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About Comedian and prankster Michael Carbonaro is back! truTV's hit series, The Carbonaro Effect, has more hilarious, mind-blowing hidden camera magic than ever before. This season, Michael’s face falls off piece by piece, he sends his assistant back in time and plays the violin without ever picking up the instrument! In truTV's comedic series THE CARBONARO EFFECT, Michael performs baffling tricks on unsuspecting people in everyday situations, all caught on hidden camera. Everyone is left stunned and delighted, even though they have no idea what just hit them. Check out what THE NEW YORK TIMES has to say about MICHAEL CARBONARO and THE CARBONARO EFFECT truTV's hit comedic series The Carbonaro Effect features Michael Carbonaro, magician by trade and prankster at heart. In each new episode, Michael performs i... The Carbonaro Effect is an American hidden camera / practical joke reality television series hosted by magician and prankster Michael Carbonaro, who performs tricks on people caught on hidden camera. The show debuted on April 1, 2014, and is currently airing on truTV. With Michael Carbonaro, Keith Ham, William Tokarsky, Joshua Babcock. Michael Carbonaro, an experienced magician, performs illusions and magic tricks on unsuspecting people in everyday situations. S2 | E1 The Carbonaro Effect 21 min • Expires September 30 Michael poses as a hipster at a farmers market and makes an endless supply of juice. Then things become blurry at the eye doctor, and later, shape shifting aliens send Michael's co-worker into a frenzy. .. From his hit television series The Carbonaro Effect on truTV, magician Michael Carbonaro brings his signature blend of bizarre antics, audience interaction, hilarious video clips, and mind-blowing magic, live on stage!" In the meantime, you can watch The Carbonaro Effect Thursdays at 10 p.m. EST on truTV. Posing as a technician, Michael literally "gets the bug out" of a customer's phone and has him convinced it was in there all along. Then, as a seemingly ordinary bartender, he makes patrons fall for a never-ending beer bottle and a shot that breaks the laws of physics. The Carbonaro Effect is in fact staged Sometimes the most interesting aspect of a trick is how it's accomplished, even if that might take the magic out of the moment. Because the illusions on The... (119) IMDb 7.4 2014 13+ Michael Carbonaro is a magician by trade but a prankster by heart. In truTV's comedic series The Carbonaro Effect, Michael performs baffling tricks on unsuspecting people in everyday situations, all caught on hidden camera.

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A subreddit dedicated to truTV's comedic series The Carbonaro Effect. It features Michael Carbonaro, magician by trade and prankster at heart. In each new episode, Michael performs ingenious tricks on unsuspecting members of the public, all caught on hidden camera.

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I always wanted to live in a small town. Or somewhere near mountains or a riverside. This was my dream since I was a child and it came true when I moved to Warkworth. The neighborhood was amazing. When I moved in, the people from my block welcomed me and gave me household things. The family who lives beside me even said I'm welcome in their house for anything.
Since, I was a bachelorette, the family invited me over for lunch and dinner several times. They took me to their family parties and trips. I guess, they all are so loving and caring towards me because they had a daughter. She ended her life 3 years ago. She was same as my age. I don't know much about it and I didn't ask much. Everything was perfect and happy until that thing started and happened every Thursday.
On October 24th, I woke up and did everything as per my daily routine. When I was read to go out for jogging, I saw a small letter on my doorstep. I said small because it was something like someone made the envelope by folding it. It had no stamps and no address, only thing written on the front was, 'To you, Julia'. The colour of the letter was pink. I'm telling about the colour because it was like someone painted it with that colour. I was late for jog, so I didn't think too much and put the letter on shoe-shelf inside the house.
After returning from jogging and taking shower, I was ready to go for work. I realized about the letter. I started looking for it and realized I put it on shoe-shelf. I threw the letter in bag and left for work.
During break, I grabbed the letter out of my bag and looked at it. I had several questions in my mind. 'Who sent it to me?'. 'How they knew my name?'. Seeing so many questions coming in my mind, I took a sip from my coffee mug and opened the letter. It had a page inside it and something was written on it...
"Let me guess, you like to watch Netflix? Name five shows you're currently watching. And don't worry about replying. Just leave your reply in your mailbox. You'll receive my reply/letter on next Thursday.
I giggled after reading it. I thought it was cute. I again started thinking about who it can be. Maybe some guy from my neighborhood likes too much movies. Or is it that guy from pizza shop!? I always caught him looking at me and smiling. I smiled over my thoughts, grabbed a pen & paper and wrote...
"Guess what!? You're right!! Umm, I'm currently watching... 'Unbelievable', 'Chilling adventures of Sabrina', 'Season fourth of Patriot Act', 'Season fourth of Better Call Saul', 'Dead to me'. And I guess you also like to watch Netflix!? Tell me about the five shows you're watching. I'll wait for your reply! Have a great week ahead.
I threw both letters in my bag. But something I found not right. Everything written in letter was in my handwriting, but rough or not perfect. It was like someone tried to write in my handwriting. Or someone knew my handwriting but couldn't write properly. I looked at my watch and the break time was over. I grabbed my bag and ran in hurry. At evening, before entering my home, I put the letter in the mailbox. The family who lives beside me had invited me over dinner. So I took a quick shower and went for dinner.
Next day was all same and calm. My letter was still lying in the mailbox. I thought someone was playing a troll or something. I ordered my food and watched some episodes on Netflix. And then I went to sleep.
Next morning, when I was leaving for jogging, I gave a peek in the mailbox. The letter was not there. I was little happy to see that. I went on my way to jog. Saturday went quite normal and happy.
On Thursday, I received another letter. Same small and in same 'pink' colour. I put the letter on the shoe-shelf and went to jog.
As soon as I returned from the run, I entered my house and grabbed the letter. I opened it so quickly with full of joy, like a girl open a letter knowing it is from her lover who lives in abroad.
"Ah, I'm glad I guessed right! The shows I'm currently watching are... 'The road that never ends', 'Seashores', 'Might've lived inside the cave', 'A blank beauty', 'Not that kind of couple'. Do you play videogames or something? You also have a great week ahead!
I was confused because I never heard about those shows. I thought he might have forgot and these shows are from HBO or some other streaming services. I searched them on Google and nothing came up. I was confirmed that someone was doing a troll. I threw the letter in the garbage can and got busy with my work. I didn't write anything back to him that week.
Next Thursday, I saw the letter as I was on my way to jog. I remember I was angry. I took the letter with me and threw it in a gutter on my way to the ground.
When I returned, I saw another letter on my doorstep. I was scared. I walked slowly towards the letter. This time it was a big letter, but in same 'pink' colour. Big because it wasn't folded like the previous ones. It was like the one we get from tax services or something like that. I don't know what came in me. I opened it instead of throwing it away.
"Julia, it was fun to know that you searched those shows on Google. How would you find a show that hasn't been released yet!? You didn't reply me! It was not very nice of you. And yeah, throwing my letter in a gutter won't stop them from coming.
I dropped the letter and ran outside the boundary to see if anyone was there. I looked at all the sides. No one was there. I then ran inside my house to my kitchen and started looking. There was only one thought circling around in my mind, 'It was fun to know that you searched those shows on Google'. I thought whoever he is, broke into my house and put a camera in the kitchen. He might have put in other rooms but my first thought was to check the kitchen.
I thought about calling the police or tell my neighbour. But I didn't have enough evidence to show them. They may say it's someone playing a troll and might laugh it off. So I thought about installing some cameras and collect enough evidence, and then call or show them.
I was scared and didn't know what to do. Later that day at work, I searched about security cameras and how to install them. I didn't want to call the technician or personnel to install them because the 'guy' would know about it if he's stalking me. I was too afraid to do anything in day time. On my way back to home, I bought 2 cameras and then waited for the night.
The shower I took in the evening was the hardest. I still remember the crying and failing to stop thinking about it. I cried sitting in the shower. I never thought someone would do something like this to me.
Later that day, I had lunch and waited for night in the hall. I couldn't trust the kitchen and my bedroom. I checked everywhere in my house and didn't find any hidden camera. I didn't know how he knew about me searching those episodes on Google. Around 2, I installed the cameras and connected them to a computer in my bedroom. When done, I checked the cameras. I installed one outside the main door and another in the kitchen.
That whole week was stressing. I checked the kitchen camera every night before going to sleep. And I found nothing. I was confused. I didn't know what to feel. Should I be happy for not finding someone breaking into my house? Or should I be worried for not finding anyone? I was so stressed and losing my sleep. All I was waiting for Thursday to receive the next letter.
I know some of you'll think why I didn't write back. I thought about that but I was scared. I didn't know what to write. What would I write? Who is this? Why are you doing this? How do you know so many things about me? How do you know I searched the shows on Google? Were you hiding in the kitchen? Did you put a camera in my kitchen? I had so many questions. And also, I didn't want him to mock me with something he knew about me. That would fuck with my brain.
The Thursday came. That day I didn't do anything. I didn't sleep. I didn't get ready for jogging. I took leave from the work. That morning time just stopped for me. I just waited for the time I used to go out for jog. My mind was telling me to go out and hide, and catch that fucker. But I was scared and somehow I stopped myself from doing that.
I looked at the wall clock and it was the time for jog. I opened the door snd saw the 'letter' lying on my doorstep. I closed the door and ran to my bedroom, leaving the letter on doorstep, to check the camera. I started looking and after hours of watching, I found that no one came. But I noticed something. At 5:41:40, there was no letter. But at 5:41:43, the letter was there. I replayed the recording and watched it like 100 times. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was like it just appeared from nowhere.
I'm still in the hall, writing this story. I locked every door and window from inside. It's 04:16 PM on the table clock in the hall. I'm scared to go out. I don't want to open my door and look at the letter. I'm scared to tell anyone. I don't know whom I should tell but I know, I'll have to read the letter.
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2020.10.01 04:05 500scnds [Table] IAmA dark web expert, investigative journalist and true crime author. I’ve met dark web kingpins in far flung prisons and delved the murky depths of child predator forums. I’ve written six books and over a dozen Casefile podcast episodes. AMA (part 1/2)

Source | Guestbook
Note: Some answers were repetitive, but were not edited out.
Questions Answers
Have you ever gotten into legal trouble by exploring the dark places of the internet? Like, "sorry, officer, I was only surfing drug markets and child molester forums for my next journalism piece..." Do you worry about that? Do you have to take extra steps to protect yourself? I'm very careful not to go anywhere that it is illegal to visit. You will hear loads of stories about how easy it is to "stumble upon" child porn, but the fact is that those sites usually have names like "Preteen cuties" so you know exactly what they are, and in order to access them you have to register. So you have to make a very deliberate choice to log into them. I have no interest whatsoever in viewing any child abuse material, so I don't go into those places. When I was researching The Darkest Web, I went to the discussion forums that didn't allow any images (though they did link to sites that did), and even there I turned off images.
As for the drugs, weapons etc, there is nothing illegal about surfing them and looking around.
I do get a bit nervous every time I visit the US, especially when I was invited to a "friendly" lunch with Homeland Security once (it was reasonably friendly as it turns out, it was also terrifying)
the below is a reply to the above
Why did homeland security want to talk to you? They said it was about the murder-for-hire stuff, but some of the questions leaned toward something else
Is there anything that really concerns you about the dark web? Some of the things already discussed are beyond barbaric and that is only the stuff that has been found out about and been picked up by the media and your fantastic work. Do you think the public should expect worse and more horrific revelations from the dark web or is it just "more of the same" for lack of a better term and do you think the authorities are getting better in shutting this inhumanity down and catching the people responsible? I am definitely not against people taking back their online privacy and I actually think that buying drugs from the darknet markets is a safer and more sensible option than buying them from the dodgy dealer down the road. However the one thing that is really disturbing is that the dark web has provided a place for child predators to find each other and form communities where they support and egg each other on. Imagine a few years ago, someone who was into hurtcore could never tell anyone else and would be unlikely to ever come across another person with the same perversions. Now it is as simple as finding the relevant site on the dark web. When there are suddenly hundreds of people who all think and act in the same way, it normlalizes what they are doing.
One of the guys who got caught, Matthew Falder, was a sadist who used to crowdsource "ideas" for torturing the children and teens he was blackmailing into doing heinous things for him online. But apparently he was a "normal" intelligent popular guy
the below is a reply to the above
But how does everyone participate in those illegal sites without getting caught? You said in other comments that you tried to stay away from underaged sites because they were illegal. Can't they be tracked down, even with tor and a vpn? The thing that I don't understand is that even on the dark web people say you should stay away from illegal sites, but how are pedos not getting caught? they are getting caught, but the way they are getting caught is through painstaking detective work, looking for clues in photos, befriending them online and getting them to reveal things about themselves (what is known as social engineering). It takes a long time and many resources.
I say don't go there because (a) it is illegal and (b) you really shouldn't want to go there
Iirc you attended the trial of the person behind the horrific hurt core website that was exposed a few years back. I was wondering if there was anything in particular that happened during the trial that particularly shocked or horrified you that isn't really public knowledge or talked about? Reactions from the judge or perpetrator during the trial etc. As I remember it the guy was a fairly young loner who lived with his parents but would probably never have been expected to be behind the horrific vile things which he was found to be. Also, how did you get into investigative journalism/writing? I wrote in one of the other replies above about the little mute girl that has stayed with me. Also, at the insistence of the prosecution, the judge had to watch "Daisy's Destruction" which was a video of torture of a toddler. He put it off for two days and when he came back he was white. He didn't have the sound on, which is considered the worst part, but he still looked shell-shocked. I don't envy him.
I'll cut'n'paste re your last question: I was in London, working for one of the most conservative law firms in the world when the Global Financial Crisis hit. I liked the job but it struck me when people were losing their livelihoods that I was working for the bad guys. I'd always wanted to be a writer so when I came back to Australia I quit law and enrolled in a writing course planning to be a novelist, but I discovered I was better at journalism. I first wrote for newspapers here about Silk Road and it grew from there
the below is a reply to the above
Thanks for the reply.. that really must've been horrific for all involved from investigation to trial and for all of the victims (apart from the scum responsible of course). I guess it would be naive to assume that the end of this site did anything other than drive this depraved community even further underground. That is the part which is really scary to me but I suppose all we can do is have faith that the authorities are always close on the tail. Thank you for your work on reporting on this and raising this stuff more into the public consciousness and making people more aware of what kind of evil still lurks. It was the most disturbing two days of my life, made all the worse because they read out hours of interactions from the site where the children still had not been identified or the predators caught.
Hurt2theCore was not the last site of its kind and there are still hurtcore sites to this day on the dark web. The one hopeful thing is that there are international task forces that seem to work together really well (unlike when it comes to drugs and every law enforcement agency wants to take the lead and they all withhold info from each other). There are a lot of resources allocated to identifying predators and their victims. Sometimes this has involved some very controversial tactics, such as taking over the sites and letting them run, so that they can use social engineering techniques to identify those who are using the sites and who are actually abusing children
the below is another reply to the original answer
So daisy's destruction is real? Was it referred to by that name court? I always thought it was a myth Yes, Daisy's Destruction is real, it was referred to by name in court and the judge had to watch the 12 minutes of it that were hosted on Hurt2theCore.
The "myth" part is that it shows a murder. The toddler, Daisy, lived, though she suffered such horrific injuries she will never be able to bear children. Hopefully she was young enough that she will grow up without the memory.
However, Scully did murder at least one child, whose body was found under the floorboards of his house. it is not known whether he filmed her murder as no video evidence of it has come to light.
the below is a reply to the above
Thanks for answering. I actually watched a really good video on Hurt2theCore on youtube once, I think it was by a guy called Nexpo. It was really detailed and informative about the whole case - I forgot those details. Thanks again for replying, this AMA is really informative! I think I recall that one, it was from a few years ago.
An excellent podcast that came out recently is "Hunting Warhead", highly recommend a listen. It is a tough listen, but exceptionally well-told and respectfully handled
How do you detach yourself from your work? I'm an investigator for a law firm and I've had a lot of difficult working on wrongful death cases recently. Also, how did you first end up getting published? Any tips for people interested in that field? Thanks! I don't detach. When I was researching hurtcore, it was harrowing and affected me deeply. Writing that part of the book was a very slow process because I just couldn't be in that headspace for very long at a time. Once the book was written I didn't go back there.
I already had a reputation as a blogger and a freelance journalist when i pitched my book on Silk Road. I got an agent and it was auctioned off, with Pan MacMillan getting the rights. At the time, Silk Road was still going strong, and the book I wrote was about this new frontier of drug dealing that was changing the world. I was writing it "from the inside" as I had been an active part of the community for two years. However, right as I submitted the final manuscript to my publisher, Silk Road was busted and Ross Ulbricht arrested, so i had to quickly change the narrative to a "Rise and Fall" thing!
How many times have you approached law enforcement with information and how many times has the approach resulted in action? and... are there times where you know something nefarious is happening but history and the evidence at hand tells you it's not worth the effort? There is no point in approaching law enforcement to say "I have come across this site". If I've found it, you can guarantee law enforcement has found it as well.
The only time I've approached law enforcement was when I had information that they did not, which was when a friendly hacker provided me with a back door into the Besa Mafia murder-for-hire site. I got to see all the messages and orders etc. Of course LE knew about the site, but they did not have the details of the people who had hits taken out on them. We tried desperately to tell police in several countries that real people had paid real money to have other real people killed, but they just weren't interested. We sounded like crazy people talking about dark web hitmen, who were scams anyway and nobody was dead, so why should they be interested? They became much more engaged when one of the people WE HAD PREVIOUSLY TOLD THEM ABOUT later turned up dead
the below is a reply to the above
By law enforcement, do you mean only local or else the big agencies? I feel like I wouldn't tell my local police department because they wouldn't really know what to do. It would have to the the bigger agencies. FBI in US. NCA in UK. AFP in Australia. Nobody was very interested, although the FBI did visit at least one of the targets to let her know she was a target. She still wound up dead
What are some of the most prevalent uses of the dark web that AREN'T all shady and nefarious? We might be getting into semantics here, but people use Tor, which is the most possible darknet that is used to access the dark web, just for private browsing and ensuring that commercial interests aren't following them everywhere to bombard them with ads for some thing they looked up.
Some of the news organizations have a dark web presence so that whistleblowers can upload information safely. Even the CIA has a site on the dark web so that people can anonymously tip off matters of national security.
Other than that, there are just forums, where you don't have to worry that every single stupid thing you post will be saved in posterity forever, to be trotted out years later when you run for congress or something
After everything you've seen, does anything surprise you anymore or are you just numb to it at this point? Do you think there should be more education/exposure about the dark web than there is now or would that just be counter-productive as people would just find another place to hide? I'm curious to hear any favourite stories about the Psychonauts. I am not numb and I hope I never become numb. I really don't visit the horrible dark places very often, unless I'm researching something specific, and even then I don't look at pictures or videos. Most of the crime is pretty benign - I'm not fazed by people wanting a safer way to buy drugs.
I think there needs to be ongoing discussions about online activity and its misuse in general, but most crime still happens on the clearnet. The dark web is not nearly as large or prevalent as people fear.
For a long time, a dealer provided free LSD to anyone who wanted it for personal use (ie not sale) and to any organizations who were doing psychedelic therapy.
One psychonaut got busted and spent time in prison... only he still had bitcoin in a wallet and by the time he was released he was a millionaire. He would have just spent it on drugs otherwise :)
I know law enforcement has to delve into the predator side of the dark web. With what you've seen do you think it should be mandatory or an industry standard that law enforcement officials seek professional help? I couldn't imagine investigating that daily and not thinking less of humanity at some point. I'm pretty sure they do. I worked for Legal Aid for a while, and i know there were pretty strict rules in place for the lawyers who had to defend child abusers.
When I was at the trial for Lux, owner of Hurt2theCore, I met a cop whose job it was to watch all the videos and befriend the predators in an attempt to get them to slip up and reveal something of themselves. She said she had a little filing cabinet in her brain where she put all that stuff, and that making an arrest made it all worthwhile. She had made several arrests personally. She was a sex offender's worst nightmare :)
What’s one of your personal favorite investigations and what made it unique for you? By far the Besa Mafia murder-for-hire case. What made it unique was that, first, I was provided a back door into the Besa Mafia site by a friendly hacker, so i had information that nobody else had. But then I became "friends" for want of a better word with the owner of the site, Yura. Besa Mafia, of course, was not killing anyone, but Yura made a LOT of money scamming would-be murderers out of their money. We entered into a weird relationship over the years where i would report on his activities and he would try every trick under the sun to stop me from doing so, so that he could keep scamming people. He even offered me a job, helping him, because he had become so busy. He also provided me with names and details of people who had hits taken out on them so I could pass them on to law enforcement.
It all became horribly real when one of the people who had a hit put out of them wound up dead. It wasn't Yura of course, but the guy had paid him $13K before giving up on the site and doing it himself. The thing was WE HAD TOLD THE FBI about the hit and the $13K and they visited the victim, but then put it into the too-hard basket when she couldn't think who might have paid that much to kill her.
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Wow. That’s actually pretty cool. Reminds me of an old saying. “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.” It's a seriously bizarre relationship. When I was hired as a consultant by CBS for a 48 Hours expose on dark web hitmen, he actually agreed to meet me in London. But he thought that CBS was going to advertise his site as the real deal and he got excited and sent them details of two people who had hits put out on them. CBS sent them straight to the police and very shortly after two arrests were made and it was all over the news, where they called his site a scam. Yura got so pissed about it, he never turned up to our meeting. They had even hired an Academy Award-nominated master of disguise makeup artist to disguise him!
are "red rooms" actually a prevalent thing, or just a widespread misconception or rumor? I ask in part because it's very easy to see, for instance, Mexican cartels dismembering people alive, etc, just on the clearnet. Hell, a couple days ago I saw a video posted of a cartel member cutting out a dude's heart while the guy was alive, and he ATE it. He fucking ATE it. So it seems plausible... The most popular myth of all is Red Rooms, where people – usually women – are tortured to death live on camera while those who have paid to watch type in torture commands in a chat box. Think the movie Hostel, with webcams. In this sense these have never been proven to exist. I get where you are coming from with the cartels, and the recent news item where they found those shipping containers set up with torture rooms freaked me out and made me wonder!
There is some truth to this rumour, but the execution is not like you see in the movies. Most notably, because it involves children, not adults abused on demand for paying pedophiles, but not to the point of death
the below is a reply to the above
The news about those shipping containers really made me speculate, since for every one person who gets caught doing something evil, there must be at least several more people who are very honed in their 'profession' doing the same evil deeds and worse, yet who evade being captured for decades. Anyway, based on morbid things I've seen, karma comes around eventually... I know, right? It really freaked me out, and then when I read that they already had intended victims for them but the police got to them first and put them in protected custody.. IMAGINE SEEING THOSE PICTURES AND KNOWING YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE IN THEM!! I would retire to a deserted island somewhere
the below is a reply to the above
Your line of work could easily result in something like C-PTSD down the road a little ways. I have a morbid curiosity, and have seen worse than those shipping containers had to offer. I'm sure you have as well. So one more question from you, if you don't mind: what are some proactive approaches to mental health you take to safeguard your sanity? A lot of wine. Cuddle my dog
Hi, there! This has been fascinating to read; thank you so much for sharing! I'm curious: why do you think so many people who don't want to engage with disgusting and illegal content like hurtcore find it so interesting to read about? Do you have any insight into your readership and the ethics associated with reading about these kind of topics? I think morbid fascination with the dark is exceedingly common - just look at how many people can't get enough about serial killers! In some ways it is probably a self-defense mechanism - the vast majority of true-crime readers are women. People like to be armed with knowledge. We also like to be spooked and scared.
As for my books, I don't really go into much gory detail, but the horror still shines through
Out of all 9-5 jobs out there, why this? What’s your motive? I got disenchanted by being a lawyer and I had wanted to be an author since childhood. The lawyering put me in a strong enough financial position that I could quit to do a uni course for a couple of years. My plan was to become a best-selling novelist, but my first chick-lit novel was nothing special. However, during the course, I found I did really well at journalism and was soon making a living as a freelance journo before I finished the course. My first major feature was on the Silk Road drugs market, which I had discovered thanks to a friend who was using it. Once I got in there I became fascinated by everything about it and started contacting the owner, users, vendors etc asking for stories (I was upfront about who I was). I began the first serious dark web blog - - and also became the go-to freelancer for Australian dark web stories. Then I pitched my first book and got a healthy advance for it.
I like working for myself, working from home and delving into things. Right now I have my dream job (though it wouldn't hurt to pay a bit more. I'm certainly not making anywhere near what I used to make lawyering, but I make enough to get by and I live pretty simply)
Did you ever do any writing on Brian Farrell and his role in Silk Road 2.0? I was Brian's cellmate for all of 2017 at Sheridan Federal Prison and heard all of his crazy stories. Was just curious as to the validity of them all. DoctorClu! I did write briefly about him in Silk Road, but it wasn't all positive. I remember being frustrated by the shitshow that was Silk Road 2.0 in the beginning, right after SR1 shut and when DPR2 took off and Defcon got all dramatic. It settled down after a bit and lasted a year, when it was revealed THEY HAD A FUCKING UNDERCOVER HOMELAND SECURITY OFFICER ON STAFF THE WHOLE TIME. But yeah, anyhow, they are probably true. I'd love to hear them :)
Was there ever something on the dark web that made you surprised ( in a good way) and smile ? So many things. Back in the day of the original Silk Road, I became obsessed with the forums, the people behind it, the intelligent discourse about the War on Drugs and philosophy. I found it amusing that drug dealers ran sales and giveaways. There were book clubs and movie clubs.
One of the most important people from that era was Dr Fernando Cauevilla, who became a member of Silk Road as "DoctorX". He was a real doctor who provided genuine, free, non-judgmental advice about drug use to the members of the site. It was quite an amazing time.
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Did Ulbricht get taken down the way we were told in the news? What happened to all the Bitcoins? His arrest went down the way we were told in the news. How they located the server has never been disclosed (other than a fanciful explanation that NOBODY could believe). This explanation may be tested if Variety Jones runs a Fourth Amendment argument at his trial
The bitcoin in the wallet on Ross' computer was auctioned off by the Feds. He may have other bitcoin wallets stashed somewhere but nobody knows
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Book/movie clubs on the silk road? Yeah, they would set reading and then everyone would come back and discuss the book, or they would have a time when everyone watched the same movie at the same time and chatted about it in real time
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Haha that's amazing! I don't suppose you remember any of the books in question? They used to be a lot of philosophy books, especially on agorism. A Lodging of Wayfaring Men was one of the books. I remember V for Vendetta on a movie night
You don't seem to be pushing your most recent project and you're actually answering all the questions people ask, so I've got ask...are you some sort of government plant meant to destabilize reddit? This isn't how AMAs are supposed to work. You come in, you half ass a few questions, hawk whatever you're here to hawk, and then leave after 20 minutes. That's how it's done. lol I'm a genuine redditor from way back, and I love talking about the stuff I do. I did find that after I answered a question in an AskReddit thread a while back that blew up, the sales followed. But that was organic and I don't think you can force it to happen - Reddit can spot that a mile awy
What are some of the best things about the dark web? And can anyone get on it? Things you can buy that you can’t buy normally online? I really enjoy some of the forums, especially the psychonaut forums where people who like to trip on psychedelics get together and talk drugs and philosophy. There's a real "be kind to one another" vibe.
Getting on the dark web is easy, but not getting scammed when buying things takes a lot of homework. Yes, you can buy most things, but the most popular things are drugs and digital goods, i.e. things that depend on repeat custom and are easily transferable from seller to buyer
the below is a reply to the question
[deleted] You're doing the Good Work my man. I'd give you one of those awards if i knew how
What would you define the word "Safe" when it come to the internet (both www and dark web) world and are there any tips that I should follow to keep myself safe? It really depends on what YOU mean by safe. Tor, which is the darknet that provides access to the dark web will keep you safe from prying eyes and surveillance.
If you mean keep your information safe, the old-fashioned advice is to never reuse your password and to enable 2-Factor authentication wherever you can. Your information is quite likely somewhere on the dark web thanks to high-profile hacks of major organizations, but provided you don't re-use usernames and passwords, you really don't have to worry too much about it.
If you mean keeping yourself and/or any kid safe from predators, the only thing is to ensure you are educated about the approaches and methods they use.
Has Covid affected the Dark Web in any real way? Also I just read through all of the post comments, what incredible story’s. I would totally buy a book about the Silk Road or Yaru! re covid on the dark web, here's some notes I made for an interview I did recently:
* when Trump first hyped hydroxychloroquine as a potential miracle cure for COVID-19, drug dealers on the dark web seized on the claim.
* Listings quickly popped up on the most popular darknet markets
* A vendor on Whitehouse Market sells 100 Pills for $90, calling it a “Miracle Drug For Coronavirus” and suggesting buyers purchase in bulk to sell at a mark-up locally.
* Another makes the dubious claim “This drug will help people to beat Corona Virus” There are 11 listings on Empire Market currently, although more than half are from the one seller, who is a well-known and trusted vendor on the site.
* There were also people claiming to be selling infected blood or plasma of recovered COVID victims
* The infected blood stuff is just bullshit IMO Just because something is listed doesn’t mean it is genuinely for sale
* There's been some claims to be selling vaccines
* At the beginning there were also loads of listings for PPE
* some just used it as a marketing tactic - “fight off the virus with edible cannabis” or “relax with Xanax” and others as an excuse to raise their prices
* However, sales are low compared to sales of other drugs on the site, so it is difficult to say whether it’s something that will really catch on
* It didn’t take long for complaints to come in and market owners to clamp down on anything claiming to be a miracle cure or vaccine
* users were discouraging other users from profiting off the pandemic and requested markets provide health and safety information
* All the major markets forbid anything being sold as a cure for COVID. They flagged keywords and vendors would be told to take any listings down. They also put out PSAs telling people not to buy
* Monopoly: threatened to ban and.. “You are about to ingest drugs from a stranger on the internet - under no circumstances should you trust any vendor that is using COVID-19 as a marketing tool to peddle already questionable goods”
* It was a business decision. They don’t want anything that will attract attention or that might cause desperate people who wouldn’t normally use the DNMs to find their way there
* The idea behind DNMs generally is educated and responsible drug use. They really don’t want people dying - bad publicity and no repeat custom
* However the dark web is rife with scammers and people willing to prey on the desperate so there are still scams out there
* The only way I could ever see it becoming a thing is if there is a well-known potential cure/vaccine that is not being made widely available and could plausibly find its way onto the black market
Hi Eileen :) My question is about how you construct your Casefile episodes - I assume there is an extensive amount of outlining but do you write the final draft like a script specifically thinking about his voice? And about how long are they as far as - for example - does one hour equal 50-60 pages? Thank you. I initially write them as if I'm writing an article or book, but then go back and edit them to be read out and yes, when I do that, I do have his voice in my head lol. One episode is usually around 12,000 words. It then goes to another editor who edits the episode to be even more "casefileaa' before it finally goes to Casey
Have you been exposed to things in your investigations that have made you second-guess what you do? If so, what has made you keep going back? i've definitely had days where I question everything, but to be honest, I don't really hang around the horrible really dark places much. I did delve into the child predator forums when I was writing The Darkest Web, but I don't make it a habit to go there. The psychonauts are much more friendly
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To continue with that- have you clicked images, links that make you a suspect in certain scenarios? Oh absolutely. Sometimes I go to a "Fresh Onion" site, which is a site that crawls all the .onion addresses (dark web URLs end in .onion rather than .com, org etc) and alerts you to any new ones. Sometimes they don't have any description, so you take a big risk clicking on any of those. The most dangerous button on the dark web is the "Random Onion" button, so I avoid that.
I'm pretty careful about what I click, but the moment something looks questionable I nope the fuck right out of there
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Have you ever felt that you may be a suspect whether it be ok a drug site, a pedo site, etc. Have you ever been contacted by someone regarding your surfing habits? Well my actual surfing habits are protected by Tor, which means they are hidden from prying eyes, so no I haven't been contacted about them. I am very open on the dark web about who I am and what I'm doing there - I use the name OzFreelancer on all of the markets and forums. I don't go to the sites that host child abuse images - you can't un-see that shit and I don't need it in my head.
As noted in another reply, I was contacted by Homeland Security on one of my visits to the US and taken for a "friendly" lunch.
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Psychonauts are more friendly than most people. Something about regular mind altering experiences makes you want to be less of a cunt. Yeah, I call The Majestic Garden a little corner of sunshine and rainbows on the dark web :)
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More about The Majestic Garden please? What is grown there? It's a place where people talk about and source psychedelics - most notably LSD, the 2C family, DMT and MDMA. Talk about and sourcing harder drugs is forbidden. In fact the admins snuck in an autocorrect so that any time someone wrote the word "cocaine" it would post as "a raging hardon" :D
Do you fear that seeing all this stuff might turn you emotionally blunt? I'm not watching any of this stuff on purpose (even the clearnet stuff), because I fear that the more you see of it, the more normal it gets, and ultimately, the more it will fuck you up. To quote the movie 8mm... "If you dance with the devil, the devil don't change. The devil changes you." No, I can't even watch "3 Guys 1 Hammer" in its entirety, let alone look at the really dark materials on the dark web. When I was researching The Darkest Web, going into the predator forums did the opposite of making me blunt. It was the shortest section of the book but took the longest to write because it was so emotionally draining
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I have to ask, what is "3 Guys 1 Hammer"? It's a video of two teenagers murdering an innocent man with a hammer that went viral on the gore sites of the regular internet. It's truly horrible.
The teens killed over 20 people. I wrote about them in my book (excuse the plug)
I heard somewhere that you foster dogs. Is that something you do to counter all the terrible humans you encounter in your research - everyone knows how dogs are better than people. How many dogs have you fostered and which one was your favourite? After my dog died I knew I didn't want to have another dog as I wanted to travel more. So I thought fostering dogs would be the answer as you give them love for a few weeks and then they go to their forever home. My first foster, Roy, was a big fat failure and now he lives here and sleeps in our bed and is the most spoiled dog alive
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Did you then just decide to quit travelling? I don't know anything about Roy, but I already think I love him. Nah, he has family he can stay with when I go away, but any major travelling has been thwarted by COVID for now anyway. I'm in a hard lockdown city.
And I'm sure Roy would love you too, u/suckmyhugedong
Given how much you know about the dark web, what kind of crazy awful nightmares have you had? This could be a really good one. Thank you Probably the worst thing was delving into the forums where child predators gathered. I never looked at any videos or photos, but just seeing their discussions sickened me. The one thing that keeps coming back to me came out of the sentencing hearing that I attended of Lux, owner of Hurt2theCore, considered the most heinous website in history. In court they read out a conversation between him and an abuser who made videos of torture of the mute disabled child in his care. They were joking "at least she won't be able to tell anyone" . the abuser wasn't caught, at least by that stage
As an indie author, how have you sourced freelancers? Did you seek out those that have specific expertise or did you work with editors from your time as a traditionally published author? I learned to do everything myself before I started outsourcing.
I work with a professional editor who happens to be a friend of mine from back when we did a writing course together. I've been doing my own covers, but now that I have some royalties coming in, I've engaged a professional cover artist from Reedsy to develop a brand and more professional-looking covers for me. It is the hardest thing to find people you really want to work with and who are in budget.
I still haven't got the hang of email lists, newsletters or a website - they are all in a total mess at the moment and I'd love to find someone who can do them, but again it is that problem of finding the right person who is within budget
is it true that most of the internet is in the "dark web"? if so about how much percent is it? By far the biggest myth is that it 10x larger than the Internet. I mean, this should be common sense anyway, but it gets propagated by tabloid media all the time. It stems a lot from people using the terms "deep web" and "dark web" interchangably when they are different things.
The statement that 90% (or thereabouts) of the internet is hidden is true, and it is called the deep web (not the dark web). The 90% that is hidden is all those pages you won’t get to using google or any other search engines. There’s nothing scary about that – in fact it works in your favour.
The easiest example is your bank. The bank’s major page is available to anyone who searches the web (part of the 10%, also known as the “clearweb”). But once you log in, all those pages you can access that contain your personal details? Not searchable on google. Each one of those pages is part of the 90% of the deep web. Business and government intranets also make up part of the deep web. Honestly, it’s nothing to worry about.
The dark web – the hidden services available through Tor and other anonymising programs – makes up a tiny fraction of the deep web. A really, really tiny fraction. It is infinitely smaller than the clearweb.
Do you think human trafficking happens on the dark web? Last year (I think) there was a really bizarre story here in the UK about a model who was supposedly kidnapped to order, drugged and transported overseas by a group called "Black Death". The official story is that BD doesn't exist, and the kidnapper was a fantasist. Is it likely that humans are bought and sold into slavery over the dark web? There are no slick websites with auctions for slaves on the dark web, but I have no doubt that human traffickers use dark web encryption to communicate.
(here comes the second plug for the thread) - I wrote about the kidnap of Chloe Ayling and the Black Death Group in Murder on the Dark Web
What ever happened to the plural of mongoose storyline? it seems like after he was arrested in the united states, his case just fizzled away. did you ever find out any more information about yuri after he cancelled the interview with a news program? what happened with peter scully's case? i read that there was a fire where a lot of evidence against him was held and it all went up in smoke. are there any character and/or personality storylines that you feel haven't been told or are still a complete mystery? eg. tony76 1. He is still in the MCC in NY and awaiting trial. It has taken a long time because he had terrabytes of information to go through and things would have slowed down due to covid. I understand he is running the Fouth Amendment argument that Ulbricht probably should have run in the first place
2. I last heard from Yura just a few weeks ago. He is still scamming. There are some more programs in the works about him
3. Yes there was a very convenient fire, but he still got sentenced to life and i hope he rots in hell
4. I am madly curious to know what is happening with the extradition of James Ellingson, aka “MarijuanaIsMyMuse”, aka "redandwhite", MAYBE aka Tony76. I would LOVE to know that full story!
the below is a reply to the above
Wow, this shit is a blast from the past. I used to love following the darknetmarket drama. Did you write about PoM and tony76 in one of your books? Ever since reddit shut down /darknetmarket I've been out of the loop. Yes, I wrote about them in The Darkest Web
I was in touch with PoM/Mongoose when he went on a posting rampage on MyPlanetGanja, then visited him in Bangkok prison several times. Wrote all about it :)
This may have been answered by a previous post pertaining to native language barriers to specific sites on the dark web, but in your investigations, did you come across content/pages/forums from warzones? Middle East, Burma, Afghanistan, etc? If yes, what was the most memorable bit? There are loads of sites in foreign languages, but it is too difficult for me (a one-language numpty) to attempt to translate through AI, and it is not worth hiring a translator when they could just turn out to be Cat Facts
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2020.10.01 02:29 AfraidPainting7271 Is it still abuse if the “abuser” is very young and immature?

I (F18) think I might have been sexually abused by my brother as a kid but I am very confused. Mostly because we were both very young and I only have a few scattered memories that I’m not sure are real. The rest is just a weird feeling with no evidence to back it.
A little background: (I can’t really remember anything chronologically but i’ll try my best) I was probably 8 and my bother was 11 when my parents got divorced. They fought a lot and we would hide upstairs and comfort each other. We would make up games to distract ourselves (all innocent at first). Through this shared struggle we became very close. I believe it was around that time during the divorce when weird things started happening.
My memories: 1. The one thing I know happened was we would watch porn together. It became a regular thing until we were caught by my mom. I never initiated it, but when he showed me, I didn’t say stop because I could tell he liked it and I wanted to like whatever he liked. In a way I was curious because I had never seen things like that before. I didn’t really understand what I was seeing but it made me feel guilty. 2. He would call me into his room and tell me to pull down my pants so he could feel my butt. I vaguely remember telling him no, and him begging me and saying it would be quick. I only remember letting him do it once. It was just the butt cheeks nothing more, but I still felt very uncomfortable. 3. the tent game- when my parents weren’t home he would set up a tent in his room and we would play a game. Whoever was in the tent had to take off all of their clothes one by one and hand them to the person outside the tent through the flap. Then they would get their clothes handed back and dress again. I didn’t understand the point of the game but he begged me to do it so I did. It was always me undressing in the tent, never him. Though I have no memory of it, I think he was most likely peeking at me through the tent. 4. One day I got out of the shower and was on my way to my room in a towel when I saw him fiddling with something on top of my dresser. Then he left and didn’t see me. I couldn’t see what it was he was fiddling with, since my dresser is super tall, so I thought nothing of it. A few seconds later I heard a clicking noise and there was a flash. I got up on a chair and saw that there was a camera there. I asked him if he set it up and he denied it. 5. This is the foggiest memory so I really have no clue if its real or was a dream. We both got undressed in the tent and lay next to each other naked. He ask me if I knew how to masturbate and told me to touch myself right then. I don’t think he touched me but we both touched ourselves. I said I didn’t like it and wanted to hurry before our parents got back. 6. In years since I’ve had sex dreams with my brother in them. I always feel dirty and ashamed when I wake up.
Current day: We are still very close and I consider him one of my best friends. He hasn’t done anything physically weird since. The only thing is sometimes he gives tmi about his sex life. One time a couple years ago he showed me a dildo he bought online that he was very proud to have hidden in his sock drawer. I was like “dude I did not need to see that.” He often prods me about my sexuality and talks about it with his friends and girlfriend. Even when I told him I don’t like to label myself and I’m not really interested in relationships at the moment. I think he’s used being able to talk to his friends like that so he talks to me like that because we are friends. Whenever the topic of sex comes up I wonder if he even remembers what happened. He never apologized and we have never mentioned it to each other.
The thing is we’ve been though a lot of shit together. Half the stuff I may not have lived through if he weren’t by my side. I do think he is a genuinely kind hearted person with good intentions. Because of this, I feel very guilty for even suspecting him of abuse. To this day I still feel nervous when I am naked and he is in the house. Like he’s going to barge in on me or something, but he never would. I feel nervous wearing a tight top or bathing suit around him as if he is looking at my boobs but he isn’t. I feel so guilty for that too, like Im always making him out to be the bad guy. I don’t want to expose him or him to be punished, I just want to figure it out so I can make peace.
I can’t help but think this is part of the reason I’m very uncomfortable around men, sex and relationships in general. Just men complimenting me or showing vague interest makes me very uncomfortable.
Reasons I give myself its not abuse: 1) he was very young and going through puberty so he couldn’t help his sexual urges and had no other outlet for them. 2) he genuinely may not have understood it was wrong and when he did he stopped 3) he never touched my genitals or made me touch his (that I can remember) 4) He was struggling with our parents divorce and with mental disorders such as depression and adhd. 5) this is not something that hinders my daily life. It just floats up every once and a while.
Sorry thats a lot to unpack but I couldn’t find anything like my situation online. I had to at least try and share because I am sooo confused. Thank you if you read all that.
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2020.09.30 19:56 AlternativeQuality2 Caught on hidden camera porn

The road up to Hateno Village was largely a forested and hilly one, and honestly would be fairly unremarkable were it not for the imposing rock formations that graced the edges of the valley I was riding through. A particularly interesting one was a protruding cliff with tall columns of rock supporting it from underneath, creating an open cavern reminiscent of a fancy balcony on a castle. I would've been inclined to explore this interesting landmark were it not for the sizable camp of Moblins and Bokoblins causing a ruckus inside, and the somewhat large river separating it from the road.
Hoping to avoid conflict for now I stuck to the beaten path, only encountering some scattered Bokoblins armed with farming tools, no doubt stolen from the nearby farming villages or ruined wagons. But it seemed conflict was not intent on being ignored, and I was caught somewhat off guard when a traveler I approached on the riverside promptly revealed themselves as a Yiga assassin and tried to jump me and my horse. Hmph, how rude! After quickly dispatching the spandex-clad hoodlum I helped myself to his admittedly impressive sickle weapon, and as I knew somewhat was typical for the Yiga, his stash of bananas. Interestingly, the description for these delectable fruits mentioned they were common in the Faron region, a locale my previous Zelda experience told me was a forested land towards Hyrule's south. Perhaps I'd encounter the Yiga's base of operations there?
I encountered another relic of the past as I continued through the quiet canyons; what appeared to be some sort of riding course with numerous wooden targets standing around it. I'd heard vaguely of one of the ranches from the OoT era returning in ruins in BOTW's Hyrule, but it didn't seem like this was it. Or perhaps it was a shoutout of another sort? Maybe to the ranch from TP where Link worked as a goatherd? Regardless, it seemed that it was too full of enemy activity to go and practice any horse archery, at least for now. But the sidetrip wasn't completely fruitless, as I spotted another of those observation towers standing nearby. It took some tries to find a way up the cliffs safely to reach it, but soon I had a clear view of the road map ahead.
Hateno Village confirmed for me something that I'd heard in passing regarding the atmosphere of this incarnation of Hyrule. Many have attributed the art style and general aesthetic of BOTW to Studio Ghibli anime movies; the works of Hayao Miyazaki and his contemporaries. And looking at Hateno alone, I could see why. Even in this supposed post-apocalyptic world there was a sense of beauty and calm both in the wildlands and in the towns along the way. Although the communities themselves were small, agrarian and seemed largely insular to outsiders (made especially prominent here when one of the local farmers gave me the hairy eyeball at the town gate), there was definitely a feeling of homeliness about them, and an aesthetic that suggested the locals were doing their best to bounce back from the battered state the world was left in.
Also, windmills. Lots and lots of windmills.
The research lab that this Purah character apparently owned stood high atop one of the nearby hills, perhaps the only landmark in the town that seemed specifically designed to be outstanding or obvious. Purah herself being old as she was didn't surprise me too much; Impa, despite her appearance, clearly looked more spritely than her age would suggest, so perhaps the Sheikah figured out some tricks for preserving youth in their golden age? Perhaps similar super-science was responsible for their everlasting blue fires, some of which I carried uphill to help power up their in-lab furnace. After returning the camera function to my Sheikah Slate and discovering some oddly familiar pictures hidden inside, Purah offered to further upgrade my remaining Runes in exchange for some of the ancient machine parts I'd scavenged from the decrepit Guardians from earlier. The only problem was just how many.
"Damn." said the Hylian looking at the price tag for Stasis+. "I gotta start pillaging some stuff."
With that sorted, I took some time to explore the surrounding town and meet with the locals, and stop by the local Shrine. Surprisingly, it was one of the supposedly-dreaded motion puzzle shrines. I'd heard previously how players had cheesed it by simply flipping the puzzle upside-down, but I wanted to see just how difficult it was to do it the normal way first before I tried anything crazy.
It wasn't exactly difficult per say so much as awkward; for some reason the motion controls for these puzzles are very stiff, to the point where I feared I'd have to turn the whole thing over to actually get the ball rolling (so to speak). However, despite that I was intimidated by the idea of doing the upside-down trick simply because of the lack of the fencing that helped keep the ball in line. Instead, after a few minutes of mildly tedious efforts to try and roll the ball off using the outside fencing and/or the 'intended' method of ramping it off, I finally managed to beat it. A useful strategy I'd found was to tip the maze almost on edge so the ball would be deposited further on in the maze, so I wouldn't have to do the whole thing over again.
I did notice some interesting biology quirks while I was searching for crickets in the nearby forests though. Specifically that the various mushrooms, including the majority of stat-boosting ones, grew either under trees or in dark, potentially damp areas, with many of the very best growing under the very largest trees. This actually has basis in real life, as I've noticed in my exploration of the woods near my home; to get the most nutrients they can, mushroom family fungi typically cling to the bases of oldedying trees to siphon off the flow from their routes, or the decay of the biomass surrounding.
But there'd be time to mull over biology later. For now, it was back to Kakariko to report my findings to Impa.
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FastForecast 29 September
Good morning citizens. It's another beautiful day from here on Clio and it has been an interesting 24 hours. Let's take you to a wrapup of today's news.
We caught another emergency beacon from Captain Afioline. at almost 30,000 kilometers above MicroTech's northern pole.
From cameras onboard, placed earlier, we have a good view of him escaping via the onboard Pisces. It seems the Carrack's fuel lines ruptured, filling the engineering with a volatile mixture of hydrogen and quantanium. With alarms blaring, we watched as he just barely made it past the blast zone as the inevitable spark from the massive engines sparked the mixture, causing an explosion that we could see even from our location on Clio.
MicroTech medical says that the good captain was picked up with minor burns and concussion and will be out of commission for at least a week and is currently under investigation for possible insurance fraud. The possibility of so many ships having so many catastrophic failures in so short of a time is highly unlikely and UEE inspectors are doing a deep dive in financials as well as the possibility that he is the target of sabotage.

Speaking of life and death events, we were fortunate enough to catch up with another informant from our Banu friend's list at a secluded location
We found our informant in a deep canyon, hidden from satellite scans by high deposits of heavy metals and narrow ravines. We were surprised to find just how comfortable it was and did our meeting without a helmet. It's always nice to catch a lung full of clean, warm air.
Almost a million UEC and several hours later, we were given an early blueprint of the pulse weapon and it's intimidating. We're not quite sure what to do with this. If the attacker is within the UEE and marking the battleships, alerting them and handing this off will make it disappear. If we hand it to law enforcement, we've already seen Crusader Security is on the take (our full report is being finalized now). This is a current and very real danger so what should we do with it?
We headed back to New Babbage to do some thinking and grab a StimCaf and were...disappointed. What is this? Why can we not get a StimCaf at Garcia's? Why can we not pronounce anything on the menu? We submit this report drinking something green with a sprig of something purplish green that was 25 UEC for a "vente'" in a biodegradable cup that we are sure is going to melt away before we finish this report wanting to get back to Dark Fall and our supply of the good stuff.
Citizens, we'll have an answer for you soon. We're tired and this stuff isn't helping us think. Remember, StimCaf. StimCaf, when you need to be awake and alert next week and not this moon's forsaken mess.
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  • David talks to the camera and says it frustrated him when Tyler was trying to get Bayleigh out. He also thinks it caught Enzo off guard as well. David also says he felt vulnerable when Memphis put him on the block. He says that now that Da'vonne is gone, he has heard that she has put his name under the bus so many times.
  • Cody asks David who he would want to put on the block since Cody said he was gonna use the veto, but then laughed and said he was just joking he wasn't going to actually. David said he never fully listens to anything someone says as he is never sure what is true.
  • Cody says to Enzo that now Ian is gone it seems that Cody and Kevin are able to connect more because of the things that Ian was saying to both of them that made them not trust each other.
  • Cody tells Christmas he wants to talk to her later but it's not about the veto because he isn't using it.
  • Feeds went down for the veto ceremony. When they came back on, we saw Cody did not use the veto and he was in mid-conversation with Christmas. Cody tells her he feels like Dani is extremely threatened by Christmas, but it's only because Christmas is a beast at the game. Christmas doesn't want anyone feeling threatened by her. Christmas mentions Dani and Nicole being at odds before Da'vonne left, but then that changed once Da'vonne walked out the door. Christmas says the girls stop talking as soon as she enters the room. Cody reassured her that he wants to move forward with her in the game because he thinks their relationship has grown organically. Christmas feels the same way about him. Cody says Kevin needs to leave 100%. Christmas agrees.
  • Memphis and Kevin talk. Memphis recognizes that Kevin has been in a difficult situation since the beginning of the game. Kevin hopes Memphis recognizes him as a competitor that isn't willing to take a prize when there is a chance at safety.
  • Kevin tells David that on his season he was underestimated and then was able to win since there were fewer people. Kevin says to him that he could be dragged for now, but be able to build his resume very quickly by winning more towards the end. Kevin says if David is dragged and doesn't win, then it would be a classic season where there is a sacrificial goat. Kevin says he suspects David has alliances that can help him when things get awkward. David says he doesn't trust anything since the Ian situation. David knows that there are things that can be used against him: the 10k, the Tyler vote and the power. He says that he needs to start campaigning but is afraid to be up against Kevin's professional campaigning. Kevin mentions people already have their minds made up.
  • David tells Kevin that it was smart of Nicole to vote for Da'vonne to stay, because on season 18, Da'vonne voted for Nicole to win. David mentions that Nicole's whole demeanor changed once Cody won HOH. David says it will change again in the next HOH comp too.
  • Cody tells Enzo that Christmas is potentially targeting Dani and Nicole so that's why it didn't make sense for him to use the veto and put her up. Cody says that the girls can go after each other while they just sit back. Cody says they can potentially drag David to the end like how him and Derrick did to Victoria. Enzo wants Nicole to win HOH. Cody says she would go after Memphis and Tyler. Enzo mentioned it's good for their game to get Memphis out. Cody said that he would prefer to see Christmas go so that they could have both Memphis and Tyler. As for this week, Enzo says he hopes Dani and Nicole aren't all over Kevin this week, and they better not vote for them to stay because he wants it to be a 6-0 vote. Enzo says he wanted to work with Dani but she's to messy of a player.
  • Enzo tells Cody that if he won a veto, he would take Cody off the block. Enzo says he would be dead without Cody in the game. Enzo says that he feels that this week he is 98% sure they should be good and then the following week they will both be able to play in the HOH. They talk about between Nicole and Dani, that they would keep Nicole, since the only thing she has done to them is not win competitions.
  • Kevin tells Dani his talk with Cody went really well last night but he still feels like Cody's telling people he is the target. Dani says she doesn't know, she feels like people have been waiting until the last minute to name the target. Dani tells Kevin she feels like they have a good relationship and hopes he feels the same.
  • Memphis tells Christmas they have good odds because it's them two, and Enzo in an alliance when the Committee is in the top 6. Christmas says she just wants to clip Dani because Dani feels so safe.
  • Dani tells Memphis that David's pitch to her was him telling her he wants to stick around for the smaller kitchen table they get. Dani says she asked David if that was his actual pitch to stay and David told her yes. Dani says she told David to come back to her with a better pitch. She says it was embarrassing for him to pitch that.
  • Enzo and Christmas guess that Thursday will be a double eviction, or an endurance comp. Christmas tells Enzo she doesn't think the Dani or Nicole will win the next HOH because the wall HOH was thrown to Dani so neither of them have won anything.
  • Cody brings his bottle of wine down to share at dinner. Nicole and Dani grab the hidden beers from the storage room. Button boy is having the time of his life and keeps putting stars on like every 2 minutes. There seems to some sort of event or something somewhere outside so we can't see whenever a houseguest goes outside because of the music. If all the houseguests go outside, they turn off the feeds. Eventually the backyard gets shut down so production can start building comps, so everyone comes inside.
  • Enzo and Cody wonder who everyone would nominate if they won HOH. They think Tyler would go after Dani and Nicole. They think Memphis would put up David and Nicole and backdoor Tyler, and Christmas would just do what Memphis wants. They believe Dani would put up Christmas and David with a Tyler backdoor. They start studying what has happened in the game so far. Enzo mentions that Christmas wants to skip getting David out next and just get Dani out first. Enzo says he told Christmas he's down with it. Cody says he's down for that too. They assume it's a double this week.
  • Enzo tells Cody that as for this week, Dani has told him that David tried to campaign to her to stay and she wasn't having it. He says Dani is trying to evict David. Cody says Dani is ruthless. Enzo says if the vote isn't 6-0 then they know Dani was the other vote.
  • Cody asks Enzo if Christmas ever told him she has a power. Enzo says she didn't tell him. (That's a lie.) Cody says next HOH he wins, he's putting Dani and Christmas up. Enzo mentions that Memphis is doing with Christmas what he wanted to do with Christmas, which is he wanted Christmas to be his pit bull. Enzo says Memphis doesn't talk a lot of game so anything he says doesn't get leaked. Enzo mentions that Memphis doesn't know that Cody told Enzo about the Committee, so that's why Memphis went behind Cody's back and made another Wise Guys alliance with Christmas. Enzo says Memphis was trying to cover his bases. Cody says that means he has to get rid of Christmas so that Memphis fully stays and commits with them. Cody says an ideal final 5 for them would be them two, Memphis, Nicole, and Tyler. The guys decide they want to go to bed as they're the last ones awake.
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Okay, this was an attempt back when UCN was created to do a timeline, using both theories and trying to give context and motivation to the actions of the protagonist of FNAF. This is, as I said in the title, nothing more than pure fanfiction for who would love this, suing elements and dates from the games. On that said, enjoy.
Before 1973: William Afton found Afton Robotics, LLC (ARL) which is a company that engineer robots. The main building of this company is an underground complex. William is particularly interested in the idea of androids and a continued life through robots.
He is married and have one child, Michael.
He is joined in his venture by a young Henry Emily and together, they entertain the thought of creating a restaurant using their creations.
1973: Opening of FredBear Family Dinner (FFD) using the ‘revolutionary’ animatronics Henry and William worked on. Since the software was limited at this period and couldn’t go beyond turning and singing, they created a hybrid animatronic that could work as a suit for performers when not on animatronic mode.
Hence come FredBeaGolden Freddy and SpringBonnie/SpringTrap.
Between 1973 and 1980: William have a second son, unnamed, and soon after a daughter, Elisabeth
FFD attract the attention of an entertainment company who want to buy it. The company, or a branch of it, take the name of Fazbear Entertainment Incorporated (FEI) and buy FFD and characters. ARL still provide the animatronics.
The company create a pizzeria named Freddy Fazbear Pizzeria (FFP1) containing 4 new animatronics (Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy). They also create derived products like toys.
Henry have a child, Charlotte (Charlie) Emily.
Between 1980 and 1983: For some reason, William and Henry are unhappy with FazBear Entertainment and William begin a plot to make the whole company shut down.
He kill five children using the SpringBonnie suit. Suzie, Gabriel, Fritz, Jeremy and finally Cassidy. He stuff their body in the animatronics suits (Chica, Freddy, Bonnie, Foxy and finally FredBear). He escape police by incriminating the performer using SpringBonnie suit in FFP1.
FPP1 close by the end of year 1980 and all animatronics are send back to ARL and FFD, which is how William made the bodies disappear. While FFP1 is closed, the production of derived products never stop.
FEI try to recover the losses by diversifying FFD into something akin to a day-care. To avoid lawsuits and give back trust in FEI, they make ARL create a new animatronic oriented for security, the puppet.
Henry is overworked and Charlotte become a daily presence of FFD. Henry create a special feature for puppet to prioritize Charlotte, simply out of parental concern.
Fazbear Entertainment launch a cartoon around FredBear and Friends, which is what motivate William new murder. William cannot resort to the same trick to infiltrate the diner, using the springbonnie suit and lure children, as the puppet is simply too effective. He is forced to wait for an occasion to strike outside the dinner.
The occasion present itself one raining night when a child walk out of the dinner, something that should have been blocked by Puppet. William use the occasion to strike and kill swiftly the child, only to discover to his horror he just killed his friend child, Charlotte.
Charlotte body is discovered enveloped in puppet and police is called. FFD is closed for a moment for investigation. The case closed as an accident kill of the child by the Puppet. This is the event that definitively separate Henry, William and ARL from FEI.
Henry is torn down with grief, thinking he is responsible for his own daughter death, and William use it to convince him to work on his android/immortality project, that they can bring her back.
While they working on this project, William trick Henry into creating the funtime animatronics in an attempt to compete with the now declining FEI. William modify without Henry notice Baby and Funtime Freddy to capture children for his experimentations.
Circus Baby open but is closed in the first day when the special feature of Baby make a victim, William own daughter, Elisabeth. The death is hidden and the closure under the excuse of ‘gas leaks’
Henry discover the truth about the funtime animatronics and flee with all is research and result. He try to convince the police but he have no proof of his accusations.
1983: The death of Elisabeth, the loss of his partner and the destruction of his whole life research push William into alcohol. He begin to mildly abuse his family. Michael become a bully, teasing and scaring his little brother, his second son keep fleeing to FFD to escape him and Michael, and his wife try desperately to reach him.
William finally accept to let his son celebrate his birthday at FFD but the celebration is ruined when Michael push his younger brother in the mouth of FredBear and the animatronic crunch the young child skull. The child end in a coma for a while before finally dying soon after.
This event traumatize Michael who will later flee his family out of guilt. For William, it’s a new incentive to get back to his work on androids.
FFD close definitively, all animatronics are stored in the FFP1 facility and FEI goes silent.
From 1983 to 1987: Puppet, haunted by the soul of Charlotte, Give a body back to every victim in the form of the animatronics stocked in FFP1. While four of them obtain a moving body, Puppet doesn’t have enough animatronics for all the souls and Cassidy soul end up in the empty Fredbear costume.
William need resources for his research and turn Circus Baby into a rental service. He, of course, deactivate the capture feature of Baby and Funtime Freddy. This is around this time that Baby begin acting weirdly. No matter how many time William reset her, she keep doing action outside of her programming.
Multiples incidents follow with William trying his best to hush them until he discover that Elisabeth is there, somewhat alive, in the Baby body. This begin his new idea of research in the matter of remnant, something akin to a unknown metal that forged into the endosqueletton of the animatronic.
He try to replicate the apparition of remnant for his child but fail to. He doesn’t found how to replicate this until ...
William’s wife suicide. It’s unknown if it’s out of grief, or if she discovered the truth. Rapidly using her body, Henry burry her body in Ballora which is a mild success. She appeared haunted by his wife soul and remnant was created but she is not sentient like Baby is. At this point, he thinks the only way to create remnant is for someone to die in an animatronics, but an animatronic body can fail and need to be repaired with time. He need to be able to change body anytime he want. To do that, he need to know if remnant can be transplanted and if the mind survive the transfer. He prepare to experiment but another event put his research on hold.
The truth about the Funtimes animatronics is discovered and both William and Henry are on the run. Michael discover the truth through this event and found a way to stay in contact with Henry. Henry tell the whole truth about the whole story to Michael who convince him to work to redeem himself and put an end to the story.
They need to stop and capture William but have no way to caught him now. He is on the run and won’t come back to the ARL facility. Fazbear Entertainment give them an opportunity at the end of the year 1987.
1 December 1987: FazBear Entertainment open back the Freddy Fazbear Pizzeria franchise in the form of a whole new pizzeria. To evade the problem linked to the previous incident, the new animatronics (Toy serie) are equipped with a facial recognition feature. All animatronics from FFP1 are transferred to this new place (FFP2)
Between 01/12/1987 and 06/12/1987:
Phone guy; introduced this moment, assure day security while another do the night shift. This last one is William Afton, here to try to continue his research hidden in plain view.
He rapidly disengage the recognition which make slowly the toy serie security deteriorate. To evade any suspicion, he orchestrate a failure of both springlock suit (FredBear and SpringBonnie, both at the place), which kill two performer who come back haunting the place as shadow Freddy and shadow Bonnie. The springlocks are send back in storage in FFP1
While he is safe from the toy serie, the older animatronics and the puppet begin to activate and move by themselves at night, chasing him. He escape them and convince the management to place him on day shift, with phone guy at night.
Henry learn of this and think something is wrong with the animatronics. He think William may be on site but need confirmation and can’t do it himself. He can’t go himself has he is searched and think he would be recognised by the toy series. He send instead Michael under the false name of Jeremy Fitzgerald.
07/12/1987: Michael/Jeremy began night shift while William work day shift. Phone guy work as supplementary day guard. He call Michael every night at the beginning of his shift to update him on day events.
08/12/1987: Michael watch the originals animatronics moving and chasing him, not understanding why. Moreover, Puppet who should be disengaged at night do the same. The truth is that are like Ballora, not sentient enough to distinguish him from William.
10/12/1987: Phone guy make the link between the toy animatronics failure and the springlock incident, police is called.
11/12/1987: Day guard is discovered to be William Afton and flee. The place is will be prevently closed at the end of the weeks for investigation. Until then, the place stay open with the police watching in case William would come back. No staff is authorised to exit the place. Jeremy is trapped there and William escaped. Phone guy replace day shift.
12/12/1987: Jeremy will be able to exit the building at the closure. Phone Guy ask him to help with the day shift for the last event, a birthday.
13/12/1987: Jeremy is attacked by one of toy animatronics. His frontal lobe is bite out but he survive in a vegetative state. A night shift is given to another person, Fritz Smith, who is fired the same day for tampering of the animatronics. Unknown if it’s Henry or William.
Between 1987 and 1993:
Henry save Michael life by using the whole scale of his research into creating him a mechanical body and erase the event from his mind.
William somehow infiltrate the ARL facility and stole the funtime animatronics. The police is at loss to capture William and convince FEI to open back FFP in an attempt to lure him.
01/11/1993: FFP1 open back as a cover to capture William. Phone guy is used first as night guard. The 4 animatronics are like in 1987 chasing the person with a night security uniform, being unable to distinguish them from William.
04/11/1993: Phone guy is killed by Freddy. FredBear animatronic disappear, recovered by William which is detected by a security camera. FEI is forced to keep FFP1 open and a new night guard is send.
08/11/1993: Mickael is send, trying to capture William or at least to stop him from capturing the other animatronics with the unexpected help of both Shadow Bonnie and Freddy.
14/11/1993: End of the weeks, the plan seems to be a failure and Mike is fired. FFP1 close again.
From 1993 to 2010: The plan is a complete failure because of the existence of the safe room, unknown from Henry and Michael.
All animatronics are captured and dismantled. William pursue his experimentation and successfully transfer the remnant of the five first victims to the funtime animatronics. He make finally a mistake when he try to go back to FFP1, thinking some soul mass would be available inside Spring Bonnie because of the springlock failure of 1987. He is trapped by the spirits of the five children and push inside SpringTrap by Cassidy. The springlock fail and he die.
Nobody know he is inside the springlock suit when the place is locked down and he is immured in the safe room.
The Funtime animatronics are found and recovered, placed this time in the Circus Baby rental facility. Mickael, unaware of the whole him being mechanical and soul mass haunting the animatronics, think everything is over and go live his life. Henry finally surrender himself to the police.
CBRF is still maintained by technicians that shock, scoop, and stop animatronics from fleeing the place.
2010: Fazbear Fright open and SpringTrap is freed into the attraction.
Henry has been liberated since but can’t approach the FEI or CBRF. He learn of Freddy Fright finding a working animatronic and instantly realize the only animatronic left is springtrap would shouldn’t be able to move since he is only a suit. He discover the whole remnant story, he also realize William is back.
He try burning down the building with William inside but fail to destroy him and is arrested for criminal start of fire. When Michael came visiting him this time in prison to understand why, Henry send him to his CBRF.
Between 2010 and unknown date:
Michael enter CBRF and discover the truth about the haunted animatronics. He try to help them but is lured in the scooping room and his robotic body used as Trojan horse for Ennard.
Baby is aware that Michael is a robot and won’t die from the process. Michael doesn’t regain control before a long time, when Ennard is expulsed, leaving an exosquelleton for him to keep moving. His memory is in shamble and the only goal left in his mind is to bring peace to the children and definitively kill William.
Ennard separate from Baby, Henry is liberated and begin his plan to destroy once and for all the remnant of this story. He create LEFTE to capture puppet and bring her back to a certain place, creating false pizzeria under the now abandoned name of FEI.
He make a new pizzeria at the place FFP1 once was and lure everyone inside. Unknowingly of him, Michael take the role of manager.
The building finally burn down with everyone inside, finally killed, Michael included who search peace too.
However, the soul of Cassidy can’t find rest with the torture she was submitted to. She capture William soul and torture him for eternity.
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2020.09.27 16:16 Electronic_Stomach88 Narc story

41 now and found out I was raised by a narcissistic mother at 39. Her gaslighting while at my job and about my 10 year old daughter who I have raised since 2 years old gave me a mental breakdown. It first started 5 years ago when she wanted to control the exchanges between me and ex wife. She Drug her with her car 40 feet according to police report and blamed it on me when I wasn’t even there. When I first got divorced 7 years ago, she assured me that they were going to help me get on my feet and out of debt so I could live a nice life. However, because of my non compliance she kicked me and daughter out before I could get on feet and sale house. Her punishment caused me increased expenses and led me to bankruptcy.
I was highly successful in a field where Credit was important and not only did she leave me hanging and bankrupt, I had to sell everything of value to pay another attorney for bankruptcy while going through expensive divorce which often times left me scraping change together to feed my kid.
I forgot to mention my parents are rich btw. I rose to the occasion and eventually even landed a higher paying job than her after recovering from the Bk and divorce.
The whole time she had a Private Detective taking pictures of me from across the street and had family members drive by and when I would ask she would say I was just paranoid.
She would call the police on me frequently if I didn’t answer her calls. This was the beginning of a long journey to figuring out what she was up to as I was 33 when the stalking started. She would even manipulate my own friends to say they needed a place to stay and pay them money to report back.
Fast forward a few years. I end up with my dream job making more money than her. She quickly would demean me and say I don’t deserve it. After two years on the job I had saved up enough money to buy my own house and told her I was moving closer to work which was further from them. She became enraged and said she wouldn’t be around to help with my kid when I traveled and I said that’s your choice.
One day I get home from a business trip to meet a CPS worker at my house. The worker interviewed me and ex wife and recommended moving further away from her even though they can’t tell u who did the complaint. In the report it said I was paranoid. Yes I actually was because my mom had betrayed me and put me and my family through undo stress by making false CPS report.
It took 6 months to close out. She had also threatened to kill me when I told her I was moving and she meant it. I bought my dream house in a gated community 45 minutes away from her with 24 hour security only to find out she was trespassing, having detective video my daughter and I outside and I was like well I’m not doing anything wrong so what am I gonna do.
I tried to avoid confrontation with her because it would be screaming and her making threats to take my kid from me. I even have a text where she said she would get me fired from my job after gaslighting me at work.
It was so embarrassing I just dealt with it. I then met the girl of my dreams who advised me that was not normal and she wanted me to be happy because she could see that I was shaken every time I would answer her calls. I had been setting up boundaries over the years and didn’t rely on them for anything.
I wouldn’t ask them for anything at all no matter how bad it hurt. Eventually an estranged friend who I had not had contact with for a year reached out to me and said he needed a place to stay. He started wearing my clothes, eating my food, and refused to get a job. It was like single white female the movie.
Immediately my gf said he wants your life! He always seems to be keeping tabs on my parenting and added to my stress level. The abuse from her had been bad lately because now we had been successful living away from her for almost two years and I was now engaged. This caused a big strain on my now fiancée and mine engagement and we got into an argument and we were supposed to fly to NY the next day to get married. Oh also my daughter came home with a phone charger from her and it was plugged in my bedroom. I was looking at it and it flashed at me. I took the top off to find out it was a hidden camera. I spoke with one attorney about legal action but my fiancée and everyone talked me out of suing my mom. She said it was a gag gift and admitted to it in writing.
More bizarre stalking kept happening and this really started to get to my nerves. I wished i had sued her because i ended up getting drunk at my own house and was depressed because my fiancé was not gonna go to NY and get married. Anyways i made some dark comments in front of some neighbors who didnt know me that well about dark depressing things.
Then i go inside my house alone because i had agreed for her to watch my kiddo while on business trip, and my fiancé calls and says to come outside. I walk outside and see lasers pointed at her head and a swat team in my driveway. She told me to take my shirt of so i did and they focused the guns on me.
My house backs up to a busy road and there was a loud noise. Those neighbors had called the police thinking i s**t myself and my fiancé showed up with bags packed to go to NY. I more than cooperated and agreed to let them search my house to look for , casings and evidence so they could try to put me in jail. Man I wish I would have gone to jail. At least I could have been bailed out in the morning. They found nothing because there was nothing to be found. I even let them search my truck. The supervisor told my fiancée that they cant leave me alone with the allegations but couldn't charge me with a crime.
They asked if i would be willing to go to hospital for 24 hours and i thought they were talking about the ER. My fiancée gracefully talked me into it because she had no desire to vouch for me if I did what they said and I do not blame her for it in the moment. I would’ve been scared to vouch for someone based on the narrative they wrote about me so I agreed and was handcuffed with a young officer banging the barrel of a glock up against my head like i was a threat his boss told him to back off and he even admitted that he wanted to off me because his adrenaline was pumping. He’s also the same jerk that got to drive me to the hospital and write a non criminal story about me that would forever alter my life. I got treated and abused by them at my own house. I’ve handled as many wrong doings that have transpired here as possible but next everyone keeps telling me to hire another lawyer for the police violating my civil rights. There’s also video footage. I don’t want to sue everyone but I feel like if I don’t handle things it will just continue to happen and I have managed to become pretty strong and resilient over the years of abuse. It actually drove me to excel in careeer but screwed me on relationships. To sue the city I live in or not is the big question???
I get in the car and find out he was taking me to a mental hospital. I was so mad when I got there because I knew I needed to get cleared to get out. I just knew that I was only intoxicated and that the doctor would let me out ASAP. Well I used my one chance to convince the doc to let me out while I was intoxicated and enraged for being in a mental ER. It was like jail and I knew I was not crazy. I barely drank and drank that night to numb my pain. Little did I know the seriousness of what the police said about me. So I made the decision to be involuntarily there thinking I would get a mental health court date in 24 hours. Finally when my permanent doctor was assigned to me, he was a perfect match BTW and one of the best in America. The nurse who had to inject me into a coma because I tried to escape turned out to be my best ally. He would come tell me stories every night about other people trying to escape. I just thought it was a hospital and I was there voluntarily but being intoxicated didn’t help. Him and another guy put me into a temporary coma next to 50 other people that were in recliners. I actually needed that to calm down and sleep but I didn’t understand that it was going to prolong my stay because the doctors saw that as aggression. I learned a lot about being in the hospital. The two intake nurses including the male nurse made sure that I got transferred to their floor because they saw that I just had a bad night and wanted me to get out ASAP. At first I wasn’t taking the antidepressants but quickly learned that the Physchiatrist can tell if your own them or not because you more subdued when you see them everyday and they tell u that u getting out tomorrow which never happens and adds an element of crazy. The male nurse that had to subdue me put me on his floor and bunked me up with one of the scariest patients they had that suffered from skizo and became violent because someone ate his apple.
The female nurse I had brought me the information about the mental health court. Then I met with my doctor the next morning and he was like u got to sign in voluntarily because If u go to that court they aren’t even gonna let you speak and go off the police report and it would be a minimum of two months and they would make me a ward to the state? I was like what the hell? I knew I didn’t belong there but then my doc explained to me that he kinda has to go slow on letting me out too bec of the seriousness of what the police wrote about me even though they weren’t there to witness the alleged incident. I started to just relax and take the meds so I could get out. Still on PTSD meds today to be compliant but honestly I had a bad hangover night and I was amazed at the support I got from the staff and nurses in there.
Everyday the nurses would be like you still getting married? I said The sooner I get out the more likely for me to fix this. All in all it took 7 days for the doc to be able to justify letting me out. I would have been out in 24 hours and had 0 destruction to my life had the police not made up such a detailed story about the series of events that they did not witness or find evidence to confirm. I mean FML. Even the trained doc had to diagnose me with a serious depression to get me out and cover his but because what that one rookie guy who wanted to shoot me wrote about me and was all fictional. I mean even the neighbor witnesses just put that I said I was depressed and they invited me to go to Church and they were actual witnesses.
The biggest most costly misunderstanding of my life. But you know what. Life was a living hell for almost two years, ruined Credit, lost car, applied for food stamps but got denied because my ex wife already got them for the daughter that doesn’t live with her. It’s just been a tough go in general. I mean when I first got divorced my daughter was only two and I would have to take her in ladies restrooms out of cleanliness Because nobody had that about the Dad yet and that wasn’t long ago, I was awarded child support but don’t receive a dime and don’t care because I had always figured things out on my own anyways. I feel mostly horrible for my daughter whose lifestyle has been altered with all this drama. The judge has now ordered a physchiatrist at $250 per hour chosen by my daughter’s court appointed attorney whose decisions have shifted towards favoring my mom. The only reason I gave in on agreeing to have that is because my mom could filed something if I didn’t agree that was some sort of loophole that would have dropped my kid right in her lap.
A 10 year old girl is basically like a 12 year old these days and my daughter has been happy being poor and never wants to see her nana again. I mean mom wouldn’t even allow her to call me on the phone that I pay for and the poor girl was being brainwashed. Every time we go to court it’s like the judge says 30 minutes and my moms 4-5 attorneys and experts hog up the docket with slanderous things about me even before I had a kid like stuff that happened in my twenties and then the judges doesn’t have time to really listen to what is going on. I have told my attorney I’m just gonna go on local news Because this is a high powered legal kidnapping. My attorney response is well I will withdraw from your case if u do that. I mean CPS gave me a clean bill. The main problem with my daughter’s attorney now is that I stayed with a friend for a few months because this person I call mom spewed her venom in my relationship which caused issues. I absolutely do not blame her for dumping especially when there were flying monkeys taking pictures of her house and they even followed her to work thinking it was me. She stuck by me for almost two years like a champ.
We all thought as soon as CPS closes the case that we would be able to live a nice quiet life. Well now after two years in hell everything has started clicking now that I’m back under my own roof. I left all furniture with ex and told her I was starting over without know where I would get the money to buy new stuff. I got a small settlement for the employment issue because I had no desire to take it to trial and once again I would talk to attorneys about my slam dunk case, and they weren’t interested in paying attention to the Rock Solid evidence I had. They just wanted $4,000 up front and didn’t even think I would get anything so I decided to handle it on my own and file my own complaints because I had no more money for another attorney I have learned the hard way that the hallmark of a good attorney is one you explain to them once or send to them once and they remember everything you told them in court. Like my mom even gets away with perjury where I have factual data to discount her lies. She has spent her whole life calling me a con, and nothing but a liar because sometimes with a serious narcissist with physcopathy it’s just easier to tell them what they want so u don’t get abused. But overall, I’m probably one of the most honest people and far from a con you can meet. You have to have Character in my career and always be ethical but she would call me that envious of my job and that I made more money than her with less schooling. My college days were rough because my mom would constantly be like I’m not gonna pay for your school so I would take that seriously and just start working full time.
I guess with me working so young that is the benefit Because I’m now a seasoned vet in business. Through all this adversity and with her interference, a competitor jumped all over me and I will be back to normal as far as my career. I’ve been making the salary I made 20 years ago doing a more entry level job which has served its purpose. I’ve never been one to give up on jobs. I felt like when I was living with my fiancée she kept doubling her salary and would put pressure to where I would just self destruct when I would have a good job interview. Plus most people can smell desperation. On top of that she started like competing applying for same jobs I already had interviews for which really brought out an ugly side of me and I would say that was a pivot point for the toxicity that started spewing. I felt so small and she felt so in charge because she was paying all the bills on her own for the first time in her life. Even though I had a good 20 years experience on her she started getting really competitive with me and when I would let her know that it reminded me of how my mother would act, she would minimize me and say don’t be such a victim. What she failed to understand is I was still healing and she was setting me back.
When she abruptly said she was done and kicked my daughter and I to the streets knowing that I had hardly any money and had ruined my credit so couldn’t rent anything, I was so hurt, she went silent and refused to give me closure or even tell me that what we had was real. She had done me just as my mom had and discarded me. I do take responsibility though because I think with all the toxic shit we were dealing with she was just over it. I used to hide my issues with my mom from her but she insisted that she was strong enough to help me get in a better space. Looking back the over sharing of court custody evidence had changed her into what reminded me of my mom. I knew certain things I should’ve kept to myself but she had me convinced that we were gonna work through it all together and I would actually get in trouble by her in passive aggressive ways with silence if I got caught withholding something from my personal stuff from her. It sad what me and my narcissist mother ruined. She was the best mentally and physically until our bullshit just broke her. I was so shocked that I lost that. I am a very loyal companion and outside of my ex, that I was married to for 12 years, I never would settle down because I knew what I was looking for and it took me 5 years of bad dates and terribly matched relationships to find her. I know though too that she is gonna be hard pressed to find a stronger man like me that can totally rebuild his life after blowing it up in less than two years. There were plenty of times I just wanted to give up but I didn’t for what I was told was my wife and new family. Patience I suppose is a virtue and I haven’t come up with the strength to start dating again. It might be years.
It’s just sad that I fully recovered but took longer than she or me wanted and the only thing I really lost is her who was a unicorn when she loved me. I’ll never forgive myself for letting mine and my moms venom ruin my family future.
But, I have to move forward and adjust to being alone again and I think I’m getting there. Moving forward after no contact is the only direction to go. Don’t let bs bog you down. I always knew that I was gonna get back to the person that she fell for and respected. It just took a little longer. So I have decided even if that opportunity comes back around as there is a little hoovering with her, I’m gonna politely decline because I no longer want to live in the past and I feel that if she was my person she would have stuck it out 6 extra months. Life will be good and I finally feel like I’m recovering and my moms lawsuit no longer even gets under my skin. I hope this story helps some of you. I’m of the opinion that my mom is much more extreme like a Narc with physcopathic tendencies but she will never be diagnosed. I’m sure what I’ve written will help someone some day because I had searched the internet and spoken to specialist and nobody could give me examples or really relate to this mother son relationship.
She always used to spank me ground me, I tried to run away as a kid, and she would even kick me out of our nice suburban house as a kid and let me walk to the nearest pay phone to call my dad. Then she would real me back in with like stiff I wanted. Looking back what I was really doing was standing up to her at a young age because her behavior was unacceptable so it would make me rebel worst. I ended up going to a prestigious college and finishing what my mom took away from me over and aver at nights when I was 30. She wouldn’t even go to my graduation or acknowledge that I went there and paid for it on my own Because I reckon she was envious that it was like Ivy League compared to her school. I wasted so many years thinking my relationship with her was normal.
The best thing to do with a Narc like her is no contact. My life has been very stressful but I do t think I would’ve made it trying to fix everything and being gaslighted by her everyday. I’ve learned that friends can be family because she also turned my whole family against me. I don’t understand why even my own dad who used to be married to her doesn’t have a spine enough to say “you’ve done enough to our only son” everyone in my family is owned some way by her except me. I have always been a good man of good character and have always been brave enough to take my beating or whatever to stand my ground. It does get better with no contact and I think I’m even stronger now than I was before and I’m much more emotionally healthy. So eventually I plan on finding my last wife and being the best me I’ve ever been.
Just because this happened to you and you are discovering it, I would recommend keeping dialogue with people that don’t have this issue to a minimum to avoid being labeled as a victim. You tell someone how you feel and you teach them how to do emotional blackmail on you. Only share with people your sure about. Always remember after healing process and discovery of the disorder that you must come out of that space of being a victim otherwise your forward progress will be stuck. Always keep moving forward and trying 120% even when people kick u while your down and I promise life will get better but I hones hope nobody has to do this. It is especially dangerous standing up for yourself with wealthy narcs but it’s also rewarding that u are your own person and I don’t give a shit that I’ve been written out of the will. I just wanted a normal mom my whole life not money and she never cared to listen.
I only told my roommate and asked he not tell my mom so I can figure this out on my own. My gut was telling me that something was going on and she was plotting for this moment to try and take my kid. Well my so called friend and roommate told my mom, told me he emailed my work, after 7 months and an Investigation I found out he didn’t, and even supposedly drafted and printed a copy of the email when he picked me up driving my truck that he decided to clean to his liking and wearing my best clothes.
I was in there 7 days. Also immediately upon turning on my phone I received a text from boss as if they knew I was being released that moment. My mom was my emergency contact because I was single. Boss says we been concerned and I send letter from hospital and then I get referred to HR and they asked if I received a Letter. I told them no I’m on way from hospital.
I get home to a termination letter. I was adjusting to meds and under the impression that roomie had sent the email he assured me he sent. Once home, my ex had been there watching kid and daughter came home saying CPS came to visit her at school. Then minutes later, a lady with a badge was at my door and threatened to take my kid immediately if I didn’t find someone to supervise me. My fiancée had broken up with me the day before getting out, my so called friend all the sudden had money and was spending time at moms which was off and if CPS needed to be called the police would have done that automatically but I didn’t have my kid. I didn’t trust anyone. I finally told my mom what happened and she played like no big deal there’s plenty of jobs and get better. Well come to find out she filed a false police report the day before I got out saying I was gonna get another and do something crazy which prompted the Police to call CPS. I told the lady that she could go to moms for a month for summer while she worked through her investigation. So in the moment the roomie and childhood friend who I trusted my whole life became my supervisor. I noticed how he wasn’t rattled by this as if he had expected. He quickly started staying with my mom which was weird and she essentially made him me. However, he’s not the type that responds to people like that well. Much more passive. So I automatically assumed that he’s the one that called them. By Christmas he literally escaped from her clutches and hat sent me an email recanting his written testimony and was living in a Van in Wal Mart Parking lot living off peanut butter. The empath in me kicked in and I started to go visit him in the parking lot. One day we were out and fiancée said let’s go see him and record him. We recorded all the stuff he told us that contradicted everything. He tried to continue to play me by not telling me important details he knew. He would say it just makes his muscles tense to talk about it but then ask me to buy him a burger. Well come to find out it was him and her that made sure family services came out according to new stuff discovered. I mean how much can u mess with a persons brain. I would gladly take a punch in the face any day over emotional blackmail. I guess since he felt so noble to do that to me I felt it was only the proper thing to do to report him for some crimes he made me aware of. When she got that audio where he’s says that she offered him like $200k to do this to me she sent it to him and he confronted me about it and was acting squirrelly as if he was still trying to play both sides. I explained to him that I just took out an insurance policy on him so he can’t just run back for the money. You can tell he was devastated. She was even paying his child support for him to keep him out of clink and offered to pay $10k to fix his rotten teeth and bought me suits. Anyways I blocked him and will no longer talk to him again. No contact with the flying monkey!!!
Mom was Banking on CPS placing her with her but they didn’t. When I got kid back she told me that mom said I didn’t love her, tried to enroll her in school, and offered to buy anything. And said she should have aborted me. The investigation was closed with no findings, I’m now unemployed and mom says she didn’t talk to my employer. We then agreed to CPS to do services and they believed my daughter and I about mom and gave me counseling for all the abuse she had done to me and told me to keep my kid away from her.
As the dust started to settle, I started waiting tables, then got a job but got fired because someone called up there and said I was a child abuser. I then filed unemployment who the referred me to DOL for Possible FMLA issue.
Almost a year goes buy, my fiancée and I are now living in her house because I could no longer afford mine and rented it out. I had my car reposssesed and mom even offered me $20k for kid in writing for which I said nope.
She became increasingly angry and then decided to sue me for custody all while I had just started working an entry level job. She makes up all sorts of hearsay lies, pays my old roomie to write a affidavit that was false and now going on year two of a suit. My fiancée had enough after the drama and toxicity it brought into our relationship and I found myself without anywhere to go until a friend offered to rent a room.
Judge has not given her any visitation but she has 4 attorneys racking up my 1. She is now going to trial. All her stuff is slander, untrue, and not factual. I don’t understand why it hasn’t been thrown out. I have factual evidence to discredit her lies. I even went to police report to hold her acccountable for cams she put in my house but police said no crime and would even let me show them the devices because it was my mom.
My roomie took my daughter’s dog that I paid $3k for on her 8th bday to moms and she says it hers under oath even though I have receipts. She tells people im dead and even contemplated have a funeral on Facebook for me!!!
She told me I should have just off myself. All these years she had been attempting to build a case on me to take my kid. Per now former employer she spoke with them and I have in writing. I cannot believe that everyone seems to believe her side of this diabolical story. My kid and I have been almost two years no contact. I even told the police she threatened to kill me and they were like that might very well happen.
Restraining order denied. This is truly one of the most diabolical nRc stories out theirs.have much more but too long already
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2020.09.26 15:44 UnderpaidMook [Draft] Act Four

Day Two
Site Director's Office, Site-17, [REDACTED]
10:00 AM
"...thank you, Dr. Bailey. This matter is certainly pressing, but alas, we are still restricted by our 'primitive' technology. However, your expertise is certainly appreciated, and I hope for the safe re-containment of SCP-105 and the recovery of our agent..." and with that Director Moose ended the video call with a heavy sigh.
She just got off a secured video call with Trevor Bailey (she thought?), head of the Department of Extra-Universal Affairs or Multi-U for short. Basically, she asked him point blank if there is a chance to at least locate where the...SCPs and Agent Lu has ended up. And he replied Unfortunately, the Foundation may be able to contain eldritch beings but no inter-dimensional GPS tracker. But the department will give a heads-up if they did find something.
Tilda had Maya type up a report for the containment breach of 105, the sudden changes in 507's abilities and the loss of Junior Agent Lu to be sent to O5 Command and Site-19. Aside from that, there is nothing that she can do aside from hoping that Site-87 can do what they do best: exploring the multitude of parallel worlds and alternate realities...
Day Four
Somewhere in rural Bumfuck, Ursus
8:00 PM
The "deer" girl who calls herself Firewatch (a weird name to be sure) was scanning her surroundings as Lu got some brief shuteye while Steve and Iris were talking with her. They were taking shelter in an old abandoned barn on the remains of a once-vibrant field. The campfire lit from the scrap wood and some firestarter from Lu's survival book-kits (which nearly got torn by the bandits they encountered back in the woods) burned brightly but was hidden from view. The smoke slowly rose towards the starry black sky, with the crescent moon continuing its eternal movement around...Earth? Or Terra?
It can get quite confusing.
Iris noticed that Firewatch seemed...content? Like a great burden had been lifted from her shoulders and she could now finally breathe. She didn't talk much during their two-day hike through the nation known as Ursus. They passed gray lifeless hills pockmarked with black, crystalline and jagged rocks that might be what the Terrans call "Originum", contrasted by lush valleys teeming with plantlife and avoided villages and large cities due to the risk of being ousted. Carol back in Dewville had told them about the proud Ursus people and how recently they started to treat outsiders as beneath them. That is not even including the Infected who had it worse.
Much worse.
Iris wanted to document the rather strange yet interesting terrain, but Lu ordered her to save her Polaroid for emergencies, in case they needed to use her abilities. Thus, Steve meticulously recorded their observations both with his camera and Lu's phone to record audio logs. That was fine.
She hasn't used what made her an SCP in the first place ever since the incident.
She shouldn't think about it now.
Then Iris noticed that Firewatch took out what looked like a harmonica and started playing a soft tune. The melody was a bit...longing? Yet hopeful? Nevertheless, the beautiful music flowed through the barn and into the reminded her of home, of her family that she would never see aga-
Iris shook her head. She can't start now. Not here.
Anyways, the harmonica was reaching its zenith as even the sleeping Lu woke up at first confused but then seemed to sigh with relief when he saw that it was Firewatch playing. Then the music slowly faded away as the Operator finishes playing.
"That, was amazing," praised Steve. "Where did you, uhh, learn to play it?"
"My village usually spends their free time with music when they are not hunting and bartering with other nearby villages; especially during periods of good fortune..." Firewatch drifted off with a thousand-yard stare in her eyes. "I just don't want to talk about it."
"Did I say something wrong?"
The group went quiet.
"Well, I don't know if I should be revealing this to you all but YOLO, I guess. I have a younger sister. Damn brilliant. Currently taking her PhD on biotechnology in Stanford. Nice girl you know. Thing is, ever since our parents died...we kinda...drifted apart. I don't know what will happen next. But I know one thing: I ain't dying without fixing our relationship." Lu opened up with a grim face.
"What's her name?" Steve asked.
"Gwen. Wonder why my first name's not Ben..." joked Lu as the trio laughed at the reference.
Firewatch's face showed no sign of emotion.
"Ooh, feeling a bit hungry. Let me get some food," Lu absentmindedly said as he took his food-book and pulled out a box of Pocky's. He was about to eat it when he noticed Steve and Iris looking at him like he just breached a Keter-class. He was about to ask "What?" when he realized his mistake: he just pulled out an object. From a flat book. In front of an Terran. AND warned by Steve to NOT do it.
"Well, just kill me now," he thought as the only change in Firewatch is a slight rising of her eyebrows and a tiny widening of her eyes. Lu only barely noticed because he immediately looked at her direction when he screwed up.
He immediately coughed, put the book away and opened the box, then offered two each to the others.
Firewatch sighed then asked, "Do you want to know what happened to my village? I suddenly have an urge to talk."
"Uhh, sure; you can but you can stop if you start to feel uncomfortable."
" Well, most of us have became part of the forest, all because to that wretched rebel baron...I will always remember that name: Casimir. Too bad when I finally found him; he was only a shadow of himself, there is no satisfaction in ending a pathetic wreck's life. But vengeance is still vengeance, and I pray that all my late friends and family are at peace...they were caught off-guard and slaughtered like sheep...Chief Humar...Pegla...Ermos...the others...and I was too weak to stop their deaths. But they have been avenged now...I hope."
The trio were slient. It was quite some heavy stuff.
"And that's why my codename is Firewatch. It's the name of my village."
8:10 PM
"Damn, that is-" Lu stopped with his face scrunched as he swiftly grabbed his rifle, got up and briskly walked outside. Iris and Steve were alarmed as Firewatch also followed Lu outside.
"Thought I saw a flash of red..." Lu whispered to Firewatch. His finger was on the trigger and it was itching.
"Red? Then that can mean only one thing," Firewatch replied calmly.
"Wait, the fuck do you mean?" Lu was confused.
"They have found me. S.W.E.E.P."
"S.W-gah!" cried Lu as a small, red-clad person slammed into him from above. His gun was pinned underneath his body along with his arms.
Lu tried to turn his head around but then felt a cold and sharp blade on his neck. But from the corner of his eyes, he could see that it...or rather, she looked barely fourteen with wolf ears on her head as well as...human ears? The hell? And how is she pinning 140 pounds of him down?!
"Don't move," she said in a cold voice.
Then another person popped out of the nearby shrubs. Another female from the looks of her chest. This time, she seems to be based on a rat judging from her ears and long, thin tail. She was dressed in black and gray and has a ridiculously large sword behind her back.
She walked up to them and asked to Firewatch,"Operator Firewatch. Dr. Kal'ist does not take kindly to people who go AWOL but consider yourself lucky that it was a retrieval order, not a kill order."
Then she looked down to the pinned down Lu. He smiled back at her with all of the dignity he could muster.
"And seems like you decided to bring along strays, eh?"
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2020.09.26 14:22 Suchastrangething Caught on hidden camera porn

Hello there! So today I present you with a topic that has been bugging me to no end for at least 13 years. It concerns a SpongeBob related piece of lost media. I'll get to it but first and foremost some backstory.
This all took place around 2007ish I believe. I was approximately 8 years old.
So I live In Ontario, Canada but my dad was born in Italy and to this day he still owns a medium sized apartment over there. During the holidays we often traveled to Italy to visit my grandparents and other relatives and of course having a whole apartment on our hands made our temporary staying a lot more comfortable. Unfortunately though when it came to things like television and videogames all I had was one of those big ass late 90s TVs that barely worked and could only receive a limited numer of channels (buying an expensive television set for a place we only visited like once or twice a year wouldn't have been a smart financial decision). To top it all off the only channel that mainly aired cartoon shows and other kid-friendly content my TV was able to receive was a German channel named "Toggo". Now if I recall correctly this Toggo thing was pretty much the German equivalent to Nickelodeon, often showing reruns of Nick shows like Spongebob (the first three seasons of Spongebob are still my favorite animated show if all time) and Jimmy Neutron but also some Disney Channel shows like Recess. So one day I was playing in the living room with the TV quietly playing in the background when suddenly I decided to stop goofing around and started skipping through various boring grown up channels until I finally reached the only cartoon related channel our shabby TV allowed me to watch. But what I saw on it I certainly did not expect: playing on my TV was what appeared to be some kinda...... I don't even know what to call it, was it a movie? A short film? The animation was pretty high quality so I would assume it was some could have been like a demo reel of some sort? Anyway it appeared to be some kinda weird SpongeBob related short film featuring SpongeBob, Patrick and of course Plankton as the main villain. But it was just SO bizarre. Like I said what first caught my eye was the animation. It looked exceedingly good for a TV movie (we all know how cheap Nickelodeon TV movies look, am I right?), like it was on par with the Spongebob movie and it featured some pretty cool CGI backgrounds aside from the usual 2D style of animation for the main characters. It was set in a fiery, post-apocalyptic landscape that looked like an ancient city, and in the background stood a huge statue of Plankton holding a pitchfork. It didn't look creepy mind you, it looked pretty damn cool, like something out of Mortal Kombat. Now I've tried many times to remember what the short was about, but truth be told I only watched a few minutes of it before deciding it looked kinda stupid despite the cool visuals and just turned the TV off. But there are a couple things I still remember vividly as they really stood out to me:

  • I can VERY clearly remember the image of Patrick riding a pudgy and very cartoony-looking unicorn. He was wearing a stereotypical viking woman outfit and they were both flying in midair while an angelic spotlight glistened in the background. Don't ask.
-There was a scene where Plankton was explaining his evil intentions to SB and Patrick whilst standing on a huge marble column, towering over them. Spongebob and Patrick just stood there for a while listening to his words and then shrieked in terror as Plankton let out a big maniacal laughter.
  • At the end of the scene SpongeBob and Patrick looked at each other and started talking about something (probably about how they couldn't let Plankton get away with his evil megalomaniacal schemes.......whatever they were), then they turned around to face the camera and started running with a stern, a badass expression imprinted on their faces as a huge wall of flames engulfed the entire landscape behind them. It was just so overblown and ridicolsly epic.
So that's is pretty much all I'm able to recall from that weird experience. Like I said after watching for a few minutes I just turned the TV off, jumped off the couch and headed to the kitchen. Fast forward a few years one day I'm suddenly reminded of that weird Spongebob short I saw when I was a kid, so I decided to look it up in the hopes of finding it and maybe figure out what the hell was it all about. I try to google "spongebob action short". Nothing comes up. Then I type "spongebob plankton short film". Nothing. I spent like 20 minutes trying out every single Google search imaginable, using every possible keyword but to absolutely no avail. Despite the short's seeming disappearence I was able to dig up once subtle, hidden "trace" that might just be a proof of its existence.
This picture:
This cover art was used for many versions of "SpongeBob the movie - the game". Now call me crazy all you want but I remember this scene. This part where they're running away from a huge fireball and most importantly the giant monument in the background that resembles Plankton holding a my knowledge this whole scene is not present in any version of the game and I'm 100% sure this was taken from the mysterious short film I saw many years ago. So, does anyone else have any memory this weird short film? Has anyone else seen it? I'm going crazy over it lmao
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First Chapter---Previous Chapter---Next Chapter 10/02/20
A small faction has escaped Morgan Hudson’s mind control. The resistance grows by the day, but we’re outnumbered and outmanned. Last month, Hudson stormed city hall and – REDACTED. Dante Amar – REDACTED – and two of the Councilmen are leading the resistance. REDACTED – Hudson – REDACTED – already failed, leaving little hope. If anyone sees this – REDACTED. – Annie Carr, 680 Anno Imperi Ortu
Holding onto one of the rafters of a building near my base, I crouch down in the unfinished attic and examine the world below. With nothing but time on my hands, I don’t mind sitting around and waiting for Jade all day – but I do wish I had given her a time frame. Sighing, I allow my eyes to wander to the endless sky above me.
That same sky connects all the worlds around me. My world – the hidden underground – and the Council’s share the same sky. It even stretches beyond the Wall, giving us something in common with the dangers on the other side. We’re all bound together by that sky.
Movement below me pulls my attention from my musings. Glancing down, I see three people huddled closely together. Did she bring reinforcements? No, I recognize Michael from the lack of confidence in his gait, but from my height I have trouble discerning any faces. If it isn’t Jade with people to help stage an attack against me, then perhaps it’s Michael with help.
I leap from the side of the building, careful to keep my hands and feet pointed directly down. Slowly, I drift to the ground below. Landing in an alley about one hundred feet off their path, I allow myself the secrecy to spy on them and assess their motives.
Carefully, I maneuver to the edge of the alley and peek my head out. As they walk away and head toward the base, I recognize Alexis from the back of her head. It seems our resistance is starting with Battle School dropouts. I suppose that’s sensible, since the Council didn’t seem to care much for our health or futures. Those who were chosen for Battle School Recruitment but not selected to attend the school are probably the most marginalized group. Whereas I found my recruit by sheer happenstance, Michael seems to know exactly who to target.
I don’t recognize the other person walking with Michael, though. He seems a bit too old to have gone through Recruitment as recently as us, but I don’t doubt Michael’s decisions. So far, he hasn’t steered me wrong, so I’ll trust his recruitment strategy as well. Clearly, it’s more effective than my own.
I’m about to step out into the daylight, but a heavier set of footsteps distracts me. Ducking back into the shadows, I twist my head to the left and see Jade storming through the Industrial Sector.
“What are you doing here?” She demands, making an entrance. I groan, immediately regretting my decision. She is going to be nothing but a problem. I suppose it’s not too late – I was intentionally vague. She only knows the general area, not my specific location. Still, I worry she’ll say something to Peacekeepers if I scold her for being obnoxious.
“I’m sorry, we’re just meeting for a class project,” Michael defends, raising his hands in defense. “Are we not allowed back here?”
I appreciate his quick thinking, but I know it won’t be enough to appease her. Confirming my suspicions, she storms toward him and pulls her fist back. Michael backs away, but Jade continues to close the distance. She walks right past Alexis and the other person, focusing her aggression on Michael. Alexis, apparently trying to defend her new friend, quickly places a hand on Jade’s neck. Though clearly off-put by the shock, Jade manages to turn and shove Alexis, pushing her toward a building.
This is getting out of hand. I step out, catching Alexis telekinetically and setting her on her feet. Jade doesn’t notice me as she turns over her shoulder and finally executes the punch she’s been chambering for Michael. Before her fist connects, I stop it in place and walk toward them.
“Jade,” I scold. “He’s with us. If they’re with him, then they’re with us.”
I’ll have to learn to control her, but having some muscle on our team won’t hurt. She will be able to defend us easily. Aside from that, her Class II status is likely to be regarded even more highly than my Class I. People are aware of my lack of power – or at least that’s what’s been conveyed to them for my entire life – so think my status is a fluke. With a Class II on our side, it’s more like we will convince other strong people to join.
“Well, you should have made that clear,” she muttered. I’m shocked, but I try to monitor my expression. I’m not sure what my initial thought was, but for some reason it surprises me that she was just trying to defend my base. Maybe she’s a better addition to the team than I expected.
Shifting my focus, I glance around for cameras or potential witnesses. This area is relatively abandoned, but that doesn’t stop me from being paranoid. This conversation shouldn’t happen until we’re safely veiled behind the walls of my sanctuary. With a nod, I direct them all to follow me. The altercation has convinced me that everyone is at least somewhat trustworthy. Something in each of their eyes assures me they were on my side. Anyway, anyone who won’t turn and run at the first sign of violence is clearly dedicated. I don’t want violence to be something they expect, but it’s a good indicator of their loyalty nonetheless.
Leading the others through a convoluted path to the base, I try to confuse them a bit. I’m still a fugitive, and I have to take some kind of precautions when I meet new people. Finally, I duck through the exposed walls of my building. The others look around, examining the area, and I consider allowing them to think this is my base. I remind myself that a leader is nothing without his supporters – and he will have none without a little trust.
“Is this where you’ve been hiding?” Jade scoffs.
“Not exactly,” I shrug. Telekinetically, I life a slab of drywall on the ground. Inconspicuously, it blends in with the rest of the mess left behind by construction workers, but beneath it lie the stairs to the basement.
“How is that happening?” The new guy stammers.
“In time,” I respond, nodding toward the basement. I wants to spend as little time exposed as possible.
“This explains a lot,” Alexis mutters. Michael leads the others downstairs and I follow them, setting the wall down behind me.
“This isn’t much better,” Jade observes when I reach the landing.
“Living as a fugitive isn’t exactly glamorous,” I sigh.
“Drywall is easy to put up,” the new person asserts. “They’ve left pieces behind, and I could easily get some more that no one would miss. We can close off the first floor to give you more space for operations. I can also let you know if they plan to re-open the construction here. That will give you a bit of a warning.”
“Lukas,” Michael interrupts, holding his hand out to stop the young man’s rambling. “I’m sure Carson appreciates your ambition, but let’s start with some introductions.”
“Of course,” he mutters, shaking his head in embarrassment. He’s excitable. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but hopefully he’s able to stay focused.
“Carson Adachi needs no introduction,” Michael starts.
“Thanks,” I chuckle, “but I think they’ll want some explanation. First, I’d like to hear why you’re all here.”
“You know why I’m here, Powerless,” Jade grumbles.
“That’s Jade Cameron,” I explain to the others, fully aware that I won’t get many words from her. “She’s here because I beat her during Recruitment and she wants to prove it was a fluke. As you can see, motives aren’t the most important thing as long as they’re true.”
“After Battle School Recruitment,” Alexis jumped in, answering my vague prompt, “I was ignored by every school. I was forced into Drone School. My chances were robbed from me. That isn’t okay – the system is broken. I wanted to blame you, Carson, but it isn’t your fault. The Council used us like playthings.”
Lukas doesn’t seem mildly confused as she speaks, so I get the feeling they’ve already discussed these issues. Though I wasn’t relegated to Drone School, I can empathize with her position. We missed two phases of Recruitment where we may have had a chance to show our skills to other schools.
“Battle School may be one of the best kept secrets of the Council,” I acknowledge solemnly. “That’s one of the things they need to change. The training of our Peacekeepers doesn’t have to be a secret – and it shouldn’t steal the potential from others. I wasn’t even asked to go to Battle School Recruitment – I was told.”
“Recruitment as a whole has to change,” Lukas joins in. “I like my job, honestly. I’ve always loved working with my hands. I just want to do more. I don’t want to have to rely on someone else to fix the wiring in my house or to repair my appliances. It’s like they’re afraid of educated citizens, so they want us all hyper-specialized. They give us a role and lock us in it for the rest of our lives.”
“Good point,” I admit.
“Sorry, I’m Lukas Cannon. I’m a Class III Somatic – a Runner. It doesn’t play much of a role in my career, honestly. I work in construction – that’s how I would be able to let you know when this project is back on the table. That’s also why I’m sure we could put some walls up without anyone noticing. It would be easy…”
“Thank you, Lukas,” I interrupt. “That is definitely something I would like to discuss with you. First, I’d like to wrap up introductions by talking a bit about my story and the reason we’re here. I didn’t discover my powers until Recruitment, and the Council decided to try to keep them a secret. They have a serum which neutralizes powers. It’s their most well-hidden secret, and that is my main purpose here.
“You see, people won’t believe me – I’m just a fugitive. As we grow, and as more of us tell our stories, we can expose the Council’s corruption. We can propose solutions. We can fix this. We aren’t here to hurt anyone or start riots. Are we all united on this?”
I read the room, looking at the others. Everyone – even Jade – nods silently. I wonder if they’re simply processing the information regarding Omega Protocol or if they’re truly agreeing. Allowing them a few moments to process, I wait for any dissenting opinions. Confident no one has anything to add, I breathe a sigh of relief.
“We all feel slighted by the Council,” I continue. “The fact is: they’re five flawed people trying to lead a country on their own. The system needs reform – they need a government. A true leader builds his stand on transparency, not secrets. I will be open with all of you, and I expect that in return. We will show the people these errors, and they will demand reform.”
“That’s a beautiful idea,” Alexis says. “It seems a little unrealistic. Any of us will be arrested for associating with you. Not that I’m not willing, but we’ll be silenced.”
“We start small. We’ll meet here twice a week at night, and you’ll all only tell your stories to those you trust. Gauge reactions. At first, people will not be receptive. They’ve been brainwashed to believe the Council is flawless. As much as it hurt for each of you to have that perception shattered, it will be just as painful for someone else. Look in your inner circles for people who may feel disappointed in their leaders. For now, leave the public face to me. I’m not going to ask you all to take on all the risk. I won’t lead from here – hidden safely in my basement.
They all nod, their eyes lighting up with inspiration. Looking back, I know I’ve led before. The Class V’s have looked up to me, and Ashley helped me win a fight. Still, something feels different about this. I didn’t realize I had this in me, but somehow I’m igniting a fire in this group.
“I’ll plant the seeds,” I tell everyone. “That’s why today: I come out of hiding.”
“What?” Michael stammers. “Don’t you think that’s a little soon?”
“No, I don’t,” I shake my head. Of course I’m intimidated, but I can’t hide forever. Seeing the faith these people have in me has convinced me I can make a difference. “People won’t believe the first time they hear.”
“So you’re going to try to protest across town without getting caught?” Michael wonders.
“Exactly,” I shrug. “I’ll start slow. I’ll plant the seeds of doubt, and you all can find those in whom they take root. We’ll show people the truth, and they’ll start to believe. Do you remember what you told me, Michael? When you first found me?”
“We can make a difference,” he sighs.
“I know we can,” I finish his statement. “I know it’s fast, but you all wouldn’t have come here if you didn’t want things to be better. We can’t wait for the world to change. We have to bring the change ourselves.”
“Okay!” Lukas cheers. I laugh and shake my head. I can see my words having an impact on the others, but Lukas is by far the most vocal.
“Alright, then I’m going to go to the marketplace. This has another benefit as well, of course. If I’m pulling attention from here, Lukas can make some upgrades.”
“I’ll help,” Jade offers. “I’ll just want to fight the Peacekeepers, so I wouldn’t be helpful to you there. Anyway, Lukas doesn’t look strong enough to carry those walls on his own.”
I’m surprised by Jade’s mature reaction. She actually offered to avoid the action. I’d like to think I’m already having a good impact on her, but it’s far more likely there’s just more to her than I assumed. If I’m going to lead more a bigger group than the one around me, I’m going to have to learn to read people better.
“Thanks, Jade,” I reply. “Alexis, Michael, you’re with me. Obviously, I don’t want to make your association known. You’ll go ahead of me and scope out a good and populated area. Michael, you can direct me in any necessary escape. Alexis, you can stand at my exit point and basically just serve as a deterrent. If a Peacekeeper bumps into you, you give them a light shock. Nothing suspicious, just enough to make them think you’re not entirely in control, but it’s their fault for running into you.”
“Okay, I finished those untraceable communicators,” Michael affirms. I realize I made my entire plan based on the assumption that he had without any actual evidence. I scold myself, but try to appear confident. There’s a line between transparency and giving them reason to suspect I’m incompetent, so I decide not to mention that error.
“I can do that,” Alexis nods.
“Great,” I say, realizing that I now have to go through with this plan. I feel a weight on my chest, but I know I have to move. Michael is patient – I’m fully aware of that. Alexis is hungrier for justice. Jade will get bored with a slow-growing revolution. Lukas is clearly excitable, so he’s going to want to constantly be moving. I know my team, and I know I have to show them I’m serious. If I don’t take action, I may lose all the people we’ve found. There’s no better time than the present.
Michael hands me an earpiece before he and Alexis leave. Lukas and Jade promptly get to work on renovating the base. Suddenly, I start to feel as though there’s hope for us as a team. When I was alone, it was about survival. Now, after only trying to recruit people for a few days, Michael and I had tripled our numbers. I’m leading a small team. More importantly than that, there are people who share my vision.
I take a moment to relish that fact before walking upstairs myself. Jade carries twelve-foot pieces of drywall on her own and Lukas starts drilling them into the wall. I’m not certain where he got the tools because I was only downstairs for a few minutes without them. I know Runners can be unbelievably fast, but this is still impressive.
“Is there anything you need help with before I go?” I offer.
“Day one and you’re putting us to work, Powerless. I should have known this was an excuse for manual labor,” Jade teases. For a moment, I’m worried and I want to defend myself. Instead, I choose to match her banter.
“I don’t think I even asked you to be here,” I counter.
“Well, either way, I don’t need your help, Powerless,” she snaps. I don’t understand her, but as long as she’s on my side that’s all I need to know.
“This is a very odd dynamic,” Lukas observes. “Regardless, I’m just happy to help. You’re going to make a big difference and I want to be a part of it. Maybe we’ll even see a time in our lifetimes where people aren’t separated by Class!”
“Woah, I like my Class,” Jade argues.
“Well, if you’re truly as strong as you think you are, you shouldn’t need a Class to tell you that,” I argue.
“Look, Powerless, I know you’re trying to manipulate me, and it’s not going to work. Also, I never said I need it.”
“My mistake,” I laugh. Any playfulness in her tone has shifted to clear anger, but she continues to move the walls for Lukas.
“Quick note before I go, Lukas. I am glad you’re with us, and that you’re happy to be a part of this. However, I’m going to need you to be careful what you say. Here, you tell me everything you want to change about the Council. Just know that all of that talk stays in here, understand?”
“Oh, of course! I know it doesn’t seem like it, but I’m really good with secrets. I just like to talk and I get excited, but I’ll just tell people about other things. For example, at work, we all love to talk about sports. There’s so much to discuss about sports.”
“Thanks, Lukas,” I cut him off, trying to stay focused on preparing for my first rally. “I’m glad we’re on the same page.”
I wonder if his loquaciousness has anything to do with his power. From childhood, he would have been constantly moving faster than everyone around him – especially if he’s as fast as I think he is.
“Ready,” Michael announces through the comm. I take a deep breath and steel myself. It’s finally time to make myself known to the world again. I leave Lukas and Jade to their work and slide on a hat and sunglasses. It’s not a great disguise, but I plan on shedding it when I reach my destination. All it has to do is get me to the meeting point, and I plan to be moving quickly.
Making my way to the marketplace, I navigate through the back alleys. These dark pathways have become a second home to me, and I’m starting to know the back streets of the city better than the main ones. Without incident, I’m able to navigate through the maze of buildings and reach the marketplace.
This is it. I relax my shoulders and crack my neck. Taking off the sunglasses, I hang them from my shirt. I toss the cap to the ground and emerge from the alley. If people see me wearing it, there’s no point in keeping it.
Not nearly as much drama arises as I’d expected. Everyone seems distracted with their own lives, and no one notices me calmly strolling to the center of the market. Families are huddled together with vendors as they procure their food for the week. Students are grouped with others from their school, all wearing similar uniforms. The vendors can’t be bothered with someone who isn’t a customer when they’re so busy making a profit.
Everyone around me is living in a false sense of security. Even with my pictures still on the television, they have fallen into the belief that the Council will protect them from their problems. For their sake, I’m happy the news is lying about me. If I were as violent as they make me out to be, I could cause serious damage here before anyone acknowledged my presence. They’re all brainwashed into thinking the Council is their savior and can do no wrong. I don’t know how I’m going to convince these sheep otherwise.
I steady my breathing and try to build my confidence. I never would have assumed Alexis or Jade would join my cause. Michael sought me out. Lukas is clearly dissatisfied with the current system. These people are relying on me to bring change – and if they’re waiting then there are bound to be others. All I have to do is let them know they’re not alone.
As I’m preparing myself to make a speech, someone finally notices me. At least it makes my job of getting attention a bit easier.
“Peacekeepers!” A mother shouts, pushing her daughter behind her.
“I’m not here to hurt you, Ma’am,” I assure her. “Your daughter is safe.”
“That’s Carson Adachi!” Another voice screams.
“The terrorist!”
“Someone stop him!” This isn’t going well. I don’t know why I expected anything different, but this is quickly getting out of hand.
“Everyone, please, listen to me,” I yell, my voice booming over their shouts of terror. “I’m not here to hurt you, I’m here to tell my story.”
No one listens. People are clearing out of the marketplace faster than I can speak. Time for drastic measures. I have to do something to hold their attention and overpower their panic. Pointing my hands toward the ground, I push myself upward. Slowly, I rise until I’m a few feet above everyone. Their fear shifts to awe as every eye turns toward me.
Of course, flight is nothing special to the people around me. However, my name has been in the news since I was a child. I’m the Powerless. Even their recent attack ads claim I used bombs to damage the school. I can use their ignorance to my advantage.
“There are two sides to every story. I just ask that you hear mine,” I call. I try to telekinetically amplify the sound of my voice, but I can’t tell if it’s working.
I hear no protest from the crowd. Knowing I can’t hold myself here forever – if for no other reason than because I need my hands free – I have to make the time I have count. I wonder if I can direct the energy from my feet well enough to keep my balance. Cautiously, I shift the energy and feel my hands freeing up.
“My name is Carson Adachi. At my Assessment, it was deemed I have no power. I thought this was true until Recruitment. I found that I do have a power, but it’s one the Council fears. You see, I have an external power, and we all know how that went last time.
“They wanted to keep my power quiet. Rather than teaching me to use it, they abandoned me. The attack they’re showing you was an attack on me. Derrick Levine tried to silence me. You all know how hot-headed he can be. We think he balances the Council, but he doesn’t. There are flaws in the leadership structure that we refuse to address.
“They are just men and women trying to lead. They’ll make mistakes like the rest of us. We shouldn’t think they’re immune to that, but they can’t pretend they are either. True leaders show honesty to their people. Ask questions. Ask your leaders – ask your friends. Ask about Battle School and where your friends were for the second half of Recruitment. Ask where the bruises come from. Ask how Peacekeepers are selected,” I implore.
I know I have to be careful. I can’t push too far, and I plan to find a way to give more speeches. I can tell my story over time, but the main purpose of today is to get the people thinking. If I try to overload them, they’ll dismiss me.
“Everyone please evacuate calmly,” a Peacekeeper calls over a loudspeaker. “Consider Carson Adachi armed and dangerous.”
“I’m not dangerous,” I argue calmly. “I don’t want anyone to get hurt.”
Every television around me turns on and shows the image of the school torn apart by my powers. More Peacekeepers emerge, surrounding me. One by one, they draw their guns and aim them upward toward me.
“Carson Adachi, surrender now or we’ll be forced to use lethal force.”
I hold my hands out, holding all eight of the Peacekeepers in place. I’m exerting myself too much, and I can feel my head start pounding. The more I use my power, though, the duller the pain seems to get.
The Peacekeepers begin panicking as they struggle to move their legs. Their struggling presses against my energy and I feel my headache growing worse. I have to get back to the hideout quickly. Somehow, I have to end this.
I pull all the guns from their hands and hold them above the crowd. People cower, covering their heads with their arms and shielding their children with their bodies. All at once, the clips from the weapons fall to the ground. I eject the bullets from the chambers. Finally, I set the guns on a nearby rooftop.
“Ask why they were willing to kill me,” I yell, bringing myself to the ground as I try to quell the pounding headache. Landing carefully in the circle of Peacekeepers, I hold my hands out to either side as I try to continue holding all of them in place. All at once, their extremities begin to twitch as I slowly lose my hold. “Ask who is more violent.”
I turn to walk away from the scene. I won’t be able to run well with my head hurting like this, so I have to keep the Peacekeepers in place for a little while longer. With that head-start, I may be able to evade capture. Before I depart, I want to leave them with something powerful. I can’t mention Omega Protocol. I want them curious enough to ask – not in disbelief enough to shrug off my comments. Anyway, it sounds like a conspiracy, and I can’t help but remember how Rhett responded. That is information for people who are already convinced. Instead, I leave them with one final thought.
“Ask yourselves if you’d kill me for what you’ve seen.”

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