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Forbidden Thinking Learn why we all experience those dark thoughts, and why some people become fixated. By Paul Roberts, published May 1, 1995 - last reviewed on June 9, 2016 Voluptuous Colleen Brennan plays Mary, a split-personality who is a Madonna by day, but at night, her other self surfaces as a seductress who drives her son, Shone, wild with desire. Again, Kirdy Stevens masterfully penetrates the decadent world of incestuous secrets as no other adult film director can. As the intricate and sordid story unravels, the web of carnality slowly and sensually ... More outspoken and graphic than any book before its time, "My Secret Garden" When it first appeared, Nancy Friday's taboo-shattering bestseller "My Secret Garden" created a mixed storm of outrage and exhilaration. Those women who feared their erotic fantasies called it pornographic. Those women who read it recognized in its pages the hidden ... “My ex would let me pretend a gorgeous girl was with us during sex,” says Beth, 30. “I’d tell him what I imagined myself doing to her or what she was doing to me. Just verbalizing it made ... Oh, taboo, you are not just a perfume my grandmother used to wear, you are a real thing that shocks people, scares some, and provokes others to run. Taboo things evolve from generation to generation, from country to country, culture to culture, religion to religion, and even region to region. No two taboos are alike, that’s the truth. Actually, I didn't orgasm from sex until I reached my mid-20s. But yup, totally whatever." —Sara, 28. 7. It was incredible! "It was with my first girlfriend. We dated the summer after my ... Yes I am, I'm a divorcesided 60 yr old grandfather of 5 who lives alone, and I'm having a sexual relationship with my next door neighbors 11 yr old daughter, this all started a few months ago, she would hang around whenever I was working outside i...

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I saw my mom's nudes on my dad's phone when I was 11 and a small video of her bathing which I think was shot without her knowing,2 years later I again saw nudes after they returned from vacation. I felt a bit awkward seeing her like that all exposed and naked.I did not look for long but the pics were of boobs rested on arms, nipples hard and brownish from the sides and other pics were of ass while she was standing bareback naked posing abhit,but pretending as if she was not.. somedays ago I found nudes in her phone also,those were pics of boobs with arched back and pussy with legs in air. She often used to wear a nightie that's torn from the sides and her side boobs are visible while working in the kitchen and impression of hard nipples visible through the dress after bath,most time..I have more to tell as well..
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Martha's Vineyard : 1-4yrs
We called it Daycare. It was a spacious compound in the forest. Memories are scattered, incomplete. The clearest one is my giving an anatomy lesson on the brightly tiled floor of the kitchen. There are several other children and four adults. We are all nude, legs spread or crossed.
I explain that our sex organs look very different, but are exactly the same. The adults are smiling encouragingly at me as I give the details. I am confused that I have to explain it all but everyone is curious. It appears I'm the only one who knew. The blueprints were still cohesive in my mind. I didn't know fear, self-hate, mis-trust or body-shame yet.
I saw them as equals, as loving kin who should've had the same knowledge. I tell them the vagina is a flower from which the penis grows. I said we are all women first, then some ride the wave into 'boy'. We are equal, It's all the same, just different codes. Different clay shapes. Adults and children examined themselves as I explained how things develop one way or the other.
A boy asked earnestly if he can also make babies. I explained he chose boy this time, and cannot get pregnant. He can plant babies but he must love and protect them. He promised to be a very good father. Naked and innocent, we hugged, looking forward to the promises of Life. In later years I dismissed the nudity and touching of ourselves at Mom's insistence.
Dismissed Gram's incessant photos of me in too-tight bathing suit or completely naked on the beach. Endless photos of my body, displayed in their homes for decades. Hundreds of provocative photos that even at a very young age made me very uncomfortable.
Why does your mom have all those naked pictures of you in her room? A nosy friend asked in 6th grade. Because I made her take them out of the living-room. I replied.
Martha's Vineyard was a nudist paradise and my body was not my own. Complaining about how others touched my body brought rebukes and shaming from Mom & Gram. Instances of true pain and terror outright dismissed. Even in the face of evidence like bruising or blood.
As I saw more of the world I realized their disregard of it was the normal reaction. To seek answers, validation, closure, explanation was just being a self-pitying, attention-seeking loser.
Accusations made you a liar and the accused credible.
Children are fodder.
Sexual abuse and assault is a white noise that is so common it permeates all levels & corners of our society people can't even accept it as wrong or even happening. You are required to build thick armor.
This armor will inevitably be what doesn't allow you to be free, peaceful and healthy. I learned very early to suppress my outrage.
Instead of directing it properly at the main caregivers I'd unconsciously turn it on myself in spectacular acts of self-sabotage.
Unsurprisingly, to first hate and dissociate from my body.
Severe body dysmorphia which began with believing I was a very tall & thin black man for the first seven years of my life. Memories of his life living within nature and communicating with plants and animals overwhelmed me throughout toddler-hood. I know now it was there to remind me of the sanctity of life we are all trained early to forget. A buffer from the horrors of the life I'd been born into.
It disturbed me as an old man to look at myself as a young child unwittingly posed in provocative clothing. I could feel everything was very wrong but no one cared to agree. It seemed normal until we moved to NH and I started to go to The Little People's Center. Mom said it was daycare so I took all my clothes off on the first day, yelling DAYCARE! We don't do that here, honey, the Carer gently tried to cover my wildly dancing squirmy self.
Through the years I had to pick & choose my personal mysteries to gnaw on. Checking in with mom quickly grew useless. Her feedback the definition of gaslighting.
By my teens her recollection was that I'd never been to a daycare on the Vineyard. Gram confirmed it had existed but refused to say anything else because What does it matter?
Gram's visits to Martha's Vineyard were heralded by the appearance of her bright yellow convertible sports cars.
She'd been to the Daycare more than once. Without Mom.
All the other kids have gone home.
Handkerchief tied over her blond bouffant, large sunglasses, flowered polyester dresses & heeled white sandals. Large vinyl pocket book. There are envelopes coming and going each time. She brings a brown one & leaves with a manila one. She's with the people inside the house.
I am ushered outside with the chickens and rabbits. I can slightly see the garden behind the main building, on a path next to a stream.
It buzzes with electric hum, a brighter light, warning me away. I keep it in my peripheral vision while petting the bunnies. Wary.
I know what is there. A tidy white cottage. A block of stone for a step.
A Star on the it made of wood or metal or flowers...No, no yes. Yes. No. Memory splinters like confetti.
Red door – white door – green door? Like interference splitting an old TV's color signal.
No memory of moving beyond the flat white stone in the path. Just the Star. Star. Star.
For the rest of my life this path and other shattered memories of places preoccupy my mind while going through average activities.
Dull undertones, refracting energy of the moment. Or an alarm, waking me from...what was I doing...complete dismissal of further thought.
Sometimes hours lost. Sometimes in a place I have no reason to be or memory of getting there.
Instead of being expansive like the first dreams of creation and the flights into starfields, that path & cottage were oppressive.
Like in The Classroom, being forced to repeat a task over and over again until it's a reflex.
Overwhelming dread fueled my easy dismissals.
Fractured memories persisted. Daycare somehow connected to The Classroom. Some kids also in both places just like me. But we never speak of it, because we don't realize yet that it isn't normal. No reason to compare notes.
It's just dreams & everyone has dreams.
The dreams began with a sharp wind. A complete inability to move. A sense of hollow snaps as I lifted free like smoke.
I am in the wind, part of the wind. I become a gust through the top of my head.
I meander, rarely with conscious intent.
There is the Earth and then all the layers in-between.
There are places beyond that call with familiarity.
This is a place we all know but this world trained us to forget.
It exists beyond descriptive words and human comprehension.
It is a part of us, if not the truth of us. It is time, space, thought, feeling.
We may not choose a destination or even accept it exists in our waking state, but it is our home.
But The Classroom. I do not choose it. It magnetically chooses me.
It is not part of the natural place of us. It is partition, an artificial construct.
Not a traditional classroom, but the word is close enough.
We are gathered from our slumber like a herd, awakening into this constructed dream. In the beginning it was creating shapes and patterns together in the air. Moving lights together to form pictures or puzzles.
Later we were tasked to create different appearances for ourselves.
Different animals were our choices. It was still a kind of play to us.
We were asked to mimic inanimate objects, surroundings or to be very big & frightening. To morph and meld our physical appearances innumerable ways.
To make forms together. To mimic each other.
Perhaps it could have been fun, but for the repetition.
Teacher swooped, barked and hollered commands. He often said muscle memory. After a time I saw that Teacher wasn't the young teen he often appeared to be.
As much as he wasn't the big dog or the monkey that snapped you with his tail if you didn't keep up. He eventually revealed himself as a smallish balding man with an extremely punchable face. After toddlerhood it resembled a boot camp atmosphere. Later we wondered if there had been more than one Teacher. In the beginning Teacher seemed far less harsh.
Around age six I actively rebelled every time I was summoned to the classroom.
I was insolent and disruptive, not understanding why I couldn't change The Classroom dream easily like other places. We were brought there for the duration of time they chose and couldn't return to our bodies until they flipped whatever switch that let us re-inhabit ourselves.
I couldn't change the dream but learned I could leave the classroom. The natural 'astral-plane' lay just beyond the artificial facilities. From above it appeared as a cluster of blister-like buildings attached like barnacles on the outermost film of Earth's atmosphere.
The only thing truly keeping us in the Classroom was our fear and obedience.
By the age of eight the only reason I stayed was to be disruptive or take part in something that interested me. Toward the end, before the spinal cord injury progressed enough to lock me into my body, I stayed because I'd made friends.
We discovered we all had names of cities.
Though fear of Teacher kept them obedient in The Classroom, we met up with each other in our non-classroom dreams.
I first excelled as the troublesome black sheep in The Classroom. Though somewhat average in achieving things when I tried, my status was dead last in Teacher's eyes and de facto for my peers as well.
It was far better to fail at their games than to be successful.
As time went on the tasks became more complicated, more urgent.
Teacher encouraged competition. As we neared our early teens it was cut-throat with mild hazing for losers and low performers.
The number of class participants lessened over time. In the beginning there were dozens. Maybe a hundred or more. By the end of my time there only a handful.
It wasn't as if secret graduations or promotions were taking place. We weren't encouraged to fraternize beyond team exercises.
Even then competition was key. I only became aware when our herd was noticeably halved. The only explained disappearance was for Madison.
She excelled at most of the games.
Far ahead of the rest of us, who ranged from lolling on the floor to sincere attempts with mixed results. At the front of the classroom, Teacher stood behind her with his hands clasped on her shoulders.
Her dark eyes flashed as she minutely shifted from side to side.
Today is Maddie's last day. As you all know she is destined for great things. Everyone remember Maddie as an inspiration to live up to your potential.
He went on to say that she was joining a group responsible for world peace or national security, some VIP jazzy-jazz. While the class cheered our eyes met.
Maddie and I hadn't ever been close. Maddie regarded me with the appropriate disdain Teacher encouraged as far as I could tell.
But in that moment I realized she and I weren't that different. I realized she saw me. And not in a mini-me Teacher way, either.
I rebelled through negative behavior.
She rebelled through compliance.
Her dark, brooding look washed into my mind.
She was seeking freedom by gaining power.
She wasn't the kiss-ass I assumed at all.
Her disdain was for my lack of precision & purpose, not my rebellion.
She'd figured things out a billion moves ahead.
She understood what all this was decades before I did.
She was going to burn those who held her down.
But first she was mastering all their tricks.
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There was a painting of Mary that I've seen posted on christianity and I think here as well. I started looking for it today and quickly realized that looking for a specific painting of Mary and Jesus that you don't know the title of is super hard, so I'll try to describe this painting and hopefully one of you has seen it too.

It looked like it was painted either with acrylics or digitally. It was a side view (I think) with Mary on the left side of the painting, and Jesus on the right. I remember she was stretching out her finger to Jesus and he was grabbing onto it and she was smiling. She was depicted as a fairly young woman, her head was veiled but a few stray hairs were falling out. She was wearing the classic blue veil that Mary is most often depicted in, and I think that Jesus was naked (not sure). Pretty sure that both were depicted as white, but I'm not totally sure. I also remember the background being either white or very plain. It was a very human depiction and reminded me a lot of young moms that I've seen in real life. They were both posed in a very natural way, like any mom and child you might see in the real world.

I think the chance of me finding this specific painting is very low. Other than the fact that she was stretching out her finger to Jesus, I can't think of any identifying features that separate this picture from trillions of other depictions of Mary out there. Fortunately, in the process of searching for it I've found many other lovely paintings, haha.
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I know........second post today but fuck this pissed me off. Brand new account and IMMEDIATELY screams Jocasta. Bingo card ladies?

Edit: Since that one is showing removed........

CW: possible covert sexual abuse or something similar
Unfortunately I think there is a Jocasta complex between my boyfriend & my FMIL, and even more unfortunate is that it’s more sexual than emotional. I’ve detailed some background, and then the many examples of times where I’ve thought something is very odd about my FMIL’s behavior.
So I (F23) have been with my boyfriend (M25) for two years. We were long distance because of university so I’d see him for a month at a time a few times a year and spend entire summers staying at his parent’s houses, and during quarantine I permanently moved in. They’re divorced & don’t speak at all, & his mom has been in a relationship with her boyfriend for about a decade. My bf & I talk about the future all the time & are sure we’ll get married & have kids one day, so that makes everything even scarier since I’ll potentially be witnessing it for the rest of my life...
Full disclosure, I come from a very broken family where I’ve never received affection, besides a hug every few years. It’s resulted in me hating being touched by strangers or even friends, but I have no problem being super affectionate with my boyfriend so now thankfully I understand the appeal.
But I think I also still understand and can accurately see when a boundary has been crossed. I keep trying to convince myself that my upbringing is skewing my perception of my FMIL’s recurring inappropriate actions, but then something will happen again and I’ll be filled with feelings of disgust, dread, and the inkling that these are deliberate actions and she know exactly what she’s doing. And I just can’t wrap my head around why she would do these things unless something sickening/sinister is involved in her mentality.
Examples (most of them have only happened once but there’s still a lot, way too many instances for it to be accidental). Usually my boyfriend’s younger brother is around as well. I also tried to make the list go from bad to worse so if any readers get uncomfortable they can opt out before it gets really bad.
-My bf and I went on a two week vacation. When we came back we did all the welcome back motions etc, my FMIL hugged both me & my bf. But when my bf went to pull away after an already lengthy hug, she forcefully pulled him back in to prolong it. I averted my eyes but when I glanced back she was staring right at me.
-She sometimes sits on the couch with us to watch tv or read, but one night she sat at the dining room table right in front of the tv. After a bit I noticed that her butt crack had appeared, which sure could just be an old lady not realizing, but then I noticed her reach back to feel the hem of her pants, not only did she not fix them but inched them down to make the crack situation even worse.
-For some reason she always leaves her underwear in plain site. Either hanging in the bathroom with the towels or all over the dining room table after they’ve been washed. She also brings them all the way downstairs from her room to the boys’ room to leave in their clothing hamper. Just the underwear, nothing else. She definitely has her own hamper shared with her boyfriend so I don’t see how it’s rational, at all, to put it in her sons’?
-She came downstairs without a top on but a tiny towel covering her chest area. No matter the purpose it was uncomfortable, but I just thought she was getting a hair cut or something functional and would go back upstairs soon. She ended up sitting in the living room for an hour, topless for no apparent reason. I get that some families are more comfortable with nudity than others but her sons are grown and even if I’ve been around for years, I’m still outside company and besides just being gross, it also felt disrespectful.
-She shared with my boyfriend that she was thinking about having another baby. Sure, totally normal. On its own this implies that condoms aren’t being used. But she started giggling as if she was speaking with a friend, and said “We’re not exactly preventing it... We don’t ever use condoms!” Then another time, she was randomly telling us about her spa visit where there were private rooms. Again, even when private rooms aren’t involved, a spa visit implies nudity for those who are comfortable with it (at least in Europe). But she felt inclined to keep stressing that there was nobody else around, and eventually mentioned that she got to be totally naked, “With everything out to see.” Not only were the comments totally unnecessary, but this along with other events make it seem like she openly welcomes and sneakily encourages the idea of her sons thinking of her in inappropriate ways. Like she’s intentionally planting little seeds. It also makes me wonder, if she’s so brazen when I’m there then what sort of things are happening when I’m not?
-Lastly, she seems to always find an opportunity to bend over right in front of my bf. There’s been countless times but there’s two that stood out because they were so unnecessary to begin with, and she also happened to be wearing a very short dress or night gown. One time while in mid convo with me and my bf, she bent over to say hello to the cat. Sure whatever, cats deserve love too. But she made a show of it and started fooling around with it, which she never does. She eventually ended up on her hands and knees, then in a crunched up ball on the floor like the child’s pose in yoga. The other time, she had just gotten back from a vacation. She decided to start unpacking her suitcase right in front of the tv where me my bf and his brother were playing video games. She was wearing a dress of course, but at first she politely bent over to the side. She grabbed a few things and went upstairs to shower, so at this point I didn’t think anything of it. But then she comes back downstairs in a different dress, knowing she’s about to finish unpacking her suitcase. But this time she throws away politeness and bends over with her butt facing the couch, way too many times to count. Obviously at this point I was looking all the way at the ceiling so I wouldn’t be horrified with the slightest chance of seeing my boyfriends mom’s stuff on full display, but I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if anything just happened to be hanging out. Sometimes when I try to rationalize the behavior, the one thing that gets me back to thinking it genuinely isn’t appropriate is to make a comparison; I would never ever do any of these things if my boyfriends brother was in the same room, let alone right behind me, let alone while wearing a dress with the tiniest chance of revealing anything.
She is an overall really nice person so I do feel guilty thinking something might be off, but no amount of flowery personality can excuse this. I do have the feeling she doesn’t like me and thinks I’m not good enough for her son but I could just be projecting. The only unkind thing she does is make comments about the food I eat, calling it “disgusting” (tik tok coffee) or making grossed out side eyes at my rice and tofu. Or pointing out that potatoes make your belly fat, whilst I’m eating potatoes, lol. Just little snide comments that do bother me but aren’t mean enough to warrant a reaction.
I honestly don’t know why exactly I’m posting here. It’s not like there’s anything I could do about it if it is what it seems to be. Maybe confirmation that my discomfort is valid? I love my boyfriend enough to tolerate the discomfort, but then again I have no idea how this affects him (he’ll sometimes just describe her as weird, and also mentioned that one of the reasons his brother’s relationship ended was because of his mom being “too much”) or how it would affect my children in the future. I’m a very forward/communicative person so naturally I would just address an issue, but for obvious reasons that option seems like it would either end in a massive rift created or just exacerbate the discomfort. I wish I could just ignore it but icky things happen so often it’s like a constant reminder that my relationship has this intrusive outside factor that’s entirely abnormal. So the only option seems to be to wallow alone in my discomfort and disgust forever. Ugh.
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Note, the item has been sold! I shall leave this post up for the funny story at least
Hello all you wonderful Rei loving Redditors, I have a short story and an opportunity available for someone out there who really really really likes Rei!
So I'll put a TL/DR at the bottom for those who just wanna know what the item is, but also include a quick short story as to how I came upon this item and why I'm trying to sell it.
So, its 2004 - young me has now gone to their very first anime convention. I saved up all my monies hoping to find a bunch of cool stuff to buy! And what did I find? Why my absolute favorite anime character Rei! And its a Dakimakura pillow cover! Did I know what that was? No! Did I know it had a sexy image of my favorite cartoon girl crush on it? Hell yeah! So I bought it without thinking about yeno... bringing it home? Where my mom and sister were... so yeah.
I ended up buying this pillow cover, and then out of sheer embarrassment I buried it in my closet fearing that I'd be ostracized and rejected by my family. So what ended up happening? Well as time went by I forgot that I even had it.. I buried it really well. As time went on, I had moved on and moved out of the house, leaving my poor unopened Rei pillow cover behind. Fast forward another 10 years and now my mom is currently moving out of her house, and had to clear out everything! And Low and BEHOLD! She unearthed my Rei Pillow cover!
We had a great laugh about it honestly, I'm not embarrassed anymore and find it rather nostalgic. Its not naked or really explicit or anything like that, its just Rei in a revealing sexy pose. But at this point in my life I'm married, and really have no need for something like this ~ that and my wife said she'd burn it. She loves me a lot, and doesn't like to share - what can I say?
So thats where hopefully one of you guys (or girls I don't judge!) gets a chance to pick this lucky item up! If you'd like a reference image of what the product is, I actually found one here, though its not for sale: (I figured i'd sell it for MSRP too, so about 40$)
If anyone is interested, I can take some pictures of the actual item so you know its legit, it was made in 2004 and has actually never been opened. I mean heck you don't have to use it or anything, maybe just add it to your collection! OR not! If nobody wants it thats fine too, I'll just have to find something else to do with it, i'd really hate to throw it away, so I figured i'd start with the one place I know i'd find some true blue Rei appreciation!
TL/DR: I was a horny teen a bought a sexy rei pillowcase 16 years ago, hid it and forgot about it. Found it again, looking to sell it before wife makes me burn it.
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I don’t know when he first became me, or when I first became him, and answering that question is like picking between the chicken and the egg, but my wife bought the video game White Valley University on August the 5th, and our lives have been irrevocably fucked ever since that day.
Her intentions were good. I should start out by saying that first and foremost. I don’t blame her for any of it. Quarantine drives a wedge between the strongest of relationships. It’s an innocent fact, an open fact, one we’d all do better admitting to every now and again. I think she thought we just needed a break up from routine. Something different than black coffee, plain toast, dressing the kiddos, signing them up for homeschool, slouching down to the cave to telework, emerging only for Netflix, or cheetos, or whole wheat pasta, or bedtime; just in time to wake up and do the same shit all over again, and again, and again. We just needed something new. Something exciting. Something captivating, right? A hobby, maybe, like painting. Or reading. I don’t fuckin’ know. Maybe we’d be a lot better off if we just bought a puzzle or something. That’s what all the Facebook Moms and Dads do, anyway, right? Set the shit up and pose enough for the Internet world to think you're sociable?
We didn’t get the puzzle.
Sidney instead ventured off into the far corners of the Internet, in search of a particular video game, one that would fit our completely polar personalities; and therefore be interesting enough for us both to get into. She struck out on Amazon. She tried Gamestop too. Nothing good. We settled for a deeper dive into eBay.
I liked sports. Always have. I played Halo, and Counterstrike, and other stuff as a kid, so I would be open to variety, but my wife was never interested in those sorts of things. Sidney liked fantasy. Sidney liked roleplay. She grew up on Roller Coaster Tycoon, the Sims, and world building universes with intricate avatars and delicate storylines.
WVU fit that bill.
Her big blue eyes lit up like flying saucers when she read the product description for the first time. It was one of those types of things where she asked me if I wanted to buy it, like a question only for the sake of manners, but the reality was if my answer was no - we would almost certainly be in a fight.
“Enter the lives of Anton, Melissa, Alyssa, and Nicole.” she read. “Chart their path from the first day of Freshman Year at White Valley University until Graduation Day. Choose a major field of study, establish relationships, fall in LOVE, and so, so much more in this entirely immersive experience from the creators of SAINT LAZARUS DAY.”
“What system?”
“Says it doesn’t need a system.
“It needs a system.”
“Says they will mail you a new console just for the game.”
“That’s impossible.”
“It’s not.”
I had never heard of anything like it. Now, in retrospect, the feeling from the fleeting Google results, is that most people have not heard of it. But the look in my wife’s eye was sheer and complete defeat. Our son didn’t go to bed until three the previous night. She needed this. We needed it.
“Let’s do it.”

The payment went through without a problem, but the seller’s name was blocked, and that didn’t bother me as much as it should. The console itself took a couple days to arrive. Sometime around the night of the thirteenth, Sidney pulled it off the front porch, rushed downstairs to hook it up, and shouted for me to join her.
I didn’t really know what to expect. I put the kids to bed after about an hour’s battle. I grabbed a beer. I shut off all the nights and headed down into the basement for what should have been, at most, another hour of gaming before bed.
“You can be Anton, obviously,” Sidney chattered as I got settled. “I will be Melissa. They are dating!”
The TV lit up with an array of different options. The graphics were pretty incredible for a seemingly unknown system. We selected our characters from a neat little lineup, and soon after, we were immediately dropped into a small four bedroom dorm. My guy was wearing jeans and a white tee shirt. Sidney’s was naked.
“I can get used to this.”
“You can see my coolie!” Sidney squealed. “We need to pick our outfits. Go over to your closet.”
I obliged and skimmed through the results of clothing. Like most games, only the most basic options were available, while the more decadent options were unlockable by achievements completed in the game. If I picked a Science major, I got a labcoat, if I completed law, I got a suit… you get the idea. None of them really seemed to fit me. I probably took a while.
“I am going to be a softball player,” Sid mumbled. “Or maybe a sorority girl. It is so hard to pick. So many options.”
“What are you going to pick?”
“Can’t I just wear this?”
“No you can’t just wear that,” Sid scowled. “You’re not being fun.”
I recognized that tone right off the bat. This was the ‘you are not taking this seriously’ voice that almost inevitably led to the hurt but defiant ‘why did you agree to play anyway’. Three seconds later and we’d be in another fight, the exact thing we wanted to avoid, so I backpedaled as quickly as possible.
“Okay, okay, I’ll be a musician.”
Sidney giggled. The game granted my character a bandana and loose jacket before dropping him back in the dorm. We were free to move about. I quickly shuffled my character over to Sidney’s room, but before getting there, a help tip popped up.
You can now customize your character’s features via Facial Recognition Technology! Just hit X and position your face in front of the camera on the front of the console!
I moved to protest. Sid beat me to it. She hit X and stuck her face in front of the camera with a big, dopey grin. The screen snapped like it took a picture.
We both laughed at the result. Her eyes were closed. Her mouth was wide open. And her teeth encompassed about ninety percent of the picture.
“Accept,” she giggled. “Your turn.”
I sighed and positioned myself evenly in front of the camera. I didn’t want her to make fun of me, so I tried to be serious. I thought about smiling, but before I could muster up the strength, Sidney hit X, and the screen snapped again.
I got a jolt out of the result. Anton looked just like me. Brown hair, blue eyes, medium height, slight beard, slight gut. The character smirked from the dorm room, and I swear, I have seen myself make the same stupid face in the mirror while getting ready. I won’t lie. It creeped me out.
“Wow…. so handsome!”
Sidney moved her cursor to try and find my character in the common area. Another help tip popped up.
You can now customize your character’s voice via Voice Recognition Technology! Select Y and speak no less than three full sentences into the controller’s microphone!.
“You first,” she gestured. “Say something.”
I hit Y.
“My name is Marcus and I love Sidney Rae Miller more than anything in the entire world.”
She smiled.
“Two more.”
I hesitated.
“My name is Marcus and I wish Sidney Rae Miller didn’t have a clothing option.”
She giggled.
“My name is Marcus and I just want to play the damn game.”
She scowled. Sidney finished up her sentence with a few generic lines. We went to move our characters again. Another help tip popped up.
“Look… it can link to Social Media.”
“Why not?”
“Why would we give them that information?”
“Why not?”
“Because it’s not safe!”
“How is it not safe?”
“Anybody could use that data. You don’t even know who you’re giving it to!”
“It’s already online anyway!”
I groaned.
“You think any idiot with half a brain can’t find your stupid fucking YouTube channel?
My anxiety level ticked up a notch. I had to draw the line somewhere. Something about the game creeped me out, sure, but it was more than that. I was tired. I worked all day. I took care of the kids all day. I didn’t want to play some guy that probably harvested my data and sold it halfway around the world before we finished even setting up.
“I’m going to bed, hon. You can play.”

I knew Sidney would be mad at me. I knew she would hold it as a grudge, at least for a couple days, but I didn’t care. The whole charade started to wear thin. We didn’t need a fantasy version of ourselves to change. We just needed to do it on our own. I could change. I knew I could. I just needed a chance. Maybe she needed space. I had to give her a little space… right?
And so I didn’t think much of it when she didn’t come to bed.
I didn’t think much of it when she didn’t help get the kids up in the morning.
And as the now proceeding day’s hours slipped from the morning into the afternoon, with the television set still blaring downstairs, I still held out hope that she would come upstairs and apologize.
She didn’t.

I woke up that night to a rough shrug of the shoulder. Sidney looked like a caricature of herself. Her hair was tangled like rope. There were food stains on her shirt and her breath smelled like alcohol. I knew from the moment I saw her that she had not slept a bit in the previous twenty-four hours. I knew that she probably drank for most of it as well.
“You have to see,” she slurred. “You have to see Anton. He can sing. He can sing.”
I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. I pushed back the covers and grumpily followed her frantic footsteps. I didn’t say a word. I didn’t really know how to react to the whole thing. It was so completely out of Sid’s character to do any of these things, to the point where I wondered where she even got the alcohol to get drunk with, because we had so little of it in the house.
“It’s incredible. He sounds just like you. Really,” Sidney shouted over her shoulder. I had to remind her to keep her voice down so the kids didn’t wake up. “They’re fine,” she snapped as her tiny feet bounded down the steps two at a time. “Just listen to this, it’s amazing, you could do this.”
I stifled a yawn and followed her willingly. But I couldn’t hold back disgust when we made it into the gaming area. The adjacent table was covered with half empty, half filled drink glasses. The couch was decorated with discarded bags of chips and crackers. The entire room had a distinct scent to it, and even now, I won’t call it urine - but it smelled an awful lot like urine.
“Look at this!” Sidney squealed as she pointed to the TV. “Anton’s been practicing.”
A large group of the characters were gathered at what looked to be a concert. I immediately recognized Sidney’s new and improved character, with a readjusted face, now decked out in one of the more decadent outfits, front and center by the stage. The other two computer bot roommates were standing next to her. But no Anton.
I scanned the crowd for a minute and still didn’t see him.
“Hit X,” Sidney smiled. “On controller 2 - yours.”
I obliged.
The crowd started to cheer. A drawn curtain slowly peeled back. A familiar song started to play through the speakers and an even more familiar face appeared onstage - mine.
I was dumbfounded.
Anton started to sing. With my voice. And when I say he sang… you should know.… I am a terrible singer. Sure, I had a band back in high school, and me and my friends recorded a few demo tapes. None of them were any good. Trust me with that much.
But Anton… he sounded perfect. And I don’t know how to describe that in quite the right way. Like if my voice could carry a tune, or hit every dancing note of the same Frightened Rabbit song my band Fireside covered half a hundred times, then maybe, somehow, I could be half as good. But it just wasn’t me.
My hole, I’ll get my hole.
I’ll get my hole, get my hole, get my hole.
And I will find out more.
I hit pause.
“How did he find that?”
“I added your YouTube channel.”
“Why did you do that?”
“Because it's fun!”
I laughed nervously.
“You could sound like that, you know.”
“Like what?”
“Like Anton. If you practiced.”
I couldn’t believe the callousness and cruelty in her voice. It stung.
“No I can’t.”
“Why not?”
“Because I tried.”
“It’s your voice.”
“That’s not my voice.”
“Who else could it be?”
I didn’t have an answer for her there.
“You could be thin like him too,” she muttered. “If you tried.”
“I do try.”
“You never try.”
I didn’t have an answer again. I didn’t have an answer for anything. I didn’t understand why she was so nasty. The past few days completely caught me off guard. We were happy. Bored, yes sure, but happy. I didn’t know what to do, so I did what I did best, I ran away. I stormed out of the room like a baby and shouted -
“Go to bed!”
loud enough to wake the actual baby.
I spent the next twenty calming my daughter to sleep in a now much emptier bed. I couldn’t believe her. I didn’t understand what was happening. It just hurt. I was so mad that my sleep deprived brain spent less than a minute worrying about my poor wife’s actual mental state.
That was a mistake.

I woke up to moaning.
I set my daughter down in her bed and followed the pleasured groans down the hall to the basement.
A pair of Cheeto stained shorts decorated the couch.
Sidney acted a little surprised when I caught her. Like she couldn’t hear my footsteps tracing above. Like she couldn’t hear me knocking on the door. She grabbed her clothes in an unembarrassed trot. She got dressed. Then she turned her attention back to the game.
I looked at the TV.
Anton was front and center. He had a guitar slung over his back, and a vest without a shirt, with thick muscles pulsating over the top, like he somehow just finished a workout. And he had this dumb little grin on his face... this stupid fucking smile….. It just made every vein and stem of blood in my body boil like an oven.
Press X to go back to the party!
I attacked the system like a lion let out of its cage. I ripped the cable from the wall, allowing the wires to pull and rip from the console, cracking the screen in the process. I ignored Sidney’s screams and protests. I pulled the disk from the tray. I snapped it into a million little pieces. I shrugged her hand off my arm when I took the entire mess upstairs, outside, and deposited it into the garbage.
By the time I got back, she was gone.

I checked everywhere. I checked upstairs. I checked my kid’s rooms. I checked the kitchen. I checked outside again. Gone. Gone, gone, gone. It took me a good ten minutes to realize the one place she could be, the one place that did not make any sense, right around the time the television in the basement started playing again.
I descended the stairs slowly. It was the same song. Our song. The song I practiced half a hundred times in high school with only the completely desperate hope of impressing her. Even through the cracked screen, and even without the goddamn console attached, the stupid fucking thing still played that song. Our song.
Can you see in the dark?
Can you see the look on your face?
I picked the TV back up and stared at the screen. Anton and Melissa were back in the dorm. Anton was strumming the guitar evenly, looking deeply into Melissa’s eyes, while pink little hearts displayed overhead. I didn’t have a controller to click away from it. Not anymore.
I waited. I watched them. I didn’t know what else to do. I couldn’t exactly attack a video game character. And then my avatar did something newly impossible. He looked at me. I don’t mean he looked offscreen. I don’t mean he looked somewhere in the distance. He looked at me, right into my eyes, and it felt like… it felt like he saw me.
Anton stopped playing Keep Yourself Warm. He raised the guitar over his head.
“No…” I muttered. “Please…”
Sidney’s avatar looked deep into his eyes. Her expression remained unchanged. She loved him. She loved him when he swung the guitar and shattered her forehead. She loved him while bits of brain peaked through the fractured skull and fell into a heaping mess by her blood soaked feet. She loved him when he stood up, and swung harder, and stronger, until the guitar shattered into nothing but bits of shredded wood and twisted metal commingled with the horribly mangled remains of my only love’s once beautiful face.
When Anton was done, he straightened himself up, and sat down back on his bed in White Valley University. He looked at me one more time, and smiled, with that same damn smile, my smile.
The television flickered and showed a blank INPUT 1.
Sidney has been missing ever since.
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2020.08.17 15:07 READMYSHIT The Creep Dive Episode Guide

Date Title Cassie Sophie Jen Sidebars and guest stars Creep of the Week
1 12/12/2018 Canoe Believe It?? Alan Rickman never read Harry Potter John Darwin faked his own death in a canoeing accident Seamus on ket with Mary McAleese (Twitter thread)
2 12/12/2018 GP-OH My God who is SHE Samantha Azzopardi pays a visit to Ireland. One of many as she scammed her way around the world An outtake from This is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor. Woman eats placenta (or blood clots)
3 12/12/2018 A Tale Too Tragic Tania Head, woman who claimed to be a survivor of the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11 The Juggalos (Insane Clown Posse) Christians in disguise Reddit Guy meets the Devil. Black Mercedes Cassie reveals she used to be Born Again Christian. Jen's personal Angel, Happy Acres
4 11/01/2019 The American Dream or The American Peen What Ever Happened To: Lorena and John Wayne Bobbit. (Wife cuts off husband's dick after he raped her) Swiss cheese Pervert. Man would like a cheesey wank
5 11/01/2019 11 Lies and Counting Warrior Eli. Epic catfish story of a supermom who turned out to be teenager, Emily Dear Sinead O'Connor and Prince had a pillow fight. Prince takes it too far Jen first reveals she was a catfish/troll
6 11/01/2019 A 17 Year Old Mystery Solved by Sleuths Mystery of Lyle Stevik's suicide solved by DNA Doe Testing Ray's Death Documentary (admission of murder). Lady of the Dunes
7 25/01/2019 A Story Blown Wildy Out of Proportion Jimi Heselden segways into the afterlife. Rebba Burger maimed and killed from a whipped cream thing Lambo. Weird radio book review, hosted by Gay Byrne in which Gery Ryan allegedly kills a lamb A man fashions a flying saucer with helium balloons and sends his son flying off for attention
8 01/02/2019 An Unholy Hypocrite, The Dungarvan Angel of Death Travis the Troubled Teen David Matheson, former gay conversion therapist, comes out as gay Fr Michael Kennedy fakes an AIDS epidemic in Waterford. Gets the attention of Princess Diana Travis, the chimp and Creep Dive mascot (a classic!)
9 09/02/2019 The Greatest Writer that Never Was James Frey, A Million Little Pieces (fake memoir) Story of JT LeRoy (racoon penis) Dan Mallory (fake memoir)
10 15/02/2019 The Randy Mr. Hands How Joe Manuella Found Love, Robert De Niro impersonator Mr. Hands! Guy gets killed from bottoming a horse Ellen Coyne and Cassie become friends via Twitter
11 22/02/2019 The Curious Case of Crack Addict Jimmy(part 1) The Girl Who Predicted Her Own Death Tickling endurance competitions funded my some omnipotent millionaire (who obviously has a fetish)
12 22/02/2019 The Curious Case of Crack Addict Jimmy (part 2) That time the Washington Post had a Pulitzer briefly. Janet Cooke and the 8 year old heroin addict
13 01/03/2019 The Fine Line Between Exoneration and Execution The story of Cameron Todd Willingham (a innocent man sentenced to death) Pissing and menstrating in the Stuart era (not Victorian, Jen)
14 08/03/2019 The MSN Murder Mystery Momo: Online Suicide Game MSN Murder. Girl kill herself after online bullying, turns out to be a neighbourhood mom Elizabeth and Theranos
15 15/03/2019 Who Let the Cat Out The Noid, the Domino's mascot that led to a murder Mary Bale: Cat in the Wheelie Bin Topsy the Elephant: Tesla vs Edison
16 22/03/2019 Oyster Man, A Salacious Sausage Fest and A Con Confidence (Creep Live #1) Nicholas Barclay AKA Frédéric Bourdin (missing child imposter) Armin Meiwes, German cannibal Oyster Man (Dublin creep!)
17 01/04/2019 A Haunted Hormonal Teen, A Slender Bender, A Mother Love to Death (Creep Live #2) Dee Dee Blanchard murder by her daughter, seemingly incapacitated, Gypsy Rose. Enfield Haunting, poltergeist in a North London council house Slenderman possee
18 05/04/2019 Who is Timmothy Pitzen?? Disappearance and reappearance (???) of Timmoth Pitzen Christine Chubbuck, suicide on live TV Ford has a horn for Edison
19 12/04/2019 The Beautiful Lie Florida Man, pancake guy Belle Gibson, noted scammer Coco the Gorilla: artist, photographer and communicator
20 21/04/2019 There's a Catfish in the Water Lincoln Lewis catfish, Lydia Abdelmalek The most awkward book club of all time Girl with no vainga gets impreganted from a knife
21 27/04/2019 A Sasquatch, A Tinder Date With a Cannibal and The Life and Ruin of Anna Nicole Smith The Anna Nicole Smith Story Sasquatch Origin Story
22 04/05/2019 Friends From The College Cult Larry Ray: Creepy Dad Cult Whatever Happened to Baby Tyler?
23 11/05/2019 A Love As Deep As The Sea, A Shared Twinsanity and Better The Catfish You Know? Sabina & Ursula: Murderous Swedish Twins Suicide of Megan Meier Some people really love dolphins
24 18/05/2019 The Cat’s Out of The Bag for The Internet’s Maddest Man A Catfish Love Triangle (that ends in murder) The Luka Magnotta Story Jeremy Kyle
25 27/05/2019 The Secret Russian ‘Super Army’ and A Fertility Doctor Who Took Things Into His Own Hands Dr. Cline, fertility doctor who takes matters into his own hands Russian science experiment to create super humans (humanzee) Belle Gibson update (ep. 19)
26 01/06/2019 Larry and The Lawnchair of Dreams The eponymous Larry, an instant classic creep (that is not creepy at all) Moby
27 07/06/2019 The World’s Worst Baby Snatcher and The Ill-Prepared Cannibal Another Catfish Love Triangle and Baby Heist Isa Sagawa: A Cannibal in Paris
28 15/06/2019 Why You Should Never Let Granny Do The Ouija Board Story of Anna Delvy, epic swindler Ouija Board Murder Whale dick tentacle and the guy who honours a dead murderer (Twitter Thread)
29 21/06/2019 A Dead Man, A Cipher, a Mystery Somerton Man: Mystery Australian Man and an Undeciphered Code Ariel Castro kidnappings Delivery Man Haunts Cabin Groom kids on brides dress
30 28/06/2019 It’s Never Plain Sailing The Disappearance of Brian Swanson (into another dimension?) #blueball A shark buffet Juliane Koepcke, the sole survivor of a plane crash that left her stranded in the Amazon Rainforest Boris Johnson
31 07/07/2019 The Lost Family, The Last Eunuch and the Lust for the High Life Tromp Family Road Trip. Australian family collectively lose their mind A Philanthropic Couple with a Secret in the Attic Sun Yaoting; the last Eunuch of China.
32 11/07/2019 A Trio of Clones, Coercion and Courtship A shitty first-date The McDonald's-Nude Heist The phenomenon of a group of self cloning crayfish
33 19/07/2019 Brain-Eating Zombies, The Boy Who Tried to Blow Up Bjork and a Beary Bad Idea Story of Björk's would-be assassin Timothy Treadwell: Bear Enthusiast Furries and Brain eating zombie fungus Grunting man in a gimp suit
34 27/07/2019 A Priceless Love Affair and Something of a Pickle Debbie Montgomery Johnson get defrauded millions in an online dating scam Peeing and pooping in space. Creepy nudes escalates quick (to murder)
35 04/08/2019 Jen’s Solo Ghost Story the tale of Dear David, a creepy child ghost who has been haunting the hallways of illustrator Adam Ellis Horse Girl
36 11/08/2019 When a Dream Life Turns Into a Weird and Creepy Nightmare Dream House goes sour with letters from an ominous writer called, The Watcher Mystery Stripper Jen has the inside scoop on Area 51 Scout's arrival! Woof Canadian Serial Killers
37 18/08/2019 The Hero Who Didn't Know His Name and a Real Life Dr. WHO?? Story of Jean-Claude Romand: Murderer and Imposter Creep Dine With Me: Megan and Hazel. The story of Steven Stayner
38 01/09/2019 Don't Bookmark Your Murder Tips and a Real Life Mission Impossible How to not get away with murder (Daniel Brophy) Personal creep with creepy neighbour and a never ending gift exchange A missionary who get murdered by the Sentinelese
39 09/09/2019 A Twist in The Tale, The Devil Down Under and A Wild Slide A Catfish With a Happy Ending Mysterious Death of Phoebe Handsjuk Deal the Devil Downunder,Story of Michael Atkins and Matthew Leveson
40 13/09/2019 Move Over Travis, There’s a Bad Badger in Town and The Sad Tale of The Sorry Cannibals Caroline Calloway content! Alive: The reluctant cannibals The antics of Stoffel the honey badger
41 20/09/2019 British Fairies, Irish Con Artists and Asian Angels Cassie's Personal Creep and Misadventure in Berlin (featuring Moe) An Irish Kidnapping The Cottingley Fairy Hoax
42 28/09/2019 When a loving Christian family inadvertently adopt a 22 year old sociopath with violent tendencies The tale of Natalia Grace, a Ukrainian Orphan with dwarfism #childdeception Helen Bailey: Author who penned her own death Jacob Barnett, Child Prodigy
43 06/10/2019 The Girl...Who Laughed...As A Man Got Sewn Into The Body of a Horse Story of Nathan Carman and a Sunken Boat A Runaway Bride Countess Elizabeth Báthory, World worst female serial killer? Carl Beach, Richard Madely
44 15/10/2019 What Happens When You Exorcise a Mild Mannered Michael? (Creep Live #3) Ireland's Own Bermuda Triangle An exorcism gone wrong Goose on the Loose! A goose named Andy
45 21/10/2019 A Guest Ghost Story and The Haunted Spots of Dublin Dutch Family in a Basement (and assorted ghost stories) Creep Dine With Me: Fainche. A Dublin 8 Haunting
46 26/10/2019 The Tragedy of the Triplets A tragic tale of triplets and a social experiment Haunted Nazi Dummy
47 31/10/2019 A Catfish Convict, Dawn of The Ed and a Goat Gets Giddy for Piss - It’s our Halloween Spooktacular! Rape Ads, Fake Sonograms, and a Catfisher’s Web of Lies Ed Gein, his mother and the inspiration for Psycho A goat with a penchant for piss (human piss)
48 12/11/2019 An Amuse Bouche of Creep Catch Ups AND The Human Baby Zoo Update on Belle Gibson (ep. 19) Canadian Quintuplets (Human Baby Zoo) Update on Ukrainian Orphan (ep. 42) T.I. (obsessed with daughter's hymen)
49 17/11/2019 The Greatest No-Show-Man and the Mighty Meaty Murderer Threatin, metal band on world tour (with no audience but great hair) Joe Metheny: a mighty meaty murder #serialkiller Donegal Creeps caught climbing a hospital to ouija
50 25/11/2019 Oh No! Where Did Moe Go? Moe Davis: Another chimp fiasco. Travis 2.0 (ep. 8)
51 03/12/2019 A Haunted Galway Baby, a Mystery Man in Sligo and The Spine Tingling Story of the Sleepless Russians (Creep Live #4) Peter Bergmann, a mystery man in Sligo reminiscent of Somerton Man (ep. 29) #blueball Haunted Galway baby #haunted Russian sleep deprivation experiment (this is pretty harrowing) Harry meets the Creeps for the first time Dick Dicker: Unabomber meets Mr. Hands
52 06/12/2019 A Life Heavy on Lies, Light on Lols Jennifer Pan, a Vietnamese-Canadian teen kills her parents (well one of them) Dave, the randy duck
53 17/12/2019 The Woman Who Accidentally Solved Her Own Mystery Disappearance Netty Nance accidently solves her own kidnapping (spoiler: it was her own "mother") Carlos Mariotti and a novel idea to save his mangled hand (spoiler: it doesn't work) Public Universal Friend. First recorded case of non-binary person? Mommy blogger swindles Shauna Sex Síopa!
54 05/01/2020 The Cannibal Cop and A January Assortment of Creeps Cassie tricks a girl into think she's going to Disney Gilberto Valle, the cannibal cop, caught via chat room #cannibal People used to post their kids around! Jeffrey Epstein. German ladies who set a zoo ablaze and killed 20 primates
55 10/01/2020 Too Many Mothers, Too Much Motherly Love and A Small Town Scandal with Massive Consequences Creep Live #5) Bobby Dunbar went missing but when he reappeared to mothers came forward to claim Barbara Daly Baekeland gets murdered (and fucked?) by her son #murder #incest The mysterious Circleville letters #murder #blueball Jen gets send a video of a man fucking a chicken Tiny Indonesian man convicted of the most amount if rapes
56 17/01/2020 Three Cheers for Murder Dying killing to be popular. Cheer leader murder! Karla Homolka, Canada's only female serial killer (this was just an off the cuff creep) One of our very own creepettes has their dog fucked by some local scoundrel :( Cork Christmas Party Shenanigans!
57 25/01/2020 Your Mother Sucks Creep In Hell True Stories behind the production of The Exorcist Jen creeps her own parasite which she definitely didn't get in Centra Parcs Terry McMahon goes on a tirade by his feminist daughter
58 31/01/2020 You Can't Make A Dick Out Of The American Penal System Steven Jay Russell, amazing story of the man who escaped from prison multiple times Andrea Mara; the man who faked his MIL out the car window, armchair sleuths and just how dire your Google search history gets when you kill fictional people for a living Belle Gibson update! She's Muslim now (ep. 19)
31/01/2020 The Creep Hive #1 Jen helps her housemate pee in New Zealand Tampon Girl!!
59 07/02/2020 Who’s side are you on? Story of Ursula Hermann: the German equivalent of Madeleine McCann. Epic creep Sophie admits she ate a raw rasher thinking it was parma ham Some people have non-verbal thought (mini Twitter thread) Graham Linehan (Glinner)
07/02/2020 The Creep Hive #2: The Casualties of The Swan The Sur-jury, The Swan and other horrific reality shows
60 14/02/2020 A Prince and a Perfect Murder Chris Benoit Canadian wrestler. Double murder suicide Shawna from Sex Siopa to share a big juicy salacious royal affair. A lot of creeps reported their mothers fed them raw sausages
15/02/2020 The Creep Hive #3: Schofe's done a runner Cassie discusses her sexuality and everyone cries "Showgirls came out at a very key point in my life" Phillip Schofield literally does a runner
61 21/02/2020 The world’s most badass backpacker, Ireland’s biggest ever manhunt and hotdog handjobs (Creep Live #6) Brendan O'Donnell: Ireland's Biggest Manhunt #serialkiller Kari Ferrell: Hipster Grifter. Gets employed by Vice and exposed Salt Creek Kidnapping. Backpackers take revenge #violence All dogs and the Dublin guy faked an abduction of an elderly person
22/02/2020 The Creep Hive #4: Never trust a Murphy Bed Dead tired, people who've died in Murphy beds!
62 28/02/2020 And it was all cum and paper mâché (Creep Live #7) Gerard John: some local prisoners pose as a young woman and blackmail and fragile young man. Alex Malarkey goes into a coma after a car accident. When he wakes he claims to have met Jesus in Heaven... Man struggles to keeping his wife suitably embalmed Jen discusses laying eggs Katie Hopkins getting the CUNT award
01/03/2020 The Creep Hive #5: Hope Springs Terminal Duffy was kidnapped :( Psychologist hides camera on women with Munchausen Jen says I brought poppers to a live show but it was Cool Swan. Twitter thread about guys pissing in their mouths Sarah, the creep transition year student tells us about Hope Ybarra, Munchausen mom Carlow Judicial System. 73 year old mad jailed for ramming car parked on path
63 07/03/2020 Hike Life Nightmare and The OG Love is Blind Sun Myung Moon and the Church of Unification. It's the Moonies! A Russian Misadventure. 9 hikers die mysteriously in the northern Ural mountains Youtuber faked his girlfriend's death. 21 year old Stephanie impersonates her granny (after she's murdered)
07/03/2020 The Creep Hive #6: Joint custody Cassie meets LeBron James Joint Custody. John Wood mummifies his own leg. The ultimate creep craft.
64 13/03/2020 The OG Disease Spreader: It's Typhoid Mary Sherry Pie turns out to be a super creep (in a really bad way) and has now caused an editing nightmare for producers. Typhoid Mary, famed asymptomatic carrier Putin brings in a new law so he can rule for forever.
13/03/2020 The Creep Hive #7: CAVERN OF PUSS Cassie worked in a residential care home. Patient double dosed a suppository which "activated" as Cassie helped her into a wheel chair. PERI-RECTAL ABSCESS. Arguably one of the most disgusting creeps of all time
65 20/03/2020 A mad story about a mad (cow) disease, a smooth criminal and an underground mission with hilarious consequences Dan Cooper Hijacked a Boeing 727 aircraft in the northwest of the US; jumps out with thousands of dollars and is never seen again Mad Cow Disease and Doctor Daniel Carleton Gajdusek who goes to "help" Papua New Guinea and turns out ot be a paedophile School boys finds a secret warren under their school... A misadventure ensues
20/03/2020 Creep Live Online #1: A Town of Ticking Teenagers, Serial Turder and Mayhem at The Spa Mystery illness takes over town in North New York Sophie's top 3 getting stuck in toilet stories Woman gets naked and lost in spa
27/03/2020 Creep Live Online #2: The most haunted creep of the year
66 29/03/2020 Crafting conspiracies, cult clans and the game show killer Big Crafting is actually a Russian Propaganda Machine Rodney Alcala serial rapist, killer and gameshow contestant Taina Licciardo-Toivola: Annoying Aryian Cult family on YouTube
67 07/04/2020 The long (penis) and short (life) of your favourite covid meme and the mighty Michael that would not die Michael Malloy, the sturdy Irish fella in New York who proved to be un-murderable (well, almost Wardy Joubert, everyones favourite (well-endowed) naked covid meme (who's dead) Harry offically appointed alpha creep!
68 12/04/2020 More Tiger King, a YouTube Doll Debacle and Did Sophie Find D.B. Cooper? Inspired by recent haunted dolls on the hive, Cassie dives into internet sensation, Venus Angelic The Stars of Tiger King: An Epilogue
69 19/04/2020 Snitches get stitches and when internet comments destroy lives Would you provide an alibi for a loved one? Trevor Hardy - The Beast of Manchester (and his brother) The Inception of FaceBook Commentary: tangled history of internet smear campaign Kelsey Grammar maybe into pegging "It's very unfortunate for the mens. Their G-spot is up their ass hole and they're just going to have to get over it." -Cassie Delaney Eamon Holmes (5G) and the gardaí (posting photos of sun bathers)
70 26/04/2020 In The Shadow of the Truth Lies the Statue of Liberty Bling Water! Your water is dead, you fools Lisa helps Sophie with a follow up to Molly from Sophie's previous creep The Mandela Effect. Are we all in hell/purgatory/multiple dimensions/simulated world This episode has more filler than actual creeps but was no less enjoyable. Sophie, my handle is @Harry_birdboy. Cassie, I'll hug you! Gemma O'Doherty
71 06/05/2020 Shipman the shit man Crimes that happen in the virtual world that cross over into reality and suicide pact community killer Harold Shipman, world's most prolific (and boring) serial killer Gemma O'Doherty again (but she gets owned by Dublin airport on Twitter)
72 12/05/2020 Beta Theta Pi? More like Beta Theta Die and the Glow Up with Deadly Consequences Beta Theta Pi, Penn State University. Hazing ends in death :( Sophie loves horror. Tells the real life story behind Scream. (Impromtu creep!) Radium Girls!
73 19/05/2020 Walk like a reincarnated Egyptian also that time a squirrel ate some guys nuts Dorothy Eady, the reincarnation of an Egyptian priestess.Cassie is mean to her mother Creep Confectionary is now a thing. Sophie seeds the idea for a Toast Podcast. Sophie presents a gaggle of gals cat-fishing some terrorists Man gets balls eaten by squirrels Jen and Sophie want to host their own Most Haunted. Cassie protests, as usual Camilla and Prince Charles talk dirty
74 26/05/2020 Don't anger a Karen, canal creeps and the parents who put the kid in kidnapping Shannon Matthews, Karen Matthews has her own daughter kidnappped while she plays Xbox Belle Gibson update! She is now Oromo (an Ethiopian ethnic minority). Katherine Knight and her human pelt Riding in a tent on the canal
75 02/06/2020 Freezin’ people ain’t easy, the genuinely geriatric mother and the biggest creeps of the week ever The YouTubers that rehomed their son The oldest woman in the world to give birth (oyster woman). 40 year old stone foetus! Jen finally gets to tell her cryogenics story. Multple strands See Cassie
76 09/06/2020 No name, No luggage, No labels, No answers 1.) In a room at the Oslo Plaza Hotel, a young, elegant woman is found dead, with a gun shot wound to the head. Why did she check in under a false name? Why are the labels removed from her clothes? 2) Death in Ice Valley The gals are reunited!
77 16/06/2020 Guilt or grief? The dark story of Casey Anthony Via Reddit/Sarah. Creepy MSN guy and possibly related swindler Casey
78 23/06/2020 Slumber Murders and The OG Moby Dick Sleep killers The OG Moby Dick
25/06/2020 Creep Hive Sophie's Cock Along! Denis Nilsen:ScottishSerial Killer (and middle child)
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2020.08.07 00:22 urlocaljanedoe Naked mom posing

hey guys. so i’m posting this here because i’m going through some shit right now. i know that moral dilemma judgement requests are not allowed here, idk if this is considered a moral dilemma thing. well, it is, but im looking for advice on how to proceed and how to handle this shit, not judgement on my current situation or things that have already happened. if this post breaks the rules, i’m sorry!
warning: a lot of venting. double warning: mentions of s**ual abuse as well as child abuse so please be careful.
to make a long story really short: i’m 20. i live at home with mom(in her 50s) (father not in picture) and my disabled sister(35 y/o). (i also have a little sister that i might mention in this, so “sister” is my disabled sister and “little sister” is my non-disabled sister.)
i want to move out. i want to move out because i cannot take living with my mom anymore. before i start, i just want to say that i truly do love her. but i suspect she is a narcissist. everything revolves around her, her needs and desires. i’ve noticed a pattern of if someone is not in one way or another contributing to her personal gains, they have no place in her life. she has no friends. she believes that her opinions and her beliefs are the correct ones. she criticizes the way i look, the things i do, and the way i feel. i know that even though i’m 20 i’m still not a “real” adult, but she treats me like a child. admittedly things have been calmer the past few months, but arguments that escalate to screaming are pretty much a daily thing. it doesn’t matter what it’s about, somehow there is always something. things were MUCH worse during my childhood years, now it’s just arguing but it used to be being beaten with metal spatulas, or being kicked outside in the middle of a Canadian winter (think -35 C, so -31 fahrenheit) in nothing but a flimsy coat and sneakers.
this is where my moral dilemma comes in: my sister. she was a victim of a criminal act as a baby and now, is 35 years old with the cognitive abilities of a 5 year old. she needs help to bathe and to dress herself. my mom has been receiving close to 3000 dollars every month since the accident to help with her needs. thing is, up until a few months ago, she lived with my grandfather for 20 years. (who never saw a penny btw, my mom collected it all). during those 20 years, my mom used that money as well as my little sister and i’s child support to buy a half million dollar home and a couple shiny new expensive cars. i lived in what most people would call “the mansion” despite having gone to school hungry and badly dressed for most of my childhood.
we (my little sister and i) grew up poor and i always thought it was because mom was dealt a bad hand in life, but now i know that she was making close to 4K a month (plus she was working in real estate) in government support, and spent it all on the house, the cars, and drugs. it actually slipped a while ago that my mom once calculated it, and she had spent twenty five THOUSAND DOLLARS on cocaine in ONE YEAR. i was getting free lunches from school and free clothes, hell there was even a program i was in where other parents in the school would buy christmas gifts for the low income children. i’ll never forget the bittersweet mix of excitement and embarrassment of getting that black plastic bag full of toys before the winter break, and trying so hard to not let the other kids know i was getting presents from school because mommy can’t afford them and daddy doesn’t love me.
sorry guys, i’m straying from my original point. everything is just spilling out now from years of holding it all in. last thing i will mention though, just to show how messed up things are (🛑this is where the SA warning comes in, skip this paragraph if this sort of thing bothers you🛑): during those years that my sister was with my grandfather, my mom once found a picture of a naked lady posed who looked exactly like my sister in my grandfathers wallet. my mom confronted him and obviously he denied it and she never pursued it further. she had suspicions of her severely disabled daughter being sexually abused and she did nothing about it.
ANYWAYS! so right now, my sister has been living solely with mom and i because my mom cut contact with her father (my grandfather that ive been mentioning). my mom has picked up a job to pay for a whole house revamping so she can sell the house. as i’ve said, i really want to move out but my mom has told me i “can’t” bevause i need to be here to look after my sister. now i already have my own mental health issues and honestly? i don’t want to have to look after her. i don’t want to be a babysitter. i work 2 days a week and i can’t even get more hours to save up to move out because of my moms work. i’m basically stuck at home, looking after a person that i have no connection or attachment to.
if i move out, my mom will be livid. and i will also be leaving her with no choice but to either hire a babysitter or quit her job to look after her daughter. she’s told me that she can’t afford a babysitter (should have thought of that before putting all of her money into a house and cars).
she told me “i can’t do this to her, i can’t do this to my sister.” and you know what, i feel awful. i feel awful that i would be leaving this vulnerable person in the care of someone who doesn’t give a shit about her. but lately i’ve been dealing with seriously dark thoughts thinking about what my life will be like if i don’t move out soon. i mentally cannot care for a disabled person as well as take care of my own mental health. i just can’t! my mom has told me before that the sole reason i was conceived was so my sister would have someone to take care of her when my mom is gone. my mom even, unbeknownst to me until a few weeks ago, put me in her will as the sole caretaker in case anything ever happened to my mom.
i don’t want that. i don’t want to be a caretaker. i don’t want to look after my disabled sibling. i’m sorry, this is going to sound so harsh and trust me i know i’m an asshole for this part but i don’t love her. i feel no connection or attachment. i never spent that much time with her during my life. and my mom made it clear to me through her actions that she didn’t truly love her either.
please ask questions if anything wasn’t clear, or if you need more info. i don’t know what to do anymore. i need to get out. by moving out, i’ll really struggle financially and i might even have to put schooling on pause until i somehow have enough time to be a student and a worker and have enough money to pay rent and food and utilities and classes. i’ve been trying to research government aid for finding a babysitter for my sister (i live in QC canada in case anyone happens to live here and has any knowledge) but idk how to even go from here, and i know my mom would probably never want to actually accept help from outside sources. then they would see how life really is.
i need advice. how tf do i move out? how can i try to keep a relationship with my mother after “betraying” her? where do i go from here? how can i keep up school plus work plus paying bills all by myself?
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2020.07.27 11:30 Hadarakas These are the reasons why we should avoid porn

I made a list of a few reasons why we should not watch porn and how it makes our brain to work in a wrong way.

  1. The body lines of porn actresses are usually unnatural, adjusted surgically or by regular invasive procedures, they also have a bright evening make-up. It often misrepresents men's attitude to women's appearance and naturality and emphasizes an assumed physical advantage of the actresses against their real-life partners or other women in men's daily lives.
  2. All the storylines of these films are not real and not even possible in most of the situations, and people behaving this way in reality are condemned by the society, treated as perverts and some of them end up being punished by law.
  3. Every porn film is made by the very similar scenario, where acting is untalented and it is the only "profession" that those actors are able to do.
  4. Actors and actresses imitate the pleasure by making fake noises and telling stuff that is all scripted by the producers despite that the actions they are making at the particular moment might not only be unpleasant but also painful and disgusting for themselves.
  5. All the poses and camera angles are adjusted to a viewer by emphasizing those attractive and boosted parts of the body that cannot be seen during the real sexual intercourse. The lights and cremes give additional shining and special reflection to the actresses' and actors' skin which create an illusion about their appearance and make to desire the bodies as some kind of trophy.
  6. During filming there are a lot of stops and corrections and the process is not as fluent as it looks. Actors need to repeat the same scenes for a few times and translate the main trick of porn films - to persuade the viewers they feel an extraordinary pleasure.
  7. Bodies of women are shown as a property that everyone can own and use to fulfill one's pleasure. Most sexual criminals are addicted to pornography and they look to their victims as to an item.
  8. Women in porn are not personalities, they are sex objects. Men are shown like animals, only caring about fucking and are the ones who can cheat on their wives, friends and anyone cause nothing is saint for them.
  9. In public porn actors/actresses always know that a lot of people around have seen their every naked inch and women may get some abusive comments from men that are addicted to porn.
  10. People who have played in a porn movie get a stamp on their names that does not allow to work as actors in Hollywood films, get a job as teachers and doctors, because being a porn actor will be considered as a shame not relatable to high responsibility jobs. What is more, a person can be a porn actoactress only for a very short period of life only as long as their appearance is suitable for acting.
  11. Porn actors/actresses don't have the same life goals as most people do. They usually don't have a family, children (or if they do, a child will be bullied at school, because everyone has seen his/her naked mom or dad, and this may lead to a child's big psychological problems or even suicide). This experience can influence their relationship with future partners by making it difficult to build an emotional connection. The same goes for people who are addicted to porn and are not going to change anything in their lives.
  12. Porn actors and actresses often try to make an impression that everyone in their family agrees to what they do for a living, even their parents. Nothing can be as funny as it sounds, because can you imagine yourself as a dad being OK to know that your daughter is fucked by a new guy everyday and it can be seen up to the smallest details all over the world? It is in fact either a total LIE to form an opinion that it is nothing wrong about doing this or those people's brains are absolutely damaged and their stupid ideas are making an even worse influence on teenagers' and youngsters' brains than we could imagine.
It is not a completed list - we could think of a million reasons why porn movies are bad and how badly they influence people's lives. Sadly, I have also been involved in this addiction, but together with this community I start to realise the principles of this addiction and ir really makes me stronger fighting the urges.
Always remember, it is NEVER worth it. It is all fake and scripted. It is all a lie. It's an illusion. A trap.
Be strong!
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