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They zeroed out $7k balance. ... won your money before or after your payouts were requested. My guess is that they will come back and tell you that your 3k payout was issued while you were still ... He also couldn't tell me if I would be notified in any way once my account was zeroed out, so he said I should keep checking the balance. Since my account has been "closed" I don't have access to check the balance online anymore, so he said I'll just have to call back periodically to see if they've made the adjustment. Unemployment Maze: 'Zeroed out' wages leading to 'ineligible' status, state does not acknowledge problem David Jones 5/13/2020 Cities with the highest number of COVID-19 cases I have a few joints in my scene and I would need to zeroed out its channel values as I parent those joints into different mesh (which are in different places within the scene) I know that I can manually type out cmds.setAttr(joint01.translateX, '0') so on and forth for the other translation as well as the rotational attributes. Ask for a copy of the settlement check and settlement statement. Also request a copy of your trust ledger (this shows how every cent of your money was disbursed) showing a zero balance and reconcile it to the settlement statement and settlement check. Your attorney should provide these without you having to ask for them. Brady and others received an email at 11 p.m. local time Friday night reading their account had been closed at the request of their employer, but did not receive a warning notification.

2020.09.30 17:59 KidBrody77 Secret porn office

I got a couple of requests to post my story. I've never shared it before and genuinely need feedback as it's probably one of the worst you'll ever hear. It can be easy to forget being a Blue Pill Beta can, and often is, fatal. Becoming Red Pill aware can save your life and that's not an overstatement. I do know that part of my purpose in life is for my life to serve as a warning to others so hopefully I can save other young men from what happened to me.
I am 43 years old. I was married for 15 years (together for 17). I did everything in my life I was supposed to in order to be happy and successful. I went to college at a good university and got my degree. I got a good job out of college at a national bank and age 24 I had been promoted to Branch Manager making $75,000 a year. That's when I hired a gorgeous 23 year old blonde named Emily as a loan officer who would eventually become my wife. Emily was a single mom with a 2 year old daughter.
One night at a company Christmas Party we ended up hooking up. We dated in secret until I eventually got a better job at another bank. I wanted a family, and I loved Emily's daughter, so I did the "right" thing and married Emily and adopted her daughter. I was crushing it professionally, making great money, and just built a huge 5,000 square foot home in a gated community for my new family. It was probably the happiest I have ever been in my life.
We waited a couple of years before trying to have kids and when we did it wasn't working. After meeting with doctors it was revealed she had developed benign tumors on her ovaries and our only possible option would be IVF which would cost $30,000 and which health insurance didn't cover. So I went back to work and worked even harder to save up the money. We go through IVF and it doesn't work. I'm crushed. I'm now 35 years old and realize I will never have my own biological children. However, a year later she shows up miraculously pregnant. I'm literally on my knees thanking God for this miracle. 2 months into the miracle pregnancy she has miscarriage. There would be no more miracle pregnancies after that.
But I still had a beautiful wife whose body hadn't been destroyed by a bunch of kids. I had a big home with tons of equity. I had $250,000 in my 401k and $40,000 more in stocks and savings. I was debt free expect for my mortgage and student loans. I had a 800 credit score. Life wasn't horrible.
THEN IT HAPPENED.....D-DAY......November 6th, 2017. I will never forget this day as long as I live. My lifelong best friend called me. He said he had something important to tell me and it wasn't going to be easy. He said "I know for a fact Emily has been having an affair with Rob" (Rob was this loser guy that was "a friend of a friend" who was very much lower in socio-economic status than me). Of course I didn't believe him. We had just got back from an anniversary cruise and our daughter was crushing in sports and our life was going amazing. Like we were not unhappy. We were still having sex regularly and going out and having fun. It just didn't seem possible. Rob was short, not attractive, and made a fraction of the money I did.......but he was 100% alpha. Had been arrested a couple times including for beating up women.
But not being a complete idiot I knew something had to be driving this rumor so I started to quietly investigate. Well, long long long story short she admitted to having an affair with Rob over the entire past year. Over the course of the next several months she admitted to 2 additional affairs she had going back 5 years. Oh yeah and that miracle pregnancy? Yeah, that wasn't mine. That was one of the guys she was having an affair with that knocked her up.
However, I was so Blue Pill, and knowing I lived in a no-fault divorce state, I still didn't want to get divorced. She stayed with me another year before leaving me for a totally different guy she met on Facebook, filed for divorce, and moved herself and our daughter to another city. In the divorce she got half my 401k, half the equity in the home, half our savings, and child support and alimony. I moved into a 2 bedroom apartment with our two dogs. Oh but it gets better. In order to hide her affairs she took out a bunch of credit cards to hide charges for hotels and fuel and gifts she was buying for these guys. $30,000 in total which is considered marital debt even though I didn't know about it. I was ordered to pay half that debt. I started drinking heavily, my mental state was a mess, my work suffered and eventually I was rightfully let go from my good paying job.
It was at this point I decided I was going to take my own life. I was 40 years old, alone, broke, no assets, no job, no income, and now an alcoholic. There was no way I was getting another job because my career was in banking and with shit credit good luck getting an executive or even teller job in banking. I was borrowing money from my elderly parents to pay my rent. I did not want to live. I actually set up a date to do it. Called my life insurance and made sure it was paid and got the beneficiary changed to my parents. Wrote a note to my parents and my daughter. Even deleted all the porn off my phone and anything else that would be embarrassing to find. Had a text ready to go to my brother-in-law about what I did and to come find me (he's a state trooper so I felt like he could handle it best). Sitting on the edge of the bathtub, so drunk I can hardly hold my head up, my loaded S&W in one hand and my phone in the other ready to send that text, for some reason this incredible sense of injustice swept over me. Why should I have to die, and she and these other men she fucked get to live?
That night I convinced myself not to kill myself......not because I didn't want to....but because I thought I should kill myself after I kill at least Rob and if I could the other two men as well. The only reason I didn't want to kill her is I didn't want our daughter to have no parents. The next couple of days I starting researching on the Internet ways to kill this guy. That's when I stumbled onto the very first Reddit Red Pill forum that doesn't even exist anymore. I spent hours reading through posts. Until then I genuinely thought I was the only man who had ever been through something like this. From that day forward I haven't thought about killing myself or others. It's still been a monumental struggle but there is no question Red Pill awareness saved my life and likely the life of several others.
My specific question is this.......can your "purpose" be to serve as a warning to others? That sounds kind of pathetic but at this point that seems like the best fit for me and my life at this point.
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I've got what I think is a mostly exhaustive list of the new audio drama series that came out in September, which may be of interest to those looking for new shows. See below. Anyone want to tell me any I've missed, and I'll update it? (Note, "new" here means that the Ep1 of the RSS feed was released, or a previously non-fiction feed started producing fiction.) Listened to any of them that you would recommend?
Previous months are available here:
And the ongoing updates (just in case you don't want to wait for the end of the month) are available here:
And I do a weekly podcast collecting a few trailers here:

9/1: No Place but the Water (Dramatised - Science fiction)
Synopsis: Linda Marshall Griffiths' drama series set in a flooded future world. When there is no place but the water, where do you go?
RSS Feed:

9/1: Starlight (RPG - Science fiction)
Synopsis: Join us for this live play DnD space opera as three unlikely heroes traverse the many perils of the known galaxy, and etch their names among the stars. We break the bounds of traditional epic fantasy, and reach for the starlit enterprises of the universe beyond.
RSS Feed:

9/2: Deep Folk (Fiction - Anthology)
Synopsis: Studio Tortu Presents: Deep Folk /// Deep Folk is an experimental Artificial Intelligence narrative podcast by Malcolm Sutherland and Simon Cottee /// Tales from the Generator is a first person radio drama written with assistance of the AI Dungeon Dragon Engine /// The Deep Folk Companion is an ongoing discussion of artificial intelligence and its role in the creative process.
RSS Feed:

9/2: Eberron Chronicles: Oracle of War (RPG - Fantasy)
Synopsis: A Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition "PodioBook" (podcast/audiobook) playing through a Wizards of the Coasts Adventurers League Campaign. Influence this game and story at:
RSS Feed:

9/2: Tales of the Nova Realm (Fiction - Fantasy)
Synopsis: This is a fantasy fiction podcast made by fans of the genre, FOR fans of the genre. The tales that will be told are also of those who inhabit this world. Filled with adventure, mystery and possibly lessons for those who wish to find a deeper meaning. We hope you enjoy what you hear!
RSS Feed:

9/2: The Hero of Matysia (Dramatised - Fantasy)
Synopsis: Fatine and Rusen, two knights-in-training in the Matysian Kingdom, meet the legendary hero Balthian, who tells them a variety of tales from his long life of adventures. Join the young trainees as they learn about their hero's life and come to understand the many complexities of heroism, and the impact that being a hero for such a long time can have on a person. Starring Jennifer Hale and Bryan J. Howard, The Hero of Matysia is an original, episodic audio drama created by Will Kaplan & John Kyle Moseley.
RSS Feed:

9/4: (exp)lore (Fiction - Anthology)
Synopsis: A fiction anthology podcast to be enjoyed in the community while social distancing. These site-specific stories take an imaginative dive into the past and future of your city. Each episode immerses the audience in a rich audio play while they explore the world through a new lens.
RSS Feed:

9/4: Armageddon: Black Dawn (Fiction - Fantasy)
Synopsis: A fantastic tale of dragon riders.

9/4: Deck of Many Queers (RPG - Fantasy)
Synopsis: Welcome to the Table! We're the Deck of Many Queers. Just a group of queerfolk gathered around to play some Dungeons & Dragons!
RSS Feed:

9/4: No Sleep Tonight Horror Radio Show (Dramatised - Horror)
Synopsis: A horror radio show featuring fully dramatized radio plays to scare you silly.
RSS Feed:

9/4: Station Arcadia (Dramatised - Science fiction)
Synopsis: The Station Arcadia podcast tells stories from a dystopian world where dieselpunk, steampunk, cyberpunk and solarpunk societies all exist side by side. These diverse stories are told through a radio station on a shifting island, and given voice to by the Station's Host - Kass. Woven through each stand-alone story are threads that come together to tell the story of a revolution, and hope in the face of a dying world. Also, it's queer.
RSS Feed:

9/4: The Genesys Archives (RPG - Anthology)
Synopsis: Welcome to the Genesys Archives! A place where a bunch of nerds, artists, writers, and musicians collaboratively create stories through a tabletop role playing game called Genesys. This podcast will serve as an archive of these stories as we adventure through fan-favorite settings like Star Wars or Azeroth and unearth the unexplored in original settings like our first project: The Unseen World. Enjoy your stay and feel free to peruse our collection at your leisure!
RSS Feed:

9/4: The Heart of Ether (Dramatised - Horror)
Synopsis: Irene Gray moved to the town of Daughtler, Washington to move on from something that has haunted her for four years. There is more to this town than meets the eye, however. Beneath its surface, something lurks.
RSS Feed:

9/5: Space Mantis Show Podcast (Dramatised - Science fiction)
Synopsis: A fan hears a knock on her door and realizes she's been given a box of secret DVDs. Why did she get unreleased episodes of a canceled space opera show, and what's going on in space? She'll have to watch the DVDs to find out. The show, Space Mantis, follows a team of intergalactic efficiency experts combing the stars looking to bring order to the chaos of the universe! Though, what's the deal with space, anyway?
RSS Feed:

9/6: Muhaymin Luckett Audio Dramas (Dramatised - Slice of life)
Synopsis: Hello, My Name is Muhaymin Luckett. I am an aspiring Actor and Playwright. In this podcast you can expect to hear my works that tell compelling stories. I hope to become known throughout the world for the work I put out. New episode every other Sunday!
RSS Feed:

9/6: Mysteries and Madness (RPG - Crime/Mystery)
Synopsis: A 2 Player Role Playing Game creating a Supernatural Detective Drama set in the 1940s. GM’d by Dave Coalmine & Played by Todd Sullivan. These are the Case Files of Jack Shepherd.
RSS Feed:

9/7: Audio Ephemera (Dramatised - Anthology)
Synopsis: Audio Ephemera is an audio drama series of unique, inclusive, and engaging one-off stories. Every month, a new story with new characters to love and a new journey to follow will make its way into your ears, head, and heart.
RSS Feed:

9/7: Love Don’t Live Here Anymore (Dramatised - Slice of life)
Synopsis: "Love Don't Live Here Anymore," is a fictional, original audio drama podcast series by writers Terrell Jackson and Ember Stone. The lead, Naomi Martin, is a young woman from Kansas City, MO, torn between her dream of becoming a world-renowned vocalist, and the more seemingly realistic goal, set for her by her father, to finish school and have a practical, “safe” existence.
RSS Feed:

9/7: Mighty Deeds (RPG - Fantasy)
Synopsis: Mighty Deeds is a podcast of high adventure. If you Like Dungeons and Dragons, Dungeon Crawl Classics, or any other brand of Fantasy Adventure Actual Play podcasts, please give Mighty Deeds a try. We're starting off with a Ravenloft / Curse of Strahd funnel, but where things go from there is anyone's guess. Be on the lookout for more Goodman Games adventures in the party's future.
RSS Feed:

9/7: Ravis: The Lost World (RPG - Fantasy)
Synopsis: Welcome to the world of Ravis for our D&D 5e actual play campaign series! Ravis is a world full of monsters and mystery. Follow our adventurers as they uncover the truth behind the Lost World. Using D&D 5e rule set, with a few homebrew / variant rules thrown in! World and story is created and written by our Dungeon Master; Liam Wright. We hope you enjoy!
RSS Feed:

9/7: The Golden House (Dramatised - Interactive)
Synopsis: "The one and only podcast for The Golden House Technology and Innovation Centre. Broadcasting from the heart of our state-of-the-art facility on the Isle of Wight". These six episodes were originally broadcast between September 2018 and January 2019. They were pulled from the internet shortly after. Each episode seems to contain a code of some kind... I'm reposting in the hope that someone can shed light on what happened here. I'll repost any clues to my Twitter (@ImogenShelfTest).
RSS Feed:

9/7: Waylays and Melees (RPG - Fantasy)
Synopsis: Waylays and Maylays To date: it is the only place that one can get such classics as; grown men cry laughing whilst other adults squeak in high pitched voices trying to intimidate a glowing penguin baby out of it's own birthday cake and into a brand new porn carriage.
RSS Feed:

9/8: The Elvet Mysteries (Dramatised - Horror)
Synopsis: The Elvet Mysteries is a horror-mystery miniseries set in a small English university town. After a strange experience, first year student Livvy Jones starts to document the unusual things happening in Durham, and invites the student body to share their stories.

9/9: Around Dis Joint (Dramatised - Anthology)
Synopsis: Around Dis Joint Entertainment is a podcast that produces original creative content from a collaboration of talented Screenwriters, Voice Actors, Songwriters, Music Producers, & Poets. From Romantic Comedies and Dramas, to Horror, Sci-Fi, and Whodunits, our radio theatre style stories will capture your attention and awaken your imagination with new episodes launching each week!
RSS Feed:

9/9: Brian Blessed's Bedtime Stories (Fiction - Anthology)
Synopsis: Gordon's Alive! Shy and retiring actor Brian Blessed has got his first ever podcast. Every Wednesday, he'll be soooooothing you to sleep with classic children's stories and fairy tales. Get ready for a 'calming' and completely off-the-rails rendition of some of world's most famous stories.
RSS Feed:

9/9: Of Mice and Men and Monsters (RPG - Anthology)
Synopsis: A real play podcast where Dungeons and Dragons collides with the classic stories you either love or completely avoided while in school. Join players Aaron, Adam, Kimmie, and Dungeon Master Katelyn, who is also a high school English teacher by day, as D&D elements are dropped into famous pieces of literature.
RSS Feed:

9/9: Season of the Worm (RPG - Urban fantasy)
Synopsis: Season of the Worm is an actual play Monster of the Week podcast set in Eureka Springs, Arkansas and it's dark heart Wormwood Falls. Season of the Worm follows 2 groups of monster hunters as they try to solve mysteries and hunt down monsters in and around Wormwood Falls, Arkansas.
RSS Feed:

9/9: The Dr. Epicopolis & 1102 Show of Shows (Dramatised - Comedy)
Synopsis: A meta comedy audio series following supervillain Dr. Epicopolis, the self-proclaimed ‘genius of all evil’ who plots to destroy Earth’s superheroes with his loyal but terribly mistreated slog, 1102. A spin-off from the Parents’ Choice Gold Award-winning scripted podcast series Tara Tremendous.
RSS Feed:

9/10: Tall and True Short Reads (Fiction - Anthology)
Synopsis: Tall And True Short Reads is an audio fiction podcast featuring original short stories from Tall And True, an online showcase and forum for writers, readers and publishers, narrated by Robert Fairhead.
RSS Feed:

9/10: Welcome to the Quids Inn (Dramatised - Comedy)
Synopsis: Welcome to the Quids Inn' is the story of five young people simultaneously hired by the Edinburgh Newington branch of the Quids Inn, Britain's finest chain of budget hotels. The series explores the group's interactions, stories, misadventures and fun whilst working hard maintaining the reception desk, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
RSS Feed:

9/11: The Atlantis Project (Dramatised - Science fiction)
Synopsis: “...This is North Sag – home of the Sagog people. It’s disappearing to the sea. Tomorrow, we have to leave North Sag forever. So tonight, we’ve come together to record our story for you. This is ‘The Atlantis Project’...” This is an audio series in 5 parts for listeners aged 11+. Created as an international collaboration between artists in Wales and Norway, we uncover the effects of climate change on culture through the adventurous and heart-warming story of Evie and Deean - two teenagers who invite us into their world of friendship, crisis and acceptance.

9/11: The Order of Podcasters (RPG - Crime/Mystery)
Synopsis: An actual play tabletop role-playing game using the Esoterrorists rules and featuring podcast hosts as the investigators, including Jennifer Taylor of In Defense of Liberty and Vanished, Rob Kristoffersen of The Coda, Brian Hastie of Double Density and The Coda, and TechnoFunkBoy of Tales from the Rusty Speeder and Dice & Dreary as the game master.
RSS Feed:

9/12: Doctor Who: Beginnings of Battle (Dramatised - Fanfiction)
Synopsis: After escaping a battle The Doctor, newly regenerated, finds himself on the frontline of attack from a creature known as a Tiromal, which is roaming the streets of modern day Edinburgh. After bumping into Sophie, a student, he then begins a quest into finding out who is unleashing these creatures in Edinburgh. Starring Harry Aspinwall as The Doctor, Sophie Weller as Sophie, Max Darke as Triper, Abbie Davidson as Daisy, Maisy Crunden as Tilda, Courtney McCrea as The Physora, Briony Martha as Megan, Rachel Johnstone as Debbie, David McKie as The Soldier, Tomos Bohanna as The tech geek and narrated by Lewis C. Baird.Original music by Rebecca Kelly. Featuring music by CO.AG Music, Whitesand and White Bat Audio. Written, Directed & Edited by Lewis C. Baird.
RSS Feed:

9/12: In Astra: A Sci-Fi Mystery (Dramatised - Crime/Mystery)
Synopsis: What is happening at Delphic Peak Preparatory School? Joaquin Moreno doesn't want to be here. But as a bizarre and disquieting mystery unfolds, he may be forced to stay and reckon with it—especially since he's the only one who's noticed. Now Joaquin must fight battles both outward and inward. Because truth carries burden. No one can go back in the dark once they find the light... And there's something watching us from the stars. In Astra is a story about mystery, trust, mental health, and identity. And also space and some gay stuff. New episodes every Saturday! Written, Directed, and Produced by Bee Dellepiane.
RSS Feed:

9/13: Deconstructive Criticism (Dramatised - Comedy)
Synopsis: This is the podcast where Paul and Allison review all the things they do and don’t need in their lives… But there’s one very important thing they never discuss: Do they need each other?
RSS Feed:

9/13: The Paper Dungeon (RPG - Fantasy)
Synopsis: The Paper Dungeon is a Dungeons and Dragons 5e campaign streamed on Twitch. Our group started in Nebraska, but has spread to include people across the United States, and we hope to include people around the world. D&D has held us together for years. Welcome to the podcast of our adventure, Dungeoneers.
RSS Feed:

9/13: Where the Tracks End (Dramatised - Crime/Mystery)
Synopsis: From Darker Truths in Strange Fiction Studios comes a tale of 5 people whose lives become intertwined: two boys, two police officers, and a murderestalker. The audio drama will follow the lives of each of these characters separately throughout the course of 9 months.
RSS Feed:

9/14: Hank the Cowdog (Dramatised - Children)
Synopsis: Hank the Cowdog, the self-declared “Head of Ranch Security,” finds himself smack dab in the middle of a host of tangled mysteries and capers that span the universe of the Texas Panhandle cattle ranch Hank calls home. Hank is joined on these tail-wagging, tongue-slobbering adventures by a motley assemblage of characters, not least of which is his less-than trusty sidekick, Drover, a small but uncourageous mutt. Listen in as Hank the Cowdog always claims to know the answer, is the last to realize he doesn’t, but is the first to run headlong into tales of courage, loyalty, and friendship. Hank the Cowdog podcast stars and is executive produced by Academy Award® winner Matthew McConaughey. Written, directed and executive produced by Jeff Nichols.
RSS Feed:

9/14: The Spooky Sapphic Storyteller (Dramatised - Horror)
Synopsis: A hybrid personal narrative/audio drama podcast exploring LGBTQ experiences and the paranormal.
RSS Feed:

9/15: Dice and Desire (RPG - Fantasy)
Synopsis: Six friends go adventuring in this actual play Dungeons and Dragons 5e podcast. Listen to find out how they avoid a TPK this week!
RSS Feed:

9/15: Team Asterous (Dramatised - Anthology)
Synopsis: Queer, inclusive, accessible. Subscribe to this feed for self-contained audio drama stories, TTRPG one-shots, previews of our other podcasts as well as special updates from the team. We're a small team of LGBTQIA+ creators making podcasts and videos together in Sydney, Australia.
RSS Feed:

9/15: The Cypher and Avaria Beyond (Fiction - Urban fantasy)
Synopsis: Penner had always considered his life ordinary- but when his lover Chess receives a divine revelation that can’t be explained, his finds himself on the run from forces he doesn’t understand, on an adventure bigger than he could ever expect. Upending their idyllic life in a small town, Chess propels them on a journey to find answers to deep questions that plague his thoughts and his sanity. Now, caught up in an adventure that he doesn’t understand Penner must battle not only for his love, but for the sanity and mental fortitude of the man he loves. Partnering with Fred, a boisterous sky pirate with a mysterious past, they head out to find the answers they need on her airship. But the closer they get to their mysterious destination, the more danger they find themselves in. Facing betrayals, battles and a malevolent being that seems to be hunting them- soon they find themselves deep into conspiracies that threaten the very fabric of their reality. With their wits, their ship and a spot of tea- their quest for answers will make them confront the forces that created the universe. With only each other, will their love be enough to save each other?
RSS Feed:

9/15: West Coast Option (Dramatised - Sport)
Synopsis: A psychedelic football story presented by Third Eye Sockeye. Week to week we follow the Athens Beach Seafarers as they run their west coast-option offense through the gauntlet of alien abductions, satanic summonings, and crypto cryptids that is community college football.
RSS Feed:

9/16: Tales from the Witcher (Fiction - Fanfiction)
Synopsis: Tales from the Witcher showcases serialized, original short stories set in the Witcher universe. Part audiobook and part Actual Play Report, these tales are written and narrated by Jacob Gerstel—and are based on the adventures of his Witcher tabletop roleplaying group. We’ll follow the exploits of a stoic Bear School witcher, an alcoholic elven sorcerer, a resourceful craftsman, a lively bard, and others as they try to stay alive during the Third Northern War. There’s action and adventure, magic and the mundane, scheming and politics, elves and dwarves, war and peace, and—because it’s the Witcher—a touch of philosophy. A new part of the story is uploaded every Wednesday.
RSS Feed:

9/16: World of Wyldrvir (RPG - Fantasy)
Synopsis: Welcome to Wyldrvir! A Podcast set in an all new TTRPG system that is fully free to play at home! Made by a team of young adults come watch this world bloom and the adventures begin!
RSS Feed:

9/18: Out of the Ashes (Dramatised - Horror)
Synopsis: Out of the Ashes is about a group of people surviving numerous weather anomalies due to a government experiment gone wrong. The sun gets blocked out by ash from volcanic eruptions, global temperatures drop, civilization is now in chaos but while humans can be dangerous in this new world. The things made of nightmares that come from the dark are worse.
RSS Feed:

9/18: The Crooked Gavel (Dramatised - Crime/Mystery)
Synopsis: Alice Cinnamon quickly discovers that no lawyer will help her find justice after the influential Judge John Cayenne sexually assaults her during a time when it was barely illegal to do so. Along the way, she meets Margaret Cumin, the peppy and knowledgeable wife of a lawyer. Though not technically a lawyer herself, Margaret is the only one with both the ability and the will to help Alice in her legal battle. Together, they fight to set a precedent of jail time for violent crimes against women, and find something unexpected along the way.
RSS Feed:

9/18: White Privilege: Radio Play (Dramatised - Slice of life)
Synopsis: As Black networks pass on hiring light-skinned Black and Jewish reporter, Ashley Allen, ultra-conservative news network, Sly News, can't tell that Ashley's a woman of color. Instead of revealing the truth, Ashley decides to pass as white.
RSS Feed:

9/19: Rodriguez and Silversmith (Fiction - Comedy)
Synopsis: Featuring bitter ex husbands, cocaine satanist cults, drag queens, violence, and an Indiana Jones type archeologist/museum expert as the lead.

9/19: TaleTop (RPG - Fantasy)
Synopsis: We are five LGBTQIA+ artists who play TTRPGs once per month! Five intrepid souls battle undead horrors and a mysterious assailant in the shifting Ban-Koreh Desert. Join Caeles, Tuya, Nahoko, Aldwyn, and Ana on their whirlwind adventure: Vultures in Koreh!
RSS Feed:
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2020.09.27 21:34 its_missl Secret office porn

Hello all. I've been lurking for several weeks here and I kind of want to tell my story of how I realized my womanhood, happiness, and freedom, and how religion is a load of shit. I apologize in advance for the length.
Growing up, I always knew I was weird. Didn't really let anyone else know that though. I appeared to be the ideal son to a mormon military officer. kept straight A's, be kind to everyone, never had sex, never viewed porn, son of a bishopric member, Eagle scout, Graduating with honors with a scholarship to BYU, was going on a mission, all that bullshit that made me look like a good little mormon boy.
Secretly however, I was a screwed up mess. I had anger and anxiety issues, was a chronic masturbator, viewed porn quite often and due to my undiagnosed gender dysphoria, always hated my body, and was always confused as to why dressing in my sister's stolen clothes felt right to me. I was their worst nightmare, but kept it all hidden out of a combination of guilt and shame.
It was on my mission however that I realized that a lot of those issues went unchecked. I noticed that I preferred actually helping people rather than teach BS lessons. Because of that, I was constantly berated for not actually doing any teaching. couple that with unchecked severe anxiety, and the fact I made a tremendous effort not to masturbate on my mission (which was a complete failure btw), I wound up having panic attacks every other day. Ended up going home on medical release after 9 months out.
After a few months of psychiatric treatment back home, I went to attend UVU in Orem in August of 2016, which allowed me the freedom I needed to not have a panic attack every day (mostly cause I didn't have anyone, especially my forever mo parents breathing down my neck) Anxiety still caused a good amount of suffering but I was told to just take the pain and deal with it.
Aside from the things I learned from college lectures, I learned some other things too. The most major thing was that some feelings I kept hidden away, feelings that I was a woman, not a man, was actually normal to have and shouldn't be shameful. The follow up to that was that even though I was taught to be kind to everyone, it was a rare thing to see anyone within the church that did. It took some time, but eventually the façade was broken and I realized the church didn't give any fucks at all, despite trying everything to appear that way.
It was after I realized I was trans that I knew it was all a load of shit. Once that egg cracked, I sought additional psych help, only to find out a lot of my issues were rooted in a combination of gender dysphoria, mental abuse from both my parents and the fact that the way I was taught to control my emotions and anxiety turned out to be a toxic means of doing so. My rage and regret was immense when I finally connected those dots. It took me some time to forgive myself for not realizing this sooner.
I met up with a friend I made in college and came out to them. At the time, they were the only person I knew that would actually understand, given they were exmo and non-binary themself. I was accepted immediately by them and made a new set of friends I could be myself around, and was exposed to an actual loving environment. something I was without for a long time. I was surrounded by people that actually cared and shared similar views to what I had about treating others. I even fell in love with someone that actually loved me for the woman I am, and supported me for being my true self.
Its been nearly 2 years since I discovered I was trans and about 3 since I realized that my values didn't match what the church was selling. And quite frankly I've never been happier. I'm getting the psychological help I've so desperately needed, I'm sexually healthy with no shame about it whatsoever, I started hormones to help my transition and I'm slowly learning to finally love myself and this cursed body I'm trapped in. I finally see the woman I was supposed to be. I'm forever grateful for meeting exmo gender nonconforming friends to showing me how to be myself without shame from others, and gain the confidence to finally say "fuck you" to those that say otherwise. Kindness is a much needed commodity in this world and there's a severe lack of it in the world I willingly left behind. Its much easier to see what's actually great in the world when you finally stop buying lies and be yourself.
Thanks for reading, and remember, Be excellent to yourself, and say "fuck you" to those that try to define you.
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2020.09.25 19:11 KetoKitsune HAUS-KEEPING (September 25)

The handy-dandy Cliff Notes version to what’s been happening in our sub recently! (a collaborative effort from your moderator team, we hope you enjoy!)
Mod note: As you may have seen, we have decided as a team to reduce Haus-Keeping to once a week for the near future. This was a tough decision and we hope that you all understand. Please continue to interact with each other when and in whatever ways you can.
QotW: u/2-22-15 shares how things with R are going and the ONLY logical explanation:

He invited me over specifically to fall asleep on the couch watching nature documentaries, and in that moment, I questioned if the government had any reason to send a secret agent to infiltrate my life. It's the only logical explanation: they've created my perfect man based on the data gathered from my 20+ years online.
The rain has cleared the air, and the sound of drippity drop has never been so lovely.
u/nightlitegirl shares something many of us can probably relate to:
On the keto front, I am doing My Best (dirty, dirty keto) and that's all I can do right now and that's ok with me.
u/jahinfrance creates a new acronym for “Get Back to Keto”:
Have a great day and KCKO (or in my case, GBTK).
u/checkthelistz is experiencing what is a familiar experience for most of us:
Son of a biscuit, pointy tooth dolphin week kicked me in the girly bits extra hard this AM.
u/2boredtocare sums things up nicely:
That's all I got, really. Other than to say, again, I loathe 2020. When I was a kid, in the early 80s, I figured in 2020 we'd be all Jetsons-fied but no. This is what we have. I'm supremely disappointed. Also, I'd really love a Rosey robot to do my cleaning.
u/jbclbd01 says out loud what a lot of us are (or aren’t) doing these days
I have had a shower for the first time in idk how many days.
u/Natalicious-Keto is upset with the direction our country is going, but it’s fueling good health habits:
I rage-hiked today over 4 miles raging the entire time.
Hot Topics: u/superbcanary jumps into our community with some questions about sucralose and how it can affect your weight loss journey. YMMV with sweeteners. Discuss in that thread.
Biggest Disappointments: A moment of silence please in honor of justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. We were fortunate to have so many great years with RBG dedicating the better part of her life to the Supreme Court and being a champion of women’s rights. Thank you, RBG. You will be remembered always and missed greatly.
Food Porn:
The pumpkin pie chia pudding is visually unappealing, but holy moly it is SOOO good. Like. Close your eyes and think you're eating pumpkin pie good. This will be on heavy rotation through the fall/winter.
I made a preserved lemon pesto (lemon rind, garlic, pine nuts, parsley, olive oil, salt and pepper) and schmeared it all over boneless chicken thighs, cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini and delicata squash pieces. 40 mins at 350F was perfect. I will add more lemon rind to it next time. When the Meyer lemons come in this winter, I will make two big jars of them, because I suspect I will be eating them up with this recipe in mind. I think it would be good on fish, too.
New/Returning/Missing: WE’VE REACHED OVER 4,700 MEMBERS! Let’s celebrate - our community is growing in numbers and awesomeness. Our numbers jumped quite a bit recently!
I told him I usually walk/hike between 5-7 miles a day and then he said "You look like someone who hikes 5-7 miles a day" so I am taking that as an NSV. I'm not sure what that is supposed to look like but it is a lot of work.
u/nightlitegirl has a jean victory when she goes down a notch in her belt compared to the week before, u/MIdtownBrown68 got to go closet shopping and found some cute clothes she’d never even worn before,
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2020.09.24 18:54 ANIKAHirsch Office secret porn

This original list was created by u/BouncyBoob. View the crosspost thread here:

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"usa,,,,felon no longer deemed threat because of gender change,,
"uk,,,,Karen White: how 'manipulative' transgender inmate attacked again,,
"uk,,,,"Female prison officers have been raped by inmates who self-identify as trans women, ex-Tory minister Rory Stewart claims",,
"usa,,,,"In North Carolina, person who identifies as transgender woman found guilty of raping child",,
"usa,,,,Transgender man accused of sexually assaulting woman,,
"uk,,,,Police accused of political correctness after issuing an appeal for a sex attacker WITHOUT mentioning suspect was a man wearing womens clothes,,
"uk,,,toilet,"Transgender woman, 18, sexually assaulted girl, 10, in Morrisons toilet",,
"usa,,,toilet,Target urged to end transgender bathroom policy after 2nd man caught recording women undressing,,
"usa,,,toilet,Bedford Police Arrest Man Wanted for Allegedly Recording Juvenile Girls in Store,,
"usa,,,toilet,Security Guard Arrested For Removing Man From Women’s Bathroom,,
"usa,,,toilet,Shopper Upset Man Allowed To Use Women’s Dressing Room In Ross,,
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"usa,,,toilet,"Man Dressed as Woman Arrested for Spying Into Mall Bathroom Stall, Police Say",,
"usa,,,toilet,Cross-Dressing Man Secretly Taped Women at Macy’s,,
"usa,,,toilet,Cross-dressing sex predator sentenced for Clackamas aquatic park crimes,,
"usa,,,toilet,Police: Calif. locker room suspect used disguise,,
"usa,,,toilet,Police: Man Undresses In Front Of Children In Walmart Restroom,,
"usa,,,toilet,"San Jose sex offender wearing fake breasts, wig arrested for loitering in womens’ restroom",,
"canada,,,shelter,Sexual predator jailed after claiming to be ‘transgender’ to assault women in shelter,,
"canada,,,toilet,University of Toronto Dumps Transgender Bathrooms After Peeping Incidents,,
"usa,trans man,,,Colorado transgender teen pleads guilty to murder in school revenge case,,
"usa,,nonviolent,,"Capital One hacking suspect, a transgender Seattle woman, is denied request to be moved from men’s prison",,
"canada,,,,Transgender activist under criminal investigation after video showing Jessica Yaniv allegedly punching reporter hits social media,,
"usa,,,,Convicted Serial Pedophile Being Released After Becoming Transgender Woman,,
"Thailand,,,,Transgender woman charged with stabbing boyfriend to death,,
"usa,,,,"Protester arrested, accused of starting fire in chaotic Friday night protest",,
"Australia,,,,Child molester released after gender change,,
"canada,,,,Convicted child porn offender pleads guilty to new charges,,
"uk,,,,"Transgender woman, 26, who was jailed after dousing her ex-boyfriend in bleach then trying to set him on fire is spared prison over lashing out at police",,
"nz,,,,Dimetrius Pairama murder trial: Accused apologises to victim's family,,
"uk,,,,Woman who 'bragged about being a paedophile' approached boys at Remembrance event,,
"canada,,,,HUNTER: Serial pedophile Madilyn Harks allegedly bolted while on weekend pass,,
"Australia,,,,Citizen arrest of rapist in robbery,,
"usa,,,,2 teens arrested for murder of mother in Banning Lewis Ranch,,
"usa,,nonviolent,,Person facing felony charges after police called to fight at apartment in Ludlow,,
"usa,,tra,,Ex-Ars Technica tech reporter Peter Bright convicted of soliciting minors for sex,,
"usa,,,,Dartmouth woman sentenced for sexual assault on home-care worker,,
"usa,,,,Man Arrested After Incident In Women's Dressing Room At Montgomery Mall,,
"usa,,,,"Ypsilanti man stabbed with samurai sword after failing to buy marijuana for partner, police report says",,
"Australia,,,,"Man killed in unsolved homicide after $160 drug rip-off, inquest told",,
"uk,,,,"Blackpool woman admits to having more than 80,000 indecent images of children",,
"usa,,,,Pharr woman accused of indecency with a child,,
"usa,,,toilet,Transgender woman told to leave women's locker room,,
"usa,,,,Christopher Ryan Dobbs was convicted of multiple counts of second degree rape and first degree sexual abuse,,
"usa,,,,Investigation into yacht murder of California couple,,
"uk,,,,Five-year restraining order placed on Dagenham woman who “soiled” friend’s knickers,,
"usa,,,,Kathrine Nicole Jett pleaded guilty to one count of attempted receipt of child pornography,,
"usa,,,,Convicted sex offender offers bizarre defense in kiddie porn case,,
"usa,trans man,,,"Transgender man accused in sex crimes, assault on transgender minor",,
"usa,,,,19-Year-Old Accused of Exploiting 2 Children Under 4,,
"Ireland,,,,Man (34) who sexually assaulted child in hospital bathroom is jailed,,
"usa,,,,Convicted sex offender sues over sex change operation,,
"usa,,,,"Convicted rapist re-hospitalized, possibly indefinitely",,
"usa,trans man,,,Transgender man placed on probation for sexual battery of woman,,
"canada,,,,cross dressing convict returns to Whitehorse,,
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"usa,,,,NYC rapist who exposed himself in Garden City sentenced,,
"Australia,,,,Brutal rapist gets 9 years,,
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"uk,,,,Cross-dressing torture killer Colin Coats allowed out of jail to attend mum's funeral - but still won't reveal where he dumped victim's body,,
"usa,,,,youens vs state,,
"usa,,,,Retired drag queen' pleads guilty to voluntary manslaughter in fatal stabbing,,
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"uk,,,,CONVICTED sex offender who murdered a female friend,,
"usa,,,,State vs Lane,,
"uk,,,,Strood sex change pervert won't be jailed,,
"uk,,,,Crossdresser paedophile jailed,,
"usa,,,,Man in a dress charged with indecent exposure,,
"usa,,,,"Naked Peeper Nabbed In San Jose, And He's Apparently Done This Before",,
"usa,,,,Convicted of slaying boyfriend,,
"usa,,,,Cops Arrest Wig and Denim Cutoff-Wearing Suspect In Miller Park Incidents,,
"usa,,,,Pensacola man facing home invasion and sexual offense charges,,
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"usa,,,toilet,Cross-dressing man arrested for exposure at Walmart,,
"uk,,,,Child rapist moves in with unsuspecting mum and boy – after becoming a woman,,
"usa,,,,Rapist wants Oklahoma Corrections Department to pay for female hormones,,
"usa,,,,Man sentenced to life without parole for raping children,,
"usa,,,,Former babysitter convicted in Harrisburg child-sex case,,
"usa,,,,Transgender sex offenders pose dilemma in state civil confinement,,
"usa,,,,Man rapist wants to transition in prison ,,"
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2020.09.23 05:08 removalbot Porn secret office

[Link]1 to another version of image.

More information about the image:
On October 1931, Marshal Piłsudski turned to the President of the United States, Herbert Hoover, about the possibility of Hitler coming to power in Germany and the threat posed to Poland and to the whole of Europe. The Polish Ambassador to Washington, Tytus Filipowicz, one of the Marshal's most trusted friends, met with President Hoover at the White House and gave him a top-secret note. The US president accepted it, and it was a plan for a preventive war with Germany. Hoover, like Piłsudski, was a politician who understood the Nazi threat, which at that time no other politician in Europe who where appeased by a false pacifism did.
At the behest of the President of America, super secret diplomatic and military consultations with the Poles were undertaken. On September 10, 1932, General Douglas MacArthur, then Chief of Staff of the American Army, came to Warsaw. He meet with Józef Piłsudski at the Belweder Palace, the American general and a group of his officers had to go by ship across the ocean for almost two weeks as there were no flights over the Atlantic at that time. The Americans then received, as a special gift from the Polish Army, the most secret Soviet ciphers ,the "violet1" code), and probably also elements of the German "Enigma". MacArthur and his staff participated in the great maneuvers of the Polish Army in Volhynia. The purpose of these maneuvers was to quickly transfer the most mobile Polish units under the conditions of general mobilization and direct them either against the Soviets in the event of their next aggression, or against the Germans in the event of a preventive war. In both cases, these were to be actions taken not only to defend Poland, but also Europe. But then, in 1932-1933, a satiated, prosperous, seemingly peaceful Europe did not want anyone to defend it, especially in France and Great Britain. A few years later it was too late.
Decoded by analysts of the Polish Army, Douglas MacArthur took Soviet and German ciphers to the USA. Americans used them very skillfully until 1954, thanks to "violet", they could decode the most secret Russian dispatches and Moscow knew nothing about it. Under the conditions of the Cold War, this was invaluable to America.
General Douglas MacArthur was a US hero and one of the greatest American commanders. It was he who commanded all US forces in the Pacific Ocean and Far East, he defeated the Japanese in World War II and accepted the Japanese surrender in 1945 aboard the flagship USS Missouri. General MacArthur spoke about Piłsudski's historical role many times in lectures at the US Army Academy in West Point. He emphasized that the Marshal was a great leader and strategist who prevented the domination of communist Russia over Europe. The Polish Marshal also taught him strategic principles: a busy and mobile maneuver in large defense operations. These principles and conclusions were applied by general MacArthur in 1950, when fighting the communist armies of China and North Korea. General MacArthur's determination and victory in Asia prevented Soviet aggression in Europe planned by Joseph Stalin.

  1. The codename violet was used multiple times by the Soviets: [[link]3
Context Link
Go1dfish undelete link
unreddit undelete link
Author: MaximusLewdius
1: **ot*/g***ral-d**g*as-****r*hur-*o**er*u-s-c**mande*-in-*hie*-wa*-news-photo/1**2***3* 2: *ww.**a.g*v*Por*a*s/70/doc*ments/news-feat*res/de*lassif*ed-do**ments**r***o*ogi**qua*t**ly/Be*o*e_B*urbon.pd* 3: ww**/*0/docume***/n*ws-**at*re*/**clas*ified-d****ents/cryp*ol**ic-quarte*ly/Before\_Bo*rbo*.p***^**
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2020.09.22 07:48 walkerjw95 First Post But A Brave One - TRIGGER WARNING

Today I spoke out for the Truth Project, which is an independent enquiry into child sex abuse in the UK. Please look at this project if you are a survivor living in the UK.
This is the story of my childhood abuse please don't read ahead if you don't feel you can because I do talk about the abuse I experienced.
I was born in the UK, at the time we lived on an RAF base as my father was in the forces. My parents were young both 21 and had got married whilst my mum was pregnant with me. A bit over a year later my sister was born. That completed the family unit of 4. We lived on RAF bases for a couple of years then moved to Cornwall where we would reside for many years to come. My Father left the forces when moving to Cornwall. I don’t really remember living on the RAF bases or moving to Cornwall, Cornwall is all I really know, I was probably about 3 and half years old when we moved there. I remember living in a couple of houses for a very short period of time before moving to a house on a council estate, when I was about 4 years old, where we would live for 9 years. It was a perfect location really, my Nan lived a few doors up and there was plenty of space outside to play and other children of the same age to play with. I made friends with a girl of the same age who lived a 2 doors down and went to the same primary school as me. Our families became friends and we would see each other a lot and always had birthday parties together and even see each other on Christmas. There were two other families on the estate who also had children the same age as me and in my year at primary school, I got on with one well and the other was very on and off. Another family moved in a few years later who we would become close friends with too who lived opposite. Growing up wasn’t always easy living on a council estate, we had neighbors who would stay up all night partying making so much racket so that we couldn’t sleep for school, there was arguing all the time somewhere on the estate late at night and the police would always be visiting someone’s house due to disturbance. We had people break into our garden a lot and even our home. My mum would be threatened with knives etc. if she asked them to turn the music down and people would always want to fight (including the children). It wore my mum down living with noise and disturbance all night all the time. No matter how many times you reported it to the housing association or the police nothing ever seemed to be done about it.
My mum worked full time to provide for our family and was the main breadwinner, she worked shifts including night shifts as she was a carer. My father had different jobs, I don’t really remember exactly what they were, I remember one was fixing PlayStations and one was caring but other than that I don’t remember. He was at home a lot around the age of 7 onwards as he didn’t have a job for a while and was a stay at home dad. My Nan and my Aunty looked after my sister and I a lot when my mum was working, we were all very close. We would spend weekends at our aunts and during the week Nan would take us to school.
I loved going to school, I enjoyed learning new things, I think most children like primary school. We walked to school mainly because it was not far. I always did well in school all of my parent evenings were always positive and they never had any concerns about my learning. My sister also did well in school. My favorite subjects were science and maths. I had many friends at primary school and they all lived close. There would always be your usual fallings out but they never lasted long. However, in the later few school years in primary school the girl on my estate whose relationship was very on and off and another girl who lived a bit further up the road took a disliking to me and bullied me about the way I looked, the way I acted and would say horrible things about my glasses and would try and do activities with all of my other friends so that I was left out alone. My teacher in year 6 was also very horrible about my hair, I had a fringe and my mum didn’t always have the time to cut it, it was in my eyes one day and the teacher was horrible about it and made me cry. My mum complained to the head teacher about this. When it come to choosing which secondary school there was only one option for me really and it was the school where the bullies weren’t going. It meant it was further away but I could have the chance of not seeing them all day every day as the bullying continued after school when I went outside to play too. One child on my estate, who was the brother of the girl who lived on my estate and was bullying me, bullied me the most and the worst, if I went outside he would push me, punch me, say mean things, one time he even got me in a headlock and kept punching and punching my head, nearly knocking me unconscious, my mum had to call the police. As I got older living on the estate just got worse, the bullying was daily and I felt I couldn’t leave the house much unless it was to go to my nans or my friends two doors down. My sister was out playing all the time as her friends were nice most of the time.
There was one other thing that was happening, on top of all the bullying, during all of this, behind closed doors, I was being sexually abused by my father. Its hard to write that and its still so sore, I think it will always hurt but I’m used to it hurting now. It started around the age of 6/7 maybe slightly earlier. It was always when my mum was at work, which was a lot. I never blame my mum though she was doing her best to provide for our family and give us the best life possible, if she didn’t work then we wouldn’t have a house over our head etc. Plus how was she supposed to know this was happening. It started when my father told me to sit on his lap as he wanted to show me something on his computer, what he would show me was adult porn, I had no idea what it was I was watching being to young but I remember I wasn’t comfortable watching it, I would often look away and try and get off his lap to go outside to play, he would hold me tight on his lap and say I can go outside after I have finished watching it. This would happen a few times a week. My sister was always playing outside or round her friends house when this would happen. It then escalated from there, he would masturbate with me on his lap whilst the porn on was on the computer. I would never know what to do I just felt uncomfortable but I didn’t understand what was happening I was only a young child, how was I supposed to know.
One morning I was watching a film or TV program on the telly and my father came over and went to lie behind me for cuddles, this wasn’t unusual everyone has cuddles with their parents as a child, but this time it was different. He pulled a blanket over us and put his hand down my trousers and pants, touching me where he shouldn’t, this carried on. I just lay there not know what to do. He would say to me don’t tell mummy this is daddies special time. This became a regular occurrence, happening numerous time a week depending on what shifts mum was on. It happened in most rooms of the house when I could be doing anything, I would just freeze and not really say anything. Again my sister was always out on these occasions.
When my father put my sister and I to bed he would often read us a story, he would always lie in my bed to read the story, this was so he had easy access to touch me, he would wait until my sister was asleep then do it, or if my mum was working tell me to come into his room, I would often say that I didn’t want to but he would grab my arm and start to pull me to the room and tell me not to make a fuss. He would then touch me, force me to touch him and eventually after a few times of this he then proceeded to rape me. The first time I cried, I kept telling him I didn’t like it and that it hurt and all I wanted to do was sleep, he would whisper in my ear to keep still it won’t take long then I can go back and go to sleep. I couldn’t wait until it was over. Again, he told me not to tell mummy as mummy would get very angry with me and my sister and I might go into care. After the first few times I gave up fighting all the time whilst it happened as it was no use and then I used to just stare up at the ceiling and count the little bumps and try and forget what was happening. I knew what was happening wasn’t quite right but I didn’t realise the true extent and damage that was being caused by his actions. Over the years there was not a part of my body that had not been violated by him.
He would pull me upstairs from downstairs I would fight to get away at the bottom of the stairs but his grip was too tight, I would protest when he pulled me to his bed in the early hours of the morning and keep me there until an hour before school. However sometimes I didn’t have the energy to fight so I just complied, it was easier that way, it was going to happen no matter what. As I got older probably about the age of 9/10 I didn’t fight at all anymore, you might ask why, the reason was because I had endured years of this happening practically daily unless my mum had a few days off work and it became the norm, another big reason is because if I didn’t do it then I was always afraid he would then do it to my sister. I would have done anything to protect my sister, as it happened to me for years I just agreed so that he could never decide to do it to her. My aim was to protect her from what was happening to me.
I wanted to tell someone when I realised that I was being sexually abused, this realisation happened when I was about 11. I said to my father that I was going to tell and he threatened me, frightened me, when I was in the bath one time he held me under water long enough to scare me thinking I was going to drown and then told me if I told then next time I would get hurt or go into care. I couldn’t tell, no matter how hard I wanted to. So I kept it secret. My behavior never changed during this time, I played with my friends when I could, no one would know any different, I showed no typical signs that something was wrong. I know my mum and sister blame themselves for not knowing but how can you know when nothing ever changes to let you know differently. The people that carry out these actions they do so very carefully and they know how to manipulate their victims into not saying or showing signs that anything is wrong. I don’t blame them so why should they blame themselves. No one has a crystal ball you don’t know what you can’t see. The teachers did not know because I was doing well at school, I never acted out and I was always a seemingly happy child to everyone on the outside.
I had one main coping mechanism over these many years that enabled me to get on and hide this secret and still be able to try and live a ‘normal’ life. It was my dog. My dog saved my life. After every incident that took place, whether I waited until later that day or the day after, when I was alone I would tell my dog what happened and tell my dog how I felt. She would cuddle me, we lay on the floor just cuddling or we would be playing. She knew everything. I got everything off my shoulders, she held my deepest darkest secrets but couldn’t tell anyone. I loved my dog, I don’t think I would have endured life if it wasn’t for my dog. That’s how I managed to forget between episodes and try to be a child. I was telling, just not to someone who could help.
I used to love sleepovers around my nans, my aunts and my friends because I was safe. My sister and I would also have friends stay over ours as well and I was safe then too.
One day when I was 13 I came home from school after my sisters sports day and mum was upset, she explained to my sister and I that dad had been taken away by the police to help them with an investigation but that he wouldn’t be coming back for a while. My sister and I wouldn’t believe what was happening and were very upset. I asked if I could go and see my friend over the road and mum was hesitant at first but then agreed I went running over there and was crying, they asked what had happened and I told them, my mum then came over and thought it was best that I go home. When we got back home mum told us in more detail what had happened and a social worker was there. My father has been arrested for sex offences against a minor. The report had come from the family that I just visited. I felt betrayed, they knew why I was crying but pretended not to know. I didn’t speak to them after, in my mind they had take my father away from me. I hated what was happening to me behind closed doors but at the end of the day as a child I felt that he was still my father, I had split them into two people, one was my father and one was a monster, this made it easier to live with. The social worker asked us if anything had ever happened to my sister or I, I instantly denied everything, my sister also said no. They had no reason not to believe us, my mum had no reason to not believe us either. So no further action from the social worker happened.
A new life has begun on this day, although at the beginning I was so upset that my father had been taken away, I would later realise what this actually meant for me. I was free, although I thought I was, I was free from the actual abuse but little did I know I was not free from the suffering that the abuse caused.
My father plead not guilty to the case and therefore it went to court, it was reported in all the newspapers and Cornwall being small and us having quite an unusual surname everyone knew it was my father even if the newspaper didn’t name us as his children. The bullying that I received became unbearable, I would be spat on, pushed on the floor, beaten up, excluded from everything, name called, I would be told multiple times a day that my family is disgusting, that I am disgusting. I didn’t want to go outside. The outside world was horrible, kids are horrible, but it wasn’t just the kids, the mother of the family over the road, the ones that reported this to the police, she would stare horribly at us like we were a piece of rubbish, she would know that her children were being so so horrible and not do anything about it. She would pull her children away from us if we passed in the street. I would just come home and cry in my bed for hours and cuddle my mum all the time jut crying because of the bullies. The bullying felt worse than the abuse I had received for years because I had learnt to cope with that. I had no coping mechanism for this and there felt like no escape. My mum spoke to the school about what had happened and they tried to out measures in place to keep me away from the bullies but that didn’t stop them outside of school. Secondary school has its own challenges for any normal child let alone all of this on top. I was lucky I had a best friend in secondary school who was there for me no matter what and stuck by me through everything.
There was a long wait for the case to get to court whilst all evidence etc. was gathered. My father moved to Manchester close to his family. He got a new girlfriend in this time, a woman who I later found out he was having an affair with whilst with my mum. My mum allowed my sister and I telephone contact with our father after we asked to keep in contact. I was angry at my father for having another girlfriend. My sister missed him a lot. I put on a brave face and spoke to him like normal because I didn’t want anyone to suspect anything and I could see how much talking to him meant to my sister. During the wait for trial we saw my father for dinner once in a pub, my mum attended as she did not trust him on his own with us, which was understandable, we caught up talking about school and how he was settling in up in Manchester all the usual things you would talk about, anything but the court case. A few months later we visited him up country, he lived with his new girlfriend. I was extremely nervous about visiting but I was brave, I did it so my sister could see him. I played over and over what I would do if he tried to do anything with me again and I was certain I would fight and I wasn’t afraid to tell someone if something did happen. Nothing did thank goodness. I felt relieved when I got home.
During this time my father announced that him and his girlfriend were having a new baby. I was furious as I found out over Facebook. He was too much of a coward to tell me first because he knew I would be so angry. Not only was I angry because I didn’t like the fact he had a new girl firmed but because he was bringing a new life into the world when he couldn’t even keep the ones that he already had safe. I was worried that if it was a girl she could be at risk and I wouldn’t be there to protect this one. I shouted and screamed and swore down the phone at him. He had the baby not long before the court case and it was a girl. My biggest fears came true. I just kept thinking how could his girlfriend be so stupid, he was about to go to court accused of sex crimes against children and yet she had a baby with him!!
The court case came and the details were all in the paper, this is when I found out the details about what had actually happened. I knew what had been accused was true. My sister’s friend had stayed over for a sleepover, she had blonde hair like me and was probably a similar height. She slept in my bed. My father drank John Smiths most evenings and I could always smell it on his breath. He had probably drank that night. He then got into her bed and touched her in appropriately in the night. I instantly felt guilt and shame, I felt like it was my fault because it was my bed. I kept thinking I shouldn’t have let anyone stay in my bed then they wouldn’t be subjected to this like I was. I now know 10 years later that it wasn’t my fault and it was his actions not mine however I still feel guilty about it and I don’t think that will go away. At the end of the court case, he was found guilty and was sentenced to 2 years in prison, it was a small sentence due to it being his first offence and him being an upstanding member of society having worked in the forces and helping in the community with air cadets etc. I felt like I had to try and forget about this now and try and move on with my life it was all over officially now, no more contact he was in prison I didn’t have to worry anymore, I thought I would feel better.
As time went on my mum, sister and I started to rebuild our lives after the embarrassment caused by everything being reported in the papers. The newspapers had no consideration for the families involved when publishing these stories, no consideration on how this would affect our lives. The aftermath of it all. The bullying continued for me for years to come. I took my anger and hurt out on my mum and my sister which strained our relationships but we were determined to get passed it.
I didn’t know where my father was in prison nor did I know when he was due out or what would happen when he was released but one day probably about a year on from him being sent to prison I woke up one morning and I wanted to tell my mum what happened. I was nervous about it and didn’t know how to approach the subject but I was just filled with the overwhelming sense that I needed the weight lifted and this day was the day. I leapt out of bed and barged into my mums room and said I had something to tell her and I just blurted it out. My mum was stunned by what I had said but gave me the biggest cuddle and told me that everything was going to be OK, I cried and she cried. She believed me straight away, she didn’t even question it. I can’t remember exactly what I said to her but remember she asked me a couple questions and I answered them. She wanted to go to the police hut I said I wasn’t ready for that and if she did I would deny it because I wasn’t ready to talk to them. I just wanted to tell someone. He couldn’t get me I was safe so there was no need to tell anyone else at that moment. My mum held me and told me that when I was ready I just had to let her know and we would go together. I made her promise she wouldn’t go until I was ready. I’m so grateful that my mum believed me straight away and was there for me and made me feel comfortable to tell her. I couldn’t have asked for more from her and for that I’m so thankful, she listened and didn’t force me into anything I wasn’t comfortable doing yet. After that we just carried on with everything like normal, like nothing had happened and that’s how I wanted it.
A few months or about a year later I woke up again with the same overwhelming sense that that was the day to go to the police. I didn’t feel safe for some reason or another and I wasn’t sure why, I had not reason, or so I believed, to feel like that. I went into my mums room and said I’m ready to tell now. She knew what I meant and she phone in to the school and said that I won’t be in today and she phoned work. We got ready to walk to the police station, she asked me if I wanted to take my Teddy, this was the same teddy I slept with every night, the same teddy that was older than me that had always gone with me wherever I went including into the hospital for various surgeries or broken bones etc. I took my Teddy as my safety blanket. I felt sick but I knew I needed to do this. I wanted to do it, I didn’t want him to get out and go back to his new family and down the line he would do it again to his new daughter. The police officer seemed nice as did the social worker. I went into a room with them both and sat on a sofa whilst they were in two chairs, the room was made to try and make you feel more comfortable but it reminded me of my great nans living room. They pointed out the cameras and explained everything to me and we proceeded. They said to start from the beginning which I did, but then they needed more detail, they needed me to tell them every exact little detail I could remember about every single time. However, if you experience something daily it all merges together especially daily over a period of 7 years. There were a few occasions that reoccurred and so these remained vividly in my mind, or there was a couple where I really put up a fight, I also remembered these. I told the officer and social worker but I struggled to actually say the words, rape, vagina, penis, or describe in detail what had actually happened because it was as though I had to believe it had actually happened. All this time it was just something at the back of my mind that I tried to forget and now it’s all at the surface. The secret that I had held in for so long. The office kept asking and asking so he could get all of the information he needed. I think I could only describe in detail 5 exact occasions but I did explain that this happened everyday practically. It was not a comfortable experience and to be honest I think it’s one I do not want to experience again ever. It has probably put me off reporting anything just because it was so intrusive and because of that I feel I could not get my point across properly; the memories were locked away so deep they didn’t want to come out.
At the end of the interview the officer asked if I had any requests, I explained that I did not want this reported in the papers because of the bullying that all came from last time it got reported. It was agreed with the officers and my mum that the case would be held out of County to try and stop the media from publishing this. I was grateful for this. It was later that day that we found out that it was on that day that I went to the police that my father was due out of prison. I did not previously know this, today I still think it’s such a strange coincidence that it was that day that I felt that I needed to go to the police. He was released then arrested at the gate.
He plead guilty and believe he said something along the lines of I don’t want to put her through anymore. So, there was no trial, only a sentencing. However, after the case got transferred to out of county we did not hear anything further other than it was due to go to court. The police officer knocked on the door after the court case and apolagised about what he was about to give my mum. He gave her a piece of paper with the sentencing details on, he only had to serve a minimum of 5 years. The police officer always felt that he would have got longer if the case was heard in Cornwall but I couldn’t handle that. 5 years was not enough, it was not even the same amount of time he had taken from me. 5 years is nothing and goes by in a flash. We were all very hurt and angry. After I went to the police, I became very ill, physically and emotionally, it was as if my body had gone into shock, where it had released that thing that was stuck inside for so long. I was exhausted. We were not offered much help after and was not contacted by any victim care unit. My social worker had to fight to get me some help. She managed to get me some counselling sessions with a company called jigsaw she specialised in Child sex abuse. My therapist was called Maggie and she was lovely. I talked about as much as I wanted to at the time but it wasn’t a lot, I felt like I had already said enough and that talking more was making me unwell. I had the maximum sessions allowed (12 sessions). Maggie felt I needed a lot more help and a referral was made to CAMHS.
When I finally got an appointment with CAMHS I saw a psychiatrist for medications and a therapist to talk. I did not like either of them and you had no choice to change. I did not feel comfortable talking to these strange people so I did not engage well. It was at the CAMHS service that I was diagnosed with being clinically depressed and having PTSD. I didn’t attend there for long then referred back to my GP.
My relationships with my mum and sister really suffered after this. I had so many emotions still inside that I did not know how to cope with any of them, I was always so overwhelmed by them. I had been so numb for so many years and now to actually feel any emotion was so difficult for me I just didn’t know how to cope. Therefore, I lashed out at my mum and sister. I am so sorry for this now I didn’t mean to make their lives harder than they already was. I appreciate them more than ever for putting up with my behavior.
Other than that help it was just my mum, my sister and I just trying to muddle to get through. No help was offered to my sister who was 11 at the time I went to the police and must have been traumatised by the events, no help offered to my mum who obviously had so much guilt and blame. We just had to try and muddle together which was so hard! My mood swings were awful and unpredictable you never knew what kind of mood you were going to get if you spoke to me. This was a long struggle and continued until I moved out when I was 18. It was at this point my relationship with my mum and sister really improved and helped it mould into the great close relationship it is today. I’m so close with my sister she is my best friend. Yes, we bicker sometimes but all siblings to. My mum and I are so close, she is my rock and knows me better than anyone else.
I seeked more help when I was 21, I felt as though at this point in my life I had so much still inside that I needed to get out finally. I went to a WRASAC and received another 15 sessions of counselling, again the maximum number of sessions. I felt that this did really help this time. It was hard but I felt the pain was worth it. I thought that it would improve my depression and my ptsd and it did for a very short time however at 25 they are just as much a struggle as when I was 13 if not more so.
When I was 25, I visited my GP concerned about my moods, depression, exhaustion, flashback and more. In Cornwall they the community mental health services could only take on people in crisis. My GP felt that this was not me. I was put on more antidepressants and advised to be referred for more talking therapy, which would be just general cbt and not necessarily catered for the severe trauma I had experienced. I had tried so many different antidepressants over the years and talking therapy limited to a number of sessions only saw a tiny improvement in my moods. I shortly moved to London after this with my boyfriend and when I arrived, I contacted the local IAPT. They called me and we discussed my problems the psychiatrist agreed to accept me into the community mental health team and I now await trauma-focused CBT, I’m not sure how much it will work but I’m willing to try anything now. It’s been 10 years this year since my father was sentenced to prison for what he had done to me. This year I found out by chance he was released 2 years ago and I was not informed, not only was I not informed but I was not included in any parole talks therefore he now lived in very close proximity to family that I would visit regularly I feel now I cannot ever visit this family. He still has control over my life, after complaints being investigated it appears this is due to an administrative mistake on behalf of the police force not passing my details on to a victim care unit and the probation service not having access to other areas databases. I have been truly let down once again by the people who are supposed to protect me. This has caused my mental health to deteriorate. All the hard work I have put in, smashed. I now have to work to try and build this back up. On top of this I always have the thought that when I was younger I imagined I would feel better by this age... 10 years is a long time, however I don’t. Every day is a battle to wake up and get out of bed. The smallest tasks are tiring because I’m always having this constant mental battle with myself and I have been having it for 10 years, I’m beyond tired of fighting. I still have the smallest bit of hope that things will still get better but I must say this year has definitely made that bit of hope even smaller.
The only positive is that now I am stronger. I now have the courage to speak out about my abuse. I want there to be more education of child sex abuse, I don’t want it to be the taboo that it is. If I had known what was really happening at the young age of 6/7 I would have been more likely to have told my mum, nan or Aunty or maybe a school teacher about what had happened and could have saved years and years of assaults. This was not spoken about at school. Also there needs to be more education on safe relationships between people who are familiar including parents, children need to know what is right and wrong in parental and family relationships. This is not talked about. Awareness needs to be made. This will save our children.
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2020.09.21 00:47 Leather_Term Meet Brock Pierce, the Presidential Candidate With Ties to Pedophiles Who Wants to End Human Trafficking | Sep. 20, 2020.
The “Mighty Ducks” actor is running for president. He clears the air (sort of) to Tarpley Hitt about his ties to Jeffrey Epstein and more.
In the trailer for First Kid, the forgettable 1996 comedy about a Secret Service agent assigned to protect the president’s son, the title character, played by a teenage Brock Pierce, describes himself as “definitely the most powerful kid in the universe.” Now, the former child star is running to be the most powerful man in the world, as an Independent candidate for President of the United States.
Before First Kid, the Minnesota-born actor secured roles in a series of PG-rated comedies, playing a young Emilio Estevez in The Mighty Ducks, before graduating to smaller parts in movies like Problem Child 3: Junior in Love. When his screen time shrunk, Pierce retired from acting for a real executive role: co-founding the video production start-up Digital Entertainment Network (DEN) alongside businessman Marc Collins-Rector. At age 17, Pierce served as its vice president, taking in a base salary of $250,000.
DEN became “the poster child for dot-com excesses,” raising more than $60 million in seed investments and plotting a $75 million IPO. But it turned into a shorthand for something else when, in October of 1999, the three co-founders suddenly resigned. That month, a New Jersey man filed a lawsuit alleging Collins-Rector had molested him for three years beginning when he was 13 years old. The following summer, three teens filed a sexual-abuse lawsuit against Pierce, Collins-Rector, and their third co-founder, Chad Shackley. The plaintiffs later dropped their case against Pierce (he made a payment of $21,600 to one of their lawyers) and Shackley. But after a federal grand jury indicted Collins-Rector on criminal charges in 2000, the DEN founders left the country. When Interpol arrested them in 2002, they said they had confiscated “guns, machetes, and child pornography” from the trio’s beach villa in Spain.
While abroad, Pierce had pivoted to a new venture: Internet Gaming Entertainment, which sold virtual accessories in multiplayer online role-playing games to those desperate to pay, as one Wired reporter put it, “as much as $1,800 for an eight-piece suit of Skyshatter chain mail” rather than earn it in the games themselves. In 2005, a 25-year-old Pierce hired then-Goldman Sachs banker Steve Bannon—just before he would co-found Breitbart News. Two years later, after a World of Warcraft player sued the company for “diminishing” the fun of the game, Steve Bannon replaced Pierce as CEO.
Collins-Rector eventually pleaded guilty to eight charges of child enticement and registered as a sex offender. In the years that followed, Pierce waded into the gonzo economy of cryptocurrencies, where he overlapped more than once with Jeffrey Epstein, and counseled him on crypto. In that world, he founded Tether, a cryptocurrency that bills itself as a “stablecoin,” because its value is allegedly tied to the U.S. dollar, and the blockchain software company Like his earlier businesses, Pierce’s crypto projects see-sawed between massive investments and curious deals. When announced a smart contract software called EOS.IO, the company raised $4 billion almost overnight, setting an all-time record before the product even launched. The Securities and Exchange Commission later fined the company $24 million for violating federal securities law. After John Oliver mocked the ordeal, calling Pierce a “sleepy, creepy cowboy,” fired him. Tether, meanwhile, is currently under investigation by the New York Attorney General for possible fraud.
On July 4, Pierce announced his candidacy for president. His campaign surrogates include a former Cambridge Analytica director and the singer Akon, who recently doubled down on developing an anonymously funded, $6 billion “Wakanda-like” metropolis in Senegal called Akon City. Pierce claims to be bipartisan, and from the 11 paragraphs on the “Policy” section of his website it can be hard to determine where he falls on the political spectrum. He supports legalizing marijuana and abolishing private prisons, but avoids the phrase “climate change.” He wants to end “human trafficking.” His proposal to end police brutality: body cams.
His political contributions tell a more one-sided story. Pierce’s sole Democratic contribution went to the short-lived congressional run of crypto candidate Brian Forde. The rest went to Republican campaigns like Marco Rubio, Rick Perry, John McCain, and the National Right to Life Political Action Committee. Last year alone, Pierce gave over $44,000 to the Republican National Committee and more than $55,000 to Trump’s re-election fund.
Pierce spoke to The Daily Beast from his tour bus and again over email. Those conversations have been combined and edited for clarity.
You’re announcing your presidential candidacy somewhat late, and historically, third-party candidates haven’t had the best luck with the executive office. If you don’t have a strong path to the White House, what do you want out of the race?
I announced on July 4, which I think is quite an auspicious date for an Independent candidate, hoping to bring independence to this country. There’s a lot of things that I can do. One is: I’m 39 years old. I turn 40 in November. So I’ve got time on my side. Whatever happens in this election cycle, I’m laying the groundwork for the future. The overall mission is to create a third major party—not another third party—a third major party in this country. I think that is what America needs most. George Washington in his closing address warned us about the threat of political parties. John Adams and the other founding fathers—their fear for our future was two political parties becoming dominant. And look at where we are. We were warned.
I believe, having studied systems, any time you have a system of two, what happens is those two things come together, like magnets. They come into collision, or they become polarized and become completely divided. I think we need to rise above partisan politics and find a path forward together. As Albert Einstein is quoted—I’m not sure the line came from him, but he’s quoted in many places—he said that the definition of insanity is making the same mistake or doing the same thing over and over and over again, expecting a different result. [Ed. note: Einstein never said this.] It feels like that’s what our election cycle is like. Half the country feels like they won, half the country feels like they lost, at least if they voted or participated.
Obviously, there’s another late-comer to the presidential race, and that’s Kanye West. He’s received a lot of flak for his candidacy, as he’s openly admitted to trying to siphon votes away from Joe Biden to ensure a Trump victory. Is that something you’re hoping to avoid or is that what you’re going for as well?
Oh no. This is a very serious campaign. Our campaign is very serious. You’ll notice I don’t say anything negative about either of the two major political candidates, because I think that’s one of the problems with our political system, instead of people getting on stage, talking about their visionary ideas, inspiring people, informing and educating, talking about problems, mentioning problems, talking about solutions, constructive criticism. That’s why I refuse to run a negative campaign. I am definitely not a spoiler. I’m into data, right? I’m a technologist. I’ve got digital DNA. So does most of our campaign team. We’ve got our finger on the pulse.
Most of my major Democratic contacts are really happy to see that we’re running in a red state like Wyoming. Kanye West’s home state is Wyoming. He’s not on the ballot in Wyoming I could say, in part, because he didn’t have Akon on his team. But I could also say that he probably didn’t want to be on the ballot in Wyoming because it’s a red state. He doesn’t want to take additional points in a state where he’s only running against Trump. But we’re on the ballot in Wyoming, and since we’re on the ballot in Wyoming I think it’s safe—more than safe, I think it’s evident—that we are not here to run as a spoiler for the benefit of Donald Trump.
In running for president, you’ve opened yourself up to be scrutinized from every angle going back to the beginning of your career. I wanted to ask you about your time at the Digital Entertainment Network. Can you tell me a little bit about how you started there? You became a vice president as a teenager. What were your qualifications and what was your job exactly?
Well, I was the co-founder. A lot of it was my idea. I had an idea that people would use the internet to watch videos, and we create content for the internet. The idea was basically YouTube and Hulu and Netflix. Anyone that was around in the ‘90s and has been around digital media since then, they all credit us as the creators of basically those ideas. I was just getting a message from the creator of The Vandals, the punk rock band, right before you called. He’s like, “Brock, looks like we’re going to get the Guinness Book of World Records for having created the first streaming television show.”
We did a lot of that stuff. We had 30 television shows. We had the top most prestigious institutions in the world as investors. The biggest names. High-net-worth investors like Terry Semel, who’s chairman and CEO of Warner Brothers, and became the CEO of Yahoo. I did all sorts of things. I helped sell $150,000 worth of advertising contracts to the CEOs of Pepsi and everything else. I was the face of the company, meeting all the major banks and everything else, selling the vision of what the future was.
You moved in with Marc Collins-Rector and Chad Shackley at a mansion in Encino. Was that the headquarters of the business?
All start-ups, they normally start out in your home. Because it’s just you. The company was first started out of Marc’s house, and it was probably there for the first two or three months, before the company got an office. That’s, like, how it is for all start-ups.
were later a co-defendant in the L.A. County case filed against Marc Collins-Rector for plying minors with alcohol and drugs, in order to facilitate sexual abuse. You were dropped from the case, but you settled with one of the men for $21,600. Can you explain that?
Okay, well, first of all, that’s not accurate. Two of the plaintiffs in that case asked me if I would be a plaintiff. Because I refused to be a part of the lawsuit, they chose to include me to discredit me, to make their case stronger. They also went and offered 50 percent of what they got to the house management—they went around and offered money to anyone to participate in this. They needed people to corroborate their story. Eventually, because I refused to participate in the lawsuit, they named me. Subsequently, all three of the plaintiffs apologized to me, in front of audiences, in front of many people, saying Brock never did anything. They dismissed their cases.
Remember, this is a civil thing. I’ve never been charged with a crime in my life. And the last plaintiff to have his case dismissed, he contacted his lawyer and said, “Dismiss this case against Brock. Brock never did anything. I just apologized. Dismiss his case.” And the lawyer said, “No. I won’t dismiss this case, I have all these out-of-pocket expenses, I refuse to file the paperwork unless you give me my out-of-pocket expenses.” And so the lawyer, I guess, had $21,000 in bills. So I paid his lawyer $21,000—not him, it was not a settlement. That was a payment to his lawyer for his out-of-pocket expenses. Out-of-pocket expenses so that he would file the paperwork to dismiss the case.
You’ve said the cases were unfounded, and the plaintiffs eventually apologized. But your boss, Marc Collins-Rector later pleaded guilty to eight charges of child enticement and registered as a sex offender. Were you aware of his behavior? How do you square the fact that later allegations proved to be true, but these ones were not?
Well, remember: I was 16 and 17 years old at the time? So, no. I don’t think Marc is the man they made him out to be. But Marc is not a person I would associate with today, and someone I haven’t associated with in a very long time. I was 16 and 17. I chose the wrong business partner. You live and you learn.
You’ve pointed out that you were underage when most of these allegations were said to take place. Did you ever feel like you were coerced or in over your head while working at DEN?
I mean, I was working 18 hours a day, doing things I’d never done before. It was business school. But I definitely learned a lot in building that company. We raised $88 million. We filed our [form] S-1 to go public. We were the hottest start-up in Los Angeles.
In 2000, you left the country with Marc Collins-Rector. Why did you leave? How did you spend those two years abroad?
I moved to Spain in 1999 for personal reasons. I spent those two years in Europe working on developing my businesses.
Interpol found you in 2002. The house where you were staying reportedly contained guns, machetes, and child pornography. Whose guns and child porn were those? Were you aware they were in the house, and how did those get there?
My lawyers have addressed this in 32 pages of documentation showing a complete absence of wrongdoing. Please refer to my webpage for more information.
[Ed. Note: The webpage does not mention guns, machetes, or child pornography. It does state:“It is true that when the local police arrested Collins-Rector in Spain in 2002 on an international warrant, Mr. Pierce was also taken into custody, but so was everyone at Collins-Rector’s house in Spain; and it is equally clear that Brock was promptly released, and no charges of any kind were ever filed against Brock concerning this matter.”]
What do you make of the allegations against Bryan Singer? [Ed. Note: Bryan Singer, a close friend of Collins-Rector, invested at least $50,000 in DEN. In an Atlantic article outlining Singer’s history of alleged sexual assault and statutory rape, one source claimed that at age 15, Collins-Rector abused him and introduced him to Singer, who then assaulted him in the DEN headquarters.]
I am aware of them and I support of all victims of sexual assault. I will let America’s justice system decide on Singer’s outcome.

In 2011, you spoke at the Mindshift conference supported by Jeffrey Epstein. At that point, he had already been convicted of soliciting prostitution from a minor. Why did you agree to speak?
I had never heard of Jeffrey Epstein. His name was not on the website. I was asked to speak at a conference alongside Nobel Prize winners. It was not a cryptocurrency conference, it was filled with Nobel Prize winners. I was asked to speak alongside Nobel Prize winners on the future of money. I speak at conferences historically, two to three times a week. I was like, “Nobel Prize winners? Sounds great. I’ll happily talk about the future of money with them.” I had no idea who Jeffrey Epstein was. His name was not listed anywhere on the website. Had I known what I know now? I clearly would have never spoken there. But I spoke at a conference that he cosponsored.
What’s your connection to the Clinton Global Initiative? Did you hear about it through Jeffrey Epstein?
I joined the Clinton Global Initiative as a philanthropist in 2006 and was a member for one year. My involvement with the Initiative had no connection to Jeffrey Epstein whatsoever.
You’ve launched your campaign in Minnesota, where George Floyd was killed by a police officer. How do you feel about the civil uprising against police brutality?
I’m from Minnesota. Born and raised. We just had a press conference there, announcing that we’re on the ballot. Former U.S. Senator Dean Barkley was there. So that tells you, when former U.S. Senators are endorsing the candidate, right?
[Ed. note: Barkley was never elected to the United States Senate. In November of 2002, he was appointed by then Minnesota Governor Jesse Venture to fill the seat after Sen. Paul Wellstone died in a plane crash. Barkley’s term ended on Jan. 3, 2003—two months later.]
Yes, George Floyd was murdered in Minneapolis. My vice-presidential running mate Karla Ballard and I, on our last trip to Minnesota together, went to visit the George Floyd Memorial. I believe in law and order. I believe that law and order is foundational to any functioning society. But there is no doubt in my mind that we need reform. These types of events—this is not an isolated incident. This has happened many times before. It’s time for change. We have a lot of detail around policy on this issue that we will be publishing next week. Not just high-level what we think, not just a summary, but detailed policy.
You said that you support “law and order.” What does that mean?
“Law and order” means creating a fair and just legal system where our number one priority is protecting the inalienable rights of “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” for all people. This means reforming how our police intervene in emergency situations, abolishing private prisons that incentivize mass incarceration, and creating new educational and economic opportunities for our most vulnerable communities. I am dedicated to preventing crime by eliminating the socioeconomic conditions that encourage it.
I support accountability and transparency in government and law enforcement. Some of the key policies I support are requiring body-cams on all law enforcement officers who engage with the public, curtailing the 1033 program that provides local law enforcement agencies with access to military equipment, and abolishing private prisons. Rather than simply defund the police, my administration will take a holistic approach to heal and unite America by ending mass incarceration, police brutality, and racial injustice.
Did you attend any Black Lives Matter protests?
I support all movements aimed at ending racial injustice and inequality. I​ have not attended any Black Lives Matter protests.​ My running-mate, Karla Ballard, attended the March on Washington in support of racial justice and equality.
Your platform doesn’t mention the words “climate change.” Is there a reason for that?
I’m not sure what you mean. Our policy platform specifically references human-caused climate change and we have a plan to restabilize the climate, address environmental degradation, and ensure environmental sustainability.
[Ed. Note: As of writing the Pierce campaign’s policy platform does not specifically reference human-caused climate change.]
You’ve recently brought on Akon as a campaign surrogate. How did that happen? Tell me about that.
Akon and I have been friends for quite some time. I was one of the guys that taught him about Bitcoin. I helped make some videogames for him, I think in 2012. We were talking about Bitcoin, teaching him the ropes, back in 2013. And in 2014, we were both speaking at the Milken Global Conference, and I encouraged him to talk about how Bitcoin, Africa, changed the world. He became the biggest celebrity in the world, talking about Bitcoin at the time. I’m an adviser to his Akoin project, very interested in the work that he’s doing to build a city in Africa.
I think we need a government that’s of, for, and by the people. Akon has huge political aspirations. He obviously was a hugely successful artist. But he also discovered artists like Lady Gaga. So not only is he, himself, a great artist, but he’s also a great identifier and builder of other artists. And he’s been a great businessman, philanthropist. He’s pushing the limits of what can be done. We’re like-minded individuals in that regard. I think he’ll be running for political office one day, because he sees what I see: that we need real change, and we need a government that is of, for, and by the people.
You mentioned that you’re an adviser on Akoin. Do you have any financial investments in Akoin or Akon City?
I don’t believe so. I’d have to check. I have so much stuff. But I don’t believe that I have any economic interests in his stuff. I’d have to verify that. We’ll get back to you. I don’t believe that I have any economic interests. My interest is in helping him. He’s a visionary with big ideas that wants to help things in the world. If I can be of assistance in helping him make the world a better place, I’m all for it. I’m not motivated by money. I’m not running for office because I’m motivated by power. I’m running for office because I’m deeply, deeply concerned about our collective future.
You’ve said you’re running on a pro-technology platform. One week into your campaign last month, a New York appeals court approved the state Attorney General’s attempt to investigate the stablecoin Tether for potentially fraudulent activity. Do you think this will impact your ability to sell people on your tech entrepreneurship?
No, I think my role in Tether is as awesome as it gets. It was my idea. I put it together. But I’ve had no involvement in the company since 2015. I gave all of my equity to the other shareholders. I’ve had zero involvement in the company for almost six years. It was just my idea. I put the initial team together. But I think Tether is one of the most important innovations in the world, certainly. The idea is, I digitized the U.S. dollar. I used technology to digitize currency—existing currency. The U.S. dollar in particular. It’s doing $10 trillion a year. Ten trillion dollars a year of transactional volume. It’s probably the most important innovation in currency since the advent of fiat money. The people that took on the business and ran the business in years to come, they’ve done things I’m not proud of. I’m not sure they’ve done anything criminal. But they certainly did things differently than I would do. But it’s like, you have kids, they turn 18, they go out into the world, and sometimes you’re proud of the things they do, and sometimes you shake your head and go, “Ugh, why did you do that?” I have zero concerns as it relates to me personally. I wish they made better decisions.
What do you think the investigation will find?
I have no idea. The problem that was raised is that there was a $5 million loan between two entities and whether or not they had the right to do that, did they disclose it correctly. There’s been no accusations of, like, embezzlement or anything that bad.
[Ed. Note: The Attorney General’s press release on the investigation reads: “Our investigation has determined that the operators of the ‘Bitfinex’ trading platform, who also control the ‘tether’ virtual currency, have engaged in a cover-up to hide the apparent loss of $850 million dollars of co-mingled client and corporate funds.”]
But there’s been some disclosure things, that is the issue. No one is making any outrageous claims that these are people that have done a bunch of bad—well, on the internet, the media has said that the people behind the business may have been manipulating the price of Bitcoin, but I don’t think that has anything to do with the New York investigation. Again, I’m so not involved, and so not at risk, that I’m not even up to speed on the details.
[Ed note: A representative of the New York State Attorney General told Forbes that he “cannot confirm or deny that the investigation” includes Pierce.]
We’ve recently witnessed the rise of QAnon, the conspiracy theory that Hollywood is an evil cabal of Satanic pedophiles and Trump is the person waging war on them. You mentioned human trafficking, which has become a cause for them. What are your thoughts on that?
I’ve watched some of the content. I think it’s an interesting phenomenon. I’m an internet person, so Anonymous is obviously an organization that has been doing interesting stuff. It’s interesting. I don’t have a big—conspiracy theory stuff is—I guess I have a question for you: What do you think of all of it, since you’re the expert?
You know, I think it’s not true, but I’m not running for president. I do wonder what this politician [Georgia congressional candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene], who’s just won her primary, is going to do on day one, once she finds out there’s no satanic cabal room.
Wait, someone was running for office and won on a QAnon platform, saying that Hollywood did—say what? You’re the expert here.
She won a primary. But I want to push on if we only have a few minutes. In 2006, your gaming company IGE brought on Steve Bannon as an investor. Goldman later bought out most of your stock. Bannon eventually replaced you as CEO of Affinity. You’ve described him as your “right-hand man for, like, seven years.” How well did you know Bannon during that time?
Yes, so this is in my mid-twenties. He wasn’t an investor. He worked for me. He was my banker. He worked for me for three years as my yield guide. And then he was my CEO running the company for another four years. So I haven’t worked with Steve for a decade or so. We worked in videogame stuff and banking. He was at Goldman Sachs. He was not in the political area at the time. But he was a pretty successful banker. He set up Goldman Sachs Los Angeles. So for me, I’d say he did a pretty good job.
During your business relationship, Steve Bannon founded Breitbart News, which has pretty consistently published racist material. How do you feel about Breitbart?
I had no involvement with Breitbart News. As for how I feel about such material, I’m not pleased by any form of hate-mongering. I strongly support the equality of all Americans.
Did you have qualms about Bannon’s role in the 2016 election?
Bannon’s role in the Trump campaign got me to pay closer attention to what he was doing but that’s about it. Whenever you find out that one of your former employees has taken on a role like that, you pay attention.
Bannon served on the board of Cambridge Analytica. A staffer on your campaign, Brittany Kaiser, also served as a business director for them. What are your thoughts on their use of illicitly-obtained Facebook data for campaign promotional material?
Yes, so this will be the last question I can answer because I’ve got to be off for this 5:00 pm. But Brittany Kaiser is a friend of mine. She was the whistleblower of Cambridge Analytica. She came to me and said, “What do I do?” And I said, “Tell the truth. The truth will set you free.”
[Ed. Note: Investigations in Cambridge Analytica took place as early as Nov. 2017, when a U.K. reporter at Channel 4 News recorded their CEO boasting about using “beautiful Ukranian girls” and offers of bribes to discredit political officials. The first whistleblower was Christopher Wylie, who disclosed a cache of documents to The Guardian, published on Mar. 17, 2018. Kaiser’s confession ran five days later, after the scandal made national news. Her association with Cambridge Analytica is not mentioned anywhere on Pierce’s campaign website.]
So I’m glad that people—I’m a supporter of whistleblowers, people that see injustice in the world and something not right happening, and who put themselves in harm’s way to stand up for what they believe in. So I stand up for Brittany Kaiser.
Who do you think [anonymous inventor of Bitcoin] Satoshi Nakamoto is?
We all are Satoshi Nakamoto.
You got married at Burning Man. Have you been attending virtual Burning Man?
I’m running a presidential campaign. So, while I was there in spirit, unfortunately my schedule did not permit me to attend.
OP note: please refer to the original article for reference links within text (as I've not added them here!)
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