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TEMPORARILY CLOSED SIGN UP BELOW TO GET NEWS FIRST Newsletter: Facebook; Instagram 91.9K Started streaming on Oct 17, 2018 The "Sad Boys Radio ☹️" is perfect for people who just wanna enjoy their time without picking the music. We will only play sad and emotional songs. Sadboys - sadgirls - vaporwave aesthetic hat ( snapback / dad hat / baseball cap ) - vaporwave hat - aesthetic hat fashion - tumblr hat Cloud9Shine. From shop Cloud9Shine. 5 out of 5 stars (9) 9 reviews $ 24.99. Favorite Add to Lil Peep Inspired Hellboy Pullover Hoodie CosmicPressDesigns. From shop CosmicPressDesigns ... A " Sadboy " is a person who wears bucket hats, drinks Arizona Green Tea, and listens to Yung Lean. Jonatan Leandoer Håstad (born July 18, 1996), known professionally as Yung Lean, is a Swedish rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer.Born and raised in Stockholm, Yung Lean rose to prominence in 2013 with his song "Ginseng Strip 2002" which became a viral success on YouTube. Later the same year, he released his debut mixtape, Unknown Death 2002, and the following year he released his ... Defeating Depression and looking damn good doing it. Clothing. Apparel. High quality Sadboys gifts and merchandise. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. r/sadboys A sub-reddit dedicated to the Sadboys (SBE) and Drain Gang / Gravity Boys Shield Gang (GTBSG) music collectives. The wave makers, this is navy rap. "put a mask on my face now I look like an emoji, sign on the door says drain members only" #STAYINSIDE and stay healthy kids #BlackLivesMatter 56.8k Nasty C "Sad Boys": I should have never doubted you I should have been around for you And told you that I'm proud of you... © 2020 SadBoy E-Liquid. All Rights Reserved, Philly Vape Society LLC

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A sub-reddit dedicated to the Sadboys (SBE) and Drain Gang / Gravity Boys Shield Gang (GTBSG) music collectives. The wave makers, this is navy rap. "sign on the door says drain members only"

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We host rebooting challenges in which participants ("Fapstronauts") abstain from pornography and masturbation for a period of time. Whether your goal is casual participation in a monthly challenge as a test of self-control, or whether excessive masturbation or pornography has become a problem in your life and you want to quit for a longer period of time, you will find a supportive community and plenty of resources here.

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Tendies: For good little boys Must have AT LEAST 100GBP. No normies allowed.

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Whenever I finish a round with the boys (people on tinder) And it smells like a good job to me. But when I do the five Knuckle Shuffle with my self it smells gross
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Hey guys,
Sorry if this has been asked before! But I'm wondering if the boys have done an episode on the Osho, Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh. And the events that transpired in Oregon. Watched the Series on Netflix "Wild, Wild Country", and I'm looking for the boys take on this unique situation!
Thanks for reading guys!
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Came home late from work to find my boys snuggling ☺ submitted by PopyDoodle to RATS [link] [comments]

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and I as a boy, just hate how most boys are, literally all the bad things on the boy's list was that we hide our emotions/don't talk about them/try to look cool, but worded differently 5 times. That's sad. If anybody needs somebody to cry out, my dms are open, but I'm not a therapist or anything.
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I think it was Vinnie who said it, if not it was Ryan.. summed up below👇🏻
He (Ricky boy) spent the season trying to get EE and Nomar ready for the playoffs. But now it’s the playoffs. They didn’t click so they shouldn’t be getting regular time.
I love this, I say stack the outfield for D (minimum Engle over Nomar, and if Eloy’s hurting a bit DH and bring back Leury) and get Mc yes he cann in the DH
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I was a kid so I'm not 100% sure it was the Vietnam war but I think it was, the protagonist was conceived at the time by a woman who had sex with a soldier for money since there wasn't enough food. they danced before and maybe it even said they had sex while they danced? I'm not sure. As a young man for some reason the protagonist goes to America, maybe for other reasons but he need to asks his father something/for something. He faces some kind of discrimination for being biracial. a lot of history of what was going on with the war, soldiers and population. idk, I picked it up at the seaside among random books as a kid
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Devitt Noir, The Misrule Wanderer
The desert of Misrule is a harsh and unforgiving place. Scalding days and freezing night not to mention the creatures that may come and eat you alive. Its denizens quiet and introverted, little towns and settlements peppered the scalding desert. Among those who lives in this land is a man named Devitt. He is a wanderer in Misrule, introverted like all others, he rarely speaks, only goes in one town to another for a booze, food or a place to sleep. For a wanderer he's pockets are deep, often paying more than enough to any hotel he would stay. No one dared to even talk to him, his aura of mystery is enough to scare and swoon men and women in equal measure. However in the deep gossips between the patrons of the saloons he goes and staff and guests of hotels he sleeps in is a painting of a man whose description matches Devitt. A boy left to die in the desert, made to be a servant of some king, he who befriends a Keen and become a calculating man with a gun, a quick trigger finger, an expert marksman, a dashing rogue and a relentless mercenary. Whoever Devitt is or was will be a forever mystery lost within the sand of Misrule's desert.
Devitt Noir, The Misrule Wanderer is an adaptive agility hero capable of dishing damage using his array of guns and bullets. From critical damaging Revolvers to Armor piercing rifles. His array of special bullets as well gives his guns more versatility. When Devitt has no bullets however his fist and with his knife's help can suffice in combat causing him to receive bonuses melee heroes can receive.

Role: Carry, Disabler, Siege
Agility 31 + 2.3
Intelligence : 18 + 1.6
Strength: 20 + 2
Movement Speed: 312
Armor : 1
Damage at Level 1: 64-66
Attack Range: 150
Attack Time: 1.8

Q: Minerva, Toggle
CD/ Reload Time: 1 initial + 0.5 per bullet
Devitt's most trusted ally named after a friend from before the Great Sand
Switches up to his revolver, setting his attack speed to 200 and gives bonus 550 attack range and can only attack 6 times before reloading. At level 4 the ability gets a guaranteed critical hit.

Damage Type: Physical
Critical Damage 150%

  • Minerva does not go into cooldown if its not toggled on
  • Minerva cannot be toggled on if Conroy or Thomas is turned on
  • Toggling Minerva on if one of the said abilities are toggled on immediately turns them off
  • If Minerva is toggled off, Thomas is toggled on or no other abilities are toggled on he switches to melee
  • The attack speed cannot be increased in anyway but can be reduced
  • Things that boost attack range are disabled while Devitt is on melee mode
W:Conroy, Toggle
CD/ Reload Time: 1.43
A rifled filled to the brim, its steady and steadfast accuracy mirrors Devitt's former mentor
Switches to his rifle, setting his attack speed to 490 and gives bonus 600/650/700/750 attack range and can only attack 2 times before reloading. At level 4 the ability gets to remove 50% of enemy armor for 4 seconds
  • Conroy does not go into cooldown if its not toggled on
  • Conroy cannot be toggled on if Minerva or Thomas is turned on
  • Toggling Conroy on if one of the said abilities are toggled on immediately turns them off
  • If Conroy is toggled off, Thomas is toggled on or no other abilities are toggled on he switches to melee
  • The armor removal reduces the current armor level and considers reduction, meaning hitting the same target again will cause the debuff to be less effective.
  • The armor removal does not affect enemies with 0 or negative armor value
  • The attack speed cannot be increased in anyway but can be reduced
  • Things that boost attack range are disabled while Devitt is on melee mode

E: Thomas, Toggle
CD: 12
Sharp, Fast and Reliable just like old friend and rival
Brings out his trusty knife and shanks his target causing heavy bleeding. At level 4 The ability gets to give Thomas bonus 400 attack range throwing the knife at his target.

Damage Type Physical
Bleed Damage 70/75/80/85
Bleed Duration 5

  • Thomas does not go into cooldown if its not toggled on
  • Thomas cannot be toggled on if Minerva or Conroy is turned on
  • Toggling Thomas on if one of the said abilities are toggled on immediately turns them off
  • Turning this own automatically causes him to go on melee mode
  • Even during the cooldown he is in melee mode until Minerva or Conroy is activated
  • During this things that affect only ranged units are disabled

R:Adrian's Finest, Toggle
CD:0 Mana: 50/70/90
Versatile are the special bullets of Devitt just like his old pal and gun maestro Adrian
Devitt can choose if he will use special bullets for his guns or not. If this is toggled on he can choose between 3 different bullet types each. If this is toggled on each attack of Minerva or Conroy costs mana.
D: Bullet Cycle, Toggle (Adrian's Finest Sub Ability)
CD: 0
Chooses what bullet Devin will choose from the following
Inferno: Causes his attacks to deal a bonus 70/80/90 damage per second that stacks with each other. Each instance lasts 5 seconds. Hitting the target again refreshes the previous stack
Seal: Makes his bullets anti-structure giving bonus 50%/60%/70% and also reduces unit damage by the same unit.
Crippler: Maims the target, causing each attack to slow the target's attack speed by 50 each hit and 5% each hit. Both effects stacks and are refreshed if the same target is hit again, both lasts 3/4/5 seconds.


Level Left Right
25: 50% Cooldown Reduction Conroy Pierces Enemies
20: +175% Critical Damage Minerva -7 Seconds Thomas Cooldown
15: + 30 damage + 12 Strength
10: + 20 movement speed + 7 Armor
  • Conroy Pierces Enemies will cause the attack to deal damage to any enemy between Devitt and the target. the bullet's damage radius is 150
  • The cooldown reduction affects items

Author's Notes: An entry for the Toggling on contract. Gun users are quite limited in Dota and the few we have practically play on a stereotypical gun and bomb cliche things like bullets raining to explosions (although mine is in no way safe from said cliche). A proper gunslinger centered around the idea of guns has not yet been made. Devitt is my 11th time trying to make a gunslinger hero work and with the stipulation I just decided what if an FPS character get lost within a MOBA. Character's name is based from professional wrestler Prince Devitt more known as Finn Balor.
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