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Best friends GF
Fuck this just happened two hours ago and I’m still so weirded out by it.
So my buddy and his gf go out to dinner. They leave me at his place and plan to bring me something back, knowing I’m not a fan of being the third wheel. He lives with his parents it’s totally normal for me to just hangout while he’s at work and stuff and basically it’s a home away from home. I’ve recently gotten back into Pokémon because of Pokémon Go!, and wanted to download an emulator(gameboy hacked into the computer) and a rom(the actual game for the gameboy). While he was gone I message to see if that was all gonna be okay with him, and it checked out to him.
So I start looking for the correct emulators and roms and honestly this is where he, and even I should’ve known we fucked up.... I am TRASH with computers. I mean I’m not a boomer or anything I know copy paste, URL, and save and download all that Jazz. What I DONT know are the different types(?) of file folders? Winrar, file folder, .exe, Java - really I have no idea what that stuff is for.
So my system is just ‘guess and check’. I just find an emulator on a website that looks ~reliable~ for online downloads(I’m not a complete fool just a little). First download takes me to a Winrar page file folder thing saying I have to pay money, and I know I’m not gonna do that. However! I do know I can drag and drop the link of the emulator into the OG file folder for windows. This is where I fucked up.
I am totally assuming here bc of experience, but the computer doesn’t show pictures when moving downloads, I’m guessing because they’re not ‘compatible’ per se? I don’t know for sure WHY but I do know for sure I saw an empty “new folder” right front and center of his windows filing. Perfect! Save here! I dragged and dropped both my emulator and rom into this file folder.
So I close my Winrar tab, which I’m pretty sure is just P2P if file folders(?), and focus solely on moving my rom into my emulator... (very much like sliding a game cartridge into a game system if you’ve been lost this whole time) AAAANNNNDDD sure as crap in the file folder when I opened it were 4-6 nudes of gf and my two downloads.
I quickly exited out of the whole thing and just sat there in disbelief. I’m constantly thinking of high school where girls didn’t know their pictures were being saved and shared, and also that no matter what I’ve pretty much gotta talk to my buddy about it... except maybe I don’t AND THIS is where a REAL REAL fuck up occurred.
I really wanted to delete all sign of me maybe even seeing it. Just tell him I got virus spam on my first download, decided just to not do anything else to avoid the SHARED awkward / weird between the three of us and just keep it to myself.
Fuck okay, so my first step is to delete my downloads out of the file. Perfectly executed. Delete ALLLLLL of the other ‘guess and checks’ id downloaded as well. Perfect
Then I see “recently visited”, or whatever the recent page is called in file folders- the top like 8 are me then it’s a scramble of my downloads and his gfs nudes bc I saw them in the middle of all my stuff.
I right click on all of them and view properties and on every nude and every one of my files is a different “most recently viewed” time stamp... which means if he looks into it, it would seem as if I actually viewed them and yea I did NOT view them more than just noticing very first.
Fuck me fuck me fuck me really tho fuck me. I tried my best to make it just a me problem, and even ended up getting my stuff cleared out, but honestly there was no way he wouldn’t know. So I texted and told him what had happened, being very vague as to not make his gf aware. I didn’t want to start drama between them bc I did not know the situation and didn’t know if she knew he had them saved there or whatnot. (I would’ve made him tell her he had them but didn’t want to light the fire, metaphorically, myself)
Honestly the rest of this is a blur but, I ended up redownloading a lot of the game stuff and told him when I saw them I stopped stopped entirely. But in reality I covered my tracks very poorly in an attempt to make the problem go away, and then covered them even worse in an attempt to do the same thing.
My friend.... Daniel.... Name and hide your files a little more conspicuously.
TL;DR - they looked very tasteful if that helps?
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Kody Snarp woke up with jump as his mother was thumping on the door, the scare made him fall off his bed with a loud thud. “I’m Up I’m Up” Kody growled, He pulled on brown pants, A white button up and a brown blazer. He pulled on black socks and matt black shoes, He stood up and grabbed his Pack of the ground. He stretched and yawned, He didn’t particularly like the school outfit, but it looked good with his blond hair and muscular build. He stepped into the hallway a grabbed a piece of toast and 15 pounds off the counter, he shoved the toast in his mouth and the 15 pounds into his pocket before leaving. He walked 2K’s to his school and sat with his friends. He was generally an all rounder and his IQ was 185 and he was only 11. School went fast and the only thing he really enjoyed was art, His friends asked if he wanted to go to the shopping centre with them. He texted his mom if he could go but got no response. He assumed it would be all right and went along. His 9-year-old brother tagged along, and Kody didn’t like the idea of this but his mates all ways had a laugh. He spent the 15 pounds he’d takes from his mum on a hamburger at MacDonald’s, it was getting late, so he walked his brother home to their house. Kody’s family was wealthy but Kody had to work for his own money and he didn’t have a job, but he usually could just take a few pounds from his mothers bag while she wasn’t looking. Then his mobile rang, he looked down and saw his dad’s number. This put a lump in his throat. He could still remember when he left when Kody was 4, they called once a year, if even. He answered the phone “Yo” Kody said slyly “Look Kody I don’t have much time, don’t go home. I cant contact you again. I think there coming for me. I love yo-“ as he said these last words there was a thud noise and then the phone said “the number has been disconnected or dose not exist” Kody flipped his phone shut angrily, how could he play such a dirty trick, His father left a bad taste in his mouth. He could see the house now and saw the door open. Must be expecting us He thought. He opened the door more and saw a horrific sight, His mother was slumped over the kitchen table with stab wounds to her chest. He called out for his sister lily and was scared when there was no response. He searched the whole house and couldn’t find her. Shit, Shit shit shit.

Kody Snarp woke up with a jump. He had been staying at Nebraska House after his mother murdered, luckily, he was out with friends when it happened. He Flipped the covers off and realized this was not Nebraska House, the reason he did not go live with his father was because he'd run off when Kody was 2 years of age. He stood up and came to the realization that he was in the nude, fortunately there were some clothes on the end of his bed. He got dressed and stood in front of the big mirror in the room, he was stocky for a 11-year-old and had blond hair with green eyes. He wore an orange shirt with a baby and a globe, with camouflage pants and boots. After an inspection of the room he went to exit the room but there was a nocking at the door, "are you decent" the voice asked before Kody Could give the voice a reply, he opened the door. He saw James Adams (or as he knew him James choke) walked in, James was wearing the same outfit but with a navy coloured shirt. Kody didn’t know this, but James was on a recruitment mission, James Liked Kody and if he wasn’t a Cherub, they’d be friends. "I need to take you to see mac" James Grinned. The grin made Kody a bit more relaxed "James you’re a mate and all, but what is this. Jokes over you got me" Kody Said managing a small smile "Look Kody I’m going to get in trouble if you don’t come with me" James tone changed as he said this. "Oh..Ok but you've got to promise I’ll be safe" Kody said Kody followed James down the hall to an elevator. Then followed him an office, there was a man standing there. He held his hand out for Kody to shake, Kody sat down in a chair and the man sat on the other side of a desk. "James, can you wait by the door please" James walked out and closed the door behind him. "I'm Dr Terrance McAfferty, but everyone calls me mac, where you are is a secret facility called Cherub, were we train kids to be spies and to be blunt we'd like you to join"Kody's mouth practically hit the floor. "p..Pardon?" "usually we make students to go through some tests to join but because of your high IQ and build we'll train you for basic training, it’s a matter of if you want to join or not" It took a minute for Kody to process the offer, he didn’t have a reason to not trust mac, but he didn’t have a reason to believe him. "I believe you have a younger brother; he'll get the same offer of course" Kody went red, he had not even thought of his brother since he got here. "why? “Kody asked mac looked a bit baffled by this remark "why what?" "Why should we join this..this thing" Kody said, he had more anger in his voice then he should of. "we'll you and your brother will get the best schooling you can, you'll be fit. If you don’t you'll be sent back to Nebraska House and will be adopted""Can I think about it?" "of course, I’ll get James to take you to the cafeteria for some breakfast. Also, Only James has the authority to talk to you, so don’t try talking to other CHERUBS" as mac said this last part his tone became firmer "James, can you take Kody here to the cafeteria for some breakfast then show him around campus” Mac Yelled this so James could here "Mac, what about my lessons" James asked as he walked in "when Kody has made his mind up bring him here, then go back to lessons" Kody and James left macs office in unison. Once they had reached the cafeteria Kody grabbed a tray and filled it with eggs, bacon a slice of toast and a hash brown. They sat a one of the tables, Kody looked at James "you want some mate?" Kody offered "no thanks, already ate" "is its true James? do they train kids as spies" A grin cracked across James face, "this place is the best Kody, you’re a mate and to be honest this is the best place you can ever be" Kody scoffed his breakfast and then James showed him around campus, after they went to James room and played on his PlayStation then James asked a question out of the blue "what soccer team do you go for" Kody reply was almost instant "Arsenal, what am i scum? Arsenal is the only good team" James Cracked up laughing, they played FIFA for 30 minutes before Kody stood up and stretched. "I think I’ve made my decision “Kody said. James led Kody back down to macs office. "Ahhhh, made a choice, have we? James could you excuse us "Mac grinned "so, Kody my boy what will it be" "I think I’d like to join Cherub “Kody smiled "good, the next basic training is in 2 months, so we need to train you by then"
Kody was being escorted to the basic training compound, it was a big building, like a Gym with wire fence around it. He stood by a bed he was allocated to. next to him was a girl called Kati, she had short hair and stood in the same position as Kody at the end of her bed. a big man called Mr Large stood in the centre of the room, he paired everyone and told them that they would be training partners for the rest of training. Kody was pared with Kati, the first day was brutal. they carried 5kg weights in a bag around an obstacle course while the instructors hurled abuse at them. Kody had never been more tiered in his life, He wanted to slide onto the bed and fall asleep but mr Large made them have dinner and a freezing shower. Now he was Cold and freezing, he was woken up in the middle of the night by Mr Large shaking him violently. it was a scare and he had to hold back a scream, He realized he was outside but still in the basic training compound. he was there with Kati and some other kids. "LINE UP" Mr larges voice echoed, the kids stumbled in the dark and lined up. Then they were knocked down by a powerful blast of Freezing water. "now that your awake, I'm gonna make you run. until you puke" As he said this, he threw the weighted bags at them. They were heavier than usual"run the course until sun rise, then take a five-minute break then continue running, Sunbreak is in 2 hours. If I catch you not running so help me god" the kids started running while the training instructors went inside "this is so jammy" Kati whispered "true, anyway we can still have some fun" He said "Race ya till dawn" As Kati said this, she broke out into a sprint around the obstacle course, Kody went full sprint just to catch up with her but found that this was not going to work. He was within 5 feet of her but ran out of breath, he started to slow down to a jog while she ran out of sight. while he was jogging, he tripped over his own feat and went face first into a muddy pit, he was getting up when Mr Large Held out a helping hand. As Kody took the hand, Mr Large Yanked him up and tripped him over back into the mud, Kody's mouth was open from fear and was filled with mud. "ARE YOU SLACKING GARTNER" Mr Large barked, Kody knew better then to give back chat to mr large. He wiped the mud from his eye's and saw the sun raising from the main building in the distance. " EVERYONE INSIDE" Mr Large snapped, as Kody was walking inside Mr Large yanked him by the collar back, "keep running" Mr large said with a sinister snarl, Kody was Muddy and tiered, he felt like his legs would collapse from underneath him, but he knew it would be bad if he showed Mr Large weakness. Slowly he walked towards the obstacle course, after he wiped the sweat from his eyes, he set of at a pace in between walking and jogging. He slowed down to a walk to catch his breath. Mr Large made him run for 30 minutes before letting him shower and have breakfast. Kody was marched outside alongside his peers, rain was showering down and made everything slippery. After an hour of combat training Kody was bruised and battered, blood ran down his nose where a fist came too close. Kody slid onto his bunk, he was violently shivering from the cold but the fatigue on his body overcame the coldness and he drifted into sleep. Kody on got an hour of sleep before he was woke up, he saw a group of kids being marched outside by Mr large. Shortly after he herd the powerful blast from the hose hit the wall, "you awake" Kati whispered "ye, Mr large is a horrid bloke" Kody replied "he's a snake” "shhhhh, an instructor will hear you" "there all outside" she said at her normal voice level "I’m not willing to run that risk" As Kody said this, he realized it came off as rude "I’m sorry, that came off as rude, I’m just really tiered" Kati did not reply so Kody rolled over and went back to sleep. After that the rest of basic training was a blur of pain, shouting and exhaustion.
Kody found himself at the second to last checkpoint, 3 days earlier he was dropped on a Desert island with his training partner Kati. he looked at the map to the last checkpoint, it was all in Japanese which was the language he had been learning "it looks like we need to cross these sand dunes, if we set off at first light, we can reach there as the sky darkens" Kody said, his partner nodded. Kody took his bag off his shoulders. it made a thud on the wooden floor; He lied down and rested his head up against the pack. "what are you doing, it’s still light out" Kati said, with some acidity to her words "we need to pack some things like water and other stuff before we leave tomorrow" Kody replied. He rolled onto his stomach and set an alarm for 3 in the morning on his watch, he closed his eyes and drifted to sleep. He woke up with a jump, he was sweating bad and Kati was tapping him to wake him. Kody Stripped his shirt off and stood up "gotta take a piss really quick" he said "NO, I can hear dogs out there" "Dogs? on a desert island" "I know what I heard" "I’ll check it out" he said, as he stood up, he felt for the hunting Knife in its sheath, before stepping outside. even though it was night-time outside it was warm "HELLO" he yelled out into the darkness, but there was no reply, he unzipped his pants to start peeing when he saw eye's glowing. There was a low growl, Kody Zipped his pants up and drew his knife. "Kati" He yelled desperately "ye" "Your right, there’s some sort of mut out here" as he said this the dog pounced at him, Kody instinctively ducked down to dodge and raised the knife. It hit the wolf in the stomach, Kody stood up and cut its windpipe. Kody didn’t feel much remorse, basically none for the animal, so he walked a few more steps before taking a piss. he walked back inside and ran his hand from his forehead and through his hair, his hand was slick and as he looked down there was blood on them. After washing he lied down, he was tiered and looked at his watch, it was 2:30am "i think we should get ready and leave soon" Kody said, much to his surprise Kati was already packing. he picked his backpack up and they set off at 3am, while walking Kody tripped down a sand dune and twisted his ankle. They reached the last check point just before sundown, the other Cherub's were there already waiting. there were tall trees and at the bottom of each trunk was climbing equipment. "All right Maggots, Each of you scum are to climb one tree, at the top of each tree are you're grey shirts, get them and welcome to Cherub" Kody limped up to the bottom of the tree, he didn’t know if he could do this, he was tiered and his ankle was still in pain. he muscled through and started to climb. He was halfway up the tree when he realized his peers were already descending. After reaching the top he used the trunk like a fire hose and slid down, he landed on his twisted ankle. He muffled a groan, but training instructor Mr Peaks heard it. he bent down to look at the foot and recoiled. This made Kody scared as he looked down, he saw that he landed on his foot bad, really bad, it was bending sideways and was a clear break. Mr peaks signalled for the emergency helicopter. Kody hobbled towards the helicopter and was flown to an RAF base. he clenched the t-shirt to his chest knowing he had done it; he had passed basic training.
2 problems
Kody felt groggy as he sat up in his bed, there was a knocking at the door, so Kody slid on his pants and Grey CHERUB shirt. After another Knock Kody opened the door and was surprised to see James Adams Dressed sharply in a navy Cherub t-shirt, army pants and boots. “congrats on passing basic’s mate” Holding his hand for Kody to shake “too easy” He said grinning “body hurts in eight different places though” “nice, I want you to meet some of the lads ye? Were gonna go bowling after tea, you can bring your girlfriend Kati”, Kody hadn’t thought of her like that and went red at the though. “ye, I’ll see you there, but don’t go round callin her my girlfriend, she’ll kick my arses” James Cracked up at this and left back down the hall. Kody stomach growled at him, he hadn’t realized how hungry he had been; he looked at his watch and saw it was 11am. He didn’t feel like walking down to the cafeteria, so he opened his mini fridge, inside was a banana, some microwave meals and two apples. He went to bend down to pick up the banana, but his muscles were tense and ached. He reached for an apple and bit into it, the cold hard skin made a crunch and the sweet juice trickled down his chin. He didn’t have lessons today because he got back from recovering his injury during basic training, he flicked on his tv but there was nothing good on. After finishing his apple, he threw the core into his trash can. He fell back onto his bed and stared at the roof, he let his mind drift until he thought about his brother. He started to worry but Mac said he would tell him when he was here, He stood up and put his Nike trainers on and set off for the running track. As he was walking through the corridor a door swung open and almost knocked his face, in a daze he walked back a bit before seeing one of his training Buddies from basic, Jayden was their name, “Hey mate, good job on passing” Kody grinned as he set off again, he jumped two stairs at a time until he reached the ground floor. He stepped outside and is trainer sunk into a mud puddle, he set off for the running track; although he was already tiered by the time he got there. He didn’t have an iPod so he couldn’t listen to music while he was running, he thought about what he was going to say to James friends when he meets them at bowling. He didn’t want to sound like a ponce, but he didn’t want to sound to desperate, he shrugged and guessed he would go with the flow. After 30 minutes of running he was starting to run out of breath and had sweat patches under his armpits, his throat was dry, but he left his drink bottle in his room. He walked to the main building and waited for the elevator; he would usually take the stairs, but he was too tiered. He reached his room and searched for his water bottle; it was hiding under his bed. He grabbed it and squirted a high jet of water into his mouth, he took a hot shower and dried off; then sat on his bed waiting on his bed bord out of his mind waiting for bowling.
It was now 6pm, Kody was led to the bowling alley by James who had Kati in tow. James introduced him to his friends Kerry Chang, Bruce Norris, Kyle Blueman and some other mates of his. Kody shook all their hands and said hi, Bruce Norris needed no introduction; he was the karate champion on campus and was better not messed with. Kati sat down while Kody took his turn, He smashed the ball down the alley way and clattered over 7 pins, then on his second try got a spare. As he went to sit down next to Kati, Bruce had beaten him to the punch and looked as if he was flirting with her. He felt mad because it looked like she was enjoying it, but he knew he could only be mad at himself. He slumped down next to James and Kerry who seemed to be enjoying themselves, he got up from his seat to take his turn. As he went to through the ball hit got his thumb caught, it pulled him forward until coming loose and rolled into the gutter. He clenched his thumb; it was sore but not too bad. What heart even more was that when he looked over, he saw Bruce moving into Kiss Kati, there was a lump in his throat as he sat down next James and Kerry. “Nice bowl mate” James cracked up, Kerry whacked his chest “Lay off” she said, James looked over and saw Kody was red and was welling up. “Uh.. you ok mate?” James soothed and rubbed Kody’s back; James felt weird because he didn’t know what to do “Ill be right, just remembered something sad” He chocked back tears to say this, “I’m gonna grab a coke” he stood up and walked to the concession stand and asked for a bottle of coke. He sculled it and used the bathroom, he walked over to James ad sat down. His face was still a bit red, but he pushed through it. After bowling James went to an off-licence store and got a 12 pack of beer. James, Kody, Kerry, Bruce, Kati and Kody went up to James’s room. Kody was only 11 and had never had alcohol before but by the end of the night he found himself stumbling drunkly across the hall to his own room where he toppled over the bed and onto the floor.
Kody woke up to the ringtone on his phone, His hurt and the ringing phone sounded like drummer boys in his ear. He answered the ringing phone and was surprised by a voice he hadn’t heard before, tho voice asked Kody to go to the mission preparation building. He took a shower and got dressed in a freshly washed Cherub before setting off to eat breakfast with his friends. He set off for the mission preparation building, he was halfway there when it started raining. By the time he got there he was drenched, there was a man standing there ready to greet him with his hand out. Kody politely shook the man’s hand. “Names Ewart Asker” “Kody Gartner’ He replied. “I have a mission for you, it looks like its going to be easy” Ewart Explained as he walked to his office. Kody was hit by the warmth and a stench he couldn’t describe. His office was messy, and paper was everywhere “So, lets go over the briefing” Ewart smiled
3 The mission
Mission background
Aberfoyle park or ‘the hub’ has always been joked about having local adults and even Kids from the local high school partake of the ingestion of drugs and underaged drinking, but lately these claims have been more and more true. Over the past 3 months there has been a drastic incline in police arrests relating to drug busts in Aberfoyle park and around the area. ASIS has been working the case for nearly a month now and have made very weak ties from local dealers to higher ups, and ASIS know suspects who the leader of the operation is. His name is Levi Shavess, he is married and has 1 child. Levis son Thomas Shavess is confirmed to work errands for his father, these errands can range from getting coffee to doing small deals for him. Levi
Levi Shavess is currently 35, his wife Lois and his son Thomas. Levi was born in 1669 in USA, New York, When Levi was very young his parents sent him to live with his grandparents. He is currently suspected to own one of the biggest drug rings in the country. He currently lives in Aberfoyle park and this is where we think his base of operations are. ASIS has confirmed that he owns small businesses inside the shopping centre which Is suspected to be used for laundering money.
Thomas Shavess
Thomas Shavess is the only child of the Shavess family. He is 14 years old in2 weeks, ASIS has been surveying him and have unearthed no information that the boys might work for his father. He attends Aberfoyle park High School and is in year 9. He is a bright child and is in their ignite program, ASIS has figured out that he stays in a small friend group and is shy about meeting new kids.
ASIOS already has an ASIS agent and has requested a second agent. Preferably young enough to get involved with Levi’s son. the agent will be asked to infiltrate Aberfoyle Park High School or as the locals call it THE HUB. The agent will get close with Thomas and try to uncover Levi’s Schemes. A second objective is to find and locate any documents that my unearth any other secrets.
THIS MISSION HAS BEEN CLASSED AS A MEDIUM RISK BY THE ETHICS COMMUNITY Agents may be exposed to class A Drugs, remember that any intake of a Class A drug will result in Expulsion from CHERUB. Also remember that the agent’s do not have to accept this mission and can pull out at any time
4 Down Under
Kody put down the briefing with a big ear to ear grin. This was his first mission in hi CHERUB career and it sounded juicy. Ewart slouched back in his chair with his feet up on his desk. “So, do you need time to think or what?” Ewart huffed as if he had better things to do, which he probably did “Yes, pleease sir, going down under should be fun” Kody beamed, practically bouncing in his seat “Call me Ewart, sir makes me fee old” Ewart laughed Kody was told he could leave so he stood up and headed back to the main building to catch lunch with his friends. As he sat down at the regular table, he noticed James wasn’t there “Where’s James?” He asked this to no one in particular “At a mission briefing, he late by the looks of it” Kerry answered, now that Kody remembered he did see James name on his mission briefing. This made him even more excited, after scoffing lunch he went to catch up with James. He didn’t know what to do or when to pack or what time he was leaving “Hey, where are you going” James asked “I was gonna ask you some questions then go to lessons” Kody replied “Oh, didn’t Ewart tell you that were leaving tonight, go pack and meet at the front gates in 10” Kody felt stupid for not asking Ewart a simple question, he Started jogging and when he got back to the main building It started raining cats and dogs. After packing he used the bathroom and filled his water bottle up. He set off down the stairs when he ran into Bruce Noris, he liked Bruce but found it awkward with him dating his crush. He ignored his feelings and continued down the steps, He reached the van were James, Ewart and someone he had not met. James was holding a baby as well, this made Kody even more confused. “Hello, my names Zara asker, you’ve already met my Husband. This is my son Joshua” The woman said “Kody gartner” Kody smiled as they all loaded into the van. The floor was carpeted and soft, Kody strapped in and still had a grin on his face as the Van set off for the airport. Kody was sandwiched in between James and a baby seat holding Joshua. Joshua slept most of the way but threw a fit when his mother tried to remove him from the seat, after waiting at the airport for what felt like an eternity they were on the plane. The seats were stiff and hurt Kodys back, James brought a PSP and he took turns playing games. He Leaned his chair back as far as he could without disrupting the person behind him and shut his eye, He sprang up when he felt a sharp crack on his forehead. It was James who had a sour look on his face “Mind moving sleeping beauty, I need to take a piss” As James said this sourly Kody unbuckled his seat belt and slid into the hallway, After James was done and came back Kody buckled his seatbelt and leaned back. He grabbed a pair of headphones and flicked the tv on that was attached to the seat in front of him, He browsed the movies for a bit until picking the Incredibles. He made it halfway through before nodding off again, this time he was woken up by his own urge to pee. He stood up and stretched before walking to the airplane toilet, It wasn’t too bad and as he opened the door he almost hit a flight attendant. He slumped in his seat and didn’t want to go back to sleep, so he chatted with James about everything from what it was like going on missions to their favourite Arsenal player was. James was showing some signs of nodding off and Kody did the same, they slept the rest of the way there. After a 30 hour flight Kody’s back was stiff and he had trouble keeping his yes open despite getting more than six hours of sleep. It was 11 pm by the time they got through customs and were on the road, They were In a spacious Toyota and Kody had more than enough room. He felt his phone vibrate and flipped it open, he had gotten a text from an unknown number and all it said was hi Hey, do I know you? Ye, I’m Gabriel from bowling. Remember? Oh ye. Wassup Nothing much HBU I’m good good Sorry for the surprise, I scabbed your number off Kerry Oh nice, well it’s a pleasant surprise After that he said good bye and flipped the phone shut before tucking it into his back pocket. The drive lasted 45 minuets before that arrived at there new house in Aberfoyle park, It was one story but still big with a Kitchen, 2 bathrooms, A living room and 4 bedrooms. The Living room had a big tv and 3 couches, He got his bags from the car and carried them into what looked like his room. He dropped them down and looked around at his room. It had white paint on the walls and lush carpet, there was a single bed in the middle of the room and cupboards next to it on either side. There were BMX bikes out back and a in ground pool. It was a Sunday night and Kody had school then next day so he sat down and lost track of time messaging Gabriel, it turned 10:30 when Zara came in and told him to go to sleep.
Kody woke up wet, he had a bit of a scare then realised that it was sweat. It was 30 degrees out side and the prospect of a whole day out there scared him, he got up and got dressed in a brownish shirt with the logo on the chest and black shorts and shoes. He walked out and saw Zara had cooked bacon and eggs and packed their lunch. After scoffing breakfast he set off for school, the ride took five minuets
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2020.09.29 01:11 bold-almonds Nude girls live show

My girlfriend [18] and I [19M] have been together for a year and a half almost, we used to live near each other for a whole year, but now she lives across the country from me which we are comfortable with due to the reason she moved. Selling feet pics and used panties is a brand new thing she's brought up. I would've never expected her to want to do this.
A few months ago was the first time she brought up selling feet pics. My initial reaction was feeling uncomfortable, and I couldn't figure out if it was a joke or not. I told her I wouldn't prefer her doing that and the conversation didn't carry on more than that...
Until very recently we stumbled onto the topic again, but this time she included that along with feet pics she would like to sell her used underwear, as she's seen other girls do this and make a lot of money off of doing so. It made me really anxious and uncomfortable thinking that she could become a sex worker and would help other people get off while in a relationship with me, and I portrayed that to her. Instead of taking my feelings against it as a sign to not do it, she is still curious about it and may want to pursue it.
We talked about boundaries, what she does and doesn't want to do, and her main reason. She want's to sell using little to no communication, and little to no pictures. Hypothetically, her identity would be safe, her location would be hidden, and it would be a simple and easy job to earn a bit of cash, as she put's it, for us and possibly our future kids. This job could last a very long time. We also discussed that she would only take pictures of the knee down for the feet pics, no nudes all around. She even suggested to start this when we move in together to ease my worries, if she's still pursuing this. However the premise of this job is still eating me up inside.
I told her I was uncomfortable with and disliked the idea of her sharing some of her personal items for other men to get off to, whereas she views it as pieces of cloth and pictures of her feet with no meaning and it's making her money. I tried to reiterate how the idea made me feel emotionally and affected me physically the night before and that morning during work (Bad anxiety, lots of shaking, heavy breathing, butterflies on crack in my stomach basically) and it seems like her perspective and pursuit on this job hasn't differed.
Now that I see that response, I'm deterring a little. I don't want to say to her I might break up with her over this cause it could majorly sway her opinion to my favor, and her ex used to manipulate her a lot that way, and I don't want to do that to her. I also don't want to break up with her now cause the decision hasn't been made yet and she may change her mind within time.
I'm lost to what I want to say to her to try to hint this is a deal breaker for me, as I don't think sex work matches my future wife idea, and even current girlfriend idea. She is and had always been very loyal to me, but this seems very out of the blue and doesn't match who I fell in love with. I'm not even sure if I'm thinking too deep about this, but all of my friends I've talked to about this reassured me my discomfort is reasonable and they would feel similar. A lot of them suggested getting out of the relationship as it's not healthy for me. Should I try to convey my feelings again, but hint to it being a deal breaker? How should I put it? Also, what advice do you have for this situation?
tl;dr : My girlfriend [18] shows interest in selling feet pics and used panties online, even after expressing my [19M] concerns and physical affects for the whole idea. Should I convey to her this a deal breaker for us? Or what advice can I take away from this?
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2020.09.29 00:11 GogleyLoosa Nude girls live show

My experience on hinge has been somewhat... Strange?
My stats: I am currently 27 years old. I'm 5 7'. Very dark brown feminine eyes (Like Zayne Malik's). Dark Brown Hair. Fade on the sides, Frohawk on top. I have a Nice looking body (which is advertised within my photos). I workout 6 days a week, and run 2 miles nearly every single day. My face is aesthetic in my opinion (and I have been told so by women in real life). Honestly, I would rate myself a solid 7/10. I have a college degree (in biology) But currently unemployed due to Covid. I live in a suburban area with a decently small population. My range extends up to 50 miles (reaching into Boston), with an age restriction of 21-28 years of age.
To preface this I will say that I have decent luck on Tinder and Bumble (About a match or 2 day). On bumble my height is CLEARLY advertised, on tinder it is not. I get about the same amount of matches on both apps. I also have decent luck in real life. I have decent luck in social settings, and have attracted a number of women when I was in college.
However this app, for some reason just does not work for me. I am not even joking. I have had the app for 3 months and have received 4 likes? The first was a girl, who was very clearly a catfish, as she refused to show me what she looked like over snapchat. When I asked for pics she said no. The second was a very pleasant girl who happened to be in a wheel chair, which I didn't mind at all. After a short conversation things fizzled out. The third was a spambot which appeared as a fairly attractive and normal girl, but after matching with her, the entire profile was changed into a bunch of explicitly nude pictures. The fourth was a prostitute, who like the third girl appeared normal at first then after matching began to advertise her product. I don't mean to be shallow or mean, but when swiping through women, I am literally looking at the BOTTOM OF THE BARREL, obese single mothers. Transgenders. Pictures of anime characters? And other people who are very socially awkward and unattractive. I will swipe through about 20 profiles of this. Then all of the sudden slipped in the middle of them will be this absolutely gorgeous 10/10 women who says she has "Just joined." Then the cycle will start over.
I am literally Bamboozled. Even when I recreate my profile, the same thing will happen. First it will show 20 very good looking women. Then it will cycle back to transgenders and obese single mothers, with one extremely hot girl in the mix. When my friend watches me use the app, he cannot stop laughing because of the quality of profiles I am being forced to cycle through. He doesn't experience this at all. Is this a bug? Is it the area I live in? Is it something wrong in my profile? Has my phone number been shadow banned? It's very strange because I don't get a mixed bag of profiles like I would on Tinder or Bumble. The app will exclusively point me towards women who are completely undesirable, by almost any males subjective standards. Hopefully someone can maybe explain how their algorithm works. I have been forced away from the app and mostly stick with bumble and tinder for this reason. Does anyone else have this same experience?
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2020.09.28 21:53 greenpillows4 Nude girls live show

Reading some of these posts is making me sad. I read through this forum every day because I have a job in this industry and genuinely used to love the podcast (haven't listened since Sofia left). The entertainment value/stories were HILARIOUS. Some of the sex advice is pretty funny.
But seriously girls, picture me with a goddamn megaphone when you read the next thing:
I am 32 and I have BEEN THERE, trust me. I know what it's like to be totally in love with someone, trust them, not think someone is going to hurt you, assume decency from people, think random nudes etc are not a big deal, think sexting/DM flirting/following other chicks on IG is not a big deal etc.
I wanted to write this post after reading through a thread I was participating on about a girl whose boyfriend cheated on her. She casually mentioned wanting to replace a video of herself blowing him with a better one on his phone -- that's how she found out he was cheating.
I had to literally stand up and look around in disbelief.
Do you guys know what kind of pickmeisha shit this is????
I am saying this as someone who has done a lot of degrading things with men over the years. Nudes, filming sex (on my own phone but still), sex in public, embarrassing texting crap, letting the guy follow random girls on IG, etc.
Never again. Take it from me, ladies...there is ZERO (and I mean zero) dick worth the pain and suffering you will endure if you let someone take away your dignity. I don't care if he's rich, famous, hot, the most popular guy you know, etc etc etc. You will end up feeling terrible about yourself if you let someone degrade you, and those scars can take years to heal.
Some common things I see on this sub that IMO are not acceptable:

  1. Following random whores on Instagram, especially if they are "real life" people vs. random underwear influencers. You know that sinking feeling you get when you see your guy followed some girl who lives in your city and has zero connection to your friend group? That's your gut telling you SHIT IS NOT RIGHT. There is NO reason a guy you're dating seriously should be following girls on Instagram who aren't in your friend group or his coworkers. Come at me if you disagree, but every single time I've smelled smoke, there was fire.
  2. Sending nudes that include your face. Just no. I don't care if your guy is Jesus-level perfect. All men below a certain threshold of maturity (like, younger than your grandpa) show their friends and keep those nudes forever.
  3. Filming sex acts. Do not do it. You're not a porn star. It does not make you cool or chill.
  4. Tolerating "best female friends." Bitch, no. Just no. Female friends are fine, BEST friends, unless she's a lesbian or a childhood sibling-like friend, bad news written all over it. For me, I draw the line at, is he calling this girl up to hang out one on one without me on a regular basis? Then sis, it's time to pull back on that friendship. just reverse the situation. I had a guy I was dating get in a fight with me over my male friends and it really showed me that opposite sex besties are not okay. He put up with it until we were fighting about something else, and then he absolutely exploded. It showed me that neither of us should be having best friends of the opposite sex. It's not respectful.
  5. Sexting/flirting on any digital platform with any girl from the past. Nope.
I'm sure there are more but I have to end this post and do work.
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2020.09.28 11:02 MansA28Sepl2 What you are looking for is..... (Link in the Desc.)4

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2020.09.27 17:37 GrassAndBitties Nude girls live show

I'm looking for new friends because I love getting to know new people, and my close local friends have been too busy with their lives to have time to talk to me.
I'm open to being friends with anyone regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, religion, and body type/size (I have a soft spot for thick/bigger girls.) A nerdy girl would be preferred, but isn't required. No matter what kind of girl you are, just be ready for an endless stream of compliments. Complimenting girls and building up their confidence, self estee, and self image is one of my favorite things to do (:
A little about me:
• I'm 24, White, athletically fit - weigh 130lbs (60kg) and am 5"11 (180cm) tall. I have 3 tattoos (and want more.) There's a nude pic in my bio showing my body if you're interested.
• I'm from the south, so I have a southern accent (I'm extremely self conscious of it)
• I spend most of my time playing video games. I own all platforms, and some of my favorite ones are (Xbox) Sea of Thieves, Battlefront 2, Rainbow Six Siege, Minecraft, (PS4) Fall Guys, Ghost of Tsushima, FFVIIR, Death Stranding, (Switch) Donkey Kong Country, Animal Crossing, Zelda, Mario 3D All Stars, Smash, Mario Kart, (PC) The Forest, Overwatch, Dawn of War, Diablo 3.
• I like all genres of music, but my favorites are Rock and Metal
I'm an open book and can talk about anything, so if there's anything else you'd like to know or find me interesting, don't hesitate to message me (:
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2020.09.25 23:58 19_throw_away_95 I think my relationship has caused me to lose myself.

Hello fellow redditors, I am here to tell you about my relationship and hoping to get some advice even though I'm pretty sure I know what advice I'm going to be getting. So I suppose this all kind of starts in February of 2019 where I added this woman along with many other woman on snapchat. I wasn't looking to hook up with anyone I just was looking for a serious relationship. maybe it sounds stupid but I was never the type to just hook up with someone. I would always tell myself that my wife is out there somewhere and I'm sure she would appreciate if I wasn't sleeping around. That being said I never expected my wife to perfect and pure. I'm sure she isn't a virgin but ideally I would hope she would keep the sleeping around to a minimum. but if I someday found someone that had slept around a lot it wouldn't be the end of the world as long as this person was committed to me. Anyways I have this girl on snapchat since February and it was never anything serious it was always just small talk. Until the end of November when I actively was asking her to go on a date with me and she would say maybe then about a week later she says yes. We went to chick fil a, I picked her up we had food and kissed quite a bit. Took her home no big deal I liked her and she seemed to like me.
About a week later we go Christmas shopping together and end the night having in n out, again lots of kissing and this time some touching and rubbing. I take her home again and everything seems fine. Later on I ask her when we would be hanging out again and she says doesn't really want to anymore and that we should just be friends. I went to Mexico for vacation for about two weeks in December and the entire time I'm there we were talking every day. I would ask her if we were going to hang out again and she said maybe. So in my head she's interested again. I get back from Mexico on I believe the 29th and on New Years eve I asked her to hang and get food and she agrees. we get food then we go sight seeing and there's lots of kissing again and everything seems be going good.
Now we're in January and honestly I don't remember when the next time we hung out was but it wasn't very long because I remember she had invited me over to her place because she was sick and needed meds. So I went took her what she needed and hung out with her for the day. I went over a few more times in the first couple weeks of January and on one of those times we started having sex. Which for me was kind of out character because I've only had sex with people I was in a relationship with but I was able to justify it because I really like this girl and I could see a future with her. So we go through January and near the end I started talking to her about being in a relationship with me to which she would say she wasn't ready for that but she could see that happening with me. Her reasoning was legitimate to me she had a car payment to a car she couldn't drive because the transmission went out, rent, phone bill, braces payment, work, debt in collections, and she was going back to school. She doesn't make a lot of money. While you may be thinking that was the red flag right there, well we had had talks about this stuff and she had a plan and wasn't being foolish with her financials anymore.
Now were in February and we were still hanging out frequently and sometime early in February I still feeling like I love her, I wasn't completely in love with her but she made me very happy, she treated me great she would cook for me, kiss me every time we met up and every time I was leaving, she called me babe/baby and it honestly felt like we were in a relationship I was feeling great until valentines day. she had told me before hand that she didn't like valentines day and I didn't get that. the day before valentines day came around and I had bought her these huge flowers of mostly yellow flowers which is her favorite color and had them delivered to her work and she loved them. So after I had got out of class I went to her house at around 7ish maybe a little bit later and she was very upset about me being there because she said she was planning to go to the gym and what not so I left after 5 minutes and she laid in bed and didn't even kiss me bye that time. Which I suppose was my fault but I just wanted to surprise her and take her out to eat tacos to this place near her house that we both love. Anyways we didn't hang out or talk much over the next couple of days and she had gone with one of her friends to spend the weekend with her. whatever I would say the first really hiccup. Monday comes around and she had got her tax return and she needed a laptop for school so I went with her to Best Buy and helped her pick one out. she had about a $400 budget so I helped her find one we ended up getting one on amazon for like 150 so she had 250 left over. she had mentioned that she wanted a tv before so I said lets check them out and we ended up getting her an open box tv and were still under the budget. We go to her house and I help her mount the tv. Everything is still good at his point except I started to notice some patterns that were a little bit concerning. She would text a lot of guys which she claimed were her friends and to me that was fine I don't see a problem with her having friends of the opposite sex. What was concerning was that she would text certain guys pretty openly right in front of me and not try to hide her screen and other guys she would really make an effort to hide it. I should mentioned that I was never really trying to read any of these messages until I noticed that she was trying to hide something.
I remember asking her if she was "talking" to someone else and she had said no. which I had reason to believe her because she really would spend most of her time with me so really there was little to no time for her to be talking to other guys. Then one day it hit me, Those guys that she was hiding texts from were guys that are in the military. So then I started noticing she was sending snaps to other guys a lot. for those that don't use snapchat you get an a heart emoji for the person you send snaps to the most. That heart emoji turns red after snapping someone more than anyone else after two months. I was red and suddenly one day I wasn't anymore she had a heart with some other guy. So at this point I'm convinced there was something going on but I had zero evidence of anything. All I had was her word.
So we go into march everything is good on the surface but I have my suspicions. One week she tells me that the following Sunday she was going to be hanging out with one of her guy friends who is in the military and that's kinda when my heart first sank she had him in her contacts as sgt blank (I'm gonna avoid using real names.) she didn't text me the entire day until the night when he left. she swore he was just a friend. So fast forward to the next Friday and that is when covid brought us our initial shut down. So I will admit that I was terrified of it at first and I live at home with my parents and they are older and into that high risk category so I really begged her to allow me stay with her for the time being and she really didn't like it but she allowed it and for the most part would stay with her most nights and really only going to my house when I needed cloths. So now I'm spending so much time with her and one day I don't remember the reason I had her phone but I had it for a good while and she gets a text from a guy named e j and it says "I wanna see boobies" she sitting right next to me and takes the phone and I ask her what that's about and ask her if she's playing me and she just says no and we basically don't talk much after that for the day. a couple days later I started paying attention to the code for her phone and when she went to the shower I went through her phone (this is probably a huge mistake on my part but I don't regret it) what I found was devastating to me. all it was was a bunch of nudes she would send him and talk about fucking when he got back from where ever he was stationed. there was some talk about him asking her to be her valentine and that was very hurtful as well. I was scared to confront her partly because I didn't know how to bring it up and partly because I didn't wanna go home and potentially put my parents in harms way.
It wasn't until a few nights later that I was drinking and doing hw and she had fell asleep so I went through again and found that sgt blank was for the most part really just a friend there might have been some intention to start a relationship at some point but it didn't seem to amount to anything. however ej was still in the mix there were more nudes being sent and talk about sex. I was a bit drunk so I didn't really think it through but I started packing my shit to get out and leave without saying a word. she ended up waking up near the time that I was done and she asked what I was doing and I just said I was leaving and that she could suck and fuck ej. I was crying at this point because I was in love with this woman and she lying to me. She started laughing and all I said was I was glad she found humor in that. I walked out with all my shit and went to my car and realized I couldn't drive in my condition so I was just gonna sit in there until morning or when I knew I was sober. she was aware that I had been drinking as well and started texting me to go back because I had been drinking and like a fool I went inside and slept by her side. the next morning I was sober and I didn't leave, I don't know why I didn't leave but I didn't. I don't know what happened exactly but we started talking about she told me that wasn't going to do that anymore and I like a fool believed her.
We go into April and I still had my suspicions but part of me was just convinced that she had changed. I wanted to believe it so bad. At this point she had also started telling me that she loved me and so that probably played a huge role in me believing her. anyways were in April and I go through her phone again and its the same shit. I confront her about it and she just shuts down this happens a few times in April and there's multiple arguments about it but nothing changes. I believe also at the end of this month she was introduced to my dad nothing big just an introduction and a goodbye.
we go into May and its the same deal still and at this point I was getting ready to call it quits. I felt like she wasn't going to be changing. We had also had conversations and she would tell me that she was fucked up and she needed to love herself before she could really love me. I love her so much at this point and I just wanted to be there for her and help her in anyway that I could. Then at the end of the month her dog ran away and it kind of tore her apart it seemed. So I really didn't wanna leave her at this point because I kind of felt at fault for her dog running away. Also she had just met my mom at this point.
June starts and we went posting flyers up for her dog all over the place and posting on social media. honestly at this point everything with us was going good I had a feeling she was still doing the same thing as before but I had no evidence because at this point she had changed her password and I couldn't guess it and honestly have given up since June on trying to guess what it is. nearing the end of June we noticed she had missed her period and we had been joking that she would get pregnant and well she took a pregnancy test and she was indeed pregnant. so now we had another dilemma and her initial thought was she didn't know what to do. she had always been pro-life but she wasn't ready for motherhood. my initial reaction was telling her that I only wanted this baby is she going to be faithful to me. That exactly what I told her for the first couple of days. After that I told her that I wanted this baby whether she wanted to be with me or not. So not too long after that she told she didn't want the baby and that she was going to get an abortion. So I understand the whole her body her choice thing and I would tell her that. However I was always clear and honest with her. I don't want her to get the abortion because that's a life to me. growing up one of the things I always looked forward to was becoming a father since I was very young. I was still supportive of whatever she decided to do so I would take her get ultrasounds at first and then when it came to it I took her to planned parenthood. We went and she went in and came out and we didn't say a word I didn't say anything because I was afraid of bursting into tears and I wanted to be strong for her. It wasn't until we were at her house laying in bed and she had seen that I was crying that she told me that she didn't get the abortion. she then pulled out the ultrasound and showed it to me and we were both really happy just looking at it. I know it may sound like I haven't many happy days but when she showed me the ultrasound it probably was one of the happiest moments in my life. she told me that when they handed her the abortion pills that she just couldn't do it. Then she goes on to tell me that she had made another appointment and that she still didn't want to have the baby. At this point im very mixed with emotions because I still have hope for a baby but it seems to be fading away from me.
we go into July and this happens a couple more times where we go to planned parenthood and she doesn't get the abortion for one reason or another. Near the end of this month she's also managed to save up a little bit of money and was able to finish paying off her car. She still had some money left over but it wasn't quite enough to pay for the transmission repair plus her job was beginning to cut hours so she didn't want to blow her savings in case she lost her job and still needed to pay rent. so I had offered in the past to help her pay the transmission repair but she always said no until I told her about my American Express card had a payment plan option and then she more entertained by it. This was probably a mistake on my end but at the time I was thinking I'm gonna have a child with this woman, I love her, and she's been financially responsible, so I added her as an authorized user on my account and we got her transmission repaired. Unfortunately when the mechanic got the car they noticed the catalytic converter was stolen and that was going to need fixing as well because we thought she needed a smog to get her new tags (car had been on non op for over a year.) so we I started yelping on her phone and noticed how she was really really paying attention to what I was looking at on her phone, it felt like she was hiding something. so I said I need to use the bathroom and went and sure enough I look at her texts and she's been talking to ej. he's back from wherever he was with the military. she's sending him nudes while pregnant with my baby. so I confronted her about it and it was basically the same shit as it had been in the past. I felt trapped this time. If there wasn't a baby in the equation I would have canceled my card and left. we hadn't got her car back from the transmission repair and I could really screw her. I was going to but I thought this could be my baby momma whether im with her or not she is gonna be the mother to my child so I shouldn't screw her so I didn't. things weren't going well for us. but she got her car fixed (just the transmission) on my card and she blocked ej and deleted his contact info.
we go into august and I'm honestly pretty happy with how things are going we might have a baby. she is now 12 weeks we both would talk to the baby and everything is going great honestly. we went to Palm Springs for a weekend as getaway but not before another failed abortion attempt. So that was still lingering on my mind. I was convinced she wouldn't ever do it. It had just been too many times and she couldn't do it. then on 8/15 we went again and she really did it. This time she was texting me while in there and she told me when she had the abortion I was crying in my car waiting for her (they didn't allow anyone to go in with her due to covid) then she text me to go to the front and I tried to stop crying and I did until she got in the car and I couldn't hold anything back. I don't think I've ever cried harder than that. we got back to her house and I continued to cry a ton. she was crying a little bit but it was clear that this was much more hurtful for me than it was for her. To this day I still cry thinking about "little baby" that what we would call her (she didn't ever find out the gender but she was convinced that it was a girl so it just refer to it as her.) anyways I'm crying and sad as fuck and we went to her aunts house for a birthday party and I met most of her family looking like a sad ass little kid. it was a bad idea to go but it happened. I wasn't myself for a couple of weeks. the Wednesday following her birthday we had a birthday dinner with her close friends and some cousins and people noticed that I wasn't myself and brought it up. I don't think any of those people know I was so hurt by it.
I forgot to mention that at this point there's another dude called f that is her friend and they had sexual relations and they at one point were trying to form a relationship. This guy was still trying to get with her it was very clear from his texts. I asked her to stop talking to him because I felt disrespected because this guy would frequently talk about getting together and about her body and she just allowed it. she refused to do that for me so I felt like I was played once again.
anyways fast forward to the end of the month to where her coworker was having a little get together for her for her birthday and she had invited her cousin and they were going to be spending the night. Well things started to fall apart with that story. the day they were going to the coworkers house I noticed her cousin said that she would be driving (my gf had said that her cousins wasn't going to drive) so I was confused and asked if they were going to be spending the night at the coworkers house and her cousin kind of just shrugged. something was off and I could sense it. so that's Saturday and on Monday I decided to check her location history in the maps application and surprise surprise she left her coworkers house at 11 pm and went to a military base. so let me rewind Sunday morning she got to my house at around 9 am and we had sex for the first time since the abortion because they told her she was very fertile and should wait. so we did. however when we had sex her vagina didn't feel as tight as it normally does. Then she knocked out for several hours like if she hadn't slept. she wakes up we have sex and her vagina feels a little tighter honestly. let me rewind again the last two weeks we had been talking about how we were going to have a ton of sex when we could start again. she didn't seem too interested after two go's. so back to Monday I confront her about her location her history and she Denys it she said she had thought about it but didn't go. I showed her the history and then she just starts saying we're done and starts kicking me out. I also had noticed that on the first of August she had gone half way to the military base and spend the night at a hotel when she supposedly was with a friends pool. At this point I felt broken and I genuinely didn't want to live anymore. I told her to please just listen to me and she just kept telling me to leave. I finally just started telling her not to let me leave because I genuinely wanted to go and kill myself. It was a real feeling that I never thought that would ever hit me. I was scared. She didn't seem to care so I just wanted to leave, I was going to do kill myself I really was. I started driving towards the desert. Then she contacted my sister and she was worried. I don't know what it was about that but it just felt somebody cared about me. I don't know what else to say about that. I felt like there was nothing for me in this world.. I had lost my baby and my gf clearly cheated on me. so I pulled over and was sitting at a gas station and was texting my gf and asked her if I could go back and she said yes so I went and it was just like before not much talking.
now at this point I had bought her a MacBook Air because the initial laptop she had bought was trash. so all her texts were synced with her phone. I took it with me and went through everything and she had deleted everything from ej and blocked him again. but there was still f. she was texting him that she loved him and missed him and how she thinks about how things would have been if they had got together. It broke me down further.
Now my gf and I are still together. I don't know what's happening with us. I honestly don't have any hope of it turning into anything anymore. frankly I don't really have hope of anything. most days I don't feel anything I just feel numb and when I do feel its just heartbreak and a lot of sadness. I still miss my little baby and cry all the time. My gf asks me what's wrong but I don't even want to bring anything up because I just feel like its a lost cause. its just going to be like every other time where we don't talk and I just feel hurt. I feel trapped. I often feel like I have no purpose and im just going because suicide really isn't an option. I know that its a permanent solution to a temporary problem. I just don't see the end to this problem. I don't feel like I have the energy to do anything. Ive gained about 40lbs since getting with her. I used to be so happy all the time. now I don't want to feel anything because it always seems to just be pain and suffering. at night I have a hard time falling asleep and im always waking very early. I just feel like I have nothing. I wish I didn't exist.

I'm wrote this while she was asleep next to me and she seems to be waking up so I won't be doing any proof reading. but if somebody has some questions about anything please ask. if you want to give advice feel free. I know its probably going to be telling me to leave this relationship and to seek therapy and its ok if you just say that.
I just want someone to respond to me I don't feel like I can talk to anyone about any of this so this seemed like the right place. I just want to feel like someone is listening.
thank you for taking the time.
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2020.09.25 14:38 mjtg25 Nude girls live show

I wish Soul would just grow up and talk to me over her problem with me, because there are only two possible main reasons why she hates me and I can’t combine evidence to know what’s really true because she blocked me. Yes, I faked suicide. I apologized for it, and her excuse to not forgive me is because I’ve done similar things in the past, like getting attention for almost cutting my throat. I’ve attempted suicide multiple times separate in my past, over twenty times in sixth grade and seven times in March and February this year, but they weren’t faked suicides. I’ve talked to my IRL friend all the time to calm myself down. Yes, Blake is a real person. See that guy dabbing? That’s Blake. Also, take a look at the comments. Yeah, didn’t think so. A real conversation I had with him on Amino: [screenshot] I show you this because you can’t have alts on Amino, unless your main gets banned falsely, and you only make an alt to tell the administrators of the app that you were falsely banned. Making fake accounts is against the rules, and this man right here is a real goddamn person. Anyways, back in the main topic. Soul is a hypocrite. She blocked me because of the faked suicide attempt, yet she didn’t block BigEyes for when, at the time, she did the same thing. Now she blocked her because she didn’t want to look like a hypocrite. As you can see here, this was taken before BigEyes shared with me that Soul blocked her. As you can see here, another piece of evidence is that in her response to my pros and cons about her, she said I was mad because she blocked me, yet she herself was mad. I highly doubt what she said in her response to “never takes criticism” is true. She can’t ignore what others say about her, true or not. To prove her wrong, here’s a post I made. Honestly, I did understand why she blocked me. It’s not that I care if she draws the nudes. That’s just why a few people dislike her, and I’m neutral over that. As of the big mistakes, I understand, I get that. However, she never wants to talk it out maturely, which ticks me off a little, but at the same time, it’s normal to me. I’m not good at convincing, so I’d say I can’t really force her to talk to me. I gave up on trying a few nights ago after asking DankDrew to try convincing Soul. I tried. I failed. Sometimes, ya just gotta leave the failed attempts alone. Here’s a screenshot stating that she never forgives and forgets people who fake suicide. I’m not sure if she read my apology post, but one thing’s for sure: she yeahed this comment despite my actions [sic] were in the past and not in this modern day. Takumi was the only one holding a grudge, until I called her out. This was the comment I made to Takumi, calling her out, and telling her that I regret the things I’ve done in my past too. Not only this, but she made a post and messaged me personally through CV messages that she stopped caring about other people’s opinions on her, yet she responded negatively to my pros and cons about her. This makes her an even bigger hypocrite, and many people yeahed the post I made calling her out on being a hypocrite, meaning they agreed on me. Take a look. I wasn’t mad when they made cons about her. She was mad herself when she responded; why would I be mad at someone with only a few flaws? How could I read her profile if she blocked me? She’s mad at me for making cons about her, why? I’ll explain that in a bit. She also pulled out the “you don’t know what you’re talking about” card that proved that she was mad. How so? She’s [sic] lazy arguing when she poorly explained her point, how would I know that she took criticism when she blocked me? That’s more proof right there that she was mad and not me. I’m not mad as of now, I’m being calm and cool with this. Lastly, when I said, “Sometimes she made me draw lewds,” I mean that she rarely ever draws them. She drew Soul in a bikini like twice, and she even drew two girls kissing. Those are lewds. She says she doesn’t draw them all the time, when I said exactly that in a different way, for her to understand. Next thing you know, she gets even more mad because fine folks yeahed the comment about her on my pros and cons on users post. As you can see, here are the two possible reasons why she hates me now. One, she may hate me for the suicide attempt, due to complaining about wanting to kill myself a few months ago. Thanks a lot, Ben. Idiots who poke fun of me by bringing up my past, would use it as an excuse to dislike me despite improving from that. cough Blast cough And she’s not even accepting my apology because of my past despite improving from it. That faked suicide attempt was supposed to be an ironic joke [unintelligable], but I came to realize it was wrong for me to do that. That’s why I apologized, and Soul not forgiving me might be counter evidence to this reason, which leads me to my second possible reason. Two, I may have betrayed her. After a few days went by the first time Soul blocked me, I came to see her flawed side after giving more thought on it that night. It happened while playing Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy and holy shit I love that game you have to play it, it’s fun. She felt guilty for herself and thought I completely hated her because she couldn’t take criticism, and is just a hypocrite despite not liking her only slightly and only didn’t want anything to do with her, and then I came to a sense that I was in the wrong, because that side of her didn’t show up until she blocked me on the night of the drama. I guess I did make some predictions. Why I know this and bring it up is because she was always blaming herself whenever she loses a friend, and she didn’t wanna publicly show it so she blocked me and blamed me for hurting her on purpose, yet that wasn’t my intention. I just didn’t feel like she could improve, and boy was I right. It’s a shocker too, knowing that an artist that’s such a nice person turned out to be an idiotic hypocrite on another side. I know this reason, because I believed there could’ve been truth in what she said. I mean, Gnarly insults her all the time and she didn’t care. A few other users might’ve admitted to disliking her but she never bitched about them, but she did towards my opinion, IDK. Maybe she was on the same scale of attacking people with bad opinions like I did, and that was a flaw about me. People can’t have their own opinions nowadays, they are just stupid AF. Even at the smallest reasons, and you gotta respect that, otherwise you’d be blocked too. Actually, we all have our own flaws, some of us just can’t admit it. I know I didn’t, and now I do. While my first reason comes to show more stronger evidence, I’m still concerned about my second reason. Or you know, she would hate me for both reasons. I want to talk to her about it, because she keeps making excuses not to talk to me, despite proving that I’m mature enough. Don’t bring up any past examples to show that you don’t believe me, because that’s in the past. We as humans learn from them, and even though I never improved from my mistakes back then, I want a chance. From everyone, not just Soul, everyone. I want to be given a last chance by Liam, by Gnarly, by Adrian, by everyone who strongly hates me. I want to become a better human being. I’m seventeen now. I should face reality and grow up and focus on my life and those I love. I tried that many times, but my negative emotions got the best of me, and I’m sorry to anyone who’s ever seen the bad side of me in the past. I’ll be willing to take responsibility when I do something idiotic out of anger, or when I’m sad, or just at all. I want some laughter already, because I felt that way before shit hit the fan between me and Soul, and I’m sure a few other users too. I find them as an excuse just because I’m ready to be a much better and mature user and person, and Soul was making that difficult for me. All I wanted to do was talk about it and tell her how I felt, and I wanted her to do the same thing, but instead uses the “you’re creeping me out!” excuse card to not talk to me. Isn’t taking out problems with the opposite person mature, like if someone was mad at me or something, and they do this to piss me off, and all I wanted to do was talk out the reason behind why this person did that for this reason? No, apparently not I guess. Just like how there are more than two genders, I guess male and female aren’t the only gender anymore, and that we pee from our fucking mouths or something if we identify as [unintelligible]. Soul can’t take any criticism. I tried criticising her on needing to talk about our problems, but she wasn’t wanting that too and will forever hold a grudge until I turn thirty or something. Not only that but she’s a hypocrite, too. I told you that before just now with detailing evidence. I would go back into the messages with Soul, and even the post she made about vowing not to care about other people’s negative opinions on her, but she blocked me, keeping me away from the evidence, giving her a chance to say “Coner has no evidence” when she made a post about not caring about other people’s opinions on her. By now, Soul would be reading this, and would be ready to go down on this post and delete it, just to make it look like I was wrong. If she does this, it would prove that she can’t admit she’s flawed. Just because she’s a really good artist doesn’t mean that you have to obey her as a god, just like how Gnarly fans obey Gnarly as a god because he’s a troll and loves to make funny gifs and satire YouTube videos, or at least I think they’re satire. That doesn’t matter now, though. People need to know the side of Soul and that she’s just this bad. Not entirely bad, and I’m not asking you to attack her like Ben does with his rants on users. I’m just sharing my opinions, and don’t get me started with that “just heartbroken” excuse because I lost interest in Soul as a crush after I unfriended her back in late July after the 20th. Not exactly after, but a few days after, I can’t remember the specific day that it occurred. I just felt I needed to get this off my chest. Soul, you’re sixteen and it can feel like its true that you stopped caring about what other people think about you, but you need to act like it. One day you’re gonna get your own home with your pet ferrets to watch over like children, and you’re close to that day. But I’m even closer to living to my day, living by myself in a home, on my animating device, making unfunny Unmemed animations into every episode of the series. I put this post in the Serious Discussion Community so that no one is allowed to joke around saying Gnarly made Unmemed first. Here’s my video of episode one. Now here’s Gnarly’s trailer for his version of Unmemed. That evidence is fake and gay. Now I know I can’t take you seriously if you say that or something similar even if you were trying to be serious. I’m sorry. Okay, I’m getting off topic here. I might as well go with my thoughts on Soul. Listen, I don’t hate her, or completely dislike her. She still has some good pros. However, I feel as if she can’t just forgive someone for something bad I did on the other side of the screen on the internet. I believe someone still can forgive and forget despite doing something incredibly bad like faking suicide or even hitting someone with an object. When I hit my friend, the girl I hit was a friend of mine, with my lunchbox, I felt guilt. My mother beat the fuck out of me because of it and kept yelling at me to do work faster during the chores. She’s always this much of a bitch and I never deserve it, but after that incident I did deserve it. When I was done being suspended from school, I didn’t think she would accept my apology. Just so you know, my school let the students decide whether to apologize or not on even small things like stealing something from someone. She accepted my apology because she understood that I was actually mad at my mother and not at her. I never wanted to be forgiven, but I was anyway, and that’s when I learned there’s still a chance to forgive and forget with someone after they’ve made a big mistake. I still feel the guilt every time I think about it, but I really shouldn’t. That’s all in the past now. It’s been over for a long time and I was a bit of an idiot to freak out over it when [sic] Ben or Blast or whoever mentioned the lunchbox incident. I’m sorry you had to see me freak out about it. What I did should’ve been understanding enough, fake suicides happen all the time on the internet and just because there are a lot of people who do so just to troll and not feel bad doesn’t mean I never feel guilt as well. I do stupid things. We all do stupid things and then we learn from them, that’s what humans do. When Soul made mistakes in her past, like on the internet, mainly maybe back on Miiverse, there’s a [sic] close big mistake that I made that she must’ve made like report bombing out of anger and getting that user banned. What if she did that back then, what if she did things regrettable as well as me faking suicide and hitting my IRL lady friend with my lunchbox, what if she made bigger mistakes or somewhat big mistakes like I made IRL when she feels guilty about it? Would I forgive her? Yes, however would I forgive her killing someone? Absolutely not, even if it’s someone I strongly disliked or hated like Liam or Blast. Would I forgive her for killing her whole entire family? No, because killing is a crime, a crime that must be put [sic] a stop to. Me faking suicide isn’t as bad as killing someone, believe it or not, because faking a sucide is a common thing on the internet. I know that’s not an excuse, but it’s true, I didn’t die, obviously LOL, and no one got injured badly, so why not forgive me? That’s the problem I have with her, and rejecting my offer to talk to her about it despite me improving myself just goes to show she’s immature, but do I hate her for it? No, I dislike her because of how much of a hypocrite she is, and that she can’t take criticism. I’m sure others hated me for not taking criticism and I understand that. I’m not afraid to admit it because if anyone calls me a hypocrite, just because I finally accepted and improved from my flawed side, they are only making themselves look like hypocrites, because they criticized me for my flaws. At least I can improve from my flaws and she can’t, but if she can I respect that. As for being a hypocrite, all she has to do is just ignore this rant and other negative opinions and she’s all good. If she responds to this by saying, “Coner is bullshitting again, guys don’t believe him” then she’s proven my point. Doivan forgave me because at least he understands that I didn’t fake suicide in my past. He was at least smart enough to believe that what I did was a misunderstanding back then. I was just a fucking idiot back then and I feel so ashamed as of now. I want to be a better user and person both on the internet and IRL. MemeSensei insulted Soul badly back on Miiverse but apologized to Soul and never wanted to be forgiven, but was anyway and he accepted it because he knew that Soul believed in him to change despite what he’s done in his past. It was close enough to being as worse as faking suicide because bullying is also a huge issue. Even though MemeSensei and MemeSenpai were only trolling, but that doesn’t cover the fact that they still did something awful. I never really paid any attention to what mean things they said to others on Miiverse back then, but I’m sure it was awful, and should we forgive them anyway? Yes, because it was in the past and at least they decided to mature up and improve over time, and then join Closedverse to prove that. It closely relates to what I did, because faking suicide and trolling is a very common thing on the internet. Even though I still did bad things, they were all shown from anger, guilt, depression, etc. I’m not making an excuse here, because this is true. I made a hitlist out of anger, I hit someone with an object out of anger, I insulted people out of anger. Most bad things I’ve done were out of anger. That fake suicide was out of [sic] mixed sadness and wanting to laugh, making me think of doing the dumbest things ever. Banama users do this, a few users on here do this, and LMR users do it all the time. It’s just part of being human. I’m not asking you to forgive me because of what I just said, I’m saying this usually happens all the time with most humans. And yeah, people do control themselves to be better people, and that’s what I plan to do. All I need to do is prevent myself from not being mad or having any other emotion, and everything is good. If I end up having such emotions anyway, I’ll try to find a way, I’ll try to talk to a good friend when I’m depressed, I’ll talk to them when I’m guilty, and lastly, I’ll post callouts in the Activity Feed when I’m forming up to being mad. As for other negative emotions, I’ll try figuring something out. And now, to pull an Arian Kordi, “but you never forgive and forget with Ben.” Ben’s a different story, he made rants on users then apologized to each of them but never means it. Me and Angel are good examples, he’s also a liar, he spreads lies about me and Angel. An example of this would be me still working for RyanAustin despite knowing I stopped working with him. He also said Angel fakes depression when depression is not just a mental illness, it’s a fucking emotion. He also said that I once I stalked people’s profiles when that’s false and he has no evidence. “Didn’t you say you were gonna accept Ben’s apology?” Yeah, if he truly is sorry, I’m willing to forgive him. So far he has shown he was so, I guess I could give him a second chance despite what I said, but still feel like I shouldn’t. I think his friends are begging me to do so and will not understand why I wouldn’t forgive him. I forgive him. “If you don’t care about Soul anymore, then why make this rant?” Since this isn’t just about Soul, I made it anyway because I wanted to get this off my chest. Soul doesn’t want to talk about our problems, so I’d give less of a fuck after this. “You still have feelings for her, do you?” Actually, I liked being her friend better. I don’t think I ever had a crush. I just wanted to be friends. But I fucked that up, so who gives a thousand years of fucks? Lastly, I miss being friends with her. Besides, I prefer guys/girls with similar interests and personality. Soul only has a few similarities to my personality, and I’m usually making friends with those personalities. She has no similar interests like playing Resident Evil all the time as much as I do or Crash Bandicoot or even Jak and Daxter. “You two have nothing in common.” I used to be scared of people hating me too, back then when I was younger, and I always went crazy when someone insults me or criticized me back then. I used to care what others thought of me. I still kinda am towards people that I don’t know and that’s usually why I never [sic] social communicate with strangers much, even if I’m forced to socialize with them. I love vampires as much as she does, and I have been since I was younger. Finally, me and Soul have online best friends, I have an IRL best friend too. Okay, maybe they aren’t common things that we both have, but they’re close. We both share other common interests, but I can’t really think of them as of now. “LOL, stop making up bullshit.” Look, if you actually think that, then don’t shove it down my throat, I’m being entirely honest about everything I’ve said in this rant so far, and don’t believe me with no proof? LOL, okay. Unless you have some, I’ll gladly go through them. “What if Soul responds positively and forgives you?” I doubt it, but if this does happen, I will gladly talk to her about it. If she doesn’t want to talk to me about it, then we’ll just put the past behind us and move on. If she still keeps me blocked though, she’s just faking it, and not really meaning it. If she meant it, she would unblock me unless she has a reason which will probably just be crap. If she forgives me and becomes my friend again, then that’s good. It’s a happy ending, unless she betrays me in the future for some reason, which I probably will not understand, obviously LOL. Then hey, at least I have my chance while it lasted. “Stop blaming your emotions for your behavior.” That’s not what I’m implying. I’m implying that when I’m emotional, I can end up doing dumb things, then I end up thinking it’ll make things better. But really, it’ll only do the opposite. Don’t forgive me for my past all you like, I’m not asking you to hate me for my past, there’s no stopping you. “You’re still mad because you made this rant.” Again, I’m being calm and cool right now. Soul wouldn’t, and some of you commenting right now wouldn’t, that’s for sure. “If you regret showing you were suicidal in the past and regret it, then why did you do it again, only this time you faked it?” Again, I can really do stupid things when I’m not mad or have a different negative emotion, I was depressed about something but never really thought of suicide, so I trolled the AGC for my amusement, but then realized my mistake. Yes, I wanted to kill myself before, but I was stupid enough to make it look like I was only looking for attention. That was back before March, that was different compared to the third this month. Soul doesn’t understand this, nor does the person reading this I’m assuming, because people take suicide very seriously, and I understand that. “Your [sic] faking suicide wasn’t a troll attempt.” Then explain this: I was trolling commenters who were trying to help me by pretending to insult them. I’d have more, but the posts were deleted. I deleted them, because I didn’t want any more notice from people commenting on the post. Gnarly does the same thing and people didn’t take him seriously, yet I was taken seriously from it. “It’s ironic.” That isn’t enough to convince me. If you were there on the night of the trolling, you’d probably remember the comments I made. They were obvious to show I was trolling. If you don’t remember, fine. Got screenshots? Comment them, and I’ll confirm if they were troll comments I made. No? Okay, fine. I asked Konata to revive the posts the comments were on in the screenshot, apparently you have to have the post ID and I don’t know it. “LOL, yeah right.” Again, I’m being extremely honest here. “Link to the apology?” [apology post link] “I read your apology, you said you didn’t want to be forgiven, and now you want to be forgiven by Soul.” Believe it or not, I wanted to be forgiven, but in fact should not have because it was a really awful thing to do. I was feeling guilty before making that apology. I took criticism from my first apology and remade it. Lastly, I may have understood the fact that I should never have been forgiven, but I was anyway. Honestly, I expected everyone to attack me for it, insulting me and everything, but I wasn’t, I was forgiven by Doivan and a few other users. Takumi didn’t forgive me, but her reason behind it was crap, so I just called her out on it, and ignored it until now? But yeah, in a way, I changed my mind because I was being forgiven. “How would we know if you actually regret faking suicide?” BigEyes and I regret doing so, but not Jon. [] I think he deleted it, but he made this post and I remember when he acted like he didn’t regret it in the comments section. Everyone was attacking him for it, and he didn’t care. If somebody doesn’t regret what bad thing they did, when it was as wrong as faking suicide, then they shouldn’t be forgiven about it. And now look at the difference: I regretted it and apologized, many forgave me and many didn’t. Those who didn’t only used my past as an excuse to try to make me understand their point when really they don’t exactly know what happened, and therefore have no right to use that as an argument card. It’s Soul’s excuse too, and I highly doubt she’ll change her mind after this. If she does, do let me know and again, I’ll happily talk to her about this. That is, if she unblocks me. As for everyone else, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll talk to them about it too, but only one person at a time. I’m mainly pointing out to those who blocked me because of me faking suicide. As for those who don’t forgive me but didn’t block me because it’s for pussies, then I’ll talk to them about it too. “What is there to talk about?” That’s all on you if you have something to say. “Does that mean everyone else has to mature up and talk to you about it?” Look, most of this rant mainly points out Soul. I don’t know about everyone else who blocked me because of that night. That doesn’t mean some of this also does not mainly point out to those who blocked me that night. This rant hurts my brain. I recommend not reading this then. I’m not good at rants. Never have and never will be. That is until I take a class on making rants or something. “What do you mean by ‘that night’? What happened on the third?” I faked my suicide on Friday, August 3rd, 2018. Why? Because I thought it would be funny, because I was an idiot. “You still are one.” LOL. “Wooow, she does this? I’m gonna attack her now, waaaa!!1!!1” Please do not. It’s okay if you agree or disagree with me, just don’t shove it down her throat like she needs to forcefully take criticism. It only shows you’re being a huge jerk than I could be with this rant. Again, I don’t hate Soul. I only slightly dislike her. She’s still a good artist, it’s not like I made this rant to prove that she isn’t a good artist or a good person, she only has a few flaws. A few flaws to a good person doesn’t make one a bad person. “What if she responds negatively to this rant, but isn’t mad?” I’ll doubt she’ll be calm, and call me out, while not being mad at all. If she does respond negatively, but also calmly, I guess I could give it a read. But again, I doubt it. “Why did you make this rant?” I feel like I should just get everything out already, and go over with a few people in the comments, and not care about it after, I don’t know. I should just delete this post when I’m done, but will archive what I typed and the evidence I used in this rant. Why? Just in case they wanted to show someone what I said, duh. “Why delete this post?” Because I want to forget about Soul. Why? Obviously, she doesn’t want to talk about it, and doesn’t wanna forgive me for my terrible action. Take screenshots of this rant and send it to her, just in case she never got a chance to read this, because I will delete this post. I wanted to make this rant for three reasons: because one, I want everyone filled in on how I feel about the situation, two, I feel like getting this off my chest so I could forget about this drama later on, and three, I felt the need to respond to her actions, and the response to pros and cons I made about her. “The pros and cons post was only a tease just to give your opinions on Soul just to piss her off.” I never intended to piss her off, I did think she would ignore it and move on, instead she responds to it like she’s offended by the truth. The pros and cons were made out of boredom, not as an excuse to be mad at Soul because I wasn’t mad when they made that post. By the way, I’m still working on a part 2 post to pros and cons on users. I’ll post it somewhere next weekend. “You just wanna delete this rant to hide the fact that you care about Soul.” Shit nigga, you right. Well, kinda. It’s another way around, actually. To make myself clear, I wanted to both get this off my chest and explain everything about Soul, but don’t intend on making her change her mind. It’s just how I feel about this drama, and when she responds poorly to this rant, I’m just gonna walk away from it. She will clearly just prove my point and everyone will correct her. Making this rant does prove I do care, but as I delete it I won’t care any longer. The next time I even make a post about Soul, just take it [sic] as I’m only a stranger to her, except for a few posts where it references my past with her, and when I say I’ll just walk away from the drama, I don’t mean screenshot her response to this rant so I can correct her. I don’t want to be involved in this anymore, but it shows maturity if you try to understand her side of the argument, but then I would end up thinking about it again in the future and will have a strong urge to respond. Possibly in an angry response, because someone will most likely share it to me during school, and possibly after I got mad at my art teacher for something idiotic or something. Just please don’t drag me back in after this. “Just ignore it then, nigga.” That’s what I’m trying to help myself out doing here. “Please don’t delete this rant, this is good.” I’m pretty sure everyone else will disagree and think I want Soul’s ass or something and want this post taken down. “But don’t.” If not everyone has seen this, then maybe I’ll leave it up, but only [sic] till somewhere tomorrow night. Why? Because school. Usually at school people piss me off and when I’m already not in a good mood and I get pissed off more, I do the unthinkable. “You don’t go to school on Sundays.” No shit, Sherlock Holmes. I’m talking about deleting this post tomorrow night, because tomorrow night is a school night. “Then don’t check Closedverse then LOL.” That’s impossible. “Check and respond next Saturday then.” That’s also impossible. “Just wait for the right time to.” Okay, can you shut up? Tl;dr, just read the post and not the comments. If you have questions about what I did, private message me here and I’ll answer by taking screenshots of what I said in the rant and sending it to you, because I’m saving my thumb for [unintelligible] killing in Resident Evil 4. I need to forget about this shit. “But you said you didn’t want to care after, so why accept talk to some people for just answering questions about this rant?” Good question. If I don’t accept your friend request, if you only have questions about this rant, it means that I wish to not care anymore. If I do accept, I feel like talking about it again. “You just pointed out all the evidence that was really just out of context using it to prove Soul was mad. It proves you’re mad.” You don’t know exactly how I’m feeling as of now, so there’s no point in making more assumptions just to defend Soul. I’m not forcing you to believe me, everyone has their own points with evidence, you’re free to believe what I say or not, but still, I gave it as much evidence in detail and screenshots as I could. Don’t be treating this like some stupid attempt because that’s not my intention. “You’re being a hypocrite right now too.” Am I? Despite saying that I wanna improve myself and that I’m doing that right now? I’m starting over from my previous bad actions in the past, small and big. I’m not looking for a fight. You’re just holding a grudge. “Was this intended to attack Soul?” No. “Why make this rant anyway?” I told you this already. I don’t need to repeat myself. It almost looks like you’re trying to force Soul to forgive you. That’s not my intention. I mean, it could be a last convincement, but I’m mainly only pointing out how I feel and letting everyone know my points with evidence. I’m not trying to force her, if she still doesn’t wanna forgive and forget after this, and then I just ignore her for the rest of my life, even though I wasn’t lying. “INB4 you still care after this.” Predict randomly all you want, but it’s not gonna stop me. I’m done here.
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2020.09.24 19:06 Kaidope5 Nude girls live show

Hello, my name is Kay. im 15 years old and genderfluid. Hello, my name is Kay. im 15 years old and genderfluid.ever since i was little ive always been struggling with adhd, which caused me to get into trouble at school. and when i got home my dad would punish me in strange and cruel ways. one time after i got home my dad made me sit in a chair in a dark room, facing the wall and he left me all alone for a long time and the only time he came to see me was to spit water in my face that he got from the sink. i remember just sitting there and crying, thinking i was a bad person and that i deserved this.because of me always acting out at school i had little friends, most kids would pick on me for being weird. one time after getting in trouble with a teacher, i ran away, but my so called friends picked me up, limb by limb and started dragging me towards the teacher. i kicked at them to make them let me go and they did and i hit the ground with a thud. i apparently drew blood and i got suspended for 3 days. the school only told my parents what i had done and nothing about what my so called friends did. my punishment was to sit by the window and be completely silent for 3 days. the only time i was allowed to move was when it was lunch. i eventually moved and had to deal with the struggle of losing all my friends, i didnt have a lot of friends but the few i had really meant a lot to me. after we moved i made a new friend. but my weirdness drove her away, and i lost my chance at making any new potential friends. i remember always being alone at recess just walking around feeling like i didnt matter.when i was around 7 or 8 we went to a bible study. there was this guy there who was in charge of the kids while the parents did their thing. his name was ethan and he was in ninth grade. he gave me speacial attention for a while and let me hang out in his bed room. after a bit he told everyone but me to get out of the room and then he turned the lights off. he told me to take off my clothes but i didnt. he told me to get in his bed and i did. he poked and prodded my body and it made me uncomfortable. i dont rememebr how it ended but i ended up stealing his pack of gum and gettting caught and having to buy him some new gum. the first people i told about this incident were my best friends at the time and they didnt care.most of my friends dont really care about me, none of them go out of their way to message me and it really hurts. thats why im hoping to make new friends that do actually care about me.when i was in 8th grade i had a crush on this boy in my neighborhood. his name was jack. we were friends and i was scared if i told him he wouldnt want to be my friend anymore. he eventually found out on his own. he would constantly ignore me and avoid me even though he knew it hurt me. my friend talked to him for me and he gave me a letter asking me what was wrong. i had TOLD him what was wrong and he just acted like i never did. he made me feel like i could just drop off the face of the earth and he wouldnt care, and if he did he would find it amusing. so i did something im not proud of. i drew a picture of me hanging myself and him laughing. i had my friend give it to him and she did. when he saw it he cried. apparently he felt "guilty". we didnt talk for a couple months after that. the next time we talked i asked him to meet me outside the cafeteria so we could have a serious conversation. he said hed show up but he didnt. i started cutting myself because of how upset he was making me. the only time i got in trouble for it was when he told me to stop after someone else pointed it out and i told him he doesnt have the right to tell me to stop when hes the reason i started. he snitched on me and i went to the guidance conselour. my parents were not notified. i was friends with this group of kids who were really mean and they were homophobes. ive been struggling with my identity for a while and when i told them i might be non binary they laughed and said that it doesnt exist.i draw a lot, but when i get upset i tend to rip up my drawings. later in the year i was sent to partial hospitalization (or however you spell it). so its basially like school but instead of going to school you go to a place where they teach you about coping. and you go home when the day is done. an incident happened during this time, i was at home and i was having trouble with my homework and my dad got mad and said he wanted to send me to boarding school. i told him i wanted to die and he told my mom to give me a knife.i was going to go drink bleach right after but i talked myself out of it. i told my therapist at the php (partial hospitalization) that i almost drank bleach and she sent me to inpatient. i made the mistake of putting jack on my call list, while i was there i called him and he told me he would hug me when i got back. the day i got back i was scheduled to go to school the next day. but then i texted jack and he admitted he only pretended to be my friend because he felt bad for me and he thought if he did that he would stop me from killing myself. i overdosed on adderall as a result. my friend, who would later become my first boyfriend, named dylan, told me that if i loved him i would make myself throw up, so i did as he asked and i puked up the pills. my friend called 911 and a cop came to our house and told my parents i overdosed and then left. my parents thought i was pretending to overdose so i would get attention. back before this when we found out i had depression my dad told me i was lying about it to get jacks attention. my dad drove me to the emergency room and told me im no longer allowed to use my phone because of what jack did. i was stuck in the ER for hours, i got there at around midnight and i stayed until around 8 in the morning. i spent the whole time freaking out. i couldnt sleep and i was hallucinating. they almost took me away from my parents. i ended up having to wait a couple days before i could go back to school. i didnt sleep the entire time, and i kept having terrible migrains that wouldnt go away unless i sat down. when i finally went back to school i was greeted by jack. when we got into the building i reminded him of the hug he owed me. he pretended he couldnt hear me and just kept walking. i broke down crying and had to go to the guidance conselours. i changed my classes so i wouldnt have any classes with jack and i went home early. my dad told me if i ever went home early again he would make me change schools.i started talking more and more with dylan. he was the only friend i had that actually cared about me, the only thing about him that bothered me was that he kept pestering me to send him nudes. when the shcool year ended, i cried. i thought i was going to be all alone, but i had him. at the beginning of ninth grade he was my only friend. keep in mind, i met him online and he lives states away from me so ive never seen him irl. i spent a lot of time on my phone texting him. he was all i cared about. eventually he asked me out and i said yes. i vented to him about all my problems with jack and my family and he told me i should run away to him. my parents found out though. while i was with dylan, he guilt tripped me into letting him sleep with other guys. he knew him using dangerous life ruining drugs made me uncomfortable, and even though he promised he would stop he never did. i had to keep stopping him from killing himself and it was mentally draining. he also had the tendancy to neglect me. i have abandonment issues (though im not sure why) so i need attention from people i care about. the only time he really gave me attention was when i sent him nudes. dylan is a really nice person but when hes upset he becomes a complete and total asshole. he used to yell at me a lot over little things. the one time i tried to break up with him he threatend to kill himself. i told my friend about what dylan was doing and how it made me want to die. my friend reported me to the school and i got sent to inpatient. my parents dont like dylan becuase hes a "dangerous person" so they didnt let me use the phones while i was there. for a while the staff didnt care that i was using the phones anyways, but then they started cracking down. i met this girl there name cameila and she told me she would call him for me and tell him what i wanted to tell him. i jokingly told her she should flirt with him and see his reaction and she took it seriously. i told her i wasnt comfortable with her flirting with my boyfriend but she woudlnt shut up about it. eventually i gave in.he flirted back to her and they started talking a lot as friends. but it was obvious by the way cameila acted that she had a thing for him. he eventually told her he wanted to break up with me and she told him he should.i told her to stop calling him and she wouldnt stop. i got really upset so i told the staff about cameila calling him and they put her on call restriction. when i got out i talked to dylan and he was really mad at me saying i hurt him. but he never said what it was that hurt him and he claims he doesnt remember. we took a break for a couple months before getting back together. he kept sleeping with other guys and he neglected me way more than he did before. he told me he had a crush on someone from his school and i lost it. we didnt talk for a couple of days. when i finally hit him up he told me he was going to kill himself but he wouldnt let me talk him out of it. i called 911 and cops came to him and apparently they put him in handcuffs. he broke up with me because of that and we didnt talk for months. he blocked me on everything and my parents yelled at me for being on devices so often and i cried my eyes out. my dad told me to stop crying or he was gonna send me to inpatient again. the next day was the last day of school before coronacation so i wasnt going to be able to see my friends. i was all alone for a long time. and then after a couple months, dylan hit me up saying he was sorry and we started talking again. he acted like he wanted to get back with me, but he told me he had a plan to kill himself and i told him no and he got really mad. he told me he was gonna go to rehab and not tell me before he went so i would think he died. we didnt talk for a few days and when we started talking again he said he was gonna go on a date with a girl who "isnt possessive or a cop calling bitch" i got upset and i blocked him. we didnt talk again for many months. we eventually started talking again and i KNEW i didnt want to get back with him because i KNEW he would hurt me again. he told me he was with this new girl and they were happy together. he asked me if i wanted him to send a dick pic. i said no but he sent it anyways. i told him straight up, if you dont wanna get back with me, dont get flirty or sexual with me. he said he DID wanna get back with me. i told him i wasnt going to be his side hoe. he told me his girlfriend mightve dumped him but it mightve been a dream. he asked me to get back with him and i said yes, like an idiot. i had feelings for this other guy, my latest ex and dylan harassed him and now me and him arent talking anymore. a week later dylan left me for his ex. i cried so hard. i tried to kill myself. the next day i told him how this was making me feel and he told me to stop guilt tripping him and that he "cant control who he loves" he blocked me. he got one of my friends to hate my guts as well. i cried again. my messages are always open. im not online but once a day though and not always on weekends, so if it takes a bit for me to reply im not ignoring you im just afk
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2020.09.24 16:35 Bigirl1999 Nude girls live show

Hi guys I’m writing this post about a couple months ago user on reddit that goes by the name of u/Musicforever900 just dm me to catch an online predator on snapchat.
I didn’t have Snapchat but I wanted him to show me the evidence and what he knows about guy so he put his discord username as moonknightrise and he showed screenshots and nudes of the guy.
When he asked him about the guy’s snapchat username it was moonknightrise’s reddit name so I suspicious about that and didn’t pay attention.
Then I decided to make Snapchat by the name of “Imogen Takahashi” who I created as a 13 year old half white and half Japanese Australian girl.
I’ve added him on Snapchat and he responded so we started talking. He wanted to know how I got his Snapchat so I lied and said I mistaken him for a friend.
Then we continue to talk how old I am and he lied about his age and said he was 15 which he wasn’t lol, he’s a grown man lmao.
So he asked to see the pic of the decoy and then I asked him for his pic and he send me a familiar dick pics.
Then I was really grossed out and pretended to be a 13 year old girl that were disgusted by it and he said like 13 year old girls enjoyed it and he even said he would like to put his gentiles into her small gentiles.
So I screenshot it and post it here, he saw it and he blocked me on Snapchat.
A couple of days later I made a post about me complaining about finding female predators and he commented and I got pissed off.
I decided to confront him with u/LeopardES’s help and he denied all allegations and he acted like a madman.
So I blocked him on reddit and discord because I couldn’t deal with and I even reported both of his accounts.
Now Tyler that’s his real name made another reddit account called u/respectingtime and he did the same thing with me and his kik and his kik username is the same as his discord username.
This time I managed to get his email address which is [email protected] and I got his IP address.
I was planning to make a kik decoy account to expose him again but at the same time I didn’t want to lose the chat logs for my male kik decoy account.
Also, if you delete the app or log out to another account the chat logs won’t be there anymore.
So anyways I was thinking to myself I’m going to bother to expose him again since he’s wasting my time and I’m already being threatened by an admin from a dangerous site which is kind of risky at my mental health.
Luckily I recruited u/alysiacastillo1 as my portage and she thought that u/respectingtime was being genuine but I’ve told her everything about him.
So she played two decoys in the row but he blocked her twice because she didn’t provide him the live pic that is on kik.
Tyler keeps messaging me and my apprentice about catching the guy (him) we had enough of him so I decided to make this post so we know who he is and we are not wasting our time.
Tyler stop denying anything and us chasing after you is make you look stupid already and you want people to know that you’re a pedophile which is stupid af.
Everyone please report u/respectingtime.
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2020.09.23 20:40 CyrilDPP Live girls nude show

This prompt is always open.
Rule 34 is pretty much the best. There’s so many interesting character designs and personalities across so many forms of media, and pretty much everyone has a few fictional crushes. This prompt set is for people who are connoisseurs of digital eye candy.
I’m over 18, and expect all applicants to be the same. I also expect all involved characters to be over the age of eighteen, so canon will have to be shifted on a case-by-case basis. Each of my prompts that deal with characters who are canonically underage includes a brief adjustment the setting to make as much sense as possible while still maintaining close approximations of context-- high school students become university students, etcetera.
Here’s my kinklist, to get it on the table early. Nothing on there is an absolute must, and there’s a whole lotta ‘like’ and ‘favorite’. A lot of my prompts below are leaning more towards vanilla than hard kinks, but that’s for accessibility. If you like to get freaky, seriously, take a look at the kinklist. I probably like something that you also do, even if you don’t see it in a prompt. Let me know, we can discuss it.
First up, the prompt ideas themselves. These are general ideas that can be adjusted and discussed. I’m also open to much more, really; please feel free to suggest and I will always entertain and respond.
Canon-(ish) (preferred): We stay inside the lore and universe of the game. Whether this is a canon romance happening, an OC hooking up with a canon character, a branch off where two characters who didn’t hook up in the source material end up as an item, or a bad end that shows what happens to the hero(es) after failing in their quest… it takes place in the universe the characters are familiar with. Almost all of the prompt suggestions below fit this bill. Please note that SPOILERS will be in some of my suggestions, and thus I’ve chosen to hide them behind a spoiler tag to make sure I don’t ruin the games/anime for anyone.
Modern AU: The characters from the in-universe end up in, well, ours. Whether through a portal, or just adjusting their world so that it happens in ours, the character or characters of our story live in the world we know and love. They go to restaurants and movies, hit up bars, use Tinder… whatever normal, well-adjusted people in this world do.
Cosplayer: A girl who really likes the design and/or personality of a character tries going as them to a convention. This leads to lots of attention from lots of guys, at least one of whom she ends up interested in enough to play around with.
Next, the fandoms that I’m actively interested in, alphabetized because I’m a madman. I’m gradually adding examples of in-universe ideas for each and adding fandoms as I go, and I’d be happy to play out those examples if someone is interested, but otherwise they’re just suggestions to outline the kind of scenes I have in mind. Some of them are sweet, romantic endeavors between characters both established and original. Some of them are significantly more hardcore. I’m pretty down for either, to be honest. They’re just a sample of some of my ideas,so you know I'm actually serious. You might notice that some of them are F4F-- I'm totally down for playing a girl or futa alongside another girl or futa.
Please note that both of the below lists are far from complete. If there’s something rule 34 that you’re interested in playing, let me know. Adding to my pool of prompts is always fun. If I know the source material well enough that I could even decently pull it off, I’m sure we can arrange something.
Games .hack//G.U.

Celeste Danganronpa Dark Souls/Bloodborne Devil May Cry Doki Doki Literature Club Final Fantasy Fire Emblem Katawa Shoujo Legend of Zelda Monster Hunter NieNier Automata Octopath Traveler Overwatch Persona Pokemon Shantae Skullgirls Smash Bros. Tales series (Tales of Vesperia, Tales of the Abyss, etc) Anime Ancient Magus Bride Fate Fullmetal Alchemist Konosuba My Next Life as a Villainess Ouran Host Club Re:zero Steins;Gate That Time I was Reincarnated as a Slime I prefer about two paras per post, ish, but I can adjust-- typically no less than one para and no more than three on the average. I play on Discord primarily, but Reddit PMs are fine if that’s more comfortable for you. Let me know if you’re interested, I try to reply to every message I get. Thank you for reading, hope you see something you like!
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2020.09.23 18:44 JeSuisJosito LA MÁS DRAGA – AN ENGLISH GLAM-UP

Aló Pececitas! Next up, you’ll find out a very detailed review of La Más Draga’s 3x01, Hope you enjoy and if you want me to explain any special thing or regionalism you might not understand because you either don’t speak spanish or you do speak it but well, mexican slang…Enjoy!
00:00 – 3:10 – We see glimps at auditions for the season, from Queens who weren’t and were selected, towards the end we get a look at the Final Live Audition, where the public knowledge Queens are chosen to be a part of the season.
3:26 – 8:06 – Public knowledge Queens unveal themselves, they all chit-chat, talk and shade each other
8:07 – 13:43 – Secret Queens are revealed to the rest of the Cast. These Queens did not need to pass any Live audition, they were either asked to film an audition tape and were selected or their tape was enough for the producers to choose them.

Queens enter the workroom, sponsored by NYX Cosmetics. They are welcomed by Johnny Carmona, workroom consultant and judge, who welcomes and thanks them for bringing their art to the show. Johnny explains that they were supposed to be a 14th queen, who, was dropped because she couldn’t keep her mouth shut about being on (this queen might or might not be s2’s first eliminee), tells them to keep the energy.
Johnny explains the first challenge, which is to present a Runway Look inspired by a very popular mexican board game: La Loteria (you might know Bingo!; which has the same mecanisms of game). Johnny gives them a History lesson about the game. The winner of this week will be deemed as “La Más Suertuda” (The Luckiest, LMD tends to use “La Más + theme” to refer to the winner of each weekly challenge, which means the one who was The Most amazing at it). A one-minute talent show is also requested to be performed after their runway presentation.
Carmona later welcomes Internet sensation duo Pepe & Teo, who will also play as workroom consultant and stres relief for the Queens the whole season. Pepe and Teo play with the Queens a little game of General Knowledge, ask each a question and the one who can answer better will win the right to select their station in the workroom. Al lof them suck and should go back to middle school; later, Memo earns this right and plays the game by aligning the Queens by his perferences.
Pepe and Teo then welcome one more guest, which is Gaby Lu, representative for FOREO Sweden, which is a skin care Brand that will help the Queens with free products for them. Queens shade Mista for her age and she is selected to be the try girl for the producto right there. Gaby Lu announces that the winner of the whole season will be awarded with 50.000 pesos in FOREO products and becoming an ambassador for the Brand for a year.
39:50 – 43:40 – Season 3’s host, our resident RuPaul; Miss Karla Díaz (Singer and host known for being in the girl group JNS) comes out in the mainstage, presents the prizes (150,000 pesos in cash, 50,000 pesos in NYX Cosmetics, 50,000 pesos in FOREO + ambassador, and a 2-people flight to New York) and judges: Johnny Carmona, Yari Mejía (make-up sensation, AFAB Drag Queen and Instagram influencer), Letal (make-up artist, drag queen and icon). Guest judge this episode is Miss Regina Orozco (Gay icon in México, Singer and TV personality). Karla also introduces the Drag Altar, which is the place where each week, the picture of the eliminee will be hung.

Rudy Reyes: Rudy comes out as The Rooster, headpiece and wings included, all feathered. Her talent show is a lipsync mash-up of famous latino songs.
Madison Basrey: Madison also chose The Rooster as her Loteria card; she comes out in a prostetic mask with a much simpler outfit than Rudy, with the addition of heles that give the appareance of chicken feet. Her talent show is a comedy skit centered around being an actual rooster.
Huntyy B: Comes out in a dress with every Lotería card printed oni t with yellow and blue details. Her talent show is a Burlesque act.
Luna Lansman: Luna comes out first with The Shrimp on her head and a silky blue robe, which she reveals into a giant The Fish gown, which she floats around for a while before taking off the top part to reveal a topless illusion and a mermaid tail in The Mermaid, she then strips to a full nude illusion. Her talent show is a Lipsynced Magic Show.
Yayoi Bowery: Yayoi comes out as The World in an all baby-blue look and a 37 in one of her piggytails, 37 is the number for The World in a Loteria deck. Her talent show is singing.
Regina Bronx: She comes out as The Mermaid, in a two piece gown which mimics scales all way around, with feathers on the bottom part. Her talent show is an arabic-inspired dance.
Raga Diamante: Raga presents The Pot, coming out hidden inside of it, with flowers on top included. She then reveals a green and red bodysuit. Her talent show is singing.
Aviesc Who?: Aviesc comes out as The Spider, with an asisstant as her web. Blue hair, and glasses that mimic the spider’s eight eyes. Her talent show is something about black paint and a canvas, posing slowly to the camera; she trips at the end while trying to finish her act.
Mista Boo: Mista chooses The Devil, coming out with black horns and a caped long dress, with a trident as a belt accesory. Her talent show is a frightning spoken word act.
Iviza Lioza: Iviza comes out as The Sun. She has an all-red gown with spikes on her back, which then she reveals are supposed to be the sun rays, but it malfunctions, the effect not working as it should. Her talent show is a Tarot Reading act with pictures of the judges as Lotería cards.
Memo Reyri: Memo comes out as The Devil, in a full-bodysuit in red with Golden, black and red embelishments in the corset, with fringe in the pants area, black and red wings and a geometrical mask. His talent show is singing with fire handling.
Stupidrag: Chooses The Devil as well, with a black and gold cape with yellow in the inside, a red bodysuit with black leather sleeves and black splashes in the torso and horns. Her talent show is a lipsync number with fire handling, but the fire burns out quickly.
Wynter: Comes out as The Sun in a yellow gown with red detailings and a wide red spot in her back with Golden rays and a big afro wig. Her talent show is a Frozen (not the Disney franchise, just coldness) theme lipsync.

Queens are mostly scolded harshly by the judges for not meeting the expectations of a premiere for a third season, every judge is disappointed by the queens’ performance, either because of their lack of performative uniqueness or simple outfits. Letal asks which Queens did prepare themselves in different areas of performing; Aviesc, Luna, Madison, Raga, Rudy and Wynter say so, the rest didn’t.
Aviesc is criticized on being shy and too calmed and having used liquids which made her fall, her look was fantastic.
Huntyy is criticized for doing burlesque, which has been seen already,
Iviza was congratulated on letting go of her nerves, but Yari scoldes her for her reveal fail and lack of professsionalism because Iviza apparently blamed it on someone else who helped her make it.
Luna was told that less is more, but congratulated on her unique show by Yari, but Johnny wasn’t sure about her time frame and lack of actual magic tricks.
Madison was deemed basic for her look but was louded for her comittment in the comedy of her talent show, Regina Orozco hated her because she thought pretending to be a Rooster isn’t a talent.
Memo receives great critiques on his outfit and makeup, his song is also louded because of how deep it was, outside of the typical “Me, Me, Me” drag music.
Mista got glowing critiques about her talent show and how she was able to get out of the pretty side and the fact she only needed herself to connect with the judges. Look was louded as well.
Raga was criticized about not looking too-much as a pot, but was congratulated on her attitude overall.
Regina gets critiques on the lack of rehearsal for the talent show but is warned not to try to copy the looks of one Valen-other queen.
Rudy is congratulated on her outfit and energy, but the lack polishness on her talent show gets hard critiques.
Stupidrag is given the advice about how her fire burned out before, her look got great critiques on her look.
Wynter’s talent show gets meh critiques and is asked to take better care of her reveals, to keep the shock factor.
Yayoi gets the roughest critiques, her card is not seen at all in her conceptual-look, pretty and all.
LETAL’S RANT Being completely honest, I don’t feel this like a third season¸from so many auditions, how did you guys ended up here? I want you to understand that performers go from 10 to 30 auditions just to land a part in something, you passed and are standing here. WHAT IS HAPPENING? What’s happening? You guys get your chance to walk the runway and nothing happens at all, imagine, you get two chances to walk the runway, not just one, the runway all in al lis “Okay, she kinda missed it here, but she’ll give me something later” but then NOTHING HAPPENS, okay, cute looks, good make-up, detailing and shit, but what happens with the people behind the wigs, make up and outfits? Those are not drag characters, those are you, real people, the artista who is standing there. Why would you all need to stay here and not go? Not one should go, many of you should. DO YOU GUYS WANNA BE JUST LIKE THE REST? You want to be standing in the best stages in the world, right? I RESPECT EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE STAGES YOU’VE BEEN ON, but to be an artist and earn what you wanna earn, because I know the budget you put into all of this, you NEED DISCIPLINE AND HAVE THE BALLS to stand in any place you go. I want you to understand you’re standing here when there are Queens who ARE DYING TO GET A CHANCE not only on this show, but on anything, on any Project, and when they got it they don’t ruin it. THIS IS NOT ABOUT BEING THE BIG BITCH BUT ABOUT WHO IS THE BEST ARTIST. The one who asks themselves who they are and FIND IT. Right now you are already performers who are visible through this project, ITS UP TO YOU TO HAVE THE CHANCE TO BE THE ARTIST THAT COMES OUT OF THIS, I WANT YOU TO RESPECT THIS STAGE, MANY PEOPLE ARE WORKING THEIR ASSES OFF TO MAKE THIS POSSIBLE, so, if I don’t feel like this is a worthy third season, what do I have to say to you?
Regina Orozco then asks the Queens why do they do Drag.
Wynter replies that she does it because she finds a lot of freedom and because she can do whatever she wants with it, as it is limitless, there’s no yes’s and no’s.
Aviesc says she’s a fashion designer, adds that clothing should not have gender (YES), clothing is a reflection of our soul, you créate art through your body from your sould. Drag is such an elevated art and you can have fun and showcase your soul at the same time.
Luna wants to entertain, the people is what keeps her going, to créate an outfit, to stand in a stage and keep them entertained, she might not be sexy or stunning, but if she can make people laugh, that’s her place.
Raga says she does drag because being on stage makes her happy, showing what she can do. Its her own world when she performers, and that happiness can spread to others when she is in front of people.
Rudy does drag as an spectacle, says there’s a lot of trouble going on around the world, and wants to be a distracction and a happy moment for everyone and it can fill up the soul with joy.

Iviza Lioza, Memo Reyri, Mista Boo, Yayoi Bowery, Stupidrag and Aviesc Who are deemed the best and worst of the week.
Iviza, Yayoi and Stupidrag are in the bottom, Iviza is spared while Yayoi and Stupidrag are announced to have to Lipsync to Stay.
Memo, Aviesc and Mista are the tops, at the end, Mista wins the challenge and is deemed La Más Suertuda.
Yayoi and Stupidrag are asked to prepare a Lip Sync performance of Tsunami, by judge Yari Mejía. Stupidrag gives energy and sex appeal, while Yayoi moves awkardly around the stage, and lying on the ground.
After the LipSync, Karla announces that guest judge Regina Orozco will decide who is the first eliminee, but before, they ask the whole cast to return to the stage and Karla explains that there has never been an elimination before in the first episode of both seasons. She says the safe Queens will decide whether there is an elimination or we have another double-save premiere.
Mista Boo is the only one who is unsure about her choice, as she feels that if someone did bad, they should go home, but after pretty much everyone says there shouldn’t be an elimination, Mista agrees with them, and everyone decides there was no elimination, although Mista still voices in confessionary that there should have been an elimination.
Stupidrag and Yayoi Bowery are both saved.

TIME FOR SLANG! 2:01 – Regina Bronx, in her audition calls her drag carácter a “Vaquerobvia”, which is a portmanteu in the words “vaquero” y “obvia”, “obvia” in spanish is used to describe (most of the times in a demeaning way) a gay guy who fits stereotipically into the mold of how a gay guy talks, dresses and acts. “Vaquero” is cowboy, which is a style of clothing and living (people who dedícate themselves to farm, catter, etc).
3:52 – Madison mentions “Quedarse fría”, which, in the words of Monique Heart means “Gooped”
4:30 – Mista Boo asks “Do I look like Un Kilo de Ayuda already?”, Un Kilo de Ayuda is a mexican program which helps secure mexican kids who need it all the food and supplies they need. To mention Un Kilo de Ayuda refers to the fact that Mista might look tired and skinny (A kinda bad taste joke, but, well, mexican humour)
8:53 – Mista refers to Yayoi as “Alexis 2XL”, Alexis 3XL is Season 2’s Winner and Yayoi’s style has been compared a lot to Alexis’ in the past. The 2XL part can be either for the Part 2 joke or because Yayoi might or might not be skinnier than Alexis.
10:33 – Stupidrag makes reference to “El Libro Vaquero” (The Cowboy Book), which is a very popular small comic book here in Mexico that tells small and VERY VERY dramatic stories, which tend to be a mix of western drama, erotism and some weird ideas. Very popular among older people.
43:14 – Karla mentions a “Drag Altar”, which comes from the Day of the Dead Altar, which if you don’t know much about mexican culture when it comes to Día de Muertos, an Altar is a small crafty construction created to honor the dead relatives of a family, you put the pictures of the deceased, together with a mix of flowers (Flor de Cempasúchil is the worldwide known flower for the dead), decorative paper and food that the people you put he Altar for loved in life, with the belief that on November 2nd, the dead can cross from the other side and visit the earth.
ENTRANCE DIALOGUES: Madison: Hey, how are you? My name’s Ricky Balrey, from Gdl, Jalisco and I’m 25 years old. I consider myself a biological woman (in a jokingly tone). I consider myself a bio woman because when I transform everyone is shook. My drag is inspired by everything’s that pretty in life, I’m very smart and very beautiful, better beware.
Luna: Hey there, I’m Abraham Luna, I’m from CDMX, My drag character is Luna Lansman, inspired by unicorns, fantasy, fairytales and everything you believe to be pretty, sweet and pink, very dreamy,
Mista: Do I look like Un Kilo de Ayuda already? I’m Mista Alex, my drag name is Mista Boo, I’m from Monterrey, I’m 367 yeards old, my drag is very dark, witchy, very alternative, not like the other kind, I’m also very dark literally, I don’t like using glitter because I want that shine to be from the inside
Rudy: Hi! My name is Rodolfo, aka Rudy Reyes. “The Caribbean’s Pearl”, Ruby is from Monterrey, my nickname is because I love the mexican caribbean . Ruby is a dancer, very showgirl-y, lots of glitter, stages are my life. I love to dance, its everything I can ask for in life.
Huntyy: My name is Edgar de la O, I’m 27 years old and I’m from Ciudad Juarez, Chihuaha. I bring HuntyyB to life. She’s a collectible, you can dress and undress her as many times as you wish. I have many sides to myself because I’m kinda crazy. Huntyy can be very vintage, elegant or maybe turn into a chinese doll with purple skin.
Aviesc: My name is Aviesc, and my drag name is Aviesc Who?, I’m a designer and I’m from Gdl, Jalisoc, I am 32 years old. Aviesc is an extension of my clothing line; I mix art with fashion; take inspiration from trends, art and movies and then craate something from that mix so Drag Queens can be trendy as well.
Wynter: I’m Huicho Lozano, I’m from Tamaulipas but I live in León, I bring Wynter to life. Wynter is this fantasy, something you can have but it will cost you a lot. Wynter leaves you frozen, entertained.
Iviza: My name is Franco, I’m 26 years old. My drag name is Iviza Lioza and I’m very inspired in powerful woman, I come from a family of very strong woman, I draw inspiration from any character of empowered women like witches, Queens.
Yayoi: I'm 32 years old, my drag name is Yayoi Bowery. I’m a mix of kawaii, club kid and pop culture. I’m a publicist so I love to play with all of this so people can reminiscent their childhood or old times.
Regina: Hello, I’m Luis Peña, I’m 29 years old. I come from a small town in Chihuahua but I currently live in Aguascalientes (STAN) which is where Regina was born. Regina is a queen from the north, vaquerobvia, loves to show her curves, take care of her makeup, and dance; to share something very special with the public. I’m not that experienced, I’ve been in this career for a year but I wanted to elevate my level and bring it to here.
Stupidrag: Hey, well, I’m Pepe Favila, I’m 29 yeards old. I’m a queen from Gómez Palacio, Durango. What makes me me? Fire. The Origina Fire created this creature who has curves, that came out from the Cowboy Book. Everything is sexy, all hips for her. When I saw the rest of the Queens most of them were like “Who this?”, but luckily some did recognize me.
Memo: Hey, I’m Memo Reyri, I’m 33 years old and I’m a Bio King from CdMx. My drag is very masculine man, what I try to do with my character is to play with whatever is known as masculine and mix it with pretty, grotesque and rough stuff, but always with a very delicate attitude. I want to make a difference between what is known as an Alpha male.
Raga: I’m 32 years old, I’m from Mérida, Yucatán and I bring Miss Raga alive. Raga Diamante is a pop girl, a superstar in the scene, a song and dance icon. She’s a person, not just a character, she loves to make people happy. I didn’t know most of these girls, did not recognize them at all.

HELLO PECECITAS. I hope I did help you out with having a better understanding of the show and please leave a comment if you have understood most, if you want me to elaborate on anything else please tell me as well.
Also, tell the producers to hire me, I'm nice. SEE YA!
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