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Phone won't let me link but here are some of the major items I noticed. Will update as I can. Urban Decay; Game Of Thrones (select items): GOT Brushes $19.97. GOT Liners $15.97. GOT Lip and Cheek Stain $18.97. GOT Lipstick $13.97. Brow Microblade Stencils $8.97. Naked skin Concealers $20.97. Perversion Waterproof Liquid Liner $10.97 ... ABH, Becca, Kat Von D, Mac, Laura Geller, Clinique, Tarte, Too Faced, Huda, Estee Lauder, Urban Decay and MORE! :) Unapproved. Close • Posted by just now [Sell/Swap] [US Only] 100+ New and gently used items. Most are 30% off retail or more! ABH, Becca, Kat Von D, Mac, Laura Geller, Clinique, Tarte, Too Faced, Huda, Estee Lauder, Urban Decay ... 2020.08.26 15:43 costco_hoesale [SELL][US Only] Milk Makeup, Urban Decay, Colourpop, Thrive Causemetics, and More. Hi, thanks for checking out my post :) Prices include Paypal G&S ABH, Becca, Kat Von D, Mac, Laura Geller, Clinique, Tarte, Too Faced, Huda, Estee Lauder and MORE! :) Unapproved. Close • Posted by 2 minutes ago [Sell/Swap] [US Only] 100+ New and gently used items. Most are 30% off retail or more! ABH, Becca, Kat Von D, Mac, Laura Geller, Clinique, Tarte, Too Faced, Huda, Estee Lauder and MORE! ... [Sell/Swap] [US Only] New items added! 100+ New and gently used items. Most are 30% off retail or more! ABH, Becca, Kat Von D, Mac, Laura Geller, Clinique, Tarte, Too Faced, Huda, Estee Lauder and MORE! 2020.09.08 20:07 grilledcheeseyum Iphone купить terry by hydra hyaluronic powder. Lots of gently used and new items looking for a good home! Please ask if you're unsure abou

2020.09.24 17:22 JustLemonade [Sell/Swap] [US Only] ~~NEW ITEMS ADDED~~ 100+ New and gently used items. Most are 30% off retail or more! ABH, Becca, Kat Von D, Mac, Laura Geller, Clinique, Tarte, Too Faced, Huda, Estee Lauder, Lorac, Nars, Urban Decay and MORE! :)

I’ve done a few swaps on here and would love to swap some more! My ISO list is at the bottom and it’s pretty big 😅 so I’m sure we can work something out :) If not, I’ll gladly accept money ;)
Everything is full size unless it says mini.
Paypal Goods and Services only! I will pay the fee. Shipping starts at $4 and goes up by weight. I will cover shipping if you get 5 or more items :) Payment must be sent within an hour of the agreement or I will move on to the next person that wants it.
ABH Aurora Glow Kit (Lightly used, one shade broke) $25
ABH Dream Glow Kit (Fair usage on 2 shades, 1 shade broke, other shades barely touched) $20
ABH Subculture (Unused, one shade “Adorn” broke, no brush) $30
Alamar Colorete Blush Trio FaiLight (New) $15
Alamar Reina Del Caribe Vol 1 (New) $20
Butter London Natural Goddess x2 (New) $22 each
Clinique All About Shadow (New) $30
Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts (Swatched) $30
Colourpop Semi Precious (New) $20
Cover Fx Light/Medium Face Perfector (Swatched) $32
Dominique Cosmetics Celestial Thunder (New) $25
Dominique Cosmetics Sweater Weather (New) $20
Dose of Colors Baked Browns (New) $23
Dose of Colors Marvelous Mauves (Lightly used) $18
Fenty Moroccan Spice (Swatched a few shades) $40
Huda 3D Highlighter Palette Golden Sands Edition (Used 1 - 2x) $30
Huda 3D Highlighter Palette Pink Sands Edition (Used 1 - 2x) $30
Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour (Used 1 - 3x) $32
Kat Von D Shade + Light Glimmer Eye (Swatched) $32
Laura Geller Flirty Friday (Used 1x) $12
Laura Geller Hollywood Glam (New) $20
Laura Geller Meet the Nudes (Swatched) $17
Laura Geller Nude Attitude (Swatched) $30
Laura Geller Sunday Funday (Used 1x) $12
Laura Lee Animal (New) $10
Laura Sanchez Moods (New) $15
Lime Crime Plushies Sweet Blends Quad (Used 1x) $12
Lorac Pocket Pro 2 (New) $10
Marc Jacobs Eye-Conic Palette in Edgitorial (A couple shades swatched) $35
Pretty Vulgar Nightingale (Used 1 - 2x) $25
Pur Festival (New) $15
Storybook Cosmetics Robin Hood (Swatched) $24
Tarte Be You Naturally (New) $25
Tarte Dream Big (New) $21
Tarte Pro Glow Highlighter Palette (Used 1 - 2x) $30
Tarte Tarteist Pro To Go (New) $14
Tetris x Ipsy Block Party (New) $10
The Balm In The Balm of Your Hand Vol 2 (New) $22
Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons (Unused, 3 shades broke so 2 are gone and 1 has half left) $25
Too Faced Natural Matte (Used 1x) $16
Too Faced Pretty Rich (Glitters were used a decent amount, matte shades barely touched) $30
Smashbox Covershot Major Metals (New) $20
Smashbox Holidaze Contour and Highlighter Palette (Unused) $30
ABH Lip Gloss in shade Maple (New) $15
ABH Liquid Lipstick in shade Kathryn (Used 1 - 3x) $12
ABH Liquid Lipstick in shade Pure Hollywood (Used 1 - 3x) $12
Abh Matte Lipstick in shade Sedona (Used 1x) $12
Alamar Mother of Pearl Lip Gloss in shade Sirenita (New) $8
Becca x Chrissy Teigen Glow Gloss in shade Malibu Soleil (New) $16
Becca Glow Gloss in shade Champagne Creme (Used 1 - 3x) $13
Becca Lipstick in shade (N) Chocolate (New) $17
Belle En Argent Lipstick in shade 3 Plays (New) $14
Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in shade Merengue (Used 1x) $18
Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in shade Musk (Used 1x - 3x) $16
Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in shade Sorbet (Used 1x) $18
Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in shade Toasted Cardamom (Used 1x - 3x) $16
Butter London Lip Glaze Gloss in shade Magic Dust (New) $13
Butter London Lipstick in shade Daring (New) $15
Butter London Plush Rush Lip Gloss in shade Fireworks (New) $15
Butter London Plush Rush Lip Gloss in shade Flash Mob (New) $15
Calvin Klein One Lipstick in shade Wanted (New) $14
Cargo Essential Lip Color Lipstick in shade Paris (New) $12
Clinique Lipstick in shade Love Pop x2 (New) $14 each
Clinique Lipstick in shade Matte Suede (New) $14
Estee Lauder Lip Gloss in shade Flirtatious Magenta (Used 1x) $17
Estee Lauder Lip Gloss in shade Shameless Glow (New) $22
Estee Lauder Lipstick in shade Complex (Used 2 - 3x) $17
Estee Lauder Lipstick in shade Envious (New) $22
Estee Lauder Lipstick in shade Intense Nude (Used 2 - 3x) $17
Estee Lauder Lipstick in shade Rebellious Rose (New) $22
Estee Lauder Lipstick in shade Tiger Eye (New) $22
Fenty Lipstick in shade PMS (Swatched) $12
Floss Lip Gloss in shade Yul (1 left) (New) $12 each
Huda Lip Strobe Lip Gloss in shade Enchanting (New) $15
Huda Lip Strobe Lip Gloss in shade Foxy (Used 1x) $12
Iconic London Lip Plumping Gloss in shade Peek-a-Boo (Used 1 - 3x) $18
Jouer High Pigment Lip Gloss in shade Broadway (New) $12
Jules Smith Power Gloss Duo in shades Serene Queen and Namaste All Day (New) $12 each or $20 for both
Kat Von D Everlasting Lip Liner in shade Muse (Used 1 - 2x) $12
Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in shade Sanctuary (New) $15
Kat Von D Glimmer Veil Liquid Lipstick in shade Dazzle (New) $15
Kat Von D Glimmer Veil Liquid Lipstick in shade Razzle (New) $15
Kat Von D Glimmer Veil Liquid Lipstick in shade Reverb (New) $15
Kat Von D Glimmer Veil Liquid Lipstick in shade Rocker (New) $15
Kat Von D Glimmer Veil Liquid Lipstick in shade Televator (New) $15
Kat Von D Glimmer Veil Liquid Lipstick in shade Wizard (New) $15
Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in shade Lovecraft (Used 1 - 2x) $12
Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in shade Ozzy (New) $15
Lancome Juicy Tubes Lip Gloss in shade Simmer (Used 1 - 3x) $13
Laura Geller Nude Kisses Lip Gloss in shade Smooch (Used 1x) $12
Lipstick Queen All That Jazz Lipstick in shade Hot Piano (Used 1x) $15
Lipstick Queen Mini Lipstick in shade Mauve Sinner $8
Lorac Alter Ego Lipstick in shade Exhibitionist (New) $13
Lorac Alter Ego Lipstick in shade Jet Setter (New) $13
Lorac Alter Ego Lipstick in shade Socialite (New) $13
Lorac Pro Matte Lip Crayon in shade Aubergine (New) $13
Lorac Pro Matte Lip Crayon in shade Magenta (New) $13
Lorac Pro Matte Lip Crayon in shade Nude (New) $13
Lorac Pro Matte Lip Crayon in shade Rose Brown (New) $13
Mac Cremesheen Lipstick in shade Crosswires (Used 1x) $15
Mac Frost Lipstick in shade CB96 (New) $17
Mac Lustre Lipstick in shade Lustering (Used 1x) $15
Mac Matte Lipstick in shade Diva (Used 1x) $15
Mac Matte Lipstick in shade Matte Royal (Used 2 - 3x) $15
Milk Makeup Glow Oil Lip and Cheek in shade Glimmer (New) $10
Nars Audacious Lipstick in shade Kirat (New) $24
Nars Audacious Lipstick in shade Stefania (New) $24
Nars Velvet Lip Glide in shade Toy (Used 1x - 3x) $17
Pretty Vulgar My Lips Are Sealed Liquid Lipstick in shade Secret Sabotage (Used 1x) $17
Steve Laurant Lip Gloss in shade Champagne (New) $15
Tarte Color Splash Lipstick in shade Beach Babe (Used 1x - 2x) $12
Tarte Color Splash Lipstick in shade High Dive (New) $15
Too Faced Lipstick in shade Topless (Used 1x) $12
Too Faced Melted Chocolate in shade Metallic Candy Bar (New) $15
Too Faced Tutti Frutti Lip Gloss in shade Fruit Punch (New) $15
Too Faced Watermelon Lip Gloss in shade Bump and Rind (Used 1x) $12
Urban Decay Comfort Matte Lipstick in shade Disturbed (Swatched) $12
Urban Decay Lipstick in shade Trance (Used 1 - 2x) $12
Urban Decay Lipstick in shade Shame (New) $15
Urban Decay Matte Lipstick in shade 1993 (Used 1 - 2x) $12
Urban Decay Sheer Lipstick in shade Bruise (Used 1x) $12
Winky Lux Rainbow Lip Balm (New) $12
Yensa Super 8 Lip Oil in shade Pink Shine (New) $20
ABH Liquid Glow Highlighter in shade Perla (New) $18
Bare Minerals Invisible Light Translucent Powder Duo (New) $25
Becca First Light Primer (Used 1 - 3x) $24
Becca Skin Love Glow Glaze Stick (New) $20
Becca Sunlit Bronzer in shade Capri Coast (Used 2 - 3x) $26
Bellapierre Translucent Finishing Powder (New) $25
Benefit Dandelion Shy Beam (New) $20
Ciate Dewy Stix Highlighter in shade Glow (New) $18
Ciate Everyday Vacay Setting Spray (New) $17
Ciate Extraordinary Translucent Setting Powder (New) $15
Cover Fx Glitter Drops in shade Nova (Used 1x) $30
Dose of Colors Highlighter in shade Mirame (Used 2 - 4x) $17
Kat Von D Brightening Powder Highlighter in shade Petal (New) $25
Laura Geller Gelato Swirl Highlighter in shade Ballerina (New) $18
Laura Geller Gelato Swirl Highlighter in shade Charming Pink (New) $18
Laura Geller Gelato Swirl Highlighter in shade Diamond Dust (New) $18
Laura Geller Gelato Swirl Highlighter in shade Peach Glow (Swatched) $16
Nars Highlighter in shade Ibiza (New) $28
Ofra Highlighter in shade Glazed Donut (New) $25
Pretty Vulgar Make Them Blush in shade Prim Vixen (Used 1x) $18
Suva Beauty Liquid Chrome Highlighter Drops in shade Trust Fund x3 (New) $18 each
Tarte Shape Tape Concealer in shade Medium-Tan Sand (New) $20
Tarte Smooth Operator Pressed Finishing Powder in shade Fair (New) $24
Tarte Tarteist Pro Glow Liquid Highlighter in shade Sparkler (New) $22
Too Faced Highlighter Stick in shade Pink Lemonade (New) $21
Too Faced Highlighter Stick in shade Strawberry Sparkle (Used 1 - 2x) $18
Too Faced Love Flush Blush in shade How Deep is Your Love? (Used 1x) $20
Too Faced Love Flush Blush in shade I Will Always Love You (Used 3x) $17
Biorace L’eau Hydrating Serum (New) $43
Coola Classic Sport White Tea Sunscreen (New, Expires 4/2021) $22
Becca Glow Body Stick Highlighter in shade Champagne Pop (New) $40
Benefit High Brow Pencil (New) $16
Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil in shade Cool Grey (New) $17
Catherine Malandrino Travel Size (10 ml) Special Moments Perfume (New) $15
Define Me Clara (9ml Size) Roller ball perfume (New) $20
Fenty Invisimatte Blotting Paper (New) $11
Julep When Pencil Met Gel Eyeliner in shade Navy Smoke (New) $8
Naked Cosmetics Loose Eyeshadow in shade Naturally Nude 1 (New) $8
Naked Cosmetics Loose Eyeshadow in shade Sierra Nevada 2 (New) $8
Naked Cosmetics Loose Eyeshadow in shade Sierra Nevada 5 (New) $8
Pacifica Roll On Perfume in scent Island Vanilla (New) $10
Pur Pro Lashes in style Bombshell (New) $10
So Susan Color Trip Loose Pigment in shade Mysterious (New) $10
Stila Countless Color Pigments Eyeshadow Single in shade Light Show (Unused) $14
Trestique Good Vibes Mascara (New) $17
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Single in shade Midnight Cowboy (Used 1 - 2x) $12
I’m only interested in new for lip products. For palettes and highlighters/blushes I’d prefer new/swatched but will consider lightly used. Try me on peachy, red, or pink items :)
Palettes ISO:
ABH Norvina mini pro 2, and 3
ABH Norvina Pro 1, 2, and 3
BH Illuminating in Ireland
BH Smitten in Switzerland
BH Trendy in Tokyo
BH Truffle Blush Palettes
Charlotte Tillbury Pillow Talk
Ciate Astrolights
Ciate Jessica Rabbit
Colourpop Anna
Colourpop Bare Necessities
Colourpop Blowing Smoke
Colourpop It’s All Good
Colourpop Making Mauves
Fenty snap shadows palettes
Huda Mercury Retrograde
Huda Obsessions palettes
Huda Rose Gold Remastered
Lime Crime palettes
Lunar Moon Prism blush palette
Lunar Moonspell
Lunar Strawberry Dream
Mac Hyper Real Glow palettes
Melt Amor Eterno
Melt Millenial Pinx
Melt Radioactive
Melt Rust
Melt Twenty Seven
Nars afterglow
Nars exposed cheek
Nars hyped
Nars ignited
Natasha Denona Blush palettes
Natasha Denona Lila
Natasha Denona Love
Nastasha Denona Metropolis
Natasha Denona Tropic
Natasha Denona Sunrise
Nomad Tokyo Harajuku
Sugarpill Fun Size
Sugarpill Sparkle Baby
Too faced clover
Too Faced gingerbread
Too Faced Life’s a festival
Too faced natural lust
Too Faced Palm Spring Dreams
Too Faced papaya pop
Too Faced Pumpkin Spice
Too faced razzle dazzle
Too Faced Sugar Peach
Too Faced Then and Now
Too Faced White Chocolate Bar
UD Alice through the looking glass
UD Naked Petit Heat
UD On the Run minis
UD Ultraviolet
Violet Voss palettes
Viseart Palettes
Other ISO:
Bath and Bodyworks soaps and shower gels
Becca lipsticks, blushes, and highlighters
Benefit Cookie
Benefit Galifornia
Benefit Georgia
Benefit Rockateur
Benefit Tickle
Ciate glosses/blushes/highlighters
Clinique lipsticks and blushes
Fenty lip glosses (not hot chocolit), blushes, and highlighters
Hourglass blushes
JS skin frosts
Lime crime wet cherry glosses
Mac lipsticks, blushes, and highlighters
Melt Amor Eterno illuminacion highlighter
Nars blushes/highlighters
Nars orgasm lipstick/gloss/blush
Too Faced fruit cocktail blushes
Too Faced Sweetheart blushes
Too faced lipsticks and lip glosses
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1UP Nutrition 8 week female program 22 Days Nutrition Vegan Challenge A Aaron Horschig The squat bible Abbey Sharp The Mindful Glow Cookbook Adam Schersten The Esquire Guide to Bodyweight Training Ainsley Rodriguez Sinless Sweets Alexa Jean Fight For FIT (HIIT at Home) Alexander Fong Cuts and Aesthetics Alexander Leonidas The Alpha Body The Alpha Diet Naturally Enhanced Naturally Enhanced Overhaul Alexa Stanco 5 ingredient recipes 8 week challenge 20 min Booty Booster Digestion Dozen Done-For-You Meal Plans Eatery Essentials HIIT Cardio Blueprint Supplement Savior Ultimate Fat Loss Alexia Clark Home Workouts (from app) Alexis Arabella Active Pilates Guide Alex Schneidmiller Bodybuilding Cookbook Alex Viada The Hybrid Athlete The Hybrid Athlete Programming 1.1 The Hybrid Athlete Programming 1.2 The Hybrid Athlete Programming 1.3 Al Kavadlo Get Strong Pushing the Limits Raising the Bar Street Workout Stretching Your Boundaries Zen Mind Strong Body Alyson Michelle 8 week Nutrition Guide 30 min Fit Fix Vol 1 Bikini Body Amanda Bisk Fresh Body Fit Mind 7 day pretraining Sleep Better Amanda Bucci The Basics Training Guide Amanda Finnie Legs and Booty Summer Training Meal Plan The Yummy Tummy Guide Amelia Freer Eat Nourish Glow Anabolic Cooking Anabolic Cookbook Anabolicious Post-workout Shakes Lean Muscle Mass Meal Plans Optimal Fat Loss Meal Plans Ana Cheri 6 week Summer Body Challenge Andy Baker Baker Barbell 5x5 Classic Heavy-Light-Medium 12 week program Garage Gym Warrior KSC Method for Powerbuilding KSC Method for Raw Powerbuilding Strength and Mass after 40 Andy Bolton Explode your Bench Explode your Deadlift Explode your Squat Supersize your Strength Andy Morgan The Complete Guide to Setting Up Your Diet Angela Liddon Oh She Glows cookbook Oh She Glows Every Day Angelica Kathleen Bikini Body Blueprints Animal Flow Animal Flow (original) Animal Flow for Fighters Animal Flow 2.0 Anna Victoria Body Love 30 day jumpstart Annie Graft Fit Life Fit Me Anthony Mychal The Chaos Bulk Arman Liew Clean Sweets Arnold Schwarzenegger The new encyclopedia of modern bodybuilding Ashley Conrad Clutch Cut Clutch Lean Ashley Horner (not trading if has ) Achieving Prominence Becoming Extraordinary Breaking Boundaries Building Blocks Creating a Miracle Creating a Sled Pup 1 Creating a Sled Pup 2 Earth Below Me Hybrid Losing the Bump Make Your Mark Pipehitter 2 Power Speed Strength Taking the Lead Valor Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Ashley Kalym GRIP Ashley Kinstle Cut It Out at home Cut It Out beginneintermediate program Ashy Bines Clean Soups Green Smoothie Revolution Desserts Dressings and sauces recipe book Athlean X Home Gym Exclusive Meal Plan Original Pro Athlete Program Austen Alexander Air Force Blueprint Army Blueprint Marine Blueprint Navy Blueprint Austin Dunham Beyond Bodyweight Bodyweight Bodybuilding 2 Calishredics A Way to Healthy How to Get Abs Superior Far Loss Superior Muscle Growth The Best Workout Routines B Barbaric Rites The Black Book Belinda.N.S B.Body Boost Bella Rahbek Cut and Curved Healthy Recipes The Big Booty Cookbook Beltsander The Beltsander Cookbook 1 The Beltsander Cookbook 2 The Beltsander Cookbook 3 Ben Pakulski 21 day arms 7 day detox 7 day primer Exercise Guide Greens Main Training Manual M140 Complete (trading 5 for) M140x (trading 5 for) Nutrition Manual The Incredible Bulk Ben Pollack Guide to the Deadlift Taper Think Big Think Strong Think Strong 2 Beverley Cheng Born to Sweat Bianca Caita Guide to Stronger Glutes Bianca Taylor The Vegan Fit Body Design Guide Big F cking Series Arms Back Chest Legs Shoulders BikiniBod The Ultimate 12 Week Female Transformation Guide Bikini Body (Jen Ferruggia) 21 day booty blast Home workouts guide Nutrition Guide Workouts Guide Workouts Guide 2 Bill Kazmaier Squat, Bench, Deadlift, and Strongman Coaching (trading 5 for) Bill Starr The Strongest Shall Survive Binging with Babish (Andrew Rea) Eat What You Watch Blaine Sumner Almighty Arnold Classic Chimp Geared Gorilla Gorilla Phoenix Gorilla Warfare Great Ape Huge Harambe Off-Season Orangutan Vanilla Gorilla BodiBiDay 30 day Build your booty challenge 2 12 week booty boot camp 12 week booty boot camp videos Curvy in 30 Challenge 2 BodyBoss 12 week fitness guide 12 week nutrition plan The Perfect summer shred The Training Guide Body By Bogues 6 week full body plan Body By Gilles 4 week pre-training 12 week Nutrition Guide Her Body by Gilles BodyFitBalance Balanced Nutrition Guide and Macros 101 Glute Guide 2 (gym) Recipe Guide Bony to Beasty Phase 1 and 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 Recipe Book The Muscle Building Program for Skinny Guys The Muscle Building Program for Skinny Guys Second Edition The Program Borge Fagerli 10 good habits for better results Myo Reps Myo Reps for Busy People The Zero Carb Diet Zero Carb Recipes SSD Full Course (trading 5 for) Boris Sheiko Powerlifting Foundations and Methods Bradley Martyn Every Day is Arm Day Every Day is Chest Day Get Shredded Get Shredded 2.0 Powerbuilding: Lean Bulk Lean Bulk 2.0 Pre “Gainz” Workout Plan Brad Schoenfeld 28 Day Body Shapeover Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy Sculpting Her Perfect Body The Max Muscle Plan Women’s Home Workout Bible Brandan Schieppati 30 day Shred Brandon Lilly 365 Strong The Cube Method Bret Contreras Strong by Bret Month 1 Workout Log Brett Klika The Underground Workout Manual Brett Stewart Ultimate Jump Rope Workouts Briana K New Year Shred Down 2 Summer Slim Down (gym) Brian Shaw Shaw Strength BriBaeBee Tone Your Core Brittany Dawn Food List HIIT Workouts Macro Instructions Month 1 Training Brittany Olsen and Johannes Gerrild (Glute Nation) 4 week glute program 4 week full body program 8 week upper body program 10 week glute program (intermediate-advanced) 16 week lower body program Brittany Perille A guide to greater glutes: Hip thrusting and cables A guide to greater glutes: resistance bands The Ultimate Guide to Greater Glutes Gym The Ultimate Guide to Greater Glutes Home Brittany Phelps 12 week Lifting Guide Gym HIIT with Brit Pregnancy Workout Guide Ready to Lift Brittne Babe Abs and Booty Challenge Any Time, Any Place Front Room Fitness Brock O’Hurn Holiday Health Guide Buddy Lee Jump Rope Training Bud Jeffries I will be Iron Buff Dudes 12 week program vol 1 12 week home and gym plan vol. 2 BusyBeeCary Exercise Catelog Shape Up Home Edition Summer 2018 shape up Ultimate Full Body Guide 1 UFBG 2 UFBG 3 UFBD Home Vegan Meal Ideas C Calum von Moger An Introduction to Weight Training: Endomorph An Introduction to Weight Training: Mesomorph Road to Mr. Universe Cambrie Schroder (Fit with Cambrie) Coachella Ready Bod Cameron Diaz The Body Book Candace Moore Namaslay Carly Ann Miller Build and Burn Bundle Caroline Candace The Balanced Body Guide Cassey Ho Hot Body Year Round New Body Makeover New Body Makeover Vegan Chad Tackett 12 week workout Chad Wesley Smith Bench Manual Beginner’s guide to Powerlifting Cowboy Method Deadlift Manual Juggernaut Training: The Thoughtful Pursuit of Strength Olympic Weightlifting Manual Program Design Manual Raw Squat Manual Scientific Principles of Strength Training Squat Manual The Juggernaut Method 2.0 Chaos and Pain Destroy the Opposition Issuance of Training Insanity Issuance of Insanity 2 Issuance of Insanity 3 Prepare for War Charles Glass Fundamentals of Bodybuilding and Physique Sculpting Charles Poliquin German Body Comp Program Get Bigger and Stronger How to Gain Muscle Mass Poliquin Principles Ultimate Guide to Arms Size and Strength Charlotte Ballingall 4 week abs blast Chelsea Monroe Cassel Game of Thrones Cookbook World of Warcraft Cookbook Cherie Tu Thriving on Plants Chiara Pugliesi Booty Guide Chloe Madeley 4 week body blitz 12 week body transformation guide Chloe Moir 12 week Mind and Body Transformation Chris Barnard Total Power Training Chris Bumstead 12 weeks to Ticc and Joocy Legs Fat Loss Nutrition Guide Post Show Protocol Chris Elkins 50-50 Elkins Strength Aesthetics Program Max Hype with Squats Max Hype without Squats Max Hype Training Log with Squats Max Hype Training Log without Squats Chris Jones 4 on 1 off training split 12 week push pull legs Classic Physique Hoe Ready Christian Guzman 6 Day Mens Training Program Summer Shredding Christian Thibaudeau Loaded Stretching for Muscle Growth and Performance (trading 5 for) Guide to Hypertrophy Christie Swadling My Balance My Balance 2.0 Christina Rice No Sugar No Problems Ciara London Fit Body by Ciara 2 Glam-uary Home Workouts Cienwiatru Booty by Cienwiatru Claire P. Thomas Core Guide Fuel Guide Glute Guide Hardcore Abs Guide Coco Fitness Booty Band with Coco Connor Murphy Aesthetic Hacks Phuckable Diet Phuckable Mindset Phuckable Physique Training Corporate Sneakers My Best Body training program (gym) Macro Counting Guide Resource Guide Short and Sweaty Cory Gregory Power Trainer 6 week workout program Courtney Black 12 week fat blast Glute Guide Home Guide Crazybulk Cutting guide Maintenance Strength Guide Workout Guide Crush60 Booty Bootcamp Crush60 Crystal Breeze Fit for Life Meal Plan Healthy Eats cookbook D Daily HIIT Fat Loss for Life Daniel Vadnal Body by Rings: 18 week bodyweight training program Limitless Legs Danielle Pascente Kick Ass Training Guide Kick Ass Training Guide 2 Kick Ass Training Guide Stronger Kick Ass Treadmill Training Guide Nutritional Guidelines Danielle Robertson Home grown booty (old) DB Strength DB Nutrition Guide Simply Good Dani Munoz 6 Week Booty Guide Full Body Gym Guide 2 Dan John The Hardstyle Kettlebell Challenge Danny Kavadlo Diamond Cut Abs Strength Rules Darihana Nova 6 week guide to lean 4 week meal guide (pescetarian) 6 week meal guide (omnivore) Darryn Willoughby Nutritional Needs of Strength and Power Athletes (trading 5 for) Dashbody 10 week training guide Dave Draper Brother Iron, Sister Steel Iron on my Mind Iron in my Hands Dave Randolph Ultimate Olympic Weightlifting Dave Ruel Anabolic Cooking Dave Tate Strong(er) Phase 1 Strong(er) Phase 2 Strong(er) Phase 3 Vault David Kirschen Strength Training Bible for Women David Laid DUP ebook DUP workouts Hyper Power The Power Effect The Power Effect Daily Videos (cannot trade full set until they stop being released) DeAndre Yoga The flexibility guide Dejan Stipke Gorilla Workout Advanced Gorilla Workout Intermediate Gorilla Workout Beginner Derek Charlebois 12 Week to your Hottest Body Ever TriPhase Training DesB Fit Training 8 week fit guide 8 week fit guide 2 Fit in 6 Deylachka How I Lost 60 Pounds in 6 Weeks Diana Ruiz 2017 Summer Ab Guide Diary of a Fit Mommy 25 days of Fitmas 4 week Summer Challenge Dmitry Klokov Klokov Training Methods of the Russian Champion Dom Mazzetti The Swoly Bible Dorian Yates Blood and Guts (trading 5 for this since it’s huge) Dr Deadlift Lockout Program Dr Physique Lean Bulking 2017 Dylan McKenna Intermediate Program E Eat Run Lift 8 WTC v2 Foal Rolling Guide Get Lean (mesomorph) My HIIT Guide Simple 7 Day Detox Ed Coan Core Manual for Strength Training Eiko Even the Stiffest People can do the Splits Elizabeth Connolly The Ultimate Weight Loss Strategy Guide Ella New Physique Look (Eleonora Dobrinina) Transformation Spring 2018 Ultimate Shoulders 1 Ultimate Shoulders 2 Elle Darby You do you Boo - Freedom Guide Elle Edwards (livefitelle) Build and Burn The HIIT Handbook Ellie Lemons A Guide to Fitness Emily Skye FIT on a Budget Green Smoothie Recipes Emma Hartley Training Package Emma Troupe 28 Day Meal Plan Full Body Fit - 8 weeks HIIT Program Build and Burn - 8 weeks Sculpt and Tone - 8 weeks Emma Roche Whole Food Plant Based on $5 a day Eric Cressey The High Performance Handbook F FashionFitnessFoodie Nobs Training and Nutrition Guide Fit Affinity 15 day Weight Loss Guide for Her 12 week Ab workouts 12 week Butt Building Guide for Her 12 week Home Workout Guide Flexible Dieting Guide Lean and Sculpted Lean Waist Guide Teen 30 day workout guide Fit and Thick April 2016 May 2016 June 2016 July 2016 August 2016 FitazFK Fitaz in 28 days Fitaz in 28 days updated Fitaz in 8 weeks What the FK Should I Eat? Fit Girls Cookbook Vol 2 HIIT Jumpstart Journal FitGurlMel 365 Fit Food Guide Fitness Mom Pregnancy Program FitPlan App Subscription (will type up the plan you want) Fittlyss 12 week workout 12 week meal plan Fittensity Fit Wioletta Bikini Ready Program Fit with El Lean legs and toned tummy Flexible Dieting Lifestyle Book of Recipes Food Matters Gut Matters Frederic Delavier Strength Training Anatomy 2nd edition Freeletics Cardio Cardio and Strength G Gabby Male Get Your Shit Together with Gabby: 6 week guide Gauge Girl Training 6 week Shred Glow with Jo (Johanna Sophia) Big Booty Tight Tummy Big Booty Tight Tummy 2 (gym) Gold Metal Bodies Floor 1 Parallettes 1 Rings 1 Gordon Hunter F12 Strength and Conditioning Program Gordon Ramsay Cooking for Friends Great British Pub Food Home Cooking Ultimate Cookery Course Gordon Rock The Ultimate Muscle Cookbook Greg Nuckols Average to Savage Bulgarian Manual No Weak Links The Art of Lifting The Science of Lifting Greg OGallagher Superhero Bulking program Gym Jones Soldier of Steel H Hafthor Julius Bjornsson (Thor) Thor’s Power Program Hanna Oberg Summer Guide 2018 (screenshots) Hannah Eden Embrace Triple Threat Workout Program (full) Hans Gerlach Alpine Cookbook Hazel Wallace The Food Medic The Food Medic for Life Hedi Hearts Clean Eating Helin Kenzi Hourglass Plan 2 High Carb Hannah Epic Vegan Instant Pot Cooking Fully Cooked I like it Raw Lean and Clean HIIT Academy Fit and Lean Holly Baxter The Contest Prep Recipe Guide Hopescope 10 Day Summer Body Guide I Ingrid Romero Edge Booty Extreme Workout Handbook Israel Narvaez Programming to Win J Jaco De Bruyn 4 week mass 4 week shred Lean Muscle Gains Jade Ramey 12 week Ab Shredder 12 week Grow Your Glutes James Whipp Full Body and Abs Plan Jamie Eason Post Pregnancy Program (trading 5 for) From Flat to All That Jane Campbell Build a Booty Jason Ferruggia Renegade Cardio Renegade Diet Renegade Strong No Mercy BattleGround Fast and Furious Jason Poston Operation Shred Jay Cutler Cut like Cutler Guide to High Volume Training Jay T Maryniak The Functional Method JC Deen Booty Builder Program Jelly Devonte 6 week diet plan 21 Day Weight Loss Challenge Manual 21 Day Weight Loss Challenge Gym 21 Day Weight Loss Challenge Home 21 Day Weight Loss Challenge Meal Plan Weight Loss Friendly Recipes Video Album Jem Wolfie Wolfie’s Kitchen Jen Heward Nutrition Jen Selter Home Workout Series Nutrition Guide Sculpted Curves Workouts Jeremy Buendia Building Legendary Arms Building a Legendary Back Building a Legendary Chest Building Legendary Legs Building Legendary Shoulders Bulk with Buendia Rebound like the Champ Shred with Buendia FST-7 Blueprint FST-7 Guide FST-7 Workout Plans Jerred Moon One Man One Barbell Jessica Olie Find your Flow Let’s Start Yoga 1.1 Jessie Hilgenberg Bikini Body Bikini Body 2 Muscle Building Muscle Building 2 Jim Smith Combat Core Man of Steel Jim Stoppani 1-2-3 Lean 6 weeks to Sick Arms Encyclopedia of Muscle and Strength: Second Edition Stronger Arms and Upper Body Jim Wendler 5/3/1: The Simplest and most effective training system to increase raw strength 5/3/1 Forever 5/3/1 Powerlifting Beyond 5/3/1 Joanne Encarnacion GoFitEats Joe Defranco 12 week Combine Prep Program Built like a Badass Build to Last Dirty Tricks for Higher Vertical Jumps Goliath Weeks 1-3 Goliath Weeks 4-6 Goliath Weeks 7-9 Goliath Weeks 10-12 High Impact Load Explode Mass Assault Power Pro-Maker Rebuilt Strongman Training for Athletes Strong Bastard 911 (full program) Super Strength Westside for Skinny Bastards Westside for Skinny Bastards 2 Westside for Skinny Bastards 3 Joe De Sena Spartan Up Joe Meglio Beast Upper Body Workouts Muscle Made Easy Shredded Edition Warrior Muscle John Doe Becoming the Bull Shredded Ops John Meadows 28 Days Later Arm Training Manual Adjusting a Meal Plan made Simple Annihilation Wave Ares Arnold Classic 2016 Back Training Manual Carnage Creeping Death Creeping Death 2 Dominate your Anatomy Doomsday Eat Fat to Burn Fat Embrace Insanity Impervious to Pain Indomitable Muscular Demolition Odin Force Omega Beam Onslaught Pain and Suffering Program X Program Y Project Colossus Reactive Pump Shoulder Training Strategies for Physique Bodybuilding Competing (trading 5 for) Thanos Copia The batterer The brutality of mountain dog training The Beyonder The Chest Training Manual The Devourer The Executioner The Honey Badger The Incinerator The Gamma Bomb The Gauntlet The Leg Training Manual The Omega Sentinel The Particle Smasher The Sentinel The Taskmaker Universe Training Wreak Bodily Havoc Johnny Pain 50 Killer Greyskull Conditioning Workouts 50 Greyskull Approved Conditioning Workouts for the Modern Viking 50 More Greyskull Approved Conditioning Workouts for the Modern Viking Blueprint to Beast Drop the Panties Gladiator Stage 1 Gladiator Stage 2 Greyskull LP Second Edition Greyskull LP Third Edition Mastodon 1 Principles of Violence Ripped to Shreds Success in Personal Training Swole Swole 2 The Greyskull Method for Powerbuilding The LCI Method Villain Challenges Johnny Parker The System Soviet Periodization Adapted for the American Strength Coach John Rusin 6 Phases of Perfect Dynamic Warm Up Foundations Functional Hypertrophy Training Level 1 Functional Hypertrophy Training Level 2 More Muscle Less Fat Shoulder, Knee, and Back Self Care Manual Jonathan Goodman Ignite the Fire Jordanke Fit Favorite Recipes Ab Challenge 2017 Jordan Shrinks 12 month Accountability Planner Beginners Guide to Healthy and Sustainable Dieting Gratitude Journal Josh Bryant Built to the Hilt Built to the Hilt : Strength and Power Edition JailhouseStrong: Tactical Shield Training MetroFlex Gym Powerbuilding Basics Size and Strength Blueprint Josh Jasper Lean Muscle Building Workout Josh Thigpen The Cube Method 3 Josh Vogel Colossal Back Jujimufu Legendary Flexibility Train 365 Julian Smith Old School Training Wisdom The BFR Mastery Program Ultimate Arms Trainer Ultimate Leg Trainer Advanced Ultimate Leg Trainer Intermediate Justin Martilini 8 week guide to Building Amazing Arms Justin Mihaly Power Through K Kai Greene 6 week bulk: Universal Mass 6 week shred: the Beast of the Beach At Home Workout Back to the Drawing Board Back 2.0 Biceps: the Tale of Twin Heros Build Monster Mass Call of the Calves Calves 2.0 Chest 2.0 Chiseled Physique Shred 2 Competition Prep Disarm the Traps Enter the Abyss Grow Your legs Hunt for the Hamstring Iron Forged Forearms of Hephaestus Prepare for Battle The Insatiable Bulk The Search for the Treasured Chest Transformation ebook Traveling Builder: Grow on the Go Triceps: the Three-Headed Monster Triceps 2.0 Quadzilla: Awakening the Feathered Fossil Kali Burns Booty Bible Slim and Sassy Karina Alpha Bae Alpha Abs Plan Karina Elle Fit Model fitness 15 day Challenge Fit Model Fitness Meal Plan Karin Bjorkegren Yoga for Women Kashira Whiteley Build your booty and get toned Kate Flowers Freedom Food Raw 1 Freedom Food 2 Shine brighter Katie Bumba 6 week Sexy Waist Slim Down Build a Bumba Booty Build a Bumba Booty 2 Build a Bumba Booty 3 Build a Bumba Booty 4 Katie Corio 12 week bikini challenge Nutrition Guidelines Katie Crewe Macro Guide Katie Sonier 6 week progressive bodyweight training program 6 week glutes 3 Kayla Itsines Foam Rolling Hello Summer AUS magazine Kaylee Ullom Booty Growth Program Booty Building Program Full Body Program Full Body Program 2 Keith Lai Superhero Shredding Keller Rose The Curve Builder Kelly LeVeque Body Love Kelly Starrett Becoming a Supple Leopard Ready to Run Kelsey Heenan Glute Shaper Challenge Kendall Lou Schmidt The Ultimate Bodybuilding Cookbook Kevin Lo The Cross Trainer Kinobody (Greg OGallagher) Aggressive Fat Loss 2.0 Bodyweight Mastery Program Greek God Muscle Building program KinoChef Warrior Shredding Program Kris Gethin 4 weeks 2 lean Krissy Cela Nutrition Plan USBG (blue cover - gym) Krissy Mae Cagney Black Iron Sexy Sculpt (purple) Black Iron Sexy Sculpt (black) Hulk She Hulk Sexy Sculpt 2 Sexy Sculpt 3 L Lacey Haynes Yoga + Creativity Laura Merrin Booty Building, Leg Toning, and Ab Blast Recipes and Supplements Lauren Findley 4 week Shoulder Program Lauren Gleisberg 5 week food plan 8 week food plan 30 day Meal Plan 30x30 Fat Loss Shred 3 Absolutely Awesome Core Challenge Abs that Pop Beauty and Booty Blueprints Cardio and Ab Add On Plan (Gym) Cardio and Ab Add On Plan (Home) ConfidenceKini 2019 Fall Challenge 2018 Gym Fall Challenge 2018 Home Fall Cookbook Fall Cookbook 2018 Fall Challenge Meal Prep Planning Quick and Easy Staples Guilt Free Food Guide Glute Guide 2 Holiday 2018 Cookbook Holiday Cookbook 2017 Mom Plan: Meal Plan and Cookbook Sisters get Strong Slimming Nutrition Kick Start Spring Cookbook Spring 2018 Cookbook Summer Cookbook Premium Ab Plan 2 Premium Ab Plan Follow Along Videos (huge - trading 5 guides for these) Warm and Toasty Cookbook Weight training plan 2 (gym) Weight training plan 3 (gym) Weight Training Plan X (gym) Weight Training Plan X (home) Lauren Jacobsen Fitness Model Blueprint Lauren Tickner The Strengthfeed Training Guide Ultimate Guide to Tracking Macros Layne Norton The Complete Contest Prep Guide (Male) Fat Loss Forever Ph3 Spreadsheet PHAT Lazy Girl 4 week booty guide 8 week total body guide LDNM Abnoxious Abs Bikini Guide Bulking Bible Leah Istines The Nourishing Cook Leanne Brown Good and Cheap Liezl Jayne Strydom 12 week workout plan Life Changing Fitness The Couples Get Fit Guide Lindsey Matthews 15 day challenge Linn Lowes Goalsetters Nutrition Guide LisaFiitt Strong and Sexy - Strong Livefitelle Build and Burn Build: 8 week Booty Guide HIIT Handbook LMBFit 10 week training guide Logan Christopher Deceptive Strength From Gym Lifter to Competitive Powerlifter Squat like a Powerlifter LoniJane Feel the Lean Feel the Lean 2 Feel the Lean Bloom Feel the Lean Recipes Lorna Jane LJ Fit Challenge Move Guide Move over sugar Run Girl Run Lorne Goldenberg Advanced Strength and Conditioning for Hockey (trading 5 for) Louie Simmons Olympic Weightlifting Strength Manual The Westside Barbell Book of Methods Lucy Davis Summer Shred 1 Summer Shred 2 Luxe Fitness 8 week workout guide Lyle McDonald The Ultimate Diet 2.0 The Women’s Book Vol 1 Lyzabeth Lopez Competition Manual Classic Eating Plan Hypothyroid Eating Plan Vegan Eating Plan Vegetarian Eating Plan M Front Lever Human flag Madeleine Olivia Versatile Vegan Maren Turmo Booty Plan Marisa Inda Fuerza: a Female’s Guide to strength and physique Marissa Rivero Ultimate Fat Burn Mark Bell Stronger in 30 days: the Bench Press Cycle Mark Lauren Body by You Mark Rippetoe Starting Strength Mary Helen Bower Ballet Beautiful MASS - Monthly Applications in Strength Sport Best of MASS 2018 Issue 1 Vol 2 Issue 1 Vol 2 Issue 2 Vol 2 Issue 3 Vol 2 Issue 4 Vol 2 Issue 5 Vol 2 Issue 6 Vol 2 Issue 7 Vol 2 Issue 8 Vol 2 Issue 9 Vol 2 Issue 10 Vol 2 Issue 11 Vol 2 Issue 12 Vol 3 Issue 1 Vol 3 Issue 2 Vol 3 Issue 3 Vol 3 Issue 4 Vol 3 Issue 5 Vol 3 Issue 6 Vol 3 Issue 7 Vol 3 Issue 8 Vol 3 Issue 9 Vol 3 Issue 10 Massthetics Deadlift 2 Deadlift 3 Full Power 2 Full Power 3 Massy Arias 8 week lifestyle guide Ultimate Fat Loss Guide Matt Kido Saiyan Powerbuilding Program Matt Schifferle Fitness Independence Matt Wenning Advanced Training Beginner Training Intermediate Training Minimal Training Manual Powerlifting Training: a Developmental Approach Max Aita Beginner’s Guide to Powerlifting Beginner’s Guide to Weightlifting Strength Development for Weightlifting Weightlifting Technique Triad Meghan Callaway Ultimate Pull Up Program Melissa Hartwig It starts with food The Whole30 The Whole30 Cookbook Melissa Joulwan Well Fed Micah Lacerte HitchFit Michael Eckert Beginner Ab Circuit Intermediate Ab Circuit Advanced Ab Circuit Blueprint Strength Builder Weeks 1-3 Blueprint Strength Builder Weeks 4-5 Blueprint Strength Builder Weeks 6-7 Bodyweight Mini Circuit Clean Eating Guide Get Your First Pull Up The General Marlowe Tier 1 Pull Ups Tier 2 Pull Ups Tier 3 Pull Ups Tier 4 Pull Ups Video Library Michael Matthews Bigger Leaner Stronger Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger Cardio Sucks Eat Green Get Lean Fit is the New Skinny Green and Lean The Little Black Book of Workout Motivation The Shredded Chef (120 recipes) The Shredded Chef (125 recipes) The Shredded Summer Challenge Thinner Leaner Stronger The One Year Challenge Thinner Leaner Stronger Michelle Lewin Pro Challenge Mickaela Mundell 30 day Reset MihalyFit Power Through Mike Israetel How much should I train Mike Samuels The DUP Method Template The DUP Method Manual The DUP Method Nutrition Guide The DUP Method Optimal Plan Workout Log The DUP Method 4 days per week Workout Log The DUP Method Busy Man’s Workout Log The DUP Method Beat Up Lifters Workout Log The DUP Method Hypertrophy Workout Log Mindi O’Brien Training for Bikini, Figure, Physique Competitor Mini But Mighty 7 day Kickstarter 15 min 6 pack abs Miranda Dream Fit Dream Glute Guide MissCarrieJune 8 week Tighten and Tone program Full Leg Routine Mladen Jovanovic HIIT Manual Morgs Eliz Stronger Bodies Muffin Topless Fit Body Program MuscleHack Buff Baking Chest Blast Leg Blast Meal Plans Targeted Hypertrophy Program My Adventure to Fit 21 day meal plan Cookbook Recipe Ebook MyBodyTaylor Step Up Myles Leask 8 Pack Abs 1 Armageddon Arms 1 Behemoth Back 1 Bikini Guide 2 Colossal Chest 1 Cutting Guide 2 Cutting Guide 3 Home Workout Guide 1 Lean Mass Guide 2 Lean Mass Guide 3 Legendary Legs 1 Super Saiyan Shred 1 Super Hero Shoulder 1 MyProtein Bright and Lite N Nanci Guest The Genetics of Fat Loss and Muscle Hypertrophy Nancie McDermott Southern Cakes Southern Pies Naomi Rose Killer Curves in 6 weeks Nastassia Ponomarenko 8 week Full Body Guide Booty Gym Guide (screenshots) Upper Body Guide NattyOrNot A Hater’s Synthesis Training Focus Naturally Stefanie New Year 2019 Home New Year 2019 Gym Spring 2018 Gym Plan Spring 2018 Home Plan Spring 2018 Meal Plan Summer 2018 Gym Challenge Summer 2018 Home Challenge Summer 2018 Meal Plan Train Mean, Get Lean Neghar Fonooni Booty Builder Workouts Lean and Lovely Sweat Sessions Lean and Lovely Yoga The Eat, Lift, and Be Happy Handbook Nick Cheadle Ultimate Guide to DUP Nick Nilsson Mad Scientist Muscle Nick Tumminello Building Muscle and Performance Nicole Maree The Tummy Tamer Recipe Guide Tummy Yoga The Tummy Tamer Nile Wilson Flexibility Program Noelle Benepe 21 day Endurance challenge 2 30 Day full body gym 6 week glute and leg challenge 8 week gym guide Noelle Tarr Coconuts and Kettlebells: Food and Fitness Plan (538 pages) Coconuts and Kettlebells: Home Workout Guide O Olga Ronnberg Strength Training for Women Operation Werewolf Barbaric Rites Conan the Convict Reaver Protocol P Paige Reilly Building Boulders Building Wings Pale Horse Powerlifting Horseman Training Program Dead Strong Meet Death Pao’s Fit World 15 yummy recipes HIIT Workouts Strong and Sexy Meal Plan
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In 1991 or 1992, during the early days of Blockbuster stores, Blockbuster used to keep the videos inside of the boxes. Later they switched to placing the video inside of the box behind the counter most likely due to theft. Also this was when Blockbuster had an adults only section mostly comprised of Playboy home movies and cheap B rated soft core flicks. My buddy and I were 9 at the time and our parents used to take us to the store to rent movies. So every time we went there we used to switch the movies inside of the boxes with other videos. Mostly we would go to the kids section and find a kids movie like "Big Bird and Grover in Storybook Land," or something along those lines. Then we would go to the adults only section and find something like "Bikini Beach Babes in Paradise part 4," take the video out, and replace it with the kids movie. We would switch out about 5 or 6 movies with other movies every time we went in. We also did this with dramas and comedies. We would laugh our little asses off imagining some mom putting in a Sesame Street movie and seeing topless women splashing around on the beach. Or some pervert expecting to see a cheesy soft core porn and instead watching Big Bird count to 10 and sing the ABC's. Shortly after, Blockbuster started keeping the videos behind the counter and took away the adults only section. Coincidence? Well, I don't think it was all because of us but I'm sure other people were doing it at different locations. However, like I said I think it was mostly due to theft.
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For real though thank you to everyone who's been encouraging me to keep going with this series. Writing this has been what's keeping my sane while I wait to move out of the Yukon and back to civilization. While Human Games ends I will also be posting the initial chapters of the next series in the Human Games Canon. Some familiar faces will return, some new ones will be introduced. And the stakes will be a lot higher. With that colossal tease out of the way please enjoy
By Chipathing
If one were to ask me what I thought humanity’s biggest contribution to the galaxy was, it would not be the collective work of a snake based comedy group with silly accents and a penchant for appearing in drag, nor would it be the ice based sport of hockey, no in my opinion their biggest contribution to the galaxy is pizza. Pizza, even in my more racist days, was the mainstay of my diet. Every race can enjoy them, Kepron cover theirs in vegetables and bitter cheeses for reasons I cannot fathom, Oradi assault it with offal and heavily spiced meats. Hell the Havaran got so hooked on pizza that they are even now in a pitched legal battle with human fisheries over the rights to breeding their own sardines. I myself preferred ground cricket meal bits and aromatic herbs on my pizza. Anyways I’m getting off track.
On the flip side if you were to ask me what Humanity’s worst gift to the Federation is, many would say their cheap to make earth sluggers that resulted in a galaxy wide crime wave. Me however, I’d say survival games. We get it humans. You’re durable and still able to colonize areas most other races would die in but you don’t have to make games about it. But they did, oh boy did they.
Do you want to survive in space? Play “Vacuum Zero”. Surviving in a cloning facility run amok? “Situation Garry” has you covered…for some reason. And if you want to relive the horrors of colonizing a world without technological assistance there’s “Outer Rim”. Of course all of them are made by human developers which means two things. The game revels in making situations as unfair as possible and the playerbase is split between unusually friendly people who love to help and people who would shoot the last of a species just to see everyone else’s reaction.
So of course when we were trying to figure out where we went after airships Mike suggested we play Outer Rim and try to found a city. Norma liked the idea because she was the adventurous type and Arisa was on board because the Shisik are literally the perfect colonists. That was three votes yes to my no which mean here I was. Stuck in yet another god damn character creation screen trying to figure out how I was going to not get wrecked yet again.
We were founding a town and my initial thought was that I could take a building skill but remembered that the Shisik were going to joining the server which meant that anyone building alongside them would be about as useful as reverse lights on a fighter jet. So anything laborious was out. The fact that we had Tenacious “Fuck the odds” Terran on our side meant that we were covered for firepower. I briefly considered being the social one of the group but after the bard incident I wasn’t much in the mood to be the butt of the party. Thus with a resounding “fuck it” I built a scout class out of the available skills and starter gear.
I was dropped into the middle of an arid scrubland that stretched out for miles in every direction. Next to me Mike had also spawned in. He was wearing a duster and a wide brimmed hat, strapped to his back was a primitive and heavy looking trap door rifle. I was wearing a woven poncho with a hood while my firearm of choice (haha choice, yeah no I would never touch a gun like this in my life if it wasn’t the only one available) was a muzzle loading rifled musket.
“And what exactly are you supposed to be?” asked Mike as he looked around the harsh landscape we found ourselves in.
I dusted my poncho “Scout, explorer, finder of things important and otherwise, what about you?”
Mike patted his rifle “Built a marshal loadout, keep law and order in a lawless land”
I smiled sarcastically and nodded “Yup” I said “plenty of crime right here” I motioned to the vast emptiness around us “Completely rife with corruption as far as the eye can see. Please tell me you took some practical skills?”
“Shooting is a practical skill” retorted Mike.
“Yes that’s great Mike but what about…I don’t know, a skill that doesn’t involve killing stuff?”
Mike paused briefly before looking up “I don’t see the issue”
As Mike and I prepared to get into a row over his lack of any other skills Norma spawned in. She had animal hide clothes with beads embroidered into it, strapped to her side was a long headed hatchet and hanging from her back was a thick bow and a large collection of arrows strapped to her lower back.
“Hey guys!” she said excitedly. I quickly hugged her. Enjoying the feeling of her warm scales on mine. “I was thinking, after seeing Mike kick your ass with a bow when we first met I thought I’d give it a shot”
I looked at her attire and equipment, as impossible as it sounded she’d taken even less advanced equipment than what we’d started with it “Hey Norma” I said cautiously “Aren’t you a little out of date with your gear?” I asked.
Norma gave me a grin as cocky as it was toothy in return. “Yeah I know” she said confidently.
“But won’t you get your ass handed to you by anyone with a gun?”
She shrugged “That maybe the case but good luck finding ammo out here” she said. I looked to Mike whose usual confident stride evaporated.
“I’d completely forgotten about that…” said Mike and he checked how many rounds he had. I did the same, I had about ten shots worth of powder while Mike had only one bandoleer of shells.
Norma skipped off into the scrubland, cackling as she went. We chased after her since it was becoming quickly apparent that she was the most competent of us.
Using my survey and cartography skills I was able to map out the surrounding area while Mike and Norma began work on a campsite while we waited for Arisa to log on. I returned as the star began to set. Mike and Norma were relaxing around a small fire, a small critter had been cleaned and was now on a spit over the flame. Norma lazily rotating the spit with her foot. Behind them they’d erected a small tent which fluttered in the breeze, apparently the only thing it protected for the occupant was dignity and nothing else. I sat down around the fire and hovered my hands over it. As night fell I could feel myself becoming sluggish and tired.
“Any sign of Arisa?” I asked. I was beginning to miss her presence on these adventures. Her un tarnished optimism and limitless workers were a real treat on these streams.
Mike shrugged “She said she was in a council meeting with some Individualists. Something about a union. I really hope we didn’t fuck up their race” He said “I mean humans have a pretty shit track record when it comes to uncontacted people and not either exploiting them or just destroying their culture, way of life, homes, or just them in general depending on who finds them”
Norma groaned and rolled around in her blanket “I’m sure she’s fiiine” she yawned, her foot continuing to turn the spit. Sensing an opportunity I reached around and tickled her bare foot. Norma shrieked and jumped out of the blanket. Mike looked to see what had startled her only to see his step sister topless.
“Jesus Norma!” he shouted, averting his eyes. I grinned as Norma saw me tickling her foot. She grinned back and quickly kicked me in the arm then pulled the blanket over herself.
Norma shrugged at Mike “I don’t get what’s so bad about them?” she said.
“Nothing’s bad about them!” corrected Mike before he began verbally backing up “It’s just ah…” he paused.
Norma laughed “You humans are seriously hung up about nudity” she said.
Mike shrugged and laid back down on his blanket “It’s a modesty thing” he said.
Both Norma and I laughed this time. “Modesty?” asked Norma sarcastically “This coming from the species that introduced the galaxy to the bukkake?”
“Look I never said we weren’t hypocrites either” Mike Retorted.
We spent the rest of the sunset talking over our plans for tomorrow. If Mike was to be believed Arisa had created a settlement in a valley twenty kilometers away and needed our help. They were getting hammered by bandits and needed assistance. Given everything they’d done for us it felt like we owed them one. It felt a little like cheating having access to a near unlimited workforce until I remembered that the Blackhats had me gathering stones on a beach for two weeks as part of a “test of worthiness”.
As the sun set and we were left in complete darkness Mike insisted that Norma get the tent while he and I slept outside and tended to the fire. Mike lay as still as a stone while I felt my muscles get stiff without enough heat. It was a normal part of any cold blooded species to lose heat during the night but it didn’t make it pleasant. As I lay awake trying to figure out If Norma had the hots for Mike I heard something. I lifted my head and looked around. The sound of animal hooves hitting the ground was faint but certainly there. Fearing it was a wild animal stampede or worse, a pack of raiders.
I shook Mike violently as the sound of hooves became louder.
“Zenrev I swear to god this better be goo-“ he was cut off when a gunshot shattered the peace of the night. Mike acted in a flash, grabbing his rifle and loading a cartridge in before I even had time to begin pouring powder into mine. Norma sluggishly got out of her tent with her bow in hand but like me she was still trying to warm up.
“Put out the fire!” he hissed. I nodded and pushed a mound of dirt over the remaining embers. He pulled Norma and I low to the ground as the hooves clopped closer and closer to our campsite. Whatever beast the hooves belonged to sounded big and aggressive, its breaths sounded like the guttural report of a combustion engine.
“What do we do?” I whispered as the beasts walked only a few feet away.
Rather than answer Mike smeared his hand over my face and held my mouth shot. I got the idea and he pushed me low to the ground. I could hear Norma’s tail twitch in the tall grass.
Another set of hooves clopped around the campsite.
“They put out the fire!” said one of the riders. Their cracking, oddly whiny voice gave them away as Oradi. I could faintly see Mike raising his rifle at where the sound was coming from. More tall grass rattled as I saw Norma slip closer to one of the riders. I lay there in the dirt, with my useless muzzle loader half loaded without the shot or wadding in it.
“No shit!” replied another Oradi “They must have snuffed it, I told you we should have come on foot. We could have stolen their gear and been off by now”
“Or fallen into a trap” said the first.
“Whatever, we’ll come back tomorrow and do it my way. Idiot. Come on let’s get out of here before Boss gets uppity”.
The riders spurred their mounts and galloped out into the darkness.
When the sun rose over the arid landscape we could see a thick cloud of smoke billowing out from the direction of Arisa’s settlement. Fearing the worst we double timed it to the settlement, still on the lookout for the riders who’d tried to hunt us. When we did finally reach the valley it was like seeing a desert oasis. Dropped between two cliffs was a thick deciduous forest and fed by a wide river that wound its way through the valley. The Shisik settlers had built squat homes from split beams and logs, some larger buildings had foundations of stone without mortar, rather each individual block had been carved to precisely mesh with the other blocks. As we climbed down the only even piece of terrain and into the valley proper we could see the battle damage hidden by the thick needles of the forest. Hastily constructed barricades marked failed stands against attackers. Shisik corpses lined the path, some armed, some only carrying sharpened sticks. Occasionally we’d see an Oradi corpse riddled with arrows or slumped over a spiked barricade.
When we entered what remained of the settlement we were greeted by Arisa tending to wounded while Shisik workers uncomfortably carried weapons and hid behind hastily erected defenses. She saw us and only when another medic could look after the wounded did she run at us and jump onto Mike.
“Thank you for coming” she said, exhausted “It has been hell out here, the bandits hit us every night. We have nothing left to offer them, I don’t understand why they are still attacking. We can hold out…but not for much longer”
While Mike and Norma listened to the details of the raids I inspected one of the Oradi. One look at the player profile it belonged to was enough to tell me what I needed to know. I tabbed out and used an anti encryption executable to take a copy of the profile from the game and bring it into the Galnet proper, something most companies didn’t want you doing. As I sat in que to use a quantum engine search I tabbed back in to see what Arisa was describing.
“…They attack on beast back, always at night, and our defenses are always circumvented-“
I tabbed back out when the engine binged to notify me that it’d searched through relevant data and had a result. What I was doing was about as illegal as one can get without going to jail, it was only because the engine was open source and owned by the Galnet which itself was an open source non-profit system and not beholden to any nation or company. The result came up for an Oradi by the name of Tiber Ovasius. Professional Soldier, member of a prestigious War Fraternity, said war Fraternity was focused on…you guessed it. Mounted combat and rear line infiltration and disruption. The one big question was, what the hell was a group of professional soldiers doing curb stomping newbies in a non mainstream game?
//KillerKan: @OrionClusterClock: how’d you get so good at skirting the system like that?
//OrionClusterClock: @KillerKan: misspent youth and a lot of free time.
//MissBloodBath: @OrionClusterClock: So could this miss spent youth skill you have be used to say… magically have the same interests as someone you met on a “War in the Eastern Fringe” match? A certain kick ass Havaran Warrior babe with a doctorate in Xenobiology?
//BOT: USER @OrionClusterClock Has logged off
//HonorableWarriorofCode: OHH! Busted! Also @MissBloodBath I have a spare ticket to see the Havaran Remake of fellowship of the Ring. I was going to go with a friend but they can’t make it. You have a great smile and I’d love to see your take on it…
//MissBloodBath: @HonorableWarriorofCode, Sorry! OrionClusterClock and I are in a relationship. But thank you you’re very sweet.
//PRIVATE HonorableWarriorofCode: What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him :D
//PRIVATE MissBloodBath: I like Orion and the fact that you’re private messaging me to cheat on him is really pissing me off.
//PRIVATE HonorableWarriorofCode: Fuck you bitch! Whatever made you think I wanted to be in a relationship??? I was just being nice but you had to take advantage of my kindness for your own ego. Fuck you die in a fire
//PRIVATE MissBloodBath: Okay Gashra Ur Conde, how’s the weather in Temple Prime?
//PRIVATE HonorableWarriorofCode: How the fuck did you know that?
//PRIVATE MissBloodBath: The same way I know that you are 32, and also the same way that I know your address. A-Block of Tarisian Flats Economy Nest. Floor 423, Room 34.
//PRIVATE HonorableWarriorofCode: Seriously. Stop it. This isn’t funny, I was just fucking around you don’t need to go crazy here. How the fuck did you know that?
//PRIVATE MissBloodBath: You just watched my BF take twenty seconds to do this to someone else. Are you stupid or a megalomaniac. Though given that you’re Kepron you may just have Initial Beakrot which is caused by lack of Magnesium in a diet and limited Beak cleaning. Early symptoms include lack of sleep, sweet smelling rotting odor from beak, rapid personality changes. And given your purchase history you should go to a doctor before you suffer long and short term memory loss followed by bacterial infection of the brain followed by two weeks of constant seizures, coma, death. Kills 34000 a year in poorer regions or those with exceptionally bade hygiene or diet.
//PRIVATE HonorableWarriorofCode: You’re bluffing… I will fucking end you bitch
//PRIVATE TenaciousTerran: Boo
//PRIVATE HonorableWarriorofCode: Hey fuck you too. This is between me and her. Besides you can only hurt people in Galnet Games. Fight me IRL and see what happens.
//PRIVATE TenaciousTerran: I’m sorry? What was that? Only in games? Okay friend you want to dance? Let’s fucking dance. Here’s what I can bring to a party. Attached Image ArmouryJanuary2048.PNG
//PRIVATE HonorableWarriorofCode: Fuck you I don’t need to prove anything
//BOT: USER HonorableWarriorofCode has logged off
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