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I can't tell if I'm a pedophile because this is getting to me so much… About a year ago I started to get horrible horrible anxiety to the point I'd be up for days and days on end because of it, what was causing this anxiety was I had a strong fear that I was a pedophile to a point I believed it and attempted to take my life, I always ask my friend if she thinks I'm a pedo and she says no ... Talk to your parent(s) about why you think he may be molesting her. You could try asking your friend directly to open up to you, or get a trusted counselor or teacher involved. It's important to do something as soon as possible. If you have this feeling, there is likely a reason for it. Trust your gut. My problem is his two sons, who are now adults. I am close with one of them in particular. We FaceTime occasionally, do things like live-text baseball games, and he goes out of his way to visit me ... If he is going to steal and hide contraband in his room, there should be no place in his room to accommodate that behavior. Meaning to me... in my home, you get a mattress, a pillow, and a blanket... all that STUFF that he calls his, are no longer his, and you don't have the skills or time to "shake down" his cell 10 times a day, so he doesn't ... If he doesn't begin the process of changing his sexual preferences you should consider telling your parents. There is help. If he doesn't follow up you will know that you have done the best that you can. As to turning him in that has to be something to think about. We’ll never know the true number of victims, and we’ll never be able to grasp the extent of the damage he caused. Not every story has a happy ending. The best we can do is learn and grow from terrible experiences, and hope others can do so as well. For, in the end, no matter how much I wish differently, he really was a pedophile, my brother. Like most of the women in my family, I was an abused teenager. The good news, if there is such a thing in cases like mine, is that it wasn’t a family member like many of the women in my ...

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I'm 20M. My older brother is 27M and common law married* to a woman (28F) who he has 2 daughters (9 and 4), a son (10 months), and a step son (11) with. (*They eloped and have said they were married for 8 years despite never making it official.)
He was very abusive to me as a little kid when he's 7 years older, and I genuinely believe he's a narcissist. He lies a lot. He steals money, video games, and electronics from everyone if he feels he can get away with it, and then he claims I lost it. If I reported him for stealing, he acted like I lost it, and I would get in trouble for fighting with him. With an 7 year age gap, if we had a physical fight, it was very one sided, and one time he broke my arm throwing me out of a loft bed when I was 7 and he was 14. My dad and narcissist step mother spend every waking moment at the bar, and they just told me to give him what he wants in the future to make it easier for themselves. My brother stole $700 from me that I got from my first job when I was 15 and he was 22, and just bought a bunch of weed with it. He's paid back only $120 after getting caught, and I'm never getting the rest. He constantly called me a bundle of sticks and told everyone I was gay in the homophobic town we lived in, and he groped me when I was sleeping all the time to see if I had an erection after he'd just changed his clothes in the same bedroom when he was like 13 and I was 6 so he "knew if he had to kill me". He continued doing that until he was 19 and I was 12, because that's when he moved out for good. Despite being so homophobic, he taught me how to masturbate against my will when I was 10 and he was drunk. He pulled on my penis so hard I got a bruise and numbness from it, and he said it was broken because he couldn't make me come. It hurt to pee for a week, but I knew if I told anyone, he'd call me a liar and say I did that to myself because I'm gay. I'm out as gay now (but not to any family members) and lost a lot of years to trauma and self hate after living with this kind of stuff. I hate him and would never trust him with anything.
When it comes to his own kids, he noticeably ignores both his sons, aged 11 (step son) and 10 months. On the other hand, he can't keep his hands off his daughters and he's constantly telling them they're beautiful, smart, etc, and everything they do is the most amazing thing he's ever seen. This unfairness toward his kids is disgusting in my opinion. His step son has no "real" father in his life, so my brother can't even use the competition angle as an excuse like my step mom does. He cries a lot and just gets spanked and told to man up or get out. His mom is a bit nicer, but she also strongly prefers their baby and doesn't care one bit about his activities. She frequently talks about the baby is her last chance to be a perfect mother because she's not having more, and she alludes to discarding her other kids at times. She's one of the stupidest people I've ever met, sorry for being blunt.
I know being a parent is hard, and you can't get anything perfect. But this seems wrong. Whenever I meet my brother's family, his 11 year old son talks his ear off to let about all his hobbies, and he gets worked up and starts tearing up about how they don't love him if the subject goes to his family. I hug him and tell him that I love him and that my brother hurt me too when I was a kid. Maybe not the best idea, but I don't care. He tells me I'm the only one who cares about him and spills everything on his mind to me in the short times I'm with him.
So, about why I think my brother might be a pedophile. I don't have proof, just several allegations that never got reported. When we were kids, we lived with our mom for several years because our dad did drugs and went out every night. She had a new boyfriend every few months and dated single fathers almost exclusively. When she dated men with daughters who were preteens or younger, my brother would dote on them and try to be their best friend. He'd do things like bathe them once he built up trust. And at some point, he'd also get accused of taking off his own pants around them or something. He'd deny it and our mom would always defend him saying his pants just fell down on accident for example.
My brother got accused by his wife two years ago, who caught him teaching their daughters, then aged 2 and 7, about the cat's private parts. She talked to their daughters and heard a story about how he inserted a toy car into the older girl's genitalia and then told her she's in big trouble if she doesn't say the injury from that happened because she scratched herself. His wife told that story to lots of people, but never the police or CPS. She broke up with him for a while, but then got back with him and started letting him babysit the kids alone all the time again. Other family like our mom think she was just making it all up for attention to one-up her sister who had her daughter kidnapped by her ex. (Like I said, she's narcissistic and stupid, and this is actually somewhat believable.)
My (nephew, step-nephew?, IDK relation) told me weird things about their house too. He said my brother had a picture of his daughters nude on a 4 wheeler. I saw it and you can't tell they're nude from the camera angle, just shirtless with no nipples showing, but my nephew claims he made them get naked to take it when they didn't want to and then spent a long time trying to get a perfect shot while they cried about being cold and uncomfortable.
He said my brother and his wife let his sisters run around naked after their bath and then sleep naked if they want to. If he himself is nude in any way in front of them, my brother yells, "WTF I'm not a (bundle of sticks)!" My brother also frequently has them on his lap to cuddle with them when they're wearing just a nightshirt and no underwear. He asked my nephew to take pictures of them in that state and said pictures that got vagina upskirts were really cute before deleting them because they might not be legal.
Is he a pedophile, and what should I do about it? I feel he can easily just deny everything or say it was for another purpose if he comes under police scrutiny, and his wife isn't trustworthy herself. Not to mention that I can be perceived to have motives for lying to have him locked up, even if I'm not lying about this. His kids might not tell anything to police if they know their dad will go to jail if they admit to anything. I don't want to not report and end up protecting him if he is a pedophile, but an unsuccessful report would make things much worse as he would be more sneaky and be more abusive toward his 11 year old to prevent him from talking again.
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On the 19th Anniversary Of 9/11, Trump officially BROKE THE SPELL of Cult 93's ritual attack on humanity. Isn't it fitting that BROKE THE SPELL = 148/888 = DONALD J TRUMP? Of all the victories Trump has won, this will forever be one of his greatest accomplishments, yet one that will take years, decades or more for humanity to even understand, little-lone appreciate the gravity of how Trump, Q, the US Military, and many others, saved mankind from the precipice of total annihilation. You, The High IQ Anon Community, however, have made the choice to obtain a WISDOM that enables you to see clearly, and thus savor these divine rewards with an appreciation few will ever posses.
For those who have been reading my recent decodes, you are well aware that the metaphysical process for breaking this 19 year hex on humanity gained tremendous momentum with Trump's Homage To Jesus' Sermon On The Mount via his Salute To America At Mount Rushmore. As I covered in-depth in my decode, END GAME: Part 1, the metaphysical process of 'breaking the spells' began to manifest physically with Trump's (PERSON WOMAN MAN CAMERA TV = 264) positively-charged-counter to the negative spell unwittingly invoked by those school children 19 years ago who recited the lines (KITE HIT STEEL PLANE MUST = 264), as Bush waited for the first tower to be 'hit'. It is no coincidence that 19 is one of [their] most hallowed numbers, as 19 = S (S). Q1941 Was Nazism ever truly destroyed? Moreover, 19 = DNA, which we know [they] targeted in the wake of 9/11 via the nude body scanners, etc. There are many, many more reasons for the 19th anniversary being the year Trump officially BROKE THE SPELL, which we will cover throughout this decode.
Now do you see why Trump designated 9/11 as PATRIOT DAY = 129 => 39, representing the reversal of Cult 93? For 19 years, the entire world has been living under this spell, and breaking it was one of Trump's primary objectives because everything else becomes much easier to accomplish thereafter. Moreover, unless the spell was broken, the vast majority would forever struggle to see the truth.
In END GAME: Part 4, I showed how Trump highlighted on July 16 that, "Nobody has ever seen 8 weeks like we're going to have", which represented an eight week, multi-layered, physical manifestation process to break the spells, one that would culminate on September 11, 2020. In typical Maestro Trump fashion, on this 19th anniversary, through a series of 17 puzzle-pieces, he delivered an epic array of messages from the battlefield, communicating this BREATHTAKING victory and visions of the new world we are about to enter. The mountainous terrain I am about to guide you through is not for the faint of heart or casual reader. This is an epic, of truly epic proportion, one which Maestro Trump uses Virgil's Aeneid, the national epic of Ancient Rome, as both a model and an anti-model for his new national epic. To ease the steepness of our climb, I have broken it into several parts, and recommend giving yourself time to rest and reflect in between these sections.
Before diving into the deep end, do you know why Trump made his visit/speech at The Flight 93 Memorial the 'keystone' of his 19th anniversary of 9/11 commemoration? THIS PICTURE says it all. If you zoom in, do you see the tower stitched on the back of Melania's dress with 'a projectile' coming through the tower? The placement on the back of the dress means 'it is behind us now', and represents the first 'hit' that 'coincidentally' occurred between floors 93 and 99 of the WTC North Tower. As we know from SerialBrain2 (particularly this slide HERE), 99 represents BARBARA PIERCE and 93 represents BARBARA BUSH (which showcases the progression/actualization of Crowley's mega-ritual originating with Barbara's conception, birth, marriage to Bush, and ultimately the manifestation of [their] 9/11 hex on humanity). We also know from SerialBrain2 (particularly this slide HERE), that [their] objective went far beyond creating a false-pretense for the Endless Wars, as [they] attacked the 'Twin Towers' of our DNA to destroy our original constitution/infrastructure just like [they] did in Eden, in order to grow us like crop and make us honor [them] as our eternal Cult 93 masters.
Another reason Trump chose the Flight 93 Memorial as the 'keystone' of his 9/11 commemoration was due to the fact that back in 2017, after taking office, Trump commissioned The TOWER OF VOICES, a 93-foot-tall memorial resembling the Twin Towers (our DNA), with 40 chimes/bells of differing musical tones and frequencies to represent and honor the '40 who died' in Flight 93. Given what we know about Melania's BE BEST = 53 initiative pertaining to Our Journey Back To Eden, and the restoration of our God-given DNA and biology (see HERE and HERE), doesn't The Tower Of Voices (picture compilation HERE) look like our DNA? Listen to a brief recording of the Tower Of Voices Wind Chimes HERE. Have you ever heard the phrase, a ringing bell breaks the spell? Good vibrations vs bad vibrations. The TOWER OF VOICES = 175 = A STORM IS COMING = IN GOD WE TRUST, which is a stark contrast in tone to the years of Cult 93's control over America and the world. The Flight 93 Memorial is in Somerset County, PA, where the 'wreckage' of Flight 93 was located. SOMERSET COUNTY PA = 229 = SERMON ON THE MOUNT, providing additional clarification and connecting the dots of the dispelling process Trump ushered-in on July 3rd at Mount Rushmore.
Did you notice how Trump, to commemorate the 19th anniversary of 9/11, changed his Twitter banner to a picture of the 9/11 Memorial quote taken from Virgil's Aeneid (screenshot HERE). To see the majesty of Trump's SPELLBREAKING, we have to go all the back to Ancient Rome, 19 B.C., the year Virgil's Aeneid was published, shortly after he was most likely poisoned by Augustus Caesar, following a dispute they had over The Aeneid during a meeting in Greece. Virgil intended to spend three years in Greece, finalizing his new National Epic that Augustus had commissioned in 29 B.C. While Augustus is said to have loved the early drafts of The Aeneid, apparently during the meeting with Augustus and Virgil on September 19, 19 B.C., Virgil adamantly expressed the desire to make major revisions, which Augustus did not want. On the evening of September 19, Virgil started feeling sick and decided to return home. On the way back to Italy, Virgil is said to have ordered his assistants to burn The Aeneid if he were to die before completing it. He and Augustus must have had one serious disagreement, whereby Virgil wanted to change the content and Augustus did not. Virgil died at sea the next day of a severe stomach 'ailment', on September 21st, 19 B.C.
The quote, No Day Shall Erase You From The Memory Of Time, is from Virgil's Aeneid, Book IX (9), line 447. To emphasize and confirm the importance of decoding this this quote, Maestro Trump gave us THIS TWEET on September 10, 2020, at 9:47:55p EST. Initially, I thought this Tweet was specifically another confirmation of my '94' theory (94 = John John = JF KENNEDY; and 47 = JOHN; and 55 = JFK JR). While it indeed is further confirmation of the '94' theory, as I will show you later in this decode, it also serves as an 'overture' to The 19th Anniversary Of 9/11 comms that Trump provides on the following day. Moreover, it confirms the relevance and importance of Virgil's quote to Maestro Trump's 9/11 puzzle via the timestamp. What do you see in the timestamp? 9:47p? Look at it this way, 9(4) (4)7 => 9447 => 9.447 => Book IX (9), line 447: No Day Shall Erase You From The Memory Of Time. (summarizing graphic HERE). What are the odds? Is it now clear that this line, line 447, is significant and worth exploring further?
It is important to remember that Cult 93 chose this line for the memorial, and as we know by now, everything [they] do has a specific, often inverted reason behind it. Line 447 from Book 9 concludes the story of Nisus and Euryalus, two soldiers who are part of Aeneas' group of Trojan 'refugees' comprising the small army that would ensure Aeneas establishes Rome in Latium (Italy). The 'will of the gods' (fallen angels) was that Aeneas overthrow the heir to the Latin throne, Turnus, and take the Latin King's daughter as his wife, establishing Aeneas' bloodline (the descendent of an Earthly man, Anchises, and the goddess Venus (fallen angel)), such that this hybrid bloodline would establish Rome and rule the world. Line 9.447 details how Nisus and Euryalus, after working themselves into a drunken frenzy, decide to carry out a sneak-attack on the their sleeping 'enemies'. They go on a wild killing spree, and literally turn into possessed, murderous psychopaths, 'hot for slaughter, berserk with a raging lust for carnage, decapitating enemy soldiers in their sleep'. But in their drunken rage, they fail to realize they have awoken their sleeping enemies, and they are brutally killed in retaliation.
It is one of the few instances where Virgil, the poet, uses the first person. The quote, No Day Shall Erase You From The Memory Of Time, is exceptionally lyrical and beautiful if taken out of context, which is the way Cult 93 intended for 'the masses' to interpret it. For those who dig deeper, it is deemed controversial because of the misconception that Virgil is seemingly praising Nisus and Euryalus as 'fallen heroes' rather than murderous sociopaths. However, if you read/translate The Aeneid in the original Latin, as I spent many years of my high school life doing, it is clearly evident that Virgil is not praising their rage and slaughter. He is acknowledging the inevitable and immediate loss of innocence and human goodness from emotional rage and bloodlust. Virgil's invocation that the story of Nisus and Euryalus should never be forgotten is meant to serve as an example throughout time of what happens when a person loses logical, stoic thought, and becomes 'possessed' or 'taken over' by emotion and rage. This battle between emotional pull and stoicism is the central theme of Virgil's entire epic, one which most readers fail to see.
Though he fights it, Aeneas, the 'hero' of The Aeneid, never loses his calm, logical approach throughout the entire story until the very last line where his emotional rage causes him to kill his enemy, Turnus, the heir of the Latin throne, who has submitted to Aeneas. It is tragic because as Aeneas plunges his sword deep into 'the enemy's' chest in the final scene, as Turnus' body falls cold and lifeless, Aeneas emotional anger wanes. He realizes, though it is not directly stated in the text but implied, that he, Aeneas, was nothing more than a puppet for 'the gods' (fallen angels), manipulated by 'a sense of duty' into an endless series of wars and murder, all to 'bridge' the bloodline of 'the gods' (fallen angels) into the founding of Rome. This is why Virgil uses the first person for No Day Shall Erase You From The Memory Of Time, because it is the lesson he, the poet, has learned from the tragic end of Aeneas, though the end, by most scholars, is erroneously deemed heroic and 'happy' since it led to the founding of Rome and Western civilization. If only Virgil had taken his own advice and remained stoic in his conversation with Emperor Augustus at their fateful meeting in Greece before his death, perhaps he could have denied the 'will of the gods'.
Thus, Cult 93 did not choose this quote in the context Virgil meant it. Instead, by choosing it, they were tacitly saying that giving into bloodlust was honorable, that [their] slaughter of thousands of unaware, innocent people on 9/11 was just, precisely as the 'do as thou wilt' philosophy idolized by Cult 93 preaches. For Cult 93, the murderous Nisus and Euryalus are heroic because they gave into their darkest, most selfish urges.
As SerialBrain2 showed us, the 'end game' for Cult 93's 9/11 attack, beyond serving as a worldwide cognitive dissonance, mind-control mega-ritual, was to hijack humanity's God-given DNA = 19, replace it with a Y, Luciferian Grid structure, lower human IQ to become submissive to Cult 93 'masters', and allow read/write capability into the human genetic structure that could thereby allow for control and/or demonic possession (empty vessels for demonic extra dimensional entities). So, how would you 'break' the spell of this line from The Aeneid in this literary, metaphorical, yet metaphysical overture? As often is the case, the answer lies in the numbers. Allow me to show you.
The Aeneid was written in dactylic hexameter, and one of the most defining yet subtle characteristics of this meter is the 2/3 nature. The first two-thirds are read aloud (or mentally) in one breath, then there is a slight CAESURA (break or 'breath-taking'), and then the last third is read aloud (or mentally). When writing in dactylic hexameter, not only does it require fitting the desired words to the meter, it also requires a break in wording at the two-thirds mark of the line, which greatly compounds the difficulty. The letter values and syntactical arrangement of the words are obviously different in Virgil's Latin compared to the English translation, but Cult 93 used English not Latin for the 9/11 memorial. Using [their] chosen phrase, can you identify where the CAESURA point is located within the line: NO DAY SHALL ERASE YOU FROM THE MEMORY OF TIME? Answer: between 'from' and 'the'. NO DAY SHALL ERASE YOU FROM / THE MEMORY OF TIME. Now look what happens when you 'break' the line at the caesura point and run the numbers:
NO DAY SHALL ERASE YOU FROM = 272 = DESTROY ALL THE PARASITES = BECOME WHO YOU ARE DESTINED TO BE = OUR CHILDREN OUR FUTURE. Doesn't this sound like HCQ mixed with Launch America, mixed with Our Journey Back To Eden and Be Best?
THE MEMORY OF TIME = 190 = THE SPELL IS BROKEN. This is the theme of Maestro Trump's new National Epic that he crafted for us, in the form of a puzzle, via in his series of Tweets from the battlefield on the 19th anniversary of 9/11.
Q128 What is a spell? Who is asleep?
Q314 It's about the BREAK? Q318 "The" vs "To." Everything has meaning. Q
(Summarizing graphic HERE.)
Now that we understand the theme, BREAKING THE SPELLS, let me show you the breathtaking victories, and glorious transformations that Maestro Trump shares with us and [them].
Let's begin by revisiting the 'overture' Tweet HERE from September 10, 2020, at 9:47p. What if told you, that in addition to the timestamp of 9:47p = 9 [4+7] = 9/11, in addition to the 9.447 Aeneid connection in the timestamp, in addition to the 94 = JOHN JOHN = JF KENNEDY / 47 = JOHN timestamp connection to my recent decodes of '94', this Tweet also summarizes everything in SB2's Trump vs Cult 93: The Secret War that Trump is Winning. PART 3: The Explosive Truth About 9/11.? It is one of the most multi-layered messages I have ever seen from Maestro Trump, but as the 'overture' it lays the foundation for all the themes in his epic, rapid fire that follows.
Let's begin by evaluating the capital letters compiled together:
Now let's evaluate the capital letters by section (or 'break' point):
WIP = 48 = EVIL = PLANE = BLOOD; ALL = 25 = Y [Y Family/Cult 93]; GF = 13 = [the 'thirteen bloodline families']; WIP ALL GF = 86 = SOROS = RED DRAGON = GAME OVER
C = 3; SJB DESTROY C = 140 = RECONFIGURE DNA = NINE THREE NINE (939 => 93 / 39)
The primary related Qdrop is Q4547, which is a link to the LONE WARRIOR video with the very angelic wings (screenshot HERE). LONE WARRIOR = 148/888 = DONALD J TRUMP = TRUTH COMING = TIME TRAVELER. Video duration = 7:08 => 78 = KENNEDY.
DECODED MESSAGE: On September 11, 2001, Cult 93 (comprised of the Y Family, the 13 bloodline families, Soros, and Satan himself) performed a mass ritual sacrifice and black magick hex on the Twin Towers of human DNA. The physical attack of the Twin Towers, hit by 'planes', was just the beginning, as it also was about creating a wormhole (dimensional portal) for demonic, non-human entities to enter the Earthly dimension. The physical attack enabled Cult 93 to cast a metaphysical spell on everyone, where the majority of humanity willingly relinquished their sovereignty out of fear and the illusion of safety from a false enemy. Once the metaphysical spell was complete, [they] were able to physically impose a social and biological engineering program to reconfigure the divine DNA of humanity's true self, one that was based on the idea of lowering human IQ and amplifying the Cain Genetics/Cult 93 rule over humanity. But thanks to the LONE WARRIOR, DONALD J TRUMP, and his Q Team of Patriots who vowed to avenge Cult 93's murder of JFK and [their] crimes against humanity, Cult 93's demonic infiltration and bloodlust is over. Everything Cult 93 did is being reversed, and humanity's divine structure/constitution is being restored to its original, precious, rose garden form, through the help of God almighty and Tesla technologies (Tesla Shield). The Day Of Reckoning for Cult 93 and [their] crimes against humanity is happening. Peace is the prize. And the lesson that can be learned from this is that only in darkness can one learn to see the light.
(Summarizing graphic HERE).
Can you believe this was just Maestro Trump's 'overture'?
THE SPELL IS BROKEN: Trump's Glorious Rebuilding Of Earthly And Divine Human Infrastructure [part 2]
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Do you have daughters or nieces or little sisters or cousins? Their pictures may be online. They may be totally normal pictures but they still may be online. There are many forums and chan boards and websites where predators fantasize about and share images of these young kids.
One website which posts pictures of people and has users add a visual of their fluids to the picture has many such posts on it. People will make sick and sometimes violent fantasy stories about young girls. And occasionally softcore child porn has been found there as well.
And check instagram, or tik tok, or youtube, or twitter, or tumblr. Videos of kids dancing and such might be intended for innocence or fun. But then you will see "disabled comment sections" and "page run by mom". Your child is being lusted after by predators. Something that is sexy for adults will never EVER EVER be innocent or cute for kids.
In addition there are many "modelling agencies" that claim to be "legal" and only provide "non-nude" modelling. These websites will usually have a self righteous disclaimer saying that if you are "offended by non-nude modelling please leave" and then proceed to post a picture of a child in a thong or other such inappropriate attire. And these websites will sometimes even have links to normal legal porn sites.
So what they are posting is supposedly innocent in their eyes but they won't even hide their affiliation with legal porn.
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2020.09.24 20:17 IamKirill Art or Pornography

I don’t have many memories of seeing magazines for the first time. I couldn’t tell you when I first saw an apple pie cooling on the cover of Home and Garden or when Alfred E Newman’s hallmark gap first stared back at me from the cover of Mad. The first time I saw a Playboy, however, is a different story. October, 1997. I had been looking for my grainy VHS of Encino Man when I stumbled upon the glossy treasure. The cover said something about how the inner pages contained college girls “gone bad.” Thinking back, that may have also been the first time I took an interest in college. As my eyes bounced down the cover like a ball in a Pachinko machine, I felt something rush over my body. I felt short of breath, but in a good way. I wanted to feel even shorter. I locked eyes with the smiling seductress on the cover and the world melted away. It was just the two of us. Then my grandpa showed up. Well he didn’t really show up. He’d been there for several seconds, calling my name. But, when you’re lost in Miss October’s eyes, your hearing decides to give your eyesight some space. “Did you find it?”
For a second, I thought he was referring to my pornographic goldmine. I’d completely forgotten I was looking for a Pauly Shore movie. I told him it wasn’t there, not knowing if I was lying or not. What I did know was that I needed to reunite with that magazine. We were like Romeo and Juliet, star-crossed but forced apart by the petty judgments of family. At the time, my parents had recruited my grandfather to keep an eye on me between school and whenever they returned from work. The reason wasn’t so much that they were scared of what I could do, but rather what could be done to me. Not only did I weigh as much as a dried-out houseplant, I had incredibly brittle bones. At that point in my short life, I had just broken my arm for the third of what would eventually be six times. My skeleton was like a poorly glued toy model - together, but liable to snap with the slightest touch. My grandpa also had one good arm. But whereas my bad one was hiding under a collage of multi-colored well-wishes and a drawing of a penis, his was lost forever after a drunk pushed him off a train when he was around my age. Needless to say, it made it hard to complain about getting a pencil stuck in my cast.
My afternoons, much like my grandpa’s, were always the same. I’d entertain myself on the floor of the living room with my LEGOs or my Sega Genesis or the latest Goosebumps while he sat in his chair and read his Russian newspaper. Having only one arm, he would occasionally set the newspaper down in his lap to turn the page. It was one of the many things that took him twice as long due to his armlessness. Another was lighting a cigarette. Another was making lunch. The only
thing that took him less time than most people was finding his keys in his pockets. He always knew which pocket they’d be in. As he sat in his chair that day, reading his newspaper, I pretended to play with my GI Joes on the floor. But while my fingers aimlessly fondled the tiny soldiers, my mind was in a warehouse or some back room of a pool hall with those bad college girls, cooking up a plan to get my grandpa out of the house. But how? He was deeply engrossed in whatever Soviet propaganda he was reading. It would have to be important if it was going to tear him away from Gorbachev. Then I noticed it. The garbage! Of course! One of the only reasons my grandpa ever left the house was to take the trash out. My mom, who associated trash with being poor, insisted that we could never have any sitting in our trash cans. That meant every time they filled up halfway, out they went. I ran into my room and grabbed a big pad of paper and some crayons. I told my grandpa I was feeling inspired. I quickly drew a stick figure, leaned back, shook my head and frowned, crumpled the paper (though not too tightly), and threw the ball in the nearby receptacle. I did this about ten times before casually mentioning that the garbage had reached capacity. As my grandpa gave me an appreciative nod and stood up, I quietly marveled at my perfect plan. Not only would it get him out of the house long enough for me to dig deep into those anatomic wonders, but by being the one to point out the overflowing garbage and thus save him from the wrath of his daughter, I was actually going to come out of this a hero.
He left and I immediately went back to the cabinet. I knew I had about two minutes. Trying to move fast, I found that having one arm slowed me down too. My grandpa and I were evenly matched. I opened the pages and dove in. What happened next was equal parts confusing and exciting. All I can really remember is that it was magical, it was life changing, and it was over far too quickly. Before I could get past the table of contents, my grandpa was trudging up the front stairs. I retreated. By the time I heard him pull his keys out of his left pocket (always his left), I was sitting on the couch, pretending to watch TV.
Over the next few weeks, I kept up my routine. Every day after school, I would come home and draw for an hour or so, accumulating enough for two two- minute garbage trips. I figured anything more than that would be conspicuous. It was going perfectly. Then Mrs. Stewart came into the picture. “That’s incredible.” Mrs. Stewart stood behind my tiger drawing in complete awe. Apparently this kind of talent had never passed through Lyndon Johnson elementary school. “The way you use light and perspective, it’s just mesmerizing.” Unbeknownst to me, one of the byproducts of satisfying my libido was that I was unintentionally honing my abilities. I wasn’t even trying to. It just sort of happened. One day it was a stick figure. The next I figured I’d try to give it a realistic
nose. Then a mouth. And so on and so on until I started dabbling with shading. Then shadows. Who knew art was such a slippery slope? The problem was I didn’t care about it at all. I was just challenging myself to pass the time faster. The faster time went, the faster I could get to Cindy. (By that point I knew Miss October’s name, amongst other things). But Mrs. Stewart persisted. “I think you should join art club. We meet every day after school.” After school? Every day? Was this woman mad? That was the only time I had to spend with the magazine. Weekends were already a nightmare. I wasn’t going to lose weekdays too. She’d have to kill me first. “I’ll think about it.” I said, then smiled and went back to the tiger.
That night, my parents got wind of my talent. Mrs. Stewart called them and expertly used their desperate need to impress their friends against me. By dinner, my father was insisting that I join the club. By dessert, he’d decided I should be its president. He pondered aloud about what history would have been like if Picasso’s father hadn’t encouraged his son’s gifts. I held out for my mother’s disapproval, but after some initial concerns about how art could potentially cause more broken bones, she agreed with him. It was over. The next day, instead of going to the bus after my last class, I trudged back to the art room. Mrs. Stewart said she was glad I’d made the right choice, not realizing how stupid she sounded. Choice? What a sick joke. I was an innocent man, sentenced
to an after-school prison where I’d never see my tiny dancer again (Cindy is 4ft 11 and “loves dancing”). I started working on my escape. The plan was simple. I figured a bad artist couldn’t produce good art. But a great artist could make bad art. Over the next few days, I started deliberately messing up my artwork. Pretty soon Mrs. Stewart would realize she had made a terrible mistake and would have to profoundly apologize to my parents for getting their hopes up about what is clearly a talentless child. Then I’m home, grandpa’s back to the trash, and I’m back with my love. Of course that didn’t happen. Instead, no matter what I did, Mrs. Stewart found a way to put a positive spin on it. When I drew a horse with no face, she said it was a “very interesting choice.” When I smeared a bunch of paint on the canvas with no rhyme or reason, she said I reminded her of a young Pollack. When I left the canvas blank and then punched a hole through it, she said I was already experimenting with performance art. The next few weeks were a nightmare. At home, I was feet from the thing I wanted most in the world, while having to pretend it wasn’t even there. Every time my family watched a movie, all I could think about was how that magazine was just twelve inches under that screen. Just sitting there, in the dark, no one to look at it. Life was passing both of us by.
Then, one day, Mrs. Stewart announced that art club was going to be taking a field trip to the art museum. I told her it was a shame I couldn’t go since I didn’t
bring my permission slip, but she said she’d make an exception for a future Matisse. Lucky me. When we got to the museum, I started planning my next move and weighing my options: I could pretend to develop an allergy to paint fumes and have to stay home. But what if my parents hired an art tutor to come over after school? I couldn’t get rid of him AND my grandpa. I could go home, grab the magazine, and we could run away together as far as my money would take us. Then I remembered I only had three dollars. And that I’d probably die. I could blackmail Mrs. Stewart into pretending I’ve lost my touch. But blackmail her with what? I didn’t have any dirt on her. I considered making something up. But then it would be my word against hers. Unless it was that she touched me inappropriately. They always take the kid’s side on that stuff. But was it worth destroying someone’s life so that I could have mine back? As Mrs. Stewart and my classmates walked into the next room, I sat down on one of the benches and put my head in my hands. If that magazine had taught me love, Mrs. Stewart had taught me heartbreak. But, as they say, miracles happen when you least expect them. (I actually don’t know if “they” say that, but it seems like something “they” would) When I looked up, I saw a painting. It must have been two hundred years old. It was of a woman stretched out on a chaise lounge. She was completely nude and had a sly smile, not unlike Cindy. I looked around the room and realized that all of
the paintings were of nude women. It was clear the same painter had painted all of them. All I could think in that moment was what this artist would have thought of me. Here I was, sulking about not being able to look at a Playboy when this person didn’t even know what a Playboy was. They didn’t even know what a photograph was. If they wanted to see a woman’s body, they had to paint it themselves. I decided that’s what I had to do. The next day in art club, I got to work on my masterpiece. Drawing from memory, I was going to recreate Cindy’s centerfold. I started with her face and worked my way down. I got about two thirds of the way when Mrs. Stewart sent me home. She said this was “art club, not pornography club.” I was beyond confused. How was what I did any different than what was hanging in that museum? Sure, Cindy wasn’t on a fancy chaise lounge and she was sucking suggestively on a lollypop, but those are just details. If anything, those bunny ears meant she was more clothed than the woman in those paintings, not less. Still, I accepted my punishment. Mostly because it meant I was free, if only for the day. I skipped home, excited to fill the garbage can to its brim. I hurried upstairs and opened the door. Inside, sitting in his chair, was my grandpa, surprised to see me. But not as surprised as I was to see my Playboy out on full display. It was spread out on his lap. That was the only way he could turn the pages.
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2020.09.18 03:10 6amMowerMan Nude daughter pictures

Spoiled Sis, 16 (SS). Cheating Dad, 49 (CD). Mom, 39 (mom). Good Sis, 18 (GS). Douche bf, 17 (DB)
Trying to keep this short as the more I think the more I worry myself over not knowing what I can do to help my mom. About a week ago, GS and mom found out that SS was being extorted by her DB. She's been going out with him for about a year now. We never liked him from the start. He's controlling over what she does and who she talks to, gets insanely jealous and hurts himself whenever he thinks she's cheating. We've suspected before that she sends him nudes but we found out for sure when we confiscated her phone and found out why money had started going missing around the house. He was threatening to expose her nudes on FB if he didn't continue giving here money.
Let's take a pause. Why does she have a phone? Why don't we take it away from her? Why don't we parent her? That's where CD comes in. SS is CD's little princess. SS gets what she wants, SS never lies. CD would believe SS over my mom, no matter the situation. If my mom would take her phone away, she'd just use her school laptop, if we changed the wifi passwords CD would make me change it because she needed it for school. It came to the point we're we took everything away from her and DB just went and got her a phone with service and everything. CD's opinion? Ohhh it's fineee, it's just a phone. My mom can't do anything without being the bad guy.
Let's resume. So we had all the evidence on the phone and figured we'd go straight to the police and tell CD as well. When we went to go pull up all the conversations, the iPhone had already been iCloud reset remotely. We tried going into her email and see if we could catch anything else, but to no avail as she always has various accounts so nothing is ever traceable or so we cant find an account, reset and gain some proof that way. When mom, GS, and I confronted CD when he got home, he immediately took everything we found out, everything that we knew that was going on with SS, and he simply thought it was a joke. Mom, GS, and CC went to confront SS to see what was the truth. SS took that opportunity to say everything that we found out and said was all a lie and turned it into a fantasy fest of my SS telling CD that mom was cheating on him with multiple guys on fb, that mom was taking pictures of SS and selling them to the guys she talked to. Just outrageous accusations that scare me, because all it takes is for this SS of a bitch to say something to my dad and he'll believe her. Mom is shocked. Shocked to the core. CD asked her for a divorce not long after (which is something he's been telling her off and on for a while now. To get inside her head or something?) Now mom's not so much worried about the divorce, but the fact of how he acts towards her. Like mom is in fact some sort of pedophile that sells her own daughters pics, like that mom treats the kids like crap and is abusive, when she is most definitely not. Mom's scared, not for her but for my lil bros who are 7 and 8. She doesn't want her kids getting taken away from her because a 16 yo wants to be with her abusive bf and spread lies to CD and anyone who wants to hear.
This is the first time I've posted to reddit, thank you for making it to the end. I promise to update this regularly. But honestly, I've never been in this situation and don't what to do or how to help my mom. Im only 23, I do own my small engine repair shop here at home, but I'm realizing fast that I soon may have to be the main provider as CD is planning to move out with SS and move in with his partner. We'll call her cunt face for future references. That is all for now, hopefully someone's been through something similar, your kids being used against you or your kids going after you. Thank you all 😅
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2020.09.15 03:26 yeahtron3000 Nude daughter pictures

Hi all. I'll try and summarise this to the best of my ability as there is a fair bit of inter-connectedness and it's a bit complicated. For the sake of the Reddit post, I'll change the relevant party's names.
Sally - First foster mum
Melissa - Second foster mum
Brittany - Biological daughter of Sally (foster mum 1) - 20 years old
Karen - DHS worker
Marley - Foster child - 14 years old
Lily - My fiance and prospective foster carer
So now for a bit of backstory. This time last year, Brittany and Marley were both living under the same roof with Sally. Sally regularly used drugs and also provided them to the foster children she was looking after. It's important to note that Sally also has some fairly obvious (though unsure if documented) mental health issues which led to Brittany moving in with Lily.
Between then and now, Marley had moved into foster care elsewhere under the care of Melissa, who has been abusive (threatening with knives / taking pictures of the nudes taken on Marley's phone and sending to her biological father etc)
Through this time, Marley has been seeking refuge by walking to Lily's house to spend time with Brittany for support. Due to these circumstances, my fiance Lily is requesting that she be registered as foster carer for Marley. It's extremely important to note here some other relevant factors about Lily such as she is qualified to work in social services and has years of experience doing so. She also has two children of her own (4 and 7), no criminal record, doesn't use drugs, runs a charity and is all-round an extremely capable individual. With that being said, she was temporarily placed on anti-depressants earlier this year however ceased using them under guidance from her doctor due to some side effects that arose (this will be relevant later).
Karen has been attempting to hold Marley back to live with Melissa, and Melissa has frequently left the house so she can stay under the roof of Lily. On each of these occasions, Lily has contacted Karen to advise her where Marley is in order to be compliant. She has also listed 10 different criteria which has been breached by Karen (though I don't have this specific information but will update once I obtain it)
During this process, Lily has contacted Karen's team leader and advised her of the situation and was informed that she (Lily) would be listed as a prospective foster carer. Since then, Karen has found information regarding this small stint of the anti-depressant medication and told Lily that she wasn't being honest about mental health issues (it's also worth mentioning that this had been relayed forward already but Lily only said "earlier this year" rather than a specific date)
We just found out that Karen has taken it upon herself to attempt to get Marley transferred to residential care which is about an hour away by car. We found out about this around 5 minutes before the court session, and it seems like we have nobody to contact in order to cease this.
Marley is having an extremely difficult time with this process and is traumatised. If anybody can please offer me some suggestions on how to proceed I would be so incredibly grateful.
If you have any questions or anything please let me know.
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2020.09.11 19:51 throwawaymyheart6969 Nude daughter pictures

So, I'm far from Shakespeare but I'll give the best breakdown of my problems right now.
I met my wife in high school, she was fun and pretty social unlike myself, I was in my room with a computer 90% of the time. Due to childhood trauma, I had social issues. I could talk to people and hold conversations but I'd get anxious and not know what to say.
Despite this, I was somewhat 'Popular'. I belonged to no certain group, but I slept around quite a bit. I had earned somewhat of a reputation for it in school. My future wife however, at the time, has been dating the same guy out of town for 2 years before we were together. We were friends and would talk all the time, but then she got pregnant. The boyfriend left, and I stayed.
We decided to date, which I was down for but again, I had a reputation that was there for a reason. I was bad at the loyalty thing, I slept around a couple times and got caught. Her baby was born and I was figuring out the whole "Life after high school" thing, what was I going to do?
I decided on the Marines, so I straightened myself out. I had a goal, I had a vision of a future. I was dead set. It was at this point, while we were still together that I also realized I didn't want to mess up my relationship too, so I stopped everything. I aimed to become a model boyfriend.
I was the stand in dad for which I now consider my oldest daughter, and things were going great. Finally, the time came for me to ship off to Boot Camp. My worst fear was definitely receiving a Dear John letter, but I held hope that she'd wait. Mid-way through I receive a letter from my girlfriend, updates of daughter and everything but one thing was different. The return address.
The return address was from a different state, from a town I know specifically to belong to her ex-boyfriend. Later in a different letter she let me know his family wanted to see the baby, who was coming up on 2 now. Okay, it's not my call and I wouldn't try to keep her away anyways. I think they have every right to see her.
I get out of bootcamp, she's there with my mother and grandmother congratulating me on finishing bootcamp and how proud they are. Life goes on, until about almost a year later.
I get a call from one of my few friends back home, as I was in a technical school doing training:
Him: "Hey..You know (Girlfriend) is walking around the fair holding hands with some guy?"
I didn't know that, so I called her. She tells me that she's with [daughter] and her Ex because he was in town and wanted to see [daughter], tells me my friend must be lying or seen it wrong.
Okay, sketchy but not deal breaking. Continuing on.
Some time passes, I bring her out to California and propose and we get married back home. I'm about to be transferred to a new base, so we hold off on moving her and [daughter] out here with me until I move.
The time comes, I get the house and start getting things ready. She tells me she's taking [daughter] to see ex and his family. Not a big deal, by this time it's established that I wasn't going to keep her actual father out of the loop and I was actually supportive of it. At least until this, this is where things get tough.
She goes, and apparently now they are attending her ex's sister's wedding. Okayyyy... Strange, but she's been pretty open about everything so w/. She texts me the entire time, because I'm a little sketched out but she assures me it's fine. Her phone dies, I get a text back around 1 am.
She goes into explaining that she kissed him at the reception, she was just caught up in the moment and nothing else happened. She left the next morning, and then boarded a flight to come live with me. I grilled her about it, she seems really broken up about doing it and honestly seems ashamed. So I let it go, mistakes happen. I did do the same thing to her in high school, granted we were dating and I assumed this wasn't going to last like this. Not married and planning a life together.
Time passes, everything is going good. We spend the next 3 years living and enjoying life, by this time we had another girl. She's a tiny clone of me and we're enjoying the good life.
My wifes ex hadc ut most contact with her and doesn't really try to see his daughter at some point during this period, seemly given up on trying to be a dad. Then he messages her saying he's joining the Marines now. Yep, I should mention I've had a feeling he's been trying to get back with her since the wedding incident and he's trying hard to be more like me. So he joins, and afew months later leaves bootcamp.
Right on cue, something happens and he can't find a place to stay on his "boot leave", which is a 10 day period you can go visit family or do what you need to before going to training. My wife offers to let him stay at MY house, now this had red flags everywhere for me and she guilts me into it eventually. He can stay a day or 2 while he finds somewhere else, he will be gone if I'm gone, ect.
Things continue as normal, he leaves eventually and I haven't caught anything suspicious so life goes on. A year rolls by, I'm getting ready to leave the military after 5 years to pursue a career where I can be home more for my family. I join a program that will help prep me for leaving the military and give me an interview with a BIG company to work at after I leave. First, I have some perquisites I have to hit to enter this EXTREMELY competitive program and I'm on a deadline along with having to complete my normal Military duties. As such, I'm a little stressed. I focus on my studies and work for a couple weeks and I'm put on Rifle range because I need to complete it before my request for this course is approved. Cue the final act.
It's 3am, I just woke up and I get ready. Wife isn't in bed with me, weird. I went to bed early the previous night, for obvious reason (3am wake up call), and she stayed up alittle later. I walked downstairs see her passed out on the couch, phone a foot from her hand on the couch. It's blinking with a message, I'm not usually snoopy but this time it just felt off. I checked it, it was a snapchat message from some girl with a name I didn't recognize. I open it, just curious.
It was not a girl, it was in fact another man with many pictures between them to show me just what was happening. It's 330 by this point, I'm confused, I'm hurt and I'm fuming. I wake her up and she's out of it. I tell her what I found and she just looks at me like I'm stupid. I try to call my superior and say I don't feel great about going to shoot rifles right now and tell him the story. I gotta go anyways, because this is my only chance and it could affect my approval for my course. Tell her we'll talk after work.
By the end of the day, word has spread through my command and they tell me they got me a room in the barracks to cool off for the night. I didn't want to, but I had no choice. I went to my house to tell my wife what was happening, tell her we'll talk tomorrow and I had to stay at the barracks.
I've cooled off significantly, and go home. We talk and she told me it was just a mistake, wouldn't happen again and she deleted her social media off her phone. I wanted to see her snapchat to read it, just to confirm what she's saying. She refuses, I ask why. She doesn't want me to keep getting mad reading the old stuff. Fair, but no good. I log into it on my phone. She never stopped messaging this guy until just before I got home. Not even after I caught her the first time.

"I thought you were going to leave me anyways"
I was pissed, but to be fair I probably had said I was at 3am the previous day when I got mad. (Careful of the things you say in anger). I decided to breathe and let it go.

She's apologized and cried and said she's sorry for almost ruined it, a great act. She said she met this guy at the store on base, so I go with it.

a few weeks pass, she's been going about business as normal. She's been hanging out with some friends lately and finally I get a call.
A man calls me, his girlfriend wanted him to me to tell me my wife had slept with a guy at a party a week ago. I tell him I need proof, and I got it all. The one who told me is her best friends boyfriend, and her friends were tired of her fucking me over. I was always home with the kids when she went out. after grilling her, she admitted it happened and out comes sooo much more than I expected.
More of her friends started calling and telling me everything.
Her dating profiles, her secret snapchat account and emails. I got into everything, she had been messaging no less than 50 guys on snapchat alone. There were endless nudes between them all, she'd apparently met some. She had plans to go meet a guy to fuck, but apparently she starting feeling bad at this point because of her friends telling her to stop and stopped it all for a bit.
I confronted her with everything, she had been lying to her friends about things I said she could do, ect. She told me when her ex stayed at my house, she cheated. She cheated when I was in training. and she did so much more before she came to live with me. Basically she had been lying the entirety of our relationship.
Her reason? I had slept with alot of girls during highschool, she didn't get to do that. I cheated on her in high school (Worth mentioning that was a couple times, and it was before considering marriage). And she had been with her ex for 2 years and that she'd always have some feelings for him.
Crushed, my self-esteem is completely wrecked just due to other issues and I definitely don't want to leave her despite this and I don't want my kids to go through this.
It's been about a year since all this, things have settled back into a normal since then. I'm 100% now that she isn't cheating now, for the first time in 7 years. When I said I Wanted to stay with her I meant it, until now.
Not sure what it is, between her near constant complains about nothing being good enough (Our new house, the kids, ect.) and her never able to hold a job and her terrible parenting, I lost my desire. I'm not happy, I can't do anything without feeling like it'll make her go cheat. She has issues, bi-polar depression and anger issues. I love my kids, I know I can get custody of one but the other isn't legally or biologically mine and I don't want to see her suffer because I left.
My wife is completely dependent on me and I'm honestly not sure what she'll do. I'm at a loss, Do I stay?
[I recently started therapy to help me with all my other issues, so it started prompting me to look at what I'm feeling. Reason for the post]
*Sorry for the book*

[Edit] It's worth mentioning I guess that I'm directly responsible for her getting a drivers license, her diploma, and her CNA certification. She has no drive, I have to push her to do better.
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2020.09.11 14:44 Seamus5150 Nude daughter pictures

Like the title says
Sorry, I'm posting from my phone.
History: Married 17 years with no children of our own. She's been divorced once and had 2 daughters that I helped to raise (now 28,23) prior to our marriage. We've really only had minor bumps and issues, in my opinion. We've had an open door type of communication with each other. Whether it be work issues and venting, or sexual issues, or just how we are feeling. Often we will just talk on the couch about life and philosophy in general. I've felt that we had a great connection and a pretty heavy, fulfilling sex life. We are both in good shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I work in the medical field and due to things being what they are, have been putting in a decent amount of Overtime over the past 5 months. She works in a legal consultancy and has been WFH for the past 5 months. Which has made things a bit distant, but on our days off we are tight.
Changed the filter on the Dyson fan in our bedroom last night. Asked wife if I could use her phone to update the app, in order to reset the change filter alert. Mine was on the charger next to the front door.
I noticed she had put on a pattern unlock, and, kinda wanted to ask her what that was about. As I was finding the app on her phone, a notification for Snapchat popped up. My stomach dropped immediately as I read the small tag,
"I'll bring the special toy." It said.
My brain understood the words...but my mind just stopped functioning. She asked what was the matter, after I guess several minutes of me just sitting and staring at the bedroom fan.
My wife has an obligatory quarterly out of town meeting, that puts her 2 states away for 5 days every business quarter. I knew it was about this coming trip Monday.
I've perused Reddit for years anonymously. I've read 100's of stories that began like this and never once have I thought about it being me that would sit on my bedroom floor and be in such a cold, dumbfounded state.
I recovered and said, "Oh just getting info about the IP and router." That's how the fan communicates through the app. I have a Chromebook that she logged into Facebook yesterday. I took a weeks vacation short notice, my supervisor is a cool chick and once I laid it out what I may have discovered and have to do... I'm going to need time off.
I've been up all night reading her chats.
She left to go to the office just now and I made sure the Google location history was on and find my phone was active. I'm so suspicious of everything she does now I can't look at myself in the mirror. She doesn't know I saw the message notification. I logged onto the messaging system that Verizon uses and have signed in under her number and name. There are at least 15,000 that date back to February of last year; messages, memes, flirty pics and some x-rated ones too. She stopped texting him this way about 3 months ago. Didn't stop texting him, but stopped using the message app through Verizon. I'm guessing they switched to the Snapchat because its discreet. I'm not on ANY social media in any way shape or form. I am clueless.
I just figured out that you can't log into Snapchat thru Facebook. But, it just takes an email and password. And she has used this Chromebook to do that. Hell, she used it just 3 nights ago lying in bed next to me rubbing my back while I went to sleep... she messaged him and sexted him lying next to me.
It's a younger man from work. He is married and has 3 young children. He and his wife have Facebook. I've met him twice. Shook his fucking hand.
I'm at a complete loss again and have paced/wandered my house (That I custom built for her) for hours.
I almost can't feel anything. What little that I am processing is just white hot rage. I logged on snapchat and there it all was...
I have called my best friend who has been divorced 3 times (Don't get me started on his partner picker) he recommended a visious lawyer. I plan on recording/saving EVERYTHING. There's pics of them fucking. I'm sure her phone or his has video.
I desperately want this to be a bad dream. She's said terrible things about me. She's told him my insecurities. She's told him "I love you." They have made no long term plans so this feels like a purely sexual relationship. It almost makes it better, but also makes it so much worse. Like She's literally throwing away our life for this. She knows cheating is an absolute deal breaker for me.
Our usual routine on the day she leaves for her meetings is I take her to the airport and drop her off with a long goodbye. I can't even think about what I have to do now. My friend says print out the entire thing and see if I can recover things from snapchat. From what I understand I can't, unless I have her phone.
My plan is to see the lawyer today, I'm paying a ridiculous amount to jump in her appointment line. Get the ball rolling and hopefully have a plan of action from her. I REALLY want to book a flight and follow my wife to the hotel shes staying at and catch her in the act.
I have access to her hotel booking options and have put myself as a contact person, so I can get a room key without alerting her. I think I'm just going to log onto the messaging apps when I get into town and watch it happen in real-time. If I could get the papers ready in time I'd hand them to her, instead im just going to hand her the printouts. Its a 600 page PDF!
His wife accepted my friend request. I am debating sending everything now.
I am seething. I just dont want to loose any advantage. I'm going to fly there Monday afternoon, log in and see what they've talked about, get a room key to my wifes room and drop off the package in her room with my wedding ring. I'm going to sit in the bar and watch my phone blow-up. I'm going to call the AP and tell him to meet me in the lobby/bar and to bring my wife down. Then tell him that a similar package has been been sent certified mail to his home addressed to his wife. As well as a Facebook message that I plan on hitting send on as I tell him. It feels petty and weak, I want to rage and scream, but I'm helpless. This morning all I could do was give her a peck on the cheek goodbye, I really can't stand to look her in the eye. I somehow have to get through the weekend.
I guess I'm asking, is my spiteful, hate fueled plan worth it?
I just want to inflict pain at this point. I want to hurt her emotionally. I feel eviscerated, emasculated. I will not entertain an apology. This is the one act that is unforgivable. It takes SO many steps to cheat on someone. They all can be stopped until the sin is complete.
Then it is done.
Should I just confront her tonight? Or Catch her? I don't think I'll update. I'm truly thinking about never using social media again. And only being with a partner that has a similar outlook moving forward.
ETA: I found the "Special toy." Keep in mind we have a chest full of "Adult fun devices." It was already in her carryon... Its one of those remote control vibrators. The ones that can be controlled by an app. It looks expensive.
I meet with the lawyer in 90 minutes.
Update: I have no clue how to post an update. I'm just editing my post
I met with the lawyer. She was actually kind, and I dare say compassionate with me. She told me point blank that her job was to represent me in this fight for my future, and my job in all of this was to tell her the complete truth and NOT MAKE HER JOB HARDER.
(I went to Kinkos and printed the file out. Cost $534 for color, because I wanted to have the pictures pop. Shout out to Chris at Kinkos for not making a scene when the nudes started coming out. He asked what it was all about, so, I told him, he was taken aback, but shook my hand and said sorry. I went home and crashed for about 3 hours and STBXW came home around 1930, usual time.)
Lawyer said to forget any Hollywood confrontation in a hotel bar. That it would look pretty crazy and not becoming at all. So I'm sorry to all of those people that wanted the high drama. She's right ultimately. There's 2 routes to take with divorce, contested or non-contested. She said I would have to notify my STBXW that I have retained council and in order to proceed my STBXW would have to either contest the divorce or we would go through mediation and file from there.
So, she got home about 2 hours ago.
I asked her if there was anything going on that she wanted to talk about. She said nothing other than the election. She then asked what was bothering me.
I wanted to cry, but, truthfully I was cried out.
I said I was curious as to why she had a remote control vibrator in her luggage. The look on her face was actually more telling than anything I've ever seen. She looked panicked, pale. She began to breathe faster, sweat. I asked why she would have something like that? Who had the code and the app to it? She stammered and the tears began. As I pulled out my 3 file folders worth of text exchanges I asked if the APs wife would have it? She cried and pleaded that she could explain. I said she had 5 minutes to do it. Of course she couldn't. I told her what my attorney told me to tell her. I also told her to leave. She screamed it was her house too. I calmly told her that may be, but, I would be notifying EVERYONE about her affair and betrayal. That even the girls will know. Or, she can leave now and find living arrangements for the time being. Hell, she'll be at her work conference for a week. She was speechless. I calmly pulled up face book and showed her the APs wife. I said do you want me to tell her or are you going to do it right now? Tears and moaning and pleading with "I love you" and "It wasn't supposed to go this far." Then my favorite "You can't do this!"
I said well it looks like I'm doing it, as I sent the APs wife a message with the file of their escapades on it. I prefaced it with apologies and a brief explanation. I haven't heard back from her.
I leafed through the stacks of paper and started reading random excerpts out loud to my STBXW
"I just wish we could spend the day attached to eachother. Just you inside of me."
"You feel so much more intense than any other woman I've ever been with."
She is still sobbing and asking to "Talk" about us. She says our marriage can withstand her mistake. I told her I would never forgive her, her word is shit, and that she threw away the last 17 years.
I'm still entertaining the whole tell HR thing and I am going to tell everyone about her decision to end our marriage by cheating.
Thank you to everyone who responded. I feel bad I couldn't respond to all the PMs and responses. I have a therapy appointment scheduled Tuesday. I kinda feel extremely elated, I'm shaking, and incredibly low right now; I kinda want to die.
The house is pretty quiet except for her crying and moaning. I told her to not come back after her trip. I'm currently sending friend requests and trying to get everyone on my page, I'm just going to send it to everyone that way.
I am going to wait until the morning to call the girls. I raised them from when they were 11 and 6. They are women now 28 and 23. I don't know what to tell them, or how to handle them.
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2020.09.11 06:37 Jallistamon Nude daughter pictures

Hi all,
I've talked to a few different therapists over the past few years and I've gotten conflicting information about whether what I experienced was sexual abuse or not. They all agree that my father and step-mother were emotionally and physically abusive but each therapist has had a different view on two different aspects of their behaviour.
My father owned and solely worked an automotive wrecking yard with a single stall and sink style bathroom. This bathroom was basically wallpapered in pornography. They were pages from pornographic magazines - women in sexually explicit poses (nude with their legs spread, sucking on a phallic object, laying back on a bed etc) and sexual acts in-progress (including up-close images of a woman being penetrated orally and vaginally by a penis) - and they covered every bit of the walls.
My step-mother hated the sight of me so I would spend all my after-school and weekend time there as free labour. I HATED the bathroom. Going in there made me deeply uncomfortable and I was deeply repulsed by the pictures. I hated it so much that I would actively avoid using it. For a couple months I got away with peeing behind the stacks of wrecked cars at the back of the yard but he eventually caught me (belted and verablly abused me) and from then on he would force me to stay within his sight and he would stand outside the bathroom door while I used it. I always felt so disgusting after I'd used it - like the pornography had rubbed off on me/contaminated me.
My first therapist didn't think this was in any way unusual behaviour (a father exposing his 11yo daughter to explicit pornography is normal??), my second therapist thought that it was definitely a form of sexual abuse, and my third therapist thought that is was possibly sexual abuse but that it was so minor that it didn't matter.
My step-mother insisted on inspecting my underwear and would say I was disgusting and filthy and threaten to confiscate all my undies if there were any bleaching spots. For those who don't know, normal vaginal pH is low enough to make the dyes on cotton unstable. She was convinced that this only happened because I was unclean 'down there'. She would inspect my undies when they came out of the drier - I'd be yelled at if I folded and put them away before she did - and if they were bleached she would wait until dinner when my father got home and wave them around, calling me filthy and smelly, and disgusting, and humiliating me until he gave in and belted me for her. She made me feel deeply humiliated and ashamed of what I now know to be entirely normal.
Again, my first therapist didn't see anything wrong with this and didn't believe that low pH could cause dyes to become unstable, my second therapist thought that this was also a form of sexual abuse, while my third therapist did think that this was a form a sexual abuse that was worth addressing.
I've just moved and I'm looking for a fourth therapist but the conflict between what the previous therapists thought has me deeply confused and I'm not sure whether I should bring this up with the new therapist. Were these things even that bad? Am I just blowing this out of proportion?\
Thanks in advance for any help you can give
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2020.09.11 02:05 chimken- Daughter pictures nude

Okay so first of all, I’ve never really written any stories before. Please excuse me if it’s messy, I tried to make it easy to read and understand. I’ve been working on this for the past 5 hours because my thoughts are always a mess but I decided to finalize it because it’s already 4 am and I have to wake up early tomorrow. Please feel free to leave some advice in the comments if you feel like helping. :)
So I guess I’ll begin the story with some background info. I’ve had a few men in my life before, I have been in a couple of unimportant long distance relationships when I was younger, I also have 2 exes and I’ve been dating my current boyfriend for over 4 years now so I’m not inexperienced when it comes to relationships/romantic connections. I also wanna mention that I love my boyfriend with all my heart and he was the first man in my life that made me realize that the saying ‘when you know, you know’ was real if that makes any kind of sense.
There’s this guy I’ve known for over 4 years. I’ve always thought he was good looking but he’s also 4 years younger than me and I’ve always just viewed him as a friend. Back when I met him online I believe I was 19 and he was 15, he’s also British but I live in Europe so I’m not too far from him, only about a two-hour flight away. I met him at the same time (on the internet) as my current boyfriend. It’s also worth mentioning that him and my boyfriend have been internet friends for as long as him and I have, they’ve never met though.
Recently, just in the beginning of this year, my friend decided to visit either my country or another European country (I forgot which one) and so he told me about it and asked for my opinion. I obviously suggested my country because I thought it’d be fun to meet up with him. When he told me all this I didn’t think anything of it, I legit just wanted to meet up with him as friends but I was also excited because we hadn’t met before that time and we’ve known each other for so long. He said he was gonna spend 3 days here so I thought we’d meet up just one time and that’s it.
So the day came, it was in the beginning of February when his flight landed and we met up the next day because he got here pretty late so he just went straight to bed after landing. I was so happy to finally see him and get to know him through real-life conversations. When we met, we hugged and then made our way to this donut place where we grabbed a donut each.
Right off the bat we clicked. It just felt like I could tell him anything. We talked the entire time we were together, there was no awkward silence, it just felt so natural with him and even when there was a bit of silence, it somehow felt like home, so peaceful.
Anyways, a couple of weird things happened on the first day. We left the donut store and as we were walking away from it I noticed that my bracelet came undone and almost fell to the ground. This is an important detail because I got this bracelet from my current boyfriend back in 2018 for Christmas. It has had some issues where it’d come undone many times in the past so my mom took it to a jeweler to get it fixed just a few months after I got it and it HAS NOT come undone ever since (I wear it 24/7 and we probably got it fixed in the spring of 2019). Back then I thought it was very weird but I didn’t think anything of it.
Later that day the second weird thing happened. So we’d already been hanging out for a couple of hours, we were both kinda tired and thirsty so we went into this little store downtown and bought some water and candy. As we were walking out of the store, he noticed a mother and her daughter who were also just coming out of the store we were in and he goes “No way! These were the people on my flight from the UK to here last night!”. That’s when I started to notice that something was definitely going on here. I mean come on, you can’t call that a coincidence! They could’ve literally been anywhere, the capital city is huge, even the downtown area!
When I finally got home around 11 pm I was ready to FaceTime my boyfriend (he knew about me meeting my friend and he was okay with it). He asked about how it went and while telling him the details, for some reason I just felt so vulnerable and also kind of empty. That’s when I realized how much I was missing my friend and I was wishing I was still hanging out with him.
After that day we met up twice more and honestly, we had the time of our lives exploring the city together. I thought he was so mature and I genuinely thought and felt that we were the same person. The entire time we were together, we were walking and sitting so close to each other, there was an unexplainable force that was pulling me towards him. I’ve never felt like this with anyone before, I’ve never felt so understood and so at ease with anyone. We had this amazing soul connection, I can’t even explain because you have to feel it in order to really understand.
Every night after getting home from spending time with him my heart felt so heavy and I just felt so empty, I was longing for him, I wanted to spend more time with him and have even more long and meaningful conversations. When we said goodbye on the last day my heart literally broke. We took two selfies and as we were saying goodbye we hugged and I just couldn’t hold my tears back. I cried for a bit and so he hugged me again and then said something like “We’ll see each other soon” and made his way back to his hostel. When he got back, he sent me the pictures we took on his phone through iMessage (which we never used prior to that day by the way) and said something along the lines of “just so you have these too”. My heart started beating so fast and I got a feeling that him sending me the selfies was the way he expressed his sadness since he kinda put on a poker face when we said goodbye.
The day after he left he woke up kinda late but we texted a lot, just talking about random things. We pretty much texted all day, back and forth. I still felt the very strong connection we had even just through texting and he also sent a couple of messages in which he was kind of hinting at liking me.
When it comes to this next detail, it’s important to know that when he was here, he held the door open for me wherever we went. We were talking about relationships (through texts) and so I asked him if he’s ever had a girlfriend and I still remember to this day the exact thing he replied with. He said “held the door open for you, especially for you”. When I read that text my heart nearly stopped, I didn’t know what to do with the information so I asked him what he meant and he pretty much just said that he referred to the times he held the door open for me and asked me if I liked it. I knew exactly what he really meant with his reply but I was still just trying to brush it off.
Eventually, around 1 am that night I couldn’t hold myself back and I told him everything, I told him how I felt about him and that those 3 days we spent together were the best days of my life and he pretty much told me the same thing. I was so happy I finally got it off my chest and I couldn’t believe he felt the same about me! We started planning our future right after that, it was so beautiful. He also told me that he mostly came to see me and not the city, because he’s had a crush on me since we met online and I thought that it was really sweet.
About a week after admitting our feelings and saying “I love you” we also started FaceTiming, he was just so nice to me and by the way he talked to me and treated me I could tell that he was an experienced soul. After work he would call me and our calls would be 4 hours long but they went by so quickly because we had so much to talk about, the next thing we knew it was 1 am and time to get some sleep.
Around the end of February I noticed that he was acting a bit strange and distant. He started to kinda ignore my messages and he was being cold. I was begging for an explanation, I wanted to know what went wrong, if I messed up or he just simply changed his mind that quickly. We scheduled what I didn’t know was gonna be our last FaceTime call (at least for now). If I remember correctly it was on the 25th of February.
We had a long conversation about our situation. He told me that he couldn’t do a long distance relationship as his first relationship and that he still loved me very much but wanted to stay friends. He said he was way too scared of hurting me if we don’t work out in the end. When we had just started talking in the beginning of the month, he also said that he didn’t feel the age difference at all and when we called for the last time, he used that as an excuse too, he said 4 years was too much.
To be fair, I think these were all just made-up excuses, I think he got scared of the powerful connection we share. He’s definitely scared of loving someone and being loved back. I think he doesn’t feel worthy of love, I know he had a tough childhood but I just wish I could show him how much I really do love him and that if he chooses me I’ll be there for him forever. We haven’t talked since I wished him a happy birthday back in April. I have been so scared to reach out ever since. He also removed me from instagram in the beginning of August and to be honest it didn’t phase me back then but also I was kinda bummed that he didn’t text me for my birthday in mid August. I still have his number and e-mail address but I feel like if he wanted to reach out he would’ve already done it by now. I’m not sure if I should be the one to break the silence.
I feel like he only came up with these excuses because he wanted to choose for me. He thought that if he disappeared from my life it’d be easier for me to make a decision.
Despite him leaving me out in the cold, I know that he’s a very caring and loving person deep dow. I knew it from the first time he looked at me. I don’t think anyone has ever looked at me with such curiosity and love in their eyes.
I guess I’ll also talk about my relationship with my boyfriend during the quarantine months because it has some important details as well.
So after my friend left I was feeling so confused, I didn’t know what to do. It was a constant struggle for me to choose from the two men I love so much. My mom reads cards so I asked her what they said about each man but before she used them, she basically just gave me some motherly advice about how I should be with someone that’s 100% sure about wanting to be with me long term and would also make a good husband/dad.
The cards said that either man would be a good choice, I’d have a happy life no matter who I chose but it’d be very different because they both love and view me differently. Then I asked whether I’m right about me and my friend sharing this very deep connection and the cards said that it’s all true and that we were a couple in a previous life so we share this unbreakable bond. I had another question, it was about whether my boyfriend had developed a stronger connection with someone else and the cards said yes which caught me off guard because I thought the answer would be a definite no.
So the truth is, my boyfriend doesn’t believe in card reading and he doesn’t like when I ask about our relationship and he made it clear back in 2016 when we had just started dating so I promised I would never ask about us again from the cards and I kept my word up until February this year and I didn’t think it’d be as harmful as it turned out to be.
So I did the reading and my boyfriend asked me about what I’d been up to because I was gone for a while talking to my mom so I ended up spilling the beans. I told him about asking the cards about him and I again. I was so mad at him for what the cards said but I was clearly just projecting my own complicated situation onto him which he didn’t appreciate at all and we had a huge fight. When we both calmed down we eventually decided to take a week-long break from contacting each other to clear our heads. This was the time when my friend was starting to act more cold towards me. I was so lost, I couldn’t think straight and my life completely fell apart, it was like the rug was pulled out from under me and I ran back to my boyfriend thinking that my friend made a decision for me so I don’t have to worry about deciding anymore.
Things with my boyfriend went well for a few days when he suddenly told me that he couldn’t really go back to how things were after I broke his trust by using the cards again. From that day I was so focused on him and getting him back. I did everything I could just to be with him again. It took about 3-4 months before he could make a final decision about whether he wants to give me another chance or not. Just to clarify, my boyfriend has a lot going on in his family right now, a couple of deaths and some sick people so I think that all of those things played a part in him taking his time making a final decision about us.
When he finally took me back I was so happy, I’d been manifesting it for months using all sorts of techniques! We’ve been together again since our July monthiversary. I’ve been super happy with him and I’ve had a crazy amount of anxiety about my boyfriend finding out that I have feelings for my friend since they’re friends too. I didn’t really care about my friend as much anymore, I was super focused on improving my relationship with my boyfriend up until about a month ago. We're together and I still love him so much and care about him with all my heart, he's seriously the best, but right now my heart is so torn between these two men.
So about a month ago I came across a stream on twitch about this guy exposing scammers. He was streaming with his friend and as soon as his friend started speaking, memories came flooding back. He sounded almost exactly like my friend. His accent, his voice, everything. I had a very hard time falling asleep that night and he’s been on my mind ever since. A few days after the stream, I met my best friend from high school and I finally plucked up the courage to tell her about what happened to me back in February. It was so good to let it all out. She didn’t judge me, she was so understanding. I just couldn’t tell you how amazing it felt to talk about it with someone other than my own mom. Also, ever since these feelings have come up again, I’ve been seeing 1111 and 111 a crazy amount, in videos, on the clock, in games, just browsing the web, it’s honestly starting to become kinda boring.
I’m just having a hard time believing that it’s over. He was so serious about me, he said he would visit me as frequently as he could and he was even planning on telling his mom about us! We had plans of me going to his birthday party in April or him possibly coming here to visit me in March. We were planning on moving in together in a year or so, we were even looking into how it’d be possible for me to move to the UK now that it’s no longer a part of the EU. We talked about kids, we talked about how cool it’d be that they’d be citizens of 3 countries (he moved to the UK when he was just a few years old but he’s also a British citizen).
Honestly meeting him really opened my eyes to spirituality. I grew up in a very spiritual family but I never really got involved in it. In 2019 I realized there were free tarot videos on YouTube and I watched a couple but I never really got into it because it didn’t interest me at the time, however in a lot of the videos, readers kept talking about “twin flames”. I had no idea what that meant, I never really looked it up either because I didn’t care to know. I only truly realized what it meant after I met my twin flame.
When we admitted our feelings to each other, the term “twin flame” just randomly popped into my head like a hint in a video game or something. It came out of nowhere and so I looked up what it meant. I was shook to find out that a lot of the things on the list applied to our relationship. When we both agreed on how strong out connection is I just told him that I thought we were twin flames! He didn’t know what it meant so I explained and he did tell me that he felt like we had a very strong bond as well, something he’d never felt before.
Right after meeting him and recognizing our bond, I started seeing a crazy amount of angel numbers which I didn’t even realize in the beginning. I started to write the numbers down but eventually I just gave up because it was way too much and way too frequent for me to be writing them all down.
There were a couple of other interesting things that have happened since we haven’t been in contact. For this next bit it’s important to know that my friend was working in this specific town in south London I’d never heard of before he told me about it. About a month ago I got a leopard gecko and I ordered a couple of things that I needed to put in his enclosure including a bag of jungle substrate. When it got delivered to my apartment I was curious about what other products this particular brand had for sale so I typed the name of the substrate into google and hit search. When I saw the third hit I was shook. A hit with a reptile store came up which is in the SAME TOWN as his workplace! The title literally said the name of the town.
There was another interesting “coincidence” that happened as I was scrolling though the LoA Reddit when I had just made my account back in the spring. As I was saying I was just scrolling through the subreddit when all of a sudden his name popped up. It was a post about an author that had the same first name as my friend. Since he comes from a country where they speak an entirely different language, his name is not the typical English name, although to my understanding it’s common in the country he comes from. Still, it was strange to see his name pop up like that.
After he kinda ghosted me I started getting into meditating and I was on a mission to get my boyfriend back so I was manifesting like crazy. That’s when I realized that the Law of Attraction really works. Lately I’ve been struggling when it comes to it though because I don’t know what to manifest. I just don’t know how to go on with my life. What do I want from it? I have no idea.
It’s not easy because my current boyfriend is everything I’ve been looking for in a romantic partner, he’s open about his feelings, he doesn’t like other girls’ bikini pictures out of respect for me and he’s dedicated to our relationship, whereas my friend follows tons of instagram models, I think he even has a folder of all kinds of nudes on his computer. I also know that he has a big crush on this one particular model that I’ll never measure up to. My friend’s also slim and I’m about 176 lbs. I had a slim boyfriend before and I never really felt like he 100% loved and accepted me. I told my friend about what I was looking for in a relationship, that I want it to be very serious and I think I scared him away with all I had to say. I don’t wanna make him sound like a jerk because I think his soul is truly beautiful and unique, it’s just that he acts different when he’s around his friends if that makes sense.
Honestly I’ve been struggling in the past month, however writing my story has helped a lot already. I don’t know if I’ll ever know for sure if he’s my twin flame but I really do feel it in my heart that he is. I feel like he’s with me all the time in the 5D and I know what we have is not over yet, I can just feel it. I know I’ll see him again someday.
It’s also kind of strange that just as I was starting to write this story, I got a notification from travelocity, a travel app that I never use because I haven’t really needed it since January. I’ve never gotten a notification from it apart from check-in notifications. As I was starting my story, a notification came up and the title read “Green Light”. I don’t know if it means anything or I’m just trying to find meaning in everything I see.
Anyways, V, if you happen to find and read this I just want to say that I appreciate that you showed me the real you when it was just us two. Thank you for exploring the city with me, those were the best 3 days of my life. I hope maybe one day we can be more than just friends. I miss your voice, your personality, your entire being. I don't hold anything against you.
“If it feels right it’s probably right.”
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