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Hiya everyone!
I'm Bek, and I've been streaming on Twitch for nearly 4 months (since early June).
I talk in the Discord sometimes and people have asked me how I've been growing my channel. I hope to try and give some tips to explain what works best for me!
For reference, I stream Minecraft exclusively. I currently have 1,600 followers, and an average of 40 viewers according to Twitch (made up of busy weekends 60+ avg and quiet weekdays 25-30 avg).
NOTE: me saying these things work for me don't mean you're doing something wrong by not doing them. Some people aren't able to do some of these things due to real life, and some might not want to do these things. that's ok, and everyone is valid :)
Scheduling Since I started, I've had to have a pretty strict schedule as I was shy and used to share a room with my partner. I set up specific hours and tried to do a similar thing on each day. This definitely helped - people knew in advance when I'd be live, and being predictable is a plus. Also, what's important is that you don't stream all the time. I stream 4 days a week, for a total of around 10 hours. I work full time, so having time off is important for me. Do what you can manage.
Personally, I'd recommend scheduling for fewer streams rather than trying to stream every day and having to take unpredictable breaks every few days. Viewers will know when not to wait for you, and you reduce the amount you'll be disappointing them = positive relationship! :D It's also very important to have time off for yourself. Streaming is fun, but it's hard work. Don't overdo it.
Choosing a game Picking one game or niche genre to stream is not required, but it tends to lead to faster growth. I personally know people who've found great success with variety, and you get the advantage of always being able to play what's popular (Among Us anyone?).
If you pick one game, make sure you enjoy it or you're gonna stop having fun. I was lucky in that Minecraft was one of those games I can just keep playing in different ways. As I only need to market myself to one audience, it's easier to get and hold onto them. Variety is harder as it relies more on you as a streamer.
Of course, picking a game on its own doesn't give you quicker growth. This leads me onto my next point:
Personality If you know exactly what kind of streamer you want to be, that's awesome! If, like me, you don't/didn't, that's also cool.
If I had to boil this whole post down to 1 tip for faster growth at this level, it would absolutely be DON'T STOP TALKING.
I too often go into people's streams/VODs to find them not talking for up to a minute at a time. IMO, even more than 10-15 seconds of silence is too much when you're actively looking for growth. Whether chat's active, whether it's quiet, whether there's 50 people or 5, don't stop talking.
This is a learned thing and it's hard. I practiced before I even started streaming, playing Overwatch for a couple of hours and not shutting up the entire time.
Fish for things to say. Tell stories about things that have happened to you, recently or otherwise. I've found talking about things you like, like your favourite dog breed or cheese or holiday, is a good conversation starter and lets you talk for a long time.
As well as being engaging to new people coming into your stream, it really helps YOU form your personality! Are you high-energy, or chill? (and you can be chill while continuing to talk) are you funny? do you put on a character? you won't know unless you speak enough to work it out.
From there, it was much easier for me to market myself because I knew what I sounded like, and how I came across.
Another thing to bear in mind is that when you blow up and have thousands of viewers (and I know you will), you'll be back to square one in that you can't really read chat at all - you've got to make up what you're talking about!
Outside of stream You've heard it all before - don't just stream, do the rest as well. I agree with this advice. I personally don't have a YouTube channel, but I'm working on a couple of videos to throw up there. If you can manage it, great. If you can't, I wouldn't worry about it personally.
Social media is important for engagement, but I don't think I've cracked the code yet. I tweet clips and little funny things, but I don't feel like my Twitch growth carries over to my Twitter growth at the moment. But I think it's important to have somewhere else to advertise that's public, and it only takes one bigger account to RT or like something of yours to get you finding more people.
This ties up with my scheduling tip - IMO it's better to leave yourself some free time to work on networking with other streamers and interacting directly with your audience than to stream constantly.
Discord is a good one - although it's really awkward at first since there's only like 5 people in there. I've been there. Just interact with those 5, then advertise your Discord to new chatters while you're live! It snowballs. I've hit over 200 users in my Discord server now. Make sure you tag everyone when you go live, and chat in there every day. The people in there want to interact with you, so give the people what they want!
Branding and tech This is the one which covers things like graphics, overlays, and tech like green screens, stream decks, audio etc.
Overall, I'd say this is less important than the other points. Having no overlay at all is better than having one that's crazy and busy and takes away from the game you're playing, IMO.
Visual branding and the personality point are intrinsically linked. Your branding needs to show and reinforce your personality. You into cute pink aesthetic? That's what should be on your graphics. You prefer the sleek minimal black and white look? Easy peasy, that's your branding. You have a bearded dragon friend who makes appearances on stream? ...bit specific, but that's your branding.
I'm assuming you already have some basic branding at this point - wait to change it with higher investment until you're sure you know what you want (unless you're loaded).
I have a Stream Deck, and I think it does add a level of sleekness to my stream, such as switching up the scenes without needing to tab out. There are free options instead of spending money on that though, including the Stream Deck mobile app which just connects to your phone.
Essentially, this is the stage where you should start investing more into tech, but there's no need to go overboard. I have a webcam, not a DSLR, and I don't have an XLR mic, it's a USB. You want to be at the higher end of those categories, but you don't need to go pro-level just yet.

Okay! So I've just spat out a lot of information onto this post. Again, I'm not claiming to be a guru, just that I've been asked about this before due to my growth, and wanted to give some insight into what I'm doing.
I hope some of this helps! If you have any questions to ask me, please comment a reply and I'll try my best to answer. I'm also in the Discord so feel free to DM me there if it's more private :)
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Trigger warning - sexual abuse, hebephilia/ephebophilia
Tldr - severe abuse in my adolescence, "caught" by my parents and blamed by everyone. Dealing for more than a decade with feelings of guilt which have resurfaced due to an incident in my social group as well as the death of someone involved in my trauma.
I've had many experiences of sexual trauma and abuse during my teenage and early adult years. To my knowledge I was not abused as a child. I'm now a well established adult with a full time job and supportive long term partner.
I think the first instance was when I was 14 and somehow found myself attending sex parties between early-late stage pubescent kids and much older men. The rules were simple and (despite being a clear abuse of power) respectful. Only established attendees could bring new people to the group. Adults could only bring adults, kids could only bring kids. All sex was the be "consentual". My first interaction at said party was violent. A man in his mid 30s took me to a room and when I started to get cold feet he restrained me. He was banned from the group. I returned a few times after that but not many. The rape resulted in an unwanted pregnancy that ended in miscarriage as I approached 6 weeks. It was a relief.
After that I remember otherwise living a normal life for the next 12 months. I was performing very poorly at school but otherwise normal behaviour.
I started a new sport that I loved and worked in the field too. I was so happy. I loved my coach, loved my job, loved my free time. I was in the same class as one of her kids, and worked with the other. I practiced hard. It was all I would think about. One day my coaches husband decides to approach me. In hindsight it was a practiced move need used before. I wasn't the first, but I hope I was the last.
He assisted me for a few months, increasing the contract he had with me. Started with email to organise training times. Then progressed to phone numbers so we could organise early morning pick ups. Then instant messengers so he could assist me with homework. We almost never spoke about homework. Sometimes the conversations would get weird and comfortable but I would let it slide. Sometimes they would get sexual, other times a bit too sex ed.
Then one day he offers to take me to a group meet up before I start work on a weekend. I met him away from my home, get in his car, and we drive. He pulls into a car park and I get scared. I remember how I got the bruises and welts on my thighs from my seat belt. I remember trying to call for help and open the back door which was child locked. I remember the blood and semen. I remember being back in the front passenger seat in the car park back at work, numb. I remember him saying it would've felt better if he was fondling my breasts. I got out of the car, went into work, I texted him telling him to never contact me again and I'd forget what happened, and I went about my day like nothing happened. When I finished shift I saw I had a message back from him. I didn't read it. I got home and blocked him on everything. But as I was laying in bed pretending I didn't know what had happened I got curious and I read the message. If was a threat. A threat to expose me for the slut I was. There were photos. So I unblocked him and went to him when he called.
It started just with sex after that. Then after a month if was photos. Then webcam shows. Then finally I was shared around with his friends. I hated those days, they were so degrading. He would often ask me to bring a friend, which I refused because I got jealous. I thought I was in love. I wish I could've said it was because I wanted to protect them but it wasn't...
After about 6 mouths it came to a sudden halt when my parents connected the dots and realised that I was having an affair with my coach's husband. They didn't know the extent of it. The only thing I was in control of was what extra information they would know and I have them nothing.
I was forced to quit my sport and job, and was pretty well under house arrest. They had already confronted my abuser over the phone before they called me to their room to confront me. I don't remember much other than the disappointment and anger they had towards me. They then took all that evidence and presented it to my coach (my abuser's wife). She didn't want to see me, didn't want to talk to me. She demanded an apology in person which she amended to a written apology since she couldn't look me in the face for betraying her like that. My mother took me to a counsellor and told her all that has happened including the written apology. The counsellor (instead of recognising how fucked up that was) helped me pen my apology. I never gave it to her since she then decided she couldn't even touch anything else I had touched. She didn't want to read the words from my head. She hated me so much. Her children did too.
He left the state to stay at their holiday house and a year later dropped dead from a heart attack, alone. I found this out because I had googled his name a couple years later and found a blog written by a friend in that state. He died a loving husband, father and friends, a good person who was generous and always helped everyone. I struggle with it sometimes but I need to remember that I was likely his last victim.
Fast forward to the start of the year an incident happens in my social circle that triggers me unknowingly. I'm suddenly anxious, guilty, thinking about what I call the major incident (since there are multiple things). I start looking up his name, his wife's name, the children (it's what I do, I'm not sure why) and I find that she had died a year ago from cancer. It's a mix of emotions that I'm still processing. Large part is guilt, another is lamenting the idea that she went to her grave with the opinion that I was still to blame. I feel guilty that their poor kids (who are my age) went through so much bullshit when they were truly the innocent parties and now they are parentless, adult orphans if you will.
And fast forward to the past week or so. I've been having similar dreams every few nights of visiting the kids to explain, their mum still alive and still being blamed for what happened. I still feel guilty I guess. I know I'm not too blame, I now I'm the victim, but I guess the idea that they don't/won't see it that way is chipping away at my mental health. W In my dreams when I see them they still have that anger from when last I saw them. When I try to explain they tell me they know but it doesn't change what happened, it doesn't make it any easier, that I should've been a better, more responsible person. That I'm still am still person for what I did.
So here I am, still awake and need to be up in a couple hours. Just contemplating everything I've ever done wrong in my life. How every instance of abuse stemmed from the first and how each time I just led myself back into them.
I've got a psych but due to work and such haven't had time but I will be seeing her son I hope. Thanks for reading
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While coronavirus has disrupted and scrambled most of the industry, including the porn industry, there is an industry that experienced a reverse effect and instead, witnessed a boom in business. Yes! We are talking about the camming industry. Camming industry- a significant segment of the adult industry, has indeed seen a major cashing in across the world during the quarantine.
The COVID-19 pandemic has pretty much redefined the way we interact, we meet, and we experience sex and intimacy. As our lives moved online amidst lockdown, sexy Asian cam girls witnessed a significant surge in demand for digital sex work.
During the lockdown, people have found new ways to satisfy their sexual hunger. Some have moved to the dating apps while some are filling the long evenings at home gawking and interacting with beautiful naked Asian girls who stream adult content live from their studio-cum-living room. Most of the Asian cam girls experience the same efflux in business during this period.
Many factors played a significant role behind this sudden traffic surge in the camming industry. Such as A) People were Homestuck B) Camming is safe C) People choose this medium to satisfy sexual hunger. D) People choose this platform to combat loneliness. E) Camming is relatively cheap F) A new kind of experience. We will understand each of these factors in detail.
6 Reasons Behind Traffic Surge in the Camming Industry During Quarantine A) People Were Homestuck The most common reason behind the sudden surge in the Asian cam girls traffic was people were Homestuck during the lockdown. Having sex like earlier was not possible. Meeting your partner or meeting a sex worker was off-limits.
To fight the trauma and stress during that adversity, many people who were Homestuck in a foreign land or away from the partners chose to experience digital sex in the form of sexy naked Asian girls. Thousands of people tried to beat lockdown loneliness one jerk at a time. The cam girls helped these sexually starved souls with their raunchy and erotic performance, sexting and kinky stuff.
Many Asian cam girls claimed that lockdown was indeed a positive experience for them as they witnessed a 30-40% surge in the business during this period.
B) Camming is Safe There is no doubt about the lethality of the coronavirus. WHO has advised us to wear masks, and keep 2-meter social distance to avoid virus transmission. With all these precautions in practice, it was a distant dream to get intimate with a sex worker or let alone even with your partner.
At such a hard time, sexy Asian naked girls came as angels to help these sexually deprived souls. As there is zero contact between the customer and cam girl, camming was considered as the best alternative.
Although you might not get the same pleasure that you used to get with a sex worker, but, given the current situation, Asian cam girls were the best alternate option to douse your intimate fire. These cam girls perform some really kinky and off-beat stuff to entertain you. Besides, it was 100% safe as there was zero physical contact.
C) People Chose This Medium to Satisfy Sexual Desire Coronavirus has indeed brought the world to a standstill. Many of us were stuck in different cities, different continents, away from their partners and loved ones. Many were isolated or were in quarantine. At such a lonely time, it has become hard to satisfy self sexual cravings. As for meeting a sex worker was not a sane option; these sexually starved people turned towards Asian cam girls.
The hot naked Asian girls tend to offer some free services, putting on live shows via webcam or sexting. If your pockets are heavy, you can also demand private performances, fetish requests, or more pornographic content to cam girls for an additional fee.
D) People Chose This Platform to Combat Loneliness Loneliness is as endemic as the virus itself. When the stress and trauma of an upended reality have invaded our everyday lives, interaction with the cam girls was a lifeline experience for many of us. A lot of frontline warriors have also chosen this platform to relive the unprecedented stress and burden.
The men and women who were stuck thousands of miles away from their homes and partners also chose this platform to keep themselves calm and composed during this adversity. Asian cam girls helped keep these people happy and distracted from the doom and gloom of the pandemic. Many cam models also claimed that many clients were keen to bring this relationship to the next level after social distancing ends.
E) Camming is Relatively Cheap Another key reason that lots of people chose sexy naked Asian girls over other platforms is that it is comparatively cheap. You don’t need to pay anything for free content. You only need to pay if you need premium content like private chat, fetish requests or more pornographic content like naked dance, use of sex toys etc.
Besides, cam girls performances are worth the time and can be highly interactive both in public as well as private rooms. Compared to other media like a sex worker, sex toys and clubs, camming is cheap yet entertaining.
F) A New Kind of Experience Even though it has started long back, Camming is still a new platform for most of the people. As most of us prefer sex worker over the camming before corona times, camming was untouched to a certain extent. But because of the corona, many of us tried cam girls and found this platform worthwhile.
Meeting the cam girls online is entirely safe as there is no physical contact. Besides, you still get enough entertainment with Asian cam girls raunchy and erotic acts which keep you glued for hours and also work as a medicine that relieves all the stress.Check out our website to find a few of the best Asian cam girls in the industry. The cam girls at Asian Bar Cams are specially trained to entertain you with raunchy acts, erotic performances and kinky sex toys.
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A couple years ago I signed up for a free trial of a porn stars Snapchat Premium because I wanted to watch her fuck a fan video. I ended up unsubscribing before it charged me money (and also before I could see the FAF video 🤦🏻‍♀️).
In the 48 hours I was subbed to her, I received a follow request from a chick who had a public story and when I viewed the public story I noticed she was a webcam model so I rejected the friend request and thought nothing of it.
Fast forward to this year I started receiving random friend requests here and there from random women. Most of them added me via “Search” or “Username” but I had one who added me via “mentions” (or maybe it was “stories”). I accepted the “via mentions” one because I wanted to ask who mentioned me (I never got a notification I had been mentioned). After I sent my message to her I viewed her story and saw she was advertising her OnlyFans account (surprise surprise) so I deleted her immediately. But since then I’ve gotten even more friend requests. I’m trying to figure out what the heck is going on.
I mentioned this all to my boyfriend and he suggested it could be them selling my information to each other, and I could sue someone for that because it’s illegal to sell information such as that. Is that true? I live in Texas.
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