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“Orange is the the New Black” has more than few cute lesbian couples on screen, but the show actually spawned a real-life, honest-to-God, leaving-my-husband-for-you lesbian relationship between Lauren Morelli (a writer for the show) and Samira Wiley (the actress who plays Poussey Washington). A lesbian has her first one night stand with a woman in “Girl Night Stand” by Trish Bendix Published on November 5, 2015 Out filmmaker Jenna Laurenzo has a new feature coming out called Lez Bomb , “a multigenerational, ensemble comedy about a closeted young woman who brings her girlfriend home for Thanksgiving to drop the Lez Bomb and ... Lesbians List of famous lesbians and bisexual women along with their biographies that include trivia, interesting facts, and life history. What do television host Ellen DeGeneres, actress Ruby Rose, and former World No. 1 tennis champion Martina Navratilova have in common in addition to being super successful women in a predominantly man’s world? 202.6k Followers, 87 Following, 1,131 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from real lesbian couples 🏳️‍🌈 (@officialsecutelesbian) Related Tags: real lesbian incest lesbian scat incest บ incest sfvmother daughter incest femefun anal bestiality sfvnenitas 8-11ขวRussianbare [email protected]ขวบporn Xnxx lendirthaiหี weding xxxี xxx pan rape pornvบporn yขวบ dog sex หกhee thaiหี shit sucking วบ incest real familly incest mommy dad teach sex ... By viewing our video content you are accepting the terms of our Video Services Policy.. This website is intended for viewing solely in the United States and its territories and possessions. Michelle Ehlen is an independent filmmaker and actor, best known for creating the first lesbian comedy trilogy - Butch Jamie, Heterosexual Jill, and S&M Sally. Identifying with both the queer and DIY filmmaking movements, much of her work satirizes gender, sexuality, stereotypes, and identity. The so-called First Ladies of Lesbianism, it’s hard to think "lesbian power couple" without Ellen and Portia springing to mind. Probably the most visible and accepted couple in the public eye, Ellen and Portia show that it is possible to be successful, popular, AND gay. Ellen came out during a time when it was even more of a huge deal than it is today, and despite her career crashing for a ... Bonnie & Bonnie (2019) lesbian movie Bonnie & Bonnie is a 2019 german drama directed by Ali Hakim. Yara is 17 years old and lives with her father, who comes from Albania, and her three siblings in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg. Lesbian bed death. The dreaded “bed death,” or the notion that lesbians in committed relationships stop having sex with each other, is a touchy topic. ... And we’re proud to say that we’ve ...

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A place for discussions for and by cis and trans lesbians, bisexual girls, chicks who like chicks, bi-curious folks, dykes, butches, femmes, girls who kiss girls, birls, bois, aces, LGBT allies, and anyone else interested! Our subreddit is named actuallesbians because lesbians is not really for or by lesbians--it was meant to be a joke. We're not a militant or exclusive group, so feel free to join up!

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24 motives, 24 names🦆 (The secret is to not reveal why you put them)
1- the last person u talked to 2- an online friend 3- crush/bf/gf 4- first crush 5- last person u hugged 6- best guy friend 7- a male friend 8- person who always makes u laugh 9- person u never thought u‘d make friends with 10- a female friend 11- best person you got to know this year 12- best girl friend 13- the person u trust the most 14- last person u said „i love you“ to 15- somebody you miss 16- somebody u hate 17- best teacher 18- last person you kissed 19- an important person for you 20- person who hurts you 21- best cousin 22- an ex 23- last person you payed a lunch for 24- would u date the person who sent u this?
Initial of the last person you: 1. Called 2. Crushing on 3. Kissed 4. Messaged 5. Made you laugh 6. Fucked
drop emoji for the questions
over the summer will you : 1.Lose your virginity 2.Go to a party 3.Have a all nighter 4.Be a hoe 5.Stay single or taken 6.Get drunk 7.Have a car 8.Host a party 9.Have a job 10.Go out the country 11.Go to the beach 12.Smoke sumn 13. Fight somebody 14.Sneak into the movies 15.Play hide and seek in Walmart at night 16.Sneak out the house 17.Have a sneaky link up DROP AN EMOJI FOR THE QUESTIONS

  1. Message to your last vibe?
  2. Message to your current vibe?
  3. Message to your last body?
  4. Oldest you’ll fw/date?
  5. Youngest you’ll fw/date?
  6. Initials of someone you wanna fucc?
  7. How many people on your finsta did you fucc?
  8. Got a crush?
  9. Ever have a sneaky link?
  10. Message to your crush?
  11. What age did you lose ya virginity at?
  12. When was the last time you fucced?
  13. Give head or receive head?
  14. Single, talking, cuffed, or chilling?
  15. You smoke/drink?
  16. Regret an ex?
  17. Take an ex bacc?
  18. Initial of the last person you texted?
  19. Would you date the person that sent you this?
  20. Are you friends with the person who sent you this?
  21. Would you fucc the person who sent you this?
Drop an emoji for the QUESTIONS 🤷🏾‍♂️
LETS HAVE A SEX TALK 🤪 1.What age did you lose your v card ? 2.How long has it been since you last had sex ? 3.Rough or slow? 4.Weirdest place you’ve had sex ? 5.Had sex in the back seat of a car? 6.Had sex with a person whose name you didn’t know? 7.Taken a pregnancy test? 8.Would you ever have gay or lesbian sex ? 9.Faked an orgasm ? 10.Favorite type of foreplay? 11.Would you use objects in sex such as whips, handcuffs, etc ? 12.Light on or off during sex? 13.How many rounds can you go? 14.Do you regret your last body? 15.First letter of last body? 16.Body part of opposite sex that turns you on the most? 17.Sex with the person who sent this to you?
If you aren’t scared to play, drop an emoji 🤷🏾‍♀️
spam talk 😳:
  1. would you fw smb in yo spam ?
  2. like anybody in yo spam ?
  3. cutest follower?
  4. would you fuck anybody in you spam ?
  5. how many people in yo spam have you kissed ? many of your friends are in yo spam ? 7.dislike anybody in yo spam ? 8.lost bond(s) with anybody in you spam ?
  6. most active follower(s)
  7. made new friends from your spam ?
  8. how long have you had this spam ?
  9. you have a private spam ?
  10. how many followers have you kissed in general ?
  11. fucked any spam followers ?
  12. @ yo fav spam ?
  13. would you fw the person who send this ? DROP A EMOJI FOR THE QUESTIONS 🦋
Let’s be honest: Innocent Freaks Edition 1. ever had a fuckbuddy?👥 2. Had a bf/gf before? 3. Are you bold through the phone?📲 4. Had a sneaky/nasty linkup before? 5. Your friends call you a freak? 6. Have options? Side hoes? 7. Virgin?🤭 8. Ever snuck anyone in/out before? 9. Daydream? 💭 10. Ever gotten a hickey? 11. Caught feelings with someone you know you shouldn’t have?🤷🏽‍♀️ 12. Ever regretted linking up?❌ 13. Do you have strict parents? 14. People tell you they “didn’t know you were like that” 15. Call yourself a child of god?👼🏽 16. Have an eyes only?👀 17. Ever done something bold under the influence? 18. Made out with anyone?💋 19. What’s your weak spot? 20. Would you fuck the person who sent you this? DROP AN EMOJI FOR THE QUESTIONS🥵‼️
😳 WHAT HAVE YOU DONE... lowkey wild edition NEW ONE
  1. have you snuck out?
  2. have you lied to your parents about where you’re going?
  3. made out on public?
  4. made out in a car?
  5. done freaky shit at school?
  6. done freaky shit inna bathroom?
  7. given/received head?
  8. given/received hickeys?
  9. done anything smoking/drug related at school?
  10. drank underage without permission?
  11. given someone a fake number?
  12. been bold over the phone?
  13. thought about hooking up with any of your friends?
  14. put one of their initials
  15. thought about what itd be like to date any of your friends?
  16. put one of their initials
  17. innocence level 1-10 (10 being very innocent)
  18. turned someone into a freak?
  19. been turned into a freak by someone?
  20. would you kiss the person who sent you these questions? and rate em 1-10
comment an emoji for the questions and answer em 😤😤
Turn offs in a partner ! ✅=yes ❌=no 1. bad odor 2. smoking 3. swearing 4.drinking/smoking 5.drugs 6.bad breath 7. ear piercing / face piercing 8. bad teeth 9. cheating 10.acne 11. aggressiveness 12. clumsy 13.lazy 14. friendly 15. secretive / private 16. overprotective 17.loud 18. cry baby 19. arguments 20 toxic 21. clingy 22.unfit 23. accent 24.attitude DROP EMOJI FOR QUESTIONS!
Crazyy Secrets😘... (finsta edition) 1. where did you lose your v-card? house/caetc 2. virgin? 3. @ someone you miss 4. ever went w/one of friends ex? 5. ever cheated? 6. who’s your cutest friend?(be honest no one will ever know lol) 7. @ someone who’s playing 8. what is the name of the last person you fw or who you fw now? 9. @ someone who’s for the streets 10. what’s your snap score? 11. how many niggas/bitches in your phone? 12. @ someone you want a relationship with? 13. ever watched porn? 14. is your butt big or little? 15. do you like to be talked to during sex🧐? y’all know the drill, drop an emoji & ill dm you the questions 🤧
how heartless are u ? 💔 .... 1. ever got back with someone to break their heart ? 2. do u still follow your ex’s ? 3. do u still talk to your ex’s ? 4. would break up with / not fight for someone even if they are your happy place ? 5. would you answer if your ex called you ? 6. do you let people explain themselves ? 7. do you argue ? block ? or mute messages ? 8. lead people on with no intentions of pursuing them ? 9. last time you told someone you loved them ? 10. how long does it take you to move on 11. Would you fw the person who sent you this ? drop emoji for questions
1) Do you think anyone in your spam is fine 2) Have you ever daydreamed about fucking someone in your spam 3) Do you think the person that sent you this is cute 4) Is anyone you hate in your spam 5) Has your spam ever gotten you caught up 6) Do you make indirect post at someone 7) Has someone in your spam ever hurt you 8) Have you ever hurt someone in your spam 9) Are you comfortable with who follows you 10) Would you have sex with the person that sent you this
comment emoji for questions ✍🏽
never have i ever innocent edition😳
🥺 - never 🥵 - i have
  1. smoked or vaped
  2. skipped school
  3. snuck out of the house
  4. failed a class
  5. gotten a dentention
  6. drank alcohol
  7. had a bf/gf
  8. had sex
  9. kissed someone
  10. gotten high
  11. been to a club
  12. gotten a fake id
  13. got kicked out of class
  14. cheated on a test
  15. started a rumor about someone
  16. Would you fuck who sent you this ( 🥵 for yea and 🥺 for no )
drop an emoji for the questions🙊
IN THE PASS TWO MONTHS HAVE YOU 👀👀 1. have you had sex ? 2. gotten a hickey ? 3. snuck out ? 4. did anything sexual ? 5. had a nasty kiss ? 6. flirted with someone ? 7. went to a party ? 8. cheated on someone ? 9. gotten head ? 10. talked to your ex ?
drop an emoji for questions
Let’s admit it ... dumb bitch edition 🤣!...
  1. regretted sex ?
  2. cried over somebody who didn’t give a fuck about you ?
  3. who was your first heartbreak ?
  4. were you ever used as a rebound ?
  5. have you ever rebounded ?
  6. fell for somebody who didn’t like you back ?
  7. went back to somebody who fucked you over multiple times ?
  8. hooked up with an ex ?
  9. have you ever gotten cheated on ?
  10. cheated on somebody ?
  11. talked to somebody who was already in a relationship ?
  12. got with somebody to make somebody else jealous , but they didn’t care 🤣?
  13. have you ever fw your ex’s homeboy/girl ?
  14. double texted and still got left on read ?
  15. fought over a boy/girl ?
  16. lost friends over a girl/boy ?
  17. if your ex hit you up .. would you take them back?
  18. fucked with your friends ex ? DROP AN EMOJI FOR THE QUESTIONS 😌
Message to:
  1. To ur ex/last crush
  2. To ur haters
  3. To ur future bf/gf
  4. To ur friends
  5. To the one who secretly loves you
  6. To ur crush
  7. To ur future kids
  8. To all the nosy ass people
  9. To me
  10. To ur ex friend
Drop an emoji for the questions!
FOR THE STREETS don’t ask for questions if you aren’t gonna do them😛😛 1.)what’s your body count 2.)how many girls/boys have you kissed 3.)single or taken 4.)what’s your type 5.)last person you kissed (initials) 6.)have you ever been in love 7.)how many kids do you want 8.)are you in love Right now 9.)what’s your snap score 10.) if ur a girl- how many boys on ur snap bff list 11.) Do you miss your ex? 12.)who was your 8th grade crush (initials) 13.)have you ever sent nudes 14.) are your parents divorced 15.) who do you have your eye on (initials) 16.) have you ever cheated 17.) do you like the person who sent you these questions ? drop an emoji for the questions😅
Lets get personal👀
  1. Was the last person you kissed a good kisser?
  2. How old are you?
  3. Do you miss an old relationship?
  4. What was the last text you sent?
  5. Ever sexted?
  6. Are you a virgin?
  7. Do you currently like somebody?
  8. Have you ever had a one night stand?
  9. Favorite position?
  10. Are you gay/straight/bisexual?
  11. Would you have sex with the person who sent you this?
Drop an emoji and i’ll DM the questions.
Spread to all SPAMS!!!🚨 ( whoever doesn’t complete is pussy🤷🏾‍♂️) 1. had sex in a public place? 2. regretted giving someone head? 3. kissed someone of the same gender? 4. swallowed cum? 5. had sex in a car? 6. had a threesome? 7. where did you lose your virginity?/ what age? 8. fucked raw? 9. got caught fucking? 10. used toys? 11. weren’t satisfied with sex? 12. Ever masturbated? 13. gotten nutted in/nutted in someone? 14. didn’t cum? 15. would you fuck the person who sent it to you? 16. Craziest place you’ve had sex? 17. Body count? 18. Freakiest thing you’ve ever done? 19. Cheated? 20. Favorite position? 21. Last time you had sex? 22.Freaky or innocent? 23.Ever sent nudes? 24.Ever recorded sex? 25.Phone sex? 26.Prefer to give or receive head? Comment an emoji for the questions 🥴
12 secrets 🤫 1.) @ sb you think is fine 2.) @ sb you are close to 3.) last message you sent ? 4.) number ? 5.) iPhone or droid? 6.) first letter of the person name u would fuck? 7.) first letter of sb you love ? 8.) last time you masterbated ? 9.) last time you got head ? 10.) first time getting head? 11.) have you ever had hoes ? 12.) would you fuck the person that send you this ? drop a emoji for the questions 🤭
Your Love Life Questions🥰👀 1. Taken, Single, or Talking? 2. When was the last time you were in a relationship? 3. Are you in a relationship now? 4. @ your crush 5. You know somebody who want you? 6. Rate your love life 1-10. 7. You be screwin? 8. Are you happy in your current relationship? 9. You miss one of your previous relationships? 10. Are you the jealous type? 11. Do you consider yourself controlling? 12. Your parents know about your relationship or the person you like? 13. Do you want a relationship? 14. You want to get married? 15. What song you want to dance to with your husband/wife at your wedding? 16. What age range you want to get married at? 17. What age was you allowed to start dating? 18. What is the oldest you would date? 19. What is the youngest you would date? 20. What’s the hardest thing about dating you? 21. Why you not in a relationship now? DROP EMOJI FOR QUESTIONS!😗
  1. have feelings for anyone ?
  2. single ? if so why ?
  3. do you like your body ?
  4. do you have a lot of friends ? yes or no & why ?
  5. what happened to your old friends ?
  6. do you miss them ?
  7. why is your ex bestfriend your ex bestfriend ?
  8. how many people you talk to ?
  9. why did your last relationship end ?
  10. who’s your favorite person ?
  11. who’s your favorite female ?
  12. note to yourself ?
  13. are you toxic ?
  14. do you hold grudges ?
comment an emoji for the questions💞
  1. would you give head?
  2. are you loyal?
  3. would you take ya ex/last boo back?
  4. are you single?
  5. do you like kissing?
  6. yo peoples fw your boo?
  7. you like ya relationships private or public
  8. would you rather have a relationship or 1 night stand?
  9. do you fw ya last boo/ex?
  10. when the last time you been onna date?
  11. would you be down for 5 rounds in one night?
  12. How long was your last relationship?
  13. what’s your favorite position?
  14. would you make out with a stranger for $100?
  15. would you rather be drunk or high?
  16. would you care if your significant other wanted to have a 3 some ?
  17. would you date someone with a body count over 6?
  18. would you rather give head or receive head?
  19. would you kiss and tell?
  20. would you have sex with the same sex?
  21. would you fuck the person who sent you this?
questions for the girls🤯 1. sexuality? 2. if you were a man for a day.. what would you do? 3. virgin? 4. do you prefer tampons or pads? 5. would you suck diCk? 6. have you ever sent someone a ‘naughty’ picture? 7. are you interested in “netflix & chill”? 8. what is 1 thing that gives you butterflies? 9. where is ur favorite spot to be kissed? 10. would you ever go skinny dipping? 11. hot showers or bubble baths? 12. where do you like to be touched? 13. do you like your hair pulled? 14. do you like giving or receiving hickies? 15. what age did you loose your virginity? 16. is there anything you’re too nervous to tell someone about? 17. what are you thinking about right now? 18. would you fuck one of ur closest friends family members? 19. ever cheated? 20. whats your favorite pair of underwear? 21. what is your biggest turn on? 22. what is your biggest turn off?
26 Letters, 26 Answers😝✌🏾 A-Are you a virgin? B-Bestfriend? C-Can you remember the last time you got high? D-Did the person that sent you this ever did you wrong? E-Ethnicity? F-Forgive and Forget? G-Good vibes with the last person you texted? H-Hate anyone? I-If you could go ANYWHERE, where would you go? J-Jealous of anyone? K-Killed anybody? L-Last time you smoked? M-Married or single? N-Now don’t be cappin, are you a virgin? O-Ohh, what’s your favorite movie? P- Be bold, tag the person you want to fuck. Q-Quarantine, how is it? R-Remember the last time you partied? S-Simply explain where you see yourself in 10 years. T-Tag the last person you sent a DM to. U-Uncommon thing you do? V-Very nice or very mean? W-What are your future kids names? X-Xrays for a broken bone? Y-Does the person you want to fuck want to fuck you too? Z- Would you fuck who sent this to you?
my abc’s 🤪 a: are you single? b: boy best friend? c: crushes initials? d: drink you had last? e: ever said ily without meaning it? f: favorite attribute of yourself? g: girl best friend? h: have you ever said something you regret? to who? i: in love? with who? j: job you want? k: known as which friend in your friend group? l: longest relationship? m: memory you love? n: (in) need of what? o: opportunity you want in life? p: person you know a secret about q: question you wanna ask the person who sent you this r: regret any relationships? s: song you last listened to? t: time you woke up today? u: ugliest person you know? v: virgin? w: who do you dislike (initials) x: xylophone? yes or no? y: your last hug&kiss? z: zodiac sign? COMMENT AN EMOJI IF YOU WANT YOUR ABC’S
GET INTOOO IT ! 🙊💦💕 1. ⁠single , taken , or complicated ? 2. ⁠you a virgin ? 3. ⁠last time you got a hickey ? 4. ⁠last time you tongue kissed ? (with who) 5. ⁠best kisser ? 6. ⁠ever had yo titties sucked/sucked titties? 7. ⁠top or bottom? 8. ⁠IF you ever cheated who would know about it ? 9. ⁠sexiest girl on your spam ? 10. ⁠sexiest boy on your spam? 11. ⁠would you eat coochie ? 👀 12. ⁠would you suck dick ? 👀 13. ⁠craziest place you wanna have sex? GO AHEAD AND COMMENT AN EMOJI FOR THE QUESTIONS ❤
So far in 2020 have you: 1 ⇾ kissed someone 2 ⇾ smoked 3 ⇾ got drunk 4 ⇾ had sex 5 ⇾ went to a party 6 ⇾ hugged someone 7 ⇾ got back with an ex 8 ⇾ kissed someone of the same gender 9 ⇾ lied to someone 10 ⇾ snuck out 11 ⇾ lost a friend 12 ⇾ got in a fight 13 ⇾ been sick 14 ⇾ gave head 15 ⇾ got head 16 ⇾ done something you regret 17 ⇾ got a new job 18 ⇾ got into a relationship 19 ⇾ made a new friend 20 ⇾ been on a date Comment an emoji for the questions𑁍
HOWS LOVE FOR YOU... 🥰😼 don’t ask for questions if you aren’t going to do them (finsta edition) 1.Do you like someone? 2.Have you and the person ever kissed? ^ 3.How many real relationships have you been in? 4.Have you ever been in love? 5.Are you in love now? [email protected] your crush(if you have one) 7.If you dont^ @ someone who’s cute 8.Are you ready to be in a relationship? 9.How long was your longest relationship? 10.How toxic are you in a scale from 1-10? 11.Whats the most toxic thing you’ve ever done? 12.freaky or innocent? [email protected] someone you want to be freaky with [email protected] 5 people that you love 15.What sign do you think you’ll last with? 16.Have you ever messed with someone the same sign as you? 17.Do you have trust issues 18.If your crush/person you think is cute was to ask you out rn what would you say? COMMENT AN EMOJI FOR QUESTIONS 😼
the hardest questions you’ll ever have to answer! 1. Are you happy? 2. Are you single/taken? 3. Are you a bad person? 4. Do you get mad easily? 5. Do you get annoyed easily? 6. Do you get easily attached? 7. Do you cry easily? 8. Do you miss someone right now? 9. Would you call yourself toxic? 10. If yes, name one toxic thing you’ve done? 11. Are you in love? 12. Crush? 13. Best friend? 14. Would you be friends with yourself if you could? drop an emoji for the questions
No pussy’s🤪 (FOR THE GIRLS) 1.where’d you lose your virginity 2.ever have a pregnancy scare 3.condom or no condom 4.ever sent nudes 5.have your nudes ever been exposed 6.least favorite position 7.most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done during sex 8.spit or swallow 9.rather send ass pic or tit pic 10.have you ever sexted 11.have your parents ever caught you having sex 12.have you ever had a hook up that you regret 13.initials of that person 14.ever said wrong name during sex 15.scale of 1-10 how painful was losing your virginity 16.ever sent nudes to the wrong person 17.what is the longest you’ve had sex many times have you had sex in one day 19.ever faked it 20.initials of the worst kisser Drop an emoji if you’re a girl and wanna play🥵🤪
DROP THE @ YOU WONT! [email protected] person ur currently crushing on [email protected] last person you kissed [email protected] ur number one on snapchat bestie list [email protected] ur favorite person [email protected] a random so they can wonder why they @ [email protected] someone you wanna link with [email protected] the last person u texted [email protected] someone u ghosted [email protected] someone who ghosted u [email protected] one girl u trust [email protected] one boy u trust [email protected] someone u fell off with [email protected] someone you wouldn’t talk to again [email protected] your first body [email protected] someone who sucks at replying [email protected] your fav ex [email protected] someone you love [email protected] the funniest person to u [email protected] someone u miss YK WHAT TO DO, COMMENT FOR THE QUESTIONS
simp or pimp addition ! 1. cried over a boy/girl 2. wrote more than 3 paragraphs to the same person 3. went back to the same person after they cheated 4. curved boys/girls while in the “talkin” stage 5. talked to more that one person at once 6. been stuck on one person for more than 3 months 7. had sex with an ex while dating someone new 8. can get your ex back with one “i miss you” text 9. can’t see yourself without one specific person 10. miss your ex 11. got more than 2 options 12. have a list of hoes to ft every night 13. cheated on someone and they took you back 14. made someone fall in love and curved them 15. parents met more than two of your “partners” 16. flirted your way into a relationship 17. dated someone for clout 18. been a sugar baby 19. visited more than one of your hoes in a day 20. been on more than one date in a day
drop an emoji for questions !
I would do/wouldn’t nasty edition.. would : 🤣 wouldn’t:😬
  1. have sex in a car?
  2. suck someone’s toes?
  3. give head in the movies?
  4. kiss your partner after giving head?
  5. swallow cum?
  6. have a threesome with one being the same sex as you?
  7. rather give head than receive?
  8. have shower sex?
  9. fuck somebody even though they were in a relationship?
  10. fuck somebody who has a STD even if still have protection?
  11. free ball for a whole day?
  12. would you fuck the person who sent you this?
  13. fuck one of your homeboys/homegirls ex?
  14. fuck someone who you are in-law to ?
  15. fuck at a outside public place?
Drop a emoji for the questions 😗
16 OUT OF 16‼️ 1. miss your ex? 2. have you ever got high/drunk 3. favorite ex? 4. first initial of crush ? 5. last time you cried? 6. favorite friend? 7. have you ever cheated? 8. ever had an heartbreak? 9. got hoes? 10. have you been cheated on? 11. hardest breakup? 12. worst mistake? 13. birthday month 🎁? 14. favorite holiday 15. have you done anything sexual lately? 16. worst fear?
Drop an emoji for questions
expose yourself extreme edition
1) who is your number one on Snapchat? 2) Ever received or gotten a hickey? 3) initials of the last person you made out with 4) have you ever liked multiple people at once? 5) have you ever cheated? 6) ever like someone 2+ years older? 7) weirdest place you hooked up with someone? 8) favorite place to be kissed? 9) something you miss about your last relationship 10) ever dyed your hair after a break up? 11) fake cried? 12) ever been skinny dipping ? 13) would you say you have hoes? 14) what do you most like about yourself? 15) How long have you known the person who sent you this?
drop emojis for the questions
wild side pt 3 🤪 
  1. ⁠Biggest pet peeve?
  2. ⁠Biggest turn on?
  3. ⁠Best bang ?
  4. ⁠Where you lost your Vcard?
  5. ⁠Weirdest place you’ve banged?
  6. ⁠Ever cheated on a test?
  7. ⁠Ever sent nudes?
  8. ⁠Ever sent someone the wrong text /snap?
  9. ⁠Worst driver?
  10. ⁠Worst place you’ve thrown up while drunk?
  11. ⁠Ever get blackout drunk?
  12. ⁠Have you ever done anything to make someone jealous?
  13. ⁠Ever stolen anything?
  14. ⁠Worst drunk?
  15. ⁠Ever have car sex?
  16. ⁠Comment an EMOJI for the QUESTIONS😋... you gotta answer
GETTING GREASYYY🤣 1. initial of the last person who gave you head 2. ever had a pregnancy scare ? 3. do you miss your ex 4. message to the person u fw now 5. ever got on top? 6. ever made a sex tape ? 7. tag a random person to make them wonder what u tagged them for 8. what’s your ex from middle school name 9. ever took / bought a plan b ? 10. tag everybody who’s in your favorite group chat 11. initials of your last sneaky link 12. initials of the last person who fingered you / you fingered 13. when was the last time u kissed somebody 14. ever got head from the same gender ? 15. tag someone with a fat ass
y’all know the drill, drop an emoji & ill dm you the questions 🤣
The last time you ___ edition👀😳
  1. when’s the last time you smoked 💨?
  2. when’s the last time you got head 👅?
  3. whens the last time you texted yo ex 👀?
  4. when’s the last time you crushed on somebody 🌚?
  5. when’s the last time you cheated on somebody 😳?
  6. when’s the last time you did something bold 😏?
  7. when’s the last time you cried 🤔 ?
  8. when’s the last time somebody checked on you😐 ?
  9. when’s the last time you actually loved somebody? 🥺
  10. when’s the last time you was toxic wit somebody 👀?
  11. last time you had a hickey? 👅 Don’t be pussy 🤷‍♂️drop an emoji for the questions
  1. are you in a relationship rn?
  2. are you “talking” to someone?
  3. ever liked a girl/boy who was taken?
  4. waited on someone to get out of a relationship to date them?
  5. how many boys/girls have you’ve cried over in the last year?
  6. ever sent someone a heart-felt paragraph?
  7. do you say “I love you” first?
  8. how long does it take for you to get over someone?
  9. missing anyone rn?
  10. ever been placed in the friendzone but continued to pursue them?
  11. ever sent an “i miss you” text?
  12. ever made a playlist for a crush?
  13. would people consider you as “sensitive”?
  14. talked about marriage with someone you don’t talk to anymore?
  15. ever been cheated on and took them back?
  16. been played before?
  17. ever fell asleep on the phone with someone?
  18. ever made a post on your spam about someone you liked?
  19. first initial of your worst heartbreak
  20. ever stayed up late night thinking about someone?
comment an emoji for the questions 🤝
DO IT NASTY😏💦 1.) rate your freakiness 1-10. 2.)ever fucked with music on ? 3.) ever had or wanted a fuck buddy? 4.) ever had car sex ? 5.) weirdest place you got freaky? 6.) ever made someone nut off head? 7.) @ someone you wanna fuck or want head from? 8.) have you ever came / nutted? 9.) when was your last sneaky link ? 10.) ever had a boy sleepover yo house ? (girls) 11.) ever wet the bed ? (sexual) 12.) u dirty talk in bed ? 13.) light on or off ? 14.) ppl know bout yo sex life 15.) on cam or phones locked away ? 16.) fav sexual song? 17.) would u do anything nasty with the person that sent u this ? comment a emoji for the questions 🌬💖
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2020.09.18 17:28 girlonfire8887 Online nude sex chat

Hi guys! I have been married for 4 years. My husband is great. We have a very good sex life. He had a really intense porn issue in the past that has been on and off. He said he had been addicted to porn for years and just always craved sexual variety. He tells me he loves me and never wants us to divorce. He is working on it! He goes to sex anonymous meetings and he does counseling and we both do individual counseling.
Anyways, since finding out about his porn addiction, I found out while engaged to him he was on an online dating platform our entire engagement until two weeks post our marriage. He says he never dated or messaged the women. He claims he was afraid I was going to bail on him due to his own insecurities. I don't buy it. I completely cater to him and I am very loving. He also frequented SnapChat a lot in which I saw on our computer he often searched for dirty snap chat users like swap nudes. I looked through his snapchat and saw he never messaged the woman.
I don't believe he did because the whole time this was happening I was completely unaware of it and he would have no reason to cover his tracks. He's sloppy in some ways took me as the loving, caring wife who wouldn't suspect a thing.
I asked him about the obsession of adding these women and trying to find dirty user names often. He said that it was just another form of porn to feed his addiction as he never messaged the girls but would watch their public stories.
The thing is I know these are premium snap chat accounts. He would be too cheap to pay for personal snaps. But the girls hardly ever post public stories. What's the point? Was he just hoping eventually he'd find that one dirty snapchatter who'd send free pics and post public stories often??? Or as a porn addict did these girls seem more personal than porn stars and like the viewing was just for him almost like a virtual lap dance? To me this seems more than viewing the fake two dimensional images of porn. He claims it was just another way to view porn from another platform. Then why not watch free snapchat porn on a free porn platform as opposed to seek out names to add??
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2020.09.18 16:44 IdolA18Sepl Online nude sex chat

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2020.09.16 01:56 vaiwin Online nude sex chat

tdlr at bottom. Sorry in advance if it's too wordy, I'm trying to work out the details from memory as I write.
When I had just turned 18, I decided to check out dating apps. For context, I wasn't really looking for casual hook ups but I was not trying to avoid sex either. Then I matched with a guy who, in his profile, seems like a nice and proper person who also wanted a serious relationship. For some background, I was a very depressed teenager with very low self-esteem, I also was a year older than my class, so I was still in 12th grade (he knew this). Now, as for the guy, he's 8 years older than me, in college. And as much as I wish I could have been smarter and avoid older guys, I didn't know any better. I just really liked his profile and appearance, and so we started to chat.
Now, the chat went normally, but it got sexual pretty quickly with him not even a day into chatting started asking about my boobs size, if I'm a virgin or not (I find out later that me being a virgin was really important to him). Being inexperience in dating, I assumed this is how online dating works and went along, and it's not like I didn't like the sexual part anyways. However, I did stated clearly that I wanted a serious relationship and he agreed that was his goal as well.
A couple days later we decided to meet up, we did all the normal first date stuff and I really liked it, especially when he didn't seem to be overly touchy as I remembered. Until we're at the movies. He got us in the theater much earlier than the starting time, I remembered asking why, and he said so we can be alone. Now, I know I sound naive here, but I genuinely thought he just wanted to be with me, that's all. But then once we sat down, he immediately asked if he can touch my breasts. I should have said no right away, because that's what I wanted to say. But instead I made excuses like it's public and may have cameras. He then tried to convince me that there's no camera and no one's around to see. As he's trying convince me he was already getting touchy on my chest. After awhile of me not letting him, he got upset. He turned around, not speaking to me no matter how much I tried to have a conversation. This went on for about 10 minutes before I finally caved, and let him. He then say some manipulative shit like how beautiful I am etc.
That should be enough for me to cut him off, but at the time I was craving for affection so much that already felt like I need him to feel better about myself. After the first date, his texting got a lot more sexual and manipulative. He started to ask for nudes, and when I make excuses not to, he'll get upset and stop talking again. Same thing repeated, I caved, he started to say things like "I love you", or compliment me in other ways. He eventually asked when will we have sex since he already seen everything from my nudes. I told him I don't want to have sex early on, so maybe a month into dating. I was a little surprised that he agreed easily. At this point we're probably 2 weeks in.
Now during those 2 weeks I had shared to him my mental state, and how I'm living with my relatives who I don't have good relationships with (my uncle was a very creepy dude who touches me weirdly, but that's another story). I will never know how much has this made him decided that I'm an easy target, but I really was vulnerable, and yet I thought that I had control.
On our second date, we planned out another regular date. He took the train to my city instead of driving (he had never drove me anywhere, not letting me know even approximately where he lives the whole time while he already knew my address). When he arrived, he ordered an uber for us to a motel. I know this should have been the red flag, but he said because he lived far away (2 hours drive), he decided to stay the night in my city and needed a room. I thought we were going there first to drop his stuff off. But once we got in the room, he started to grope me and asked if we can have sex. I said I'm on my period, he told me to stop making excuses (I really was on my period). I then mentioned the one month deal and he pulled the "I've already seen everything" thing, so there's no point for waiting. Same situation happened and I gave in. The sex was painful and uncomfortable mentally.
As much as I feel uncomfortable about it, I tried to think of it as having sex with someone I liked, so I brushed it off, and our relationship continues.
The second night before he left, we ate dinner and walked around my city past midnight. As we walked towards my highschool, it got very dark, no one's around, and you can guess what he tried to do. He walked me towards a dark spot VERY near my highschool, and started to groped me. He wasn't even asking this time. I was extremely uncomfortable and anxious because it's outside right by my school. I actually pushed him away this time. He got mad, and for the next 20 minute or so he stayed completely silent no matter how much I begged him to talk. This is the part that I felt so so so stupid and blamed myself the most for years. But as we walked on a trail back to my place, I gave in again. I was just so scared of rejection. I was so scared of the thought that I'd be by myself with no love or attention. It was humiliating and I was so anxious that someone will see. Luckily it was very late. But I completely changed the route I usually walk to school after that.
Things kept going like that for next 3 months, every date he'd tried to grope me in public places and if I don't agree, he'll get upset, and he knows so well what that does to me. Our relationship ends when he said he got an internship at a company that's 6 hours away from where we were. And although we agreed he would visit me couple times a month, when he left I got about 3 short messages for the through out the next couple months. It's all under the excuse that work stresses him out. I then saw his profile picture changed to him with another girl. He had always refused to take photos with me, or even just himself, never let me post anything on his social media either. At this point, I still know almost nothing about him, his whole life story that I knew could all be fake.
For years, I coped by telling myself I consented to everything, and as much as he was a bad boyfriend, he wasn't doing anything wrong. But I grew up and realize that I was just a little girl being pressured by a person in position of power. I was young and vulnerable and didn't know any better. I thought that dating an older guy must means that I'm mature, not because I'm an easy target. Looking back, it was so obvious what he was planning right from the start. But I am now happily married and my husband has allowed me to be more empathetic with my younger self. I had blamed myself constantly how naive and desperate I was. How I should have stood my ground and said no, I should have been smarter to protect myself. But none of that matters. I was barely an adult. The mind I had was of a teenager in highschool. I have realized that it is absolutely not my fault that a full grown man use my vulnerabilities against me to disrespect my wishes, manipulate me into thinking it was a relationship, that he truly loved me.
I want to share this because I felt that some women here may need to hear the situation written out, to see it clearly in third person how wrong it was. I don't ever wish what happened to me onto anybody, but if it did happen to you, I hope that you can understand who and what is truly at fault, and it is absolutely not because you trusted somebody because you loved them, whether or not their love for you was real.
If you're still reading thank you so much. I apologize that it is very long, and English isn't my native language.
tdlr: My ex, 8 years older than me (a mentally vulnerable 18 years old), repeatedly pressured me into sex and sending nudes, if I don't he'll get really upset and manipulative. If something like this happened to you, please remember it is not your fault.
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2020.09.15 06:52 aston12341 Chat sex online nude

So, there’s this girl I met online and we became a couple and I was her first boyfriend and she got really happy and used to text me 24x7 , she kept for phone wallpaper as my picture and adored me. She was 17 and I was 19 and I was just horny but I realized that our relationship will end up hurting her so I started giving out signs that I am a liar and no good but she said that it’s alright if I was a liar but now I said the truth and she’s love me no matter what . So I had to take things to next level to hate me and I acted I cheated her and eventually cursed her to get out of the relationship and deactivated my account.
Now, after around 2 years, I was lonely and feeling horny so I reactivated that account to see if I again get some pics and acted like I regretted what I did and stuff and surprisingly within 2 days, we started NSFW stuff and then I cursed and blocked her again realizing that she will hurt again and this will not destroy her more.
I am 23 now and as these were times of quarantine, I was getting desperate, so I texted her again, turns out she never got into a relationship after me, not because of love or anything but because she wanna focus on her career, (that’s what she says ) , we got into chatting again and I got what I wanted NSFW , but this time I said ,” I am permanently deleted my account and this is the last time, so I just came to say goodbye”. Can’t ask for nudes directly, that’s why I started chat like that and eventually realizing again that she will be messed for some time after this, I went ahead and cursed her saying that if I ever come back again, please don’t accept me request and don’t ever talk to me again otherwise , you will be hurt , you dumbass stupid b-word, though this time, she hardly sent any nudes but she still deep down was hoping that we could , we might work our stuff out. I said that as I was his first love, it’s common to not forget, literally any out there will treat you better than me and she again said, I don’t want to be one for now, only sex is okay but bf no! , and somehow I deleted the account.
Please help me now, I am feeling this urge to text her again. I don’t wanna hurt her but the demon of lust owns my brain.
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2020.09.14 18:40 Informal-Ideal-4816 Sex online chat nude

Location: USA, Washington State
I recently discovered that my 14 y/o son has been in an online relationship on Discord with a 14 y/o girl (according to him). There has been disturbing sexting and the girl has sent a number of simple nude pictures and videos, then some more graphic pictures/videos. Unfortunately, my son reciprocated and sent a nude picture and video of himself.
I have removed access to Discord and all other social media from my son. The girl texted his phone and a reply was sent from my son's phone telling the girl that he has lost the privilege of using his phone. I will be getting counseling for my son.
My questions are as follows:
Do I need to hire a lawyer to protect my son in the event that this girl decides to seek retribution for him ghosting her or if her parent finds the conversations/pictures/videos and tries to come after my son? Apparently she has an abusive mother and my son was trying to help support her.
Do I delete every picture/video in their chats on Discord, or will that only affect his viewing capability and Discord keeps everything posted?
Do I contact Discord and tell them they are hosting child porn and ask them to delete it? Or will they contact the authorities?
My biggest fear is that today's laws don't care about the age of the kids and if any of this is brought to the attention of the law, it can and will ruin my son's life. Being labeled as a sex offender at 14 for this behavior isn't appropriate but I can't change the laws.
I do not have an interest in alerting the girls parents or getting her in trouble with the law either. Though, some of her pictures were taken by a third party. My thoughts are that the kids don't understand the repercussions of their actions.
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2020.09.13 11:22 TA33455 Online nude sex chat

I'm 35, she is 30. We have been together for almost 10 years, married for a little over 2. No house, no kids.
Sorry if this is disjointed. I'm just numb with shock.
A little over 2 years ago, I went to school to get my CDL and started trucking. We got married after I got my CDL. We got rid of our apartment and lived on a company semi truck while I drove around the country. We had a sort of unspoken arrangement. She would do chores on the truck, and I would make all the money. She wouldnt have to work. In the last 2 years, I've bought her everything she wanted. Games, consoles, laptop, phone, tablet, whatever. She plays this game called Second Life, where she knows a lot of people. In June of last year, I bought her a plane ticket so she could flyto Portland Oregon to visit a friend. And last month, she went to Memphis to visit another friend. I had weird feelings about the second trip. About a week ago, I have an incredibly vivid dream about her cheating on me with a friend online. Normally I would just dismiss it, but it stuck with me. Last night, she was playing on her laptop in the top bunk of the truck and gave me her phone to plug in to the charger. I still had that weird feeling, so I decided to snoop through her phone. I never do this. And, its funny, but I still feel like a pile of shit for doing it.
I started by looking through her pictures for anything weird. No nudes. Which was odd, because shes sent them to me before. But whatever. I opened Facebook messenger and went to the chat with her friend from Memphis and looked in the section where you can see past pictures that have been sent. Nothing weird. Then I saw the chat with this guy John. John is a friend from Second Life. Shes told me that he is autistic. He works on his family farm and doesnt really have a life. She encouraged him to get a job and was guiding him to getting his own car. I decided to look through those messages.
Halfway down, I saw 2 pictures of her in somewhat revealing clothing. Annoying, but nothing too bad. Then I scrolled to the bottom and saw it. A bunch of her nudes, including 2 close-up vagina pics. The background was unfamiliar. I assume it was from her trip to Portland, judging by the dates. The first time she was away from me in months, and she did that. I confronted her and she started to freak out. She told me that she sold the pictures to him for money to buy more weed while she was in the legal state. When I started to scroll up in the chat, she begged me to stop because she didnt want me to read it and get hurt. I ignored her and kept scrolling until I found it.
The top of the chat was cut off, like she had deleted the entire conversation before. And judging by his reaction, this wasnt the first time shes send him nude pictures. There was no mention of him buying them. So theres another lie. I suspect she has also had phone sex with him, and cammed with him. He implied that he was going to 'use' the pictures when he got home, and she wanted him to hurry home. Then John said when he gets a car, he can come pick her up, they can go to a bar to play pool, then fuck. She replied that it sounded great, and that she would have no problem getting away from me to do it. I only saw the pictures and the chat around the pictures. I'm sure they refined the plans further. These were sent in June of last year. So for over a year, shes be sleeping with me, telling me she loves me, and living with me like normal. All while she was planning to fucking this guy behind my back. She became hysterical and kept screaming for her phone. I assume its because I had just found the tip of the iceburg and she didnt want me to see any more evidence. I was, and still am, completely heartbroken a furious. I've never done anything like this to her. Not even close.
She said she knew I would divorce her, grabbed what she could, and left the truck. She got a bus ticket to her friend in Memphis and left. I'm almost positive that shes done this before, but I have no proof of that. Only suspicion. Even while my world was collapsing, I have the presence of mind to screen shot the pictures and some of the chat. I send them to my phone.
We got married in Florida, my CDL has since been switched to Kentucky, while hers is still in Florida. I currently work out of a distribution center in Illinois.
How hard will this divorce be? She said shes willing to just sign the papers and go. How expensive will it be? What are the chances that she can get alimony from me, considering that I've completely taken care of her, and have proof of her infidelity.
What should I expect to do? Do I have to go to FL to get it done? Can I do it in Illinois? I dont wish her any ill will. I just want this to be over with. I cant dwell on it, or it will fuck me up. It needs to be done as quickly as possible.
I'm so lost. Our lives were so intertwined. We have a shared bank account as well. I've changed the passwords on everything I can remember. And I'm calling my bank on Monday to open a new account, cancel my card for the old one and get my name off of it. I cannot stop my work's direct deposit, so I am concerned about that. I have around $350 in this joint account, with a deposit of $1000ish coming on Friday. I dont think she would take it, but I dont know. I also have her on my Verizon account and still own probably $700 on the phone I got her. I dont know if I can split that off to another account. I'll probably be stuck with all the charges because she doesnt work right now.
I'm sorry for the wall of disorganized text. I'm devastated. 24 hours ago, I was happily playing video games and planning a little vacation with her. Now I'm alone, broken, and repeatedly explaining to our distraught cat that mommy isnt coming back. But she never learned English, so it isnt working.
I feel so terrible for searching her phone. And that our cat wont see her again. I dont understand why these things are hitting me the hardest.
Someone please help me make sense of all this. I'm putting my major emotions on hold for now. I need to focus on the important things first.
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2020.09.13 04:07 Anonymous_muffins02 Crazy one day relationship

I was almost 18 at the time and on a community type app for dating among other things. I met this 14 year old there and we started chatting on kik and I tell her that I'm too old her so she sets me up with her 17 year old sister which is crazy girl in the screenshots. This took place over two days. Crazy girl starts out okay but then she says she has a feeling that starts with "h", I being dumb guess different things until she tells me she's horny... keep in mind I only knew her for a few hours on kik and only knew her name. Anyway I tell her I'm asexual (not sure what I am now not important) and I explained what it means,she then asks if she can show me something...cue extra crazy. It went like this:
Me: What is it?
CG: You know....
Me: I don't
CG: A pic baby
Me: I don't feel comfortable showing my body
CG: Please baby I'll do it too sends picture of herself with her shirt up showing her bra
(I wish I was making this up)
Me: I'm good
CG: sends sad emojis
Me: I know you want me to do it, but I don't feel comfortable
CG: Why? sends topless picture
Me: I don't like showing my body
CG: crying emoji
Me: I won't be pressured to do it
CG: Ik Do you like my tits tho?
Me: (lying) Yes, I'll do it someday
(Here's where it goes from 10 to 1000)
CG: Pls fuck me
Me: What?
CG: Pls have sex with me sends picture of shaved nether regions
Me: Why?
CG: Im horny
Me: Please don't send me anymore images.... I don't want sex
CG: Oh
Me: I don't feel comfortable
CG: Did I hurt you?
Me: It was too much
CG: sends three crying emojis
Me: I don't like or want sex with anyone, I don't share nudes online
CG: Are you breaking up with me
(future me regretting that I didn't by now)
Me: No
CG: That's a first
Me: What do you mean?
CG: Every girl broke up with me
Me: Why?
CG: Because of my body (she was chubby)
Me: Sending nudes after only knowing a person for a few hours is very forward, I'm not breaking up with you
Me: Just maybe think before sending anything inappropriate or asking for sex
After that I changed the subject to something else and I told the younger sister everything that happened turns out CG prints out the nudes others send her and does unspeakable things to them even keeping them in a binder and is constantly in trouble with the police but gets bailed out, I unfortunately don't have any proof of that besides what younger sister told me. Cue to the next day and where the screenshots start off.
Next day 1
Next day 2
Next day 3
Next day 4
Next day final
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2020.09.10 20:07 _throwaway_77 Online nude sex chat

Apologies, this post is kinda long but I really appreciate anyone taking the time to read it!
My (20f) bf (22m) and I have been together for just over a year. We have a great relationship for the most part, and have talked about getting married in the distant future, have kids, etc.
In the past (before we knew each other), he used to message a plethora of girls (like, 10+ at a time) for nudes and videos. These girls were strangers that he found online (Tumblr, Facebook, etc) and would then chat with them privately on another social media platform (like Snapchat, Kik, email) where they would exchange pictures and videos. He did this for about 3 years, when he was single. I’d also like to add that he actually had a second Snapchat account with 20+ girls on it who he also used to ask for nudes and videos from (I looked at the message dates and they did predate our relationship).
Fast forward to the start of our relationship, in mid 2019. We were great, I never had any reason not to trust him for months. However, in January 2020, I discovered a series of girls on his Snapchat that had sent him nudes and videos. They were all somewhat recent, and were all sent during time periods when we were dating. (I want to state that I wasn’t snooping on his phone, as I said before I had full trust in him up to this point. I was on his Snapchat because I was trying to find a picture of us that he took when I noticed that he had chatted (the blue arrow on Snap) a few girls recently and I had no idea who they were and they were’t any of his girl friends that I knew.) Anyways, after I saw the pics and vids from the girls that were sent recently on Snapchat, I got very upset and went through his entire phone to see if he had more. What I found was mainly him responding to other girls’ stories on Instagram and Snapchat (when they posted a selfie he would dm them “Hot😛” or something along those lines). What really killed me though was a dm that I found from one specific girl on Instagram. He had commented on one of her photos, and she had dm’d him specifically asking him, “You got a girl?” to which he replied, “Lol yeah,” and then she told him to add her on Snapchat (under the pretense she would send him nudes). When I checked his Snapchat messages between the two of them, he had saved in the chat multiple pictures and videos of her. I later found out that this was one of the many girls he had found on social media before he knew me, and that this wasn’t the first time she had sent him things over the years.
What really hurt me in this situation was him completely acknowledging my existence and our relationship, only for him to minutes later exchange nudes from this girl.
We got into a huge argument about the many comments, messages, pictures and videos that I had found. He apologized profusely, was crying and deleted and blocked all of the girls off of social media. I took time for myself for a while before deciding that he was very sorry about it and I could give him another chance.
Everything has been really great between us for the past few months, aside from a few normal arguments. Fast forward to now, and the other day I was on his Facebook messenger to message someone who I wanted to buy something from. I found two girls on Facebook (the messages were very recent so they were right there) who were selling their nudes that he had messaged. Again, this made me feel like I needed to go through his entire phone again, and I found 1 other girl on Instagram who was also selling her nudes that he had dm’d. He never bought anything from them, and when I confronted him about it he said he “Just wanted to see if they would send him anything for free.”
Now, I’m a huge fan of porn, I watch a lot of it myself and so does he, and I have absolutely no issue with it. I myself look at sexual content on Reddit, Tumblr, etc, and I told him I didn’t care about him using those sites to ONLY view it (I made it clear that I did not want him messaging girls privately or any kind of personal exchanges happening). I also believe that sometimes people need sexual gratification outside of their relationship, so I point blank told him before the second discovery that if he felt the need to receive sexual gratification outside of our relationship, I would be ok with that as long as it ADDED to our sexual relationship as well, and all he had to do was tell me before it happened. I made it clear that I was 100% NOT ok with him hiding anything that he was doing, but if he told me before he did anything and was very transparent about his actions then I would ok with that.
Basically, this time I’m very upset because I laid out my expectations very clearly and he still violated them. He felt the need to hide the messages he sent to those girls, even though I told him outright that if he was just honest with me, it would be ok. Him hiding the messages makes me feel like he’s lying to me, and that this situation will eventually lead into something more. I confronted him about all of this and was ready to end things with him, as this was the second time he’s broken my trust. He told me that he was very sorry and that he wanted to change, and that he would stick to my guidelines from now on. I’m just very lost and confused because I love him very much, and I can see us having a wonderful life together, but I don’t know how to really trust him from now on.
I also am very upset because he never asks me for nudes anymore, and when he wanted them he chose other girls over me. He knows that all he has to do is just ask me for them, as I am very obliging with that and love to send them to him. I feel very undesired and that he has chosen other girls over me, which really really hurts. I also want to make clear that even though I said I am ok with him seeking sexual gratification outside of our relationship, I am only ok with that if it adds to our own relationship (sort of like a hotwife scenario but gender roles reversed). I DON’T want him to just be having fun and leaving me in the dust.
I would also like to add that we’ve been having a very rough time with our sex life for the past few months. He just graduated college recently and although he got a great job right after graduation, has been depressed because he feels like his life is very boring now and he doesn’t have much to do (especially with COVID-19 making it difficult to do much). This has led to us not really having sex that often (it’s about once every 1.5-2 weeks), which has made my self-esteem plummet (although I’m working on that). He also says that he often gets performance anxiety because he feels like there are so many expectations during sex that he can’t meet (although I have reassured him that that has never been the case on my end). Us not having sex regularly only adds fuel to the fire, because as I said before I already feel undesired by him and him seeking out nudes from other girls instead of me and not telling me about it makes my insecurities worse.
EDIT: I’d also like to add that he said he wants to pursue therapy as well (for this amongst other issues).
TL;DR! - My bf and I have had infidelity issues in the past, which we addressed and moved past. During this time I made my expectations very clear about what our sexual relationship could/could not entail, which he violated once again. Our sex life is very poor on top of this issue which only inflames the problems. I’m unsure of how to move forward with our relationship now that my trust is broken.
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I found this subreddit a while ago and thought you fellow lurkers would like to hear me and my favorite girl’s story (20M/19F). It all started one day when I was going through the match system of an online game called IMUV, basically a multiplayer chat game. I come across this profile of an avatar named “Raven Summers” and being into the rut of boredom that I am in, I proceed to invite her to chat, not one, not two but three times. Eventually, she comes and we exchange formalities and get to know one another. Little do I know, I just interrupted her game of “Walk off” (think of “Bejeweled or Candy Crush”) and she is pissed off at having to talk with another pervert who will be nice for a minute before asking for nudes. I of course got past all of her tests by not being sex-crazed and being an actual nice guy. We eventually have a virtual first date together that night, sharing our favorite places and whatnot. We share personal info like our social media accounts and our faces of course and then we both called it a night. The next week after sharing more information and photos, I decided to call her and we stay up talking until 3 am talking our lungs out about how this is so stunning that we found each other and about how much we like each other. The next day after talking, I was doing an orienteering rally, where you run to different points on a map to get the best time. We use little punches so we can record our time electronically. By the end of my course, I was out of gas and managed to run over the finish line, a table with devices that you would use to finish. I was bruised up pretty bad and sore as heck, so not seeing my dad coming to the finish anytime soon, I pulled out my phone and called her again to be a whiny bastard so she can make it all better. We ended up bonding a lot during that specific phone call and we both know now that moment was when we first started to love each other. We also started to write stories together which is a hobby that we both can share. (Thank the Google gods for Docs). It's been 10 months since then and we have become unbreakable. We have seen each other for a week once and had a great time during that visit, even when my little empath cried when it was time to leave. Hopefully, the gods and parental units willing (the gods are more forgiving than my parents), I will get to visit her during Halloween week and also the anniversary when we first met. The message I have for the viewers at home is to keep going even when the storm around you is at its bleakest. There is a love for you out there. Whether that love will come for you or you will come to it is up to fate. As for you my love, keep being you because I love you and your Danish witch nose with all of my heart and soul. We will together soon and in the future, we will never have to part ways and say goodbyes till we see each other again.
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