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He does zero housework. You're right, I know it's not ok & it is time to put me first. I have felt in a confused fog for months but this is helping. @AttilaTheMeerkat spaghetti head is exactly how it feels. I'm not getting much out of it now. I suppose only the times when he is nice. and the memories of how things used to be. That’s where I’m confused. I don’t know if I’m overreacting or if this is normal. The first thing that got my attention was that she had posted a picture with another girl and wrote a whole paragraph for her. She had titled her, “best friend.” She has known this girl since she was a little girl so I’m not surprised they’re best ... It was literally like having your personality and sense of self do a complete 180 practically overnight, and dealing with the confusion and anxiety that comes along with trying to adjust to the "new you", even though you can clearly remember who the "old you" was but you don't know what happened to her or how to get her back. Don’t know if I’m overreacting, and should back if, or if it’s a red flag. ... As you guys guessed, she really felt like she was forced into being ok with it when my sister asked but this time, she really was ok. So I talked to my sister and after a long, long heated discussion about what my "role" would be in the visit, she agreed to the ... She was like, “I just didn’t feel like talking to you.” I’m really sensitive, so at that point, I burst into tears, and I cried a lot that day because I felt so alone in this. She didn’t even care to talk about it. I was texting her, and she was ignoring my messages. I don't know if it could help, but I'm gonna call that place and tell them what she told me and how she admitted to pulling the alarm on purpose. That will help my conscience out a lot. Like I said, I feel terrible about ignoring this stuff. You might think I'm an idiot or a terrible person myself. I’m so sorry for your loss. I don’t think you’re overreacting. I don’t know why he’d be in a Singles FB group, but he’s just asking people about what they like in a partner. If you’re sure the account is his, then I’d see why you broke up.

2020.04.29 19:55 Bytegrinder I’m confused and would really like to know what people would call this or if I’m just overreacting

Long one
So I’ve been sheltered my entire life basically, I was homeschooled from 1st grade too 9th grade. Never was social, never really did any activities. So I never really got an idea of people or how the world works.
I flocked to the Internet of course lol, and I’m not saying I’m special or anything but from like 12-16 I’ve seen a fair amount of fucked up stuff, murder, torture, suicides, weird porn, etc. just the normal stuff lol, that’s not my issue.
So when I was around 13, my friend introduced to this one guy, (I’m a male btw) and I’ve always had a fucked sense of humor and so did this guy (he was 25 btw) so I attached to him because of that.
He would be overly “sexual” towards me, but like I never thought anything of it cause me and my other friends who were around my age would always joke about fucking each other or whatever, but now that I’m 18 and look back at it, it’s weird cause he was 25 and he knew I was 13.
Anyways, I got immediately attached to this dude, just stayed up all night talking, fucking around with stupid shit, him showing me more shit, and just being stupid.
Anyways here’s where it takes I guess a dark turn. He introduced me too the dark web, and I was always a curious kid, so if he knew how to get there I was all in. Just a reminder he was 25 and I was 14, and he showed me a bunch of child porn, made jokes about it, and just always I guess “exposed” me too it, and at a young age, and not knowing much than just too trust adults, I didn’t think it was wrong (I know I’m fucked up) so he continued to show me that shit, and this went on for about 2 years.
He would also do other stuff, always talk about us moving in together and just joke about us fucking, and all that stuff, and that’s all I thought about it “joking” but I forget a lot that this was a 25 year old man talking to a 14 year old boy.
We would go on Omegle and Chaturebate, and just fuck around there. He definitely exposed himself to me a lot, one time masturebated on camera with me looking, but he never said he was doing it towards me, or like saying shit like “I wanna fuck you” or “stroke me like I do to myself” or shit like that. But I can remember one time that he did ask me to join in with him, but I said no.
He would have relationship problems and talk to me about them, suicidal stuff and talk to me about them, he was a drinker and talk to me, and just unhealthy stuff to show and do towards a kid.
And I feel so confused and just lost, with this, cause I know he did inappropriate things, but to me it feels like he was just my buddy, and good friend, and I can’t think of him as anything else.
So I’m just wondering what do you guys think about this guy?
Was I “groomed” or “molested” and I hate to say those cause I definitely don’t like too say that about myself cause nothing physical ever happened, definitely psychologically with all the child porn, (which I should make very clear I never looked at on my own, and never was attracted too, but I will admit I didn’t see the wrong in it until years later) so I can admit that has played a role, but he is just always in my mind, I can’t forget the things he’s done with me there. And yeah, I’m just so confused and don’t know what to do with that situation.
I no longer talk to him, it’s been about 2 years, I think he committed suicide, but I don’t know.
Y’all got any opinions on it?
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