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Sex Video on How a Woman Reaches Orgasm. Is the G spot really a thing? For women, the Big O is a highly debated topic. Let’s take the mystery out of this sexual pleasure , shall we? Sex comprises the arrangements that enable sexual reproduction, and has evolved alongside the reproduction system, starting with similar gametes (isogamy) and progressing to systems that have different gamete types, such as those involving a large female gamete (ovum) and a small male gamete (sperm). ... Sex has been linked to the making of new brain cells, and that’s a good thing. People over 50 who had more sex were better able to recall numbers and do basic math, and the difference was pretty ... phim sex viet nam: Phim Sex Nhật Bản. Hại đời BẠn Trai. Chồng Bất Lực Nhìn Bạn địt Vợ Mình. Vợ Thằng Bạn Thân đang Chịch Nó Gọi Làm Giật Cả Mình Sướng Quá. Chịch Cùng Em Thy Gò Vấp Mới Quen Rau Sạch Chơi Rất Sướng. Clip Sex Lương Minh Phương Full 10p Không Cần Download Gì Thêm. Xem phim sex nhanh tốc độ cao, phim 18+ JAVHD tuyển chọn với chất lượng HD 720p, 1080p cực hot với các em gái xinh đẹp... Browse Youtube Sex pictures, photos, images, GIFs, and videos on Photobucket Browse Sexy pictures, photos, images, GIFs, and videos on Photobucket Phim sex không che tuyển chọn toàn gái xinh lồn đẹp ngon nhất, đáp ứng cho các bạn xem sex rõ nét ngắm lồn gái 100% không che. Xem phim sex việt sub tuyển chọn, các thể loại phim sex có nội dung hay được phụ đề tiếng việt do SexTop1 sưu tầm với chất lượng HD.

2008.01.25 06:51 X sex chat

sex is for civil discussions pertaining to education, advice, and discussion of your sexuality and sexual relationships. It is a sex-positive community and a safe space for people of all genders and orientations which demands respectful conduct in all exchanges.

2020.09.29 15:14 MoonlightReadings Sex chat x

I had members of my community tell me yesterday that they want more sex magic resources & I would like more members who are willing to share their knowledge on the subject with them! This is an 18+ occult & witchcraft server with over 800+ current members. We have a discussion channel for sex magic but no one has utilized that channel for sharing information on this specific subject. We also have a resource channel for sex magic but there isn't much in there either! We also offer discussion, lesson, & resource channels on many other aspects of the occult/witchcraft as well as nightly voice chats! If you would like to join and share your experience and knowledge please do so, we would be happy to have you! 🔥
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2020.09.29 15:12 SShoreBHM 38 [M4F] #SouthShore - let's have an affair?

I have a pretty good marriage, and I'm not looking to change that. But for a variety of reasons, my wife simply has no libido. Our very rare moments together in the bedroom are more of an obligation at this point. To put it bluntly, I'm not ready to give up sex yet. I'm looking for an understanding woman who would be interested in exploring a friends with benefits situation with me, as I don't find one-time hookups terribly fulfilling.
"Understanding" means that you realize that I'm not able to sext with you during dinner time, or leave my house at 10PM on a Wednesday to get together. I will of course want to make plenty of time for us (both online and in person), but family comes first (as it should for you, if you're also attached).
About you: 21-50 (not set in stone), any body type or race. Knows what they like in the bedroom, but also not afraid to explore. Prefer the type of woman who pampers themselves a bit (regular manis/pedis, sexy panties just because, etc.). You don't lean hard either way as far as dominant/submissive. Enjoy receiving oral. Disease free, not obnoxious about political beliefs (I was raised to believe that politics and religion are rude conversation topics), not on any hard drugs. Preferably you're able to get away weekdays and the occasional weekend evening. Be willing to supplement our in life meetings with some chat, preferably kik.
About me: I'm a fat dude, but I am losing a good deal of weight as I work on it (down almost 50 lbs since quarantine). There are NSFW pics of my body and average-ish dick to give you an idea of what I'm working with. I have brown hair that I keep short or shaved, and a short beard. I enjoy all things oral, including kissing. I've been told that I'm very affectionate in the bedroom. My wife is a "race to get off before my vibrator gets me off while you fuck me missionary only" type of woman, so I'm not exactly a porn star. I give an awesome massage, and a hell of a cook. I enjoy goofy shit like 80s movies and yacht rock. Animal lover. Disease free, normal, sane, non-smoker, always groomed down below, and respectful of boundaries.
Sorry for the novel, and hopefully it doesn't get downvoted into oblivion by the reddit morality police. Send me a chat/dm/kik, and let's take it from there!
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2020.09.29 15:03 ThrowRAbalaton I (31M) need to cut contact with a friend (30F) of 5 years for the sake of my marriage, but don't know how

My wife (31F) and I have been together for 8 years, married for 5. Around the same time I married my wife, I became friends with a work colleague, which led to a very close friendship. As we are both into MMOs and not much into partying, our interactions outside of the internet were limited to work, where we obviously spent as much time together as we could, as it simply was fun (mutual lunches, always sit next to each other in meetings, etc). Outside of work, we always kept each other up to date on our lives: we played games together, chatted a lot on a daily basis, were talking to each other while playing different games, sharing experiences.
The days on which my friend and I didn't at least write once to each other in the past 5 years, can probably be counted on 10 fingers. My wife and my friend's husband both found our interactions a bit weird, but did not think much of it. Looking back, I see there were moments where I was obviously in the wrong. When something exciting happened to me or I saw a cool meme, my tendency was to share it with my friend first and with my wife after - or only if it was something very significant rather than a quick "hey look, that's cool, right?"
Two years ago, my friend got a new job in a different city and moved there with her husband. We don't work together anymore. However, for the past two years, we still kept our internet audio and chat interactions on a daily basis.
Six months ago, my marriage got a bit in trouble. Due to lack of communication, which was mostly my fault, I started distancing myself from my wife. My sex drive towards her decreased, I felt like the passion was gone, planning divorce in secret rather than talking, and overall, I was a pretty bad husband, taking my amazing wife for granted.
In this time, I was getting intrusive thoughts of having sex with my friend. I preferred masturbating to thoughts of having sex with my friend rather than having sex with my wife. Obviously, my friend never knew and still doesn't know about it.
Luckily, my wife and I worked through our issues, part of which involved me being 100% honest with her. I love my wife and want to spend the rest of my life with her. However, she is still pretty crushed by my sexual thoughts regarding my friend. My daily interactions with my friend are really not making it better. Honestly, I know I should have distanced myself from my friend once these thoughts came up, but I obviously didn't.
I can live without my friend for the sake of my marriage. It would also reassure my hurt wife how important our marriage is to me. However, my friend needs an explanation why I'm cutting contact, and I really don't feel like telling her it's because I've been chocking the chicken to thoughts and pictures of her for like six months.
Question: Do you have ideas on what would be a good way to cut contact with her in an adult manner?
TL;DR: I beat the tiger to thoughts of a close friend, neglected my wife and was a terrible husband for half a year. Keeping contact with that friend would not be helpful for my marriage. How do I cut her off in an adult manner?
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2020.09.29 13:34 deezal03 You will definitely downvote this post after reading it.

Actually I am 18M. I know you must be thinking if I know that this post will got so many downvotes then why I am posting this? Actually I also don't know why I am writing this. Let's be straight to the point
I am active on this server form a few months. When I first posted I found a girl from USA. She is beautiful and we did a lot of chat but I don't know why she stopped talking to me. I would be very frank. We both did a little bit of sexting and stuff. That was my first time I sext and I actually like it.
Since she left me, I am continuously looking for a same relationship that I had with her. I mean we chat, share our problems, some dirty stuff and all. She is the first who appreciated me. Liked me.
I am very lonely irl. I have been looking for a online relationship but I failed every time because I chat on the topic of sex. I am a creep.
I am depressed, lonely, low self esteem. Idk... I am sorry.
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2020.09.29 12:38 xDevax Sex chat x

Hello, I'm looking for brand new players to create a group of 4 + DM. I will be the DM and I will run a one-shot for the group (possibly more). I played in 7 campaigns so far and I DMed a little. I'm currently working on a camapign that I will be DMing maybe for this group of new players.
What is one-shot? One-shot is a one time adventure. You can look at the one-shot as a single quest.
Theme of the one-shot will be decided by the players, because I want to give you a story that you want to play and not one that I "forced". More on this after people join
Any questions that you have about D&D I will answer (if I can).
I don't know when we will play, if 4 players join soon we can have character creation session this SATURDAY (3.10.2020). We will use point buy (
Time for character creation session will be decided when players join. One-shot/s will be played SATURDAYS 17:00/5PM (CEST/GMT +2).
You can add me on Discord Deva#6875.
We will use Roll20 for playing. (
We will use Discord for voice chat.
If you want to join these are the rules:
- No discrimination on any base. (Race, Religion, Sex, etc.)
- Working microphone
- Age doesn't matter but how you act does. Please act like a mature human being.
What you should know before applying to join the group:
I like RP more than combat. I'm not Matthew Mercer, Mark Hulmes, Satine Phoenix, Chris Perkins or any other DM. Do not expect a game to be like you maybe saw online.
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2020.09.29 11:13 vintologi_se Being celibate is not ok

Sex & companionship is something humans need. If your sex-life isn't good then you need to figure out how to fix that.

I am voluntarily celibate
Unless you are put in some cell alone you can have sex in some way (legal or illegal) if you really want to, for various reasons however you decided it wasn't worth the cost/risk and the end result is the same as someone viewing him-selves as involuntary celibate, you are not having sex.
There is no value in a female wanting to have sex with you if you are not interested in her.
Gender dysphoria & sex
You not being able to properly enjoy sex can be due to gender dysphoria and that can be a valid reason to transition. Personally i probably have both social and sexual dysphoria making dating more difficult.
You having a body you are happy with will allow you to enjoy sex more if your dating options stay the same, of course if you transition from male to female you are likely to see your dating options improve, at least if you transition early in life.
Celebacy and mental issues
I have spent a fair amount of time in incel/MGTOW spaces (and similar) and it's clear a lot of these people have very toxic views, they are clearly a societal danger. Several incels have killed people out of frustration.
Many trans females report having very hateful views prior to transitioning
Unfortunately there are too many males who will not take these steps to improve themselves. There was a Swedish nazi incel that ended up being catfished by antifa, antifa later released an article about it where they made fun of him and all the embarrassing things he had said in chat.
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2020.09.29 09:52 Alaskankink81 My first affair with an older woman

Prologue: I never really explored my sexuality when I was younger. I was considered a boy scout by many of the women in my life. I had always been attracted to older women but never knew how to interact or seduce them. I lost my virginity to college classmate that was one-night stand when I was 22. I had zero confidence with women this changed however when I was 28 spent the 9 months having weekly fwb sex. After 9 months, I met my wife, dead bedroom sets in after our kid is born and Trump wins the election after 6 yrs of marriage. My wife is deeply pro-Trump and I am deeply anti-Trump... it makes late nights after the kid goes to bed unbearable when as she does is watch Fox News. You get the picture.
Then out of no where I’m shown some attention by an older woman... I was 35 and she 49. This the story of that encounter.
Main Story:
Mrs. D and I had met in a kik public group sharing erotica. I also got introduced to fetlife and kink from this group by another member.
Mrs. D loved my writings and soon we started chatting privately. We’d talk about our home lives and each other’s fantasies. Through our conversations I learned that she was a 49yr old Mom with 4 children, only been with one man since getting married at 19. We chatted about a month before one day she sent me a G rated pic and asked if I thought she was a attractive. I said yes and sent her a pic back. My goodness, she had an amazing smile, full figured curvy, a total mom next door vibe. She thought I was handsome and ask me if I would if my erotica about older women was a true reflection of my attraction for them. I told her yes and went into detail of some of my thoughts. Mrs. D then asked me to write a the beginning of a erotica story, a scenario if you will that involved her and I. She said she was interested in having sex with me but wanted to fulfill a fantasy in process. You’d never suspect her of wanting to cheat but she was desperate for something new and so was I. At this point we only knew each other via kik, not using our real names and only seeing each other’s picture.
So I wrote a scenario... I setup a scene where we meet at a hotel, i setup the room and I leave the blindfold on the door handle, she has to put the blindfold before entering. Once she’s in the room, we kiss and I guide her to the rest room to change. In the scenario I explain that I don’t want the blindfold to come off, I don’t want to exchange real names and that I want to be in control. I explain that I want to spend the night having sex with her filling her up with my cum so that she has to think of me going back home to the husband and vice versa. I explained how I’ve never came inside another woman and fantasized about it and I wanted to experience that.
Mrs. D was thrilled by the idea of a semi-anonymous encounter and shared that she’s only ever had her husband. We exchanged sexual health details that made us both feel comfortable moving forward with the scenario.
The night of: I lived in Illinois at the time. I told the wife that I had a late night IT event to attend (I registered for it weeks ago), and that I would be home around 9pm. I worked at home that day so that I didn’t have to commute when I got off of work. I setup the hotel room at 5:30 and she was to arrive at 6. I was super nervous.
She arrives right one time and knocks on the door. She’s wearing the blindfold and asks to come in. I guide her in and tell her how she looks more amazing in person, I ask to kiss her... not only was she taller than me but she smelled amazing. I guide her to the rest room to change and get situated. When she comes out, I’m just in awe... I let her know that I’m going to start now and she consents. I press her against the wall and passionately kiss his, I place her hand on my hard cock and tell her how beautiful she is. I then place a hand on her neck and my other hand on her pussy and gently rub her clit. I spend some time doing this, increasing the intensity until I see her legs getting weak. I then guide her towards the bed and I go down on her. After a few minutes she begs for my cock. I insert myself not knowing what to expect... it takes less than 2 minutes before I feel the urge to cum, so I pull out and just as I make it up to her mouth I’m cumming on her. It was large load for me and she was pleasantly surprised that I was still hard. She asked me if I could go again, reassuring me that it’s ok and to slow down if I needed. I had her lick the cum off my cock so she could taste herself and then had her turn over so I could take her from behind. I lasted longer this time and was still hard afterwards but it was probably too fast for some women. She had amazing pussy, it felt so good to be inside her. When I filled her up the first time, she was so tight around me that I felt my cock pulsate with each orgasm. Mrs. D total me that I had a yummy cock and while it was average size hit all the right spots. This gave me a lot of confidence. She loved how I could cum and stay hard. We had sex for about 3 hours and I probably cummed in her about 10 to 12 times. I made sure to go down and taste my cum inside her We spent time between sprints, making out and exploring her body. She love having her breasts sucked. I also made her squirt for the first time... something that is a real turn-on for me. I loved seeing the sight of my cum dripping out of her. We ended the night by taking off the blindfold, something I said I wasn’t going to do, so I could look in her eyes to see if she truly enjoyed herself. Mrs. D said she was worried at first that I might have been too excited but she said after the first couple of times things settled down and that she loved every minute of it. I helped her get dressed and kisses her goodnight.
Epilogue: We spoke for weeks afterwards however that would be the last time we’d meet. She wanted to explore with other people and told me that our thing was a special one-time event. It was hard to take because I wanted to see her again. In the end we both gave each other the confidence to seek out and explore our passions and desires. I know make it a point to only date women over 45 who are done having kids who only want sex regardless of relationship status... although I’ll say that it’s naughtier if they are married or attached. After moving back to Alaska, I met married cougar via Craigslist that I carried on an affair with for almost 2 yrs... the best sex of my entire life.
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2020.09.29 09:01 xrisad Sex chat x

Haha I'm fucked up ng sobra 😂 tang ina puro mood swings ako kasi nag yoyo ang insecurities ko at overthinking.
Im 28 [M] living in Manila and patuloy na kinikikilala ang sarili. Fuck all of the eyes na nag judge pero mas pipiliin ko mgpaka totoo kasi I really need to vent this fucking one out.
I grew up straight. Nagka gfs, flings, ons. I was a fucking horndog back then pero wala nakakaalam na may kulo ako sa loob 😅 mas kilala akong matino, good boy image, matalino and all that shit. I mean totoo naman pero tinago ko talaga pagiging malibog ko. Nood porn, pillow fuck, literoticas lahat ata I was in deep euphoria of attaining the feeling of masarap labasan puta orgasms pa. It elevated to one day nalasing ako sa bar pero nagalaw ako ng isang guy. I was really fucking drunk di ako makalaban pero nung na BJ na nya ako naramdaman ko yung sarap tas di nako lumaban kasi umamin ako na masarap pala kahit lalaki.
Turning point: nag evolve ata libog ko para akong sex machine na halos lahat ata papatusin makamit lang ung sarap. I never really dwelled so much on my preferences kasi sa totoo lang libog lang hanap ko and if ever na mainlove ako sa babae talaga gusto ko hindi naman ako na aattract sa kapwa lalaki kasi gusto ko makapag relationship ba. Ewan eh basta ganun tlga nararamdaman ko. So ayun nga kainitan ng new evolved kalibugan ko lahat ata pinapatos ko fubu babae, trip sa lalaki. Tbh hindi ako nakiki pag penetration sa lalaki kasi iba ung gusto ko? Kink ba or what pero kasi dominante kasi tlga ako maybe gusto ko yung feeling na dino dominate kita na vavalidate yung sense of entitlement ko na kaya ko magdala, I just to edging or jerk off pero nang titease ako to a point na may nagmamakaawa na kasi gusto na mag palabas sobrang turn on sakin ung itsura ng libog na libog na tapos ako may control kung kelan. Hindi ko masabing top ako kasi di naman ako kumakantot ng lalaki pwetan pa pwede pero insertion pass.
Alam ko tlga sa sarili ko libog lang habol ko, hindi kasi tlga ako na inlove sa mga naka trip ko kumbaga sa iba parang kantot kalimot vibes.
Pero things took a different turn? (read the story further for full context)
Sobrang gulong gulo ako kasi last year may nakilala ako online kasi laman ako ng mga fb groups bago pa man sumikat ung letseng plantdemic at plant tito tita na yan matagal nadin ako nag hahalaman mga 2 yrs ago pa? Last year lang ako ng decide na mag elevate ng caring routine para gumanda pa halaman ko.
BTW, He is a guy (OFW) out of casual interest kasi siya ung the go to guy kapag gusto mo matuto sa halaman sya talaga nilalapitan.
Nagchat ako sakanya asking about the initial care of the plant kasi ung plant group na sinalihan ko eh enthusiasts sya for a certain plant. He is friendly tas ng click kami? Alam mo yung feeling mo bestfriend mo sya pero 1st day pa lang kami nagkakausap? Tang ina ang passionate, he was giving me infos and details tas ako naman hanggang hanga kasi ang galing ba? Never pako na kakilala ng taong ganung ka passionate sa hobby tas Nakaka inspire na ako din sana maging kagaya nya one day. Days turns into weeks at ganun padin pag uusap namin tungkol sa halaman kasi dami ko gusto matutunan talaga, as weeks goes by navavalidate din ung feeling na close kayo tas para talagang bestfriend ko sya pero never ko pa sya nakilala? Some will call it parang soulmate feels? Alam mo ung pakiramdam na parang nagkakilala na kayo before? He feels exactly the same way pareho kami ng sinabi na saang lupalop ba kami ng mundo ipinanganak at bat hindi pa nun kami nagkita? Introvert guy ako so kahit may ganun kaming connection I was still hesitant to show myself to him kasi ganun tlga ako mkpg kilala sa online I use a fake profile and no info about me ang mamikita mo not unless I trust you enough and slowly I will tell and show you who I am.
Potah excited eh kasi mutual feeling ba? Trato din nya kasi sakin is bestfriend na tas bakt daw parang ayaw ko pa magpakita and magpakilala at unfair daw sabi ng gago 😂 eh bakit ba comfort zone ko un. Sa sobrang close at passionate ko kasi malaman ung mga infos tungkol sa halaman we also ended up doing calls usap halaman padin, one day he ask if I want to come with him at virtual tour daw sa isang plant farm na favorite nyang puntahan lagi. Gagi syempre ako bago lang dun sa plant world na ginagalawan nya G ako, ofc d ako ngpapakita 😂 si nood lang ako and so un nga ang genuine lang nung connection namin kasi puro halaman lang lagi at passion tungkol sa halaman ang usapan. Few months went by naging normal samin ung kulitan, plant talks, kalog moments at video call na lagi basta halaman pero one day kinulit nya tlga ako na sana sa dami2 ng napag usapan namin at strong bond ba sana magpakilala na daw ako at magpakita. Which slowly I did, nakita nya ako at nakilala mas naging comfortable na kami sa isat isa kasi for the 1st time nagkita kami face to face.
And WTF, beyond all of those kalog moments, bestfriends, plant passion, I know for some reason nagkaroon bigla ng attraction on my side pota na attract ako sakanya at nakakagago kasi I really never felt like this before. Putang ina I know to myself straight ako. Ehh I would have find it annoying to know kung straight sya? You know what I mean kasi wala nmn ako intention so I also assume he is straight? I was getting confused pero tinago ko sa sarili ko kasi I was rationalizing kako bestfriend ko si gago baka naninibago lang ako sa closeness namin kasi ika ko nga I have never felt like this way before so lugar lugar lang ako kasi sayang din ung connection.
There came a time na busy na sya sa work since contact nmin is online lang kasi online best buds lang kami at di pa sya makauwi dito sa pinas, may time na silent period ba kasi busy tlga sya laging pagod kuno ganun? Tas ako chill lang kako andito lang ako take your time ba. Pero alam mo un deep down medyo namimiss ko sya kasi namimiss ko ung kulitan namin namimiss ko makakita ng magandang halaman kasi ung mga halaman na pinapkita nya wala pa sa pinas.
One strange day happened na aun after a toxic weeks he came back and talk ulit kasi may oras na ulit sya and naninibago ako saknya kasi it feels like may gusto syang itanong or palabasin? Na kesyo kelan na daw ba ako mag aasawa or makaka jowa or kesho single ba daw ba ako? At the back of my mind my gut feeling ako na gusto nya umamin? Kasi call me assuming but it felt like he was also attracted to me? Hindi ko alam syempre kasi I never asked him I just know based on how I had observed. And it took a toll on me as I can't stop thinking about what happened that day. It took me about 2 weeks to man up and sabi ko sa sarili ko "gago bahala na, naiipon kasi sabhin ko na lang na prang may crush ako sknya pra makapag move on nako tas bahala na kung ano reaction nya". Into which I finally did pero sa chat lang tapos he responded to be very shy kasi sabi nya di lang daw ako ung gumawa saknya ng proposals na ganun at madami na lalaki dn ang gumawa nun sknya.
And I was like ok wtf ang charismatic mo pala 😂😂
(tbh ngkaroon ako mg curiosity about plant people kasi based doon sa group na nasalihan ko prang madami ata lumalabas na silahis kesa sa straight na plant peeps 😅 not generalizing ah based lang sa na observe ko please prove me wrong)
He kinda shifted to another topic as if he never read it again, but it really became strange after, kasi prang nag iiba nadin pakitungo nya nararamdaman ko un shempre biglang flirty ganun may pa innuendos. And naguluhan ako lalo kasi call me TH but it feels like this fucking prick is playing dalagang filipina hahahaha then again he is my best bud di ko un inalis sakin prang benefit of the the doubt ba. Pero dahil gago ako kasi tlgang naiipon na naman ung nararamdaman ko based dun sa galawan nya nung isang beses tlga na nag uusap kami thru call he reverted back dun sa mga tanong na kelan na daw ba ako magkakajowa and all shit. I really man up and reiterated what I said na I like him ba na kako bahala na kung ano reaction mo basta ilalabas ko sa system ko to pra maging ok nako ulit.
At ayun, nagulat daw tlga sya and umamin na he kinda felt the same way as I am? 😳😳 Fuck my best bud? Ofc ako nagulat ako kasi wala nmn ako ineexpect tlga kasi gusto ko lang matanggal sa dibdib ko ung naiipon. I was happy he felt the same way pero hindi ko dn Alam ano ggawin kong move next kasi bago lang to sakin.
But you know? I never really let it get through my head masyado prang sinabi ko sa sarili ko na best buds kami super close kami so ok lang kung mag lambing ba? But it was different kasi prang mas naging extra flirty sya potaaahhh tinablan namn akong si gago haha 😅 I keep on telling myself na how? Babae kasi tlga ako na a attract how come for once? Isang lalaki? Best friend ko pa. In short there came a time na Malambing na tlga, send selfies, pa cute pa ganun, we were still all based on plants padin naman pro na dagdagan ung flirting side 😳
More than half a year na kami nguusap lately lang ung may pa flirt flirt? I kinda became horny as well kasi may time na tang ina ng send ba nmn ng selfie na nang aakit? Ewan ko ba the selfie was a simple flying kiss act pero it got me turned on so baddd.. Me knowing I'm comfortable with him, I had admitted na ui tang ina mo wag ka nga mag ganyan na tuturn on ako letse ka 😂 and gago un ng spam ng selfies until I can no longer hold my urge and I took the risked and asked if he wants na makapag SoP sakin. He was shocked pero tinanggap nya yung offer. I was shocked dn pero I was too horny not to pass the opportunity. We did the deed and bukas kami na paisip on what happened to us.
It seems nagkaroon ng bokingan at pareho na namin inamin na we were attracted pa pala to one another matagal na.
We still became best buds pero pota may libog moments na na dagdag jerk off cam to cam.
Tbh this was the first time I said to myself secretly potah inlove ata ako pero sa lalaki pa? Totoo ako sa mga past relationships ko na babae mahal ko sila. Ung mga ons at fling ko tinablan naman ako eh nakapag hook up ako sknla so it means I know my attraction well. Pero iba tong nangyari sakin? Parang organic or naturallt fell into place? Hindi ko to pinili I was just being honest and genuine tas prang na inlove ako.
To which somewhat he kinda reciprocated? Hindi ko tlga alam magulo kasi wala naman nangyaring labels parang nadala siguro kami ng passion namin sa isat isa kasi tang ina ng ilys na kami pero d nmn mg jowa? Ng cam to cam pero bestfriends? Pareho ba kaming duwag? Or pareho ba kaming naninibago?
Too which finally came my downfall, kasi prang ako ata tlga ung na fall inlove hard kasi genuine honesty, ngayon lang ako nakaramdan na prang ako ung na inlove at hindi ako ung prang nilapitan. Maybe naging clingy ako? Pero sya din kasi ng show signs eh ng try pdn ako lumugar with reservations 😂😂
But one day prang nag bago ihip ng hangin? Prang ng bago sya one day as if nawala ung lambing ganun ung oras, ung bond ng passion? Maybe with all of the mixed feelings na overwhelm sya and one day decided to be quiet. Which took an emotional roller coaster sakin kasi feel ko my bestfriend ghosted me. Alot of misunderstandings ang ngyari Kasi on and off communication at hindi kami mg meet half way.
I got depressed kasi pakiramdam ko ako na lang tlga ung nghahabol? Kahit ba malabo and I don't know what he wants? I still am going for the genuine friendship we had. I told him na sabi ko depressed ako kasi madami ngyari sa buhay ko tas dumagdag pa to and I said I wanna die kasi umabot ako sa emotionally exhausted nako. my personal problems ruled over me and I really felt I had no one kasi lht iniwan ako or I became too convenient with everyone.
Right now I managed to bounce back pero sa totoo lang? I wanna know what happened between us. I'm still finding my own strength. Kasi I'm still trying to accept the reality na prang nagbago bigla sumila nung nanahimik sya ng di ko alam reason bkt.
Up to this day it feels like nagbago tlga lht ngchachat na lang un Kung kelan nya gusto at naninibago at nasasaktan ako kasi pakiramdam ko kht bestfriend ko wala napakelam sa nararamdaman ko na namimiss ko lang mkpg usap ganun. I know he has his own problems to deal with pero gusto ko malaman tlga at maliniawan, if he can do that before bkt ngayon hindi na? What went wrong? Mali ba ako? Why did he kept quiet? Why did he change?
Why do I feel like I gave up my heart to feel alone again 🥺
I know mahabang story sorry need ko tlga to ilabas, Kung nakaabot ka gang dito salamat at nabasa mo.
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2020.09.29 07:10 Sweetgirl169 New to the dating world post separation-advice please

Advice Please
Okay so I am 35f-I am 8 months into a separation of 13 year marriage and dating is completely new to me at this point in life 🤣 I went on a date last week with someone 32m that I didn’t previously know but had messaged for a few months on and off. I feel like we really connected and I can say that I had a great time. I may or may not have made the mistake of having sex(safely of course) about 8 hours in-we then spent another 6 hours together before I went home. We have both had a few crazies over the last few months-we were both tired from travel and he did not kiss me goodbye however I did not lean in to kiss him either-He sent me a text to let me know he made it home since we are an hour apart and later called the next morning and we chatted for 30 mins or so-he also messaged that same day a few times on and off thru the day. The problem is 2 days have past and I haven’t heard a word out of the man BUT I am also trying to play it cool and not seem so eager and I have not messaged or called him-Advice please...continue to play it cool and wait on him? Or make the move and message him? I feel terrible that we had sex on our first date however we are both consenting adults and it was great, we just connected on that level-Just not sure where to go from here so that I don’t ruin the potential! This is driving me completely crazy!!!
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