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This will also give you partner a heads up, so they can think to themselves: Okay, we’re actually doing this right now. Let me change gears. Transition into sexting what you want to do. In the study’s first survey of 1,500 people, researchers found that those who report high levels of stress or loneliness are more likely to make new additions to their sex life: sexting and ... Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. ©2020 ... 31 Things Women Are Actually Doing While Sexting. 5. Wickr ... Now, if you need help sexting, Juicebox should be downloaded on your phone RTFN—it’s like *the* virtual guide for sex and intimacy. The government will strictly disallow home quarantine for COVID-19 patients, Interior Secretary Eduardo Año said on Tuesday. In a television interview, Año said the government planned to ... Mixed Impacts on Kids. The impact of quarantine isn’t 100% clear-cut in all kids though. Kearney says some may be having positives and negatives on different days or even on the same day. The dating apps Bumble and Tinder now have on screen warnings urging swipers to self-isolate.Kelly Rakowski, CEO and founder of Lex, a popular dating app for lesbian, bisexual, asexual, trans, and ... Out-of-state travelers will likely remain subject to quarantine restrictions beyond Oct. 1. Gov. David Ige announced the potential extension of the mandatory, two-week quarantine for trans-Pacific ... Q: Why is all this happening? In the U.S., testing got off to a slow start, limiting efforts to isolate those with the COVID-19 disease. Public health experts now say the most important goal is to ... ‘Romantic connection in relationships really thrives off the unknown and the air of mystery, so keeping up with innovative ways to virtually date is key.’ ... like sexting, phone sex and ...

2020.06.11 21:26 MuskokaSituation Quarantine Sexting: Now Its Actually Happening...

I feel like an elephant is sitting on my chest. While I am extremely turned on by what has evolved up until this point I am really anxious, somewhat embarrassed, and confused as I was fine with everything up until now. And I think its too late to change my mind, her mind, what is about to happen.

My (38yo) girlfriend (25yo) is on her way to her neighbors cottage (55yo) with her most revealing swimsuit on under her track pants. She put her heels and makeup in her back pack and told her parents shes going to his place to work out at his gym while they go for dinner at a friends. She's been in quarantine with her family at the cottage on Lake Muskoka and her rich retired neighbor wants to take pictures of her on his boats that are for sale (he owns a marina).
Background story:
My (38yo) girlfriend (25yo) moved from Toronto, ON up to her cottage on Lake Muskoka, in the Muskoka's of Northern Ontario for the CoVid quarantine. Her family felt time at the cottage would be safer and the community up there is beautiful and less populated. She comes from a pretty wealthy family and doesn't really need to work at the moment and has been tanning, exercising, and studying her online courses. Shes been using the neighbors gym in their basement on a daily basis and has been pretty damn proud of the work shes put in over the last few weeks. I've been tortured with her instagram posts on daily basis in her tight little outfits. I wish I could go up and visit as I am only a 40 minute drive away but her mom is IMO batshit crazy about this whole CoVid thing because she is a health care professional so I am not even allowed on the property. It also doesn't help that we are 13 years apart and even though we've had an amazing relationship over the past 4.5 years her parents resent the fact we are 13 years apart. My GF loves being with an older guy though. I have a house, a job, not into partying, and she just loves older men and is not attracted to guys her age.
Our relationship has been relegated to texting, and talking dirty over snapchat, messengeinstagram which was fun at first but actually really starting to suck for me. Her MEGA rich neighbor has a smasher of a cottage, sea-doos, boats, massive deck and docking system, and a home gym that shes been invited to use. Her neighbor (lets call him Marcus) is 55 and your stereo typical retired rich Italian guy. Tatoos, overly tanned, loud, braggadocios, crass, always cracking jokes (funny or not). Ive met him a number of times over the years visiting their cottage and while he seems like a nice guy I've always HATED the way he stares, and makes comments to me under his breath about my GF. The one time she docked the seadoo and was tying the ropes up and he leaned in and whispered "mind if I smell that seat while its still wet?". I get that shes ultra attractive especially for older guys but thats a little much. She had her bikini bottom hanging on the banister and he took it off and used the crotch of her bikini to rub on his beer bottle. Its hard to hate him because he is a cool guy don't get me wrong. He lets us use the seadoos, always invites us for drinks, has great little parties, but it just bugs me the way he is with her. Just a bit of an old perv. My GF is admittedly a smoke bomb. Shes petite at 5'3 but curvy in the places that count. Firm B cups, french/spanish/portuguese looks with soft brown eyes, auburn hair, and her ass is face melting. She truly is a sexy little plate and every guy stares at her and I am fine with it typically as I am NOT a jealous guy...usually.
Every morning she walks to his cottage to get her work outs in and I feel like I've got a golf ball in my throat. Sometimes he'll workout with her and he has even posted pics of them together on their instagram with his sweaty hairy arms around her waist. One of his posts was him bench pressing her which she posted on her own instagram. He has recently asked her to model for a calendar shoot he does for his boat dealership and offered to pay her $2000 bucks cash for the day. I admit it has always turned me on watching her get attention, the way she dresses ect...I am proud she is my GF but the idea of her posing for a calendar on this guy's speed boats has me twisted in knots. She knows I get turned on by her showing off a bit of skin but the idea of her posing in private on his cigarette boats has me so nervous I could puke. Me being a push over and a horny idiot I told her to go for it. She was super excited at first as well but now we are both nervous about this. He ordered bikini's for her from this online store:

The swim suits were delivered in only 3 days which seemed way to fast, and after seeing them on facetime on her body we had the best 'cyber sex' you could really have. I've never had the courage to come out and tell her that the idea of her being next to naked for another guy is a huge turn on for me, but I've insinuated things like this and every time she LIGHTS UP she gets so turned on. She typically starts talking dirty about dressing up in revealing clothes or tanning on the dock where everyone can see her ect. Today was sobering when she texted me to say she was really nervous, but still wanted to, and he was expecting her in 4 hours at sunset. We both admitted to each-other that it turned us both on that she was going to do it and that she was going to be in his boat house Calendar. Now I am not sure if I want to jack off I am so turned on by the anticipation of her posing in them for him and his camera or If I want to drive up there and tell her to stop. She is currently drinking wine with her mom and dad before they leave for the evening on the boat, and she is going to head over shortly afterwards.
Sorry for the long disorganized rambling...I am sure I am articulating this like a 15yo boy. My hands are shaking and I know her neighbor is loving this and its about to be Christmas morning for him. Shes never posed for me in ANYTHING That revealing before...her last text was that her bikini bottom is already getting wet. UGH!
Is it normal to be turned on and almost sick to my stomach at the same time? I tried to brush my teeth and was gagging I am so nervous about this....
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After Bianca’s departure, the sub was left in anarchy. But, amidst the crumbling ruins of RDRinteractiveseason, 14 new queens emerge - there is hope! But wait… these new queens… they’re not entirely human?
A new era is upon us…
The lights flicker on and off, revealing Bridgette, Season 4 champion. Sonya, All Stars champion. Elle, All Stars runner-up. And Panthera, All Stars runner-up. They all stand upon the wreckage in an orderly line.
“This season” - Bridgette exclaims.
“We’re having” - Sonya declares.
“A complete” - Elle states.
“Ruboot” - Panthera [verb that means ‘says’].
The lights flicker off.
This season, fake drag is being taken to a cyber-queen level. A ru-volution is upon us as 14 new queens are about to showcase their talents in the NEW season of Reddit’s Drag Race.
The first queen walks to the centre of the shot…

Our first queen, you know her from Rising Stars, and she truly is, it’s Amelia Velvet! (u/milkssaboteur**)**
Get to know Amelia:
My name is Amelia Velvet, the (self proclaimed) breakout star of Reddit’s Rising Stars. I’m 19 years old and I live in Leprechaun Land, aka Ireland.
My drag style is very varied. I like to think that I can turn a lot of different looks, whether that be fashion forward, spooky, or give a lil bit of comedy. However I would say my preferred style would be fishy, but taken in a very fashion forward way. Amelia likes to be pretty and appealing, but she doesn’t hesitate in taking fashion risks, while still passing as a biological womanaaaaah. jk kimora.
I don’t have any influences because when I started Reddit’s Rising Stars, I knew nothing about fashion or art or performing - I just did it because I wanted an excuse to take my mind off my exams. However, I learnt from my critiques and I can safely say that every look and performance I have turned out is all thanks to learning from what I’ve done wrong, and being able to turn those negatives into positives. So I guess you could say my biggest influence is myself? Or is that too conceited?
Through doing RRS, I was able to learn a lot about the sub in general, and now it really is a part of my daily life. I’ve made some real connections with girls like Diana Forrest, Sir Ving Cox (RIP), Del O’Ryan, and even the hosts. So doing RDR5 would hopefully open me up to new queens that I can build connections with, while having the opportunity to improve my skills even further.
Promo Look:
For her futuristic look, Amelia wants to give her take on what a Queen from the future will look like - giving a very futuristic, fashion forward and robotic take on Royal Eleganza.
For her wig, Amelia is wearing a black and red Ursula-like fantasy. It is very large and voluminous, extremely similar to that in the referenced photo. It starts off pure black, then is crimson red for the top 6 inches, with a subtle blend between the black and red. Throughout the whole wig, there is a tint of silver glitter, that shines as the wig moves.
Wig reference:
Amelia’s mug is very harsh and commanding - her brows are high, her cheeks are chiselled, and her nose and jaw are sharp. Her contour is harsh, and the rest of her face is rather a light shade of a metallic silver. Her eye makeup is very dark - her eyeshadow is black, and her lashes, both top and bottom, are over exaggeratedly long - each lash is 1.5cm. Her lips are a harsh crimson red, and she has 3 ruby red stones below the outer corner of each eye - all a few mm apart, in the shape of a triangle.
For the main part of her look, Amelia is wearing an extravagant dress - made out of all matte black, thick plastic.
The upper half of the dress is a black casing that resembles a simple vest - it has a shallow round neckline, and the plastic straps (2 inches thick) travel over the centre of each shoulder. The ‘vest’ has numerous 1 inch squared cut outs, strategically placed all over the breast and torso area - around 15 in total on the front side. This continues on the back. It comes right in at the waist, and hugs the waist to give a noticeable silhouette.
Just below the waist, the dress continues into a large skirt, resembling a large crinoline casing. It is still the thick matte black material, and almost resembles a spider web. The whole piece hits the ground, and each bar-panel is around 2 inches thick.
Skirt reference:
This reference shows exactly how ‘poofy’ the skirt would appear.
Any clothes under this dress cannot be seen, however it can be assumed that Amelia is wearing black undergarments. She is wearing a crimson red strapped boot with a 5 inch heel.
Her whole body is painted to match her face skin tone - a very light shade of a metallic grey; almost stereotypical robot grey, however there is a noticeable shimmer on her skin- it is a subtle glitter paint. She also has sharp one inch nails that are a harsh crimson red colour.
For the presentation of her look, Amelia gives a solemn stare with her eyes and a forced smile. Her movements are very stop and start - very bumpy and robot like. She gives a forced queen like wave, but imagine for a robot would do it. She gives some spins, however they come off awkward due to the rigidity of the skirt, and her robot like movements.
Will Amelia reach for the stars? Or will she never be one?

Next up… she used to play Despacito, but now she is a fully realised… sexual intercourse preventer? It’s Chastity Belt. (u/AlexaPlayBurnRubber)
Get to know Chastity:
Hello there, my name was Alexa but I like to be referred to as Chastity Belt, though I don’t mind if you still call me Alexa. I’m 16 years old and I’m from Fiji. If you don’t know where that is, its an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean.
My drag is very referential to Drag Race, its very campy yet glamour and thats it. I’m still exploring what I can do since The Amazing Drag Race so my drag is still evolving but I know I’ve gained enough experience to compete in this.
This sounds very cheesy but Drag Race is my biggest influence, I discovered Drag when season 10 was airing and seeing these Queens has really changed me. Drag is what made me realize I’m not into the girls the way I thought I was, its educated me on Queer History and its helped me love and accept myself.
Another big influence to me is food. It’s not an art performance but I grew up watching shows like Masterchef, Hell’s Kitchen, Cake Boss and Iron Chef and looking up to legendary food personalities such as Gordon Ramsay, Nigella Lawson and Anthony Bourdain. The Food industry has made me appreciate hard work and effort while balancing creativity and uniqueness.
Drag is great. Drag is fun. We’re all born naked and the rest is Drag.
Promo Look:
I’ve taken inspiration from the automaton in the 2011 movie, Hugo.
To begin, I’m sitting on a chair with a table in front of me, my right arm stretched onto the table while holding a pencil on my hand, attempting to scribble on a piece of paper. My outfit is a black morphsuit, which blends with the background, on top I wear a metallic vest, like a metallic caged looking armor that covers my shoulders and biceps. This metallic vest is a dark grey colour which crisscrosses throughout my upper torso and my arms, thanks to my morphsuit, the areas not covered by the metallic vest makes it look like my insides are hollow and empty. On my face, I paint myself completely silver covering my entire head, I wear a clear mask to make my face look smoother and more robotic like.
Instead of being bald like the automaton in the movie, my hair is created with the same metal material used in my vest. The metallic wig is styled to look like its been pulled back and formed into a long ponytail, looking quite stiff.
As I continue to scribble on the paper, I realize that no matter how hard I try, I still can’t draw. I get off the chair revealing that I have no legs and in place, a metallic cage dress, Similar to Aja’s on her big hair runway and I walk away, my dress gliding swiftly with my movement.
Will Chastity be able to last? Or will she finish prematurely?

Now, this girl is totally bitchin’! It’s Del O’Ryan! (u/Del_of_Lorien)
Get to know Del:
My Name is Del O'Ryan, and I am 20 years old from Brisbane, Australia.
My drag is eclectic and unexpected. I like to take the familiar and twist it. Some elements and themes I particular like working with are: androgyny and gender presentation, hard/soft texture, and inter-generational shifts in political attitude. Some of my current favourite artistic inspirations are: Contrapoints, Brooke Candy, Grand Designs, my Godmother, and the random button on Wikipedia.Why drag? Because I'm a gender-confused little gay boy that needs an outlet. Sure, this IS a great point in time for breaking gender barriers, for breaking down barriers of sexuality and for making comedy about the shifting times we are in. Drag IS great right now due to sky-rocketing mainstream visibility, support for subversive entertainment, and the immense amount of talent in the field. However, I do drag for me. This is my form of creative expression. I would appreciate having my art viewed. I appreciate being respected for my ideas and the attitude I bring. But at the end of the day, I sat in my room creating fake drag performances on my own for years - even if I didn't describe it that way at the time. Why drag? Because I want to. Because I need to.
Promo Look:
My look is a reinterpretation of this [iconic 1993 robotic clay couture](
My Look (Large file - zoom in)
A.K.A The Wrong Trousers, but worn by a lesbian stripper for an upmarket Avant Garde photo-shoot.
I would style the robotic trousers with: one swurvaceous and curvaceous wig (salt and pepper brunette), one mesh wifebeater, 2 XXX-sized yellow star pasties, Heavy foundation to pull back the features so as to better resemble the Claymation style of Wallace and Gromit, excessively curly eyebrows, a thin lip and a prominent flipper, applied chest hair (I'm unable to supply the natural stuff due to being too inherently womanly), and a pair of black latex gloves covered in crisco (not pictured).
Del models with a coy face that maintains the nervous half-smile of Lady Tottington. She cycles through powerful and empowering poses that contrast with her expression. She feels up her enormous granny-panty-shaped abdomen and keeps her eyes 15 to 25 degress off from the camera. Introvert sexy.
Will Del race ahead in this competition, or will she be left behind at the start?

An average horror movie, Diana Forrest! (u/aidenriley01)
Get to know Diana:
Hey, fags and another word that rhymes with fags, I’m Diana Forrest! I’m 16 and I’m from the city of kilts, Irn Bru and ginger dick aka Edinburgh, Scotland.
I’ve always said Couture, Coutorn and Coutorcher seems like a description of my style in essence. I love playing with androgyny and turning myself into a work of art, I love taking risks, even when they fail spectacularly. I think when I kill a look or concept, I kill a look or concept and I mean that.
I’m very much inspired with high fashion moments and haute couture moments, some faves are iris van herpen (clock the promo), Alexander Mcqueen (wow originality), Jean Paul Gaultier, Y-project. I take a lot of inspiration from tech and mythical beings or ideas, I love being inspired by cultures and things I hold personal to me. My performance style is very extra and exaggerated, I give it my all, every time. I will take the risk when it comes to killing or slaying lip sync, comedy challenge or anything else, No cakes this time.
Why drag? Why the fuck not? It’s a big fuck you to straight men and I’m down with that. Also, it’s a big fuck off to gender roles and shit, I’m down with that.
Promo Look:
Diana’s promo look starts off with a long ass white wig, straightened flat down her back, cutting off just below the buttocks. The fringe is a cut across that lays just above her eyebrows, cutting straight across like a bowl cut. Her skin is painted a silvery white, just as if she has dunked her whole body in a giant vat of liquid highlighter, her eyes have a sharp, strong black cat eye to contrast against the illuminating platinum white of her skin, her eyes however have a complete blackout lens on them. Around the eyes is a faint vibrant, cobalt blue halo glistening around her eyes, with a darker blue lid. Her face is contoured using the palest brands she can find, giving her a chilled look. Her highlighter, however, is a different story, it is thick and vibrant, creating the glow of an oil spill on her cheeks with strong and hazy purples, greens and yellows, this continues on her body, speckled around her collarbones, ect. Her lips are a vibrant cyan blue, glistening to the light.
Diana’s outfit is simple but visually striking. It’s a tunic dress, made out of a DekoSilks of alternating colours, with an off the shoulder neckline. There is no real sleave to the dress as it has a batwing effect connecting the arm to the torso. The dress falls loosely on Diana's body, coming to the waist where the skirt transitions to an asymmetrical cut, cutting across one leg and leading to a train on the right side of the dress. The dress shifts from cold cobalt, to a cyan, to lime green, then a vivid yellow followed by red then a mostly white pink. The idea is to replicate the scale of a thermal photograph. White lines of embroidery all across the dress, mimicking the dresses silhouette as it polls in the middle, empty space is filled with embroidery resembling cartography and wood grains, creating a swirling pattern that guides the eye down and pulls Diana's waist in, as she is unsynched. Across the neckline lays white wire, which sprouts up from the neckline, creating a wire fan effect around Diana's face and body. Her shoes are a pair of platinum white, armadillo boots, these match her skin creating the effect that she has some funky robot feet.
Her gown twirls and shines as it breaks at the light, her metallic skin shining against the light and sparkling towards the camera. Her body moves effortlessly across the promo stage, gliding almost. Her walk is sophisticated and commanding, drawing all attention to her stunning look as it floats and flows effortlessly around her.
Will Diana not get eliminated after winning the first challenge? Tune in to see.

Newark, Laguardia, next up is Eve Kennedy! (u/EV3Gurl)
Get to know Eve:
My name is Eve Kennedy. Eve as in the woman who ate the apple & Kennedy as in the President who got shot in TX. I’m 19 years old, going on 20 (only 9 more days) & I Am from the QUEEN city itself, Cincinnati, Ohio.
I’d say that my drag style is incredibly eclectic. I love beauty & glamour but at the same time I was raised incredibly nerdy with a lot of horror influences so that is also visible in a lot of what I do. I like to describe my aesthetic as “Urban Pin Up” because I enjoy taking a lot of classical ideas or silhouettes & applying a fresh, modern, American street wear take on it & because I am so young Instagram that Instabaddie look is incredibly popular so I think you can see a lot of those elements in different looks I do.
I say incredibly eclectic not just because of the aesthetic elements of my drag but the other parts as well. I’m a former competitive dancer, I was trained in acting by the Cincinnati Shakespeare company, I’m a singer by trade. I’ve worked my ass off to build a large variety of skills & not all of them are performance based, many are behind the scenes technical skills like audiovisual production, photography, & crew work. When it comes to drag what matters is how you can differentiate yourself & I try very hard to add a spin, a wit, a reference that you can’t find in every local bar, it’s something you can only find with me.
Some of my biggest celebrity inspirations (by decade) are Marilyn Monroe, Stevie Nicks, Debbie Harry, Madonna, Kurt Cobain, Christina Aguilera & Lady Gaga. Yaknow… Blondes with coke problems, they remind me of myself :) In dance I have so much respect for the choreography that Abby Lee Miller & Gianna from the show Dance Moms do, I competed against them when they did the Rosa Parks number in my hometown, a block away from my house. My top 3 all time drag queen inspirations are, Adore Delano, Tyra Sanchez, & Sharon Needles. Sharon has done 1 of my favorite performance pieces ever called “TV Will Never Love You” I know she hates it but I think it’s brilliant. For Tyra, she was just such a well rounded incredible competitor, every time she stepped on that stage it was such a higher level & she’s a phenomenal lip syncer. Adore Delano has such a beautiful voice & is just so charismatic that it’s impossible to look passed her, she’s had so much success in her music career too.
Last but not least, why drag? My whole life I knew I was different, I was quirky, & weird. I was too effeminate for people & I was picked on for it & beaten my entire life. I had to leave school because how bad I was being treated by the admins for coming to class dressed as a woman. I would be singled out for dressing in similar ways that the cisgender women did but because I was queer & didn’t conform to their gender standards I was abhorrent, I was a problem, & that lead me to drag, it lead me to being actively political & questioning authority. My goal is to be the absolute strongest in every element of drag, lipsync, sewing, dancing, acting, comedy, & singing. I believe I can & that I Will be the strongest over all competitor. I’ve trained my whole life to be on Rupaul’s Drag Race, I’ve watched this show all the way from season 1 when I was 9 years old & until I am eligible for the show itself I will compete in every single competition that will have me.
Promo Look:
I’d wear a half mask that resembles a robotic jawline with green circuitry & robotic contacts while holding another half mask that resembles lips & a jawline. The half mask straps would be hidden under a short slicked back blonde lace front wig.
Will this be Reddit’s Drag Race Season F-Eve or will it be o-Eve-r for Eve b-Eve-fore the season starts?

A Lebanese star! Get ready for the immense talents of Ms. Fey(me)! (u/alikaoreos)
Get to know Ms. Fey:
Bonjour! I’m Ms. Fey-Té Bill Hate, the self-indulgent, goody two-shoes, glamorous comedy queen all the way from Beirut, Lebanon! (The name transliterates to فايتة بالحيط, which is what you would use to describe someone unlucky/clumsy/stupid). I am 20 years young :)
Being a Westernized Lebanese gworl, I get to show my culture and how truly special and unique it is! I also have a thing for Roasts and just reads in general, so if you need a villain, hit me up!
My drag style is influenced by the legendary Lebanese singer Fairuz, who used to wear glamorous, flow-y, modest dresses in her live performances. While that style is a bit too “old-lady” for a 20y/o, I take elements from it to create modern and chic looks. I think my style of drag will bring something completely new to the competition, and will hopefully educate viewers on Middle Eastern/Lebanese culture, because the media does not do is justice henny!
Drag is not only an outlet for your creative juices, but it is also very entertaining. Whether you’re watching a Drag competition, show, standup, etc. you forget about your everyday problems for just a few seconds to wave your finger and scream “YAAAAS” at every death-dropping queen within visible distance.
Promo Look:
My idea of a futuristic look is something that is very practical yet extravagant. My outfit is a nude track suit made from lead to fend off any radiation, with cyan shoes that are made from alien technology to look so bright that it looks like a blue light is carrying me across the runway!
Miss Fey is“floating”, holding my A.I. pet dog on a leash, just running some errands like a regular, high-class housewife. And since the nuclear war that happened has rendered
the air unbreathable, a mini oxygen tank is hidden below the wig, which is blonde and fluffy.
Did Miss Fey come to slay? Or only to play? We’ll find out soon, but now onto the next queen...

Flashback Mary. Flashback Mary. Flashback Mary. HI SISTERS! (u/falsekiss)
Get to know Flashback Mary:
Hello, hello, hello! My name is Flashback Mary, an 18 year old hag from Washington.
My drag style is very unique. It's a mix of faux goth with Bratz influences. But I pride myself on being a chameleon of sorts, being able to fit into any scene without losing my own flair. My work is really influenced by thought provoking musicians. I don’t really take inspiration from the top 40’s pop girls. I’m more into alternative pop sounds that focus more on lyrics or story telling. I probably sound like one of those “omg not like other girls XD” people but I’m just being as honest as I can be.
Why drag? Too short for modeling. :’(
Promo Look:
Click this link for a drawing
A very sultry, over the shoulder pose with bent legs portrays Flashback Mary’s beautiful outfit.
A blunt bang of white hair waterfalls down an inch below the base of her shoulder. Black, metallic robot antennas poke out from the root of the wig. The canvas of her face is brow-less, with fading, black raccoon eyes accentuating white sclera contact lenses. Big, juicy gray lips poke out from the cut of a black face mask.
Her figure is covered in a body-suit that ends at the ankle and wrists. The body suit is a gray, metallic fabric with black slits throughout to resemble movable robotic parts. Solid black duct-taping is placed on top of the body suit to resemble clothes. Around the breasts, shoulder straps, and a V-bikini cut out. Her hourglass figure pans down to a shiny, black platform pump.
Is Flashback Mary going viral? Or will she flop… all will be revealed!
Well, there are the first 7 queens gunning for the crown… stay thirsty for the next 7 queens coming after this post!
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2017.06.02 10:27 tombstoneshadows28 Bikini mom 55 naked


  1. A Troll In Central Park (Directors: Don Bluth + Gary Goldman)
  2. Black Beauty (Director: Caroline Thompson)
  3. Lassie (Director: Daniel Petrie)
  4. Robot In The Family (Directors: Mark Harry Richardson + Jack Shaoul)
  5. The Lion King (Director: Roger Allers + Rob Minkoff)
  6. The Magic Of The Golden Bear: Goldy III (Director: John Quinn)
  7. The NeverEnding Story III (Director: Peter MacDonald)
  8. The Pagemaster (Directors: Pixote Hunt + Joe Johnston)
  9. The Story Of Christmas (Director: Henri Heidsieck)
  10. The Swan Princess (Director: Richard Rich)
  11. Through The Olive Trees (Director: Abbas Kiarostami)
  12. Thumbelina (Directors: Don Bluth + Gary Goldman)
  1. 3 Ninjas Kick Back (Director: Charles T. Kanganis)
  2. A Feast At Midnight (Director: Justin Hardy)
  3. A Million To Juan (Director: Paul Rodriguez)
  4. Andaz Apna Apna (Director: Rajkumar Santoshi)
  5. Andre (Director: George Miller)
  6. Angels In The Outfield (Director: William Dear)
  7. Baby’s Day Out (Director: Patrick Read Johnson)
  8. Beanstalk (Director: Michael Davis)
  9. Bigfoot: The Unforgettable Encounter (Director: Corey Michael Eubanks)
  10. Blank Check (Director: Rupert Wainwright)
  11. Camp Nowhere (Director: Jonathan Prince)
  12. Clifford (Director: Paul Flaherty)
  13. Cops + Robbersons (Director: Michael Ritchie)
  14. Corrina, Corrina (Director: Jessie Nelson)
  15. D2: The Mighty Ducks II (Director: Sam Weisman)
  16. Dragonworld (Director: Ted Nicolaou)
  17. Ernest Goes To School (Director: Coke Sams)
  18. Friend For A Day (Director Jamie Neese)
  19. Getting Even With Dad (Director: Howard Deutch)
  20. Hail Caesar (Director: Anthony Michael Hall)
  21. Healer (Director: John G. Thomas)
  22. Heaven Sent (Director: Craig Clyde)
  23. Huck + The King Of Hearts (Director: Michael Keusch)
  24. I Like It Like That (Director: Darnell Martin)
  25. I Love Trouble (Director: Charles Shyer)
  26. I.Q. (Director: Fred Schepisi)
  27. Il Postino (Directors: Michael Radford + Massimo Troisi)
  28. Imaginary Crimes (Director: Anthony Drazan)
  29. In Custody (Director: Ismail Merchant)
  30. In The Amy Now (Director: Daniel Petrie, Jr. )
  31. Iron Will (Director: Charles Haid)
  32. It Could Happen To You (Director: Andrew Bergman)
  33. It Runs In The Family (Director: Bob Clark)
  34. Lisbon Story (Director: Wim Wenders)
  35. Little Big League (Director: Andrew Scheinman)
  36. Little Indian Big City (Director: Hervé Palud)
  37. Little Women (Director: Gillian Armstrong)
  38. Magic Kid II (Director: Stephen Furst)
  39. Major League II (Director: David S. Ward)
  40. Maverick (Director: Richard Donner)
  41. Miracle On 34th Street (Director: Les Mayfield)
  42. Monkey Trouble (Director: Franco Amurri)
  43. My Father, The Hero (Director: Steve Miner)
  44. My Girl II (Director: Howard Zieff)
  45. No Dessert, Dad, Till You Mow The Lawn (Director: Howard McCain)
  46. North (Director: Rob Reiner)
  47. Only You (Director: Norman Jewison)
  48. Pet Shop (Director: Hope Perello)
  49. Police Academy VII: Mission To Moscow(Director: Alan Metter)
  50. Pom Poko (Director: Isao Takahata)
  51. Princess Caraboo (Director: Michael Austin)
  52. Radioland Murders (Director: Mel Smith)
  53. Ri¢hie Ri¢h (Director: Donald Petrie)
  54. Running Free (Director: Steve Kroschel)
  55. Savage Land (Director: Dean Hamilton)
  56. Sherlock: Undercover Dog (Director: Richard Harding Gardner)
  57. Squanto: A Warrior’s Tale (Director: Xavier Koller)
  58. Star Trek: Generations (Director: David Carson)
  59. The Air Up There (Director: Paul Michael Glaser)
  60. The Fantastic Four (Director: Oley Sassone)
  61. The Flintstones (Director: Brian Levant)
  62. The Hudsucker Proxy (Director: Joel Coen)
  63. The Jungle Book (Director: Stephen Sommers)
  64. The Knickerbocker Gang: The Talking Grave (Snoopers) (Director: Marijan David Vajda)
  65. The Little Rascals (Director: Penelope Spheeris)
  66. The Next Karate Kid (Director: Christopher Cain)
  67. The Night Before Christmas (Director: Terence Hill)
  68. The Santa Clause (Director: John Pasquin)
  69. The Secret Of Roan Inish (Director: John Sayles)
  70. Trading Mom (Director: Tia Brelis)
  71. Vanya On 42nd Street (Director: Louis Malle)
  72. War Of The Buttons (Director: John Roberts)
  73. White Fang II: Myth Of The White Wolf (Director: Ken Olin)
  74. Widows’ Peak (Director: John Irvin)
  75. Windrunner (Directors: William Clark + William Tannen)
  1. 8 Seconds (Director: John G. Avildsen)
  2. A Pure Formality (Director: Giuseppe Tornatore)
  3. A Simple Twist Of Fate (Director: Gillies MacKinnon)
  4. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (Director: Tom Shadyac)
  5. Airheads (Director: Michael Lehmann)
  6. Barcelona (Director: Whit Stillman)
  7. Being Human (Director: Bill Forsyth)
  8. Blankman (Director: Mike Binder)
  9. Blue Chips (Director: William Friedkin)
  10. Blue Sky (Director: Tony Richardson)
  11. Bread + Roses (Director: Gaylene Preston)
  12. Cabin Boy (Director: Adam Resnick)
  13. Camilla (Director: Deepa Mehta)
  14. Car 54, Where Are You? (Director: Bill Fishman)
  15. Chungking Express (Director: Kar-Wai Wong)
  16. City Slickers II: The Legend Of Curly’s Gold (Director: Paul Weiland)
  17. Clean Slate (Director: Mick Jackson)
  18. Clear + Present Danger (Director: Phillip Noyce)
  19. Country Life (Director: Michael Blakemore)
  20. Crooklyn (Director: Spike Lee)
  21. Don Juan DeMarco (Director: Jeremy Leven)
  22. Double Dragon (Director: James Yukich)
  23. Double Happiness (Director: Mina Shum)
  24. Dumb + Dumber (Director: Peter Farrelly + Bobby Farrelly)
  25. El taxista (Director: Miguel Ángel Rodríguez)
  26. Forrest Gump (Director: Robert Zemeckis)
  27. Future Shock (Directors: Eric Parkinson, Matt Reeves + Oley Sassone)
  28. Greedy (Director: Jonathan Lynn)
  29. Guarding Tess (Director: Hugh Wilson)
  30. Highlander: The Final Dimension (Director: Andrew Morahan)
  31. Holy Matrimony (Director: Leonard Nimoy)
  32. I’ll Do Anything (Director: James L. Brooks)
  33. In Between (Directors: Sylvia Chang, Leung Chun 'Samson' Chiu + Yonfan)
  34. It’s Pat (Director: Adam Bernstein)
  35. Jack Brown Jesus (Director: Tony Hiles)
  36. Judicial Consent (Director: William Bindley)
  37. Junior (Director: Ivan Reitman)
  38. Lightning Jack (Director: Simon Wincer)
  39. Love Affair (Director: Glenn Gordon Caron)
  40. Milk Money (Director: Richard Benjamin)
  41. Mixed Nuts (Director: Nora Ephron)
  42. Mr. Write (Director: Charlie Loventhal)
  43. Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult (Director: Peter Segal)
  44. Natural Causes (Director: James Becket)
  45. Nell (Director: Michael Apted)
  46. Oblivion (Director: Sam Irvin)
  47. P.C.U. (Director: Hart Bochner)
  48. Picture Bride (Director: Kayo Hatta)
  49. Pontiac Moon (Director: Peter Medak)
  50. Quiz Show (Director: Robert Redford)
  51. Reality Bites (Director: Ben Stiller)
  52. Renaissance Man (Director: Penny Marshall)
  53. Revenge Of The Red Baron (Director: Robert Gordon)
  54. Safe Passage (Director: Robert Allan Ackerman)
  55. Sarah’s Child (Director: Ron Beckstrom)
  56. Second Best (Director: Chris Menges)
  57. Sioux City (Director: Lou Diamond Phillips)
  58. Speechless (Director: Ron Underwood)
  59. Stargate (Director: Roland Emmerich)
  60. Street Fighter (Director: Steven E. de Souza)
  61. Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie (Director: Gisaburô Sugii)
  62. Tammy + The T-Rex (Director: Stewart Rafill)
  63. Temptation (Director: Strathford Hamilton)
  64. Teresa’s Tattoo (Director: Julie Cypher)
  65. Terminal Velocity (Director: Deran Sarafian)
  66. The Chase (Director: Adam Rifkin)
  67. The Client (Director: Joel Schumacher)
  68. The Cowboy Way (Director: Gregg Champion)
  69. The Crazysitter (Director: Michael McDonald)
  70. The Glass Shield (Director: Charles Burnett)
  71. The Madness Of King George (Director: Nicholas Hytner)
  72. The Mask (Director: Chuck Russell)
  73. The Raffle (Director: Gavin Wilding)
  74. The Scout (Director: Michael Ritchie)
  75. The Shadow (Director: Russell Mulcahy)
  76. The War (Director: Jon Avnet)
  77. Time Chasers (Director: David Giancola)
  78. To Die, To Sleep (Director: Brianne Murphy)
  79. Tom + Viv (Director: Brian Gilbert)
  80. Trapped In Paradise (Director: George Gallo)
  81. Twin Sitters (Director: John Paragon)
  82. Wagons East (Director: Peter Markle)
  83. With Honors (Director: Alek Keshishian)
  84. Wyatt Earp (Director: Lawrence Kasdan)
  1. 2002: The Rape Of Eden (Director: Sam Auster)
  2. A Brilliant Disguise (Director: Nick Vallelonga)
  3. A Business Affair (Director: Charlotte Brändström)
  4. A Dangerous Place (Director: Jerry P. Jacobs)
  5. A Good Man In Africa (Director: Bruce Beresford)
  6. À la folie (Director: Diane Kurys)
  7. A Low Down Dirty Shame (Director: Keenen Ivory Wayans)
  8. A Man Of No Importance (Director: Suri Krishnamma)
  9. A Passion To Kill (Director: Rick King)
  10. A.P.E.X. (Director: Phillip J. Roth)
  11. Above The Rim (Director: Jeff Pollack)
  12. Amateur (Director: Hal Hartley)
  13. Angel IV: Undercover (Director: Richard Schenkman)
  14. Angel Of Destruction (Director: Charles Philip Moore)
  15. Angie (Director: Martha Coolidge)
  16. Ashes Of Time (Director: Kar-Wai Wong)
  17. Aswang (Directors: Wrye Martin + Barry Poltermann)
  18. Au Pair (Director: Angelika Weber)
  19. Babyfever (Director: Victoria Foyt + Henry Jaglom)
  20. Backbeat (Director: Iain Softley)
  21. Backstreet Justice (Director: Chris McIntyre)
  22. Bad Blood (Director: Tibor Takács)
  23. Bad Girls (Director: Jonathan Kaplan)
  24. Bar Girls (Director: Marita Giovanni)
  25. Beverly Hills Cop III (Director: John Landis)
  26. Beyond Bedlam (Director: Vadim Jean)
  27. Beyond Desire (Director: Joe Hernandez)
  28. Bleeding Hearts (Director: Gregory Hines)
  29. Blown Away (Director: Stephen Hopkins)
  30. Blue Tiger (Director: Norberto Barba)
  31. Boca (Directors: Walter Avancini + Zalman King)
  32. Body Shot (Director: Dimitri Logothetis)
  33. Boulevard (Director: Penelope Buitenhuis)
  34. Brainscan (Director: John Flynn)
  35. Breaking Point (Director: Paul Ziller)
  36. Bullet Down under (Signal One) (Director: Rob Stewart)
  37. Bullets Over Broadway (Director: Woody Allen)
  38. Burnt By The Sun (Director: Nikita Mikhalkov)
  39. Cage II (Director: Lang Elliott)
  40. Caged Heat II: Striped Of Freedom (Director: Cirio H. Santiago)
  41. Captives (Director: Angela Pope)
  42. Caroline At Midnight (Director: Scott McGinnis)
  43. Cemetery Man (Dellamorte, Dellamore) (Director: Michele Soavi)
  44. Ceremony (Director: Joe Castro)
  45. Chain Of Command (Director: David Worth)
  46. Chasers (Director: Dennis Hopper)
  47. China Moon (Director: John Bailey)
  48. Class Of 1999 II: The Substitute (Director: Spiro Razatos)
  49. Class of Nuke 'Em High Part III: The Good, the Bad and the Subhumanoid (Director: Eric Louzil)
  50. Clerks (Director: Kevin Smith)
  51. Cobb (Director: Ron Shelton)
  52. Color Of Night (Director: Richard Rush)
  53. Concealed Weapon (Directors: Dave Payne + Milan Zivkovic)
  54. Confessions Of A Hitman (Director: Larry Leahy)
  55. Crackerjack (Director: Michael Mazo)
  56. Criminal Passion (Director: Donna Deitch)
  57. Curse Of The Starving Class (Director: J. Michael McClary)
  58. Cyber Tracker (Director: Richard Pepin)
  59. Cyborg Cop II (Director: Sam Firstenberg)
  60. Dance Me Outside (Director: Bruce McDonald)
  61. Dangerous Touch (Director: Lou Diamond Phillips)
  62. Dark Side Of Genius (Director: Phedon Papamichael)
  63. Dark Tide (Director: Luca Bercovici)
  64. Dead Badge (Director: Douglas Barr)
  65. Dead Beat (Director: Adam Dubov)
  66. Dead Connection (Director: Nigel Dick)
  67. Dead Funny (Director: John Feldman)
  68. Dead On (Director: Ralph Hemecker)
  69. Dead Tired (Director: Michel Blanc)
  70. Dead On Sight (Director: Ruben Preuss)
  71. Deadly Advice (Director: Mandie Fletcher)
  72. Deadly Target (Director: Charla Driver)
  73. Death Machine (Director: Stephen Norrington)
  74. Death Match (Director: Joe Coppoletta)
  75. Death Wish V: The Face Of Death (Director: Allan A. Goldstein)
  76. Death + The Maiden (Director: Roman Polanski)
  77. Deceptions II: Edge Of Deception (Director: George Mihalka)
  78. Deep Down (Director: John Travers)
  79. Demon Keeper (Director: Joe Tornatore)
  80. Desoto al Paraiso (Director: Gerardo Herrero)
  81. Dheriyaa (Director: Mohamed Niyaz Tedry)
  82. Dinosaur Island (Directors: Fred Olen Ray + Jim Wynorski)
  83. Disclosure (Director: Barry Levinson)
  84. Don’t Do It (Director: Gene Hess)
  85. Double Exposure (Director: Claudia Hoover)
  86. Drop Squad (Director: David C. Johnson)
  87. Drop Zone (Director: John Badham)
  88. Ed Wood (Director: Tim Burton)
  89. Erotique (Directors: Lizzie Borden, Clara Law, Ana Maria Magalhães + Monika Treut)
  90. Every Breath (Director: Steve Bing)
  91. Everynight...Everynight (Director: Alkinos Tsilmidos)
  92. Exit To Eden (Director: Garry Marshall)
  93. Exotica (Director: Atom Egoyan)
  94. Eyes Of The Serpent (Director: Ricardo Jacques Gale)
  95. F.T.W. (Director: Michael Karbelnikoff)
  96. Farinelli (Director: Gérard Corbiau )
  97. Federal Hill (Director: Michael Corrente)
  98. Felony (Director: David A. Prior)
  99. Femme Fontaine: Killer Babe for the C.I.A. (Director: Margot Hope)
  100. Fist Of Legend (Director: Gordon Chan)
  101. Flashfire (Director: Elliot Silverstein)
  102. Fleshtone (Director: Harry Hurwitz)
  103. Floundering (Director: Peter McCarthy)
  104. Forced To Kill (Director: Russell Solberg)
  105. Foreign Bodies (Director: Jim Purdy)
  106. Foreign Student (Director: Eva Sereny)
  107. Fortunes Of War (Director: Thierry Notz)
  108. Four Weddings + A Funeral (Director: Mike Newell)
  109. Frame-Up II: The Cover Up (Director: Paul Leder)
  110. Frank + Jesse (Director: Robert Boris)
  111. Freefall (Director: John Irvin)
  112. Fresh (Director: Boaz Yakin)
  113. Funny Man (Director: Simon Sprackling)
  114. Getting In (Director: Doug Liman)
  115. Go Fish (Director: Rose Troche)
  116. Great Moments In Aviation (Director: Beeban Kidron)
  117. Guyver: Dark Hero (Director: Steve Wang)
  118. Hai jiao wei qing (Director: Raymond Lee)
  119. Hand Gun (Director: Whitney Ransick)
  120. Hard Drive (Director: James Merendino)
  121. Hard Vice (Director: Joey Travolta)
  122. Heaven’s A Drag (Director: Peter Mackenzie Litten)
  123. Heavenly Creatures (Director: Peter Jackson)
  124. Hellbound (Director: Aaron Norris)
  125. Hollywood Dreams (Director: Rafe M. Portilo)
  126. Hong Kong 97 (Director: Albert Pyun)
  127. House Party III (Director: Eric Meza)
  128. Ice (Director: Brook Yeaton)
  129. Il branco (Director: Marco Risi)
  130. Immortal Beloved (Director: Bernard Rose)
  131. Immortal Combat (Director: Dan Neira)
  132. Improper Conduct (Director: Jag Mundhra)
  133. In The Heart Of Passion II: Unfaithful (Director: Catherine Cyran)
  134. In The Mouth Of Madness (Director: John Carpenter)
  135. Indecent Behavior II (Director: Carlo Gustaff)
  136. Inner Sanctum II (Director: Fred Olen Ray)
  137. Innocent Obsession (Director: Belle Avery)
  138. Intersection (Director: Mark Rydell)
  139. Interview With The Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (Director: Neil Jordan)
  140. Jason’s Lyric (Director: Doug McHenry)
  141. Jimmy Hollywood (Director: Barry Levinson)
  142. Kickboxer IV: The Aggressor (Director: Albert Pyun)
  143. Killer (Director: Mark Malone)
  144. Killing Obsession (Director: Paul Leder)
  145. La fille de d'Artagnan (Director: Bertrand Tavernier)
  146. Lady In Waiting (Director: Fred Gallo)
  147. Ladybird Ladybird (Director: Ken Loach)
  148. Legends Of The Fall (Director: Edward Zwick)
  149. Léon: The Professional (Director: Luc Besson)
  150. Leprechaun II (Director: Rodman Flender)
  151. Lion Strike (Directors: Rick Jacobson, Joe Hart + Paul G. Volk)
  152. Lipstick Camera (Director: Mike Bonifer)
  153. Little Odessa (Director: James Gray)
  154. Loaded (Bloody Weekend) (Director: Anna Campion)
  155. Lookin’ Italian (Director: Guy Magar)
  156. Love Is A Gun (Director: David Hartwell)
  157. Love + A .45 (Director: C.M. Talkington)
  158. Lurking Fear (Director: C. Courtney Joyner)
  159. Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’ (Director: Kenneth Branagh)
  160. Maybe...Maybe Not (Director: Sönke Wortmann)
  161. Men Of War (Director: Perry Lang)
  162. Midnight Confessions (Director: Alla Shustak)
  163. Mirror, Mirror II: Raven Dance (Director: Jimmy Lifton)
  164. Molly + Gina (Director: Paul Leder)
  165. Moondance (Director: Dagmar Hirtz)
  166. Mosquito (Director: Gary Jones)
  167. Mrs. Parker + The Vicious Circle (Director: Alan Rudolph)
  168. Muriel’s Wedding (Director: P.J. Hogan)
  169. Mutant Species (Director David A. Prior)
  170. Nadja (Director: Michael Almereyda)
  171. Natural Born Killers (Director: Oliver Stone)
  172. Never Say Die (Director: Yossi Wein)
  173. New Crime City (Director: Jonathan Winfrey)
  174. New Nightmare (Director: Wes Craven)
  175. New York Nights (Director: Ernest G. Sauer)
  176. Night Fire (Director: Mike Sedan)
  177. Night Of The Archer (Director: Paul Nicholas)
  178. Night Of The Demons II (Director: Brian Trenchard-Smith)
  179. Nightwatch (Director: Ole Bornedal)
  180. Nina Takes A Lover (Director: Alan Jacobs)
  181. No Escape (Director: Martin Campbell)
  182. Nobody’s Fool (Director: Robert Benton)
  183. Nostradamus (Director: Roger Christian)
  184. Nothing To Lose (Director: Izidore K. Musallam)
  185. Object Of Obsession (Director: Gregory Dark)
  186. Of Love + Shadows (Director: Betty Kaplan)
  187. On Deadly Ground (Director: Steven Seagal)
  188. Once Were Warriors (Director: Lee Tamahori)
  189. One Man Army (Director: Cirio H. Santiago)
  190. Operation: Golden Phoenix (Director: Jalal Merhi)
  191. Outlaws: The Legend Of O.B. Taggart)
  192. Paperback Romance (Director: Ben Lewin)
  193. Pentathlon (Director: Bruce Malmuth)
  194. Perfect Gift (Director: Michael Paul Girard)
  195. Phantasm III: Lord Of The Dead (Director: Don Coscarelli)
  196. Playmaker (Director: Yuri Zeltser)
  197. Plughead Rewired: Circuitry Man II (Directors: Robert Lovy + Steven Lovy)
  198. Priest (Director: Antonia Bird)
  199. Private Lessons: Another Story (Director: Dominique Othenin-Girard)
  200. Project: Shadowchaser II (Director: John Eyres)
  201. Pulp Fiction (Director: Quentin Tarantino)
  202. Queen Margot (Director: Patrice Chéreau)
  203. Radio Inside (Director: Jeffrey Bell)
  204. Rampo (Directors: Rintaro Mayuzumi + Kazuyoshi Okuyama)
  205. Rapa Nui (Director: Kevin Reynolds)
  206. Raw Justice (Director: David A. Prior)
  207. Ready To Wear (Pret-a-Porter) (Director: Robert Altman)
  208. Red Firecracker, Green Firecracker (Director: Ping He)
  209. Red Scorpion II (Director: Michael Kennedy)
  210. Red Sun Rising (Director: Francis Megahy)
  211. Redheads (Director: Danny Vendramini)
  212. Reflections On A Crime (Director: Jon Purdy)
  213. Relative Fear (Director: George Mihalka)
  214. Replikator (Director Philip Jackson)
  215. Ring Of Steel (Director: David Frost)
  216. Royal Deceit (Director: Gabriel Axel)
  217. S.F.W. (Director: Jefery Levy)
  218. Saints + Sinners (Director: Paul Mones)
  219. Saturday Night Fever (Director: Dan Golden)
  220. Save Me (Director: Alan Roberts)
  221. Scorned (Director: Andrew Stevens)
  222. Secret Games III (Director: Gregory Dark)
  223. Seduce Me: Pamela Principle II (Director: Edward Holzman)
  224. Sensation (Director: Brian Grant)
  225. Serial Mom (Director: John Waters)
  226. Sexual Outlaws (Director: Edwin Brown)
  227. Shallow Grave (Director: Danny Boyle)
  228. Shopping (Director: Paul W.S. Anderson)
  229. Shrunken Heads (Director: Richard Elfman)
  230. Silent Fall (Director: Bruce Beresford)
  231. Silk Degrees (Director: Armand Garabidian)
  232. Silk n’ Sabotage (Director: Joe Dauley)
  233. Sister My Sister (Director: Nancy Meckler)
  234. Ski School (Director: David Mitchell)
  235. Skins (Director: Wings Hauser)
  236. Sleep With Me (Director: Rory Kelly)
  237. Sleeping With Stranger (Director: William T. Bolson)
  238. Soft Deceit (Director: Jorge Montesi)
  239. Somebody To Love (Director: Alexandre Rockwell)
  240. Speed (Director: Jan de Bont)
  241. Stalked (Director: Douglas Jackson)
  242. Stranglehold (Director: Cirio H. Santiago)
  243. Suite 16 (Director: Dominique Deruddere)
  244. Surviving The Game (Director: Ernest R. Dickerson)
  245. Swimming With Sharks (Director: George Huang)
  246. T-Force (Director: Richard Pepin)
  247. Terminal Voyage (Director: Rick Jacobson)
  248. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation (Director: Kim Henkel)
  249. The Adventures Of Priscila, Queen Of The Desert (Director: Stephan Elliott)
  250. The Beans Of Egypt, Maine (Director: Jennifer Warren)
  251. The Browning Version (Director: Mike Figgis)
  252. The Crew (Director: Carl Colpaert)
  253. The Crow (Director: Alex Proyas)
  254. The Dallas Connection (Director: Christian Drew Sidaris)
  255. The Dangerous (Directors: Maria Dante + Rod Hewitt)
  256. The Defender (Director: Corey Yuen)
  257. The Favor (Director: Donald Petrie)
  258. The Fence (Director: Peter Pistor)
  259. The Getaway (Director: Roger Donaldson)
  260. The Great Bikini Off-Road Adventure (Director: Gary Dean Orona)
  261. The Hard Truth (Director: Kristine Peterson)
  262. The House On Todville Road (Director: Robert Burge)
  263. The Inkwell (Director: Matty Rich)
  264. The Killing Machine (Director: David Mitchell)
  265. The Last Good Time (Director: Bob Balaban)
  266. The Last Seduction (Director: John Dahl)
  267. The Legend Of Drunken Master (Director: Chia-Liang Liu)
  268. The Long Weekend (Director: David B. Parker)
  269. The Lover Of Silent Films (Director: Pablo Torre)
  270. The Monster (Director: Roberto Benigni)
  271. The New Age (Director: Michael Tolkin)
  272. The New Legend Of Shaolin (Directors: Jing Wong + Corey Yuen)
  273. The Night + The Moment (Director: Anna Maria Tatò)
  274. The Other Man (Director: Jag Mundhra)
  275. The Paper (Director: Ron Howard)
  276. The Puppet Masters (Director: Stuart Orme)
  277. The Ref (Director: Ted Demme)
  278. The River Wild (Director: Curtis Hanson)
  279. The Road Killers (Director: Deran Sarafian)
  280. The Road To Wellville (Director: Alan Parker)
  281. The Search For One-eye Jimmy (Director: Sam Henry Kass)
  282. The Seventh Floor (Director: Ian Barry)
  283. The Shawshank Redemption (Director: Frank Darabont)
  284. The Silence Of The Hames (Director: Ezio Greggio)
  285. The Soft Kill (Director: Eli Cohen)
  286. The Specialist (Director: Luis Llosa)
  287. The Stoned Age (Director: James Melkonian)
  288. The Sum Of Us (Directors: Geoff Burton + Kevin Dowling)
  289. The Unborn II (Director: Rick Jacobson)
  290. There Goes My Baby (Director: Floyd Mutrux)
  291. Three Colors: Red (Director: Krzysztof Kieslowski)
  292. Three Colors: White (Director: Krzysztof Kieslowski)
  293. Threesome (Director: Andrew Fleming)
  294. Timecop (Director: Peter Hyams)
  295. Tollbooth (Director: Salomé Breziner)
  296. Tonight The Earth Goes Down (Director: Anders Gustafsson)
  297. Traps (Director: Pauline Chan)
  298. Trial By Jury (Director: Heywood Gould)
  299. Trigger Fast (Director: David Lister)
  300. True Lies (Director: James Cameron)
  301. Tryst (Director: Peter Foldy)
  302. Unveiled (Director: William Cole)
  303. Warriors (Director: Shimon Dotan)
  304. Watchers III (Director: Jeremy Stanford)
  305. What Happened Was... (Director: Tom Noonan)
  306. When A Man Loves A Woman (Director: Luis Mandoki)
  307. When The Bough Breaks (Director: Michael Cohn)
  308. Whore II (Director: Amos Kollek)
  309. Wolf (Director: Mike Nichols)
  310. Woman Of Desire (Director: Robert Ginty)
  311. Zero Tolerance (Director: Joseph Merhi)
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  1. Aladdin (Directors: Ron Clements + John Musker)
  2. As You Like It (Director: Christine Edzard)
  3. Baduk (Director: Majid Majidi)
  4. FernGully: The Last Rainforest (Director: Bill Kroyer)
  5. The Importance Of Being Earnest (Director: Kurt Baker)
  6. The Magic Voyage (Director: Michael Schoemann)
  7. The Muppet Christmas Carol (Director: Brian Henson)
  8. Tom + Jerry: The Movie (Director: Phil Roman)
  1. 3 Ninjas (Director: Jon Turteltaub)
  2. A League Of Their Own (Director: Penny Marshall)
  3. A Place In The World (Director: Adolfo Aristarain)
  4. A River Runs Through It (Director Robert Redford)
  5. Alan + Naomi (Director: Sterling Van Wagenen)
  6. Baby On Board (Director: Francis Schaeffer)
  7. Beethoven (Director: Brian Levant)
  8. Big Girls Don't Cry (Director: Joan Micklin Silver)
  9. Chamatkar (Director: Rajiv Mehra)
  10. Claude (Director: Cindy Lou Johnson)
  11. Dark Horse (Director: David Hemmings)
  12. Forever Young (Director: Steve Miner)
  13. Freddie As F.R.O.7. (Director: Jon Acevski)
  14. Home Alone II: Lost In New York (Director: Chris Columbus)
  15. Honey, I Blew Up The Kid (Director: Randal Kleiser)
  16. Howard's End (Director: James Ivory)
  17. I Don’t Buy Kisses Anymore (Director: Robert Marcarelli)
  18. Into The West (Director: Mike Newell)
  19. Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar (Director: Mansoor Khan)
  20. Mom + Dad Save The World (Director: Greg Beeman)
  21. Munchie (Director: Jim Wynorski)
  22. My Grandpa Is A Vampire (Director: David Blyth)
  23. Newsie (Director: Kenny Ortega)
  24. Nickel + Dime (Director: Ben Moses)
  25. Once Upon A Crime... (Director: Eugene Levy)
  26. Out On A Limb (Director: Francis Veber)
  27. Over The Hill (Director: George Miller)
  28. Porco Rosso (Director: Hayao Miyazaki)
  29. Pure Country (Director: Christopher Cain)
  30. Russian Holiday (Director: Greydon Clark)
  31. Sidekicks (Director: Aaron Norris)
  32. Sister Act (Director: Emile Ardolino)
  33. Space Case (Director: Howard R. Cohen)
  34. Stay Tuned (Director: Peter Hyams)
  35. Straight Talk (Director: Barnet Kellman)
  36. Strictly Ballroom (Director: Baz Luhrmann)
  37. The Accompanist (Director: Claude Miller)
  38. The Babe (Director: Arthur Hiller)
  39. The Cutting Edge (Director: Paul Michael Glaser)
  40. The Efficiency Expert (Director: Mark Joffé)
  41. The Legend Of Wolf Mountain (Director: Craig Clyde)
  42. The Long Day Closes (Director: Terence Davies)
  43. The Mighty Ducks (Diector: Stephen Herek)
  44. The Story Of Qiu Ju (Director: Yimou Zhang)
  45. Wishman (Director: Mike Marvin)
  46. Wuthering Heights (Diector: Peter Kosminsky)
  1. 1492: Conquest Of Paradise (Diector: Ridley Scott)
  2. A Fine Romance (Director: Gene Saks)
  3. A Stranger Among Us (Director: Sidney Lumet)
  4. Adventures In Spying (Director: Hil Covington)
  5. Aquí, el que no corre... vuela (Director: Ramón Fernández)
  6. Batman Returns (Director: Tim Burton)
  7. Beyond Justice (Director: Duccio Tessari)
  8. Blame It On The Bellboy (Director: Mark Herman)
  9. Breaking The Rules (Director: Neal Israel)
  10. Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Director: Fran Rubel Kuzui)
  11. Butterscotch + Chocolate (Director: Nate Grant)
  12. Bébé's Kids (Director: Bruce W. Smith)
  13. Captain Ron (Director: Thom Eberhardt)
  14. Chaplin (Director: Richard Attenborough)
  15. Christopher Columbus: The Discovery (Director: John Glen)
  16. City Of Joy (Director: Roland Joffé)
  17. Class Act (Director: Randall Miller)
  18. Cool World (Director: Ralph Bakshi)
  19. Critters IV (Director Rupert Harvey)
  20. Dead Girls Don’t Tango (Director: John Carr)
  21. Death Becomes Her (Director: Robert Zemeckis)
  22. Double Edge (Director: Amos Kollek)
  23. Ein Fall für TKKG: Drachenauge (Directors: Ulrich König)
  24. Encino Man (Director: Les Mayfield)
  25. Falling From Grace (Director: John Mellencamp)
  26. Far + Away (Director: Ron Howard)
  27. Folks! (Director: Ted Kotcheff)
  28. Frogtown (Director: Donald G. Jackson)
  29. Frozen Assets (Director: George Miller)
  30. Hero (Director: Stephen Frears)
  31. Honeymoon In Vegas (Director: Andrew Bergman)
  32. Housesitter (Director: Frank Oz)
  33. Indochine (Director: Régis Wargnier)
  34. Invisible (Director: Blackie Shou Liang Ko)
  35. Jersey Girl (Director: David Burton Morris)
  36. Kuffs (Director: Bruce A. Evans)
  37. Kung Fu Rascals (Director: Steve Wang)
  38. La Revancha (Director: Juan Fernando Pérez Gavilán)
  39. Ladybugs (Director: Sidney J. Furie)
  40. Landslide (Director: Jean-Claude Lord)
  41. Leap Of Faith (Director: Richard Pearce)
  42. Little Sister (Director: Jimmy Zeilinger)
  43. Malcolm X (Director: Spike Lee)
  44. Man Trouble (Director: Bob Rafelson)
  45. Marilyn Alive + Behind Bars (Director: John Carr)
  46. Medicine Man (Diector: John McTiernan)
  47. Memoirs Of An Invisible Man (Director: John Carpenter)
  48. Monster In A Box (Director: Nick Broomfield)
  49. Mr. Baseball (Director: Fred Schepisi)
  50. Noises Off... (Director: Peter Bogdanovich)
  51. Of Mice + Men (Diector: Gary Sinise)
  52. Oh, What A Night (Director: Eric Till)
  53. Once Upon A Time In China (Director: Hark Tsui)
  54. Only You (Director: Betty Thomas)
  55. Orlando (Director: Sally Potter)
  56. Passed Away (Director: Charlie Peters)
  57. Praying With Alien (Director: M. Night Shyamalan)
  58. Prelude To A Kiss (Director Norman René)
  59. Rain Without Thunder: Gary O. Bennett)
  60. Rescue Me (Director: Arthur Allan Seidelman)
  61. Rich In Love (Director: Bruce Beresford)
  62. Ruby Cairo (Director: Graeme Clifford)
  63. Sarafina! (Director: Darrell Roodt)
  64. School Ties (Director: Robert Mandel)
  65. Scorpion King (Director: David Lai)
  66. Shadow Of The Wolf (Directors: Jacques Dorfmann + Pierre Magny)
  67. Shooting Elizabeth (Director: Baz Taylor)
  68. Sneakers (Director: Phil Alden Robinson)
  69. Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot (Director: Roger Spottiswoode)
  70. That Night (Director: Craig Bolotin)
  71. The Ghosting (Director: Walt Hefner)
  72. The Gun In Betty Lou’s Handbag (Director: Allan Moyle)
  73. The Nutt House (Directors: Adam Rifkin + Scott Spiegel)
  74. The Playboys (Director: Gilles MacKinnon)
  75. The Power Of One (Director: John G. Avildsen)
  76. There Goes The Neighborhood (Director: Bill Phillips)
  77. This Is My Life (Director: Nora Ephron)
  78. Toys (Director: Barry Levinson)
  79. Twin Dragons (Directors: Ringo Lam + Hark Tsui)
  80. Unbecoming Age (Directors: Alfredo Ringel + Deborah Ringel)
  81. Used People (Director: Beeban Kidron)
  82. Valhalla (Director: Jonathan D. Gift)
  83. Wayne’s World (Director: Penelope Spheeris)
  84. We’re Talkin’ Serious Money (Director: James Lemmo)
  85. Wind (Director: Carroll Ballard)
  86. Year Of The Comet (Director: Peter Yates)
  1. A Few Good Men (Director: Rob Reiner)
  2. A Midnight Clear (Director: Keith Gordon)
  3. A Woman, Her Man + Her Futon (Director: Michael Sibay)
  4. Aces: Iron Eagle III (Director: John Glen)
  5. Alien III (Director: David Fincher)
  6. American Heart (Director: Martin Bell)
  7. American Me (Director: Edward James Olmos)
  8. American Samurai (Director: Sam Firstenberg)
  9. Angel Of Fury (Director: Ackyl Anwari)
  10. Aquesta nit o mai (Director: Ventura Pons)
  11. Army Of Darkness (Director: Sam Raimi)
  12. Article 99 (Director: Howard Deutch)
  13. Auntie Lee’s Meat Pies (Director: Joseph F. Robertson)
  14. Back In The U.S.S.R. (Director: Deran Sarafian)
  15. Basic Instinct (Director: Paul Verhoeven)
  16. Belle Époque (Director: Fernando Trueba)
  17. Bikini Summer II (Director: Jeff Conaway)
  18. Bitter Moon (Director: Roman Polanski)
  19. A Passion For Murder (Director: Neill Fearnley)
  20. Blackbelt (Directors: Charles Philip Moore + Rick Jacobson)
  21. Blink Of An Eye (Director: Bob Misiorowski)
  22. Bloodfist III: Forced To Fight (Director: Oley Sassone)
  23. Blue Ice (Director: Russell Mulcahy)
  24. Bob Roberts (Director: Tim Robbins)
  25. Body Chemistry II: Voice Of A Stranger (Director: Adam Simon)
  26. Body Trouble (Director: Bill Milling)
  27. Body Waves (Director: P.J. Pesce)
  28. Boomerang (Director: Reginald Hudlin)
  29. Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” (Director: Francis Ford Coppola)
  30. CIA Code Name: Alexa (Director: Joseph Merhi)
  31. California Hot Wax (Director: Jan Marilyn Reesman)
  32. Can It Be Love (Director: Peter Maris)
  33. Candyman (Director: Bernard Rose)
  34. Canvas (Director: Alain Zaloum)
  35. Center Of The Web (Director: David A. Prior)
  36. Children Of The Corn II: The Final Sacrifice (Director: David Price)
  37. Ciao, Professore! (Director: Lina Wertmüller)
  38. Complex World (Director: Jim Wolpaw)
  39. Consenting Adults (Director: Alan J. Pakula)
  40. Crisis In The Kremlin (Director: Jonathan Winfrey)
  41. CrissCross (Director: Chris Menges)
  42. Crossing The Bridge (Director: Mike Binder)
  43. Damage (Director: Louis Malle)
  44. Dance Macabre (Director: Greydon Clark)
  45. Dance With Death (Director: Charles Philip Moore)
  46. Dark Vengeance (Director: Faruque Ahmed)
  47. Dead Boyz Can’t Fly (Director: Cecil Howard)
  48. Deadly Bet (Director: Richard W. Munchkin)
  49. Deep Cover (Director: Bill Duke)
  50. Delta Heat (Director: Michael Fischa)
  51. Desert Kickboxer (Director: Isaac Florentine)
  52. Desire (Director: Andrew Birkin)
  53. Deuce Coupe (Director: Mark Deimel)
  54. Diggstown (Director: Michael Ritchie)
  55. Distant Judge (Director: Tôru Murakawa)
  56. Double Obsession (Director: Eduardo Montes Bradley)
  57. Double Trouble (Director: John Paradon)
  58. Dr. Giggles (Director: Many Coto)
  59. Dust Devil (Director: Richard Stanley)
  60. El Mariachi (Director: Robert Rodriguez)
  61. Equinox (Director: Alan Rudolph)
  62. Evil Toons (Diector: Fred Olen Ray)
  63. Eyes Of The Beholder (Director: Lawrence L. Simeone)
  64. Fatal Instinct (Director: John Dirlam)
  65. Fathers+ Sons (Director: Paul Mones)
  66. Fifty/Fifty (Director: Charles Martin Smith)
  67. Final Analysis (Director: Phil Joanou)
  68. Final Embrace (Director: Oley Sassone)
  69. Final Impact (Directors: Joseph Merhi + Stephen Smoke)
  70. Fly By Night (Director: Steve Gomer)
  71. Fortress (Director: Stuart Gordon)
  72. Fraternity Demon (Director: C.B Rubin)
  73. Freejack (Director: Geoff Murphy)
  74. Full Contact (Director: Ringo Lam)
  75. Galaxies Are Colliding (Director: John Ryamn)
  76. Gas, Food, Lodging (Director: Alison Anders)
  77. Gladiator (Director: Rowdy Herrington)
  78. Glengarry Glen Ross (Director: James Foley)
  79. Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth (Director: Anthony Hickox)
  80. Hit The Dutchman (Director: Menahem Golan)
  81. Hoffa (Director: Danny DeVito)
  82. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me (Director: Joel Hershman)
  83. Hostage (Director: Robert Young
  84. Hot Under The Collar (Director: Richard Gabai)
  85. House Of Angels (Director: Colin Nutley)
  86. How U Like Me Now (Director: Darryl Roberts)
  87. Hurricane Smith (Director: Colin Budds)
  88. Husbands + Wives (Director: Woody Allen)
  89. Illicit Behavior (Director: Worth Keeter)
  90. In The Heat Of Passion (Director: Rodman Flender)
  91. In The Soup (Director: Alexandre Rockwall)
  92. Innocent Blood (Director: John Landis)
  93. Inside Monkey Zetterland (Director: Jefery Levy)
  94. Interceptor (Director: Michael Cohn)
  95. Intimate Obsession (Director Lawrence Lanoff)
  96. Into The Sun (Director: Fritz Kiersch)
  97. Invader (Director: Philip J. Cook)
  98. Ironheart (Director: Robert Clouse)
  99. Jack + His Friends (Director: Bruce Ornstein)
  100. Jennifer 8 (Director: Bruce Robinson)
  101. Judgement (Director: William Sachs)
  102. Juice (Director: Ernest R. Dickerson)
  103. Just Another Girl On The I.R.T. (Director: Leslie Harris)
  104. Just Like A Woman (Director: Christopher Monger)
  105. Kickboxer III: The Art Of War (Director: Rick King)
  106. Killer Image (Director: David Winning)
  107. Knight Moves (Director: Carl Schenkel)
  108. La mansión de los Cthulhu (Director: Juan Piquer Simón)
  109. Lady Dragon (Director: David Worth)
  110. Laws Of Gravity (Director: Nick Gomez)
  111. Le Grand Pardon II (Director: Alexandre Arcady)
  112. Leaving Normal (Director: Edward Zwick)
  113. Let’s Kill All The Lawyers (Director: Ron Senkowski)
  114. Lethal Ninja (Director: Yossi Wein)
  115. Lethal Weapon III (Director: Richard Donner)
  116. Liar’s Edge (Director: Ron Oliver)
  117. Light Sleeper (Director: Paul Schrader)
  118. Like Water For Chocolate (Director: Alfonso Arau)
  119. Live Wire (Director: Christian Duguay)
  120. Lorenzo’s Oil (Director: George Miller)
  121. Love Crimes (Director: Lizzie Bordon)
  122. Love Field (Director: Jonathan Kapa)
  123. Love Is Like hat (Director: Jill Goldman)
  124. Love Potion #9 (Director: Dale Launer)
  125. Loving Lulu (Director: Howard Wexler)
  126. Mac (Director: John Turturro)
  127. Mad At The Moon (Director: Martin Donovan)
  128. Map Of The Human Heart (Director: Vincent Ward)
  129. Maximum Force (Director: Joseph Merhi)
  130. Me, Myself + I (Director: Pablo Ferro)
  131. Meatballs IV (Director: Bob Logan)
  132. Mikey (Director: Dennis Dimster)
  133. Mind, Body + Soul (Director: Rick Sloane)
  134. Mindwarp (Director: Steve Barnett)
  135. Miracle Beach (Director: Skott Snider)
  136. Mission Of Justice (Director: Steve Barnett)
  137. Mistress (Director: Barry Primus)
  138. Mo’ Money (Director: Peter MacDonald)
  139. Movie Madness (Director: Steve Sayre)
  140. Mr. Saturday Night (Director: Billy Crystal)
  141. My Cousin Vinny (Director: Jonathan Lynn)
  142. My New Gun (Director: Stacy Cochran)
  143. Naked Killer (Director: Clarence Yiu-leung Fok)
  144. Near Mrs. (Director: Baz Taylor)
  145. Nemesis (Director: Albert Pyun)
  146. Nervous Ticks (Director: Rocky Lang)
  147. Netherworld (Director: David Schmoeller)
  148. Night + The City (Director: Irwin Winkler)
  149. No Place To Hide (Director: Richard Danus)
  150. Oliver, Oliver (Director: Agnieszka Holland)
  151. Once False Move (Director: Carl Franklin)
  152. Out For Blood (Director: Richard W. Munchkin)
  153. Over The Line (Directors: Ovidio G. Assonitis + Robert Barrett)
  154. Passenger 57 (Director: Kevin Hooks)
  155. Patriot Games (Director: Phillip Noyce)
  156. Pet Sematary II (Director: Mary Lambert)
  157. Peter’s Friends (Director: Kenneth Branagh)
  158. Play Alice (Director: Terri Treas)
  159. Poison Ivy (Director: Katt Shea)
  160. Prey Of The Chameleon (Director: Fleming B. Fuller)
  161. Primary Motive (Director: Daniel Adams)
  162. Prison Planet (Director: Armand Gazarian)
  163. Prom Night IV: Deliver Us From Evil)
  164. Prototype (Director: Phillip J. Roth)
  165. Radio Flyer (Directors: Richard Donner + David M. Evans)
  166. Rage + Honor (Director: Terence H. Winkless)
  167. Raiders Of The Sun (Director: Cirio H. Santiago)
  168. Raising Cain (Director: Brian De Palma)
  169. Rapid Fire (Director: Dwight H. Little)
  170. Reservoir Dogs (Director: Quentin Tarantino)
  171. Roadside Prophets (Director: Abbe Wool)
  172. Rock + Roll Fantasy (Sorority House Party) (Director: David Michael Latt)
  173. Romper Stomper (Director: Geoffrey Wright)
  174. Roots Of Evil (Director: Gary Graver)
  175. Round Numbers (Director: Nancy Zala)
  176. Round Trip To Heaven (Director: Alan Roberts)
  177. Royal Tramp (Director: Jing Wong)
  178. Royal Tramp II (Director: Jing Wong)
  179. Ruby (Director: John Mackenzie)
  180. Scent Of A Woman (Director: Martin Brest)
  181. Seedpeople (Director: Peter Manoogian)
  182. Severed Ties (Director: Damon Santostefano)
  183. Shadow Force (Director: Ken Lamkin)
  184. Shining Blood (Director: Stash Klossowski)
  185. Shining Through (Director: David Seltzer)
  186. Simple Men (Director: Hal Hartley)
  187. Single White Female (Director: Barbet Schroeder)
  188. Sleepwalkers (Director: Mick Garris)
  189. Small Kill (Directors: Gary Burghoff + Rob Fresco)
  190. Soulmates (Director: Thunder Levin)
  191. South Central (Director: Stephen Milburn Anderson)
  192. Split Second (Director: Tony Maylam)
  193. Storyville (Director: Mark Frost)
  194. Street Crimes (Director: Stephen Smoke)
  195. Street Wars (Director: Jamaa Fanaka)
  196. Sunset Heat (Director: John Nicolella)
  197. Supercop (Police Story III) (Director: Stanley Tong)
  198. Sweet Justice (Director: Allen Plone)
  199. Swordsman II (Directors: Siu-Tung Ching + Stanley Tong)
  200. Tale Of A Vampire (Director: Shimako Sato)
  201. Talons Of The Eagles (Director: Michael Kennedy)
  202. Tetsuo II: Body Hammer (Director: Shin’ya Tsukamoto)
  203. The Berlin Conspiracy (Director: Terence H. Winkless)
  204. The Bikini Carwash Company (Director: Ed Hansen)
  205. The Bodyguard (Director: Mick Jackson)
  206. The Crying Game (Director: Neil Jordan)
  207. The Dark Side Of The Heart (Director: Eliseo Subiela)
  208. The Distinguished Gentleman (Director: Jonathan Lynn)
  209. The Finest Hour (Director: Shimon Dotan)
  210. The Finishing Touch (Director: Fred Gallo
  211. The Flight Of THe Innocent (Director: Carlo Carlei)
  212. The Hand That Rocks The Cradle (Director: Curtis Hanson)
  213. The Harvest (Director: David Marconi)
  214. The Ice Runner (Director: Barry Samson)
  215. The Journey (Director: Fernando E. Solanas)
  216. The Last Days Of Chez Nous (Director Gillian Armstrong)
  217. The Last Riders (Director: Joseph Merhi)
  218. The Last Of The Mohicans (Director: Michael Mann)
  219. The Lawnmower Man (Director: Brett Leonard)
  220. The Lover (Director: Jean -Jacques Annaud)
  221. The Mambo Kings (Director: Arne Glimcher)
  222. The Master (Director: Hark Tsui)
  223. The Opposite Sex and How to Live with Them (Director: Matthew Meshekoff)
  224. The Plague (Director: Luis Puenzo)
  225. The Player (Director: Robert Altman)
  226. The Public Eye (Director: Howard Franklin)
  227. The Silencer (Director: Amy Goldstein)
  228. The Swordsman (Director: Michael Kennedy)
  229. The Tigress (Director: Karin Howard)
  230. The Turn Of The Screw (Director: Rusty Lemorande)
  231. The Turning (Director: L.A. Puopolo)
  232. The Unnamable II: The Statement of Randolph Carter (Director Jean-Paul Ouellette)
  233. The Vagrant (Director: Chris Walas)
  234. The Waterdance (Directors: Neal Jimenez + Michael Steinberg)
  235. Three Days To A Kill (Director: Fred Williamson)
  236. Thunderheart (Director: Michael Apted)
  237. To Protect + Serve (Director: Eric Weston)
  238. To The Death (Director: Darrel Roodt)
  239. Traces Of Red (Director: Andy Wolk)
  240. Trespass (Director: Walter Hill)
  241. Turtle Beach (Director: Stephen Wallace)
  242. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (Director: David Lynch)
  243. Twogether (Director: Andrew Chiaramonte)
  244. Ulterior Motives (Director: James Becket)
  245. Ultraviolet (Director: Mark Griffiths)
  246. Under Siege (Director: Andrew Davis)
  247. Unforgiven (Director: Clint Eastwood)
  248. Universal Soldier (Director: Roland Emmerich)
  249. Unlawful Entry (Director: Jonathan Kaplan)
  250. Venice/Venice (Director: Henry Jaglom)
  251. Walls + Bridges (Director: Uzo)
  252. Waterland (Director: Stephen Gyllenhaal)
  253. Waxwork II: Lost In Time (Director: Anthony Hickox)
  254. Wet + Wild Summer (Director: Maurice Murphy)
  255. Whispers In The Dark (Director: Christopher Crowe)
  256. White Men Can’t Jump (Director: Ron Shelton)
  257. White Sands (Director: Roger Donaldson)
  258. Who Killed The Baby Jesus? (Director: Douglas Borghi)
  259. Wild West (Director: David Attwood)
  260. Xia ri qing ren (Director: Clifton Ko)
  261. Zebrahead (Director: Anthony Drazan)
  1. Bad Lieutenant (Director: Abel Ferrara)
  2. Man Bites Dog (Directors: Rémy Belvaux, André Bonzel + Benoît Poelvoorde)
  3. Tokyo Decadence (Director: Ryû Murakami)
  4. Tou se yi hung mou (Director: Kein Hing Lee)
submitted by tombstoneshadows28 to movies [link] [comments]

2017.05.30 13:03 tombstoneshadows28 All of the MPAA/CARA-rated films of 1991 (out of the 3,531 films released worldwide that year.)


  1. All I Want For Christmas (Director: Robert Lieberman)
  2. An American Tail: Fievel Goes West (Directors: Phil Nibbelink + Simon Wells)
  3. Beauty + The Beast (Director: Gray Trousdale + Kirk Wise)
  4. Cherokee (Director: Pascal Ortega)
  5. L'assassin jouait du trombone (Roger Cantin)
  6. Rock-A-Doodle (Director: Don Bluth, Gary Goldman + Dan Kuenster)
  7. Rover Dangerfield (Director: James L. George + Bob Seeley)
  8. The Pistol: The Birth Of A Legend (Director: Frank C. Schroeder)
  9. The Princess + The Goblin (Director: József Gémes)
  10. Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken (Director: Steve Miner)
  1. Adventures In Dinosaur City (Director: Brett Thompson)
  2. American Friends (Director Tristram Powell)
  3. And You Thought Your Parents Were Weird (Director: Tony Cookson)
  4. Bill + Ted’s Bogus Journey (Director: Peter Hewitt)
  5. Bingo (Director: Matthew Robbins)
  6. Born To Ride (Director: Graham Baker)
  7. Close To Eden (Director: Nikita Mikhalkov)
  8. Cool As Ice (Director: David Kellogg)
  9. Curly Sue (Director: John Hughes)
  10. December (Director: Gabe Torres)
  11. Defending Your Life (Director: Albert Brooks)
  12. Delirious (Director: Tom Mankiewicz)
  13. Dingo (Director: Rolf de Heer)
  14. Dream Machine (Director: Lyman Dayton)
  15. Driving Me Crazy (Director: Jon Turteltaub)
  16. Enchanted April (Director: Mike Newell)
  17. Ernest Scared Stupid (Director: John R. Cherry III)
  18. Father Of The Bride (Director: Charles Shyer)
  19. Hard Promises (Director: Martin Davidson)
  20. Harley (Director: Fred Holmes)
  21. High Strung (Director: Roger Nygard)
  22. Hook (Director: Steven Spielberg)
  23. Jacquot de Nantes (Director: Agnès Varda)
  24. King Ralph (Director: David S. Ward)
  25. Late For Dinner (Director: W.D. Richter)
  26. Little Man Tate (Director: Jodie Foster)
  27. Lucky Luke (Director: Terence Hill)
  28. Mannequin II: On The Move (Director: Stewart Raffill)
  29. Missing Pieces (Director: Leonard Stern)
  30. My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys (Director: Stuart Rosenberg)
  31. Only Yesterday (Director: Isao Takahata)
  32. Oscar (Director: John Landis)
  33. Pure Luck (Director: Nadio Tass)
  34. Raise The Red Lantern (Director: Yimou Zhang)
  35. Rhapsody In August (Director: Akira Kurosawa)
  36. Samantha (Director: Stephen La Rocque)
  37. Spirit Of The Eagle (Director: Boon Collins)
  38. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (Director: Nicholas Meyer)
  39. Stepping Out (Director: Lewis Gilbert)
  40. Suburban Commando (Director: Burt Kennedy)
  41. Sweet Talker (Director: Michael Jenkins)
  42. Talent For The Game (Director: Robert M. Young)
  43. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze (Director: Michael Pressman)
  44. The Giant Of Thunder Mountain (Director: James W. Roberson)
  45. The Rocketeer (Director: Joe Johnston)
  46. What About Bob (Director: Frank Oz)
  47. Where Angels Fear To Tread (Director: Charles Sturridge)
  48. White Fang (Director: Randal Kleiser)
  1. A Woman’s Tale (Director: Paul Cox)
  2. Alligator II: The Mutation (Director: Jon Hess)
  3. American Shaolin (Director: Lucas Lwe)
  4. Armour Of God II: Operation Condor (Director: Jackie Chan)
  5. Beastmaster II: Through The Portal Of Time (Director: Sylvio Tabet)
  6. Bed + Breakfast (Director: Robert Ellis Miller)
  7. Blue Tornado (Director: Antonio Bido)
  8. Career Opportunities (Director: Bryan Gordon)
  9. City Slickers (Director: Ron Underwood)
  10. Company Business (Director: Nicholas Meyer)
  11. Critters III (Director: Kristine Peterson)
  12. Danzón (Director: María Novaro)
  13. Desire + Hell At Sunset Motel (Director: Alien Castle)
  14. Doc Hollywood (Director: Michael Caton-Jones)
  15. Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead (Director: Stephen Herek)
  16. Drop Dead Fred (Director: Ate de Jong)
  17. Dutch (Director: Peter Faiman)
  18. En dag i oktober (Director: Kenneth Madsen)
  19. Eyes Of An Angel (Director: Robert Harmon)
  20. F/X II (Director: Richard Franklin)
  21. Flight Of The Intruder (Director: John Milius)
  22. Fried Green Tomatoes (Director: Jon Avnet)
  23. Guilty By Suspicion (Director: Irwin Winkler)
  24. He Said, She Said (Director: Ken Kwapis, Marisa Silver)
  25. Hot Shots! (Director: Jim Abrahams)
  26. If Looks Could Kill (Director: William Dear)
  27. Impromptu (Director: James Lapine)
  28. In Between (Director: Thomas Constantinides)
  29. Johnny Stecchino (Director: Roberto Benigni)
  30. Journey Of Honor (Director: Gordon Hessler)
  31. Kafka (Director: Steven Soderbergh)
  32. L.A. Story (Director: Mick Jackson)
  33. Lena’s Holiday (Director: Michael Keusch)
  34. Life Stinks (Director: Mel Brooks)
  35. Lunatics: A Love Story (Director: Josh Becker)
  36. Madame Bovary (Director: Claude Chabrol)
  37. Meeting Venus (Director: István Szabó)
  38. Mobile Suit Gundam F91 (Director: Yoshiyuki Tomino)
  39. Money (Director: Steven Hilliard Stern)
  40. My Girl (Director: Howard Zieff)
  41. Necessary Roughness (Director: Stan Dragoti)
  42. Not Without My Daughter (Director: Brian Gilbert)
  43. Nothing But Trouble (Director: Dan Aykroyd)
  44. Off + Running (Director: Ed Bianchi)
  45. Only The Lonely (Director: Chris Columbus)
  46. Paradise (Director: Mary Agnes Donoghue)
  47. Pizza Man (Director: J.F. Lawton)
  48. Problem Child II (Director: Brian Levant)
  49. Regarding Henry (Director: Mike Nichols)
  50. Return To The Blue Lagoon (Director: William A. Graham)
  51. Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves (Director: Kevin Reynolds)
  52. Rock + Roll High School Forever (Director: Deborah Brock)
  53. Roujin Z (Director: Hiroyuki Kitakubo)
  54. Rubin + Ed (Director: Trent Harris)
  55. Shadows + Fog (Director: Woody Allen)
  56. Shout (Director: Jeffrey Hornaday)
  57. Soapdish (Director: Michael Hoffman)
  58. Strictly Business (Directors: Kevin Hooks + Rolando Hudson)
  59. The Addams Family (Director: Barry Sonnenfeld)
  60. The Ballad Of The Sad Café (Director: Simon Callow)
  61. The Butcher’s Wife (Director: Terry Hughes)
  62. The Doctor (Director: Randa Haines)
  63. The Guyver (Directors: Screaming Mad George + Steve Wang)
  64. The Inner Circle (Director: Andrey Konchalovsky)
  65. The Last Butterfly (Director: Karel Kachyna)
  66. The Man In The Moon (Director: Robert Mulligan)
  67. The Naked Gun 2½: The Smell of Fear (Director: David Zucker)
  68. The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe (Director: John Bailey)
  69. Thousand Pieces Of Gold (Director: Nancy Kelly)
  70. Till There Was You (Director: John Seale)
  71. Toto The Hero (Director: Jaco Van Dormael)
  72. Up Against The Wall (Director: Ron O’Neal)
  73. Voyager (Director: Volker Schlöndorff)
  1. 29th Street (Director: George Gallo)
  2. 9½ Ninjas! (Director: Aaron Barsky)
  3. 976-EVIL II (Director: Jim Wynorski)
  4. A Climate For Killing (Director: J.S. Cardone)
  5. A Demon In My View (Director: Petra Haffter)
  6. The Knife (Director: Walter Salles)
  7. A Kiss Before Dying (Director: James Dearden)
  8. A Rage In Harlem (Director: Bill Duke)
  9. A Sensuous Summer (Director: Boots Rakely)
  10. A Time To Die (Director: Charles T. Kanganis)
  11. Afraid Of The Dark (Director: Mark Peploe)
  12. Age Isn’t Everything (Director: Douglas Katz)
  13. Ambition (Director: Scott D. Goldstein)
  14. American Kickboxer (Director: Frans Nel)
  15. Another You (Director: Maurice Phillips)
  16. At Play In The Fields Of The Lord (Director: Hector Babenco)
  17. Backdraft (Director: Ron Howard)
  18. Barton Fink (Director: Joel Coen)
  19. Basket Case III (Director: Frank Henenlotter)
  20. Battle Gear (Director: Cirio H. Santiago)
  21. Becoming Colette (Director: Danny Huston)
  22. Bikini Island (Director: Tony Markes)
  23. Bikini Summer (Director: Robert Veze)
  24. Billy Bathgate (Director: Robert Benton)
  25. Black Magic (Director Deryn Warren)
  26. Black Robe (Director: Bruce Beresford)
  27. Blobermouth (Director: Kent Skov)
  28. Blood + Concrete (Director: Jeffrey Reiner)
  29. Bloodmatch (Director: Albert Pyun)
  30. Bloodsucking Pharaohs In Pittsburgh (Director: Dean Tschetter)
  31. Blue Desert (Director: Bradley Battersby)
  32. Body Parts (Director: Eric Red)
  33. Boyz n the Hood (Director: John Singleton)
  34. Brain Twisters (Director: Jerry Sangiuliano)
  35. Breathing Fire (Directors: Lou Kennedy, Brandon Pender + Brandon De-Wilde)
  36. Buddy’s Song (Director: Claude Whatham)
  37. Bugsy (Director: Barry Levinson)
  38. By The Sword (Director: Jeremy Kagan)
  39. Cabeza de Vaca (Director: Nicolás Echevarría)
  40. Caged Fear (Director: Robert Houston)
  41. California Casanova (Director: Nat Christian)
  42. Cape Fear (Director: Martin Scorsese)
  43. Chaindance (Director: Allan A. Goldstein)
  44. Chains Of Gold (Director: Rod Holcomb)
  45. Child’s Play III (Director: Jack Bender)
  46. Children Of The Night (Director: Tony Randel)
  47. City Of Hope (Director: John Sayles)
  48. Class Action (Director: Michael Apted)
  49. Class Of Nuke ‘Em High Part II: Subhumanoid Meltdown (Director: Eric Louzil)
  50. Clearcut (Director: Ryszard Bugajski)
  51. Close My Eyes (Director: Stephen Poliakoff)
  52. Closet Land (Director: Radha Bharadwaj)
  53. Cold Heaven (Director: Nicolas Roeg)
  54. Committed (Director: William A. Levey)
  55. Comrades In Arms (Director: J. Christian Ingvordsen)
  56. Cop-Out (Director: Lawrence L. Simeone)
  57. Cover-Up (Director: Manny Coto)
  58. Crackdown (Director: Louis Morneau)
  59. Crooked Hearts (Directgor: Michael Bortman)
  60. Curse III: Blood Sacrifice (Director: Sean Barton)
  61. Curse Of The Crystal Eye (Director: Joe Tornatore)
  62. Cybernator (Director: Robert Rundle)
  63. Dark Rider (Director: Bob Ivy)
  64. Dead Again (Director: Kenneth Branagh)
  65. Dead Space (Director: Fred Gallo)
  66. Dead Women In Lingerie (Director: Erica Fox)
  67. Deadly Dancer (Director: Kimberley Casey)
  68. Deathstalker IV: Match Of Titans (Director: Howard R. Cohen)
  69. Deceived (Director: Damian Harris)
  70. Defenseless (Director: Martin Campbell)
  71. Delicatessen (Directors: Marc Caro + Jean-Pierre Jeunet)
  72. Delta Force III: The Killing Game (Director: Sam Firstenberg)
  73. Delusion (Director: Carl Colpaert)
  74. Diary Of A Hitman (Director: Roy London)
  75. Diplomatic Immunity (Director: Peter Maris)
  76. Do Or Die (Director: Andy Sidaris)
  77. Dogfight (Director: Nancy Savoca)
  78. Dolly Dearest (Director: Maria Lease)
  79. Double Impact (Director: Sheldon Lettich)
  80. Dune Warriors (Director: Cirio H. Santiago)
  81. Dying Young (Director: Joel Schumacher)
  82. Edge Of Honor (Director: Michael Spence)
  83. Edward II (Director: Derek Jarman)
  84. Especially On Sunday (Directors: Francesco Barilli, Giuseppe Bertolucci, Marco Tullio Giordana + Giuseppe Tornatore)
  85. Europa (Director: Lars von Trier)
  86. Eve Of Destruction (Director: Duncan Gibbins)
  87. Eye Of The Storm (Director: Yuri Zeltser)
  88. Fatal Bond (Director: Vincent Monton)
  89. Femme Fatale (Director: Andre R. Guttfreund)
  90. Final Approach (Director: Eric Steven Stahl)
  91. Firehead (Director: Peter Yuval)
  92. Fires Within (Director: Gillian Armstrong)
  93. Fist Of Glory (Director: Joe Mari Avellana)
  94. Fists Of Steel (Director: Jerry Schaefer)
  95. Flirting (Director: John Duigan)
  96. For The Boys (Director: Mark Rydell)
  97. Frame Up (Director: Paul Leder)
  98. Frankie + Johnny (Director: Garry Marshall)
  99. Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare (Director: Rachel Talalay)
  100. Future Kick (Director: Damian Klaus)
  101. Grand Canyon (Director: Lawrence Kasdan)
  102. Guilty As Charged (Director: Sam Irvin)
  103. Hangfire (Director: Peter Maris)
  104. Hangin’ With The Homeboys (Director: Joseph B. Vasquez)
  105. Harley Davidson + The Marlboro Man (Director: Simon Wincer)
  106. Hear My Song (Director: Peter Chelsom)
  107. Heaven Is A Playground (Director: Randall Fried)
  108. High Heels (Director: Pedro Almodóvar)
  109. Highlander II: The Quickening (Director: Russell Mulcahy)
  110. Highway 61 (Director: Bruce McDonald)
  111. Highway To Hell (Director: Ate de Jong)
  112. Homicide (Director: David Mamet)
  113. House Party II (Directors: George Jackson + Doug McHenry)
  114. Hudson Hawk (Director: Michael Lehmann)
  115. Hunting (Director: Frank Howson)
  116. Husbands + Lovers (Director: Mauro Bolognini)
  117. Immortal Sins (Director: Hervé Hachuel)
  118. Indio 2 - La rivolta (Director: Antonio Margheriti)
  119. Inner Sanctum (Director: Fred Olen Ray)
  120. Iron Maze (Director: Hiroaki Yoshida)
  121. JFK (Diector: Oliver Stone)
  122. Johnny Suede (Director: Tom DiCillo)
  123. Jumpin’ At The Boneyard (Director: Jeff Stanzler)
  124. Jungle Fever (Director: Spike Lee)
  125. K2 (Director: Franc Roddam)
  126. Karate Cop (Director: Alan Roberts)
  127. Kickboxer II: The Road Back (Director: Albert Pyun)
  128. Kill Line (Director: Richard H. Kim)
  129. Killer Instinct (Director: David Tausik)
  130. Killing Streets (Director: Stephen Cornwell)
  131. Kiss Me A Killer (Director: Marcus DeLeon)
  132. Kiss + Be Killed (Director: Tom Milo)
  133. Last Call (Director: Jag Mundhra)
  134. Legal Tender (Director: Jag Mundhra)
  135. Let Him Have It (Director: Peter Medak)
  136. Liebestraum (Director: Mike Figgis)
  137. Liquid Dreams (Director: Mark S. Manos)
  138. Livin’ Large! (Director: Michael Schultz)
  139. London Kills Me (Director: Hanif Kureishi)
  140. Lonely Hearts (Director: Andrew Lane)
  141. Lovers: A True Story (Director: Vicente Aranda)
  142. Married To It (Director: Arthur Hiller)
  143. McBain (Director: James Glickenhaus)
  144. Mediterraneo (Director: Gabriele Salvatores)
  145. Merchant Of Evil (Director: Scott Pfeiffer)
  146. Millions (Director: Carlo Vanzina)
  147. Mission: Killfast (Director: Ted V. Mikels)
  148. Mississippi Masala (Director: Mira Nair)
  149. Mobsters (Director: Michael Karbelnikoff)
  150. Mom (Director: Patrick Rand)
  151. Mortal Thoughts (Director: Alan Rudolph)
  152. Motorama (Director: Barry Shils)
  153. Murder Blues (Director: Anders Palm)
  154. My Own Private Idaho (Director: Gus Van Sant)
  155. Mystery Date (Director: Jonathan Wacks)
  156. Naked Lunch (Director: David Cronenberg)
  157. Neon City (Director: Monte Markham)
  158. New Jack City (Director: Mario Van Peebles)
  159. Night Eyes II (Director: Rodney McDonald)
  160. Night of the Day of the Dawn of the Son of the Bride of the Return of the Terror (Director: James Riffel)
  161. Night Of The Warrior (Director: Rafal Zielinski)
  162. Night On Earth (Director: Jim Jarmusch)
  163. No Secrets (Director: Dezsö Magyar)
  164. Novel Desires (Director: Lawrence Lanoff)
  165. Once Around (Director: Lasse Hallström)
  166. Once Upon A Time In China (Director: Hark Tsui)
  167. Once A Thief (Director: John Woo)
  168. One Good Cop (Director: Heywood Gould)
  169. Other People’s Money (Director: Norman Jewison)
  170. Out For Justice (Director: John Flynn)
  171. Out Of The Rain (Director: Gary Winick)
  172. Paris Trout (Director: Stephen Gyllenhaal)
  173. Past Midnight (Director: Jan Eliasberg)
  174. Payback (Director: Russell Solberg)
  175. Perfume (Director: Roland S. Jefferson)
  176. Pleasure In Paradise (Director: Boots Rakely)
  177. Point Break (Director: Kathryn Bigelow)
  178. Popcorn (Directors: Mark Herrier + Alan Ormsby)
  179. Presumed Guilty (Director: Lawrence L. Simeone)
  180. Prime Target (Directors: David Heavener + Phillip J. Roth)
  181. Project Eliminator (Director: H. Kaye Dyal)
  182. Proof (Director: Jocelyn Moorhouse)
  183. Prospero’s Books (Director: Peter Greenway)
  184. Pursuit (Director: John H. Parr)
  185. Pyrates (Director: Noah Stern)
  186. Queens Logic (Director: Steve Rash)
  187. Rambling Rose (Director: Martha Coolidge)
  188. Raw Nerve (Director: David A. Prior)
  189. Rich Girl (Director: Joel Bender)
  190. Ricochet (Director: Russell Mulcahy)
  191. Ring Of Fire (Directors: Richard W. Munchkin + Rick Jacobson)
  192. Road To Ruin (Director: Charlotte Brändström)
  193. Run (Director: Geoff Burrowes)
  194. Rush (Director: Lili Fini Zanuck)
  195. Salmonberries (Director: Percy Adlon)
  196. Scanners II: The New Order (Director: Christian Duguay)
  197. Scenes From A Mall (Director: Paul Mazursky)
  198. Scissors (Director: Frank De Felitta)
  199. Scorchers (Director: David Beaird)
  200. Servants Of Twilight (Director: Jeffrey Obrow)
  201. Sex + Zen (Director: Michael Mak)
  202. Shakes The Clown (Director: Bob Goldthwait)
  203. Shatterbrain (The Resurrected) (Director: Dan O’Bannon)
  204. Shattered (Director: Wolfgang Petersen)
  205. Shock ‘Em Dead (Director: Mark Freed)
  206. Showdown At Williams Creek (Director: Allan Kroeker)
  207. Showdown In Little Tokyo (Director: Mark L. Lester)
  208. Slacker (Director: Richard Linklater)
  209. Sleeping With The Enemy (Director: Joseph Ruben)
  210. Soldier’s Fortune (Director: Arthur N. Mele)
  211. Son Of Darkness: To Die For II (Director: David Price)
  212. Steel + Lace (Director: Ernest D. Farino)
  213. Steele’s Law (Director: Fred Williamson)
  214. Stone Cold (Director: Craig R. Baxley)
  215. Straight Out Of Brooklyn (Director: Matty Rich)
  216. Street Soldiers (Director: Lee Harry)
  217. Subspecies (Director: Ted Nicolaou)
  218. Switch (Director: Blake Edwards)
  219. Talkin’ Dirty After Dark (Director: Topper Carew)
  220. Ted + Venus (Director: Bud Cort)
  221. Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Director: James Cameron)
  222. The Adjuster (Director: Atom Egoyan)
  223. The Arrival (Director: David Schmoeller)
  224. The Art Of Dying (Director: Wings Hauser)
  225. The Big Slice (Director: John Bradshaw)
  226. The Boneyard (Director: James Cummins)
  227. The Borrower (Director: John McNaughton)
  228. The Commitments (Director: Alan Parker)
  229. The Crawlers (Directors: Fabrizio Laurenti + Joe D’Amato)
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  233. The Double Life Of Veronique (Director: Krzysztof Kieslowski)
  234. The Favour, the Watch and the Very Big Fish (Director: Ben Lewin)
  235. The Fisher King (Director: Terry Gilliam)
  236. The Five Heartbeats (Director: Robert Townsend)
  237. The Hard Way (Director: John Badham)
  238. The Hitman (Director: Aaron Norris)
  239. The Human Shield (Director: Ted Post)
  240. The Indian Runner (Director: Sean Penn)
  241. The Last Boy Scout (Director: Tony Scott)
  242. The Last Hour (Director: William Sachs)
  243. The Last Match (Director: Fabrizio De Angelis)
  244. The Linguini Incident (Director: Richard Shepard)
  245. The Lovers On The Bridge (Director: Leos Carax)
  246. The Lunatic (Director: Lol Crème)
  247. The Malibu Beach Vampires (Director: Francis Patrick Creighton)
  248. The Marrying Man (Director: Jerry Rees)
  249. The Miracle (Director: Neil Jordan)
  250. The Object Of Beauty (Director: Michael Lindsay-Hogg)
  251. The People Under The Stairs (Director: Wes Craven)
  252. The Perfect Weapon (Director: Mark DiSalle)
  253. The Pit + The Pendulum (Director: Stuart Gordon)
  254. The Pope Must Die(t) (Director: Peter Richardson)
  255. The Prince Of Tides (Director: Barbra Streisand)
  256. The Psychic (Director: George Mihalka)
  257. The Rapture (Director: Michael Tolkin)
  258. The Runestone (Director: Willard Carroll)
  259. The Silence Of The Lambs (Director: Jonathan Demme)
  260. The Super (Director: Rod Daniel)
  261. The Swindle (Director: Jason Holt)
  262. The Taking Of Beverly Hills (Director: Sidney J. Furie)
  263. The Terror Within II (Director: Andrew Stevens)
  264. The Unborn (Director: Rodman Flender)
  265. Thelma + Louise (Director: Ridley Scott)
  266. Tiger Claws (Director: Kelly Makin)
  267. Timebomb (Director: Avi Nesher)
  268. To Want To Fly (Directors: Guido Manuli + Maurizio Nichetti)
  269. Tomcat Angels (Director: Don Edmonds)
  270. Total Exposure (Director: John Quinn)
  271. Totally Exposed (Director: Boots Rakely)
  272. Toy Soldiers (Director: Daniel Petrie, Jr.)
  273. Trancers II: The Return Of Jack Deth (Director: Charles Band)
  274. True Colors (Director: Herbert Ross)
  275. True Identity (Director: Charles Lane)
  276. Twenty Dollar Star (Director: Paul Leder)
  277. Twenty-One (Director: Don Boyd)
  278. Ultimate Desires (Director: Lloyd A. Simandi)
  279. Una donna da guardare (Director: Michele Quaglieri)
  280. Uncaged (Director: Lisa Hunt)
  281. Under Suspicion (Director: Simon Moore)
  282. Until The End Of The World (Director: Wim Wenders)
  283. V.I. Warshawski (Director: Jeff Kanew)
  284. Van Gogh (Director: Maurice Pialat)
  285. Vegas In Space (Director: Phillip R. Ford)
  286. Virgin High (Director: Richard Gabai)
  287. Voodoo Dawn (Director: Steven Fierberg)
  288. Voodoo Dolls (Director: Andrée Pelletier)
  289. Wedlock (Director: Lewis Teague)
  290. Where Sleeping Dogs Lie (Director: Charles Finch)
  291. Where The Day Takes Yo (Director: Marc Rocco)
  292. White Light (Director: Al Waxman)
  293. Wild Orchid II: Two Shades Of Blue (Director: Zalman King)
  294. Wizards Of The Demon Sword (Director: Fred Olen Ray)
  295. Year Of The Gun (Director: John Frankenheimer)
  296. Young Soul Rebels (Director: Isaac Julien)
  297. Zandalee (Director: Sam Pillsbury)
  1. El gran reto - Lola la Trailera 3 (Director: Raúl Fernández Hijo)
  2. Poison (Director: Todd Haynes)
  3. Whore (Director: Ken Russell)
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2016.01.15 07:06 Tothoro Parental Control: Frazier's Episode (Transcript Only, No Video)

After watching the most recent Banjo Bros. episode and hearing about Frazier's episode of the 2005 smash hit MTV series Parental Control, I decided to do some digging. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find the video for the episode, but I was able to find the transcript! Here it is:
00:05:32 Hi.
00:06:12 felicia, homemaker.
00:06:13 And I'm bob.
00:06:14 I'm a telecommunications contractor.
00:06:16 Our daughter, erin, is a wonderful and talented young woman.
00:06:20 She's amazing.
00:06:21 She's got a smile that can light up a room.
00:06:23 But there's one thing about her life that we absolutely hate.
00:06:28 [ Growling ] her boyfriend is a butthole!
00:06:32 Narrator: This is erin.
00:06:34 She's dating frazier.
00:06:35 They've been together for four months, and erin thinks she's found the perfect guy.
00:06:39 But her parents disagree, so mom and dad are setting erin up on two blind dates with guys that they have each handpicked just for her.
00:06:46 If you think this is hard for erin, just imagine how her boyfriend, frazier, is gonna feel as he sits down with her parents and they watch the dates together.
00:06:56 Oh, my god!
00:06:57 Look how ripped he is.
00:07:00 I don't see any big muscles on you anywhere.
00:07:02 You know what big muscles mean?
00:07:05 Whoop!
00:07:06 Narrator: At the end of the day, erin will have to decide which guy she wants to keep seeing -- her boyfriend, frazier, or one of the new guys her parents have selected for her.
00:07:14 Erin is about to surrender to parental control.
00:07:31 Hi.
00:07:31 My name is erin.
00:07:32 My boyfriend's name is frazier, and he's tall, hilarious, and so amazing.
00:07:37 For starters, frazier insults my cooking.
00:07:40 I wouldn't [bleep] feed this to my dog!
00:07:42 I mean, that's even a compliment.
00:07:43 He doesn't even try and get it down.
00:07:45 He just spits it out and says it sucks.
00:07:48 Ohh, your mom's cooking sucks.
00:07:50 And frazier insults everyone by doing this stupid one-man vote.
00:07:55 Who thinks that erin should rub my feet?
00:07:57 I do. I do.
00:07:57 Vote!
00:07:59 Who thinks frazier is an ass [bleep] and frazier hates it when people don't pronounce his name right.
00:08:07 Frey-zher.
00:08:07 All right?
00:08:10 Sounds like a butler's name.
00:08:12 [ English accent ] Oh, frazier?
00:08:13 Be a good chap and drop dead.
00:08:16 Frazier's got such a potty mouth.
00:08:18 You [bleep] sucker fish piece of [bleep] I will wash your mouth out with soap, frazier.
00:08:26 Just try me.
00:08:27 Frazier loves the smell of his own armpits.
00:08:30 Smell that?
00:08:30 No.
00:08:30 I don't want to smell you.
00:08:33 You don't do that, do you, honey?
00:08:34 Only to see if I stink.
00:08:38 I'm good.
00:08:39 You suck, frazier.
00:08:40 Yeah, go find somebody else to annoy.
00:08:42 Please.
00:08:43 Narrator: And now it's time for mom and dad to meet the potential blind dates for erin.
00:08:49 -Hello.
00:08:49 -Hello.
00:08:50 -How you guys doing?
00:08:51 -How are you doing?
00:08:52 Jason.
00:08:52 Hi. I'm bob.
00:08:54 Nice to meet you, bob.
00:08:54 Hi. I'm felicia.
00:08:56 Nice to meet you, ma'am.
00:08:58 What do you do for a living?
00:09:00 I work at a thrift store.
00:09:02 I work in p.r.
00:09:03 I'm a shoe salesman.
00:09:03 I'm studying sports medicine.
00:09:05 I like that.
00:09:06 -I'm a security guard.
00:09:06 -Full-time business student.
00:09:08 I do a little bit of modeling on the side.
00:09:09 Let's see some poses.
00:09:13 Ooh.
00:09:14 All right. thank you.
00:09:15 Sure.
00:09:17 Finish this sentence.
00:09:18 "After a long, hard day .." -take a bubble bath.
00:09:21 -Play piano.
00:09:22 Have a long, hard night.
00:09:23 Oh, please.
00:09:25 Play video games and eat tv dinners.
00:09:26 Impressive.
00:09:27 Lay down with my t-shirt and my panties on.
00:09:32 Play with my puppy.
00:09:33 Talk to rosy -- rosy palms.
00:09:36 Oh, my god.
00:09:37 If you could name your kissing technique, what would it be?
00:09:41 ..
00:09:41 ..
00:09:42 ..
00:09:42 -Mmm.
00:09:43 The flavor saver.
00:09:45 Romantic sensation.
00:09:47 Ooh, I like that.
00:09:49 The deal closer.
00:09:50 [ Smooches ] mm.
00:09:53 How you doing?
00:09:54 All right.
00:09:56 You look so pretty.
00:09:58 Very nice.
00:09:59 The heart melter.
00:10:01 -The attack dog.
00:10:01 -The lonely buttercup.
00:10:03 How about one on your lips?
00:10:03 No. that's okay.
00:10:06 No tongue action?
00:10:06 ..
00:10:08 All right.
00:10:08 But thank you anyway.
00:10:09 You're welcome.
00:10:10 Am I even in the room here?
00:10:13 Our daughter's boyfriend hates my cooking.
00:10:15 Have a taste of this and give me a review.
00:10:20 Looks like a burrito.
00:10:21 It's lasagna.
00:10:23 Lasagna.
00:10:23 It's the style.
00:10:24 Okay.
00:10:26 Let's see.
00:10:28 Mmm.
00:10:30 Would you like a napkin?
00:10:32 I'm straight.
00:10:36 That is really good.
00:10:38 Is there paprika in this?
00:10:39 No.
00:10:39 No, no, no.
00:10:40 Didn't think so.
00:10:43 I love it.
00:10:43 [ Coughs ] Kiss-ass.
00:10:45 Any more?
00:10:46 ..
00:10:47 No.
00:10:49 That was some good [bleep] why should we pick you to date our daughter?
00:10:53 -I'm educated.
00:10:54 -Genuine person.
00:10:55 -Extremely honest.
00:10:55 -I'm like the guy next door.
00:10:57 -Edgy.
00:10:57 -I'm a nice guy.
00:10:59 ..
00:11:00 I'm caring, I'm respectful.
00:11:01 Well, that one is the most important for me.
00:11:03 I am very loving, ..
00:11:05 I have a running car.
00:11:07 I'm sexy.
00:11:07 You know, funny.
00:11:09 A little into yourself?
00:11:10 I'm very attractive.
00:11:11 I can do a ninja flip.
00:11:12 Well, let's see it.
00:11:16 [ Chuckles ] you suck.
00:11:19 Hang on, hang on.
00:11:24 It was nice meeting you.
00:11:24 Take care.
00:11:27 Thank you.
00:11:28 Thank you.
00:11:29 Thank you for coming.
00:11:32 Ohh.
00:11:34 All right.
00:11:35 Let's see what we have.
00:11:37 Not him.
00:11:38 That's my guy right there.
00:11:40 I don't know.
00:11:40 I was looking right here.
00:11:43 Okay.
00:11:44 Yeah.
00:11:46 Narrator: The date erin's dad picked is about to arrive.
00:11:49 That means frazier will have to watch his girlfriend go out with another guy while he hangs out in the living room with her parents.
00:11:55 The guy I picked is gonna make you happy.
00:11:57 She's happy with me, you [bleep] [ doorbell rings ] my pick is here.
00:12:06 Brian: ..
00:12:07 [ Horn honks ] Erin: Whoo!
00:12:09 Ooh, look.
00:12:10 I'm driving a forklift.
00:12:12 Oh, I'm manly.
00:12:12 I haven't seen you do a manly thing since I've known you.
((commercial break))
00:15:26 all right.
00:15:26 So here's the deal.
00:15:27 My mom and dad think my boyfriend, frazier, is a total whack job.
00:15:31 So they've each picked out a couple of guys for me to go on a date with.
00:15:34 My dad's pick is taking me out first.
00:15:36 I love frazier and all, but who wouldn't jump at the chance on a couple of dates?
00:15:41 The guy I picked is gonna make you happy.
00:15:43 She's happy with me, you [bleep] you see what you're dating?
00:15:45 I can't control him.
00:15:47 That's right, you can't control me.
00:15:49 'Cause I'm a man.
00:15:49 [ Doorbell rings ] my pick is here.
00:15:55 Hey, brian.
00:15:55 Come on in.
00:15:58 Thank you.
00:15:58 The guy I picked is articulate, handsome, and I think erin will really like him.
00:16:03 This is my lovely daughter, erin.
00:16:04 Absolutely gorgeous.
00:16:07 I'm loyal. I'm caring.
00:16:07 I'm respectful.
00:16:10 That's frazier.
00:16:10 What's up?
00:16:11 [ Smooches, laughs ] when brian walked in, I thought, " this guy is way too pretty to be a dude.
00:16:17 You ready to have a good time?
00:16:19 Yeah, I'm ready.
00:16:19 All right. let's go.
00:16:21 My wife made a meal for you.
00:16:23 Thank you so much.
00:16:24 You're welcome.
00:16:25 Did it take much effort to squat over that tupperware?
00:16:29 When I first saw brian, I thought he was a total cutie.
00:16:32 I couldn't wait to go on my date with him.
00:16:34 Narrator: Erin and brian are off to do some heavy lifting, while mom, dad, and frazier are back at the house, ready to see how things unfold.
00:16:41 Frazier, frazier, frazier.
00:16:42 Doesn't sound half bad when I know you're on your way out.
00:16:46 Bob, bob, bob.
00:16:48 Shut the [bleep] up.
00:16:53 So, you might be wondering why I brought you here today.
00:16:57 Yeah, kind of.
00:16:58 Construction lot.
00:16:58 I know it might be confusing.
00:17:00 We're gonna be racing these bad boys -- these forklifts.
00:17:03 Forklifts?
00:17:03 Absolutely.
00:17:04 Oh, let's drive forklifts around a dust bowl.
00:17:08 That's exciting.
00:17:09 I'd like to see you come up with an original date.
00:17:11 He bob, how many forklifts does it take to put your wife into bed?
00:17:14 You know what?
00:17:16 Fork you!
00:17:18 Oh, that was a good one.
00:17:18 Oh, man!
00:17:21 First we got to set up our course.
00:17:22 You want to help me out?
00:17:23 Yeah. absolutely.
00:17:29 So, what do you do for a living?
00:17:31 I'm studying theater.
00:17:32 You gonna be a movie star one day?
00:17:34 Yeah.
00:17:34 I hope so.
00:17:35 What about you?
00:17:35 I do a little modeling.
00:17:36 If he's a model, then you're a playboy bunny.
00:17:39 Don't talk to my wife that way.
00:17:42 Why not, bob?
00:17:43 I'm gonna come in and kick your ass.
00:17:45 Who here thinks bob can beat my ass?
00:17:47 Nope.
00:17:48 You think you can take me?
00:17:49 Oh, definitely I can take you.
00:17:51 I don't know.
00:17:51 Of course you can.
00:17:52 He's a [bleep] on your mark, ..
00:17:56 [ Horn honks ] whoo!
00:18:00 You're going down!
00:18:02 Whoo!
00:18:09 Who's your daddy?
00:18:10 Whoo!
00:18:10 I'm gonna get you!
00:18:13 [ Laughs ] all right!
00:18:17 This is it!
00:18:19 Oh!
00:18:20 Ooh, look.
00:18:20 I'm driving a forklift.
00:18:22 Oh, I'm manly.
00:18:23 I haven't seen you do a manly thing since I've known you.
00:18:33 Aw, look.
00:18:34 He's slowly, slowly getting to the finish line.
00:18:37 I hear you get to the finish line in about five seconds.
00:18:41 Whoa.
00:18:41 What happened?
00:18:43 I totally let you win, by the way.
00:18:44 It was a good race, and you did really good for your first time.
00:18:48 Let's see what your mom made us.
00:18:50 Hey, enjoy that lunch.
00:18:50 It's from dump in a box.
00:18:53 Those are her famous deviled eggs.
00:18:58 That's really good.
00:18:59 Yeah?
00:18:59 You like it?
00:19:00 It's like an explosion of flavor in my mouth, you know?
00:19:04 Kiss-ass.
00:19:04 Kiss-ass.
00:19:07 So, what kind of modeling gigs have you had?
00:19:09 I've done some -- definitely things naked.
00:19:11 Oh, really?
00:19:12 Yeah, definitely.
00:19:13 I would have liked to see that.
00:19:14 Okay.
00:19:16 If she wants to see him naked, she wants to see what a eunuch looks like.
00:19:18 She wants to see what a real man looks like.
00:19:20 So, tell me more about this loser boyfriend of yours.
00:19:23 He's got a way with my parents.
00:19:25 He's pretty rude to them.
00:19:25 Wow.
00:19:27 [Bleep] [bleep] [bleep] I'm gonna wash your mouth out with soap.
00:19:30 I'd like to see you try.
00:19:32 Yeah, I will.
00:19:33 Where's she [bleep] going?
00:19:37 You know, you need a whole [bleep] bottle.
00:19:39 What the hell is that [bleep] what the hell is that?
00:19:42 No.
00:19:42 [Bleep] [bleep] get the [bleep] off.
00:19:46 [ Laughs ] shut the hell up.
00:19:50 Shut up.
00:19:50 You think he's good-looking?
00:19:51 In his own way.
00:19:54 What does that mean?
00:19:55 It means that I'm a beast.
00:19:57 He's not a perfect 10 or whatever.
00:19:59 That's right, I'm not a 10.
00:19:59 I'm a [bleep] 12.
00:20:02 Maybe around 6 or 7-ish.
00:20:04 [ Laughs ] yeah.
00:20:06 So, I had a really, really, really great time today.
00:20:09 So did i.
00:20:09 I really enjoyed myself.
00:20:10 I hope I have a good chance.
00:20:12 I think you do, actually.
00:20:14 Sounds to me like she's just made her decision.
00:20:17 Nah.
00:20:17 You're out of here, pal.
00:20:20 Suck it, bob.
00:20:24 So, I just came back from my date with brian.
00:20:27 I think there was chemistry there.
00:20:29 My mom's date is coming up next, and I can't wait.
00:20:32 I'm super excited.
00:20:33 Do us a favor and get out.
00:20:35 Do me a favor and shut your [bleep] hole.
00:20:39 [ Doorbell rings ] there's my guy.
00:20:40 Thank goodness.
00:20:44 Erin: Oh, my god.
00:20:46 That's pitiful.
00:20:46 You couldn't do it.
00:20:48 Really?
00:20:48 Watch this.
00:20:50 Get off my couch!
00:20:57 something right?
00:20:58 Of course.
00:21:00 Ugh.
((commercial break))
00:24:00 Erin: So, here's the deal.
00:24:01 My mom and dad can't stand my boyfriend, frazier, and think he's a total jerk, so they've each set me up with a guy to go out on a date with.
00:24:09 My dad's pick, brian, was awesome.
00:24:11 We had a great time.
00:24:13 So, my mom's date is coming up next.
00:24:15 I can't wait.
00:24:15 I got to go.
00:24:17 This blows.
00:24:17 Then do us a favor and get out.
00:24:19 Do me a favor and shut your [bleep] hole.
00:24:22 Don't talk to my wife that way.
00:24:24 [ Doorbell rings ] there's my guy.
00:24:25 Thank goodness.
00:24:29 Hey, turner.
00:24:29 Come on in.
00:24:29 Thank you.
00:24:32 I picked turner because I think he's sweet, he's charming, and I think erin will be really happy with him.
00:24:38 There's my beautiful daughter, erin.
00:24:39 She is gorgeous.
00:24:42 When your daughter's with me, she'll always be safe, she will always be respected.
00:24:47 And loser boy over there, frazier.
00:24:50 I think turner's head's ..
00:24:53 For scrubbing my toilet.
00:24:55 You ready to go, sweetie?
00:24:55 Yeah, I'm ready.
00:24:57 You guys have a good time.
00:24:58 Yes, ma'am.
00:24:59 We will.
00:24:59 All right.
00:25:00 Bye, honey.
00:25:01 Thank you.
00:25:01 Take care, sir.
00:25:02 Erin: When turner walked in the door, the first thing I noticed was his body.
00:25:06 It was ripped.
00:25:07 Narrator: Erin and turner are off for a high-wire romance, while mom, dad, and boyfriend frazier get to watch the action right from the living room.
00:03:39 Narrator: It's time for erin to choose the guy she wants to stay with.
00:03:43 Will she pick brian, the racing romeo, or turner, her sexy circus clown, or will she choose frazier, her boyfriend of six months and the person her parents can't stand?
00:03:54 Hello, everybody.
00:03:55 I've been doing a lot of thinking, and I've had to come to a very difficult decision.
00:04:02 Dad, you did an amazing job.
00:04:04 Brian's super cute, and he's totally my type.
00:04:08 Mom, thank you so much for everything.
00:04:11 Turner is adventurous, and he's got a great body.
00:04:14 And, frazier, you're outrageous, and you always make me laugh.
00:04:20 Unfortunately, now I have to eliminate one of you.
00:04:31 Turner, I really enjoyed our date, but I thought you were a little too cheesy for me.
00:04:37 I'm out of here.
00:04:39 When I saw erin's rack in that bikini, " I'm into full-size women.
00:04:46 And now the really hard part.
00:04:50 Brian, I had a really fun time with you, but I wasn't sure that I was feeling any passion.
00:05:00 And, frazier, you're so funny, but I am so sick of dealing with your rude attitude.
00:05:08 But I've made my decision.
00:05:12 ..
00:05:25 ...Brian.
00:05:26 Yes!
00:05:28 I'm [bleep] staying right here!
00:05:30 I ain't going nowhere [bleep] [bleep] I'm staying right here.
00:05:35 We did our job, and we got erin a new boyfriend.
00:05:38 Honey, life is good.
00:05:41 Oh, yeah.
00:05:42 I'm not going anywhere.
00:05:46 What can I say?
00:05:46 My parents were right.
00:05:47 Frazier wasn't the guy for me after all.
00:05:49 I think you could say he was a big bag of deuce juice.
00:05:53 That's so gross.
00:05:53 But true.
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