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Barbara Bach, Actress: The Spy Who Loved Me. Barbara Bach was born Barbara Ann Goldbach on August 27, 1947 in Queens, New York City, to Howard I. Goldbach, a policeman, Jewish from a family from Germany, Austria and Romania, and wife Marjorie ..., Irish Catholic. She met her first husband Augusto Gregorini in New York while she worked as a model and he was visiting from Italy for business ... Ilona Marita Lorenz (18 August 1939 – 31 August 2019) was a German-born American woman who had an affair with Fidel Castro in 1959 and in January 1960 was involved in an assassination attempt by the CIA on Castro's life.. In the 1970s and 1980s, she testified about the John F. Kennedy assassination, stating that she was involved with a group of anti-Cuban militants, including Frank Sturgis ... Susie is remembered for her portrayal of the Log Cabin Girl in Sir Roger Moore's The Spy Who Loved Me. The character was an unnamed honeytrap who acted as bait in a Soviet attempt to assassinate Bond. He’s the spy who loved her. Fugitive whistleblower Edward Snowden didn’t abandon his pole-dancing girlfriend Lindsay Mills over the NSA leaks after all, a new documentary reveals. The couple ... The spy who loved his lesbian sister’s girlfriend Keith Ovenden remembers his father-in-law Bill Sutch, arrested on suspicion of spying, and ponders whether a tragic love story was behind his fall from grace. Bill’s last year, the end of his journey, was a catastrophe. September 11, 2014 by L.A Girl 4 Comments. 5077. VIEWS. Share Tweet Whatsapp Pinterest Reddit Buffer Pocket. It saddens us to hear that Richard Kiel, who played as the iconic Bond villain Jaws in The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker, has passed. As a tribute to the 74-year-old star we want to take a closer look at his remarkable performances and ... Mabel Maney has written two Bond parodies, Kiss the Girls and Make Them Spy and The Girl with the Golden Bouffant. The two parodies are based on the character of Jane Bond, James' lesbian sister, who is called upon to replace her brother when he is incapacitated. An Agent 00005 appeared in the science fiction epic The Illuminatus! The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) - Major Anya Amasova Arguably the best Bond Girl of Roger Moore 's era, Major Anya Amasova AKA Agent Triple X (Barbara Bach) was 007's KGB counterpart. They joined forces to take down Karl Stromberg (Curt Jurgens), a billionaire megalomaniac who planned to destroy the world and start a new civilization underwater.

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Ruby and Christina get really close in one shot. Lancaster (I believe I can’t offend him as it is a public page, but he is the one who deserves to be in prison) threats Deer and probably gets Leti for trial. And hits Tic. So we have already known Tic was going to at least suffer of some point due to Ji-ah vision on last episode (1x06) and he is kind of emotionally as Leti appears on the room. The rune confirmed to us, but as he calls his ex it seemed like he didn’t know about the vision (please, i may have caught wrongly. Does the men who Ji-ah attacks sees his future too?) but I don’t think he’ll die next episode. So who’s gonna get the bullet? Malcom X showed up on the teaser too. Do u think it will kill another black person to make his entrance? will Hyppolita save deer? What do u think will happen to Leti? I’m guessing she’ll be accused of the missing boys who went to her house - in order to kill her and the hosts. Ruby was very suspicious listening to Leti talking in that bedroom. But she can be just trying to understand things, not working for Willtina but it seems like she has a new potion next episode. What if Chrislliam (I’m trying) asked her to spy on her sister? And omg have you get the lesbian vibes???
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2020.09.25 16:18 SmallClock Lesbian spying

Hey bros, I could really use your help. We're getting more queer representation in the media, but it still tends to fall into one of two clichés:

  1. The gay side character in a straight story. Either they just have a same-sex partner mentioned at some point, or their whole personality is gay: Eric in Sex Education, Gideon in Mr. Robot, Oscar in The Office; Lance in The Night Manager.
  2. "Queer" as its own genre. It's never action/adventure or mystery or thriller, because all the plot points fall into the same mix of romance/drama/comedy. Even if the narrative challenges familiar tropes like coming out, HIV/AIDS, hookup culture, etc., it's still defined by them: Call Me By Your Name, Special, Please Like Me, The Miseducation of Cameron Post.
I love all of the films/shows I listed as examples, and I'm not trying to trash them. But if the entertainment industry wants to show that we're normal, then where are the characters whose homosexuality is one of the relevant but ordinary parts about them? Where are the gay James Bonds? Where are the sitcom characters that derive a little of their comedy from being gay? Where are the tortured yet charismatic antiheroes whose psychology doesn't center around being gay?
This rant extends to lesbian and bi characters, and I'm sure it's even more true of trans/nonbinary/intersex characters. But I'm a gay man trying to teach myself that being gay doesn't fundamentally separate me from straight men, and I would love recommendations of TV shows (or movies) that feature multidimensional gay men but whose genre isn't just "gay." The best example I've found is London Spy. Any others?

EDIT: Thanks for all the recommendations. Here's a list of them in case anyone comes across this post in the future:
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2020.09.21 19:41 Eggi_NaEggi Megami and her harem? Found theory on the old sub

This is made by u/Artin46 . I'll copy-paste the whole thing cuz is 2 yo theory and I want to hear what you guys think of it but also cuz the original is full of grammatical errors.

Megami Saikou is the student council president and the daughter of Saikou Corp's CEO . Maybe she hides some dark secrets? Is she a lesbian?
Magami is the only rival who doesn't blush when talking with Senpai. Maybe that's because she doesn't have any serious feelings, like other girls and she only wants to protect him as a academy student.
Or maybe she simply has traumatic experiences with men.
When she was young, she was exposed to extensive training because she needs to become worthy for Saikou Corp. This training was much harder than the one her grandfather had given to her aunt. Because of her father's expectations, Megami haven't had much time for herself, and probably that's why she hasn't got any relationships with the opposite sex. The first serious relationship she had was with her younger brother, Kencho Saikou. She hoped they will have a good relationship but it did't happened. The siblings see each other very seldom and when thy meet, Kencho shows aversion and a sense of superiority towards his older sister. He behaves that way because he perfectly knows that he was born only as a security if Megami died or abandon her duties towards her family. This knowledge gives him sense of inferiority and such behavior helps him to hide it. The very demanding and bossy father and unfriendly younger brother were the first men that Megami had known better. Megami's mother was their opposite. She only wanted a normal life for her daughter.
When she created the student council, she choose only girls although many boys applied as well. Maybe she didn't chose any boy because she decide, that none of them were good enough. Each chosen girl seems to have a secret. Serious and disciplined Kuroko Komenaga, seems to feel a grudge to Megami, because she lost with her in election. Akane Toriyasu hides a dark personality under her sweet smile. Aggressive Aoi Ryogoku, lost her eye in accident in which Megami took part. Shiromi Torayoshi is eccentric, who is spying on students. All these five girls are a quite curious company.
The fact how Megami treats other girls from the student council. She informed them about danger from unknown individual and ordered them great caution, because she wants them to be safe. She cares for them so much that if one of them died, she would immediately order to install monitors around school. The the atmosphere in school would be the lowest, and it wouldn't improve. One fact is interesting. If the atmosphere in school fall to the lowest point by killing ordinary students, the security won't show. Maybe this girls were unique for her?
Maybe the student council was Megami's personal harem. Maybe she knows each girl's secret and uses it to bond them to her. YandereDev confirmed that Shiromi feels respect and fear towards Megami. What if other girls feel the same? The leader don't think about them as puppets. Probably knowledge that they are her girls fills the hole in her heart. Just like Ayano's father filled the hole in her mother's heart.
Original : https://www.reddit.com/yanderesimulatocomments/97rlm7/theory_when_megami_is_lesbian/
Any thoughts?
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2020.09.20 00:27 TheManlyLobster Young woman is recruited as a spy to be sent into a simulation/AU that has some of the most ruthless figures in history.

A young woman is recruited as a spy, to use a machine that sends her into a simulated world that has some of the most dangerous people in history at the same time. I definitely recall Hitler's name being used, Stalin and Attila the Hun might have also been mentioned. I can't quite remember the reason for this 'quest', possibly to learn something from their leadership. The world she was sent to was made up of factions, the historical figures were there but this was a newly created reality, so things like Hitler's involvement in world war 2 etc never existed, they just placed these leaders at the same time zone in the simulated world. The protagonist might have been black as she was at one point warned of her skin colour might cause a commotion when entering one faction. She had to conceal her self in a disguise. One faction had might have had a play on lesbians/ les biens, something similar to that, i don't think i was misreading it instead of Lebanese, i think it was an all woman faction or something like that. I remember her running through these factions either trying to blend in and gather information. She was helped by a few minor characters, but mainly by herself. The characters in the simulation believed their world to be real and start to realise that may the protagonist is a part of a different universe. I think at the end, when the protagonist was brought back through the machine she might have left a gateway for the dangerous leaders in the AU world to make it into her reality?
The book might have been around 500-600 pages and was a paperback. Intended to be part of a series as it left on a cliff-hanger and tease for the next book. The cover was blue/purple with an illustration inside a circle at the centre. I think this image might have been segments/decoration of the factions? I read this book around late 2011/early 2012, I brought it from a supermarket stall and they usually rotated the books every few weeks to have new release so I'm presuming this is the year is was released.
This is pretty much all I remember and any help would be amazing. I've been trying to remember this book for a while and hope to prove it exists so my friends don't think i made it up :')
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2020.09.15 07:03 Ginkoleano Lesbian spying

My sister has had an interesting life. When I was young, she was betrothed to the king of England, and gave him 3 sons and a daughter. Once she was about 30, he died of wounds in a war, with me. She wasn’t too upset, after all, her son king Adam, the bully, has had a long and mildly successful reign. My sister chose to marry a younger duke, and he promptly died within a year. I welcomed her back into my court, as she was always a good spy. She ended up getting betrothed, yes, betrothed, to a young duke, who was 8. She is in her late 40’s. A few years later, she ended up on my table, fornicating with my close friend, Prince Fingal, former heir to the Scottish throne. Now, the duke of Lothian. He is, or was, my chancellor. Despite the two marriages, and the affair, she is now married to a 16 year old duke, and still partying hard. In her 50’s, while being obese, which as you know is an accomplishment in Ireland. She also has been in a few brawls with my lesbian wife, Queen of Wales. So, let’s just say, nobody is closer to the monarchies of Britannia than my dear sister. Queen mother of England.
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I found it a while back but I stupidly didn't write the name of this anime down. I used to watch it as a kid once and specifically remember a scene of one of the characters, who was saved by the main character in the beginning, with pink hair made into braids is in a bathtub with pink water I think. The main character mistakes her for drowning and scolds her for worrying her. There's a lot of homo eroticism but also a lot and i mean A LOT of panty shots. First episode is I believe about the spy lady, main character, saving the pink haired character from a weird seductive lady???? Please help me find this again
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Classification as a Mental Illness Being trans is not classified as a mental illness by either the American Psychological Association or the World Health Organization. Gender dysphoria or incongruence is recognized by both as a medical condition, and transition is the only treatment recognized as effective and appropriate medical response to this condition. A trans person who has completed transition, and who no longer experiences distress because the conditions previously causing it have been corrected, is no longer diagnosed as having dypshoria or incongruence.
Transgender no longer recognised as 'disorder' by WHO
Citations for the Medical Basis of Gender Identity

Citations for the Medical Necessity of Transition Citations for the Reduction in Suicide Rates There are a lot of studies showing that transition improves mental health and quality of life while reducing dysphoria. Not to mention this 2010 meta-analysis of 28 different studies, which found that transition is extremely effective at reducing dysphoria and improving quality of life.
Countering That Swedish "Suicide Study" the 40% suicide rate is a reference to this study by Dr. Dhejne. The claim that her study shows that transition does not reduce risk of suicide attempts while improving mental health and quality of life is a deliberate misrepresentation popularized by Paul McHugh, a religious extremist and leading member of an anti-gay and anti-trans hate group, who presents himself as a reputable source but publishes work without peer review. His claim to fame is having shut down the Johns Hopkins trans health program in the 70's, which he did not based on medical evidence but on his personal ideological opposition to transition. Johns Hopkins has resumed offering transition related medical care, including reconstructive surgery, and their faculty are finally disavowing him for his irresponsible and ideologically motivated misrepresentation of the current science of sex and gender.
That study's lead author Dr. Dhejne had emphatically denounced McHugh and his misuse of her work. If for those who don't trust the TransAdvocate article, she did so again in her Science AMA last year.
Edit: Details on Dr. Dhejne's often misrepresented study - it found only that trans people who transitioned prior to 1989had slightly higher risk of suicide attempts than the general public. The author attributed this higher risk to the vicious anti-trans discrimination people who transitioned 29+ years ago experienced. The study found no difference in the risk of suicide attempts among trans people who transitioned after 1989, vs the general public.
She is also the primary author the other study I posted below, An analysis of all applications for sex reassignment surgery in Sweden, 1960-2010: prevalence, incidence, and regrets, which found a "regret" rate of 2.2%
Countering Claims of Widespread Transition Regret This 1% "regret" rate also includes a lot of people who are very happy they transitioned, and continue to live as a gender other than the one they were assigned at birth, but regret that medical error or shitty luck led to low quality surgical results.
This is a risk in any reconstructive surgery, and a success rate of about 99% is astonishingly good for any medical treatment. And "regret" rates have been going down for decades, as surgical methods improve.
Countering Claims that Puberty Blockers are Harmful There is extensive research about long term use of puberty blockers, and they have overwhelmingly been shown to be very gentle and safe.
This treatment isn't just used for trans youth - it has been the standard treatment for kids with precocious puberty for decades. Most kids with precocious puberty don't have any underlying medical condition, their early development is just an extreme variation of normal development, but it would still cause serious psychological damage to start puberty at the age of, say, 6. This treatment has no long term side effects; it just puts puberty on hold. Stop treatment, and puberty picks up where it left off.
Countering Claims that Trans People Didn't Historically Exist And while until recently there has been no place in modern US/European culture for people with gender identities and lives atypical to their sex at birth to exist publicly, that isn't true in other times and cultures. Throughout the middle east and Asia there have been Hijra visible in public life for hundreds or even thousands of years. The same is true of Kathoey in Thailand, Muxe in Zapotec culture in Mexico, various two-spirit identities found in indigenous American cultures, Māhū in traditional Hawaiian/Tahitian/Maohi cultures, the Fa'afafine of Samoa, Tongan Fakaleiti, the Sworn Virgins of the Balkans, the Galli of Ancient Rome, etc.
And of course, humans are not the only animals. While we can't interview animals, and gender identity is harder to identify visually in animals than something like same-gender sexual activity is, we sure as hell have observed a lot of animals displaying instinctive behavior typically associated with the other sex. And there very certainly is evidenceof congenital, neurologically based sexually specific behavior in animals.
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