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Lessons learned or lessons learnt are experiences distilled from a project that should be actively taken into account in future projects. There are several definitions of the concept. Capturing lessons learned is an integral part of every project and serves several purposes. While the finalization of a formal lessons learned document is completed during the project closeout process, capturing lessons learned should occur throughout the project lifecycle to ensure all information is documented in a timely and accurate manner. “You’ll learn, as you get older, that rules are made to be broken. Be bold enough to live life on your terms, and never, ever apologize for it. Go against the grain, refuse to conform, take the road less traveled instead of the well-beaten path. Laugh in the face of adversity, and leap before you look. Lessons learned are the documented information that reflects both the positive and negative experiences of a project. They represent the organization’s commitment to project management excellence and the project manager’s opportunity to learn from the actual experiences of others. According to the PMBOK Guide, lessons learned are the learning gained from the process of performing the project. Although formally conducted lessons learned sessions take place during the project close-out, documenting and revisiting lessons learned should be an ongoing process throughout the life cycle of a project. People who belong to the second type are usually the ones who attain success because they pay attention to the lessons that life teaches them. Some of these lessons are learned the hard way. However, by learning to cope with the challenges, one can come out of the experience wiser and stronger, more able to face whatever else lies ahead. Lessons Learned can be accessed from any internet-connected device with a web browser. Complete learning walks on your tablet or check your performance management objectives on your mobile. The Lessons Learned Database template is a multi-project directory that you can edit to fit your team’s needs. This lessons learned Excel spreadsheet acts as the main holding ground for all of your lessons learned across projects and throughout your project management team. Lessons Learned is a complete online solution for school improvement and staff development, comprised of 5 modules that work together to create powerful tool for monitoring, evaluating and addressing your school development goals. Lessons learned are an informal conversation where you look at a project in retrospect. It is done after project completion, usually conducted as a meeting involving the project manager and key representatives from customer and contractor side. I have also done lessons learned with the entire project team.

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Throw away account (obviously) and a LONG post (sorry! I started writing and it all just came gushing out...).
A few months ago, I (35/HLM) decided to swallow my pride and search for answers online for the lack of intimacy in my marriage. As I'm sure everyone here is aware, the rabbit hole that is Google took me all over the web, but I kept seeing links to Reddit, which I had avoided until now (nothing against it, I'm just not much of an internet person).
Wow. Not only did my situation have a NAME, but there were hundreds of thousands of members in this community (I'm sure some are duplicates, but I digress). I've been lurking (I have a love/hate relationship with that word) here for a few months, reading other people's stories, successes, and failures, and I've realized that I could probably actually write a very long and accurate post here by just copying and pasting paragraphs from other posts....I can't say that there's been a single post that fit me like a glove, but aggregating experiences has produced an uncanny resemblance to my current situation (with the exception of my origin story, which I'll go into now for context).
DISCLAIMER: I've made some grievous mistakes that I regret literally every single day, everything from words (or lack thereof) to actions. What I write here may trigger some of you, and I apologize in advance...I just need to get this out there and vent since I have no one else to safely bounce my experiences off of besides my counselor. So, without further ado...
My relationship with my wife (38/LLF) began 13 years ago (not innocently enough...), when she was still with her older BF at the time who was a complete dick to her and actually had a secret family behind her back, and CONSTANTLY cheated on her, whether it was on work trips or just when she was out working or at school. Our relationship grew very organically, and she made the first moves on me (which I loved). I had never been involved with someone who was attached before, and the thrill of the forbiddingness of it all brought everything to a new level. Well, a few months in he figured it out, and broke up with her, which she was actually excited about so we wouldn't need to sneak around anymore. This is a crucial moment, because I really liked her (she was quickly becoming my best friend, and we seemed it hit it off on everything), but also wasn't ready to settle down with a single partner.
Enter my emotional shortcomings. I grew up in a very strict military household where sharing your opinions and thoughts were encouraged as long as they were the exact same as my parents. I became extremely good at bottling up emotions and opinions, and was TERRIBLE at being honest with myself and others on how I'm feeling and what's going on in my head. So, despite these warnings in my head, I did my best to match her enthusiasm as we officially became a couple. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED hanging out with her and talking with her, and like most new relationships, the sex and intimacy was amazing, even if I noticed a lack of enthusiasm for foreplay and other non-PIV actions. That was okay at the time though, because we were doing it 1-2 times a week, maybe a little less, and the actual sex was fantastic. However, I still had plans for my education and career, which involved moving to another state to finish up my undergraduate degree (this was always out in the open, she knew my goals). She became very upset at this, and told me how selfish it was to leave her like that given our situation, so I made some passing comment about her moving to said state with me while I finished up school, and she jumped on the idea. I had a lot of mixed emotions about this, but of course being the good military brat that I was, I kept them to myself.
I ended up enjoying living with her more than I thought I would (this was my first time living with a SO), and we were basically in our honeymoon phase at this point, so we definitely had a lot of fun. But, I started to notice things in her personality that rubbed me the wrong way. She didn't like my friends, and subtly started removing me from their sphere of influence. Female friends all of a sudden became an absolute no-no, to the point where I couldn't even tell her about having to work with other females in school on a strictly "let get this assignment shit done and go home" basis. "Just talk to her, be honest and open!" you say?
How familiar are you with the enneagram scale on personality? I've found it to be much more accurate with characterizing people and their behavior than the oft-lauded acronyms. My wife (GF at this point in time) is an equal mix between a 1 (The Reformer - The Rational, Idealistic Type: Principled, Purposeful, Self-Controlled, and Perfectionistic) and an 8 (The Challenger - The Powerful, Dominating Type: Self-Confident, Decisive, Willful, and Confrontational). I am equal parts 9 (The Peacemaker - The Easygoing, Self-Effacing Type: Receptive, Reassuring, Agreeable, and Complacent) and 7 (The Enthusiast - The Busy, Fun-Loving Type: Spontaneous, Versatile, Distractible, and Scattered). We should balance each other out, but I quickly found that instead of balance, we would entrench ourselves further in our own stubborn ruts. If she didn't agree with something, or had an opinion on something/someone, you better agree with her and get on her page or you are WRONG and need to do better. Having female friends and classmates was not on the list of accepted character traits, and the arguments that would ensue were far too heated for what the discussion should have/could have been.
Still, I didn't want to keep upsetting her (I'm a Peacemaker, after all), after all she and her BF broke up because of me, and she moved to this state with me, so I owed her. At least, I owed her the reassuring words she wanted to hear (is what I justified to myself). I never cheated on her while at school, physically or emotionally, but I did hide and cover up when I worked or talked with other females (it was impossible not to...most of my classes only had 7-8 students in them, half of which were female, and we were all in the same program, so lots of classes together those few years). Yes, hindsight is 20-20, and the signs were there that this was not a healthy relationship...but I wasn't healthy, I just didn't know it yet.
Fast-forward through two years of this. I've graduated, we've moved back to our home state, and we're both working full-time. We're still very happy and have a ton of fun together, but there are super-heated arguments happening more frequently. We're still having sex 1-2 times a week at this point, but foreplay has all but disappeared, and the other non-PIV acts such as oral are waning as well. I don't say anything, because I know I'm not supposed to voice these kinds of opinions. I accept it, and am grateful that we're having any physical intimacy at all, but the thought lingers at the back of my mind. And the arguments are starting to take a toll. She gets very verbally and emotionally abusive when she's angry (not to mention vindictive) and several years of these arguments have started to erode at my sense of worth and self-confidence. Then, the unthinkable (for me) happened.
As I mentioned earlier, foreplay was no longer happening, so it was straight to sex when she was in the mood. And when I mean straight to sex, I mean I better be ready-to-go before my pants come off, without any external influence. Well, one day I wasn't ready yet (physically...I was certainly ready mentally), and she went nuclear on me. It had to be because I was sleeping around, or having an affair, or gay, or some dark secret. I tried to explain to her that there was a lot of pressure to perform right away, and sometimes I just need a little bit of physical encouragement to get me in the zone, not to mention I had an extremely stressful job at the time. That didn't cut it for her...she had never experienced a guy not being ready to go immediately, and she was insulted. This same scenario played out a few times over the next couple of years (not many, but enough to make it a topic of discussion even today).
Did I mention I'm the HL in this relationship? I was (and still am) CONSTANTLY trying to initiate with her, usually daily. And it wasn't just to satiate my biological urge, I genuinely wanted to be intimate with her, and express love in a physical manner. I am absolutely a giver in sex...I LOVE to make my partner feel good, to feel wanted and desired and sexy. Of course, I'm a man and love receiving, too, and would never turn down an offer for this (or so I thought). But, sometimes there are just too many external stressors and I can't turn them off long enough to turn myself on. This was rare, but it happened a handful of times, and hasn't actually happened in about 5 years now.
The sex becomes less frequent. Any other physical intimacy almost completely vanished. She is excelling at her job in and we live in an area I did NOT want to move back to, which I repeatedly voiced during our time together. But, I wanted to be supportive of her, so we moved back here. She almost instantly changes to become a "better adult". She's taking everything in life much more seriously, and has less willingness to enjoy the recreational activities that brought us together in the first place. I, on the other hand, have a very different view of "adulting" - get your shit done that needs to get done, then play however you choose. She didn't agree with this mantra, and another wedge starts to grow between us.
Anyway, we've now been together for a few years, had a lot of good times and some shitty times as well, but we're still together. I'm also now feeling guilty for having not married her at this point, and I've certainly received cues from her to get that done. Of course I love her and still consider her my best friend, but I can't shake the feeling that she's not the one. "Too bad!" my brain tells me..."suck it up, buttercup, and be a man. You've taken this many years of her life from her, put a ring on her finger and do what you're supposed to do." So, I propose, she says yes, and we start planning the rest of our lives together.
During our time together, our arguments and her deliberately cruel words have eaten a hole in me that I hadn't noticed yet (or chose to ignore). My sense of worth is less than zero, and I don't feel like I'm a man if I communicate any of this to her, so the feeling builds and builds and constantly devours my self-value. Due to some very specific attacks on me and my personality and hobbies, I don't feel like ANYONE can see value in me or be attracted to me, and the fact that our sex life has dramatically decreased (1-2 times a month) and is apparent that it feels like a chore for her takes my mind to some very dark places. Worried about where this is heading, but not able to articulate myself clearly, I suggest couples counseling, and she agrees. It is not productive for either of us.
Obviously, if my fiancée doesn't find me attractive and has repeatedly told me no woman would want me, then the only way someone like me can get physical satisfaction is to pay for it. Now, I'm not a bad looking guy by any stretch of the imagination, and I never had any issues getting girls or having hook ups before I met my wife, but years of this mentality, coming from someone who you care deeply about, can wreck your psyche. Also, I'm clearly not equipped at this point to communicate my feelings...but what I CAN do is hide things. So, desperate for human contact, I go to my first massage parlor. In the moment, it was exciting. Afterwards, the shame and guilt and self-loathing induced are enough to crush my already teetering sense of worth into nothing. Are you familiar with the addiction cycle?
That wasn't the only time it happened...despite the feelings afterwards, my desperation pulls me to do this dozens of times over the course of several years. Now, this was just (yes, I get that "just" attempts to minimize my actions, but hang in there) massage parlors, and there was never any sex involved...just hand stuff. Well, this is a slippery slope, and before I knew it, I was in a hotel room with an escort. This experience was extremely disappointing, and left me feeling even more shitty about myself. So, naturally, I tell myself "it'll be better next time!" I do this four more times. Ugh...I'm making myself sick thinking about this, but I need to get it out to someone.... This behavior wasn't constant, but the fact that it was happening at all is still a major problem, one that I tell myself I can stop at any time (ha!).
The day after the last time, my wife (who's at home with our 18-month old daughter) at this point gets a notification on her phone from Google..."How would you rate your stay at the Comfort Inn?" Oh yeah, something you should know about my wife...she's an armchair detective. She can DIG into things when she wants to, and she's very good at it. Needless to say, I was (rightfully) kicked out of the house at this point, and moved back in with my parents who were just a few miles away (one of the reasons I did not want to come back to this area). Also, and this will come into play later, my dad had just been diagnosed with "the most aggressive case of colon cancer" his oncologist had ever seen.
I'm thinking the marriage is over, I'll never see my daughter again, and I am spiraling into despair. In a rare moment of lucidity for me, I try something I never wanted to do...I sought professional help. I find a counselor, reassess my priorities in life, and start getting my shit back together, all while living at home during my dad's cancer treatments. Eventually, my wife invites me back into the house (in the guest room), and we (I) start talking, really talking, for the first time in my life. I'm not yet equipped to deal with her in full confrontation mode, so I am repeatedly told how wrong my opinions and views are, and how my priorities and wants are those of a horny middle-schooler, not a man. I vow to step it up, and I do for a while! I'm no longer paying for attention or seeking it elsewhere...instead, I look inward and start pursuing my own hobbies to distract me from what is now the complete lack of physical connection (obviously).
Do you remember that I display behaviors in line with that of an addictive personality? My wife was not a fan of my hobbies, some of them old (games), some of them new (real nerdy stuff that I never thought I'd get into, but not having friends anymore to hang out and no chance of physical intimacy forces you to find things to do alone, so here I was). Sex and physical release is exchanged for secret purchases to get me more of my hobby materials, and for smoking way too much weed. I'm not hiding extra-marital shenanigans anymore, I'm hiding stupid shit, anything at all that gives me the illusion of control over my life. While other areas of my life are improving, I find things to hyper-focus on and escape the reality that I've created.
About a year later, my father passed away from his cancer. I found out shortly afterwards that my family of origin and my wife blame me for my father's rapid decline and eventual death...if I hadn't made those selfish choices, he would have most likely recovered, but the stress of having to deal with me was the nail in his proverbial (and literal) coffin. You can probably imagine how I'm feeling about myself at this point. It feels like I have no allies (other than my counselor), and no outlet since I was mocked and patronized even for my hobbies, so I do what I'm best at. I make selfish choices and then hide them from everyone. Two months after my father passed, I went back to a massage parlor, and then did it again one more time a few weeks later. I stopped at that point, overwhelmed with grief, shame, and self-loathing, but in my desperate stupidity, I used a credit card to pay for one of the parlor visits, which was of course discovered. At this point, the secret purchases are also discovered, so everything is coming back out into the open. I get kicked out again, and am forced to move back in with my mom, who is still harboring resentment over my role in my dad's death.
A few months of separation and a lot of counseling later (both individual and couples) and I'm back in the house (the guest room again). This time, I'm better equipped to talk about how I'm feeling, how her words and actions make me feel, and why I do the things I do (create and keep secrets for selfish desires). I'm able to identify and stay aware of triggers and things that make me spiral back into regression. I'm lucky that she's taken me back, and I know it, even if she threatens to kill me and reminds me how worthless I's all worth it to see my daughter each day.
This last personal relapse was several years ago, and I am happy to admit that I haven't attempted to go back to paying for attention, nor have I looked outside the marriage for attention. Instead, I'm still seeing my counselor several times a month, journaling, meditating, eating healthier, exercising when I can. I'm much more engaged with both my wife and our (now two) kids, and I work hard to make their lives better. But, there is obviously a very dark shadow cast on myself as a person and on our relationship. I am well aware that my actions have forever changed our relationship, and I own my choices and am working to become a better person, as an individual, a partner, and a father.
"Wait, this is DB, and you had another kid and you're still together! What's the deal?"
I'm glad you asked. My wife and I both wanted to give our daughter a sibling, and we didn't want to wait any longer, so we very clinically would have sex when she was ovulating...but there was no passion to it, and certainly no fun. Luckily for her, I'm apparently pretty virile, and was able to get her pregnant very quickly for both kids so the sex stopped pretty much immediately after she found out she was pregnant. Why are we still together? Well, we don't see eye-to-eye on most things, and she thinks I'm incapable and incompetent in pretty much every aspect of being a human being (even without my destructive behavior, she has a very high pedestal from which she passes judgment on those around her), but one thing we both agree on and she recognizes is our ability to parent extremely well as a team. We are on the same page pretty much with every decision that involves the kids, from play time, to discipline, to schooling, everything. And she knows how much I love my kids, which is an insane amount.
This brings me to my current DB situation. Like I mentioned at the beginning, I've made some terrible mistakes for which I am unabashedly ashamed, but they're my mistakes and I own them. I have been working incredibly hard to become a better person, and those around me have noticed this change and commented on it, even my wife. I didn't deserve a second or third chance, but I got it, and I'm making the most of it now. That being said, she has also chosen twice to stay with me, to accept me back, and even to have another kid with me. I know I hurt her mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, and I don't think I'll ever be able to forgive myself for that, but I go out of my way to show her how much I care about her, how sexy I think she is (for the record, she was and is HOT...even at 8 months pregnant, she would have random guys come up to her and tell her how hot she was, regardless of my presence with her).
During our entire relationship, whether it was back when I was in school, or when I was paying for attention, I found her extremely attractive, and have made that very known to the point where she has asked me to stop telling her. I haven't received a compliment from her since before we were married (before everything came out), but have tried not to let it get to me. I still struggle greatly with self-worth and value, but I try not to let my insecurities control me. That being said, I want to feel wanted and desired, and I haven't felt that since before we were married. She stopped initiating sex during our engagement, which I chalked up to anxiety and stress about the wedding, but she's never tried again since has always been me, and as many of you are all too aware, that rejection takes a toll after years of not only being told no, but also only receiving criticisms and insults, and never encouragement or compliments or anything vaguely close to flirting.
These issues with our intimacy started before I began my deep dive into selfish secrets, but she blames it all on either those actions or my not being a man (I am constantly being told that I am just a middle-schooler in a 35-year-old's body, which is a self-deprecating mental battle with which I am still struggling through with my counselor). And here's where we get to familiar territory. I've brought up sex and intimacy (or lack thereof) with her and our couples counselor numerous times, and she ALWAYS finds a way to either change the subject, turn it back around on me, or minimize my needs. According to her, no normal couple has sex more than once or twice a month, and certainly no woman wants to have sex more than that. Foreplay and anything that's not PIV sex is strictly for porn (which she used to love), and is not something normal spouses engage in. The fact that I'm asking for sex and trying to initiate almost daily is very immature and selfish of me, and she shouldn't have to deal with that. But, masturbation is also frowned upon, and she wants me to tell her when I do it 1) for transparency's sake (which I've obliged) and 2) so that she can remind me how gross and depressing I am. I don't do it very often (maybe once or twice a week) even though I want to, just so I can be ready to go on the off-chance that she is receptive to my advances.
It's been three months since we've had sex. And before that, it happened four times in the course of four months. And before that, it was nine months between sex dates. It's been six or so years since the last time she gave me oral (I would probably kill someone at this point to go down on her) or even sensually touched me with her hands (this all stopped even before everything came out). She can't comprehend how I'm so horny all the time, and I can't comprehend how she's never horny. When we do have sex, it's clearly pity sex and a chore and always exactly the same flavor of vanilla, which I hate but am so desperate that I will never turn down.
I've had major issues. I've made major mistakes. But I'm working my ass off to become a better person for the ones I care about. She's had zero inclination to work on her anger issues (which she gleefully acknowledges) or her over-zealous judging of other people and the things they like, and as far as she's concerned, her sex-drive is on par with every other woman out there, and a real man wouldn't be bugging her about it. I've never begged for sex and never will, but I have begged her to talk with me about sex. Is there something about me that turns her off? Is there something I need to be doing to turn her on that she's not getting? Should I be touching her a different way (when I'm allowed to touch her, which is rare, and is never reciprocated)? I'm not a mind-reader, and I'm trying to keep an open dialog on everything, especially the subjects that are uncomfortable...
But a real man wouldn't need to ask those questions. A real man would know and figure it out without ever having to ask her. And a real man wouldn't feel the need to even talk about it. It's absolutely insane that it's so important to me, and THAT is the real issue here, not her lack of libido...physical intimacy is obviously just another addiction that I need to fight to overcome.
I don't know what to do at this point. I still love my wife (she's the mother of my children and my best friend...) and I want her to be happy. I've been made to feel like my desire to want intimacy with her is a flaw that needs to be corrected, and that's been echoed by my mom and my older sister (my only wife has made my family painfully aware of my "shortcomings"). There are so many nights where I tell myself "don't even try to give her attention or affection or initiate sex, she doesn't want it from you" but I end up doing it anyway because I can't bring myself to NOT do it, and then I'm dealing with the guilt of "pressuring her" into having sex with me (even though she doesn't) as well as the feelings that well up from the countless rejections. Then, I read posts on here about people only having sex 1-2 times per week or a few times a month, and my first (selfish) reaction is "you lucky SOB's, you don't even know how lucky you are." But, then I remember how I felt when sex was declining slowly in frequency in my relationship, how I felt that it was torturously rare for a couple our age and in good health, and I become more sympathetic (still supremely jealous though).
My advice to anyone reading this (I doubt anyone is in a situation quite like mine) is learn to communicate early and often. It's work, and it's not fun, but it could save you heartache down the road, especially while you still have options open. Don't end up like of my biggest fears as I matured into adulthood was having a lack of intimacy in my marriage (like my parents did), and sure enough I'm living that nightmare that I helped create.
For fuck's sake, TALK with your SO if your lack of sex or other physical requirements are not being met...maybe it's something you can both work on, or maybe incompatibilities are starting to show themselves. If they do, then get out while you can...I promise BOTH of you will be happier in the long run, even if it feels like the end of the world now.
I'm sure I've left things out that would add more context to this or better explain things, but I never intended to write this much, and my brain is fried at this point. Plus, I'm finding that I am feeling emotionally exhausted from getting this all out there. If you're still reading, I can't thank you enough for your time...even if you're filled with hate and rage towards me and agree completely with my wife, I'm still glad you took the time to read this. Feel free to reach out with questions, or if you just want to talk. Thank you.
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2020.10.01 02:19 mslaly Mom pics hot sexy

Hey ya’ll I figured I’d give this a here goes I (F28 HISPANIC) Ex (M31 WHITE)
In 2018 I met my ex online, he confessed to me on our first date him and his ex at the time were separating (he claimed she was very jealous) she was moving out of the house they rented (that was his grandfathers) Please note here that his ex was kind of his co worker they worked for the same company different locations and they met at a holiday party.
I explained to him I couldn't see him because he was still very actively separating from his last relationship. He was certain she was out of the picture and so that following weekend she was out to which I was then comfortable with him and I began to slowly start dating.
A few months laters we became official, I ended up losing my job (i was wrongfully terminated), i decided to relocate to AZ to which he very willingly decided to follow me.He left his dog, the house he was living with his sister and his niece and his home gym. Needless to say, I was shook!
Later, we got to AZ, we lived in my cousin's house and paid cheap rent to help save for a house. I was depressed but really tried to make the best of the situation. I began to realize that intimacy became a concern, it was something that was not in my mind. Not at least until after I was offered a job and began to feel more secure about my career.
During our time in AZ, we got into a huge fight and broke up. I learned there was communication between him and his ex. I accidentally stumbled onto that information through his phone. I wasn’t lurking, something had just popped up and I saw it. I asked him about it and he said that the only reason they talked is because she was infected with an std. There was another girl of concern that popped up but he assured me it was nothing and I had nothing to worry. Except, during our argument he made it a point that he didn't like AZ and wanted to leave. My cousin was trying to be “supportive” by changing me out of his phone family plan into hers, purchase bags and boxes for him to be able to leave that same night. Especially since, he made it a point that he was leaving back to our home state. He finally, packed up, drove about 4 hours out of AZ and returned. Except this time we were unable to stay with my cousin because she did not approve of our relationship. We had nowhere to go. I decided to quit my job, and drive back to our home state that same night.
We got to our home state and he was living with his parents in the living room and I was crashing with my sister. For about 2 or 3 months. I was working two jobs and he was able to get his job back in our home state. We finally got our own place and sometime after his brother's engagement, I learned he and his ex (the one he lived with/worked for the same company) were indeed sexting and communicating this whole time. Their communication never ended. I confronted both of them and they blamed it on eachother. This is where things escalated to verbal and physical abuse. Then I learned that the other girl I was initially concerned about too turned out to be a big fat lie, he was virtually cheating. For reasons I cannot even fathom today, I did my best to forgive him and move on but it was hard and naturally It didn't work. I learned there was yet another female he was cheating on me with. This time however, I couldn't bear the pain. I decided to leave him and take stuff with me, left him without bedsheets, pans and pots, one tv/stand, gift cards, game system etc. It was January 6 (my mother's bday), I had just paid my rent, I knew he couldn't be trusted, I knew he wasn't going to pay me back, I freaked out and I took what I needed. His mother had given us things for our apt for xmas and then she even claimed them back and said that those things were his. She hung up on me in an attempt to come to a resolution.
About a month later he came back.He texted me and asked for forgiveness and in an attempt to rule out the past he told me he couldn't even remember the girl's name that he cheated on me with. Naturally, I didn't believe him so I asked him very hard questions who, what when, where and why. Naturally, he denied it all. This time I lurked, I couldn't afford not to. I learned he never deleted her number and he even mentioned her to his mom. His mom appeared VERY supportive of his moving on. So I called this female, spoke to her, and she confessed and claimed that she had no idea either. This was a much older woman with two kids. She tried lecturing me and steeped so low to recommending books for me to read ? Turns out she was a co worker that actually worked in the same clinic with him. Needless to say, I was livid. So I left again. My ex then very admittled confessed to everything and claimed he just wanted to protect my feelings, move on and was able to convince me to try again. There was a lot of arguing in between and lots of stress inducing conversations. We even did get to a place where I gave him all the stuff I took from the apt we shared, the gift cards, etc. But after multiple attempts to try and move past our history, I finally couldn't anymore. He would blame me for his unhappiness and depression and claimed we would also argue a lot. At one point he had a co-worker named Angel that he was secretly texting and speaking to on the phone and denied it. She even blamed me for him not having girl friends, when I later found out she's sending him bikini pictures, he was talking to her and taking her calls after midnight and 1am etc.
So I told him to meet me at a Sbux, told him that I learned a lot in our relationship. I learned that I am not the only one with feelings and that I need to not react based on my emotions.So he stood there, didn't say anything other than I dont know. So i said to him, well go on now you're a free man, and he did. About a week later. He texted me, I did not reply. He called, texted and even went as far as messaging me on ig. He was expressing how sorry he was, how he needed me, how he wanted peace as we went through alot.
Finally, I decided to reply and the conversation was fine until it wasn’t. He wanted to give me some stuff I had left behind to include a butt plug. It got to the point where I said, sure, send that over too (the plug) and he became upset and jealous and confessed he didn't want another man for me or inside me and realized that it was wrong but that it infuriated him. So in an attempt to set boundaries I told him if we’re going to talk about us moving forward his past needs to be behind him as well. He was following all of the girls he was fooling around with on social media. He then very willingly, decided to unfriend those girls and went as far as asking the old hag with two kids to have her son be removed from one of his old ig accounts that he didn't have access to. Then, that Friday after two weeks of not seeing each other, we decided to go for a date night. We started the evening with sexy time at our apt, then decided to go to the downtown area for dinner. The wait lines were over two hours, I was wearing heels and was hangry and we decided to leave. He had food at the apt for himself (he meal preps) but none for me and I just wanted to be cool in the fresh ac since it was so hot so I decided since I have an early hike the next day, let me just go home. So I did.
The next day, I woke up late and didnt go on a hike. I decided I'm still going to make it a good day, get dressed, go out to some stores and had brunch with my cousins. I made an IG post about my brunch date with my cousins and he says thanks for the invite with a rolling eyes emoji. Except him and I had set a date for Saturday evening as well. So I told him my day is for them but my evening is for you. He then tells me his AC broke, and that he is bored and home alone and that I live really far (which is half true but during weekend traffic isn't that bad). So then i tried to be objective and say, im sorry im glad you're able to put an order to get it fixed and even told him at one point don't make excuses for us not getting together in what i thought would be a playful way. He tells me why I am texting him so robotic. I said I didn't know I was and by 6pm on Saturday he blocked me on his cell and on ig. Later on sunday, i went on my hike and by 11am i tried texting him and still i was blocked. I left a voicemail and he texted me saying he realized Friday evening that he didn't want this anymore that the feelings were not there. So I called him, he picked up and basically didn't want to explain anything to me. He was very dismissive and cold. So in the heat of the moment I drove to the apt (where I used to live with him) and confronted him stating what was going ? confused and appalled by yet again this break up. He was upset and annoyed so in a very calm and collected manner, I didn't curse at him, or raise my tone. I asked him to give me back the first months rent and other stuff he has kept in the apt ie. couch, an expensive watch and shades i got him etc.Since I had already given everything back as well. As he was in the restroom gathering himself to leave to do laundry at his parents, i saw his drawer open and I took my butt plug (honestly idk why i took it maybe to be petty) it was wrong of me and then as we were leaving, he said he would pay me the money he owes me, we’re in the parking structure and he begins to raise his voice at me to shut his card door as it turns out he misplaced the expensive shades i bought him. I walked away leaving the passenger door open because he began to verbally abuse me. As am i driving away, he texts me and tells me i'm not getting anything back, that i am a disgusting person for taking the plug he got me and that he was just going to throw it in the trash and that that was a gift to me so he should be the one to have it back. He also threw some shade on my work and told me the reason why my coworkers hate me so much is because of how fake. I said to him in many instances, okay I hope you have a change of heart , I wish you the best nothing but happiness and he blocked me from his cell phone and social media.
The thing is, I never cheated. I always tried to be forgiving. I am not sure what I am seeking from having to post this, but this is day 2. I feel like I have been made out to be the bad guy here, by getting blocked and being told to never reach out to him again. I didn’t obsessively call him or text him. I realized he was playing quite a few females to include me. But what really hurt was that even these girls chose to be his friend instead of mine, idk what that says but it's still hurtful.
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2020.09.30 16:58 uplifted2110 Hot sexy mom pics

My wife and I had been married for 16 years. During my early career I worked in a role fixing the power generation turbine windmills on and off shore. When I was offshore it tended to be for around 4 to 6 months at a time. I absolutely loved the work. I’d always liked climbing. People thought I was strange for wanting to work in high and dangerous places but the truth is I never felt more peaceful then up at the top of the windmills. The wind rushing through your hair, the world and all its hum drum problems far beneath you. It was liberating. The only issue was being away from Steph. Steph and I had been high school sweethearts. We had gone to different colleges which had put a great strain on our relationship but we made it through and moved in together shortly after college. We’d married a few years later and I’d enjoyed my work, hating only that it took me away from her. As the years went by, when the kids came along, I’d stopped doing such an active job and my formerly wiry frame had suffered for it.
When she was younger Steph was a pharma girl. She was incredible. One of the highest performing reps in the company. She was always smart and motivated but I knew the fact she was the hottest girl in the company didn’t hurt. She was the typical pharma girl. Tall, graceful, beautiful, a body to die for. It sometimes bothered me to think of her having to spend her life flirting with these old perv doctors constantly but I trusted her implicitly and knew it was good for her career. I couldn’t complain about the money either. When we married we had this big, lavish ceremony and her high income allowed for that and for us to move into a beautiful house where we raised our kids.
Steph moved into management and when the kids came along, I stopped working on the windmills and started taking more local high rise jobs, eventually moving up into management myself. I would be lying if I said the change in lifestyle hadn’t affected us physically. By 40, I had put on a significant amount of weight. I had gone from my lean 75kg to a slightly squidgy 95kg. I had gone from being able to bang out 30 pull ups for fun to barely being able to muster 5. Well... I assumed that to be the case but in all honesty I hadn’t seen the inside of a gym for years. The same was true of Steph. Back when she was a field rep she was incredibly fit and healthy. She was active during the day, running from meeting to meeting and topped this up by running for an hour in the evening. When the kids came along and she took her promotion, her lifestyle had become much more sedentary. She was 5’8 but had gone from a skinny 60kg to a soft 80kg. She was still absolutely beautiful with wavy dark brown hair, fair skin and green eyes, permanently sporting that come to bed look, which she normally accentuated by using dark eyeliner and dark red on her full, pouty lips. However, her once tight butt now showed noticeable signs of cellulite; but I loved her dearly and was reminded every time I saw her slightly drooping tummy that she’d given me my two beautiful kids and the great lifestyle we had that I wouldn’t change that for the world. Her boobs had always been big. Even when we were young she had a large, full, double D cup. This looked great on her skinny, runners frame. Her breasts had swollen recently with the extra pounds and the kids and now she was a G cup on her more curvy figure. Always a big boob man, I had zero complains about this development!
At 40, our kids were 13 and 11 and doing great. Steph was doing great at work too. I had been a little lost the last few years but a buddy of mine had rung one day and told me about an opportunity he had to go and run a project setting up a new wind farm. This was a huge gig for me and the project management experience would definitely open doors in the growing renewable energy space. It was an amazing opportunity but it had a major downside. The role was in the UAE and it would last 7 months. Steph and I talked it out one night, at length, making lists of pros and cons. Ultimately, we decided I should go for it. We knew it would be hard being apart for so long but we promised we would FaceTime every night and the kids would speak to me for at least half an hour every single day. I packed my bag, we said a teary farewell and I was off.
I settled into life in Dubai pretty quickly. The work kept me incredibly busy but I made some good new friends and we enjoyed the city, the people, the amazing bars and restaurants. Meanwhile back home Steph and the kids were doing well. Steph had decided she was going to fill some of the free time she had from my absence by getting back in shape. I asked her if she’d taken up running again but she said she’d read lifting weights burns more fat, for longer. She had gotten herself a PT and was working hard with her. She was an ex bikini model called Amy. Steph showed me a picture... I’m a little ashamed to say I thought about her that night in the shower. Jesus, if she could get Steph halfway there I’d be a lucky guy!
The months rolled on and things progressed well on the project. Steph kept me updated on everything that was going on at home and I could see on our FaceTime chats that her body had begun to change. Her face was looking tighter and her clothes started to look a bit baggy on her. It was obviously difficult to tell properly how far she’d come. I was excited to see her though, whatever she looked like. Speaking to your wife and your best friend every day is great but it’s not the same as picking her up and taking her to bed, not the same as making sweet love to her and falling asleep in each others arms; not the same as waking up and seeing her beautiful face each morning. Eventually the day came and she had organised a coming home party. She said the kids would be there but then they were both going off to some friends houses that night. I couldn’t wait to see them but I must say I was quietly pleased they would be out on the Saturday. It was going to be a long flight back to the US from Dubai and a lie in is a difficult thing to achieve with kids on the border of becoming teenagers in the house.
As predicted it was a long flight home but Steph was waiting at the airport with the kids when I walked through the arrivals gate. We all waved like crazy people and ran towards each other. We wrapped up in a big family hug and it felt so good to be back with them. We headed home and all got washed and ready to have the guests back. Steph wore these tight, shiny leather trousers and a loose, electric blue shirt over the top. It was open quite low and showed off her huge boobs, which seemed to have retained their previous enormous size, even though she had clearly lost a huge amount of weight. Open high heel sandals completed the look and what a look it was. She wore her hair up in a loose bun, as was her way, with dark makeup bringing out her vivid green eyes. I couldn’t stop staring at her ass. It was like being a teenager again. I was totally infatuated with her. I couldn’t believe how amazing she looked. A few of my buddies commented on it at the party too. One of them said I bet I though it was like Christmas. I left a soccer mom at home and came back to a supermodel.
It was a great night and I loved catching up with everyone but the jet lag caught up with me and I was struggling toward the end. People picked up on it and started to head out. The kids said their goodbyes and headed off with the respective friends and I collapsed on the sofa. Steph did a bit of tidying up. Pretty soon my eyes closed. I’m not sure how much later it was but Steph gently rocked me awake. “Come on sleepy head”, she said gently to me. I was really struggling to stay awake and my eyes closed again. I then felt this strange sensation. Like movement and weightlessness. I felt this warmth and glimpses of the stunning leather clad ass and some high heels. I opened my eyes for a second and swear I was looking right down the staircase but my eyes closed again and I was out. The next thing I knew I felt kisses on my neck and a soft hand gently caressing my hardening cock. I opened my eyes again but managed to keep them open this time. I was in bed and I was naked. I have no idea how either of those things happened. Steph was kissing me and wearing her favourite pink, silk nightie. - “How did I get here?” - “Mmm you fell asleep... Mmm on the sofa... So I carried you up to bed...” - “How?” - “Gym remember... Your lady’s strong now baby. Now shut up and kiss me.”
I did and the feeling of her soft skin and the silk nightie and her hand on my cock soon had me going, roused from my slumber. The feel of her soft, full lips was such sweet welcome to my lonely mouth. I had missed the feel of her. But even as I enjoyed the taste of her mouth, I noticed the feel of her had changed. I stroked my hands up her thighs as she slid herself down onto my rock hard cock and then ran them round to her ass. Where once my fingers had dented the soft, round mound of her buttocks, now they slid along the hard surface. Her silken skin was suddenly pulled tight over firm muscle. The feeling was one that took me back to the days when we were first together. She rode me as my hands explored her gym hardened physique. At one point I put my hands underneath her arms and tried to roll her over, so I could go on top. She quickly brought her hands up, grabbed my wrists and slammed them down on the bed, over my head. My eyes opened wide in surprise and I caught her eyes. Seeing the wild, predatory lust that filled them was an incredibly erotic experience as my newly hard bodied wife held me down on the bed and slammed her hips down onto my crotch.
Soon the speed grew, as did her grip around my wrists, to the point that it started to hurt. Her breathing became laboured and then she came, her eyes rolled back and her back arched upwards, she quickly leant down and shoved her tongue into my mouth, kissing my passionately as we both completed our orgasms together. She kissed me a few more times before she released me and rolled off me and onto her side. It had been making love, it wasn’t wild, teenage fucking but there was no denying she had taken full control. This was unusual for us. It had always been me that had taken the lead before. The role reversal hadn’t involved latex and whips and chains but something unspoken had passed between us. She had just carried me to bed, dressed in an insanely hot outfit that I’d been salivating over, before stripping me naked and owning me. As she lay on her back after this, it felt natural to cuddle up to her side. I shuffled over and put my head on her shoulder. She guided me to lift myself up and she put her arm underneath, before I settled in against her chest, her arm now encircling me. Being held by her felt wonderful, I’d missed the physical intimacy with my wife so much; she felt great and smelled great and now all of a sudden had this fitness model body which I was cuddling up against. The silk felt so good and I was soon asleep once more.
In the morning I actually woke up first. As tired as I’d been I was also still on a different time zone and I’d always been an early riser anyway. Steph was asleep on her side. I looked over and admired the lines of toned muscle running through her shoulders. I actually shuffled over on the bed and began to kiss her back, causing gentle stirring in her, which turned into moaning. She reached behind her and grabbed my rock hard cock and began to slowly pull me off, while I reached around her side and fondled one of her huge breasts through the silk of her nightie. I worked my way down until I was fingerings her and when her breathing became a bit faster, she guided my dick into her from behind. We started moving together in the old familiar way, but as my hand roamed over her stomach, her arms, her shoulders and her thighs, I was taken aback once more about how firm and toned she was now. Every inch of her seemed to be tighter.
It didn’t take us long to finish together and she rolled around kissed me, before we both got up and jumped in the shower together. We kissed and cuddled and I stroked her firm arse as the water cascaded down our bodies. After we got out of the shower and dried, I walked back into the bedroom with a towel wrapped around my waist and lay back on the bed. Steph pulled on this Victoria Secrets bra and panty set that was seriously hot. It was black with little gold bits woven into the fabric. She sat at her dressing table and blow dried her hair. As she did this, I admired the muscles dancing around in her arms while she maneuvered the hairdryer in one hand and her hair in the other. As she finished, she pulled a hair tie open and gathered her beautiful hair into a long pony tail. I finally broke my silence and exclaimed, - “Steph, your arms look amazing.” She spun on her chair with a huge smile on her face. Then lifted herself off the stool, - “Yeah, you think so?” She said as she pulled a double bicep pose. My dick became hard again and formed a tent in the towel and I started lazily stroking it while staring at her. - “I didn’t know you liked strong girls so much!”, she said with a little flirtatious giggle. - “Neither did I but seems I like them a lot!”, I joked back. Steph flexed a few more of her muscles, showing me her thick legs and her abs, before adding: - “So, there’s something I haven’t told you. Amy and I have been adding something to our sessions which I’ve been really enjoying and I think I’m getting pretty good at it!“ - “And...?” - “We’ve been wrestling...” She looked at me quizzically, trying to gauge the look on my face. It was a head tilted smirk, I was curious and she knew it. - “Do you think you’d want to.... You know, give it a go with me?“ - “What? Here?” - “Yeah, actually there isn’t really a space big enough at the gym. So I bought some mats and we’ve been practicing here, pushing the furniture to the side in the living room. So... What about it?” - “Hmm... Do I think having a little grapple with my sexy wife in the living room of our house while we have the place to ourselves.... Fuck yeah..” I said with a huge grin.
Steph literally bounced up and down she was so excited to show me her moves. I pulled on some underwear and together we arranged the furniture in the living room, before grabbing the mats from the garage and putting them down. Steph told me to stay where she was, she had a little surprise that she thought I might get a kick out of. She ran upstairs and came down again a minute later wearing this absolutely tiny, metallic looking, lime green one piece swimsuit. The front plunged, exposing the sides of her huge tits and the top of her stomach, the suit linking up just above her belly button. My jaw dropped. - “I actually bought this for the summer to show off my gym work but I thought you might enjoy getting your ass kicked by me.. Wearing this.” - “I think you have a point.”
We agreed some rules, first to three pins wins, loser is a loser, winner is Champion of the Universe. Usual stupid stuff, then squared up. I went straight for her shoulders with a clumsy grab and she showed me what the training she’d been doing with Amy was all about, swiftly pushing my arms to the side, spinning behind me and gripping me round the middle. Suddenly I was airborne as she suplexed me onto my back. As I rolled back up the right way and made my way up onto my hands and knees I started laughing, - “Did you just... Suplex me?” She burst into laughter and said, - “Yep... Think so.” We collapsed in uncontrollable giggles which lasted a minute or two and then we calmed down.... Stopped... Stared at each other... Smiled... And pounced. We grappled again, locking hands in a classic test of strength, both on our knees. We pushed each other arms around a little but it wasn’t long before she got the upper hand. It was the first time I’d realised not only had Steph become super strong but that she’d actually become stronger than me. It was a strange, sobering and weirdly arousing realisation. As the strength in my arms faded, she threw both of my arms to the side and span round behind me, where she roughly pushed her hands under my armpits and linked them behind my neck. I found myself in a Full Nelson hold, her strong arms totally incapacitating me. I tried to pull to the left and right, forward and back but each time I felt her weight shift and she held me firm.
Eventually, I lifted one of my arms and tapped on her head. She asked me if I was tapping and I managed to wobble my head slightly to indicate I was. She released the hold and I dropped forward, the pain in my back increased momentarily as she released me. Before I knew it, she had scrambled onto my back, lifted my tired and aching arms over her legs and put my into a camel clutch. She pulled my head backwards and I really started to struggle for air, not to mention the pain in my jointed from being so easily and expertly manhandled by my beautiful, busty wife.
She held this hold for another minute or so and began flirtatiously taunting me about how she didn’t think it would be this easy to dominate me. She told me Amy and her had great matches and were becoming quite evenly matched, she should have known I wouldn’t stand a chance. It was incredibly sexy to be taunted by this lithe, strong goddess and my dick pressed against the floor and the fabric of my pants as it got hard.
I thought we were done with the wrestling and she would give me a break when I tapped again on her thigh but instead she lifted my arms over her knees and dropped them heavily on the floor. She scooted across the mat, opened her legs and pulled my body up toward her, flipping me onto my back and clamped her thick, silky thighs around my neck. As I rolled over and the pressure of the floor was released, my rock hard cock sprang up and she said, - “Ohh baby. I didn’t realise you liked this so much. You like your sexy little wife kicking your ass? Want to know something? This is me at about 20%. If I was really going for it like I do in training, I think I’d have put you in the hospital by now. Can you imagine? I’d put on a coat and some heels and leave you in your pants. I’d pick you up and carry you into the hospital and we’d make up some excuse about how your broke some ribs, the whole time we’d both know it was me and I was still wearing this little number under the coat...” As she was taunting me and turning me on with her words, she was alternating before releasing the pressure, short little squeezes to emphasise certain words and a prolonged squeeze at the end which totally cut off my circulation and had me seeing stars. I ran my hands up and down her thick, muscled legs, enjoying the sensation of her smooth skin against my fingertips.
When I started turning blue, Steph opened her legs and shifted backwards. I thought my head was going to be allowed to drop to the floor but she grabbed a handful of my hair and stopped it dropping. She rolled around to the side of me, then brought one of her legs out and under her arm, stretching across my chest. She pulled my hair and I raised my head up long enough for her to clamp her thighs back around it. This time she was lying on top of me, facing down. I couldn’t believe the sight of her incredibly tight ass just below my chin. Again she taunted me about how strong she’d become and how much she loved kicking my ass while I struggled to breathe and felt her big hamstrings and her firm ass cheeks. She even began gently stroking my cock and balls, commenting how at least one part of my was hard, compared to the soft and squidgy rest of me. She told me she had some thoughts about how maybe I could be of use to her after all... If I survived her scissors that is.
When she thought I’d had enough, she uncurled her thighs from around my neck and pulled her knees forward, sitting straight on my face, facing my feet with her ankles by my neck and her knees on my chest. The taunting continued about how she didn’t understand how I kept letting myself get into these situations. She stayed there, taking my oxygen away for a minute or two. The whole thing was extremely exciting. Bouncing her beautiful ass up and down a few times, wearing the tiny, shiny swimsuit, she added, - “Then again, maybe your plan was for me to be sitting on your face. I suppose it does open up certain options...”
She lifted herself up and reached her hand down, simultaneously shifting her body backwards and pulling her swimsuit to the side. She pushed her bare, wet, pussy onto my mouth and I realised she was as turned on as I was. Struggling for air, trying to pull in breaths and lick her beautiful lips while she slowly lifted off my face and pressed back down was incredible. She clearly liked it too because after a minute of that she started really grinding down onto me. It was hurting my nose and I could feel my head bouncing off the mat. I started to worry about the pain in my face but it didn’t last long. I felt her shudder with an orgasm, she moaned and pressed down hard on my face one last time.
Following that, she stood up and grabbed one of my hands, pulling me to my feet. Before I knew it she’d squatted down and hauled me up across her shoulders in a fireman’s carry. She walked in slow circles around the room while my laboured breathing caught up and the redness started to dissipate from my burning cheeks. There was a big mirror on the living room wall and she carried me over to it. She stood there for a second, then to demonstrate her superiority, she started squatting me, slowly and deeply, she got to a 10 count and then said, - “Look at you. Got yourself in another little situation here haven’t ya? I mean, I could slam you backwards, I could slam you forwards, I could flip you the other way round and give you a back breaker... I have so many choices. I think you’ve been a pretty good boy though. You did lick me out real good... Maybe you deserve a little treat. How would you like it if I knocked you out using only my tits?”
I barely had time to register what she’d said before she did in fact slam me backwards onto the mat. While I was seeing stars, she scrambled on top of me and enveloped my head into her glorious cleavage. I didn’t struggle. By this point we both fully understood I didn’t have a chance of moving her, breaking the hold, or really doing anything. So I just lay there and enjoyed the feeling of being suffocated by my wife’s perfect rack, wondering if this was going to be a regular occurrence from now on... I had a feeling, with a great sense of excitement, that this was pretty much standard foreplay from now on.
Just before I slipped into unconsciousness, Steph lifted herself off me, her huge breasts finally releasing my face and I sucked in a desperate breath, panting once more and struggling to get my heart rate back to normal. Steph was kneeling beside me, looking at me lustily, clearly turned on by her obvious physical superiority and said, - “I think you’ve had enough for today big boy. There’s going to be plenty of time for me to kick your ass again soon. Now I’m fucking horny... So I’m going to take you upstairs the fuck you until you can’t move anymore.” She reached down and took my head in her hands, gently guiding me to sit myself up. When I was sitting, she leaned down at shoved her tongue in my mouth, pushing my tongue around, dominating our kiss as easily as she had dominated the wrestling. I began gently sucking on her tongue and she moaned.
She brought one leg up, so it was behind my back and slid her arms around me, one behind my back and one under my knees. If I wasn’t already hopelessly aware of how much stronger than me she had become, this final demonstration put all elements of doubt out of my mind as she stood, lifting me into a cradle. I remembered carrying her across the threshold on our wedding night and the total role reversal the years had brought was supremely evident in the image I saw in the big mirror. The fitness model in the green, metallic one piece who looked no more than 30, carrying the chubby, middle aged man who looked 45; not showing any particular signs that my weight bothered her. My beautiful, insanely sexily dressed wife proceeded to carry me across the mats and up the stairs toward our bedroom. When she reached the top of the stairs her muscles had the definition showing in her biceps that showed she was working hard but she wasn’t breathing especially heavily. She carried me down the hallway toward our bedroom. When she reached it, I said, - “Steph?” She stopped, looked at me for a second and then threw me in the air, readjusting her arms higher to where she could hold me more comfortably. My arms encircled her shoulders but I let go with my arm across her front and raised it to her beautiful cheek. I softly ran a finger across her delicate face and then down her neck and over her chest. I ran a line across the top of her massive tits over to the strap of her sexy swimsuit. My eyes had followed my hand, as had hers, but when I grabbed the strap with my fist, holding onto it like a rope, both our eyes left the hand and met each other, then I finally let myself say the thing I’d been wanting to say all afternoon, - “Don’t be gentle.” Her eyes narrowed and a Cheshire cat grin spread across her face. Her eyes left mine and looked straight at the bedroom door. She lifted a foot off the ground and kicked the door open, before carrying me in.
For the next two hours she threw me around the bedroom and fucked me on every surface and in ways I’d never imagined before. I remember when I used to pick her up, carry her across the room and slam her against the wall. It felt so strange to have her do this to me but so sexy too, my large legs wrapped around her narrow waist and her rock hard buns pressed against my calves. At one point she did this and was kissing me and I realised she must have been carrying me around like this for 10 minutes. She put me in a cradle carry and lifted my soft saggy body up to her face, devouring my pole which was anything but soft and saggy. Where yesterday she took control but it was still making love, this was the kind of wild, crazy fucking we had done as teenagers, only this time with her being the far stronger and fitter partner. She used my body for her pleasure and I worshipped her like the Goddess she was, kissing and licking her from her toes to her tits, climbing her body sitting on her strong shoulders, riding her firm back and loving it when she hoisted me over her head and held me in front of the mirror, showing how totally and completely she physically outclassed my once strong body. I had the absolute best morning of my life.
In the afternoon we descended the stairs once more. She was now wearing her baby blue silk slip and a little matching silk dressing gown. She had even put on some little heels with a fluffy toe to complete the sexy housewife look. I was wearing my own silk monogrammed PJs and dressing gown along with my slippers. Of course she was carrying me, held secure in her strong arms as her high heeled feet clicked on the wooden stairs. She walked through the house to the kitchen and put me down in the chair. She poured us both some juice and came and sat on my knee. - “So, what are you thinking lover?” - “I’m thinking I need to buy Amy the biggest bouquet of flowers she’s ever seen.” She giggled and hugged me and kissed me so forcefully I was struggling for air. We kissed for a minute and I could hear she was beginning to get turned on and suddenly she jumped up and threw me over her shoulder.... Heading back for the bedroom once more. I decided then and there I was going to start hitting the gym hard. I had no intention of bulking up but I needed to work on my cardio if I was going to keep up with this Amazonian nymphomaniac who had replaced my wife. I don’t think I’d ever be able to take a long assignment abroad again. I couldn’t possibly drag myself away from this and if she went through another one of these transformations I’d be genuinely worried for my health.
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2020.09.27 19:22 Peregrinebullet Hot sexy mom pics

So I was going through old emails and pictures and found detailed writeups that I sent a friend of mine during our 2016 Japan trip. My friend had never been to Japan and knew nothing about it, so I'll edit/ condense them for clarity, as I got into some pretty basic explanations that I'm sure a lot of you have figured out already.
** don't think too hard about the dates/timeline, as I condensed and sometimes didn't have time to tell Friend about things until a few days later, so the emails backtrack to previous days a few times -*\*
We were planning on going again this year or next year with our toddler, but alas, pandemic. COVID-19 having slowed down content on this subreddit, I figured some people would still find this a fun read.
We did a 4 person trip (myself, my husband (B), my sister (S) and her boyfriend (K)) for 24 days, sharing accommodations and fair bit of food/transport costs, depending on what we were doing. We ended up realizing that increasing convenience or comfort generally didn't cost a lot more than the cheapest options, so we often paid an extra $5-8/ night to get a business hotel instead of a hostel. We also opted for the convenience of the JR pass (which paid off for us) and the Jetfoil ferry.
Here's our budget in CAD - Rough planned (actual): pp = per person
Planned budget:
Plane ticket for [SISTER] & [SISTER's BF]- $800- 1000pp (Actual cost: $1100cad pp for YVR-PVG-NRT round trip)
Plane tickets for husband and I: 150K Alaska miles +$220cad (YVR-NRT direct)
Tokyo accommodations - 180 pp ($189 - $121 pp at Hotel Horidome Villa, 2 rooms x 3 days, then $68 pp at an airbnb near Oku Station x3)
Kyoto Accommodations - 123 pp ($367pp for 13 days at an japanese townhouse airbnb near Sanjo Station)
Food - 400 pp (I didn't end up tracking what we ate, but it was closer to $500 as we ate so many snacks and tried a lot of restaurants).
21 day JR Rail pass - 570 pp ($692 pp with taxes - the cost went up between us planning the trip and actual purchase, several months later)
Attractions - 200 pp ($10 per attraction/15 days of attractions) ($250-ish - didn't track this super closely).
Hiroshima Accomodations - no estimate ( 32.84 pp - I forget which hotel, but in honesty, it was a pretty forgettable hotel that smelled like cigarettes even though we had picked "non-smoking" and had a very squeaky bed)
Kagoshima Accomodations - no estimate ($34 pp - APA Hotel Kagoshima Chuo-Ekimae)
Jetfoil Ferry from Kagoshima - Yakushima Roundtrip - ($202pp - free booking through Yes Yakushima)
Yakushima accommodations - 85 pp (330 total) ($97 pp for 3 nights at Minshuku Iwakawa)
Yakushima Island tour - 100pp ($136 pp )
Yakushima Anbo River kayaking - 100 pp ($86 pp )
Yakushima bike rentals - 15pp (didn't end up renting bikes)
Kyoto daily transit - 70 pp ($5/day for approx 12 days) (ended up renting bikes for $30 pp + 20 deposit (which they returned to us - we used the bus twice, the rest of the time was us biking around or using our JR passes to do day trips)
Kinosaki Onsen ($86 pp for 1 night in the cheapest "nice" Ryokan we could find, Sinonomesou)
Other (souvenirs, essentials, LH's) - 300pp (ha... my sister managed about $400, I was $600, as I ended up getting a tattoo - the guys didn't buy much.)
Tokyo Skyliner + Keisei tickets: $44 pp
Total per person minus plane tickets = $3145
Total for S & K (including plane ticket) - $ 4200ish CAD ea
$3145 divided by 24 is approx $131 per day.
B = Husband
S = Sister
K = Sister's boyfriend.
DAY 1 (Tokyo)
(No email report, as I was too tired).
Flew into Narita, negotiated our way to the skyliner without Tooooo much difficulty, and met up with my sister and her BF at Hotel Horidome Villa. Pretty comfy little business hotel, and we had two adjacent rooms. We were a bit tall for the beds (B is 5'11" and K is 6'1"), but it wasn't the end of the world. My husband could almost span the room with his arms. Used the tokyo subway tickets that came included with our Keisei Skyliner tickets to get around. First experience of Japanese 7/11 and ended up bringing an entire bag full of snacks back to our hotel room to try, which we ate while watching incomprehensible Japanese TV, then fell asleep
Day 2 (Tokyo) - first email
We walked around for nearly 8 hours and holy crap, I am looking forward to soaking in the tub in our room. Despite the bathroom being so tiny, the tub is actually big enough to accommodate my thighs, Which is more than can be said for the one back home! ( I'm not a skinny person).
Due to jet lag, we fell asleep around 8pm last night and I woke up at 4 am. B always sleeps longer than I do, so I basically read for 2 hours, waiting for him to wake up.
Then we went to the gym. We have an anytime membership, and they weren't kidding. You literally can use it anywhere in the world. There's an Anytime fitness about 6 blocks from our hotel. We walk in, and about 4 old Japanese men who were on the machines just stop and STARE at us as we walked past them.
They try to be surreptitious about it, but it's a constant thing. I make a point of catching their eyes, and they quickly look away, then try to sneak another look, and then get embarrassed because I'm still watching them with raised eyebrows. Me and K got the worst of it later in the day, because I was wearing a red dress and K has visible tattoos.
The red dress thing was a surprise, because I had no idea that Japanese people really only wear like 5 colours when out in public here in Tokyo - black, navy, white, pale blue or beige. The school uniforms tend to be one of these colours and most men wear black or navy business suits of varying formality.
Literally, every person we saw who was wearing a different colour turned out to not be Japanese - either we ended up hearing them speak a different language, or they were obviously tourists. I knew I was already going to stand out, having red hair, but this was a bit ridiculous.
First thing in the morning, we went out to a breakfast place that served American food ("Bubby's"). Despite being advertised as a family restaurant, the mug S drank coffee out of had a caption of "F%*KING FRESH" on it. It took us quite awhile to find it and after that, we decided that 7/11 breakfasts were the way to go, both convenience and cost wise.
K also had a hilarious mishap in the morning while snapchatting with his mom, which I will copy-paste his own words:
Note to self: Be careful of the angles when snapchatting pictures of yourself in a Japanese robe with a beer. A few degrees can change a photo from G to 18A. ‪#‎justwantedacoolangle‬ ‪#‎sorrymom‬
After breakfast, we went down to Shibuya, which is where the giant 6 way cross walk is that you often see in pictures of Tokyo. Since we had been up so ridiculously early, we had missed most of the morning crowds up until this point. But once we hit Shibuya, rush hour was in full swing. People were 7-9 rows deep on the metro platforms and it was sea of dudes in business suits. People didn't quite have to be pushed onto the trains by white gloved attendants, but it was a close thing.
Gaijin perimeter was in full effect though, and people avoided standing near us a lot of the time. We wandered around Shibuya for about an hour, venturing off the main shopping street into the twisty back alleyways. At one point, we found about 12 love hotels in three blocks.
We also found what I like to call "The saddest playground in Tokyo", featuring PTSD Panda and Mr. Tiger.
After the huge crowds in Shibuya, I was aching for some quiet, so we headed to the Imperial Palace Gardens. However, we made a wrong turn, and went half way around the grounds in the wrong direction, so we didn't get to see the public gardens (by the time we realized our mistake, we had been walking for 25 mins and were at the opposite end of the compound)
It wasn't a loss though, because the exterior of the palace grounds is still really cool. I only got a couple pictures of the walls and guard towers, but it was eerie how perfectly manicured all the plants and grass were. We wouldn't put it past the Japanese Imperial household to clip the grass by hand, you know? It had that kind of feel to it. We don't know if it was the case, but everything was utterly perfect looking.
After the Imperial gardens, we came back to our hotel room and I passed out for about two hours - it was only like 3 pm, but we'd been walking around since 8am, plus I had done a run, so my feet were killing me.
After my (utterly delicious and much needed) nap, we went to the Tokyo Skytree. We got there right at sunset and it was gorgeous. It was really crazy to see how far the city extended - literaly, buildings as far as the eye could see (it was an overcast day, so the mountains that surround Tokyo were not visible.)
One thing that surprised me about Tokyo is it's not as dense as I thought. it would be. Everything is compact and small, but it's rare for a building to be over 12 stories. 6-8 stories was more likely, except for some of the government buildings and just right around the main metro stations. It was more just endless amounts of urban sprawl.
I've had Tokyo described to me as a "dirty great city" and that seems to be the truth - it's just a huge city that goes on for miles and miles. But because the metro system here is so extensive, you can cross it in like 40 mins, no problem. The metro system is super easy to get around - I barely remember any of my Japanese lessons, but didn't really need them.
However, I did make one embarrassing flub - I mixed up the words for "this is" and "Where is" - Kore is this is and doko is "where is" .
So I confused several station attendants when asking for directions.
Imagine a foreigner marching up to you and saying "This is the ginza line!" instead of "Where is the ginza line?" I asked three station attendants and a police officer this before I figured out my mistake and they all gave me looks like I was crazy.
DAY 3 + 4 (Tokyo + Kyoto)
OK, I'm awake now (slept 11 hours, jesus christ). I have walked more in the last three days than I have walked in months, good lord.
I forgot to tell you about a funny part of the Tokyo Skytree - they have a fucking window cleaner musical. They have a performance of window cleaners projected onto the windows, (the actors, thankfully, are NOT outside the 900 ft tower) where they sing and clean the windows in a synchronized fashion, then all march onto the floor with a brass band. I wish I was joking. I couldn't understand a word of it though, so I have no idea what they were singing about exactly.
After that we went downstairs and explored the mall underneath the skytree for a few hours - it was actually a lot of fun and we found a store completely devoted to cheese. Best. cheesecake. I've.ever.had.
As for yesterday, we got up and and took the Metro out to Shinjuku, where our friend's hotel was. (We were meeting up with some friends from China)
Remember how for Day 2, I said that we hadn't quite gotten to the point where white gloved station attendants were pushing people onto trains? Well, I had my first experience with it yesterday. The train was packed, we squeezed on, and about ten people got on behind us.
There was an awkward pause as you realize the doors weren't going to close unless something was done. I was already half buried under B's armpit, with my opposite arm and purse buried between two tall (for Japanese) business men, with another dude glued to my back.
Then the shove came and I was knocked into the two business guys. I wasn't even holding onto anything. The crush of people held me upright for about five stops, which was all kinds of no fun, because you can guess at the sort of momentum that the train drivers have to deal with when braking and accelerating with a packed train like that. Everyone got pushed around and elbows in places that you don't want elbows as the train stopped and started.
When we got to Shinjuku, it was pretty different from where our hotel was (we're in Nihonbashi). Lots of wide avenues and modern development. The suited Japanese businessmen were still everywhere. Our friends were staying in the Shinjuku Washington, and they reported that their hotel room (despite being much newer) was no bigger than ours.
We wandered around Shinjuku looking for breakfast, and our friends, both being Chinese, and thus indistinguishable from the Japanese, were shocked at our Gaijin Perimeter abilities. The crowds parted in front of B like sailboats dodging out of the way of a tanker, and giving him the same sort of wide berth, to the point where some people were stepping out onto the street.
We found a ramen place called Ichiran which had decent ratings. It was also very much the sort of place that drunk people would stumble into during their walk of shame. Everything was designed so that you could have minimal interaction with other human beings.
You ordered your ramen from a ticket machine, and then there was four bar style rows, each with a little cubby that shut you off from your neighbour (though the cubby walls could be folded away).
You pushed the ticket through a small bamboo screen and you were handed back a preference sheet that you ticked off - how spicy, how rich, what type of noodles, what veggies, and you returned it through the screen. Minutes later, a bowl of ramen ordered to your preferences would be pushed through the screen. You could literally accomplish all of this without saying a single word and the server was never visible - At most, you saw their hands through the screen. Perfect for anyone with social anxiety.
After that, we headed out on the JR lines to Tokyo DisneySea. You heard that right, DisneySea, not Disneyland. They are adjacent park, but the major difference is that DisneySea serves booze. Not that we had any (booze was not immune to Disney prices).
On a purely artsy level, DisneySea was awesome - everything was gorgeously and meticulously decorated. While walking through "King Triton's Castle"(as opposed to the Sleeping Beauty's castle that you'd find in the regular disney parks), we noticed that every single tile in every single mosaic was in fact engraved with pictures of Ariel, Flounder and Prince Eric. Not the same picture either - different poses and positions.
There was a huge Steampunk flavour to the park too. Everything was pretty to look at and the amount of detail was insane.
It was crowded though and the rides were ok. We only went on about 6 of them, but they were fun. Again, more just from the artsy side of it. I would say it was worth what we paid, but only just barely. I will say this though, when set free from the uniform requirements of black, navy and beige "NormCore" colours (according to my sister, that's the name that's used for that type of fashion?), Japanese people seem to have terrible taste in clothing. Lots of mixed neons and plaid.
I also got an extremely awkward sunburn, because I under-estimated how far the neckline of my dress went down and didn't put on sunscreen that far down. :/ It itches. The sun here does not play around, we had to buy 50SPF+++ sunscreen (which is everywhere, thank goodness)
We got home and passed out super quick last night. This morning, we woke up early and packed up our room, because we were heading to Kyoto today.
Kyoto is crazy different from Tokyo.
Big difference? The Japanese business-suited business man has completely disappeared. Now there's people walking around in actual kimonos (We saw no kimonos in Tokyo. none.) Oh, and people are wearing colours. Actual colours.
We booked out of our hotel around 10am and dragged our suitcases over to Tokyo station, which was around 20 minutes away on foot. Not bad at all, but it was a hot day. Also, the bank of Japan headquarters looks like a fortress and there is one office building just before the station that is entirely covered in roses - we're talking a 6 storey building. Completely covered in roses. It was pretty cool.
Tokyo station is just nuts. There are 24 platforms, both local and shinkansen trains. It is a white tiled rabbit warren. B and K's gaijin perimeter was invaluable when we were rushing through the crowds to catch our train.
There was also a mall beneath the station, and much of it was devoted to different stores that featured a particular character. Japan has a tendency to make a cutesy character mascot for everything. Literally everything.
Every prefecture, every city, has a character mascot. Most of the big companies have them. Some of them, like Domo-kun have gotten extremely popular. Others, like Snoopy, have been taken, bastardized, and then grown into something that bypasses all of their origins. There were, of course, stores dedicated to these two guys, and several others as well. My favourite was the Studio Ghibli store (obviously).
There was alot of specialized food places, of varying quality, including a standing sushi bar.
The shinkansen train was really new experience for me. I've been on really fast trains before - I've been on the TGV trains in France, but I was really too young to remember much about it. However, Shinkansen bullet trains are pretty ridiculous, in a very cool way.
First, they're extremely long - about 16 cars. Of course, our reserved seats were in the very last car, so we had to hike down the platforms with our bags (about 200 m and it was very very crowded).
They're arranged pretty much like an airplane, with overhead and under seat storage and similar seats and once you actually get going, you don't really process how fast you're going, unless the train passes really close to something. Most of the scenery passes much like it would if you were in a car. But when something passed by at less than 5 m, it was literally so blurred that you could not distinguish what it was. Several trains passed us on the adjacent track and you could not even distinguish the windows.
The Japanese countryside is really neat - Everything is really dense, and then there's wild countryside. They don't really do "suburbia" in the sense that north america does. There was very clear demarcations between human habitation, farmland and wilderness, and you didn't see much overlap. The mountains here are gorgeous, but wayyyy smaller than the ones back home. They seem gentler too, but it's hard to say, because I don't know what Japanese hiking habits are.
We went by mount Fuji too :))
Upon reaching Kyoto, it was much hotter and much more casual. As I mentioned earlier, the business suits have disappeared and everything is older and feels more organic, so to speak.
The townhouse were are staying in is extremely old and has tatami flooring, and we're sleeping on futons as well. There's a supermarket 1 block away and we had a lot of fun attempting to decipher what the hell different foods were. Sometimes my ability to read some Kanji helped, but most of it is a mystery, because Japan tends to favour cutesy drawings over pictures of products on their packaging.
Also, vegetables and fruit are very very photogenic here. Apparently, Japanese people are willing to pay a lot of money to eat "perfect" looking foods. The carrots we bought were fat, bright orange and perfectly shaped. That was the only option. Same goes for every other veggie we could find.
We also had a super awkward moment when we discovered that Japanese supermarkets do not give you bags. B and I bought a basket worth of food, then discovered that we had no way to carry it home easily.
So we opted for the most ridiculous route, and carried it all back to the apartment balanced in our arms. People were openly smirking at us, but oh well. How were we supposed to know? :P
Super tired today, so we're having a night in. S, K and B have been drinking the super cheap alcohol that you can buy in the supermarket. We'll be going to bed soon, because we're boring like that .

Day 5 (Kyoto)
We rented bikes for commuting around Kyoto. Kyoto is full of contradictions. The locals bike everywhere it seems, except on the actual designated bike lanes. But you would not believe the glares we get when we ring our little bike bells to get wandering Japanese Obasans (old women) out of our way, because they're in the middle of the bike path. There's also signs everywhere that tell you where not to park your bikes - only to have half a dozen bikes parked in front of them.
We rode up and down both sides of the Kamo river, which is in the middle of Kyoto - and there were a bunch of hawks and cranes up and down the river. The hawks were fighting quite low to the ground and nearly buzzed B at one point. Later on, we saw them steal a sandwich out of a girl's hand. She burst into tears and I don't blame her - I worked with birds and that still looked terrifying.
I should also note that it's fucking hot out. The airbnb we are renting has 2 bedrooms but only one of the bedrooms has A/C. So all four of us are crammed into one room on futons because the other room is enough to make anyone melt. We've been using the other room as a "dressing room" and keeping all our bags in there.
Day 6 (Kyoto)
So I have a massive case of bike butt right now.
As in, I've been on a bike for more than 20 hours in the last three days, and I have a seat shaped bruise on my ass. I wish I was joking.
Still by far the best way to get around Kyoto (and the cheapest - we only paid about $45 for a two week rental) but jeez, you pay for it in other ways. :P I'm going to be sitting funny for a few days!
Today was a lot of fun - we went out to Arashiyama (Biked to Nijo JR station from our airbnb - about 22 mins, then used JR pass), which is a district on the far side of Kyoto from where we are staying (we're in Gion, which is the famous geisha district - did you ever hear of the book/movie Memoirs of a Geisha? That's where it's set). Arashiyama is a gorgeous area, with steep mountains and these really beautiful gorges. It started raining like crazy, so we didn't go on the scenic train like we had been planning to, but we visited the Monkey park, which was a lot of fun.
Japan only has one species of monkey - the Japanese Macaque. They're not very big - they'd be about knee height on you, but they have red faces and red butts. They're the ones you see in pictures sitting in the hot springs! The ones at this particular park are a part of a study group and there's about 130 of them. The monkey park is also a 20 minute hike up a mountain, so it has a gorgeous view of the entirety of Kyoto - from the opposite perspective than the one we had at Kiyomizu dera (which I will tell you about in a bit).
We hiked up to the top of the mountain, the monkeys were mostly just laying around and chilling out. Some were grooming each other, and a lot of the younger ones were running around playing. They're right underfoot! You weren't allowed to touch them or crouch down to look at them (it's a dominance thing apparently) but they were super chill around humans and only avoided direct contact.
One of the cool things you could do up here was feed them! Y100 yen got you a bag of apples or nuts and you could feed them at a designated feeding station, where they'll take the food right out of your hand.
They would crowd around and I got really lucky, because the macaque that came up to me to take the apples was a mother with a very young baby - he was so tiny, about 7 inches long, and was clinging to her belly and nursing as she ate the apples. Completely adorable. I also got pictures of her letting him wander around and explore later.
We came down from the monkey park and mostly just browsed the tourist shops, because the weather was so bad and sat in the the covered foot bath at one end of the high street.
Kiyomizu dera is about 35 minutes south of our airbnb by bike, and it was a pretty cool ride until the very end - we managed about a quarter of the hill on our bikes, then had to walk up the rest of the way. The temple up is a narrow street lined with shops and there's tour buses everywhere, so walking ended up being safer. We really enjoyed wandering around the temple - it was crowded, but not claustrophobic and the view over Kyoto was gorgeous. There's tons of little side paths and little grottos that are sort of lurking around the main temple and pagoda, so you can spend quite a while just wandering. We checked out the shops on the way back down the hill and it was super nice.

We got up super early and went to the Aoi Matsuri festival (15 minutes bike ride from our airbnb). I'm not entirely sure on the origins for this one (it's one of the oldest ongoing "festivals" in Japan - about 1100 years) but it's very sombre. It's a processional from the Kyoto Imperial palace up to a temple about three kilometres upriver, and apparently it was originally done to appease the gods after a series of disasters at that point. All the costumes are modeled after the Heian era (about 900 years ago) and everyone carries hollyhock branches and the processional attendants carry an unmarried woman who was chosen as "Saio Dai" through out the procession, basically a priestess who leads the appeasement rituals.
Generally, the Saio Dai has to wear 12 layers of robes. It was about 27 C yesterday. I'm surprised she didn't melt. It was interesting to watch from an anthropological standpoint (everyone was wearing shoes made of reeds) but there was nothing to really engross the casual observer and we couldn't understand the chanting or the loudspeaker announcements at all. We left after about 40 minutes, as there was precious little shade.
The funniest thing we saw was that someone in a security guard uniform was basically in charge of making sure the processional's horses peed into a garbage bag instead of onto the parade route.
Afterwards, we biked around several of the temples just north of our apartment ( a lot of them are world heritage sites, and very beautiful, but Kyoto is very much a place where there is a temple on every block, so you have to be picky about the ones you go to). They were all beautiful and serene, but there weren't many differences between them.
After that, we biked down to Kyoto Station to get some ramen from the ramen alley (35 min bike ride straight down the river pathway, then across). In the station, up on the 10th floor, there is a section with 12 little ramen shops, each with a different style of ramen. S and K went to a ramen place elsewhere in Kyoto and ended up getting ramen that was wayyy to spicy for them, so they were in a lot of, ah, discomfort this morning. We've been taking it easy the last few days, as we haven't been getting much sleep. The person we're renting an apartment from didn't really give us good futons, so we've been pretty much laying on the hard tatami. Thankfully, the problem was sorted today and I hope tonight we can get a good sleep!

So, since I've always wanted to try on a kimono, but lacked the funds to get one of my own (they cost about $5000 minimum, due to the amount of embroidery they often have), we went to a kimono studio.
Most of the people walking around Kyoto are wearing yukata instead of kimono. Most good yukata will still set you back about $200 though, (but we ended up getting nice cotton ones from a cool 2nd hand shop in downtown Kyoto - we still use them as our summer bath robes).
So I was looking for places to rent them from (there's plenty) but I also discovered a place that will dress one up in a full kimono, as well as put on all the traditional geisha makeup. My sister wanted to try this too, so off we went the day before yesterday. It's a little three story studio several blocks south of where we were staying, that called itself the "Maiko Experience". Despite the good reviews, I thought it might be touristy, but the clientele was about 50% Japanese as well. Several older Japanese ladies were in the make up and dressing rooms with us.
Turns out that being belted into a proper kimono is NOT something you can do yourself. I had some vague ideas that you needed help to do it properly, but it's often a two or three person job.
We were put into makeup first. Traditional Maiko make up is where they paint your skin and neck completely white (with the exception of a small area at the back of your neck, because apparently it's erotic to have a small bit of skin showing through layers of white paint?) The white makeup feels pretty much like paint but they basically buff you non stop with a powder puff to get it to smooth out and cover everything, including the entirety of our lips.
The eye makeup wasn't too different from what some people would do - red/pink shading around the outer eyes and black kohl liner, which shows up quite dramatically against the white face paint. What was weird to me is that she spent several minutes painting my eyebrows red, then overlaying it with black kohl.
The effect was very interesting though, and one I saw it properly after she was finished, I figured out what she was going for. It makes for a far deeper and more subtle look than just putting black would have done. Just black would have made me look like I had huge black caterpillar eyebrows. Adding the red blended the whole thing with the eye makeup and added a lot of depth. Which is a weird comment to make about eyebrows.
The lips were the most annoying part. If you've ever seen pictures of traditional geisha makeup, you'll notice that they often only paint one of their lips fully (usually the bottom) and only a little line or a half done on the upper. This is because if you actually painted your entire lips with a white face, you'd end up looking like a ridiculous clown.
I don't have Resting Bitch Face or anything, but my default expression is definitely not a close-lipped smile, which is what the make up artist required to apply the lip paint. I had trouble keeping a close lipped smile while concentrating on keeping everything else still and, in her very meek Japanese way, I could tell she was annoyed with me, because every time I concentrated on keeping still, my mouth would return to a neutral position. Either way, it came out crooked and it caused a flurry among the hairdressers later when they noticed it and swooped in to fix it.
They don't torture you by doing your hair in the geisha hairstyles (which were usually expected to last for days), so they have a half wig that they comb your hair over and paint black.
After that, you pick what kimono you want to wear (I went with pink, my sister chose blue), and you get strapped into them.
I'm not even joking, it's like getting trussed up into a corset. There's about three layers of underwear, and while my sister had no problems (her shape being more similar to the typical Japanese woman), I could tell my boobs were giving the dressers trouble. Lots of untying and rearranging of padding, before being tugged tight again. Apparently they try to make you cylindrical shaped before they even put the kimono on. No buttons or anything - everything is held in place by cotton cords. Still pretty merciless on the breathing though.
After satisfying themselves with the undergarments (and they are not sexy undergarments ) we moved onto the kimono.
Kimonos come in one standard length, and the dresser folds them up to match your height. So this caused another problem, because all the padding they had put underneath to even me out had to be rearranged so that I didn't look pregnant when they folded up the kimono layers . By the end of it, you are trussed up so tightly that you are forced to have good posture and can't really even bend at the waist too good - all bending over is done with the knees.
However, that's half the pleasure of wearing corsets anyways (your back is forced to be straight, which alleviates a lot of aches) so it wasn't that bad.
We were taken for a couple studio pictures, then given ten minutes to take our ownpictures. B noted that he barely recognized us through the make up and we took a couple funny shots (as funny as you can get with your movement restricted like that, while wearing okobo sandals (which you should google). They're as hard to balance on as they look.
After washing off all the make up (also a lengthy process), we had a pretty quiet day in, as we have been going full speed for the last several days.
Yesterday, we went down to Osaka. We were late starting out, so we didn't get to do as much as we wanted, but we took the shinkansen down and went to the Kaiyukan Aquarium, which was extremely impressive. It's a 7 story structure, and all the tanks are layers so that as you walk down through the aquarium, you re-encounter the same tanks, but at different depths.
There's also a massive, 9 m x 34 m x 40m "Pacific Ocean tank" that takes up the majority of the middle of the building. It's about 4 storeys high and actually contains a whale shark, the only one in captivity. Half of the walkways have windows that open out onto this tank, so you could look at it from different perspectives. We also got to watch several feedings, though as per usual, everything is in Japanese, so we have no idea what the trainers are actually saying.
After the Aquarium, there's a giant ferris wheel thing that's 112m tall next to it, so we went on that, which gave us a pretty cool view of the city. Osaka is much denser than Tokyo, with taller buildings, but spread over less of an area. It had way more of a "crowded dirty city" vibe too. We might go back to check out Osaka castle.
(Kinosaki Onsen) (days 9-10?)
Good lord, did I ever get massaged into submission. And not even by anything alive. Our hotel room in Kinosaki had a rather frightening but extremely effective massage chair. As it, it was so effective that you had to make sure the massaging bits didn't push you right out of the chair before it was finished turning you into mashed potatoes. It was an impulsive trip - we didn't even know Kinosaki onsen existed until we were in Kyoto a few days, and decided to spend an overnight here - we left our suitcases at our airbnb in kyoto and just took a small bag each with toiletries and a change of clothes. It was worth keeping the Kyoto airbnb, because it meant we didn't have to haul heavy bags around when we were exploring.
Also, Kinosaki is probably the my favourite spot of our vacation so far. Not only did we have amazingly comfortable beds.... there was seven different onsens (hot spring baths) within walking distance of our hotel.
I know you're a loving connoseur of hot water, so this place would be heaven for you. Basically, this was a town devoted to multitude of ways that you can douse yourself in hot water.
Do you want it hot enough to turn you into a tomato? Check. Whirlpool jets? check. Outdoor hot pools set under a tumbling waterfall? Check. Stone benches to sit on with hot water running down the backs? check. Outdoor hot pools in rock lined grottos? Check. Steam rooms? Check Free and unlimited access to seven onsens that offer these diversions? check. (generally, your onsen fees are included in your hotel cost).
Plus, the hotels provide you with yukata (light kimono) to wear while wandering around the village, and you can move freely between onsen while they're open. It's extremely comfortable and makes everyone look colourful.
We had a lot of fun with it, and like all Japanese bathhouses, nudity is a given. Other than that, my sister and I got stared at a lot there (sort of like how it was in Tokyo - lots of side eye and awkward looking away when I caught their eye). The best example was when they started laughing at something I did by accident.
A bit of background - when you go into the bathing area in the onsen, you're only allowed to bring one teeny towel to "cool" yourself with. You're also not supposed to leave it laying around, so most people just fold it up....and set it on top of their heads. There's variations of course, but generally, it's just sitting there.
Not being used to this, I would usually forget it was there and drop it in the water whenever I tilted my head. After this happening three times, I've finally managed to keep the awareness of keeeping my head level down to a science. Then I started sneezing randomly while sitting on the side of the bath. violent huge AHHHCHOOOS. Shit, there goes my towel! I snatch for it, fumble, and manage to catch it just before it hits the water. All of the ladies in the tub burst out laughing. They're not laughing at me maliciously (it did look pretty funny) .... but I was in a corner, not really in the middle of anything. They were all watching anyways!
K and B had a very different experience - basically any tub they sat in, all the japanese guys got up and moved to the other tub.

See part 2 below
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