Mom walks around house naked

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2020.10.01 13:43 welcometosouthapp Mom walks around house naked

Welcome to South App #7:

Monday, September 7th, 2020
“Gigi, come quick! Winston’s bleeding!”
Sarah hung up the phone. Gigi sprinted down four flights of stairs in a 500-dollar fleece bathrobe. (“Hooray, fake ID money!”) In front of Winston’s room stood Sarah - the color drained from her normally golden skin. Drops of blood trailed from Winston’s room to the men’s bathroom down the hall.
“His fucking crown fell out!” Sarah blurted out.
That morning, Gigi had put her dental knowledge to the test. Ah, the Guitar Guys broke Winston’s lateral incisor! She had sneaked Winston into the campus dental lab to fit him with a temporary crown. “Don’t bite down on it or eat anything too messy!” she had warned him. No chance. It was wing night at the Chubby Beaver Cafe.
The girls followed the blood to the bathroom door.
“I’m not going in there!” Gigi confidently declared.
“Oh, what was I thinking? Let me just magically fix his tooth with my 19 fucking years of dental experience!”
“But, but, but...that’s a male lavatory! And as his fraternal sibling, I surmise that you have unintentionally borne witness to his the least intimate of circumstances, of course!”
“Stop bickerin’ and help me out, will ya?” came Winston’s muffled yell from the bathroom. “Fuck, this pain! Mama, make it stop!”
Gigi burst through the bathroom, where Winston and Tai wielded huge toy rifles. Sarah locked Gigi’s arms behind her head in a full nelson choke.
“What?! You’re okay?”
“First rule of paintball: never trust anybody,” Winston sneered.
Paintball was certainly on the menu on this first day of Fall Break. That night, Mama Beavers’ residence would be hosting the annual paintball tournament. And this morning, Winston, Tai, and Sarah were to give Gigi a proper introduction to the sport. With Super Soakers.
“Whatcha think, Winston?” Tai chuckled. “Shall we light her up?”
“I reckon we shall, roomie.”
Whipped cream spurted out of the Super Soakers, gagging Gigi’s mouth; tangling her jet-black hair; staining her luxurious robe.
“Whaaa! W-w-w-what the fuck, guys?” howled the Gigi sundae. “I just took an hour-long shower for nothing!”
“Hey, Winston, I have an idea,” Tai suggested, strolling over to the window.
“Oh, whatever may that be, Tai?” Winston played along.
Tai flung the window open, staring down the tunnel of a huge inflatable Slip-N-Slide. Only this slide was lubed up with light beer - not water.
“Time for your second bath, Gigi!” Sarah teased, tightening her grip and dragging Gigi to the window.
“…not have permission to touch my body!” Gigi screamed. “This is sexual assault under North Carolina General Statute section 14-27.21, as signed into law by Bill-!”
The three freshmen heaved Gigi onto the beer slide. She continued rattling off state penal codes three stories down.
“Got ’em!” Winston cheered, celebrating with crisp high-fives. “Sheesh, is Gigi a lawyer now? What was that ramblin’ all about?”
“Beats me,” Tai mumbled. “I assumed Gigi knew everything but social skills.”
“Nah, Winston has a point,” Sarah agreed. “That legal mumbo jumbo is beyond the pale even for her. She and I will have to have a little chit-chat. Anywho...Winston, why don’t you go down there and check on her?”
“Fuck it, why not? I reckon I’ll enjoy a booze bath.”
Winston dived head-first onto the beer slide, careening against the sides. He consumed a pitcher’s worth of cheap beer before splashing three stories down into the Boozewalk: an inflatable moonwalk full of beer, enclosed by huge inflatable walls on all sides.
“Wait, what the hell?” Winston gasped, as a bathrobe floated in the booze bath. “G-Gigi? Is that you?”
The petite form of a woman rose to the surface, baring her pale face and smooth shoulders.
“Heeey, Winston,” slurred a seductive Gigi. “Looks like we’re finally alone in the dark. you like me, Winston?”
“W-what? I...I think you should put your bathrobe back on, buddy.”
But Gigi did no such thing, likely naked below the frothy surface. Instead, she swam toward Winston as he backed up to the inflatable wall.
“What if I, like, totally sounded like Claire?” Gigi cooed, mimicking the southern girl. “Wouldn’t you, like, totally wanna get in my pants?”
“First of all, you’re not wearing pants. Second of all, you’re my best buddy. Nothing more. Nothing less.”
“As you wish...I shall force myself on you instead!” Gigi shot to her feet, dressed in a pink South App tube top and black shorts. She pressed the muzzle of a paintball gun to Winston’s forehead. “Guys, now!”
Tai and Sarah burst through the mesh entrance. Paintball guns in hand, they splashed through the Boozewalk like the goddamn invasion of Normandy. “Freeze, mothafucka!” Tai screamed in a rare gangsta voice. As three armed assailants surrounded him, Winston raised his shaking hands.
“First rule of paintball,” Winston reminded himself, exasperated. “Never trust anybody.”
“Now where, oh where have I heard that before?” Sarah asked, throwing an arm around her brother’s shoulders. “Come on, it’s wing night!”
“Go without me and I’ll meet you at the truck!” Gigi said thoughtfully. “I’ve never tried beer, but I bet I can catch a buzz if I just float around in here!”
“Suit yourself,” Winston sighed, stepping out of the Boozewalk onto the grass. “It’s a damn shame my best buddy ain’t gonna be there to wipe the buffalo sauce off my face.”
They left Gigi alone in that dark, five-percent ABV bath. A sensory-deprivation chamber of sorts. She floated on her back, eyes closed and mind racing.
He turned down my romantic advances. Then again, he called me his best buddy! Now...I don’t know much about southerners, but methinks that’s a start.
Sarah stuck her head through the mesh entrance. “ only lawyers and criminals know state penal codes. And, well, you’re not exactly either of those. Ya dig? So, I’m going to come straight out and ask: did someone sexually assault you?”
Gigi blinked. She slowly lowered herself into the beer bath as her fling with Twinston flooded her mind. Deeply kissing a man...that she thought was somebody else. Sliding off the boxer-briefs off a man...that she thought was somebody else. And telling that same man that she loved him.
Bubbles rose to the surface. Sarah grabbed Gigi’s shoulders and hoisted her to her feet. Her South Korean roommate was laughing her ass off, one eye twitching.
“Nope!” Gigi lied, shivering. “I willingly gave up my V-Card in a steamy one-night stand!”
Ryan blasted a .30-06 round from his Remington 783 bolt-action rifle. The bullet pierced the paper target 100 meters downrange. Heart shot.
Twinston walked into Dam Good Shot Gun Range. He and Ryan had the whole place to themselves on the Monday afternoon of Fall Break.
“Survey says it’s pure!” Twinston declared, slapping ABK’s bag of blue-and-white cocaine on the counter. Teja, their Indian brother, had tested the coke in the science lab that morning. (Meanwhile, Gigi had been sedating Winston in a dental chair a few floors up). The results: the only difference in BDE’s and ABK’s cocaine was the color of Walmart-brand glitter. ABK wasn’t just trying to compete with BDE. They were trying to run them off the fucking block.
“Well, you know what to do,” Ryan said matter-of-factly, racking the slide. “Confront Clyde about this shit head-on.”
“Hell yeah, I gotcha. Uh...should I get Winston to tag along? I reckon we’ll be more intimidatin’ with us both there. We’re the fuckin’ Wonder Twins when it comes to gettin’ shit done.”
Ryan blasted another round and missed his target. “Twinston, do you wanna borrow some mouthwash?”
“I figure you’ll be needing it to wash the taste of Winston’s dick out of your mouth.”
Ryan racked the slide while Twinston dropped his jaw. But in light of the insult, he closed his mouth. Ryan’s fired again. Headshot.
“You’re BDE’s second-in-command,” Ryan reminded Twinston, holding down a button as the target returned to him. “And I need you to act like it. Deal with Clyde solo.”
The target came into full view. It was a security camera photo of Gigi in her baby-blue evening gown from the Masquerade.
What in the actual fuck? Twinston thought. It finally dawned on him that he had slept with a wanted woman that last weekend. Ryan’s wanted woman.
“Twinston, meet Ji-hye Moon, AKA Gigi. At first, I was pretty fucking pissed that you brought her to the house to fuck her. But after we got some footage, I was able to gather intel from students around campus. Not only is she friends with our very own Winston. But that filthy libtard hippie cunt, Sarah, is Winston’s fuckin’ sister! And not only did these bitches blow up my father’s ashes...they’re taking control of our entire fucking fake ID operation!”
Ryan paused. He unzipped his tote bag and withdrew an Uzi submachine gun with an extended suppressor. Twinston gulped as Ryan racked the slide and aimed at the photo at point-blank range.
“So, uh...what’s the plan?” Twinston stammered. “I mean, we ain’t got beef with Winston now, do we?”
“Word on Greek Row is that Winston and the girls are on the way to his Mama’s house as we speak. In my eyes, he’s harboring fugitives. That poor son of a bitch probably fears for their lives. Ha! Can’t I can’t say I blame him. I’ll be paying Cleft Falls a visit very, very soon.”
Ryan unloaded a 32-round clip into Gigi. 45-caliber rounds peppered the photo from head to toe. Finally, the barrel clicked, smoking and hissing. The photo was reduced to charred dust and ash on the floor.
Ryan fetched the cocaine, shoved his nose straight into the bag, and let out a carnal scream. Twinston slowly backed out of the gun range. He drove straight to the ABK house. But it wasn’t to confront Clyde about his cocaine empire. It was to warn him that Gigi’s life was now in danger. And given the history between Twinston and Gigi, Clyde would be a better man for the job.
The four freshmen were off to a late start to the siblings’ hometown of Trinity. Winston and Sarah were to blame. At the Chubby Beaver Cafe, they had challenged each other to a wing-eating contest (vegan wings for Sarah). Gigi had manned the ropes as Winston’s mouth-wiper; Tai as Sarah’s. Winston had won with flying colors. But Sarah hadn’t paid much mind, a lemon pepper smile beaming on her face. All she had cared about was being full.
Gigi and Tai exchanged puzzled looks in the back of Winston’s truck. “Hey!” she piped up. “Didn’t you wanna save room for your mom’s dinner?”
Sarah and Winston burst out laughing. Yes, their mother would be preparing a home-cooked meal from scratch. No, it would not be hamburgers and hot dogs.
“Oh, sweet summer children,” Sarah said condescendingly. She turned around in the passenger seat, her dreadlocks whipping Gigi in the face. “You have no clue, dude and dudette. See, we were born and raised under Mama Beavers. Do you know what that means? Why don’t you explain it to ’em, brother O’ mine?”
“With pleasure, sis! See, Mama Beavers is the most frugal woman on this side of the Mississippi. Prepare for a meal of epic backwoods proportions. Let’s see, Sarah. Do you reckon it’ll be fried gator skins or pickled chicken feet?”
“Oh! Don’t forget boiled okra soaked in fatback. Now that was quite a merry Christmas.”
Tai and Gigi contorted their faces in disgust. Their empty stomachs growled in protest. They hadn’t eaten anything all day.
“Hold tight,” Winston said, pulling up to the ABK frat house. He reached behind his seat and grabbed a wrapped present. A gift for Clyde. After Winston’s beating last week, the ABK president had turned in the Guitar Guys on aggravated assault charges. In return, Winston had torn down the Crenshaw Ave street sign, had fired a couple of pistol rounds into it, and had back-lit it with Christmas tree lights to create a custom neon sign. A rustic addition to Clyde’s man cave.
“Tai, will you go with Winston?” Sarah asked. “Gigi and I need a little girl time.”
Gigi’s antenna shot up. Winston and Tai got out of the car and headed up the driveway, intending to leave the present on their doorstep. Sarah whipped her head back, smacking Gigi with her dreadlocks again. Sarah rattled off questions like an auctioneer with Alzheimer's.
“So, how was it?
What positions did you try?
Were you drunk?
Was he drunk?
Did you use condoms?
How big?
Did it hurt?
Are you on the pill?
Do you need a pregnancy test?
Cut or uncut?”
Gigi flashed crazy eyes and forced a painful smile. She cackled psychotically. “Yes to all of the above!” A lie. “I...lost all control.” That was true.
Winston and Tai hopped back in the truck. “Welp, that’s that,” Winston declared, satisfied. “I think this is going to be the beginning of a beautiful-.”
“Gigi finally got laid!” Sarah blurted out.
6 PM: two hours until Ryan’s arrival
It was a painfully awkward car ride after Sarah announced that Gigi was no longer a card-carrying member of the Virginity Club. Gigi fought the urge to reach up front, pull Sarah’s dreads, and slap her to last week. But the passive Gigi merely sank into the hot leather seat while Tai and Sarah engaged in a heated debate about wearing leggings as pants.
“Um...I think you made the wrong turn?” Gigi broke her silence, tapping Winston on the shoulder.
“Nah,” he responded. Nonchalant. Robotic.
Winston pulled into Cleft Falls: a trailer park community in rural Trinity. A one-way bridge crossed the sewage runoff river. Dilapidated trailers were clustered on a small plot of land. Past that: a weed-infested open field as far as the eye could see. At the gated entrance, an old man with a shotgun snoozed in a rocking chair.
“Ay, Chuck!” Winston greeted, rolling his window down. “It’s been a while since-”
Chuck sprang up from his nap and fired birdshot into the air. Tai and Gigi screamed, hitting the floorboard. But Winston and Sarah laughed their asses off as the old man came to.
“Oh, my!” said the old man in a raspy voice. “Winston! Sarah! Hey, everybody, the Beavers are back!”
A flurry of broken screen doors sprang open like the intro to a Disney sing-along. Chuck raised the gate arm to let Winston through. Cautiously, Gigi and Tai sat back up in their seats.
Winston parked in front of the only double-wide trailer in the park. As soon as he stepped out of the truck, two little boys and a girl ran out of the trailer. “Winston’s back, Winston’s back!” they cheered, latching onto his knee and squeezing tightly.
“Oomph! Man, y’all are gettin’ big! Hey, easy now! Bahaha! Remember, hands off the beard!”
The kids wrestled Winston to the ground. Sarah leaned against the truck and crossed her arms with a sour face. Nobody ever paid the village liberal any mind...unless it concerned weed. Even the kids ignored Sarah to play with Gigi’s and Tai’s matching earrings.
“We picked these out together!” Gigi giggled. “Hey, wait! You can’t climb me like - whaaa!”
The three kids scaled Mt. Gigi with ease, reaching past her hair bow for that shiny silver earring. Gigi went tumbling down hard. Suddenly, the kids spotted something behind her, gasped, then sprinted away. A strong, calloused hand pulled Gigi to her feet.
Why...why do Winston’s rough hands turn me on so much?
But it wasn’t Winston. He was standing beside Sarah. The mysterious hand belonged to a short, plump lady in a denim pinafore dress and an ugly mustard flannel. A shaggy mullet that was the same shade as her childrens’ hair. Her rosy baby face formed a buck-toothed smile.
“Whale now!” cackled Velma Beavers. “I shoore hope y’alls hungry! There’s a’plenty chowda t’go ’round!”
7 PM: one hour until Ryan’s arrival
Gigi held her sour stomach on top of the trailer park’s huge dirt mound.
Dinner had been a stunning goat head and rich salmon carcass chowder. Winston and Sarah had defaulted to “We’ll pass, but our friends would love some!” Tai had snapped to the acting role of a lifetime. He’d gracefully dunked the ladle into the pot - only to spoon the chowder straight into the trash when Mama had turned away. Gigi was neither lucky nor skilled. So, she had sliced off a fatty portion of the goat’s cheek to garnish the thick, fishy brine. “It smells delicious!” she had lied, as the eye of the goat head mean-mugged her in that musty, cramped trailer.
Gigi vomited on the hill a third time, coating her tongue with hot stomach acid. There went yesterday’s breakfast. Now, she was starving.
“Ya know you’re sittin’ on a pile of dirt and manure...right?”
It was Winston. He walked up the mound and sat next to her. He scooted close, offering her a light beer and something wrapped in tinfoil. “Here, I whipped this up on Mama’s flat-top grill. It ain’t much, but-”
Gigi ripped open the Steak-Umm sandwich and shoved it into her mouth. She closed her eyes, letting the Grade-D meat, store-brand mayo, and Wonder Bread fill her empty stomach. Drunk food, you never let me down!
“Th-thank you!” Gigi yelped, hiccupping as she wolfed it down. She swiped the glass bottle of Bud Light Lime and took her first-ever sip of beer.
“It ain’t as sweet as that sugary cider,” Winston chuckled. “But we’re in a trailer park so that’s all we got. Now...while you eat, I wanted to have a word with ya.” Gigi nibbled her sandwich and sipped her beer, listening like a good student. “Shit, I feel like your dad,” Winston continued, scratching his head. “Giving you your first beer and...well, talking about...uh, sex. Look, I get it! I can’t be mad at ya for having your first experience and all. I just wanna make sure nobody hurts ya or takes advantage of you. So, I got a little gift for ya.”
“WHAT?!” Gigi choked, spitting out her beer. She looked down at the variety pack of condoms on her lap.
“Look, I know it’s weird,” Winston admitted to a beet-red Gigi. “I just...well, you never know when you’re gonna be in situations where you’ll need one and the guy ain’t got one.”
“Uh...Winston?” Flash floods from her night with Twinston.
“And who’s that type of guy, I reckon you’d ask? Well, I know him. He’s me.”
“Winston, stop.” She recalled when Twinston had pulled out a few seconds too late. After which, he’d fished out 50 bucks from his wallet for a Plan B...
“Okay, okay. One more thing. No means no, ain’t no matter if he’s more revved up than a Rausch engine at a tailgate, in the middle of the Indianapolis-”
Gigi stuffed her steak sandwich into Winston’s blabbering mouth. She gently placed the condoms on his lap while he fought a severe case of lockjaw. “I...I don’t use condoms?” she lied. “I’m on the pill. And I don’t have a boyfriend. It, a one night stand!”
Winston spat out his food at Gigi’s shocking revelations. He cleared his throat, stood up, and chugged the rest of her beer. “I, uh,” Winston stuttered, catching a surprise light beer burp. “I’m gonna...get the guys ready for paintball.” He stumbled down the dirt mound, holding his head down in shame. Then, he straightened his shoulders, staring confidently at the sunset with his back turned.
“Sorry to be all overprotective and shit,” Winston muttered. “It’s just that...well, I’ve got a sister that I love. And I love you like a sister, too.”
Gigi’s heart pounded as Winston headed for the bonfire in the center of the trailer park. Gathered around was an army of rednecks in their 20’s and 30’s, suiting up in paintball gear. Suddenly, Gigi had fleeting psychotic thoughts of snatching a paintball gun and sticking the barrel into Winston’s gasping mouth. “You only love me like a sister?!
“Whale, whale, whale,” cackled Velma from the top of the dirt mound. “I reckon at least one of muh family’s fixin’ ta marry up in this wurrrld. Thasss right. I reckon yew will live in a better place than this. Ain’t dat bad though. Some call’a muh home a trailer park. I like tuh of it as a...modular mansion. Oh! Muh baby said yew fixed his’a broken toof! That was mighty neighborly of ya’s.”
“Oh! It...made me happy to see him smile properly again. Your son is the brother I never had!” With that sudden admission, she politely bowed and headed for the bonfire.
8 PM
The trailer park boys had taken their sweet time drinking light beer and dicking around for an hour. Even Sarah had joined the fray, passing out joints like Willy Wonka. Gigi and Tai were sitting quietly in their lawn chairs, people-watching. “Let’s count how many times they pee on a tree!” Tai had suggested. They had soon run out of fingers and toes and had promptly given up.
“All right, game time!” Winston announced, picking up his paintball gun and firing off a couple shots into the air. They had purposefully delayed the game so that A: it would be darker, and B: they would be buzzed.
“Yee-haw!” cried a Coca-Cola addict with twelve teeth. “I want the purdy Asian gurrrl on muh team.”
“She’s a’mine, asshole!” responded a guy with teeth in the single digits. “I wanna shoot shit wit Miss Jackie Chan.”
Gigi smiled at her admirers, wishing for nothing more than to pull their rotten teeth and replace them with new veneers. Such a skill was beyond her
“Man, y’all stop that fuckin’ nonsense!” Winston commanded, firing paintballs at a nearby tree. They exploded into glow-in-the-dark neon splatters. Soon, this entire park would turn into a meth-fueled rave. “Y’all know the routine already. Everybody open your hopper and look at your match. If the match has been lit, then you are it.
Fear drove Gigi to open her hopper first. Pulling out a fresh match, she slumped into her lawn chair like a proud dad after a good yard-mowing. She panned across the bonfire to see similar reactions from Winston, Sarah, then the snaggle-toothed trailer park boys.
Tai slowly backed away from the bonfire.
“Oh, my duuude!” Sarah crooned. She fetched a joint and placed it between Tai’s quivering lips. “Better toke up while you can. Should help with the gnarly pain that you’re about to experience!”
“All righty, then,” Winston called out, swiveling around to his teammates. “Y’all know the drill. Tai gets a two-minute head start. Starting-” Winston swiped the pistol from Gigi’s purse and fired a real gunshot. “-now!”
Tai shrieked, then jetted off into the woods. Winston and the gang laughed their asses off while a furious Gigi balled her small fists. She swiped her .22 back and kicked Winston in the shin.
“Ow, okay! Damn, bad!”
“I won’t sit idly by and witness my fraternal sibling mold his advanced bipedal hominid behavior into that of an ancestral neanderthal!”
Blank stares from everyone. Drool dripped down the meth heads’ mouths.
“I mean...I love you like a brother too!” Gigi announced to the world.
Meanwhile, Tai weaved between trees. He heard the burst-fire of paintball guns as the meth heads riled themselves up. Then, he stumbled over a gnarled tree root, plowing into a man wearing all black.
“Yo, shitskin.”
Ryan Hughes smacked Tai in the head with his Uzi, knocking him out.
After the two-minute countdown, Winston and Gigi cut their headlamps on and approached the woods. Unlike previous years, Sarah dragged her feet behind her brother, staring at the ground.
“Come on, scout,” Winston said, turning around to her sister. It was tradition for her to rustle bushes, scaring out prey for Winston to unload on.
“You don’t need me, bro,” Sarah said, smiling weakly.
“Yo, Sarah!” a meth head called from further down the treeline. “Help us flank him from down yonder. And bring that kush witcha!”
Sarah took a deep breath, letting out a pilates sigh. “I’ll admit: I don’t dig this at all. Gigi and I sharing joint sisterhood with you, that is. Roomie, I never thought I’d say this...but I wish you two were in love instead.”
Sarah walked off. Winston’s headlamp illuminated the shock and awe on Gigi’s face. She quickly shut their lights off, then began choking on tears in the dark.
“Gigi, no - it’s all right, buddy,” Winston consoled her. He dropped his gun and pulled her into a hug.
“I’m...I’m ruining everything!” Gigi whispered, sobbing into Winston’s shoulder. “First, I ruined your brotherhood with the frat. And now, I’m ruining your sisterhood. I...can’t stop ruining your life.”
Winston cradled Gigi’s chin in the crick of his neck. He softly ran his fingertips up and down the petite girl’s spine. Gigi moaned softly, submitting to the harrowing strength of his arms. She pressed her ear against Winston's chest, listening to his sputtering heartbeat.
“If this is you ruining my life,” Winston began, “then please keep doing it.”
Winston released Gigi from his embrace. He reached up to her face to wipe a tear - but poked her eye instead.
“Eeek!” Gigi gasped.
“Ah, shit,” Winston muttered nervously. “Now if that ain’t some pure-tea-mouth-full-of-dick garbage. Fuck, I ain’t too good with words. Or aim. I-I’m sorry.”
“Well, that’s quite all right!” Gigi cheered confidently. “Because you just said the only words that matter. You gave me permission to ruin your life! And you. Can’t. Backpedal.”
Winston’s and Gigi’s phones vibrated. A text from Tai. Your buddies flanked me. I’m by the sewer. Meet me there.
“How the fuck did they reach him so fast?” Winston thought out loud. “Come on, Ji-hye.”
He...finally called me Ji-hye?!
Winston grabbed Gigi’s clammy hand and led the way through a labyrinth of gnarled roots and fresh spider webs. His stomping grounds for the past 18 years. Winston’s first kiss, first cigarette, and first taste of moonshine had all happened within this quarter-mile radius. All on the same day. When he was nine.
But no premature life experiences could prepare Winston for what he saw next. Tai lay face down on the ground in handcuffs. Towering over him was Ryan in all black, pointing a modded Uzi at Tai’s head.
“Whoa, what the fuck?!” Winston spat. Instinctively, he reached down where his paintball gun should have been. But he had been holding Gigi’s trembling hand instead. They had left their guns behind.
“I’m here for my bounty, Brother,” Ryan declared, beckoning Gigi with his Uzi. “Do you have any idea how much fucking shame she brought on my dad and our frat?” Gigi panned over to Winston, her face ghostly-white. “Not only did this yellow-bone slut defile my father’s ashes,” Ryan continued. “But she, along with this faggot over here, and your libtard sister stole our fucking fake IDs and kept the profits!”
“Winston, I’m fucking sorry, man!” Tai bawled, curling up in a fetal position.
Now Winston’s skin went pale. His allies’ betrayal was somehow more jarring than Ryan with a gun. Unlike this morning’s prank (commissioned for pure fun), Sarah, Tai, and Gigi had just stabbed a knife in Winston’s back and twisted it with a smile.
Winston released Gigi’s hand.
“Wise choice, Brother,” Ryan sneered, pointing the laser sight at Gigi’s forehead. “Now...walk forward, you fucking bitch!”
Gigi’s shoulders stiffened. Her large black pupils were resigned to death. She tossed a feeble smile Winston’s way. “W-what do you think we should” A final attempt to muster what little sympathy Winston had left.
“I’m no brother of yours.”
“Please!” Gigi panted. “I was poor and desperate, and I really needed the money!”
A flurry of silenced Uzi rounds peppered a nearby tree, causing Gigi to shriek. Tai placed his mouth against the ground and wailed, knowing good and well he would be killed on the spot if he alerted the others.
“I guess karma’s a bitch after all,” Gigi whispered as a wet spot slowly formed on her jeans.
“Enough yapping, dumb bitch!” Ryan bellowed. “Get the fuck over here.”
Suddenly, Winston reared back and smacked Gigi in the face, sending her to the dirt.
“You fucking heard her, you goddamn double-crossing cunt!” With his steel-toed boot, Winston kicked Gigi in the stomach, causing her to lurch as she prostrated herself. As a million thoughts flashed through her mind, one stuck out.
Winston’s faking it? He must be faking it! Right?!
But fear struck the hopeful Gigi as Winston pulled out his Swiss Army knife. Even Ryan stared in confusion as he lifted her shirt up to reveal her slim waist.
“Bitch ain’t worth the fuckin’ bullet,” Winston snarled. “I’m gonna gut her like a fucking pig!” He pressed the tip of the cold blade on the smooth, pale skin just above her navel. Gigi sucked her stomach in, staring up at him with pleading puppy-dog eyes. He’s faking it, he’s faking it, he’s faking it! But the red-hot fiery pain that shot through her body was very real. A faint trail of blood followed Winston’s knife from her belly button to the cup of her lacy, black bra. A surface cut that ruined her immaculate porcelain skin.
The agnostic Gigi closed her eyes, murmuring a silent prayer as tears rolled down. But Winston spat in her face, breaking her trance.
Fuck it! Let’s toss her in the goddamn sewer and let her rot with the shit and needles.”
Ryan narrowed his eyes, signaling both respect and approval. “G-goddamn, Brother. Now that’s what I’m fuckin’ talking about. Talk about a clever way to hide this bitch’s body!”
“Ain’t no cop in the world gonna search a trailer park sewer,” Winston sneered.
“Jesus Christ, what the fuck’s wrong with you, you fucking bastard?!” Tai blurted out.
“Shut the fuck up, you babbling fucking faggot!” Winston yelled. Taking out his frustration, he snatched Gigi’s ponytail and dragged her through the mud toward the sewer. She kicked, screamed, and gnashed her teeth as she felt the roots of her hair being pulled out. Tai’s helpless hand reached out for Gigi as they passed him.
“Go on, pick it up,” Winston commanded, pointing down at the manhole cover. “You made your bed. Now fucking lie in it.”
Gigi sucked in a breath and slowly knelt down to slide the cover off. As she struggled to lift, Winston noticed that she was no longer crying. In his eyes, she was holding onto some vain hope that this was all an act. Or that she would wake up from this nightmare soon.
“Yo, Ryan!” Winston called out, as Gigi set the manhole cover aside. “What d’ya say after this, we drive over to her mom’s house and wine and dine the bitch? After we’ve had our fun, we can snap her neck and toss the old hag down here with her daughter.”
Gigi’s face twisted into a look of horror that was simply inhuman. Her tears flowed freely again. Even Ryan’s hands trembled as he steadied his gun. “Jesus fuckin’ Christ, Winston,” he whispered, excited and hesitant. “Her mom’s that fuckable, huh?”
“Nah. But once she sees that gun, I reckon she’ll be willing to try on her daughter’s lingerie. If we ask politely.”
“This…is real,” Gigi mouthed through chapped lips and a hoarse throat. The hyperventilating, blubbering girl managed one last breath.
“I...f-f-fucking hate you, W-w-winston.”
Winston shoved Gigi into the sewer. A silent 50-foot drop. Tai buried his face into dead leaves, wailing like a dying animal.
“No fuckin’ witnesses,” Ryan muttered, cocking his Uzi. Tai’s short life flashed before him as the red-dot sight blinded his eyes.
Suddenly, a screaming man burst from the woods and tackled Ryan to the ground. A flurry of Uzi rounds pierced the air. Coming to his senses, Winston dived on top of Tai, shielding him from any stray bullets.
“Winston, what the fuck man?!” Tai screamed, ignoring the two mens’ struggle beside them.
“She’ll be fine, roomie,” Winston stammered, tears welling up at Gigi’s last statement. He averted his gaze to see that the mystery man had won the struggle. The man stood up with the Uzi barrel at Ryan’s head. Emphasis on ‘stood up’, because that man was Alpha Beta Kappa’s very own Clyde Crenshaw.
“Fuck me, I don’t know what the fuck to ask you first,” Winston groaned, pushing himself to his feet. Sure enough, Winston was stuck between How in the sam fuck did you know we were here? and How in the sam fuck are you walking? But none of that mattered now. Winston limped over to the sewer entrance and called out. “Gigi! Can you hear me?”
A soft voice echoed from below. “Mmm...wha...I...I’m here. What...what h-happened? What’s...going on? So soft...”
“Winston, you fucking traitor!” Ryan spat. Clyde pressed his Converse onto the back of Ryan’s neck - gun at the ready.
An explanation: Cleft Falls was North Carolina’s largest dumping ground of used mattresses. In the dead of night, drivers would back their trucks up to the sewage canals to heave their beds overboard. Twin, queen, and even king-sized mattresses would make the long, filthy trek down the sewage runoff, backing up to this sewer entrance. Winston’s mom would beg her young son to play outside while she brought over new men to the trailer. Young Winston’s favorite passtime? Stacking mattresses 10 layers high, climbing up the ladder, and swan-diving from the top.
As part of Winston’s plan, those mattresses had broken Gigi’s fall.
“Thank fucking God you’re alive!” Winston yelled, tears streaming down his face. “You’re safe now. No one can hurt you anymore. Clyde, I reckon you’ve called the cops?”
“You’ve reckoned right, Brother,” Clyde responded, calling him that just to piss Ryan off.
“Fuck you!” Ryan scoffed. “I swear I’ll fucking kill all of you!”
“Good,” Winston responded to Clyde, ignoring his former brother. His tears dripped down the long, dark descent, sprinkling onto Gigi’s face.
“It’s...raining?” Gigi asked, slipping in and out of consciousness on an old, surprisingly comfy, Tempur-Pedic.
Tai came up from behind and swung his handcuffed arms in front of Winston, playfully choking him. “That’s not rain! Hey Gigi, Winston is crying for ya! Remember, he loves you like a quote-unquote brother!”
“Ah, fuck me,” Winston chuckled, exasperated.
“Hey, Gigi, did you hear that?” Tai yelled again. “Winston wants you to-WAH!”
Winston shoved Tai into the sewer to join Gigi on Mattress Mountain.
Cop cars lit up the trailer park as Winston, Gigi, Tai, and Sarah stood outside the entrance. A shivering Gigi huddled for warmth beneath Winston’s childhood fleece blanket. Turns out those old, rotten mattresses had been soaking in every form of mystery liquid in the sewer. The smell was rancid. An equally-rancid Tai distanced himself from Gigi while he recapped the incident to Sarah. Winston stood behind Gigi with his arms wrapped around her waist. Gigi fell asleep standing up, snoring gently as he rested his hand on her scar.
“Whoa, that’s fucking gnarly!” Sarah reacted with dilated pupils. “Shit, I sure did pick a bad time to get high with the other guys.”
“You what?!” Winston and Tai’s voices cracked.
Sarah shrugged. Then, a tall, muscular guy approached. “Whoa, you’re...walking?! Fuuuck, how high am I?”
No-longer-permanently-seated Clyde joined the circle. He crossed his arms, admiring his own two perfectly-working legs.
“Look, this stays between you and me,” Clyde mumbled in his deep, baritone voice. “If word gets around to the other brothers…” He hissed as he dragged a finger across his neck.
“Hey man, we owe you our fuckin’ life,” Winston said, squeezing Gigi’s waist tightly as her breathing quickened. “Your paraplegic secret's safe with us. in the sam fuck did you know to come here?”
Clyde’s stone-sour face formed a twisted smile. “I’ll spare you the details, but...Twinston tipped me off.”
Gigi was still fast asleep in Winston’s arms, and it was probably for the best that she was unable to react to such news. “I see,” Winston responded. “Shiiiet. He is my better half, after all.”
Clyde nodded, then walked toward his truck. Through the windows, they saw the custom paraplegic hand controls. A reminder that Clyde would now be returning to his wheelchair-bound self.
“Winston! Oh muh lawd, muh baby!”
A tearful Velma rushed Winston and Gigi, gripping them in a bear hug that only a Mama could muster. Gigi gasped, awakened from a dream of Winston spooning her on a floating mattress in the sky.
“Ahm so glad y’all’s okay!” Velma continued, showering her son with kisses. Tai grinned at a frustrated Sarah, who threw her hands in the air.
“Hey, what about me, Mom?” Sarah complained. “I got so high that I got lost in the shower! Why don’t I get any fucking love around here?”
“Muh sweet daughter, of course ya do! H’why, I reckon you’ll get plenty of lovin’ from the guys tonight! There’s a gig of trailer park boys just a’sleepin’ in your old childhood room as we speak.”
“WHAT?!” Sarah sprinted toward Velma’s trailer, hell-bound to get to those meth heads before they raided her panty drawer. Or worse: before they found her secret stash of California kush. Tai, Sarah’s closest ally, chased after her.
Winston, Gigi, and Velma made small talk about their Michelin-star dinner. Then, a five-year-old neighborhood boy approached. Gigi stopped laughing, analyzing the boy’s mutated facial features. Cleft palate. Severe underbite. Angular cheilitis.
“I’m vewy sowry for evewything. I hope you come back see us.”
Gigi crossed her arms and bowed, her huge brown eyes beaming pitifully. “I promise when I get my dental degree, I will return and fix everybody’s teeth for free!”
“Pwahmise?” the boy responded in wonder. Even Velma flashed a toothy grin at such a grand proposition.
“If I don’t, Winston has to kiss me!”
“Ewww, cooties!” the boy cringed. He turned around and sprinted off toward Velma’s modular mansion: the home base for all kids in the trailer park.
Velma leaned forward and gave Winston a quick peck on the cheek. “Stole ya kiss, Gigi! So long, son. I luh ya’s.”
Velma left for her trailer. The cop cars finally peeled out, heading for the county jail. Winston and Gigi stood alone at that trailer park entrance. As a cool breeze hit, she pulled his blanket over her shoulders. She closed her big brown eyes, leaning forward for a kiss...
But before she could, Winston placed a hand on Gigi’s shoulder, signaling her to stop. Her eyes shot open, and she shuffled back. “Oh! I’m...sorry! I failed to discern that the atmosphere of such a…rustic locale may sap the romance from a potential initial kiss! And fail to mention will I not the fact that I was stranded in a sewage depository! And...that I may or may have soiled myself…”
But it wasn’t the location or the smell that stopped Winston from kissing her. He took a deep breath and placed both hands on Gigi’s shoulders like a fourth-down huddle.
“Look at me,” Winston began. “Aside from this whole...fake ID debacle, is there anything else I need to know about?”
Gigi’s heart sank. She audibly gulped. Winston’s suspicions were correct, and all she could think about was Winston’s prized gun marinating at the bottom of Rumwood Lake. The lost gun that caused him so many sleepless nights - that prompted him to flat-out buy a new gun that he re-gifted to her, of all people.
After tonight’s battle, Gigi was in no condition to bury it in her conscience.
“Ji-hye,” Winston repeated her real name again, attempting to calm down the twitchy-eyed girl. “I just need to make sure I’m gonna be able to trust you.”
“I’m so sorry!” Gigi cried out. She buried her face in his chest and confessed the ‘where’, ‘when’, and ‘why’ of his prized Colt Single-Action Army revolver. But as she wound down her colorful story, Winston wasn’t seething. He was...grinning mischievously.
“Mom, now!” Winston called out.
Winston broke away from Gigi’s embrace, and Velma fired a pair of paintballs at center mass. Brilliant neon splatters coated Gigi’s small breasts in a dazzling display of sweet, sweet revenge.
Gigi’s jaw hit the floor. Then, with a bashful smile, she opened her mouth to speak.
“First rule of paintball,” chanted Winston, Gigi, and Velma in unison. “Never trust anybody.”
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2020.09.30 16:58 uplifted2110 Mom walks around house naked

My wife and I had been married for 16 years. During my early career I worked in a role fixing the power generation turbine windmills on and off shore. When I was offshore it tended to be for around 4 to 6 months at a time. I absolutely loved the work. I’d always liked climbing. People thought I was strange for wanting to work in high and dangerous places but the truth is I never felt more peaceful then up at the top of the windmills. The wind rushing through your hair, the world and all its hum drum problems far beneath you. It was liberating. The only issue was being away from Steph. Steph and I had been high school sweethearts. We had gone to different colleges which had put a great strain on our relationship but we made it through and moved in together shortly after college. We’d married a few years later and I’d enjoyed my work, hating only that it took me away from her. As the years went by, when the kids came along, I’d stopped doing such an active job and my formerly wiry frame had suffered for it.
When she was younger Steph was a pharma girl. She was incredible. One of the highest performing reps in the company. She was always smart and motivated but I knew the fact she was the hottest girl in the company didn’t hurt. She was the typical pharma girl. Tall, graceful, beautiful, a body to die for. It sometimes bothered me to think of her having to spend her life flirting with these old perv doctors constantly but I trusted her implicitly and knew it was good for her career. I couldn’t complain about the money either. When we married we had this big, lavish ceremony and her high income allowed for that and for us to move into a beautiful house where we raised our kids.
Steph moved into management and when the kids came along, I stopped working on the windmills and started taking more local high rise jobs, eventually moving up into management myself. I would be lying if I said the change in lifestyle hadn’t affected us physically. By 40, I had put on a significant amount of weight. I had gone from my lean 75kg to a slightly squidgy 95kg. I had gone from being able to bang out 30 pull ups for fun to barely being able to muster 5. Well... I assumed that to be the case but in all honesty I hadn’t seen the inside of a gym for years. The same was true of Steph. Back when she was a field rep she was incredibly fit and healthy. She was active during the day, running from meeting to meeting and topped this up by running for an hour in the evening. When the kids came along and she took her promotion, her lifestyle had become much more sedentary. She was 5’8 but had gone from a skinny 60kg to a soft 80kg. She was still absolutely beautiful with wavy dark brown hair, fair skin and green eyes, permanently sporting that come to bed look, which she normally accentuated by using dark eyeliner and dark red on her full, pouty lips. However, her once tight butt now showed noticeable signs of cellulite; but I loved her dearly and was reminded every time I saw her slightly drooping tummy that she’d given me my two beautiful kids and the great lifestyle we had that I wouldn’t change that for the world. Her boobs had always been big. Even when we were young she had a large, full, double D cup. This looked great on her skinny, runners frame. Her breasts had swollen recently with the extra pounds and the kids and now she was a G cup on her more curvy figure. Always a big boob man, I had zero complains about this development!
At 40, our kids were 13 and 11 and doing great. Steph was doing great at work too. I had been a little lost the last few years but a buddy of mine had rung one day and told me about an opportunity he had to go and run a project setting up a new wind farm. This was a huge gig for me and the project management experience would definitely open doors in the growing renewable energy space. It was an amazing opportunity but it had a major downside. The role was in the UAE and it would last 7 months. Steph and I talked it out one night, at length, making lists of pros and cons. Ultimately, we decided I should go for it. We knew it would be hard being apart for so long but we promised we would FaceTime every night and the kids would speak to me for at least half an hour every single day. I packed my bag, we said a teary farewell and I was off.
I settled into life in Dubai pretty quickly. The work kept me incredibly busy but I made some good new friends and we enjoyed the city, the people, the amazing bars and restaurants. Meanwhile back home Steph and the kids were doing well. Steph had decided she was going to fill some of the free time she had from my absence by getting back in shape. I asked her if she’d taken up running again but she said she’d read lifting weights burns more fat, for longer. She had gotten herself a PT and was working hard with her. She was an ex bikini model called Amy. Steph showed me a picture... I’m a little ashamed to say I thought about her that night in the shower. Jesus, if she could get Steph halfway there I’d be a lucky guy!
The months rolled on and things progressed well on the project. Steph kept me updated on everything that was going on at home and I could see on our FaceTime chats that her body had begun to change. Her face was looking tighter and her clothes started to look a bit baggy on her. It was obviously difficult to tell properly how far she’d come. I was excited to see her though, whatever she looked like. Speaking to your wife and your best friend every day is great but it’s not the same as picking her up and taking her to bed, not the same as making sweet love to her and falling asleep in each others arms; not the same as waking up and seeing her beautiful face each morning. Eventually the day came and she had organised a coming home party. She said the kids would be there but then they were both going off to some friends houses that night. I couldn’t wait to see them but I must say I was quietly pleased they would be out on the Saturday. It was going to be a long flight back to the US from Dubai and a lie in is a difficult thing to achieve with kids on the border of becoming teenagers in the house.
As predicted it was a long flight home but Steph was waiting at the airport with the kids when I walked through the arrivals gate. We all waved like crazy people and ran towards each other. We wrapped up in a big family hug and it felt so good to be back with them. We headed home and all got washed and ready to have the guests back. Steph wore these tight, shiny leather trousers and a loose, electric blue shirt over the top. It was open quite low and showed off her huge boobs, which seemed to have retained their previous enormous size, even though she had clearly lost a huge amount of weight. Open high heel sandals completed the look and what a look it was. She wore her hair up in a loose bun, as was her way, with dark makeup bringing out her vivid green eyes. I couldn’t stop staring at her ass. It was like being a teenager again. I was totally infatuated with her. I couldn’t believe how amazing she looked. A few of my buddies commented on it at the party too. One of them said I bet I though it was like Christmas. I left a soccer mom at home and came back to a supermodel.
It was a great night and I loved catching up with everyone but the jet lag caught up with me and I was struggling toward the end. People picked up on it and started to head out. The kids said their goodbyes and headed off with the respective friends and I collapsed on the sofa. Steph did a bit of tidying up. Pretty soon my eyes closed. I’m not sure how much later it was but Steph gently rocked me awake. “Come on sleepy head”, she said gently to me. I was really struggling to stay awake and my eyes closed again. I then felt this strange sensation. Like movement and weightlessness. I felt this warmth and glimpses of the stunning leather clad ass and some high heels. I opened my eyes for a second and swear I was looking right down the staircase but my eyes closed again and I was out. The next thing I knew I felt kisses on my neck and a soft hand gently caressing my hardening cock. I opened my eyes again but managed to keep them open this time. I was in bed and I was naked. I have no idea how either of those things happened. Steph was kissing me and wearing her favourite pink, silk nightie. - “How did I get here?” - “Mmm you fell asleep... Mmm on the sofa... So I carried you up to bed...” - “How?” - “Gym remember... Your lady’s strong now baby. Now shut up and kiss me.”
I did and the feeling of her soft skin and the silk nightie and her hand on my cock soon had me going, roused from my slumber. The feel of her soft, full lips was such sweet welcome to my lonely mouth. I had missed the feel of her. But even as I enjoyed the taste of her mouth, I noticed the feel of her had changed. I stroked my hands up her thighs as she slid herself down onto my rock hard cock and then ran them round to her ass. Where once my fingers had dented the soft, round mound of her buttocks, now they slid along the hard surface. Her silken skin was suddenly pulled tight over firm muscle. The feeling was one that took me back to the days when we were first together. She rode me as my hands explored her gym hardened physique. At one point I put my hands underneath her arms and tried to roll her over, so I could go on top. She quickly brought her hands up, grabbed my wrists and slammed them down on the bed, over my head. My eyes opened wide in surprise and I caught her eyes. Seeing the wild, predatory lust that filled them was an incredibly erotic experience as my newly hard bodied wife held me down on the bed and slammed her hips down onto my crotch.
Soon the speed grew, as did her grip around my wrists, to the point that it started to hurt. Her breathing became laboured and then she came, her eyes rolled back and her back arched upwards, she quickly leant down and shoved her tongue into my mouth, kissing my passionately as we both completed our orgasms together. She kissed me a few more times before she released me and rolled off me and onto her side. It had been making love, it wasn’t wild, teenage fucking but there was no denying she had taken full control. This was unusual for us. It had always been me that had taken the lead before. The role reversal hadn’t involved latex and whips and chains but something unspoken had passed between us. She had just carried me to bed, dressed in an insanely hot outfit that I’d been salivating over, before stripping me naked and owning me. As she lay on her back after this, it felt natural to cuddle up to her side. I shuffled over and put my head on her shoulder. She guided me to lift myself up and she put her arm underneath, before I settled in against her chest, her arm now encircling me. Being held by her felt wonderful, I’d missed the physical intimacy with my wife so much; she felt great and smelled great and now all of a sudden had this fitness model body which I was cuddling up against. The silk felt so good and I was soon asleep once more.
In the morning I actually woke up first. As tired as I’d been I was also still on a different time zone and I’d always been an early riser anyway. Steph was asleep on her side. I looked over and admired the lines of toned muscle running through her shoulders. I actually shuffled over on the bed and began to kiss her back, causing gentle stirring in her, which turned into moaning. She reached behind her and grabbed my rock hard cock and began to slowly pull me off, while I reached around her side and fondled one of her huge breasts through the silk of her nightie. I worked my way down until I was fingerings her and when her breathing became a bit faster, she guided my dick into her from behind. We started moving together in the old familiar way, but as my hand roamed over her stomach, her arms, her shoulders and her thighs, I was taken aback once more about how firm and toned she was now. Every inch of her seemed to be tighter.
It didn’t take us long to finish together and she rolled around kissed me, before we both got up and jumped in the shower together. We kissed and cuddled and I stroked her firm arse as the water cascaded down our bodies. After we got out of the shower and dried, I walked back into the bedroom with a towel wrapped around my waist and lay back on the bed. Steph pulled on this Victoria Secrets bra and panty set that was seriously hot. It was black with little gold bits woven into the fabric. She sat at her dressing table and blow dried her hair. As she did this, I admired the muscles dancing around in her arms while she maneuvered the hairdryer in one hand and her hair in the other. As she finished, she pulled a hair tie open and gathered her beautiful hair into a long pony tail. I finally broke my silence and exclaimed, - “Steph, your arms look amazing.” She spun on her chair with a huge smile on her face. Then lifted herself off the stool, - “Yeah, you think so?” She said as she pulled a double bicep pose. My dick became hard again and formed a tent in the towel and I started lazily stroking it while staring at her. - “I didn’t know you liked strong girls so much!”, she said with a little flirtatious giggle. - “Neither did I but seems I like them a lot!”, I joked back. Steph flexed a few more of her muscles, showing me her thick legs and her abs, before adding: - “So, there’s something I haven’t told you. Amy and I have been adding something to our sessions which I’ve been really enjoying and I think I’m getting pretty good at it!“ - “And...?” - “We’ve been wrestling...” She looked at me quizzically, trying to gauge the look on my face. It was a head tilted smirk, I was curious and she knew it. - “Do you think you’d want to.... You know, give it a go with me?“ - “What? Here?” - “Yeah, actually there isn’t really a space big enough at the gym. So I bought some mats and we’ve been practicing here, pushing the furniture to the side in the living room. So... What about it?” - “Hmm... Do I think having a little grapple with my sexy wife in the living room of our house while we have the place to ourselves.... Fuck yeah..” I said with a huge grin.
Steph literally bounced up and down she was so excited to show me her moves. I pulled on some underwear and together we arranged the furniture in the living room, before grabbing the mats from the garage and putting them down. Steph told me to stay where she was, she had a little surprise that she thought I might get a kick out of. She ran upstairs and came down again a minute later wearing this absolutely tiny, metallic looking, lime green one piece swimsuit. The front plunged, exposing the sides of her huge tits and the top of her stomach, the suit linking up just above her belly button. My jaw dropped. - “I actually bought this for the summer to show off my gym work but I thought you might enjoy getting your ass kicked by me.. Wearing this.” - “I think you have a point.”
We agreed some rules, first to three pins wins, loser is a loser, winner is Champion of the Universe. Usual stupid stuff, then squared up. I went straight for her shoulders with a clumsy grab and she showed me what the training she’d been doing with Amy was all about, swiftly pushing my arms to the side, spinning behind me and gripping me round the middle. Suddenly I was airborne as she suplexed me onto my back. As I rolled back up the right way and made my way up onto my hands and knees I started laughing, - “Did you just... Suplex me?” She burst into laughter and said, - “Yep... Think so.” We collapsed in uncontrollable giggles which lasted a minute or two and then we calmed down.... Stopped... Stared at each other... Smiled... And pounced. We grappled again, locking hands in a classic test of strength, both on our knees. We pushed each other arms around a little but it wasn’t long before she got the upper hand. It was the first time I’d realised not only had Steph become super strong but that she’d actually become stronger than me. It was a strange, sobering and weirdly arousing realisation. As the strength in my arms faded, she threw both of my arms to the side and span round behind me, where she roughly pushed her hands under my armpits and linked them behind my neck. I found myself in a Full Nelson hold, her strong arms totally incapacitating me. I tried to pull to the left and right, forward and back but each time I felt her weight shift and she held me firm.
Eventually, I lifted one of my arms and tapped on her head. She asked me if I was tapping and I managed to wobble my head slightly to indicate I was. She released the hold and I dropped forward, the pain in my back increased momentarily as she released me. Before I knew it, she had scrambled onto my back, lifted my tired and aching arms over her legs and put my into a camel clutch. She pulled my head backwards and I really started to struggle for air, not to mention the pain in my jointed from being so easily and expertly manhandled by my beautiful, busty wife.
She held this hold for another minute or so and began flirtatiously taunting me about how she didn’t think it would be this easy to dominate me. She told me Amy and her had great matches and were becoming quite evenly matched, she should have known I wouldn’t stand a chance. It was incredibly sexy to be taunted by this lithe, strong goddess and my dick pressed against the floor and the fabric of my pants as it got hard.
I thought we were done with the wrestling and she would give me a break when I tapped again on her thigh but instead she lifted my arms over her knees and dropped them heavily on the floor. She scooted across the mat, opened her legs and pulled my body up toward her, flipping me onto my back and clamped her thick, silky thighs around my neck. As I rolled over and the pressure of the floor was released, my rock hard cock sprang up and she said, - “Ohh baby. I didn’t realise you liked this so much. You like your sexy little wife kicking your ass? Want to know something? This is me at about 20%. If I was really going for it like I do in training, I think I’d have put you in the hospital by now. Can you imagine? I’d put on a coat and some heels and leave you in your pants. I’d pick you up and carry you into the hospital and we’d make up some excuse about how your broke some ribs, the whole time we’d both know it was me and I was still wearing this little number under the coat...” As she was taunting me and turning me on with her words, she was alternating before releasing the pressure, short little squeezes to emphasise certain words and a prolonged squeeze at the end which totally cut off my circulation and had me seeing stars. I ran my hands up and down her thick, muscled legs, enjoying the sensation of her smooth skin against my fingertips.
When I started turning blue, Steph opened her legs and shifted backwards. I thought my head was going to be allowed to drop to the floor but she grabbed a handful of my hair and stopped it dropping. She rolled around to the side of me, then brought one of her legs out and under her arm, stretching across my chest. She pulled my hair and I raised my head up long enough for her to clamp her thighs back around it. This time she was lying on top of me, facing down. I couldn’t believe the sight of her incredibly tight ass just below my chin. Again she taunted me about how strong she’d become and how much she loved kicking my ass while I struggled to breathe and felt her big hamstrings and her firm ass cheeks. She even began gently stroking my cock and balls, commenting how at least one part of my was hard, compared to the soft and squidgy rest of me. She told me she had some thoughts about how maybe I could be of use to her after all... If I survived her scissors that is.
When she thought I’d had enough, she uncurled her thighs from around my neck and pulled her knees forward, sitting straight on my face, facing my feet with her ankles by my neck and her knees on my chest. The taunting continued about how she didn’t understand how I kept letting myself get into these situations. She stayed there, taking my oxygen away for a minute or two. The whole thing was extremely exciting. Bouncing her beautiful ass up and down a few times, wearing the tiny, shiny swimsuit, she added, - “Then again, maybe your plan was for me to be sitting on your face. I suppose it does open up certain options...”
She lifted herself up and reached her hand down, simultaneously shifting her body backwards and pulling her swimsuit to the side. She pushed her bare, wet, pussy onto my mouth and I realised she was as turned on as I was. Struggling for air, trying to pull in breaths and lick her beautiful lips while she slowly lifted off my face and pressed back down was incredible. She clearly liked it too because after a minute of that she started really grinding down onto me. It was hurting my nose and I could feel my head bouncing off the mat. I started to worry about the pain in my face but it didn’t last long. I felt her shudder with an orgasm, she moaned and pressed down hard on my face one last time.
Following that, she stood up and grabbed one of my hands, pulling me to my feet. Before I knew it she’d squatted down and hauled me up across her shoulders in a fireman’s carry. She walked in slow circles around the room while my laboured breathing caught up and the redness started to dissipate from my burning cheeks. There was a big mirror on the living room wall and she carried me over to it. She stood there for a second, then to demonstrate her superiority, she started squatting me, slowly and deeply, she got to a 10 count and then said, - “Look at you. Got yourself in another little situation here haven’t ya? I mean, I could slam you backwards, I could slam you forwards, I could flip you the other way round and give you a back breaker... I have so many choices. I think you’ve been a pretty good boy though. You did lick me out real good... Maybe you deserve a little treat. How would you like it if I knocked you out using only my tits?”
I barely had time to register what she’d said before she did in fact slam me backwards onto the mat. While I was seeing stars, she scrambled on top of me and enveloped my head into her glorious cleavage. I didn’t struggle. By this point we both fully understood I didn’t have a chance of moving her, breaking the hold, or really doing anything. So I just lay there and enjoyed the feeling of being suffocated by my wife’s perfect rack, wondering if this was going to be a regular occurrence from now on... I had a feeling, with a great sense of excitement, that this was pretty much standard foreplay from now on.
Just before I slipped into unconsciousness, Steph lifted herself off me, her huge breasts finally releasing my face and I sucked in a desperate breath, panting once more and struggling to get my heart rate back to normal. Steph was kneeling beside me, looking at me lustily, clearly turned on by her obvious physical superiority and said, - “I think you’ve had enough for today big boy. There’s going to be plenty of time for me to kick your ass again soon. Now I’m fucking horny... So I’m going to take you upstairs the fuck you until you can’t move anymore.” She reached down and took my head in her hands, gently guiding me to sit myself up. When I was sitting, she leaned down at shoved her tongue in my mouth, pushing my tongue around, dominating our kiss as easily as she had dominated the wrestling. I began gently sucking on her tongue and she moaned.
She brought one leg up, so it was behind my back and slid her arms around me, one behind my back and one under my knees. If I wasn’t already hopelessly aware of how much stronger than me she had become, this final demonstration put all elements of doubt out of my mind as she stood, lifting me into a cradle. I remembered carrying her across the threshold on our wedding night and the total role reversal the years had brought was supremely evident in the image I saw in the big mirror. The fitness model in the green, metallic one piece who looked no more than 30, carrying the chubby, middle aged man who looked 45; not showing any particular signs that my weight bothered her. My beautiful, insanely sexily dressed wife proceeded to carry me across the mats and up the stairs toward our bedroom. When she reached the top of the stairs her muscles had the definition showing in her biceps that showed she was working hard but she wasn’t breathing especially heavily. She carried me down the hallway toward our bedroom. When she reached it, I said, - “Steph?” She stopped, looked at me for a second and then threw me in the air, readjusting her arms higher to where she could hold me more comfortably. My arms encircled her shoulders but I let go with my arm across her front and raised it to her beautiful cheek. I softly ran a finger across her delicate face and then down her neck and over her chest. I ran a line across the top of her massive tits over to the strap of her sexy swimsuit. My eyes had followed my hand, as had hers, but when I grabbed the strap with my fist, holding onto it like a rope, both our eyes left the hand and met each other, then I finally let myself say the thing I’d been wanting to say all afternoon, - “Don’t be gentle.” Her eyes narrowed and a Cheshire cat grin spread across her face. Her eyes left mine and looked straight at the bedroom door. She lifted a foot off the ground and kicked the door open, before carrying me in.
For the next two hours she threw me around the bedroom and fucked me on every surface and in ways I’d never imagined before. I remember when I used to pick her up, carry her across the room and slam her against the wall. It felt so strange to have her do this to me but so sexy too, my large legs wrapped around her narrow waist and her rock hard buns pressed against my calves. At one point she did this and was kissing me and I realised she must have been carrying me around like this for 10 minutes. She put me in a cradle carry and lifted my soft saggy body up to her face, devouring my pole which was anything but soft and saggy. Where yesterday she took control but it was still making love, this was the kind of wild, crazy fucking we had done as teenagers, only this time with her being the far stronger and fitter partner. She used my body for her pleasure and I worshipped her like the Goddess she was, kissing and licking her from her toes to her tits, climbing her body sitting on her strong shoulders, riding her firm back and loving it when she hoisted me over her head and held me in front of the mirror, showing how totally and completely she physically outclassed my once strong body. I had the absolute best morning of my life.
In the afternoon we descended the stairs once more. She was now wearing her baby blue silk slip and a little matching silk dressing gown. She had even put on some little heels with a fluffy toe to complete the sexy housewife look. I was wearing my own silk monogrammed PJs and dressing gown along with my slippers. Of course she was carrying me, held secure in her strong arms as her high heeled feet clicked on the wooden stairs. She walked through the house to the kitchen and put me down in the chair. She poured us both some juice and came and sat on my knee. - “So, what are you thinking lover?” - “I’m thinking I need to buy Amy the biggest bouquet of flowers she’s ever seen.” She giggled and hugged me and kissed me so forcefully I was struggling for air. We kissed for a minute and I could hear she was beginning to get turned on and suddenly she jumped up and threw me over her shoulder.... Heading back for the bedroom once more. I decided then and there I was going to start hitting the gym hard. I had no intention of bulking up but I needed to work on my cardio if I was going to keep up with this Amazonian nymphomaniac who had replaced my wife. I don’t think I’d ever be able to take a long assignment abroad again. I couldn’t possibly drag myself away from this and if she went through another one of these transformations I’d be genuinely worried for my health.
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2020.09.29 17:11 AwkwardPie1 Around walks mom naked house

I've been wanting to share this for a while but it's a very personal story. I honestly wasn't ever going to share this but I know what happened, as much as my mind wants to forget and pretend it never did. I constantly keep reliving this memory over and over as I've struggled to comprehend everything. Really these videos and pictures I took were for the sake of my sanity as they were never intended to be shared to anyone except my fiancee at the time but I think talking about this might help me. I was left mentally scarred from my experience and I question my sanity from time to time. I think it would help get it off brain if I just talked about it.

So my grandmother had been living by herself after my grandfather passed away. As she was getting older though my uncle moved in with her to take care of her. Sadly she passed away and I could tell how hurt he was after losing both his parents. My grandparents were just the best grandparents you could ever imagine so we all were grieving over their loss. He was living by himself so to make sure he was okay my immediate family would go over to watch football or just hangout so he wasn't so alone. We stuck together through rough times such as this one. I got a call from the hospital asking to pick him up around October 2014 the reason he was at the hospital shocked me when he explained what happened.
His description of what happened was: he was asleep when he heard footsteps going down the hallway then heard a bedroom door open, he got up and grabbed his gun then checked it out. As he checked the hallway he saw a figure in the darkness run from the kitchen into the dining room. He checked the house then heard louder footsteps in the hallway. He ran out of the house and sat down on the curve across street facing his house. He was waiting for them to come out. He sat there for an hour when a neighbor saw him and called the police. They took away the gun but after he explained the situation they sent two officers inside. They swept the entire house but didn't see anything. The backdoors were locked and the windows were closed so no sign of forced entry. He was shaken up, heart pounding and dizzy from the stressful situation and decided to go the hospital. I assumed he also didn't want to go back in the house by himself.
I was worried about him living by himself considering someone broke into his house. I told him I wanted to move in and he eventually agreed. I moved out of my roommate's place and told my girlfriend at the time I would be moving in with my uncle. While I was living there the house didn't seem weird or anything. It made a lot of common house noises that typical houses make like floors creaking or some wood popping sounds but nothing paranormal. I lived with him for about 8 months then my uncle told me he was fine and said I should get my own place with my girlfriend since things were getting serious between us. He kept reassuring me that he was okay and I moved in with her while we looked for our own place together. That took a bit longer than expected but we did get engaged and were getting ready to move in. I'd still go over on weekends to see my uncle.
6 months after moving out I found out my uncle passed away due to a heart attack, I'd rather not go into details it was a very traumatic experience. The house got passed down to him but he didn't put it in his will so on top of the grief and trauma we had to also get the house ready to be sold. To save some money since I lived there and was very close with him, my family and I decided I should watch the house while we moved everything and got it ready to be sold. I moved in November 2015.
The first couple of weeks I started feeling uneasy for no apparent reason. I also started to suffer from insomnia and slight mood swings. I'd come home from a good day at work and just feel unsettled once I got home. I'd occasionally hear faint noises that resembled footsteps or light banging noises but nothing that really freaked me out as I'd dismiss them as weird house noises.
One night I got my first real experience of something weird happening. I was lying in bed awake waiting for my melatonin to kick in when I heard the footsteps but this time it wasn't weird house noises, it sounded like actual footsteps. With no TV to drown it out I could hear clear as day footsteps with the wood creaking under each step. I got up and went to check but there was nothing. I double checked the front door and backdoor so everything was locked. I lied back down and tried to sleep. I laid there for hours then I hear an extremely loud bang as if someone just fell off a table or stomped the floor with a boot. I got up this time in complete fear slowly making my way to the kitchen where I heard it. Nothing was out of place, nothing fell over and there was no damage to the kitchen floor. I turn on every light in the house and go to the living room to play video games. I stayed up all night then slept when the sun came up, luckily it was a weekend so I could sleep all day. I was beginning to fear the dark. A fear I've never had before. I couldn't walk down a hallway without a light on.
These weird noises would happen twice a week. Then the living room light started flickering for some reason. Not a faint flicker either it would completely turn into a strobe light. It happened again almost a week later. I chalked that up to electrical problems but how dark and creepy it would make the living room would scare me a little. Since it was my job to take care of the house I called our local handy man who told me before I pay for anything he suggested trying different bulbs. I placed 3 brand new bulbs in it and then it happened only just a couple days later. I tried two bulbs, I tried energy saving bulbs and tried different wattage but it kept happening. I called him after a couple weeks when all my attempts failed. He came over and checked it out. He took the ceiling fan apart and checked the wiring. He didn't see anything wrong. So I showed him a video of the lights. He said and I quote "that's pretty freaky... if it happens with brand new bulbs and it's not the wiring I have no idea what's causing that," but replaced a few things just to try to do something and gave me a new remote. The fan doesn't have a dim setting or a strobe setting just an on button for the lights and fan speed settings. He said in a joking manor if it happened again to not call an electrician but rather a priest. I know it was in a joking mood but that did not put me at ease. It happened again just a week after. I called him and asked if there was literally anything I could do out of fear. He said he honestly had no idea what the problem was but said if I replaced the entire thing with a new one that should fix it. I didn't want to replace anything without permission so I just had to put up with it.
Another night I was playing video games and then I heard a music box go off behind me and it was very slowly playing music in a way I've never heard it. Back when I was kid I'd play with it and turn it on but it always played it at a normal pace. I remember my grandma saying it didn't work anymore but it's an antique so she'd never get rid of it. I froze in terror for a second since I thought the thing didn't work. I then calmed down and pulled out my phone to record it. I tested to see if I could turn it off by unwinding it and it stopped. I came to a conclusion that for some reason maybe while my grandparents had company (my distant cousins would come over or family members with kids) maybe they cranked it but it didn't go off. It's just an old fashioned metal wheel with pins so maybe it was stuck and after years of it being cranked it loosened and finally played the music, at that very moment. Yes that's highly unlikely but it makes way more sense then it going off for no reason. I watched the video a dozen times. The key has a piece of medal you flip up to use as a crank but it was folded in. The key rotates as it's playing but it wasn't rotating when I looked at the video. So if it was broken it wasn't broken anymore. Oh and of course the lights started flicking again shortly after.
Around Christmas I couldn't handle being there by myself anymore. I told myself all the noises were in my head. I had lost 3 family members and surely my insomnia and stress had to be the reason I'm hearing all the noises. I would send all the pictures and videos to my fiancee just to show her what was going on. She's more open to the idea of paranormal. I asked her to move in and stay with me there. At first she said it could be family members who passed away but I laughed that idea off in my head. I think just a couple of days after she moved in she heard the noises too. She said she no longer believed it was loved ones who passed away. She said these noises were unsettling and sounded violent the way they banged and stomped around the house. Now that she was hearing them too I had no idea what to believe anymore.
During Christmas Eve we took a trip to a neighborhood in town that puts up really cool decorations. It's a common thing to go there in our town. We were out for a while and when we came home I noticed the lights were on despite we left them all off except for the porch light. Some of the drawers were open in the kitchen and a phone book on the kitchen counter had been moved and was opened up. I immediately told my fiancee to stay outside for a second while I ran in the house with my cellphone light on checking every inch of the house. Doors were locked, windows were shut and nothing was missing. I then decided to finally check the attic as it's annoying to get up there it was the only place I never checked. Something in me was actually hoping and wishing I'd find some crazy person living up there to explain all this. But there was no one up there. I told her to come in and we felt uneasy the entire night. I thought about calling the police but I was worried if they didn't find anything my family might hear about it and think I was crazy or ask me to move out.
Shortly after New Years we found out she was pregnant. We were so happy to be having a child it was a brief moment of happiness in this dark part of my life. I say brief because her pregnancy turned into a rough one. She'd be throwing up, she couldn't eat and was very ill. Over the next the next few months we went to the hospital many many times as the hospital had to give her IVs just to get something in her system. It hurt me to watch her trying desperately to eat even though she couldn't keep many things down but she knew she had to try for the sake of our baby. I started taking more time off work just to make sure she was okay or to be with her at the hospital. I tried comforting her but the house wasn't helping with stress as one night we both had a big scare. I awoke to the sound of our bedroom door slamming and loud footsteps running towards the bed. She snaps up sitting up looking at the door and I roll off the bed almost in a "fight or flight" response. The footsteps stop then start going down the hallway. I throw the door open and run into the hallway but nothing is there. The front door and backdoor is locked and no one was inside the house. I come back in the room and she's staring off into space at the giant mirror near the bed her eyes widely open unblinking. It was pitch black dark but I could see the goosebumps on her skin and breathing heavily. I ask her what was wrong and she tells me she swore she saw the figure of a person hover over to the backdoor where she saw what looked like an arm trying to open the backdoor, then it hovered through the blinds without moving it. Like it just went through the glass and blinds. She said she couldn't see it in front of her just through the mirror. I knew I just heard what sounded like a person running down our hallway but I couldn't accept what was happening. I wondered if the lack of sleep we both were having and her lack of eating made her see things. Although I recalled what happened to my uncle the day he went to the hospital wondering if maybe this is what he heard and saw. I didn't know what to believe. Could we both be hullicinating the same noises? That's 3 people who just so happened to hear footsteps, doors opening and seeing figures. We tried to go back to sleep but without much success. We talked about moving out and said we'd start finding our new apartment soon.
As another month passes my mental state was getting worse as was hers. I wasn't happy anymore. I wasn't emotionally uplifting or anything like I normally was. My fiancee was also acting different as she was tired all the time and the joyful sparkplug of energy she normally was had been replaced with a tired and distant woman. Something was wrong with us but she had an excuse, she was pregnant. I was just not normal for some reason. We'd spend many days just sitting next to each other on the couch cuddled up watching movies. Not going out or doing social things like normal. We didn't have the energy. Then... this part is hard to talk about but it was the worst day of my life. We were heading into the OBGYN to find out the gender of our baby but instead we were told they could no longer see a heart beat. We miscarried. Even though we went to the hospital multiple times and got tons of ultrasounds to check the wellness of our baby we were never told anything was wrong. They explained these things can just happen and may have had to do with the illness she suffered during the pregnancy. We were emotionally crushed. I took off a couple weeks from work so we could be together and get through that traumatizing experience together. We spent the next few weeks in complete udder depression. I tried to hide it and just make sure she was okay despite being emotionally dead inside. During that time we were even too depressed to give a shit about noises in the middle of the night, lights flickering and banging sounds coming from the house. They'd happen and we'd just go back to bed. No fear could be mustered even from the loud footsteps. Even if we felt we were in danger we wouldn't care. Hours felt like days, days felt like weeks and months felt like years. Getting out of bed not looking forward to the day is a horrible feeling, but feeling like that every day is a miserable feeling.
We never really recovered from that. I think we broke up maybe 3 months after the miscarriage. We were both miserable. I changed and so did she. I was depressed, emotionally checked out and she was too. The break up was weird. I was already so depressed I couldn't feel more depressed than I already was. It just happened and she moved out. Like in a blink of an eye one moment we were together and the next I was alone again. The noises didn't bother me even after being alone for a few weeks. The dreams bothered me though. I'd have dreams where everyone I knew hated me and wished I was gone. Some dreams I'd kill myself and wake up feeling so horrible I'd wake up in tears. I was so zoned out of life. I'd be late for work, I'd call in sick and all this after taking two weeks off for our family emergency plus missing days from before they just assumed I didn't care about work anymore and the place I was working at was struggling to make money so the first person they thought about cutting was me. I didn't care that I lost my job to be honest and started basically eating my savings away.
Nothing out of the normal noises were happening over the next couple months but around November of 2016 was when I actually saw something. Up until this point it's always been noises and things I could have imagined but not this time. I was headed to bed and as I was walking past a bedroom and the door was open. I always leave the doors closed because I hate walking past dark rooms. It was dark inside the room but out of the corner of my eye I saw the outline of a figure looking like it was standing on the bed. As I turned my head to get a better look it moved off the bed and came towards me. I ran as fast as I could to my room and closed the door. My heart was racing, I was dizzy and feared for my life. Thinking to myself I was going crazy if I was seeing things. Then I heard faint footsteps coming out of the room. As it went into the hallway they picked up getting much louder and faster. The footsteps were so heavy the cabinet in the dinning room which is up against the wall of the hallway had wine glasses sitting on a glass shelf inside the cabinet. The sound the glass vibrating with each step made me realize this thing was physical and could effect objects in the house. It wasn't in my head. The footsteps continued into the kitchen and stopped. I don't know why but the glass shaking made me lose it. I brushed off footsteps as my mind this whole time but that noise made it real. My eyes watered and my hands on the doorknob were shaking. I begged it to go away and sat there on the floor holding the door closed for an hour crying to myself as my mind begun to snap. As I headed to my bed to lie down and try to calm myself I saw through the backdoor the light in the living room was going crazy again. I refused to go in the living room to turn it off this time afraid of whatever was in there. I knew now something was in the house and it couldn't be my imagination. I waited till morning to go to the living room but the light had gone back to normal so I just turned it off.
I completely stopped sleeping at night. I didn't feel safe. I'd play video games with the lights on in my room all night then sleep during the day. That strategy stopped working as I'd hear voices and breathing coming from the bathroom all night. I'd hear "filth, scum, die" in the most unsettling disembodied voices. My mental state was completely gone. For the first time in my life I felt suicidal. I genuinely welcomed the idea of death but I couldn't go through with it. I thought about overdosing, slicing wrist but I was worried I'd be in pain or I wouldn't finish the job all the way and end up being disabled. I also didn't go through with it simply due to how horrible my family would feel... finding me dead in that house after we've lost so many family members already. It hit me that this house has now been the place of 4 deaths. My grandparents, my uncle and the miscarriage. Something about that worried me. Like this place had a dark cloud of depression over it that it sucked the life out of me. It did it no matter how good my day was at work I'd come home and feel scared or worried about something. When my fiancee was there and we'd spent the night enjoying each other's company, then we'd wake up in the middle of the night to horrifying noises and unable to sleep. The house sucked all happiness of my life out of me and her. Nothing felt right living there and decided to ask my mom if I could move in. I would have to wait a while though as the court needed to find a judiciary to watch over the house. The next week I stopped sleeping in the bedroom. I stayed up for days and slept on the couch during the day when needed. I don't know why I felt safer in the living room but I did.
But the house wasn't done with me yet. One night I was running around taking pictures of each bedroom to show there was no damages done to the house and all the belongings were not moved for legal purposes. I took pictures when I first moved in just so if movers or anyone else damaged the house after I moved out it wasn't my doing. I took a picture of the room I was sleeping in and noticed something weird happened to my camera. Every time I took a picture it would go completely blurry and out of focus. I'd tap the screen to focus and it would for a second then go unfocused again. All the other rooms didn't have this happen. I figured it was the light in the room and decided to turn it off. I took a quick picture to test the focus before taking a wider shot for evidence but I caught something in it. A weird shadow showed up in the mirror. I didn't see it with my naked eye in the mirror however. I checked the room and nothing was standing there to make that shadow appear. The only black object in the room was a hoody but its seen lying on my bed in the picture. I tried to figure out how it happened. I must have took over ten pictures trying to get it to happen again but it didn't. I took a video but nothing showed up.
I ran around the house taking pictures trying to see if it would happen again but nothing showed up. I took a picture of the living room, then turned off the lights to take a picture of the dining room right next to the living room. After taking that picture I was about to turn the lights on when I heard footsteps coming from my room. Unlike the other times they didn't thud a few times and stop, this time the footsteps kept coming. I turned around in terror and just stared at the hallway. The footsteps came down the hallway and stopped. Then very quickly an extremely dark... almost as if it was completely devoid of light, not even the light on in the hallway or dining room would shine on it and I couldn't see anything but a black outline of a head poked around the corner then darted back behind the wall. It had NO facial features, no color other than black and it was very short. I wanted to run but the front door was past the hallway so I was frozen in disbelief and afraid to move. I stood there unable to move or breathe out of fear for a while. I slowly backed away towards the living room then put on my sandals to run. After I didn't hear anything I started slowly walking towards the front door. I then heard loud footsteps coming from the living room I had just turned my back to. I was so overcome with fear I didn't even turn around to look. I grabbed the house keys from the table in the kitchen. The footsteps changed sound as it went from the carpet in the living room to the hardwood floor of the dining room, almost as if it was chasing me. I ran out of the house and as I turned to slam the door I saw the outline of a small humanoid figure 4 feet tall completely black, devoid of any light, darker than even the dark room it was running out of towards me moving unnaturally. I slammed the door then backed away from it and staring at the door hoping it didn't open. After I don't hear anything I go up to locked the door and stood there looking through the large glass window in the front door. I didn't see anything except the living room light flickering again through the window. I turn around and I walked to my mom's house at 1 am in my basketball shorts, t-shirt and flip flops.
It was a 45 minute walk and I didn't care that I left my car there, my ex's stuff and everything else. I was in genuine fear of my life. My legs trembled as I walked still shaking from fear. The cold didn't help my shaking either. I went in to my mom's house and had the best night of sleep I've had all year. I slept for 16 hours. I explained in the afternoon when I woke up I just didn't want to live there anymore and my mom let me move in for a bit with her. I went back with my brother during the day to grab my car keys along with everything else to finally leave that place behind for good.

One week after leaving I felt like I was much better as far as mental health goes. No weird noises, no footsteps and no weird shadow figures at my mom's house. While I was still depressed about the break up and miscarriage I was no longer suffering suicidal thoughts. Now that it's been 4 years I've recovered mentally but I just can't let go of what happened. I can't let go of feeling like my entire world has been turned upside down and reality had completely snapped in two. I never told my family what happened there or what I experienced as they're all very religious people and I feel like they'd take it badly or think I'm insane. As for me I'd like to think it was all in my head but physical evidence exist and I wasn't the only one who experienced it. I watched endless ghost shows and read up on experiences other people have had but nothing really sounds like what I encountered. I don't know if I believe in ghost or the devil but after that experience it's made me question my beliefs.
I asked myself for years what I saw. As for the idea it being family members who've passed on in that house... I wouldn't even toy around with that thought. My grandparents and uncle were loving caring family members I cherished having in my life. IF ghost are real, there's not a single part of me that believes it was the ghost of people I love and miss with every fiber of my soul. They'd never torment me like that. I truly believe my state of mind during all that had something to do with that house. I've never felt such depression, had such horrible dreams, never had suicidal thoughts before and never suffered such fear before. Some dark depressing energy resides there. I'm also not a religious person so I don't believe in the devil but I honestly don't know what I believe in anymore. Going through that made me question everything about reality. It made me question paranormal things I never believed in. It made me feel guilty as I wondered if my uncle went through all this as well. I questioned life and death... I wouldn't be so hung up over this if it wasn't for the pictures, video and someone telling me they saw it too. I know what happened there was real. I wish I never brought my fiancee there however. That place has taken 4 family members and ended an engagement. I have recovered though and finally got my life back together as I am now married and living a somewhat normal life. My ex moved on as well and I think she's recovered too.
I try to ignore what happened but the second I watch something about ghost, or horror movies or even hear about depression it's like a trigger that brings me back to that house and I can't help but relive it over and over. I thought about seeing a psychologist but having to tell someone this story in person would scare me. I'm worried what I'd be told. Like I really am mentally unstable or I'm crazy as I'm sure no one would believe me. The only person who knows about this is my ex and my wife. My wife believed me and shared her experiences of paranormal encounters. Something I never would have been open to and waved off in my head if people shared stuff like that to me in the past. After what I went through I'm more inclined to believe it. I used to hear paranormal stories and just thought of it as entertainment but it's like a whole new perspective just opened for me after that.
The house sold after a long drawn out process but oddly the new owners only owned it for about a year before putting it back up for sale. I was told it was a family that bought it and wasn't some home flipper. The neighbors who are really close to our family said people moved in then moved out 7 months later and the house was empty until it went back up on the market. There wasn't much to flip the entire house had been completely remodeled and added an entire new room to it back in 2011. It was a really nice house as far as looks and size go but I wonder if they sold it because they didn't like what was inside. It's in a prime location near 3 elementary schools, couple middle schools and two high schools. I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't like it other than what was inside it.
Disclaimer: Like I said I wasn't recording this to be presented as evidence to anyone else except for me or my fiancee at the time. Looking back on it I wish I recorded more but honestly if I had set up a camera to record the hallway at night while I slept, I think finding more evidence would only just make my mental state worse. I didn't want to have more encounters. If something was lurking in the darkness I'd gladly not want to know it was there. I was terrified living there already just from the noises. I was just trying to live my life. Playing video games, watching TV or just trying to sleep. So I'd always record it after the fact, which looking at it from someone else's perspective this all might sound like bullshit and without knowing me I wouldn't blame anyone for assuming it was. I guess the real reason I'm sharing this is simply because I want to find answers about the mental health problems. I'm curious if anyone has had similar experiences where an encounter or something made them feel depressed to the point of completely losing their mind? I've never had mental health problems in the past. I'd have bad days like everyone else but never to the point of actually hating the fact I was alive. Never wished death upon myself before. Never had bad insomnia to the point I'd stay up for days. Never saw things that weren't there. That's the worst part about all this. To me this IS impossible. This isn't real yet it happened and trying to put logic to a situation that is completely absent of any logic drove me insane. The blurred portions of the videos are just pictures of family members around the house. Having to watch the videos again just to edit the blurs and write all this out wasn't easy, but honestly I do feel some sort of relief finally talking about this and not pretending like it never happened. If you read this entire... essay on my encounter than thank you.

I apologize for the super amateur videos. I tried to add blur on family photos but it's very hard to do on YouTube. In one of the videos if you listen carefully you can hear the constant tapping or shuffling going around the house. Except all these videos I'm alone in the house. One video has my ex in it but I don't want to post that for privacy reasons. WARNING: The flicking lights might not be good to watch if you suffer from seizures.
The night I caught the figure in a picture. This is the last night I stayed in this house. You can see the figure behind the bed.
The room where I saw a shadow standing on the bed. I took this picture trying to see if it would show up in other rooms.
The living room.
The dining room that's attached to the living room. I turned off the lights trying to get a picture of it. This is right before I saw the shadow figure in the hallway and got chased out the house.
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2020.09.28 23:57 thiscontradiction Mom walks around house naked

 I have pretty bad bipolar, To the point where I’ve been hospitalized multiple times, and I’ve tried a slew of drugs to help but to no avail. My first actual manic episode occurred in 2011 accompanied by a god complex and believing that my car became a time machine. I would stay at random places in the city of Chicago that year, until I finally ended up back in my parents house in the suburbs which was the very last place I wanted to go after having a failed suicide attempt there prior to my mania. I have saved most of my manic episode images and videos on my hard drives these past few years in an attempt to keep myself from going off the deep end like that again, little did I know that it would not help in any sense of the word. Last year I was self medicating myself with whatever street drugs I could get my hands on to help alleviate my internal brain pains of this existence, and I had been doing it for a while so nothing really changed in that regard, however I had a brilliant idea for a new cryptocurrency and it really took off on 4chan. This token was going to break into the adult webcam tipping industry which is currently in the hands of many third party websites and they don’t even use crypto. So in this stroke of self supposed brilliance a team of incredibly talented people came into my life and helped me develop my idea further. I was broke so I had no actual money to pay these guys, however they were kind enough to accept the tokens that I made as part of their share and payment for the work they completed. Things were off to an amazing start, we had a website, and an incredible back end developer who was on an entire different level as far as his knowledge of cryptography and cryptocurrency development. As things progressed slowly I began to have these ideas of also self supposed brilliance, like being able to decipher and decode my personal subjective viewpoint of reality and also communicate to myself through this “external” self of my immediate environment outside of time/space. Simulation theory also played a big role, along with synchronicity and the phrase “there are no coincidences.” Repeated through my unbeknownst to me revving up doozy of a manic episode. It was so gradual and logical to me in those moments that I never for a chance thought that I was on my way to yet another mega minded god complex episode. As I started spiraling downward in viewpoints of many who had invested in my project, my mother eventually called the police to my apartment for a wellness check. Now I had gotten kicked out of my previous place for inviting some real shitheads to move in, in order to make my newly ex 21 year old girlfriend and my old roommate as uncomfortable as possible. Yeah she started sleeping with my roommate after I got a job...anyway, I digress. I was able to move into an amazing studio apartment using funds that I had obtained from selling a few billion of my tokens to a guy OTC. 
Things just seemed to magically come together for me in this manic state of mind. So the first wellness check went horribly, as when the police came I was totally naked and they had to convince me to put my clothes on upon entering my abode. It didn’t take me long to figure out I needed clothes to go outside as I was making the argument that I was doing nothing wrong being nude in my own apartment. Next thing I know it’s been 10 entire days in a psych ward.
 When I finally got out I was welcomed to my entire crypto project team abandoning not only myself but the project entirely. I was devastated and felt betrayed. They had put up a paragraph on the old website giving details on the situation and how they were moving forward with things and starting a new project. I kept moving at incredible speed towards the insanity cliffs that I could not see from my level viewpoint of the mental plane ahead of me. To the point of running away from my apartment because I was afraid my mom would call the police on me once again. I ended up taking the train all the way to Wisconsin and started walking to Milwaukee from there. I had an ex girlfriend that I had hoped might take me in there. I walked until my feet started disintegrating off my legs. I managed to get most of the way to Milwaukee where the police arrested me for walking on the side of the freeway. When they pulled over I was very resistant about them taking me with them from my PTSD recent psych ward fun times. They ended up only keeping me in jail for the rest of the evening before releasing me into the late night fog. For some reason while I was in jail I got paranoid that those who were in with me were trying to poison me and have me locked in a cell to be killed, so immediately upon release I fled to the nearest bus bound as far north and away from that place as possible. I literally started seeing synchronicities that confirmed all of my increasingly delusional thoughts, going as far as thinking my parents were abusive to us as children and they too were joining in the hunt. I had flashes of imagery of my parents being horrible people and torturing children, and I continued my escape to self assured places of safety. One of the areas I found myself in once I exited walking for miles along some railroad tracks. I felt people trying to ambush me and trap me in this small religious residential town that seemed surrounded by a massive fence with barbed wire. At one point I took my shirt off and acted like a jogger, to where someone released their dogs leash and right onto me...this was not imagined. I ran as fast as I could into a parked boat that was half filled with rain water, and I was so scared that I had to actually dip myself all the way into that very frigid water through my pants as I literally felt hunted. I heard gunshots and voices shouting in the distance, dogs barking, I just laid there completely motionless for my life depended on it. When I finally thought the coast was clear I got out as inconspicuously as possible to which I was met with yet another thunderous brigade of voices and gunshots. I then found myself in a recycling bin before I started to sneak very low around parked cars in the driveways. I finally made it to the end of this nightmare as I could see the fence beyond a final row of houses. I waited a few minutes before finally darting at full speed to and over that barbed wire fence cutting my lower back in the process. So there I was, shirtless, bleeding from a decent sized cut on my back, down the side of a road with quite a bit of traffic, coupled with my state of mind at that time it felt very supernatural. I felt like people were staring at me from their cars and recognizing me as a being not from this world. In my mind I had thought I recognized specific entities that I was channeling information from through the akashic records. I had started posting rap style videos on TikTok, delving through a multitude of emotional ranges and topics. I had thought I was trying to wake up the entire planet to the illusion pulled into their eyes. The final experience I had upon returning south to Milwaukee took me through open fields continuing to feel like a hunted piece of wild game. I felt that there were other beings that joined this hunt as well, that were not human at all. So now I was trying to evade an alien species that I had thought was controlling the police from the woods of Milwaukee. I had the idea to try to mimic who I had thought these creatures looked and moved like, and I inverted my jacket to further disguise my appearance. I had thought I saw them coming out of the woods so I figured that was where the alien’s nest was. It was logical for me to try my best to blend in with them, and of all places to look for me, the last place I would think they would search would be their very own nest. So I mimicked what I thought they were doing going in and out of the woods at a high speed and with veracity. I waited until all cars passed and ran full speed into the woods, and being surprised with not only very thick trees, thorns, and bushes...but a very steep declined terrain. It was very hard for me to control but I kept running through and downward to the depths of what I thought would be an alien nest hell hole. It was pitch black that night and I could barely make out anything without the occasional moonlight dancing on my immediate surroundings. I dove for 5 minutes of down this steep terrain while trees and sharp sticks tore parts of my coat. I began to see a was water. As I exited the tree line I walked along this seemingly endless lake that had lights out incredibly far on the horizon, I came to the conclusion that the aliens lived underwater in this lake and the lights were potentially part of their base. As I continued walking down the sliver of a shoreline among the bushes, I saw something I was not expecting...severed giraffe heads with their tongues sticking out. It was surreal. I concluded that this was a place where they studied our animals and dissected them. Upon seeing this I noticed that in the near tree line there was a break, and a very comfortable looking incline out from the pits of that hell I had stumbled into, which would have been a hell of a lot more comfortable coming down here. I calmly walked up and out of there as casually as possible. 
The police then picked me up after I told them where I was headed and it was around Christmas, so they obliged.
 I had figured I passed their test and was now the alpha dog in the system of control there in Milwaukee. These scenes and experiences are as close to what I experienced in those moments as I can possibly detail, the police got me on a bus back to Chicago where I finally made it home. This of course was not the end. I had left all of my keys including my crypto cold storage wallet and a lot of clothes I had with me in the deep woods in Milwaukee, so upon arriving to my apartment I could not enter. I ended up throwing a brick into the back door window and entering finally to what I thought would be peace. The entire building I lived in was dead quiet. I had thought that my neighbors were all taken out by black ops because they had been a part of an organized crime scheme, but it was just Christmas. Even my neighbors’ annoying dog was gone and I assumed they had shot it as well. It is truly incredible what a completely delusional mind is capable of, and I was completely sober the entire time. Once I finally got a chance to sit for a minute and gather my highly dependable thoughts and realized I needed to go to Walmart. I was all comfortable and showered as well as wearing a super comfy ninja turtles onesie that I was planning on rocking in the store while shopping. Immediately upon exiting my apartment complex I realized that I no longer had keys and there was no way I could get to the back door without someone letting me through. I took this as a sign to once again leave my apartment and my belongings and find a safer place. The universe confirmed that I wasn’t supposed to go back home, I had no key and I locked myself out. I headed straight downtown. It was now one of the days on Hanukkah and there were Jewish people everywhere. I felt their eyes grazing me and giving me chuckles as I was wearing this giant green fleece ninja turtles onesie walking around downtown Chicago. I was wearing some old shoes at the time, but because I had convinced myself that shoes were hurting my ability to practice walking correctly for my anatomy, I ditched them in the streets. I walked up to the nearest train station and got on. When I was on the train I had noticed some printouts taped to the car walls showing a human figure above the tracks with a little electric zap near his feet. In my mind I saw this as directions someone had left me on how to finally exit the matrix. I was supposed to jump on the tracks and I would be out of this place as Neo did with landline phones. I slowly made my way to the very rear car of the train and opened the door and slinkied my way through the last safety chain keeping me from my finally found freedom from this horrible nightmare of a “reality” game. I made my way onto the tracks and hopped on top of them in my bare feet. I finally made it to the electrified elevated rail and braced myself for the incoming trip of a lifetime. I gathered all the courage I had and made the jump...nothing. Ok strange. I jumped off and made my way along the other tracks further analyzing them to make sure I had indeed jumped on the electrified track. Confused as I verified it was, I hopped along the other tracks and back towards the wooden platform. During this entire scene there were many people, mostly Jewish who were trying to convince me not to do what I was trying to do. They didn’t know I was escaping the matrix, they thought I was trying to harm myself. I pressed on. I noticed there was a space between the two directional electrified tracks where I would be able to grab one line in each hand, further securing the one way journey I was about to take. I knew that if I grabbed them palms down I wouldn’t let go. I walked to the area and braced myself for what very well might still be a very painful ride out. I got on my knees between the tracks and told myself there was no way I would come this far and go though all of this hell to pussy out now. I gathered all of my courage and grabbed both lines. Again I was met with nothing. Maybe I was immune to the electricity? Maybe I had already made the trip? Very confused I started waking on the tracks back towards the shouting people and the platform. Jumping on each rail one foot at a time. BOOM. It hit me before my big toe even touched one of the rails. It threw me immediately off the track and I had a brief moment of unconsciousness while in the air. I landed between the tracks and continued to make it to the platform. A jolt of intense pain shot up my foot from a now bloody big toenail. This was entirely unexpected to me as the track I had gotten jolted from was the one I had tested previously with no power. Confused and a bit tingly and disoriented I limped in pain back up to the wooden platform. One of the guards asked if I was alright and I just hurried past them saying I was fine. I got down to the street and in my hazy mind was able to make out a van with its driver standing next to it open and running in the street. Taking this as a sign to move quickly I jumped into his car and shut the door while he yelled for me to not continue. I then grabbed the wheel and hit the gas. I was getting out of here. I never thought I could drive this fast. I was weaving in and out of traffic, barely missing both cars and pedestrians, while assuming the police wouldn’t be far behind. I threw the man’s phone and toll device out of the window as soon as I could. I was still wearing my coat on top of my onesie which I had failed to mention earlier, and while driving I made sure I inverted it and try to blend in to normal flowing traffic. In my stable mind I had come to the conclusion that this van had been used for human trafficking and that there were dead children unseen in the rear cargo space. I felt like this was a mission to infiltrate this trafficking network to find out what was really happening. I had to once again blend in. I drove as fast as I could for the immediate escape of the city, and upon the freeway I stayed within the laws of the road. I made it through several small towns until one seemed as if a police car had started to escort me a certain direction. I acted at first to be taking his direction until halfway through a turn I bolted in the opposite direction, ensuing a chase. Many cars were then called and I was being actively chased now and I started driving to the very ends of my physical limits of reaction time and the vans capability of speed and control. I thought I had a way out, but soon I realized I was trapped. I saw a bus parked near the casino where I had ended up and thought this might have been a drop off/pickup location for the traffickers. I stopped for a moment next to the bus and made eye contact to a very confused looking driver. I then started trying to maneuver away until I quickly ran out of road and bottomed out the delivery van. My ride was coming to an end, I had managed to take half of my onesie off while being in between pursuit so I was now half naked and being commanded by many gun wielding police officers to get out of the vehicle. Thankfully I had remembered in that moment it is very important to always show your hands to police. This detail may have saved me from being suicided by making a wrong move. I was still stuck in the car with my seatbelt on, and repeated to the officers that I was moving my hand to release the belt and open the door. I opened the door and they proceeded to have me crawl on my stomach towards them scraping against sharp chunks of broken concrete along the way. I kept crawling for seemingly forever as any one of these cops or a failed movement on my part could end this moment quite disastrously. I finally was allowed to get up with their assistance and subsequent handcuffing. They sat me on a large piece of concrete and tried to cover my genital area while trying not to laugh. It was quite the site I am sure. A half naked man wearing a green onesie barefoot and bleeding from his driving toe. I was laughing with the cops and small banter was exchanged as they tried to figure out what to do with me. They asked me what was going on and I told them I know where the bodies were, and I pointed to the concrete that was laying in the area. I was convinced that all the missing children’s bodies were being disposed of via pulverizing and into our cities concrete structures and sidewalks. I didn’t say this to the officers but assumed they knew what I meant when I pointed to the concrete when they asked. I slowly got paranoid they were going to try to kill me. I was asking them questions about where they were taking me and I had thought this was finally the end. I knew too much. An ambulance arrived and I was taken to my certain death. I arrived at a hospital and they take the common questions and my paranoia is in high gear. They wanted to strap me into the gurney and I kept vehemently refusing. They actually respected my decision as long as I was calm. Slowly my paranoid mentality began to fade as I was logically asking myself why nurses would waste all the effort testing me physically if they were just going to kill me anyway. I was finally safe. Until they injected me with antipsychotics. I am not a fan of big pharma, but I can attest that the shots did help kick me out of my delusional mind. The side effects were horrible, but my mind was finally getting to a point where I could see my insanely delusional mind from the outside instead of through the failed system I had unintentionally built over the course of the last few months. I will never forget this experience. It was indeed life changing and PTSD inducing. I have a completely new respect for what the mind can do, and what seemingly benign and silly mental games can potentially become. I had thought I figured it out, all the while reminding myself that I hadn’t, but also feeling as I was the one who was chosen by the architect of the universe to be his speaker and teacher. I had convinced myself I was an ascended master, practicing transcendental mediation. I also was microwaving my head in order to “sync” myself further to the extradimensional planes. I had put silly putty in the mechanism so it would stay on when opened. I also created a type of microwave shield for my entire apartment by keeping it open and running in an effort to prevent potential enemies from using heat vision on my place. I thought the microwaves would make it incredibly hard or impossible to see my heat signature. I was teaching people on the street how to walk. That part is actually true. Balls first, your pinky toe side of your foot is supposed to make first contact, followed by your big toe ball and finally your heel. Look it up. ;) This was quite an unplanned story but I hope you enjoyed the ride and the experience as best as I could convey to to you and your incredibly complex and relatively small space between your two ears. If you believe in something strongly enough, it will become real to you based on your subjective viewpoint of those firmly held ideas or concepts. Thank you and have an incredible rest of your vibrant and passionate existence. Remember to respect yourselves and the power you have both individually and collectively. 4444. <3 
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2020.09.28 18:52 suksokpeeg Mom walks around house naked

Hey guys! I usually don't have vivid dreams like this if that matters here. I usually dont remember anything at all. But i just took a nap and had a crazy one. So here goes.
I first was dreaming that i was on a train going somewhere with my SO. But i felt like i couldn't move or walk. I felt like i was fighting myself to try to get around. The train also was a bit more like a house inside. the train operator was the one who lived there. I had gotten sick at one point and threw up while talking trying to act like i was fine. then i for some reason had found my lipstick and tried my hardest to get up and find a mirror to put it on. i was running through this house/train thing and kept going into rooms. eventually i found a bathroom but i couldn't stop running and though i could see the mirror i couldn't seem to get in front of it to see myself. i think at this point i had briefly woken up but i couldn't open my eyes or move when i woke up. so i quickly fell back into dreams. I dreamt then that i was at my moms, and in my dream she lived in this big beach house. there was this rope ladder to go down to the front of the house where the beach was and my sister and i and some old lady, who i didn't know, ended up trying to go down the ladder and my sister fell and i grabbed her with both hands, also almost falling to my death. (the ladder was very high up). but the old woman grabbed on to me and i was able to get ahold of the rope and swing it to pull my sister and all of us back up to the house. then i was inside this house and my ex coworker was there briefly. i told her it was nice to talk to her again and i was sorry about how things ended between us. (in real life we had a falling out and never spoke again after sharing a dorm together and having it go badly). then quickly she was not the person i knew anymore but instead just a random girl. this boy came in and offered us pills. we were all laying on this bed looking at his pills, they were tiny red pills and also white ones. i read the bottle and it said "uppers" i shit you not. and i didn't take any. it was at this point in my dream that i felt strange like i knew i was dreaming. i asked 'what year is it' and the boy said 2019. i thought to myself, hell no its not 2019 its 2020 and i knew i was dreaming. i ran to find my mom and she was about to leave out the door. i begged her not to go or that i wanted to go with her and she refused and i felt abandoned by her (like i did as a child). i then woke up again in real life but once again was not able to keep my eyes open or move around enough to fully wake up. I fell back into dreams. I then dreamt that there was this girl that people were making fun of for her weight. they had nearly drowned her in a pool to get her naked i think and make fun of her. i remember feeling absolute horror watching her stay under the surface of the water, but i was unable to move in my dream or even speak. i just witnessed this entire event unfold and it was horrific. i didn't recognize any of the people involved either. i knew i was dreaming though still at this point and remember trying to wake up somehow but i couldn't. finally i did wake up, i could barely breathe. i fought and my eyes opened up and i shot up and grabbed my phone and spoke and recorded the whole dream so i wouldn't forget it.

i never ever dream like this, or if i do i never remember it. this was insane to me and from the moment someone told me it was 2019 i was aware that i was asleep. and waking up unable to open my eyes or move freaked me out. i could really use some insight as to what the hell just happened to me or what the dream means. really freaked me out!
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2020.09.28 15:39 throwaway124790239 House mom walks around naked

My(F 17) mom(F 43) today told me that my sleeping shorts were too short for the house and that my legs looked “nude” which is something she says a lot I got annoyed at that and said that if she says things like that to her daughter then how does she expect the rest of the world to not. She then started to say things like “would you like it if your father and I walked around naked?” And I got confused over her comparing my shorts to that and told her that she’s saying stupid things which escalated into a full blown argument and I told her that she can’t control what I wear and if tomorrow even if I decide to have sex with multiple people she can’t do anything about that. She got furious at that and told me “Then you’re not my daughter” since then I’ve been calling her by her name and I blocked her everywhere. So aita?
Edit: Forgot to add,the reason I brought up the sex thing was because she told me to stop dressing like a slut
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2020.09.27 07:07 DELLPCLOVER42099 Around house mom naked walks






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2020.09.26 09:24 TaygetaKarella Mom around house walks naked

Years ago I saw a red UFO during one night. I saw it and in my mind I said to it “if you are a UFO please come closer” and it did! It moved towards where I was after it had been still in the sky and I stood under it, looked up to it and thought “please take me home!” It was still very high up in the sky, so I could not make out anything other than one solid red ball of light, it had no sound from it at all and stood still after it moved closer to me. I had apparently been standing staring at it for an hour or something, my friend had said, and told me to come into the house. They saw it too and they were creeped out by it, but I wasn’t. I tried to look at it through the window upstairs, but couldn’t see it, I could then hear a lot of police or military helicopters flying overhead around where the UFO was, and there was quite a few of them possibly chasing it away.
I can’t remember anything other than looking up at this UFO.
I’ve had other sightings, one I saw out of my bedroom window as a kid, and I saw it going past from the right of my window, very far away but it had one large white light without any flashing lights on the back like a plane... so I grabbed my mom to take a look at it and she just said it was just a plane and walked off... then as soon as she had left it turned around from its path and instead of going from right to left in the distance, it suddenly turned towards my house and seemed to move very fast all of a sudden until it flew very low overhead and zoomed away... and I was like “mom you missed it!!”
Another I saw landing in a field far away during the day when I was a child, it was extremely reflective, like you would use to hide because it reflected the ground and the sky perfectly but you could see it if you got close enough, it was a saucer shaped craft, it could perfectly stop in the air on a tilt and in any position it wanted, it tilted a few times slowly without swaying or anything, until it lowered behind the bushes of the field in the distance. If my friend hadn’t pointed it out, I would have never noticed it! It was so silent too.
A few months ago I had a dream, it felt like a possible memory of what had happened. I remember momentarily waking up during an operation, I couldn’t move any of my body other than my head, nothing was holding me down and I was naked. I can’t quite remember anymore what the humanoid figures looked like around me, wearing goggles, a mask and a gown maybe? Not sure anymore, they didn’t speak. They put a long needle into me just under my belly button. I could feel it doing in, it didn’t hurt but I could feel the pressure and the movement, horrible, I hated it! I watched them do this and shouted at them “stop! You are going to damage me!” Or something like that. They just ignored me and I tried to wiggle out. It felt like I knew them and I wasn’t afraid but I wasn’t happy either.
The needle they used was long, it had a glass bottle or syringe at the top with yellow fluid in it, I don’t know if they were putting stuff in or taking it out. I can’t remember much of it and I usually remember dreams in detail for years without forgetting parts of them.
When I woke up the next day, I had a red mark right where they had used the needle on me. My stomach was upset for a few days afterwards too.
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2020.09.26 03:45 Shaken_and_lost626 Walks naked around house mom

Okay so my predicament is one that took a while and a few miscommunications but ultimately landed me and my husband, along with my son, as bad guys in the house we live in. So it technically started in California where my mother, stepfather, husband and I lived in a two bedroom,two bath duplex with a small backyard that was $800 an month to live in not counting utilities. (those were a beast of their own)
We lived in that place for almost ten years with my stepfather paying for the rent and utilities, i was 11-12 at the time we moved in and didn’t meet my later husband until the first year of high school. We became high school sweethearts and he moved in after 2016 and we graduated. Then I found I was pregnant in 2018, not only that but my stepfather had developed brain cancer, my husband and I took care of him while my mom worked to hopefully help with rent and things we needed for the house.
Unfortunately as his caregivers we couldn’t work, all our time was spent helping my stepfather and making his last months somewhat painless, eventually he got worst and ended up in his room on hospice care. He passed away in the house while the one day I told my husband to take advantage of a job offer from his uncle and that my mother and I could handle my stepfather, as she had the day off. December, 17th of 2018 at about 7-8 pm he took his least breath while my mother sat at the edge of their bed after telling him if he wanted to take a nap he could and that she would be right there when he opened his eyes again, sadly he didn’t wake up, I was walking down the hallway back to their room when I heard my mothers desperate cried for him. I was about six or seven months pregnant at the time and my heart dropped. When I opened the door I saw her cradling his head and crying, I guess I was in shock because I asked what happened only to be told he was gone.
It felt like my brain broke because all I could say was “what?”, my mother told me to call my husband because he needed to know and she didn’t want him to walk in on all of this and be caught off guard. I called him at work and told him through tears I needed him home because my stepdad, who loved my husband like a son, was gone. Then I started calling my brothers and family friends for my mother while she called the hospice nurse. Ultimately he was taken by the funeral home once properly pronounced dead and we where left with a lonely house.
Christmas was hard on all of us and our animals but we also knew we couldn’t keep the house for long if my mother didn’t go back to work. I was left home a lot after that since my mother and husband worked to help keep us a float until a small light came into our lives on June 13th 2019 with the birth of my first son. Good things don’t last though as my mother found out her mother, my grandmother, was in the hospital. So she had to go be with her since her condition wasn’t looking good. My husband and I lived in the dark practically and only used the air conditioner when it was absolutely needed and we managed to cut our utility bills in half for the time she was gone. My grandmother passed in late 2019 and with that came a new problem, my grandfather who suffers from dementia needed help.
My two aunts couldn’t take proper care of him so my mother stepped up to bat and with tears and a lot of stress from packing and with a newborn our whole family moved across the country to Michigan. My aunt had been kind enough to lend us her house near my grandfather in return of basically house sitting and with the only conditions being not to chance the panels in the living room and that when her son was out of jail (my cousin) he could come back to the house as it was his only place too. We agree and move in, (my aunt lives in the upper peninsula of Michigan, near Canada for work.)
It was all fine for a while until my mom moved in with my grandfather to easily help him more often and so he wasn’t alone most of the time but she also started working to help us find our own place. My husband did odd jobs but every bit of money when to our son to make sure he was okay. Now don’t assume this house is 100% safe to live in, it’s livable but not something we planned on staying in for a long time. We moved in around early August of 2019 and my husband had bad luck with work all through the last of summer into winter when no one was hiring.
Six months after I gave birth we found I was pregnant again...(I know, I know, but I promise we were being safe about it but we think the rubber we used broke...) and by this time my cousin had moved a crazy girls in and out of the house and another of our cousins in and out of the house. We though he’d take a brake and not rush into another relationship without thinking but we couldn’t get that lucky.
I am currently going to give birth in October sometime around the 20th-22nd of this year to another little boy, but the most pressing nag concern isn’t even my birth it’s finding a knew place to live because in the past three to five months we’ve been treated like maids and freeloaders. My mother has been giving my aunt $300 a month for our rent so my husband can spend the little money he makes on our first son and our needs (toilet paper, shampoo and other things like that) I have food assistance so I handle our food for now until I give birth and start looking for work on my own. The $300+ a month has been originally happening because when we moved in my aunt had to turn back on the water and electricity for the house and we were to cover the bills until my cousin was out of jail then we could split the bills. Well my cousin didn’t do much of that, my mother still give my aunt $300 a month and at one point gave her $600 because my cousin was short on cash and the bills ran a little higher during winter.
Well back to my cousin and his new girlfriend treating us like housekeepers, my husband has done almost all the chores since we have moved in while he tells me to only worry about the dogs and the baby, I still help him when dishes are piled high in the sink and all over the counter top. I won’t sit here and say I’m a perfect cleaner cause I am FAAAAR from good at keeping on top of the dishes but it astounds me that they as two people and her infant son (not my cousins baby in case you wondered) could go through almost all of the dishes we have in the house in the span of three days!!
Then leave it in the sink for DAYS without touching them, we got tired of having no dishes and having to move everything over when we cleaned and put our plates or bowls we used away only for them to grab them and dirty them up too. We had to wash the dishes if we wanted any space on the counter or in the sink but if that was the only thing I wouldn’t be so upset but it’s not. We vacuumed the living room and hallway all the time and cleaned the counters/ stove after we cooked only to find it a mess the next day, we also would find their dirty clothes all over the living room. Underwear, both male and female, bras stuffed in the couch and loveseat. His girlfriend walks around in his boxers and a bra only most days and not like my husband looks but it’s uncomfortable for me as I hardly know this woman walking around half naked. She does nothing all day, I am home all day so I see her a lot and know for a fact she had never cleaned the dishes or vacuumed once, she complains at my cousin until he does it, he also cooks almost all of their food and if she hates what he makes then he makes something else for her.
My aunt loves this girl and says how much of a good influence she is on her son, she is blind to just how entitled and childish this woman can be. If something doesn’t work the way she wants or does what she wants she brakes things and takes her anger out on the house around her. We had replaced the kitchen sink because it was broken when we moved in and within a month or two of her bing her she broke it, the faucet came right off and had to be glued back on and after telling us she or my cousin would fix it we had too ultimately because everyone we turned the water on it would pop of and spray water all over the place. If that wasn’t bad enough, that day when she broke the sink she stomped into the bathroom to wash her baby and I can’t say what caused her to do this but she set the baby down and slammed the door repeatedly until it broke off the hinge and was left hanging on the bottom hinge.
My husband fixed it because when they left the house shortly after and didn’t come back until after dark. Majority of the time we had no idea why she was mad or who she was mad at because she would stomp around without talking to us and slam doors. Well this all came to a head when she announced she was pregnant with my cousins baby, I was and still am happy for them, however one day two weeks ago I was chatting with another cousin of mine (c2) and the conversation when tad follows:
(C2): hay how’s cousin and his girlfriend doing? Me: oh their good, she’s pregnant again. (C2): I saw on Facebook, why is that a bad thing?! Me: it’s not, I didn’t know they were trying for a baby is all, I knew they were open to the idea of having another because cousin wants at least two. (C2): well why does it matter to you since your already pregnant? Me: well my situation is a little different as mine is an accident and I wasn’t sure I was going to keep my pregnancy. I’m happy for them don’t get me wrong. My mother: it’s just another reason to have them find a place to live.
My mother was talking about us as we all live in a three bedroom on bathroom trailer “house” with four adults who each already have on child each and a mother on the way with three animals tossed into the mix! Well (C2) took this conversation and spun it when getting smoking pot with my cousin and his girlfriend and they now hate me. They told my husband over text after we asked why they started being so hostile to use was because they talked with (C2) and he told them that I said “at least mines an accident” and rolled my eyes also called me a guest who over stayed our welcome in HIS house and that we should avoid them because for a year we have done nothing to find our own place to live and have taken over his house.
I was shocked as up until this he was nice to us and we did all the chores with the exception of doing their laundry and take care of her baby. We never asked them to take care of our animals as we did all that so they never had too, sometimes they were kind enough to take them out if we didn’t see one of the dogs sitting by the back door but they never had to pick up the 2 dogs poop or feed them, never had to scoop the cat box or feed the cat, nothing for our animals was ever pushed onto them. But even with all of this he never sat us down and talked about anything he had an issue with, he acted like everything was cool and good between him, my husband and I, even if his girlfriend was in a mood.
Now as things have started to cool down I guess we have kicked our search into high gear and have found we may have to rehome one of our dogs who is 75lbs of love to people and the fur siblings but not so much or we thing not so much to other animals. We have so much left to do and worry about that my health and pregnancy have been neglected a little so that I can find something for us so we don’t have an explosion in the house of them against us. I don’t feel safe and everywhere we call said they won’t take us if we have the big dog but she is my mothers dog who my stepfather gave her before he died and I don’t want to part with her and see my mom go through that. No one will take me since I’m gonna pop next month so I can’t work and my husband dos t feel safe leaving me alone with our under two year old baby in this house alone with the both or one of them because of two separate threats they have make towards us.
I can’t sleep at night very well and ended up sleeping at my other aunts house with my husband and the baby so I could get sleep without fear and anxiety talking hold of me. I need help but we are all stuck and during this pandemic I feel like no matter how hard I try or my husband, mother and I try to put our head together and think of ways to dig us out of this hole, that we just keep getting sucked deeper into the dark. It’s made me think of death a few times but I can’t pass this pain I feel onto my family like that. All this stress and pain is bad for me and the baby I’m carrying but I can’t find a way out of this place.
My family needs help and I have absolutely no idea what to do or how to help us.
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2020.09.25 16:42 BeardyGoodGuy Mom walks around house naked

I'll start off saying that I'm not a great writer, but we wanted to share our story after reading other's stories here. Memories are a bit hazy here and there but we 3 agreed on the contents of this story. Hope y'all like our story, enjoy.
My youngest sister was ... and I was ... when we started exploring eachothers bodies, a year after our parents got divorced. Not in an overly sexual way. We'd play games with eachother and the game that set it all off was: Doctor... We had this toy doctor kit and it had everything a doctor needed. The thermometer was used mostly, because when we got a fever our mom used to take our temperature, so it was the only one we knew. The key to how it all started, the thermometer. First we hold it over our clothes onto eachothers butt. After some time I asked my sister why we used it the wrong way, we were, after all, medical experts. We started to insert the thermometer in eachothers butt, like we knew. It only took me one time to wonder why my sister had two holes, so I stuck it in her pussy. She had said that it wasnt how it was done.
I think it took about a year, for our mom to find out what we've been up to. We weren't really punished, we we're just told that it's not a thing kids should do. We stopped using the thermometer. We had seen everything of eachother and we're curious like kids are, so we started inspecting eachother. How it looks, feels and smells and how the skin interacts when touching it. Still kind of innocent at this point.
We kept on exploring eachother upstairs, after dinner, not really moving further than fingering. Our mom must have expected something because she checked in with us often, but that didn't stop us. My sister was always wet when I'd start to touch her, I learned that inserting my fingers and moving them would make my sister whimper. It was always a nice, wet and warm pussy. First couple of times I fingered her I never really knew what I was doing, but she'd make sure her little brother would pleasure her. She told me what felt good and I eventually made her cum everytime I would finger her.
Almost every time I got a mad boner from my sister's gentle touch. At the time I didnt really know what I should do with that feeling, but my sister did instictually. She kept stroking untill I came for the first time I remember, I was just ... years old. I remember that I didnt shoot any cum then, but my cock throbbed so incredibly hard. Because of how much our mom would check on us during playtime, we'd move it around and we'd start fucking around when the other was showering. Our mom never checked in during showertime, I think because I should be sleeping when my sister was in the shower.
My sister had figured out that she could cum from putting her clit under the faucet. She told me later that she wanted to wash her pussy and that she'd try using the faucet, but instead found out that's a great way to cum. She would turn on the shower, get it to her desired temperature and switch over to the faucet and lie on the floor. Now the faucet was 1,2 meters up from the floor. She'd turn the water down to the point the stream would brake before it hit her clit. Having that water fall on her clit made her squirm so hard. I watched her with curiousity and observed how her clit danced under the water stream falling down. It made me hard seeing her get off like that.
My sister told me to try and put my cock under the faucet like she did and see what it does. I did as she'd suggested. It did make my cock hard, but nothing close to orgasm. However, I knew that the part where my foreskin connects to my cocks head meet was very sensitive, so I'd try to use the shower head, turn it to the 5 stream airated option and have it shoot onto that sensitive part. I came after 15 minutes. My sister impressed with the improvisation, she'd sit down on the floor next to me and wanted the showerhead. I denied her the control, saying I'm your little brother let me do it for you, her orgasm was harder than previous one. It turned me on, but that was short lived, because we heard mom downstairs.
We kept going at it at least once or twice a week, depending on how closely we were watched, till we were ... and .... Our parents split the holidays between them. During that years summer holiday we had found a porntape in our dad's VCR, it was called Muchos Grassy Ass or something. A poolside gangbang, with a lot of girls giving handjobs, blowjobs and swallowing a lot of cum. We saw what they did in that porn video and in the coming weeks we'd mimick everything we saw. Our dad never checked in on us, he'd just what we were doing or when dinner was ready. He left us playing upstairs. Little did he know what was up. When we were at our dad's we'd play almost entire days and after having seen that porn... We'd start taking it further.
My sister would start sucking my cock, I'd eat her pussy, we'd kiss with tongue and masterbate eachother like we had seen them do on that tape. No penetration yet. This went on for almost every day for that summer holiday, sometimes we we're playing card games with our dad and his wife. When we got home we'd went back to our old routine, with added extra things we could do. My sister would try to get me to cum by sucking my cock when I would be brushing my teeth. I remember only one time that I came in her mouth like this, most times she'd stop because there were other siblings coming upstairs or mom.
Next year, our parents bickered whom should get the kids this summer. Our parents asked us, I said I was okay with both, my sister on the otherhand said she wanted to go to dad. When she did she looked at me with a expecting look I had seen before. So I sighed and said, sure if sister wanted to go I'd join her. Dad told her we'd go somewhere cool, that's also why she said she wanted to go to dad I learned later that summer.
That summer we went on a trip to Paris and Disneypark. The days before we left, we were having eachother every night. Dad and stepmom never checked in with us. Not even when we screamed or anything. We kept our ears open even though we thought we did nothing wrong. Ever since I had cum when I came since I was almost 11 my sis would swallow all of it, everytime. I made sure I eat her out just as often or more. The days at our dad's just sent this in hypermode since we were never checked. At home, our mom kept closer watch.
So the night before we would go to Paris for the summer holiday I came a ton in my sisters eager mouth. She always said she liked how it tasted and that it was only fair because I was her little brother. After I came for a 3rd time I was sore and said it was enough. I still wanted to cum more but my cockhead was too sensitive. She sucked it so well all the time. So i decided it was her turn. I ate her out, finger fucked her, she was so wet and her smell drove me crazy. We went to bed at 6, right after dinner claiming we needed to rest for the long journey(4 hours, lol). We did all the above till 11 something... I was going crazy because of my sisters pussy. Totally sex drunk my sis and I didn't hear my dad come upstairs. He opened the door and I crawled from under the blanket. Thinking this was it.
My sister claimed she had lost her earring and I was helping her find it. My sister, most clever girl knew how to lie and convincingly too. My dad said, we'll turn the bed over tomorrow and we'll find it, I'm sure. We said okay and went to 'sleep'. Our dad snores very loud. So we kept going till I busted a 5th time, a very small bit of cum, my sister sort of disappointed, but still licking as much as she could. I got her off I don't know how many times. The room smelled musky. My stepmom said the same. We claimed it was hot and we sweated alot. No questions asked. Beds both very wet with our sweat, hehe.
We were woken up at 5 am. We slept in the car. My sister kept fondling my parts with her feet. I was annoyed, I wanted to sleep. Dad said to stop annoying eachother, my sister stopped only to scowl at me with a pouty face. I got to sleep the rest of the journey. Finally we arrived in Paris. Dad had 2 rooms booked, 1 for him and stepmom and 1 for my sister and me. They said it was 2 seperate beds, but it was a single doublebed. We hid our excitement well. Dad was angry, but said he didnt care, it was what it was. We got the only key to that room. We shared the bathroom with the room of our dad, so we locked it and hid the key, saying the key wasnt there. My dad ever practical said to come to our door in the morning and you can come in through our side. Great thinking dad. We think that he was done with hotel services, dont know what else was fucked up. We walk through Paris, we eat, at 8pm we were in the hotel and dad said he was tired, we saw him grab our stepmom's butt. So we didn't complain much. We started fake fighting a little so dad said go to your room. We gave him an out on us and by doing so we create our own space. We argued that wasn't fair we wanted to stay up with them. He said no. We angrily got to our rooms. Or so dad thought. We undressed real fast, closed the curtains. Air-conditioning on full cuz it was going to be hot. We got busy like animals.
Licking and sucking and fingers and all of it. She was doing her very best, doing new things with her tongue and fingers. I asked where she got that from and said from another tape she found of my dad. I disappointedly asked why she hid it from me, I'd want to learn new things too. She looked at me all mischievous and stopped, my heart stopped thinking I'd not get any anymore. Bit she leaned back, started rubbing, pulling and pinching her nipples and clit. While looking at me all intense like. She show me how wet she was and told me to come get it, little brother, it's yours. My dick sprung up. I got so hard from that.
I crawled to her and smelled her tight slit, the smell is indescribable. I start to lick her while shes widespread sitting with her hands behind her leaning back. She'd moan my name and guide me to what she wanted me to do. Yes little brother lick my clit, put your fingers in me, you know the spot to hit. So I tried to do the same with my tongue as she did earlier to me. I was so in trance with her body, smell and taste that I started low moaning while sucking on her clit. That was a success, my big sister came like she'd never. The amount of pussy juice drooling down her pussy, amazing! I licked it all up, I love her taste.
She took my head and pulled me up for a kiss, with tongue. I'm not sure what this is and I just try to hug her tongue with mine. We stay kissing like that for a while. She pulls away from me and pushes me back so I'm on my knees and my hands behind me leaning back just like my sister a little while ago. My dick poked up with some pre-cum on the tip and a string of pre-cum where it had already leaked. She kissed me again and stroked my cock, licked the pre-cum off. Smiled at me and asked me what I wanted most of her to do. I told her I love it when you give me a handjob, finish me in your mouth and show me how much you love to swallow me. She does.
After that we were glistening from sweat even though the airco was on. Maybe it wasnt on or the settings were wrong. Who knows. We're spooning, I started stroking my sisters hair, kiss her neck and glide my hands over her body next to mine. Teasing her nipples, softly squeezing her tits, caress her stomache and cup her pussy with my other hand. I whisper in her ear, I love you. I can feel her heartbeat going faster, she turned her head to try and look me in the eye. She pushes herself into me and moves her hips. Is that true, she asked me. I nod, whisper yes, and nozzle her neck, taking in her sweaty, musky smell. I kept her pussy cupped in my hand and with the other hand i cupped a breast.
My sister pulled my hands of her and I let her go completely. She sits up and puts her hands on my chest and says to relax and lay down. With one hand on my chest and one on my leg she used her mouth on me again. When I was rock hard again she said did you REALLY mean what you said? I hold her hand that's on my chest, nod and said yes. She asked do you trust me? I just nod, my heart racing and drumming in my ears. She straddles me, looks me deep in my eye and asks me if I'm ready.
My cock is real close to her warmth and wetness I can feel it radiate. I nod the smallest nods. She moves back a little, halfway my cockhead she holds there. She looked so sexy then, I wanted my sister so bad! We looked deep in eachothers eyes, our hands intertwine which she hold above my head. Slowly backing up her hips, I feel her slide over my cock. Her pussy so slick and warm. It is the best I've ever felt. I can feel all of her around my cock. She cums for just that and her orgasm feels like her pussy hugging my cock. Our breathing is shaky from pleasure and nerves.
When my sister hilts me, she kisses me deeply. I make smallest thrusts using my hips. She moans the hottest moan. Our hands stay intertwined and she pulls herself forward. I feel her pussy sliding up. I move my hips to stay in, but my sister says no, Ill do it little brother, stay there. I stop my moving, enjoying the sensation, kissing my sister again. I hold her hand and move one on my chest, she lets go and my free hand goes to her hip. She opens her eyes when I'm almost out of her, she looks at me and gives me the sexiest smile. We sync our breath, she nods and I know what she wants to do. She pushes down, my hand on her hip pushes her down too. She speeds up, both hands go to my chest. I play with her tits and clit. She bends over and says to lick her nipples.
My sister pushed down so slow, her pussy envelops my cock and hugs it so tight. My cock is throbbing, we both feel eachother. Again and again, I feel my cock get harder and my balls tighten. My sister must have felt or seen my face, she pushed down hard the last time, making me go balls deep I thrust with my hips to go as far into my sisters tight, warm pussy. She repeatedly whispers yes yes yes. Cum for me little brother she said as she pushed down for the last time, I thrusted to her pushing down. We came together. I came hard and deep and kept hip thrusting into her pussy. My sister wanted to lay like that with my cock in her pussy. She laid on top of me and I felt myself ever so slowly shrink inside her. We kissed and she said she was glad and asked me if I was okay. I nodded. Couldn't talk. That was night 1 in Paris. I dont the time we went to sleep, we woke up with her still having a pussy full of my cum. We got up and she used a little wipe to get most of it. We went to our dad's room, I asked my dad if he had the map with the routes he wanted to walk. I covered my sister so she could go into the shower.
During that week I came so often in her pussy and mouth it's crazy. A week and a half passed by real fast. We walked routes with our dad and stepmom by day, we had dinner and we'd see how late we'd be excused to go to bed. We were quite often already tired at 9 after dinner. But once in bed, we'd not be able to let the other sleep before they had came one way or another. I fucked my sister's pussy so often and came deep everytime. She feels amazing! In hindsight I asked Andrea yesterday, why didn't she bleed the first time we were together. She laughed and said I think I took my own virginity by fucking a big dildo she'd found in the house. Up to this day we don't know whose it was.
The last night, of this insane holiday, we found out that our dad had ordered xxx channel. The next morning he'd get the news that both rooms had the channel and both rooms watched. I was watching tv because I couldn't sleep and stumbled upon it, and watched it. Andrea confirmed this and said she took the remote and stopped me watching. My dad was so proud of his little girl stopping his perverted son. If he had only known. The name of that movie escaped us. But we saw a girl getting fucked in her ass. Andrea, told me she wanted to try that too. Not lying when I say I was scared.
She starts me up and sat doggy like the girl on TV. She said good that dad ordered this channel and that it must be a mistake, I didn't listen. I just wanted my Andrea. I put my dick to her ass and tried to push in. I said it wasn't going. She said push harder. It hurt, I stopped. She said I could try and lick her first like before. So I do. It wasn't planned so I'm not sure if sour is the flavour you should get licking ass, but I'm not a quiter. I wanted to give it to her when she was face down ass up. I lick like my life depended on it. In hindsight it is only good that she went toilet before bed... She squirms and moans softly I shouldn't delay.
While I'm getting ready I keep an eye on the screen. I see the girl push back. And the guy finger her ass. So I copy and tell Andrea to to do like her. Again I set my dick against her ass and push, I feel her push back and I'm in. Andrea yelps and says it hurts, but it also feels good. I ask if I should stop and I move to get out and she takes my arm and says no I want you to have me like that. Without any thought I spit on her ass and she slowly moves so I go in deeper and deeper. It feels weird, but good.
She quivers and says I can try to slide in and out if I want but do it slowly. It takes all my effort to not just go, I wanted to have her like that guy in the movie had that girl. She comes. Asks if I'm close. I says I'm not. She says she wants me to cum. She wants to feel me throb in her. I spit again and slide in and out faster and push her into the bed, she goes prone and yelps hard into the bed. I say sorry, she says no it's fine. I feel her anus contract. I ask if she came and she says yes now you little brother. I give her some more slow balls deep thrusts and I come the hardest in all my life. I retract and caress Andreas back. She's panting so hard. I ask her if she's fine. She nods.
After it all we went for a quiet wash, hoping not to wake our parents. We take the key to the shared bathroom and I go check on my parents. They're not there. Now I know that they were out for drinks, enjoying music downstairs in the restaurant. We wash up fast, she walks a little funny. Maybe that was me. We go to bed, we spoon and fall asleep. We sleep for a couple hours and see our dad and stepmom the next morning at 8am so we can go have a shower.We go back home and have 2 more days of sex filled insanity, never being checked. The holiday ended and we had to go back to mom's house.
A couple of weeks after the Paris trip our stepbrother found us in bed, we said we're fucking. But he didn't think we did because he just saw out faces. A few days after we were playing truth or dare with our stepbrother. So I said truth and he asked me if I have had sex, I said yes and he said liar. I'm not a liar I told him and got quite upset that he called me a virgin. I don't know why I got upset, probably because I was scared to prove it. My stepbrother's turn and he said truth. My sister asked him if he would tell mom and his dad if my sister and me fucked in front of him. He said no. My sisters turn and she said dare. My stepbrother and I said in unison: fuck your brother / fuck me. She said we would do it under blankets. Stepbrother said sure. I got on bed already hard. My sister removed my clothes and I removed hers while protecting our modesty I guess. It was routine for us by that time. I lie down, she moves on her knees over me and guides my cock to her pussy... She lowers herself over my cock and I thrust my pelvis up. He saw out faces while fucking, kissing and our climaxing. He got up, laughed and said we were great actors. Nothing happened after that from him knowing what we did/do.
We keep at it as many times as we can. Interchanging BJ, HJ, sex... Never was scared until I got the memo that women can get pregnant, I wasn't think about all that. I thought she'd be with child for sure. So much cum I shot in her pussy. I almost died. I asked Andrea if she was on BC and it was all good, she was already on the pill at this point for over a year. When I can I still keep her pussy, mouth and rarely her ass filled whenever Andrea wants me to.
Somewhere around Xmas that year there was a girl that fancid me in school so of course I'd say yes to her and have her over at our house. Alexandra is her name. She made Andrea jealous and Andrea was angry with me for sometime. She stopped speaking with me and I didn't get to make love to her for some months. Being pent up like that I jerked it more often than normal. I did get agitated more because of not getting my sister's sweet pussy.
Some time went by, started having fun with my gf Alexandra. She must have wondered why I knew what I knew. She asked me if I had sex before and said yes. She asked if she knew her and I said yes. She asked for a name and I said I couldn't tell her her name. She accepted. We moved slow. She wasn't like my sister at all. Mostly because we didn't see eachother as much as I saw Andrea and I had to use a condom. But we progressed. So after those 2 months I already established sexual relationship with my gf, I was less agitated and Andrea finally started talking with me again. One day mom was shopping, Andrea pulled me upstairs, didn't say anything, till we were in the attic and she asked me how could I do that to her. I said I never loved Alexandra, I do now, but I wasn't going to do anything with Alexandra. Not untill Andrea stopped talking with me and stopped having sex with me. Andrea was crying, I tried to console her and said I could break it off and just blame myself for it and we'll continue together.
Andrea walked away without saying one more word. Slowly she acted normal around me. We got back to talking and stuff. She got a bf, he dumped her later on. Andrea cried, I was the only one she kind of found solace in. With Alexandra it got better and better. Found more time to be with her and she started to be more adventurous like my Andrea was. It was somewhere during summer holiday where I had turned 15 and Andrea 17. Alexandra was over at my place. My mom had found a man to date and she was gone to see him, she entrusted Andrea and I with the house. She left money for food and the cabinets were stocked. My other siblings already had left the house (army, summer job, own home)so I had all the space and time I wanted with my gf. I had planned a week of fucking her silly. Day one: mom left early, gf got here around midday, played games with Andrea and then got upstairs to watch a movie. I put on Dirty Dancing cuz my mom said that was a good film. Indeed it was. Before the begin credits were done we were kissing and she pulled my clothes off and I just pulled down her leggings and panties. Gotta love dresses.
We start getting heavy and I notice the house is too quiet for my liking. My gf licking my cock made me forget that thought fast. Later I learned Andrea had been watching us. Alexandra was allowed to sleep over after we forgot the time while fucking. I think her dad suspected something but her mom said it was fine. Day 2: wake up, stroke my cock, wait for gf to wake up, rail her some fierce. Get food. Play on PlayStation. Go to swimming pool with gf parents and Andrea could come with. Nothing fancy at night much to my dislike.
Day 3: Alexandra's parents drove us home yesterday so... I had to wait for Alexandra. We had breakfast Andrea and I. We talk about playing boardgames later. I ask her for some privacy later when my gf walked in through the backdoor. Alexandra kissed me and talked girly stuff with Andrea. All good. We played several boardgames, Alexandra teasing me under the table. I stretch and yawn, tell Andrea I'm go upstairs and watch a movie, maybe take a nap. Alexandra got the hint. So with Alexandra I had to use condoms which is asked my oldest brother to get. Alexandra isn't on birth controle. Only 2 condoms left, I kind of panicked, just 2?! Oh well it's 2 more, cross that bridge when we get there, maybe I'd buy them myself this time. I start feeling Alexandra up, kiss her neck and whisper in her ear that she is the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. It always took a bit of tender time and effort to get her ready. I rub her feet and back using directions I found in a book I found in my brother's room.
I eat her pussy, she tastes like musk smells I guess, very animalistic. I love it. Find her g-spot and make her a sloppy mess. She gives me a blowjob, I'm enjoying myself, that's when I hear floorboards creak. I turn a bit to see the door slightly ajar. Did I leave it like that? Again it was too quiet, Alexandra sucking me off hard now because I wasn't paying attention. I ignore the door, but see something flash in the gap. That's when I knew it had to be Andrea. That got my heart racing. Was she watching us? Did she want to join? Many months went by so I thought she wouldn't want me anymore.
I make Alexandra stop and have her turned sideways to the door and I sit legs wide open but straight on the bed so if she was looking Andrea would have a clear sight of my cock. I told Alexandra to lie on her stomache sucking me off like that. She always pulls her feet up and opens her legs lying down on her stomache. Now Andrea must be able to see it all I thought. Some time goes by I hold Alexandra's ponytail and guide her up and down. I set the pace. Slow slow fast slow slow slow fast fast. I hear or see nothing so I thought it was just my imagination. We continue for a bit before I cum in her mouth I put on a condom have her bend over the edge of the bed legs as wide apart as she can. It's a tall bed, I can perfectly insert myself standing behind her. Lust takes over and I push myself in deep, thrusting harder and harder. I didn't hear Andrea open the door and come in, neither did my gf.
Andrea was behind me and slowly hugged me from behind, I stop for the smallest second wanting to say something. Andrea holds her hand over my mouth thrusts her hip against mine making me fuck my gf. She whispers in my ear that she couldn't take it anymore. Her second hand moved to my balls and she plays with them while keeping me moving. She whispers: a condom? Why not cum in her? My gf moaning, never looking up or back never knew what happened. Andrea took my hand and made me feel her wet pussy. My thrusting got harder. Alexandra is almost screaming. Andrea tells me to fuck my gf, but to pull out and take the condom off before I come to feed Andra my cum. Andrea wanted my cum in her eager mouth. She got down next to my gf's leg dangling over the edge of the bed. I feel a rush coming, I give 2 more slow deep thrusts and I'm coming. I pull out, pull the condom off, Andrea takes my throbbing cock in her mouth and gives me a wink while she does, she has smiling eyes. Before Alexandra is any the wiser I keep her there and finger her hard, still cumming in my sis's mouth. Greatest moment at that point, pure bliss.
Andrea swallows it all, Alexandra didn't notice anything. Andrea gets behind me, strokes my cock and whispers want me to eat her pussy? I'm rock hard instantly. I want to say yes, but don't know what will happen. In my sex drunk stupor I say yes, eat her pussy sis. I pull Alexandra a little over the edge. Andrea gets down on her knees between Alexandra's legs. Eating her. I take the image in and can't believe this is happening. Alexandra is coming hard, I don't know how much. Andreas legs are open so I go to the floor and lick her juices up. She grabs my hair after a few licks and motions no... I couldn't think straight and the only option I saw was Alexandra's mouth. I walked to the other side of the bed and moved to Alexandra. Her eyes closed climaxing, grab her hair and pull her face up, she opens her eyes, mouth opens and starts sucking my dick. I could see the confusion in her eyes. She stopped sucking only to cum again and turning around seeing Andrea. Im sitting on my knees on the bed, Andrea between Alexandra's legs and Alexandra is lost for words.
Alexandra pushed herself up and tried to speak but I pushed her towards my cock. She didn't object and sucked me hard. I motioned Andrea to come over here. Alexandra watching her move closer. I think my sis got the idea and lay down next to Alexandra. I grab her hair too and pull Alexandra off to have Andrea continue the work. Alexandra got up rubbing her pussy. Still in disbelief. I told her to eat my sister's pussy. She looked at me, at Andrea. I took her hand and put Andreas hair in her hand. I asked Andrea to spread her legs so she could be reached. Alexandra moved my sisters head up and down, like she knew I liked. I kissed my gf. My gf let Andrea go and started to move away. I stop Andrea have her turn on her back and get to my gf. Having seen my dad's tapes I knew what I wanted. Have my gf eat my sister. Andrea stayed still. I whisper to my gf I want her on her hands and knees. I enter her and push her to the edge of the bed and Andrea came closer. My sisters pussy smelled great and was soaking wet. I start eating her pussy and my gf looked away. I said it wasn't fair for my sis she made you cum, you got to return the favour. Thus we both ate my sisters pussy. Almost forgetting I didn't have a condom on I look at my sister, she knows that face. I pull out of Alexandra and she watches as I pour my seed in my Andreas eager mouth, swallowing it al.
Alexandra was uncomfortable after, so we got clean and talked alot. She didn't think this was okay, but she did enjoy it. I told Alexandra we didn't have to do it anymore, but Andrea came in naked and said she wanted to continue. She wanted more. I turned to Alexandra thought she'd be gone now. To just stand there and see her be doubting, what to do? My sister took her hand and pulled Alexandra to her. She whispers something in her ear, and Alexandra smiled. Up to this day they refuse to tell me what was said. But she nodded. Dropped everything she had gathered and crawled to me. My sister shot me a wink and sat on the bed opening her legs wide. Alexandra now on her knees before me said I should eat my sisters pussy if I wanted to. I must have looked like a deer in headlights. I moved to my sister and smelled that amazing pussy. I got to town and when I did Alexandra took my cock in her mouth.
So went by a couple more days. Till my mom got back. The last day was spent doing laundry and all that. Now we talked more about what we liked with us three. Alexandra eats pussy but only because it delights me. I do it all, because I like it all, Andrea wants me as much as possible, she does anything to make her little brother happy. We told Alexandra how it started. She didn't seem bothered anymore at that point. She had loads of questions though. We answered as well as we could. In the end I get to fuck and eat my sister and my gf. We made arrangements. Alexandra isn't a fan of swallowing so my sister does it all. If my Andrea isn't here, Alexandra will. I get to eat, finger and fuck both my girls, but they'll share me equally between eachother if both are present, basically I get used.
Now that has been years ago. Alexandra is now my wife. We don't want kids and don't have any. Maybe later? We still have sex with my sister, we want to daily, but agendas aren't always compatible. Sometimes I just fuck my sis. My wife will call and ask me if I'm cumming in my sister again and that I should save some for her. It's turned into a crazy triangle where we all 3 are super happy. Nobody knows but us 3. Some might expect something but probably not that I'm cumming in my sister that often. My sister never has or had boyfriends, just her little brother, claims she doesn't need another. My sister is still jealous of Alexandra, but I make sure she gets a little more attention sometims. Alexandra's sex drive isn't as high and she's fine with Andrea getting a little more sometimes. Alexandra even edges me to go to her.
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2020.09.25 07:19 bonkey_dong Naked walks house mom around

In April I found an apartment I thought was a steal. $550 a month studio 6 blocks from work. There is a bar that I frequent 2 doors down. Around this same time, I met a man that goes by Da Vinci, birth name Troy.
At first I thought that Da Vinci was just a goofy old drunk. Hes in his mid-40s. He is always wasted and he frequently uses lsd and adderall. He always had wild dramatic stories about his youth, which he referred to as his prime. They involved stuff like chucking basketballs at the police that patrolled the basketball courts and he always made me laugh. He’d rap about how he was a white guy with a little dick and referred to himself as the great Da Vinci or the showman. I heard a story about him once. Apparently when he was 17 he took 600 mg of adderall, went into his parents room at 4 am, and exclaimed “mom, I’m going to catch a salamander!” And ran outside. 10 minutes later, apparently, he burst through the door completely naked holding 2 salamanders and started shouting “mom! I caught the salamander!”
Apparently he was sent to rehab shortly after, and was never the same.
One night, he was too drunk and I let him sleep on my couch. In the morning he woke up laughing and told me a story about how he’s been sleeping with the bar owners wife for the past year, he sat on my couch laughing about it for a solid hour than left. Slowly but surely Da Vinci was more in my life after this. At first it wasn’t a bad thing, but as time went on, it got...worse.
Da Vinci hung out with one of my friends, they’d go fishing together. As the summer went on this was less and less frequent. Da Vinci would get way too fucked up at the bar and wouldn’t make it Sunday morning. We eventually found out that he was a hard alcoholic that stopped drinking for years, and he started going down to the bar every day within the past year and was spiraling downward faster than anyone could imagine.
I started dating a girl at the end of July. When Da Vinci met her, he was immediately in love. We’d go get a few drinks when she was off of work and he’d immediately come over and tell her how beautiful she is, than start making some really strange comments “when I was in my prime like you bonkey_dong, I was all about the pussy and ass. Now all I want is a good back rub.” It was honestly pretty unsettling and creepy, but somewhat expected at a bar around here.
He started showing up in middle of the night and knocking on my door....this used to only happen every once in awhile but now it’s happening all the time. If I answer the door and tell him to leave, he will barge in. Once he’s in, he talks nonsense. Literally cannot form sentences, twitches while talking, and rips paintings off the wall and throws them around the room. Sometimes will not leave for up to an hour. When he leaves, he sings “we’re off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of oz”...hopping and skipping away. This only happened once or twice before I was dating, but since has started happening every weekend. It was funny the first time when a group of bro’s were over but after that, especially since my girl is over....not acceptable.
If I don’t answer the door he’ll try to look in the windows. If the window is open, he will start talking about how beautiful she is and how we should let him in.
On Labor Day, at midnight, I was sleeping and heard someone knocking on my door. I heard someone say “you sure this is the dudes house?” And the other guy say yea it is....I did not get up to check, but it had to have been da vinch. Can’t imagine who else would have been knocking at that hour.
Last weekend got really bad, it was 3 am Sunday morning and he started pounding on the door. He was with the bar owners wife and someone else I did not recognize. He started shouting at the top of his lungs about marijuana. He threw his entire body against my weak ass door multiple times and climbed on the roof and started stomping around. I opened the window and screamed at them to leave...stupid mistake, I forgot to lock the window. He tried opening and crawling in. “We seek refuge” he said. I ended up grabbing my machete and waving it and locking the window. He stood out their for a good 20 minutes and yelled “let’s kick it.” By this point I have had enough Da Vinci in my life for a lifetime. I later found out he was on a 3 day bender without sleep on acid, stimulants, and booze.
Tonight, I texted him. My girlfriend is terrified and does not feel comfortable around this guy at all and I no longer want him in my life, he has caused nothing but trouble. I told him that if he comes back here, he’s gonna get his ass kicked and I’m telling the bar owner that his wife is sleeping with da vinch. I figured that’s the last I’d hear from him. Nope.
An hour and a half later, I’m back from the gym just out of the shower, walking around naked. I’m on the phone with my grandma. It’s about 9:30 pm. I hear a loud bang, like someone slapped my window, then someone ran off. I told my grandma I had to go and quickly threw some clothes on. By the time I was out the door he was gone. I walked down to the bar and they said he wasn’t even there that night. He literally came over just to try to spook me.
I could call the police but I don’t really believe in that, I’m a drug user and I don’t have weight but I’m not looking for any trouble...and I don’t want to flush my stash just to deal with this fucker. I just want him out of my life, and I never want to see him again. If he comes back here this weekend there’s gonna be major problems. Da Vinci, please, just leave me the fuck alone. I never want to see you again, and neither does my girl, and the bar just lost a few customers just by your association.
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