archive/7739509/,
"usa,,,toilet,Police: Man Undresses In Front Of Children In Walmart Restroom,https://www.wsbtv.com/news/police-man-undresses-in-front-of-children-in-walma/241705565/,
"usa,,,toilet,"San Jose sex offender wearing fake breasts, wig arrested for loitering in womens’ restroom",https://www.mercurynews.com/2009/01/26/san-jose-sex-offender-wearing-fake-breasts-wig-arrested-for-loitering-in-womens-restroom/,
"canada,,,shelter,Sexual predator jailed after claiming to be ‘transgender’ to assault women in shelter,https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/sexual-predator-jailed-after-claiming-to-be-transgender-in-order-to-assault,
"canada,,,toilet,University of Toronto Dumps Transgender Bathrooms After Peeping Incidents,https://www.dailywire.com/news/university-toronto-dumps-transgender-bathrooms-pardes-seleh,
"usa,trans man,,,Colorado transgender teen pleads guilty to murder in school revenge case,https://www.reuters.com/article/us-colorado-shooting-plea/colorado-transgender-teen-pleads-guilty-to-murder-in-school-revenge-case-idUSKBN2012QO,
"usa,,nonviolent,,"Capital One hacking suspect, a transgender Seattle woman, is denied request to be moved from men’s prison",https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/capital-one-hacking-suspect-a-transgender-seattle-woman-is-denied-request-to-be-moved-from-mens-prison/,
"canada,,,,Transgender activist under criminal investigation after video showing Jessica Yaniv allegedly punching reporter hits social media,https://www.theblaze.com/news/report-transgender-activist-under-criminal-investigation,
"usa,,,,Convicted Serial Pedophile Being Released After Becoming Transgender Woman,https://www.themix.net/2020/01/transgender-pedophile-transgender-woman-hormones/,https://www.dailywire.com/news/convicted-child-molester-let-out-of-prison-because-theyre-transgender-no-longer-a-threat-government-says
"Thailand,,,,Transgender woman charged with stabbing boyfriend to death,https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/1933080/transgender-arrested-for-boyfriends-murder,
"usa,,,,"Protester arrested, accused of starting fire in chaotic Friday night protest",https://www.kptv.com/protester-arrested-accused-of-starting-fire-in-chaotic-friday-night-protest/article_3b04cdbc-a784-11ea-a250-93fef29b6740.html,
"Australia,,,,Child molester released after gender change,https://www.couriermail.com.au/truecrimeaustralia/police-courts/sexchange-pedophile-jeffrey-terrence-anderson-released/news-story/215d9284b933a37dad9fad34cec5a6c9,
"canada,,,,Convicted child porn offender pleads guilty to new charges,https://edmontonjournal.com/news/local-news/convicted-child-porn-offender-pleads-guilty-to-new-charges,
"uk,,,,"Transgender woman, 26, who was jailed after dousing her ex-boyfriend in bleach then trying to set him on fire is spared prison over lashing out at police",https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7268259/Transgender-woman-26-doused-ex-boyfriend-bleach-tried-set-fire-spared-jail.html,
"nz,,,,Dimetrius Pairama murder trial: Accused apologises to victim's family,https://i.stuff.co.nz/national/crime/115844925/dimetrius-pairama-murder-trial-ashley-winter-told-police-the-victim-was-her-best-friend,
"uk,,,,Woman who 'bragged about being a paedophile' approached boys at Remembrance event,https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/leah-harvey-caerphilly-sex-offender-18256962,
"canada,,,,HUNTER: Serial pedophile Madilyn Harks allegedly bolted while on weekend pass,https://torontosun.com/news/local-news/hunter-serial-pedophile-madilyn-harks-allegedly-bolted-while-on-weekend-pass,
"Australia,,,,Citizen arrest of rapist in robbery,https://www.pressreader.com/australia/sunshine-coast-daily/20200506/281612422568290,
"usa,,,,2 teens arrested for murder of mother in Banning Lewis Ranch,https://krdo.com/news/top-stories/2020/05/04/2-teens-arrested-for-murder-of-mother-in-banning-lewis-ranch/,
"usa,,nonviolent,,Person facing felony charges after police called to fight at apartment in Ludlow,https://www.wwlp.com/news/local-news/hampden-county/man-facing-felony-charges-after-police-called-to-fight-at-apartment-in-ludlow/,
"usa,,tra,,Ex-Ars Technica tech reporter Peter Bright convicted of soliciting minors for sex,https://nypost.com/2020/03/19/ex-conde-nast-tech-reporter-peter-bright-convicted-of-soliciting-minors-for-sex/,
"usa,,,,Dartmouth woman sentenced for sexual assault on home-care worker,https://www.thechronicleherald.ca/news/local/dartmouth-woman-sentenced-for-sexual-assault-on-home-care-worker-418323/,
"usa,,,,Man Arrested After Incident In Women's Dressing Room At Montgomery Mall,https://northpennnow.com/man-arrested-after-incident-in-womens-dressing-room-at-montgomery-mall-p1570-119.htm,
"usa,,,,"Ypsilanti man stabbed with samurai sword after failing to buy marijuana for partner, police report says",https://www.mlive.com/news/ann-arbo2020/02/ypsilanti-man-stabbed-with-samurai-sword-after-failing-to-buy-marijuana-for-partner-police-report-says.html,
"Australia,,,,"Man killed in unsolved homicide after $160 drug rip-off, inquest told",https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/man-killed-in-unsolved-homicide-after-160-drug-rip-off-inquest-told-20200224-p543q0.html,
"uk,,,,"Blackpool woman admits to having more than 80,000 indecent images of children",https://www.lancs.live/news/lancashire-news/blackpool-woman-admits-having-more-17788403,
"usa,,,,Pharr woman accused of indecency with a child,https://www.krgv.com/news/pharr-woman-accused-of-indecency-with-a-child/,
"usa,,,toilet,Transgender woman told to leave women's locker room,https://www.kiro7.com/news/transgender-woman-told-leave-womens-locker-room/246633184/,
"usa,,,,Christopher Ryan Dobbs was convicted of multiple counts of second degree rape and first degree sexual abuse,https://www.koin.com/news/oregon/transgender-sex-offender-demands-to-move-to-womens-prison-in-lawsuit/,
"usa,,,,Investigation into yacht murder of California couple,https://abcnews.go.com/US/receipt-target-stolen-car-mexico-unsolved-murder-investigation/story?id=68204176,
"uk,,,,Five-year restraining order placed on Dagenham woman who “soiled” friend’s knickers,https://www.barkinganddagenhampost.co.uk/news/crime-court/five-year-restraining-order-placed-on-dagenham-woman-who-soiled-friend-s-knickers-1-2259110,
"usa,,,,Kathrine Nicole Jett pleaded guilty to one count of attempted receipt of child pornography,https://news.bloomberglaw.com/us-law-week/transgender-inmates-name-change-request-improperly-considered,
"usa,,,,Convicted sex offender offers bizarre defense in kiddie porn case,https://nypost.com/2020/01/14/convicted-sex-offender-offers-bizarre-defense-in-kiddie-porn-case/,
"usa,trans man,,,"Transgender man accused in sex crimes, assault on transgender minor",https://www.sunherald.com/news/local/crime/article60310471.html,
"usa,,,,19-Year-Old Accused of Exploiting 2 Children Under 4,https://www.necn.com/news/national-international/19-year-old-accused-of-exploiting-2-children-under-4/250097/,
"Ireland,,,,Man (34) who sexually assaulted child in hospital bathroom is jailed,https://www.irishtimes.com/news/crime-and-law/courts/circuit-court/man-34-who-sexually-assaulted-child-in-hospital-bathroom-is-jailed-1.4068520?mode=amp,
"usa,,,,Convicted sex offender sues over sex change operation,https://journalstar.com/news/local/911/convicted-sex-offender-sues-over-sex-change-operation/article_1b2611b9-8761-53fb-8dc4-72ecbee68d72.html,
"usa,,,,"Convicted rapist re-hospitalized, possibly indefinitely",https://www.smdailyjournal.com/news/local/convicted-rapist-re-hospitalized-possibly-indefinitely/article_7c4e4081-fb1c-5d3f-bff9-76adbfab5ef8.html,
"usa,trans man,,,Transgender man placed on probation for sexual battery of woman,https://www.eastidahonews.com/2019/10/transgender-man-placed-on-probation-for-sexual-battery-of-woman/,
"canada,,,,cross dressing convict returns to Whitehorse,https://www.yukon-news.com/news/high-risk-cross-dressing-convict-returns-to-whitehorse/,
"usa,,,,"Man who portrayed himself as 'cross dresser' arrested for alleged role in sexual assault, state police say",https://www.pennlive.com/midstate/2014/05/cross_dresser_sexual_assault_h.html,
"usa,,,,"Wanted transvestite, sex offender turns self in",https://www.clickorlando.com/news/2012/04/23/deputies-wanted-transvestite-sex-offender-turns-self-in/,
"usa,,,,NYC rapist who exposed himself in Garden City sentenced,https://www.newsday.com/long-island/crime/sex-offender-sentenced-1.18588205,
"Australia,,,,Brutal rapist gets 9 years,https://m.themorningbulletin.com.au/news/judge-jails-man-for-nine-years-over-brutal-rape/291370/,
"usa,,,,Adrian man gets 7 years in federal child porn case,https://www.lenconnect.com/article/20140420/NEWS/140418764,
"uk,,,,Cross-dressing torture killer Colin Coats allowed out of jail to attend mum's funeral - but still won't reveal where he dumped victim's body,https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/savage-torture-killer-colin-coats-9288436,
"usa,,,,youens vs state,https://www.leagle.com/decision/19871597742sw2d85511472,
"usa,,,,Retired drag queen' pleads guilty to voluntary manslaughter in fatal stabbing,https://www.nwitimes.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/update-retired-drag-queen-pleads-guilty-to-voluntary-manslaughter-in/article_33813188-3208-5c47-b1cf-f7656a2394cf.html#1,
"uk,,,,Sex offender Richard Cullen throttled and battered a young mother to death,https://m.independent.ie/world-news/europe/satanist-murderer-of-woman-gets-life-26026722.html,
"uk,,,,cross-dressing paedo Kenneth Larking in Saughton prison,https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/4182728/peter-tobin-girlfriend-kenneth-larking-saughton-prison-jail/,
"uk,,,,CONVICTED sex offender who murdered a female friend,https://www.scotsman.com/news/evil-murderer-feared-being-exposed-cross-dresser-1718589,
"usa,,,,State vs Lane,https://caselaw.findlaw.com/ks-supreme-court/1468236.html,
"uk,,,,Strood sex change pervert won't be jailed,https://www.kentonline.co.uk/kent/news/strood-sex-change-pervert-wont--a79703/,
"uk,,,,Crossdresser paedophile jailed,https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/news/4855144.cross-dressing-paedophile-jailed/,
"usa,,,,Man in a dress charged with indecent exposure,https://www.fredericknewspost.com/news/crime_and_justice/cops_and_crime/man-in-a-dress-charged-with-indecent-exposure-near-monocacy/article_2a9291e5-1df8-5c6c-9013-387ed2c70919.html,
"usa,,,,"Naked Peeper Nabbed In San Jose, And He's Apparently Done This Before",https://sfist.com/2019/03/08/naked-peeper-in-san-jose-nabbed-and-hes-apparently-done-this-before/,
"usa,,,,Convicted of slaying boyfriend,https://southphillyreview.com/2012/05/03/convicted-of-slaying-boyfriend/,
"usa,,,,Cops Arrest Wig and Denim Cutoff-Wearing Suspect In Miller Park Incidents,https://spdblotter.seattle.gov/2016/02/29/detectives-seek-leads-on-wig-and-denim-cutoff-wearing-suspect-in-miller-park/,
"usa,,,,Pensacola man facing home invasion and sexual offense charges,http://weartv.com/news/local/pensacola-man-facing-home-invasion-and-sexual-offense-charges,
"usa,,,toilet,Man accused of attacking girl in Oklahoma City convenience store restroom,https://oklahoman.com/article/3883587/man-accused-of-attacking-girl-in-oklahoma-city-convenience-store-restroom,
"usa,,,toilet,Arlington man trying on women’s underwear arrested for indecent exposure,https://www.insidenova.com/headlines/arlington-man-trying-on-women-s-underwear-arrested-for-indecent/article_d6c57afa-6d21-11e5-91e0-afa5d23d8b67.html,
"usa,,,toilet,Cross-dressing man arrested for exposure at Walmart,https://www.ajc.com/news/local/cross-dressing-man-arrested-for-exposure-walmart/b0Ikm8U25R0oDFkN2LW66O/,
"uk,,,,Child rapist moves in with unsuspecting mum and boy – after becoming a woman,https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/child-rapist-changes-sex-before-17152814,
"usa,,,,Rapist wants Oklahoma Corrections Department to pay for female hormones,https://oklahoman.com/article/3755617/rapist-wants-oklahoma-corrections-department-to-pay-for-female-hormones,
"usa,,,,Man sentenced to life without parole for raping children,https://www.mariettatimes.com/news/local-news/2019/04/man-sentenced-to-life-without-parole-for-raping-children/,
"usa,,,,Former babysitter convicted in Harrisburg child-sex case,https://www.pennlive.com/midstate/2014/04/transsexual_convicted_in_harri.html,
"usa,,,,Transgender sex offenders pose dilemma in state civil confinement,https://www.timesunion.com/news/article/Transgendered-sex-offenders-pose-dilemma-12360403.php,
"usa,,,,Man rapist wants to transition in prison ,https://law.justia.com/cases/massachusetts/supreme-court/volumes/392/392mass28.html,"
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