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When God created woman he was working late on the 6th day……. An angel came by and asked.” Why spend so much time on her?” The lord answered. Directed by Roger Vadim. With Brigitte Bardot, Curd Jürgens, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Jane Marken. In sunny St. Tropez, a young sexpot loves one brother but marries the other. This is why God created woman. To help. To share. To encourage. To show compassion. So that man and woman together can show the world a beautiful partnership. 2,273 Followers, 772 Following, 279 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Kitty (@and_godcreatedwoman) r/GodCreatedWoman: Welcome to GodCreatedWoman. Feel free to share ! Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Directed by Roger Vadim. With Rebecca De Mornay, Vincent Spano, Frank Langella, Donovan Leitch Jr.. Aspiring and incarcerated rock singer, Robin Shea (Rebecca De Mornay) seduces prison guard Billy Moran (Vincent Spano). Robin marries Billy to get out of jail, but Robin's concerns are on politician James Tiernan (Frank Langella). And God Created Woman (French: Et Dieu... créa la femme) is a 1956 French romantic drama film directed by Roger Vadim and starring Brigitte Bardot. Though not her first film, it is widely recognized as the vehicle that launched Bardot into the public spotlight and immediately created her " sex kitten " persona, making her an overnight sensation. The once shocking "...And God Created Woman" might seem tame by today's standards but is still risque enough to merit interest, especially in the movie's climactic nightclub scene. And God Created Woman. Be Bold and Courageous. The Blog. The latest news on and the WordPress community. How to Study the Bible. Read, Study, Meditate, Apply. My Blog. Fantastic Baby Animals. Pure Glory. The heavens are telling the glory of God; and the firmament proclaims His handiwork.

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Guys interested in casual chatting , chatting about my sex life or roleplaying, ping me.
Kinks: Anal, threesome, gangbang, rapeplay, vanilla romance, groping, voyeurism, incest, public nudity, massage, etc
Limits: animal, toilet, pissplay, breeding, pregnent, etc
Some prompts for roleplay:

  1. Regular boyfriend girlfriend romance
2.Husband wife romance
  1. Cheating hotwife
  2. Incest - mom/son preferred - favorite one
Send me rediit chat with your asl
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Warning: 1800+ words. TL;DR – I went to Rooster Rock and Collins beaches in Portland, as well as the World Naked Bike Ride, over the course of two days. I had a lot of fun, a bit of not so fun, met someone from the internet, and formed a couple of observations on what nudism is really all about.
I took a trip this weekend to Portland, Oregon to check off not one, but three items from my "Naked Bucket List". It was an intense weekend with a lot of nudity and very little sleep.
Just east of Portland is Rooster Rock State Park, which hosts one of the two official CO beaches in Oregon. This was my first visit to any nude/CO beach, so apart from what I'd read online, I had no idea what to expect. I arrived around 2:00 PM on Saturday and found it fairly busy. The river is low enough now that I didn't have any trouble getting down the path to the beach, but it's still fairly high, so the exposed portion of the beach was steep and narrow, except for a wider stretch toward the western end. The land bridge to Sand Island was still submerged, but only by a foot or two, so plenty of people were trekking across to the open stretch of island beach. I walked up and down the whole length of both beaches a couple of times to get a feel for the place before picking a spot on the island to settle in. There was a fair mix of all ages, sizes, and genders, but almost everybody was in a couple or a group. I saw probably less than ten who were there alone. While walking around I had a short conversation with a woman who told me where to cross the river, and I briefly joined a group of six people playing frisbee catch, but overall it wasn't really a social experience. Later in the afternoon, shortly before I left, I was walking along close-ish to a group of five young people and I overheard them talking about naked hiking, which is something I have extensive experience in, so I respectfully butted in to that conversation, and they were friendly enough to let me walk with them for a bit. It was nice to socialize, and they seemed like really cool people, but before long I felt too much like an odd man out and politely excused myself.
From there I drove into town and parked near Laurelhurst Park, the starting point for the World Naked Bike Ride. I got there around 7:30 (the official meetup time was 8:00) and the central area of the park was already packed with people in various states of undress. I doffed my shorts as soon as I got there and spent the next hour and a half just wandering around the park, taking in the atmosphere. The festive, celebratory mood seemed to open everyone up, and I was able to ignore my usual social anxiety and just enjoy the experience. The highlight of the pre-ride, and maybe the whole weekend, was when I happened to spot a certain nudism-adjacent internet personality. This woman has a series of videos where she reviews hot springs all over the western U.S., with a preference for the clothing optional ones. It was her videos specifically that persuaded me to check out my own local hot spring, which in turn is how I opened up to the whole idea of nudism in the first place, so this woman indirectly has had a huge impact on my life. I made my way over to her and introduced myself with a near-speechless-fan-boy awkwardness. She seemed apprehensive at first, (she might have thought I was a different kind of fan, i.e. more into her body than her content,) but once I stammered through explaining how much I loved the hot springs videos and how I got into hot springs because of them, she warmed up a lot and was really cool about being approached by a random stranger while we were both completely naked.
The ride itself was amazing. I only saw one negative reaction from a bystander (he was wearing a Michael Myers mask and holding a sign that said "no one wants to see your boobs" or something like that) but plenty of happy Portlandians enjoying the spectacle. I don't remember a lot of specific happenings from the ride, but I do remember oscillating between an out-of-body shock at the sheer absurdity of my situation and giddy elation at how much fun I was having. At the end of the ride we rode into Waterfront Park. A bunch of people immediately started getting dressed to leave, but a bunch stuck around to party and socialize some more. I had somehow been among the first couple hundred riders in a river of thousands, so the procession kept pouring into the park long after I got there. The main after party (one of several) was held at an undisclosed location, so attendees had to follow the "tiki bike" after the end of the ride. There was some confusion as group split off from group, but eventually I made it. The after party was... not my favorite part. I've never been a party animal myself, but the deafening, thumpy music and dimly-lit, way-out-of-the-way location created a completely different vibe from the ride and pre-ride. I wouldn't say it was overtly sexual, in that I didn't see any illicit behavior, but the atmosphere struck me as distinctly more sexual than before. Maybe it's because I'm relatively conservative about sexuality, or that I'm still not used to nudity in atypical situations, or maybe this was just like any other party and I didn't know that because I don't party, but regardless of the reason, I was very uncomfortable there, so I left. I thought about checking out a different after party (there were four or five at various bars), but I'd been awake for a very long time by then, so I rode back to my car and drove off to my next stop.
Oregon's other official CO beach is Collins Beach on Sauvie Island. After an hour or two of fitful sleep in my car (I couldn't lean my seat back because my bike was stowed in the back) I was one of the first on the beach, which wasn't surprising since it was still a bit chilly, and the sun was barely out. Over the next eight hours, I alternated between walking up and down the length of the beach a few times, jumping in the water, and laying out in the sun. I tried a couple of times to strike up conversations with people, but the first time I'm pretty sure I came off as a creeper, so I ditched out of that one real quick, and the second time I offered to help some folks set up the volleyball court, but they were pretty much done, and I couldn't really stick around to play 'cause I'm garbage at volleyball. People steadily trickled in and filled up the beach so there were easily a couple hundred when I left, possibly more. Again, it was a fair mix of ages, genders, and body types. Around 3:00 or 4:00 I drove home to Boise, then slept for, not joking, over 23 hours.
One of the things I learned from this naked weekend is that the social aspect of social nudity is a big part of what makes it special. As a lone outsider with some serious social anxiety, it was difficult for me to get out of the "observer" role, which is dangerously close to "voyeur". My intention wasn't to see naked people, but rather to be among naked people without it being a big deal, but then when I couldn't interact with them, seeing was all I could do, and I became more focused on people's bodies than on people. I adhered strictly to the "look but don't stare" policy, and it's not like I was getting off on it, but my choices were between people-watching and just ignoring everyone while I read a book, in which case, what's the point of being at a nude beach? That said, another thing I learned is that what's great (for me) about social nudity is not the fact that I can see more of people's bodies, but that it doesn't matter that I can see more of people's bodies. I feel like a lingering part of my past conditioning regarding nudity, including a long-time involvement with pornography, is the sense that I'm "collecting" nudity, like every time I see someone naked is credit in an account that somehow equates to experience and fulfillment. It might sound a little gross, and it is, but the way it works now is not that I'm using these experiences as "material" for some "alone time" later on, just that I've somehow assigned them some experiential value with the idea that the more I accumulate, the more experienced I'll be, and by extension, a "better" nudist. Obviously that's not how nudism works, at least not how I want it to work for me, so I think what I really need is to really get to know someone in a nudist setting, or have a nudist experience with someone I already know. That way I can break down the conditioning in my mind that leads me to focus on the naked body in front of me and instead focus on the person. I think this is what Stéphane Deschênes means when he says it's not about nudity. If I just want to be naked and/or see naked people, there are plenty of easier and cheaper ways than driving 400 miles one way for two beaches and a bike ride. If I want a nudist experience, then I need to learn how to de-emphasize the nudity in my own mind and just have an experience, with the nudity as an added feature that makes the experience even better. It's not that the nudity doesn't mean anything, or doesn't make a difference, because it certainly does, but if nudity itself is the main event, then there's no fulfillment in that.
For my next step, I think it's time to contact my local club and see if they'll let me visit (I've heard they're not the most friendly to single men). I'm also gonna try to get in contact with the local hiking and hot-springing groups. What I need is nudist friends. Social nudity, not just public nudity.
Sorry for exceedingly long post. I'm trying to pare it down as much as possible, and I'll throw in a TL;DR at the top for those short on time, but thanks to those who read it all.
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2019.03.07 09:21 RJ-Hamster Exodus 20:14

(14) "You shall not commit adultery. New King James Version Change your email Bible version "You shall not commit adultery" (Exodus 20:14) is not limited to sex outside of marriage. God commands us to abstain from all sexual immorality, including premarital sex (fornication), homosexuality, incest, voyeurism, bestiality, public nudity, and much more (see Leviticus 18 and 20). In the New Testament, Paul adds licentiousness, uncleanness, and lewdness (Ephesians 4:19), which largely deal with liberal attitudes towards sexual matters. Men seem to "get away" with adultery while unfaithful women are considered tramps. This double standard is ancient. In John 8:3-11, a crowd was ready to stone a woman caught "in the very act," but where was the adulterous man? God's Word, however, deals with both sexes equally. It does not take sexual sin lightly either. Leviticus 20:10 commands death for both participants for adultery, as well as for sodomy and homosexuality (verse 13). Paul reminds us that God killed twenty-three thousand Israelites in one day for sex sins (I Corinthians 10:8). In Abraham's day God destroyed five entire cities by fire for their aberrant sex practices. God sent the Israelites and Jews into captivity for immorality, among other reasons. Jesus struck the heart of the matter in His Sermon on the Mount. Christians must not even lust after another—fantasizing or committing sex with them mentally (Matthew 5:27-28). Nowadays, many psychiatrists, psychologists, and counselors actually advise people to fantasize, or perhaps even have a "little fling." Advertisements and fashions all play to the lust of the flesh, making it increasingly more difficult to obey Jesus' command. Teens sometimes scorn their peers if they are still virgins by fourteen. This topsy-turvy world has completely lost its understanding of this commandment. Much like our big cities today, ancient Corinth was filled with sexual temptations. Paul advised the brethren there to "flee sexual immorality" (I Corinthians 6:18). Too often we flee, yet leave a forwarding address! It is unwise to hang around people, places or situations that tempt us into sex sins (Proverbs 5:3-14; Genesis 39:7-12). When we flirt with temptation, we can end up as an ox going to slaughter (Proverbs 7:6-27). Why should we flee temptations? Revelation 21:8 states that God will sentence the sexually immoral to the Lake of Fire, right along with murderers, idolaters, liars, and other unrepentant sinners. Paul adds Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites . . . will inherit the kingdom of God. (I Corinthians 6:9-10) — Staff
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2018.11.18 22:58 katrinesackett9 learning

IC 35-45-2-1Intimidation (Indiana) IC 35-45-2-2Harassment; "obscene message" defined IC 12-26-6Chapter 6. Temporary Commitment
How to find things in Example: say your looking for IC 35-49-2-2 (matter or performance harmful to minors) 1. Go to or 2. Then when at google: put in or 3. Then go to law (on some computer program formats and on other computers go straight to Indiana code) 4. Then go to: Indiana code 5. Then go to : tittle 35 criminal law and procedure 6. Then go to: article 49 obscenity and pornography 7. Then pick chapter 2 general provision 8. Then pick section 2 matter or performance harmful to minor
From Katrine Elizabeth sackett32463/whitelady Use as educational tool date June 2018
IC 35—49—2---2

 Indiana code tittle 35 criminal law procedure article 49 Chapter 2 Section 2 
IC 35-45-2-1Intimidation (Indiana) IC 35-45-2-2Harassment; "obscene message" defined IC 35-45-2-5Interference with the reporting of a crime IC 35-45-2-3Unlawful use of a communications medium; definitions IC 35-45-3Chapter 3. Littering and Pollution IC 35-45-3-3Throwing burning material from a moving motor vehicle IC 35-45-3-2Littering a Class B infraction; littering as a Class A infraction when certain bodies of water involved; "refuse" defined; littering from a moving vehicle IC 35-45-2-4Unlawful disclosure IC 35-45-4Chapter 4. Indecent Acts and Prostitution 35-45-4-0.1Application of certain amendments to chapter 35-45-4-1Public indecency 35-45-4-1.5Public nudity 35-45-4-2Prostitution 35-45-4-3Making an unlawful proposition 35-45-4-4Promoting prostitution 35-45-4-5Voyeurism; public voyeurism; aerial voyeurism 35-45-4-6Indecent display by a youth
from katrineelizabethsackett32463 whitelady (5'3)(5'2 1/2) spring terrace apts 7101 n ih 35 austin texas by burger king 214 nov 2018
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2018.09.12 19:28 manapod Public voyeur nudity

Fetishes And Limits
Below is an expanded list of potential sexual activities.
Here’s the scale: 1 - Very much into / Something I enjoy / Turn On 2 - Haven’t done it but want to try 3 - I would do it if the other person enjoyed it 4 - Does nothing for me, but isn’t a limit 5 - Hard limit / Something I won’t do / Turn off
Role Playing
_______ Age Play (you play younger)
_______ Animal Roles (e.g. human puppy dog)
_______ Examinations (doctor-nurse play/medical scenes)
_______ Family Play (e.g. Incest Play)
_______ Daddy/little girl (DD/lg)
_______ Fantasy Abandonment
_______ Fantasy Rape
_______ Interrogations
_______ Kidnapping
_______ Prison Scenes
_______ Prostitution (being sold to others)
_______ Pony play (e.g. pony girl)
_______ Religious Play (nun/priest/rabbi/alterboy-girl)
Sexual Play
_______ Anal Play/Anal Sex
_______ Anal Plugs/Beads
_______ Anal Plugs/Beads Outdoors (under clothes)
_______ Bestiality
_______ Brown Showers (scat)
_______ Camming Sex with me
_______ Camming Sex with me and others
_______ Creampies
_______ Cyber Sex with me (no cam)
_______ Cyber Sex with me and others (no cam)
_______ Dildos
_______ Double Penetration with dildos
_______ Double Penetration with two men
_______ Fisting (anal)
_______ Fisting (vaginal)
_______ Food Play
_______ Forced Heterosexuality (being used by friends)
_______ Forced Heterosexuality (being used by strangers, with protection)
_______ Forced Homosexuality (being used by friends)
_______ Forced Homosexuality (being used by strangers)
_______ Gang Bang
_______ Genital Sex
_______ Glory-Hole Sex
_______ Golden Showers
_______ Lactation (giving)
_______ Lactation (receiving)
_______ Licking (body homage with tongue)
_______ Menstruation (sex during)
_______ Oral-Anal Play (rimming, receiving)
_______ Oral-Anal Play (doing to another)
_______ Phone Sex
_______ Photos on demand (e.g., via text messenger during the day)
_______ Sex (Heterosexual)
_______ Sex (Homosexual)
_______ Sexual Deprivation
_______ Strap-Ons (receiving)
_______ Strap-Ons (wearing/giving)
_______ Swapping (being given)
_______ Swinging (one or more other couples)
_______ Swallowing (cum)
_______ Talking Dirty (Talker)
_______ Talking Dirty (Talkee)
_______ Tickling
_______ Vibrators
_______ Wrestling
_______ Collars (in public)
_______ Erotic Dancing (for an audience)
_______ Exhibitionism/Flashing (friends)
_______ Exhibitionism/Flashing (strangers)
_______ Forced Masturbation
_______ Forced Nudity (private)
_______ Forced Nudity (around others)
_______ Humiliation, Verbal (public)
_______ Led by a leash (public)
_______ Modeling for erotic photos (I take photos)
_______ Modeling for erotic photos (others take photos)
_______ Outdoor scenes/sex
_______ Public Places Sex, secret
_______ Public Places Sex, open
_______ Skinny Dipping
_______ Slutty Clothing (public)
_______ Voyeurism (watching others)
_______ Voyeurism (watching me with others)
_______ Video (watching porn)
_______ Video (recordings of you)
_______ 24/7 Total Power Exchange
_______ Auctioning (being auctioned)
_______ Bathroom Use Control
_______ Being Drugged
_______ Begging/Pleading
_______ Boot Worship
_______ Chastity Belts
_______ Chauffeuring (driving)
_______ Chores (domestic service/housework)
_______ Competitions (with other subs)
_______ Enforced Chastity
_______ Exercise (forced/required)
_______ Eye Contact Restrictions
_______ Following Orders
_______ Foot Worship
_______ Forced Bedwetting
_______ Forced Dressing
_______ Forced Eating (gaining or losing weight)
_______ Forced Journaling of experiences
_______ Forced Masturbation, on demand during the day
_______ Forced Masturbation, at home
_______ Forced Smoking/Smoking Fetish
_______ Forced to Sleep not in Bed (e.g., on floor)
_______ Given (Loaned) Away to another to use you
_______ Hair Coloring
_______ Hair Cutting
_______ Hair Shaving (body/genitalia)
_______ Hair Shaving (head)
_______ Hair Waxing (body/genitalia)
_______ Harems (serving with other subs)
_______ Having Food Chosen for You
_______ Having Clothing Chosen for You
_______ High Heel worship
_______ Humiliation, Verbal (private)
_______ Hypnotism
_______ Initiation Rites
_______ Kneeling
_______ Lectures (for misbehavior)
_______ Led by a leash (private)
_______ Manicures (giving)
_______ Massage (giving)
_______ Orgasm control
_______ Orgasm denial
_______ Personality Modification
_______ Piercing (permanent)
_______ Punishment
_______ Scarification
_______ Serving as Art
_______ Serving as Ashtray
_______ Serving as Furniture
_______ Serving as Maid
_______ Serving as Toilet (feces)
_______ Serving as Toilet (urine)
_______ Serving as WaiteWaitress
_______ Speech Restrictions
_______ Standing in the Corner
_______ Tattooing
_______ Being Bitten
_______ Being Bled
_______ Belts (being beat with one)
_______ Branding
_______ Breast Play/Torture
_______ Breath Control/Asphyxiation/Suffocation
_______ Bruises (marks on the body)
_______ Caning
_______ Catheterization (urethral)
_______ Choking
_______ Clothespins
_______ Crying (being made to cry)
_______ Cupping
_______ Cutting
_______ Dilation (urethral sounds)
_______ Douching
_______ Electricity (violet wand)
_______ Enemas
_______ Face Slapping
_______ Fear (being scared)
_______ Feathers
_______ Flame/Fire Play
_______ Floggers (getting a flogging)
_______ Forced Vomiting/Gagging
_______ Gun Play
_______ Hairbrush Spankings
_______ Hair Pulling
_______ Hot wax (candle wax)
_______ Ice Cubes
_______ Injections/I.V. Lines
_______ Kicking
_______ Knife Play
_______ Nipple play/torture
_______ Over-the-knee spankings
_______ Pain (score as 1=little-to-none, up to, 10=a lot)
_______ Piercing/Needles (play, temporary)
_______ Pinching
_______ Punching
_______ Pussy Torture
_______ Riding Crops
_______ Scratching
_______ Sensory Deprivation
_______ Single Tail (Flogger)
_______ Sleep Deprivation
_______ Spanking
_______ Speculums
_______ Spitting
_______ Swallowing (urine)
_______ Trampling
_______ Water torture
_______ Weights (on nipples/labia)
_______ Whipping
_______ Wooden Paddles
_______ Blindfolds
_______ Bondage (light)
_______ Bondage (heavy)
_______ Bondage (prolonged)
_______ Cages/Confinement (locked inside of)
_______ Chains
_______ Closets (being restrained within)
_______ Cuff Restraints (ankle and wrist)
_______ Gags/Mouth Bits
_______ Handcuffs/Shackles
_______ Mummification
_______ Saran Wrapping/Cling Film
_______ Shibari (Intricate Rope Bondage)
_______ Sleepsacks
_______ Straight Jackets
_______ Suspension
_______ Collars (in private)
_______ Corsettes
_______ Cross Dressing
_______ Denim
_______ Diapers (wearing)
_______ High Heel wearing
_______ Hoods/Masks
_______ Latex
_______ Leather
_______ Lingerie
_______ Lycra/Spandex
_______ Pantyhose/Stockings
_______ Uniforms
_______ Other (Please specify)
_______ Other (Please specify)
_______ Other (Please specify)
_______ Other (Please specify)
_______ Other (Please specify)
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2016.02.19 02:00 Onmymind42 Public nudity voyeur

Here are two passages from the swinging chapter that I found interesting. I had not really done much research on swinging before reading this, so i assume this is accurate? Perhaps some folks here can elaborate?
"At its best, swinging is not cheating, predatory, an expression of low self-esteem, a cop-out to avoid intimacy, inherently dangerous, mentally unbalanced, or unethical. It is an expression of a sexual orientation, akin to being gay or monogamous. Those so inclined accept their fantasies and desires and seek to act them out in healthy ways with others of like mind. This is not to suggest that swinging is just a variant of ordinary social or sexual behavior or that those who engage in it are unexceptional. Simply admitting that they like to engage in sex with other people while their partners are present sets swingers apart from the majority. For the most part, however, the sex itself is “regular”: simple nudity, hugging, kissing, sucking, and fucking, spiced with exhibitionism, voyeurism, partner swapping, and group sex. Swinging involves social as well as sexual intercourse. Many couples form strong and long-lasting friendships. They get together for nonsexual events such as picnics with all the kids or going to the movies. Observing a group of swingers out in public, it’s hard not to be struck by how close they appear to be, how relaxed and at ease the men and women are with one another. They’ve discovered for themselves how refreshing and liberating it is to put aside doctrinal notions of “normal” sexual behavior and forge their own, custom-built community of fellow travelers. In this way swinging is like any other affinity group, secular or religious. The men are relaxed because they no longer have to compete with one another for access to women or wonder in silence if a potential partner shares their interest. The women are happy to be the center of attention and desire and to feel fully appreciated (as opposed to shamed) for their robust interest in all things sexual. They also know that the female partners in swinging couples make all decisions involving partner choice and activities pursued. For those so inclined, swinging is the perfect way to balance impulses we’ve been told are antithetical: romance and mating versus freewheeling sexual activity with multiple partners. Swinging tends to amplify the underlying strengths and weaknesses of relationships and, as such, is no way for couples in trouble to “fix” things. If a couple is solid and shares the inclination fully, swinging can be a wonderful addition to an already healthy and satisfying sex life. If there are cracks or stresses within a marriage, swinging will only serve to bring them to the surface. Keeping in mind that no outside force can break up a happy marriage, swinging poses no threat to a solid union. But a couple’s house must be in order before attempting anything so radical as inviting others into the bedroom. A happy swinging couple and a happy committed couple are one and the same."
"Women are in charge of the sexual negotiations, and a level of decorum somewhat reminiscent of that of a high-school prom (though with less clothing) generally prevails. Once in attendance at the much discussed, long-awaited party, the woman finds that she’s perfectly safe among people who are charming and flirty, and the man soon learns that he must make friends first in order to recruit partners for his imaginary bacchanal. Hours later, she’s having the time of her life, while he can’t wait to get out of there. I’ve seen such couples work through their issues and continue happily in the lifestyle, while others crash and burn over their differing experiences and expectations. If you haven’t already surmised so on your own, let me say in all honesty that swinging is not for everybody."
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2014.12.03 09:47 inconvenient_nudist TIFU By assuming my roommate sticks to his usual routine

It's been about 15 minutes since I retreated to my room.
Backstory: A new roommate moved into the condo I share with a good friend, and we are both college students. The new roommate is a friend of his who is working a contracting job, so he's up early and generally goes to bed by 10 every weeknight. He's lived here a month and a half but I really don't know him that well since we have opposite schedules (he's also a very conservative Christian. Leader of a prayer group, and has a matching girlfriend). And the good friend roommate has been spending a lot of time at his newly acquired girlfriend's place. So lately I've had an abundance of time for me to have sexy time in complete privacy with myself and others (mostly others ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ). It was approximately 1:30am a few moments ago and unfortunately no such shenanigans were occurring. I had, however recently smoked a considerable amount legally purchased weed in the cozy confines of my bathroom moments before. As someone who was hungry and also a fan of being nude, I marched down the staircase to the kitchen, basking in the luscious freedom from clothing. I turned all the lights on, and settled into eating some delicious chocolate chip cookies a friend made me. I opened the fridge and bent over to grab a beer just as my new roommate and his girlfriend round the corner of the stairs. They must have froze in their tracks or something because it had to have been ten seconds before they said anything, and I'd been completely oblivious. I was startled to find out that, while minding my own business of opening the beer and eating a cookie (and sporting a bit of a chub), I'd unintentionally become an exhibitionist to two unassuming new (and DEVOUTLY Christian) acquaintances. I ran to the edge of the island counter between me and the surprised voyeurs and managed a "oh hey. I'm inconvenientnudist...., uh goodnight" as they turned to the front door and walked out. She seemed to raise her voice at him after the door closed. I quickly retreated to the safety of my room while he was outside. Apparently the girlfriend was so astonished she wanted to call the cops on me (completely ridiculous, but she's crazy). Not 5 minutes later I get a text from the good friend roommate asking why our new roommate wants to move out because I'm a creep. I was a bit embarrassed, but at this point I'm starting to think roommates and their crazy girlfriends who can't stand a bit of accidental nudity have no place in my home.
Lesson Learned: Public nudity in the confines of a shared home should be reserved for when nobody is home, because routines and comfort level with nudity is seldom certain.
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